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Here are some of the special activities we enjoy along with our customers, many of whom long ago became friends.

These are listed in chronological order.
Please scroll clear to the end to see them all... and be aware of years!


The Scarlett House
We Welcome Tanya Brockmeyer of Scarlett House Designs
September 4th & 5th, and September 6 & 7th, 2024

We are thrilled to host Tanya again in our She Shed! No project details yet, but our class is limited to 40 stitchers, and we'll have a lovely time! The class fee of $250 includes all your class materials, fantastic snacks (I promise!), drinks, fun prizes, and those two days of stitching bliss. Lunches are on your own, but our Center has a ton of restaurants -- something for everyone. Approx class times might be 10 to 4 each day.

$50 due at registration. Balance is due July 1st, 2024. Cancellations made before July 1st receive funds paid less $50. Cancellations after July 1st may receive kits with no refunds or partial (TBA) refund, if we can fill your space.

Celebrity Eclipse
Join The Silver Needle and Jeannette Douglas Designs aboard the Celebrity Eclipse
September 19th - 30th, 2024!

This is our THIRD 'WIP SHIP TRIP' - A 'works-in-progress' trip while we cruise up the East Coast to enjoy the Fall Foliage. We depart from Boston MA on September 19th, visit Portland ME, Halifax and Sydney in Nova Scotia, Charlottetown and Prince Edward Island, and Quebec City in Canada.

We have 4 days of Stitching at Sea in our private Stitch Lounge aboard the ship... our group is limited to 45 staterooms.

At this time, (July 2023) our prices are running about $1400 BELOW Celebrity's published prices - because we booked this trip super-early. This is not one of our European River Cruises. This is one of the larger cruise ships - a totally different experience, and fun just in different ways! Lots of different options on this trip.

Contact Judy Bradford, Our Awesome Trip Lady. Judy's contact info is: She can be reached by phone - Office is 866-559-4449, and her Cell Phone is 519-841-7245. We're expecting a fun group and lots of fun, new memories!
NOTE! At this time, this cruise is sold out.

We've returned from our Ama Waterways River Cruise down the Rhine... I just couldn't take off my pics just yet... so here are a few to enjoy!

The one at right is Judy-The-Trip-Lady, Jeannette and me enjoying a cup of coffee during a shopping break in Amsterdam.

Click for a larger view We Welcome Lois Mouriski of Lady Dot Creates  
Chic - A Needlework Treasure Box  
October 18th & 19th, 2024

Lois hand-dyes gorgeous trims for most of our industry's top designers. She loves to make and create. In talking to Lois, her vision is decking out a wooden sewing box!

Our two-day class will start with constructing and painting/finishing a wooden box with custom laser cut design in the lid which mirrors the OOP Blackbird gray blue fabric as shown in the pictures. This same OOP Blackbird fabric will be married to the 2 other fabrics (alphabet and taupe floral print) which are also OOP and from The French General for our interior box decorating. These 3 fabrics have been under lock and key in the Lady Dot Warehouse until the perfect opportunity presented and this is that opportunity.

The box measures approximately 9"x6"x2.5", constructs beautifully as each of the 6 pieces are laser cut too - gluing and painting will be a breeze and that's how we'll start class. Interior of the box will have a tufted, padded bottom and padded top and maybe we'll do the sides too - depending on how much room we need in the interior that will be filled with goodies which are a secret until class - but I guarantee you, wonderful.

You're asking what about the taupe fabric with the scrolling alphabets that you see? Well, each of you will receive your own picked and most perfect letter which will be used to construct a pin pillow to fit inside the box. Thread spools, winders, fobs, vintage buttons, ribbons and bows - all treasures and secrets to personalize the interior of your own boxes and Lois is constantly finding treasures.

Let's hope there's enough room in that box - with complete printed instructions and availability as we inspire each other to walk out at the end of day two with a finished project that you will be overjoyed to call your own. If you've taken a class with Lois, she's there for you the entire time. She's a bit of a tough old bird, but knows her stuff and will not let you flounder if you get lost or need extra help - that's part of the weekend. Her favorite phrase, "there is never a stupid question - because if you're asking it - somebody else is thinking it" always proves too true.

Weekend Class is $250.00. $50 Due at registration. Balance due August 18th. Cancellations made before August 18 receive funds paid less $50. Cancellations after August 18 may receive kits with no refunds or partial refund (TBA) if we can fill your space.

Rosewood Manor
We Welcome Karen Kluba of Rosewood Manor
A Custom Sampler Designed in Class!
November 6th & 7th, 2024 and November 8 & 9th, 2024

We're excited to bring Karen to the She Shed for 2 sessions of 2 days each of merriment and stitching! She wants to bring lots of motifs... YOU (aka 'the class') vote and decide on sampler pieces, parts, verses, colors, motifs. Then, because she's a whiz with her software, she's going to sit down HERE and design that sampler - we're going to print it, and kit it, and you'll have a custom sampler by Saturday! How cool is that? Details aren't ironed out yet, but I picture custom fabric counts, all that and lots of creativity. Again, because class is in our She Shed, size is limited to 40. Approximate times might be Wednesday and Thursday 10 to 4-ish and Friday and Saturday 10 to 4-ish.

Your fee of $200 includes all the materials, yummy snacks and class goodies. $50 due at registration, balance is due September 9th 2024. Cancellations made before Sept 9 receive funds paid less $50. Cancellations made after Sept 9th receive kit with no refunds or partial refund (TBA) if we can fill your space.


Weeks Dye Works
Presenting AB Designs With Weeks Dye Works!
April 11th and 12th, 2025

AB Designs

We are so excited to bring back both of these ladies - we've hosted them before - and love having them together! Amy Bruecken of AB Designs will have the stitching project, while Miranda Weeks of Weeks Dye Works will be helping you dye linen, wool, thread and velvet over the same two days. Class (limited to 40) is in our She Shed, and dying spills over into our back workroom. Lots of activity, color and just general FUN... join us for Amy and Miranda!

$275 covers all the projects, snacks and drinks and a few door prizes tossed in. $50 Due at registration. Balance due Feb 11th, 2025. Cancellations made before Feb 11th receive funds paid less $50. Cancellations made after Feb 11th will receive projects with no refunds (I'm sure we can find someone who'll do your dying for you!), or partial refund (TBA) if we can refill your space.

The Scarlett House
Come Join Us for a few Stitching Get-Aways
in our She Shed!

What is a Stitching Get-Away? Just come stitch with us at The Silver Needle. No class, no formalities... just stitching! Bring your projects and stitch from your stash. Space is limited so reservations are needed. Fridays from 9 to 6 and Saturdays from 9 to 4 or 5... Just choose one weekend, or come several times.

Each Getaway runs $50 for the two days. We'll serve snacks and beverages and even feature a few door prizes too. Our shopping center has 6 different restaurants right here - meals options are easy, close, really good and fast - to maximize that stitching time, and an Air B & B might be just the ticket!
Don't we all need a Stitching Getaway? Or two? Or three?

2025 Stitching Getaway Dates:
  • January 24th & 25th
  • March 21st & 22nd (The Nashville Market new arrivals will be here!)
  • May 16th & 17th
  • August 22nd and 23rd (Needlework Marketplace Previews will be here!)
  • November 7th & 8th
  • December 5th & 6th
$50 Due at Registration, $40 refunded in case of cancellations.

Jeannette Douglas Designs

Announcing our Grand Summer Stitching Event for 2025
We Welcome Jeannette Douglas
July 17, 18 and 19th, 2025

Jeannette and Lindy

Come spend a few days - or the whole week - with us and enjoy Jeannette. I already know the project, and it's dynamite - trust me! Officially our Summer Event begins with happy Hour at 4:45pm on Thursday July 17th. BUTTTTT... Our She Shed opens that Monday the 14th for the Early birds - as a stitch lounge. Jeannette arrives on Wednesday - the same day we begin optional Finishing Classes by our own Mona. Finishing classes continue through Thursday.
Everything moves from the She Shed over to our main stitching room for that Happy Hour Thursday, followed by dinner and Designer Make-It/Take-It presentation.

The Event includes Thursday Evening's dinner and all the festivities, class both days with Jeannette, yummy lunches served Friday and Saturday, door prizes, and a silent auction/smalls exchange to raise money for a local Tulsa Learning Facility - Happy Hands.

Mona's Wednesday and Thursday classes are additional and optional. There are numerous hotel options very close to the shop, but more and more of our ladies are choosing air B & B's as a hotel alternative!

Fee is $450 which includes all of Jeannette's projects, meals and snacks and tons of other good stuff.
$50 due at registration.
$175 charged after Jan 1st 2025 to reach funds paid of $225.
Balance due May 17th 2025.
Cancellations before May 17th receive funds paid less $50.
Cancellations after May 17th are non-transferable and receive no refunds.

The Scarlett House
Presenting Theresa Venette of Shakespeare's Peddler
October 10th & 11th, 2025

Too early for any project details, but Theresa never disappoints! I'm sure we'll be enjoying some lovely sampler lessons and stitching on something she's either created or adapted. Class is limited to 40 stitchers. The class fee of $250 includes all your class materials, my fantastic snacks, drinks, door prizes and two days of stitching bliss. Lunches are on your own, but the center has lots of restaurant choices, so no problem there. Approx class times might be 9 or 10am to 4 or 5pm!

$50 due at Registration, balance due August 10th. Cancellations before August 10th receive funds paid less $50. Cancellations after August 10th may receive kits with no refunds or partial (TBA) refund if we can fill your space.

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