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Cherished Holiday Scenes by Praiseworthy Stitches

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#254 Fresh Picked Dish Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more Halloween Acorns from The Blue Flower -  click for more Santa's Tree Farm from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Rack Stack from Plum Street Samplers Parker's Stocking from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Gingerbread Fairy Mouse Stocking & Emb from Just Nan - click for more Holly Jolly Farm from Hands On Design - click to see more

Merry House Tag from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Ewe Can Build a Snowman from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
Some December Winter Treats from Shepherd's Bush
  • Ewe Can Build a Snowman - Tina and Teri's latest pin cushion kit, this one features a little sheep wearing the hat that he's going to put on his new snowman friend's head! Presented as a small kit, this is stitched on 18ct linen and features hand-dyed flosses, a little wool thread for the sheep, that hand-made clay hat button, backing fabric, and ribbon and beads to create the rouched ribbon edging. Always cute, this would be an AWESOME thing to stuff into a beginning stitcher's stocking!
  • Merry House Tag - Another 1 x 1-1/2 inch design that can be finished into a gift tag... but needs to be mounted onto one of the miniature Foxwood Crossings wooden sled ornaments, so it lasts forever! Presented as a tiny kit, you get the chart, green perforated paper, threads, button, hanging twine and even the decorative backing paper to make the tag. Sleds come separately ($4.50 each). Cute and very quick.
Chalk Full #4 Snowy from Hands On Design - click to see more

Chalk Full #4 - Snowy from Hands On Designs Arrives December 19-ish
The next 'seasonal Mason jar' design, Snowy, is on the way to us. My favorite isn't the jar design... it is always the bonus pin cushion Cathy includes!

Stitched on any charcoal-colored fabric (there are several count options available on the market) these will all finish approx 4 x 6. Cute in a little chalkboard frame! The pin cushion features Lady Dot ribbon trim and Just Another Button Co Pins - both trim and pins are available from us separately.

Enjoy the flavor of the season, the cute finishing, with a little less stitching! We expect to ship out our auto-ships late that week.

Frosty's Night Out from Blackbird - click for more
Frosty's Night Out from Blackbird Designs
Barb and Alma's latest leaflet features Barb's charming vision of a cheerful Frosty Snowman! He is stitched on Murky hand-dyed linen by Picture This Plus, and measures just 4-1/2 inches in size. You can make him into a perky drum shape, or a flatter pin cushion shape, nothing is set in stone.

The book includes, though, a super cute paper mache' HAT BOX finishing treatment. The box comes from Hobby Lobby (# given in the book), and Blackbird supplies pictures and finishing details to make that cute finish. We love the colors of Weeks hand-dyeds in here, we love that little Frosty face... just all of this!

Let it Snow Music Sewing Set from Mani di Donna - click for more Let it Snow Music Sewing Set from Mani di Donna - click for more Let it Snow Music Sewing Set from Mani Di Donna
Simona has designed another darling music box. The three-piece set begins with a scissor case. Included with the chart is a gorgeous beaded fob and pearl beaded handle for the case. Next, there is a stitched needlebook to match the round box.

THEN... you stitch the Santa and sleigh design that wraps into a 3-inch-ish diameter box. The tree on top is made of wool, it is the lid for the box, and it spins around when the music is playing.
Want to see it play?

Inside the box, there is an old-fashioned cranking-handle musical movement (not one of those icky electronic ones!)Stitched on Weeks 32ct Cocoa Linen with DMC flosses, the chart has lots of finishing and assembly photos for all the pieces. So, included with the chart, you get the musical movement and the two beaded decorations for the scissor case.

Hands Across The Sea's Isabella Uffindell 1829 Encore Sampler - click for more Hands Across The Sea's Ann Tong Uffindell 1835 Encore Sampler - click for more

Anne Tong and Isabella Uffindell's 1829 and 1835 Samplers are being reprinted!
Nicola from Hands Across The Sea is presenting these gorgeous samplers - we expect them around the end of December. Both girls were 10 years old when they stitched their samplers, and the original pieces are still together after almost 200 years!

Beautifully charted and presented, Nicola always includes pages and pages of history about the stitchers and the 'flavor of the times' when the samplers were stitched.

(I hate to call her patterns 'leaflets' because they are so much more than that. Multiple pages, beautiful photography, colored charts, and all that history!) Breathtaking samplers presented so elegantly by Hands Across the Sea!

Primitive Merry Christmas Pillow by Abby Rose - click for more A Merry Christmas Sampler from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view

A Merry Christmas Samplerfrom La-D-Da and Primitive Merry Christmas Pillow from Abby Rose
  • Primitive Merry Christmas Pillow - This is a old-fashioned feeling design... even garnished with a rusty tin bell! By Abby Rose, it is stitched with Weeks and Gentle Art hand-dyed flosses, and finishes about 5 inches square on 32ct. I think some brown metallic would be pretty on the words.
  • A Merry Christmas Sampler - Lori Markovic's newest design finishes into a Christmassy pincushion or pillow... depending on your fabric decisions. You could choose a cream and distress it, or something closer to a natural color. On 40ct this finishes 5-1/2 x 6; on 28ct it finishes about 8 x 9. Stitched with just 5 shades of regular 'ol DMC floss, this is a sweet little piece! Might be kind of fun to toss in special stitches somewhere!

Hometown Holiday #19 The Quilt Shop from Little House Needleworks -- click to see lots more
The Quilt Shop - #19 of Little House Needleworks' Hometown Holiday!
We thought this fun series finished 3 patterns ago, but this charming little shop arrived in our shipments today! Diane Williams' 19th in this small town series of businesses... each edition has been slightly different in size, always cute on building detail... trees are all different, lots to look at in each tiny scene.

The idea has been to stitch each individually and finish them into flat or block-shaped stand-ups so you can line them up on a window sill or mantle. All are still available, every one is pictured ... so choose them all, or just a few favorites!

#86 #47 Santa Rides Reprint from Prairie Schooler -- click to see more
Newest Reprints by Prairie Schooler
  • #47 - Santa Rides is an oldie-but-goodie! You know, Santa does have his sleigh, but sometimes other means of transport are called for... and here he is! Since this was book #47, it would have been originally published in the early 90's... DMC floss.
  • #86 - Home for Christmas - Circa mid-90's... this book has LOTS of companion designs... Pam and Nancy did all the seasons in pieces of these exact sizes. We have several old shop models over one thread on 25ct Lugana... they finished about 4 x 7.

Pins & Orts from Heartstring Samplery - click for more Thankful Life Pinkeep from Heartstring Samplery - click for more T is for Turkey from Heartstring Samplery - click for more Tea Ball Ornaments from Heartstring Samplery - click for more Acorn House Pin Drum from Heartstring Samplery - click for more Fruit Basket Pendant from Heartstring Samplery - click for more
Tons of Fun from Heartstring Samplery
Beth Twist has been releasing all sorts of unique and creative designs these past several weeks.... float your mouse over the individual images to see their names.
  • Pins & Orts - A 4 x 4 pin-cushioned-sized piece... make it into a jar topper for Orts, a cushion, or maybe even applique the flat stitching to a little flannel 'stitching place mat!' Colors are pretty, and the florals look old-fashioned.
  • Thankful Life Pinkeep - This is a super-functional finishing treatment for a stitcher! Beth designed a little stitching sampler - reminding us to 'Count our Blessings Everyday'... and then she turned it into an over-the-arm-of-the-chair caddy and added a scissor sheath, a pocket for threads and a pin cushion on it! It can personalize your stitching chair! How cool is that! Presented as a chart, with finishing instructions... so neat!
  • T is for Turkey - This continues Beth's growing alphabet series. Not releasing in alphabetical order... they're all just cute, all measure 80 x 80 in stitch count, and they make you happy!
  • Tea Ball Ornaments - These are different! You are stitching ON THE METAL MESH of a tea ball container! Actually, that screen is really 36 to 40ct! The chart contains 4 designs and instructions for HOW to accomplish these 2 to 3-inch stitching wonders! What fun ornaments... especially for a tea-lover! All the antiques and strange things pop-art uses for stitching were the inspirations behind these for Beth... you'll need to find your own tea-balls, so ornament size can vary.
  • Acorn House Pin Drum - This is just a delightful Autumnal scene... a warm house surrounded by tall oaks... that Beth has finished into a round pin cushion drum. Stitched with Weeks hand-dyed flosses and trimmed with Lady Dot's mini-ball trim, it finishes about 3 inches in diameter and 4 inches high.
  • Fruit Basket Pendant - Another cool way to finish a stitching project, this is a traditional fruit basket design that is stitched with one strand of Weeks hand-dyed floss over one square of 32ct silk gauze. Actually easier to see than 32ct linen, you are making a whole cross stitch, and filling in the background with black. Then, the tiny 1 x 1-1/2 inch oval bit of needlework is mounted into a wooden cut-out pendant/frame/ornament piece. Just 45 x 67 in stitch count... I think this would make a really pretty ornament addition to your tree! Kit includes chart, gauze, threads, backing felt and hanging ribbon, wooden piece and instructions for assembly.

Sophia's Scotties By Cross Eyed Cricket - click to see more Over the River By Cross Eyed Cricket - click to see more Christmas the Cross Eyed Cricket Way with Sophia's Scotties and Over The River!
Vicki Hastings continues to deliver us the most charming designs... her first needlework market (to be a designer) was in September of 1983, and it was MY first market as a new cross stitch shop - I was checking out the industry to open the Silver Needle! Up to books #347 and 348... she draws ALL of her designs, colors them, and THEN charts them to dazzle!
  • Over the River features all sorts of 'alternative travel options' for getting to Grandma's House! Each finishes ornament-sized at 3 x 3 on 14/28ct, and is coded for DMC floss. Worked on Star Sapphire color, there are lots of other fabric possibilities for these as well.
  • Sophia's Scotties features a grand snowglobe that measures about 8 x 9 on 14/28ct. I love those little Scotties on there... I love everything about this! BUTTTTT... check out the bonus mitten design on here... always hidden away on the back cover, but highlighted in that little top window-box teaser pic, is ANOTHER of Vicki's mittens. Over the course of her career, I bet she's done at least 50 different mittens! You can find them scattered throughout all her 36 years of leaflets! This one is precious... and measures 48 x 44... just like all his companions.

Winter Valentine from The Blue Flower -  click for more Sleeping Bee from The Blue Flower -  click for more New Treats from The Blue Flower... Sleeping Bee & Winter Valentine
Jeannine McGowan has another glorious bee design to companion her Quilting Bee design... this one is kind of a 'winter' bee... it has snow on the hive and evergreens loaded with berries in the background. Stitched on 40ct linen, it will fit into an 8-inch round opening, and is stitched with both Gentle Art and Weeks hand-dyed cotton flosses. Soft buttery golds, winter whites and luscious dark evergreen colors.

Winter Valentine features two love-birds in the snow. Cardinals, add the mistletoe if you want! This measures 105 x 77, so would be about 5 x 7 on 32ct. It's stitched with regular DMC floss - but two different colorways are presented, as well as the sweet sentiment!

A Round Christmas... Our November 2019 Secret Needle Night Kit - click to see more THANKS! This month's design is sold out. Click through to see previous designs and learn how you cn receive our kits each month.
We're cutting it close this month with our November Secret Needle Night project. (December's - like Santa - is on the way!) I did a pine sprig across the top... a row of 4 sparkly glass balls, and a peppermint stick along the bottom. You can finish this 4 x 7 little piece into a flat-fold, or make a cute little drum - you have enough fabric to make more height to your little drum if you like that look better. Mona trimmed ours with itty-bitty red garland!

Our kit contains the chart, 18ct Natural Linen, all the perles, metallics, and velvets for stitching, along with the garland beads. Mona's finishing kit is separate and optional to make either the flat fold or stand-up drum, and she supplies the retro aqua velvet, pretty pins, garland, and all the necessary pieces, parts and instructions for your finish.

Hannah's Sampler from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Hannah's Sampler from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Hannah's Sampler
from Shakespeare's Peddler
Here is Shakespeare's Peddler's newest reproduction sampler - Hannah's Sampler. Theresa found the original in terrible condition, but could tell she loved the leafy border and the charming farmhouse - next to the brick wall - covering that little babbling brook. Very pretty colors of reds and greens in here, the row of diamonds below the alphabet are done with Rice Stitch. Those bricks in the wall and the waves in the water are all loosely placed in the original... so neat... you can do that too. Stitched on 36ct Weeks Straw Linen with silks (Gloriana, Needlepoint Inc and Au Ver a Soie) or DMC, it measures a generous 16-1/2 x 15-1/2 in size.

Teresa came to Tulsa for a weekend retreat in our new 'She Shed' Stitching Room... and presented this sampler as our Silver Needle exclusive. (Our class included three small take-out designs from this charming piece... so the weekend was really a treat.) 'Raggamuffin #3' refers to her third antique reproduction piece that came from a really ratty, mangy, and damaged sampler that just needed a little love! So... Hannah's original sampler as well as her reproduction now hang happily at our shop... and she'll be here for years to come!

Do You Hear from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Hark from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view I Saw from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
Do You Hear, Hark & I Saw from Shepherd's Bush
Do you remember these? Here are three re-prints of Shepherd's Bush's 2011, 2013 and 2014 ornaments that appeared in the Just Cross Stitch Annual Ornament Issue Magazine! This means that you might already HAVE these charts... but then there is the question of FINDING them... in case of the need to stitch!

Presented on 5 x 8 card stock, each has a little clay embellishment that we are including (you probably never got those as they released.) Each is stitched on 30ct Weeks Parchment and finishes approx 3 x 3.

Antoinette Curera 1862 by Reflets de Soie -- click to see more!
Antoinette Curera 1862
from Reflets de Soie
Isabelle's newest reproduction sampler is here... I just cannot pass these by! Measuring 388 x 304 in stitch count, it will finish approx 21 x 19 on 36ct, and can be stitched in silks or DMC cotton floss. The border is glorious... the flowers are all the same... but not one IS the same!

The 5 motifs in the center consist of an elegant swan, two country cottages, and a pair of lavish florals. But your eye is drawn right to that center bird! Not for every house, not for every stitcher... but wow... all of Isabelle's like this one are stunning! Presented as the leaflet with the option of silks presorted and tied on Reflet's pretty thread cards.

Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine - the 2019 Christmas Mega-Issue - click to see more

Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine - the 2019 Christmas Mega-Issue
This is always quite a treat to get... and since it is a limited-in-publication magazine... it WILL sell out like all its predecessors. 30 Projects this time around, presented on 114 glorious, thick, colorful glossy pages.

You get 17 Punch Needle projects - some incredible sculpted finishing on Santa and his reindeer - and 13 Cross Stitch charts. All Christmassy and Wintery, everything is beautifully presented with lots of great pics. You cannot go wrong with ANY issues of this publication!

Winter Saltboxes from Plum Street Samplers Rack Stack from Plum Street Samplers For You from Plum Street Samplers A Country Winter from Plum Street Samplers Home For Christmas from Plum Street Samplers
Charming New Releases from Plum Street Samplers
Due in the Shop by Thanksgiving, all are charts and all use various hand-dyed linens and cotton flosses. YUM!
  • Winter Saltboxes - Paulette's 4th seasonal set of these houses... meant to remind us of those old pictures that used to spit out of the camera when we were little... these are snapshots in time of little Shaker houses during the seasons. Snowflakes and reindeer this time around... each pic finishes about 4 x 4. (63 x 81 Stitch counts.)
  • Rack Stack - The next stack on animals with a cute rhyming name... it's Christmas... so we get deer! The snow, red berries, soft brown deer and that awesome blue background on the fabric, this companions 8-ish other fun animal stack designs! Lady Dot's Algae hand-dyed trim on there matches the greens in the design.
  • For You - Santa is offering his moose friend a candy cane... amidst the falling snow. (Little flakes cover the background, and you can see some on the moose and Santa. The bag of goodies on the sleigh is kind of neat... you can believe it is actually full of those flowers, or they can be the 'idea of awesome-ness' that awaits you! Anticipation! Finishes a petite 5 x 3-ish.
  • A Country Winter - What a pretty barn nestled between the evergreens! The grass is pretty green to have that snowman there, (even Paulette attests to that) but he's cute, and the tiny quilt square he's holding is stitched over one thread. Finishes about 6 x 3-1/2.
  • Home For Christmas - Quite a festive and grand red house surrounded by the lavish pomegranates and the organized quilt stars. It's bold, and since it says 'Welcome Home,' you just kind of want to be there!

Stella's Sleigh Ride from Chessie & Me Christmas Blessings from Chessie & Me Be Merry Pyn Pillow from Chessie & Me Peace and Goodwill Sampler from Chessie & Me
New Designs by Chessie & Me's Linda Lautenschlager - Small Christmassy & Wintery Primitives!
  • Stella's Sleigh Ride - Just a quiet Winter scene... the cabin is dark while Chessie-the-Cat is enjoying his early evening sleighride-walk! Stitched on 32ct Tin Roof hand-dyed linen by Weeks Dye Works, you can see how Linda stitched smaller parts of the main design for an ornament/fob and a little needlebook. Of course, she's put a couple of special stitches in here, everything is worked with Gentle Art and Weeks cottons. All is trimmed with a Schnigglet cut of Week's Kohl wool.
  • Christmas Blessings - This is fun little cushion - it's the same size as Linda's annual pin cushion kits, only this one is just a chart. Worked on 32ct Tin Roof, Eyelets over 6, Nun's Stitch and Smyrnas... it finishes about 3 x 5. If you want, leave off the Christmas greeting on the end... or switch it with your last name, and year your house was established!
  • Be Merry Pyn Pillow - Just a little 4 x 4 thing, stitched with Classic Colorworks flosses of Cherry Cobbler, English Ivy, Onion Skin, Pine Needle and Wavy Navy - that's it!
  • Peace and Goodwill Sampler - This original piece finishes about 8 x 10 on 36ct, and is coded for hand-dyed silks or cottons. Linda has her favorite Satin Stitches, 4-Sideds and a little over-one in here - just a really nice, and do-able piece! If you already know the alphabet, and leave it off... the Cross Stitch Police will not come visit your house to scold you!

Flower of Winter from Hands On Design - click to see more Holly Jolly Farm from Hands On Design - click to see more Cool Yule from Hands On Design - click to see more
Upcoming Releases from Hands On Design: Due in the Shop November 25th
  • Flower of Winter - The third in Cathy's House On A Hill Series of pin cushions, this is a 4 x 4 x 1 'mattress' that sports a Houndstooth hand-dyed wool yard! Featuring a trio of JABCO's hand-made pins as garnish, the sides of the box cushion have stitching on them. *Stillness is the Flower of Winter, all hope lies beneath a blanket of snow.* We have an auto-ship going on for this set of the 4 seasons... check out the rest gathered on the Auto-Page, and pick up the ones you like.
  • Holly Jolly Farm - The 4th in this seasonal set celebrating Christmas at the Farmhouse. Are the reindeer going to pull the truck to deliver the tree while Santa is busy in the sky? Three designs in this chart, main piece is 9 x 11; Holly Jolly stand-up is 8 x 4-1/2; and the smallest pin cushion's stitched area is 7 x 2. Check out the little clay alphabet button set in the smallest cushion, there is a pin set as well that you can see featured in the finishing treatments of the larger pieces.
  • Cool Yule - This is a single ornament chart that uses three of the Sulky cotton flosses you have left over from your Cranberry Christmas chart! (coded for DMC as well, just in case.) Choose a dark chalkboard-colored fabric... this finishes into a 3 x 4-ish size. Single, small chart.

2020 Needlework Enthusiast's Book of Days from Needlework Press - click for more 2020 Needlework Enthusiast's Book of Days from Needlework Press - click for more Your 2020 Needlework Enthusiast's Book of Days is here!
By Needlework Press, these are just the neatest journals to have and use! Each year (only till December-ish - she sells out of these every year by then), Vicki presents a 12-month calendar embellished with a few needlework motifs and lovely thoughts. The emphasis is on the two facing pages of each month.

Each day has space for you to record stitching hours, keep track of your stitching events and trips calendar, or maybe your excursions to the best needlework shops! You can keep your shopping and wish lists in here... you can store notes about what your friends want... future stitching schedule (some of you DO have a definite stitching/finishing goal schedule!) Log addresses for websites and contacts for friends, keep track of projects and their start and finishing dates, ANYTHING you want to remember about your stitching!

Ball Point Needles by Sullivan's -- click to see more Ball Point Needles by Sullivan's -- click to see more
Have you tried the new Ball Point Needles? Now Available in #26 and #28, Too!
By Sullivans, these little babies are really DIFFERENT! They actually have a tapered tip, with a tiny ball point on the end. That little ball glides over your fabric threads and goes right into the holes easier than a regular tapestry needle! Then, because of the funny-shaped tip... if you want to use them to rip out stitches, that tip grabs your threads very easily!

Offered in packs of 2 needles, each... we had only the #24's, but #26 and #28 have now arrived. Get a pack, see what you think!

Snow Village part 2 from Country Cottage Needleworks -- click to see more
Snow Village - Skate and Sled Shop
from Country Cottage Needleworks
This is part two of Country Cottage's new Snow Village series. The skates in the window are on stands - they aren't cakes!!!

Your clue is the shop name and the little sled perched perched against the building outside! Just cute, a small chart. Our composite pic on the auto-ship page shows you this design progression.

Away We Go from Country Cottage Needleworks -- click to see more Away We Go
from Country Cottage Needleworks
This is super cute! Nikki's newest, this is worked on 32ct Chalkboard Black fabric. There are quite a few dark charcoal and black-ish fabric options on the market now... so we can find you something that you can SEE on... don't be deterred by this dark background.

Finishing 8 x 6 on that 32... this is coded for DMC and Classic Colorworks floss. I love that little Santa on there! Wouldn't he be cute stitched with just the words below and made into a little drum?
Jim Shore Pint-Sized Figures Ornaments - click for more
Jim Shore Pint-Sized Figures Ornaments
Artist Jim Shore - presented in Cross Stitch - via Mill Hill. We have six new ornament kits... each finishes approx 4 inches tall. Charted by Mill Hill, they are stitched with DMC floss on 14ct perforated paper and feature smatterings of Mill Hill glass beads for a little sparkle.

Something for everyone... choose the Santas, snowmen or the kitty and puppy! We like these paper pieces because they do not weigh down the tree branches. You can hang them on the very tips of the greenery so they can be seen. Orrrr... try attaching them to a wreath, that's another cute way to display and enjoy!

Fall Lla Lla by Bent Creek -- click to see more Smiling Back Jack by Bent Creek -- click to see more NEW from Bent Creek
We inspired Elizabeth and Marsha a little when they came this past summer for our stitching event... so we have two new treats from them! We are thrilled to see fun stuff from them again!
  • Smiling Back Jack says: 'Jack O lantern smiling bright, wishing you a haunting night!' You have a YEAR to get this stitched, but I bet it'll take only a few hours! The buzzard on top of the pumpkin is pretty cute, so choose any fabric, maybe stick him and one of the verses on the front of a little cushion, and stitch the other part of the verse for the other side? Presented as a chart and coded for all the hand-dyeds or DMC, stitch count is just 100 x 44, so it'll finish a fun and petite 3 x 6 on 32ct!
  • Fall Lla Lla - Wow, this plays with your mind a little! At first I read Fa La La and wondered what leaves had to do with Christmas. Then the llamas register, THEN I finally read the words again, and I GET IT! I love it! Quite on the whimsical side - that's Elizabeth's humor showing right through! A small chart, coded for hand-dyeds or DMC, it measures just 50 x 46... so 3 x 3-ish when finished. A cute cushion to throw into your basket of smalls, and see if anybody reads it and gets it too!

Parker's Stocking from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Happy Thanksgiving Box from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Harvest Home from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Thankful Tag from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
The 2019 Shepherd's Bush Christmas Stocking - along with their other cute releases are on the way!
  • Parker's Stocking features a shepherd boy on it, along with his snowman buddy that has a fun, striped top hat. Tiny snowmen, a sleepy little village and Santa in his sleigh are the featured rows accenting the main design. Like all the rest, 18ct linen, #5 Pearl Cotton, and his cool packet of special charm embellishments. You will need both the 12 skeins of Weeks hand-dyed pearl along with the 5 skeins of DMC Pearl. (Have you ever switched the row motifs between stockings? Everyone likes that Santa and reindeer row... you could insert THAT row into one of the other stockings you know! Shake it up a little!)
  • Happy Thanksgiving Box - A cute little 3 x 4 design featuring a turkey, pumpkins and a bright sunflower - it'd make a cute pin cushion or cube stand-up. Presented as a kit of linen, flosses and possibly a button embellishment!
  • Harvest Home - This is a great kit for a beginner stitcher. It comes complete with the 10ct Tula fabric, flosses and a bird button embellishment. It'll finish about 3 x 4, and be just enough to give that stitcher a sense of accomplishment! Packaged nicely, and full of Shepherd's Bush's charm!
  • Thankful Tag - Here's a small design stitched on 14ct perforated paper. There are a whole seasonal set of these; they originally were presented as toppers for the Foxwood Crossings Mini-Sled Ornaments. But then, when the Valentine's one came out... and they realized your Christmas Tree should probably be down already, so they turned then into small 1 x 2 gift tags! Small kit contains the chart, flosses, 14ct paper, pretty striped backing paper you see in the pic and a small button. This would make an AWESOME Hospitality Thank-You gift - especially if you tie it around a bag of your home-made goodies! (which are shown on the cover, but are NOT included in your kit!)

Sugarplum Fairy Mouse & Embellishments from Just Nan - click for more
Sugarplum Fairy Mouse & Embellishments
from Just Nan
Expected in around the middle of November, this year's Gingerbread Mouse comes straight from the Nutcracker ballet on tiny gold wings. Sugarplum Fairy Mouse wears a pretty hearts and flowers costume embellished with white pearl and gold crystal beads plus touches of Moonstone #4 Braid. Her headpiece is a combination of 2 pearls and a star, and she carries a star-studded flower wand tied with a wisp of rose floss. Her petticoat is fashioned from a strip of white pom trim glued in place around the button base. And please notice her eyelashes!

Included are 2 colors of beads, gold tail, our signature button for the base, pom trim, fairy wings, stars, pearls and flower sequin. You will need to provide stuffing and 2 straight pins for the head piece and wand. Complete finishing instructions for the mouse are included. Sugarplum Fairy Mouse is stitched on 32 CT Picture This Plus Gingerbread Linen with DMC and Kreinik 3231 #4 Braid. Design area is 2" X 3 1/2"..
Check our our Tiny Ornaments Auto-Ship if you're interested in having more of these cuties!

Gingerbread Fairy Mouse Stocking & Embellishments from Just Nan - click for more Gingerbread Fairy Mouse Stocking & Embellishments from Just Nan
Last year the gingerbread ornament mice asked for a stocking to snuggle inside while hanging on the tree. Sugarplum Fairy Mouse uses hers to rest between performances! This little stocking is just 2 1/2" tall and features flowers and fancy snowflakes. A lovely fairy is adding the finishing touches to a decorated tree with the help of a little gray mouse wearing a pink ribbon.

Quick to stitch and easy to finish, the stocking is backed with tan felt and trimmed with a snippet of white silk ribbon and a gold jingle bell. Stuff the stocking up to the cuff line, then sit the mouse inside. Add a few tiny pins to secure and the mouse is ready to sit in the stocking and still hang by her tail.
Stitched on 32 CT Zweigart Ant. Almond Belfast Linen or 32 CT Picture This Plus Gingerbread Linen with DMC and Kreinik 202HL #4 Braid. Design area is 2 1/2" X 2 1/2".
Included are 2 colors of beads, tan felt, silk ribbon and a jingle bell plus complete finishing instructions. Stitcher will need to supply lightweight fusible interfacing, stuffing and sequin pins or straight pins to secure the mouse.

Christmas Butterfly Ornament w Painted Butterfly Charm from Just Nan - click for more
Christmas Butterfly Ornament w Painted Butterfly Charm from Just Nan
Our new Christmas ornament features a dazzling hand-painted butterfly resting in the middle of 4 holiday butterflies stitched with DMC and Kreinik #4 Braid. Floral motifs link the butterflies in the corners. The design is framed with a black and white checkered border and accented with gold triangle beads pinned to the corners.

The butterfly charm is painted, glittered and jeweled in a 7-step process. It will sparkle on the tree!
Stitched on 32 CT Zweigart Raw Belfast Linen with DMC and two Kreinik #4 Braids - 202HL and 001. Design area is 2 3/4" square. Included with the color card are the butterfly charm, 4 gold triangle beads for the corners, a gold ring for hanging and finishing suggestions. You will need to provide linen or fabric for the back, 4 applique or straight pins for the corner beads and stuffing.

Chuck-Ful of Christmas from Erica Michaels - click for more Chrismoose Berries from Erica Michaels - click for more New Christmas Arrivals from Erica Michaels
  • Chrismoose Berries - Stitch these little guys on 32ct linen or 40ct silk gauze - you'll recognize these as new additions to the Erica Michaels collection of stitched berry ornaments and pin cushions. The Linen version is worked on the polka dot Belfast 32ct - you can see the white dots in the model pic. The silk gauze version is different, and has a LOT more stitching on it... because you have more stitches on 40ct than 32! Both patterns are presented as charts, and can be stitched on whatever fabric you wish... but note that the silk gauze version does include a cut of the specialty 40ct gauze.
  • Chuck-Ful of Christmas - 'Though your stocking's of silk, cotton or wool, I hope this Christmas finds it Chuck-full!!!' Linda has a collection of vintage Christmas Cards... and this verse came from one of them! The old card's verse continued with 'Yes, full, and heaped over with gifts bright and new, and my very best wishes I tuck in for you.' Stitch this in the larger sampler - finishes 4-1.2 x 10, or maybe do that stocking-shaped ornament on 40ct gauze, and make it 2 x 4! I especially like that small bottom section of the reindeer, package, cardinal and fa la la... that would make a pretty little pin cushion!
Halloween and Cross Stitch from Cuore e Batticuore - click for more
Cuore d' Angelo
from Cuore e Batticuore
Look at this precious group of little angels! 5 Girls and 1 boy, each one has different hair, different wings, and a different outfit, but they all have the same charming face, size and shape.

Stitched on 36ct Natural with only 8 different shades of DMC floss... each finishes a little under 3 x 4.

The actual-sized heart-shaped finishing template is included... and I think that the striped cord that is shown is available at Hobby Lobby!

Tiny Blackwork II Alphabet Sampler from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Tiny Blackwork I Welcome Sampler from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more
Tiny Blackwork Samplers - Welcome and Alphabet
from The Sweetheart Tree
The Sweetheart Tree has a pair of black and white pieces that are almost the same - basically reversed in direction. With stitch counts of 123 x 74... they finish 7-1/2 x 4-1/2 on 32ct. Choose any single hand-dyed color to stitch these... doesn't matter... but you get about a dozen black glass paillette embellishments, so keep those in mind when choosing colors.

The Alphabet sampler features lettering in the border, the Welcome one says Welcome Friends! Presented as charts with paillette embellishments.

Our Flag Does Not Fly from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Sparkler in Red from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more
Sparkler in Patriotic Red & Our Flag Does Not Fly..
from The Sweetheart Tree
. A pair of Americana-inspired designs, Sparkler finishes approx 4 inches square and features 13 deep garnet-red glass paillette embellishments. Toss in Algerian Eyelets and Magnifica bead touches... it's a fairly quick stitch. Presented as chart with paillettes.

Our Flag is a tribute to fallen soldiers. The chart measures 94 x 61 and comes with a few pearl embellishments and three red flower beads.

The Canadian Journey Series by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more The Canadian Journey Series by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more The Canadian Journey Series by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more The Canadian Journey Series by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more The Canadian Journey Series by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more
The Canadian Journey Series by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more The Canadian Journey Series by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more The Canadian Journey Series by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more The Canadian Journey Series by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more
The Canadian Journey Series from Jeannette Douglas
This book is a compilation of Jeannette's first designs - HUGE samplers that celebrated all the different areas of North America. For her 20th Anniversary in business, she has re-done some stitch diagrams, added cool pictures and lots of history and travel trivia, and just made sure that each of these EIGHT samplers is presented perfectly. Charts for all of them are in this book - spiral bound, 107 pages - and thread packs are available for each sampler individually.

Atlantic Seaboard measures 4 x 20. Fleur de Lys Sampler finishes almost 4 x 21. Great lakes Lowland Sampler finishes 4 x 19. Northern Shield has forest friends, Northern Lights - the Polar Caps, Prairie West, Rocky Mountain Sampler, and finally Pacific Rim... all of these are incredibly full of geographic details, pretty thread colors, awesome stitches, and Jeannette's personality! So... if you love to travel, or love parts of the US and Canada, and are delighted with fun specialty stitches and exotic threads, get this book!!!

Blooming Bouquets #3 Joyful from Jeannette Douglas Christmas Box from Jeannette Douglas Fall Posey from Jeannette Douglas
Three New Designs from Jeannette Douglas Designs
  • Blooming Bouquets #3 Joyful - This is the third in a set of festive floral urn designs. Quiet and elegant, each finishes about 7 x 9, and make an elegant framed presentation. Stitched with silks in either a medium, bright coral color or a darker rich red and evergreen, Jeannette has added a Satin Stitch Saw Tooth border on here... just inside the floral edge. Presented as the leaflet.. get the threads so you'll have the right colors.
  • Christmas Box - done in the same box as the spring release of Stitch Box. You'll make a 3 x 3 miniature sampler - It reads Joy and Noel - and features some special stitches. The 1 x 5 pin cushion with reindeer is down at the bottom. The two gifts on the right-hand side each measure about 1-1/2 inches square - one is a needlekeep, the other is a scissor holder! You can make everything individually to just sit about, or you can purchase that little 6 x 6 x 1 wooden tray to store everything. (Jeannette has a Tray Tower 'box' that is like a little dresser - four of these tiny trays pull out - a really cool way to store your finished companion trays!) Presented as the leaflet, we have the thread packet along with the finishing wools, ribbon trims, and clay pin set... so you can use all the 'right stuff' to make this pretty stitching set.
  • Fall Posey - A small 4-inch floral pin cushion design, this comes as a small chart, but includes a cut of 40ct natural linen and Tudor silks of oranges, rusts, gold and green. Simple and small, Jeannette has one like this in Spring-y colors as well!

Night Watch 1626 by Scattered Seed Samplers Three Little Witches by Pine Berry Lane
A pair of Halloween Designs
from Pine Berry Lane and Scattered Seed Samplers
  • Three Little Witches by Pine Berry Lane - You get a trio of pin cushion-sized designs in the package - each finishes only 1-1/2 x 2 though! Find some fun trims, finish them back to back... super small and quick.
  • Night Watch 1626 by Scattered Seed Samplers - Just a silly tree of Jack-o-Lanterns! If you don't want the whole tree... do a couple of the black cats and one of those fun Jack faces, or the Jack down near the bottom left, with his owl.

Berries Advent Sunday from Madame Chantilly Halloween Tea from Madame Chantilly Pumpkins Collection from Madame Chantilly
Madame Chantilly for Halloween and Christmas!
Gosh, these designs are cute! We struggle with great pictures of the stitching though, because the covers are lovely, but pale in color. You'll be able to see them a lot better if you click through, and then click on the individual images to see the larger versions.
  • Berries & Robins is contemporary, bright, clear and fresh looking. Do the birds horizontally on a branch, vertically with HOME (or another word) spelled beside them... or do the single little guy on the back cover that is simply holding a letter sealed with a heart! Only 7 shades of regular DMC called for!
  • Advent Sunday - All four of these motifs are inside JARS! I don't think you can actually SEE that in the pics... but can you see Santa down there on the lower left-hand corner of the pic? He's stitched on darker fabric, so you can see the design a little better. There are candles separating each jar - Hope, Peace, Love and Joy written on those... to make this an Advent Wreath! (the kind we used to set in the center of the kitchen table during December.)
  • Halloween Tea - The little witchie is serving tea out of her Pumpkin Teapot to her scary bat and cat friends! Main design measures 139 x 102.
  • Pumpkins Collection - I LOVE THIS! Check it out! There are like 20 different pumpkins in here... all sorts of shapes and sizes, colors and patterns... some have funny smiles, other have strange eyes... everybody is different, and together they make a family! You could choose your favorites out of all of these - stitch a grouping and NAME them all after family members! Think of the possibilities with this one!

U Don't Scare Me from Val's Stuff Couldn't Scare a Crow from Val's Stuff Couldn't Scare a Crow and U Don't Scare Me from Val's Stuff
Two new seasonal designs by Val's Stuff... these are just the cutest!
  • Couldn't Scare a Crow is another miniature pumpkin-poke-person. (We have 4 companioning witches and what-nots to this little guy!) He's stitched on 14ct perforated paper, and his little kit comes with that paper, a little raffia for his hands, the darling mini straw hat, wool ball for his head, the clay blackbird buttons, his little nose, plaid scarf fabric and even his pokey stick! Finishing about 4 x 4, you'll need a few flosses from your stash. Get out your glue gun to assemble him, and poke that stick into a pumpkin and you're good to go!
  • U Don't Scare Me - Isn't he cute? He's about 4 inches tall - stitched on 14ct perforated paper. He's 'dressed' in a cloud of cheesecloth! The kit contains the chart, paper for stitching, black sparkle felt for finishing, clay eyes and the cheesecloth for his 'drapery.' Stick a magnet on his back and set him on the fridge? Make him a pumpkin poke like the scarecrow? You'll need some black and white floss from your stash for the stitching.

Seven New Designs from Brenda Gervais offrom With Thy Needle!

Holiday Hoopla - Christmas from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Santa's Tree Farm from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Souvenir Autumn in Amana from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Souvenir Home for Christmas from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
  • Holiday Hoopla - Christmas - This fun series of 3-inch designs continues with a Santa Snowman! Joining Easter, 4th of July, Halloween and Thanksgiving, here's another small design that can fit in a 3-inch hoop for a cute finish. He needs to be stitched on 36ct to fit that little hoop - and we have plenty of those!
  • Santa's Tree Farm - This festive little guy finishes into an oval shape - 3-1/2 x 5-1/4, so he'd make a nice cushion, and maybe even an ornament if you leave off the trees on the right! Vintage Country Mocha Linen, it uses Weeks, GAST and CC hand-dyed flosses.
  • Souvenirs of the Heart - Autumn in Amana and Home For Christmas - These designs are the first two in a new series by Brenda. NO SPECIFIC release dates or definite schedule, she's going to design more smalls stitched over one thread like these. Stitch counts are 67 x 87, both are worked over one thread on 28ct Mushroom Lugana using hand-dyed flosses, and finish a petite 2-3/8 x 3. Presented as separate charts.

Candy Cane Lane from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Merry Old Soul from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Peppermint Pals from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
  • Candy Cane Lane - Here's a very organized and festive holiday piece! With a stitch count of 83 x 191, it finishes 4 x 9-1/2 on 40ct, or 5 x 12 on 32ct. Flax Linen, I think the bitty cardinal holding the candy cane in there is darling!
  • Merry Old Soul - This one measures 80 x 110 in size - 5 x 7 on 32ct. I don't know if you can tell from the pic, but Santa is holding a snowman stocking full of candy canes! There are tiny stick arms on him and a little stitched nose... just the cutest!
  • Peppermint Pals - Mr Snowman is sporting classy trousers to help keep warm, I imagine. He's carrying a snowman 'bucket' - I think he's serving candy canes to the birds! Stitched on 32ct - choose any light blue fabric you like to make all the white show up, he measures 78 x 106 so will finish almost 5 x 7 on 32ct. There is a snowflake shown in the finishing treatment... not in the chart, it's a cute finishing idea.

Earrings for Stitchers! - click for more
Earrings for Stitchers!
Check out these darling pierced earrings that are perfect for stitchers and seamstresses! Miniature buttons, scissors, spools and sewing machines... each trinket decoration on the earring is about 1/2 an inch in size!

Offered in gold-tone or silver-tone (based on the price I am sure they are not solid gold or sterling), one set includes two spools and two sewing machines. The other set includes the buttons and two scissors. You can mix and match them however you want... both sets come in the silver or gold colors. Wear a button and sewing machine if you want... scissors and buttons, scissors and spools... whatever... I'm sure Santa needs to know about these!

Witchy Pantry from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Three Witches from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Witchy Harvest from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more
Barbara Ana's *Girls* are Getting Ready for Halloween!
Barbara Ana has a trio of new designs that are actually pretty entertaining when you study them! Can you find the little dangling lizards (I Believe those would be Newts?) Each pic has a cute little cat, and all the pumpkins, vines, dresses, and quilty design elements everywhere add pops of color. Break up some of the motifs and make some individual pin cushions - the cat with the basket of pumpkins is pretty cute... or you could stitch the witch faces on one side of a pin cushion and personalize your friends names on the other side! (depends on your friends, I guess.)

Anyway, presented in three different charts, all are worked on 32ct white. Witchy Pantry finishes about 6 x 6, Three Witches finishes approx 12 x 7-1/2, and Witchy Harvest finishes approx 8 x 6. All are coded for regular DMC floss.

PuntiniPuntini Cat Pins - click to see more PuntiniPuntini Dog Pins - click to see more PuntiniPuntini Carrot Pins - click to see more
New Pins from PuntiniPuntini
These are the cutest little clay pins that can dress up one of your pin cushions! Handmade polymer clay by Paola Rizzi, they come all the way from Italy. Beautiful shading in the carrots, if you like those - go to her page and see the dozens of detailed miniature fruits, veges and flowers she offers.

The cat and dog pins sets are perfect for the Scarlett House Dog and Cat Hair cushion designs Tanya just released. So detailed, you can COUNT the strings of yarn in that tint ball of yarn!

Christmas Critters from Rachels of Greenfield - click to see more
Christmas Critters from Rachel's of Greenfield
The 2019 set Felt Embroidery Ornaments by Rachel's of Greenfield are here! This year's set features forest animals on small 'woolfelt' mittens and stockings. Each ornament measures about 3 x 4, and is done with small pieces of the felt that you buttonhole stitch together. The complete kit contains the actual sized cutting templates, cutting layout info, threads and embroidery instructions to make all 6 ornaments in the pic.

You can finish them as open mittens and stockings if you wish - that way Santa has more things to fill! We have lots of other cute ornaments sets available - make sure to check them out. Always favorites for an old-fashioned Christmas tree!

New Curly Girl Kits for Mill Hill! - click for more
New Curly Girl Kits from Mill Hill
"Witty & Whimsical." Everyone loves the Curly Girl artwork! Mill Hill has the cross stitch license for them... so we get charming needlework kits full of DMC floss and Mill Hill beads. Each is stitched on 28ct linen, and finishes about 7 inches square.
  • Rarest Friend - The rarest gift is a true friend, but the truest gift is a rare friend.
  • Humblingly Perfect - Something awesome for a baby gift!
  • Warmest Wishes - Talks about the glittery and special love between the two in the pic.
  • Love is the Only One - The only thing we can't live without!
Fa-la-la-llama by Satsuma Street - click for more
from Satsuma Street
Satsuma Street has a fun new stocking design that certainly fits the bill for creative Christmas decor! This happy little guy is bringing tons of Holiday Cheer... he's all dressed up... isn't he cute?

Stitch count is 155 x 237, so he finishes into a 10 x 16 stocking on 14/28ct fabric. The cover pic is worked on a light blue hand-dyed, and it looks perfect. Coded for DMC, the chart doesn't call for any embellishment, but some cute baubles or trims might be really FUN on this! Alphabet is included for personalization across that top banded area.
Cranberry Christmas from Hands On Design - click to see more
Cranberry Christmas from Hands On Design
Filled with reds and greens of the season, finish CC as a pillow, stand-up or wall hanging... and you'll still have 3 more ornaments to enjoy! Presented as a chart, this set is stitched on Weeks Dye Works 30ct Cocoa Linen with SULKY brand flosses. (DMC conversions are included in the chart.)

The Sulky thread is heavier than regular floss... so you use ONE strand of thread instead of two... just kind of a fun stitching option. The main pillow design measures 75 x 77 - so about 4-1/2 inches square. Ornaments are 3 and 4 inches in size.
Rich, deep colors, Cathy will be using three of the threads in this featured Sulky Thread Set in her next ornament chart - Cool Yule - which releases in October.

Thimbelina Flossbobbin from Sew Much 2 Luv - click to see more Spring Bonnet Bunny from Sew Much 2 Luv - click to see more Spring Stitches from Sew Much 2 Luv - click to see more Bittersweet & Polka Dot Tea from Sew Much 2 Luv - click to see more
Cheerful Things from Sew Much 2 Luv. All presented as charts...
  • Thimbelina Flossbobbin - This is a whimsical design... kind of a stitcher self-portrait! Thimbelina is sporting a thimble hat... and her dress is shaped like a floss bobbin! The little scissors there on her dress are actually a teeny 1/2-inch charm. She measures just 50-ish x 35 without her scissor border... but in the model pic, her border is included and she adorns the front of a pin cushion that features a scissor pocket! Easy to change her bobbin color to anything else to match your finishing fabric....
  • Spring Bonnet Bunny - From the artwork of Michelle Palmer, this charming bunny is stitched on black fabric. Choose your poison with black fabric... but at least she's stitched with DMC floss, and the chart is large! She's 65 x 80 stitches.
  • Spring Stitches - Another delightful design that needs to be on something dramatic - like this black - Isn't she precious? She LOVES her pins, needles and thread! Quite a few more stitches than Ms Spring Bonnet Bunny, Ms Little Mousey measures 148 x 139... and this pic has her stitched over ONE thread on 25ct! If that isn't a possibility, consider 14 black Aida (The Cross Stitch Police will not come knock on your door and scold you in the privacy of your own home if you can't see the smaller stuff!) She'll be charming at 10 x 10! Coded for DMC.
  • Bittersweet & Polka Dot Tea - What a sweet little wren perched on his pumpkin... in YOUR tea cup! Charted for DMC, this measures approx 5-1/2 x 6-1/2... just charming!

JBW's Christmas 2019 designs are here.  Click for more
JBW's Christmas 2019 designs are here!
A Christmas Scissor Basket from JBW Designs
  • Christmas Tree Collection X - This set brings Judy's miniature tree collection of designs to 20! Stitch them over one thread or two - either way, they are small sized.
  • Twelve Days of Christmas - in Tiny Ornaments! Each day is celebrated with it's own 43 x 41 design... they measure only 2-1/2 inches each! Each features a small charm, and the entire collection is presented on 4 separate small charts. Prices vary because of charms... 1-3 in book #1, 4 - 6 in book 2, etc.
  • A Scandinavian Christmas - Stitched in only one color (you have millions of choices on that one!), and garnished with the included 6 buttons, this finishes approx 5 x 10 on 32ct.
  • A Christmas Scissor Basket - This is the same format as the rest of Judy's little scissor pockets... they are actually small enough to hang on your tree as an ornament! Stitched with DMC from your stash, the chart comes with the 32ct linen, 2 buttons, 2 skeins of floss for the twisted cord edging finishing treatment, and the green holly-print fabric you see in the cover pic. I believe this is a limited edition.

Mr & Mrs Delicious from Lindy Stitches - click to see more Mr & Mrs Delicious from Lindy Stitches
Just for fun, stitch this pair of pincushion designs and tuck them into your collection of smalls... hide them in that big basket of asst pincushions! If you have a huge basket/tray of stuffed cushions sitting on your counter - nobody can resist playing with them. Then, they actually READ them... and HERE are Mr and Mrs Delicious!

Each finishes just under 5 inches square on 32ct... stitched with various hand-dyed cottons or DMC floss... just cute! Thanksgiving is coming!!!!!!

Moo-Ella DeVil from Petal Pusher - click to see more Ewe Witch Chart from Petal Pusher - click to see more Cluck Cluck Boo from Petal Pusher - click to see more Bat Pig from Petal Pusher - click to see more Captain Black Mane from Petal Pusher - click to see more
Halloween Hoedown from Petal Pusher - click to see more Halloween Hoedown from Petal Pusher
Oh my gosh, this is the CUTEST design! It's a whole little barnyard of animals all dressed up for Halloween! Presented in 5 single charts, each 4 x 4 design - stitched on any neutral 32ct - can be stitched alone, or joined together with a Halloween Hoedown banner border.

The whole piece measures 16 x 5. (That border chart is offered Free - details inside each of these charts.) Anyway, we get Moo-Ella DeVil, Ewe Witch, Cluck Cluck Boo, Bat Pig and Captain Black Mane. All charted for DMC floss... I don't know which section is my favorite!

Happy Halloween by Sara Guermani - click for more White Christmas by Sara Guermani - click for more
Happy Halloween and White Christmasfrom Sara Guermani
Sara Guermani has a couple of new charts that caught our eye...
  • Happy Halloween 2 - This is a big ol' Jack-O-Lantern Haunted House! Measuring 279 x 173 in stitch count - a HUGE 17 x 11 on 32ct - there are a lot of stitches in this, but it calls for only 13 colors of DMC floss! Big on visual impact, cute design elements, consider adding some metallics to the spider web, windows and ghosts to brighten it up!
  • White Christmas - Another of Sara's charming village scenes, this one has tiny houses and reindeer everywhere and a manger scene up near the top corner. Measuring 278 x 263, this finishes approx 17 inches square on 32ct and uses 15 shades of DMC.

Square Dance - October, November and December from Heart in Hand - click for more Square Dance - complete set from Heart in Hand - click for more
Due in The Shop September 26th-ish!
Heart in Hand's 4th and final Square Dance - October, November and December
What a cheerful series this has been... 12 small 3 x 3 block designs. Stitch them all in a long row, or make cushions. Mona's finishing class this summer (We had Heart in Hand's Cecelia as one of our Guest Designers) had them making a re-useable cube with a magnet inside. You make ONE cube, then finish each of the 12 designs as a small FLAT with a magnet finished inside. Then, change out your monthly design because of the magnets! You could even do this treatment at an Easel Stand-up option, and you could make your original cube with different coordinating fabrics on each side, and turn it to a different side for a different look if you wanted. Anyway, Square Dance comes as a set of 4 charts, and this finishes the set.
Winter Whirligig from Heart in Hand - click for more

Winter Whirligig
from Heart in Hand
The final in this 4-season set, the checkered cardinal cheers a snowy winter scene. Designed to fit Cecelia's Heartware Bowls and Tarts, all 4 of these designs have been presented in small card format.

A real cute set, we did a couple of them at our Camp Wannasew weekends on 18ct linen and used fun specialty threads!

Mini Stash 'n Store Trays - click for more     Mini Stash 'n Store Trays - click for more
Mini Stash 'n Store Trays - More Colors!
You may have seen the gigantic version of these in fabric stores... but these are HALF that size and measure in at a petite 2 x 4 x 1-1/4 inches in size! White plastic 'tubs' with a colored silicone lining... the little 'flower petal openings' in the silicone waves hold your 3-1/2 embroidery scissors, pens, larger needles, laying tools, even your glasses!!!

The soft silicone just nestles around anything you stick into these, but it pulls right out of the tub so you can wash it, (if you spill your Diet Coke in there by accident!) Just the most handy little table-top caddy, keeps everything right in one place, ready to grab!
Note: navy and gray are no longer color options.

Halloween Calendar from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Halloween Calendar by Tiny Modernist
This is a fun piece... each day of the month has its own 32 x 31 square, and all of them feature something different, small and CUTE! Stitched on 32ct Twilight Blue linen - we have some dynamite Picture This Plus hand-dyeds that Praiseworthy Stitches features for all their Christmas and Haunted Houses that would be really cool with this as well. This finishes approx 10-1/2 x 15-1/2 on 32ct.

NOW... WHAT IF... you re-arrange the dates on the days of the week - the 13th of the month doesn't HAVE to be Tuesday. You can make tiny 1 or 2-inch pin cushions out of each different date square. You can make individual stand-up blocks out of each one, you can use the Trick or Treat and Boo boxes and choose 3 more to stitch 5 cubes all in a row - you can do ANYTHING! As cute as can be, this is coded for only 14 shades of regular DMC floss. (Ohhh what about beads and thin metallics and some buttons?)

Pumpkin Truck from Shannon Christine Designs - click to see more Pumpkin House from Shannon Christine Designs - click to see more Pumpkin Patch from Shannon Christine Designs - click to see more The Pumpkin Farm Series from Shannon Christine Designs - click to see more
Pumpkin Patch, Truck and House... The Pumpkin Farm Series
from Shannon Christine Designs
This is a cute three-part set of 4 x 4-ish designs that all go together, so we're offering them as the set.

Coded for DMC floss you can stitch them all in one row, or make a cube - and decorate the three sides that are showing with each of these designs. Just something fun and cute for the season!
Just Cross Stitch 2019 Annual Ornament Issue - click to see more Just Cross Stitch 2019 Halloween Issue - click to see more The Annual Special Editions of Just Cross Stitch Magazine are Freshly Arrived!
This year's Halloween issue features 61 different designs -- 27 of them ornament designs, the rest are larger. The teaser pic of the cover has a lot of cute things on it...
  • *Welcome to our Haunted Home* is on the plain side, but what a cute greeting for the season! 161 Pages.
  • This year's Christmas Ornament issue is here for us, but doesn't hit general sales on the news stands till the end of September. I think this year they are focusing on showcasing new designers - the ones *up-and-coming!* It's a big thrill for them to be published in here... so it looks to be very fun this year. As always, tons of charts and favorite recipes and Christmas stories from the designers. The issues from the past years are kind of like little Cross Stitch Time Capsules!
Sizzlin Summertime Carnival from Tempting Tangles - click to see more
Sizzlin' Summertime Carnival
from Tempting Tangles
By Tempting Tangles Designs, we don't see a lot of cute carnival designs, so this caught my eye!

Measuring 144 stitches square, it'll finish 9 x 9 on 32ct. Coded for DMC, it'd be fun to add some beads and metallics to this - it's just a super-happy piece!

Hoot-Owl Halloween from Artful Offerings - click for more Hoot-Owl Halloween from Artful Offerings
This is a cool design. All the graphic shapes - the curve of the moon, the curves of the owl and tree branches, and those round eyes... all accented with the bold vertical stripes on the owl and the horizontal stripes in the moon!

Very simple, with lots of visual impact, this little guy measures about 5 x 5-1/2 and is stitched with DMC or hand-dyeds on Weeks Guacamole linen. He'd make a cute pin cushion, but if you work him on 20ct Week's linen, he could be a couch pillow and measure in at 7 x 8 before you make a gigantic pillow out of him! Presented as a chart.
Un Pupazzo di Neve per Te from Cuore e Batticuore - click for more Christmas on the Beach from Cuore e Batticuore - click for more
Un Pupazzo di Neve per Te & Christmas on the Beach from Cuore e Batticuore
Oh gosh, these are two new and super-cute designs from Italy. Don't feel bad if you cannot pronounce the titles - we can't either! But we CAN understand the DMC numbers in the color key - and that's all you really need.
  • Un Pupazzo Reads 'Christmas is a snowman for you,' and features a delightful snowman-building scene. I love the teeny little snowball guys perched on the shovel and signs. Measuring 260 x 140 on 32ct Natural Linen, this will finish approx 9 x 16... so you won't miss it on your walls! It actually might make a really cute couch pillow as well.
  • Christmas on the Beach - (that title is in English, don't know why the other one isn't!) What a fun scene! You get a Christmassy Light House - complete with a billowing knitted scarf, a decorated beach umbrella along with Mr and Mrs standing in their dingy! We never see beach/ nautical/Christmas together... so if you live near the water - YOU NEED THIS! Stitch count is 270 x 146 - 17 x 9 on 32ct - and it is coded for DMC.

Joyeux Noel from Jardin Prive - click for more Joyeux Noel or Merry Christmas from Jardin Prive
This is a charming design THAT YOU CAN STITCH IN ANY COLOR YOU WANT! Worked with one color of your choice (hand-dyeds do really well with these kind of designs), on whatever fabric you want, you can really change the overall effect of the finished piece. Think about natural linen and working this ALL in opalescent, white and gold metallics? What about navy fabric, with all those metallics, or solid shades? How cute to put everything in its proper colorway!

The design is enchanting... you have a lot of possibilities making this your own! Notice they have charted a Merry Christmas greeting for the topper row as well.
Little Bits of Halloween from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Little bits of Christmas from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Botanical Stitches - Chrysanthemum from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
New Arrivals for Halloween and Christmas from The Drawn Thread!
Cynthia has been busy with a trio of new things... two larger designs that are motif medleys, and another smaller botanical.
  • Little Bits of Halloween - This is super cute! Tiny 26 x 26 designs - nine of them, plus nine little borders to surround them, and a Halloween alphabet tossed in, Cynthia wants you to arrange all these little pieces anyway you want! Do a big square of all of them, make something vertical or horizontal - loooonnnng and skinnnny! She has lots of suggestions inside the chart. Charted for Dinky dyes and Needlepoint Inc Silks - we have those kitted and available for a limited time. Cynthia also provides the links for color conversions to DMC and Gentle Art Sampler Threads. The motifs in here are really fun, great color and charm!
  • Little bits of Christmas - Same cuteness and design ideal just like Bits of Halloween. Stitch any of the 26 x 26 little squares, add a border or two... rearrange, do whatever makes you happy! For a limited time, we have the silk packets available for this. The design is charted for those silks, but again, there is a link to conversions in the instructions.
  • Botanical Stitches - Chrysanthemum - The next 4 x 4 design celebrating flora. Classy designs, any neutral fabric works for any of these in the small series!

Beaded Holiday Ornaments 2019 Collection from Mill Hill - click for more
Beaded Holiday Ornaments from Mill Hill
Mill Hill's new bauble ornaments for 2019 are here! Stitched on 14ct perforated paper, each of this year's designs is a slightly different shape, but all finish the same charming 2 x 3 inches. Completely filled with glistening Mill Hill glass seed beads, they are really fun to stitch and look great on your tree.

I especially like the fact that they weigh basically nothing, so if you are a 'real tree person' you can hang these on the tippy-tips of your branches, and they won't weight down your tree! Presented in complete kits of 14ct paper, DMC floss, needles and Mill Hill glass beads.

Autumn Alphabet from Scarlett House - click for more Crows Corner from Scarlett House - click for more Hello Fall from Scarlett House - click for more
Autumn is coming - The Scarlett House Style!
Tanya is sending 4 new designs... and these three just seemed to go together!
  • Autumn Alphabet is clean and simple - 40ct Weeks Mocha with just 4 colors of hand-dyeds, it finishes a little under 5 inches in size.
  • Crows Corner is a fun little piece - thin borders, the owl, squirrels and crows in the yard... it's all so divided up and balanced. Charming and organized! About 100 x 100 in stitch count, you could make individual cushions out of the motifs, make a few more with only the borders running across them - like ribbons. It looks like it will be fun to stitch.
  • Hello Fall is REALLY on the simple side! Tanya is using Mascara, Garden Gate, Oatmeal and Mustard Seed as the color palette... if you have some room colors you need to match, this might be super-fun to change up and accent the room!
Tanya will be our Guest at The Silver Needle in September of 2020 for a small weekend event in our new She Shed Space! Click the pic to read about that and her new Mary Hawley Quaker Reproduction Sampler as well!

New NOUVEAU Flax is in! - click for more Presenting our New FLAX 2019 Nouveau Transitions Collection!
Oh My Gosh... this is MY MOST FAVORITE collection to come through here from these past seasons!!! Textured weaves of black, Ivory and natural linens... we have a tunic, jacket, skirt, pants and a KILLER top!

The tunic is sleeveless - so I am wearing it NOW in the 100 degree heat. The Pullover has long sleeves - so it will be the winter version of my outfit!

Wait till you see it all... we'll try to show some close-up pics of the different fabric textures - just stunning! Kind of on the 'pricey end' of some of our FLAX... remember that you get 20% OFF when you get three or more pieces!!!
The 2019 STICKS are here from Mill Hill - click for more
The 2019 STICKS are here from Mill Hill
Whimsical designs by STICKS, these are super-colorful and cheerful. By Mill Hill, each is presented as a kit of 14ct perforated paper and loads of DMC floss, along with a few Mill Hill glass seed beads for design garnish.

They all finish 7 x 7, and the frames for them are available as special order. If you are a fabric-lover instead, choose your favorite 14 or 28ct - the correct size for your beads.

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Biscornest from Crossed Wing Collection - click for more
Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Biscornest
from Crossed Wing Collection
Paula's third charming bird nest design... this companions the stunning chipping Sparrow and Cardinal Biscornu designs she has done. Presented as the chart, everything is coded for DMC floss. That gorgeous little 3-inch nest is stitched on both sides - the top features the eggs stitched over one thread.

All three designs then feature a beautiful, detailed fob-sized pattern of the nest's bird. I am not a bird-watcher, but something tells me that every bird's nest is different, but recognizable to its species. All three of these designs are just lovely!

Announcing The Silver Needle's 35th Anniversary Scissor Circle!
The Silver Needle's 35th Anniversary Scissor Circle - click for more A Trio of Limited Edition Gold Embroidery Scissors by DOVO
Directly from Solingen, Germany - Exclusive to The Silver Needle

To celebrate our 35th Year in business, we have commissioned three different styles of embroidery scissors from our favorite scissor manufacturer - DOVO - of Solingen, Germany! What a fun Birthday Celebration for us. Our gift to you is a Scissor Circle!!!

Beginning in late June of 2019, our first style will ship... mid August the second is scheduled and October will bring the 3rd. (Those blanks aren't even back from the forge yet!)

We chose three super-favorite styles that DOVO has never produced in their brushed gold finish before. The scissors will never be available to anyone else... they are exclusive to The Silver Needle ONLY! It is our One-Time 35th Anniversary... so once they are gone, they will be gone forever!
DOVO Solingen - click for more
Click here for all the details!

#263 Reindeer Dish Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more #258 Happy Camper Dish Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more #261 Thankful Dish Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more #260 Happy Halloween Dish Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more #259 Sweet as Pie Dish Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more #254 Fresh Picked Dish Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more
Some of the Dish Towels from Bareroots - click to see more Hand-Embroidered Dish Towels from Bareroots
Oh my gosh, this is the MOST CHARMING collection of dish towels that you have ever embroidered! By Bareroots... each cotton 19 x 26 towel features a band of cute, seasonal stitching. We have 10, including Patriotic, Christmas, Halloween, Canning Jars, Hearts, Easter Bunnies, Happy Campers (which would be so cute in an RV!)... all sorts of cute themes.

You get the towel, the line pattern to draw onto the towel, the color pic of the stitching, DMC floss, and some rik-rak trim for each end of the towel.

Kind of a retro look... and super fun to give as a gift to anyone who'd like something cute and handmade in their kitchen.. we love these! Click through to see the full set.

Teresa Layman Three Crows -- click to see more Teresa Layman Welcome Basket -- click to see more Teresa Layman The Elizabeth Vine -- click to see more Teresa Layman Bunny Bluebell -- click to see more Teresa Layman Little Acorns -- click to see more
Five New Miniature Knotwork Pieces by Teresa Layman
Presenting an enchanting collection of 2, 3 and 4-inch 'rugs.' Each of these are ONLY one strand of DMC floss wrapped ONE time around your needle to make a bitty French Knot. Worked from a line drawing on the fabric - like Punch Needle Embroidery - you are simply 'painting by number' with your tiny knots - tucking them in there next to each other! It sounds awful(!), but these are actually fun to do!

They are presented as the line drawing on the special fabric, and small needles. You'll need DMC floss from your stash. (We had Teresa to Oklahoma years ago for a class on this... and maybe with our new classroom space... it's time for another visit!) Anyway, most frame these... but if you are a doll house lover, you might want them as rugs in one of your houses. (Butttt..... if you start one, and never finish it... make the part you did into a teeny scissor fob. You'll love it for life!)

Did you know Teresa has SOME of her designs charted for Cross Stitch? We've re-organized her page a little and highlighted the Cross Stitch offerings much better than before. She has delightful designs, charts are huge and clear... super cute! When you visit her page, we now have boxes to click ont to take you to either the Knotwork or Cross Stitch!
  • Three Crows
    Measures 4-1/4 x 3-1/8... blueberries, blackberries and black crows!
  • Welcome Basket
    A petite 2 x 3-1/16 - just that basket by itself would be a stunning fob!
  • The Elizabeth Vine
    Finishing 2 x 5 - The black knotted background just makes the flowers POP!
  • Bunny Bluebell
    A 4-1/4 inch circle, how can you not fall in love with that center rabbit? He's way less than an inch in size!
  • Little Acorns
    4-3/4 inches square - more teeny animals, don't lose the squirrel in the tree! The hedgehog is about 1/2 an inch in size!

Work of Heart XS3400 Good Tidings from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Peaceful Snow XS207 from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Merry Hill PN204 from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Holly Hill PN205 from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Lumina Dreams PN206 from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Teresa Kogut has Five New Designs
Ms Teresa does things in both Cross Stitch and Punch Needle... here are my favorites of her new ones... looks like she's in a Holiday Mood!
  • Work of Heart XS3400 Good Tidings - This could be a CHALLENGING undertaking to cross stitch! A gorgeous 10 x 12, solidly stitched piece you probably assume this is worked with hand-dyed threads to give you all that wonderful color variation, depth, and shading.Well... it's YOU and regular DMC thread - 60 different shades! Santa is decorating a little tree for his snowman friend, can you see that he's hanging the topper star and he's holding another tiny snowman face ornament to hang next? A charming picture... I took a look at the chart... some might find it charming too, just a heads up!
  • Peaceful Snow XS207 - This one is a little more on the regular-side of cross stitching! Approx 5 x 6 on 35ct, it uses Weeks and DMC flosses, it actually has several 'areas' that you could pull out and stitch just by themselves! Just the house and trees; or the sheep, peace and a few of the penny border rounds; or even just the snowman! Pretty primitive colors.
  • Merry Hill PN204 and Holly Hill PN205 - A pair of punch needle pieces - each finishes about 6 x 6. Following the same color schemes, these two are presented as the line drawing that you transfer to the included punch needle fabric. Teresa gives lots of punching tips, and full color key for each area. These are both kind of simple with regards to design detail, so should punch really fast and be really fun to do.
  • Lumina Dreams PN206 - Approx 5-1/2 x 6, this one's neat because of that white pumpkin! You'll need multiple skeins of thread - Teresa used SEVEN skeins of Taupe on that awesome pumpkin! Pattern is presented in line drawing format you need to transfer to provided fabric. Conversions from Weeks hand-dyed flosses to DMC are also included.

Snowy 9 Patch combo from Annie Beez Folk Art - click to see more
Snowy 9 Patch - Complete!
from Annie Beez Folk Art
All nine small parts to this design are now here... our sets are complete! A whole medley of little snowmen doing Christmassy things, they are all stitched on 32ct natural/polka dot Belfast Linen.

Each section measures 3 X 3... stitch them individually or together! Presented as nine separate charts, we have them all, but you can choose any or all that you want!
Purrfect Punch Needles - click to see more Ultra Punch Needles are BACK!
After a stressful discontinuation of these in the Punch Needle Industry... the right people did the right things to get these made again... and back into the market place! Ultra-Punch needles have been around for something like 50 years... definitely a longtime favorite needle. The complete set is presented with the small, medium (installed in the needle), and large tips and two threaders, and very comprehensive 6-page instruction book.

I read through that little booklet - it tells you everything you ever wanted to know (or possibly not!) about the needle, changing tips, threading, fabrics to use and how to transfer designs, the hoops you need, setting the loop length, holding the needle, then... into the actual punching, sculpting, cutting, brushing... whew! It's all there! We also have the three-tip EXTRA sets available, just the three tips - no main needle shaft, no booklet, no threaders.

Set F Ding Ding Mini Cards from Prairie Schooler -- click to see more
Set F Ding Ding Mini Cards from The Prairie Schooler
Do you know about these little cards by Prairie Schooler? The teeny little 2-1/2 x 4-1/2 cards they always did promo-charts on when they released new books? Here is Set F - new to us! (Sets A, B, C, & E are still available and pictured on our PS pages. NO Set D anymore!) Little Set F went with books #172 through #199... and it includes three small 37 x 37 stitch count Christmas Ornaments that never were associated with any of their books!

ALWAYS cute things... ANY of these are perfect for pin-cushion exchange projects, fobs, ornaments, nametags, whatever you want!!! Each set consists of 10 small cards with pretty pic on the front, chart on the back.
Mini Mesh Zipper Bags -  click for more
Mini Mesh Zipper Bags
This seems to be the 'year of pouches!' I found another size and style of zippered pouch to help organize your smaller needlework projects and tools. These little guys measure 5 x 8. They feature TWO pocketed compartments, and TWO zippered closures. I've taken a pic of my hand in each of the pockets... don't know if you can see the difference or not.

The front pocket is clear vinyl on the front. The middle 'wall' and back of the pouch is colored fine mesh. A really nice size for a small project, or just for scissors, candy and tissues! They're lightweight and super-handy to keep little things safe and 'locate-able' in your bigger bags!

See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Deep Teal -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Light Blue -  click for more
Two New colors of our See Your Stuff Pouches
These are super-strong, heavy-duty, very nicely-sized see-through plastic pouches. We carry them in Royal Blue, Brilliant Red, Bright Yellow, Eye-Popping Lime Green, Bright Orange, Deep Purple and now a really pretty Light Blue and a Deep Teal.

Remember, I showed you a pic of the big one holding 6 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies a few months ago... well. cookies are long gone, but the awesome pouches remain!

Mill Hill 2019 Patriotic Quartet Series Button & Bead Kits - click for more
The New 2019 Patriotic Quartet Series from Mill Hill
This will be a favorite series of bead kits! Mill Hill describes their new designs; America is *The Land of the Free,* and *Home of the Brave,* where we are entitled to *Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness* and all these truths are represented with the *Stars and Stripes* of our flag, which we proudly fly.

Kits of 14ct Aida (you can sub 28ct linen or Lugana if you like), DMC floss, Mill Hill beads (not as many as the regular Button and Beaded kits), needles and chart -- each finishes approx 5 x 5 in size. The black frames are available separately. Just really CLASSIC!

Needfuls Wool Bundle NYC Picnic from In the Patch Designs - click for more Needfuls Wool Bundle Baskets from In the Patch Designs - click for more Needfuls Wool Bundle Eggplant Delight from In the Patch Designs - click for more Needfuls Wool Bundle Dirty Snowman from In the Patch Designs - click for more
Needful Wool Bundles from In the Patch Designs
Needfuls Bundles from In the Patch Designs - click for more OHHHH... are these the most luscious and luxurious little bits of gorgeous mill-dyed felted wools! Lovingly dyed in Ohio, USA, we found these awesome little packs of coordinating wools to back your pin cushions and ornaments. But what about lining your sewing cases or needle books? Accenting the fronts of your stitched cushions, or your punch needle pieces? You can even line little boxes and trays with bits of these before you perch a cushion in there... or even cut them into strips and use them like ribbon to garnish! (and of course... good 'ol wool applique works too!!!) Strawberry tops for the Erica Michaels stitched berries?

Anyway... each LIMITED-Edition-for-the-season packet contains 8 different 6 x 13-inch cuts of INTOXICATING textures, weaves, colors, patterns and sometime weights of GORGEOUS wools that all seem to 'play well in the same sandbox together!' Then, to top that off... they've given the little collective bundles cute names... so you gotta have them ALL! I've tried to take pics for you - close up - so you can see the gorgeous 'fabrics' in each bundle. I have absolutely no idea how you will choose your favorites - I bought 'em all, so I didn't have to decide!

The Gypsy Sit Upon - click for more The Gypsy Sit Upon
We think these are the COOLEST things! We haven't had them in stock for a few years, but found them again at Market! They are soft plastic pillows - 12 inches in diameter and 2-1/2 inches thick - designed to make you more comfortable when sitting for long periods (or short, for that matter!). Place one *behind your back* - upper or lower - which ever feels best for you. Then sit comfortably while stitching, quilting, reading, driving, surfing the net... whatever!

Softly inflated flexible disc (deep purple) prevents fatigue and reduces pressure on the tailbone. Helps relieve lower back pain, strengthens core muscles, and improves blood circulation. Nubby texture (see the little nibs all over one side???) allows cooling air flow and promotes improved blood circulation. Durable purple rubberized material remains soft and pliable... 'One Size Fits All!' Comes already inflated, will not deflate.

Handmade Primitive Girl Cushion - click for more Handmade Owl Cushion - click for more Handmade Penguin Cushion - click for more Handmade Piglet Cushion - click for more Handmade Cupcake Cushion - click for more
An Invasion of Pin Cushions!
Oh my gosh, we are overwhelmed with CHARM around here! It's hard not to fall in love with all these little hand-made cuties! Our Primitive Girls are wearing a ribbon that says PINS (even though some look like PMS! - which might be appropriate too!). The cupcakes are topped with beaded and pearl sprinkles... the owls have the cutest little wooly feathers, the penguins have nice fat little behinds, and the piglets --with their pointed ears and curly little tails - are just the best peeking out from everywhere!

Each cushion is hand-made of various fabrics and embellishments. All (except the cupcakes) are filled with sand so they are 'heavy' to your hand. They nestle perfectly where-ever you set them. The cupcakes are in actual silicone baking cups and are a little lighter in weight, as they are filled with poly-fil. Asst fabrics and colors, we'll try not to choose duplicates in any style for you!
NOTE! When you click through to Gadgets page 2, you can click on each pinccushion image and see a much larger one that will show you the color and pattern variations on them.

Circles & Stitches Hand-Made Pin Cushion Kits
Circles & Stitches Hand-Made Pin Cushion Kits - click for more Circles & Stitches Hand-Made Pin Cushion Kits - click for more Oh wow... these are so colorful and fun!!!!! By Local Farm Girl, these are complete kits to construct these darling donut-sized felted wool pin cushions.

Packaged in a little cardboard berry box, you get the wools for the cushion top, base, and circles, needles of various sizes, hand-dyed wool threads for the stitching, two wool covered buttons (with a coordinating/contrasting button on the bottom side), even the printed freezer paper with templates on it, and iron-on stabilizer for those topping circles... AND 3/4 C of crushed walnut shells for filler! (whew!)

Four different colorways, choose between a restful red and gray combo, the vibrant gold and pumpkin with mossy green, the deep purple eggplant with aqua accents, or that yummy lime one with bright pink and a little soft gray!

Classic Button & Needle Necklace - click for more Classic Button & Needle Necklace - click for more Classic Button & Needle Necklace
Oh... I saw these and HAD to HAVE them... this is a 2-1/2 inch round Mexican Pewter round button, and that needle tied on top (it can slide out if you want it to) is 3-1/4 inches long! Featuring a leather necklace cord, which can be adjusted for length... this is a charming piece of jewelry for anyone who does sewing or needlework of any kind!

Extremely limited in availability, I brought some home from a show I attended, and am not sure I will be able to get more. So bright, smooth, pretty and CLASSY, such clean lines, it's a real statement piece!

Presenting Christmas 2019 - The Mill Hill Way!
Look at the new things coming for this season - Super cute and fun!
The Snow Globes 2019 Collection from Mill Hill - click for more
Snow Globes from Mill Hill
These are the small 3 x 3-ish inch kits that make perfect tree ornaments. This season we're getting a set of mini snow-globes! I'm not sure which one is the cutest!
Presented as the complete kits of 14ct perforated paper, chart, needles, floss, Mill Hill beads and a little charm. They will be awesome on your tree!!!

Pampas, Andes, Amazon Santas - The 2019 South American Santas from Mill Hill - click for more The Annual Santa Collection for 2019 - South American Santas from Mill Hill
This is our 21st Annual Set of these!!!!! (That means we now have 63 different International and Sporting Santas!) Every year, we are treated to these paper ornaments that finish approx 3 x 4 inches each. Santa-all-during-the-year! Each kit comes with the 14ct perforated paper, DMC floss and a few Mill Hill beads. If you notice... they all have loopy or fringey beards!

Anyway, these are always fun on your tree because they are lightweight and colorful. Nice to make as gifts for someone who's traveled to the places featured throughout the years or loves the various hobbies of Santa. All the other 20 years of ornaments are still available, and we have them ALL! (We have an Amazon Santa this year... only he isn't holding a shopping box or have a drone flying overhead!)

Presenting this Year's Set of Trilogy Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
Presenting this Year's Set of Trilogy Kits from Mill Hill
For 2019 we have a set of 26 mini-ornaments that are perfect to make into an Advent Calendar or use to decorate a wreath. Finishing only 1-1/2 inches square... each of the three kits contains either 8 or 9 mini designs. Based on the size of the designs, we think these would be PERFECT for young or beginning stitchers. Lots of design options in each kit... lots of individual projects... lots of bang for your buck!
Cottage by the Sea Sampler from Hearts Ease Examplar Workes - click to see more Cottage by the Sea Sewing Set from Hearts Ease Examplar Workes - click to see more A Delaware Inspiration from Hearts Ease Examplar Workes - click to see more
  • Cottage by the Sea Sampler finishes approx 19 inches square on 36ct. But oh, to live in a rose covered cottage on a hill overlooking the sea, Where I'd patiently watch the tall ships sailing by 'till my love returns safely to me Such a charming scene...!
  • Cottage by the Sea Sewing Set This little sewing set of smalls that companions it is delightful! It needs a 1/2 yard cut of linen, and features a Huswif that opens to reveal a petite scissor sheath with fob, needle book and pin cushion, a stacking set of 3 pin cushions, a thread/tool case; a ruler and a scissor sheath that holds a 3-1/2 embroidery scissors with fob. There are a few specialty stitches in all of this - but all are diagrammed in the 42 pages of instructions!
  • A Delaware Inspiration finishes approx 13 x 18 on 36ct. Silks or DMC, tons of special stitches featured in the sampler... this is a neat remembrance piece! This work I leave to those I love, when I have flown to worlds above, Where all my sorrows will be o'er, Where loved ones meet to part no more.

Annual 2019 Santa from Prairie Schooler -- click to see more
Presenting Annual 2019 Santa
from The Prairie Schooler
Even though Pam and Nancy have stopped designing their leaflets, they do design our favored Santas every year! This marks the 36th year! Same format, size colors and size... after 36 years, you know the drill.

MOST of the other Santas have been re-printed into leaflets of 4 assorted years... we have everything available that is currently in print... it is all pictured on our PS page and organized for you!

QUEEN and BEE by Rovaris of Italy! - click to see more QUEEN * BEE from Rovaris of Italy
By Rovaris, we have two more of their fun words to stitch - Queen and Bee. Presented in two different charts, both have bees and crowns in them... they'd actually make a cute pair of stuffed pillows. Each is worked on 32ct natural linen with DMC... Bee is 132 x 48, Queen is 167 x 53.

Each chart comes with a bit of the cotton lace you see dividing the stitching from the finishing fabric, as well a crown or bee charm. Just black, white, golds and browns... they won't take much time to stitch but will make quite the statement on your windowsill, or nestled in that big ol' basket of seasonal pin cushions (you're working on!)

Mill Hill 2019 Winter Holiday and Button & Bead Kits!
Always fun when these are released... Mill Hill kits are always complete kits of chart, perforated paper (14ct), DMC flosses, needles and of course, Mill Hill Treasures or glass beads! The smaller ones make great ornaments, small and lightweight, they really glisten on your tree if they are near a twinkle light. The larger ones make fun doorknob and kitchen cabinet pull hangers. Frame them and put them on an easel, block them for a door stopper!
Mill Hill 2019 Winter Holiday Button & Bead Kits - click for more
Buttons & Beads - Two snowman designs... and Llamas! What's up with Llamas this year? They're super festive and cute, decked out for the Holidays! There is a beautiful winter moon over a sleepy village, a pretty package, and a newspaper printer to add to your stitched Christmas Village. Finishing approx 5 x 5.

Smaller Winter Holiday 2019 Collection from Mill Hill - click for more
The Smaller Winter Holiday 2019 Series from Mill Hill
The smaller kits... these all finish about 3 x 3. These make great ornaments. Small and lightweight, they really glisten on your tree if they are near a twinkle light. Magnets are included with the complete kits... in case your refrigerator door is too empty!

Welcome the Snow from Blackberry Lane
Welcome the Snow
from Blackberry Lane
Another darling design - two charts in this pack! Welcome the Snow is stitched on 36ct Picture This Plus's Twilight hand-dyed linen over TWO or ONE threads - you decide.

One of the snowmen has bird feeders with several wrens and cardinals. The other has lots of sizes of snowflakes - over one, no birds. 25 Shades of DMC, they look the same at first glance, but have a lot of subtle design differences. Just the cutest!

DMC Actual-Swatch Color Cards - click to see more DMC Actual-Swatch Color Cards
Wow, we have these again! There is a very limited opportunity on these... we didn't get many! UPDATED to include the 35 new colors from last Fall... this is a comprehensive listing of DMC threads, the color numbers, and the listing of what color is manufactured in what weights of thread. (floss vs pearls 3, 5, 8 and 12.) It features pretty blocks of actual flosses all lined up in color family, so you can see how all the colors blend with each other. The varigated and metallics are also in here.

Use this to reference colors, help choose colors for your projects, match label-less threads... all sorts of stuff! For years DMC wasn't manufacturing these cards - too labor-intensive I guess. All we were getting were printed cards - not the same as the REAL threads in there - so these are wonderful, and we're happy!

Yes, there's even MORE!     
Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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