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100% Cotton Six-Strand Floss. Colorfast, and offered in 8 meter (8.7 yard) skeins. The color names listed beside each number are *suggested* names developed over time to describe the color line.

DMC does NOT officially use these names... only their numbers to describe their thread. Various designers often use other names to describe the DMC colors on their patterns. While color *names* will vary... DMC color *numbers* have not changed in the company's 250 year history.

.87 per skein

Put the number of each that you want into its little box, and then hit the "Add to Cart" button at the bottom.

6-Strand 0001 White Tin 6-Strand 0002 Tin 6-Strand 0003 Medium Tin
6-Strand 0004 Dark Tin 6-Strand 0005 Light Driftwood 6-Strand 0006 Medium Light Driftwood
6-Strand 0007 Driftwood 6-Strand 0008 Dark Driftwood 6-Strand 0009 Very Dark Cocoa
6-Strand 0010 Very Light Tender Green 6-Strand 0011 Light Tender Green 6-Strand 0012 Tender Green
6-Strand 0013 Medium Light Nile Green 6-Strand 0014 Pale Apple Green 6-Strand 0015 Apple Green
6-Strand 0016 Light Chartreuse 6-Strand 0017 Light Yellow Plum 6-Strand 0018 Yellow Plum
6-Strand 0019 Medium Light Autumn Gold 6-Strand 0020 Shrimp 6-Strand 0021 Light Alizarin
6-Strand 0022 Alizarin 6-Strand 0023 Apple Blossom 6-Strand 0024 White Lavender
6-Strand 0025 Ultra Light Lavender 6-Strand 0026 Pale Lavender 6-Strand 0027 White Violet
6-Strand 0028 Medium Light Eggplant 6-Strand 0029 Eggplant 6-Strand 0030 Medium Light Blueberry
6-Strand 0031 Blueberry 6-Strand 0032 Dark Blueberry 6-Strand 0033 Fuchsia
6-Strand 0034 Dark Fuchsia 6-Strand 0035 Very Dark Fuchsia 6-Strand 150 Ultra V DK Dusty
6-Strand 151 V LT Dusty Rose 6-Strand 152 MD LT Shell Pink 6-Strand 153 V LT Violet
6-Strand 154 V DK Grape 6-Strand 155 MD DK Blue Violet 6-Strand 156 MD LT Blue Violet
6-Strand 157 V LT Cornflower Blue 6-Strand 158 MD V DK Cornflower 6-Strand 159 LT Gray Blue
6-Strand 160 MD Gray Blue 6-Strand 161 Gray Blue 6-Strand 162 Ultra V LT Blue
6-Strand 163 MD Celadon Green 6-Strand 164 LT Forest Green 6-Strand 165 V LT Moss Green
6-Strand 166 MD LT Moss Green 6-Strand 167 V DK Yellow Beige 6-Strand 168 V LT Pewter
6-Strand 169 LT Pewter 6-Strand 208 V DK LaVender 6-Strand 209 DK LaVender
6-Strand 210 MD LaVender 6-Strand 211 LT LaVender 6-Strand 221 V DK Shell Pink
6-Strand 223 LT Shell Pink 6-Strand 224 V LT Shell Pink 6-Strand 225 Ultra V LT Shell
6-Strand 300 V DK Mahogany 6-Strand 301 MD Mahogany 6-Strand 3011 DK Khaki Green
6-Strand 3012 MD Khaki Green 6-Strand 3013 LT Khaki Green 6-Strand 3021 V DK Brown Gray
6-Strand 3022 MD Brown Gray 6-Strand 3023 LT Brown Gray 6-Strand 3024 V LT Brown Gray
6-Strand 3031 V DK Mocha Brown 6-Strand 3032 MD Mocha Brown 6-Strand 3033 V LT Mocha Brown
6-Strand 304 MD Red 6-Strand 3041 MD Antique Violet 6-Strand 3042 LT Antique Violet
6-Strand 3045 DK Yellow Beige 6-Strand 3046 MD Yellow Beige 6-Strand 3047 LT Yellow Beige
6-Strand 3051 DK Green Gray 6-Strand 3052 MD Green Gray 6-Strand 3053 Green Gray
6-Strand 3064 Desert Sand 6-Strand 307 Lemon 6-Strand 3072 V LT Beaver Gray
6-Strand 3078 V LT Golden Yellow 6-Strand 309 DK Rose 6-Strand 310 Black
6-Strand 311 MD NaVy Blue 6-Strand 312 V DK Baby Blue 6-Strand 315 MD DK Antique MauVe
6-Strand 316 MD Antique MauVe 6-Strand 317 Pewter Gray 6-Strand 318 LT Steel Gray
6-Strand 319 V DKPistachio Green 6-Strand 320 MD Pistachio Green 6-Strand 321 Red
6-Strand 322 DK DK Baby Blue 6-Strand 326 V DK Rose 6-Strand 327 DK Violet
6-Strand 3325 LT Baby Blue 6-Strand 3326 LT Rose 6-Strand 3328 DK Salmon
6-Strand 333 V DK Blue Violet 6-Strand 334 MD Baby Blue 6-Strand 3340 MD Apricot
6-Strand 3341 Apricot 6-Strand 3345 DK Hunter Green 6-Strand 3346 Hunter Green
6-Strand 3347 MD Yellow Green 6-Strand 3348 LT Yellow Green 6-Strand 335 Rose 504 V LT
6-Strand 3350 Ultra DK Dusty Rose 6-Strand 3354 LT Dusty Rose 6-Strand 336 Navy Blue
6-Strand 3362 DK Pine Green 6-Strand 3363 MD Pine Green 6-Strand 3364 Pine Green
6-Strand 3371 Black Brown 6-Strand 340 MD Blue Violet 6-Strand 341 LT Blue Violet
6-Strand 347 V DK Salmon 6-Strand 349 DK Coral 6-Strand 350 MD Coral
6-Strand 351 Coral 6-Strand 352 LT Coral 6-Strand 353 Peach
6-Strand 355 DK Terra Cotta 6-Strand 356 MD Terra Cotta 6-Strand 3607 LT Plum
6-Strand 3608 V LT Plum 6-Strand 3609 Ultra LT Plum 6-Strand 367 DK Pistachio Green
6-Strand 368 LT Pistachio Green 6-Strand 3685 V DK Mauve 6-Strand 3687 Mauve
6-Strand 3688 MD Mauve 6-Strand 3689 LT Mauve 6-Strand 369 V LT Pistachio Green
6-Strand 370 MD Mustard 6-Strand 3705 DK Melon 6-Strand 3706 MD Melon
6-Strand 3708 LT Melon 6-Strand 371 Mustard 6-Strand 3712 MD Salmon
6-Strand 3713 V LT Salmon 6-Strand 3716 V LT Dusty Rose 6-Strand 372 LT Mustard
6-Strand 3721 DK Shell Pink 6-Strand 3722 MD Shell Pink 6-Strand 3726 DK Antique Mauve
6-Strand 3727 LT Antique Mauve 6-Strand 3731 V DK Dusty Rose 6-Strand 3733 Dusty Rose
6-Strand 3740 DK Antique Violet 6-Strand 3743 V LT Antique Violet 6-Strand 3746 DK Blue Violet
6-Strand 3747 V LT Blue Violet 6-Strand 3750 V DK Antique Blue 6-Strand 3752 V LT Antique Blue
6-Strand 3753 Ultra V LT Antique 6-Strand 3755 Baby Blue 6-Strand 3756 Ultra V LT Baby
6-Strand 3760 MD Wedgewood 6-Strand 3761 LT Sky Blue 6-Strand 3765 V DK Peacock Blue
6-Strand 3766 LT Peacock Blue 6-Strand 3768 DK Gray Green 6-Strand 3770 V LT Tawny
6-Strand 3771 Ultra V LT Terra 6-Strand 3772 V DK Desert Sand 6-Strand 3773 MD Desert Sand
6-Strand 3774 V LT Desert Sand 6-Strand 3776 LT Mahogany 6-Strand 3777 V DK Terra Cotta
6-Strand 3778 LT Terra Cotta 6-Strand 3779 Ultra V LT Terra 6-Strand 3781 DK Mocha Brown
6-Strand 3782 LT Mocha Brown 6-Strand 3787 DK Brown Gray 6-Strand 3790 Ultra DK Beige Gray
6-Strand 3799 V DK Pewter Gray 6-Strand 3801 V DK Melon 6-Strand 3802 V DK Antique Mauve
6-Strand 3803 DK Mauve 6-Strand 3804 DK Cyclamen Pink 6-Strand 3805 Cyclamen Pink
6-Strand 3806 LT Cyclamen Pink 6-Strand 3807 Cornflower Blue 6-Strand 3808 Ultra V DK Turquoise
6-Strand 3809 V DK Turquoise 6-Strand 3810 DK Turquoise 6-Strand 3811 V LT Turquoise
6-Strand 3812 V DK Seagreen 6-Strand 3813 LT Blue Green 6-Strand 3814 Aquamarine
6-Strand 3815 DK Celadon Green 6-Strand 3816 Celadon Green 6-Strand 3817 LT Celadon Green
6-Strand 3818 Ultra V DK Emerald 6-Strand 3819 LT Moss Green 6-Strand 3820 DK Straw
6-Strand 3821 Straw 6-Strand 3822 LT Straw 6-Strand 3823 Ultra Pale Yellow
6-Strand 3824 LT Apricot 6-Strand 3825 Pale Pumpkin 6-Strand 3826 Golden Brown
6-Strand 3827 Pale Golden Brown 6-Strand 3828 Hazelnut Brown 6-Strand 3829 V DK Old Gold
6-Strand 3830 Terra Cotta 6-Strand 3831 DK Raspberry 6-Strand 3832 MD Raspberry
6-Strand 3833 LT Raspberry 6-Strand 3834 DK Grape 6-Strand 3835 MD Grape
6-Strand 3836 LT Grape 6-Strand 3837 Ultra DK Lavender 6-Strand 3838 DK Lavender Blue
6-Strand 3839 MD Lavender Blue 6-Strand 3840 LT Lavender Blue 6-Strand 3841 Pale Baby Blue
6-Strand 3842 DK Wedgwood 6-Strand 3843 Electric Blue 6-Strand 3844 DK Bright Turquoise
6-Strand 3845 MD Bright Turquoise 6-Strand 3846 LT Bright Turquoise 6-Strand 3847 DK Teal Green
6-Strand 3848 MD Teal Green 6-Strand 3849 LT Teal Green 6-Strand 3850 DK Bright Green
6-Strand 3851 LT Bright Green 6-Strand 3852 V DK Straw 6-Strand 3853 DK Autumn Gold
6-Strand 3854 MD Autumn Gold 6-Strand 3855 LT Autumn Gold 6-Strand 3856 Ultra V LT Mahogany
6-Strand 3857 DK Rosewood 6-Strand 3858 MD Rosewood 6-Strand 3859 LT Rosewood
6-Strand 3860 Cocoa 6-Strand 3861 LT Cocoa 6-Strand 3862 DK Mocha Beige
6-Strand 3863 MD Mocha Beige 6-Strand 3864 LT Mocha Beige 6-Strand 3865 Winter White
6-Strand 3866 Ultra V LT Mocha 6-Strand 400 DK Mahogany 6-Strand 402 V LT Mahogany
6-Strand 407 DK Desert Sand 6-Strand 413 DK Pewter Gray 6-Strand 414 DK Steel Gray
6-Strand 415 Pearl Gray 6-Strand 420 DK Hazelnut Brown 6-Strand 422 LT Hazelnut Brown
6-Strand 433 MD Brown 6-Strand 434 LT Brown 6-Strand 435 V LT Brown
6-Strand 436 Tan 6-Strand 437 LT Tan 6-Strand 444 DK Lemon
6-Strand 445 LT Lemon 6-Strand 451 DK Shell Gray 6-Strand 452 MD Shell Gray
6-Strand 453 LT Shell Gray 6-Strand 469 AVocado Green 6-Strand 470 LT AVocado Green
6-Strand 471 V LT AVocado Green 6-Strand 472 Ultra LT AVocado Green 6-Strand 498 DK Red
6-Strand 500 V DK Blue Green 6-Strand 501 DK Blue Green 6-Strand 502 Blue Green
6-Strand 503 MD Blue Green 6-Strand 505 Jade Green 6-Strand 517 DK Wedgewood
6-Strand 518 LT Wedgewood 6-Strand 519 Sky Blue 6-Strand 520 DK Fern Green
6-Strand 522 Fern Green 6-Strand 523 LT Fern Green 6-Strand 524 V LT Fern Green
6-Strand 535 V LT Ash Gray 6-Strand 543 Ultra V LT Beige 6-Strand 550 V DK Violet
6-Strand 552 MD Violet 6-Strand 553 Violet 6-Strand 554 LT Violet
6-Strand 561 V DK Jade 6-Strand 562 MD Jade 6-Strand 563 LT Jade
6-Strand 564 V LT Jade 6-Strand 580 DK Moss Green 6-Strand 581 Moss Green
6-Strand 597 Turquoise 6-Strand 598 LT Turquoise 6-Strand 600 V DK Cranberry
6-Strand 601 DK Cranberry 6-Strand 602 MD Cranberry 6-Strand 603 Cranberry
6-Strand 604 LT Cranberry 6-Strand 605 V LT Cranberry 6-Strand 606 Bright Orange-Red
6-Strand 608 Bright Orange 6-Strand 610 DK Drab Brown 6-Strand 611 Drab Brown
6-Strand 612 LT Drab Brown 6-Strand 613 V LT Drab Brown 6-Strand 632 Ultra V DK Desert
6-Strand 640 V DK Beige Gray 6-Strand 642 DK Beige Gray 6-Strand 644 MD Beige Gray
6-Strand 645 V DK Beaver Gray 6-Strand 646 DK Beaver Gray 6-Strand 647 MD Beaver Gray
6-Strand 648 LT Beaver Gray 6-Strand 666 Bright Red 6-Strand 676 LT Old Gold
6-Strand 677 V LT Old Gold 6-Strand 680 DK Old Gold 6-Strand 699 Green
6-Strand 700 Bright Green 6-Strand 701 LT Green 6-Strand 702 Kelly Green
6-Strand 703 Chartreuse 6-Strand 704 Bright Chartreuse 6-Strand 712 Cream
6-Strand 718 Plum 6-Strand 720 DK Orange Spice 6-Strand 721 MD Orange Spice
6-Strand 722 LT Orange Spice 6-Strand 725 MD LT Topaz 6-Strand 726 LT Topaz
6-Strand 727 V LT Topaz 6-Strand 728 Topaz 6-Strand 729 MD Old Gold
6-Strand 730 V DK Olive Green 6-Strand 731 DK Olive Green 6-Strand 732 Olive Green
6-Strand 733 MD Olive Green 6-Strand 734 LT Olive Green 6-Strand 738 V LT Tan
6-Strand 739 Ultra V LT Tan 6-Strand 740 Tangerine 6-Strand 741 MD Tangerine
6-Strand 742 LT Tangerine 6-Strand 743 MD Yellow 6-Strand 744 Pale Yellow
6-Strand 745 LT Pale Yellow 6-Strand 746 Off White 6-Strand 747 V LT Sky Blue
6-Strand 754 LT Peach 6-Strand 758 V LT Terra Cotta 6-Strand 760 Salmon
6-Strand 761 LT Salmon 6-Strand 762 V LT Pearl Gray 6-Strand 772 V LT Yellow Green
6-Strand 775 V LT Baby Blue 6-Strand 776 MD Pink 6-Strand 777 V DK Raspberry
6-Strand 778 V LT Antique Mauve 6-Strand 779 DK Cocoa 6-Strand 780 Ultra V DK Topaz
6-Strand 781 V DK Topaz 6-Strand 782 DK Topaz 6-Strand 783 MD Topaz
6-Strand 791 V DK Cornflower Blue 6-Strand 792 DK Cornflower Blue 6-Strand 793 MD Cornflower Blue
6-Strand 794 LT Cornflower Blue 6-Strand 796 DK Royal Blue 6-Strand 797 Royal Blue
6-Strand 798 DK Delft Blue 6-Strand 799 MD Delft Blue 6-Strand 800 Pale Delft Blue
6-Strand 801 DK Coffee Brown 6-Strand 803 Ultra V DK Baby 6-Strand 806 DK Peacock Blue
6-Strand 807 Peacock Blue 6-Strand 809 Delft Blue 6-Strand 813 LT Blue
6-Strand 814 DK Garnet 6-Strand 815 MD Garnet 6-Strand 816 Garnet
6-Strand 817 V DK Coral Red 6-Strand 818 Baby Pink 6-Strand 819 LT Baby Pink
6-Strand 820 V DK Royal Blue 6-Strand 822 LT Beige Gray 6-Strand 823 DK Navy Blue
6-Strand 824 V DK Blue 6-Strand 825 DK Blue 6-Strand 826 MD Blue
6-Strand 827 V LT Blue 6-Strand 828 Ultra V V LT 6-Strand 829 V DK Golden Olive
6-Strand 830 DK Golden Olive 6-Strand 831 MD Golden Olive 6-Strand 832 Golden Olive
6-Strand 833 LT Golden Olive 6-Strand 834 V LT Golden Olive 6-Strand 838 V DK Beige Brown
6-Strand 839 DK Beige Brown 6-Strand 840 MD Beige Brown 6-Strand 841 LT Beige Brown
6-Strand 842 V LT Beige Brown 6-Strand 844 Ultra DK Beaver Gray 6-Strand 869 V DK Hazelnut Brown
6-Strand 890 Ultra DK Pistachio Green 6-Strand 891 DK Carnation 6-Strand 892 MD Carnation
6-Strand 893 LT Carnation 6-Strand 894 V LT Carnation 6-Strand 895 V DK Hunter Green
6-Strand 898 V DK Coffee Brown 6-Strand 899 MD Rose 6-Strand 900 DK Burnt Orange
6-Strand 902 V DK Garnet 6-Strand 904 V DK Parrot Green 6-Strand 905 DK Parrot Green
6-Strand 906 MD Parrot Green 6-Strand 907 LT Parrot Green 6-Strand 909 V DK Emerald Green
6-Strand 910 DK Emerald Green 6-Strand 911 MD Emerald Green 6-Strand 912 LT Emerald Green
6-Strand 913 MD Nile Green 6-Strand 915 DK Plum 6-Strand 917 MD Plum
6-Strand 918 DK Red Copper 6-Strand 919 Red Copper 6-Strand 920 MD Copper
6-Strand 921 Copper 6-Strand 922 LT Copper 6-Strand 924 V DK Gray Green
6-Strand 926 MD Gray Green 6-Strand 927 LT Gray Green 6-Strand 928 V LT Gray Green
6-Strand 930 DK Antique Blue 6-Strand 931 MD Antique Blue 6-Strand 932 LT Antique Blue
6-Strand 934 Black Avocado Green 6-Strand 935 DK Avocado Green 6-Strand 936 V DK Avocado Green
6-Strand 937 MD Avocado Green 6-Strand 938 Ultra DK Coffee Brown 6-Strand 939 V DK Navy Blue
6-Strand 943 MD Aquamarine 6-Strand 945 Tawny 6-Strand 946 MD Burnt Orange
6-Strand 947 Burnt Orange 6-Strand 948 V LT Peach 6-Strand 950 LT Desert Sand
6-Strand 951 LT Tawny 6-Strand 954 Nile Green 6-Strand 955 LT Nile Green
6-Strand 956 Geranium 6-Strand 957 Pale Geranium 6-Strand 958 DK Seagreen
6-Strand 959 MD Seagreen 6-Strand 961 DK Dusty Rose 6-Strand 962 MD Dusty Rose
6-Strand 963 Ultra V LT Dusty 6-Strand 964 LT Seagreen 6-Strand 966 MD Baby Green
6-Strand 967 V LT Apricot 6-Strand 970 LT Pumpkin 6-Strand 971 Pumpkin
6-Strand 972 Deep Canary 6-Strand 973 Bright Canary 6-Strand 975 DK Golden Brown
6-Strand 976 MD Golden Brown 6-Strand 977 LT Golden Brown 6-Strand 986 V DK Forest Green
6-Strand 987 DK Forest Green 6-Strand 988 MD Forest Green 6-Strand 989 Forest Green
6-Strand 991 DK Aquamarine 6-Strand 992 LT Aquamarine 6-Strand 993 V LT Aquamarine
6-Strand 995 DK Electric Blue 6-Strand 996 MD Electric Blue 6-Strand B5200 Snow White
6-Strand Ecru Ecru 6-Strand White White

Presenting 35 new Colors of DMC Floss! 35 NEW DMC Flosses... They're Here!!!.
Presenting 35 new Colors of DMC Floss!The 35 new colors are being released in a metal tin. Once you take your threads out of it, it'll make a neat little traveling tin for scissors, threaders and needles!

Inspired by contemporary color trends, supposedly these are going to match lots of our available linens... not much info on that as of now.

These WILL be available OPEN STOCK... this means you can purchase any of these singly if need be.
Presenting 35 new Colors of DMC Floss!The last batch of 'new flosses' came a few years ago in a boxed set and those are STILL not available singly. So... this is a lovely surprise!

Color numbers will begin at 001 and go through 035. We have them all, and are starting to ship!

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