Miniature Pumpkin Ornaments by Mill Hill - click to see more FUN FEATURE!

Miniature Pumpkin Ornaments
by Mill Hill

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Christmas Eve Couriers Dasher from Mirabilia -- click to see more Heather's Hedgehog House - A Limited Edition to the Mouse-On-A-Roll Series from Just Nan - click for more Presenting The 2020 Mill Hill Holiday Button & Bead Kits from Mill Hill - click for more The 2020 Winter Holiday Ornament Kits from Mill Hill - click for more Stitch in the Garden from Hands On Design - click to see more Gingerbread Cottage from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more One Hundred Hearts from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more

Birthday Mouse from Just Nan - click for more Presenting Birthday Mouse and her Birthday Garden Cube from Just Nan!
Just Nan Designs turns 29 years old this year. So to help everyone celebrate a special birthday, we present a little Happy Birthday Mouse and her little Garden Cube!

  • Birthday Mouse is a Limited Edition Ornament. She is wearing a special gold birthday hat secured with a white top pin and gold star sequin. She holds a balloon created from a frosted teal bead and a white wire string - so it floats forever! Her charming birthday outfit is decorated with birthday heart balloons, flowers and candles... and she has a lavender fringed scarf, scattered with confetti beads as well. *Happy 29* is stitched on her backside... there are numbers provided in case you need to personalize, because EVERYONE has a birthday!
    Birthday Garden Cube from Just Nan - click for more
    Stitched on 32ct Linen and coded for DMC floss, the chart comes with all the necessary embellishments of tail, base button, beads, hat and pin, star, balloon bead and wire. Fabric is offered separately. Little happy Birthday Mouse IS on Nan's Ornament Automatic... so if you are on OUR auto-ship for it, you will get it. The matching Cube is NOT on auto.

  • Birthday Garden Cube - This matches the little Happy Birthday Mouse! Each side of this 1-1/2 inch cube is covered with a different garden scene... complete with Lady Scarlet, Barnabee, Bella, and a pair of tiny garden mice. Balloons, striped candles, birthday bunting, flowers are everywhere! Multi-metallic beads decorate the bunting and a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY charm tops one of the garden scenes.

    The bottom of the cube has places for a name, year and the birthday number... alphabet and numerals are provided in the chart. Stitched on 32ct Linen you'll need DMC floss and a bit of Kreinik metallic. (You might have some in your stash) Little Birthday Mouse sits atop her cube, like a bow on the top of the gift! Chart comes with birthday charm.

Liberty and Justice from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Thoughts of Home from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Be True To Your Heart from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Find Joy from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
New Arrivals from Shepherd's Bush!
Tina and Teri are busy into Summer... they're sending new things to keep you busy if you're staying home to stitch!
  • Liberty and Justice - Cute little sheepie on blue linen, they have followed a red, white and blue color these, complete with gray long-stitched stars on the sheep. Complete kit with fabric, threads, buttons, and I bet - the chenille trim for this charming 4 x 4 pin cushion!
  • Thoughts of Home - 'Family, safe, love and joy -- those are the thoughts of home!' Presented in a leaflet format with button embellishment, this finishes approx 6 x 6 and features that lamb and house button as the central focus.
  • Be True To Your Heart - Presented in a leaflet, this 4 x 6 design is smattered with tiny buttons that accent your stitches. Button Pack available separately.
  • Find Joy - This is one of their 10ct Tula kits. Super-easy on the eyes, these are also PERFECT KITS for teaching a beginner. The design is cute, chart is full of Shepherd's Bush personality, you get the floss and button IN the kit... and they are NOT expensive. We think a 10-yr old could EASILY do these... might be a fun thing to help with 'at-home-fun!'

September Colors... Our July 2020 Secret Needle Night Kit - click to see more
September Colors... Our July 2020 Secret Needle Night Kit
Wow! This design has sold out already! Thanks! Click through to see more information on our Secret Needle Night program.
Doesn't feel like Autumn is coming... but here's your stitched promise of red and orange leaves and that big harvest moon! This month's Secret Needle Night is another one that we've finished flat or rolled into a drum pin cushion... I put a little owl on there, a couple of mushrooms and a raccoon. (My husband insists it's a cat, but it's a raccoon. Use your imagination!)

The design finishes approx 4 x 7 on 18ct Natural Linen. It's stitched with Alpaca wools, Velvets, and lots of Pearl Cotton and Fyre Werks metallic ribbon. Fabric, chart, threads, beads and needle are in your complete kit. Mona's Finishing Kit is optional - it has all the 'stuff' to finish into either the flat or stand-up! Pins, trims, fabrics - let us know if you need one!

Might Mighty Bright Rechargeable Floor Lamp - click for more Might Mighty Bright Rechargeable Floor Lamp from Erica Michaels - click for more How's Your Stitching Lamp These Days?
Been burning the midnight bulbs... but need a little more UUMPH?
The Mighty Bright Rechargeable Floor Lamp

We have a new magnifying lamp... rechargeable... LED... three light levels... totally adjustable head... covered gooseneck arm! It features 2X magnification with a 5X spot lens inside the main lens. Very sleek design, the whole thing weighs 14 lbs... the cord goes up through the stick, so there is no exposed cord if you don't want one! The battery will run the lamp on high for 2-ish hours and up to 7 hours on the low setting. There is also a AC power adapter included so you CAN plug it in.

The lights adjust from warm white (closer to incandescent) to bright white (daylight balanced). It's a nice lamp. Bulbs are covered, nothing funny sticking out anywhere - very clean and sleek. We'd ordered them before everything shut down in February - sold them, and couldn't get more right away... but they are here now, and we are thrilled! Might be time for a new light in your stitching area!!!

Ocean of Wisdom II from Erica Michaels - click for more Twinkle Berry from Erica Michaels - click for more Charlotte's Smalls from Erica Michaels - click for more
Three New Releases from Erica Michaels
  • Ocean of Wisdom II - Linda offers both a silk gauze main design in here - as well as 5 smaller take-out designs stitched on linen and finished into pin cushions! The main design - the medley of all 5 can be done on anything you want - but stitched on the provided cut of 35ct gauze, it finishes a delightful 3-1/2 inches square. Notice the 5 sections? Each of those are stitched on 36ct linen and then finished with all sorts of decorative trims and embellishments to make another really cute bowl-filling presentation. Everything is coded for Weeks hand-dyed flosses or DMC; it's a beautiful set of patterns! Gauze included as well.
  • Twinkle Berry - Here's another charming berry-shaped pin cushion featuring a star quilt motif. Stitched on natural colored linen, the white color is Week's Snowflake, so choose a fabric that will highlight that pale shade. This pattern also lends itself to a little square cushion as well - so that charted option is included as well.
  • Charlotte's Smalls - These are small take-out designs from Linda's reproduction of Charlotte Mullenger's antique sampler. The cushions are all stitched on anything you like - they are elegant - so Linda has them stitched in either silk or cotton hand-dyeds. Each one is pretty, but somehow, together, they make a stunning set of coordinating - but totally different from each other - little pieces! All the charts are included in the pack.

Grace of a Flower from Hands On Design - click to see more Present Blessings from Hands On Design - click to see more

Upcoming Arrivals from Hands On Design - Shipping to Silver Needle July 29th!
  • Present Blessings - Reflect upon your present blessings... of which every man has plenty! Part of a Charles Dickens quote, this finishes approx 4-1/2 inches square on White 32ct Belfast Linen.

    It uses regular ol' DMC! 152, 169, 610, 818, 3053 and 3778. There are hand-dyed button garnishes along the bottom... they are included in the chart.

  • Grace of a Flower - This finishes approx 4 x 6 on 32ct Platinum Belfast linen and is stitched with Barn Door, Bean Sprout, Deep Fennel, Frog Legs, Queen Bee, Trail Dust and Zack Black.

    May your day be blessed by the grace of a flower touched by the sun.

Present Blessings from Hands On Design - click to see more
A Banner Year! Ghosties & Gourds: Peek-A-Boo's in the Pumpkin Patch!
from Hands On Design
This is the first of an 'occasional series' - Cathy has no set release date schedule for the rest to come... but we are promised a companion design trio by year's end.

These three triangles finish together to form a little seasonal banner. They are stitched on 32ct Kermit hand-dyed linen by Picture This Plus. They are coded for Colour & Cotton hand-dyeds as well as DMC floss.

Seeds of Love from Heartstring Samplery Farm

Farm Folk & Penny Cushions and Seeds of Love from Heartstring Samplery
Heartstrings Samplery has released two new patterns - and they are here!
  • Farm & Folk Penny Cushions features two designs with little round 'penny' designs on their edges.
    'Here a Peep' measures about 5 x 6 on 32 - it has the CUTEST little farm animals all over it! Pigs and cows and sheep - it is super cute.
    The 'Folk Bouquet' is smaller - about 4-1/2 inches square. It actually has the same flower on it as the Farm one... but Beth color-coded it NOT in sunflower colors!
  • Seeds of Love - Just a sweet pattern that measures about 4 x 4... it's stitched with a few Weeks hand-dyed cottons. I like the finishing trim - it's rik-rak that is glued to the inside edges of the frame!
Three New Designs from With Thy Needle

CS285 The Witches Brew from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more CS284 Hilda Boo & Sunflowers Too from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more CS286 Autumn Gatherings from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
  • The Witches Brew - This is stitched on a gray color - and finishes approx 3-1/2 x 4-/12 on 36ct. The little witch is standing atop her cup of brew... but it doesn't look like it's a scary cauldron of something yucky at all! Brenda garnished with a metal spoon charm she found on Etsy - it's a cute idea! I think that orange rik-rak sets it off too! (probably Lady Dot Jack color.) Stitched with bits of DMC and hand-dyeds.
  • Hilda Boo & Sunflowers, Too - Stitched on a rich deep purply background, this finishes approx 4-1/2 x 6 on a 40ct. Choose something dark and fun - it really makes that yellow (GAST Gold Leaf) pop!
  • Autumn Gatherings - This is chart # 1 of a 4-part set of the seasons. Finishing approx 4 x 5 on 36ct Heartland by Picture This Plus, this is worked with a mixture of hand-dyed flosses, and trimmed with Lady Dot's hand-dyed Vintage Twill Tape. Brenda says all four will be this shape, but you can finish in a regular square shape if you'd rather. No word on release dates yet, or fabric and twill choices for the rest... but at least enjoy THIS one now - we think it's darling! We'll be doing an auto-ship for the rest of the Gatherings - sending charts as each is released!

Stitching With The Housewives Presents Truckin' Along October - click to see more Stitching With The Housewives Trick or Treat - click to see more Stitching With The Housewives Calvin and Trixie - click to see more
New Releases from Stitching With The Housewives - Due to Arrive August 5th-ish!
Stitching With the Housewives newest three releases are darling! All are presented as charts.
  • Truckin Along - October - That perky little truck is always full of something, and covered with chickens! This month the kitty on the truck roof is so cute! A year of Vintage Trucks... we do have an auto-ship for these if you want to collect all 12 charts.
  • Trick or Treat - Tons of fun Halloween color! Between the stripes on the witch's hat, the checks on her skirt and the curly-q's holding the candy corn garland together, you almost miss the little kitty perched atop the pumpkins!
  • Calvin and Trixie - Here is the next 'Sip of the Seasons' design - that delightful black cat is holding his 'Cup-o-Joe' - only it has a little purple witch tucked inside (hopefully not swimming in hot coffee!) Stitch just the cat... or surround him with his jack-o-lantern border!

Christmas Square Dance #3 from Heart in Hand - click for more Pocket Round Crow from Heart in Hand - click for more Patchwork Crow from Heart in Hand - click for more
Newly Arrived from Heart in Hand!
  • Christmas Square Dance #3 - Here are the next three HAPPY THINGS about the Christmas Season - Cozy, Jolly and Toys! Heart in Hand is continuing her 12-part mini-design series - Christmas Square Dance. You will end up with 12 coordinating ornaments, bowl fillers, or small squares that you can stitch in any arrangement you want! Cute as can be, Cecelia has featured some unexpected-but-traditional themes in this set... very colorful, lots of fun bitty surprises on them! Presented in 4 different charts, each chart includes three designs... so these are #7, 8, and 9 in the set.
  • Pocket Round Crow - This is a delightfully LITTLE black bird perched atop a plump pumpkin. The design finishes only about 2 x 2 - because it is designed to sit on top of Cecelia's newest Heartware Bowl - her small Gray one. (It really has no name!) Half the size of her creamy white bowl - the new mini-gray is the CUTEST! Anyway, this is a small design for that smaller topping. He comes as a small card chart.
  • Patchwork Crow - Share your harvest to give meaning to life and peace to your heart. This little guy finishes about 6 x 6 and he's stitched with a smattering of Weeks hand-dyed flosses. Great Autumnal colors, he looks like he's already enjoyed a FULL Thanksgiving meal! Presented as a 6 x 9 chart.

Snow village #11 Snow Cone Cart from Country Cottage Needleworks -- click to see more
Country Cottage's Snow Village is finally finished!
All 11 parts are now here... you can stitch each individually or join them together for the charming village. We've been collecting for a year... and Snow Cone Cart is the final design!

We've sold all sorts of different fabrics for this - mostly, you want a gray or blue so all the snow shows up... some have added opalescent threads, some have added beads... you do whatever makes you happy!

Hometown Holiday #21 Post Office from Little House Needleworks - click to see more
Little House's 21st Hometown Holiday Release: The Post Office
Here's a surprise pattern... an unexpected #21 design in the Hometown Holiday Series! The Post Office joins the rest as a 3-1/2 x 5 design that can be finished as it's own individual stand-up block... the plan was to line up your buildings to present a stitched Hometown Holiday City!

The chart calls for the same colors as the rest in the series, so your thread stash ought to be stocked with these colors by now!

Little Berry Thief from Scattered Seed Samplers - click to see more
Little Berry Thief
from Scattered Seed Samplers
This is a sweet berry-shaped pin cushion with a little brown bird nibbling his precious and ripe strawberry. Stitched on 36ct Vintage Country Mocha linen with regular ol' DMC of B5200, 221, 869, 3011 and 3799... it finishes about 3-1/2 x 4-1/2 inches in size.

The chart includes an actual-sized template for the fabric size, and another for the green leaf top. Make that from vintage fabric or some wool. I like that Feather Stitching on the backside, too; it closes your berry!

#251 Hugs & Kisses Dish Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more A cute New Dishtowel Design
from Bareroots... Because I Said So!
Barri has a new design in her fun set of embroidered dish towels... this one sports 'The Absolute Truth! *Because I said so, Mom.* All of these 100% cotton towels come with the line design drawings (ready to be transferred on with our super-special transfer paper), the flosses and rik rak trim for towel ends.

Grab an old fashioned embroidery hoop and practice up on Lazy Daisy and Long stitches... and you're good to go! Because I Said So is part of the set of 12 other monthly and holiday towels... all are just the cutest!

LR 1844 Sampler by Reflets de Soie -- click to see more!

LR 1844 Sampler
from Reflets de Soie
Here's another gorgeous antique reproduction from Reflets de Soie. Presented in chart format - we have it with or without her pre-sorted silk threads. The stitch count is 261 x 302 (silks are enough for 36 or 40ct fabric), but this is also coded for DMC floss as well.

That gorgeous wandering border surrounds 9 floral bouquets and urns - I think quite a few of them would be pretty stitched as individual pin cushions. The reds are 321 and 498, but the brightest yellow is only 676. The greens are 3051, 3012, 3011 and 372 - all very soft.

Just Cross Stitch Halloween 2020 Issue - click to see more Just Cross Stitch 2020 Annual Ornament Issue - click to see more
The Annual Ornament and Halloween Issues of Just Cross Stitch Magazine
It's time to order this year's very limited-in-production annual issues that feature lots and lots of seasonal smalls! Both magazines ship to us approx 6 to 8 weeks before they hit news stands - we love that! Here are the teaser cover-pics...
  • The 2020 Just Cross Stitch Annual Collector's Halloween Issue is Here!
    They say you can't judge a book by it's cover... and I think one could say there is a lot more inside this little gem than the cover suggests! That Cat pic on the cover is darling... but LOOK at what else is in here! There is a pic of the 'Gallery Page' - the page guide for all the projects - and two more large designs that I think are awesome! 58 charts in all... The Halloween Issue is your Treat - not a Trick! Enjoy!
  • The 2020 Annual Ornament Issue ships to us the first week of September 2020! It has 70+ designs - I think I see a little gnome on there!
Kitties in the Round from JBW Designs - click to see more Doggies in the Round from JBW Designs - click to see more Christmas Ornaments II Limited Edition Collector's Book from JBW Designs - click to see more Blessings from JBW Designs - click to see more Hope from JBW Designs - click to see more
Kitties in the Round, Doggies in the Round, Christmas Ornaments II, Blessings, Hope
Here are the 5 newest releases by JBW!
  • Kitties and Doggies are both about 68 stitches round in size, and can be stitched on anything you want with any color you want! Judy shows them finished as ornaments, and tucked into box lids.
  • Christmas Ornaments II is a compilation of out-of-print teeny-tiny ornament designs Judy has published over the years. 20 In all, they are shown stitched over one on 28ct, but you can do anything you want with them! Presented as a spiral-bound 5 x 7 mini-book.
  • Blessings and Hope - Both of these measure around 2 x 9 on 32ct... coded for DMC or hand-dyed threads. Small designs with a big message!

Pepperberry's Halloween Lucky 13 - The Halloween Lollipop Series - click to see more HWL03-XS Fancy Black Cat from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more HWL06-XS Green Eyed Mummy from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more HWL11-XS Dapper Skeleton With Basket from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more
Three new Halloween Lucky 13 Lolly-Pops from Pepperberry Designs
The next three happy-scary Halloween faces by Pepperberry are here. A set of 13 in all, each of these is worked on Weeks hand-dyed linens of 32ct Chartreuse, Pumpkin or Peoria Purple, and finished into flats-on-sticks.

Get out all your fun metallics and cute embellishments from your stash to dress these up if you want. Each finishes approx 4 or 5 inches in size. They are presented in individual charts, so you can collect just your favorites or the entire set.

Simple Gifts - O Holy Night from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more

Simple Gifts - O Holy Night
from Praiseworthy Stitches
Praiseworthy Stitches has a new Quaker-inspired sampler - scattered with lacy motifs. Measuring 212 x 204 stitches, it finishes 13 inches square on 32ct.

Stitched with hand-dyeds of Cucumber (6), Indian Summer (2) and Whiskey (2), it's just a pretty thing! Remember that you can finish all those edge motifs by mirroring the images... so if you want, you can have matching pin cushions or ornaments for this!

Pandemic! from Long Dog Samplers - click for more

from Long Dog Samplers
Well, I'd say so! Long Dog has a new piece entitled Pandemic! Something to 'calm your stitching nerves' during the pandemic? Whip up this intricate beauty while you're staying home to stitch! Stitch count is 365 x 429 - so it'll finish approx 20 x 24 on 36ct.

Jools talks about the nature and symptoms of a Cross Stitch Pandemic - the pathways to transmission and symptoms to watch out for. She gives the stitcher instruction on how to deal with the Stitching Disease - the entire back page of the chart is just a delight to read! Meanwhile, grab your favorite fabric and choose some threads... and try to ride it out working on this design! Presented as a chart.
Summer Breeze from The Prairie Schooler -- click to see more

Summer Breeze
from Prairie Schooler
Another PS reprint has arrived. This one has 2 designs, a vertical measuring about 4 1/2 x 9 1/2, and one that measures about 4 1/2 square, called Summer Foursome.

The verse begins, "In summer when the days are hot, I like to find a shady spot." A delightful set to include in your collection.

The Gnome Quartet Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
New Christmas Kits from Mill Hill
The Gnome Quartet
Oh my gosh... these are SO CUTE! Just in time for '100-degree-outsides-so-stay-inside-stitching' weather, come these 4 little gnome designs! Presented as complete kits of 28ct linen with floss, needles, chart and a few Mill Hill glass beads, these little guys finish approx 6 x 6 each. We have a skiing, sledding, fishing and hiking gnome - my favorite though is that little bunny riding in the sled!

(As a added feature you COULD use Rainbow Gallery's Wisper thread for the beards. It is a very thin and very furry thread, 70% kid mohair and 30% nylon.... it is NOT included in the kits. Totally just a suggestion of mine - it comes on 20 yd cards, white, cream and grays... check you stash to see if you have any!) Anyway, super cute designs, since they are on linen you have the option of framing them or making pillows!

The Mouse Trilogy Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
The Mouse Trilogy Aren't these little things darling? Three new stitched and beaded designs by Mill HIll, each finishes about 5 x 5. They are stitched on 14ct perforated paper with DMC floss and garnished with Mill Hill glass beads. Super-cute for tree ornaments, they are a bit on the larger side, but because they are worked on the paper, they are flat and lightweight - so PERFECT for tree ornaments! Patsy Pine's feet are poking out from the wreath, and how can you not love that Mac Cheese guy? Complete kits of paper, beads, floss, chart and needles.

Special Delivery from Les Petites Croix De Lucie - click for more

Vintage Sewing Accessories from Les Petites Croix de Lucie
This is a neat pattern. It is a medley of antique sewing accessories and tools, all stitched with 26 various shades of DMC floss. The charts in here are huge, and all in color. You can stitch each 'thing' individually or do the entire medley, which measures 117 x 141 - so only 7 x 9 on 32ct!

It looks a lot bigger than that, so the moral of this story is PIN CUSHIONS AND LITTLE SEWING CASES! That tape measure is about 15 x 60 the button card is only 34 x 34, the safety pin is only 10 x 30... these are enchanting little what-nots! Get the chart, and then figure out what you want to do with all the designs... this is a 'must have!'

Christkindlmarkt by Pickle Barrel Designs - click to see more Christkindlmarkt part 1 by Pickle Barrel Designs - click to see more Christkindlmarkt part 2 Glass Stand by Pickle Barrel Designs - click to see more Christkindlmarkt Part 3 Ornament Stand by Pickle Barrel Designs - click to see more Christkindlmarkt Part Four Patisserie by Pickle Barrel Designs - click to see more Christkindlmarkt Part Five Hot Cider by Pickle Barrel Designs - click to see more Christkindlmarkt Part Six Pretzel Stand by Pickle Barrel Designs - click to see more
Christkindlmarkt from Pickle Barrel Designs
This is dear to the hearts of the ladies here at The Silver Needle! It is a set of small designs all stitched together of a Christmas Market Scene! We hosted a Christmas Markets Cruise trip down the Danube River with Jeannette Douglas 4 years ago - and are planning our next one THIS COMING December! So... everyone who went on our delightful trip - or who is going on the next one will have to have this!

By Pickle Barrel Designs, the top part is the header for the piece - check out those little gnomes (which have always been popular in Germany - but not here until recently!) Then, the glass Blowing booth - the first of the six stands. Parts 3 through 7 will be the glass ornament stand, a bakery, hot apple cider, (they all serve hot 'glu-wein' - hot sangria-type wine in special little mugs to collect from each market), hot pretzels and the roasted nuts! (We are only waiting for #7 for this series to finish. The individual stand designs all finish about 4 inches each. (Actually, there are terrific hand-made items at those markets too... and you should SEE the decorated trees the towns put up in City Center as well!)

ANYWAY, I know our gals will add metallics and beads and fun threads to these... and maybe even tape a few ticket stubs and market fliers to the back of their finished framed piece! Even if you aren't coming along on our next cruise... this is a super-charming piece! It's a must have! We're offering an auto-ship for this. The first two charts shiped in March... the rest follow monthly-ish till it finishes sometime in August-ish! Coded for DMC and Weeks hand-dyeds, it finishes about 16 x 16 on 25ct Lugana - so any other fabric will make it smaller as well.

Be Not Weary from Hands to Work - click for more Return the Kindness from Hands to Work - click for more
Return the Kindness & Be Not Weary
from Hands to Work
These are two vintage designs by Hands to Work that we carried in the shop 20 years ago, and here they are again! Measuring 95 x 106, each can be stitched on anything you want - they are coded for DMC or silks - same colors in both - and measure a mere 5 x 5-ish on 40ct.

The rabbits are cute, but the combination of all the different borders makes them so charming. They kind of match, kind of don't... they'd be a cute pair of block stand-ups on a window sill!

Folly Farmhouse from Artful Offerings - click for more Giddy Goat from Artful Offerings - click for more Giddy Goat & Folly Farmhouse
from Artful Offerings
Artful Offerings has two new designs to add to her fun collection of 'geometrically balanced' artwork.
  • Giddy Goat measures about 8 x 8 on 30ct Weeks Dove hand-dyed linen. He is worked with Weeks or DMC flosses and features a delightful coat of diamond shapes and striped apples. Your eye is treated to round, diagonal and strong vertical directions in this piece... while all the time, the little guy is wearing his dapper bow tie, and waiting for you to notice! He's bringing you an apple!
  • Folly Farmstead is a trim farm... clean and organized, with a fantastic landscaper! Check out those topiary trees of the resident farm animals! Stitched on Weeks Beige Linen with Weeks hand-dyed flosses, it finishes about 13 x 6! I just noticed that the pots are different colors!

Summer Hill from Plum Street Samplers Nightshade Bird from Plum Street Samplers Summertide Blessings from Plum Street Samplers Tomato Dame from Plum Street Samplers Grace on Thee from Plum Street Samplers
New Arrivals fromPlum Street Samplers.
Paulette has several Summer Releases - for some reason she is really into TOMATOES this time around - maybe she's growing some in her garden!
  • Summer Hill - A Companion to Autumn Hill, Paulette tells us that one of the 'hill sisters' is standing next to her garden flag. Stitched in good old DMC floss, the stripes on the flag are over one thread, and the stars on her skirt are dome with straight stitches.
  • Nightshade Bird - A fun finishing treatment for this black-and-pink bird who is carrying a cherry tomato vine... I like the primitive x-stitches that decorate the top and bottom edges of the linen. Measuring 3 x 10 on 36ct, you can't see the entire design, but the busy little bird and vine are intertwined with the alphabet. The Nightshade reference in the title again refers back to tomatoes. There are no finishing instructions included for that velvet tomato on top - but probably easily found online somewhere.
  • Summertide Blessings - More Tomatoes! Paulette describes this: A Nightshade-loving lady riding atop her squawking steed, showing off her prized tomatoes while carrying her beloved country's banner and counting her blessings. Quite a mouthful! Anyway, stitched on a dusty denim blue shade of linen, it measures 132 x 97 - or 6 x 9 on 32ct.
  • Tomato Dame - This another fun one - more tomatoes! 89 x 97... Choose that blue again, or something with a lot of gold in it to contrast the tomatoey-reds... cute pin cushion!
  • Grace on Thee - This one is very balanced and organized - and showcases a very talented landscaper! Measuring 128 x 120, it finishes 8 x 8 on 32ct and is stitched on a light neutral. I love the over-one on the flag, all the panes in the windows, all the lines of the bricks - all of that is straight. Then, the topiary evergreens in the garden with the little quilt star motifs on them contrast the squares with circles and points! And, Paulette reminds us to take note of that timely verse at the top!

Well Rounded! from Hands On Design - click to see more New Designs from Hands On Design...
Lets Talk Autumn! #1 in Hands On Designs' Chalk Talk Series

This trio of designs, presented in one chart, begins a new 4-season set of 'words-of-the-season.' Cathy has done a main design which is 7 x 9 in size when stitched on 32ct. It is shown in an 8 x 10 frame. Then, there are two smaller take-out-designs from the main - that you can finish in different ways. Same design charm and personality - just less stitching time involved! Worked with DMC floss, choose any count of the many chalkboard-colored fabrics available - just get something you can see to work with. (We estimate a 1/2 yard for all 4 large pieces; you can get 6 of the smaller ones from a 1/4... depends on how many of the pieces you want to stitch.)

Notice the leaves on the hoop finish? Those are stitched on perforated paper! Cathy is using 14ct brown perf paper for a cute finish on all four of her seasons. Spring, Summer and Winter will follow in this order, and most likely release every 8 weeks or so. If you like that trim option, a package of brown perforated paper contains two 9 x 12 sheets, and will be plenty to do all four, even while splitting the package with a friend! All the seasonal colors just POP on that dark fabric, this will be a fun set of designs! We'll do an auto-ship for the charts as they release... you decide on fabrics and the paper option as you wish... there are tons of choices for both!

SS217 Naughty or Nice from Hands On Design - click to see more SS216 Deer Santa from Hands On Design - click to see more
Deer Santa and Naughty or Nice
from Hands On Designs
The next two Secret Santas are releasing! Just the cutest little guys, each makes a 3 x 4-ish ornament. We still have some of Stephanie's Hand Dyed fabrics available in Lugana options for these... but if the blue isn't your favorite, they do look good on khaki shades as well.

Each Santa comes on his own chart; the set contains 8 (the ones already released 1, 2, 3 and 4) are pictured on our auto-ship page) and the 9th Santa design - The Secret Santa - is a composite of components of those first 8 charts.

Lets Mingle & Jingle from Imaginating - click for more Sampler Santa from The Needles Notion - click for more Clean Dishes from Dames of the Needle - click for more PuntiniPuntini When I Think of Spring - click to see more July 4th from Shannon Christine Designs - click to see more
Lets Jump Into Some Other Seasons for a Minute! We have some cute new arrivals.
  • Lets Mingle & Jingle from Imaginating - Look at these cute little gnomes! Five little guys all tucked into a snowglobe... we like the fact that you can just stitch them individually for ornaments! The gnomes in Germany and Europe are all red, white and gray... so these are pretty spot-on. You could even get creative and use Wisper for the beards, and stitch them in Gentle Art's Simply wool! Leaflet format, coded for DMC.
  • Sampler Santa from The Needle's Notion -- This is an interesting little guy - he's worked on 28ct linen, and finishes into a 5 x 11-1/2 inch stand-up. 158 x 166 In stitch count... there ARE a lot of stitches on him, but he's so cute! His arms are moveable, and you can adjust them to hold a little tree if you want. You'll need 5 skeins of GAST Cranberry - it calls for only 2 skeins of DMC white floss - but I think Simply Wool or Wisper for this beard would be stunning. Lettie says: Sampler Santa is sporting the latest in winter fashion. His traditional red jacket is covered with sampler-inspired motifs, including an alphabet, deer, evergreens and bunches of holly. He has matching mittens that feature a tree within a star border. Complete finishing instructions are included in the chart... so unique!
  • Clean Dishes from Dames of the Needle - This would make a fun Halloween decoration for the kitchen... although it really isn't technically a Halloween design. *Scary Cat, Salem Witches, need a spell to clean my dishes!* Pick a mangy fabric, and choose any black hand-dyed thread you have... this measures 72 x 198 in size - so 4-1/7 x 7 on 32ct. It'd be a fun little stand-up cube just sitting there on the counter! Presented as a chart.
  • Enjoy Every Stitch from PuntiniPuntini - Puntni Puntini has a super-cute stitch design that would make a fun sign to hang in or around your stitching area. It'd also be really nice mounted onto the front of a stitching envelope pouch... and it'd make a cool brick stand-up that could double as a MAJOR pin cushion! Measuring 95 x 63 - it would finish a mere 4 x 6 on 32ct. Coded for regular DMC floss, the chart comes with two of Puntini's handmade embellishments - a little button and a tiny spool. Really, really cute... chart with buttons.
  • July 4th from Shannon Christine - We like those awesome fireworks in the sky on this one! Stitch count of 69 x 90 makes this about 4 x 5 - actually the size of the picture on the cover. 10 Different shades of DMC are used.

I'd Rather Be Stitching Scissor Fob from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Itty Bitty Kitty - At The Lighthouse from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more
A Few New Releases from The Sweetheart Tree...
Sandie V has been designing for years and years, and is adding a couple of smaller designs to her ongoing collections.
  • Itty Bitty Kitty - At The Lighthouse
    Itty Bitty Kitty always shows up in different places, during all the seasons - this time, she's at the beach! Presented in a small card format, she finishes about 3 x 3, and features some frosted flower bead embellishments. Stitched on 32ct Lambswool.
  • I'd Rather Be Stitching Scissor Fob is a cute little thing... Sandie has a TON of detailed little fobs - this one matches her Biscornu and Stitching Needlebook in this set. Bees and tiny spools of thread - each side is different - but the total stitch counts are only 27 x 29. You don't have a huge time investment with these - just a lot of bang-for-your-stitching-time! The older designs all featured twisted cord made from floss... she's upping the game with the beaded trim features - which are super easy and fun to do!

Finishing Kit for Ladies Garden Journal from Summer House Stitch Workes - click for more Solomon's Seal Ladies Garden Journal from Summer House Stitch Workes - click for more Ladies Garden Journal #4
from Summer House Stitche Workes
Rambling Roses are the next flower to celebrate in your stitched garden! Beth Ann writes: Roses, a cottage garden isn't complete without them. Whether it is a border of shrub roses, a trellis of climbing roses, or a finely trimmed topiary, they become the center piece. Then, she goes on to admit tht she might not be the best gardener - so loves the recent cultivars of Knock-Outs and Drift varieties!

You are stitching 6 different garden flowers in this series, and if you use the finishing kit, you can assemble all the panels into a neat little zig-zag folding 'book' to display on a coffee table, sill, or shelf. A fun and creative finishing alternative to pincushions and framing!

Sampler Bands from Carriage House Samplings - click to see more Busy Hands Happy Heart from Carriage House Samplings - click to see more New Arrivals from Carriage House
  • Busy Hands Happy Heart
    A fun little piece that measures 83 x 84 in stitch count... coded for silks or DMC. It'd make a cute pin cushion or block-shape stand-up... it's a striking design.

  • Sampler Bands
    DO NOT LOOK AT THE SHELL - Look at the skinny little ribbons laying across it... THOSE are what you are stitching! Enchanting little ribbons of stitching... each is worked on 36ct linen (but you could use anything)... and stitch counts are 581 x 9 - so 1/2 an inch high by 32 inches long! Kathy will have a better picture on her leaflet cover than this one - hopefully showing her bands around baskets, wrapped around antique wooden thread and ribbon spools, as trim on stitching pouches and sewing pocket straps.

    Use your imagination with this idea... she is simply using regular fabric, turning under the edges, and then putting her ribbons some place neat! Note: There is also some pre-finished linen banding on the market - I am going to order some for this - but at the moment, I am on vacation writing this from my phone, so I do not have those details! Get the chart now... make your own ribbons, or get the banding in a few weeks when I can supply all that info and it is here!

WIP It Good from Heartstring Samplery - click for more You Make My Heart Happy from Heartstring Samplery - click for more You Make My Heart Happy and WIP It Good from Heartstring Samplery
  • You Make My Heart Happy - Heartstrings Samplery has a new release - a 6 x 10 sampler full of her favorite things - houses, birds, flowers, her Farmboy's initials, her cup of coffee and her stitching scissors! Stitched on 32ct Picture This Plus fabric with Weeks hand-dyed cottons, you can add what ever else makes you happy, as long as you can chart it.

  • WIP It Good - This measures 117 stitches square and is stitch with Weeks dye Works Grits thread on 32ct Weeks Dove colored linen. She's put little scissors and threaded needles in here - to signify the WIPs of the 2020s - your Works in Progress. Might be an area you'd want to personalize or something. If you put this over one on 25ct Lugana (something most everyone can see), it'd make a pretty biscornu. Put a gorgeous button in that center area, it'd be less than 5 inches and finish into a pretty cushion.

PN241 Home from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more XS219 Fabulous Monsters #2 from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more XS252 Snarky Cat from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more XS4004 Land That I Love CW Sampler from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Teresa Kogut has Five New Sampler Designs
We have a few new charts and a punch needle design.
  • PN241 Home - Wow, how pretty! This punch needle design finishes to 5-1/4 x 7 inches - the line drawing design is ready to be transferred onto the weavers cloth, this little piece will look stunning framed! You'll find this one in the punch needle section of our Teresa Kogut page.
  • XS219 Fabulous Monsters #2 - How funny are these little guys? Groovy Gary and Frightened Fred finish about 4-1/2 x 5 each... stitch them together in a line, or singly... they are the second pair of Monsters, and go with Skelly and Party Pete!
  • XS252 Snarky CatSnarky Cat - I love this one - how disgusted does he look? And the Jack is HAPPY about it all! Everything is fun about this - the leaf shapes in the background, the contrast of the cat, the shape and stripes on the pumpkin and yet more geometric shapes on the bottom border. Snarky and his Jack finish approx 5 x 5 on 40... or under 6 x 6 on 32.
  • XS4004 Land That I Love - This is another of Teresa's bigger samplers - it measures 288 x 292 - so 16-1/2 done on 32ct. SO MANY cute motifs and borders on this... everywhere you look on this, the houses are neat, the baskets are cool, the colors are all rich cranberry and brick reds, navy and denim blues and rich golds. Stitch it in its entirety or split up the elements - this is lovely!
Blackbird's Sweet Land of Liberty - click for more

Come Into My Garden from Blackbird Designs
A Fresh Arrival! Barb and Alma's latest release measures 245 x 253 in size, is stitched with lots of hand-dyed cottons, and is shown here on 36ct Picture this Plus Veldt colored linen.

Our pic is kind of dark and the fabric is blotchy... so it's more colorful in person, and we have lots of pretty fabric options as well! Presented as a leaflet.
Soar into Summer from Jeannette Douglas Sew Together #8 Silks & Wools from Jeannette Douglas Sew Together #7 Letters & Numbers from Jeannette Douglas New Designs from Jeannette Douglas Designs!
  • Sew Together #7 and #8 - The final two designs in the 8-part piece... each 4 x 4 pieces has dealt with something near and dear to stitchers! Scissors, buttons, threads, needles and trims - each small design makes its own pin cushion, but can also be joined together to make a charming sampler of squares!
    Choose any fabric you like to work on! Sew Together 7 is Letters and Numbers... #8 talks about silks and wools. Offered as separate charts, they all follow the same color scheme, so you will have a lovely set - no matter how many of them you collect to stitch!
  • Soar into Summer is the second seasonal basket of flowers - it companions Jump Into Spring - which has already been released. A sweet 4 x 5-ish piece, it features a perky and quirky border with a few rows of specialty stitches along the bottom of the basket.
    This is going to be a lovely 4-piece set... the third -- Fall Into Autumn is coming in September, and the 4th - Cozy Into Winter releases in December. (It was our exclusive Circle of Friends design last November - do you remember?)

Celebrate 4th of July from Madame Chantilly
Celebrate 4th of July
from Madame Chantilly
Here's a cute design by Madame Chantilly - who is from Italy - where they HAVE a 4th of July, but it's just a normal day! For us, the decorations are all about the fun little things perched on her holiday tree. Betsy, the flag, stars and stripes, and the bitty eagle at the top!

Very pale colors of DMC 645, 646, 676, 815, 926, 930, 3011, 3012, 3371, 3790, 3856 and white... it measures a whopping 10 x 17 on 14/28... so maybe pick 18/36 to make it 8 x 13! Actually, I even like just the top half from Betsy on up! Fun options!

Presenting The 2020 Mill Hill Holiday Button & Bead Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
Mill Hill's 2020 Holiday Button & Bead Kits are Here!
The Holiday Button & Beaded Kits - These are the 5-inch ones - complete kits of 14ct perforated paper, lots of DMC floss and tons of glass seed beads. Each design comes with a hand-made ceramic button embellishment as well.... ALWAYS fun to make!

The 2020 Winter Holiday Ornament Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
The 2020 Winter Holiday Ornament Kits from Mill Hill
Winter Holiday - These are the 3-inch ornament-size, perfect for a Christmas Tree! Each complete kit comes with 14ct perforated paper, all the necessary flosses and beads, and a small glass Treasure or charm embellishment of some sort, and a small magnet for finishing - in case you don't want to make an ornament. SUPER cute this year, we love that cupcake, and of course the tropical Santa is the CUTEST! The Teddy's Tale is cute too... something to stitch for your grandbaby you read to.

Antarctic Santas, the 2020 Santa Ornament Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
Antarctic Santas, the 2020 Santa Ornament Kits from Mill Hill
Antarctic Santas - This year's trio of International Santas - everyone loves these! Something like the 25th YEAR for these... there are a ton of Santas from everywhere, doing everything fun - perfect to commemorate a vacation you took that year, or a favorite hobby. Finishing about 4-1/s inches high, they are stitched on 14ct perforated paper and feature a few smatterings of glass beads, not too many, though. All of them have a fun white floss beard treatment - have you noticed that over the years?

One Hundred Hearts from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more
One Hundred Hearts from Samplers Not Forgotten
A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you. Samplers Not Forgotten did this piece for us several years ago as part of our A Little Help From Our Friends Stitching Circle! It is a precious design... I even took home the model and it's been on my dresser ever since (so now I'd better bring it back to the shop!)

Soft colors of Weeks hand-dyed flosses (Pamlico, Jay Bird, Bullfrog, Grasshopper, Aztec Red and Hibiscus) on weeks 32ct Tin Roof hand-dyed linen, it finishes about 5 x 5. The little wool heart on the back holds a small pair of scissors if you want it to, so you'll want to choose wool and cushion trim that matches.

Heather's Hedgehog House - A Limited Edition to the Mouse-On-A-Roll Series from Just Nan - click for more Presenting Heather's Hedgehog House - A Limited Edition to the Mouse-On-A-Roll Series from Just Nan
Heather Hedgehog lives in a cozy little A Frame house deep in the hedges of a country garden. Outside, the walls are covered with branches, vines, roses, wildflowers and berries. Two violet-painted windows help Heather check for visitors like her good friend Little Hedgie. Inside her home, houndstooth wool keeps her nice and warm. She's even flying her personal hedgehog flag from her roof!

Use DMC and 2 shades of Weeks flosses - Seaweed and Plum - to stitch the house as one piece on weeks 32ct Lilac Linen. Add the matte rose beads for berries. Line the house piece with wool and fold it into the cute a-frame house with the sides joined at the roof line. The house measures just 2 x 2-1/4 and is actually big enough for 2 hedgehogs (which Nan promises do not need to worry about social distancing!). Heather is stitched on 32ct Platinum linen with DMC. Her coat is embellished with grape and antique white beads plus twisted bugle beads pinned in place for the perfect hedgehog look. She is wearing a lavender sequin flower/lilac pearl hat.

Included with the chart are the 8-page stitch guide with finishing instructions, overyded houndstooth wool, signature button base for Heather, sequin flower hat, lilac pearl, hedgehog flag and beads. You'll need to add a few pins and stuffing.
(Heather and her her house ARE part of the Mouse-on-a-roll auto ship - FYI - if you are a part of that!)

AB Design's 2020 Warm Wooly Welcome Stitch Along - click for more
The 2020 Warm Wooly Welcome Stitch Along from AB Designs
Amy's next set of 12 seasonal cuties has started with her main border chart of words and the little July Warm Wooly Welcome Sheep. For the next year-ish, every 8 weeks, we get two more Wooly charts, until we finish with all 12, the border and a secret bonus design as well. August's shipment will contain August and September, October's Shipment will contain Oct and Nov... and so on.

Cute little designs, each finishes about 4 x 4, and comes with an embellishment of some sort. Amy's recommended fabric is 20ct Weeks Dye Work's Morris Blue - making the entire piece finish about 14 x 15. If you want it smaller - no problem - light blue fabrics are plenty!

The trick with this series is that the thread color key is only on chart #1 - the one that shows the placement of lettering for all 12 sheep. So.... this is an all-or-nothing-thing... all 13 charts at $10 each. We're offering the set on auto-ship... that's the best way to collect and not miss any of them.

Little Mean Green Fabric Clips - click for more
Little Mean Green Fabric Clips and Mini Clips by Clover
  • Little Mean Greens - Just a small package of 10 - 1-inch transparent slime-lime super-duper strong mini-clips... use these to help keep lots of fabric rolled up or multiple sheets of a chart clipped together. They are a little wider on the finger-grabbing end - so they're easier to hold onto.
  • Mini Clips - A bit smaller than the Mean Greens, teeny weeny, easy to see, and SUPER strong. These come in a package of 20 red and aqua, or a cool little plastic, divided storage box - red, purple, aqua, yellow and green - 10 of each for $30.

The Summer 2020 Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine - click to see more
The Summer 2020 Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine is Here
Stuffed full of fun cross stitch and festive punch needle projects all with a summery theme... Teresa Kogut, Heart in Hand, Stitching With The Housewives, and Barbara Ana are among the 17 designers featured.

Always a treat to page through... the decorating ideas in here are fun, too! Heavy paper, glossy pictures, full-size templates and patterns, it's very well presented. Light on the ads, heavy on content!

Christmas Eve Couriers Dasher from Mirabilia -- click to see more Princess Elliana from Mirabilia
Something fun has arrived from Mirabilia - Princess Elliana - a most colorful creature! One of Elliana's claims-to-fame is that she uses all the 35 newest colors of DMC floss that were released a few years ago in the gold collector's tin. Colors 1 through 35... do you have them? (She actually calls for a total of 63 DMC colors.) Well, this delightful creature is stitched on the prettiest shade of Peaceful Purple - either 32ct linen, or 16ct aida.

The patterns in her dress are inspired by the delicate floral patterns on the china tea sets at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in New York City! She measures 20 x 11, and is garnished with 10 different shades of Mill Hill glass beads along with pink and peach crystal Treasures. All that classic Mirabilia coloring and shading... I look at the chart and my eyes glaze over... then there are some of you that can stitch these in the car! We have the charts available, both fabric options and the embellishment packet at well.

Project Quarantine: Stay Home & Stitch! from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Back in Stock!
Project Quarantine: Stay Home & Stitch! from With Thy Needle & thread
Look what showed up in our mail this morning! What a fun project to tantalize your stitching fingers and keep your heart happy... Let's Stay Home and Stitch! Stitched on anything you like, the area inside the little hoop is worked over one thread - so keep that in mind when choosing fabric, the satin stitches on the spools of thread will be ok no matter what you use. It finishes approx 3 x 7-1/2 on 36ct.

Brenda sent a really lovely letter with the shipment... she is donating $1.00 for each of these patterns sold to Center for Disaster Philanthropy Covid-19 Response Fund. The donations to this fund will support non-profit organizations working in areas identified as having high numbers of affected individuals and those working with the most vulnerable populations. Areas of emphasis include helping health-care workers with purchases of masks, gowns, gloves and other protective equipment, supporting quarantined and vulnerable individuals, and hygiene promotion campaigns to limit the spread of the virus.

Fragments in Time 2020 #6 Simplicity from Summer House Stitch Workes - click for more Fragments in Time 2020 #5 Prosperity from Summer House Stitch Workes - click for more
Prosperity and Simplicity
from Summer House Stitche Workes
Summer House Stitche Workes has released her #5 and #6 of the 2020 set of small Fragments in Time. Her annual set of 3 x 3 pin cushions, this year's set features burnt reds, denim blues and a mustard gold... and they all celebrate virtues.

Offered as individual small cards, you can choose whichever singles are your favorites or collect the complete sets, which Beth Ann has been creating for 4 years!

2020 Prairie Schooler Santa Card -- click to see more

Santa is Arriving Early this Year!
Our 37th Annual Prairie Schooler Santa blew in here via the North Wind!

Always the same size, always the same colors, always the same charming personality, always LOVED every year!

Fern Ridge's Beaded Bracelets! - click to see more
Fern Ridge's Beaded Bracelets!
Here are super-simple Peyote Beaded bracelets by Pat and Peggy of Fern Ridge Collections. Everybody always 'gets' the easy beading part of their fobs... so here are the fobs - only skinnier and much longer! Each beaded band is just about an inch in width, and the ends are literally sewn together around the gorgeous silver sliding closure piece.

The complete kits contain all the beads, thread and little charms dangling from the design. If you aren't a 'bracelet gal' - just loop these around the strap of your tote bag, or make them as flat ornaments for your Christmas tree!

Everyone's Uncle has joined this little group this week! The blue bead background is a rich denim blue... he's just the cutest!

Lions Tigers and Trims, Oh My from Erica Michaels - click for more Lions Tigers and Trims, Oh My from Erica Michaels - click for more Lions Tigers and Trims, Oh My from Erica Michaels - click for more Lions Tigers and Trims, Oh My from Erica Michaels - click for more
Lions, Tigers & Trims! A Lady Dot & Erica Michaels Sewing Roll Collaboration!
OHhhh.... We took a fun class at Market that earned us the opportunity to bring you this LIMITED and EXCLUSIVE Sewing Roll Project!

Lions Tigers and Trims, Oh My is a charming case project stitched on Picture This Plus' 32ct Helix Linen using Weeks Glacial Melt hand-dyed flosses. Erica Michaels did the designing - pretty borders, pin cushions and pockets, along with cute design details all over everything! Lady Dot did the finishing materials. Lois has a new color - Polar Ice - and all the finishing components of velveteens, balls, ribbons, lace - everything coordinates with the gorgeous linen and threads.
You will get the extensive chart pack, full trim package, linen and flosses in your kit.

AS A BONUS: I put Finisher-Extraordnaire-Mona into the class at the show... and now Mona will be teaching and helping you assemble this in a ONE-DAY Optional Finishing Class! Saturday October 17th, 2020, from 10am to 5 pm, our little Shed shed room will be bursting with you busy stitchers! Space is LIMITED for this additional add-on class! You can purchase JUST the chart and all materials, and do this all yourself... OR ADD ON Mona's class too! Order everything now... and start your pre-stitching! We anticipate shipping this kit in August. We are waiting on a shipment of the Picture This Plus hand-dyed linen you need!
NOTE! We may reschedule this event. We'll be in touch with registrants.

#10 Prairie Christmas from Prairie Schooler -- click to see more #145 Weather Wise from Prairie Schooler -- click to see more #199
Three New Reprints from The Prairie Schooler
  • #10 Prairie Christmas would have originally been published in the summer 1985. Doesn't look like a 35 yr old design to me! Pam and Nancy's set of 12 ornaments - each 46 x 46 stitches.
  • #145 Weather Wise - Two totally fun weather-sayings... the larger pieces are just 110 x 84 (5 x 7) in size, while the smaller ones are just 2 x 3-ish.
  • #199 The Night Before Christmas - One of the very last publications they did, this one sold out right away. Kind of fun to see the whole pictures of the little blocks they cut-off in the main piece!

Coming To America - The Women of the Mayflower from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Coming To America - The Women of the Mayflower from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
With Thy Needle's Coming To America - The Women of the Mayflower - Signup has begun!
Brenda Gervais is presenting a very limited edition sampler honoring the Pilgrim women who came to America on the Mayflower. 2020 Is the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower's Sailing and Landing in Cape Cod - these were the women who brought needlework to America! We have Brenda's COMPLETE release-information letter linked below so you can read her fascinating information on this upcoming sampler.

Official signup for this sampler kit begins NOW - for the Promised September 6th Release!
We have complete fabric, thread and chart pricing ready for you... we made a really nice printable info sheet for all the details! You have complete kit options or chart-set-only - All the options include the pretty box, needle minder, freebie bonus chart, and special finishing fabric for the bonus cushion. Kits include the fabric and threads... the chart option does not.

Such a neat piece to honor the heritage of all of us... Brenda is producing this sampler ONE TIME ONLY. You'll want to reserve now.
Blackbird's Sweet Land of Liberty - click for more

Sweet Land of Liberty from Blackbird Designs
Freshly Reprinted by Blackbird!

We loved this book the first time around. It even had a reprint of In Full Glory - a very favorite Reward of Merit that had retired! Lots of pages (24), beautiful pics by Alma... we're glad to see it again!
Blackbird's Summer, Autumn & Winter - click for more Blackbird's Summer, Autumn & Winter Have Been Reprinted!
Here is our shop model from years ago - we have always loved this set of 3 leaflets by Blackbird!

All joined together in our model are Summer - on the left with the strawberries, Autumn - the middle section, and Winter - the right-hand panel.

In Friendship's Way from Blackbird Designs - click for more In Friendship's Way from Blackbird Designs
Barb and Alma have re-leased this gorgeous book - 40 pages - featuring 12 small designs with a friendship theme. As always, Alma's stunning photography is throughout the book and just turning the pages like a story book is delicious!!!

They begin with a pin cushion in a wire basket, next a lovely bird perched atop a painted and waxed paper mache box. Next is another topper for a wooden box... then a set of six stitched strawberries dedicated to friends, that are showcased in a 4 x 6-ish inch wooden and glass box. There is a framed sampler, and finally a button box that is actually the SAME box as used in Casting a Spell.

It turns out that ALL THESE FUN FINISHING PIECES ARE AVAILABLE at Hobby Lobby and JoAnns... so they are inexpensive, available, and really easy to transform! (They even give you the stock numbers of the items!) Gorgeous, soft designs, pretty hand-dyed fabrics and flosses... I LOVE, LOVE it!!!

Those Who Sing from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Botanical Stitches - Daffodils from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Botanical Stitches - Crocus from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
New Springtime Arrivals from The Drawn Thread!
Cynthia sends her love via new cross stitch charts! She says everyone needs a little Spring in their stitching right now. Each is presented as a chart, and for a limited time, we have silk packs available for them - as an option.
  • Those Who Sing - *Even in the darkest days, if we search hard enough, we can sometimes still find a song in our heart. I hope you find one!*
    Stitched on 32ct Summer Khaki Linen with Needlepoint and Dinky Dyes hand-dyed silks, she has tucked her favorite specialty stitches into this - to make it textured and full of interest. Finishing 6 x 12 - those leaves are all satiny!
  • Botanical Stitches - Daffodils & Crocus - The next two botanicals in her set... these measure 54 x 54 in stitch count, and like the larger designs - they do include some pretty specialty stitches - just for a little fun!
Beautiful Things from Lindy Stitches - click for more
Beautiful Things
from Lindy Stitches
*Oh my darling it's true... beautiful things have dents and scratches too.* What a fun little piece! Even though the urn is broken and the fence is a bit crooked, the bird has found a lovely place to be!

Finishes approx 9-1/2 x 12 on 36ct... actually fairly good sized. Coded for DMC and Classic Colorworks over-dyed flosses.

We have 16 beautiful new arrivals by Marjorie Massey.
Even though she's French... we can still read the chart symbols and our familiar DMC color numbers! (Her chart titles are very confusing and numbering is not consistent, so we'll try to do our best labeling them in our mouse-overs and dropdowns!) All are available in chart format, very clear, colored graphs. Remember, you can change colors and fabrics - it's YOUR stitching!!!!
Quaker Street from Marjorie Massey - click for more PR5 Style Prairie Sampler Primitif from Marjorie Massey - click for more
  • Quaker Street is charming! (says 'Style - Quaker' on the cover) Loads of Quaker motifs, the cute houses, and lots of alphabets in case you forgot one (!). It is stitched in only one thread color of your choice. It measures 298 x 162 - so finishes approx 15 x 9 on 18/36ct. Just delightful - there are cute details everywhere in here - do you see the cat weather vane?
  • Sampler Primitif - (says 'Style - Prairie' on the cover) Love, Patience, Home and Peace are all spelled out on here - busy-ness everywhere! DMC's of 3799, 926, 3768, 924, 646 and 645, it measures 210 x 140 - so 14 x 9 on 32ct.

Roam America Postcard from Open Road Abode Needleworks - click to see more Cape Hatteras Postcard from Open Road Abode Needleworks - click to see more Great Smokey Mountains Postcard from Open Road Abode Needleworks - click to see more
Cute 'Postcards' from your Travels! from Open Road Abode Needleworks
Open Road Abode's cute little campers go all over the USA! What a fun reminder of the travels that lay ahead of us! This is a fun little collection of campers - all of them finish about 4 x 6 in size. Stitch them in one color - or go through your stash and find some colors you like. They are meant to be cute and quick. Fun to frame with trip pictures, or hang 'em in your camper!

Open Road has a whole collection of National Parks and cute RV designs... you'll see 16 more like these on her page, along with a few larger cabin designs as well. There are 7 offerings that are actually 'postcards' - small charts on postcard sized cardstock. Pictured above are 3 of them... click through to see the rest. Summer IS coming!

Another Year Creeps By from Ink Circles - click to see more Another Year Creeps By
from Ink Circles
This is a delightful set of crooked little mandalas by Ink Circles - look closely - all Halloween-themed! Originally published as 12 monthly charts, this is the entire collection stitched as one. Tracy named each 3-1/2 inch panel - try to identify them! A Bone to Pick, A Little Batty, Amazing Ginsu, Black-Eyed Susan, Boxelders, Calamari Breath, Head Case, Ride This One Out, Rosy Outlook, Squash Watch, Sum of Your Fears, and Time for One More Stitch.

You can make individual pin cushions, or use the border and join them all together - the whole thing measures about 10 x 13 on 40ct. Coded for Classic Colorworks hand-dyed cottons or DMC, it's really a very fun piece!!!
Serenita di Campagna Stagioni #3 Animals - click to see more Serenita di Campagna Stagioni #4 Birds - click to see more
Birds and Animals for the Seasons - I Colori delle stagioni #3 and #4
We have come across two set of designs - Birds and Animals for the 4 Seasons - that are charming! From Serenila di Campagna, they come from Italy, and include the seasons charted in English, French and Italian.

The animals one features a cat, squirrel, geese and rabbit... each abut 90 x 50 in stitch count - without their seasons' name below.

The birds are about the same size. I believe all are stitched on Country Vintage Mocha linen, and they are coded for tons of luscious DMC colors! Stitch them together as long pieces, or simply the smaller animals.

Hallows' Eve Haunting from Autumn Lane Stitching - click to see more Midnight Brew from Autumn Lane Stitching - click to see more Moon's Out Brooms Out from Autumn Lane Stitching - click to see more Woodland Santa from Autumn Lane Stitching - click to see more
Some Dramatic Pieces from Autumn Lane Stitching
Here are 4 designs that are coded for DMC floss, but beg for some fun metallics to be added in - by YOU!
  • Hallows' Eve Haunting - This is worked on Picture This Plus's Murky - which comes in several counts of aida and linen. You're going to need 4 skeins of black floss, and probably some gold metallics for those windows and that moon! It finishes 10 x 13-1/2 on 14/28ct.
  • Midnight Brew - This one needs 7 skeins of DMC black! It does call for some glow-in-the-dark thread... really a fun scene! Fabric information is supplied in the chart.
  • Moon's Out Brooms Out - A fun Retro-look to this one! Choose a dark blue to mimic night sky, this one finishes about 8 x 11 on 32ct.
  • Woodland Santa - Stitched on a Star Sapphire-colored fabric, DMC flosses, he finishes approx 6 x 15 on 32ct. Easy to tell from the digital image on here that metallics would be fun and pretty easy to add.

Storks from Wasa Victorian Hearts Scissors by WASA of Solingen, Germany Serpentines by WASA of Solingen, Germany
New Scissors Arrivals from WASA of Solingen, Germany!
We have always carried a wonderful selection of luscious embroidery scissors by WASA of Solingen, Germany, but we have a fresh shipment to show off! Friendly competitors with our DOVO friends... both companies operate in the famed 'Solingen Region' of Germany, and just like the registered name of "Kona Coffee" they cannot SAY they are Kona if they do not manufacture the coffee in the famous region of Hawaii, or Solingen Steel, if they are not from Solingen!
  • The Storks - This is a classic embroidery scissor style... most commonly presented with gold handles and a gold bird but rarely offered in an all-stainless steel finish! Beautiful little scissors, the blades are the bird's beak - very slender! Both are stainless - one has some gold plating, the other is classic shiny steel!
  • Victorian Hearts - Choose from a flattened heart handle or the more rounded style - both are pretty and lovely to use.
  • Serpentine - Two sizes - the 3-1/2 classic embroidery and the 6-inch sewing! This design is from an antique mold - they're all in museums now - so a very old, favorite design. The larger styles are getting harder and harder to find... SO special and elegant in your sewing cases and scissor collections!

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Friends from Thistles - click for a larger view Little Dumpling Travelbag from Thistles - click for a larger view Hilltop Village from Thistles - click for a larger view Star Village in Spring from Thistles - click for a larger view
Fun New Arrivals from Thistle's Liezbeth... all the way from The Netherlands!
  • Friends - This is the CUTEST little kitty - do him on 18ct linen with lots of floss or #5 Pearl Cotton - he makes a DOOR STOP! The stitch count is 129 x 97 - so it finishes 14 x 11 and by the time you stuff it and weight the bottom - your kitty might think he has a new playmate! (or your dog might bark at it!) Coded for DMC floss... you'll use a ton... you can even change the cat color to match yours or even stitch the mouse in WOOL! Just a fun, fun design... presented in a chart.
  • Little Dumpling Travelbag - We call this *The Taco Sewing Case!* It is really an 8-inch round piece of stitching that Liezbeth folded like a TACO, and added a zipper closure! It is really cute! Stitched on 32ct linen with Gentle Art Sampler Threads or DMC, it's got tiny spools, scissors, needles and buttons all over it! Really a cute gift to make for stitching friends (especially if you're the one in the group that always gets the most stuff finished!) You know... gather three friends - one buys the stuff for all three, another stitches it for all three, and the third assembles them for all three. Three Happy Friends!
  • Hilltop Village in Spring - A fun little scene, coded for DMC or hand-dyeds, it finishes only 4-1/2 x 6-1/2 on 18/36ct. You'd have to weight it a lot, but it'd make a cute doorstop too!
  • Star Village - This is a bustling village-in-the-city! The sheep are out in the schoolyard, and there is the church and high-rise apartment building - it does remind me of a European Village. Everything is all crammed in there, the narrow streets are so much fun to walk through... cute shops everywhere... and every building has neat windows! Measures 200 x 177 so a huge 13 x 14 on 28ct, it's coded or DMC or Gentle Art Sampler Threads.
Anna Ohman 1873 from Lila's Studio

Anna Ohman 1873
from Lila's Studio
By Lila's Studio, this is an adaptation of an antique sampler found at an estate sale in Illinois... probably stitched in Sweden.

Lila had to fix the top band, and chose Classic Colorworks Used Brick (3 skeins) for her piece which features an eagle adorned with maple leaves and surrounded with an oak leaf border. Just beautiful, it measures 158 x 156 in stitch count. Presented as a chart.

The Stables at Hollyberry Farm from Stacy Nash -- click to see more Scarlett from Stacy Nash -- click to see more
Stacy Nash Primitives has Several New Designs
  • Scarlett - The newest little stand-up 'person' to join this cute collection of stand-up animals, Scarlett is #12! About 8 inches tall, the chart has a really nice picture on the back cover of the scissor pocket you can construct on her when you assemble her. Choose your favorite of all of these and make it to be the guardian of all those misc pin cushions you have nestled in your basket of smalls
  • .
  • The Stables at Hollyberry Farm - Can you imagine living in a house like that and having that cool barn? Finishes approx 14 x 18 on 36ct, it's stitched with Dirt Road, Cinnabar, Baby's Breath, Merlot, Grape Vine, Parchment, Teal Frost, Moss, Charcoal, Whiskey, Mascara and Lancaster Red. Put your finger over that front sidewalk for a sec... I think you could leave most of that off and you'd never miss it.

PuntiniPuntini When I Think of Spring - click to see more PuntiniPuntini When I Think of Summer - click to see more PuntiniPuntini When I Think of Autumn - click to see more PuntiniPuntini When I Think of Winter - click to see more
Charts with Pins from PuntiniPuntini
When I think of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter... I think of carrots and clovers, picnics at the beach, leaves and acorns, and snowmen! Paola from Puntini Puntini has 4 cute little pillow designs coded for DMC floss that finish only 3 x 7 each on 32ct. She has included two of her hand-made clay buttons in each season's chart, and offers an awesome collection of CHARMING hand-made pins and buttons to garnish them even more - if you want! Even if you pass on these charts, her pins and buttons are Over-The-Top-Cute and very detailed. Enjoy!!!

Quakers in France from Tempting Tangles - click to see more Quakers in Holland from Tempting Tangles - click to see more Quakers in Holland and France from Tempting Tangles
I show my ignorance of World History by wondering if Quakers were IN Holland and France... but we liked these colorful designs... so we ordered them! So... separate the Quaker motifs from the charming city and country landscapes if you want - or NOT! Designed by Tempting Tangles, each measures 168 stitches square - so 10-1/2 inches on 32ct. Coded for Silks or DMC, Deborah has captured the charm of Amsterdam with those tall skinny houses, the canals, and the charming windmill from the countryside.

I love the 'shadows' in the background - like the houses just behind on the next street over. In France, you get villages in Provence, the rivers, the winerys, and of course Paris! Did you notice the Quaker motif made out of bicycles... or the one with the rooster?

Mountain View Bay from By the Bay Needleart - click to see more
Mountain View Bay
from By the Bay Needleart
Harbor Haven and Serenity Harbor IN MINIATURE! (well almost!) By the Bay's Donna Bayliss has released this fun piece that measures a mere 9 x 7 in size. It has her same design flavor and personality as the huge Serenity Harbor and Harbor Haven patterns we have... without the other 11 patterns and lifetime-stitching-committment.

Worked on 28ct Star Sapphire linen, don't you just want to LIVE in this picture? Coded for 24 shades of DMC, it's delightful, and offered as a single chart!
Sheepish Manor from Chessie & Me Miss Nettie's Needle Usefuls from Chessie & Me Quaker Huswife from Chessie & Me The Stitch Girl Sampler from Chessie & Me
Chessie & Me's Newest Things are Here!
  • Sheepish Manor - This is Linda's annual kit for Spring 2020, just a sweet little sheep out in his front yard, he's stitched on 36ct Legacy Linen by Picture This Plus with Gloriana hand-dyed silk thread. Finishing just 3-1/2 x 4, the tree leaves are all Lazy Daisy stitches, and the sheep legs, head and tail are all Smryna Crosses. If you have a little Wisper or Simply Wool thread laying around - that might make that little sheep fuzzy! Presented as the complete kit of silks and linen.
  • Miss Nettie's Needle Usefuls - This chart includes patterns for the 5 x 8 (when open) needlebook, needle leaf (that page inside the case), the pin pillow (with the kitty and spool on it), and the scissor fob. The stitcher girl on the backside has her threads, and the cat has the ball of yarn: Of female arts in usefulness the needle far exceeds the rest! (In these times... a rather narrow view of things!)
  • Quaker Huswife - This is a fun little case, it measures 4-1/2 x 11, and is done in shades of grays and red. Stitched with Barn Door, Black Coffee, Eggshell, Blackboard, Graphite and Pelican Gray, it is lined with Weeks hand-dyed Gunmetal Houndstooth wool.
  • The Stitch Girl Sampler - This measures 6-1/2 x 9 and is coded for silks or flosses. 'Adorn thyself with grace and truth. To no peculiar lot of life is happiness confined, but in the self approving heart and firm contented mind.' Linda has dedicated this sampler to her grandmother, mom and sister!

Green Bird from AB Designs - click for more Red Bird from AB Designs - click for more Blue Bird from AB Designs - click for more Bee Chart from AB Designs - click for more Red Bird model from AB Designs - click for more Bee model from AB Designs - click for more
Three Birds & a Bee from AB Designs
Quite the cute little things, stitch a fat bird or bee, and perch it somewhere unexpected! AB Designs has 4 new, small charts for these cute guys - each finishes about 3 x 4 in size. They are stitched on small pre-made 18ct white Aida 'birds.' Stitch them, then sew together the bottoms, and they're done!

Really a cute idea, if you are an over achiever - you can stitch both sides of them - but right now, they are shown with stitching on one side. We've included the bird fabric piece with each chart.

Jenny Bean's The Parlor in the shop with Mona from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Jenny Bean's The Parlor part 1, 2 and 3 from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more
Jenny Bean's The Parlor part 4...the Good Shepherd from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Jenny Bean's The Parlor part 5 Verse from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Jenny Bean's The Parlor part 6 The Forest from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Jenny Bean's The Parlor part 7 My Beloved Town from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Jenny Bean's The Parlor part 8 Jenny's House from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more

Jenny Bean The Parlour Sampler from Shakespeare's Peddler
Shakespeare's Peddler began designing this sampler several years ago... and has finally finished it! Jenny Bean is her imaginary young girl in Early America - we have the date of 1824 on here. Designed and released in 8 different parts over the years, we now have all the pieces and parts and can send you any or ALL of them! This delightful sampler tells about jenny's life, her surroundings, her beliefs, and at the bottom, we see her school, town and home.

The piece measures 810 x 170 - so on the recommended 36ct Picture This Plus Wren Linen, it finishes 45 x 9-1/2 inches in size. If you can't picture that - please refer to Our Mona - who is graciously 'modeling' next to the framed piece! We have several different counts and colors of fabric that this will look great on... every option will require a 1/2 yard cut of fabric - linen or Aida.

If you have been collecting this, you are probably missing parts 7 and 8 - (they will ship to our Auto-stitchers this week) but as I said, we can ship whatever parts you need! We love the finished piece... and love that 'Modeling Mona!!'
Bunny Tails from Val's Stuff Just a Few Flakes from Val's Stuff
Bunny Tails, Just a Few Flakes from Val's Stuff
It depends where in the world you are right now - you might be getting a little warm spring weather - or a couple of inches of snow! So... something for everyone by Val's Stuff! We also have 2 more Halloween designs that are new - so click the pic to visit them al on our inside pages! Val's kits all come with 14ct perforated paper, the backing felt and necessary embellishments shown on her designs. You supply regular DMC floss from your stash - nothing earth shattering color-wise, just basics... but she does have conversions to hand-dyeds if you'd rather use those.
  • Bunny Tails - So cute! Both designs are included. You're on brown paper - so the black background is stitched. The bunny tails are half-balls of felt - included - as well as the whisker thread. Each finishes about 3 x 3.
  • Just a Few Flakes - All three included in here, Brown paper, black backing felt, snowflake embellishments are included. 2 x 3 x 4-ish inches in size, kind of cute to perch on a windowsill!

Magnetic Needle Tins & Matching Stitch Dots by Zappy Dots - click to see more
Magnetic Needle Tins & Matching Stitch Dots from Zappy Dots
Here are 6 fun needle cases with matching needle minders... all magnetic, which stitchers love!
Great stitcher gifts, three of these feature designer artwork on them.

Measuring about 1 x 4 inches in size, the top slides off to reveal lots of room for needles and threaders, pills, little mints... a few spare charms for loose coins... whatever you need to keep track of and contained!

Christmas Square Dance part 1 from Heart in Hand - click for more Christmas Square Dance
from Heart in Hand
Heart in Hand is beginning a new 12-part series of little 2-1/2 inch squares - each one featuring a different and fun thing about Christmas! We saw all 12 designs stitched together as well as singly at the Spring Needlework Market and THEY ARE SUPER CUTE! You're going to want this 4-part set of small charts. The first one is here now - the other three charts will release in April, June and August 2020.

Stitched on 32ct Vintage Country Mocha linen, each bitty square mentions a word and little motifs - so we begin with Home, Sweets and Wrap. They are small enough for ornaments, you can join them all together for one larger piece or even make the individual flat stand-ups or little bricks. Our Auto-ship includes the charts only. You decide on fabrics - Cecilia even had them stitched over two on 18ct linen - cute too!

The White House from Ronnie Rowe - click for more Mount Rushmore from Ronnie Rowe - click for more Lady Liberty from Ronnie Rowe - click for more
Ronnie Rowe's Pen & Ink Cross Stitch Collection
Stunning and sophisticated, Ronnie Rowe's artwork is 'single pixels' - placed just so - to create these awesome designs! (Actually ALL cross stitches are single pixels, but since we don't usually see them arranged this way in one color, our eye doesn't see that so much.) Stitched on any white fabric you wish, he uses only DMC #844 gunmetal gray to stitch his designs. (You can use any color you want, as well.) So appropriate in an office, library or family room setting, they are lovely, and presented as charts.

The White House measures 300 x 400 in stitch count - it is am impressive 25 x 17 on 18/36ct... or 32 x 22 on 14ct.
Mount Rushmore measures 300 x 220 - finishing 17-ish x 12 on 18/36ct.
Lady Liberty measures 200 x 300 - again about 12 x 18.

Birthday Bluebirds Biscornu from Just Nan - click for more Birthday Bluebirds Biscornu from Just Nan
We're still celebrating our 35th Silver Needle Anniversary this winter - even though I think we're nearing Year 36!
Just Nan has presented us with a commemorative Biscornu design - exclusive to Silver Needle! Stitched on 32ct Raw linen with 9 shades of DMC floss, our precious cushion features very sparkly flowers, birds and scatterings of beads against a snowflake of lacy white. Birthday Bluebirds Biscornu from Just Nan - click for moreJust 3-1/4 inches square, each side is stitched - but different. One side has 4 tiny bluebirds tucked amidst its blossoms, while the other side has my initials and tiny 35 stitched on there. (LL - because she did it for me, and like Silver Needle I was 35 at one point!) There is an alphabet included in case you want to personalize this your way.

Nan has featured petite beads of pearl, silver, gold and rose crystals, silver bugle beads, and silver triangle beads to garnish the 8 corners. There are two brushed rose gold heart beads tufted into the cushion centers... but the best part is the tiny little rose gold bluebird - a Just Nan Charmbead perched in a pearl-topped pin that you can poke in anywhere you like best! Pretty pinks, blues and whites, we love it! Presented as Nan's chart with all the necessary and special embellishments and Charmbead and 2 cuts of 32ct Raw Linen. DMC flosses are separate (set of 9) if you need them.

We're taking RESERVATIONS now for a mid-to-late March Delivery... We LOVE our Birthday Present from Nan!
Have you seen the cute petite little ceramic cupcake holders at Hobby Lobby? They have pink and blue - several colors actually - and we've perched our Birthday Biscornu on one to show you how CUTE they are with it! They let you elevate your cushion just a little to really show it off!
Native Americans from Ronnie Rowe - click for more

Native Americans from Ronnie Rowe
This piece speaks volumes! Stitched with Ronnie Rowe's favorite gunmetal DMC color of 844... you'll get to add 3072 to that image on the right to make it appear farther away, and then add a teeny bit of 3758 baby blue for that awesome sky!

Measuring 320 x 480 in stitch count, your fabric choice will dictate the finished size. Such a great piece, it'll finish approx 23-ish x 34 on 14ct... but could be only 8 x 12 over one on 40!

We have a fresh shipment of Ronnie's Cat's Eyes and Dog Portraits... they have been favorites for years! Click through to the inside page to see them all.

Till Death by Satsuma Street - click for more Till Death by Satsuma Street - click for more
Presenting the Bride and Groom Sugar Skull Style! from Satsuma Street
If you've ever seen the movie *Coco* these will make you smile. Super colorful... you DO have to have the right couple to appreciate these... but they ARE fun, and really unique!

Stitched on white 14ct perforated paper, they finish approx 3 x 4 in size. The kits include the paper, chart, flosses, beads and colorful sequins, and the bride even has a bit of tulle for her veil! Too Darn Cute!

Nutcracker King Kit by Satsuma Street - click for more Clara Kit from Satsuma Street - click for more Sugar Plum Fairy Kit by Satsuma Street - click for more Mouse King Kit by Satsuma Street - click for more Snow Queen Kit by Satsuma Street - click for more Drosselmeyer Kit from Satsuma Street - click for more Harlequin Kit by Satsuma Street - click for more
Santa Nutcracker Kit by Satsuma Street - click for more
The Nutcracker Suite Ornament Collection from Satsuma Street
These are positively enchanting - just like their story! Jody Rice's set of 8 paper ornaments are stitched on metallic 14ct perforated paper - the Snow Queen and Mouse King are on silver - the rest are on gold. Each measures approx 2-1/4 x 5 inches, and is stitched with DMC floss. Every one is garnished with glass beads and sequins - I see some snowflakes and flowers in them... so between the shiny paper and the glistening beads and those sequins, these really sparkle!

Super colorful, these look stunning on your Christmas Tree because they are lightweight and can hang on the tips of the branches or where-ever your twinkle lights will catch them. The kits come with a huge, gorgeous color chart, the flosses, beads, sequins, needle and good instructions for sewing on the beads and finishing.

Eye of Newt Kit by Satsuma Street - click for more Creepy Crawly Kit from Satsuma Street - click for more Miss Witch Kit by Satsuma Street - click for more RIP Kit by Satsuma Street - click for more Little Batty Kit by Satsuma Street - click for more Cat-O-Lantern Kit from Satsuma Street - click for more Night Owl Kit by Satsuma Street - click for more
Pumpkin King Nutcracker Kit by Satsuma Street - click for more Mister Cat Kit by Satsuma Street - click for more
Next, The Halloween Collection from Satsuma Street
These are just as cute and festive as the Nutcracker Collection... absolutely bursting with color and personality! They are done on 14ct Black Perforated Paper - which is actually pretty easy to see! For a change - you can work on black and SEE IT! Varied shapes and sizes, they are all in the 2-1/2 to 4-inch neighborhood. The Pumpkin King Nutcracker is done on silver metallic paper and he's 5 inches.

Each is stitched with DMCs of chartreuse/apple green, brilliant oranges, bright aqua, gorgeous purples, and deep fuscias. Totally yummy colors! The are garnished with glass beads and sequins in just the right places to make the designs 'pop!' Kits include the chart, paper, flosses, beads, sequins, needles and instructions for sequin-and-bead-attachment and finishing. It'll be hard to choose favorites!

Baby It's Cold Outside from Blackberry Lane

Baby It's Cold Outside
from Blackberry Lane Designs
Isn't this a sweet little winter bird? He looks all puffed up to stay nice and warm! Marie Driskill's newest design is stitched on 32ct Storm Linen by Picture This Plus and finishes just 4 x 4.

She's used 33 different DMC shades in here, so you'll be busy with this one! She says this companions her other Winter Bird - When Cardinals Appear (about halfway down our Blackberry Lane page).
Wear Wool from October House - click for more The Knitters Alphabet from October House - click for more A Knitter's Sampler from October House - click for more A Spinner's Sampler from October House - click for more
Samplers you can stitch for Knitters, Spinners and Wool-Lovers! from October House
October House is a new designer for Silver Needle. She has lots of cute designs - lots feature a knitting theme, so we Cross Stitchers can finally STITCH something for our favorite knitter! Everything comes in a chart pack... coded for DMCs or hand-dyed flosses and wools. Exceptionally cute stuff... here we go! Four Are pictured here - there are 5 more on her new page, so make sure to click through to see those as well!
  • Wear Wool - Coded for Gentle Arts Hand-dyed Simply Wool - which is a dream to stitch with! - or DMC floss, this finishes approx 9 x 6 on 32ct. Cute little 'penny rug' border, that wool thread makes the sheep 'wooly!' It'd be fun to add some special stitches to the zig zags and the diamonds on the sheep!
  • The Knitters Alphabet - SO fresh with great 'lines' and beautiful contemporary colors, this measures about 9-1/2 x 7 on 32ct. Coded for hand-dyed flosses or DMCs, the colors are Tin Roof, Summer Shower, Lambswool, Wood Trail, Shaker White, Toasted Barley and Slate. Stuffed full of all kinds of 'stuff knitters like'... it's darling!
  • A Knitter's Sampler - Finishes approx 7 x 7 on 32ct Flax Linen, coded for hand-dyeds of Baby's Breath, Pink Azelea, Old Red Paint and Raspberry Frost, or regular DMC... more cute knitting motifs!
  • A Spinner's Sampler - Finishes approx 6 x 7 on 32ct, I'm not a spinner, so I don't know what all the motifs are in this... but the colors are yummy! Aged Pewter, Dark Chocolate, Pecan Pie, Caramel and Cinnamon... gotta keep those spinners HAPPY!

Kringles from Little House Needleworks - click to see more
from Little House Needleworks
Little House Needleworks has designed this CHARMING Department Store all decorated for Christmas Holiday Sales! It is absolutely enchanting... stitched with gold metallic and everything!

Finishing about 13 x 15 on 30ct Parisian Gray linen, it uses 8 skeins of 7 different DMC colors along with 20 skeins of 8 different Classic Colorworks hand-dyed shades. We get shop windows of a train, the Nutcracker Prince and Clara, the toy department, the stuffed animals and even the bakery. Love it, love it!

New Weeks Flosses New Weeks Pearl 5 Flosses
New Hand-dyed Flosses, including Weeksand Weeks Pearl 5
We have them all bundled together in sets for you... or you can purchase via their little clicky boxes on their own pages. Getting them NOW while they are together and new is really the best though.
  • Weeks Dye Works has Arrowhead, Banana Pudding, Blue Suede, Lavender Rose, Lily Pad and Yukon Gold.
  • Weeks Dye Works Pearl 5 has Banana Pudding, Yukon Gold, Blue Suede.

Sewing Club from Blackbird - click for more Sewing Club from Blackbird - click for more Sewing Club from Blackbird - click for more Sewing Club from Blackbird - click for more
New Blackbird Designs Arrivals!
Sewing Club -- This is Blackbird at their finest! It is a 60-page book stuffed with 16 projects they have taught at various events and exclusive designs previously released as Club Pieces for shops. Bags, drums, box tops, pin cushions, framed pieces... there are pictures galore along with the charts. Finishing and assembly instructions are also in here... it's such a pretty publication!

Oh Joyous Day from Blackbird - click for more Little Birds from Blackbird - click for more My Heart Can Rest from Blackbird - click for more We Live in Hope from Blackbird - click for more
  • Oh Joyous Day - Alma's son got married - this is his wedding sampler - so the model couldn't come to Market! Approx 10 x 12 on 36ct Legacy and stitched with a mixture of hand-dyed flosses, the motifs are fun and stylized! Love it!
  • Little Birds - They're all over in here! All the pretty baskets and that neat border, this finishes a generous 22 x 19 on 36ct Heartland. Think of all the individual pin cushions that await from this!
  • My Heart Can Rest - Reproduced from a French Antique, this is a bitty thing at 9 x 9-ish on 36ct Heartland. Everyone likes the huge flower and bitty house!
  • We Live in Hope - There are two samplers in this leaflet. The main one is about 11 x 11, while the smaller one is less than 6 x 7. First time Barb and Alma have used ships in their pieces... they were picturing the women waiting for fathers and husbands to come home safely from sea. Both are stitched on 36ct with hand-dyed flosses.

Flowers of My Garden Set from Mani di Donna - click for more My Dream House Sewing Box from Mani di Donna - click for more Precious Sewing Basket from Mani di Donna - click for more
New Designs from Mani Di Donna
Mani di Donna's Newest has come home from Market with us. Really cute!
  • Flowers of My Garden Set - Folding sewing case, approx 5 x 5 x 1 - charted inside are the case top and sides, the elegant mattress cushion, the scissor sheath and thread pocket. Stitched on Week's 32ct Baby's Breath linen (1/4 yd needed), we are also including the 4 special pins, two gorgeous flower thread rings, beads and that central embellishment on the mattress.
  • My Dream House Sewing Box - Another cool box covered with your stitching and filled with more matching goodies. Worked on 32ct Parchment by Weeks (1/4 yd needed), this finishes approx 5 x 7 x 2. Stitched with Weeks flosses, you do the lid, sides, needle roll and thread board. Chart format, we are also getting the featured trinkets to go with it - the beaded scissor fob, thread waxer and set of three matching pins.
  • Precious Sewing Basket - This is actually a little paper box - open on the top, but trimmed with ball fringe to look like a basket. Worked on Weeks 30ct Tin Roof, it features a tiny pin cushion resting inside and a miniature medallion that you stitch on the fob! Chart format, we are also getting the Precious Pins, Waxer and Scissor Fob.
Sweet Finch from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more Rose Bouquet from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more Token of Love from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more
Sweet Finch, Rose Bouquet and Token of Love from Samplers Not Forgotten Samplers Not Forgotten has a trio of pretty pin cushion designs that are presented in kit format.
  • Sweet Finch - This is the little bird that is featured in the French Garden Sampler! He is precious! Very soft colors of cotton flosses, it finishes approx 4 x 7 and has a matching fob that is less than 2 x 2. Kimberly's kit contains the 36ct Weeks hand-dyed Beige linen, a gorgeous mossy green backing fabric cut, hand-dyed vintage rik rak trim, frosted gunmetal glass beads, the vintage safety pin and a pearl button. So, so lovely!
  • Rose Bouquet - YUM! This one is stitched on 36ct Edinburgh linen with Weeks hand-dyed flosses (included.) The hand-dyed velvet and matching silk ribbon is by Lady Dot. There are fresh water pearls in here as well. The stitching is a solid area measuring 82 x 36 in stitch count. The colors are LOVELY - reds and mossy greens for the stitching, and a deep, deep denim blue for the velvet (reminds me of Weeks Dungarees - but this is hand-dyed by Lady Dot so it is her blue.) I would never have guessed that the stitching and velvet would go together, but they really do! The finished pin keep measures less than 5 x 5... the finishing instructions are in here to help make yours look just like this one. The blue is NOT bright-ish like on the cover pic - it is rich and vintage looking!
  • Token of Love - A charming heart-shaped cushion, this is stitched with Weeks 36ct Putty Linen and those rich red and mossy green cottons. The stitch count is 85 x 72, so it measures a little over 4 x 4. The kit contains the chart, linen, floss, ribbon for finishing and red and creme homespun finishing fabric for the back.

Liberty Hill Farm from Summer House Stitch Workes - click for more Liberty Hill Farm from Summer House Stitch Workes - click for more Liberty Hill Farm
from Summer House Stitche Workes
Summer House Stitche Workes has a CHARMING pair of patriotic designs that she has finished into little round stand-up cushions - Pin Drums. Worked on 32ct Weeks Dye Works Tin Roof Linen, these are stitched with a special pack of Sulky Threads. When you have stitched these two pieces... you'll STILL have enough thread left to stitch Hand's On's Memorial Day piece!! The girls planned their designs this way - and best of all the thread set is only $16.00!

The larger drum is 159 x 64 - and the smaller is 159 x 51. Super-duper-darn-cute... we even ordered the limited edition flower-pin packs to make those three pins poking from the tops! (I think those are little flower-shaped bits of wool that Cathy Habermann has done!) Love those bright colors... go check out Memorial Day, as well!

Yellow Warbler Biscornest from Crossed Wing Collection - click for more
Yellow Warbler Biscornest
from Crossed Wing Collection
Paula from Crossed Wing Collection has designed her 4th stitched bird nest with coordinating scissor fob! The biscornu-shaped cushions are replicas of each birds nest - complete with their eggs stitched over one thread... AND they are stitched on both sides, so the bottom of the cushion looks like the bottom of the nest.

You are stitching 4 x 4 pieces and joining them together to make that unique shape that really DOES resemble a bird nest! The matching fob features the little bird - this one is a Yellow Warbler. Absolutely exquisite, all 4 of the different birds are presented in leaflet format... Chipping Sparrow, Ruby-Throated Hummingbird and Cardinal. We've seen these nests stitched - they are enchanting!
Seeking Refuge from Scarlett House - click for more Sweet Tomato from Scarlett House - click for more Bringing Home the Tree from Scarlett House - click for more Jane Cowey 1850 from Scarlett House - click for more

New Designs from The Scarlett House
Here from the show! Tanya has 4 more PLUS her collaboration with Heartstrings Samplery. We have them all.
  • Seeking Refuge - Reminds me of Tanya's 'A Perfect World' design - it's a sampler for Stitchers! 249 x 183 stitch count.
  • Sweet Tomato - Her Market Exclusive to the shops, this is actually pretty big - 139 x 92, so it finishes about 6 x 8 on 32ct!
  • Bringing Home the Tree - Feels good that we have a few months to wait before we have to take this adventure again! Just a 103 x 61 cushion size.
  • Jane Cowey 1850 - Wow, this is a gorgeous sampler! I get lost in the verse, but the colors and shapes of the motifs are nice - it's so organized!

Celebrate book examples from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Celebrate from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Celebrate from Teresa Kogut! - WOW!
This is a special collection of 15 designs Teresa has done to celebrate her 15 years of Cross Stitch designing!

All we have to show at the moment are her computer-generated images - but they are a pretty good sneak peek!

The book is wire-bound, and I imagine quite a treat to behold. She promises a Punch Needle Celebrate Book to follow this April!

PN203 Carrot Row from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more PN233 Halloween Jack from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more PN234 Wilbur from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more PN235 Tilly from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more PN229 Neighborhood from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Teresa Kogut has New Punch Needle Designs
Then the Punch Needle Patterns! All of Teresa's come with the punching fabric.
(Note: when you click on these images, you'll be taken directly to the Punch Needle section of Teresa's page.)
  • Carrot Row - We already have this in Cross Stitch - and it's charming! Finishes 5-1/2 x 3-3/4 inches.
  • Halloween Jack - This is full of bold color, and from the shape of it, it looks fairly easy to punch! 7 x 8-1/2 inches.
  • Wilbur - Well ISN'T HE THE CUTEST? He's little Wilbur from Charlotte's Web, and he finishes about 5 inches square.
  • Tilly - Another cutie! Same size as Wilbur - you need them both!
  • Neighborhood - A 4-sided scene of a village - a different landscape each way you turn it - so there is no definite top, sides or bottom! Charming!

Old West Dry Goods from Little House Needleworks - click to see more The Stitching Bee from Little House Needleworks - click to see more
New Releases from Country Cottage Needleworks and Little House Needleworks
  • Old West Dry Goods - One of Little House Needleworks' *Tumbleweeds* designs, it's a needlework shop from the Old West! Finishing approx 8 x 8 on 28ct fabric, I think it'd be fun to change the word BOOTS to HOOPS! Coded for Classic Colorworks hand-dyed flosses or DMC.
  • The Stitching Bee - Some of you might remember this design - it was our Little House Edition from 'A Little help From Our Friends' - our Stitching Circle from last year. Measuring abut 4 x 4 choose a natural or Lambswool linen, this is coded with Classic Colorworks flosses, and Diane has released it in her small chart format.

Huckleberry Farm from The Blue Flower -  click for more Summer Acorns from The Blue Flower -  click for more
Previews of the New, from The Blue Flower... Huckleberry Farm, Summer Squirrel & Summer Acorns
Jeannine of Blue FLower has announced some of her new designs.
  • Huckleberry Farm features a lavish border surrounding a neat farmhouse, and highlights all the flora and fauna living there! Actually, there are mountains on here, and Jeannine's memories of bears and huckleberries inspire all of it. We'll see a better pic when we finally see this in person at the show. But for now, it finishes approx 14 inches square and uses lots of hand-dyed flosses.
  • Summer Acorns is yet another pin cushion design that is stunning. Along with the same colors used in the Squirrel, we get this small geometric that has tiny squirrels hidden in its vines, and hearts hidden in the acorns!

Reindeer In-flight Mitten from Blackberry Lane - click to see more Gingerbread Mittens from Blackberry Lane - click to see more metal mitten clips from Blackberry Lane - click to see more
Gingerbread Mittens & Reindeer in Flight from Blackberry Lane Designs
Blackberry Lane has some darling mitten ornament charts that are just precious!
For a limited time, our charts from the recent market are coming with actual little metal mitten clips. When our first shipment runs out, no more clips will be included. We hear they are available at Hobby Lobby, so if your chart doesn't include them, HL is the place to find more!
  • Reindeer in Flight features the deer on one side, the flake on the other, and Marie has even charted them so the deer can face right or left! Totally interchangeable! Worked on 32ct Oaken, they use only 8 shades of DMC and measure just 46 x 56 in stitch count - so 3 x 4 on 14ct! We've been selling perforated paper for these as a fabric alternative... and Marie says these make great money sleeves, as well!
  • Gingerbread Mittens are also two-sided... the chart has two festive gingerbread bakers one for each mitten, as well as a patterned background for the other sides. Absolutely enchanting, they measure the same size as the deer, and use only 13 different DMCs. The red 28ct Phoenix fabric is by Picture This Plus.

Yes, there's even MORE!     
Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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