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What's old is new again!!! Dating back to the 17th Century, Punch Needle has been around forever, it seems! It is simply a method of punching fabric and leaving a loop of thread on the 'backside' which, when you're finished, becomes the front of your creation! It is JUST THE MOST FUN to do! Each of the designs featured below are punched with the Igolochkoy brand of punch needles. Patterns and needles are available separately, so one set of needles should last you through years and years of patterns!!!

Most designs are available as pattern packs... the color picture, pattern instructions and color keys -- along with the necessary ground fabric with the line-drawn design already on it. The Igolochkoy needles come with general Punch Needle Embroidery instructions, the necessary loop gauges and needle threaders, as well as needle tip guards and even storage tubes for them! You'll also need a nice, sharp pair of scissors, and a plastic embroidery hoop -- the kind with a special lip on one of the rings. (Don't worry, we have all of it!!!)

There is a little technique involved in getting 'good loops', that sort of thing... and you actually do this stitching from the backside! The punch needle package has a some good diagrams inside to help... including a Trouble Shooting column!

A Note about Punch Needle Patterns...
Some come with the design already printed onto your weaver's cloth base fabric... others don't. I've made sure to tell you that information somewhere on that particular designer's page, or in the specific pattern words. If you are a beginner, or simply a puncher that wants to DIVE RIGHT IN the minute you open your package... look for the designs that come pre-printed! Tracing isn't hard... it's just sometimes a frustrating and unexpected surprise!

The Spring 2022 Issue of Punch Needle and Primitive Stitcher Magazine - click to see more Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine - Christmas-Winter 2021 Issue Front and Back Covers - click to see more
Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine
This magazine is just NEAT! Just like its name implies, it is full of Punch Needle Embroidery and Primitive Cross Stitch. 64 Pages of gorgeous photographs, full-sized templates and patterns, in-depth instructions, and fun articles about stitching groups and designers, you will enjoy every single page!!!

Printed on heavy paper, each project has its own 2 pages of space... there are no 'noisy' ads interrupting your browsing... and the pictures are just dreamy!!! You can peruse the subscription info inside -- I think it's something that needs to be in your mailbox 5 times a year -- each quarter and Christmas time!!!

Webmaster's Note: Put your mouse over each image to see its season and year. It will help you pick the ones you want. And don't miss our Russian Punch Needle page.

Punch Needle & Prim Stitcher Spring 2022 $9.99
Punch Needle & Prim Stitcher Christmas-Winter 2021 Issue $16.99
Punch Needle & Prim Stitcher Fall 2021 Issue $9.99
Punch Needle & Prim Stitcher Summer 2021 Issue $9.99

Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine - The Fall 2021 Issue COVER - click to see more Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine - The Fall 2021 Issue BACK COVER - click to see more The 2021 Summer Issue of Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine - click to see more

Garden Tour from Threads That Bind -- click to see lots more Spring Preserves from Threads That Bind -- click to see lots more Yuletide Trimmings from Threads That Bind -- click to see lots more Winter Festival from Threads That Bind -- click to see lots more
Neat Punchneedle Designs from Threads That Bind
Santa's Helpers from Threads That Bind -- click to see lots more A beautifully sophisticated selection of county primitives, by artist Shawn Williams, these are worth a second look... and definitely deserve your needle's attention! Offered as the design stamped onto the weavers cloth... each is punched in both Weeks and Gentle Art overdyeds.

Threads That Bind is undoubtedly the best Punch Needle designer out there... her stuff has such great color sense, none of it is too 'busy' or 'sloppy.' She uses good old fashioned DMC flosses in her designs -- so yours WILL turn out looking as good as the original, (you can actually find the thread at a shop!) and her designs all come clearly pre-stamped on HUGE pieces of antiqued Weaver's cloth. (Huge means like a 14 x 16 piece... so you can get it into a nice large hoop or stand.) Of all our shop models... hers are the ones that always draw the comments and inquiries!

PN241 Home from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more

from Teresa Kogut Wow, how pretty! This punch needle design finishes to 5-1/4 x 7 inches - the line drawing design is ready to be transferred onto the weavers cloth.

This little piece will look stunning framed!

Pumpkin Hill from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more Snowbound from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more Frozen Frosty from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more Autumn Bounty from With Thy Needle & Thread -- click to see a larger view
Punchneedle designs from With Thy Needle & Thread
This is one of a charming collection of primitive designs that have a bit of elegance in them, to me!

All in the neighborhood of the 4 to 5-inch finished size, each pattern is offered already stamped onto the weavers cloth. Pretty, soft and dusty colors, they are miniature works of punched art!

Playful Posies from Artful Offerings - click to see more Juggling the Holidays from Artful Offerings - click to see more Juggling the Holidays and Playful Posies from Artful Offerings
Punch a colorful winter snowman! Offered as line drawings, you'll need to transfer them onto your weavers cloth to punch. Flosses are good 'ole DMC, making these slightly more affordable to punch than lots of other designs, and each is embellished with a few Just Another Button Company clay pieces.
Very bright and cheerful, Juggling finishes approx 4 x 5, while Peppermint punches approx 4 x 4. So Cute!

Playful Posies
DARLING, this comes as a line drawing you will need to trace on your fabric. It INCLUDES THE BUTTON SET of 7 playful posy clay buttons by Just Another Button Company!!! Finishes approx 4 x 6. Super-easy on the punching because there are so few color changes.

Stick 'n Stitch by The Sulky Co - click to see more
Stick 'n Stitch from The Sulky Co
This is the COOLEST STUFF to transfer your designs for stitching (or punchneedle)! Basically, it is a rinse-away film that you COPY (as in 'Xerox!') your line drawing onto. Then STICK it (it's not real gummy or sticky - just clingy enough to stay in place) on your towel or whatever you are working on.

You stitch the design, then wet the 'film' and it disintegrates, leaving your stitching! You never have to trace a design ever again! We love it! The package comes with 12 - 8-1/2 x 11 sheets, plenty to make lots of cute towels!

Ultra Punch Needles - click to see more Ultra Punch Needles are BACK!
After a stressful discontinuation of these in the Punch Needle Industry... the right people did the right things to get these made again... and back into the market place! Ultra-Punch needles have been around for something like 50 years... definitely a longtime favorite needle.

The complete set is presented with the small, medium (installed in the needle), and large tips and two threaders, and very comprehensive 6-page instruction book.

Ultra Punch Extra Tip Set - click to see more I read through that little booklet - it tells you everything you ever wanted to know (or possibly not!) about the needle, changing tips, threading, fabrics to use and how to transfer designs, the hoops you need, setting the loop length, holding the needle, then... into the actual punching, sculpting, cutting, brushing... whew! It's all there!

We also have the three-tip EXTRA sets available, just the three tips - no main needle shaft, no booklet, no threaders.

The one strand punchneedle -- click to see the entire set. Igolochkoy Russian Punchneedle Set
Available as a set of three needles, 1-Strand, 3-Strand and a 6-Strand size... each set includes Russian Punch Needle technique instructions and trouble-shooting tips. Included in the set are the three various sized needles, each in a clear plastic tube. There are threaders for each needle, along with two extra, and plenty of extra plastic gauges for the individual needles. Each needle includes a guide for thread weights that will work in it -- metallics, silks, cords, so many things I'd never thought you could use! One set of needles should last you for all your punch needle needs... (unless you drop one on its point on a concrete floor!!!) Very heavy-duty, they feel great in your hand. Click the image at right to see the whole set.
These wonderful needles for Punch Needle Embroidery are now available individually, as well as in the master set of all three sizes! Most designs require the 3-strand needle, the 1-strand being the second most popular size. The individual packages contain the same general stitching instructions as the master set, as well as two threaders, extra plastic loop gauges, and the plastic storage tube.

The Morgan Lap Stand The Morgan Lap Stand -- click for more
What a cool tool for us Punchers!!! Brand new to the Needle Punch crowd, this is a double set of extra-heavy duty hoops that fit together with little legs... to offer a raised area for you to punch in. Designed to sit in your lap... put your project in the 7-inch hoop, or turn it over and use the 10-inch hoop. Then, if you want, stretch a piece of fabric in the hoop not being used -- the one on your lap -- and it becomes your little tray-table for your materials and tools!

Excellent stability, super heavy-duty, there is a hidden notch in the hoops that 'lock' the fabric in place perfectly. The larger sized hoops give you the flexibility to punch larger projects, as well! And... each hoop can be used alone, if you don't want the double feature!

Offered in two sized combos. No more stabbing your knee (!) with the punchneedles, or cramping your hand holding a flimsy hoop!

UPDATE: The Morgan Hoop Company has two new size combinations! Designed to give you many more options with hoop sizes, each is still the idea of two hoops attaching together with little legs in between to make a lap frame.

Now... you can get THREE different sizes of hoops to mix and match your lap frames! These hoops are top-notch in strength, durability, and holding-tight power. Use them individually or make the frame size you wish! (Or purchase the various hoops separately below... you just don't get the little legs.)

Individual Morgan Hoops!
The same great quality as the hoops in the Morgan Stands... these are the individual hoops! Super-extra-sturdy, although they aren't pretty like our softer, brightly colored hoops... these are far superior for tension, and MUCH more substantial in feel. These won't 'bend' if your fabric is super tight...(they kind of feel like you could run over them with your car, and not crush them!!!!! but... I'm not trying it!) More money... more Hoop for the money!

Individual Morgan Hoops! -- click for more

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