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OMG Tree from Dirty Annie's - click for more Peppermint Bark from Dirty Annie's - click for more
Peppermint Bark and OMG Tree from Dirty Annie's
Here are two smaller designs by Dirty Annie's that will make fun ornaments for your Christmas tree!
  • Peppermint Bark uses just 3 colors - choose the hand-dyeds called for or red, white and green from your stash... it measures 84 stitches square. On 40 over one - 2 inches, 36 over two - 4-1/2, 14ct - it'll be 6 x 6... so choose a fabric you like and can see! Wouldn't it be fun to finish this with a pocket on the back to hold a candy cane or two? You could even make a box - with an open top - to offer canes!
  • OMG Tree - Aren't you the most thoughtful cat-owner? This little thing measures 65 stitches square on 36 - over two, 3-1/2 inches, on 14ct - 4-1/2. The chart comes with those 5 little red wooden cut-out ornament embellishment for the tree... (something for kitty to try to chew off!) Coded for hand-dyed, but easy to convert to DMC, you could even use Simply Wool for that cat - and choose a color to match him!

Samplings of Lace - Summer - click for more Palace of the Winds - click for more New Designs from Jan Hicks - Samplers of Floral and Lace
  • Palace of the Winds is a pretty piece that has arrived this season - it is full of glorious flowing borders and florals with that half-circle motif in the center stealing the show. Stitch all in one piece or break up into smaller cushions or folded sewing cases. Jan has done this in two different colorways, and has the links inside the chart to the video tutorial dealing with variegated and hand-dyed threads. Manipulating them, learning how to make color decisions based on what's coming next on the strand, and where your chart is going. Maybe skip the variegated totally for a design! Fascinating stuff, and a really pretty design to learn with! Stitched in its entirety, it finishes approx 13 x 14 on 36ct.
  • Samplings of Lace - Summer - Just three small cushions! The featured colors are DMC 153, 550 and 552. Choose a hand-dyed or trio of solids... but maybe choose your trim first so that potential nightmare is avoided! Three ideas for those multiple motifs in Palace of the Winds - Stitch just bits and make a set of cushions instead of the big framed piece! Surely you have an empty elegant silver tray or pretty dish somewhere that's waiting for garnish!

Deck the Coop Pinkeep from Stacy Nash -- click to see more
Deck the Coop Pinkeep from Stacy Nash
Well, nothing wrong with hanging Christmas lights on the chicken coop in the backyard!

Grab a cut of your favorite neutral linen and some Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed flosses of Schneckley, Cocoa, Sanguine, Tin Roof, Grits, Oscar, Red Rocks, Lily Pad and Charcoal...and stitch this cute pinkeep. It'll finish a generous 7 x 7-1/2 on 40ct!

Love Lives Here from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Love Lives Here from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Love Lives Here from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Love Lives Here from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Love Lives Here from Teresa Kogut!
Nine designs in here - All use DMC, all on different counts and fabrics! This book includes the charts and finished stitched pics for all of these!
This Small Sampler, Basket of Joy, Love Lives Here, Our Whimsey Housse, Home, My Big Bird, Tweet House, Quilter's Home and Saltbox!

Flurry from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Flurry from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Flurry from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Flurry from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Flurry from Teresa Kogut!
This book includes 9 designs as well! Stitched models all shown inside by the charts, all are stitched on various fabrics and counts - all using DMC!
Flurry includes Snow Family, Welcome, World Go Round, Snow Clown, Pray for Peace, Winter Bouquet, Merry Birthday Jesus, Bearing Gifts and Be Merry.

Let Love Reign from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Let Love Reign from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Let Love Reign from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Let Love Reign from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Let Love Reign from Teresa Kogut!
Three designs in this book as well.
The main sampler, Let Love Reign, has two smaller designs to compliment it - Love Your Family and How Much I Love You.

Gather from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Thoughts & Dreams from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Thoughts & Dreams from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Newcastle Bouquet Biscornu from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Madonna & Child - A Work of Heart from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
  • Gather from Teresa Kogut
    Three designs in this book... love, love them... all coded for DMC. YOU choose color and count you like best to stitch them!
    Book includes ABC123, Gather, and Sally Emerson.
  • Thoughts & Dreams from Teresa Kogut
    Three designs in this book too!
    Daydream Believer, My Darling and Flowers or Weeds.
  • Newcastle Bouquet Biscornu from Teresa Kogut
    I am a little confused by this one... cover shows one-two-sided design, but then 3 more below... with no other information.
    Jury is still out on this one... but i think you get all 4 designs in the book!
  • Madonna & Child - A Work of Heart from Teresa Kogut
    This gorgeous design belongs with Teresa's Angels! SUPER DETAILED stitching in these... they are not easy to follow, but so worth the effort if you can do them! Solid stitching, color changes everywhere - choose any fabric you like!
    Madonna and Child measures 126 x 135 so finishes approx 8 x 10 on 32ct.

Floral Fantasy Designs by Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill! - click for more
Floral Fantasy Designs by Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill
Mill Hill is releasing 4 new lavish floral designs by Debbie Mumm - adapted to Cross Stitch. Available as Mill Hill kits, each is stitched on either the very pastel Touch of Yellow or Touch of Blue 14ct Aida fabrics using DMC flosses, and then garnished with Mill Hill glass beads.
Very 'Spring-y and Happy,' they are large, and finish almost 8 inches square! The frames in the pictures are available by special order.

Spring Forest Scrapbook from The Blue Flower and Lindy Stitches -  click for more Spring Forest Scrapbook from The Blue Flower and Lindy Stitches -  click for more Spring Forest Scrapbook combination from The Blue Flower and Lindy Stitches -  click for more
Spring Forest Scrapbook from Lindy Stitches and The Blue Flower
This is a collaboration design between Blue Flower Designs and Lindy Stitches. You might remember their Saltwater Scrapbook piece last year... this year's is bursting with the new spring animals in the forest. Presented in two charts (each is available separately, so you will need to order both to get all 9 panels) - Jeannine from Blue Flower has contributed the snail delivering spring blooms, racoons under their umbrellas, a lazy bear, and pair of sleeping foxes. Stephanie from LS did the deer, that awesome grasshopper tipping his hat to the ladybug, the birds, bees and butterflies, and finally those darling hedgehogs.

You can stitch each of these 3 x 3 (61 x 61) pieces individually, or join them together... depends on your finishing talents! Choose a pretty light blue fabric, a fat quarter will do all either framed or singly. All are stitched with various hand-dyeds and coded for DMC as well. I just love the different animals, and all the pretty colors - such a refreshing collection of charm!

Mill Hill Presents Autumn and Halloween 2022!
The New Button & Bead and smaller Autumn Harvest Collections are on the way!
Autumn 2022 Button and Bead Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
The Autumn Button & Bead Kits are the 5 x 5 inch designs. Worked on 14ct perforated paper, you can easily convert to fabric stitching if you want a different finish. Sunflower Garden features sunny yellow and lavender colors. Potions & Spells should creep you out for Halloween! Autumn Bench is the next installment in the Country Lane collection - we have 6 or 7 other designs to coordinate with this peaceful autumn scene, including a covered bridge and water mill. Broom Parking is a whimsical Halloween scene. Fall Beach is for all you lucky Near-The-Water-People who get to enjoy the beach year round, and Haunted Tower features a wonderful shaded sky with circling bat silouettes! Kits include the chart, flosses, beads, paper, needles and hand-painted Mill Hill ceramic button embellishment.
The Autumn Harvest Collection 2022 Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
The Autumn Harvest Collection includes the 3 x 3-ish designs. Batty is a up-side-down bat taking a snooze! Give Thanks makes a great fridge magnet - good seasonal advice! The Eyeball Martini looks interesting... mailbox and apple tree are cute, and that spooky cage looks very dramatic!

The New Spring 2022 Mill Hill Bead Kits are here!
  • Spring 2022 Garden Gnomes Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
    Garden Gnomes is a darling new set of the small ornament-sized designs - these would be perfect stuck on a wooden skewer and used as plant pokes! Presented as full kits of the perf paper, all the beads and flosses, there is a brass charm in each as well. Three gnomes and three little cottage houses to match them!
  • The 2022 Spring Bouquet Series Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
    The 2022 Spring Bouquet Series is cute!
    Presented as full kits of the chart, needle, threads, beads and Mill Hill glass Treasure charm, they all measure about 3 x 3. More fun plant pokes or magnets for your fridge or file cabinet... or Christmas Tree next year! We laughed, WHY one need a stitched TACO? Why to go with the pizza slice and hamburger and all the other cute food ornaments they've done in the past! Might be a fun vacation momento too!

Nevermore from Lila's Studio Spring Quaker from Lila's Studio
Spring Quaker and Nevermore from Lila's Studio
Lila's Studio has two new designs... both are full, full, full of busy-ness and are tremendously eyecatching!
  • Spring Quaker reminds that 'No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.' Pretty Quaker motifs all around, that commanding alphabet, the sweet rabbits down at the bottom, and the pretty village scene in the center, the whole thing is very colorful, happy and pretty. Charted for DMC and Classic Colorworks hand-dyeds, on 36ct, this will finish a generous 12 x 15! This will NOT get lost on the wall!
  • Nevermore is inspired by the narrative poem 'The Raven' by Edgar Allan Poe. Coded for hand-dyeds, the dark colors against the slightly mangy light background with touches of the golden moon colors, make it so striking. Finishing approx 8 x 12 on 40ct... I just love those intricate zig-zag borders!

Fabulous Florals-Diamond Quilt POUCH Set of 2 by Kaffe Fassett -  click for more Fabulous Floral Puzzle by Kaffe Fassett -  click for more Diamond Quilt Puzzle by Kaffe Fassett -  click for more
Pretty Plastic-Papery Pouches from Kaffe Fassett
Help stay organized with this pair of recycled-materials zipper topped pouches! They are made from recycled water bottles! Decorated with the artwork of Kaffe Fassett, the smaller pouch measures 5 x 8 and features his 'Fabulous Florals' Quilt. The larger zip pouch measures 6 x 9 and is covered with Kaffe's 'Diamond Quilt' pattern.

Then, just for fun, I ordered a few matching PUZZLES! I know - nothing to do with cross stitch. But the Holidays and family visits always mean puzzles, and I couldn't pass these by! A quilter you love would LOVE one of these! The Puzzles are 1000 pieces, and finish about 20 x 29-1/2.

Santa Baby by Sew Emma - click to see more Santa Baby by Sew Emma - click to see more Santa Baby
from Sew Emma
Isn't he the jolliest guy? Stitch this retro Santa on anything darker than white material - so his beard shows up - OR do him ON white and don't STITCH any of the white!

The subtle gray curves gives his whole face and beard its shape... such a fun design. Measuring 91 x 91 in stitch count - he finishes approx 6 inches square on 14ct. The chart includes information about the frame and fabrics used in the finishing.

Miniature Sampler Pin Drums from Olde Colonial -- click to see more Waiting for Santa Sampler Pin Drum Kit from Olde Colonial -- click to see more
Miniature Sampler Pin Drums from Olde Colonial Designs
Oh my gosh, these are the CUTEST little cushions! Designed by Olde Colonial's Kelly, each is stitched on one-inch wide 26ct German linen banding. The cut of band in the kit in only 6 inches long... so when rolled, your tiny drum is only that 1-inch high by approx 1-1/2 inches wide. You are stitching with one thread of floss over one thread on the band... so each design is full of tiny details. We have three different designs so far... more are in the works... but get these stitched first!

Smelling the Daisies has bunnies in their flower garden.
Waiting for Santa has tiny evergreens and reindeer on it.
Grazing in the Grass has sheep and a little cow amidst the summer flags.
Presented as kits of the chart, banding, Skirtex and interfacings, topper and bottom wool felts and boards, and warm and natural for puffy... Pam has great photos in here of her finishing process. All you need to add are the bits (and I mean BITS) of floss. Just the sweetest little things... you can see my hand in the pic to gauge their charming size!

New Samplers by Brenda Keyes of The Sampler Company are on the way to us!

Tall Ships by Brenda Keyes -- click to see a larger view! Dwelling Place Sampler by Brenda Keyes -- click to see a larger view!
  • Dwelling Place measures 204 x 205 in stitch count. It features a relaxed and winding floral border that surrounds the grandest of houses! Can you see 2021 stitched in Roman Numerals up on the roof? Kind of looks like a widow's walk!
  • Tall Ships measures 287 x 287. It's full of tiny motifs, a little village, a church, cool ships and even a mermaid. The verse reads: I must go down to the sea again. To the lovely sea and sky, and all I ask if a tall ship and a star to steer her by.
Both are presented as charts. They look good on just about anything you choose... we have some of hers stitched on 28ct Lugana over one - with a half cross - and they are stunning. Buttttt... you choose what you like best to work with - they are coded for DMC floss.

Do it Yourself Stitch People 2nd Edition from Stitch People - click to see more
Stitch People Books
Wow, this is a really neat set of 7 books that, between them all, offer you literally thousands of different motifs to customize your own stitching project. We're showing you one of them here... click through to see the rest... it's definitely worth it!

The idea is to choose specific motifs from the entries to make your own family, vacation, or event pieces. You can use your own vacation pics or special event pics as the guide and stitch a memory that REALLY LOOKS LIKE YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR PIC!

Each book is spiral bound and printed in full color on heavy pages. The charts are huge, and as I mentioned, each book includes hundreds of individual options.

Sea Box by Rovaris of Italy! - click to see more Sea Box from Rovaris
*Sea* is stitched in the middle of this charming 5 x 7-ish stitched medley of underwater critters and foliage. Seahorses, a crab, and a big octopus... it's a busy little underwater scene.

Along with the chart, you get this cool 7 x 7 x 2-ish inch wooden tray. It features that display area for your stitched cushion, and three holes to hold your needlework implements.

Livia is including the striped finishing fabric you see, and a bunch of cute seaside charms that are dangling there off the cushion. The two included wood tools supplied are one seam ripper and one frogger.
Antrim's Folly from Hearts Ease Examplar Workes - click to see more

Antrim's Folly
by Heart's Ease Examplar Workes
This has been one of Theresa Baird's exclusive class pieces that is now available in chart format. Just a gorgeous piece, Theresa's inspiration came from a Betty Ring sampler that sold at a Sotheby's auction for over a million dollars in 2012.

She was enchanted by the mansion with the cedar trees, the barnyard with the animals, the young lady sitting straight and proud atop a horse, the farmhouse on the hill, and the flanking baskets of fruits and flowers.

It measures 257 x 355, and is worked in silks. The chart is 38 pages... it is full of stitch diagram detail, and actual close-up pics of some areas. Not for the faint of stitcher - not the quickest stitch either! Just an EXQUISITE needlework design to tantalize the brave!
Lobstah Dinnah Ornament from The Elegant Thread - click to see more
Lobstah Dinnah Ornament
from The Elegant Thread
This is the CUTEST thing! By The Elegant Thread, stitch this cute little red lobster - he's 2 x 3 - and put him inside his mesh cage - he's ready to bring home for dinner! (Or you can hang him on your Christmas Tree, or perch him somewhere in your kitchen!)

Presented as a complete kit, you are stitching him over one thread on 22ct hand-dyed aqua blue linen. It's a pretty coarse weave, so it's not hard to see. Next, sew him together into a little pillow - the red and cream checkered backing fabric and interfacing are included. Then, roll the plastic mesh - included - into his trap, tie him inside there with the bit of included twine... and you're finished! This is SO creative and cute... I'm in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma... I've never set lobster traps in my life, but even I know this is *a winnah!*

Little Berry Thief from Scattered Seed Samplers - click to see more
Little Berry Thief
from Scattered Seed Samplers
This is a sweet berry-shaped pin cushion with a little brown bird nibbling his precious and ripe strawberry. Stitched on 36ct Vintage Country Mocha linen with regular ol' DMC of B5200, 221, 869, 3011 and 3799... it finishes about 3-1/2 x 4-1/2 inches in size.

The chart includes an actual-sized template for the fabric size, and another for the green leaf top. Make that from vintage fabric or some wool. I like that Feather Stitching on the backside, too; it closes your berry!


Yes, there's even MORE!     
Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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