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#254 Fresh Picked Dish Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more Lumina Dreams PN206 from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Needle & Thread from Heart in Hand - click for more Our custom made Dovo Pauline scissor - click for more Teresa Layman Little Acorns -- click to see more Still Queen of the Needle from Just Nan - click for more Handmade Primitive Girl Cushion - click for more

Candy Corn Ghost Mouse from Just Nan - click for more Bumble & Hoot Needle Book from Just Nan - click for more New Fall 2019 Releases from Just Nan
Due in the Shop the week of August 26th. Little Ghosty Mouse is on our Auto-ship Program... the Bumble & Hoot is not, but you can let us know to add it!

Presenting Bumble & Hoot Needle Book
A whimsical duo of Bumble (who is a jazzy Autumn bee with copper dusted wings) and Hoot (He is a white feathered owl) grace the front of this octagonal fall-inspired needle book. Stitched on 32ct Stone Grey Belfast linen, using 12 shades of Gentle Art Sampler Threads, this finishes just a mere 2-1/4 inches in size! The back features a medley of rusty leaves, and the inside opens to reveal an orange felt lining.

Along with the chart, Nan has included rainbow bronze beads, little hand-painted Bumble in all his glittered glory, orange lining felt, gold-edged black ribbon to cover the inner fold, and a snap to hold it all together.

Candy Corn Ghost Mouse
Oh my gosh, isn't this little guy cute???! This little gray mouse who volunteered to be a ghost is trying really hard to be scary! He has *BOO* written on the back of his costume and a screaming ghost hat on his head, but underneath it all he is just a sweet little guy who loves candy corn and likes to hang out with the witch mice. In addition to the intimidating BOO, his costume features 2 tiny black crows stitched over one thread with even tinier pieces of corn in their beaks. Candy corn trim with orange beads decorates the hem. If you look closely, even his whiskers are candy corn colors. He is holding a candy corn heart in his little gray paws, too.

The chart includes the gold tail, Nan's signature mouse base button, orange beads, satin ghost and a vintage-one-of-a-kind candy corn glass heart bead. Stitched on 32ct white Belfast linen, he's a mighty scary 2 inches tall!

New NOUVEAU Flax is in! - click for more Presenting our New FLAX 2019 Nouveau Transitions Collection!
Oh My Gosh... this is MY MOST FAVORITE collection to come through here from these past seasons!!! Textured weaves of black, Ivory and natural linens... we have a tunic, jacket, skirt, pants and a KILLER top!

The tunic is sleeveless - so I am wearing it NOW in the 100 degree heat. The Pullover has long sleeves - so it will be the winter version of my outfit!

Wait till you see it all... we'll try to show some close-up pics of the different fabric textures - just stunning! Kind of on the 'pricey end' of some of our FLAX... remember that you get 20% OFF when you get three or more pieces!!!

Mini Stash 'n Store Trays - click for more Mini Stash 'n Store Trays - click for more Mini Stash 'n Store Trays
You may have seen the gigantic version of these in fabric stores... but these are HALF that size and measure in at a petite 2 x 4 x 1-1/4 inches in size! White plastic 'tubs' with a colored silicone lining... the little 'flower petal openings' in the silicone waves hold your 3-1/2 embroidery scissors, pens, larger needles, laying tools, even your glasses!!!

The soft silicone just nestles around anything you stick into these, but it pulls right out of the tub so you can wash it, (if you spill your Diet Coke in there by accident!) Just the most handy little table-top caddy, keeps everything right in one place, ready to grab!

Chalk Full #2 BOO from Hands On Design - click to see more Autumn Skies from Hands On Design - click to see more A Harmony in Autumn, Part 2 of the House on a Hill Series from Hands On Design - click to see more
The New Designs Coming from Hands On Design
Due in the shop around August 26th we have several new treats from Cathy!
  • Chalk Full: BOO! The 2nd in this series, the little vintage mason jar is now filled with spooky Jacks. Artwork by Priscilla Blain... just puts you in an Autumn mood! Both main design and pin cushion chart are included - we have the cute JABCO Clay-topped pin set available separately if you want them.
  • Autumn Skies - Some cute finishing ideas for two contemporary 4 x 5-ish pumpkin patch designs, the two scalloped orange felt strips on the cushion are included with the charts! What a fun project to try a variety of your pretty autumnal hand-dyed flosses, and some of the pretty patterned wools we carry! Fabric featured is 32ct Platinum, natural or Lambswool would be great as well.
  • House on a Hill - A Harmony in Autumn - This is the second design in this pin cushion/fob series. Cathy brings us a farmhouse surrounded by sunflowers. Stitched on 28ct Amber linen, the little mattress is only about 4 inches square and an inch-ish high. The chart includes the cut of green Weeks Dye Works Houndstooth wool for the yard, but the trio of JABCO hand-made clay-topped pins is available separately. We will have it all... and if you are on the auto, yours will ship the day we receive them.
Pumpkin Topiary from ScissorTail Designs - click to see more
Pumpkin Topiary
from Sccissortail Designs
This is so bitty and cute! The main topiary tree finishes only 3 x 4 on 32ct Platinum linen... and that separate topper pumpkin is only 1 x 2 by itself!

You could even skip the border and side pumpkins on the larger one, and make it a long, skinny cushion - about 30 stitches wide. Regular DMC of 436, 3011, 3013, 3021, 3033 and 3826.

Sounds of Freedom Pin Cushion Pillows from Mani di Donna - click for more Halloween in the Air from Mani di Donna - click for more Halloween in the Air & Sounds of Freedom Pin Cushion Pillows
from Mani Di Donna
Well, we're mixing the seasons and holidays by showing these together, but that's OK. Both charts offer designs that are long and not very high, but they are finished differently from each other.

Think outside your 'pillow' and add the trim and fabric to the Halloween ones if you want - just like shown on the Stars and Stripes designs. These are cute, simple designs that can handle lots of cool metallic, hand-dyed or furry threads - even some beads - to dress them up and make them your own.

The large *Halloween* word measures only 110 x 23 - and most of that height is the ghost, while *Boo* is 25 x 72 - so they are bitty little pin-cushion things! The three patriotics are worked with Weeks hand-dyed flosses and all measure 30-ish by 100-ish. (On 25 over one, that's about 1 x 4 each!!!)

A Fresh Blackbird Shipment is HERE - click for more
A Fresh Blackbird Shipment is HERE!
On this delightfully fun and full table are SEVERAL reprints of the favorites by Barb and Alma!

Long and Winding Road is here, Eleanor Rigby is here, Easter Parade, several of the monthly stockings - oh my gosh - we are in pricing-it-all-Heaven!!!

Until I can get it all updated on the Blackbird Pages... call us if you need to!
#39 Farmer's Market Reprint from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more #36 St Nicholas II Reprint from Prairie Schooler -- click to see more

New Prairie Schooler Reprints
Both of these books have been out of print for years, so enjoy your second chance at them! Make everything in them into individual pin cushions. Put the vegetables in a bowl on your kitchen counter and tell your family they are vegetables they DON'T HAVE to eat!
  • Book 36 - St Nicholas II features 8 different St Nick ornaments - each finishing about 3 x 4.
  • Book 39 - Farmer's Market has 12 different veggies you'd find at the summer markets!
The 2019 STICKS are here from Mill Hill - click for more
The 2019 STICKS are here from Mill Hill
Whimsical designs by STICKS, these are super-colorful and cheerful. By Mill Hill, each is presented as a kit of 14ct perforated paper and loads of DMC floss, along with a few Mill Hill glass seed beads for design garnish.

They all finish 7 x 7, and the frames for them are available as special order. If you are a fabric-lover instead, choose your favorite 14 or 28ct - the correct size for your beads.

Jack & The Boys from Threads That Bind -- click to see lots more
Jack & The Boys
from Threads That Bind
What a fun fall design... this Wool Applique design finishes approx 14 x 22 in size.

The pattern is a FULL-SIZED line drawing... you just add pretty bits of wools from your stash - or our lovely selections! Cut out the pieces, tack them on the base wool, zip-zap - you're done!

Scaredy Cats from Kit & Bixby - click to see more Scaredy Cats
from Kit & Bixby
Kind of a fun Halloween-themed piece, this needs to hang in the home of a cat-lover! Presented as a chart by Kit & Bixby it is stitched with regular DMC on 28ct Mushroom Lugana, and finishes approx 6-1/2 x 9-1/2.

I think black Simply Wool or Wisper would be cool to make furry cats... a big 'ol Fyre Werks metallic moon is good... black Fyre Werks for those cats eyes... and yummy rusty/orange hand-dyed threads for the pumpkins!

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Biscornest from Crossed Wing Collection - click for more
Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Biscornest
from Crossed Wing Collection
Paula's third charming bird nest design... this companions the stunning chipping Sparrow and Cardinal Biscornu designs she has done. Presented as the chart, everything is coded for DMC floss. That gorgeous little 3-inch nest is stitched on both sides - the top features the eggs stitched over one thread.

All three designs then feature a beautiful, detailed fob-sized pattern of the nest's bird. I am not a bird-watcher, but something tells me that every bird's nest is different, but recognizable to its species. All three of these designs are just lovely!
Elizabeth Walsh's Work from Scarlett House - click for more Elizabeth Walsh's Work from The Scarlett House
The Scarlett House has a pretty sampler mat, scissor fob and pin keep design set - all featuring charming floral urns, coverlet motifs and a little seamstress girl. The main sampler finishes approx 7 x 9 on 36ct Doubloon Linen by Picture This Plus. Everything is stitched with hand-dyed flosses or DMC.

A super-cute set, she has presented in a cool little metal tray! No tray? Tanya offers assembly instructions to make the main piece into a sewing mat.

Seasonal Sun Sine from Ink Circles - click to see more Seasonal Sun Sine from Ink Circles
(We don't know if that's a misspelling, but knowing Tracy - it probably isn't!!) She writes about this fun piece: This four panel design shows how the amount of daylight hours varies throughout the year, with a sunny icon marking the solstices. The colors and motifs echo the changing weather and how the landscape marks the seasons.

The panels are not strictly aligned to the official seasons, but rather to the solstices and equinoxes. We all feel the winter chill before that first day of winter. (Except you people that have been shortchanged a season or two by Mother Nature!) So, a pretty little design, charted with 14 colors of DMC... a curiosity for your countertop!

Presenting the 2019 Gingher Juniper Limited Edition Designer Scissors
Presenting the 2019 Gingher Juniper Limited Edition Designer Scissors - click to see more Due to arrive any day, (August of 2019) this year's pretty, decorated Gingher Designer Scissors feature a floral medley of green, blue and white! They are available in:
4-inch Embroidery - suitable for snipping threads.
8-Inch Sewing Shears - designed to cut fabrics.
**NEVER paper with your Ginghers!**

Pretty to look at because of the enameled design finish on the handles, dreamy to use because they are so substantial in feel... you'll love these scissors!

Announcing The Silver Needle's 35th Anniversary Scissor Circle!
The Silver Needle's 35th Anniversary Scissor Circle - click for more A Trio of Limited Edition Gold Embroidery Scissors by DOVO
Directly from Solingen, Germany - Exclusive to The Silver Needle

To celebrate our 35th Year in business, we have commissioned three different styles of embroidery scissors from our favorite scissor manufacturer - DOVO - of Solingen, Germany! What a fun Birthday Celebration for us. Our gift to you is a Scissor Circle!!!

Beginning in late June of 2019, our first style will ship... mid August the second is scheduled and October will bring the 3rd. (Those blanks aren't even back from the forge yet!)

We chose three super-favorite styles that DOVO has never produced in their brushed gold finish before. The scissors will never be available to anyone else... they are exclusive to The Silver Needle ONLY! It is our One-Time 35th Anniversary... so once they are gone, they will be gone forever!
DOVO Solingen - click for more
Click here for all the details!

Announcing Fern Ridge Collections September 5, 6 & 7th, 2019
Join us for Pat and Peggy of Fern Ridge Collections for a weekend class in our NEW Silver Needle Event Space!
*Bring on the Beads*
Fern Ridge Designs
Bring On The Beads Fob and Sewing Case from Fern Ridge - click for a larger view What a fun weekend we're going to have making this delightful beaded scissor fob and cool little sewing case that even has a small compartmentalized bead organizer box inside.

Hand-dyed linen, some fun stitches, gorgeous hand-dyed silks and ribbons, cute finishing, and all the AWESOME BEADS - you get it all!

Peyote in the round from Fern Ridge - click for a larger view Pat and Peggy are coming from Alabama to spend 2-1/2 days with you... making SURE you love your Peyote Beading... and that you go home with this charming set - FINISHED!

And look what we're doing Thursday night! Peyote in the round! Pat says it's easy-breezy!

Click to our Events Page to read the rest of the details...

Fern Ridge is $225... $100 due at registration -- which is open NOW.
It's Back-To-School Time!... Our August, 2019 2019 Secret Needle Night Kit - click to see more

It's Back-To-School Time!... Our August, 2019 Secret Needle Night Kit
THANKS! This month's design has sold out. Click through if you'd like to see some past designs and enroll in our monthly auto-ship for these.
A cute little row of everything old-fashioned that we used to love about school. We finished this two different ways again this month, just because we could! The complete cross stitch kit includes the 18ct white linen, all the Pearl Cottons, Velvets and Fyre Werks threads and your needle. Do they still use wooden pencils in school? Who has time to eat a whole apple during lunch, and if you gave a wormy one to the teacher, you'd be suspended!

I bet they don't use chalkboards anymore either, and certainly books are getting too heavy to carry in backpacks... and they all use computers anyway! But I loved art class, so I hope they still get to paint! As you can tell from the ruler, this finishes approx 5 x 8-1/2. Mona's finishing kit, which is available separately from this kit, provides materials to make either the stand-up easel or the cute little drum shape (and you get those cute alphabet pins!!!)

Scary Apothecary Part Three from Hands On Design - click to see more
Scary Apothecary: Part Three
from Hands On Design
We are finishing this CHARMIMG set of vintage-inspired Halloween 'pharmacy signs!' Advertising all the scary things you might find in a Haunted Drug Store or Laboratory! Stitch with dusty, tarnished colors of metallics and hand-dyed flosses... Cathy's verses on these are just the best! So creative... they are all a blast to read. There is a beautiful set of metallics by Kreinik called for in this series - you have way more thread on those spools than you need... so feel free to add and glitz up your signs a little!

Each advertisement finishes about 3 x 4... *Snail Slime - take a slug!*, *Spider Legs - Serving size 8*, *Skeleton Polish - no tarnish finish!* The first 6 signs are already here, so now you can collect the whole set together.

Also on the way: Chalk Full - BOO, House on a Hill - Harmony in Autumn, and a regular chart - Autumn Skies. More info to come!

In My Pumpkin Patch from Val's Stuff Come Fly With Me from Val's Stuff If You've Got It, Haunt It! from Val's Stuff On The Haunt for Halloween from Val's Stuff
The Spooks in Val's Pumpkin Patch! from Val's Stuff
A New Supply Has Arrived of these Popular Standups!
This is a set of 4 little 'people' that just might haunt your patch of pumpkins this coming Halloween... or maybe just your candy bowl! Each (they are limited in production, hence the LE down there in the product description!) is a celebrity that can simply stand on his/her own clothing... but are much cuter with a stick (I used an INK PEN under the witch!) tucked under that fabric, and stuck into a (fake craft or real) pumpkin! Val has ALL THE FIX'INS in her little kits - JABCO pins, felts and felt balls, gauze, hats, noses, eyes, brooms, pipe cleaners, ribbons, stuffings and sticks (for some of them) - everything but the cross stitch fabric, and the minute bits of floss. Grab your Glue Gun!
  • In My Pumpkin Patch - The CUTEST little scarecrow to stand guard over those pumpkins and all that fabulous candy. You'll need only a 7 x 8 piece of 30ct Weeks Scuppernong Linen, and a few hand-dyed flosses... he's about 5 inches tall without his stick. Check out the little pumpkin pin poking out from his little straw hat! He has a wooden spool for his body under that green shirt.
  • Come Fly With Me - This miniature green and purple witch stands a whopping 6-inches tall! You get her green ball head and green toothpick nose, the bat pin and felt hat, you make her broom, but her hair is already done. You'll need a about a 7-inch square of Peoria Purple linen and a few flosses - isn't the little owl on her dress cute?
  • If You've Got It, Haunt It! - Oh my gosh, this is one of the pair of ghosts - gotta get 'em both! Choose any white fabric - these little guys are on 25ct white Lugana. Haunt It stands about 6 inches tall and comes with his polka dot ribbon, cheese cloth, star buttons, clay eyes, felt ball head... all you need is that bit of cross stitch fabric from your stash and floss.
  • On The Haunt for Halloween - The other little ghost - he's got pipe cleaner arms, the same cute head and face treatment with the floaty cheesecloth/gauze cape... aren't these the cutest!!??

Cool Dude from Val's Stuff Just 4 Ewe for Halloween from Val's Stuff
Cool Dude & The Just 4 Ewe Set from Val's Stuff
Val's stuff has 5 new ornament designs for all year long. Hers are colorful, bold little 3 x 3 or 4 x 4-ish square designs that she has worked on 14ct perforated paper. SUPER easy on your eyes, and actually very nice and quick to stitch on... the paper is easy to hold, holes are majorly easy to see, and virtually NO fussy finishing needed!
  • Cool Dude comes by himself - he's about 3-1/2 x 5, and is stitched with DMC floss from your stash. Pattern comes with the paper, burgundy backing felt, the holly button, and a bit of black cording for a hanger string.
  • Just 4 Ewe includes the other 4 designs pictured here. *Hop to It!*, *Just 4 Ewe*, *Jack's Back* and Jump for Joy* - you get all four of these 50 x 50-ish designs. All finish approx 4 inches on the 14ct perforated paper included in the package. Along with the black sparkly backing felt for finishing, you get the 16 buttons shown in each of the corners as well!! Super colorful and bright, these are coded for DMC and Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed flosses.

A Witch's Hat of Bats by Bent Creek -- click to see more A Witch's Hat of Bats
from Bent Creek
Marsha and Elizabeth have finally done another design in their *Thing of Things* Series! Just in time for Halloween - which really IS just around the corner - stitch this cute little hat full of bats, cats, pumpkins, and a little spider! Lots happening in there! Presented as a complete kit, you get the 18ct natural linen and DMC #5 Pearl Cottons. Measuring just 6 x 6 when finished, make a box stand-up for a cute holiday decoration.

These kits are just like my Secret Needle Night designs - same size, same fabric, same threads (only we toss in some Rainbow Gallery specialties.) A great size for in-the-car-stitching... everyone loves something fun and quick to stitch now and then! There are at least 10 other Things of Things in this series - Candy Canes, Candy Corn, Snowmen, Ornaments, Pumpkins and Leaves, Easter Eggs...

Square Dance July-Aug-Sept from Heart in Hand - click for more Farmhouse Bird from Heart in Hand - click for more Needle & Thread from Heart in Hand - click for more Patchwork Sheep from Heart in Hand - click for more Autumn Whirligig from Heart in Hand - click for more
New Arrivals from Heart in Hand
Cecelia was just HERE for our Summer Event... along with her models of all these cute new arrivals!
  • Square Dance is darling as always... July, Aug, Sept this time.
  • Farmhouse Bird is another in this vintage series of Cecelia's.
  • Needle & Thread is the latest design that fits Heart in Hands Heartware bowls and tarts! The perfect pin cushion size!
  • Patchwork Sheep is cute... everyone loves that little baby sheep in there!
  • Autumn Whirligig - A checkered squirrel celebrates autumn's bounty. It also fits the top of Cecelia's Heartware Bowls and Tarts.

THE BEEKEEPER from Plum Street Samplers SAMPLER LESSON FOUR from Plum Street Samplers TIRED TRIO from Plum Street Samplers
Three New Designs from Plum Street Samplers
  • THE BEEKEEPER Paulette says: After numerous requests, I'm releasing this as a regular chart. It was inspired by my favorite BBC character, Queenie, from Larkrise to Candleford. (If you haven't taken the time to watch this charming series, do yourself a favor and brew some tea or coffee, settle in with your stitching, and let yourself be carried away by the sweetest story lines!)
    Stitch count: 164w x 113h, Fabric used: 35 ct linen, Threads used: Weeks Dye Works.
  • SAMPLER LESSON FOUR This is the fourth of five "Sampler Lessons," previously released as partial kits. This one is a fall-themed one, which means it's done in all my favorite colors! Only one more Sampler Lesson to go after this one!
    Stitch count: 83w x 81h, Fabric used: 36 ct. linen, Threads used: Classic Colorworks. Paulette suggests you use Lady Dot Vintage Chenille for the trim.
  • TIRED TRIO Paulette says: I had a very difficult time when I first wrote this pattern up because I couldn't get the over-one instructions to match the cover photo. After struggling for what seemed like an eternity, I finally realized I had photographed the model upside down! The chart has since been corrected, but if I had not been able to figure it out in time, the poor middle sloth would still look like it had been deceased a few days, given how its legs would be sticking straight up. (Turn the chart upside down - you'll see what I mean!) Stitch count: 57w x 92h, Fabric used: 36 ct. Linen, Threads used: Classic Colorworks and Weeks Dye Works, Trim used: Mossy chenille by Lady Dot Creates.

New Arrivals from With Thy Needle due in the shop the Week of July 22nd!
Holiday Hoop-la #3 Halloween CS259 from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Holiday Hoopla #1 Easter from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Holiday Hoopla #2 - 4th of July from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Holiday Hoopla 3 inch hoop from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Holiday Hoopla 3 inch hoop stack of 6 from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
Holiday Hoop-la CS259 Halloween - The third in this series... cute, cute, cute!
The little three-inch wooden hoops are finally readily available! Actually, very nice quality, you can paint them if you want, but very smooth and definitely ready to go for your finishing!

CS260 Boo to You  from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more CS263 Hickety Pickety from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more CS264 Gone Batty from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more CS261 L. Genders 1875 from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
  • CS260 Boo to You - Finishing about 4 3/8" x 5 7/8" on 36ct linen. Uses Weeks, Gentle Art and Classic Colorworks threads.
  • CS263 Hickety Pickety - Remember the nursery rhyme... Hickety pickety my black hen, She lays eggs for gentlemen... Approx 9 1/2 x 5 inches on 36 ct. Uses Weeks, Classic Colorworks and DMC.
  • CS264 Gone Batty - Approx 12 x 6 inches on 32 ct linen, using Weeks and Gentle Art threads. I bet that cat didn't stay so still for long!
  • CS261 L. Genders 1875 - An antique reproduction, finishing about 8 5.8 x 2 inches on 36ct linen.

The Kitchen Garden from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Botanical Stitches - Lupinis texensis - Texas Bluebonnet from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Botanical Stitches - Aquilegia coerulea - Colorado Columbine from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
3 New Designs from The Drawn Thread!
  • The Kitchen Garden 249 Stitches Wide X 65 Stitches Tall. For those who love "homegrown," a kitchen garden is a labor of love in the Spring and a source of pride and joy in midsummer. Cynthia has reproduced her own Kitchen garden in silk on linen so we can enjoy it long after the fruits of our labors have disappeared from our gathering baskets. Stitched on 32 count "Summer Khaki" Belfast linen using Needlepoint, Inc. and Dinky Dyes silks.
  • Botanical Stitches - Lupinis texensis - Texas Bluebonnet 54 Stitches Wide X 84 Stitches Tall. The favorite flower of all Texans, the Bluebonnet is the floral trademark for Texas. They bloom for just a few short weeks during April and May. She's preserved their beauty to enjoy all year on 30 count "Antique Lambswool" linen using Needlepoint, Inc. and Dinky Dyes silks. When stitched on 30 count linen, this design will fit neatly into any standard 5" x 7" frame.
  • Botanical Stitches - Aquilegia coerulea - Colorado Columbine 54 Stitches Wide X 84 Stitches Tall. As emblematic as the Bluebonnet is to Texas, the Columbine is to Colorado. If ever you get a chance to visit that mountain paradise, look for this special flower to brighten your day. Stitched on 30 count "Natural Undyed" linen using Needlepoint, Inc. and Dinky Dyes silks. When stitched on 30 count linen, this design will also fit neatly into any standard 5" x 7" frame.

Sing a Song of Christmas 10-11-12 from JBW Designs 368 Be Joyful from JBW Designs French Alphabet I Curlicues and French Alphabets II Flowers and Leaves from JBW Designs
Summer Releases from JBW Designs
  • Sing a Song of Christmas: #10, 11 and 12 in the Series - You'll recognize your Christmas Carols when you read these little 3 x 4 mini stockings. They make cute tree ornaments.
  • Be Joyful - Contains two simple words of Greetings for The Season. Choose any count fabric, and even hand-dyed green thread to replace the 3 shades of DMC used.
  • French Alphabets I and II - Judy purchased an antique French sampler - it features these two fonts in it. She's charted them, so basically you can spell anything you want to with them. #1's Letters feature flower and leaf decorations, #2's has the curlicues!

#263 Reindeer Dish Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more #258 Happy Camper Dish Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more #261 Thankful Dish Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more #260 Happy Halloween Dish Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more #259 Sweet as Pie Dish Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more #254 Fresh Picked Dish Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more
Some of the Dish Towels from Bareroots - click to see more Hand-Embroidered Dish Towels from Bareroots
Oh my gosh, this is the MOST CHARMING collection of dish towels that you have ever embroidered! By Bareroots... each cotton 19 x 26 towel features a band of cute, seasonal stitching. We have 10, including Patriotic, Christmas, Halloween, Canning Jars, Hearts, Easter Bunnies, Happy Campers (which would be so cute in an RV!)... all sorts of cute themes.

You get the towel, the line pattern to draw onto the towel, the color pic of the stitching, DMC floss, and some rik-rak trim for each end of the towel.

Kind of a retro look... and super fun to give as a gift to anyone who'd like something cute and handmade in their kitchen.. we love these! Click through to see the full set.

Papillon d' Or II by Reflets de Soie -- click to see more! Le Temps des Roses by Reflets de Soie -- click to see more!
Papillon d' Or II and Le Temps des Roses from Reflets de Soie
Isabelle has two new beaded pieces that we just love around here! Charted florals, you are stitching these with one strand of floss that matches your background linen (35ct) and sewing on one petite glass bead instead of doing an X.

The beads look so elegant, and the finish on the fabric is so smooth - everybody loves to hold our stitched shop models! The beads feel smooth and fluid, and slightly heavy in your hand, so elegant! These come as kits with pre-sorted and labeled beads, and the chart. 35ct Linens need to be cut separately for each.

Caroline Colmont 1845 by Reflets de Soie -- click to see more! Caroline Colmont 1845 from Reflets de Soie
Reflets de Soie has sent the most gorgeous French Darning Sampler chart... an antique reproduction of one stitched by Caroline Colmont in 1845. The sampler measures 348 x 359 in stitch count - so even on 40ct, it'll turn out to be HUGE at 17-1/2 inches in size! Absolutely stunning, each of the four outer borders feature different florals for the four seasons. Then, you get two more in the sampler... a couple of alphabet fonts... and then the treat -- the Darning Sections!

18 different sections in all, each of those measures about 30 stitches square, and each showcases its own unique pattern-darning design. And, there is even a little Bargello tossed in below that! The darning sections all have such texture and charm, your eye is drawn right to them.

Presented as a chart, this is coded for DMC floss or Soie d' Alger Silk. We have the silks available with the chart purchase - they are all pre-sorted, tied and numbered by Isabelle on her pretty Reflets de Soie thread cards. (And since this is big, there are a TON of threads in here!)

Coop Almanac from Twin Peak Primitives - click to see more
Coop Almanac
from Twin Peak Primitives
This in an interesting pattern... take a minute to get past the overpowering brown color of the background artwork... and pay attention to the chickens! They are all abut 40 x 50 stitches, and some of them have beautifully patterned areas of stitching on them!

Add some cool threads, do some long stitches... skip the borders, and do JUST A SET of chicken pin cushions! There is some chicken wire charted - maybe do chicken wire backgrounds for your cushions?

I think this pattern has great potential! Charted for DMC cottons, but think about hand-dyed Simply Wools by Gentle Art!

High Tides and Good Vibes from Sue Hillis - click to see more High Tides and Good Vibes Stitching Mermaid from Sue Hillis - click to see more High Tides and Good Vibes
from Sue Hillis Designs
Kind of says it all!!! A new leaflet by Sue Hillis, wouldn't you just love to be spending time in this little camper on the beach? Coded for DMC, it finishes approx 4 x 8 on 32ct.

One of the cover models features scrapbook paper flags decorating it... and the leaflet also includes a cute little STITCHING MERMAID! She's only 32 x 18 -- so she'd make a darling pin cushion!!! Just a happy, summer design!

Summer Angel Fob and matching Summer Angel Bag from Fern Ridge - click to see more
Summer Angel Fob and matching Summer Angel Bag
from Fern Ridge Collections
Pat and Peggy have a summer mermaid set that is FULL of gorgeous aqua glass and crystal, scrumptious hand-dyed seafoam ribbons, linens, finishing fabrics and silks... and the CUTEST little under-the-sea critter charms! Whew!
  • The Summer Angel beaded fob finishes an overall length of about 4 inches, and features a little turtle, starfish and 2 dolphins to embellish your incredible beading!
  • Then the matching bag kit comes with EVERYTHING to stitch the angel panel on the bag, as well as the fabrics to construct the little bag. You can see how gorgeous that deep aqua silk lining is... and the charms are just delightful!!!
Really a cute set! The 'ingredients' Fern Ridge puts into their kits are simply amazing and really a treat to get to use!

My Home Sweet Home from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Let Freedom Bloom from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Bee Trifles from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
Celebrate Summer the Shepherd's Bush Way
Tina and Teri have sent three new things!
  • My Home Sweet Home is a little 6 x 8-ish design complete with patriotic sheep guarding the homesteads. All the busy-ness in the sky looks like fireworks! Presented as a kit, it is stitched on 32ct Country French Cafe Mocha Linen with Weeks hand-dyed flosses, and includes a few bitty button embellishments as well.
  • Let Freedom Bloom is this season's 3-inch pin cushion design. Joining the million others from Tina and Teri - they all look charming nestled together in a basket. You'll need to add this one to your collection! Presented in kit format, it is worked on 32ct Natural Linen with Weeks overdyed flosses. The kit includes the linen, flosses, button embellishments and the specially-for-this hand-dyed chenille trim by Lady Dot Creates.
  • Bee Trifles - Three bee-themed cushions, each is worked on different colors of linen. Cute and summery... there are buttons scattered here and there, that come separately from the pattern.

Teresa Layman Three Crows -- click to see more Teresa Layman Welcome Basket -- click to see more Teresa Layman The Elizabeth Vine -- click to see more Teresa Layman Bunny Bluebell -- click to see more Teresa Layman Little Acorns -- click to see more
Five New Miniature Knotwork Pieces by Teresa Layman
Presenting an enchanting collection of 2, 3 and 4-inch 'rugs.' Each of these are ONLY one strand of DMC floss wrapped ONE time around your needle to make a bitty French Knot. Worked from a line drawing on the fabric - like Punch Needle Embroidery - you are simply 'painting by number' with your tiny knots - tucking them in there next to each other! It sounds awful(!), but these are actually fun to do!

They are presented as the line drawing on the special fabric, and small needles. You'll need DMC floss from your stash. (We had Teresa to Oklahoma years ago for a class on this... and maybe with our new classroom space... it's time for another visit!) Anyway, most frame these... but if you are a doll house lover, you might want them as rugs in one of your houses. (Butttt..... if you start one, and never finish it... make the part you did into a teeny scissor fob. You'll love it for life!)

Did you know Teresa has SOME of her designs charted for Cross Stitch? We've re-organized her page a little and highlighted the Cross Stitch offerings much better than before. She has delightful designs, charts are huge and clear... super cute! When you visit her page, we now have boxes to click ont to take you to either the Knotwork or Cross Stitch!
  • Three Crows
    Measures 4-1/4 x 3-1/8... blueberries, blackberries and black crows!
  • Welcome Basket
    A petite 2 x 3-1/16 - just that basket by itself would be a stunning fob!
  • The Elizabeth Vine
    Finishing 2 x 5 - The black knotted background just makes the flowers POP!
  • Bunny Bluebell
    A 4-1/4 inch circle, how can you not fall in love with that center rabbit? He's way less than an inch in size!
  • Little Acorns
    4-3/4 inches square - more teeny animals, don't lose the squirrel in the tree! The hedgehog is about 1/2 an inch in size!

Blooming Bouquets - #1 Thankful book from Jeannette Douglas
Blooming Bouquets - #1 Thankful
from Jeannette Douglas Designs
Jeannette has released her second design (but it says Bouquet #1 on the cover... she released #2 first!) in this trio of lavish floral urns; this one features a verse with sentiments of Thankfulness.

Stitched on a 36 to 40ct neutral linen, her silk pack includes gorgeous shades of hand-dyed silks - just an assortment of rich, deep, strong colors. (Chart is coded for DMC as well.)

Finishing about 7 x 8-1/2, the verse is over one, and there are some special stitches right inside that exquisite floral border. Think about just the urn and flowers from this - wouldn't that be pretty too? Presented as a leaflet with silks separately... there will be a third bouquet in this set - coming in Fall of 2019 (we think!)

Sew Together #4 Flax & Linen from Jeannette Douglas Sew Together #3 Scissor & Threads from Jeannette Douglas
Sew Together #3 Scissors & Threads and #4 Flax & Linen
from Jeannette Douglas Designs
Jeannette is finishing out this cute little set of small designs all dealing with needlework! If you stitch it on 40ct, each 67 x 71 section will finish about 3-3/4 inches each, making the entire piece only about 8 x 8 in total size.

Charted for Gentle Art, Weeks, and Classic hand-dyed flosses and a few regular DMC's, no special stitches in these... just pretty colors and subjects very dear to us stitchers! Each section is presented in its own small chart.

Work of Heart XS3400 Good Tidings from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Peaceful Snow XS207 from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Merry Hill PN204 from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Holly Hill PN205 from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Lumina Dreams PN206 from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Teresa Kogut has Five New Designs
Ms Teresa does things in both Cross Stitch and Punch Needle... here are my favorites of her new ones... looks like she's in a Holiday Mood!
  • Work of Heart XS3400 Good Tidings - This could be a CHALLENGING undertaking to cross stitch! A gorgeous 10 x 12, solidly stitched piece you probably assume this is worked with hand-dyed threads to give you all that wonderful color variation, depth, and shading.Well... it's YOU and regular DMC thread - 60 different shades! Santa is decorating a little tree for his snowman friend, can you see that he's hanging the topper star and he's holding another tiny snowman face ornament to hang next? A charming picture... I took a look at the chart... some might find it charming too, just a heads up!
  • Peaceful Snow XS207 - This one is a little more on the regular-side of cross stitching! Approx 5 x 6 on 35ct, it uses Weeks and DMC flosses, it actually has several 'areas' that you could pull out and stitch just by themselves! Just the house and trees; or the sheep, peace and a few of the penny border rounds; or even just the snowman! Pretty primitive colors.
  • Merry Hill PN204 and Holly Hill PN205 - A pair of punch needle pieces - each finishes about 6 x 6. Following the same color schemes, these two are presented as the line drawing that you transfer to the included punch needle fabric. Teresa gives lots of punching tips, and full color key for each area. These are both kind of simple with regards to design detail, so should punch really fast and be really fun to do.
  • Lumina Dreams PN206 - Approx 5-1/2 x 6, this one's neat because of that white pumpkin! You'll need multiple skeins of thread - Teresa used SEVEN skeins of Taupe on that awesome pumpkin! Pattern is presented in line drawing format you need to transfer to provided fabric. Conversions from Weeks hand-dyed flosses to DMC are also included.

Snowy 9 Patch #7 from Annie Beez Folk Art - click to see more Snowy 9 Patch combo from Annie Beez Folk Art - click to see more
Snowy 9 Patch #7 from Annie Beez Folk Art
This cute little set of 9 snowman-smalls is continuing with the 7th in the series - A happy snowman! Releasing once a month... each design finishes about 3 or 4 inches depending on your fabric count choice.

Coded for DMC, you could always add a little opalescent or bead touches if you want! Cheerful and an easy-stitch... you'll be ready for next Winter before you know it!

Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Summer 2019 Issue - click to see more

Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Summer 2019 Issue
Always a delight for the eyes, and super tempting to your stitching fingers, our latest issue of PN & PS is finally here!

78 Pages of gorgeous pictures and fun projects - 10 for cross stitch and 9 for punch needle embroidery. Cute things, the back-issues do sell out... we no longer have several of them available.
Purrfect Punch Needles - click to see more Ultra Punch Needles are BACK!
After a stressful discontinuation of these in the Punch Needle Industry... the right people did the right things to get these made again... and back into the market place! Ultra-Punch needles have been around for something like 50 years... definitely a longtime favorite needle. The complete set is presented with the small, medium (installed in the needle), and large tips and two threaders, and very comprehensive 6-page instruction book.

I read through that little booklet - it tells you everything you ever wanted to know (or possibly not!) about the needle, changing tips, threading, fabrics to use and how to transfer designs, the hoops you need, setting the loop length, holding the needle, then... into the actual punching, sculpting, cutting, brushing... whew! It's all there! We also have the three-tip EXTRA sets available, just the three tips - no main needle shaft, no booklet, no threaders.

Set F Ding Ding Mini Cards from Prairie Schooler -- click to see more
Set F Ding Ding Mini Cards from The Prairie Schooler
Do you know about these little cards by Prairie Schooler? The teeny little 2-1/2 x 4-1/2 cards they always did promo-charts on when they released new books? Here is Set F - new to us! (Sets A, B, C, & E are still available and pictured on our PS pages. NO Set D anymore!) Little Set F went with books #172 through #199... and it includes three small 37 x 37 stitch count Christmas Ornaments that never were associated with any of their books!

ALWAYS cute things... ANY of these are perfect for pin-cushion exchange projects, fobs, ornaments, nametags, whatever you want!!! Each set consists of 10 small cards with pretty pic on the front, chart on the back.
Mini Mesh Zipper Bags -  click for more
Mini Mesh Zipper Bags
This seems to be the 'year of pouches!' I found another size and style of zippered pouch to help organize your smaller needlework projects and tools. These little guys measure 5 x 8. They feature TWO pocketed compartments, and TWO zippered closures. I've taken a pic of my hand in each of the pockets... don't know if you can see the difference or not.

The front pocket is clear vinyl on the front. The middle 'wall' and back of the pouch is colored fine mesh. A really nice size for a small project, or just for scissors, candy and tissues! They're lightweight and super-handy to keep little things safe and 'locate-able' in your bigger bags!

See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Deep Teal -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Light Blue -  click for more
Two New colors of our See Your Stuff Pouches
These are super-strong, heavy-duty, very nicely-sized see-through plastic pouches. We carry them in Royal Blue, Brilliant Red, Bright Yellow, Eye-Popping Lime Green, Bright Orange, Deep Purple and now a really pretty Light Blue and a Deep Teal.

Remember, I showed you a pic of the big one holding 6 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies a few months ago... well. cookies are long gone, but the awesome pouches remain!

Mill Hill 2019 Patriotic Quartet Series Button & Bead Kits - click for more
The New 2019 Patriotic Quartet Series from Mill Hill
This will be a favorite series of bead kits! Mill Hill describes their new designs; America is *The Land of the Free,* and *Home of the Brave,* where we are entitled to *Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness* and all these truths are represented with the *Stars and Stripes* of our flag, which we proudly fly.

Kits of 14ct Aida (you can sub 28ct linen or Lugana if you like), DMC floss, Mill Hill beads (not as many as the regular Button and Beaded kits), needles and chart -- each finishes approx 5 x 5 in size. The black frames are available separately. Just really CLASSIC!

Needfuls Wool Bundle NYC Picnic from In the Patch Designs - click for more Needfuls Wool Bundle Baskets from In the Patch Designs - click for more Needfuls Wool Bundle Eggplant Delight from In the Patch Designs - click for more Needfuls Wool Bundle Dirty Snowman from In the Patch Designs - click for more
Needful Wool Bundles from In the Patch Designs
Needfuls Bundles from In the Patch Designs - click for more OHHHH... are these the most luscious and luxurious little bits of gorgeous mill-dyed felted wools! Lovingly dyed in Ohio, USA, we found these awesome little packs of coordinating wools to back your pin cushions and ornaments. But what about lining your sewing cases or needle books? Accenting the fronts of your stitched cushions, or your punch needle pieces? You can even line little boxes and trays with bits of these before you perch a cushion in there... or even cut them into strips and use them like ribbon to garnish! (and of course... good 'ol wool applique works too!!!) Strawberry tops for the Erica Michaels stitched berries?

Anyway... each LIMITED-Edition-for-the-season packet contains 8 different 6 x 13-inch cuts of INTOXICATING textures, weaves, colors, patterns and sometime weights of GORGEOUS wools that all seem to 'play well in the same sandbox together!' Then, to top that off... they've given the little collective bundles cute names... so you gotta have them ALL! I've tried to take pics for you - close up - so you can see the gorgeous 'fabrics' in each bundle. I have absolutely no idea how you will choose your favorites - I bought 'em all, so I didn't have to decide!

The Gypsy Sit Upon - click for more The Gypsy Sit Upon
We think these are the COOLEST things! We haven't had them in stock for a few years, but found them again at Market! They are soft plastic pillows - 12 inches in diameter and 2-1/2 inches thick - designed to make you more comfortable when sitting for long periods (or short, for that matter!). Place one *behind your back* - upper or lower - which ever feels best for you. Then sit comfortably while stitching, quilting, reading, driving, surfing the net... whatever!

Softly inflated flexible disc (deep purple) prevents fatigue and reduces pressure on the tailbone. Helps relieve lower back pain, strengthens core muscles, and improves blood circulation. Nubby texture (see the little nibs all over one side???) allows cooling air flow and promotes improved blood circulation. Durable purple rubberized material remains soft and pliable... 'One Size Fits All!' Comes already inflated, will not deflate.

Handmade Primitive Girl Cushion - click for more Handmade Owl Cushion - click for more Handmade Penguin Cushion - click for more Handmade Piglet Cushion - click for more Handmade Cupcake Cushion - click for more
An Invasion of Pin Cushions!
Oh my gosh, we are overwhelmed with CHARM around here! It's hard not to fall in love with all these little hand-made cuties! Our Primitive Girls are wearing a ribbon that says PINS (even though some look like PMS! - which might be appropriate too!). The cupcakes are topped with beaded and pearl sprinkles... the owls have the cutest little wooly feathers, the penguins have nice fat little behinds, and the piglets --with their pointed ears and curly little tails - are just the best peeking out from everywhere!

Each cushion is hand-made of various fabrics and embellishments. All (except the cupcakes) are filled with sand so they are 'heavy' to your hand. They nestle perfectly where-ever you set them. The cupcakes are in actual silicone baking cups and are a little lighter in weight, as they are filled with poly-fil. Asst fabrics and colors, we'll try not to choose duplicates in any style for you!
NOTE! When you click through to Gadgets page 2, you can click on each pinccushion image and see a much larger one that will show you the color and pattern variations on them.

Circles & Stitches Hand-Made Pin Cushion Kits
Circles & Stitches Hand-Made Pin Cushion Kits - click for more Circles & Stitches Hand-Made Pin Cushion Kits - click for more Oh wow... these are so colorful and fun!!!!! By Local Farm Girl, these are complete kits to construct these darling donut-sized felted wool pin cushions.

Packaged in a little cardboard berry box, you get the wools for the cushion top, base, and circles, needles of various sizes, hand-dyed wool threads for the stitching, two wool covered buttons (with a coordinating/contrasting button on the bottom side), even the printed freezer paper with templates on it, and iron-on stabilizer for those topping circles... AND 3/4 C of crushed walnut shells for filler! (whew!)

Four different colorways, choose between a restful red and gray combo, the vibrant gold and pumpkin with mossy green, the deep purple eggplant with aqua accents, or that yummy lime one with bright pink and a little soft gray!

Classic Button & Needle Necklace - click for more Classic Button & Needle Necklace - click for more Classic Button & Needle Necklace
Oh... I saw these and HAD to HAVE them... this is a 2-1/2 inch round Mexican Pewter round button, and that needle tied on top (it can slide out if you want it to) is 3-1/4 inches long! Featuring a leather necklace cord, which can be adjusted for length... this is a charming piece of jewelry for anyone who does sewing or needlework of any kind!

Extremely limited in availability, I brought some home from a show I attended, and am not sure I will be able to get more. So bright, smooth, pretty and CLASSY, such clean lines, it's a real statement piece!

Presenting Christmas 2019 - The Mill Hill Way!
Look at the new things coming for this season - Super cute and fun!
The Snow Globes 2019 Collection from Mill Hill - click for more
Snow Globes from Mill Hill
These are the small 3 x 3-ish inch kits that make perfect tree ornaments. This season we're getting a set of mini snow-globes! I'm not sure which one is the cutest!
Presented as the complete kits of 14ct perforated paper, chart, needles, floss, Mill Hill beads and a little charm. They will be awesome on your tree!!!

Pampas, Andes, Amazon Santas - The 2019 South American Santas from Mill Hill - click for more The Annual Santa Collection for 2019 - South American Santas from Mill Hill
This is our 21st Annual Set of these!!!!! (That means we now have 63 different International and Sporting Santas!) Every year, we are treated to these paper ornaments that finish approx 3 x 4 inches each. Santa-all-during-the-year! Each kit comes with the 14ct perforated paper, DMC floss and a few Mill Hill beads. If you notice... they all have loopy or fringey beards!

Anyway, these are always fun on your tree because they are lightweight and colorful. Nice to make as gifts for someone who's traveled to the places featured throughout the years or loves the various hobbies of Santa. All the other 20 years of ornaments are still available, and we have them ALL! (We have an Amazon Santa this year... only he isn't holding a shopping box or have a drone flying overhead!)

Presenting this Year's Set of Trilogy Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
Presenting this Year's Set of Trilogy Kits from Mill Hill
For 2019 we have a set of 26 mini-ornaments that are perfect to make into an Advent Calendar or use to decorate a wreath. Finishing only 1-1/2 inches square... each of the three kits contains either 8 or 9 mini designs. Based on the size of the designs, we think these would be PERFECT for young or beginning stitchers. Lots of design options in each kit... lots of individual projects... lots of bang for your buck!

Presenting a Tantalizing Collection of Samplers from Heart's Ease Examplar Workes!
Needle Artist Theresa Baird has been designing spectacular samplers and sewing baskets sets for a number of years, but finally exhibited at Market this Spring! We have so many lovely things from her - all offered in chart format. She lives in Delaware, so a lot of her designs feature motifs and the history of her area.
I cannot begin to describe these designs in detail to you... they are all exquisite... and I hope you can see that from the pics! Everything is coded for silks, DMC or hand-dyed flosses, so you have quite a few thread choices, and of course fabric choices as well! The instructions are EXTENSIVE - with MULTIPLE pictures of the actual stitched pieces inside, as well at lay-out design. Just gorgeous things...
Cottage by the Sea Sampler from Hearts Ease Examplar Workes - click to see more Cottage by the Sea Sewing Set from Hearts Ease Examplar Workes - click to see more A Delaware Inspiration from Hearts Ease Examplar Workes - click to see more
  • Cottage by the Sea Sampler finishes approx 19 inches square on 36ct. But oh, to live in a rose covered cottage on a hill overlooking the sea, Where I'd patiently watch the tall ships sailing by 'till my love returns safely to me Such a charming scene...!
  • Cottage by the Sea Sewing Set This little sewing set of smalls that companions it is delightful! It needs a 1/2 yard cut of linen, and features a Huswif that opens to reveal a petite scissor sheath with fob, needle book and pin cushion, a stacking set of 3 pin cushions, a thread/tool case; a ruler and a scissor sheath that holds a 3-1/2 embroidery scissors with fob. There are a few specialty stitches in all of this - but all are diagrammed in the 42 pages of instructions!
  • A Delaware Inspiration finishes approx 13 x 18 on 36ct. Silks or DMC, tons of special stitches featured in the sampler... this is a neat remembrance piece! This work I leave to those I love, when I have flown to worlds above, Where all my sorrows will be o'er, Where loved ones meet to part no more.

Just Cross Stitch 2019 Annual Ornament Issue - click to see more Just Cross Stitch 2019 Halloween Issue - click to see more The Annual Special Editions of Just Cross Stitch Magazine are coming soon!
This year's Halloween issue features 61 different designs -- 27 of them ornament designs, the rest are larger. The teaser pic of the cover has a lot of cute things on it...
  • *Welcome to our Haunted Home* is on the plain side, but what a cute greeting for the season! 161 Pages.
  • This year's Christmas Ornament issue comes in late August to us, but doesn't hit general sales on the news stands till the end of September. I think this year they are focusing on showcasing new designers - the ones *up-and-coming!* It's a big thrill for them to be published in here... so it looks to be very fun this year. As always, tons of charts and favorite recipes and Christmas stories from the designers. The issues from the past years are kind of like little Cross Stitch Time Capsules!

Alpaca Farm from The Blue Flower -  click for more Summer Quilts from The Blue Flower -  click for more
Landscape Drums from The Blue Flower
Summer Quilts from The Blue Flower -  click for more Alpaca Farm from The Blue Flower -  click for more Jeannine has two new designs that are releasing mid June of this 2019. Cute as can be, they are tiny landscape scenes that can be stitched flat and framed or 'pillowed'... or finished into drum shapes as shown in the picture. Presented as charts, the featured wool toppings are a new Lady Dot Creates product... and LD's hand-dyed chenilles are also featured. The wools and trims are available separately.
  • Alpaca Farm highlights a little coral barn, tiny alpaca and even a tire swing. It is stitched on 40ct (you can change that to any count you wish) using Weeks Dye Works flosses of Linen, Graphite, Schneckley, Tiger's Eye, Roasted Figs, Tatanka, Grasshopper, Clockwork, Sand and Buttercup. Colorful and really charming!
  • Summer Quilts features a girl hanging her quilts on the line to dry with her little puppy 'helpers' peeking out of the grass. It's a warm summer's day - can you see the breezes blowing across the sky? String Bean Velveteen and Ogden Grass chenille are featured, and the Weeks flosses used are White Lightening, Skinny Dip, Bright Leaf, Garrison Green, Dolphin, Seagull, Charcoal, Grasshopper, Gold, Red Rocks, Chrysanthemum, and Chesapeake.

English Tapestry Needles by Scarlet Today -- click to see more
English Tapestry Needles from Scarlet Today
Another brand option in needles... these are *High Quality English Needles* by Scarlet Today.

If you look at her logo... you'll see Carol Burnett's famous Scarlet O'Hara coming down the stairs with her curtain rod dress - you know - 'the one she saw in the window, and just had to have!'

The 8 needles come packaged in a very unpolitically correct package these days as well - a MATCHBOOK sleeve! Super fun, and of course, functional!!! Offered in sizes 20, 22, 24 and 26, and a mixed set - 2 of each size.

Snowy 9 Patch #5 from Annie Beez Folk Art - click to see more
Widow's Walk from Annie Beez Folk Art
*Waves upon the rolling sea, bring my love back to me.* What a charming little 6 x 7 seaside piece this is! Stitched on 32ct Stormy Night hand-dyed linen by Picture This Plus, I love that huge whale in the water!!!

Presented as a chart, this calls for some hand-dyeds as well as several regular DMC flosses. If you are lucky enough to have a beach or house... it needs this!

Annual 2019 Santa from Prairie Schooler -- click to see more
Presenting Annual 2019 Santa
from The Prairie Schooler
Even though Pam and Nancy have stopped designing their leaflets, they do design our favored Santas every year! This marks the 36th year! Same format, size colors and size... after 36 years, you know the drill.

MOST of the other Santas have been re-printed into leaflets of 4 assorted years... we have everything available that is currently in print... it is all pictured on our PS page and organized for you!

QUEEN and BEE by Rovaris of Italy! - click to see more QUEEN * BEE from Rovaris of Italy
By Rovaris, we have two more of their fun words to stitch - Queen and Bee. Presented in two different charts, both have bees and crowns in them... they'd actually make a cute pair of stuffed pillows. Each is worked on 32ct natural linen with DMC... Bee is 132 x 48, Queen is 167 x 53.

Each chart comes with a bit of the cotton lace you see dividing the stitching from the finishing fabric, as well a crown or bee charm. Just black, white, golds and browns... they won't take much time to stitch but will make quite the statement on your windowsill, or nestled in that big ol' basket of seasonal pin cushions (you're working on!)

Mill Hill 2019 Winter Holiday and Button & Bead Kits!
Always fun when these are released... Mill Hill kits are always complete kits of chart, perforated paper (14ct), DMC flosses, needles and of course, Mill Hill Treasures or glass beads! The smaller ones make great ornaments, small and lightweight, they really glisten on your tree if they are near a twinkle light. The larger ones make fun doorknob and kitchen cabinet pull hangers. Frame them and put them on an easel, block them for a door stopper!
Mill Hill 2019 Winter Holiday Button & Bead Kits - click for more
Buttons & Beads - Two snowman designs... and Llamas! What's up with Llamas this year? They're super festive and cute, decked out for the Holidays! There is a beautiful winter moon over a sleepy village, a pretty package, and a newspaper printer to add to your stitched Christmas Village. Finishing approx 5 x 5.

Smaller Winter Holiday 2019 Collection from Mill Hill - click for more
The Smaller Winter Holiday 2019 Series from Mill Hill
The smaller kits... these all finish about 3 x 3. These make great ornaments. Small and lightweight, they really glisten on your tree if they are near a twinkle light. Magnets are included with the complete kits... in case your refrigerator door is too empty!

New SUNSHINE 2019 Flax is in! - click for more New SUMMER URBAN 2019 Flax is in! - click for more
A Sneak Peek at our New FLAX Arrivals!
We are EXPLODING with our FLAX Linen Clothes right now! April, May and June are linen-wearing season - although I wear it all year long. We have 5 new collections of things in the shop - and although you're really here to enjoy the Cross Stitch - you have to be wearing *something!* and FLAX is just the BESTEST!!!!

Our sizes range from Small to Extra-large - everything I order comes in all the sizes. I would say 90% of this is linen fiber content - the Urban Collections feature some cotton knit accents and panels - really comfy and fun. We love our FLAX because it is lightweight, soft and cool. It doesn't bind, cling, stick, creep, or twist! It lays well, it covers the parts you want covered, and it's just plain fun and classy to wear!

We have a huge FLAX page that shows line drawings of each piece and color swatches, and I have some comments about each of the pieces on there. We love it, we wear it, and we can help you over the phone with any of it you want!
We have an Every-Day Flax Special - buy any 3 (or more) pieces at one time, and get 20% off all of it!

Whale Watch from Chessie & Me Whale Watch
from Chessie & Me
Chessie & Me's newest semi-annual kit is here. We brought it home from market last month, but needed to wait till a thread shortage was corrected to share it! Linda's charming flag waving from the skinny white house on the edge of the shore... gotta love that little whale out there!

Her complete kit comes with Silk Weaver's 36ct Cider Linen and luscious hand-dyed silks by Gloriana. Denim and Navy blues, an olive green, cream and a gorgeous, brilliant, true red, this finishes approx 3-1/2 x 4 inches in size. This joins Linda's serious set of small cushion kits... I think we have 15 so far!

Verano by Satsuma Street - click for more Primavera from Satsuma Street - click for more Otono by Satsuma Street - click for more Invierno by Satsuma Street - click for more
Verano, Primavera, Otono & Invierno - The 4 Seasons from Satsuma Street
Oh my gosh, this set of 4 designs is finally finished, and it is a show-stopper! Each season is presented in a full color, heavy cardboard, clear-chart format... and they are just beautiful. We joke in the shop that you could cut out the pics on the front cover and frame THEM, they are no pretty! Each season measures 113 x 113 - finishing 8 x 8 on 14/28ct. Choose whatever fabric you like best for them... they are coded for regular DMC floss.

Put them all together, or make the set of 4 individuals to hang in a grouping. You could stitch each on 18ct linen with #5 Pearl Cotton and make huge couch pillows that would be 13 inches of stitching - so like 18-inch mega-pillows! So fresh, clean, contemporary and colorful - we love them! Verano and Primavera have been available; Otono and Invierno are the new ones.
The Christmas Tree #1614 from Une Croix, le temps d' un The' To The Beach  #1811 from Une Croix, le temps d' un The' Squirrels #1601 from Une Croix, le temps d' un The' Christmas Workshop #1416 from Une Croix, le temps d' un The'
Lots of New Designs from Une Croix, le temps d' un The'
Oh golly, I didn't take French in school... I can't pronounce this designer's company name... but I LOVE their designs! Over the years, we have had this little tree in the shop, and while I was in France last year... I personally bought that little squirrel pattern in a local needlework shop. So... I asked our distributor to find her... and look what we now have!!! 10 beautiful charming charts by Jennifer Lentini... I still can't read them, but they are coded in the *UNIVERSAL STITCHING LANGUAGE OF DMC!!!* (Life is good!) Choose any fabrics you like - you'll be able to tell color from the chart covers... maybe add some beads or fuzzy threads from your stash... you decide! I just LOVE them all!!! Each is presented in chart format, super-clear charting with red markings on the charts for any backstitches or stitch detailing. Click the pics to see the rest!
  • The Christmas Tree #1614 - 145 x 133 In stitch count... you could add beads for snow...
  • To The Beach #1811 - 168 x 60 - What a darling surfer-van, and the little stick people are just the coolest! This one has a second, companion design in here... they are holding their boards!
  • Squirrels #1601 - 161 x 105 - A mom and her babies! They're taking berries off the bushes. Can you see the smaller part in the top right corner? It's only 30 x 70 - so it'd make a pretty pin cushion or a pair of little ornaments!!!
  • Christmas Workshop #1416 - This is a little needlework sampler! 5 Sections, the whole thing is 213 x 131... but each of the smaller sections can be stitched by itself. There is a stack of thread spools, a beautiful stitching basket, and a darling little clothesline of hanging scissors and buttons!
    See? I told you these were enchanting!!!
Bring On The Beads Fob and Sewing Case from Fern Ridge - click for a larger view
Bring On The Beads Fob and Sewing Case from Fern Ridge Collections
This is a beautifully colored set full metallic frosted beads, and golden/mossy fabrics. Pat and Peggy made a pocket in the sewing case and actually have included a 6-compartment plastic bead case in the kit! Just funky swirls and jagged beads everywhere, I love the frosted teals, purples and brick reds in here... Fob finishes approx 4-inches from top to bottom of fringe, and case is approx 3 x 4 when closed.

Complete kits contain the charts, beads, threads, findings, linings, everything!

Folk Art Scissor Block Kit from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view
Folk Art Scissor Block Kit from La-D-Da
This is Lori's second little block kit like this... she did one last year... but it is retired, and now this year's has 20 NEW pics to use! You get a 2-inch square wood block with a hole drilled into one side. Paint it whatever color you like (Or distress it, or sand and stain it, or wax it -- whatever you want!) Then, it comes with 20 beautiful vintage-styled pictures of 'stuff.' This time, we have antique children, animals, houses and quilts. You choose the 5 you want to feature, cut them apart from the rest, and get out a jar of Mod Podge and glue 'em on that little block. Zip Zap -- cute as can be!

Sticky felt is included to line the block bottom, as well as a little ribbon and a charm to make a small scissor fob too. Best of all... there are extra blocks available (in case it stresses you out to decide on only 5 of your pictures and not to be able to use the rest... but maybe you have a 'wood-guy' in the house who can make them, too! Then you have enough pics to make 4 blocks.)

Welcome the Snow from Blackberry Lane
Welcome the Snow
from Blackberry Lane
Another darling design - two charts in this pack! Welcome the Snow is stitched on 36ct Picture This Plus's Twilight hand-dyed linen over TWO or ONE threads - you decide.

One of the snowmen has bird feeders with several wrens and cardinals. The other has lots of sizes of snowflakes - over one, no birds. 25 Shades of DMC, they look the same at first glance, but have a lot of subtle design differences. Just the cutest!

DMC Actual-Swatch Color Cards - click to see more DMC Actual-Swatch Color Cards
Wow, we have these again! There is a very limited opportunity on these... we didn't get many! UPDATED to include the 35 new colors from last Fall... this is a comprehensive listing of DMC threads, the color numbers, and the listing of what color is manufactured in what weights of thread. (floss vs pearls 3, 5, 8 and 12.) It features pretty blocks of actual flosses all lined up in color family, so you can see how all the colors blend with each other. The varigated and metallics are also in here.

Use this to reference colors, help choose colors for your projects, match label-less threads... all sorts of stuff! For years DMC wasn't manufacturing these cards - too labor-intensive I guess. All we were getting were printed cards - not the same as the REAL threads in there - so these are wonderful, and we're happy!

See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Red -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Blue -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Yellow -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Green -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Purple -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Orange -  click for more
See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Yellow -  click for more *See Your Stuff* - Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches
WOW, these are awesome-turbo-super-nice heavy-duty plastic zippered pouches! Made from that heavy clear plastic you find on purses and backpacks, each is trimmed with VERY heavy-duty bright and cheerful polyester 'canvas' fabric.

Our sets of three matching pieces measure 16 x 16, 12 x 13, and 6 x 8. The middle-size one holds a full-size Prairie Schooler leaflet! And the big one... wow! See? The big one at right is holding 6 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies!

See Your Stuff - large bag containing 6 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies -  click for moreEach pouch is constructed the same way, except that the largest one features a top carrying strap. We have *6* different colorways to make your life more complicated, but we're happy anyway, because you will LOVE whatever color you choose!

SEE YOUR STUFF in these... each top zipper is heavy-duty black... the sizes are nice and roomy, and because of the way they are sewn, they expand quite a way out. Very Nice for a lot of different uses!

6 Different colors: I looked through our thread drawers to find close matches: Red matches DMC 321, Blue - 798, Green - (nothing! It's that awesome neon, but close to 906 and 907), Purple - 550, Yellow - 973 and Orange - 608.

Needle Rolls from Stitchy Shelly - click to see more Needle Rolls from Stitchy Shelly, Too!
More function from Shelly, these are 9-inch-ish square mats to hold threaded needles and beads. Sewn of pretty fabrics (you can't see that side, sorry!) Shelly has lined each with flannel. When not in use, fold this over to close - like a checkbook. You can see her labels in there - thread numbers on them - with the threaded needles. The flannel keeps the threads from falling out of the needles and tangling... and you get all your threaded needles sorted there... all ready for the next stitch!

Great for beads as well... spill a few on here... they'll stay put while you're using them in your project. Such a simple idea that makes stitching life so much easier!!! We are expecting our Stitchy Shelly Stuff right at Market time in a couple of weeks... she's let me introduce her things early, and we're thrilled!

Yes, there's even MORE!     
Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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