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Wonderful Scissors!
Styles from: Gingher; Dovo; Wasa; and some French and Italian Importers.

We have an entire display case full of the most wonderful Solingen Steel Cutlery from Germany, unusual novelty scissors from France, top quality embroidery scissors from Italy -- just a wonderful array!

(I kind of have this "scissor thing," and if you're a collector, you won't want to miss this page, either!) Click the images at right to see our growing scissor pages.
sn4 from Gingher
Click here to see a page full of wonderful scissors!
Silver Needle Gift Certificate -- click to buy yours! Silver Needle Gift Certificate
We have the PERFECT GIFT... waiting for you! It comes in every color, fits every stitcher, and costs whatever you want it to!!! Our Silver Needle Gift Certificates are offered in any US dollar amount, and come to you printed on a card, with gift envelope. They can be mailed directly to you, or to the lucky receiver... and have no expiration date. Some might think that a little piece of paper might not be the greatest thing to give but EVERY stitcher wants more things for that beloved 'Stash', or a new Vera Bradley bag... or a wonderful new pair of scissors... That special little piece of paper is just the BEST! The bearer can use them for our classes, Weekends, and all the cool things we have in the shop and on the website!!! Do keep SN Gift Certificates in mind! They're perfect!

Please use the write-in box for your specified dollar amount. Then just go through the regular checkout process, starting with Viewing your shopping cart. If we are sending the certificate to them, on your behalf, be sure to give us a full address for them. There are no shipping fees on certificates, unless they are sent Priority Mail or UPS Overnight, 2nd or 3rd Day Air. Please let us know if there is a sentiment we need to include with it. We will need both your addresses. We will mail you the receipt, and the certificate to your special stitcher!

New Flax is in! - click to see lots more New Flax is in! - click to see lots more New Flax is in! - click to see lots more New Flax is in! - click to see lots more New Flax is in! - click to see lots more
Introducing FLAX Clothing!!!
Wow... are we having fun around here with these fun new *Rags!!!* I've decided to bring in the FLAX line of ladies apparel, because my very favorite boutique closed last year... and I couldn't find my very fav clothes in Tulsa anymore. An extensive line of 100% linen... FLAX has been around for something like 25 years -- and I've worn it for 20!

Classy and trendy... the collections all feature loose, relaxed, pigment dyed linen and linen/cotton gauze. Very Organic, Very Artzy-Fartzy, Creative and Fun!! Sizes range from petite to really-not-so-petite... and everything looks great on everyone!

We've always have several of FLAX's current Collections. Moving around a few fixtures in the shop to make room was kind of fun... you can always find a place for something new you love!!! Three more collections are due in January and early February, so we have lots to look forward to!

I couldn't get everything in every size... (yet!)... so check out our FLAX page... see what you think. Come in and try it ALL on!
Call us if you're intrigued... we just love it all... and we can help you decide on something super-fun!

A Stitch a Day Keeps the Crazy Away Sticker from AB Designs - click for more
*A Stitch a Day Keeps the Crazy Away!*
from AB Designs
Just a fun 3 x 4-1/4 inch clingy vinyl window-sign - made of clingy, thick vinyl. We put one on the glass door into the shop!

Nothing fancy, just something to make you smile... and something cute to tuck into a gift or card to another stitcher.

Earrings for Stitchers! - click for more
Earrings for Stitchers!
Check out these darling pierced earrings that are perfect for stitchers and seamstresses! Miniature buttons, scissors, spools and sewing machines... each trinket decoration on the earring is about 1/2 an inch in size!

Offered in gold-tone or silver-tone (based on the price I am sure they are not solid gold or sterling), one set includes two spools and two sewing machines. The other set includes the buttons and two scissors. You can mix and match them however you want... both sets come in the silver or gold colors. Wear a button and sewing machine if you want... scissors and buttons, scissors and spools... whatever... I'm sure Santa needs to know about these!

Classic Button & Needle Necklace - click for more Classic Button & Needle Necklace - click for more Classic Button & Needle Necklace
Oh... I saw these and HAD to HAVE them... this is a 2-1/2 inch round Mexican Pewter round button, and that needle tied on top (it can slide out if you want it to) is 3-1/4 inches long! Featuring a leather necklace cord, which can be adjusted for length... this is a charming piece of jewelry for anyone who does sewing or needlework of any kind!

Extremely limited in availability, I brought some home from a show I attended, and am not sure I will be able to get more. So bright, smooth, pretty and CLASSY, such clean lines, it's a real statement piece!

Magnetic Needle Tins & Matching Stitch Dots by Zappy Dots - click to see more
Magnetic Needle Tins & Matching Stitch Dots from Zappy Dots
Here are 6 fun needle cases with matching needle minders... all magnetic, which stitchers love!
Great stitcher gifts, three of these feature designer artwork on them.

Measuring about 1 x 4 inches in size, the top slides off to reveal lots of room for needles and threaders, pills, little mints... a few spare charms for loose coins... whatever you need to keep track of and contained!

Stitch Dots - patterns from Lizzie*Kate, Little House and Blackbird Designs - click to see more
Stitch Dots
These are Needle Nannie magnetic pieces... each features the artwork of With Thy Needle & Thread, Blackbird Designs, Country Cottage, Lizzie Kate or Little House Needleworks... in miniature. Use them as needle minders, refrigerator magnets, or something to mind your notes on the filing cabinet at work. You might even be able to cling them to your stitching lamp and hold a pair of scissors! They're magnets -- you can figure out a million uses for them!

Just the best, because they bring your favorite bits of needlework anywhere you want them to be. Each measures approx 1-inch in diameter and features a pair of strong rare-earth magnets.

Might Mighty Bright Rechargeable Floor Lamp - click for more Might Mighty Bright Rechargeable Floor Lamp from Erica Michaels - click for more How's Your Stitching Lamp These Days?
Been burning the midnight bulbs... but need a little more UUMPH?
The Mighty Bright Rechargeable Floor Lamp

We have a new magnifying lamp... rechargeable... LED... three light levels... totally adjustable head... covered gooseneck arm! It features 2X magnification with a 5X spot lens inside the main lens. Very sleek design, the whole thing weighs 14 lbs... the cord goes up through the stick, so there is no exposed cord if you don't want one! The battery will run the lamp on high for 2-ish hours and up to 7 hours on the low setting. There is also a AC power adapter included so you CAN plug it in.

The lights adjust from warm white (closer to incandescent) to bright white (daylight balanced). It's a nice lamp. Bulbs are covered, nothing funny sticking out anywhere - very clean and sleek. We'd ordered them before everything shut down in February - sold them, and couldn't get more right away... but they are here now, and we are thrilled! Might be time for a new light in your stitching area!!!

The Dorset Table Top Magnifier Lamp from Craftlite -- click to see more The Dorset Table Top Magnifier Lamp by Craftlite
This is a WONDERFUL little lamp!!! Our second shipment has arrived and we are once again excited about this remarkable lamp!

It has a weighted base, and plugs in to regular wall outlet. You can see on the arm bends halfway up for adjustment. Then, where the lens meets the arm... THAT is a heavy-duty ball joint, so the lens swivels and turns *just how you want!* See the little flip-up lens cover? It stores safely in a sunny room, stays clean, and can't get scratched (by kitties or the cleaning lady) because the lens is covered when not in use. 4-Inch lens, 3-diopter magnification, with little 5X mag area.

BEST PART is the natural daylight balanced 12 watt circular tube bulb surrounding that lens. Your work area is so beautifully lit... you are going to be SO HAPPY! Also, really cool, is that the bulb is recessed around that lens on the bottom side, (and covered so little fingers can't fiddle!) so if you are in a darkish room, and the TV is on... nobody else in the room is bothered by the glare of your lightbulb on the TV screen... they can't see it! A sleek, petite thing, it comes right out of the box ready to plug in -- no assembly! Base measures approx 6-1/2 inches in diameter, arm reach is about 12 inches, I'm estimating weight at approx 3 1/2 pounds, available in white... (The lamp I took home to write words about did not go back to the The Silver Needle!!! It's really cool!)

The Duo Lights from Daylight - click to see more The Duo Lights from Daylight Company
Oh wow... this is a neat little light! It is LED and dims for 4 different light levels. It is SUPER lightweight, and comes as a table clamp, or stable standing light. (The floor version is due in at the end of May.) It has a cord... so not battery chargeable.

What makes it really neat is the light design itself... it is two little 10-inch long 1-inch round sticks that spread apart in the middle, so you can direct your light where-ever you want! (My first thought is having it on your table at a class - and both you and your friend get a light!) The design is such that the light is directed down... not right in your face. The on/off switches are just touch buttons at the ends of the light sticks.

The table version weighs just 1-3/4 lbs... (28 ounces) while the clamping one LESS THAN A POUND! The goose neck is covered in soft white plastic sheath, it looks so nice and smooth and clean. The clamp for that model is a SCREW clamp. It is not a pinch-grip thing... you don't have to squeeze it to death to get it to work. Right above the clamp base, you see a cylinder that is about 2 inches high... that is a 'screw'... so simply turn it to release the clamp, which can open as much as 2 inches!
I really like this light... no magnifier, though. Lightweight, VERY packable, clean, white, daylight balanced light... really, really nice!

Miniature Vintage Pincushion -- click here to see more!
Miniature Vintage Pincushion
from Sudberry House
I've been seeing this little guy for some time, and finally ordered some for the shop. What a pleasant surprise they are! Sudberry House delivers a 2-3/4 x 4 x 1-3/4 inch box (it kind of reminds us of a tiny manger) with a design area on top of 2-1/4 x 3-1/2! Almost an inch deep inside, you can finish the top -- and still have a tiny storage area underneath the pin cushion lid.

I don't know what we'll put into ours yet -- probably a small Blackbird design... doesn't matter... this is just the cutest little thing! Look around for something small to stitch, the box/tray/(manger!) comes with the padded piece to mount needlework.

Kitty Needle Minder from Puffin & Company - click to see more Kitty Needle Minders from Puffin & Company
These are SO cute... handmade of copper, nickel and brass, these magnets would be happy on your refrigerator OR your needlework -- keeping track of needles and threaders.

Smaller companions to the Puffin's Thread Separators, each has a pair of those super-duper strong micro-mini magnets attached to their backside, so they perch anywhere a magnet can! They're approx 1 x 1-2 inches in size... very nicely done.
Miniature Wooden Hornbooks! -- click to see a more Miniature Wooden Hornbooks!

Here are two small wooden cut-outs that mimic the shape of antique hornbooks, which were used in the olden days as an alternative to a textbook in school. Papers and lessons were attached to these little 'paddles', the handles tying to students belts and such, for easy transport to and from school. Stitch something small and mount onto these.

You can have the handle at the top -- makes a cute area for an ornament hanger loop. You can have the handle at the bottom... and make a tiny sampler to display on it! They'd make fun tree ornaments, they're neat tucked inside a pretty sewing case. They'd be pretty framed in a needlework-themed shadow box... basically, there are tons of things you could do with these. No specific designs call for these... just find something cute in your stash!

Tiny one measures 1 x 1. Small one's paddle area measures a mere 2-1/2 x 2-3/4, handle is another 1 inch. Larger hornbook measures 4-3/4 x 3-1/4, with a handle of 1-1/2 inches. Too darn cute!

Cool little gadgets, Q-Snaps are INDISPENSIBLE! They are a very lightweight frame, designed to hold your needlework fabric tight, and straight on the grain...for neater and easier stitching.

There are several sizes available... and each set in interchangeable with the others... but the newest is this teeny little one, which is pictured. Sometimes you just need a LITTLE something! Hard to decide on the best combination of sizes!!! Available are:

Baby Q-Snap

Magnetic Needle Nanny Sewing Machine from Puffin & Company - click to see more Q-Snap Replacement Clamps!
How many times have you run your Q-Snap clamps through the dishwasher to shrink them tight again??? Here are new clamps to make life easier!

Replacements for broken or those loose-fitters, the 5-3/4 size fits your 8 x 8 frame sides and the 8-1/2 fits the 11-inch sides! Each package contains 2 clamps of the same size. Just something we've added to our gadget wall!

Make sure you see what we have on page 2, 3 and 4! Sterling Silver miniature stitch charms, threaders, tweezers, beaded scissor fobs... Q-snap frames... just all sorts of things! In the interest of having the pages load faster for you, we've split our treasures onto two pages!

Click here for more cool gadgets!     

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