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Welcome to our "Scissors Heaven!"
We have an entire display case full of the most wonderful Solingen Steel Cutlery from Germany, unusual novelty scissors from France, top quality embroidery scissors from Italy -- just a wonderful array! We're highlighting a few here, and will be adding more to treat you! (I kind of have this "scissor thing"...)

Featured here some styles from: Gingher, Dovo, Wasa, and some French and Italian importers. (Many have no names, per se, and since the invoices are often in German or Italian, I have no idea just what they call them! We just know that we LOVE them! So we've given all of them our own "SN numbers," to keep them straight!!!)   I'll try to give you some info about each!!!


The DOVO scissor company is the oldest scissor company in Germany. It is located in the Solingen Valley of Germany... the best cutlery producing area in the world. Scissors bearing the words: "Solingen Steel," can only come from the Solingen region... I'd LOVE to tour the factory sometime.....

This is a fabulous line of scissors. They are all great to work with, they're sturdy, sharp, pretty, and just have the most wonderful "hand" to me. Every pair you pick up to try feels better than the last one! They have a "Satisfaction Guaranteed" guarantee, but you won't be disappointed! We have several styles, so here are some of them.

Announcing The Silver Needle's 35th Anniversary Scissors!
DOVO Solingen - click for more A Trio of Limited Edition Gold Embroidery Scissors by DOVO
Directly from Solingen, Germany - Exclusive to The Silver Needle

The Silver Needle's 35th Anniversary Scissor Circle - click for more To celebrate our 35th Year in business, we have commissioned three different styles of embroidery scissors from our favorite scissor manufacturer - DOVO - of Solingen, Germany! What a fun Birthday Celebration for us.
We chose three super-favorite styles that DOVO has never produced in their brushed gold finish before. The scissors will never be available to anyone else... they are exclusive to The Silver Needle ONLY! It is our One-Time 35th Anniversary... so once they are gone, they will be gone forever!

The DOVO company has been manufacturing fine cutlery for almost 140 years. The embroidery scissors they make are painstakingly precise in measurement and balance. Their tips are sharp - be careful - you can cut yourself with these! The cutting action is soooo smooth - something about the featured brushed finish of our Anniversary Set feels like nothing else. DOVO scissors are simply lovely to look at, hold and use! These are definitely a treat for any stitcher!!!

Our scissors are forged from Stainless Steel, machine and hand-honed into perfectly smooth pieces. Treated to a "Gold Plating Bath," we end up with beautiful, sleek cutting instruments for our needlework. Since these styles were never *in the production schedule* till we commissioned them (it took 2 years to get to this point!)... they are being made NOW... only for us!

Presenting our 2019 Anniversary Scissors: The Antonia, Margaret and Pauline. Named after my Grandmother, Aunt and Mother, we named our scissors so they'd be easy to identify... and not be just more 'pretty faces' in the world of scissors! Here we go:
  • Antonia - A sleek and slender 4-inch stainless steel scissor... over the years we have had this style in other finishes, but never the gold plated and then brushed finish that gives these such an elegant patina. Antonia's blades are 1-1/2 inches long. While this style is only 1/2 an inch longer than the more prevalent 3-1/2 inch styles... that extra half-inch REALLY adds a lovely feel. (Named after my maternal grandmother - Antonia was actually very short and stocky by the time I was old enough to know and love her. She came from Slovenia at age 18 to marry my grandfather. They were separated for the first night by the gate at Ellis Island!)
  • Margaret - Wow... this is a wonderful little 3-1/2 inch scissor. The blades are CURVED. NO... you don't get a 'curved cut' -- remember there just a razor-sharp, and very thin edge that is touching your threads as each is cut! The scissors are straight, but the blades curve 'up' a little, which gives your hand much more room to 'get in there' to get a close cut. You can maneuver your scissors much closer to where you want to be. Might seem strange, but you'll love how they feel. Margaret's blades are only 3/4 of an inch long, but the length on the way to handles gives you lots of leverage, very precise and nice to use! (My Aunt Margaret wasn't the 'curvy type' gal... but she was the single sister, she had a glamorous job downtown, and spending the night at her house was the BEST! Together with my Mom, she loaned me my SN starter $$!)
  • Pauline - This is DOVO's most popular scissor style - they refer to these as their Extra-Thin-Tipped Hardanger Scissors. We have had them in brushed stainless, but never the exquisite gold before. Just stunning and a delight to work with, the super-fine and tapered tip is amazing... you'll recognize that the minute you try to cut something super close and fine. These are a perfect 3-1/2 inches in size! (Pauline was my mother - she was an awesome lady, totally fun to do stuff with. She used to come to Market with me in Silver Needle's beginning years, and like these scissors - she was my Favorite!)
So... Treat yourself to perfectly lovely needlework scissors. I am sure you have lots of fun designs in your stash to stitch fobs or scissor cases for them... if you don't... we can help with that, too!

DOVO Curved Lefty Embroidery Scissors - click for more DOVO Curved Lefty Embroidery Scissors
Talk about Specialty Scissors... these are a wonderful new offering for left-handed stitchers ONLY! (Hey, check out that Left-Handed Stitch Diagram Book we have as well!)

DOVO Curved Lefty Embroidery Scissors - click for more DOVO of Solingen, Germany, has mastered their regular left-handed embroidery scissors into a slightly curved style, which is AWESOME to use! The slight curve to the blades gives your hand the room to get really close to the cutting area without your hand crushing, brushing, bumping, and smashing which you've already stitched on your fabric!

Just like cutting through hand-rolled butter... these are SUCH a delight to hold and flex! DOVO's brushed stainless finish, super-tapered hot-forged tips, the finger holes are generous, the finish is smooth, and the points and blades razor-sharp. Luscious!!!

DOVO Margaret Curved Righty Embroidery Scissors - click for more
And... DOVO Curved Righty's!
Same delicate curve, same handle style... our Margaret Anniversary Scissors are for RIGHT-HANDED cutters. They feature a gorgeous brushed gold finish!

DOVO Margaret Curved Righty Embroidery Scissors - click for more
DOVO Embroidery Scissors - click for more

More DOVO scissor styles!
Solingen Steel from Germany, they are top-quality with smooth handle action and dreamy-sharp blades for precision cutting! We haven't had any new scissors for a while, so these are quite a treat. And... what stitcher can't use another pair of good scissors???DOVO SN3 and SN4 - click for more
  • SN3: Straight Classic Embroidery -- The same basic style as the Curved Serrated, only these are shiny stainless steel, and feature straight blades that are smooth and not serrated. Very nice balanced feel, they are so smooth to cut with! Also 3-1/2 inch in size, good sturdy little scissors.
  • SN12: A Thinner Classic 3-1/2 inch style, just kind of 'Plain Jane'... they feel great. Nothing fancy, just GOOD scissors! Shiny Stainless finish.
  • SN13: Another classic style, the blades on these are slightly shorter than the SN3, the finger holes are farther away from your cutting... they just 'feel different - longer' than the #3's. Shiny Stainless finish.
DOVO Embroidery Scissors - click for more

More Dovo Scissors -- The Support Staff And... The FANTASTIC Support Crew!
These are great! These quality Dovo scissors are smooth, functional, sturdy, very well balanced, and have an unbelievable feel to their cutting action. I think the brushed steel finish just makes them "swoosh" when you flex them! The blades are all substantial, without being clumsy. I just love to watch customer's reactions when I give them these to try out! (One of the only times we tolerate moaning and groaning in the shop!)

#SN19: The 4" version of our #17... a must for your stitching bag! A great little scissor, the blade makes up half the overall length, so they give you lots of cutting power in a little scissor!.
Antonia is the same style as our SN19 - only it is our Anniversary Scissor with a brushed gold finish!

DOVO Embroidery Scissors - click for more

Extra-Thin Tipped Scissors from Dovo - click to see more Extra-Thin Tipped Scissors from Dovo - click to see more SN19A Extra-Thin Tipped Scissors
Dovo has designed a new style of 3-1/2 inch scissor that is specifically designed for acute cutting -- such as Hardanger Embroidery. A familiar handle style we really like, notice the last centimeter of the blade... it is tapered quite a bit, so that the blade tips are very narrow... perfect for up-close cutting!

Dovo's lovely brushed stainless finish, the steel is strong and stable, and like all the rest, these 'swoosh' just like cutting butter! (What a messy idea!) Very sharp and thin tips... a lovely addition to the Dovo collection.

SN10B is also the same scissor - except it is slightly longer, and the finger holes are slightly larger!

Pauline is also the same scissor as our SN19A - only it is our Anniversary Scissor with a brushed gold finish!

DOVO Embroidery Scissors - click for more

DOVO SN17A Extra-Heavy-Duty Stainless Cutters DOVO Extra-Heavy-Duty Stainless Cutters
Wow... these are an unusual shape piece... extra-large finger holes, wide, sturdy blades, with a slight curve to them... these feel very substantial in your hand, and cut like a dream!

Measuring the standard 3-1/2 inches in length, the brushed stainless finish feels so smooth, like pewter, and makes a silent 'swish' sound when you work them. Very unusual and serious scissors!!!!
DOVO Embroidery Scissors - click for more
More Dovo  Scissor Styles
More Pretty DOVO Styles:
These are all top quality! None of them have names... we just refer to them as "that one... and that one!"

The others featured here have the gold plated handles, with steel blades, or are all stainless. They are all wonderful scissors you'll enjoy for years! All are 3 1/2 inches.
DOVO Embroidery Scissors - click for more

SN28D Beautiful Classic Scissors by DOVO
In all our recent scissor gatherings, DOVO sent this lovely pair that we have never had before! (Actually, they are already discontinued... and they sent these kind-of-by-mistake! I'm keeping the shipment and I ordered all the rest they had left!!!) Matching the SN14 we already have (shown above), this is the same style but in a 5-1/4 inch size!

Just a little longer than the 3-1/2 embroidery, they feel long and lean... and really nice to work with. Your hand isn't quite as close to the cutting blades and material/threads as the smaller ones. Same awesome DOVO quality... they feature gold plated handles. The 5-1/4 inch length is really fun to have in a sewing case or laying out beside a sampler - but embellish them with a stitched fob so they aren't undressed!
DOVO Embroidery Scissors - click for more

Crystal Nail Files by DOVO Dovo Crystal Nail Files
A 'bonus' from my German scissor manufacturer, DOVO, this is a 3-1/4 inch long glass nail file, that is absolutely wonderful to use! Because it's crystal, the file side will never dull. The grind is very fine... but really does a nice job.

Just a perfect size for your purse or stitching bag, or even needlecase... these are functional and elegant! (My manicurist is from Germany, and she buys these from me each year at Christmas to give to the rest of her favorite clients! How's that for a testimonial?)
DOVO Embroidery Scissors - click for more

Gingher Evelyn 8-inch Shears and 4-inch Embroidery Scissors The 2020 Annual Designer Series Gingher Shears and Scissors

This year's limited edition Gingher 8-inch Shears and 4-inch Embroidery Scissors have arrived! Always a pretty floral design enameled on the handles, this year they are named *Evelyn* and feature florals in the DMC color family of 349 to 352.

Very bright and cheerful, they are substantial in weight, super razor-sharp. and well balanced - everything you love about your Ginghers!

Presented with a plastic protective sheath for the shears or a smaller leather sheath for the 4-inch size.

Presenting the 2019 Gingher Juniper Limited Edition Designer Scissors
Presenting the 2019 Gingher Juniper Limited Edition Designer Scissors - click to see more
Due to arrive any day, (August of 2019) this year's pretty, decorated Gingher Designer Scissors feature a floral medley of green, blue and white! They are available in:
4-inch Embroidery - suitable for snipping threads.
8-Inch Sewing Shears - designed to cut fabrics.
**NEVER paper with your Ginghers!**

Pretty to look at because of the enameled design finish on the handles, dreamy to use because they are so substantial in feel... you'll love these scissors!

The Limited Edition Gingher Eleonor Scissors and Shears!
Eleonor, the 2019 Gingher Limited Edition Designer Series - click to see more
Here are this year's special enameled-handle Gingher Scissors!
A fun and light-shaded pattern this year, Gingher is presenting their 8-inch Dressmaker Shear (now sold out), the 5-inch Sewing and the 4-inch Embroidery.

Super sturdy, dangerously sharp... you'll treasure your Ginghers for years to come!

WASA Scissors
WASA Scissors

What an exquisite treat we have in the shop!!! From the Solingen Valley of Germany, WASA is world-famous top-quality cutlery manufacturer -- a compliment to and competitor of DOVO! We have some new styles that we used to carry (but haven't been able to get for almost 10 years!) and some pretty new offerings!

Stainless steel, hand-forged, gold plating decoration, razor-sharp blades and tips, smooth and 'buttery' cutting action... just like our DOVO embroidery scissors... WASA delivers the excellence of German artistry you will LOVE! Each has the WASA name and Solingen embossed into the blades. Choose our Regular-sized leather sheaths for these -- not the Preemie/small size... the double-sized are OK... but a little large.
Two beautiful pairs of scissors

SN21 The Buckingham
A delicate little 3 1/2" scissor... the lightest weight we have... these are truly breathtaking! Such a pretty presentation! They cut beautifully, but are not for heavy weight threads or fabrics!

These are a favorite for fancy needle cases and shadow box arrangements.

DOVO Embroidery Scissors - click for more
Victorian Hearts Scissors by WASA of Solingen, Germany

Victorian Hearts by WASA of Solingen, Germany

Choose from a flattened heart handle or the more rounded style - both are pretty and lovely to use. Both are 3 3/4".

DOVO Embroidery Scissors - click for more

Serpentines by WASA of Solingen, Germany Serpentines by WASA of Solingen, Germany
Two sizes - the 3-1/2 classic embroidery and the 6-inch sewing! This design is from an antique mold - they're all in museums now - so a very old, favorite design.

The larger styles are getting harder and harder to find. SO special and elegant in your sewing cases and scissor collections!

DOVO Embroidery Scissors - click for more
Storks from Wasa
Lovely 3-1/2 inch embroidery scissors, all are made in the Solingen Region of Germany... and area world-renown for top quality cutlery.
All feature stainless steel cutting blades, and some have gold plating... just lovely! Excellent cutting action, smooth blades, with nice, sharp tips!

The Storks - This is a classic embroidery scissor style... most commonly presented with gold handles and a gold bird but rarely offered in an all-stainless steel finish! Beautiful little scissors, the blades are the bird's beak - very slender! Both are stainless - one has some gold plating, the other is classic shiny steel!

DOVO Embroidery Scissors - click for more

Leather Scissor Cases - click to see more Leather Scissor Cases
We have some really nice, soft leather scissor cases to PROTECT your good scissors. From the DOVO people, their logo is not on these, but there is a *D* embossed on them... so if you are a Dana, Diane or Deanna -- it's your lucky day!

Anyway, one for 3-1/2 inch embroidery and another slightly larger one for the 4-inch styles, the entire scissor will fit in here and stay secure because of the snap closure. Our smaller leather sheaths are nice for scissors, but these are even better for travel, long term storage, or just good protection in a busy sewing box or needlework tote!

Double Leather Sheaths -- click here to see a larger view!
Leather Scissor Sheaths
Thin, soft leather... the larger double sheaths hold two pair of scissors together! Measuring approx 4 inches long, they will hold scissors that are larger than the regular 3-1/2 embroidery size. Small, simple and functional!
Also featured are the new tiny size, and the regular.

There's even MORE!     
Click here to see our shears page

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