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Needles, Needles and More Needles! - click for more Needles, Needles and More Needles!
***Better here than lost in your chair!***
Several nice options of needles... you use what YOU like best for your task. Check our Needles page for lots of choices.
Make sure the eye of the needle doesn't pinch your thread too much and damage it. Get a large enough eye size.

For Cross Stitch, the eye of the needle is supposed to be large enough to create the space for your thread to pass through the fabric without it dragging too much and causing damage.
Still unsure about size you need? Just ask us and we can choose for you!

Our Fabulous Fabric Wall
We carry a wonderful selection of cross stitch fabrics. Shelves and shelves of Linen and Aida! We sell everything 2 different ways. We can custom cut any size you need... we'll figure that out if you'd like us to... and price the piece by the square inch. We have no additional cutting fees for individual pieces! Or, you may purchase any of the fabrics in larger pieces by the yard. A favorite is a "Fat Quarter" size. It's 18" wide, up to the fold on the bolt -- usually 18X27 -- and is one fourth the yard price. You may also have one-half yard pieces -- usually 18X54 -- or entire yards, if you're a busy stitcher!

Whatever you need, we probably have it... or something equally as wonderful. Sometimes a fabric called for is not as easy to work with as another for you, so we can help with substitutions, too! Just a couple of pics to show you the "Great Wall of Fabric!"

Use the fill-in box below to tell us just what you'd like!
If you need help with this, feel free to call the shop and let one of the gals help you pick your fabrics... we're happy to help!

Part of our fabric wall
Lindy cutting fabric

Part of our big button wall -- click to see more Part of our big button wall -- click to see more Part of our big button wall -- click to see more
Our Great Wall of Buttons!
This is a picture of PART of our lovely selection of beads, buttons, charms and assorted embellishments for your needlework! Lots are offered 'Open Stock', others are packaged in sets to coordinate to specific designs. Some are very new... some are 'very vintage' and are left over from past-favorite designs and companies no longer in business. You never know when you'll find *just the right thing* here in our tiny button drawers or on this fun wall of EVERYTHING BITTY! Let us see if we have what you are looking for. Jot down your thoughts in the Comments Box of your order... and we'll do our best! Or give us a call, and we'll walk out to the wall and help you pick something special right over the phone!

#29 Leaf Sprinkles from JABCO #24 Burgundy Sprinkles from JABCO #18 Mudslide Sprinkles from JABCO #06 Lemon Drop Sprinkles from JABCO SPRINKLES! from Just Another Button Company
These are delightful little packages filled with at least 35 tiny hand-dyed buttons that coordinate with each other and your DMC and hand-dyed embroidery flosses. Tiny hearts, stars, flowers, circles, triangles and squares.... none of them are large in size, but HUGE in cuteness and decorative impact! The JABCO team has organized 35 different color-packs, and I must say, they are a treat to see all together! Some packs are more mono-chromatic than others... I think you'll be able to see what I mean in our pics.

Divided into three color categories, Fresh Colors, Neutral Colors and Organic Colors... I have listed MY thoughts (in parenthesis) on DMC color matches to each pack. After you've determined the DMC colorway, it'll be easy to match again to your hand-dyeds. Use these little guys to *SPRINKLE* and garnish pin cushions or sewing cases, or ANYTHING cute that needs a little button!!!!
$11.50 per pack

DMC Embroidery Floss DMC Embroidery Floss

Available for online ordering...

DMC 6 Strand
DMC Perle 3
DMC Perle 5

DMC Actual-Swatch Color Cards - click to see more DMC Actual-Swatch Color Cards
This is a comprehensive listing of DMC threads, the color numbers, and the listing of what color is manufactured in what weights of thread. (floss vs pearls 3, 5, 8 and 12.) It features pretty blocks of actual flosses all lined up in color family, so you can see how all the colors blend with each other. The varigated and metallics are also in here.

Use this to reference colors, help choose colors for your projects, match label-less threads... all sorts of stuff! For years DMC wasn't manufacturing these cards - too labor-intensive I guess. All we were getting were printed cards - not the same as the REAL threads in there - so these are wonderful, and we're happy!

Weeks Dye Works
Click the image at right to see an alphabetical order form for the entire Weeks Dye Works Flosses, Wools and #5 Pearl Cottons, as well as new and limited edition bundles that sell as sets. Packaged in 5-yard, continuous-length skeins, each color is overdyed with various colors, to produce monochromatic blends, as well as medleys of coordinating colors -- some to match the seasons! Weeks overdyeds are great to use for twisted cord finishing, too, as they are available in a continuous length. Not colorfast.

NOW!!! Also available for online ordering... Weeks Perle 5!
Weeks Dye Works Flosses -- click to choose yours!

The Gentle Art
Click the image at right to see an alphabetical order form for the hand-dyed Sampler Threads and Simply Wools offered by The Gentle Art. You'll also find limited edition and new bundles that sell as sets. Available in 5-yard skeins -- 5 one-yard lengths of thread in each skein -- these have been overdyed with soft and rich coordinating shades of color to give your stitching such an interesting edge. Not Colorfast.

Classic Colorworks Overdyed Flosses, Belle Soie Silks and Hand-Dyed Trims
Crescent Colours Entire 115-Color Set -- click to see a a larger viewA 'new-kid-on-the-overdyed-block' Classic Colorworks has dyed a beautiful line of six-strand flosses, Belle Soie Silks. Available in 129 colors -- mostly monochromatic overdyeds -- each skein measures 5 continuous yards. Several designers have begun to call for her threads, including Little House Needleworks and Waxing Moon. (See both LHN and WM's pages for specific patterns.) The color range is wide, and the color names are kind of fun!

Pomegranate - DMC 355 match - Velvet Cut from Fiddlestix Designs  - click to see more Strawberry - DMC 347 match - Velvet Cut from Fiddlestix Designs  - click to see more Vintage Lace - DMC 738 match - Velvet Cut from Fiddlestix Designs  - click to see more Sapphire - DMC 311 match - Velvet Cut from Fiddlestix Designs  - click to see more Charlies Crow - DMC 310 match - Velvet Cut from Fiddlestix Designs  - click to see more Our first 7 Velvet Cut  from Fiddlestix Designs  - click to see more
Hand-dyed Velvets from Fiddlestix Designs
Here is the hand-dyed Velvet that Brenda Gervais and Stacy Nash use in their finishing! Featured on The new With Thy Needle's Dutch Tomato Pinkeep and Nash's Velvet Tangerine and Velvet Parsnip Needle Book, this is gorgeous and very heavy hand-dyed 'fabric.' Absolutely luscious, my camera can't get a true color - I think because the nap of the velvet reflects the light!

Since no two computers see color exactly the same, I put DMC #5 Pearl Cotton colors in the dropdowns by each color, so you can compare the shades easily. (NOTE! The DMC numbers are close approximations but this is hand-dyed velvet - so therefore might vary in shades. I am sure there are many hand-dyeds and other DMCs that these will look good with - I just chose these basic colors as a starting shade reference for you.)

We've cut our pieces to an eighth of a yard - approx 11 x 17-ish. Plenty to finish numerous smalls, this velvet is substantial and dreamy! Strawberry is used in the Dutch Tomato, Vintage Lace is used on the Parsnip case, and Prim Pumpkin is featured on the tangerine!

Stitched Twill Tape Trim on a spool - click to see more Stitched Twill Tape Trim - click to see more 'Stitched' Twill Tape Trim and 'Antique Spools'
We found some distressed and vintage-looking twill tape trim that looks like it's 'decorated' with stitches. Everyone is using such cute trims on sewing bags and pouches, pin cushions, and always quilts... this just looks like it belongs with Cross Stitch! A coffee-beige background, the twill color is either black, navy blue or burgundy. Our hanks are 5-yards long.

We've heard a cute idea: just take some of this and wind it around an antique spool - and you have in instant cool decoration for a basket of pin cushions or a shelf beside a sampler!

So.... viola... Antique-Inspired Spools! Supposed to be the real thing, they have a good look, after you remove the sticker on the bottom that says 'made in china!' They do come with thread on them... but I'm not inclined to believe it's 150 years old! So... for $6, use these as a fun needlework-y decoration!

Stitched Twill Tape Trim - click to see more
Don't Touch Scissor Spool by The Nebby Needle
Here's a stitched decoration for one of these spools! We love the rules... TOUCH, MOVE or BORROW... can't you just hear the excuses when your scissors are gone? 'I just borrowed them... or oh, I only moved them'... just makes you want to tear your hair out!

Just do the quick stitching, fold under your top and bottom, wrap around the spool, and pin or tack the seam closed! You can even wrap some of that twill tape trim along the top and bottom in place of the stitched border! The picture on the chart cover is not the best... you'll just have to use your imagination a little!

Luscious Cotton Velveteens Handyed from Lady Dot
Luscious Cotton Velveteens
by Lady Dot Creates
This is a gorgeous selection of hand-dyed cotton velveteen that is wonderful to use for pin cushion and pillow finishing. Offered in 10 x 18 cuts (each is torn instead of being cut) so you have the straight grain of the fabric.

Good heavy hand, when you use crushed walnut shells or something heavy inside your smalls, you will really like the way this heavier finishing fabric feels. Lightweight calico is simply too thin. 16 yummy colors so far!

Luscious Cotton Chenille Trims by Lady Dot Creates - click to see more Luscious Cotton Chenille Trims from Lady Dot Creates
Wow... I bet Lady Dot's Lois is in BIG trouble with her mom -- this gorgeous new chenille probably came from the family heirloom bedspread!!! It is a new line of plump, fuzzy, super-soft hand-dyed cotton chenille -- the kind you find on the charming antique bedspreads.

Lady Dot has dyed a wonderful array of colors -- the names are delightful and descriptive -- and you'll love how well it covers the edges of your pin cushions and needlework smalls. Packaged in 3-yard lengths... we just love it ALL!
Weeks Hand-Dyed Wool Solid -- click to learn more Weeks Hand-Dyed Wool Houndstooth -- click to learn more Weeks Hand-Dyed Wool Herringbone -- click to learn more
Hand-Dyed Wool by Weeks Dye Works
OK, all you color-loving people! Feast your eyes and fingers on this scrumptious collection of hand-dyed wool fabrics! 40 different colors, offered in solid, herringbone or houndstooth patterns... we have 120 different choices to tempt you! Weeks has dyed these wools specifically to match their overdyeds... so if you're doing a special project... you can match threads to the wool and know it'll look great! Offered in 1/4-yard chunks measuring approx 15 x 25 each, the hand-dying gives each piece it's own individual look. Primitive-looking stains sometimes, and lots of subtle shading for extra texture and interest.

Rug Hookers are slicing this up for rugs, Punch Needlers are mounting their punched projects on this -- like a mat board idea, Quilters are using this in soft-sculpture and penny rugs, cross stitchers are using this to embellish projects like buttons would... and everybody is using it to finish and back projects! I'm sure there are tons of ways you can use this that I haven't even thought about! Absolutely breathtaking to look at and feel... I recognize the Weeks colors in their threads... and now the wool opens up so many other possibilities! You're going to love it! Click any of the images above to choose yours.

Chantelles 141's Wood Pieces for Needlework Finishing
You'll recognize these wood blanks used in cross stitch finishing - Hands On Design uses a lot of them! Made from MDF, medium density fiber board, they are technically not 'solid wood' but made from wood 'dust', they look and feel like wood, and love a paint finish, just not a stained one. Super sturdy, you can see them in action on the Hands On pages!

Paint them or not... they are ready to go just as is! Everyone is using super-strong magnets to attach their needlework to these. Simply place a magnet on the back of your finished cross-stitch, and then let the other cling to the back of the board... you can switch off your pieces in 2 seconds and keep re-using your boards across the seasons and projects!
Everything Boards from Chantelle's 141 Design Company - click to see more

The Everything Boards by Chantelle's 141 Design Company
These look like kitchen cutting boards. Paint yours any color you want, between the 3 sizes, they'll fit TONS of designs! All are 3/8 of an inch thick. Small measures 6-1/2 inches wide and 7-3/4 inches high. Medium measures 8-1/2 x 10-1/8. Large measures 10-1/2 x 12-1/2.

Bender Board Plain from Chantelle's 141 Design Company - click to see more Bender Board Heart from Chantelle's 141 Design Company - click to see more Bender Board Bobbin from Chantelle's 141 Design Company - click to see more
The Bender Boards by Chantelle's 141 Design Company
These come in small and tall sizes... they are designed as free-standing display pieces. The Plain Bender is made up of three pieces - two pieces create the base, while the third piece fits into the slot in the base to complete the piece. The Heart and Bobbin Bender Boards are the same concept, except that each of those comes with that tiny-cut-out heart or bobbin you see taken from the top, (kind of like donut holes!)

ALL THREE styles look good for your finishing... remember that your stitching is on them, and they see your STITCHING, not so much if there is a heart, bobbin or plain top. The Small Bender Board measures 6 x 7-3/4, the Large Bender Board measures 7 x 10-1/2. Bases take up two inches of depth on your shelf.

Perpetual Paddles from Chantelle's 141 Design Company - click to see more

Perpetual Paddles by Chantelle's 141 Design Company
Oh these are so cute - even bare! Measuring 5 inches in diameter, they work well for ANY round design smaller than 5 inches! That little paddle handle on then sticks out about another 1-1/4 inches.

The package contains three of these... remember, the material likes paint, but doesn't like stain. Click the image above to see some cute models.

Folk Paddle from Chantelle's 141 Design Company - click to see more

Folk Paddles by Chantelle's 141 Design Company
This was designed for the Hands On Seasonal Folk Samplers Series. The first, Spring, has released. Cathy covered the paddle with decorated paper, but the Chantelle ladies have etched a pretty repeating design into the wood surface, so you don't really need to do anything else.

Let your trims do the color work! The Folk Paddle measures 6 x 18. Again, click through the pic to see models.

Acid Free Tissue Paper - click to see more Acid Free Tissue Paper
Ask any historian, librarian or pist... sun, air, chemicals and all the elements in our air are the worst enemies for keeping our needlework looking young, fresh, clean and not discolored. Kreinik has packaged 12- 20 x 30 sheets of acid-free tissue paper and recommend that we use it to store and preserve our needlework.

Unbuffered, museum quality, it prevents tarnishing and oxidation (changing colors), and will not scratch or mar your projects. Works to tuck between your fabrics, wrap silver charms and scissors... and preserve the original colors in samplers and finished pieces that you have (sinfully!) hidden away in your drawers!!!!!

Perforated Paper by Mill Hill -- click to see the rest! Perforated Paper by Mill Hill -- click to see the rest!
14 Ct Perforated Paper
A line of stitching paper by Mill Hill, available in 23 different colors. Perforated paper is evenly pierced with holes.. . making it 14ct, and perfect for stitching!
Years ago, Perforated Paper was used for samplers, and lots of Home Sweet Home designs... you may have seen them in antique shops.

Now, Mill Hill uses Perf Paper for cross stitch and bead work! Most of their small kit lines are designed on this paper, and although you'd think paper would be flimsy, it's actually very thick and strong!
Some colors (8-27) are hand-painted; all are available in packages of two 9 x 12 sheets. NOTE: Gold and Silver Metallics, and Midnight Black, are temporarily unavailable.

Presenting 18ct Perforated Paper by Mill Hill - click for more
Presenting 18ct Perforated Paper by by Mill Hill
This is a new size of paper for stitching. 14ct Perf Paper has been around for over 150 years... but this 18ct is NEW! Perfectly sized for the Petite seed beads, it comes only in white right now.

Truthfully, we have no hints as to upcoming designs... but that's no reason not to have any! Something fun and new... 2 strands of floss would work on this... see what's in your stash to try on this! Comes packaged just like the 14ct - two 9 x 12 sheets - for $5.00

Stylized Perforated Paper - click for more

Stylized Perforated Paper
Click the image at right so you can view the larger version, and see the deco designs.

Offered as packs of two 9 x 12 sheets.

Jim Shore Flourishes Perforated Paper - click for more
Jim Shore Flourishes Perforated Paper
A lovely collection of 6 new pastel colors of 14ct perforated paper has arrived! Very soft colors, each has the faintest swirly/floral designs printed all over them... in an ever-so-slightly darker shade.

I don't think our pics can show the pretty detail very well... one can only hope! Click the one at right to see the larger version so you can see the detail better.
Offered in 9 x 12 sheets - two to a package.

Take-Along Stitcher's Mat from Under the Garden Moon - click to see more
Make this pretty Stitcher's Mat from Under the Garden Moon
We have a model of this fun little mat in the shop - and you will fall in love with it when you see it! The cross stitch is on 10ct Tula or 20ct linen - over two. You can change the colors in the cross stitch to coordinate with your chosen fabrics and wools. They have a pic in here of 4 other colorways to give you a really good idea of what you can do. Finishes about 12 x 18 - what a fun thing to take to a retreat to spread out on your stitching area.

Needle pages, a scissor pocket, a place for a pad of paper and pencil... all kinds of stuff. I am a non-sewer - and my brain freezes over when I read finishing instructions. I think the more pages, the harder it is... there are three full pages of that in here - so I am thinking that's a good thing! Offered in chart format with those instructions! You sew-ers will take one look at this and go, 'Oh Ok, I got it! What did they do with this pocket here? (you peek in there) Oh yeah, I got it!'

Fabulous Florals-Diamond Quilt POUCH Set of 2 by Kaffe Fassett -  click for more Fabulous Floral Puzzle by Kaffe Fassett -  click for more Diamond Quilt Puzzle by Kaffe Fassett -  click for more
Pretty Plastic-Papery Pouches from Kaffe Fassett
Help stay organized with this pair of recycled-materials zipper topped pouches! They are made from recycled water bottles! Decorated with the artwork of Kaffe Fassett, the smaller pouch measures 5 x 8 and features his 'Fabulous Florals' Quilt. The larger zip pouch measures 6 x 9 and is covered with Kaffe's 'Diamond Quilt' pattern.

Then, just for fun, I ordered a few matching PUZZLES! I know - nothing to do with cross stitch. But the Holidays and family visits always mean puzzles, and I couldn't pass these by! A quilter you love would LOVE one of these! The Puzzles are 1000 pieces, and finish about 20 x 29-1/2.

Newest 11 x 16 Project Bags by Sew Emma from Shepherd's Bush -  click for more 11 x 16 Project Bags by Sew Emma from Shepherd's Bush -  click for more 11 x 16 Mad for Plaid Project Bags by Sew Emma
MORE colorful mesh project bags! Joining our Gingham-on-the-Go set of Aqua, Pink and Gray multi-sized pouches, we now have Berry, Gray, Olive, Bluebell, Peony, Misty, Burlap, Pumpkin and Lilac zip pouches as well! Shepherd's Bush is stitching on these - you can see 'Stitch' done on the Olive pouch. Quilt is the newest design, shown on the Bluebell Bag.

Teri is using her 'Shepherd's Bushy Colors' of #5 Pearl cotton on these... so now we have SIX different pouch options! These Mad for Plaid bags measure 11 x 16 in size. They are a perfect project size... you can see through them to keep track of what's in what, and they are a soft, pliable plastic.

Mad for Plaid Project Bags in 3 new colors by Sew Emma -  click for more Mad for Plaid Project Bag with a MINI BAG by Sew Emma -  click for more

They're Here - the Sew Emma Mini Plaid Pouches!
Our baby 6-ish x 9-ish plaid mesh zipper pouches have arrived... they are the cutest miniature versions of their larger counterparts. Same colors, same soft plastic mesh, same zipper closure... just smaller, with a smaller sized plaid weave throughout. Shepherd's Bush has fun designs for every color of the larger bags... the small takeouts on those charts will fit on these smaller versions... but I bet there are more charts coming JUST for these little bags as well.

Use DMC floss, but easier yet the #5 Pearl Cottons, to stitch on these... it just makes you happy! Offered in the same 9 colors to match the larger pouches... there are also THREE NEW COLORS coming that are not in the pic!

See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Red -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Blue -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Yellow -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Green -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Purple -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Orange -  click for more
*See Your Stuff* - Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches
WOW, these are awesome-turbo-super-nice heavy-duty plastic zippered pouches! Made from that heavy clear plastic you find on purses and backpacks, each is trimmed with VERY heavy-duty bright and cheerful polyester 'canvas' fabric.
Our sets of three matching pieces measure 16 x 16, 12 x 13, and 6 x 8. Each pouch is constructed the same way, except that the largest one features a top carrying strap. We have 6 different colorways to make your life more complicated, but we're happy anyway, because you will LOVE whatever color you choose!

SEE YOUR STUFF in these... each top zipper is heavy-duty black... the sizes are nice and roomy, and because of the way they are sewn, they expand quite a way out. Very Nice for a lot of different uses!6 Different colors: I looked through our thread drawers to find close matches: Red matches DMC 321, Blue - 798, Green - (nothing! It's that awesome neon, but close to 906 and 907), Purple - 550, Yellow - 973 and Orange - 608.

See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Pink -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Light Blue -  click for more See Your Stuff Clear Plastic Storage Zipper Pouches Navy - click for more
Even More Colors of our See Your Stuff Pouches
These are super-strong, heavy-duty, very nicely-sized see-through plastic pouches. We carry them in Royal Blue, Brilliant Red, Bright Yellow, Eye-Popping Lime Green, Bright Orange, Deep Purple and now a really pretty Pink, Light Blue and Navy.

Remember, I showed you a pic of the big one holding 6 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies a few months ago... well. cookies are long gone, but the awesome pouches remain!

Assorted Color Zip Pouches
These pouches are WONDERFUL organizing bags for your projects! A heavy weight and thread reinforced plastic, they are clear enough to be able to see which things you have inside of them! Choose from several sizes... they come in multiple colors.
(Our shipments are assorted, so we will be sending you assorted colors as well.) All are pretty, light colors!

Our new assorted color Vinyl Project Pouches

Mill Hill Colored Bead Flier
from Mill Hill
This is a fantastic color 4 page printed 'card' of the entire line of Mill Hill Beads! Three pages of beads -- which someone has sewn onto fabric! -- all photographed in full color and grouped into color family order, and labeled as to color number. All the different sizes and shapes are pictured, as well as a table that tells you package size availability, and bead count!!! (We've always wanted to know how many beads are really in those little packs, but never had the patience to count them all!) Also included is a Personal Bead Inventory Sheet, so you can check off what you own, and what you need next! Best of all... this whole thing is only .50! (So pick up a bunch: one to save, one to carry around in your stitching bag, a few for friends... just don't order only one and nothing else, because the shipping will be more than the sheets!) You'll really enjoy these!
Fifty Cents each!

Mill Hill Colored Bead Flier -- click to see part of one of the pages

FlossPak Bags
A set of 3 x 5 zip-lock plastic bags, these have always been wonderful for thread storage!
Set of 100.

FlossPak Bags -- click to see a larger view!
A note from Lindy:
We had a lot of trouble deciding what should be considered a "supply" and what would be considered a "gadget." So if you don't see what you are looking for here, we probably put it on the Gadget Pages. Take a look! And, remember, we have an 800 number. We just love helping you find exactly what you're looking for!!!

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