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This is an alphabetical listing of the entire Weeks Dye Works Overdyed Floss Collection. Packaged in 5-yard, continous-length skeins, each color is overdyed with various colors, to produce monochromatic blends, as well as medleys of coordinating colors -- some to match the seasons! Weeks overdyeds are great to use for twisted cord finishing, too, as they are available in a continuous length.

Did You Know...
  • Weeks Dye Works is a certified Green Dye House! Info about our dyes follows... very interesting news!!!
  • Weeks Dye Works is going COLORFAST! Info about our new dying procedures and labeling info... more very interesting news!!!
Read all about it here!

  • NOW!!! Also available for online ordering... Weeks Perle 5!

    To make your selections, just fill in the number of skeins you want in the little boxes, and hit the submit button to have them added into your cart. $2.50 each.

    At the bottom of this page, you'll find the seasonal and limited release bundles of floss that sell as sets.

    Absinthe Adobe Amber
    Americana Amethyst Angel Hair
    Aqua Artichoke Autumn Leaves
    Azaleas Aztec Red Baked Apple
    Bark Basil Battleship
    BayBerry Beachcomber Bees Knees
    Begonia Beige Berry Splash
    Bethlehem Blackboard Blaze
    Blue Bonnet Blue Heron Blue Jeans
    Blue Spruce Blue Topaz Bluecoat Blue
    Bluecoat Red Bordeaux Boysenberry
    Brick Bright Leaf Bubble Gum
    Bullfrog Busy Lizzie Butter Bean
    Buttercup Cadet Calypso
    Camellia Candy Apple Caper
    Cappucino Capri Caribbean
    Carrot Cattail Cayenne
    Celadon Celebration Chablis
    Charcoal Charlottes Pink Chartreuse
    Cherub Chesapeake Chestnut
    Chickpea Chrysanthemum Cinnabar
    Cinnamon Twist Citronella Clam Shell
    Clockwork Cocoa Cognac
    Collards Conch Concord
    Confederate Gray Confetti Copper
    Cornsilk Cranberry Ice Crepe Myrtle
    Crimson Curry Cypress
    Daffodil Dahlia Daylily
    Deep Sea Dirt Road Dolphin
    Dove Dried Sage Driftwood
    Dutch Iris Eggplant Emerald
    Emma's Pink Envy Father's Day
    Fathom Fawn Fiesta
    Fire Flatfish Foliage
    Galvanized Garnet Garrison Green
    Gold Goldenrod Grape Ice
    Grape Vine Grapefruit Graphite
    Grasshopper Grits Guacamole
    Gunmetal Havana Hazelnut
    Hibiscus Holly Honeysuckle
    Hunter Icicle Indian Summer
    Iris Island Breeze Ivy
    Jay Bird Juniper Kentucky Bluegrass
    King Mackerel Kohl Kris Bon Bon
    Kudzu Lagoon Lancaster Red
    Liberty Lichen Light Khaki
    Lilac Linen Loden
    London Fog Louisiana Hot Sauce Love
    Lucky Madison Rose Malachite
    Marigold Marmalade Mascara
    Meadow Merlin Merlot
    Mermaid Michaels Navy Mocha
    Molasses Monkey Grass Moonglow
    Morris Blue Moss Mothers Day
    Mulberry Navy Noel
    Oak Ocean Old Glory
    Olive Onyx Oscar
    Oyster Palomino Pamlico
    Parchment Paris Green Pea Coat
    Peach Peach Cobbler Peach Fuzz
    Pebble Pecan Pelican Grey
    Peony Peoria Purple Pepperoncini
    Periwinkle Pink Sand Pistachio
    Plum Porpoise Pumpkin
    Purple Haze Purple Majesty Purple Rain
    Putty Raspberry Raspberry Tart
    Red Pear Red Rocks River Rock
    Roasted Fig Romance Rum Raisin
    Rust Saffron Sage
    Sallys Sunshine Saltwater Taffy Sand
    Sandcastle Sanguine Santa Claus
    Santa Cruz Santorini Schneckley
    Scuppermong Sea Foam Sea Glass
    Seagull Seaweed Shepard's Blue
    Skinny Dip Sky Snowflake
    Sophia's Pink Spanish Moss Spring Bouquet
    Spumoni Squash Stepping Stone
    Stone Straw Strawberry Fields
    Sugar Plum Sunset Swamp Water
    Sweet Potato Sweetheart Rose Swiss Chocolate
    Taffeta Tarragon Tatanka
    Taupe Terra Cotta Terrapin
    Thyme Tiger's Eye Tin Roof
    Tobacco Road Trick or Treat Trick or Treat
    Turkish Red Turquiose Twilight
    Ultraviolet Union Blue Verdigris
    Watermelon Punch Whiskey White Lightning
    Whitewash Williamsburg Williamsburg Blue
    Williamsburg Red

  • Hand-dyed Linens from Weeks Dyd Works - click to see more Hand-dyed Linens
    from Weeks Dye WorksWow... Weeks Dye Works dyes 30, 32, 35, 36 and 40ct linens following the color recipes of their overdyed flosses... so now you can complement linen colors to threads in your project! The consistent colors make project planning easier, because you know what color your hand-dyed linen is going to be!

    We do custom-cut linens in the shop, but for the sake of easier ordering through the shopping cart, we're offering 'Fat Quarter' cuts in our drop-downs. An approximate 18 x 27 inch size, you'll get plenty to work multiple projects -- easy to cut in half and share with a stitching friend, too!

    We can also cut design-size pieces for you. Prices are figured at .09 per square inch, except the 40ct and it is .10 per square inch of your custom-cut piece. So if you need a custom cut, just tell us in the comments box of the order form or the fabrics write-in box at the top of the Supplies page.
    Weeks Wools in Small Samplings! -- click for more

    Don't miss the wonderful Weeks Dye Works Hand-Dyed Wool fabrics, too!

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