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Daylight Company
This is a wonderful line of very reasonably priced magnifying lamps! Developed and marketed in England for the past 10 years, these are finally available in the USA! They are nice looking, feature heavy-weighted bases, and strong table clamps. The light is wonderful -- like daylight!!! Each lamp features a "gooseneck" type arm that is easy to steer in the direction that's best for you.

The Duo Lights from Daylight - click to see more The Duo Lights
Oh wow... this is a neat little light! It is LED and dims for 4 different light levels. It is SUPER lightweight, and comes as a table clamp, or stable standing light. (The floor version is due in at the end of May.) It has a cord... so not battery chargeable.

What makes it really neat is the light design itself... it is two little 10-inch long 1-inch round sticks that spread apart in the middle, so you can direct your light where-ever you want! (My first thought is having it on your table at a class - and both you and your friend get a light!) The design is such that the light is directed down... not right in your face. The on/off switches are just touch buttons at the ends of the light sticks.

The table version weighs just 1-3/4 lbs... (28 ounces) while the clamping one LESS THAN A POUND! The goose neck is covered in soft white plastic sheath, it looks so nice and smooth and clean. The clamp for that model is a SCREW clamp. It is not a pinch-grip thing... you don't have to squeeze it to death to get it to work. Right above the clamp base, you see a cylinder that is about 2 inches high... that is a 'screw'... so simply turn it to release the clamp, which can open as much as 2 inches!
I really like this light... no magnifier, though. Lightweight, VERY packable, clean, white, daylight balanced light... really, really nice!

MAGnificent Floor and Table LED Magnifying Lamp from Daylight - click to see more
MAGnificent Floor and Table LED Magnifying Lamp
This is a pretty nice lamp! It is designed to work as either a floor lamp (with two different height options), or a table style. It can go from 20 inches high to 50. The daylight-balanced LED lights provide accurate color matching - a must for needlework.

The semi-rimless magnifier lens measures almost 6-inches in diameter! Flexible gooseneck arm can reach out to 23 inches. The only cord plugs into the base. There is no cord reaching through the stick of this! Weighs about 6 pounds, white. Very Nice!

The Halo Lamp  from Daylight - click to see more The Halo Lamp - folded -  from Daylight - click to see more The Halo Go Lamp
This is an awesome little lamp! Fairly new to the Daylight Company's Line, we have them in stock and really like the features. It's a little table lamp -- weighing LESS THAN 1-1/2 pounds. It folds FLAT -- 1-1/2 inches thick by 13 inches long. It fits in your TOTE BAG! (or between your clothes in your suitcase)

It unfolds into a really nice sized (!) table lamp -- the 12-inch arm tilts, the lens and bulb top tilts AND rotates, and there is a protective cover over the lens. It has two daylight-balanced LED brightness levels - with the touch of your finger. 6-inch low-profile base, that lens is 3-1/2 inches in diameter with a 5 diopter magnification (most of the lamps on the market are only 3) and an inset the gives you 12 diopters.

The lamp has a recharge program that will give you up to 8 hours of light, and a battery level indicator. It's clean, it's white, it looks nice, it's SO portable, we are very impressed! Comes in a little box - 6 x 15 x 2 - we can Priority Mail this baby for the 2-pound rate!!!

Clip-on magnifiers  from Daylight - click to see more 3-1/2 Magnifier on a Clamp
Very handy little gadget -- a 2.25X hands-free magnifier -- this features a very strong clamp to attach it some place very handy to you. The lens is on a 6-inch gooseneck arm -- flexible in any direction. The smaller companion to the Flexilens on Clamp. Flexilens on Clamp
The bigger one... this one has a 5-inch lens with an 18-inch gooseneck arm and a more heavy-duty clamp attachment. Super-duper handy... just watch your table... you might need to add a piece of fabric between the clamp and the wood -- these are pretty powerful clamps against a lovely wood table! Super portable, great for travel and classes!

Ultra Slim Lamp
Daylight Ultra Slim Lamp  -- click to see more Daylight 5 spoke floorstandA WONDERFUL magnifying lamp option... once you try this... you'll never want to stitch under any other lamp again!!! Manufactured by Daylight Co, it features a light that is 'broad-spectrum' and delivers a true color that doesn't tease your eyes and confuse color.

The best part, however, is the glass, 7-inch, 3-diopter (1.75x magnification) lens. Absolutely incredible to work with... the lens is bigger than the standard 5-inch. Because of the 7-inch size, the lens is curved less, so your view has less distortion.

Available in white, the fully adjustable swing arm top features that wonderful light and lens, along with a fabric drawstring bag to cover and protect the lens, and a table clamp attachment. Absolutely wonderful... EVERYBODY has been so happy with this lamp... I'm pleased to recommend it to you! Please note: additional shipping charges may apply.

Portable Magnifiers
These are the handiest gadgets to have! Small, lightweight, powerful magnifiers, they feature either a clamp or weighted table base. Available in the mini-size, which I think is just the coolest thing, or slightly larger, every stitch bag, and stitcher needs one!
Miniature Flexilens on a Base By Daylight Co. -- click to see a larger viewOur best-selling mini-magnifier is now available on a tiny base! Joining the clip-on version, this is the BEST little gadget to have tucked in your bag! The lens: 3-1/2" in diameter and a powerful 5-diopter, is mounted on an 8" gooseneck arm, and features a flat, weighted base. Very well balanced, it's petite, and SO handy for so many things!

The Compact Lamp, Model #U33050,
is the original Ott lite! A great design, it reminds me of a block of Velveeta cheese when it's closed! Simply flip up the top, and the light comes on. It's wonderful because the bulb is shaded from your eyes, and points the light directly onto your working area. Small, compact and perfect for travel... if you need a little magnification too, take along a Mini-clip magnifier! Best of all, it's an affordable $60.00!

Daylight U33050 Compact Lamp

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