Ball Point Needles by Sullivan's -- click to see more FUN FEATURE!

Ball Point Needles by Sullivan's

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Just Arrived at The Silver Needle
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Hidden Tulips from Rosewood Manor - click for more Jenny Bean's Friendship Sampler from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Paisley Owl from Shannon Christine Designs - click to see more Mini Stash 'n Store Trays - click for more A Stitch a Day Keeps the Crazy Away Sticker from AB Designs - click for more Jolies Fleurs from The Tralala Collection -- click to see more

My Early Days from Plum Street Samplers Adam Names the Animals from Plum Street Samplers Bigfoot Bunch from Plum Street Samplers Abominable Bundle from Plum Street Samplers
4 New charts Arriving from Plum Street Samplers' Paulette Stewart
  • My Early Days - Inspired by a sampler Paulette owns, she 'perked up' the blues in her design, because she found that blue enchanting on the original piece. Finishing approx 12 x 12 - pretty generous on 36ct, it has a pretty symetry.
  • Adam Names the Animals - Paulette tells us that Eve is not present on the sampler, as God gave Adam the task of naming the animals before Eve was created. The verse on the sampler alludes to the loneliness Adam still felt after each of the animals had been considered as company. Finishes approx 11 x 8 on 40ct.
  • Bigfoot Bunch & Abominable Bundle - Oh these two are fun! In Bigfoot, can you find Mama and Baby hiding? The Abominable Snowman is from the Christmas Special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Remember him in there? Didn't Herbie fix his sore tooth? A little digression from the rest of the animal 'stacks' but that's OK... stitch him and wait for people to loooookkkk... and then timidly ask about!
Wedding at Mermaid Cove from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more
Wedding at Mermaid Cove
from Praiseworthy Stitches
Oh a wedding on the beach... lots of attendants, a candle-lit church, a visiting whale in the sea, and billowy winds blowing the clouds and waves! Your hand-dyed fabric will be giving the sky its drama, so choose a pretty, happy colored piece... (don't want to start the bride and groom off with stormy skies!)

Susan and Pam always put a lot of cute little motifs in these scenes - this one is no different. Measures 282 x 160 - almost 18 x 12 on 32ct, it features lots of hand-dyed and DMC colors, as well as a little metallic and some glass beads.

Be Kind Sampler from Stacy Nash -- click to see more

Be Kind Sampler
from Stacy Nash Primitives
Be kind to one another, this is a world of care and there is enough of needful woe for every one to bear. An old verse with Stacy's new border design and big house.

Finishes about 8 x 10 - probably 36ct Weeks Cocoa - and it uses Weeks hand-dyed cottons of Oscar, Baked Apple, Battleship, Cherub, Charcoal, Straw, Oilcloth, Confederate Gray and Sanguine.
Elizabeth Charnelay W from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Little Virginie 1837 from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Kindred Spirits of the Thread from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Sophia Church from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Francis 1863 from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view
New Lovelies From La D Da!
  • Elizabeth Charnelay W - Stitched on 36ct, this measures a generous 12-ish inches square. Worked with Weeks flosses of Havana, Dolphin, Terrapin and Red Rocks, there are 8 DMCs tossed in as well.
  • Little Virginie 1837 - Stitched on 36ct, this one finishes approx 10 x 10. There's a windmill in here... a peacock and that cool sailing ship... kind of a 'family established' thing!
  • Kindred Spirits of the Thread - This is a pin cushion for a stitcher! Stitched on 36ct Confederate Gray is calls for Weeks blackboard, Lichen, Caper, Cinnabar and Arrowhead. Easy to change colors though... any stitcher will love to have and use it!
  • Sophia Church - What a pretty piece! On 36ct, it finishes approx 17 x 7, and is stitched with Weeks Dirt Road, Adobe, Terrapin, Sanguine, Oil Cloth, Flat Fish, Bees Knees and a few other DMC flosses. Blackbird Designs has a sampler like this pictured on the back of their Sewing Club book... different pots of flowers, but the same layout. The two would be pretty hung together!
  • Francis 1863 - Well, isn't this the cutest little sampler bunny? Lori has a couple of other stitched and stuffed alphabet rabbits - they are ALL charming! Francis measures 80 x 80 - so on 32ct he's only 5 inches tall. He needs to sit on your shelf in a place of honor! Stitched with Weeks Cranberry Ice, Classic's Calico Kitty, and Gentle Art's Wood Trail and Cast Iron Skillet.

Spring Spring Scamper from Luminous Fiber Arts
Oh my gosh, this is the CUTEST! What a wild ride everyone is enjoying! *It's time for Spring Scamper, the annual race through the tulips to see who is the fastest! The bunny and chick are leaping into the lead, while their friends race to catch up in their carrot-mobile. A chick in a radish plane (that is the best part!) flies overhead towing the race banner while tossing carrots like confetti down on the competitors! What a charming scene!

Presented as a chart, this measures 111 x 266 - so it'll finish approx 7 x 16 on 32ct. Worked with hand-dyeds and lots of DMC, I just love it. You COULD do this on 18ct linen and use #5 Perle Cotton... like the Bent Creek globe kits or the Shepherd's Bush stockings... then finish it into a glorious big couch pillow... it'd measure 12 x 30! (take a ton of thread... but how fun anyway!)
Enjoy several other new designs when you click through!

Springtime My Necessity from Heartstring Samplery My Necessity and Springtime Pin Drum from Heartstring Samplery
Beth Twist from Heartstring Samplery has a couple of new charts ready for release...
  • My Necessity continues her set of big, long band samplers inspired by old music. Lyrics from the old song, she's tucked them in between all sorts of neat stitched borders, so you don't even notice them at first! Choose one hand-dyed color of thread (but you can change that if you want), and a fabric you like. On 36ct this will measure 7 x 13.
  • Springtime Pin Drum - A rotund little stand-up cushion, we can't really see all the sides on this, but I think tulips go all the way around. *Bloesem* is the word I see spelled across the top... maybe the chart mentions something about that inside? It's only 3 x 10 on 36ct, and uses Weeks hand-dyeds of Bluecoat Red, Clockwork, Concord, Curry, Grasshopper, Oscar, Parchment, Red rocks, Sanguine and Teal Frost.

The Gentle Rain from The Blue Flower -  click for more Wildflowers from The Blue Flower -  click for more Language of Flowersfrom The Blue Flower -  click for more Tudor Bee from The Blue Flower -  click for more Tudor Swan from The Blue Flower -  click for more
Jeannine McGowan of The Blue Flower has some pretty new designs:
  • The Gentle Rain - To capture the awesome feeling of the soft, spring rain Jeannine loves, she designed a scene of flowers and trees. She featured a big bird bath with all sorts of delighted birds, and then, there come all the little creatures - squirrels, a racoon, and even a neighborhood dog coming out for his walk! Something pretty to hang in the Springtime! Measures about 9 x 11 on 36ct.
  • Wildflowers - Buttercups have honeyed hearts, Bees they love the clover, but I Iove the daisies dance all the meadow over. Inspired by wildflowers and a favorite poem, we get another pretty springtime piece that a gardening friend might really love. Stitched all in DMC floss, it finishes a little over 9 x 9 on 36ct. Not really too big at all.
  • Language of Flowers - Spring - The sun shines when I'm with You. Fresh blooming Narcissus just make you smile! 165 x 82, It'll finish 8 x 4 - a generous cushion that would be pretty perched on a windowsill.
  • Tudor Bee and Tudor Swan - A pair of coordinating designs, each is finished as a pin cushion. Trims and velveteen backings are by Lady Dot. Jeannine says the Swan's border was inspired by the ceiling at Hampton Court palace, and swans are very common in Tudor art - symbolizing fidelity in love.

Love is in the Air from Cottage Garden Samplings - click to see more It's Snow Time from Cottage Garden Samplings - click to see more
A Time for all Seasons Series
from Cottage Garden Samplings
We didn't know there was going to be a set of 12 of these. #1 January's It's Snow Time and #2 February's Love is in the Air are both here! Same stitch count size - 100 x 130 - both are stitched on a medium-ish hand-dyed fabric color - something to highlight the white colors in each.

We have no idea if they'll all be on this same background or not... so maybe just collect patterns till we know? Or just stitch only the ones you like and forget the rest? Charming so far, each is presented in a chart and coded for mostly DMC with a few hand-dyeds tossed in for fun.

Bequeathment Labels from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Colonial Girls & Their Dolls by Kathy Barrick - click to see more Quaker Dwelling by Kathy Barrick - click to see more Amelia Prescott and How Her Parents Did Educate Her by Kathy Barrick - click to see more
Several New Arrivals from Kathy Barrick
  • Bequeathment Labels - DO NOT get creeped out by these... just enjoy the fun they present being stuck to the backs of treasured (and maybe not-so-treasured) pieces of needlework! Actually, you COULD use these as gift tags at your next stitch group exchange or include one in your next event pin-cushion exchange! (Or how about bequeathing your friend your project-from-****? You know, the one they keep bugging you about finishing?) Kathy's latest group of antique art on stickers, set of 8.
  • Colonial Girls & Their Dolls - People get creeped out by this artwork too... but if you can appreciate it, these are neat labels too! A place to record your name, date, the design title, and maybe some thread or fabric info... stick them on the back of your framed pieces.
  • Quaker Dwelling - measuring 232 x 239, this finishes almost 12 x 12 on 40ct! LOTS of stitches in this... the symetry and repetitveness in this is delightful! Change a few colors if you need to... but I love all that gunmetal color in there! I like how the bricks are the same as the Quaker motifs.
  • Amelia Prescott and How Her Parents Did Educate Her - This is a Kathy Barrick original design, inspired by all the charming antique multiplication table samplers. She's done Algerian Eyes and Rhodes in the alphabets, and included that verse about Amelia's Parents! Stitch count is a mystery until I can read the chart... but it will probably be generous in size... and gosh, the math actually STILL works - not like that 'new math stuff!'

Gather Here from Hello From Liz Matthews - click for more Butterfly Cloche from Hello From Liz Matthews - click for more Newest Releases
from Hello From Liz Matthews
  • Butterfly Cloche - What a pretty piece! Measuring 171 x 191, this is stitched on 40ct and measures approx 8-1/2 x 9-1/2. The colors are so yummy... Liz is showing single butterflies attached to the bottoms of antique glass paperweights as a neat finishing idea. DMCs of 937, 732, 3809, 310, 413, 3866, 927, 829, 839, 3826, 680, 918 and blanc.
  • Gather Here - I love this one! Stitched in just one hand-dyed thread color (pick one you like!), this finishes a generous 15-1/2 x 7 on 36ct! Clean and contemporary!

Christmas is Coming EARLY in 2021! Prairie Schooler's 2021 Annual Santa

Presenting Prairie Schooler's 2021 Annual Santa... he normally comes out the weekend of July 4th... but HERE HE IS!

Same card format, same traditional colors... add him to your collection now, so you don't miss him this year!
Sea Life by Laurel Burch for Mill Hill! - click for more
Sea Life by Laurel Burch for Mill Hill
Oh gosh, I NEED to buy a beach house so I can stitch these kits, and have a place to display them! The newest releases by Mill Hill featuring the artwork of Laurel Burch, these are FULL of color and whimsey! Presented as full kits of chart, a smattering of Mill Hill glass seed beads, DMC flosses, and needles, each is worked on 14ct Tropical Blue Aida... so brilliant and gorgeous!

Don't be turned off by the Aida (vs linen or paper)... it is easy to see, sturdy for the beads, and just plain fun to work on! Each design finishes approx 5 x 7 and there are frames available for them as well.

Arranging Microbes from Ink Circles - click to see more Petal Pusher from Ink Circles - click to see more The first 3 Rabbits Rabbits from Ink Circles - click to see more
Fun New Releases from Ink Circles
  • Arranging Microbes! Oh My Gosh, isn't this the funniest thing? How appropriate for the times! Tracy's top portion of this piece measures 5 x 7, without the Wash Your Hands advice offered below - Stitch it however you want! You could even make your stitching friends 'germy pincushions!' Colorful - use what's in your stash, or the hand-dyeds called for of Oyster, Mulberry, Boysenberry, Kentucky Bluegrass, Lichen, Romance and Plum, or as Tracy puts it - 'the DMC-ish' equivalents!
  • Petal Pusher We like the colors in this! BUTTTT you have 4 different color-way options! This 115 x 115 piece finishes approx 6or 8 inches square - depending on your fabric choice. Tracy offers 4 different DMC color combinations for this - they are pictured on the front of the chart - I don't know how you're going to decide on just one.
  • The Rabbits Rabbits! Tracy is doing a 12-part Rabbit Sampler. We have rabbits for January, February and March so far... each comes as a single card chart. (The other 9 months will release 3 at a time throughout the year.) Stitched on 36ct, with hand-dyed flosses, they measure about 3-1/2 inches in size. When you get the charts, the links are there for the freebie borders on her site, as well as thread usage and conversion charts so you can stitch these anyway you like. There is a Lady Dot Creates finishing pack available for these... one packet for each group of three months of cushions. (I'll post info on that ASAP.) Meanwhile, we'll do an auto-ship on the charts beginning with these three.

Oology by Satsuma Street - click for more
Look What's coming From Satsuma Street! Oology! from Satsuma Street
This delightful set of 4 eggs is the perfect project for the start of Spring... and better yet, they are all presented in ONE leaflet!

Each 3 x 4 egg is stitched on 28ct linen - but Satsuma loves perforated paper as well, and these would be awesome as paper eggs too!

Coded for DMC, get out some beads and metallics if you feel like it... these gorgeous pastel eggs will be so much fun to stitch!
Rise & Shine in cross stitch from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Whimsey Halloween in cross stitch from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Psalm 91:11 in cross stitch from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Peacemaker in cross stitch from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Come Into The Garden in cross stitch from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Lots of Lovlies Coming from Teresa Kogut!!!
  • Rise & Shine finishes about 6 x 8 - choose a light background like the morning sunshine!
  • Whimsey Halloween - 4 x 6 on 40ct... this one is upside-down!
  • Psalm 91:11 - Measures 9-1/2 x 7 on 32ct. Choose a dark fabric you can see on... notice the monochromatic design in her dress?
  • Peacemaker - Another of Teresa's signature angels... this one is about 9 x 10 on 35ct. LOTS of color changes in these, but so worth the effort!
  • Come Into The Garden - Love all the details in this! Finishing 11 x 14-ish on 40ct... 'Come to the Garden, Thy senses shall be overjoyed.'

Floral Heart from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more Floral Heart
from Samplers Not Forgotten
Samplers Not Forgotten is releasing a new pin cushion design - a pretty heart-shaped floral - stitched in pale rose and moss hand-dyed cottons.

Fully kitted, it is stitched on 36ct Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed linen with Weeks flosses. The featured lace trim and ribbon for the finishing is by Lady Dot. The kit includes the chart, linen, threads, trims, the charm and the backing fabric - which you can get a glimpse of in the background of our pic. What a pretty piece!

PuntiniPuntini When I Think of April - click to see more PuntiniPuntini April May June - click to see more PuntiniPuntini Spring 2021 Pin Set - click to see more PuntiniPuntini Sewing Buttons 2021 - click to see more
Super-Cute New Arrivals from PuntiniPuntini
Due in the Shop the second week of March 2021. Paola has been busy making teeny clay pins and buttons to either poke or embellish your pin cushions and projects. She has new button collections, new pin assortments and continues her monthly set of *Thinking!*

We have everything pictured and organized on her pages... we just chose a few things to highlight here, as there wasn't room to show it all here. Not everything goes with a specific pattern - you get to be creative with all her darling pins and find the perfect cushion-homes for all of them!

Sea Box by Rovaris of Italy! - click to see more Sea Box from Rovaris
Oh Look what is coming our way - Livia's Limited Edition Sea Tray!
*Sea* is stitched in the middle of this charming 5 x 7-ish stitched medley of underwater critters and foliage. Seahorses, a crab, and a big octopus... it's a busy little underwater scene.

Along with the chart, you will be getting this cool 7 x 7 x 2-ish inch wooden tray. It features that display area for your stitched cushion, and three holes to hold the wooden needlework implements and the scissors SHOWN in the pic! You get all of that!

Livia is including the striped finishing fabric you see, and a bunch of cute seaside charms that are dangling there off the cushion. Super-cute... we aren't sure what the wooden tools are - I think a stitch remover and stilletto - but that'll be a surprise! UPDATE: I've just heard the two wood tools supplied are one seam ripper and one frogger.
LIMITED EDITION, we are taking RESERVATIONS for Mid-March delivery!
Flowershop from Thistles Merry X-Mas Welcome from Thistles Hilltop Village in Winter from Thistles
Thistles has fun new designs coming our way in early March!
Liezbeth is from the Netherlands...and when we took our Silver Needle/Jeannette Douglas Tulip Time River Cruise to Holland two years ago... she met our group of 90 stitchers for a day with a huge trunk show of her things. It was delightful... and a neat memory.
  • Flowershop comes straight from her imagination! Stitched with 23 different shades of Weeks hand-dyed flosses, I'm not sure how large it is... but I think about 8 x 15. I see three panels here... the little shop and all it's gardens of flowers and trees. It's so happy, I just love it!
  • Merry X-Mas Welcome - Oh, there are pigs-in-love for Valentines and a black cat on Halloween that go with this - isn't this plump gingerbread cottage the cutest? Hansel and Gretel live there! It measures about 5 x 9 in size, I think, and is stitched in Gentle Art's Simply Wools of Tea Rose, Raven, Harvest Basket, Buttercrunch, Ruby Slippers, Cidermill Brown, Chives, Morning Glory, and Chalk.
  • Hilltop Village in Winter - This finishes Liezbeth's 4-season set... she traveled in southern Italy in 2019... and loved all the old villages on the hilltops and mountains. So we get smidgens of European villages all throughout the year. Finishing about 6 x 8... all of them are delightful!

CS296 Hannah Ann Wallace 1850 from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more CS297 Samplings #1 from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more CS298 Samplings #2 from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
New Arrivals coming from Brenda Gervais
  • Hannah Ann Wallace 1850 - A reproduction sampler - Brenda chose softer shades of the original wools used to stitch this petite sampler. In her leaflet, she's included research about Hannah, photos, and even some hand-written Quaker meeting notes. It finishes approx 7-1/2 x 7 on 36ct and is stitched with DMCs and some hand-dyeds of Oscar, Olive, Antique Rose, Pomegranate, Ye Old Gold and Sweet Potato.
  • The Samplings - Brenda has designed and commissioned special printed alphabet linen from England. You can see it in the model/cover pics shown. She is including enough of the fabric - in each chart - for project finishing in this new series.
    Samplings #1 features a cross stitched tiny bunny and flowers, with a Quaker motif at the base of the design. It includes the finishing alphabet linen with red lettering.
    Samplings #2's design has a bird and butterflies along with another Quaker motif, this time, the alphabet fabric is printed in blue.
    NOT ALL of the future designs will be egg-shaped in theme... these two just turned out that way... and the alphabet letters on the fabric will be in other colors as well. Each of these two stitched designs measure approx 3 x 4 when stitched on 40ct... you can finish them into the egg shapes, or make little pin cushions and use that alphabet linen as your backing material! No information yet on how often more in this series will release.... but we'll begin an auto-ship on them just to be safe!

Gingerbread Valley Part One front from Blackberry Lane - click to see more Gingerbread Valley Part One back from Blackberry Lane - click to see more Gingerbread Valley Part Two from Blackberry Lane - click to see more
Gingerbread Valley: Parts One and Two - Due in the Shop March 10th, 2021 from Blackberry Lane Designs
Marie Driskill has been busy designing gingerbread house ornaments! You see three pics here... Part One is both the front and back of the same house! Part Two is her second house-in-progress - and you are seeing only the front of it so far.
So... Part One is stitched on 32ct Gingerbread Linen by Picture This Plus. It measures approx 4 x 4, and is FULL of charming design detail! The chimney is a cupcake... and can you see the elf climbing on the roof? On the front side, you can see him just to the right of the cupcake - I think he's sneaking a snack. The front is decorated with a clay wreath on the door, tiny gingerbread cookies, and snowy evergreen tree buttons - all are made by Just Another Button Company and Puntini. Now, look at the back of the house... there's the little guy on the roof again! There are more buttons here... Puntini packages and JABCO peppermints! Both the front and back of the house are in this chart, and the buttons will do both sides.

Part Two's house (not real creative names for our cottages I am afraid!) is an A-Frame gingerbread house. Marie is still working on the backside of that house... so it's still a surprise. BOTH front and back of this house will also be in this chart! Buttons are available separately... and we have them. (Not enough info about Part Two selection yet.)

Blooming Bouquets #6 Hopeful from Jeannette Douglas Lets Do What We Love from Jeannette Douglas Flower Tray Set from Jeannette Douglas Home Together #1 Home is Where from Jeannette Douglas Home Together #2 Home is the Place from Jeannette Douglas
New Coming From Jeannette Douglas - Due in the Shop early March!
Jeannette continues her Blooming Bouguets, but has a few other new designs too! Two trays, and a new series... Here we go... taking RESERVATIONS NOW!
  • Blooming Bouguets #6 - Hopeful - This is a lovely set of floral designs - 'kind of' seasonal in some color ways... but truly beautiful to display the entire year. We have her models stitched in the shop - these are some of my favorites because they are a nice smaller size, the colors are lavishly gorgeous, and they are just plain classy! #6 joins the other 5 - Thankful, Cheerful, Joyful, Beautiful, and Bountiful. (Jeannette says her brain is *FULL* of great ideas!) Stitched on Picture this Plus's 40ct Fawn linen with Jeannette pretty set of assorted hand-dyed silks, it finishes just 6 x 7-1/2 in size.
  • Flower Tray Set & Lets Do What We Love Tray - These two designs are offered in leaflet format... and present a different way to finish your stitching to enjoy again WHILE you're stitching! Make the 6 x 6-inch-ish fabric trays by pinching the corners together... your cute stitching is right there in the middle! What a fun place to keep your scissors, threaders, threads and needles! The Flower Tray set includes patterns for the drum cushion and stitched scissor fob. The Lets do What We Love and Do It Alot piece features just the tray. Both come as leaflets and have separate thread packs for them. So darn cute!
  • Home Together is going to be another cute pin cushion/sampler set like Sew Together. 6 Designs in all, you can do them individually or join them together in any arrangement you have space for! Jeannette will be offering a cube assembly as well. (Doesn't that sound cute?) Measuring 83 x 83 in stitch count finished size varies with your fabric count... these are done on Weeks Parchment Linen. Coded for hand-dyed flosses, the first two - Home is Where Your Heart Is, and Home is the Place to Be release now. #3 & 4 release in May, #5 & 6 release in September of 2021. (We'll do an auto-ship for those so you won't chance missing them!)

Chalk Talk Let's Talk Spring from Hands On Design - click to see more 31st: Block Party from Hands On Design - click to see more 25th: Block Party from Hands On Design - click to see more
Newest Arrivals coming early March! from Hands On Design
  • Chalk Talk Let's Talk Spring continues this fun seasonal set of designs - Cathy has rearranged her words three different ways and given you three different finishing options for the different sized projects. Presented as a chart.
  • 31st: Block Party - Oh a new one of these darling pin cushions... this is so bright and colorful... it joins the seven or so Block Party designs already in print. Worked on 28ct linen, the chart comes with that pretty cut of Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed wool featured on the top. We have the pin set also, because you'll want the whole presentation! Believe it or not, these take a 1/4 yard of fabric - the side is stitched all as one piece, then you need the top and bottom!
  • 25th: Block Party - You'll never forget all the reindeer names if you have this little baby stitched as a Christmas decoration! So darn cute... stitched on 28ct Amber linen, chart includes the wool topper cut. These pins are available as well... but there are lots of other JABCO and Puntini pins that would be fun in here.

French Kitchen Pomme et Sauge Apples & Sage from Hands On Design - click to see more French Kitchen Fraise et Menthe Strawberries & Mint from Hands On Design - click to see more French Kitchen Poire et Romarin Pear & Rosemary from Summer House Stitche Workes - click to see more French Kitchen Myrtille et Thym from Summer House Stitche Workes - click to see more Francaise The French Kitchen Bucket - click to see more
The French Kitchen from Hands On Design and Summer House Stitche Workes
Enjoy this neat set of designs that celebrates the bounty of the French Kitchen with the fruits and flowers of the seasons. A collaboration between Hands On Design and Summer House Stitche Workes, Cathy designed Strawberries & Mint and Apples & Sage. Beth designed Pear & Rosemary and Blueberry & Thyme. (Don't know who designed the little bucket!) Each tall sampler measures 53 x 135 - finishing approx 3 x 8 - stitched on 32ct linen. When your 4 are finished... either display them or store one or all of the 'out-of-season' panels in the cute little stitched 'bucket!' It's also perfect for storing recipe cards or chocolate!

You'll see charms dangling from the bucket - those are available for a limited time, as well as the wooden 'paddle' you see the samplers displayed on. Thread Set for entire series uses 26 skeins of Weeks hand-dyed flosses: Blackboard (4), Bluecoat Red, Capri, Carolina Cecil (2), Emerald, Glacial Melt, Grits, Kudzu, Lichen, (2), Loden, Mocha, Moss, Navy, Oilcloth (2), Red Pear, Roasted Figs, Scuppermong, Snowflake, Verdigris and Whitewash. Love it, love it!

Fragments 2021 Tales from the Sea No 4 from Summer House Stitch Workes - click for more Fragments 2021 Tales from the Sea No 3 from Summer House Stitch Workes - click for more Fragments in Time for 2021: Tales From The Sea
from Summer House Stitche Workes
The next two Fragments for 2021 will arrive the second week of March!
#3 Features The Kracken - the monster of the sea - who put terror into the staunchest heart - he is lurking somewhere in the ocean depths!
#4 features the waiting wives' house... this is an 8-part set of small card designs - you can stitch them all together (see that on our auto-ship page) or you can make individual pin cushions.

A charming set... Beth Ann has done Fragments for several years... we have several past years' still available!
Antrim's Folly from Hearts Ease Examplar Workes - click to see more

Antrim's Folly
by Heart's Ease Examplar Workes
This has been one of Theresa Baird's exclusive class pieces that is now available in chart format. Just a gorgeous piece, Theresa's inspiration came from a Betty Ring sampler that sold at a Sotheby's auction for over a million dollars in 2012.

She was enchanted by the mansion with the cedar trees, the barnyard with the animals, the young lady sitting straight and proud atop a horse, the farmhouse on the hill, and the flanking baskets of fruits and flowers.

It measures 257 x 355, and is worked in silks. The chart is 38 pages... it is full of stitch diagram detail, and actual close-up pics of some areas. Not for the faint of stitcher - not the quickest stitch either! Just an EXQUISITE needlework design to tantalize the brave!
Spring is Springing from Val's Stuff Please Grow from Val's Stuff
Please Grow and Spring is Springing from Val's Stuff
Two new arrivals by Val's stuff... they hint at Spring, but after this last February weather... who knows?
  • Please Grow is a plant poke! Delightful colors, it is stitched on 14ct perforated paper with DMC flosses from your stash. Then, you decorate with felt flower pieces, and the button. Cut it out, glue it to the black felt, then glue that to the pink felt, add the wooden skewer stick and you're ready to beg that plant to grow (using your good manners!) Complete kit includes the chart, paper, embellishments, felt and stick to make the 4 x 4 poke.
  • Spring is Springing features a snowman who's going to melt soon. You don't actually stitch him - that's the background fabric... and the flower on there consists of tiny felt pieces... so actually, this goes pretty fast! Kit comes with the chart, 28ct Jobelan fabric, and pink felt pieces. You'll need bits of Week's hand-dyed floss from your stash - Chartreuse, Watermelon Punch, Envy and Pumpkin!
Easter Eggs Are On The Way... Our Febuary 2021 Secret Needle Night Kit - click to see more

Easter Eggs Are On The Way... Our Febuary 2021 Secret Needle Night Kit
THANKS! This month's design has sold out. Click through to learn more about our monthly SNN designs.
Getting ready for Easter baskets seems a decade away right now... but what a treat to stitch with these fun, pastel colors! Our February Secret Needle Night design is coming... and if you've done our Club for several years... these are eggs #7, 8 and 9 in your collection!

18Ct Linen, three little pin-cushion-sized eggs to finish as flats to tuck into your basket, they measure just 2-1/2 x 3. Kit includes the fabric, charts, and all the needed threads and beads. Super-quick to stitch!
PN242 Brahma Mama from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more XS288 Our Humble Homestead from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more XS289 You Are Worthy from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Teresa Kogut has New Punch Needle and Cross Stitch Designs
  • Brahma Mama is a glorious hen in her summer garden. She finishes approx 5-1/2 x 6, and is punched using Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed flosses... or DMC. The pattern includes the line drawing for transferring and the needed cut of weaver's cloth base fabric.
  • Our Humble Homestead - We like this! It reminds us all of the first small-ish houses we all lived in when we first married - because the people are as big as the house! That first house was a HUGE CASTLE, regardless! This finishes about 6 x 9-1/2 on 36ct - you can put it on anything you want - the model pic is Picture This Plus's Ale color.
  • You Are Worthy - Good encouragement... this finishes approx 7 x 8 on 32ct fabric. The linen in the model pic is quite distressed, but if you don't like that look at least use something on the darker side of colors so the beige whites will show up nicely.

#394 Chintz Alphabet from JBW Designs - click to see more #395 LOVE from JBW Designs - click to see more #396 Love in the Round from JBW Designs - click to see more #397 Beach Umbrella and Sailboat from JBW Designs - click to see more
New Arrivals from JBW Designs
  • #394 Chintz Alphabet - Reminiscent of Royal Winton Chintzware China - this is full of delicate color and tiny motifs. The whole piece finishes just 6 x 7 on 32ct Antique White Belfast.
  • #395 LOVE - Coordinates with lots of Judy's other fancy-lettered words... Blessings, Hope, Grace, Welcome, (another) Love, and Joy! It is a vintage JBW design.... re-printed into Affectionately Yours, then out of print again... and now re-printed for the second time.
  • #396 Love in the Round - the same pretty format as kitties and dogs, Halloween.... finishes approx 3-1/2 inches round.
  • #397 Beach Umbrella and Sailboat - sweet pieces for your beach house (if you are lucky to have one. We're laughing about the Hallmark movie where the girl has the 'Vision Board.' My VB has a beach house on it!)

Growing Green by Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill! - click for more
Growing Green by Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill
The folks at Mill Hill have released 4 new herb-inspired designs with the artwork of Debbie Mumm featured! Chives, Oregano, Basil and Rosemary - each is presented as a full kit stitched on 16ct Aida with DMC flosses and garnished with a sprinkling of glass seed beads.

Basil and Oregano are stitched on a dark brown, Rosemary and Chives are on a much lighter beige. All 4 coordinate in color - limes, soft browns, oranges and creams - and each finishes 4-1/2 inches square. Pretty for a kitchen!

Jelly Bean Jubilee from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Jelly Bean Jubilee from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots moreJelly Bean Jubilee from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
Presenting Jelly Bean Jubilee from With Thy Needle & Thread
Brenda Gervais has just announced her newest leaflet release - Jelly Bean Jubilee! Seven cheerful bunny and bean designs - full of bright, happy colors!

Stitch them all on a fat-quarter cut of your favorite fabric... round up some cute ribbons and trims... and you'll be ready for Easter!

Music in America Guitar from Ronnie Rowe - click for more Music in America Piano from Ronnie Rowe - click for more Music in America Saxophone from Ronnie Rowe - click for more Music in America Trumpet from Ronnie Rowe - click for more Music in America Violin from Ronnie Rowe - click for more
Presenting the Music in America Series from Ronnie Rowe
Wow... these are definitely for the serious music lover - and a serious stitcher! Ronnie Rowe is a really fun guy. I'd heard about his stuff for years... I didn't know he was a 'real person' until he showed up at market for the first time a couple of years ago! The man is eternally cheerful and assured me he was, indeed, alive! Completely talented - he sketches out all this stuff and then stitches it and charts it! Absolutely unbelievable in detail and vision, his designs will remain classics. His covers really don't do justice to the stitched pieces.

New this year are these 5 tributes to music. Each is presented as a chart and coded for just plain 'ol DMC floss. His style is to mimic pen and ink - these are so exciting, so realistic. They'd be lovely in a music room, recording studio, office, school... anywhere someone can appreciate them. They are generous in size - all around 12 x 17 (180 x 270 or 300 in stitch count) - so visually commanding!

Stitching With The Housewives Here Comes Peter Cottontail - click to see more Stitching With The Housewives April Truckin Along - click to see more Stitching With The Housewives presents Bunny Bakery - click to see more
Stitching With The Housewives has sent their new designs!
  • Here Comes Peter Cottontail - And he's just cute with his bunny basket and tulip pot. Measuring about 7 x 7 on 28ct black or chalkboard colored fabric, he'd make a cute door-stop stand-up!
  • Truckin' Along for April - We're almost finished with this set of cute little farm trucks carrying it's seasonal freight. This month, we have crates of carrots for all the farm's bunny population... I bet the chickens like them too! Lots of green, orange and white, if you aren't doing the trucks, you still get the design 'flavor' in that monthly sign.
  • Bunny Bakery - Oh gosh, this is cute! A white cake plate displays these two - stirring and mixing - I bet they're making carrot cake! Finishes 5 x 7 on any 14/28ct black or gunmetal-ly fabric you like, it's another fun seasonal decoration to perch on the kitchen counter. As the rest, it is coded for DMC floss as well as Classic Colorworks hand-dyed.

Give Greatly from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more Give Greatly
from Silver Creek Samplers
Your greatness is not in what you have but what you give. LOOK at this, the bunny is bringing his snowman friend his most precious gift - a fresh carrot nose! Or, maybe the snowman shared one of his un-used noses with the bunny?

What a fun winter-y seasonal piece. Diane added a couple of snowflake buttons from her stash - but charted them as well - in case you are 'flakeless.' The Mill Hill white metal snowflake treasures are perfect for this - you get 2 each of two different 1/2-inch white enameled metal flakes for $3.50. Give Greatly measures approx 6 x 7 on 32ct, and is coded for DMC floss.

Sunday Next Be Mine Biscornu from Heartstring Samplery
Sunday Stitches - Amazing Grace, Next Door & Be Mine Biscornu from Heartstring Samplery
Heartstring Samplery has new releases that are fun. One begins a new monthly series!
  • Sunday Stitches - Amazing Grace - This is the first of a series of 12 designs that feature lyrics from classic church hymns. Amazing Grace is our first. It measures 149 x 70, and is worked on Picture this Plus's 32ct Oaken Linen with Classic Colorworks Campfire, and Weeks Gunmetal and Loden hand-dyed flosses to finish approx 9 x 4-ish. Promises to be a neat set of designs... so we are beginning an auto-ship for the monthly chart releases.
  • Next Door is something you HAVE to stitch for every friend that has moved away... or never lived close in the first place! The model is stitched on 32 Oaken using Weeks hand-dyed flosses. It measures 107 x 69 in stitch count... fun colors of Banana Pudding, Boysenberry, Charcoal, Clockwork, Grasshopper and Islamorada.
  • Be Mine Biscornu features bluebirds and love letters. Choose a neutral linen, this is stitched with Weeks Baked Apple, Beige, Deep Sea, Dove, Hibiscus, Molasses, Moss and Whiskey. 107 stitches square, you can stitch just the top piece and make a little square cushion if you want!

First Frost from Hands On Design - click to see more With This Needle from Hands On Design - click to see more Hop on Inn from Hands On Design - click to see more
First Frost, With This Needle, & Hop on Inn from Hands On Design
  • First Frost features a pair of wintery village scenes stitched on plain white or antique white fabric with good old DMC floss of 07, 21, 168, 422, 598 and 611! Depending on your fabric choice - they'll be about 3 x 7 each.
  • With This Needle - I Thee thread! What a cute needle case and matching scissor fob! Cathy insists your stitching accessories should be fun - so this chart comes with those cool miniature needles and the spool charm. Stitched on 32ct Platinum Linen, you'll use only Weeks Aztec Red, Blackboard, Capri and Pepperocini!
  • Hop On Inn - Serious Spring Cuteness coming your way... this is worked on any chalkboard-colored fabric you like to work on. The chart is coded for DMC as well as Sulky 12-weight thread - if you bought the thread for More Chocolate Bunnies - you already have it, and you have enough to stitch this too! Finishing 5 x 5 on a 14/28... we'll have those HOP buttons as well!
Little Deeds Sampler from Scarlett House - click for more Ceesie Smitt from Scarlett House - click for more No Place Like Home from Scarlett House - click for more
Little Deeds Sampler, Ceesie Sampler & No Place Like Home from The Scarlett House
Tanya Brockmeyer has three new things coming anyday... all charts... I love her color palette. Not many details yet - more when the charts arrive (this week?)
  • Little Deeds Sampler - 129 x 157 on Week's 36ct Confederate Gray linen. Weeks Garrison Green, Chestnut. Classic's Blackbird, Polliwog, Sunkissed, Cherry Cobbler and Snowball.
  • Ceesie Smitt - 185 x 45 - Stitched on Picture This Plus's 40ct Heartland. I absolutely love all those different floral urns. Frame it or make a stitching mat!
  • No Place Like Home - 103 x 61 - This says it all! Choose any fabric you want... even change some colors... add a dog or two... it's very timely!

Winter Mouse Scissor Roll featuring Freezia Mouse by Just Nan -- click to see more! Presenting Just Nan's Winter Mouse Scissor Roll - featuring Freezia Mouse!
Nan's Winter Roll is due in the shop January 25th, 2021. The 4th in her seasonal set of these charming scissor cases... each has been the same size - perfect to store a 3-1/2 or 4-inch pair of embroidery scissors. They each feature one of Nan's signature mice perched atop as well! She writes: each of the mouse garden scenes on the outside features a mouse and a moment in a winter garden. Look for a cardinal at a feeder with icicles overhead, a mouse in an evergreen tree behind a wooly sheep (but he's not wearing his boots!), a very happy snowman welcoming snowflakes and a mouse peeking out of a green wreath on the blue front door. Snowflakes separate the scenes - which are grounded with snowy patterns of blue and white. The scenes are embellished with icy blue beads... and a single pearl marks the roll closure.

Next, three little helper mice push their way through the snow to a little warm house - which is the padded pocket for the scissors! Find a 4th mouse inspecting a pincushion and spools of thread in the sewing room window! The verse inside, It's cold outside, scissors stay inside! I don't know how Nan gets all that detail on her things, but all that is happening in this charming piece. You stitch this as one long piece on 32ct natural Belfast Linen with DMC floss. You form the scissor pocket with the overdyed wool included in the design, sew on a snap - and you're finished. The four mouse scenes will show on the outside of the roll... and the path to the little warm cottage will be rolled up inside. Then, top it all with Freezia! She's on 32ct white, is wearing a dress of beaded snowflakes, and a matching set of mittens and scarf. Chart includes the 8-page stitch guide, overdyed Snow Creme wool, wired string tail, signature mouse button base, mini pom pom, beads, pearl, snap and snowflake sequins.

The 2021 Spring Bouquet Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
Presenting The 2021 Mill Hill Spring Button & Bead Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
Mill Hill's Spring 2021 Bead Kits!
OK... no time for Winter-Blues... Mill Hill always releases before the seasons so we have time to get all this finished to display! All are presented as complete kits - 14ct perforated paper - they use lots of different colors of that, DMC flosses, Mill Hill Beads and the necessary needles. The Larger Buttons & Beads line finishes 5 x 5-ish, while the smaller Spring Bouquet kits are the ornament size - 3 x 3-ish.

Can't wait to get them stitched - I bet the fish and the citrus pieces glisten with awesome bright colors. And.. we love that little pink elephant! All are ready to ship and really fun to stitch. We even have small beading needle threaders that fit those tiny beading needles in the kits.

2021 Collector's Heart from Heart in Hand - click for more
2021 Collector's Heart from Heart in Hand
Heart in Hand is releasing this year's Collector heart kit - and it's real cute!

The complete kit contains 32ct Faun hand-dyed linen from Picture This Plus, along with a smaller cut of 32ct Vintage Country Mocha for the bonus design included. The included hand-dyed flosses by Classic Colorworks will do both designs - there are 11 different shades on these. Look for the Good!

Cecelia is retiring all the rest of her previous Collector Heart kits. She's designed them for years, but fabrics come and go, and continually kitting over the years gets complicated! So.... 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 are in VERY LIMITED supply right now. We're OK with 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 for the time being. Any year not listed here is already sold out and retired. Clicking the link above will take you to a grouping of all of the Collector's Hearts.
To All a Good Night from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see lots more To All a Good Night
from Shepherd's Bush
Tina and Teri have a darling new pin cushion out... and now we have lots of time before next Christmas to get it stitched to enjoy! Stitched on 32ct Natural Linen, the cushion finishes 5 x 5. Santa - complete with billowing striped hat - is flying across the sky. There are reindeer and sheep on here... an ornament and candy cane garland, even little snowman wearing a striped sweater!

Very cute, the complete kit comes with the linen, hand-dyed flosses, a few button and bead embellishments, as well as bright green fabric for your backing treatment and the most gorgeous shade of pretty red hand-dyed chenille from Lady Dot Creates. It'll be fun to have and stitch!

A Christmas Rose from Blackbird Designs - click for more
A Christmas Rose
from Blackbird Designs
#4 In their Christmas Series of samplers, it is stitched on Picture This Plus's 36ct Wren and uses Weeks threads of Dirt Road, Havana, Oscar, Parchment, Pelican Gray, Red Rocks, Sandcastle, and Tarragon.

It finishes a petite 6 x 8-ish... perfect to perch on a table or bookshelf. (I THINK the other three in this series have been Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad and Bringing Good Cheer.)

Honey Hill Hamlet from Artful Offerings - click for more Honey Hill Hamlet
from Artful Offerings
Here's a very organized piece... stitched on Picture This Plus's Doubloon Linen with DMC or Gentle Art's hand-dyed flosses. You'll need Baby Spinach, Ruby Slipper, Carriage Black, Chamomile, Wood Trail, Gold Leaf, Pecan Pie and Chalk.

On 40ct, it is still quite large finishing about 7-1/2 x 10-1/2. The bees in the octagonals would make nice scissor fobs. Very patterned, very neat and tidy... pretty colors!

Aprile Dolce Dormire from Madame Chantilly Aprile Dolce Dormire
from Madame Chantilly
I don't know what that title means, but it doesn't matter - I can tell this is a charming design! The mom and dad rabbits are working in the garden, but the little helper is fast asleep on the huge carrot they've gathered already!

Mom has on a striped apron, Dad is wearing black garden boots, and baby has polka dot shorts on! That smaller design is about 4 x 6, the larger one is about 6 x 11. Coded for DMC.
Martha's Stocking from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see lots more

Martha's Stocking from Shepherd's Bush
This Year's Stocking is on the way!

Same format as the other 27 in the set... she's darling, and will make someone special VERY happy when Santa fills her stocking!
Summer Snapperland from Bent Creek
The last in the Summer Snapperland set is back! The first design is darling... it's a tiny beach house, complete with a whale weathervane and little red crab on the sandy beach!

Offered as the small individual card, there are snap embellishments included for the each design. As with Spring and Winter Snapperland, Bent Creek has designed a really neat border chart, so that you can stitch all four designs in this mini-set as one bigger design. That border design reads, 'Turn your face to the sun, and the shadows fall behind you.' Along with the sunshine and shells, there are seahorses in the border design as well, and the special embellishment package contains more snaps, clay sand dollars and a sea scallop.

Stitched on 32ct Rue Green Belfast Linen... each design finishes approx 3 x 3. Stitched together with the freebie border, the entire piece finishes approx 5 x 15. SOOO cute!
One of 4 different seasons, we offer all the charts, border design and embellishments gathered together for you!

Cross Stitch and Punch Needle from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more

Cross Stitch and Punch Needle from Teresa Kogut
We Love Teresa Kogut! We are hosting her at our annual Summer Stitch Event this July.

Click the pics to take you to her page of glorious designs - both Cross Stitch and Punch Needle!

Let Freedom Ring from Lila's Studio
Let Freedom Ring from Lila's Studio
This is a beautiful piece that will finish an impressive 15 x 19 on 32ct. Released in 2017... we've had it, but I didn't pay attention to it until recently. Just lovely, Independence Hall is so pretty with the trees in the background. All the windows, the arches, the hand-dyed threads making the bricks look real... the billowing flag and cracked Liberty Bell... this piece makes quite a statement!

25 Shades of DMC along with 6 hand-dyeds... the building is Classic Colorworks Calico Kitty, and the trees are Endive, both of which require 4 skeins of thread. Lila has done an excellent job with the chart - it's huge, full of contrast and has symbols next to each other that are EASY to tell apart. Just whip this right up - it'd look great in the Family room or an office!

A Perrenial Favorite of Ours... And a Forest Grew from Rosewood Manor
Ok... pull out your DMC floss... this awesome piece uses no less than 100 of them!!! Every green you can imagine... lots of chestnuts, butterscotch, and terra cotta earth tones, this sampler is delightful to look at! Karen, the designer, says she was researching trees for samplers, and found so many different ones... that 'A Forest Grew!' Filled with so many charming details of tiny forest wildlife, and delicate, lacy trees, you just keep looking at this and finding something new all the time.

Stitched on 32ct Cream Belfast Linen, this finishes an impressive 26 x 12-1/2. There are several ideas and smaller charts included to help you pull out little bits here and there, to add to a needle case somewhere, or create some bands for another sampler. So different, such pretty balance with the sizes, colors and detail! Offered as a leaflet.

Need floss? Check your stash first! Need Linen? On 32ct... you'll need 19 x 32. On 28ct ... you'll need 20 x 36. We can provide you those cuts, or 'Fat Half Yards' which measure 27 x 36... giving you enough extra linen for a couple of ornaments, pin cushions or needlecases -- in a matching fabric dye lot. Study the pattern and then decide!

Geppetto's from Little House Needleworks - click to see more

Geppetto's from Little House Needleworks
*In the land of toys, every day except Sunday is Saturday.* Here is where Pinocchio came from! Little House Needleworks has released this fun piece that finishes approx 12-1/2 x 14-1/2 on 30ct, or 10 x 12 on 36.

Stitched with Classic Colorworks or DMC floss, what a cute Wintery decoration. The verse comes from the original story book, we just love it all! You'll need multiple skeins (20 total) of the hand-dyed flosses, so get it all at once so dye lots match.

Portuguese Bird Sampler from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more
Portuguese Bird Sampler
from Barbara Ana
Love, Love the colors in this! *Tell me ye knowing and discerning few, where I may find a friend both firm and true. Who dares stand by me when in deep distress and then his love and friendship most express.*

Quite large, the stitch count on this is 275 x 335 -- so it finishes almost 14 x 16 on 40ct, and would be 17 x 21 on 32. I guess you could leave off a band or two, but everything is so pretty on here, I don't know what you'd want to leave off!!! Fun to add Satins on the border acorns... you could always do Rice Stitches for the lettering. Charted for regular stitches with 22 shades of regular DMC floss, on white.

Plant Wisdom Sampler by Brenda Keyes -- click to see a larger view! The Ultimate Sampler Motifs Source Book by Brenda Keyes -- click to see a larger view!
  • The Ultimate Sampler Motifs Source Book
    Brenda Keyes has reprinted her wonderful multi-page book that is CRAMMED FULL of alphabets and different motifs that appear in antique samplers! Out of print for several years, it is just an awesome book, and we are thrilled to be able to have it again. A MUST for your library... you can tell by the cover what treats await inside!

  • Abigail Markam Sampler - Here is a pretty sampler -- very bold and organized -- balanced and stately! Presented as a chart, this measures 205 x 155 -- so finishes just 9-1/2 x 13 on 32ct. If you choose smaller fabric, you can make your finished piece smaller as well.
    Charted for ONLY regular DMC floss of black, two shades of green, two shades of gold and a brown and red, you could easily change some of the colors to hand-dyeds if you wanted to. The border is pretty, alphabet is good, and the house is very eye-catching. It would make a wonderful *family established* piece!

Jim Shore JS2011-2013 Snowman Set - click for more Jim Shore JS2014-2016 Santa Set - click for more
The 2020 Santas and Snowmen from Jim Shore
Wow! You cleaned us out already! These are already re-ordered and anticipated re-arrival is dec 10.
What a delightful collection of paper ornaments these are! Designed by Jim Shore, each is presented as a complete kit of 14ct perforated paper with all the necessary DMC flosses and a few Mill Hill glass beads tossed in for sparkle. They finish about 3-1/2 to 4 inches high.

Really no finishing required... we put sticky felt on the backs of ours... then cut them out with cheap scissors (cause the felt is a sticky mess on the blades), and that's it. You could attach a little paper easel on the backs to make them stand-up if you like. Quite a collection of these Santas, snowmen, angels and penquins so far from Jim Shore by Mill Hill!

Blackbird's Winds of Autumn - click for more
Winds of Autumn
from Blackbird Designs
Barb and Alma are printing a new book containing 12 projects. 4 Are retired, and 8 are new. The retired - and now in this book are: Spell of the Moon, Bittersweet September, Patchwork Pumpkin and Waiting for the Harvest.

The rest of the 30-ish pages are full of gorgeous photos and pretty samplers and cushions - you can see a few of the new on the cover pic! That's all the info we get until our books arrive right after Thanksgiving! Reserve yours now, to get it right away!
Square Dance - complete set from Heart in Hand - click for more
Square Dance
This is a set of 4 leaflets - featuring the months, all very small (40 X 40 stitch count) and cute. The set is now complete.

Cecelia is part of The Trilogy... and WOW... now I see who designed so many of the 'Secret Gardens' they did years ago! These are real colorful and cheerful... and will make an awesome set of stitched blocks! She is also offering a freebie border chart for this (513 x 55) in case you want to do them all in one lonnnnngggg row (which could be 32 x 3!). Individuals will take 1/2 a yard to complete... long skinny row will need a long 1/4 yard cut.

One Nation Under God - Liberty from Twin Peak Primitives - click to see more

One Nation Under God - Liberty
from Twin Peak Primitives
This is quite the piece by Twin Peaks (all the way from The Netherlands!) Stitched on 36ct (329 x 310), it'll finish approx 18 x 18 - you won't lose THIS on the wall! The pattern refers to Rustico Aida, but also Picture This Plus's Wren color... so those should give you an idea of fabric choices.

It is coded for DMC or Weeks hand-dyed flosses - 18 different shades. It's really very pretty, and I especially like the big floral pots up by the words. (Do one of those if you haven't got time to stitch this whole thing!) And we love those billowing flags too!

Infant Book #1 from Susanamm - click for more Happy from Susanamm - click for more The Skull from Susanamm - click for more
Cute Variety by Susanamm Cross Stitch!
All of her designs are funky... and generally heavy on the stitch count. They are big, lots of solid worked areas, and they'll use tons of your DMC! Sometimes the charts are intense because they are so much solid stitching... but a lot of needleworkers really like that!
  • Infant Book #1 - This is a set of colorful motifs to arrange however you want. The animals along the top row are larger - 100 x 75-ish in stitch count - so they would make darling single pillows or bedroom door signs - something like that. The little birds and mushrooms are 40 and 60 in count... just cute and fun.
  • Happy is just that! Focus on the chickens - not the blue background - you can stitch these on any color fabric you want! They are 161 x 172.
  • The Skull - Oh my gosh, I think this is so cute! But, but, I think I would skip the pumpkin because the chart makes my head spin! (It's solid and about 80 x 80 stitches of 349, 606, 646, 720, 817 and 922 - it's a whopper!) The skeleton is so darn cute, and the whole thing uses only 9 shades of DMC... just super fun... so get out that floss!

Two Skinny Dogs: Martha Moulder 1859 from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more
Two Skinny Dogs: Martha Moulder 1859
from Shakespeare's Peddler
Teresa has a new sampler... it DOES have skinny dogs in it... and kind of a skinny house too! Stitch it on coffee or tea-stained, it uses Weeks and DMC flosses in it's 263 x 197 stitch count.

The central evergreens are so regular and pretty, the birds on either side are striped real funny - I'm sure Teresa has a story behind those! Juniper, Molasses, Sanguine, Pea Coat, Light Khaki, #3045, Tarragon and Pebble!

The 2020 Mill Hill Beaded Holiday Snowflakes - click for more
The 2020 Holiday Snowflakes from Mill Hill
Here are 6 new small snowflakes to stitch for your Christmas Tree! Worked on silver and gold perforated paper, the colors this year are all that silver, gold, and opalescent with touches of icy aqua tossed in.

They're using bugle, seed and petite beads in these for a little variety in the design. Complete kits contain the chart, paper, threads and beads.

The 2020 STICKS are here from Mill Hill - click for more
New Advice for 2020 from Sticks and Mill Hill!
'Be the person your dog thinks you are.' 'Leave only footprints.' 'Happy Halloween' and 'Wish on a star.' Mill Hill has 4 new designs by the artist Sticks that have been converted to cross stitch.

Presented as complete kits of 14ct perforated paper, all the necessary DMC floss and a few Mill Hill glass beads for a little sparkle, these finish a generous 7 inches square. They do have kind of a lot of stitching on them, but WOW - the color impact is fantastic! Great artwork, cheerful designs and colors... we have 20+ designs in this collection so far, and several stitched shop models too!

MAGnificent Floor and Table LED Magnifying Lamp from Daylight - click to see more
MAGnificent Floor and Table LED Magnifying Lamp
from Daylight
This is a pretty nice lamp! It is designed to work as either a floor lamp (with two different height options), or a table style. It can go from 20 inches high to 50. The daylight-balanced LED lights provide accurate color matching - a must for needlework.

The semi-rimless magnifier lens measures almost 6-inches in diameter! Flexible gooseneck arm can reach out to 23 inches. The only cord plugs into the base. There is no cord reaching through the stick of this! Weighs about 6 pounds, white. Very Nice!

Might Mighty Bright Rechargeable Floor Lamp - click for more Might Mighty Bright Rechargeable Floor Lamp - click for more How's Your Stitching Lamp These Days?
Been burning the midnight bulbs... but need a little more UUMPH?
The Mighty Bright Rechargeable Floor Lamp

We have a new magnifying lamp... rechargeable... LED... three light levels... totally adjustable head... covered gooseneck arm! It features 2X magnification with a 5X spot lens inside the main lens. Very sleek design, the whole thing weighs 14 lbs... the cord goes up through the stick, so there is no exposed cord if you don't want one! The battery will run the lamp on high for 2-ish hours and up to 7 hours on the low setting. There is also a AC power adapter included so you CAN plug it in.

The lights adjust from warm white (closer to incandescent) to bright white (daylight balanced). It's a nice lamp. Bulbs are covered, nothing funny sticking out anywhere - very clean and sleek. We'd ordered them before everything shut down in February - sold them, and couldn't get more right away... but they are here now, and we are thrilled! Might be time for a new light in your stitching area!!!

Project Quarantine: Stay Home & Stitch! from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Project Quarantine: Stay Home & Stitch! from With Thy Needle & thread
What a fun project to tantalize your stitching fingers and keep your heart happy... Let's Stay Home and Stitch! Stitched on anything you like, the area inside the little hoop is worked over one thread - so keep that in mind when choosing fabric, the satin stitches on the spools of thread will be ok no matter what you use. It finishes approx 3 x 7-1/2 on 36ct.

Brenda sent a really lovely letter with the shipment... she is donating $1.00 for each of these patterns sold to Center for Disaster Philanthropy Covid-19 Response Fund. The donations to this fund will support non-profit organizations working in areas identified as having high numbers of affected individuals and those working with the most vulnerable populations. Areas of emphasis include helping health-care workers with purchases of masks, gowns, gloves and other protective equipment, supporting quarantined and vulnerable individuals, and hygiene promotion campaigns to limit the spread of the virus.

Presenting our 6th *A Little Help From our Friends Stitching Circle*
Running March 2021 through December, 2021

We are excited to open up our next year of A Little Help From Our Friends Stitching Circle!
Registration is open for just the next few weeks till we are sold out!
Cross stitch from Hands On Designs Samplers Not Forgotten Erica Michaels Designs
Scarlett House Satsuma Heart in Hand
*A Little Help From our Friends Stitching Circle*
Our six featured designers will be making exclusive projects for us... pin-cushion sized or larger.. all through this next year. Your Circle Subscription will include all six kits, along with the *Special Treats* we include with them. Target pricing is between $38 and $50 each time one ships.

Our first Designer will debut - hopefully! - mid March of 2021 and continue every other month till all 6 are presented! We can't wait for 2021! Click through to our Exclusives page to enroll!
Teresa Kogut Presenting our 2021 Annual Summer Stitching Event!
We Welcome Teresa Kogut and The Blue Flower
July 15, 16 and 17th, 2021
Cross Stitch from The Blue Flower -  click for more

This is our big, luscious affair we hold every year! 2-1/2 days of classes by our guest designers and two additional days of stitching lounges. Both Teresa Kogut and Blue Flowers' Jeannine McGowan will present lovely class-exclusive projects to us; you will get all the projects from both ladies - both days - during the weekend.

Thursday evening we celebrate beginning with Happy Hour, then dinner, with a fun, low-key evening presentation and project by both Teresa and Jeannine. Friday and Saturday are the class days - 9 to 4 - lunches included.

Our event seems to start earlier and earlier every year... we now have a wonderful stitching room attached to the shop... so if you come a day or two early, (like Monday or Tuesday!) we have stitching space for you! The official Stitching Event space opens Wednesday noon.

Magic By Mona offers two half-day classes - focused on finishing techniques. $55 each, or both for $100. You'll have stitching homework before-hand... but Mona suggests various materials you already have in your stash, so hopefully you need to buy nothing else! The designs' charts as well as the 'ingredients needed' lists for the projects will be sent around March 10th. Her class goal is to help you navigate different finishing treatments, so that you gain confidence to finish your own projects (she always adds: 'in the privacy of your own home! :)'
  • Wednesday afternoon's class features a cute elf project involving wood, a layered hanger assembly technique, and a little hoop-dressing project. She did a 3-D snow-globe ornament treatment last year that is being re-presented as a requested treat!
  • Thursday's class will feature a 3-piece sewing set including a little drum, thread ring and of course a coordinating and totally charming needlebook... all contained in a little storage tray.
These classes always fill... so think it over, and register sooner vs later!

Registration is open now. Call 888-543-7004. For lots more information on this fabulous weekend, download our full information pdf here.

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