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Several nice options of needles... you use what YOU like best for your task.
  • Make sure the eye of the needle doesn't pinch your thread too much and damage it. Get a large enough eye size.
  • For Cross Stitch, the eye of the needle is supposed to be large enough to create the space for your thread to pass through the fabric without it dragging too much and causing damage.
  • Still unsure about size you need? Just ask us and we can choose for you!

John James Gold Plated Tapestry Needles - click for more
John James Gold Plated Tapestry Needles
Nickel under gold, Tapestry needles feature a dull point to 'roll over' your fabric threads to find the hole easily.

Size 20 and 22 work great for larger Pearl cottons (like for the Shepherd's Bush Stockings on the 18ct linen). Size 24 is generally for 14/28ct.

John James Nickel Tapestry Needles - click for more
John James Tapestry Needles
Same sizes, dull points as the Gold Plated.

John James Bead Embroidery Needles - click for more
John James Bead Embroidery Needles
Teeny-tiny needles to fit a standard seed bead. You might find an Ultra-fine threader is helpful to thread them! The Ball Points feature a small ball point - like an ink pen - to help glide over the threads and find the hole.

*Note: The Pat's Favorite Needles #28 will also fit a seed bead. Larger eye, they simply come in larger packages, so pricing can be the issue.)

John James Petite GOLD Needles - click for more    
Gold-plated Petite Tapestry Needles

(Chenille Needles are Tapestry needles with that large eye but a VERY sharp point. They are great for wool applique hand-stitching.
The needle is sharp enough to go through the wools and felts, and the eye is large enough to hold heavy thread and make the hole large enough for the thread.)
NOTE! Supplies are limited to the ones you see listed in the dropdown below... at least for now!

Bohin Tapestry Needles - click for more
Bohin of France
Nickel plated steel... dull point.

Platinum Needles - click to see more Platinum Needles
John James has run out of Platinum Needles, and because costs have risen so much, will not be plating more. Yarn Tree, one of our industry distributors, purchased their back-stock that were loose -- just bulk -- and re-packaged them in their cool little screw-top clear plastic needle vials! So, now we have Platinum Tapestry Needles again!!! ('till these are gone, too!)

Some stitchers have allergies to nickel -- the normal plating on needles -- so Platinum is a more comfortable stitching option. (Do your needles get brown-ish (tarnished) and draggy??? If so, you are probably allergic to nickel!) So... for a happy time, we have Tapestry Needles available in #24 for 14/28 counts, #26 for 32-ish counts and #28 for smaller count fabrics.

Ball Point Needles by Sullivan's -- click to see more Ball Point Needles by Sullivan's -- click to see more Have you tried the new Ball Point Needles? Now Available in #26 and #28, Too!
By Sullivans, these little babies are really DIFFERENT! They actually have a tapered tip, with a tiny ball point on the end. That little ball glides over your fabric threads and goes right into the holes easier than a regular tapestry needle! Then, because of the funny-shaped tip... if you want to use them to rip out stitches, that tip grabs your threads very easily!

Offered in packs of 2 needles, each... we had only the #24's, but #26 and #28 have now arrived. Get a pack, see what you think!

English Tapestry Needles by Scarlet Today -- click to see more English Tapestry Needles from Scarlet Today
Another brand option in needles... these are *High Quality English Needles* by Scarlet Today.

If you look at her logo... you'll see Carol Burnett's famous Scarlet O'Hara coming down the stairs with her curtain rod dress - you know - 'the one she saw in the window, and just had to have!'

The 8 needles come packaged in a very unpolitically correct package these days as well - a MATCHBOOK sleeve! Super fun, and of course, functional!!! Offered in sizes 20, 22, 24 and a mixed set - 2 of each size.

Needle ID Cards - click for more Needle ID Cards - click for more
Needle ID Cards
Wow... this is a neat new 'gadget-y' Stitching Aid! Super-functional, this is a set of 6 cards approx 2 x 3-1/2 inches in size that help you identify your needles! Presented in a frosted plastic envelope (stays clean and organized and unbent in your stitching bag) each of the 6 heavy-card stock cards features a bit of needle history on one side, as well as the specific properties of its featured needle. On the reverse, you'll find images of actual-sized needles, along with their particular size. Now you can identify all those stray needles you have poked into your cushions.

BUT, BUT, BUT, what is also really cool about this set of cards, is simple information. If you have a pattern that calls for a particular needle -- like a Milliners in a size 5 -- here is a picture of one -- its exact size. You can tell what it's supposed to look like, and if you have another needle in your stash that will work for the task. Very cool little cards to ID Betweens, Chenille, Sharps, Milliners, English Crewel Embroidery and Tapestry! Every Stitcher would love a set of these!!!!

Needle Grabbers - click for more
Needle Grabbers
Totally handy little silicone disks... these are just like miniature jar openers... for your fingers and a stubborn needle. Nothing fancy - just functional!

Package of three, disks are shown in the pic next to a quarter so you can gauge their size - 1-1/2 inches in diameter.

Clear Magnetic Needle Keeper Boxes -- click to see a moreClear Magnetic Needle Keeper Boxes
These are super-simple but SUPER needle organizers! 1-1/4 wide x 3 long x 3/8 of an inch high, these are plastic boxes with white magnetic material lining the bottom. You can see through the lid to know what's inside. The magnetic bottom holds your needles in place along with any metal needle threaders you put in them. Here's the cool part... you can LABEL these as to size of needle!!!!!

They're small and only $2.95 each... so get a box for each needle size and you CAN TELL WHAT YOU HAVE!!!! Small enough for sewing cases, lightweight for stitching totes, I like that I can SEE what's inside and I can LABEL it if I want!

The Calendar Series from Buttermilk BasinWhite Emery
99% Pure Aluminum Oxide... this is a super-fine grain emery abrasive powder that is used to stuff pin cushions and scissor fobs. A beautiful, clean white color... it's a cleaner, brighter filler than the traditional grey-black emery previously in our market.

Offered in a 4-oz package... 4 Tablespoons-ish to me... along with the emery material... you are treated to a WONDERFUL history and explanation of emery! (Rubies and Sapphires are made from the same substance... since the middle of the 1500's, there has been a need for this abrasive substance to clean steel needles. An entire page of really interesting info about this historic product is included, and I really, really enjoyed reading it!

Anyway, this powder is super-heavy to your hand, and is generally used as a needle-cleaning agent. It feels really good in your hand... as it weights your tiny fobs and cushions perfectly! Get some for your stash, to use for neat cushions, fobs and special sewing cases!

Ultra Punch Needles - click to see more Ultra Punch Needles are BACK!
After a stressful discontinuation of these in the Punch Needle Industry... the right people did the right things to get these made again... and back into the market place! Ultra-Punch needles have been around for something like 50 years... definitely a longtime favorite needle.

The complete set is presented with the small, medium (installed in the needle), and large tips and two threaders, and very comprehensive 6-page instruction book.

Ultra Punch Extra Tip Set - click to see more I read through that little booklet - it tells you everything you ever wanted to know (or possibly not!) about the needle, changing tips, threading, fabrics to use and how to transfer designs, the hoops you need, setting the loop length, holding the needle, then... into the actual punching, sculpting, cutting, brushing... whew! It's all there!

We also have the three-tip EXTRA sets available, just the three tips - no main needle shaft, no booklet, no threaders.

Needle-Safe -- click to see a moreNeedle-Safe
These have been around 'since the beginning of time!' 2-1/4 x 4-1/2 x 5/8 an inch in size... they are pretty plain looking, but SUPER handy! Opening it up, you'll find both sides are lined with magnets to hold needles. I have my scissors with a little fob on them in there... needles, threaders, a little highlighter sheet, a small crystal nail can get a lot of stuff on one of these! Now, the hinge is plastic. The minute you drop this for the first time, it will break.

There isn't a shopowner in sight at a class at Market that isn't carrying around one of these that broke in their shop! We all have 'em... complete with rubber band around them... 'cause they're still good -- even with a broken hinge! Kind of like a 'rite of passage!' I whip mine out of my stitching bag going thru the metal detectors at the airport, and it ALWAYS goes thru with no problems! Definitely an 'Old Faithful!'

Ultra-Fine (Beading) Threader
A super-duper thin wire in melted into this plastic threader, securely attached to thread teeny needles, perfectly! Used in quilting, beadwork, heirloom sewing and fine needlework, the super-fine, diamond-shaped wire is designed for threading 'Betweens #12,' 'Sharps #11 and 12,' Milliners #11, and Beading #10 & 12. Absolutely wonderful... you'll want these to keep in every needlecase you own! Ours are packaged 2 to a pack, in a clear, protective plastic case, which includes an outer sleeve. Really cool!

Ultra-Fine Threader

All-Purpose Threader
A great all-around needle threader... these will thread Tapestry needles as well as many others. The durable design features a wire that is fused into the plastic housing, along with a recessed cutting blade on the opposite end! There is even a small hole provided in case you want to attach it to a favorite chatelaine or project! Ours are packaged in pairs in a protective plastic sleeve and case. Very handy!

All-Purpose Threader

Needlework Threader
The heavy-duty version of our other two threaders, this one is perfect for Tapestry and Chenille needles. Used for needlepoint, cross-stitch, hardanger and embroidery, it's perfect for perle cottons, yarn, ribbons and specialty threads (like some of the heavier Rainbow Gallery ones!). The square design of the threader allows the thread to 'spread out' as it passes through the eye of the needle, so there is much less stress, (and less breakage later on!) It features a recessed cutting blade, as well as a hole for attachment to a chatelaine or sewing case. Packaged by the pair in a wonderful clear plastic protective sleeve... they slip into a clear case for extra protection.

Needlework Threader

The Threader Collection
A trio of needle threaders, each with a specific use. Specially packaged for The Silver Needle in a handy, clear storage sleeve. $7.50 pkg.

Ultra-Fine: for quilting and beading needles.

All Purpose: a good general use threader with a built-in cutter.

Heavy-Duty Threader: for larger threads and delicate fibers, too. Also has a built-in cutter.

The Threader Collection

Needle ID Cards - click for more Favorite Needle Threaders
This threader has been the favorite for 'just-forever!' Formerly known as a *Muriel*... (named after the lady that designed then, I believe) you just found a new best friend! Muriel passed away several years ago, I remember something about the family not continuing with her product... we 'lost track' of them for several years... and found them again!

Just a flat, thin, lightweight metal needle threader, perfect for thick and thin threads, the hole in the center allows you to teather your *Muriel* to anything else to keep track of her! Measuring just 3/4 x 1-3/4 of an inch... paper thin... this little baby fits anywhere and is a great help. Don't know if it is because it is solid and the holes to thread your thread through are so much easier to see than wire threaders, or the fact that there is NOTHING to break on these that make them so good, they have just always been the *Go To* Threader!

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