Snowy Night, the 2023 Annual Santa from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more Fun Feature!

Snowy Night,
the 2023 Annual Santa
from Prairie Schooler

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The Silver Needle, Fine Needlework Materials, everything for cross stitch

Just Arrived at The Silver Needle
Don't miss more new-ish designs on pages TWO,

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Strawberry Fields Forever from Blackbird Designs - click for more I'd Rather Bee Stitching from Primrose Cottage Stitches - click for more Luhu Stitches New Every Morning - click for more Ruler Twill Tape Trims from Lady Dot One Nation from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more

Welcome to the Farm #207 from Serenita di Campagna -- click for a larger view Fresh Flowers Market 2 #169 from Serenita di Campagna - click for more #208 Farm Fresh from Serenita di Campagna - click for more Fresh Eggs from Serenita di Campagna - click to see more
Fresh Flowers and Animals all from the Farm from Serenita di Campagna
I love these designs... all so classic and soft in color and composition.
  • #207 Welcome to the Farm Features a glorious chicken atop his favorite wash bucket. The tin is DMC #415... so finding a matching gray fabric for the verse side of the pillow is do-able.
  • #169 Fresh Flowers Market 2 Mama and her babies - who I believe are stepping on all the new flowers!
  • #208 Farm Fresh Has the cutest bunny checking out the snails on his lettuce! Here's another where she's chosen a different color of fabric for the portion of the design with the wording on it, it makes a neat finish.
  • Fresh Eggs features more charming chickens - not doing much - as most chickens do! Each of the pillow designs measures approx 3 x 7 while the side panel with the extra verse is smaller at 3-ish inches. Notice how she's kind of repeated the ribbon pattern on the dividing ribbon up there above the words?

Stitchy Bird from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Rapid Growth from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Sweet Land from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Teresa Kogut's Newest Arrivals!
As always, cute designs and beautifully printed charts to dream about getting stitched!
  • Stitchy Bird - 84 x 59 - Could be 4-1/2 x 3 on 40ct, or 5 x 3-1/2 on 32ct. Stitched with hand-dyed flosses, coded also to DMC, it'd make a cushion for your next event exchange! Presented as a single chart, Teresa says this is the first in a new series of designs.
  • Rapid Growth - 107 x 109 - Liberty - When it begins to take root is a plant of rapid growth. This would be 7 inches square on 32ct... but if you did 28 Lugana over one... you'd be at under 4 inches! Beautiful colors, there is a lot of shading in that background, so perfect for a piece of hand-dyed that has a light area in it! Presented as a single chart.
  • Sweet Land - LOVE this one! 165 x 159 - this finishes about 9 x 9 on 36ct. A lot in here, coded for DMC and hand-dyeds, you could break up the design areas and do pin cushions, one long band... even mattress pillows stitching the festoons all along the edge band of the pillow! Very festive and eyecatching! Presented as a single chart.
Wisdom from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more With Thy Hands from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Rabbits from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
  • Wisdom - 181 x 159, this measures around the 9 x 9 size on 36ct. Words of wisdom form the surrounding border - stitched in a very light color to reward the reader! The inside urn of flowers is gorgeous, alphabet scattered throughout. Another box with a verse warns that it is not fruitful to lift one up by belittling another. Pretty colors, this uses only DMC and Kudzu handdyed by Weeks, presented as a single chart.
  • With Thy Hands - This is a larger book containing three companion designs. Stitching is hte theme... the main sampler reads: With thy hands I thee wrought. Measuring 10 x 12 on 36ct, I see lots of individual bands in here that could stand alone as long frame weights or pin cushions. And what a great use for a dustpan (instead of actually cleaning with one!) to finish that Hands to Work, hearts to Love piece! DMC and hand-dyeds.
  • Rabbits - A new Punch Needle Design, 5 x 6 - very folk-arty! The model is punched using Valdani threads, but pattern is coded to DMC, so you can then make yours more solid looking, or go to your stash and find more pretty hand-dyes you already have to match! Line drawing ready for you to trace and transfer onto your punching material.

2023 Snowman Collector's Series Teaser from Cottage Garden Samplings - click to see more 2023 Snowman Collector's Series #7 The Coachman from Cottage Garden Samplings - click to see more
The Coachman
from Cottage Garden Samplings
Cottage Garden's 7th snowman has been announced - pics updated on our auto-ship page - this jaunty scene releases and ships to us in next month.

You can choose any designs available so far in this series... or join our auto to catch up, or just continue with the rest!
Stitch Rows Patriotic Flowers from Anabella's - click to see more Stitch Rows Bowls & Berries from Anabella's - click to see more
New Fun Patriotic Pots! from Anabella's Needleart
PF has four florals all lined up - you could stitch each individually if you want... and Bowls & Berries offers that 5th vase of flowers! Makes me want to clean off my kitchen counter and decorate for the 4th! Stitch counts for each row are 192 x 64 - so 12 x 4 on crisp or soft white 32ct. Presented as two individual leaflets.

Faith Makes Things Possible from Anabella's - click to see more Let Your Faith Be Stronger from Anabella's - click to see moreSt Patty's Day Trio from Anabella's - click to see more Worry Ends from Anabella's - click to see more
This is a pretty set of very inspirational designs, also from Anabella's, each measuring just 84 x 56 - or 3-1/2 x 5-1/2 on 32ct. Stitched with only two Classic Colorworks flosses of Frosted Sage and Queen Bee, I like the different finishing presentations on each leaflet. Presented in 4 separate leaflets.

ARIZONA State Map from Rosewood Manor - click for more CALIFORNIA State Map from Rosewood Manor - click for more HAWAII State Map from Rosewood Manor - click for more INDIANA State Map from Rosewood Manor - click for more OKLAHOMA State Map from Rosewood Manor - click for more TEXAS State Map from Rosewood Manor - click for more
The United States of America - Rosewood-Style
Karen Kluba is 25 states and 3 years into charting all the 50 United States of America. We're showing you 6 of them here... click through to see them all. Each is presented in its own leaflet, and includes the capital city, the state flower, tree, bird, nickname, and quilt block pattern, as well as the year it was admitted into the Union. If you like the Quilt blocks on each, get Karen's AMERICAN FLAG QUILT SAMPLER booklet. We have it stitched in the shop as a model, and it always catches the eye!

Anyway, individual states are fun too - especially if you have a special connection to one or another. Since all the states are different in size, all their finished designs are too... makes for a neat wall grouping. These 25 are all Karen has so far. No specifics on releases for the other states... proving that Patience CAN be a virtue!
This & That from Rosewood Manor - click for more Garden visit from Rosewood Manor - click for more Espresso from Rosewood Manor - click for more Cappuccino from Rosewood Manor - click for more
New Arrivals from Rosewood Manor - due in the shop the end of May!
This & That, Garden visit, Espresso and Cappuccino

Not many design details on these yet... we'll know more when the leaflets arrive in the shop.
  • This & That features 24 tiny cubes of quit and floral motifs surrounded by an alphabet border. She's stitched hers in 4 shades of red. Since it's coded for DMC, it's super easy to change the colorway to green or blue - or whatever you want. Keeping the values of the 4 colors the same will give you the same hand-dyed effect you see here, without using hand-dyed threads. 106 x 147 - This finishes about 6-1/2 x 9 on 32ct.
  • Garden Visit - I can't read the verse all along the bottom of this, but I can tell it talks about a visit in a pretty garden... and I love the colors we can see so far. 90 x 78 - Just 5-1/2 x 4-ish, it's a tall, skinny little thing, and actually might make a pretty square pin cushion. Presented in a small leaflet format.
  • Espresso and Cappuccino - A pair of smaller leaflets, the cup size determines the name, I think! Just pretty florals for summertime, coded for DMC, a little bit of color!
American Strawberries -- click for a larger view Little Liberties from Little Robin Designs - click for more E Pluribus Unum from Jan Hicks Creates - click for more A Snowflake Quaker Style from Aury TM - click to see more
Celebrating Red, White and Blue... four new designs have arrived!
  • #100 Prairie Schooler's American Strawberries - This is a reprint of one of PS's many past favorites. Stitched in just 4 colors of DMC floss, everybody loves strawberry pin cushions and these look delicious from every angle! Choose any count fabric you want, choose any pretty Week's wool for your toppers... even though these have almost complete coverage, they are pretty quick to stitch.
  • Little Liberties by Little Robin Designs - A trio of pin cushions, I see how you could have joined these into one piece - 4 x 10 on 32ct - but I like the three cushion idea. I especially like the floss colors - Holly Berry and Navy - divided up between the three. Each cushion measures about 4 x 3-1/2, and they'd look stunning nestled together in a bowl. All three designs are in the chart.
  • E Pluribus Unum - By Jan Hicks Creates, this is quite the different and quirky flag! Jan describes the stripes in her flag as ribbons streaming down. When the words came to her 'Out of many - One,' she decided the ribbons came to represent all of us who make up The United States - we're all different, large and small, different colors, different belief systems. All of us are needed to make this country what it is... beauty in diversity. Measuring 114 x 171, this will finish approx 7 x 11 on 32ct, and is worked with an amazing array of hand-dyed flosses - there are 18 different colors in here! Love it!
  • A Snowflake Quaker Style by Aury TM. Ok... NOT 4th of July/Patriotic related... but I threw it in here because it's white on blue, and it's so striking! Your challenge in this is to find a bold fabric to work on. After that, grab some white floss, a little counting patience, and you're good to go! This design measures 131 in stitch count... your fabric count will determine your final finished size.

Beach Boardwalk from Country Cottage Needleworks -- click to see more
Beach Boardwalk from Country Cottage Needleworks -- click to see more
The Beach Boardwalk Series
from Country Cottage Needleworks
It's new series time! Introducing Beach Boardwalk, the new 7 part series, releasing monthly beginning June, 2023. This series has been inspired by the whimsical feel of a vintage seaside boardwalk.

Nikki has used 32ct Star Sapphire linen and Classic Colorworks overdyes with a bit of DMC for good measure. Each design has a stitch count of 59w x 71h.

The models can be stitched and finished individually, or you can finish all of the charts together to look like one long boardwalk. This is a really pretty one... just perfect for an auto-ship!
The series, in order:
  • June 2023 - Boardwalk Ice Cream Shop
  • July 2023 - Boardwalk Surf Shop
  • August 2023 - Boardwalk Bike Shop
  • September 2023 - Boardwalk Sign
  • October 2023 - Boardwalk Souvenir Shop
  • November 2023 - Boardwalk Salt Water Taffy Shop
  • December 2023 - Boardwalk Snack Shop

Entrelacs Roses by Reflets de Soie -- click to see more! Tapis d'Alienor by Reflets de Soie -- click to see more!
Entrelacs Roses and Tapis d' Alienor from Reflets de Soie
Isabelle at Reflets has a couple of new things that we really like.
  • Entrelacs Roses is the red version of Entrelacs Bleus. The picture at the top is the entire design. Fold in the corners... and you create a two-sided pin cushion. LOOK at it... The picture on the left has the 4 corners folded together. The picture on the right is the center of the main piece - without its corners! So, now you can see how this is stitched flat, but folded into a two-sided cushion! Choose a fancy button to tuft each middle as an added elegant bonus! Coded for DMC or silk, the entire stitch count is 201 square.
  • Tapis d'Alienor is another gorgeous beaded pin cushion design. Work these from a regular cross stitch chart, EXCEPT that you use one stand of floss, and go over two threads on 35ct linen with a BEAD, not floss. There is no floss on this at all... what you are seeing are solid beads on the linen. Since that glass adds more weight than thread, these feel heavy in your hand and feel dreamy when they're all finished and stuffed. They are loose, relaxed, but ever-so-silky-snooth to your touch because of those smooth beads. Not hard to do; Isabelle has the beads pre-sorted in the kit.
Oh Sweet Berry Pouch from Homespun Elegance - click to see more Oh Sweet Berry Pouch
from Homespun Elegance
This is a pretty strawberry... small, it measures 29 x 46 without the border. Sandra has put it on two different counts of fabric - the 20ct version COULD use #5 Pearl Cotton, but both are shown stitched with DMC and hand-dyed flosses.

The gold 'seeds' could be beads on either count! Just a pretty berry, I think just by itself, it'd make a pretty pin cushion. Presented as a chart, no embellishments are included.
Painted Flowers from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more A Stitch in Time from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more A French Alphabet Sampler - F Delhomme 1873 from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more
Painted Flowers, A Stitch in Time and A French Alphabet Sampler from Shakespeare's Peddler
Theresa V has a new releases that are kind of fun!
  • Painted Flowers - Isn't this just gorgeous? Choose any black or chalkboard color fabric that you can see... stitch count is 235 x 80 - so about 14-1/2 x 5 on 16/32. It's just lovely!
  • A Stitch in Time Saves Nine OR Once Around the Floss Box! This charming little sampler was a marking sampler - its purpose was to teach the stitcher how to produce even lettering to label the household linens. Theresa talks about dyes and colors, and by the time the 1840s rolled around, there were better dyes, and MORE fun colors for little girls to stitch with! Little Miss Annie - the girl who stitched this sampler - used every color in her floss box - 30 of them! Measuring just 7 inches square on 36ct, this is cute little sampler.
  • A French Alphabet Sampler - F Delhomme 1873. A reproduction of an antique, Theresa makes any sampler interesting, and this one is no different. She's told you about the girl who stitched it, the significance of the train in here, the Aasop's Fables scenes at the bottom, the sacred hearts near the bottom, the irregularities here and there in the borders... this is truly gorgeous. It measures 418 x 426 - so a generous 21 inches square even on 40ct. Silks or DMC... you choose. Presented as a black and white printed chart and another with colored symbols as an additional stitching aide.
Safe Toucht by The Purple Thread - click to see more Safe Touch by The Purple Thread - click to see more
Safe Touch from The Purple Thread
This is the coolest little 'grime-guard!' Basically, it is a magnetized cover of wool that wraps around your fabric so your hand is not touching your needlework fabric. Sharon, from The Purple Thread, dreamed up this gizmo... first the wooden 'handles' are imprinted with inch and half-inch increments.
Use those for measuring just like a corner gauge. Next, whip stitch the bars onto the edges of the included heavy cut of wool. Then, wrap your 'blanket' around your hoop or Q-Snap or whatever you hold... and you can see from the pic that your fabric is protected from the oil/lotions on your hands. Packet contains the wooden bars with magnets attached, wool, bit of floss and directions for the whip stitching.

Celebrate Cross Stitch from Madame Chantilly Sampler Fleurs from The Tralala Collection -- click to see more Bee-autiful Queen from MTV - click for more
Celebrate Cross Stitch from Madame Chantilly
Madame Chantilly has a whimsical cake plate design full of all things cross-stitchers like. The bobbins and scissors, the floss skeins and the busy cats, it's stitched with DMC floss.
I'm a big fan of breaking up these kind of patterns into smaller cushions and little cases and fobs. I love the little hoop and stork scissor motif and that spool of thread with the tomato on top.
Sampler Fleurs from The Tralala Collection
Here's a cute 5 x 7-ish sampler piece by Tra La La - stitched with varied hand-dyed flosses. This might be fun if you made it into a pic cushion - stitching the top alphabet on one side and the flower urn and birds on the other!
This designer has a lot of cute things.. check out everything else on her inside pages!
Bee-autiful Queen from MTV
MTV has a very elegant and regal bee design that she has done on 40ct Light Mocha linen using Weeks Dye Works hand-dyeds or DMC flosses. Just about 4-1/2 x 5-1/2, I like the pop of black trim along the cushion edges.

Ready for The 4th!... Our May 2023 Secret Needle Night Kit - click to see more
Ready for The 4th!... Our May 2023 Secret Needle Night Kit
Thanks! Our May SNN is sold out. Click through to see more about our monthly Secret Needle Night kits.
After this is stitched, all you'll need are fireworks and some berry pie! This month's Secret Needle Night celebrates July 4th and summer.

The complete kit contains the 20ct linen, #5 Pearl Cottons, chart and needle. Finishing approx 5 x 5, Mona's flat finishing kit includes the pre-cut mounting board, fluff, backing fabric, trim and little wooden easel stand. A super-quick stitch to make a cute holiday decoration in a jiff!

Victorian Tile by Brenda Keyes -- click to see a larger view! Maryfort Sampler by Brenda Keyes -- click to see a larger view! Blue House Sampler by Brenda Keyes -- click to see a larger view! Every Heart by Brenda Keyes -- click to see a larger view!
New Samplers have arrived from Brenda Keyes of The Sampler Company
From all the way from 'Across the Pond,' we're excited that they have arrived! All presented in chart format, and coded for DMC.
  • Victorian Tile Here's a pretty piece by Brenda Keyes. Measuring just 105 stitches square, if you stitch the over two on 40ct - it'll make a 5-inch piece - the size of a tile! You could also do 28ct Lugana over one... and it'd finish less than 4 inches inside, and be a glorious pin cushion. Deep plums and greens, this is coded for regular DMCs of 434, 3024, 500, 676, 223, 844, 317, 315 and 730. The inside of the vase is not stitched, so if you want that creamy, you could darken your background fabric just a touch. Love the rich dark color!
  • Maryfort Sampler is about 12 x 14 - notice those awesome nautical pics in there - pull them out and make darling pin cushions! I love the repeating border, and just the whole organization!
  • Blue House Sampler is just 105 stitches square - so just under 6 x 6 on 36ct. Pretty color graduations on this one - the sawtooth border is done in crosses - but you could Satin Stitch it, as well as doing some Mosaic in the grass!
  • Every Heart is a traditional wedding piece... it finishes approx 11 x 11. You might need to update that couple though!
The Bells on Christmas Day from Blackbird - click for more Midnight Watch from Blackbird Designs - click for more Away We Ride from Blackbird Designs - click for more
New Blackbird Reprints!
Our shop models are once again happy - we have all these stitched in the shop and it was tormenting not to be able to get the charts!
  • The Bells on Christmas Day Five designs in here, 20 pages... that gorgeous main sampler measures a petite 7 x 10 on 36ct Oaken hand-dyed by Picture This Plus. Adapted from an antique sampler, Barb and Alma made 4 other projects to coordinate! The Thimble Bag, glass box liner, pin cushion and little needle book are all included, beautifully photographed, and of course charted clearly. Finishing materials sources are included as well. Such a pretty book to page through!
  • Midnight Watch Gosh, I LOVE this one! Stunning colors, bold design, this stitches to finish approx 8 x 15 on 30ct. Lots of hand-dyed flosses, and simple cross stitch, I love absolutely everything about this! Barb and Alma are 'Queens of Crafting' because of the following tip! Look at the candle on the right-hand side of the cover - they tell you how to scan you needlework, reduce it by 50%, print it using an inkjet on clear-full sheet labels, spray with Krylon matte finish, peel the paper away from the backing, and line a plain glass hurricane! Holy COW! ...all from a cross stitch chart! Offered as the leaflet.
  • Away We Ride Blackbird has a new Halloween Sampler that is CHARMING!! *Away we ride till it's dark as pitch to find the home of the wicked witch.* Doesn't sound like the safest Halloween Night activity... but the picture in the sampler shows a nifty little stone cottage full of 18 lit windows! A lavish border and lots of big 'ol birds lurking in the gardens, this measures 171 x 191 in stitch count. Calling for Gentle Art's Brandy, Garden Gate (3 skeins!), Heirloom Gold, Maple Syrup, Mulberry, Onyx (2 skeins), Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Woodrose and Woodsmoke... the chart is coded for DMC as well. It's full of personality and good design balance! Offered as a leaflet.
Blackbird's Summer, Autumn & Winter - click for more
Blackbird's Summer, Autumn & Winter Have Been Reprinted! (There never WAS a Spring!)
Barb and Alma's popular trio of seasons... see the date on our shop model is 2012... we are thrilled to have all three of these titles in stock again! Each season is its own leaflet. Here is our shop model from years ago - we have always loved this set of 3 leaflets by Blackbird!

All joined together in our model are Summer - on the left with the strawberries, Autumn - the middle section, and Winter - the right-hand panel.

It's Spring Fever #1 from Blackbird Designs - click for more All the Hills Echoed #4 from Blackbird Designs - click for more Sing a Song of Seasons #5 from Blackbird - click for more Loose Feathers #6 -- Pleasure of the Fleeting Year from Blackbird - click for more #9 - Last Ripe Berries from Blackbird - click for more Blackbird Reprints! Finally!
These are all from the For the Birds Loose Feathers Series that debuted in February of 2017. All half-sized full color mini-leaflets, just like the original printings.

Blackbird's Sweet Summer, Come Again - click for more Moonlight Visitor -- Anniversaries From the Heart #9 from Blackbird Designs - click for more Winter is Past from Blackbird Designs - click for more Violet's Blue from Blackbird - click for more Farm House from Blackbird Designs - click for more
More New Blackbird Reprints!
  • Sweet Summer, Come Again This is a sweet berry basket with matching bird pin cushion. The basket design measures just 59 x 58, (3-1/4 inches on 36ct Wren) while the bird is even smaller 2-1/2 inches - at 46 x 45 stitches! Grab a few hand-dyeds from your stash, and whip these up!
  • Moonlight Visitor The moth in the sky above our special house this month is our Moonlight Visitor! Pretty border, stately tree and darling little puppy waiting in the front yard to romp and play, this is the perfect picture! Number 9 in Blackbird's Anniversary of the Heart Series for 2010... I believe #10 follows and then, the final three designs in the final publication. You can stitch each of these houses on it's own piece of linen, or get the 1/2 yard cut of 30ct Olde Town Blend - to be amazing - and stitch ALL 14 parts into one huge sampler!
  • Winter is Past - A gorgeous, soft, dusty denim and taupe sampler, this is stitched on 36ct PTP Oaken and finishes approx 10 x 9. Pairs beautifully with Spring Fever -- the first Loose Feathers of 2017... traditional border, organized alphabet, just a lovely and finishable piece. It's not too large, but super-pretty!
  • Violet's Blue A charming sampler... a house surrounded by the blooming violets of Springtime! Barb writes, The ground is covered in snow and it is so cold here in the Midwest. We are tucked in front of a blazing fire as we dream of the arrival of Spring. We know when the weather warms up and the grass turns green, violets will pop up all over the yard adding lovely little dots of purple, white and yellow. Offered as a leaflet, this is stitched on 30ct hand-dyed linen in nine different shades of Weeks, Gentle Art and Crescent hand dyed flosses, with a finished size of 9-1/4 x 9-7/8.
  • Farm House #5 of the Anniversary of the Heart Series.
Summer Sweets Pinkeep from Scattered Seed Samplers - click to see more
Summer Sweets Pinkeep
from Scattered Seed Samplers
Isn't this a pretty thing? Stitched on your choice of count of Country Vintage Mocha linen or aida, this hungry parent is bringing home quite the festive meal for baby!

Coded for DMC, it'll stitch in a jiff and be a charming addition to your filled bowl of bowl fillers!
Frankie from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Francie from Kathy Barrick - click to see more I Give You My Hand from Kathy Barrick - click to see more A Good & Proper Home from Kathy Barrick - click to see more
Frankie, Francie, I Give you My hand and Good and Proper from Kathy Barrick
Kathy Barrick has some fun new things... and I threw in an old surprise, as well.
  • Frankie and Francie are her two newest rabbits - ultra-big on charm and personality. Stitch these on any neutral background... they are coded for DMC or needlepoint silks. Frankie measures 179 x 152, while Francie is a little smaller at 110 x 104. They'd be stunning done in Simply Wools... and I think they'd make darling bed pillows finished with lots of lush trims.
  • I Give You My Hand - I love this classic design! Stitched with a slight colorway difference on either light or dark linen, this is coded for DMC or silk. Measuring a mere 4 x 6 on 36ct, watch the swirls in the ruffle down at the bottom - they are not all the same!
  • A Good & Proper Home - This is not new... but we managed to get a shop model stitched and matted TWICE! It came back from the finisher... and I held it up to see where we wanted to display it... and lo and behold... we've already had it done for several years! Perfect to hang on the small wall above a doorway... Silver Needle is now *A Good and Proper Shoppe!* twice-over!

Patriotic Matilda from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Home is Coffee from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Oscar the Cat from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Catching Flies from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more
Patriotic Matilda, Home is Coffee, Oscar the Cat and Catching Flies from Finally a Farmgirl
4 New designs by Finally a Farm girl are here... and they just make you smile! Cute for Summer.
  • Patriotic Matilda is the CUTEST tiny Betsy Ross. She's siting top her blue spool of thread - sewing the flag. Do you see her little baby hiding in the tomato greenery? This finishes approx 4 inches in size.
  • Home is Coffee... and a book! Here is Oscar the Cat at home in his study. His mouse friend is serving his cup of Java! Finishes about 7 x 7 on 32ct.
  • Oscar the Cat - Just a sweet pic of the brown kitty helping his mouse friends gather the tasty berries! Quick little 4 x 4 piece!
  • Catching Flies - Here is Jeremiah up to bat, with his friend Matilda Mouse. She is there for cheer support and snacking on popcorn. Would be cute to sub your favorite player's number on that uniform!

A Classic Christmas from Hands On Design - click to see more Plaid All Year: A Day at the Beach from Hands On Design - click to see more Plaid All Year: Happy Birthday from Hands On Design - click to see more Polar Plunge 4 Penguin Pair from Hands On Design - click to see more Polar Plunge 5 Puffin Party from Hands On Design - click to see more
Hands On Design is sending her next new releases... due in the shop early May
  • A Classic Christmas - A classic little Christmas design - stitch it this August while you're on the beach! A quick covered board finish adds color to the edges, and makes a slim decoration that stores away easily. Small chart.
  • Plaid All Year: A Day at the Beach and Happy Birthday - Checkerboards define the underlying color theme in this series... lots of fun times of the year are celebrated... all with checkerboarded motifs. Stitched on a darker chalkboard or even black background, each finishes approx 5 x 5. Cute, quick, easy to switch out with the seasons and special days - like a family birthday! Small Chart Cards.
  • Polar Plunge #4 Penguin Pair and #5 Puffin Party - This has been such a cute set of designs - charts 1-5 are available through us, chart #6 is a download from Hand's On's website - she is donating her sales of chart 6 to the Special Olympics. Penguin Pair has Dad showing Jr how to dive... while they're floating around on their iceberg. Puffin Party features lots of nimble birds perched on their slippery rocks! Pretty colors in this set, unique and different subject matter, icy and COLD!
#70 - A Prairie Village II from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more #69 - A Prairie Village I from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more
Re-Printing A Prairie Village I and II... #s 69 and 70
from The Prairie Schooler!
Remember these? The newest reprints of Prairie Schooler past favorites, we had this whole village stitched and finished as shop models - back in 'The Day!'

Timeless, join them together into a long row if you want, or stitch just one or two - the ones you like best. Remember, the PS designs are shown in numerical order on their page, so you'll have to scroll down to see these new reprints.

Floral Etchings from Heart in Hand - click for more Seaside Tiny Town from Heart in Hand - click for more Presenting Seaside Tiny Town and Seaside Frill
from Heart in Hand
We love these little skinny town scenes from Cecilia Turner... and Seaside might just be the cutest one so far! Stitched on 32ct Natural Linen with a medley of Weeks and Classic hand-dyed flosses, its stitch count is just 176 x 30. It can be finished into a tiny round drum cushion , as well as that pretty Magic By Mona's Layered Easel Stand-Up... which shows off the entire town all at once!Since real estate prices in this tiny town are probably astronomical... stitching it is a true bargain!

Get the little Seaside Frill bonus pattern as well... it's designed to fit right onto the end of the town, anywhere in between the houses or as a standup. Love it!

A Day For Freedom from Stitches by Ethel - click for more Garden Friends from Stitches by Ethel - click for more
A Day For Freedom and Garden Friends from Stitches by Ethel
Summer is on the way, and so are Ethyl's pair of friends - Sewmore the Crow and Emerie Stitchworth the Mouse!
  • A Day For Freedom - Little Emerie is waving his sparkler and Sewmore is waving his flag. Finishing 4 x 6 on 28ct, this one features 4 JABCO button embellishments, available separately.
  • Garden Friends - Also finishing approx 4 x 6 Emerie is picking the flowers that Sewmore just planted! One ladybug button featured - offered separately.
Quiting A-Bee-Cs from Erica Michaels - click for more Quiting A-Bee-Cs part 2 preview from Erica Michaels - click for more
Quilting A-Bee-C's - Part #2
from Erica Michaels
Erica Michaels has sent her second row of this totally delightful Quilt Patch Sampler. 5 Rows of tiny quilt motifs - each under 30 stitches in size - the entire finished piece looks like a patchwork quilt, but it's smaller!

Linda offers different finishing ideas for 'smalls' in each of these 5 parts... you can see a pin cushion in the foreground of her preview picture. We have an ongoing auto-ship for this - we can send you chart #1 if you need it - the rest will follow in the auto-ship as they are released.

Happy Camper  from The Blue Flower - click for more Stitching Squirrels from The Blue Flower - click for more
New Designs from The Blue Flower
  • Happy Camper - The Blue Flower is celebrating summer-time camping with this charming piece! Whether you prefer tents or campers, a lodge or sleeping bag under the stars, there is something for you stitched into this piece! Coded for DMC and hand-dyeds, it measures 226 x 191 - so will finish approx 12-1/2 x 10-1/2 on 36ct. A beaver and porcuppine are toasting marshmallows, there are dogs out there canoeing, a bear emerging from your tent, and even squirrels enjoying their meal at the picnic table! Fun stylized trees, the starry sky, welcoming lodge and cute campers on here, it is enchanting! Presented as a chart.
  • Stitching Squirrels - You'll recognize this medley of designs from our Summer Event with Jeannine a few years ago! A pair of squirrels are stitching together, there are more perched atop their mountain of gathered acorns, and the third design in the chart is an acorn border surrounding a verse about friends gathering. Pretty Autumnal colors, our ladies loved all the projects from that retreat. Now, these three are together in one chart. (Note: there was a 4th design included in this's still a Silver Needle Exclusive. It is Silver Needle Squirrels, and is still available through our shop!)

Sunday Stitches from Heartstring Samplery - click for more Sunday Stitches Thread Board from Heartstring Samplery - click for more Sting from Heartstring Samplery Sting Thread Board from Heartstring Samplery French Flea Market Biscornu from Heartstring Samplery My Sweet Home from Heartstring Samplery
New Offerings by Heartstring Samplery
  • Sunday Stitches - This is a book filled with 15 different and favorite church hymns. You might remember that Beth released 12 of these over a year period a few years back - with limited availability. Individual charts have been retired, but now that whole set PLUS three more are together in this really nice book. She has history about each hymn, the chart, finished pictures and even a few vintage church pics in here! Beautifully presented, each is stitched on different fabrics, and all are different shapes and sizes.
  • Sunday Stitches Thread Board - Beth's husband created these pretty thread boards to help keep you organized while stitching! He added that gold super-magnet on there for needles, and wrote the hymn titles featured in Beth's Sunday Stitches Book! Measuring about 5 x 5-1/2 in size...very pretty!
  • Sting Like a Bee - This the Beth's half of a collaboration with Plum Street Samplers. Inspired by a quote from Muhammad Ali - 'Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee' - we have two halves that work individually, but go together. Finishing about 4 x 5 as a pin cushion... stitched with DMC flosses on Country Vintage Mocha linen.
  • Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee Thread Board Plum Street Sampler's Paulette and Heartstrings Beth collaborated on a stitched design featuring this motto... and here is the matching thread board!
  • French Flea Market Biscornu - Actually quite large in size, this features gently denim-blue flowers on one side, with stripes on the reverse - which remind me of French Tea towels. Weeks flosses, there is a DMC conversion, but this measures 114, so on 36ct this finishes a generous 6 inches! Beth has a little history in here about the origin of Flea Markets - kind of fun to read. Does this design remind you of our recent 'A Little Help From our Friends Stitching Circle?' Our Bee Biscornu companions this!
  • My Sweet Home - This piece can be stitched a couple of different ways... one with trees and a house, one without those but a picture inside instead. Using Weeks flosses, this finishes about 6 x 9 on 36ct... but if you are going to use a photo in the center - you might have to adjust your fabric count to make sure it fits. A really cool way to showcase a special family photo, it could be a 'family established' piece.

Previewing the 2023 Annual Just Cross Stitch Halloween Issue - Due the end of June! - click to see more

Previewing the 2023 Annual Just Cross Stitch Halloween Issue - Due the end of June!
'Scary things our way come!' The 2023 annual Halloween Issue cover has released... so we can squint and try to choose some favorites from the 50+ designs inside.

Both large and small, all from various industry designers... the magazine has lots of color pics, all the charts, sources for finishing materials, and even a few personal designer stories and a recipe or two! JCS has been doing these Halloween issues for 20+ years now, always a treat - not a trick! Taking reservations now for June/July shipment.

Eighth Day of Christmas Sampler by Liz Matthews - click to see more Days of Christmas Trees by Liz Matthews - click to see more Basket & Butterflies from Liz Matthews - click to see more Gifts From My Garden by Liz Matthews - click to see more
Eighth Day of Christmas Sampler, Basket & Butterflies, and Gifts From My Garden from Liz Matthews
  • Eighth Day of Christmas Sampler continues this charming Days of Christmas set. The same design but changed just a bit... Liz makes each 'day' into a rectangular sampler - 6 x 8 on 32ct - or that petite little tree shape! I took a pic at Market of the other seven trees already released - I put them in a circle, because I thought it was a fun pic. The trees are simply hollow cones that she has stuck on a stick base... so super easy finishing to get that tree look. So... a really unique finishing presentation - you could end up with a tiny forest of stitched stand-up trees!
  • Basket & Butterflies - Just 6-1/2 x 7 on 32ct, stitch this in one color of your choosing on a fabric you like! Simple and pretty, something to finish into a lavish bed pillow or stitch super tiny and frame - displaying on a table easel.
  • Gifts From My Garden - Stitch this with our without the 'lace' background - Liz has added antique buttons to suggest a collage look - but loves the single bouquet too. Multiple background fabrics would work... I think the flowers pop against the dark stitched background too.

Hello Sunshine Petites from Little House Needleworks - click to see more Bumble Bee Petites from Little House Needleworks - click to see more
Bumble Bee and Hello Sunshine Petites from Little House Needleworks
More cute small designs are joining this set of seasonal charts... each is only 39 x 39 in size, very 'quick stitches!' Each chart has 4 designs - all the same size. Tiny ornament-sized pieces - 39 x 39 - they finish only 2 x 2 on 18/36ct!

Assemble onto tag boards like in the pic, or make block stand-ups (you could put one panel on each side of the cube), tiny pin cushion bowl fillers, or even flat felt ornaments! Stitched on any neutral you like, the charts are coded for Classic Colorworks hand-dyed flosses or DMC.

Presenting the New 2023 Autumn Mill Hill Button & Bead Kits and Harvest Collection
Always anticipated, always colorful and fun to stitch, Mill Hill's newest design collection is debuting! We'll have our kits by the end of this week!

The 2023 Button & Beads: MH kits have always come with handmade ceramic button embellishments. The manufacturer is retiring, so MH and Just Another Button Company have teamed up to include JABCO's colorful hand-made polymer buttons in all of the B & B kits going forward. We have been battling kit supply issues for over a year, and this solves everything - in a awesomely fun way! Going forward, Mill Hill's ceramic buttons will no longer be available - as they sell out - and all the current and new kits in the line will include the new buttons! We are thrilled to be able to offer so many past favorite designs again!

The 2023 Autumn Series Button & Beaded Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
The 2023 Autumn Series Button & Beaded Kits
New for Autumn 2023 are Spotted Cow - how grand is she?
Wanda's Clothesline is colorful and full of spider webs - so she's obviously not a regular laundress!
Hello Autumn features a medley of Autumnal motifs... and I expect this will be the first of the 4 seasons like this.
Haunted Cottage is super cute - I think it'd actually be fun to live there!
Hayride features the resident farm cats taking over the wagon of pumpkins and hay
and Into the Woods features the new Mill Hill Glow-in-the-dark beads!
Complete kits to stitch the 5 x 5 designs contain the chart, beads, 14ct perforated paper, DMC flosses and the new JABCO buttons! Frames for each are available separately and by order.

The Autumn Harvest 2023 Collection from Mill Hill - click for more
Presenting the Mill Hill Autumn Harvest 2023 Collection
Always cute, these 3 x 3 designs work up into cute wearable pins, frig or cabinet magnets, and great holiday tree ornaments - for every seasonal tree you can think of! Complete kits, each contains the 14ct perforated paper, glass beads, DMC flosses, chart, needles, and MH glass or crystal treasure. We finish our backs with sticky felt, or you can glue fabric back there... and applying Velcro strips on the backs of these give you more display options as well. We have customers who have done these for years and years, and have literally hundreds of stitched ornaments on their Christmas Trees! We have a new white pumpkin bouquet.
There is a little ghost walking his pet spider!
Turkey Owl crosses the holiday a little... is he dressing up for Halloween, or does we want to be dinner on Thanksgiving?
Bat Cat is cute as can be...
School Mouse looks studious with his glasses on
and the Graveyard Pumpkins looks intense! Love 'm all!

Jingle All The Way! from AB Designs - click for more
Jingle All The Way! from AB Designs
Charts one and two are shipped! NOW is the time to join Amy's Stitch-Along for this charming design... here are the details!

Here is AB Designs' 2023 Stitch Along Piece! Amy's sampling of little Christmas people is stitched in Classic Colorworks flosses on 28ct Flax linen. The whole piece measures 134 x 164 - so on the 28 it'll be 9-1/2 x 12... but if you change fabric counts, finished size will change as well. (Individual ornaments could be 2 or 3 inches by themselves.)

Darling and full of color, each chart includes button embellishments. The first two of 10 charts will ship this April, with two more charts shipping in June, August, October and December. $10.00 each, we will charge your card for the two charts shipped each time - NOT the whole series at one time. The whole pic uses 13 skeins of the Classic Flosses but is also coded for DMC. The color key appears only in the first chart; individual monthly charts will not be available until next year when the Stitch Along Auto is finished.

Presenting Just Nan's Lady in Red Mouse on a Tin - click to see more! Presenting Just Nan's Newest Little Mouse-on-a-Tin - Lady in Red
She is the 4th in this series and ready for Spring in a beautiful costume of bitty ladybugs, greenery and pretty red and pink flowers. Garnished with red and gold beads, her flower hat is pinned in place with pearls, and even her tail is red! Perched atop her decorated 2-inch round tin, she is magnetized for stability.Presenting Just Nan's Lady in Red Mouse on a Tin - click to see more!

Inside the tin, you'll stitch the 1-1/4 needle mat decorated with more ladybugs and flowers. Mouse and needlebook are stitched on Weeks' hand-dyed Linen... and just as cute as can be! Nan's kit includes all the instructions for stitching and finishing plus the decorated tin, red tail, beads, burgundy pearl, flower bead, gold pearl, glass ladybug bead, read felt and the magnetized mouse button base. Kits are limited.
Presenting Just Nan's Pansy Petals Petite Flower Cushion - click to see more!
Pansy Petals Petite Flower Cushion
Nan's latest petite flower cushion features the sweetest pansy with gorgeous petals surrounded by dainty pink beaded flowers and a lacy border. A yellow sequin bead forms the pansy center, and pansy bud beads decorate the corners. Stitched on lavender linen, it finishes a mere 2-1/4 inches in size... just charming! Offered as a chart with bead embellishments.

Pomegranate - DMC 355 match - Velvet Cut from Fiddlestix Designs  - click to see more Strawberry - DMC 347 match - Velvet Cut from Fiddlestix Designs  - click to see more Vintage Lace - DMC 738 match - Velvet Cut from Fiddlestix Designs  - click to see more Sky Blue - DMC 931 match - Velvet Cut from Fiddlestix Designs  - click to see more Sapphire - DMC 311 match - Velvet Cut from Fiddlestix Designs  - click to see more Charlies Crow - DMC 310 match - Velvet Cut from Fiddlestix Designs  - click to see more
Our first 7 Velvet Cut  from Fiddlestix Designs  - click to see more Hand-dyed Velvets from Fiddlestix Designs
Here is the hand-dyed Velvet that Brenda Gervais and Stacy Nash use in their finishing! Featured on The new With Thy Needle's Dutch Tomato Pinkeep and Nash's Velvet Parsnip Needle Book, this is gorgeous and very heavy hand-dyed 'fabric.' Absolutely luscious, my camera can't get a true color - I think because the nap of the velvet reflects the light!

Since no two computers see color exactly the same, I put DMC #5 Pearl Cotton colors in the dropdowns by each color, so you can compare the shades easily. (NOTE! The DMC numbers are close approximations but this is hand-dyed velvet - so therefore might vary in shades. I am sure there are many hand-dyeds and other DMCs that these will look good with - I just chose these basic colors as a starting shade reference for you.)

We've cut our pieces to an eighth of a yard - approx 11 x 17-ish. Plenty to finish numerous smalls, this velvet is substantial and dreamy! Strawberry is used in the Dutch Tomato, Vintage Lace is used on the Parsnip case.
Mary Jane Kerr from Scarlett House - click for more Sophia Gregory 1835 from Scarlett House - click for more Spring Alphabet  from Scarlett House - click for more
The Scarlett House's Tanya has some new designs coming our way... the little Spring Alphabet is my favorite!
  • Mary Jane Kerr - She must have liked dogs, morning glories and birds - but I think this is an original design - and I know Tanya's dogs are her babies! Balanced and organized... it finishes approx a generous 8 x 10 on 40ct!
  • Sophia Gregory 1835 - Poor thing... has to think about IT when she's only 9 years old! Aren't you glad we get to stitch anything we want... and not a lesson! A pretty little piece - change those words of warning Sophia had to stitch in there to something fun and Springtime! Then, fold it and make a pretty stitching case out of it - the colors are so pretty and bright!
  • Spring Alphabet - Finishing just 4 x 5 on 36ct, this is stitched with Classic Colorworks hand-dyed flosses and would finish well into a little needle book or block standup. Tanya found a darling little wooden easel and fun scalloped board so you could tuck this between plants on your window sill. Just small and simple and cute.
Paper & Thread Perforated Paper Folio from Needlework Press - click for more
A Perforated Paper Portfolio from Needlework Press
Needlework Press released two delightful projects reminiscent of antique needlework pieces, under the name of The Paper and Thread. Presented in kit format they both feature gorgeous vintage designs on heavy paper and complete instructions to create each piece. Neither one will take very long to complete... 1/2 an hour for the Basket, a little longer for the Folio because of the stitching involved, and attachment of the pieces.
The Perforated Paper Portfolio is stitched on 14ct brown perforated paper. You will need 1 package on brown for this. It is basically an 8-inch square with 4 flaps that fold over and tie closed with a ribbon. You see the words Trinkets, Paper, Treasures and Notes stitched on the flaps, and inside, when this is opened, you'll find all the vintage paper images included in the kit, along with a cut of felt to line the bottom of the folio (unless you stitch something there instead.) Kit includes the papers, felt and ribbon, which is a dark blue-black rather than the lighter blue in the image.

King of the Flower Garden from Under the Garden Moon - click to see more In the Leafy Treetops from Under the Garden Moon - click to see more Picking Flowers from Under the Garden Moon - click to see more Pretty Promenade from Under the Garden Moon - click to see more Top of the Morning from Under the Garden Moon - click to see more
A Little Birdie Told Me from Under the Garden Moon
This designer is good friends with the Thread Milk people, so we are storing these designs on the bottom of that page for now.
This is a cute set of 5 small pin cushions - all featuring little springtime birds. All about 4 x 5 on 36ct linen, coded for DMC, they're just simple and cute

We bundled the whole set together for collection ease... finish them all with different trims as shown, and you have a cheerful Springtime set!

Stitching Tools Storage Box by Kaffe Fassett -  click for more Stitching Tools Storage Box by Kaffe Fassett -  click for more Stitching Tools Storage Box
Here's a nifty little clear plastic box to store varied needlework tools. Measuring 6-1/2 x 2-1/2 x 1-1/2 in size, I like the fact that you can SEE what you have stored inside!

Sturdy closure, rounded edges so nothing catches on anything else, it's a nice size for scissors, needles, threaders, bits of finishing trims, etc.

Gingerly Spiced Teapot from Blackberry Lane Gingerly Spiced Teapot from Blackberry Lane Gingerly Spiced Teapot from Blackberry Lane Designs
Marie D has a cute new pair of designs - both are offered in the same chart pack! Mrs Gingerly is worked on Gingerbread hand-dyed linen with 18 different shades of DMC floss. She measures about 6 x 7 on 32ct and is worked over two threads.
Her companion tea party ornament is a little smaller - about 4-1/2 inches in size. The charts are big and clear.

There are finishing materials of green ribbon, white ball trim, and darling sugar-y gum drop beads you see on the ornament hanger, along with finishing instructions included in the chart.
Mrs Gingerly is dressed in a rich red dress and surrounded by her border of greenery. The clay JABCO buttons shown in the 4 corners of her design are offered separately, and optional to the design. Very festive... we have a little time to get this done before next Christmas!
Lady Claus by Sew Emma - click to see more Santa Baby by Sew Emma - click to see more

Presenting Santa Baby and Lady Claus
from Sew Emma
Here's a festive pair of Merry Makers! We've had Santa Baby, but now the Mrs has finally arrived! (He's $8, but she's newer and she's $10!) Stitched on any light blue, aqua or lightly shaded fabric with DMC floss, these finish approx 5-1/2 x 6.

The white areas are stitched - and you want the fabric to help those stitches show up. Just cute as can be with a retro flavor to them, they'd be darling as a pair of stand-ups, or on opposite sides of a cube... or simply side by side on one piece of fabric. 
Summer Quakers from Lila's Studio The Lord's Prayer from Lila's Studio Mary Jane's Motifs from Lila's Studio
New Designs from Lila's Studio
  • Summer Quakers - Love this! A charming seaside village perched beside the busy sea! There is a ship arriving, and we are treated to all the 'busy-ness' below the water's surface! Next, all is surrounded by glorious Quaker-inspired sampler motifs - making an elegant and involved border. Notice the crabs and lobster in it? Measures 267 x 216 - so it finishes approx 15 x 12 on 36ct. Hand-dyed fabric in the picture is Fibre On A Whim's Latte - which is a gret neutral color. Coded for DMC.
  • The Lord's Prayer - The favorite prayer quietly stitched in DMC on a neutral background. This measures 238 x 296 - so about 13 x 16 on 36ct.
  • Mary Jane's Motifs - This is a set of pin cushions done from motifs taken from a larger antique sampler. Super classic urn and floral designs... you can change colors if need be - these aren't too involved, so that isn't hard. They are just classic, simple rpetty designs that caught my eye!

New Hand-dyeds from Weeks Dye Works, Gentle Art and Classic Colorworks - The Spring 2023 Sets
New Hand-dyeds from Weeks Dye Works, The Gentle Art and Classic Colorworks - The Spring 2023 Sets
Each of the three companies have added a few new colors to their collections - all have been added to our clicky-boxes on their respective pages, but if you want to grab them easily... here they are, all bundled together by company.
  • Weeks Dye Works Cotton Floss: Apple Pucker, Chia, Mountain Mist, Sun Dried and Winnie B Blue
  • Gentle Art's Sampler Threads Cotton Floss: Ohio Sky and Habanero
  • Gentle Art's Simply Wool: Adobe and Spring Grass
  • Classic Colorworks Cotton Floss: Cottage Daisies, Storm Lake Sunrise, Fields of Green and Priscilla's Peppermint

Peter Pumpkin Eater from Ingleside Imaginarium - click to see more Millie Melon Eater from Ingleside Imaginarium - click to see more Millie Melon Eater and Peter Pumpkin Eater
from Ingleside Imaginarium
Oh my gosh, these are the CUTEST little opossoms enjoying fruits of the season! Little baby Millie has been munching on her sweet summer melon... and I bet she's nice and cool sitting right in it! Peter looks as pleased as pie... he's so lucky that he ran into an unattended pumpkin on someone's front porch! (We had something eat all our pumpkins we left outside last Fall ... I bet we made our yard critters as happy as these!)

Anyway, presented as charts, each finishes about 4-1/2 x 5-1/2 on 32ct linen, and uses both DMC and a smattering of hand-dyed flosses. I think these are charming and so unique, just love 'em!
Bee Happy from Val's Stuff Happy Bunny Day from Val's Stuff Spring from Val's Stuff
Bee Happy, Happy Bunny Day and Spring from Val's Stuff
Three cute Spring-y Things to makle you smile from Val's Stuff!
  • Bee Happy is a tiny wearable pin or magnet design. Stitched on 18ct perforated paper, it measures only 1-1/2 inches square in size. You get the chart, 18ct white paper, the pink and black felts, a pink heart button and a pin back. You need BITS of your DMC floss, just a sweet little piece.
  • Happy Bunny Day - Another small kit, again on the new 18ct white perforated paper, this one includes the chart, paper, yellow and pink felts, a pink JABCO clay button, and a bit of white pearl cotton for a hanger. You add bits of DMC from your stash, this finishes approx 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 in size.
  • Spring - This one comes just as a chart. It is stitched on Weeks 32ct Banana Popsicle hand-dyed linen - or another bright yellow fabric. (Val suggests backstitching the bunny with Peoria Purple floss if you cannot find a bright enough yellow background.) Weeks flosses along with DMC are used, this finishes approx 3 x 5 on 16/32ct.
Blackbird From Our 2023 Nashville Market Cookbook - Happiness is Homemade - click to see more Violets and VersesFrom Our 2023 Nashville Market Cookbook - Happiness is Homemade - click to see more From Our 2023 Nashville Market Cookbook - Happiness is Homemade - click to see more From Our 2023 Nashville Market Cookbook - Happiness is Homemade - click to see more
Our 2023 Nashville Market Cookbook - Happiness is Homemade - click to see more This Year's Market Cookbook is GREAT!
63 Pages of yummy recipes by designers, manufacturers and shop owners in the industry - everyone always submits their family favorites for this fun little annual cookbook. Besides all the desert recipes, we have appetizers, beverages, soups and salads, Crock and Insta Pot recipes, Veges, and mains. Some have submitted old family photos, even the original recipe cards!

Free charts throughout... I tried to count, but get distracted by all the other pics in here. Blackbird's design is pictured here, a darling tomato pin cushion chart by Violets and Verses, Shepherd's Bush shared their butterscotch bars they make every Saturday - to put out on a plate inside their shop front door, and Val's Stuff''s little bunny is darling! For $12 it's a steal. (And I think, a moment in time. I have three other 'back-issues' from years past. (Yarn Tree always sells out of these.) and there are recipes in them from people who we no longer see. So... that moment in time
Forget Me Knot Cottage KNOT Pattern from Teresa Layman click to see a larger view Teresa Layman Pasture Prime KNOT Pattern -- click to see more Teresa Layman Lady Baltimore's Bloomers - Light KNOT Pattern -- click to see more Teresa Layman Lady Baltimore's Bloomers - Dark KNOT Pattern -- click to see more
New Miniature Knotwork by Teresa Layman
We are enchanted by these teeny-tiny French Knot pieces by Teresa Layman. One strand of DMC, making single wrap knots (filling in the design just like paint-by-number), you will be creating miniature rugs or little pieces to frame.

Patterns come printed on high quality fabric, with color quide included, as well as two small needles. You will need bits of floss from your stash, a good hoop and a sharp pair of small scissors. You are simply filling in the areas with hundreds of bitty knots!
Glorious New Birds Flying In by Laurel Burch for Mill Hill! - click for more
Glorious New Birds Flying In from Laurel Burch for Mill Hill
New cross stitched adaptations of Laurel Burch artwork - done by Mill Hill - we have 4 new kits this Spring. All are worked on 28ct linen - looks like it's Light Blue or Star Sapphire in color. Each bird measures approx 5 x 5, and is worked in DMC with a smattering of Mill Hill glass beads for glitz and garnish. Bright colors, sophisticated and cheerful, they'll brighten any space you choose for them! The frames they are pictured in are available separately.

Every Opening Flower from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more PA Dutch Tomato Pinkeep from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more The Robins are Here from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
New Designs Have Arrived from With Thy Needle's Brenda Gervais
  • Every Opening Flower is an original sampler inspired by a very damaged and well-loved piece of needlework in Brenda's collection. Gorgeous soft colors of aqua-denim, cranberry and roses, gold and mossy greens, it finishes approx 11 x 12 on 36ct hand-dyed linen. Grits, Cornsilk, Oscar, Olive, Bee's Knees, Oilcloth, Mulberry, Mountain Mist, Brethern Blue, Woodrose, Hickory Sticks, Used Brick and Ye Old Gold round out the hand-dyed floss colors - crossing all three companies! One of Brenda's visions is for you to take the smaller motifs out of this for pin keeps and needle cases. Very soft and pretty.
  • PA Dutch Tomato Pinkeep - A fun little design measuring just 9-1/2 x 3 on 36ct... you can finish it into the round drum shape - or just flat. It uses DMC floss #22 - one of the newest colors, which looks like a burnt-strawberry color. (#21 is the lighter companion color - might be fun to mix them in this!) Inspired by antique German show towels, it's a study in simplicity. Brenda includes instructions for the cute pedestal drum finishing.
  • The Robins are Here - Brenda is bringing you her 'First Messengers of Spring!' Plump little things! Stitched on 40ct Country Vintage Mocha - they are only 2 x 4! You'll need DMC of 22, 502, 3771, 3826, 3828, and hand-dyeds of Grits, Dove, Palomino, Flatfish, Oscar. Olive and Hickory Sticks. (But remember, not much because these are so little and cute!)
Spring Awakens from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more My Home Sweet Home from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Mary Ann Copp 1839 from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
  • Spring Awakens - Little Violets dancing around the border, our two dapper bunnies are enjoying their Springtime stroll. Finishing a mere 3 x 4-5/8 on 40ct Vintage Country Mocha, grab those DMCs along with more hand-dyeds including Caper, Pumpkin Patch and Highland Heather.
  • My Home Sweet Home - This is the third seasonal design companioning Be Ye Thankful and Joy & Good Cheer. It's summery and colorful - but we think you should leave it out all year long! Finishing about 5 x 3-5/8, on 36ct hand-dyed linen, it uses a mixture of DMC and hand-dyeds again - just like all of the other new releases this time around.
  • Mary Ann Copp 1839 - Oh this is so pretty - a reproduction by Brenda. She writes: 'A beautiful sampler with a stately brick house complete with brick/iron fence upon a brick wall. The basket above the house is simply gorgeous.' The history about the sampler tells that Mary is described as living in a brickyard in Jersey Channel Islands. The Copp family was a well known name in the brick business - so she's included a history write-up in the leaflet! I like that big floral border on this... just gentle and meandering! Measures 252 x 288 - so 14 x 16 on 36ct. Yummy colors in this - you'll need 3 skeins of Oscar hand-dyed floss!

Across The Sea Sampler from Chessie & Me Acorns and Crows Stitch House from Chessie & Me The Stitch Girl Sampler from Chessie & Me
Chessie & Me's Newest Things!
  • Across The Sea Sampler - WOW, this is big and glorious from Linda! I see several smaller pieces in here that could be done individually, but love, love it all together! Worked on Fibre on a Whim's Wheat hand-dyed linen with Weeks flosses of Bark, Blackboard, Cappuccino, Collards, Deep Sea, Dolphin, Galvanized, Grasshopper, Havana, Linen, Mascara, Pelican Gray, Red Rocks, Rum Raisin, Sanguine, Schneckley, and White Lightening.
  • Acorns and Crows Stitch House - We think this is a needle case that might fit inside the little paper box! The box is a house shape, but you could a flat one as well... fabric shown is Seraphim's Old Stationery with Weeks flosses of Carolina Cecil, Cinnabar, Lily Pad, Onyx, Schneckely and Swamp water. Definitely Autumnal colors!
  • Flag Day Pincushon - What a cute little cushion! Classic Chessie design style... we get the charming little house, always Chessie the Cat, that billowing flag and fun trees of some sort! Stitched on any vintage-y fabric you like with Weeks flosses of Blackboard, Brick, Collards, Deep Sea, Dolphin, Linen, Oscar and Pea Coat. It'll finish a petite 3 x 3!

Spring Moon from Plum Street Samplers Starbarks from Heartstring Samplery Tortoise Tower from Plum Street Samplers This I Know from Plum Street Samplers
  • Spring Moon - A glorious blue garden surrounding a pale blue house... Paulette has textures and angles and curves all over in this! The fun flowers, the monochromatic patterned tree and tulips in the lawn, the straight house and the angled basket... then you have that running rabbit - jumping over everything - by the light of the moon! Did you see the striped blue tulips - colored versions of the ones below? Finishes approx 8 x 9 on 36ct - just delightful!
  • Starbarks - More little weenie dogs enjoying their morning coffee together! Everyone loves all of Paulette's doggy pics - so she'd done another one! Coffee colors, quilt stars... just for fun!
  • Tortoise Tower - The next animal stack design - we're getting happy whimsical colors this time around. Love that profusion of fun flowers in the background... Paulette does tell you that you can change the turtle shell colors if you want - but I'm not sure what you'd choose... maybe do the turtles in brown, then the shells in a mossy, sharp green to share the attention with the flowers.
  • This I Know A Charming design - Paulette's Market Exclusive for the shops that attend the show. I like the repeating shapes of the leaves and little sheep! If you don't want a pink church, maybe choose a darker fabric and make it creamy? And, wouldn't different colors of Simply Wool or Wisper make those little sheep fuzzy and cute?

Sarah's Sewing Bag from Stacy Nash -- click to see more Spring Chickens PinKeep from Stacy Nash -- click to see more Pretty in Pink from Stacy Nash -- click to see more Spring Basket Pinkeep from Stacy Nash -- click to see more
Stacy Nash has outdone herself with her collection of Spring releases - we are ENCHANTED! Here we go...
  • Sarah's Sewing Bag - Stitched on the flap, backside and inside this old brick house and flower baskets come from one of Stacy's antique samplers in her collection. 36Ct, Weeks flosses, case measures 10 x 5 when folded closed. Oilcloth, Charcoal, Swiss Chocolate, Oscar, Chesapeake, Straw, Linen, chestnut, Carolina Cecil, Caper, Bright Leaf and Sanguine.
  • Spring Chickens PinKeep - LOVE THIS! What a fun finish for a pin cushion - just simple tucked corners that follow the border stitching - it has a whole charming new look! 36Ct hand-dyed linen, Weeks threads of Kohl, Oscar, Palomino, Pink Sand, Charcoal, Arrowhead, London Fog, Havana, Pamlico, Confederate Gray, Red Rocks, Whitewash and Schneckley. It measures a generous 9-1/2 inches, and I think that size makes a really cool presentation - especially if it's stuffed with heavy lizard litter!
  • Pretty in Pink - a sweet pinkeep that features a spool of thread and a tiny skein of floss... I think this is the house of a stitcher - who must have a green thumb because her garden is lovely! Weeks Parchment, Grasshopper, Cocoa, Charlotte's Pink, and Raspberry - just 5 colors in this 7-1/2 x 6-1/2 delight! Finished with rik-rak trim.
  • Spring Basket Pinkeep - One of my favorites - A charming aqua basket with that spindly handle - full of lovely lilting tulips! The bunny, chicks and hen all add charm. Stitched on 36ct hand-dyed with Weeks flosses, this finishes approx 9 x 6-1/2 and is trimmed with rouched silk ribbon.
Birds of a Feather Needle Book from Stacy Nash -- click to see more Bees & Birds Sewing Roll from Stacy Nash -- click to see more Big Blue house Pinkeep Drum and Strawberry from Stacy Nash -- click to see more
  • Birds of a Feather Needle Book - You stitch all FOUR sides of this! Stacy was thinking of all the pretty eggs that can fill Easter baskets - this one is covered in birds and berries. 36ct Linen, Weeks hand-dyed flosses, each side of the oval case measures about 3 x 4 inches... Havana, Raspberry, Sanguine, Chickpea, Oscar, Mascara and Dolphin. Remember you can split these up and do only fronts - and make 4 cases! Or little stuffed egg cushions! Alphabet included so you can intital anything you want!
  • Bees & Birds Sewing Roll - How Pretty! A 4-part piece surrounded by a traditional border... all the patterns for the coordinating smalls are included as well. The main roll measures 7 wide by 12 long stitched on 36ct. Weeks flosses of Oscar, Dolphin, Havana, Chickpea, Mascara, Raspberry, Linen and Sanguine... you kind of hate to roll it all up and hide all the cute parts!
  • Big Blue House Pinkeep Drum and Strawberry - Very Americana and Festive! Look at that glorious big house - and the festoons above. Then, notice the border stitch all around the sides! This is finished onto a (cheap!) candlestick from Hobby Lobby! 36Ct hand-dyed linen, Classic Colorworks flosses of Campfire, Eggshell, Muddy Purple, Baking tin, Avocado, Blue Corn (the house), Pea Pod and Cinnamon Toast - it measures an impressive 7 inches in diameter and a mere 2 inches high, and that extra little velvet berry is divine!
Faded Garden PinKeep Drum and Needle Keep from Stacy Nash -- click to see more Wonderful Life Pinkeep Drum from Stacy Nash -- click to see more Velvet Parsnip Needle Book from Stacy Nash -- click to see more Velvet Tangerine Needle Book from Stacy Nash -- click to see more A Walk Through the Garden PinKeep Stack from Stacy Nash -- click to see more
  • Faded Garden PinKeep Drum and Needle Keep - Stitched on 36ct hand-dyed with Weeks Blue Suede, Sanguine, Moss, Charcoal, Cornsilk, Dove and Drftwood, this finishes about 5 inches in diameter and 6 inches high. Stacy has lots of specialty stitches on ths one... her look is of pale colors on darker fabric.
  • Wonderful Life Pinkeep Drum - Wow... a Christmassy piece in plenty of time to get it finished for next year! Worked on Weeks 36ct Beige, this measures 6 high by 5 wide... gorgeous Weeks flosses... another fun Hobby Lobby candlestick base! What a presentation that makes!
  • Velvet Parsnip Needle Book - Stitching is done on 40ct with Weeks flosses... bunny is 3 x 6... but then you construct the wool case and cut out the velvet carrot. She's inclued all the finishing instructions in the chart.
  • Velvet Tangerine Needle Book - Another to stitch and then construct together with wools and velvets... I need to look these over at the show and see how they are done! But they look awesome in these pics!
  • A Walk Through the Garden PinKeep Stack - I love this finishing treatment! You get sneak peeks of the botton two cushions because everythng is stacked. Models are on 40ct, with Weeks hand-dyed flosses... Lady Dot Vintage Pom Poms are the featured trim. The chart contains all three tiny cushion patterns... I can see scissors on them, rabbits and berries.

Beach Day Hang Ten Heifer from Petal Pusher - click to see more Beach Day Sun Loving Sheep from Petal Pusher - click to see more Beach Day Patrolling Poultry from Petal Pusher - click to see more Beach Day Sandy Swine from Petal Pusher - click to see more Beach Day Scuba Stallion from Petal Pusher - click to see more
Beach Day framed from Petal Pusher - click to see more Beach Day from The Petal Pusher
Our favorite farm animals are back again - everybody is at the beach this time around. Petal Pusher has 4 of the most delightful little 'parades' of farm animals - who have all proudly dressed up for their particular occasions. So far, we have Holiday Hoedown for Christmas, Halloween Hoedown, Spring Fling and Patriotic Parade. Each time, it's the same 5 little animals - a horse, pig, sheep, chicken and cow. You can buy the whole set of one season of charts - or collect just the animals you like. The pig is Uncle Ham in Patriotic, Heavenly Hog at Christmas, for Halloween he dressed up as Bat Pig, and here he's Sandy Swine

Beach Day brings us Hang Ten Heifer, Sun Loving Sheep, Patrolling Poultry (the lifeguards up on the tower!), Sandy Swine and Scuba Stallion. Notice that cute little crab on there if you do them invidually? Anyway, each finishes 3 x 5, and together the whole row is 5 x 15. Stitched on a pretty hand-dyed blue - any count you like - coded for DMC.

Key to My Heart Kit from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more Posey Basket from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more Regal Bird Cushion from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more
Gorgeous New Designs from Samplers Not Forgotten's Kimberly Nugent
Kimberly has a soft, floral style.. she's done 3 new pin cushion kits as well as some bigger samplers - in leaflet format.
  • Key to My Heart Kit - A hint of a plaid to the background, this sweet little heart pin cushion is done on 36ct Beige hand-dyed linen with the softest colors of Weeks hand-dyed flosses. Your complete kit will contain the linen, threads, dusty light blue backing fabric, Lady Dot ecru baby rik rak trim and hand-dyed sage rayon ribbon, and a small key (to my heart!) charm - along with the chart and needles. Finishes approx 4 inches in size. Just beautiful!
  • Posey Basket - Another 36ct linen cushion kit - approx 4-1/2 x 6. The linen is Week's Cornsilk, the cottons are dusty medium pastels. Hand-dyed blue ribbon, a medium blue backing fabric and butterfly charm are included along with threads and fabrics... very 'dusty and vintage.'
  • Regal Bird Cushion - Brighter colors on this - yet an aged look too. Complete kit of all deeper, yet dusty Weeks flosses, there is a deep berry-colored ribbon to rouche the edges, and a matching bit of finishing fabric for the back. There is also a heart charm included that you might not see in the picture. Finishes approx 4 x 5.

Vintage Trees from October House - click for more Snip Snip from October House - click for more
Itch to Stitch from October House - click for more Americana Red from October House - click for more Honey Faire from October House - click for more
October House Releases! Several fun things... all fresh and pretty!
  • Vintage Trees - Just a small thing at 105 x 87 - about 5 x 6 on 36ct - she's chosen faded hand-dyed colors to make this look vintage.
  • Snip Snip - How fun is this? A fun 2 x 7 design stitched with Sandcastle, Flatfish, Bright Leaf, Whiskey and Dirt Road... it needs to be on one side of a cushion and Itch to Stitch on the other!
  • Itch to Stitch - Coud be the other side! Spools and a little yarn, add a tiny skein of floss on here, if you're good at tying a little one. This uses 5 different shades of peach, rose and berry - so easy to change those to another colorway if you want.
  • Americana Red - A monochromatic piece full of sewing and quilting motifs, the whole thing finishes approx 12 x 14-3/8 on 36ct - quite good sized. You can pull out that top area of stitchery stuff and make a drum shape out of just that, there are a lot of nice motifs on here along with the borders. And, as always, if you don't like the one color used - just choose another!
  • Honey Faire - A companion to Strawberry Faire, this features another pretty patterned motif - this time the beeskep. Measuring just 92 x 68 - 5 x 4 on 36ct - it uses a medley of yummy honey-colored hand-dyeds: Lemon Grass, Snowball, Old Marigold, Caramel Corn, Broom Tree, Squash, Chickpea, Goldenrod, Molasses, Bees Knees and Curry.

The Beach is Calling from Erica Michaels - click for more The Embroidress from Erica Michaels - click for more Heirloom Tomato from Erica Michaels - click for more Quaker Wisdom Berries from Erica Michaels - click for more Special Notice from Erica Michaels - click for more
Several charming designs from Erica Michaels
We're getting more berries, another crossword puzzle and FUN alphabet/quilt sampler series!
  • The Beach is Calling - This is just like Reindeer Games and Liberty Games - a really fun crossword-styled piece - along with a cute drum cushion! I love reading the words in this - Trolley, taffy, crabshack and boardwalk... I just want to be THERE! Cute motifs of that boardwalk, those crabs and lobsters, the lighthoue and trolley... straight out of a summer vacation... it's more about the little seaside community than the scratchy sand! Stitched with hand-dyeds, the main piece finishes 10 x 8 on 32ct.
  • The Embroidress - A darling pin cushion all of us need! What a fun thing to stitch as a group and finish together... everyone in your group would have to have a different color so you don't mix up needles and pins!
  • Heirloom Tomato - Prosperity and good fortune... do tomatoes bring you that? Regardless, I love this one! Pretty colors, you even have a tomato-berry-cushion out of it! The chartpack includes some buttons and a brass charm - which we cannot see in the pic. Lady Dot trims and Weeks wools are used in the finishing.
  • Quaker Wisdom Berries - A set of three cushions, each features a bit of wisdom spelled among the Quaker-inspired motifs. Stitched with Weeks flosses, Weeks wools featured on their tops.
  • Special Notice - Linda has lots of antique needlework and sewing goods. She read off the back of something while she was here last summer - I think it was the backside of the sales slip from the original purchase. THIS was the advice 100 years ago!
    Special Notice: The attention of clerks is directed to the importance of suggesting to customers that before beginning a piece of work, a fully sufficient amount of silk be procured, as afterwards difficulty may be experienced in obtaining exactly the same shade. She read it in class... and didn't we all smile! Anyway, Stitch this for a sewing case, bag, frame it for your stitching area... we might stitch it as a shop model to hang behind our counter! Monochromatic - so pick any color you like! This pattern is a fundraiser for Linda's local animal shelter in TN!

Tapestry of Stitches from Jeannette Douglas My Stitching Box from Jeannette Douglas Vintage Grapes from Jeannette Douglas Chubby Bunny from Jeannette Douglas
New Releases from Jeannette Douglas
Lots of lovely things... She is getting away from producing as many specialty thread packs for her designs - and providing DMC conversions for all. So, options abound!
  • Tapestry of Stitches - Presented in leaflet format with numerous pages of stitch diagrams and charts! Jeannette has loaded this with gorgeous stitches and worked it in silks. She DOES have DMC conversions provided, as an alternative. There IS a specialty thread pack available for this sampler - it is STUNNING. Finishing about 8-1/2 x 11 on 36ct, this really isn't a super-beginner piece to work - LOTS of stitch diagrams and details in here.
  • My Stitching Box - A set of smalls including 2 scissor fobs, a scissor pocket, needlebook, pin cushion, cube and main sampler. All the finishing instructions are included, the box is offered separately. 8 Pieces to this set! There is a silk/specialty thread pack for all of this... denim, mossy greens, dark gold and cinnamon... yum! Just tell them the box is available by special order - not a lot of details at this time.
  • Vintage Grapes - Another joins Jeannette's Vintage series of designs - all in leaflet format. Grapes, in lovely colors. (she was working on this when we were in Portugal - cruising down the Duoro River in Port Wine Country!) Two different design options in the center section - alphabet or specialty stitches. Worked in silks, but DMC conversions provided.
  • Chubby Bunny - Just a sweet little bunny enjoying his spring outing! Finishing 3 x 3 - a cute cushion or hoop finishing - he's a small chart and is done with hand-dyed flosses or DMC.

Summer Garden at Cranberry Manor from Pansy Patch Quilts and Stitchery - click to see more Betsy's Spring Basket  from Pansy Patch Quilts and Stitchery - click to see more Tea Garden Pillow from Pansy Patch Quilts and Stitchery - click to see more Stitcher's Retreat House from Pansy Patch Quilts and Stitchery - click to see more
New Designs Coming from Pansy Patch Quilts and Stitchery
  • Summer Garden at Cranberry Manor - This is PP's show exclusive with limited availability before April, but we have plenty, and we brought home the stitched model with us! Pretty pinks, golds and soft greens, this finishes approx 6-1/2 inches square on 36ct. Stitched with varied hand-dyeds, it is coded for DMC as well. The house is little and surrounded by such a flourish of quilt motifs - it's extra charming!
  • Betsy's Spring Basket is the 4th of this over-the-top-charming seasonal basket series. All of these have been stunning; each has finished a bit under 6 x 6. We have all 4 pictured together - offered separately. Each basket is filled with flowers of it's season, very gently colored as well, so just beautiful.
  • Tea Garden Pillow - A tiny little pin cushion pattern, this measures just 60 x 60, and is done with DMCs of 25, 3727, 522 and 815.
  • Stitcher's Retreat House - Here's a fun piece... Two friends meeting at a stitch retreat! (Only, we're never wearing dresses, we don't have those big hips, and somehow the venue never looks like that charming house with all the thread spools and quilt motifs swirling around in the sky above!) Finishing about 7 x 7, pull out those spools for some cute pin cushions, and you're all set!

Join us for 2 days with Vicki Hastings - the creative artist behind the 350+ leaflets filled with charming designs you've enjoyed for the past 39 years! Both Vicki and Silver Needle celebrate 40 years in business this year... so we're celebrating with a She Shed Event and an exclusive stitching project with Vicki. Registration is open now... $50 due at Registration, balance due in April.

FYI: Tulsa is a great destination for a few days. It's a really fun place to come with girlfriends... get an Air B & B and just have a lovely couple of days away. Our shop is an hour away from Pioneer Woman, and less than a mile away from 4 really, really good local shops. We have a great quilt store, a fantastic needlepoint shop - full of threads. There is a weaving, spinning, wool felting shop here, and a very upscale knitting store... not to mention all our great Cross Stitch! We have 6 different Designer Events planned for 2023... check out the Events Page so you can plan at least one trip or two!

Chala Handbags - click for more Chala Handbags - click for more Chala Handbags - click for more
We now carry Chala Handbags!
'Vegan' Leather... part of the company's profits are donated to animal rescue facilities across the nation. Their leathers are 'vegan' (a fancy way to describe 'faux leather') because their whole philosophy is to be kind to and appreciate animals!

Anyway... we have quite a fun selection of their totes, cross body cell phone cases and mini-purses, darling key fobs and coin purses. You can see a little of the variety from my pics... if you're near the shop, drop in. If you aren't but are familiar with this charming line, give us a call - we can choose something for the perfect gift!

Yes, there's even MORE!     
Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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