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Get Ready for the Bunny!

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The Silver Needle, Fine Needlework Materials, everything for cross stitch
Just Arrived at The Silver Needle
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Floral Cup Pin Cushion Kit from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more EA03-XS Bonnet Chick from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more Stitch Box by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more Sunshine Berry SILK from Erica Michaels - click for more Ode to the Ort #2 from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more 2019 Square Dance Series from Heart in Hand - click for more You Had Me At Flamingos from Hands On Design - click to see more

New Flax is in! - click for more New Flax is in! - click for more New Flax is in! - click for more New Flax is in! - click for more
Our Spring FLAX Linen Apparel is here!
I know clothes hanging among Cross Stitch seems wierd... but you 'gotta wear something' and we love our soft, lightweight, comfy linens! 5 New racks full of 3 different 'collections' of styles... our sizes range from small to generous #2. We have a FLAX FRENZY treat as well... when you choose three or more pieces... you get them all for 20% OFF! No harsh dyes, great relaxed fit in the pieces... you can layer all this and it packs beautifully for travel (especially in that under 50lb suitcase!). No ironing is the rule, but sometimes I 'steam' mine in the bathroom when I'm in the shower. Linen has a wonderful 'bouncy' manor to it... always a fresh, trendy thing to wear!
  • The Classics Collection - This season is full of gorgeous Lipstick Red, Midnight Navy, Black, White and Natural. Just great basic pieces, maybe you can spot it beneath jackets???
  • The Spring Traveler Collection - This season it follows the Classics colors of Lipstick, Midnight and B, W and N... but with a nubby two-tone weave! Just gorgeous to mix the fabrics in the two collections. There is a Jean Jacket that is SUPER-SOFT... we have it in several colors... it goes over the dresses, tanks, tunics and pants! Love it!
  • The Urban Collection - A super-soft lightweight linen that features cotton-woven panels, trims and accents... you can 'have an attitude!' when you wear this! I'm wearing one of the Spring Traveler Jackets over an urban dress this very minute while I'm trying my words to you! Dusty Wedgewood blues, soft pinks and chocolate browns... can you see how the colors blend with the pastel weaves of the Travelers?
Everything is pictured and described on our FLAX pages. If you need help choosing or figuring out your size or what goes together... CALL US on the Toll Free Line! 988-543-7004 - Your Personal Shopper will be on the other end of the phone!

Good Night, Sleep Tight from Fairy Wool in the Wood - click to see more Good Night, Sleep Tight
from Fairy Wool in the Wood
Isn't this the cutest design? Stitch this on whatever you want... it's coded for 9 colors of DMC floss. Finishing approx 4 x 5 on 14/28ct... I think that is a little moose on the right. Check out the wise little owl on the left... just checking him out with his eyes wide open!

I remember that last part of this verse - *don't let the bed bugs bite!* If I had known at age 6 that bed bugs were REAL, I'd have never slept again! So, forget that part, and just enjoy the pair of forest friends having a sleep-over! Chart.

Cats and Hearts July from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Hearts August from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Hearts September from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Hearts October from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Hearts November from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Hearts December from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more
Cats & Hearts - July Through December from Kitty & Me Designs
Here are the final 6 designs in this fun set of 12... each is a chunky heart filled with cool graphics and geometric borders. BUTTT if you are a cat lover - that little black kitty steals the show for you! By Kitty & Me Designs, choose just one or two of your favorites, or do them all and make a quilt... each is presented separately in a leaflet format.

Stitched on any white fabric you like, they are all coded for DMC floss and measure 101 x 77 (approx 5-1/2 x 7 on 14/28ct.) The little black cats are CHARMING! (If you like one silouette more than another, switch them out on your hearts!) The background designs for all 12 are different, their colors remind you of that season, and wow... what an opportunity to add some hand-dyeds, beads or metallics! You could even stitch your kitty in Black Simply Wool to make him furry! All 12 designs in the set are here.

New Mini Needle Nannies, Micro-Beading Threaders, and Regular Mini-Threaders from Puffin & Company - click to see more
New Mini Needle Nannies, Micro-Beading Threaders, and Regular Mini-Threaders
from Puffin & Company
OK... Keep THAT straight! We have hens and bee hives! Each is only 1/2 an inch in size... can you see the differences in them? The Nanny (minder) has no hook hanging down from it. Just a magnet. The MICRO-Threader has the teeniest hook at the end - it fits a tiny beading needle eye. The REGULAR Mini-Threaders has the larger hook for regular needles.

Puffin & Co Needle Nanny Sunflower - click to see more Needle Nanny Thimble - click to see more
New Regular-Sized Needle Nannies
from Puffin & Company
Joining our set of magnetic needle minders we now have a thimble and sunflower. The Thimble measures 1-inch tall, while the Sunflower measures in at 1-1/2 inches. Made of recycled copper, brass and nickel metals, we have dozens of little pieces in minders and matching threaders... check out the rest!

Betises de Chats from Madame la Fee - click to see more La Plage a 200m from Madame la Fee - click to see more Tresor's d'Automme from Madame la Fee - click to see more Grimoire from Madame la Fee - click to see more
Four New Charts from Madame La Fee
Always 180-ish square in stitch count - that makes them turn out 10 x 10 on 18/36ct fabric. Classy and colorful, these are always cute! Coded for regular DMC floss, each is kind of segmented off, and features beautiful individual design elements. You don't HAVE to stitch them in their entirety, spend a minute and really study them to find your favorite parts!

Coming from France, there are some English instructions inside and lovely, clear, colored charts. Each does include a charm embellishment of some sort, but I don't want to open packages; I can feel that they are in there!

EA01-XS Bunny Basket from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more EA02-XS Bunny Chick from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more EA03-XS Bonnet Chick from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more EA04-XS Egg Wagon from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more EA05-XS Bunny Butt from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more
The Easter Lollipop Collection from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more
Pepperberry Bunnies & Chicks for Springtime!
The Easter Lollipop Collection!

This is a delightful set of cross-stitched rabbits, bunnies and a sheep, all finished *on-a-stick* to poke into your Easter Basket, but could hang as ornaments as well. By Pepperberry Designs, they started out as painted needlepoint canvases, but they are stitched on all the bright Tropical Linens or Aida from Wichelt Imports - and they use regular, ordinary DMC floss!

Super cute, each finishes approx 4-1/2 x 5... they are all slightly different. I see metallics on these, some furry threads from Rainbow Gallery, some buttons and beads... lots of potential for cute embellishing. Choose between Tropical Blue, Green or Pink... we have 14 Aida or 28ct Linen... and the colors are CHEERFUL! Each of these is presented as it's own chart.

EA06-XS Chick in Egg from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more EA07-XS Lamb With Basket from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more EA08-XS Bow Tie Bunny from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more EA09-XS Hatching Chick from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more EA10-XS Peeking Bunny from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more EA11-XS Bunny Lamb from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more

The Ocean Blue Stocking from Kathy Barrick - click to see more The Embroideress Stocking from Kathy Barrick - click to see more
Kathy Barrick's New Stockings!
DO NOT use these for Christmas decorations... rather... make them and hang them on doors or on skinny little strange walls or tuck them into narrow nook areas. Pick an cool area that is as quirky as these are! They are neat pieces of artwork... don't hide them away till Christmas!
  • The Embroideress Stocking measures 172 x 447 -- so 9-1/2 x almost 25 on 18/36ct! *All of my scattering moments are taken up with needle and thread.* Put your name on there instead of Sarah Hanson, and add family lace and buttons to the top! Charted for silks or DMC.
  • The Ocean Blue Stocking measures the same 9-1/2 x 25. Done on a grey-blue, when you study it a little, you see all the fish and the mermaid... the huge whale, the repeating sails of the ship... and those clouds and gulls! Totally fun! Actually, because these are so skinny... even though they have a ton of stitching to them, they go kind of fast because they keep growing!

Jack Frost's Tree Farm part 2 from Little House Needleworks -- click to see lots more
Douglas Fir - Part Two of Jack Frost's Tree Farm
from Little House Needleworks
Our second installment of this fun series has arrived. Stitched by itself, it measures a little under 4 inches square.

Orrrrrr... do the entire set together - we think it's darling! Rest of the charts are following, so join our auto-ship to help collect them as they are released.

Words to Live By from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Words to Live By #2 When it Rains from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Words to Live By #3 Worth Having from Tiny Modernist - click to see more
Words to Live By from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Words to Live By from The Tiny Modernist
Tiny Modernist has sent more 'pieces and parts' to three of her on-going series of designs... I'll try to organize a little so it's less confusing! Words to Live By is featured here... click the pic to go to her page to see the continuing Easter House, Fantasy Biscornus, and a darling Halloween Stitch-Along that we missed in 2017!

  • Words to Live By - This starts with a central design - Following Your Dreams. Next are 12 smaller 4 x 4-ish designs to either stitch individually or join together into one, main, jumbo piece. Shown on black, which can be a challenge for your eyes. If you choose a 14ct, it'll finish about 18 inches square. Each chart is fully colored and comes individually. We have the center panel and the top left-hand two.

PuntiniPuntini Sweet Spring Pins - click to see more
PuntiniPuntini Sweet Spring Buttons - click to see more
PuntiniPuntini Wool Pins - click to see more
PuntiniPuntini Wool Buttons - click to see more
PuntiniPuntini Bees and Flowers Pins - click to see more
PuntiniPuntini Bees and Flowers Buttons - click to see more
Hand Made Pins and Buttons from PuntiniPuntini
Oh my gosh, we LOVE Paola's darling bitty hand-made polymer clay pins and buttons! We carry her entire line - every one of the sets is cuter than the last. Beautiful shading and design details... The Wool, Sweet Spring and Bees & flowers are all new design sets this Spring.
Remember these for special pin cushions or sewing cases and smalls. They make fun Stitcher Gifts for your friends, too! Trust me!

A Study in Blue from Sue Hillis - click to see more A Study in Blue from Sue Hillis Designs
This little pattern set is quite the favorite everywhere it seems! Sue Hillis has covered a 7-inch paper mache box (she has source/ordering info in here) with cross stitch on the outside and lined it with coordinating fabric on the inside. There's even a pin cushion to store inside your box! Complete instructions are provided in here (with lots of actual photos of her finishing processes) to line the box and cover the top and sides.

You stitch everything on a 1/4yd cut of 32ct Country Vintage Mocha Belfast Linen with only Gentle Art's Sampler Thread of Dungarees - we are guessing 3 skeins. (if you find another lining fabric you like better, change your stitching thread color to compliment that! Nothing says this has to be blue, you make it your color!) Everything is adorned with vintage pearl buttons - way more fun to sew on a button HERE than on one of your clothes!!!

The Summer Night, Part 1 of the House on a Hill Series from Hands On Design - click to see more
The Summer Night, Part 1 of the House on a Hill Series
from Hands On Design
Cathy is beginning another small series of seasonal *mattresses!* The Summer Night is the first, and is here now. It comes as a chart of the small (2 x 2-ish) fob that matches the DARLING little 4 x 1 inch squared pin cushion! *The Summer Night has a smile of light and she sits on the sapphire throne* is the stitched verse that goes around the square.

Stitched on 28ct linen with Weeks hand-dyed flosses, the patch of Weeks hand-dyed green Houndstooth wool for the little Cape Cod cottage's lawn is included in the chart.

There is a JABCO pin set featured as well... a little whale, heart and flower... we've included those in our auto-ships, but you can get them separately. Super-cute finishing on this!

NEW Threads from The Gentle Art NEW Simply Wools from The Gentle Art NEW Threads from Weeks Dye Works NEW Threads from Classic Colorworks
The New Thread Releases from The Gentle Art, Weeks Dye Works and Classic Colorworks!
Here are all the new floss and wool color releases for this year... all are here now, and all have been released to the designers. They'll start showing up in your patterns before you know it. The Classic Colorworks threads are offered by Little House Needleworks in their new Home of a Needleworker Squared pattern... another way to collect the new thread colors.

My advice is to get any of these now... so you aren't caught off-guard at 10:30 at night on a Saturday night of a holiday weekend, when you have two solid stitching days ahead of you - and NOT the color you need! We have the 4 new sets bundled together for you for a short while, as well as that Little House kit. The threads are now all in their respective clicky boxes on each brand's page as well... so you can collect them individually if you want.

Spring 2019 Issue Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine - click to see more

Spring 2019's Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine
The freshest issue of this beautiful quarterly magazine has just come, and since we are all waiting for Spring... it is full of tempting bunny designs! 78 Glossy color pages of pictures and descriptions of 10 Punch Needle projects and 9 Cross Stitch charts, it is always a treat to page through.

95% Content - not filled with annoying ads - the charts, templates, featured articles and shop reviews are all really well done! *Some* back issues are still available, but not all!
Halloween Hooters, But I Don't Want, Ghoul Friends from Val's Stuff
Halloween Hooters, But I Don't Want, Ghoul Friends from Val's Stuff
Val's Stuff has three new Halloween 'ornament' pieces - all stitched on 14ct perforated paper, they are easy to stitch and even easier to glue to the provided black sparkly backing felt when you are finished.

Cute for little stand-ups, fridge signs, magnets - anywhere you want a tiny but of Halloween humor, each finishes about 3 or 4 inches in size. Chart comes with the paper and felt, and usually buttons for the eyes, you'll need DMC from your stash.
In My Pumpkin Patch from Val's Stuff Come Fly With Me from Val's Stuff If You've Got It, Haunt It! from Val's Stuff On The Haunt for Halloween from Val's Stuff
The Spooks in Val's Pumpkin Patch! from Val's Stuff
This is a set of 4 little 'people' that just might haunt your patch of pumpkins this coming Halloween... or maybe just your candy bowl! Each (they are limited in production, hence the LE down there in the product description!) is a celebrity that can simply stand on his/her own clothing... but are much cuter with a stick (I used an INK PEN under the witch!) tucked under that fabric, and stuck into a (fake craft or real) pumpkin! Val has ALL THE FIX'INS in her little kits - JABCO pins, felts and felt balls, gauze, hats, noses, eyes, brooms, pipe cleaners, ribbons, stuffings and sticks (for some of them) - everything but the cross stitch fabric, and the minute bits of floss. Grab your Glue Gun!
  • In My Pumpkin Patch - The CUTEST little scarecrow to stand guard over those pumpkins and all that fabulous candy. You'll need only a 7 x 8 piece of 30ct Weeks Scuppernong Linen, and a few hand-dyed flosses... he's about 5 inches tall without his stick. Check out the little pumpkin pin poking out from his little straw hat! He has a wooden spool for his body under that green shirt.
  • Come Fly With Me - This miniature green and purple witch stands a whopping 6-inches tall! You get her green ball head and green toothpick nose, the bat pin and felt hat, you make her broom, but her hair is already done. You'll need a about a 7-inch square of Peoria Purple linen and a few flosses - isn't the little owl on her dress cute?
  • If You've Got It, Haunt It! - Oh my gosh, this is one of the pair of ghosts - gotta get 'em both! Choose any white fabric - these little guys are on 25ct white Lugana. Haunt It stands about 6 inches tall and comes with his polka dot ribbon, cheese cloth, star buttons, clay eyes, felt ball head... all you need is that bit of cross stitch fabric from your stash and floss.
  • On The Haunt for Halloween - The other little ghost - he's got pipe cleaner arms, the same cute head and face treatment with the floaty cheesecloth/gauze cape... aren't these the cutest!!??
Pumpkinheads from Val's Stuff
Pumpkinheads - Boris and Natasha! from Val's Stuff
A pair of Pumpkin Pincushions! Boris stands 5-inches tall with his leaves and stem, and Natasha stands almost 6 inches because of her spool. A fun way to use all sorts of Halloween-colored fabrics - make a stitched pumpkin patch! Val's Stuff has a kit to make these little guys. You do MINIMAL stitching with black and white floss on 30ct Weeks dye Works Pumpkin Linen (or something cute you like and have!)

She provides the finishing instructions to gather your fabric at the top and bottom... roll the felt for stems, cut out felt leaves, glue or stitch on the eyes, stuff, and perch Natasha on the black painted spool stand! You can add plastic pellets inside these if you want a little weight to them. The kit comes with charts, painted spool, clay and button eyes, sunflower pin, pipe cleaner, twine, and felts for the stems and leaves. You'll need a little wad of polyfil, maybe the plastic pellets for weight, and some glue. TOO CUTE!

My Needle Berry LINEN from Erica Michaels - click for more My Needle Berry SILK from Erica Michaels - click for more Sunshine Berry LINEN from Erica Michaels - click for more Sunshine Berry SILK from Erica Michaels - click for more
Erica Michaels is Adding Berries to her Stitched Collection
Linda has 4 new pin cushion designs - the cutest little berry shapes - stitch them teeny-weeny small on 40ct or larger on larger counts... you have choices! All are worked with hand-dyed flosses... the LINEN berries are featured on linen fabric, the SILK berries are featured on 40ct silk gauze... but you can do them on whatever you like better. This entire collection is just enchanting, and all are presented in chart format.
  • The Needle Berry features a cute little sewing bird, a tape measure and tomato pin cushion motifs. The silk gauze version is actually larger in stitch count than the linen version, so the finished sizes can get confusing on these!
  • Sunshine Berry's Linen version has just the big flower, while the gauze version - because it has a higher stitch count (because you are on smaller fabric) has room for the *You Are My Sunshine* verse.

Cute, Novelty Scissors - click for more
Cute, Novelty Scissors!
We have 10 new patterns of 3-1/2 inch embroidery scissors that are cute and colorful - fun for little cases and fobs. Not real *high* on the cutting quality end of things, (meaning they are not DOVO quality) they are, however, cute and colorful, and perfect for lots of things! Designs are enameled on the handles so they will not rub off or fade, and will maintain their charm! I had actually never seen pineapple and cactus scissors before... feels like we need a stitched flamingo or something for them!

Pictured from left to right are: Owls, Stars, Lady Bugs, Pumpkins (closer to 4"), Yellow Heart, Anchor, Tiny Green (these are 3" rather than 3-1/2), Pineapple, Cactus, and Holly.

March Daffodils
from The Prairie Schooler
This is the re-print of Prairie Schooler's March month of their 12-month series.

It was the first in that (unplanned) set, and never originally CALLED March - it was simply titled *Daffodils* (which caused confusion for years... but then it went out of print!) So, enjoy once again!
Bring On The Beads Fob and Sewing Case from Fern Ridge - click for a larger view
Bring On The Beads Fob and Sewing Case from Fern Ridge Collections
This is a beautifully colored set full metallic frosted beads, and golden/mossy fabrics. Pat and Peggy made a pocket in the sewing case and actually have included a 6-compartment plastic bead case in the kit! Just funky swirls and jagged beads everywhere, I love the frosted teals, purples and brick reds in here... Fob finishes approx 4-inches from top to bottom of fringe, and case is approx 3 x 4 when closed.

Complete kits contain the charts, beads, threads, findings, linings, everything!

Stitch Always from Lucy Beam - click for more Big Chicken from Lucy Beam - click for more
Stitch Always and Big Chicken from Lucy Beam
Here are a pair of charts we picked up at Market a couple of weeks ago that caught our eye!
  • Stitch Always - I love that hair-do! That little stitcher and her Stitch Always verse finishes 8 x 6 on 32ct... but she's smaller without her words. I just love that giant tomato pinned to her hair!
  • Big Chicken - Another fun design to bring a smile to your face. It does have a big chicken... we don't really know why. It could be titled Big Barn... but that wouldn't be as cute! Lots of hand-dyed flosses, it finishes a whopping 12 x 6, because, remember it's BIG chicken!

Barnyard Festive Fob Chart from Heartstring Samplery - click for more Teatime Festive Fob Chart from Heartstring Samplery - click for more The Cat Sampler Chart from Heartstring Samplery - click for more
Heartstring Samplery has 6 new charted designs -- and some super-cute miniatures of her things in stickers!
  • Festive Little Fobs - Barnyard & Teatime Editions Beth reports that she is kind of *Fobbed-Out* these days, but did have two more subjects to add to her set of 12 OTHER Festive Little Fob charts. The tea cups are cute, but the Barnyard collection steals the show because of the goat on top of the barn and the tiny animal stack! 9 bitty designs in each chart, if you are an over-achiever, and you actually stitch all of these... they will bring your Festive Little Fob collection to 126 pieces! (If you were on our FF Auto-Ship, we did NOT continue it with these two, as they were not part of the promised original set.)
  • The Cat Sampler - *A house isn't a home without the ineffable contentment of a cat with it's tail folded about it's feet.* So there you have THAT! Measures 173 x 134 - approx 8 x 11 on 32ct. Coded for hand-dyed flosses, it's very cute and eyecatching!
Barnyard Festive Fob Chart from Heartstring Samplery - click for more
Miniature Stickers! from Heartstring Samplery
These are 1/4-sized (4 x 5) sheets with 7, 9 or 10 tiny renderings of Heartstring Samplery's stitched pieces and digital charts. I think they would be really cute on the backing papers of stitched pieces - like book labels - to make your personalization neat. They'd make great name tags or place cards... if you scrapbook - you HAVE TO HAVE these.

Use them in your 'Needleworker's Book of Days' journal... stick them where-ever it makes you happy! Fun stitching favors for your stitching friends, too. Beth chose 4 subjects for her sheets: Red Houses, Cross Stitch Nation, Coffee and Adam & Eve.

Spring & Summer Whirligigs from Heart in Hand - click for more     Heartware TART Dish from Heart in Hand - click for more     2019 Square Dance Series from Heart in Hand - click for more
Seven New Arrivals To Show Off from Heart in Hand
  • The Whirligigs begin with Summer and Spring - two 3-inch round seasonal designs that fit her hand-made Stoneware Heartware bowls, and now her NEW Stoneware Tart!
  • The Heartware Tart is a natural-colored 4-inch pottery 'tray' that makes an awesome pin cushion dish! Made by the same artist as Cecelia's little white bowls.
  • Square Dance - This is the first of 4 1/2-size leaflets featuring January, February and March designs. You can stitch these individually, or join them all together using Cecelia's huge freebie border design! Each design is 40 x 40 in stitch count, and features a couple of hand-dyed button embellishments. Very cute! We have an auto-ship on this, so you can collect all 4 charts for the 12 months.
I have more cool stuff to show you... click the pics to take you to the Heart in Hand page to see everything else...

Happy Halloween XS172 from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Happy Scarecrow XS181 from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Bloomin Hens XS187 from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Rejoice XS3163 from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Teresa Kogut has several new punch needle and cross stitch designs...
My favorites for Cross Stitch are her two new angels - Rejoice (finishes approx 9 x 10) and Oh My Soul (measures approx 12 x 13!) These are challenging to stitch because all those color changes are REGULAR DMC floss -- no overdyeds! You get to change colors a million times to get that awesome, mottled look. Primitive Hen in Basket is a fun punch needle offering!
See all the rest on our Teresa Kogut page, and don't forget to scroll down to the punch needle area of the page!

West South East North by Rovaris of Italy! - click to see more 5 design models by Rovaris of Italy! - click to see more
Charming Seaside-Themed Designs from Rovaris of Italy - I love them all!
Direct from the Italian Coastline, these are all presented in chart format and are coded for DMC floss. Each one comes with a special embellishment, and most have a cut of lace or ribbon as well. We have a few other charts we picked up... click through to their page to see the rest! Livia and Paola Rovaris are the designers behind all these. They look ALIKE, and it took me 2 years at the show to discover there were TWO of them! One spoke better English than the other for a couple of years... so I remember going into their room and ordering, but then 'she never seemed to remember' when I came back. (Everything becomes clearer when you're all waiting in the breakfast omlet line at the show!)
  • North, South, East & West - All 4 designs are in this chart pack, along with a ship's wheel charm and the lace you see in the finishing treatment. You'll need to find some cute striped fabrics, which should be pretty easy. Each design measures 53 x 53 in stitch count, so on 32ct, they are about 3-1/2 inches in size.
  • Whale - Measures 147 x 46, you get the sailboat and whale tail charms!
  • Anchor Beach - Measures 96 x 61, you get the anchor charm and white lace to trim both end of the design.
  • Beach (The Word) - Measures 170 x 51, This one comes with a mermaid charm that is over an inch in size, and that dividing lace.
  • Sea - Measures 123 x 37, you get the crab chart as well. The crab charm is super-cute, comes with the crab-orange ribbon shown in the pic.
  • Mermaid - Measures 165 x 57 (about 10 x 3 on 32ct). A different mermaid charm in this one - her very curly tail is hard to see in the pic, but it's super-cute! Lace too.

Folk Art Scissor Block Kit from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view
Folk Art Scissor Block Kit from La-D-Da
This is Lori's second little block kit like this... she did one last year... but it is retired, and now this year's has 20 NEW pics to use! You get a 2-inch square wood block with a hole drilled into one side. Paint it whatever color you like (Or distress it, or sand and stain it, or wax it -- whatever you want!) Then, it comes with 20 beautiful vintage-styled pictures of 'stuff.' This time, we have antique children, animals, houses and quilts. You choose the 5 you want to feature, cut them apart from the rest, and get out a jar of Mod Podge and glue 'em on that little block. Zip Zap -- cute as can be!

Sticky felt is included to line the block bottom, as well as a little ribbon and a charm to make a small scissor fob too. Best of all... there are extra blocks available (in case it stresses you out to decide on only 5 of your pictures and not to be able to use the rest... but maybe you have a 'wood-guy' in the house who can make them, too! Then you have enough pics to make 4 blocks.)

Stitch Box by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more Stitch Box from Jeannette Douglas Designs
This is another set of Jeannette's Smalls - She shows them all displayed in a little 6 x 6 wooden divided tray, but you don't have to do that if you'd rather just have them perched on a shelf or tucked into a bowl. The main 4 x 4 sampler - Love To Stitch - is finished as a flat... but you could add a pocket to the backside to store something. The upper right-hand piece has Bargello stitching on the front, and is a thread bobbin case - or a needle threader pocket - about 1-1/2 inches square. Next, below is a needle case - can you make out the Satin Stitched acorns on that? It is adorned with a pretty double acorn charm. All across the bottom is a 1 x 5 pin cushion - more Bargello to match the other pieces.

This is her 5th or 6th Tray design... they aren't inexpensive to make, but WOW... really enchanting when finished! Charming, full of hand-dyed silks and specialty stitches, the leaflet has great instructions and Jeannette's huge stitch diagrams. Offered as the chart with the silks and embellishments separately, as well as that little tray.
(NOTE: The Trays have come down in price! They are now only $38 each!
And... we have Tray Towers IN STOCK... a spinning tray-tower - so you can display your finished tray projects like a little open dresser! One Tray is displayed on the top... then all the rest pull out to enchant! (Just like the drawers of stitched antique samplers in the Victoria and Albert Museum... WHY DO we stitchers like to store our finished stuff in dresser drawers?) Leaflet, thread pack, felt/wool finishing pack.

Learning Stitches Sampler from Jeannette Douglas Designs Learning Stitches book from Jeannette Douglas Learning Stitches from Jeannette Douglas
Oh wow... this is gorgeous! The whole thing measures about 11 x 14 on 32ct linen. It features a lavish alphabet across the top section, then it showcases 15 tiny blocks below of your stitching lessons! Worked with a yummy array of hand-dyed silks and garnished with some darling stitch-related charms, each of those 15 blocks features a really cool different stitch that just LOVES to tease the hand-dyed threads you are using for it.

Jeannette has designed this to kind-of-be a class! Each section offers you stitching tips and hints, she's talking to you all the way through her book! Beautiful colored close-up pics of the actual stitches... just the pattern book is a treat by itself... but get the threads too. (Otherwise, it's like having a new kit to stitch with NO NEEDLE!)
We have lots more new designs from Jeannette... don't miss them!

A Perfect World from Scarlett House - click for more There's Probably Dog (Cat) Hair On This from Scarlett House - click for more On Coverlet Court from Scarlett House - click for more
New Offerings from The Scarlett House
Here are just three of the new we brought home from market... many more on Tanya's inside page, so please click the pics to see the others, too!
  • A Perfect World - The colors and balance in this piece is just stunning. The verse is charming... but if it's not your favorite... change it! DO NOT pass by this pretty piece! Measuring only 10 x 9 on 40ct over two, it'll be a little larger if you go with 32ct. Coded for hand-dyed flosses of Hazelnut, Havana, Beige, Grasshopper, Red Rocks, Dark Chocolate, Boysenberry, Battleship, Juniper, Green With Envy, and Whitewash. You'll also need two skeins of DMC 310. Tanya's 4 dogs are pictured on the back of the chart - I think they were her inspiration!
  • There's Probably Dog (Cat) Hair On This - Ok, I guess there's no doubt of the inspiration for this set of cushions! Choose just about any fabric you like, in any count, and even change up floss colors if you want! Each finishes approx 4 x 5 on 32ct. Just Another Button Company made a cute pin trio for each of these... the dog's version has a brown dog, checkerboard heart and a little bone, while the cat version has a gray kitty, another heart and a little bird. Pins available separately from the chart.
  • On Coverlet Court - This is sort of a companion (in name anyway) to On Stoneware Street and On Redware Road. Just a pretty pin cushion design -- about 3-1/2 x 5 on 36ct.
Happiness is Homemade - click to see more

Happiness is Homemade
This is the little cookbook the Market Organizers compiled for us this year. A 6 x 9 softcover with 63 pages of recipes, cross-stitch charts, a few stories, some pics of the food, original recipes or finishing steps, 86 shops and designers contributed FAVORITE recipes to this book. (The rules said it HAD to be a *Tried and True* favorite recipes -- and we came through!)

Totally yummy sounding things - some of the Italian designers have metric measurements - you can Google the equivalents! Doug Kreinik put in a recipe that he used to win a Chili Cook-off... but it makes almost THREE gallons! (Ok, who has a pot that big!) Glendon Place has a huge bean recipe that took the entire page. There are so many neat recipes in here, and you'll probably recognize most of the contributors! From super-easy things to super-old family favorites... just fun!

Lady Dot Cauldron Finishing Pack Lady Dot Spangled Finishing Pack Lady Dot Needfuls Finishing Pack Lady Dot Noel Finishing Pack
Limited Edition Finishing Packs! from Lady Dot Creates
Here are 4 new collections of hand-dyed Velveteens with coordinating/contrasting/matching trims - all prefect to finish all your various pincushions, fobs, sewing cases -- all your 'smalls.' Really nice, especially if you are finishing a couple of matching designs, you get three velveteens measuring about 8-1/2 x 11, along with 24-inch lengths of 4 more assorted trims to go with them.

Each has a hand-dyed Lady Dot trim in there (baby balls in Cauldron... and there are matching pins, shown below; and I see Lois's hand-dyed tape measure ribbon - which we offer in 3-yard packs all by itself as well - in the Needfuls packet.) Cute checkered ribbons... just fun things for backs, edges and hanger loops.

Lady Dot Vintage Laundry Safety Pin Scissor Fobs
Vintage Laundry Safety Pin Scissor Fobs
from Lady Dot Creates
Say that 5 times FAST in a row! Fun little trinket fobs... I remember these pins from the lockers at the park swimming pool when I was little. You got your locker, and pinned the key onto your swimsuit... the number on the pin was the number of your locker.

Lois has found all sorts of cute little charms and beads to embellish the neat pins... she calls them *hand-charmed!* Something fun to dress a cushion or zipper pull of a stitching pouch - you can use the safety pin too! (They come in silvertone or brass... if you get more than one, we'll mix the flavors!)
Lady Dot Glass Pumpkin Pins
Glass Pumpkin Pins
from Lady Dot Creates
A charming set of this edging cord and that awesome glass jack-o-lantern pin - this is a mini-finishing pack for a Halloween small!

If you get the Cauldron Finishing Pack above... get this too! The pumpkin is a hand-made Lampwork glass bead, while the other two feature complimentary green and purple beads. Just fun!
Christmas Eve Nutcracker from Blackberry Lane
Christmas Eve Nutcracker
from Blackberry Lane
This chart has two different designs - one a 2 x 3 ornament, the other a 5 x 5 stand-up. Marie has done the larger on 36ct Picture This Plus's Gingerbread linen - going over two threads, but the ornament is on 28ct over one!

Each Nutcracker has different details... everything is outlined there for you in her instructions. 33 Shades of DMC are called for along with a little gold metallic. BOTH of these are stunning, as Marie's designs usually are!

Welcome the Snow from Blackberry Lane
Welcome the Snow
from Blackberry Lane
Another darling design - two charts in this pack! Welcome the Snow is stitched on 36ct Picture This Plus's Twilight hand-dyed linen over TWO or ONE threads - you decide.

One of the snowmen has bird feeders with several wrens and cardinals. The other has lots of sizes of snowflakes - over one, no birds. 25 Shades of DMC, they look the same at first glance, but have a lot of subtle design differences. Just the cutest!
Happy Life Pin Cushion from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Snow Queen from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Stitching Notes from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
EIGHT New Designs from Shepherd's Bush... we had room for only three of there here to show you... so CLICK THE PICS to see all the rest of them and read all their details!
  • Happy Life Pin Cushion - A sweet heart-shaped 3 x 4-ish cushion, this is stitched on 32ct Country French Linen with Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed flosses. Trimmed with Lady Dot hand-dyed chenille - you get that in the kit along with the celery-green polka dot backing fabric they featured. The clay pin set if offered separately, but the button embellishments are included with the kit. Very pretty!
  • Snow Queen - This is another annual Snowman - only she is a SHE! Worked on Week's hand-dyed linen (I think it's Kudzu) this finishes approx 5 x 6, and features quite a different color palette for Tina and Teri. This is gorgeous combination of olive greens, taupe, cream, gold metallic and gold seed beads. VERY STRIKING! Complete kit contains the chart, fabric, threads and embellishments.
  • Stitching Notes - A single chart design, this is enchanting to us stitchers! It's just a wisp of a design... full of our 'vocabulary' of needle, backstitch, sampler, wool... in between itty bitty motifs. Worked on 32ct, it finishes ONLY 3 x 4-1/2... so it'd make a darling pin cushion, or a small needle case... there are three tiny take-outs in the picture too... more cute ideas for this.
Make sure to click through to see the other FIVE new things from Shepherd's Bush!

Winter at Sugar Hill from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more Winter at Sugar Hill
from Praiseworthy Stitches
Praiseworthy Stitches is releasing their annual Christmas or Winter City Scene - this year, it is a Winter Wonderland of snow, maple trees, and bubbling pots of maple syrup! Pam and Susan love doing these scenes... they are enchanting!

Winter at Sugar Hill finishes approx 19 x 12 on 32ct Picture This Plus Mirage hand-dyed linen. Stitched with hand-dyed flosses and garnished with bits of metallic, glass beads and some clay buttons... like all of its companions, this is full of 'busy-ness and winter fun!' Striking colors, cute design details, this joins quite a set of charming Christmas scenes! All the rest are on our Praiseworthy Stitches page... see which ones are your favorites!
Just Chillin' Kit from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more
Just Chillin' Kit
from Praiseworthy Stitches
This makes a stuffed 3-1/2 inch snowman that tucks inside a plastic jar that has bitty foam bits inside. It makes a hanging snow globe Christmas Tree ornament.

The small kit contains the jar, chart, linen, ornament topper hanger, felt for his hat, the red ribbon... and the little foam bits to make the snow! You'll need a little of your own floss, but that's it! The plastic jar measures almost 4 inches high.
Spring Mouse Scissor Roll with Dilly Mouse from Just Nan - click for more
It's All Here!
Presenting Spring Mouse Scissor Roll -- Featuring Dilly Mouse... from Just Nan
Nan's next miniature stitched scissor roll will be here the second week of March. Designed to hold a 3-1/2 or 4 inch pair of embroidery scissors, your 10 x 2 stitched piece features 4 tiny garden scenes that roll to the outside, and a charming verse with tiny mice scurrying towards the trellis pocket that will hold your scissors. Nan talks about a fence with flowers under the wisteria, daffodils under a splashing wall fountain, towering jonquils reaching for the sun, and a large basket of flowers on a garden table - ALL OF THAT is featured in those 4 tiny panels!

Stitched on 32ct Weeks hand-dyed Morris Blue Linen, the case is lined with more Weeks hand-dyed wool... and Ms Dilly Mouse perches on top of the whole thing. Dilly is stitched on Honeysuckle linen - her dress is decorated with daffodils. She has an amber glass daffodil hat, and she is holding a tiny pair of stork scissors. Included with the chart is an 8-page stitch guide, hand-dyed Iris wool, wired string mouse tail, signature button base for mouse, glass flower hat, beads, snap closure for case, and mini stork scissor charm. You'll need the fabric cuts and DMC flosses from your stash.
March Mini Hare Needle Slide from Just Nan - click for more Heart of Spring from Just Nan - click for more
Heart of Spring from Just Nan
Nan found a favorite floral heart design of hers from years ago and updated it a little! Frame your 2-inch rabbit piece, or make a pin cushion... Nan has garnished it with a blush pearl heart and some antique white seed beads.

Stitched on Weeks 32ct Blush linen with DMC floss. Offered as a small chart with the embellishments. Maybe you like the small 1 x 2 March Mini Hare Needle Slide she's featured to go with this!

Like a Butterfly Music Sewing Set from Mani di Donna - click for more Like a Butterfly Music Sewing Set
from Mani Di Donna
This is a charming stitched music box BOX by Simona! Your scissor case and fob match the tiny round box - which has a music box mechanism inside! Want to see it work? Lift off the tufted (Weeks Dye Works Houndstooth Wool) top, to find a stitched inside base - about an inch down. The rest of the box is holding a hidden music box... but the little crank is poking through a hole you left on the backside of the round!

So unique! We're getting all the pieces and parts she is offering - pins, music box movement, fob beads and case handle... $60.00. 30ct Weeks Linen, flosses, wool and ball trims are all offered separately.

Saviour's Praise from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more
Saviour's Praise
from Shakespeare's Peddler
This sampler came totally out of Theresa's head... how that can happen, I just don't know! Measuring approx 19 x 23 on 32ct, you get lots of biblical verses, a GORGEOUS border on three sides that repeats NOWHERE!

All the evergreens are different, there is one little dog facing the wrong way, tiny birds and critters everywhere, the whole thing is enchanting! Coded for Anchor or DMC floss, add some hand-dyeds if you want. I love every bit if this!!!!

Jenny Bean's The Parlor part 6 The Forest from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more The Forest
from Shakespeare's Peddler
This charming little woodland scene features a babbling brook full of fish and ducks, rabbits, squirrels and a big ol' buzzard in the sky. Measuring 170 x 100 in stitch count, it'll finish approx 6 x 11 on 32ct.

However... this is actually part 6 of the Jenny Bean Parlor Sampler! You can see the sampler progression on our Auto-Ship page... and join the stitch-a-long if you want! When the whole thing is finished, it'll be about 11 x 51 inches in size on 32ct!

Our Lasting Friendship from Blackbird - click for more The Bells on Christmas Day from Blackbird - click for more Ooh La La from Blackbird - click for more
Our Lasting Friendship, The Bells on Christmas Day & Ooh La La
from Blackbird Designs
Barb and Alma have been busy with three new books FULL of gorgeous projects and ideas along with all of Alma's exquisite pictures!
  • Our Lasting Friendship 3 Stitched designs celebrating friendship. Our Lasting Friendship is the large sampler - 11 x 12 on 36ct PTP Legacy Linen - make the center box larger if you have more friends you want to celebrate. Coded for Classic Colorworks hand-dyed flosses. Just Gorgeous! My Heart to Hold is a take-out of the larger design, shown on a box top to hold photos or special trinkets. Shepherd's Bush Pincushion is a small token design to special friends!!!
  • The Bells on Christmas Day Five designs in here, 20 pages... that gorgeous main sampler measures a petite 7 x 10 on 36ct Oaken hand-dyed by Picture This Plus. Adapted from an antique sampler, Barb and Alma made 4 other projects to coordinate! The Thimble Bag, glass box liner, pin cushion and little needle book are all included, beautifully photographed, and of course charted clearly. Finishing materials sources are included as well. Such a pretty book to page through!
  • Ooh La La Wow, this book (48 pages!) features 15 projects! It begins with lots of classic French designs that are all stitched in red. Then, we move on to a Sewing Box cover with birds and a basket, a bitty Pin Roll - it was stuffed with emery so it felt super heavy and it just fit in my hand! Rose Bouquet box top and a Spring Green Pin Cushion... we went from all reds to all of Barb and Alma's palette of soft roses and pretty greens!

#6 Polish Pottery - A Garden Mug from Olde Colonial -- click to see more #6 Polish Pottery - A Garden Mug from Olde Colonial -- click to see more #6 Polish Pottery - A Garden Mug
from Olde Colonial Designs
Oh wow... Pam's pottery lady went all out for us! This awesome 'pudgy mug' measures almost 6 inches wide - with the handle, the cup itself is 4-inches 'fat' and a little over 4-inches high, and is very heavy. It is a piece of hand-painted Polish Pottery. Pam has designed some cross stitch for the cup lid... and added a little wooden handle!

Tiny blue flowers to match the pottery artwork, these VERY LIMITED kits include the chart, 32ct linen, hand-dyed Classic Colorworks flosses, backing fabric and round finishing boards for the lid and the little finished wood knob handle. Best part is that you get to enjoy the mug before your stitching is finished... and since the lid lifts off... you can actually use this for soup or coffee, wash it, and trim it with your needlework in between using it!

Laurel Burch's Flying Colors in Cross Stitch for Mill Hill! - click for more
Laurel Burch's Flying Colors in Cross Stitch from Mill Hill
Wow... don't you love these bright colored fluttery butter and dragon flies? By Artist Laurel Burch - Mill Hill has charted her designs, given us white perforated paper, along with DMC floss and a smattering of Mill Hill glass seed beads to stitch these glorious studies in color!

Finishing approx 6 x 6, each is presented in full kit format. Frames shown are available separately. If fabric is your preference, choose a white in 14 or 28ct - so the beads will fit into the design.

Spring Acorns from The Blue Flower -  click for more Autumn Squirrel from The Blue Flower -  click for more Quilting Bee from The Blue Flower -  click for more
The Blue Flower, her Acorns and Squirrels, and a Bee!
We have lots of gorgeous new designs by a new designer - Jeannine McGowan - these are absolutely stunning, and I do not know how you are going to choose just one or two as favorites. Her Acorn cushions all measure between 80 and 90 stitches square - so not too big.

Hand-dyed silks are featured in Autumn Acorns with DMC conversions, and hand-dyed Gentle Art and Classic C flosses along with DMC conversions are used in the rest. (Some of the silks are not here yet for the Autumn piece... taking reservations for those, price TBA but approx $80. You use the SAME colors in the Autumn Squirrel - we think one set of silks will do both projects.)

Home of a Needleworker, Squared from Little House Needleworks -- click to see lots more

Home of a Needleworker, Squared -- Featuring CC's 3 NEW FLOSS Colors
from Little House Needleworks
Diane's small 'Market Release' kit, this measures 93 x 93 in size... stitch it on anything you want... you get complete skeins of her flosses in with the chart, so you have plenty of thread.

Eggshell, CAMPFIRE, Pine Needles, TRAIL DUST and STICKS AND TWIGS... (new are capitalized) are used. Chart comes with the 5 threads... we also have just the three flosses available 'open stock' as well. (a little easier on the stitching stash budget!)
Now Here from Plum Street... all offered in chart format.

Spring Saltboxes from Plum Street Samplers The Wool & Flax Co from Plum Street Samplers Yellow Polka Dot Bikweenie from Plum Street Samplers
  • Spring Saltboxes - Companion to Autumn Saltboxes 63 x 81 in stitch count, pretty houses against glorious skies!
  • The Wool & Flax Co - A companion to Milk and Cream Co, this is charming! There is a little border collie up there herding his sheep for his mistress, this is about 8 inches square on 32ct.
  • Yellow Polka Dot Bikweenie - The next *weenie-dog* pattern, this one is for summer... and one is wearing swim trunks, while the other is sporting that yellow polka dot bikini. This answers the age-old question... it is a YELLOW bikini with other-colored polka dots... or is it an any-color-bikini with YELLOW polka dots? It doesn't look to be a yellow bikini with yellow polka dots, though. 239 x 62 in stitch count
Fraktur Friends from Plum Street Samplers A Gentleman's Daughter from Plum Street Samplers Fox Few from Plum Street Samplers
  • Fraktur Friends - If you've been a member of our *A Little Help From Our Friends* Stitching Circle... you might recognize this design... it was one of ours a couple of years ago!
  • A Gentleman's Daughter - A companion to Miss Bingley's library, this features a fun quote from Pride and Prejudice... lots of organization in this... pretty lines.
  • Fox Few - The latest *STACK* of animals... just a few little foxes make up this pile of pleasure!
Holiday Hoopla #1 Easter from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
Ten Cute & New Designs From Brenda Gervais!
Presenting Holiday Hoopla - A New Series of Smalls
from With Thy Needle & Thread
Brenda is celebrating the seasons with some cute 3-inch designs... Easter will be the first... and it releases March 3rd. She says all are fun and quick to stitch. She is showing them mounted in little 3-inch wooden embroidery hoops... but if you're hot a *hooper* little cushions or something like that will work well too. (40ct needed for the 3-inch hoop finishing option.)

The second chart in the series will release in late April or early May and celebrate The 4th of July.

Ode to the Ort #2 from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more White emery Ode to the Ort #2
from With Thy Needle & Thread
This is With Thy Needle's second limited market kit (remember the Ort #1 Red Berry Basket from 2 years ago?) Stitch this tiny bluebird over one thread on 28ct Mushroom Lugana... he's only 52 x 52 stitches - so he finishes LESS THAN 2 INCHES in size! The kit includes a tin box (we think you have to paint it... and that she gives instructions for that...). A tiny hand-sewn strawberry emery dangles from the box lid - Brenda says it perfectly accents her bitty berry design!

A show exclusive kit... we already have our order in... so cross your fingers for availability! Kit includes cross stitch chart, tin box with lid, strawberry emery pattern (we sell real emery to stuff this with!), detailed finishing instructions, and all of it is packaged in a cute little box! Please do not wait to order these...We don't know how long they will last!

Spring Mrs Bunn E. Tail from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Where Liberty Dwells from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more To Quote Shakespeare from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
  • Spring Fling - Pink hand-dyed linen -- approx 10 x 6 on 32ct... we love the colors!
  • Mrs Bunn E. Tail - What a darling bunny! 71 x 106 in stitch count, she is worked on 36ct or your favorite fabric! Hand-dyed flosses.
  • Where Liberty Dwells - Two cushions - small is 95 x 72, larger is 111 square. Pretty hand-dyeds, both charts are in this same pack.
  • To Quote Shakespeare - *And in a tedious sampler sewed her mind* Just goes to show that Shakespeare knew NOTHING... if he thought samplers were tedious! Another paper mache' box finishing treatment like Brenda's Seasons in Baltimore, stitch the outside band and mount the fun quote inside a 3-inch hoop - or make it into a cushion! Both designs are in this chart.

Bee Our Guest from Noteworthy Needle - click for more
Bee Our Guest from Noteworthy Needle
Oh My Gosh, this is the ULTIMATE in being welcomed into a *HOME OF A STITCHER!* Noteworthy Needle has a cute little room sign - an information token - to let your guests know your Wi-fi password!

I love her network name in her promo pic - HIVE. The, the password - 14ct Aida! Only Janice could imagine this... and it's pretty cute! This is a must!

Flowers of the Seasons from Rosewood Manor - click for more By The Numbers from Rosewood Manor - click for more Grayfriar's Sampler from Rosewood Manor - click for more Churchfield Manor Sampler from Rosewood Manor - click for more
Four New Samplers from Rosewood Manor
Karen never does anything little! Here are 4 other new samplers available in 10 and 20-page booklets.

You can't see enough detail on these bitty pics... they are just teasers, aren't they? By The Numbers is NOT alphabets - it's NUMBERS! Float your mouse over each image so you know its name and then click them to see larger pics.

LW Motif Sampler 1821 from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more English Garden from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more Bouquet 1813 Kit from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more Pensee Savauge Kit from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more Floral Cup Pin Cushion Kit from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more
New Designs from Samplers Not Forgotten
  • LW Motif Sampler 1821 - This is a pretty pink and green floral sampler with a SUPER-antiquey flavor to it. 16 Different hand-dyed flosses in here, it is petite, but VERY pretty on color! Not too big, it finishes about 5-1/2 x 10 on 36ct... it is just charming!!!!
  • English Garden - This finishes approx 10-1/2 x 18 on 40ct. It is INTENSE! Stitched with Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed cotton flosses, you'll need multiple skeins of several of the colors, so buy your floss all at one time. Parchment (2), Confederate Gray (1), Sage (1), Garrison Green (3), Grape Vine (1), Red Pear (1), Pea Coat (2), Oscar (3), Whiskey (1), Gold (2), Sanguine (1), and Cinnabar (2). There are only Cross Stitches in this, but the borders and patterns are rich and full - the stitched piece in person was absolutely enchanting. Remember, you CAN break this up and make pin cushions out of some of the solid areas... and the 1813 floral basket on the right hand side is available separately as a cushion kit! This is lovely... buy it for your stash... it's worth it!
  • Bouquet 1813 Kit - That sweet little floral take-out from the English Garden Sampler... Kit of linen, finishing fabric, threads... so pretty!
  • Pensee Savauge Kit - Another delicate floral cushion kit... you get the finishing fabric, button and silk ribbon in here along with chart, linen and floss.
  • Floral Cup Pin Cushion Kit - Oh this is delightful! It is a soft spray of flowers stitched on Weeks Dye Works 36ct Tin Roof hand-dyed linen with Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed flosses. The complete kit includes the darling little 2-1/2 inch white enameled cup with the green ribbon for the rouching trim, along with linen and flosses. The heart-shaped waxer in the pic is included... and so are the 3 crystal pins! Really a fun way to finish a *small*... something to perch on a shelf, windowsill, or just another unique and interesting finishing treatment for a small design!
Spangled from Long Dog Samplers - click for more
from Long Dog Samplers
By Long Dog Samplers, the shop girls found this in our book racks and we realized that it missed the Long Dog web page! *Home is where your story begins.*

This little baby measures 205 x 277 - so approx 13 x 17 on 32ct. Coded for DMC or Gentle Art Sampler Threads, it has quite a prominent border of stars and angles. Colors featured are Raven, Moonlight Path, Wood Rose, Sable, Pink Azalea, Cherry Bark, Barn Grey, Sugar Plum, Cidermill Brown, Antique Rose, Cornhusk, Tropical Ocean and Buttermilk.

Miss Lucy Calcutt 1826 from Just Stitching Along - click to see more

Miss Lucy Calcutt 1826
from Just Stitching Along
By Just Stitching Along, Lucy did a sampler in 1825 at age 8 (shown on our Samplers page) and this one the next year at age 9!

12-Page full color chart format, coded for silks or DMC cotton, it has 28 colors and measures 281 x 380 in stitch count.

DMC Actual-Swatch Color Cards - click to see more DMC Actual-Swatch Color Cards
Wow, we have these again! There is a very limited opportunity on these... we didn't get many! UPDATED to include the 35 new colors from last Fall... this is a comprehensive listing of DMC threads, the color numbers, and the listing of what color is manufactured in what weights of thread. (floss vs pearls 3, 5, 8 and 12.) It features pretty blocks of actual flosses all lined up in color family, so you can see how all the colors blend with each other. The varigated and metallics are also in here.

Use this to reference colors, help choose colors for your projects, match label-less threads... all sorts of stuff! For years DMC wasn't manufacturing these cards - too labor-intensive I guess. All we were getting were printed cards - not the same as the REAL threads in there - so these are wonderful, and we're happy!

Songbird's Garden #8 Have Courage from Cottage Garden Samplings - click to see more
Cottage Garden Songbirds Series #8: Have Courage
from Cottage Garden Samplings
We are in the middle of a 12-part songbird series of charts by Cottage Garden Samplings. Beautiful birds, pretty flowers to go with each, our auto-ship continues on these.

You can get any or all of them released so far... you decide! Charts, choose any fabric you like best for them.

F is for Friend from Heartstring Samplery - click for more F is for Friend
from Heartstring Samplery
This is the 9th alphabet letter Heartstring Samplery has done. (Yes, she knows there are 17 more to go, but she is NOT releasing on any schedule.) Beth did the original design of this for our A Little Help From Our Friends Stitching Circle last year... and is now releasing a different version of it.

Joining A is for Acorn, B is for Beekeeper, C is for Coffee, M is for Mermaid, O is for Old Glory, and P is for Pomegranate... the numbers don't add up, and I think either this isn't #9... or we forgot some! Either way, chart... charming design... get it and make it for a friend!

See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Red -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Blue -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Yellow -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Green -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Purple -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Orange -  click for more
See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Yellow -  click for more *See Your Stuff* - Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches
WOW, these are awesome-turbo-super-nice heavy-duty plastic zippered pouches! Made from that heavy clear plastic you find on purses and backpacks, each is trimmed with VERY heavy-duty bright and cheerful polyester 'canvas' fabric.

Our sets of three matching pieces measure 16 x 16, 12 x 13, and 6 x 8. The middle-size one holds a full-size Prairie Schooler leaflet! And the big one... wow! See? The big one at right is holding 6 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies!

Each pouch is constructed the same way, except that the largest one features a top carrying strap. We have *6* different colorways to make your life more complicated, but we're happy anyway, because you will LOVE whatever color you choose! See Your Stuff - large bag containing 6 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies -  click for more

SEE YOUR STUFF in these... each top zipper is heavy-duty black... the sizes are nice and roomy, and because of the way they are sewn, they expand quite a way out. Very Nice for a lot of different uses!

6 Different colors: I looked through our thread drawers to find close matches: Red matches DMC 321, Blue - 798, Green - (nothing! It's that awesome neon, but close to 906 and 907), Purple - 550, Yellow - 973 and Orange - 608.

Stitch Frame Wraps from Stitchy Shelly - click to see more Stitch Frame Wraps (They're Here!) from Stitchy Shelly
These are new! One of our friends, Shelly from TX is sewing pretty quilted covers for your WIPs (works-in-progress) that are already mounted on your scroll frame! You pull your needlework in and out of your stitching bag all the time... but it's never really protected from damage. Ms Shelly has the answer! Pretty wraps... each is hand-sewn with quilted fabrics... assorted batiks and cute prints... they feature ties and are large enough to wrap around the bars of your scroll frame to COVER and PROTECT your stitching!

Two sizes available - the small one is 13 inches wide, the large is 20. If your frame is smaller than 13 inches - fold over the edges, if you are working on something larger than 20 inches - at least this will cover most of your stitching area. Shelly is showing at the upcoming Market for the first time. We're so excited for her, and wanted to share her awesome products with you. So... Presenting Shelly and her awesome Wraps! Feb 21 Note: these have arrived!

Needle Rolls from Stitchy Shelly - click to see more Needle Rolls from Stitchy Shelly, Too!
More function from Shelly, these are 9-inch-ish square mats to hold threaded needles and beads. Sewn of pretty fabrics (you can't see that side, sorry!) Shelly has lined each with flannel. When not in use, fold this over to close - like a checkbook. You can see her labels in there - thread numbers on them - with the threaded needles. The flannel keeps the threads from falling out of the needles and tangling... and you get all your threaded needles sorted there... all ready for the next stitch!

Great for beads as well... spill a few on here... they'll stay put while you're using them in your project. Such a simple idea that makes stitching life so much easier!!! We are expecting our Stitchy Shelly Stuff right at Market time in a couple of weeks... she's let me introduce her things early, and we're thrilled!

Sunnyside Sampler from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Sunnyside Sampler from The Drawn Thread!
Cynthia Zittel has three new designs - this one is my fav of the three. (Click the pic to see the others on her DT page). Always looking on the Sunny Side of the Street... this is a CHARMING neighborhood of houses, flats, apartments, condos, duplexes, hotels, bed and breakfasts, cottages and townhouses! I just love them all!!!

Presented as a chart, this is stitched on 32ct natural linen and finishes 4 x 20! Charted for Silks... we have those available with the charts for a limited time. Lots of conversion charts out there on the internet, you'll be able to convert to cottons if you need to. You know this is stuffed full of Cynthia's cool and unique specialty stitches... just makes it more fun to stitch!

Carrots and Cottontails Farm from Hands On Design - Featuring Hippity Hop!
Carrots and Cottontails Farm from Hands On Design - click to see more Carrots and Cottontails Farm from Hands On Design - click to see more Little Hippity Hop is only a bonus design in the first chart of Hands On Design's latest and upcoming Chalk series! I think it's the cutest little pin cushion, and I am featuring it here, because I don't want it to get lost in the shuffle of new stuff!!!!! Cathy's new chalk-art series will be full-sized charts celebrating holidays on the farm. Along with the main scene and 'sign' this year, we get pincushions as well.

Choose a gun metal gray fabric of your choice (There are many options from easy-on-the-eyes - 14ct hand-dyed to 36ct dark!!! You choose and do not be bullied by those who think their vision or their lamp is better than yours!) I am excited by that small bonus design - because I know I can get that done!!! (Felt leaves and orange buttons are on-your-own... but we have Weeks Schnigglets of wools and JABCO Sprinkles buttons that are perfect for that!) Series begins February 15. Auto-Ship will ship charts each time they release. Call us to discuss your fabric options!

Penelope's Posies from Lindy Stitches - click for more Penelope's Posies
from Lindy Stitches
This is a cute little pin cushion kit - A Market Exclusive - (meaning that it can only come home with shops that attended the trade show and bought these kits.) by Lindy Stitches. I LOVE the company name - I have to meet this woman - we share a common bond! A new designer, she's being mentored by several in the industry... I think this is darling!

Her Penelope's Posies kit features her chart, Lugana fabric, hand-dyed silk ribbon trim by Lady Dot Creates, a crown charm, cotton backing fabric and those 5 colorful little flower pins you see poking from the top! Super cute... the little kits are limited.
Penelope's Posies from Lindy Stitches - click for more
Bunny Lace Trio
from Lindy Stitches
A chart of these three designs that feature a way to highlight all your crazy overdyed threads.

Vintage County Mocha linen... get some trim and them dig through all your beloved random threads!

This design highlights three of Classic Colorworks flosses that have multiple color variations in them -- so no DMC conversions. Cobbled Peach, Goldfish and Meadow Green are featured. Three sweet cushions for the season!
It's A Party!... Our Febuary, 2019 Secret Needle Night Kit - click to see more

It's A Party!... Our Febuary, 2019 Secret Needle Night Kit
Our February's Secret Needle Night design is here! The Silver Needle opened March 1st, 1984... so it's our 35th Birthday!!!! I thought I'd do a party hat that would be fun to display each time someone in the family has a birthday or there is a special event!

Worked on 18ct white linen, we used just Pearl cottons and Fyre Werks metallic ribbon, with some frizzy Arctic Rays tossed in for glitz. The smattering of confetti beads are Mill Hill Magnificas, Pebble and Bugle. Complete kit contains the chart, fabric, threads and beads.

Blooms and Blossoms by Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill! - click for more
Blooms and Blossoms by Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill
Oh... these are bright and pretty!!! Mill Hill has commissioned 4 new designs by Debbie Mumm that have been converted to Cross Stitch with a smattering of seed beads.

Presented in their kit formats, each is stitched on 28ct linen, and finish approx 7 inches square. Bright, fresh colors... each kit comes with that fun fabric, all the threads and beads and needles. I like them all...not sure which is my favorite... frame them as shown on the kit covers, or maybe make block stand-ups???

Scary Apothecary from Hands On Design - click to see more Scary Apothecary from Hands On Design
Cathy Haberman is announcing a new set of 9 Halloween ornament designs that are vintage in color and feature fun Halloween-inspired humor. Presented in 6 x 9 card charts, the first 3 charts release in early March 2019.... last six will all be released by June pf 2019. Each piece finishes approx 3-1/2 x 5 on 32ct linen, and the entire set is stitched with Classic Colorworks hand-dyed flosses and 10 different #4 metallic Braids by Kreinik. The first three are: Bat Balm (*zing for your wing!*), Bitter Brew (for a fowl scowl!) and Broom Stick Fuel (gives your broom some zoom!)

Cathy recommends a 1/2 yard of linen for the set... but if you're careful, we think you can get by with a 1/4 yard piece... you decide. CC flosses are: Bean Sprout (2), Boysenberry Jam (1), Finley Gold (1), Frog Legs (2), Pumpkin Harvest (3), River Rocks (3), Shamrock (2), Sugared Violets (1), Ye Old Gold (1), Zack Black (4). Our Auto-ship gives you the options for charts, fabric, metallics and flosses... again... you decide which way you want to go. (Trust me, you don't have the Kreinik #4s!) Promises to be a super-cute set of designs with some fresh, fun sentiments!

Snowy 9 Patch from Annie Beez Folk Art - click to see more Snowy 9 Patch from Annie Beez Folk Art - click to see more
Snowy 9 Patch from Annie Beez Folk Art
This is the beginning of a small 9-square design with little snowmen. Each of the 9 parts measures only 45 x 45 stitches - with the red zig-zag border. Without, they are 40 x 40, and stitched on the Polka Dot 32ct Natural Petit Point linen, will be only 2-1/2 inches in size!

Just 7 shades of regular DMC floss, you can just enjoy some easy, quick stitching, or jazz these up a little with beads, buttons, furry or metallic threads... all sort of stuff! The entire piece with border will measure 139 x 139 - so about 8-1/2 inches. Part one is here, the rest will follow in the next few months.

Stitch An Inch Garden Ruby 'N Rose from By the Bay Needleart - click to see more
Stitch An Inch Garden from By the Bay Needleart - Ruby 'N Rose
This is the first chart in a series of 6 by Donna Bayliss. You get 4 flowers - 30 x 30 stitches each - in shades of DMC red. The other 5 charts will feature yellow, pink, orange, purple and blue - different flowers - in those colorways.

With your four flowers in this chart, you'll get FIVE different border arrangements, so you can mix and match ALL the flowers from your 'garden' of 6 charts. You can stitch this like directed OR make a million other decisions - following the options! Fabric is also YOUR choice!

Chart #1 - Ruby 'N Rose - released this week (January). The other 5 charts will follow each month in 2019 till June... when we finish. You can totally just get one chart, with one set of 4 flowers, or collect all six, and get a whole garden!

Grown With Love from Hands On Design - click to see more Grown With Love from Hands On Design
Here is the 6th and finishing installment in Hand On Design's series of Flap Jack and Short Stack Pin Cushions! A real cute set of round drum-shaped cushions with matching rectangles... we've followed 6 seasons, without them screaming they belong to a particular holiday.

Very pretty Lady Dot Creates hand-dyed velveteen and chenille trims have been featured along with special hand-made clay pins by Just Another Button Company. Clear and crisp designs with great colors... all six are available as charts with the velvet, chenille and favored pins!

Fragments in Time 2019 #2 Workshop from Summer House Stitch Workes - click for more Fragments in Time 2019 #1 Orchard from Summer House Stitch Workes - click for more Presenting the Summer House Stitche Workes 2019 Fragments in Time Collection
The 2019 set of smalls is beginning to appear... this year inspired by Shaker ideals of simplicity, industry, harmony and economy. Beth's set of 8 small card charts releases mid-January and a pair of them will follow every other month to finish this July. Stitch each individually for pin cushions or join them all together - she has a freebie border chart available here.

Stitched on 32ct, the whole set needs 2 skeins each of Mulberry, Cornhusk, Heirloom Gold, Carriage Black, Dublin Bay and Lemon Grass, and one package of Lady Dot's hand-dyed chenille in Thundercloud will be enough to trim all your cushions! Our Auto covers the little charts... advise us if you want linen, trim or threads! The auto begins late January 2019 and finishes in mid July 2019.

MAGnificent Floor and Table LED Magnifying Lamp from Daylight - click to see more
MAGnificent Floor and Table LED Magnifying Lamp
from Daylight Company
This is a pretty nice lamp! It is designed to work as either a floor lamp (with two different height options), or a table style. It can go from 20 inches high to 50. The daylight-balanced LED lights provide accurate color matching - a must for needlework.

The semi-rimless magnifier lens measures almost 6-inches in diameter! Flexible gooseneck arm can reach out to 23 inches. The only cord plugs into the base. There is no cord reaching through the stick of this! Weighs about 6 pounds, white. Very Nice!

Needle travel Guide to Shops - 2019 Edition - click to see more
Needle travel Guide to Shops - 2019 Edition
The newest travel Guide for shops across the country is here. It is a 6 x 9 format, 596 pages full of maps, shop listings, hours, product selection summaries, phone numbers and website info.

Perfect for a road trip because over 5000 shops are listed and referenced by highways and cities.

An awesome little directory -- you'll love it! (This weighs over a pound, so will definitely ship via Priority Mail.)
You Crafty Bitch Pouch and Crazy Socks - click for more You Crafty Bitch Pouch and Crazy Socks!
OK... this might upset of few of you (we don't mean to do that at all!), but the rest of you might LOVE these and actually have a friend or two that 'fits the bill!' By Blue-Q, 1% of the sales of these items supports the humanitarian work of Doctors Without Borders, and environmental initiatives around the globe.
  • 14 x 10 Top-zippered pouch - This is made of that super-sturdy recycled material that never wears out! It features this totally delightful design on both sides. Fits a cross stitch leaflet, fabric and project threads beautifully!
  • Women's Crew Socks - Fitting sizes 5 to 10 shoes, these little guys will bring a smile to any crafty lady's face! (and feet!) Nylon, cotton, spandex they feature the same cute artwork as on our Crafty Bitch pouches!!!

Yes, there's even MORE!     
Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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