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Handmade Owl Cushion - click for more Handmade Penguin Cushion - click for more Handmade Piglet Cushion - click for more Handmade Cupcake Cushion - click for more
An Invasion of Pin Cushions!
Oh my gosh, we are overwhelmed with CHARM around here! It's hard not to fall in love with all these little hand-made cuties! The cupcakes are topped with beaded and pearl sprinkles... the owls have the cutest little wooly feathers, the penguins have nice fat little behinds, and the piglets - with their pointed ears and curly little tails - are just the best peeking out from everywhere!

Each cushion is hand-made of various fabrics and embellishments. All (except the cupcakes) are filled with sand so they are 'heavy' to your hand. They nestle perfectly where-ever you set them. The cupcakes are in actual silicone baking cups and are a little lighter in weight, as they are filled with poly-fil. Asst fabrics and colors, we'll try not to choose duplicates in any style for you!
NOTE! You can click on each pinccushion image above and see a much larger image that will show you the color and pattern variations on them.

Circles & Stitches Hand-Made Pin Cushion Kits
Circles & Stitches Hand-Made Pin Cushion Kits - click for more Circles & Stitches Hand-Made Pin Cushion Kits - click for more Oh wow... these are so colorful and fun!!!!! By Local Farm Girl, these are complete kits to construct these darling donut-sized felted wool pin cushions.

Packaged in a little cardboard berry box, you get the wools for the cushion top, base, and circles, needles of various sizes, hand-dyed wool threads for the stitching, two wool covered buttons (with a coordinating/contrasting button on the bottom side), even the printed freezer paper with templates on it, and iron-on stabilizer for those topping circles... AND 3/4 C of crushed walnut shells for filler! (whew!)

Four different colorways, choose between a restful red and gray combo, the vibrant gold and pumpkin with mossy green, the deep purple eggplant with aqua accents, or that yummy lime one with bright pink and a little soft gray!

Cute Little Metal Rulers from Reflets de Soie - click for more Cute Little Metal Rulers from Reflets de Soie
These are fun little metal rulers that can double a bit as thread holders. When I opened them though, to do my web words, I discovered that they are METRIC rather than INCHES! (Well this makes sense, because Reflets is from FRANCE for Pete's sake!

So... you might like that feature better than inches anyway!!! Something pretty and fun for your stitching bag or a dressing inside a fun sewing case! Choose from Kitty or Filigree -- they are decorated on both sides, as well! Our pics don't show it well, but these are very shiny!

Scary Schoolroom Microfiber Glasses Cleaning Cloths - click for more Sampler Microfiber Glasses Cleaning Cloths - click for more
Microfiber Glasses Cleaning Cloths
We LOVE these! Every needlework tote bag needs one, and so does your purse. 5-1/2 x 6 Microfiber cleans magnifying and eyeglass lenses beautifully -- even your phone and e-screens!

They come in a 2-1/2 x 4 clear plastic storage envelope - perfect to keep it protected. Images of old needlework... the scary schoolroom design is a stitched image in deep red shades. Scary Schoolroom has a title along the bottom that says, "Inside of a School." These are fun and functional - keep them around to clean the lens of your magnifier.

Brightly Colored Needle Tins! - click for more

Brightly Colored Needle Tins!
Don't you just want to soak up all these colors? Magnetic Needle Tins complete with matching Stitch Dots... each measures 1 x 3 x less than 1/2 an inch.

Lids slide off... just a great way to store needles.

Bead-Charm-Button Storage Box - click for more Bead-Charm-Button Storage Box
Wow, this is a petite and functional storage system for teeny tiny stuff!!!! Our 6 x 3-1/2 x 1-1/2 inch snapping closure box holds 25 different treats. Clear, so you can see what's inside, open to reveal removable dividers that separate 5 towers of screw-top jars. Each mini-jar is approx 1 inch round and 1/2 an inch high. They screw together -- so the lid on one becomes the bottom of the next.

VERY secure, and also clear so you can see what's inside... these even work for wet creams and lotions in your cosmetic travel bag! Everything is safe, organized, and compact! The little box weighs about 8 ounches.

Made With Love Charms - click for more *Made With Love* Charms
I found some neat little 3/8 inch heart-shaped charms that say *Made With Love* on both sides! Nothing elegant, they are cool, however, because you can attach one to absolutely every thing you stitch... sometimes beside your signature or initials, sometimes... just an added trinket appearing someplace unexpected.

Tiny, shiny dressings to accent the fact that you've hand-made something special -- complete with love -- I thought they were kind of fun! Packed in bags of 12 silver-toned charms, they're only $3.95 a bag... but they look like a million bucks on your finished creations!

Clear Magnetic Needle Keeper Boxes -- click to see a moreClear Magnetic Needle Keeper Boxes
These are super-simple but SUPER needle organizers! 1-1/4 wide x 3 long x 3/8 of an inch high, these are plastic boxes with white magnetic material lining the bottom. You can see through the lid to know what's inside. The magnetic bottom holds your needles in place along with any metal needle threaders you put in them. Here's the cool part... you can LABEL these as to size of needle!!!!!

They're small and only $2.95 each... so get a box for each needle size and you CAN TELL WHAT YOU HAVE!!!! Small enough for sewing cases, lightweight for stitching totes, I like that I can SEE what's inside and I can LABEL it if I want!

Do You Have A Clover Yet?
This is the coolest little gadget by the Clover Company! Choose from an antiqued gold or antiqued silver thread cutter that feels heavy for its teeny size! Look closely, there is a recessed, protected razor blade -- circular -- inside, and lots of slits around the edges to insert your thread and cut! No scissors!!!!! It's decorated with flowers on both sides and there is even a loop at the top to attach to a chain or to tie onto something. Just perfect for travelling! Every stitcher's Christmas stocking needs one, as well as every stitching bag in America!!!

Antique Brass Clover Thread Cutter -- click to see a better view

The Star De-Tailor
This is handy gadget, that helps you anchor short threads. Simply insert the long wire through the back of stitches, catch the too-short ends and pull them through! Great as a small needle threader, too! The star on the end is opalescent plastic, and has a tiny loop so you can attach it to something for safe keeping.

Star De-Tailor -- click to see a larger view

Acrylic Display Stand -- click to see one in actions! Acrylic Display Stands
Hey, these are cool little things!!! A wonderful way to display finished needlework... these are clear, acrylic stands that simply insert up into the bottom of your flat piece of stitchery, and hold it in place for display!!! Two sizes available, each an inch wide, the smaller one measures 2-1/4 inches high, and the larger is 4-1/4 inches.

Designed to hold up small, lighter-weight pieces... our pics show the Lizzie Kate Spring Basket Snippet, finished into a flat, square piece -- complete with pretty fabric back, a little padded batting inside, and a twisted cord edge treatment. If your piece is larger, you may want to try two stands for extra stability! Seemingly a little pricy... these are really a great alternative to bulky or expensive framing finishing... and they're re-useable!!! So... actually a great value, after all!!!

Super Strong Mini-Magnets - click for more
Super Strong Mini-Magnets
What a cute little set of turbo-magnets! Decorated with a pewter button design on one side, and a flower on the other, you can use them to hold needles onto your fabric, or the chart onto your magnetic board... or even to decorate your kitchen refrigerator! They measure a petite 1/2 in diameter, and come as a pair. They match all our pewter Tail Catchers and Laying tools, as well.

Pewter Tail Catcher - click for more Pewter Tail Catcher
This is a very cool little gadget... it helps you grab at short ends to tuck them safely away, and features a pretty needle threader. Joined by a detachable chain, notice the threader end... tuck it under threads. Then, use the hook to grab errant threads to tuck into that threader... and pull the thread to safety! Don't know if my description makes sense... but I bet you can tell from the pic the features of this pretty accessory! It matches our Stitch Removers and Laying Tools... and those new little magnets!

Floral and Elizabethan Stitch RemoversFloral Stitch Removers
These are pretty pewter tools that features a floral design on its handle, and a seam-ripper head. Measuring a mere 3-inches (or 4 1/2" for the Elizabethan one) in overall length, they offer an easy way to tear out errant stitches, and look quite classy in the process!

They come with a protective metal tip-cover for that little ripper, so they're protected for years and years... of hopefully occasional use!!! These look like all laying tools we carry (see below)... very nice!

Celtic Trolley Needle Laying Tool
Here's a pretty little gadget for the stitcher who has everything else!!! It's a laying tool with a beautiful filagree collar that snuggles around your finger. Because the pewter is a soft metal, when you warm it against your skin, you'll be able to bend it a little to custom fit your finger!

It feels wonderful, looks fabulous, and works like a dream, all while organizing your threads neatly while you stitch with them... it' sooooo cool!

Pewter Tool -- click here to see a larger view
Pewter Laying Tools
Additional styles of pewter laying tools, designed to help make your threads lay smoother when you stitch, each has a pretty pewter handle, and a stainless 'blade' to slip under your stitches. The top tool in the pic features a very pointed end, along with a tiny cover for protection. The bottom tool features a blunt end, for larger needlework and threads. So pretty and functional, but probably not something for an airline trip!!!

Pewter Laying Tools -- click here to see a larger view

Static Highlighters
These are the handiest things! Colored, clear plastic 1 x 6-inch strips cling to your chart paper using static electricity. Perfect for keeping your place, yet being able to see what's coming in the next few rows... they weigh nothing, and take no space in your totebag. They work great when you're doing data entry in your computer, a help when you're reading, just so many things! I've even trimmed some of mine smaller, and tucked them into my Needlesafe! Available in yellow, orange or green -- three strips per package, there is an assortment package of one sheet in all three colors, if you can't decide which you'll like the best. Just the handiest little gizmo!

Static Highlighters

Needle ID Cards - click for more Favorite Needle Threaders
This threader has been the favorite for 'just-forever!' Formerly known as a *Muriel*... (named after the lady that designed then, I believe) you just found a new best friend! Muriel passed away several years ago, I remember something about the family not continuing with her product... we 'lost track' of them for several years... and found them again!

Just a flat, thin, lightweight metal needle threader, perfect for thick and thin threads, the hole in the center allows you to teather your *Muriel* to anything else to keep track of her! Measuring just 3/4 x 1-3/4 of an inch... paper thin... this little baby fits anywhere and is a great help. Don't know if it is because it is solid and the holes to thread your thread through are so much easier to see than wire threaders, or the fact that there is NOTHING to break on these that make them so good, they have just always been the *Go To* Threader!

Ultra-Fine Threader and Beading Needles Ultra-Fine (Beading) Threader
A super-duper thin wire in melted into this plastic threader, securely attached to thread teeny needles, perfectly! Used in quilting, beadwork, heirloom sewing and fine needlework, the super-fine, diamond-shaped wire is designed for threading 'Betweens #12,' 'Sharps #11 and 12,' Milliners #11, and Beading #10 & 12. Absolutely wonderful... you'll want these to keep in every needlecase you own! Ours are packaged 2 to a pack, in a clear, protective plastic case, which includes an outer sleeve. Really cool!

#10 Ball Point Bead Embroidery Needles

Your bead kits come with needles, but how about a few more??? These are our favorites... they feature a point, but supposedly have a ball point tip (like an ink pen.) I say supposedly, because I cannot SEE that small to verify that tip! But they work beautifully and fit the beads! Package of 6 by John James.

All-Purpose Threader

All-Purpose Threader
A great all-around needle threader... these will thread Tapestry needles as well as many others. The durable design features a wire that is fused into the plastic housing, along with a recessed cutting blade on the opposite end! There is even a small hole provided in case you want to attach it to a favorite chatelaine or project! Ours are packaged in pairs in a protective plastic sleeve and case. Very handy!

Needlework Threader
Needlework Threader
The heavy-duty version of our other two threaders, this one is perfect for Tapestry and Chenille needles. Used for needlepoint, cross-stitch, hardanger and embroidery, it's perfect for perle cottons, yarn, ribbons and specialty threads (like some of the heavier Rainbow Gallery ones!).

The square design of the threader allows the thread to 'spread out' as it passes through the eye of the needle, so there is much less stress, (and less breakage later on!) It features a recessed cutting blade, as well as a hole for attachment to a chatelaine or sewing case.

Packaged by the pair in a wonderful clear plastic protective sleeve... they slip into a clear case for extra protection.

The Threader Collection

The Threader Collection
A trio of needle threaders, each with a specific use. Specially packaged for The Silver Needle in a handy, clear storage sleeve. $6.75 pkg.

  • Ultra-Fine: for quilting and beading needles.
  • All Purpose: a good general use threader with a built-in cutter.
  • Heavy-Duty Threader: for larger threads and delicate fibers, too. Also has a built-in cutter.
Super-Duper Mini Magnets
Super-Duper Mini Magnets - click to see moreThese are teeny-weeny, super-duper-powerful magnets that Stitchers can use for so many things! These are steel discs that have been super-magnetized to help hold anything in place. Use them to hold needles, keep your charts in place, or simply on your refrigerator to hold nifty notes and pictures! Perfect, because you have matching pairs, you can place one magnet under something , and the other on top... to clamp something in between -- and it's temporary! The Duo pack contains 2 pair of 1/4" magnets. Package warns to keep these AWAY from pacemakers, cell phones, computers and credit cards! (Magnetic poles fight with each other and erase!)

Cross Stitch Gauge - click to see more Cross Stitch Gauge
Here's something that's incredibly handy no matter what fabric you're stitching on... it helps you figure finished design sizes and lets you compare that finished size on various counts of fabrics -- before you begin the project! Remember the old Cross Stitch Rulers from 15 years ago??? This is the same thing, with 'rabies!' Instead of fabric count gauges for only 4 fabric counts...this little gizmo features 12 counts!!! 11, 14, 16, 18, 22, 25, 26, 28 30, 32, 36 and 40! You take that stitch count from your chart... and look it up on the various rulers... and immediately SEE how big the project will finish on whatever sizes of linen or aida you care about! People are always asking well... how big will it be on 32 or how big will it be on 18... this SHOWS you! A very good value (cheap!), and functional.. every totebag needs one of these!!!

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