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Welcome to page 2 of our Scissors Heaven!
We have an entire display case full of the most wonderful Solingen Steel Cutlery from Germany, unusual novelty scissors from France, top quality embroidery scissors from Italy -- just a wonderful array! We're highlighting a few here, and will be adding more to treat you! (I kind of have this "scissor thing"...)

Featured on Page 1, some styles from: Gingher, Dovo, Wasa, and some French and Italian importers. (Many have no names, per se, and since the invoices are often in German or Italian, I have no idea just what they call them! We just know that we LOVE them! So we've given all of them our own "SN numbers," to keep them straight!!!)   I'll try to give you some info about each!!!

3-1/2 Inch Rainbow Embroidery Scissors - click for more
3-1/2 Inch Rainbow Embroidery Scissors
Just a classic little embroidery scissor style, these are so pretty because they feature a rainbow finish of metallic green/purple/blue.

Every time you look at them or turn them in your hand, the colors look like they change with each other.

Very colorful and fun... perfect for small stitched fobs or fun sewing cases. LOVE that color!!!

Serrated Utility Scissors Serrated Utility Scissors
These are pretty nice 4-1/4-inch all-purpose scissors. They feel a little 'heavy' in my hand - very sturdy. The blades feature tiny serrations - like the little ripples on a steak, grapefruit or tomato knife. Those are there to help keep your threads from slipping along the blades when you are cutting... so a smoother, cleaner cut results. You can feel them when you flex the blades! Nice large finger holes, too!

Released at our recent trade show, they named these *Classic Nashville* scissors, for lack of a better name, I guess! So... they have nothing do DO with Nashville, and everything to do with some nice cutting!

Cute, Novelty Scissors - click for more
Cute, Novelty Scissors!
We have 10 new patterns of 3-1/2 inch embroidery scissors that are cute and colorful - fun for little cases and fobs. Not real *high* on the cutting quality end of things, (meaning they are not DOVO quality) they are, however, cute and colorful, and perfect for lots of things! Designs are enameled on the handles so they will not rub off or fade, and will maintain their charm! I had actually never seen pineapple and cactus scissors before... feels like we need a stitched flamingo or something for them!

Pictured from left to right are: Owls, Stars, Lady Bugs, Pumpkins (closer to 4"), Yellow Heart, Anchor, Pineapple, Cactus, and Holly.

Printed Novelty Scissors by Dinky Dyes - click for more
Printed Novelty Scissors by Dinky Dyes
We have a trio of new 3-1/2 inch embroidery scissors -- each features a coated decoration on their handles.

They'll cut, but mostly meant for decoration... we have dog and cat silouhettes! Just for fun!

Cotton Candy Mini Scissors - click for more Cotton Candy Mini Scissors
Fun pastel 3-1/4 inch lightweight scissors... these are petite, colorful, functional and VERY sharp! The blades are 7/8 inch long and they feature normal-sized finger holes... each has a matching translucent plastic sheath that *snaps* in place over the blades for travel and storage. They weigh just nothing, and have a smooth cutting action. Perfect for your purse or a good travel option.

The darker purple ones are also 3-1/2 inches but feature a CURVED blade! That little bit of curve really lifts up your hand so your cutting fingers aren't 'smashing' what you've already stitched. VERY NICE scissors at this price point -- you'll be happy with them.

SN-30A Serrated Gold Metallic Scissors -- click here to see a larger view SN-30A: Stainless Metallic Thread Scissors
These are a stainless scissor, measuring 3 1/2" in length, with a larger finger hole, and nice, sharp point. They are designed for cutting metallic threads, because they feature one mini-serrated blade, which should be on the bottom as you cut. The blade will hold the metallic thread steady, while the top blade chops it off.
Regular scissors have 2 smooth cutting blades that allow metallics to 'slip' over them during the cutting process. Eventually, those blades will grow dull. With this mini-serrated design, the metallic thread is held in place, and won't slide during the cutting. These special scissors will help reduce the wear and tear on all of your others!!! They'll look great with a pretty beaded scissor tassel attached, too!

Perfect Scissors by Karen Kay Buckley - click to see more Perfect Scissors by Karen Kay Buckley
Three different sizes of functional and unique scissors... you might notice our *Grasshopper Scissors* in the middle of this trio! We like these scissors because of the padded, soft handles - which are actually flexible. We like the striking black metal on the blades. We like the bright colors on the handles. We like the little plastic protective sheaths that come with each pair - they 'snap' on to cover the tips for protection. We like the micro-serration of the blades... that grips your thread and keeps it in one place for cleaner, more precise cutting.

Just really nice scissors - the blue handled ones measure 6 inches, the grasshopper green measure 4 1/4 inches, and the chunky curved bladed red handled ones measure in at 3-3/4. (Very sturdy little guys!)

International Scissors! - click to see more International Scissors!
Wow.... these are cool! 3-/12 ish to 3-3/4 Inch embroidery scissors -- choose your country! We have Union Jack for United Kingdom... Down Under for Australia, Oh Canada, and of course Stars and Stripes for the USA! You'll notice our American Stars and Stripes pair is featured on our Home of the Free Sewing Set from Needlemade Designs.

All you Stitchers-Around-The-World... enjoy our new treats! From Dinky Dyes, these are the only 4 countries offered. If you want another -- tell Jo at Dinky Dyes! She makes thesehappen!

Bohin SN29 Gold Preemie
SN29 2-5/8 Preemie Scissors by Bohin
Directly from France, we have these delightful little shiny gold scissors that are a teeny 2-5/8 inch in size. A petite size, these have a fairly sharp point, and I think a very slightly serrated blade. Serration -- that is the texturing on the blades -- like a ripply tomato or steak knife. It holds your thread in place better so when you cut; it's clean. (Your thread hasn't slid on the scissor blade and given you a frayed cut.)

The gold on these looks elegant... they are NOT a 'cheapie looking' pair of scissors!!! Very Nice!

Autumn Luster Scissors from Bohin of France
Autumn Luster Scissors from Bohin of France
Oh, these are a delicious new scissor I found at market! By Bohin, a French cutlery company, these are 3-1/2 inch stainless, and feature a softly curved handle shape. What makes them so pretty is the special finish... a marbling of translucent gold, black and cinnamon colors... all bonded onto the metal. Not dipped or air-brushed... this finish is ON THERE! So pretty, I've never seen anything like these! Very well balanced, nice and sharp, a smooth cutting action, these are just a really nice little pair of scissors!!! (Not to mention how good they'll look in scissor cases stitched with fall colors!) I'll keep my eyes out for more from this company -- I'd seen some that retailed for $90 a pair -- but I was chicken to order those!!! Try these first!

Colorful Epoxy Scissors by Bohin of France Colorful Epoxy Scissors from Bohin of France
What fun and pretty pieces!!! These 4-1/2 inch scissors are steel, and covered with a baked on epoxy finish of bold color. Perfect to match a cute fob you have stitched or super bold to tuck in to a colorful sewing case, each one is nice and tight in cutting action. Not too lightweight or flimsy, they are sharp at the tips, and I think a little more heavy-duty than some of our 3-1/2 inch styles. Fun neat additions to our scissor collection!

Here are DMC colors for your reference:
  • TheAzure Blue is close to #3843
  • Violet/Purple are closest to #3835
  • Pink (Fuchsia) matches DMC #601
  • Yellow is closest to #742
  • Lime Green are #906
  • Red matches DMC #815

  • SN-40 and SN-41

    These are pretty little 3 1/2" scissors! They have handles that have been dipped with translucent colors! All six colors shown are just so pretty... it's hard to decide on a favorite! The best part is their price... only $8.95 each! Medium quality, these are great for needle case stuffers, your traveling needlework bag, a first pair of scissors for a young stitcher... just anything! Several designers will be featuring these scissors in their new releases this next year, especially with scissor fobs... so remember, we have them available individually, if you need multiples!

    Double Leather Sheaths -- click here to see a larger view!
    Leather Scissor Sheaths
    Thin, soft leather... the larger double sheaths hold two pair of scissors together! Measuring approx 4 inches long, they will hold scissors that are larger than the regular 3-1/2 embroidery size. Small, simple and functional!

    Also featured are the new tiny size, and the regular.

    Floral Embroidery Scissors from Premax of Italy Floral Embroidery Scissors from Premax of Italy
    Oh, these are delightful little 3-1/2 embroidery scissors that feature colorful floral patterns enameled onto their handles! Stainless steel, they feel really good! Nice shape, sharp tips with a good taper, not too heavy and not flimsy feeling... they have a nice, smooth cutting action. Brought to us by the same company that did our 'space-ship-scissors' (the Premax Ring Locks), they will be lovely inside all your stitched scissor cases, and extra-pretty with a coordinating stitched fob!

    They feel like the Seasons to me!!! The purple ones are half-way between blue and purple, very 'Summer' with lots of color. The white ones feature little flowers of pinks, yellows, purples, blues... they're an overall medley of floral color... just like Spring! The cream pair has lots of gold, cinnamon, mossy greens... I get a late-summer/early-autumn feel from those... they have a little dusted mauve on them, too. Then, the red and white... definitely Winter! (But then, again, they could be summer!) A light red -- like the DMC 350 corals... NOT deep burgundy red... they're just a cheerful red and white! Sunflower Yellow is definitely a 'Summer!' Definitely new, unique, FUNCTIONAL, and pretty!

    Serpentines by Premax - click to see more Serpentines by Premax
    These are 3-1/2 inch embroidery scissors made in Italy by Premax. You'll recognize the Serpentine design -- the gold scissors. It's a classic pattern that a lot of different scissor maufacturers have used. Serpentines have a sharper point. They cut nicely, they're pretty, and would be perfect in a pretty sewing case or on a neat fob. Not too expensive, they are GREAT as a nice, basic embroidery scissor... WAY TOO nice to let the *home handyman* near!!!

    SN24 Premax Chickens -- click to see a larger view
    SN24 Premax Chickens
    Well, how cute are these! 4-Inch, all gold plated, very sturdy in feel, the thick-ish blades are a full 1-1/2 inches in length.

    Very sharp point, these are pretty!

    Premax Ring Lock Scissors from Italy -- click to see a larger view Premax **Curved** Ringlock Scissors
    Oh wow... are these NICE! By Premax of Italy, we have a third style of *Space Ship Scissors!* Very sleek and smooth in design, this pair of 3-3/4 inch precision scissors features a smooth, curvy shape, a very comfortable 'hand' in YOUR hand, a 'ringlock' attachment system rather than a traditional screw, and thin, tapered blades that have a slight curve to them.

    That extra small angle really gives you the ergonomic advantage when you're trimming close threads. Your cutting hand isn't damaging any stitches already there... you can simply 'reach in' and cut anything needed, without disturbing any stitches already executed. Really smooooooth...

    Premax Ring Lock Scissors from Italy -- click to see a larger view Premax Ring Lock Scissors from Italy
    WOW... these are the neatest looking and feeling little embroidery scissors... VERRRY smooth... very SLEEEK... A Substantial Weight... and A Perfect Balance in your hand! From Italy, we have two new sizes and styles of small scissors -- packaged in a space-age plastic and foam-padded snap-closing case -- one might think they came from outer space!!!

    The smaller pair is 3-5/8 inches long... 7/8 in blades... very smooth... they look like a little bird of some sort. The longer pair -- 4-1/4 inches has a larger finger hole, and simply a longer handle shaft, with 1-1/2 inch blades.

    How can a simple half-inch make so much difference in shape and feel? Both are exquisite... both are a brushed stainless finish -- so they look like pewter. You should NOT pass these by because of quality alone... but check out the prices, too!!! They just feel so good!

    Scissors! from Kelmscott
    Kelmscott brings a number of new and unique scissor styles to our industry! Little squatty things, lots of color, unique shapes... you'll enjoy this whole collection of fun scissors. A Note: We all stitch numerous fobs and cases... ALL requiring 'scissors in residence' as part of their finished presentation. Paula's scissors are not DOVO or Gingher quality, but they DO cut threads.

    Most likely, you have several other favorite pair of scissors that you use every day... and the cream of the crop graces your main stitching bag. Those are probably your top quality... your very-most-favorites. These can be, too, but their 'main goal in life' is to trim your stitched fobs, tuck perfectly into your stitched needlework case, travel with you on a long trip, and just generally *look good* all the time!!! (like miniature Miss Americas!) So... choose some pretty, fun scissors to grace your next stitched fob... you have a lot to choose from!

    Silver Angel and Matte Black Cat Miniature Needle Minders by Kelmscott Designs - click to see more Miniature Needle Minders by Kelmscott Designs - click to see more
    These miniature scissor needle minders are precious! Paula has plans to miniaturize lots of her scissors into non-working mini minders! Measuring just 2 inches in size, they do not open and close... but they are AWESOME!

    You can use them as a minder -- the magnet is on the back but NOT ATTACHED... so lets think outside the stitching box for these! Use them as a key fob, attach them to your sewing basket as a decoration... hang them on your Christmas Tree just the way they are! Use them as embellishments on pin cushions or inside sewing cases or on pillows... attach them to a wooden frame as a garnish, frame them in a shadow box. Scrapbook with em... use them as party favors for your Christmas Stitching Party... make your friends scissor cases and put these on the front as the decoration... They are bitty little scissors that are cuter than cute!

    Cathedral, Mermaid and Gold Vineyard Scissors from Kelmscott Designs - click to see more Cathedral, Mermaid and Gold Vineyard Scissors
    Here we go, all you specialty-scissor collectors! Something unusual for every scissor case and fob!
  • Cathedral style is 4-inch with a matte black antiqued finish. Paula warns that the finish will *patina* with use! Very sharp points on these.
  • Mermaid -- finished in silvertone, we get a mermaid backside, and her fins! 4-inch in length, sharp tips.
  • Gold Vineyard -- these are smaller than the regular Gold Vineyard -- 3-1/4 inches in size. Cute, little ornate scissors for a petite case!

  • Pumpkin Scissors from Kelmscott Designs - click to see more
    Pumpkin Scissors
    Check out these unusual pumpkin scissors! 3-3/4 Inches in length, primitive matte black finish, they *might* be a challenge to cut with... but FUN inside all your cute seasonal sewing cases, and perfect for a stitched pumpkin fob!

    Kelmscott Novelty Scissors - click for more Novelty Scissors
    OK... have you ever seen Squares and Rounds? Or Star Scissors? Kelmscott has two new novelty styles that need just the perfect fobs and sewing cases to *Present* with a flourish! Circle/Squares are a matte black finish pair measuring 3-3/4 in size. They feel OK! They cut OK! Kind of fun, because the two different finger holes really DO feel different to your fingers if you reverse them. I kind of brace my finger on that straight side! These are cool!

    The Star scissors are quite a bit more challenging for my hand to work with. Cute shape... we need someone to design a little animal -- and these would be his glasses! (like the Cat's Wiskers Owl case.) Anyway, shorter blades... definitely a novelty scissor rather than a 'cutting machine!' Again, matte black finish, these measure 3-3/4 x 3-1/4!

    Kelmscott Baby Storklette Scissors in *Living Color!!!* - click for more Baby Storklette Scissors in *Living Color!!!*
    Oh my gosh, aren't these the cutest things??? Kelmscott's Baby Storklette Scissors in 10 new colors -- all following the DMC color palette -- so they'll match most of your stitching!

    Same color line as the Lil Gems, each of these scissors is a mere 2-1/2 inches long and features a shiny enameled colored finish in red... orange... pink... yellow... green... you can see them all in the pic. Very classic and petite style to fit onto lots of your cute scissor fobs, or into your stitched sewing cases. These are nice little scissors!

    Storklette Scissors from Kelmscott - click for more Storklette Scissors from Kelmscott
    Baby Storks!!!! How Cute!!!! Miniature, vintage-styled classic stork scissors -- notice the 1/2 inch blades, and the overall 2-1/2 inch size. The screw that holds them together is the stork's eye, so you can tell how they'll open and close.

    Offered in three different finishes, something petite and cute for a scissor case, or to place in a needlework too display, there isn't too much etching on these -- reminiscent of antique stork scissors.

    Miniature Tudor Rose Scissors from Kelmscott Designs - click to see more
    Miniature Tudor Rose Scissors
    from Kelmscott DesignsKelmscott has two new scissor styles that are CHARMING! Designed as a complementary piece for fun sewing and needlework cases... I actually think these would be stunning hanging on your Christmas tree as an ornament! Possibly attach them to some red wool or felt? Very shiny and pretty!!!

    The miniature Tudor Rose style is gold, and only 2-1/2 inches in size -- smaller than Kelmscott's regular silver-toned style. 1/2 Inch blades, these are just the prettiest little things... ones you probably HAVE to HAVE!!! (And *who says* a stitcher shouldn't decorate their tree with a few scissors and needlework threats!?)

    Preemie Scissors from Kelmscott Designs
    Preemie Scissors

    Special because they are 2-1/2 inches instead of the more common 3-1/2 size... they fit into smaller needlecases perfectly! Offered in gold or silver finish, the cutting blades measure 3/4 an inch long.

    If you are a scissor enthusiast, you probably already have these in your stash. If you've missed them, they are good quality, and perfect for small spaces!

    There's even MORE!

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