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A Dictionary of Bras by Bothy Threads

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Just Arrived at The Silver Needle
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6068 S. Sheridan Rd.    Tulsa, Ok. 74145  (918) 493-1136  (888) 543-7004   E-Mail    
Honey Bunny Sampler from Artful Offerings - click for more Crystal Snowlady Mouse from Just Nan - click for more Fragments in Time 2020 #1 Harmony from Summer House Stitch Workes - click for more Presenting the 2020 Button & Bead Kits from Mill Hill - click for more Hannah's Sampler from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more CS272 St Patrick's Day Hoopla from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more #259 Sweet as Pie Dish Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more

It's definitely time to plan your 2020 Stitching Calendar... and we have three scheduled that you'll want to be a part of! An extra-added bonus... did you know that Tulsa is one hour away from Pioneer Woman??? You can fit her in when you come visit us!!!!
  • Sue Hillis and Amy Bruecken of AB Designs are coming to our new, intimate She Shed Stitching Room for quick mini-weekends this April and May.
  • Erica Michael's Linda Stolz and Heartstrings Samplery's Beth Twist are our special Designers at our big and festive Annual Summer Stitching Event.
Information on all is available on our Events Page... take a peek! Registrations are open for all of them!

Upcoming Arrivals from With Thy Needle - Due in the Shop March 10th!

I Collect #273 from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Berry Keeper #274 from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Spring Serenade #275 from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Harietta & Co #276 from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
  • I Collect #273 - Cute pin-cushion design finishing approx 4-1/2 inches on 36ct. Embellish with your own buttons and trinkets... uses Dove, Dried Thyme, Mountain Mist, Tomato, Chili Pepper, Eggshell, Gingerbread and Sticks & Twigs!
  • Berry Keeper #274 - Shown over one on 28 Mushroom Lugana, shown in a 3-1/2 x 5 oval hoop - I love that tiny area of spools near the bottom!
  • Spring Serenade #275 - Companions Candy Cane Wishes, Here a Peep, Spirits & Spells, and Jingle All the Way... finishing 3 x 5 on 32ct.
  • Harietta & Co #276 - She companions Merry Old Soul, Peppermint Pals, Boo To You, look at her little bunny pail! She finishes about 4 x 6 on 36ct.

Baltimore Saltbox #277 from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Our Hearts #278 from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Saltbox Quilt Sampler #279 from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Manor At Quaker Hill #280 from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
  • Baltimore Saltbox #277 - Just 3 x 5-1/2 over one on 28ct Mushroom Lugana... Dirt Road, Olive, Grecian Gold, Tomato, Endive, Blue Corn, Eggshell, Sticks & Twigs and Chesapeake Bay hand-dyeds.
  • Our Hearts #278 - A spot motif sampler. Your heart and my heart are very old friends. Finishes 5 x 11-1/2 on 36ct.
  • Saltbox Quilt Sampler #279 - Love This! 7-1/2 x 10 on 40ct, think about a whole set of pin cushions from those little houses!
  • Manor At Quaker Hill #280 - Pretty border and elegant floral urns and bouquets, this finishes 10 x 18 on 36ct.

Coffee First #281 from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Token of Love #282 from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Souvenirs of the Heart - Star Spangled Spectacular  #CS-SOH3 from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Needlework Flashcards from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
  • Coffee First #281 - Cute little 4 x 4 design... no spoons right now because of interrupted shipments from China - but maybe you have something cute to add to this anyway!
  • Token of Love #282 - Over one on 28ct Mushroom Lugana, this finishes a mere 6 x 5, using just Sandcastle, Schneckley, Oscar, Olive, Deep Fennel, and St Bernard.
  • Souvenirs of the Heart - Star Spangled Spectacular - One of those little card charts, this is shown over one on 28ct, finishing 2-1/2 x 3-ish. 3rd In this series!
  • Needlework Flashcards - Some fun antique-inspired graphics... Brenda suggests these would be fun in stitching displays, and framed shadowboxes... (Hey, what about teaching your grandkids about stitching!)

Jump Into Spring from Jeannette Douglas Sew Together #5 from Jeannette Douglas Sew Together #6 from Jeannette Douglas
The Common Thread 2 from Jeannette Douglas Heart of Gratitude from Jeannette Douglas Inspiring Stitches from Jeannette Douglas Blooming Bouquets #4 Beautiful from Jeannette Douglas
New Previews from Jeannette Douglas Designs!
Gorgeous new designs -- we are in BIG TROUBLE as they are all stunning!!!
  • Jump Into Spring - First in a 4-seasons series... chart format, hand-dyed cottons, pretty 5 x 5 pin cushion designs with just a few special stitches.(it just so happens that our last Circle of Friends design is the Winter edition of this... so if you are in our Circle - yours is at least a year early!!!).
  • Sew Together #5 & #6 - Buttons & bows and Ribbons & Trims - A pair of small charts, these join the first 4 released last year (two more to follow later this year.) Cute little 4 x 4 designs stitched with hand-dyed cottons. DARLING pin cushions, but you can join them together for one larger pic as well!
  • The Common Thread 2 - This is KILLER! Gorgeous stitches, some Bargello sections, fun motifs and borders... It companions Common Thread which was released in 2014! Leaflet and Thread Packet.
  • Heart of Gratitude - Finishes 6 x 6 on 36 Oaken, the pattern includes the sampler, pin cushion and fob all to match - stitched with silks. Just gorgeous!
  • Inspiring Stitches - We saw *The Vision* of this hanging on Jeannette's living room wall when we visited her last Fall... Absolutely incredible! 134 x 241 in stitch count, numerous borders, and three mini-samplers tucked in here! Luscious silks to use as well!
  • Blooming Bouquets #4 Beautiful - Another lush bouquet of lavish color and shape! Companions our other three.... just lovely! Silks on 36ct Legacy Linen.

Birthday Bluebirds Biscornu from Just Nan - click for more Birthday Bluebirds Biscornu from Just Nan
We're still celebrating our 35th Silver Needle Anniversary this winter - even though I think we're nearing Year 36!
Just Nan has presented us with a commemorative Biscornu design - exclusive to Silver Needle! Stitched on 32ct Raw linen with 9 shades of DMC floss, our precious cushion features very sparkly flowers, birds and scatterings of beads against a snowflake of lacy white. Birthday Bluebirds Biscornu from Just Nan - click for moreJust 3-1/4 inches square, each side is stitched - but different. One side has 4 tiny bluebirds tucked amidst its blossoms, while the other side has my initials and tiny 35 stitched on there. (LL - because she did it for me, and like Silver Needle I was 35 at one point!) There is an alphabet included in case you want to personalize this your way.

Nan has featured petite beads of pearl, silver, gold and rose crystals, silver bugle beads, and silver triangle beads to garnish the 8 corners. There are two brushed rose gold heart beads tufted into the cushion centers... but the best part is the tiny little rose gold bluebird - a Just Nan Charmbead perched in a pearl-topped pin that you can poke in anywhere you like best! Pretty pinks, blues and whites, we love it! Presented as Nan's chart with all the necessary and special embellishments and Charmbead and 2 cuts of 32ct Raw Linen. DMC flosses are separate (set of 9) if you need them.

We're taking RESERVATIONS now for a mid-to-late March Delivery... We LOVE our Birthday Present from Nan!
Have you seen the cute petite little ceramic cupcake holders at Hobby Lobby? They have pink and blue - several colors actually - and we've perched our Birthday Biscornu on one to show you how CUTE they are with it! They let you elevate your cushion just a little to really show it off!

Blue Moon Manor from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more Gingerbread Cottage from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more On the Way from Praiseworthy Stitches We can't wait!
The Annual Houses come home from market with us the first week of March!
  • Gingerbread Cottage - This is DARLING! It's a Gingerbread manSion decorated with gumdrops and macaroons. Santa is up in the sky... just full of glistening Christmas fun! No details on size or fabric yet... but it's a colorful companion to all the rest of Praiseworthy's Winter Carols and Scenes! They show Drum finishing on this piece as well!
  • Blue Moon Manor - It's a blue Moon Halloween Party! Looks to be a narrower version of some of the other haunted house scenes - might be easier on the stitching hours budget! Lots of fun details in here as always.
The 4 Seasons from Little Dove Designs - click to see more
The 4 Seasons from Little Dove Designs
This is a 4-Chart Set of charming samplers - each for a season of the year. All 4 are the same size - finishing approx 7-1/2 x 11 on 16/32ct. She suggests natural, beige or taupe for three, and gray for the winter one... but we think you ought to stick with the same fabric for all 4, or switch it out for EACH piece, rather than 3 on one fabric and one on another.

Coded for DMC, you've got lots of opportunity for beads, trinkets, metallics, furry threads, and hand-dyeds. Cute motifs, great little design details! We have gathered all 4 charts together for you, so nobody has to chase down a missing season!!!

Huckleberry Farm from The Blue Flower -  click for more Summer Squirrel from The Blue Flower -  click for more Summer Acorns from The Blue Flower -  click for more
Previews of the New, from The Blue Flower... Huckleberry Farm, Summer Squirrel & Summer Acorns
Jeannine of Blue FLower has announced some of her new designs - due to come home from Market with us the beginning of March.
  • Huckleberry Farm features a lavish border surrounding a neat farmhouse, and highlights all the flora and fauna living there! Actually, there are mountains on here, and Jeannine's memories of bears and huckleberries inspire all of it. We'll see a better pic when we finally see this in person at the show. But for now, it finishes approx 14 inches square and uses lots of hand-dyed flosses.
  • Summer Squirrel is next in her seasonal squirrels... this little guy looks like he's peddling an ice cream cart, only it's full of acorns! Notice his navigator up in the front - with his helmet on! Stitch count is 143 x 103, and it calls for lots of DMC and hand-dyeds.
  • Summer Acorns is yet another pin cushion design that is stunning. Along with the same colors used in the Squirrel, we get this small geometric that has tiny squirrels hidden in its vines, and hearts hidden in the acorns!

The Secret Santa Series from Hands On Design - click to see more The Secret Santa Series
from Hands On Designs
This is a new 9-part series releasing March 6 from Hands On's Cathy Haberman. 9 Designs in all, the first two are pictured here. You'll need to collect only 8 charts ($6 each) , because... you guessed it... the 9th design is the Secret Santa and all its elements are smaller portions in the previous 8 designs!

Presented as individual charts, they are stitched on 32ct (you'll need a fat quarter yard of fabric) Vintage Tiffany by Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie.

You'll need Weeks flosses of Blue Topaz, Curry, Emerald (2), Galvanized, Gunmetal (2), Liberty (3), Mocha, Peach and Whitewash (4). There are also 6 colors of Kreinik #4 Braid used... and Just Another Button Company has made a special 'holly-bead' for finishing! After the first two chart releases, #3 and 4 will follow in 6 weeks... the series will finish approx late July or August 2020. Taking RESERVATIONS now... so we can gather all your 'pieces and parts!'

Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher's Spring 2020 Issue - click to see more

Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher's Spring 2020 Issue is a MUST HAVE!
Due to arrive around the end of February, you DEFINITELY want this magazine issue! 'Housewives' Priscilla and Chelsea are featured designers this next year - they will have a design in each of the upcoming 4 issues. Spring Tulips - featured on the cover is the first. *But Wait! - There's More!* Heart in Hand is also doing a year-long feature series ... so it's a 'double whammy!'

A beautiful publication, it's always full of at least 20 different projects, minimal advertising, and over-the-top photography and project instructions. Always a treat to page through, over the past 5 years several of the back-issues have permanently sold out. You will be blown away with the quality of it... so treat yourself to this issue!!

Fern Ridge's Swan Button Box! - click to see more
Fern Ridge's Swan Button Box!
Coming home with us from Market in a few weeks will be this charming button box by Fern Ridge's Pat and Peggy. What a fun way to display your needlework and special buttons you might be saving! The box - approx 3 to 5 inches in size - features 5 slots to rest 5 stitched panels.

Fern Ridge's Swan Button Box! - click to see moreFern Ridge gives you a trio of blue buttons to go on the 'blue bunny' card, but want you to use your special memory buttons (and other cool stuff) from wedding dresses, tattered baby clothes, worn out jean patches... maybe some special silk ribbons from something. Find curiosities to make your cards your own.

The ladies also suggest tucking a special pair of scissors into one of the slots as another accent. The whole thing is such a neat idea... such a fun project to stitch. I have no idea if they'll offer boxes separately or not... we'll just have to wait and see! For now... all of this comes as a complete kit - box is already constructed - linens, charts and threads are included... you add buttons!

Reindeer In-flight Mitten from Blackberry Lane - click to see more Gingerbread Mittens from Blackberry Lane - click to see more metal mitten clips from Blackberry Lane - click to see more
Very Sneak Peeks from Blackberry Lane Designs
Marie Driskell's newest designs will be releasing in early March at our upcoming trade show. She posted teaser-pics of 4 tiny mitten designs - ornament-sized that we'll be getting! No names, no prices, no sizes or prices... but aren't they enchanting?

For our special at the show... we are allowed to get ONE SET of the little metal mitten clips for each chart. We can never get those clips again... so if you think these charts are for you, and you want those little clips too... RESERVE your charts! I wish I could tell you more right now... but will fill in the details as soon as we know them! (I am ***guessing*** in the neighborhood of $16 for the charts?)
Happiness is Homemade - click to see more

Time to Get Cookin'!
Presenting our little industry's Happiness is Homemade 2020 Cookbook! For the second year, our Spring Market happening in a few weeks is compiling a cookbook of favorite recipes from shops, suppliers and designers in our needlework industry!

Last year's book was great, and has been sold out all year. Here's a chance at #2! 64 pages of YUM! Everyone sent in their favorite recipes to share and enjoy! We're taking RESERVATIONS now... we bring our cookbooks home from Market the first week of March.
Alley Cats by Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill! - click for more
Alley Cats by Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill
Wow, this is a cute set of new designs by Debbie Mumm featuring Mill Hill beads. Presented as kits, they are worked on the lip-puckering colors of Tropical 14ct Aida in Tangerine and Brite Lime Green. The cats are black and gray, the beads show up in those fun checkerboarded corners! (Mary put names on their frames so you could easily tell which is which.)

Finishing a little under 6 x 6, the kits contain the chart, fabric, flosses, beads and necessary needles. There are frames available separately if you need them... these are also cute just placed behind paper mat boards. Sassy and colorful!

With the Needle #1 and #2 from Lila's Studio

Needle #1 and #2
from Lila's Studio
This is an interesting pair of designs. #1 (shown at the top of our image at right) was released in 2012, #2 in 2019. They are basically the SAME piece... only #2 is her *Re-Do! with additions.* The verse is a quote from John Taylor in 1634 talking about all the flora and fauna... and how the needle can shape and wrought it all. The borders on each are charming and colorful... and the three or four little scenes in the boxes above the verses are delightful!

I honestly don't know which version I like better! #1 Is smaller - measures 20 x 9 on 32ct, and is coded for 24 DMC flosses. With The Needle #2 is larger - it finishes 11-1/2 x 26-1/2 on 32ct. It is coded for 8 DMC colors and 21 Classic Colorworks hand-dyeds - with no DMC conversions. Even if you don't stitch the entire sampler or samplers... those little square scenes would make fun pin cushions!

Chalk Full #5 Hip Hop from Hands On Design - click to see more Came the Spring from Hands On Design - click to see more
Hands On Design Hands On has sent her next two designs, continuing ongoing series...
  • Hip Hop Chalk Full is the next Jar-full of something happy! The bunnies are darling... we love the soft 'chalky' floss colors on them. Our favorites in all of these has been that extra pin cushion design featured on the cover. Usually abut 3 x 4, that basket of your pin cushions needs all of these! Charts call for a 32ct in that dark chalk-boardy-colored fabric. We have LOTS of different options in Aidas and Linens... so we CAN get you something you can actually SEE to stitch these! The featured set of clay-topped pins in the pic are available separately from the chart.
  • Came the Spring is the final of 4 seasons of charming little house 'mattress' pin cushions in the House on a Hill series. Stitched on all SIX sides, you get the matching fob design in the chart, as well as the cut of Weeks Dye Works herringbone wool that makes up the front yard. Verse along the edges - the pins shown are offered separately - just as cute as can be! You can see all the rest pictured on our Hands On pages.

    Uncle Bills Tweezers -- click to see a larger view. Uncle Bill's Tweezers
    We love these tweezers! We've carried them for 30+ years. I thought I couldn't get them again, found a source, ordered 18, and received 18 UNITS of them - which was way more than I planned! SO... I mention them, because stock is 'really good' on them right now! These are very heavy-duty, compact, super-precise tweezers, with a super-sharp pointed tip.

    Because they are less than 2 inches long you have really good control of them. They are wonderful for picking out threads, so every stitching bag needs a pair. Every cosmetic bag, kitchen drawer and bathroom cabinet would love a pair too! Perennial Favorites! $11 each, for this year's Superbowl Weekend Sale... they are 3 for $30... and the 20% Off treat will still apply! How cool is that?

    Patchwork Baby from Jardin Prive - click for more Festival de Fleurs from Jardin Prive - click for more Aux Couleurs de Digoin from Jardin Prive - click for more Sampler aux Charts from Jardin Prive - click for more
    Mr et Mme Quaker from Jardin Prive - click for more Patchwork Baby, Festival de Fleurs, Aux Couleurs de Digoin, Sampler aux Chats and Mr et Mme Quaker
    from Jardin Prive
    We have some new arrivals here... some have just been nestled in our baskets of charts... here we go!
    • Patchwork Baby - follows the same design format as some of her other designs, Nathalie's birth announcement measures 117 stitches square - so not too big. Coded for DMC in either pink or blue... I am learning as a new expectant Grandmother... that pink and blue are NO NO! It's just crazy... you can do any colors you want... just be aware that pink and blue will match NOTHING in the new nursery! The design is cute - strollers are coming with bassinets now... so looks more like the pram in the pic, but nobody hangs clothes out of the line to dry anymore... and of course the diaper pins... we didn't even LOOK at cloth diapers when we were out shopping!
    • Festival de Fleurs - DE-LISH! This is a fun design - a set of nine pin-cushion-sized pieces. Each square is 59 x 59 stitches - so 3 x 3 on 18/36 ct. Notice the vases are all different and alphabet letters are hidden in them? Only 9 colors of regular DMC floss - simple and subtle!
    • Aux Couleurs de Digoin - This colors in this piece are mirrored in the local pottery - the Dishes of Digoin - manufactured in Sarreguemines, France. I love French and Italian pottery, and I don't have any of this... means another trip overseas for me! I'm thinking you have to be an alphabet fan to do this one... it finishes approx 10 inches square on 32ct, and features DMC floss of 815, 924, 927 and3768.
    • Sampler aux Charts - Cats need no words! (But I love the one sliding down the wall to the left of center! Or are those the drapes?) Finishes 17 x 12-1/2 on 32ct... this is stitched in only one solid red color. Choose whatever you want!
    • Mr et Mme Quaker - Tall and thin... this finishes about 4-1/2 x 27 on 18/36ct! The model is stitched in only one pink and one brown DMC. Nathalie says to choose whatever colors you want - *Your choice will be the best!* (It really says that!) So... grab some hand-dyeds, break up the bands on this a little and make a set of pin cushions out of it... it is loaded with gorgeous Quaker-inspired motifs!

    Winter Sampler from Imaginating - click for more Sea Creature Squared from Imaginating - click for more Sea Creature Squared and Winter Sampler from Imaginating
    Sea Creature Squared - These are darling 4 x 4 squares of 'fishy things' that we smiled at! The pattern calls for Tropical Blue fabric - you can see that in the background... BUTTTTT wow, we have some white/opalescents that would be great too. THEN, stitch these in sparkling metallics! Think about 18ct linen, and using Rainbow Gallery's metallic ribbons or nylon threads - add opalescent to the bubbles in the backgrounds --or even beads. Each design is super-simple, but so cute for a children's bathroom decoration... but you could always stitch the shark and make him a refrigerator magnet!

    Winter Sampler is colorful and fun. Pretty large actually, it's about 12 x 13 on 14ct! Here's another one to add to! Opalescent thread in the snow, beads for the flakes in the sky. Hand-dyed green for the pines, Simply Wool thread for the scarves and mittens - or some wild hand-dyed something, and white angora or something fuzzy for the bear. Fresh and fun!

    #68 #6 Barn Cats Reprint from Prairie Schooler -- click to see more
    Vintage Prairie Schooler Arrives Again!
    • Barn Cats was book # SIX! That means it was published in Fall of 1985. A trio of pretty cute cats - timeless - obviously!
    • Animal Alphabet is just one of the alphabets they've done - Farmer's, Christmas - I know there are more... all 26 letters blocked into little 25 x 25 stitch count blocks. Another timeless design, arrange those letters any way you wish... you have a matching Noah's Ark block to garnish!
    Home Is Where My heart Is from Thistles - click for a larger view

    Home Is Where My heart Is from Thistles
    Thistles has a new design - a cute little pink and brown house surrounded by Cupid's arrows!

    It is shown finished into a heart-shaped cushion - it's actually rather large at 4 x 9 so that pillow is probably 8 x 11.

    Stitched with a smattering of Sampler threads, the chart is coded for DMC as well.
    Honey Bunny Sampler from Artful Offerings - click for more Honey Bunny Sampler
    from Artful Offerings
    Thoughts of Spring in the air already? Artful Offerings has a sweet new piece that might make that easier right now! Ms Honey Bunny is stitched on 30ct Weeks Linen color of hand-dyed linen with various shades of hand-dyed flosses. She finishes approx 8 inches square. Can you find the four-leaf-clover hidden in the pic?

    Just a fun piece, you get a little graphic texture from the diamond shapes on the rabbit... wouldn't this be fun stitched with Gentle Art's Simply Wool threads?

    Charity for All from Erica Michaels - click for more Walk on the Beach from Erica Michaels - click for more Walk on the Beach and Charity for All from Erica Michaels
    The newest Erica Michaels releases are here.
    • Walk on the Beach is a Petite piece - it can be stitched on anything you want, but the chart does include a cut of 40ct silk gauze. If that gauze doesn't soothe your soul... and you have no beach any where near... your dog will welcome that walk! Finishing under 2 x 4 inches!
    • Charity for All is taken from Lincoln's 2nd inaugural address... and first published by EM in 2008. Presented as a chart - stitched on 36ct, it finishes approx 12 x 11, so will be larger if you choose a larger count material.


    Easter is Coming!... Our February 2020 Secret Needle Night Kit
    Wow, Silver Needle Stitchers are Amazing! This month's design has already sold out!
    Click through to see lots of examples of SNN kits, and enroll!

    Our February Secret Needle Night is in the works! Our fuzzy chick and furry bitty bunny are surrounded by their favorite things - eggs and carrots! All fun and bright colors, it finishes approx 4 x 7 on 18ct white linen. Finish it into a flat stand-up or little round tower drum... it's a colorful holiday decoration!

    The complete kit includes the chart, linen, threads and bunny tail. Mona's optional finishing kit will construct either the flat or the cylinder, she's included the pins, trims and finishing fabrics, along with templates for assembly.

    Crystal Snowlady Mouse from Just Nan - click for more Crystal Snowlady Mouse and Blizzard Needle Slide from Just Nan
    Just Nan's newest tiny mouse ornament is a companion to last winter's Frosty Chillingsworth Mouse. She is stitched on white 32ct linen, and finishes a petite 1-1/2 inches in size! She's wearing a sparkling snowflake hat and pretty pink scarf.

    Her winter sweater dress features lavishly beaded and sequined snowflowers... well however LAVISH one can get on a cute little petite 1/2-inch dress! That same dress also features bluebirds stitched over one perched in tiny fir trees!
    Blizzard Needle Slide from Just Nan - click for more
    Chart includes beads, silver tail, Nan's signature button base, sequin flowers, more sequins and pearls... and pins for her arms!
    At right, she is shown perched atop Nan's Pink Ice Cube. She ships to us February 1st. (If you are on Nan's Ornament Auto-Ship from us - she'll magically appear in your mailbox a few days later!)

    Blizzard Needle Slide
    Nan's latest tin needle case, this one features frosty snowflakes garnished with holographic stars against a deep blue background. Top of slide 'slides' open and closed, and the magnet inside keeps needles securely inside!

    CS271 Valentine Hoopla from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
    Coming To America - The Women of the Mayflower
    from With Thy Needle

    Brenda Gervais has just announced a very limited edition sampler honoring the Pilgrim women who came to America on the Mayflower. 2020 Is the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower's Landing in Cape Cod - these were the women who brought needlework to America! We have Brenda's release-information letter linked here so you can read her fascinating information on this upcoming sampler.

    Official signup for this sampler kit begins June 1st and only lasts until June 15th. So mark your calendars! A September 6th release, Brenda has a bonus design to release 66 days later - November 9th - to wrap up Coming to America. The Mayflower voyage lasted 66 days - the reason for the Sept 6 and Nov 9th dates!

    No pricing info yet. Lots more info will follow. We are totally excited about this piece and couldn't wait to share the news as soon as we heard it!

    Hands Across The Sea's Bathya 1680 Sampler - click for more Hands Across The Sea's Bathya 1680 Sampler - click for more
    Bathya 1680 Sampler
    from Hands Across The Sea
    Wow... this is an incredible sampler... stitched so that it is reversible - front to back! Stitched over two and three threads, it finishes 7 x 24 on 40ct. Not for a beginner, probably not an intermediate stitcher either, this chart is INTENSE!

    Nicola's charts are huge in here, great stitch diagrams, actual-sized pics of the actual stitches... the booklet itself is gorgeous! Nicola has 5 pages of history and information about the sampler and what was happening in the world in the 1860's... a fascinating read!

    You could always get the chart now, add it to your stitching bucket list... and then maybe start with one of the motifs and make a single pin cushion. Then, get adventuresome and make a companion... then maybe tackle the sampler!

    Peace Band Sampler from Heartstring Samplery - click for more Kind Words from Heartstring Samplery - click for more Kind Words & Peace Band Sampler from Heartstring Samplery
    Beth Twist has a couple of new charts that have arrived in the shop.
    • Kind Words is pin cushion-sized at 74 stitches - so about 4-1/2 inches on 32ct. Simple and pretty... make it and toss it into that big bowl of mis-matched pin cushions you have... it offers great advice!
    • Peace Band Sampler companions Beth's three other samplers: I've Got My Love, My Funny Valentine and It Must Have Been the Mistletoe. *Oh I've been smiling and dreaming about the world as one and I believe it someday it's going to come.* Just like the others, this is worked in one color of hand-dyed thread. The dividing bands are very different from each other - so fun to discover when you study them. Measuring 125 x 235 - it finishes approx 8 x 14 on 32ct. Pretty pieces of needlework to hang on the wall... you will be able to tell who pays attention to your stitchery when they comment on the verses they read! (To see this sampler better, be sure to look at the larger Click-thru view on our Heartstrings Samplery page.)

    Fragments in Time 2020 #2 Serenity from Summer House Stitch Workes - click for more Fragments in Time 2020 #1 Harmony from Summer House Stitch Workes - click for more Presenting the Fragments in Time 2020 Series: Shaker Virtues
    from Summer House Stitche Workes
    Beth Ann Seal has released teaser pics of her first two (of eight) coordinating pin cushion designs releasing in 2020, that will make up her set of Fragments in Time. The set begins with Harmony and Serenity. Stitched on 32ct Flax Linen with a really unusual and pretty color palette of hand-dyeds, each matching cushion is trimmed with Lady Dot Chenille trim in licorice color. You can join all 8 designs together inside Beth Ann's freebie border chart (that is coming to her website), or make the individual cushions.

    Threads needed for all are: Weeks Dye Works Lichen (3), Hunter (3), Flatfish (2), Blue Jeans (3), Gunmetal (4), and 3 skeins of Classic Colorworks Barn Door. One pack of the chenille will trim all pillows, and all are backed with Weeks hand-dyed wool of Red Pear. Future card shipments will be March 2020 for #3 and 4, late May 2020 for #5 and 6, and late July for #7 and 8.

    Presenting the NEW Perforated Paper - Amazing Gray from Mill Hill - click for more
    Mill Hill's NEW Perforated Paper - Amazing Gray!
    Wow... we opened our new e-mail and thought - Cool! A neat, new, exciting color of paper. (We have 36 now... so really need another one to keep track of!) But we always love new stuff... and new paper color #37 matches DMC 644 - so it's actually a VERY welcome addition to the Mill Hill collection of perf paper!

    Shiny metallics, painted finishes, some that resemble hand-dyed fabrics... there is a color of 14ct perf paper for everything! See the whole collection on our Mill Hill pages!

    Presenting the 2020 Button & Bead Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
    Mill Hill's 2020 Button & Bead Kits
    I know there are hundreds and hundreds of these fun stitched and beaded designs from Mill Hill - but here are more, and everybody loves them! Presented in full kit format, you get the chart, DMC flosses, all the beads, the 14ct perforated paper, needles and a ceramic button for embellishment. Finishing 5 x 5, you can frame the paper stitched versions. If you substitute fabric, like we do, they make charming little doorknob or cabinet-pull hangers. You can make block stand-ups for a windowsill... or stick a magnet on the back of them, and garnish your office filing cabinet!

    This season, we have a new Main Street business - a florist. Baltimore Oriole joins the Wren, Hummingbird and Swallow they have introduced from previous seasons. There is a white orchid - it goes with the Hydrangea, Geraniums, and Violets that are already out - and that peacock is pretty striking too! It's a fun collection!

    The Little Spring Bouquet 2020 Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
    The Little Spring Bouquet 2020 Kits from Mill Hill
    Here are the smaller ornament-sized designs by Mill Hill for Spring 2020. Finishing only 3 x 3 - just as detailed as the larger designs - you get the same 14ct perforated paper, all the flosses and beads, and usually a tiny brass charm or Mill Hill Treasure to embellish. Literally hundreds of these still in production; you can see most of them cascading down our Mill Hill pages.

    Complete kits, they continue - year after year - to be great values and really fun to stitch. We do ours on the supplied perforated paper, then back them with sticky felt. Cut them out - around the stitching - with cheap, crummy scissors. (The paper dulls them and the felt gunks them up - so don't use any scissors you care about!) Then, use them as magnets or ornaments. We used to get pin backs in the older kits - those babies would go through the laundry with that sticky felt on the back - and come out totally undamaged! Always cute... I love that little gumball machine!

    CS272 St Patrick's Day Hoopla from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more CS271 Valentine Hoopla from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Incoming Hooplas
    from With Thy Needle
    Valentine's Day and St Patrick's Day Hoopla designs round out this cute set of 7 holidays!

    Joining Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas... Brenda's 3-inch designs make perfect pin cushions, and have been shown mounted inside 3-inch wooden hoops as well. All presented as charts, they've all been cute and quick to stitch.

    We Built a Snowman Globe from Bent Creek - click for more We Built a Snowman Globe from Bent Creek
    This is the 2020 Annual Snowglobe design by Elizabeth and Marsha. (actually the 19th in their series!!!) Every year, we are treated to a snowglobe design stitched on 18ct linen with Pearl Cottons and flosses. We've had Eskimos, Gingerbread Houses, Skaters, Elves, Reindeer and Cozy Cabins... the Nativity, Polar Bears and Penguins... 19 different themes!

    All kits, including the fabric, threads and chart. They all finish about 5 x 5, are super fun and quick to stitch, and finish into festive holiday decorations!

    Merry Moments by Bent Creek -- click to see more Wintery Wonderfuls by Bent Creek -- click to see more The Flurries: Wintery Wonderfuls and Merry Moments from Bent Creek
    These are small charts that each feature two SMALL designs that are supposed to be mini snow globes or those mini dome-globes (you know, the ones made out of plastic that are bitty!) The mini globes measure 24 x 25 stitches - so if you stitch them over one thread - they'll be an INCH in size.

    The mini domes are 18 x 24 - even smaller! Look past the finishing a little, and imagine a little bit smaller, a little more subtle... stitched on 32ct linen. The designs are petite and detailed, very cute! Charted for DMC or hand-dyeds.

    2020 Collector's Heart - click for more Merry Making Mini Love You More from Heart in Hand - click for more Love Whirligig from Heart in Hand - click for more
    Valentine's Day is right around the corner... and Heart in Hand is Ready for It!
    • Love Whirligig is a sweet 3 x 3 round that fits on top of Cecelia's Heartware bowl or inside her Heartware ceramic tart dish. Something to cheer up your workspace, this comes as a small card chart.
    • Merry Making Mini Love You More is even a smaller chart format that makes this 2 x 2-ish little greeting! Finished flat, you can hang the reminder message just about anywhere!
    • 2020 Collector's Heart Kit - This year, we get two different designs in the kit - and you get BOTH linen cuts and the embellishments! Just add bits of floss from your stash - Classic Colorworks of Cherry Cobbler, Eggshell, Jakey Brown, Pebble Beach, Rose Petal and Sticks & Twigs. I can't really see the little design on the red heart, but I'm thinking it's pretty cute.

    Aunt Amy's House from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view
    Aunt Amy's House
    from La-D-Da
    I think this was released by La D Da in 2016 - that's the date on the sampler. We have a shop model of it, and when we went to the website the other day to look it up, we discovered it was never ON there! It's really charming... so we need to pay attention!

    Stitched with DMC and Weeks hand-dyed flosses on 32ct Parchment linen, it finishes approx 9-1/2 x 11-1/2. The house is cool, the alphabet is pretty, the border is balanced, dump the date and put in your family name instead! (Lori won't be upset!) It's lovely!

    A Pennsylvania Bird from HellofromLizMathews -- click to see a larger view Nantucket Sampler from HellofromLizMathews -- click to see a larger view Bee Kind Bee True from HellofromLizMathews -- click to see a larger view Night Time in Old Town from HellofromLizMathews -- click to see a larger view
    HellofromLizMathews - 1999 Releases by Elizabeth's Garden Revisited!
    Here are 4 charts by Liz Mathews - She'd published them 20 years ago - but if you missed them then, here they are now! Presented as charts, coded for DMC. All finishing in the 4 or 5 x 8-inch range on 32ct, they're charming!

    Do some Satins in the grassy areas of Night Time and Bee Kind. Do some Algerian Eyes or Rice stitches in the 'landscape' of Nantucket. Add some antique-colored beads to Pennsylvania Bird. All four of these are petite and organized... specialty stitches or threads would look great on them!

    #259 Sweet as Pie Dish Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more #251 Hugs & Kisses Dish Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more
    Hugs & Kisses... Cute Hand-Embroidered Dish Towels
    from Bareroots
    Oh... our monthly collection of these dish towels continue to enchant! Hugs & Kisses the is February edition... but one could argue that Sweet as Pie would do well too!

    Bareroots has a delightful selection of cotton dish towels - each has your simple embroidery on them. Along with the color-trimmed towel, you get the actual-sized needlework pattern, flosses and rik-rak trim for the towel edges. We even have the coolest transfer-sheets that you run through your copier and just stick on the towel to stitch them!
    Stick 'n Stitch by The Sulky Co - click to see more Stick 'n Stitch from The Sulky Co
    This is the COOLEST STUFF to transfer your designs for stitching (or punchneedle)! Basically, it is a rinse-away film that you COPY (as in 'Xerox!') your line drawing onto. Then STICK it (it's not real gummy or sticky - just clingy enough to stay in place) on your towel or whatever you are working on.

    You stitch the design, then wet the 'film' and it disintegrates, leaving your stitching! You never have to trace a design ever again! We love it! The package comes with 12 - 8-1/2 x 11 sheets, plenty to make lots of cute towels!

    Santa Gifts from Stitch N Needs - click for more
    Santa Gifts
    from Stitch N Needs
    You have several months to work on this little guy before next Christmas! Stitch count on this is 82 x 93 - so it finishes about 5 x 6 on 32ct Natural, and it is stitched with DMC and Weeks Dye Works threads.

    A new design by a new designer from Australia - Tinmalar Win. We think it's charming!!!

    Winter Wonderland by Hinzeit -- click to see lots more designsThanksgiving Greetings by Hinzeit -- click to see lots more designs Thanksgiving Greetings and Winter Wonderland from Hinzeit
    We're way past Thanksgiving... and it took me all this time to finally get these two charts through our doors! By Hinzeit, these are two seasonal 'greetings' just like so many others we have had in the shop for years! Our wall of Hinzeit models is happy to have two additions!

    Both finish (like all the rest) about 3 x 13 in size. GREAT color, nice bold design style, each comes with an embellishing charm. Consistently popular designs, presented as charts... lots of other choices on our Hinzeit page.

    It's Snowtime! from Val's Stuff
    It's Snowtime!
    from Val's Stuff
    Val's Stuff has a pair of snowmen ornaments worked on 14ct perforated paper that can hang around after Christmas and stick around till your snow melts! Presented together in one pack... you get both charts, both pieces of perf paper and black felt backing.

    You'll need some DMC from your stash. Both finish approx 4 x 4, and look great just perched on your kitchen windowsill - they have such bright colors in them!

    It's a Mermaid Life from Tiny Modernist - click to see more
    It's a Mermaid Life
    by Tiny Modernist
    A darling collection of exciting sea life! Tiny Modernist's 8 x 10 medley is stitched on anything aqua-colored that you want. It features the cutest mermaids, fish, crabs, whales, seahorses, even volcanos and a pirate ship!

    You could add sparkly beads for the bubbles, lots of metallics in the fish and mermaids... it's just a fun little piece! Presented as a 6 x 9 full color chart.

    Christmas Village from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Christmas Village by Tiny Modernist
    We have been collecting all 4 parts of this set before presenting it. (Sometimes these 'series designs' are quite the challenge to have in the shop all at one time - all together!) Now it is all here, and complete.

    Presented in 4 smaller charts, each 'section' or row can be stitched by itself and framed or finished into a little round drum shape. Each measures about 4 x 16. All 4 of the designs are really cute, and each comes with a round 'drum topping' design - in case you go that route!

    *Pick out your tree and fill it with lights, share laughter and friendship on long, frosty nights, race 'round the meadow with holiday cheer, sleep tight tonight because Christmas is here!* Little scenes around every side... the main piece finishes about 16 x 16 on a 14/28ct... and if you roll those strips, they finish into 4 x 4 drums!

    Un Noel Enchante from Madame la Fee - click to see more Le Village Sous la Neige from Madame la Fee - click to see more Souvenir de Paris from Madame la Fee - click to see more Vin de France from Madame la Fee - click to see more
    Charming New Designs from Madame La Fee
    All the way from France, even though her instructions are written in French, you can always read the DMC floss numbers and match them to the symbols! All 4 of these finish about 12 x 12 on 16/32ct fabric... our shop models of some of her other things are generous in size and really lovely.

    On the Village scene, you can stitch just that square take-out of the church. The bear on the NOEL piece is about 45 x 45 stitches and the locomotive on there is about 30 x 45. Very do-able as ornaments, her shading is really nice. The Vin de France and Souvenir de Paris charts could be special remembrances from past trips!

    En Route Pour Noel from Les Petites Croix De Lucie - click for more Special Delivery from Les Petites Croix De Lucie - click for more Special Delivery and En Route Pour Noel from Les Petites Croix de Lucie
    Oh we love these two designs by Les Petites Croix de Lucie... she calls them her "Vintage Collection." Absolutely charming, she has great shading in these, which makes them all the harder to stitch!
    The girl (108 x 140) has 26 different shades of DMC, then blended needles of 8 more colors, the backstitch is all done all over the place - not following the horizontal and vertical chart lines.
    Santa (108 x 140) has 32 shades and only 6 blended needle colors!

    So... you either like doing that, or hate it, but wow, either way, the designs are awesome! (You could always Decopage the cover pics on something! That is REALLY CHEATING, but it's fun to think about!)

    Mini Samplers from The Workbasket - click to see more Mini Samplers
    from The Workbasket
    This is a set of 4 geographical samplers by The Workbasket. I think the motifs in each are really cute and unique, and offer something DIFFERENT to stitch! The chart contains the four 42 x 70 designs.

    Woods has a little fox in it. Mini Desert has a roadrunner a snake, cactus and I think a scorpion! Mini Bay has a mermaid, pirate ship and a little octopus, and Mini Mountain has an eagle, moose and big brown bear! Might be fun to stitch for your cabin by the water or the mountains!

    Santa Claus from The Tralala Collection -- click to see more Santa Claus
    from The Tralala Collection
    Oh, I think this is a charming picture, because I love the little line of reindeer! Stitched with Gentle Art hand-dyed cottons, the stitch count is 152 x 66, so approx 9-1/2 x 4 on 32ct. You can see that she's stitched those deer in vertical rows - it looks like they have on blankets!

    Anyway, notice the soft colors, that this design appears to have 3 sections. Stitch the Santa by himself, or the church and trees, or even just that little row of deer!

    2020 Needle Travel Mania Guide - click to see more

    The 2020 Needle Travel Mania Guide is here.
    A very cool little 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 x 1-1/4 inch thick directory, this is a comprehensive listing of over 5000 quilting/knitting/stitchery shops all across the US. Alphabetized by state, there is a roadmap of each state with each shop bullet-marked on the map. Not all shop listings have all their shop information - but you have enough here to check out websites, or call ahead and find out of they'll be open... what specifically they carry... all sorts of good info that makes a stitching road trip really fun.

    The maps let you figure out how close you are really coming to some of the shops - so you don't miss a good one. If you're in the car a lot - this is for YOU! We sell bunches of these every year!

    Merry House Tag from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Ewe Can Build a Snowman from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
    Some December Winter Treats from Shepherd's Bush
    • Ewe Can Build a Snowman - Tina and Teri's latest pin cushion kit, this one features a little sheep wearing the hat that he's going to put on his new snowman friend's head! Presented as a small kit, this is stitched on 18ct linen and features hand-dyed flosses, a little wool thread for the sheep, that hand-made clay hat button, backing fabric, and ribbon and beads to create the rouched ribbon edging. Always cute, this would be an AWESOME thing to stuff into a beginning stitcher's stocking!
    • Merry House Tag - Another 1 x 1-1/2 inch design that can be finished into a gift tag... but needs to be mounted onto one of the miniature Foxwood Crossings wooden sled ornaments, so it lasts forever! Presented as a tiny kit, you get the chart, green perforated paper, threads, button, hanging twine and even the decorative backing paper to make the tag. Sleds come separately ($4.50 each). Cute and very quick.

    Frosty's Night Out from Blackbird - click for more
    Frosty's Night Out from Blackbird Designs
    Barb and Alma's latest leaflet features Barb's charming vision of a cheerful Frosty Snowman! He is stitched on Murky hand-dyed linen by Picture This Plus, and measures just 4-1/2 inches in size. You can make him into a perky drum shape, or a flatter pin cushion shape, nothing is set in stone.

    The book includes, though, a super cute paper mache' HAT BOX finishing treatment. The box comes from Hobby Lobby (# given in the book), and Blackbird supplies pictures and finishing details to make that cute finish. We love the colors of Weeks hand-dyeds in here, we love that little Frosty face... just all of this!

    Bling Tree Sampler from The Victoria Sampler - click for more Bling Tree Sampler
    from The Victoria Sampler
    Oh wow... this is a cool, old-fashioned tree! Thea designed it with childhood memories of her family's glitzy trees every year... the only thing we aren't getting is that lovely pine aroma! First, stitch the tree - in three different green shades of silk. Next, add the words to O Christmas Tree and all those fun specialty stitches to the background - if you want to. Third, decorate your tree with all the fun trinkets, beads, sequins and buttons supplied in the accessory and silk pack. (Packet contains silks, perle cottons, metallic braids, beads, sequins, sequin flowers, buttons... quite a bit of stuff!)

    Thea tells you to decorate your tree whatever way YOU want to... and you might have some special charms or buttons left over from something else that need to be included. Stitched on 28ct, the entire piece finishes just a bit over 6 x 8. The model is on Clay, but lots of other neutral colors would work well. The finishing treatment on the leaflet cover is a flat fold style, easy to store from year to year without taking up a lot of space. Complete finishing instructions (with 10 pics) are included, as well as the stitch diagrams for the fun decorations in the background. A super-pretty little piece, it's just enchanting! Leaflet runs $14.50, Silk and Trinket pack is a little more 'festive' at at $85.

    Sophia's Scotties By Cross Eyed Cricket - click to see more Over the River By Cross Eyed Cricket - click to see more Christmas the Cross Eyed Cricket Way with Sophia's Scotties and Over The River!
    Vicki Hastings continues to deliver us the most charming designs... her first needlework market (to be a designer) was in September of 1983, and it was MY first market as a new cross stitch shop - I was checking out the industry to open the Silver Needle! Up to books #347 and 348... she draws ALL of her designs, colors them, and THEN charts them to dazzle!
    • Over the River features all sorts of 'alternative travel options' for getting to Grandma's House! Each finishes ornament-sized at 3 x 3 on 14/28ct, and is coded for DMC floss. Worked on Star Sapphire color, there are lots of other fabric possibilities for these as well.
    • Sophia's Scotties features a grand snowglobe that measures about 8 x 9 on 14/28ct. I love those little Scotties on there... I love everything about this! BUTTTTT... check out the bonus mitten design on here... always hidden away on the back cover, but highlighted in that little top window-box teaser pic, is ANOTHER of Vicki's mittens. Over the course of her career, I bet she's done at least 50 different mittens! You can find them scattered throughout all her 36 years of leaflets! This one is precious... and measures 48 x 44... just like all his companions.

    Hannah's Sampler from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Hannah's Sampler from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Hannah's Sampler
    from Shakespeare's Peddler
    Here is Shakespeare's Peddler's newest reproduction sampler - Hannah's Sampler. Theresa found the original in terrible condition, but could tell she loved the leafy border and the charming farmhouse - next to the brick wall - covering that little babbling brook. Very pretty colors of reds and greens in here, the row of diamonds below the alphabet are done with Rice Stitch. Those bricks in the wall and the waves in the water are all loosely placed in the original... so neat... you can do that too. Stitched on 36ct Weeks Straw Linen with silks (Gloriana, Needlepoint Inc and Au Ver a Soie) or DMC, it measures a generous 16-1/2 x 15-1/2 in size.

    Teresa came to Tulsa for a weekend retreat in our new 'She Shed' Stitching Room... and presented this sampler as our Silver Needle exclusive. (Our class included three small take-out designs from this charming piece... so the weekend was really a treat.) 'Raggamuffin #3' refers to her third antique reproduction piece that came from a really ratty, mangy, and damaged sampler that just needed a little love! So... Hannah's original sampler as well as her reproduction now hang happily at our shop... and she'll be here for years to come!

    Antoinette Curera 1862 by Reflets de Soie -- click to see more!
    Antoinette Curera 1862
    from Reflets de Soie
    Isabelle's newest reproduction sampler is here... I just cannot pass these by! Measuring 388 x 304 in stitch count, it will finish approx 21 x 19 on 36ct, and can be stitched in silks or DMC cotton floss. The border is glorious... the flowers are all the same... but not one IS the same!

    The 5 motifs in the center consist of an elegant swan, two country cottages, and a pair of lavish florals. But your eye is drawn right to that center bird! Not for every house, not for every stitcher... but wow... all of Isabelle's like this one are stunning! Presented as the leaflet with the option of silks presorted and tied on Reflet's pretty thread cards.

    Ball Point Needles by Sullivan's -- click to see more Ball Point Needles by Sullivan's -- click to see more
    Have you tried the new Ball Point Needles? Now Available in #26 and #28, Too!
    By Sullivans, these little babies are really DIFFERENT! They actually have a tapered tip, with a tiny ball point on the end. That little ball glides over your fabric threads and goes right into the holes easier than a regular tapestry needle! Then, because of the funny-shaped tip... if you want to use them to rip out stitches, that tip grabs your threads very easily!

    Offered in packs of 2 needles, each... we had only the #24's, but #26 and #28 have now arrived. Get a pack, see what you think!
    Jim Shore Pint-Sized Figures Ornaments - click for more
    Jim Shore Pint-Sized Figures Ornaments
    Artist Jim Shore - presented in Cross Stitch - via Mill Hill. We have six new ornament kits... each finishes approx 4 inches tall. Charted by Mill Hill, they are stitched with DMC floss on 14ct perforated paper and feature smatterings of Mill Hill glass beads for a little sparkle.

    Something for everyone... choose the Santas, snowmen or the kitty and puppy! We like these paper pieces because they do not weigh down the tree branches. You can hang them on the very tips of the greenery so they can be seen. Orrrr... try attaching them to a wreath, that's another cute way to display and enjoy!

    Parker's Stocking from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
    The 2019 Shepherd's Bush Christmas Stocking - Parker's Stocking
    Parker's Stocking features a shepherd boy on it, along with his snowman buddy that has a fun, striped top hat. Tiny snowmen, a sleepy little village and Santa in his sleigh are the featured rows accenting the main design.

    Like all the rest, 18ct linen, #5 Pearl Cotton, and his cool packet of special charm embellishments. You will need both the 12 skeins of Weeks hand-dyed pearl along with the 5 skeins of DMC Pearl. (Have you ever switched the row motifs between stockings? Everyone likes that Santa and reindeer row... you could insert THAT row into one of the other stockings you know! Shake it up a little!)
    Halloween and Cross Stitch from Cuore e Batticuore - click for more
    Cuore d' Angelo
    from Cuore e Batticuore
    Look at this precious group of little angels! 5 Girls and 1 boy, each one has different hair, different wings, and a different outfit, but they all have the same charming face, size and shape.

    Stitched on 36ct Natural with only 8 different shades of DMC floss... each finishes a little under 3 x 4.

    The actual-sized heart-shaped finishing template is included... and I think that the striped cord that is shown is available at Hobby Lobby!

    The Canadian Journey Series by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more The Canadian Journey Series by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more The Canadian Journey Series by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more The Canadian Journey Series by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more The Canadian Journey Series by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more
    The Canadian Journey Series by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more The Canadian Journey Series by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more The Canadian Journey Series by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more The Canadian Journey Series by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more
    The Canadian Journey Series from Jeannette Douglas
    This book is a compilation of Jeannette's first designs - HUGE samplers that celebrated all the different areas of North America. For her 20th Anniversary in business, she has re-done some stitch diagrams, added cool pictures and lots of history and travel trivia, and just made sure that each of these EIGHT samplers is presented perfectly. Charts for all of them are in this book - spiral bound, 107 pages - and thread packs are available for each sampler individually.

    Atlantic Seaboard measures 4 x 20. Fleur de Lys Sampler finishes almost 4 x 21. Great lakes Lowland Sampler finishes 4 x 19. Northern Shield has forest friends, Northern Lights - the Polar Caps, Prairie West, Rocky Mountain Sampler, and finally Pacific Rim... all of these are incredibly full of geographic details, pretty thread colors, awesome stitches, and Jeannette's personality! So... if you love to travel, or love parts of the US and Canada, and are delighted with fun specialty stitches and exotic threads, get this book!!!

    Christmas Critters from Rachels of Greenfield - click to see more
    Christmas Critters from Rachel's of Greenfield
    The 2019 set Felt Embroidery Ornaments by Rachel's of Greenfield are here! This year's set features forest animals on small 'woolfelt' mittens and stockings. Each ornament measures about 3 x 4, and is done with small pieces of the felt that you buttonhole stitch together. The complete kit contains the actual sized cutting templates, cutting layout info, threads and embroidery instructions to make all 6 ornaments in the pic.

    You can finish them as open mittens and stockings if you wish - that way Santa has more things to fill! We have lots of other cute ornaments sets available - make sure to check them out. Always favorites for an old-fashioned Christmas tree!

    New Curly Girl Kits for Mill Hill! - click for more
    New Curly Girl Kits from Mill Hill
    "Witty & Whimsical." Everyone loves the Curly Girl artwork! Mill Hill has the cross stitch license for them... so we get charming needlework kits full of DMC floss and Mill Hill beads. Each is stitched on 28ct linen, and finishes about 7 inches square.
    • Rarest Friend - The rarest gift is a true friend, but the truest gift is a rare friend.
    • Humblingly Perfect - Something awesome for a baby gift!
    • Warmest Wishes - Talks about the glittery and special love between the two in the pic.
    • Love is the Only One - The only thing we can't live without!

    Mini Stash 'n Store Trays - click for more     Mini Stash 'n Store Trays - click for more
    Mini Stash 'n Store Trays - More Colors!
    You may have seen the gigantic version of these in fabric stores... but these are HALF that size and measure in at a petite 2 x 4 x 1-1/4 inches in size! White plastic 'tubs' with a colored silicone lining... the little 'flower petal openings' in the silicone waves hold your 3-1/2 embroidery scissors, pens, larger needles, laying tools, even your glasses!!!

    The soft silicone just nestles around anything you stick into these, but it pulls right out of the tub so you can wash it, (if you spill your Diet Coke in there by accident!) Just the most handy little table-top caddy, keeps everything right in one place, ready to grab!
    Note: navy and gray are no longer color options.
    Un Pupazzo di Neve per Te from Cuore e Batticuore - click for more Christmas on the Beach from Cuore e Batticuore - click for more
    Un Pupazzo di Neve per Te & Christmas on the Beach from Cuore e Batticuore
    Oh gosh, these are two new and super-cute designs from Italy. Don't feel bad if you cannot pronounce the titles - we can't either! But we CAN understand the DMC numbers in the color key - and that's all you really need.
    • Un Pupazzo Reads 'Christmas is a snowman for you,' and features a delightful snowman-building scene. I love the teeny little snowball guys perched on the shovel and signs. Measuring 260 x 140 on 32ct Natural Linen, this will finish approx 9 x 16... so you won't miss it on your walls! It actually might make a really cute couch pillow as well.
    • Christmas on the Beach - (that title is in English, don't know why the other one isn't!) What a fun scene! You get a Christmassy Light House - complete with a billowing knitted scarf, a decorated beach umbrella along with Mr and Mrs standing in their dingy! We never see beach/ nautical/Christmas together... so if you live near the water - YOU NEED THIS! Stitch count is 270 x 146 - 17 x 9 on 32ct - and it is coded for DMC.

    Beaded Holiday Ornaments 2019 Collection from Mill Hill - click for more
    Beaded Holiday Ornaments from Mill Hill
    Mill Hill's new bauble ornaments for 2019 are here! Stitched on 14ct perforated paper, each of this year's designs is a slightly different shape, but all finish the same charming 2 x 3 inches. Completely filled with glistening Mill Hill glass seed beads, they are really fun to stitch and look great on your tree.

    I especially like the fact that they weigh basically nothing, so if you are a 'real tree person' you can hang these on the tippy-tips of your branches, and they won't weight down your tree! Presented in complete kits of 14ct paper, DMC floss, needles and Mill Hill glass beads.
    The 2019 STICKS are here from Mill Hill - click for more
    The 2019 STICKS are here from Mill Hill
    Whimsical designs by STICKS, these are super-colorful and cheerful. By Mill Hill, each is presented as a kit of 14ct perforated paper and loads of DMC floss, along with a few Mill Hill glass seed beads for design garnish.

    They all finish 7 x 7, and the frames for them are available as special order. If you are a fabric-lover instead, choose your favorite 14 or 28ct - the correct size for your beads.

    Teresa Layman Three Crows -- click to see more Teresa Layman Welcome Basket -- click to see more Teresa Layman The Elizabeth Vine -- click to see more Teresa Layman Bunny Bluebell -- click to see more Teresa Layman Little Acorns -- click to see more
    Five New Miniature Knotwork Pieces by Teresa Layman
    Presenting an enchanting collection of 2, 3 and 4-inch 'rugs.' Each of these are ONLY one strand of DMC floss wrapped ONE time around your needle to make a bitty French Knot. Worked from a line drawing on the fabric - like Punch Needle Embroidery - you are simply 'painting by number' with your tiny knots - tucking them in there next to each other! It sounds awful(!), but these are actually fun to do!

    They are presented as the line drawing on the special fabric, and small needles. You'll need DMC floss from your stash. (We had Teresa to Oklahoma years ago for a class on this... and maybe with our new classroom space... it's time for another visit!) Anyway, most frame these... but if you are a doll house lover, you might want them as rugs in one of your houses. (Butttt..... if you start one, and never finish it... make the part you did into a teeny scissor fob. You'll love it for life!)

    Did you know Teresa has SOME of her designs charted for Cross Stitch? We've re-organized her page a little and highlighted the Cross Stitch offerings much better than before. She has delightful designs, charts are huge and clear... super cute! When you visit her page, we now have boxes to click ont to take you to either the Knotwork or Cross Stitch!
    • Three Crows
      Measures 4-1/4 x 3-1/8... blueberries, blackberries and black crows!
    • Welcome Basket
      A petite 2 x 3-1/16 - just that basket by itself would be a stunning fob!
    • The Elizabeth Vine
      Finishing 2 x 5 - The black knotted background just makes the flowers POP!
    • Bunny Bluebell
      A 4-1/4 inch circle, how can you not fall in love with that center rabbit? He's way less than an inch in size!
    • Little Acorns
      4-3/4 inches square - more teeny animals, don't lose the squirrel in the tree! The hedgehog is about 1/2 an inch in size!

    Work of Heart XS3400 Good Tidings from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Peaceful Snow XS207 from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Merry Hill PN204 from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Holly Hill PN205 from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Lumina Dreams PN206 from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
    Teresa Kogut has Five New Designs
    Ms Teresa does things in both Cross Stitch and Punch Needle... here are my favorites of her new ones... looks like she's in a Holiday Mood!
    • Work of Heart XS3400 Good Tidings - This could be a CHALLENGING undertaking to cross stitch! A gorgeous 10 x 12, solidly stitched piece you probably assume this is worked with hand-dyed threads to give you all that wonderful color variation, depth, and shading.Well... it's YOU and regular DMC thread - 60 different shades! Santa is decorating a little tree for his snowman friend, can you see that he's hanging the topper star and he's holding another tiny snowman face ornament to hang next? A charming picture... I took a look at the chart... some might find it charming too, just a heads up!
    • Peaceful Snow XS207 - This one is a little more on the regular-side of cross stitching! Approx 5 x 6 on 35ct, it uses Weeks and DMC flosses, it actually has several 'areas' that you could pull out and stitch just by themselves! Just the house and trees; or the sheep, peace and a few of the penny border rounds; or even just the snowman! Pretty primitive colors.
    • Merry Hill PN204 and Holly Hill PN205 - A pair of punch needle pieces - each finishes about 6 x 6. Following the same color schemes, these two are presented as the line drawing that you transfer to the included punch needle fabric. Teresa gives lots of punching tips, and full color key for each area. These are both kind of simple with regards to design detail, so should punch really fast and be really fun to do.
    • Lumina Dreams PN206 - Approx 5-1/2 x 6, this one's neat because of that white pumpkin! You'll need multiple skeins of thread - Teresa used SEVEN skeins of Taupe on that awesome pumpkin! Pattern is presented in line drawing format you need to transfer to provided fabric. Conversions from Weeks hand-dyed flosses to DMC are also included.

    Presenting Christmas 2019 - The Mill Hill Way!
    Look at the new things coming for this season - Super cute and fun!
    The Snow Globes 2019 Collection from Mill Hill - click for more
    Snow Globes from Mill Hill
    These are the small 3 x 3-ish inch kits that make perfect tree ornaments. This season we're getting a set of mini snow-globes! I'm not sure which one is the cutest!
    Presented as the complete kits of 14ct perforated paper, chart, needles, floss, Mill Hill beads and a little charm. They will be awesome on your tree!!!

    Pampas, Andes, Amazon Santas - The 2019 South American Santas from Mill Hill - click for more The Annual Santa Collection for 2019 - South American Santas from Mill Hill
    This is our 21st Annual Set of these!!!!! (That means we now have 63 different International and Sporting Santas!) Every year, we are treated to these paper ornaments that finish approx 3 x 4 inches each. Santa-all-during-the-year! Each kit comes with the 14ct perforated paper, DMC floss and a few Mill Hill beads. If you notice... they all have loopy or fringey beards!

    Anyway, these are always fun on your tree because they are lightweight and colorful. Nice to make as gifts for someone who's traveled to the places featured throughout the years or loves the various hobbies of Santa. All the other 20 years of ornaments are still available, and we have them ALL! (We have an Amazon Santa this year... only he isn't holding a shopping box or have a drone flying overhead!)

    Presenting this Year's Set of Trilogy Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
    Presenting this Year's Set of Trilogy Kits from Mill Hill
    For 2019 we have a set of 26 mini-ornaments that are perfect to make into an Advent Calendar or use to decorate a wreath. Finishing only 1-1/2 inches square... each of the three kits contains either 8 or 9 mini designs. Based on the size of the designs, we think these would be PERFECT for young or beginning stitchers. Lots of design options in each kit... lots of individual projects... lots of bang for your buck!

    Annual 2019 Santa from Prairie Schooler -- click to see more
    Presenting Annual 2019 Santa
    from The Prairie Schooler
    Even though Pam and Nancy have stopped designing their leaflets, they do design our favored Santas every year! This marks the 36th year! Same format, size colors and size... after 36 years, you know the drill.

    MOST of the other Santas have been re-printed into leaflets of 4 assorted years... we have everything available that is currently in print... it is all pictured on our PS page and organized for you!

    Welcome the Snow from Blackberry Lane
    Welcome the Snow
    from Blackberry Lane
    Another darling design - two charts in this pack! Welcome the Snow is stitched on 36ct Picture This Plus's Twilight hand-dyed linen over TWO or ONE threads - you decide.

    One of the snowmen has bird feeders with several wrens and cardinals. The other has lots of sizes of snowflakes - over one, no birds. 25 Shades of DMC, they look the same at first glance, but have a lot of subtle design differences. Just the cutest!

    Earrings for Stitchers! - click for more
    Earrings for Stitchers!
    Check out these darling pierced earrings that are perfect for stitchers and seamstresses! Miniature buttons, scissors, spools and sewing machines... each trinket decoration on the earring is about 1/2 an inch in size!

    Offered in gold-tone or silver-tone (based on the price I am sure they are not solid gold or sterling), one set includes two spools and two sewing machines. The other set includes the buttons and two scissors. You can mix and match them however you want... both sets come in the silver or gold colors. Wear a button and sewing machine if you want... scissors and buttons, scissors and spools... whatever... I'm sure Santa needs to know about these!

    Yes, there's even MORE!     
    Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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