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Color Infusions Memory Thread from DMC -- click to see moreColor Infusions Memory Thread from DMC -- click to see more
10 New DMC Color Infusions Memory Threads!
This is cool stuff... and now we have 10 more colors to choose from! Basically a thread-covered thin wire... it's really fun to bend, twirl and twist, and then attach to needlework or scrapbook pages as an additional design embellishment.

Designed for the *more creative at heart* artist... AB Designs uses a lot of this in her pumpkin and snowman smiles... and we've added it to several of our Secret Needle Night and Camp Wannasew projects. Needlepointers and Needlework Finishers LOVE this stuff!

Offered in 3-yard cards, it goes forever! Think outside your box!!!!

clicking the image at right will give you a very large graphic image of DMC's color card. Or... Click here to get a pdf of DMC's color card for all 28 of the Memory Threadcolors.This will let you see the colors and their names much more clearly, and it makes a good reference to keep!

Color Infusions Memory Thread from DMC -- click to see moreColor Infusions Memory Thread from DMC -- click to see more Color Infusions Memory Thread
*I am IN LOVE with this thread!!!* DMC has finally started shipping their new line of Memory Thread... so we have *some* of the colors, and are waiting for the rest to arrive. Basically, Color Infusions isn't a *thread* at all... it is a very soft copper wire that has been covered by cotton and rayon thread!

You can't *stitch* with it... but you can tack it down -- known as 'Couching.' AB Designs has used it in a few of her new releases... so you can see various applications for it. Curl it around a pencil to get a fun coil, play with that a little, and tack it down to get swirls all over something! Use it as an outline somewhere!

DO NOT use your good Dovo or Gingher scissors to cut this -- as it has wire inside! (Use our little colored titanium ones for that!) Anyway, designed to appeal to the scrapbook industry... we stitchers like this thread too! GET CREATIVE, this is cool stuff! Available in 16 colors. Offered by the individual color on little plastic cards, in a 3-yard length.

Needlework Threads Color Card from DMC - click to see more Needlework Threads Color Card
Every few years, DMC updates their Thread Color Card. A big fold-out reference aid, the 2008 Issue is here. A sad sign of the times this time, however, is that we are no longer treated to actual thread samples... only color images of each. An unbelievable and happy sign of the times, however, is that the price has gone DOWN from $20 to $12.95... and that's GREAT!!!!!

This 9 x 12 heavy cardboard 'catalog of threads' -- printed in English, French and Spanish -- unfolds to reveal 10 inside pages that introduce each of the 8 different kinds of threads DMC produces. Along with the 'care and feeding' of your threads, it lists every color and tells you which kinds of threads include it in their color line. VERY useful for identifying loose threads, cool to help design things, wonderful to show you what the pattern calls for -- so you can find a substitute already in your stash... the uses for these cards goes on and on.

Included is full information about solids, variegated metallics and rayons in the Perle Cottons, Light Effects, Satin Flosses, and Cotton Floss lines. This is an Organizer's Dream!!!

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