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Key to My Heart Kit from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more Posey Basket from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more Regal Bird Cushion from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more
Gorgeous New Designs from Samplers Not Forgotten's Kimberly Nugent
Kimberly has a soft, floral style.. she's done 3 new pin cushion kits as well as some bigger samplers - in leaflet format.
  • Key to My Heart Kit - A hint of a plaid to the background, this sweet little heart pin cushion is done on 36ct Beige hand-dyed linen with the softest colors of Weeks hand-dyed flosses. Your complete kit will contain the linen, threads, dusty light blue backing fabric, Lady Dot ecru baby rik rak trim and hand-dyed sage rayon ribbon, and a small key (to my heart!) charm - along with the chart and needles. Finishes approx 4 inches in size. Just beautiful!
  • Posey Basket - Another 36ct linen cushion kit - approx 4-1/2 x 6. The linen is Week's Cornsilk, the cottons are dusty medium pastels. Hand-dyed blue ribbon, a medium blue backing fabric and butterfly charm are included along with threads and fabrics... very 'dusty and vintage.'
  • Regal Bird Cushion - Brighter colors on this - yet an aged look too. Complete kit of all deeper, yet dusty Weeks flosses, there is a deep berry-colored ribbon to rouche the edges, and a matching bit of finishing fabric for the back. There is also a heart charm included that you might not see in the picture. Finishes approx 4 x 5.

Meowmas from Stitchy Prose - click to see more Meowster Mash from Stitchy Prose - click to see more
Meowster Mash and Merry Meowmas! For you Cat Lovers!
from Stitchy Prose
A Pair of Cute Biscornu Designs by Stitchy Prose... Work these on any fabric you like - they measure 60 x 60 in stitch count - so will finish about 4 inches on 14ct. Coded for DMC, they feature little kitties all dressed up for the seasons, and they are CUTE!
  • Meowster Mash has a Ghost cat, a Frankenstein cat, and one wearing a cape.
  • Meowmas is even cuter... it has a snowman cat, a reindeer cat, and even a Santa Cat! Real different, each is presented in chart format.
PuntiniPuntini 2023 Squirrel Pin Trio - click to see more
2023 Squirrel Pin Trio
PuntiniPuntini 2023 Ladybug Pin Trio - click to see more
2023 Ladybug Pin Trio
PuntiniPuntini 2023 Spring Pin Trio - click to see more
2023 Spring Pin Trio
PuntiniPuntini 2023 Seashore Pin Trio - click to see more
2023 Seashore Pin Trio
4 Tiny Pin Sets from PuntiniPuntini
Paola hand-makes all her own clay buttons and pins. Such pretty shading is created by layers and layers of slightly different colored polymer clay that she stacks together and shapes to create her clay 'canes.' Each little 'thing' is a cross-slice of that cane... delightful to watch the process.

Anyway, her things are charming, and while they do not have specific designs to go with them, they are delightful and can poke into anything just on their own! Sets of 3 pins, we have baby squirrels, ladybugs, a spring medley and seashells with a sailboat. I bet you can think of numerous different cushion designs for these.

Make a Wish by The Purple Thread - click to see more Mend and Make Do by The Purple Thread - click to see more Heart to Heart by The Purple Thread - click to see more
Four Fun Smalls from The Purple Thread
Ms Sharon was busy this season creating 4 darling new small projects... she always presents them in kit format with the coolest little embellishments and materials!
  • Make a Wish - This is a tiny Birthday Cake scissor fob! Stitched on 32ct white with DMC, it's garnished with a tiny silver flower charm. Sharon says she stitches these for all her Stitching Friends on their birthdays. Her complete kit contains the chart, needle, charm threads, pink mini-rik-rak and the most delicious fray striped raw silk backing fabric. All you add is stuffing and love! Little Fob finishes 2 x 2.
  • Mend and Make Do - Stitched with only 2 colors, you embellish with cut bits of included wool, pins, a snap, and a couple of buttons. Super cute as a pin cushion, this finishes approx 3 x 4. The complete kit includes the chart, 28 creme Cashel Linen, threads, needle, buttons, hook and eye, snap, beads, the wool... even darling button fabric for the backing and tea-dyed vintage baby rik rak for the edge.
  • Heart to Heart - This one is a ready-made 4-1/2 x 5 zipper pouch that you are embellishing with your needlework. Sharon planned the color of the linen to match the color of the pouch - your threads are butterscotch, teal and fuscia... and the bit of stitching is trimmed and attached to the outside of the pouch with the included lace and shell buttons.
Counting on the Farm from Thistles Make it Bloom from Thistles Autumn Pumpkins from Thistles Halloween Pumpkins from Thistles Christmas Friends from Thistles - click for a larger view
Some Cute Designs by Thistles
All are offered as charts and travel here from The Netherlands!
  • Counting on the Farm - is darling! One farmhouse, 2 horses, 3 tractors, 4 pigs... cows, sheep, goats and chickens round out the yard... all surrounded by a border of drying corn cobs! Can't tell the finished size yet, but Lizbeth does use hand-dyed flosses, so i imagine this is full of great colors. Simply Wools by The Gentle Art would be fun to add to some of the animals!
  • Make it Bloom - A cheerful little log cabin with a blooming yard of colorful flowers! Love it all - charted for DMC.
  • Autumn and Halloween Pumpkins - A unique-ly shaped pin cushion finishing treatment...might be fun to tuck these into a bowl of traditionally-shaped cushions and see if they are discovered! Worked with gentle Art Sampler Threads.
  • Christmas Friends - A row of holiday personality... can't tell much about size on this one, but it is worked with Sampler Threads.
  • My Stitching Project Bag from Thistles My Stitching Project Bag - This is a fun design - a nine-patch of sewing and stitching motifs. Each area is only 3 x 3 - so each would make a cute pin cushion to nestle together in a basket or box. They are stitched with DMC or Gentle Art Sampler Threads.
    Lizbeth finished this with a backside of clear vinyl to make a stitching pouch (shown as the right-hand model). She has finishing instructions in here, but maybe my pictures of the model will help you with visuals. Pretty cute!

Double Crown from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more Garden of Stitches from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more One Nation from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more
From Samplers Not Forgotten:
  • Double Crown - An adaptation from an antique sampler... Kimberly has initials stitched in a different color on here - she's suggesting it as a birth or wedding memory. Stitched size is 10 x 5 on 36ct, everything is worked with Gentle Art Sampler Threads.
  • Garden of Stitches - WOW... this one is an original design, and Kimberly has packed it full of special stitches. Resembling her English and French Garden Samplers - This has 'sections' that you can pull out and stitch individually if you aren't up to the whole thing. The two band samplers and that lush pot of roses... everything is worked with Weeks hand-dyed flosses and measures a petite 9 x 10! It just looks larger than that to me, it was exquisite in person at the Needlework Market! It looks advanced to stitch, but probably isn't too bad, because the rows are close together and short! Shop model coming of this one!
  • One Nation - What a delightful little set of needlebook, cushion and fob smalls. Grab some pretty wool for lining and finishing, everything is done with Weeks hand-dyed flosses on 36ct. Needlebook finishes about 6 x 7 when closed. it is exquisite on the back. I have pictures -- but it's even more charming in person. Lots of detail on here!
Black Crow from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Crab Dance from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Karma Cameleon from Tiny Modernist - click to see more
Tiny Modernists' Black Crow, Crab Dance and Karma Cameleon are a trio of cheerful animal panels.

Each measures 66 stitches square, features that same checkerboard edge, and bright DMC color. (I think you could add beads to these!) Presented as small individual charts.

Summer Sweets Pinkeep from Scattered Seed Samplers - click to see more Little Berry Thief from Scattered Seed Samplers - click to see more Gathering Together Pinkeep from Scattered Seed Samplers - click for more
from Scattered Seed Samplers
  • Little Berry Thief - This is a sweet berry-shaped pin cushion with a little brown bird nibbling his precious and ripe strawberry. Stitched on 36ct Vintage Country Mocha linen with regular ol' DMC of B5200, 221, 869, 3011 and 3799... it finishes about 3-1/2 x 4-1/2 inches in size.

    The chart includes an actual-sized template for the fabric size, and another for the green leaf top. Make that from vintage fabric or some wool. I like that Feather Stitching on the backside, too; it closes your berry!
  • Summer Sweets Pinkeep - Isn't this a pretty thing? Stitched on your choice of count of Country Vintage Mocha linen or aida, this hungry parent is bringing home quite the festive meal for baby!

    Coded for DMC, it'll stitch in a jiff and be a charming addition to your filled bowl of bowl fillers!
  • Gathering Together Pinkeep - Brown and blues... this is stitched with just 5 shades of DMC - 413, 611, 844, 3011 and 3032. It's so bold, yet simple, and finishes 4-1/2 x 8 on 36ct. I think all the curves and the flowing angles of the flowers make this delightful to look at... it's a pretty composition.
  • Tulip Cottage from Luhu Stitches - click to see more Flora's Posies from Luhu Stitches - click to see more Flora's Basket from Luhu Stitches - click to see more Mousy Sweetheart from Luhu Stitches - click to see more
    Presenting Tulip Cottage Collection and Mousy Sweetheart from Luhu Stitches
    Aren't these designs charming?
    The Tulip Cottage set of charts features three designs - the Cottage (big at 8 x 11!) , the spray of flowers - Flora's Posies - (medium at 6-1/2 x 4-3/4) , and the darling little bunny - Flora's Basket - sniffing in her garden. Choose any white or pale pink fabric for these, they are shown finished with Lady Dot trims and velveteen of Berry Crush.
    Mousy Sweetheart is precious too! He's on any light pink and he's holding a cheese Valentine for you! Finishes bitty - and so cute!

    The Seasons in Snowballs from Romy's Creations - click for more   Christmas and Halloween Trains from Romy's Creations - click for more
    2 Designs from Romy's Creations
    • The Seasons in Snowballs: Four little pics all nestled in snowglobe shapes... we think summer is really in a a seashell! Each of the 4 of these is stitched on any hand-dyed light blue fabric you like best... they measure 98 x 77, so will be 5-1/2 x 7 on 14/28ct. I didn't opt for the Romy hand-dyed thread packs... but I think some of the colors might be easy to match to your stash colors. Delightful scenes, each is offered in a separate chart. Please note: the 4 snowglobes really ARE the same dimensions; the pics we have are a bit distorted.
    • Christmas and Halloween Trains - A pair of fun little train cars... each chart has it's three train cars in the pack. Basically finished like pincushions, you could make these into solid little blocks as well - joining them with thread and adding the button wheels. Christmas features Santa as the engineer with Frosty in the caboose... their little train is full of presents. Wouldn't it be cute to make these boxes - with open tops? You could add a 'gift-car' for everyone in the family - stitch their names on each of the cars. Then attach the train, stick it on the kitchen table, and fill each persons little car with something special? Could even do it everyday in December! Halloween could be the same way - The Trick or Treat Train! Make eveybody in the family a car... I love that ghost driving it... and the silly skeleton too!

    Samplings of Lace SPRING from Jan Hicks Creates - click for more Samplings of Lace SUMMER from Jan Hicks Creates - click for more Samplings of Lace AUTUMN from Jan Hicks Creates - click for more Samplings of Lace WINTER from Jan Hicks Creates - click for more
    Samplings of Lace Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter from Jan Hicks Creates
    Oh my gosh, this is a lovely set of 'seasonally colored' lace motif pin cushions. Lovely, gentle flowing designs... each 'season' isn't really 'seasonal' - the colors you work them in simply suggest. You CAN work the Winter set in the pinks of Spring... nobody will be the wiser... so this means that you can choose whichever one of these 4 charts you like best and stitch them in any colors you want!

    Each of the three pieces in each season is the same size across the collection, so they will all mix and match. The smallest square is about 3 inches on 36, the larger square is about 4 inches, and the strawberries are about 2 x 4. Just a really, really pretty offering of coordinating designs - ready for your favoite colors!

    Santa's Moonlight Ride from Counting Puddles  - click to see more Spooktacular Party from Counting Puddles - click to see more Squirrel's Bright White Winter Night Ornaments from Counting Puddles - click to see more Rabbit's Bright White Winter Night Ornaments from Counting Puddles - click to see more Sweet Summertime from Counting Puddles - click to see more
    Several New Designs Coming From New Designer - Counting Puddles!
    • Santa's Moonlight Ride - Grab some darker navy fabric - something you can see on - to create your night sky. There is a lot of stitching on here... but it's Santa, so he's worth it! Measuring 154 x 186 - on 14/28ct this will be 11 x 13. The larger fabric is fine to work this on - it's definitely going to be an annual family favorite - so if your eyes need Aida - GO FOR IT! Coded for DMC, we think it's delightful!
    • Spooktacular Party - Another fun Holiday piece n a dark background... gunmetal is called for - much easier to see than black! Lots of bright DMC color, lots of geometric patterns in everything - this measures 10 x 13 on 28/14.
    • Squirrel's and Rabbit's Bright White Winter Night Ornaments - Two different charts, these are done on Blue Spruce linen with DMC. On 28ct - 4 x 4, on 32 a bit smaller. They're pretty cute in their matching sweaters!
    • Sweet Summertime - Changing seasons to NOW, this looks cool, refreshing and delicious! LOVE all the patterns imbeded in the cantelope, lemonade and watermelon. What a a pretty way to give them depth and add lots of charm and happiness to this piece! Measuring 112 x 137, stitched with DMC this will finish approx 7 x 8-1/2 if you use 32ct. LOTS of stitches in here, but I love the colors!
    Magnetic Color Wheel Minders by Accoutrement Designs - click for more
    Magnetic Color Wheel Minders from Accoutrements
    Wow... is THIS a fun little thing! Meant to be a Needle Minder - it's actually 2 inches in diameter, about 1/4 of an inch in thickness, and it weighs about an ounce and a half. It is LOVELY! Basically it's an enameled color wheel with a rotating overlay (the white wheel part) that offers instant info for color matching!

    We had to Google all about the Color Wheel... which was fun. We learned that this little gizmo can show you color combinations that look good together, besides being pretty and fun to play with! A little on the heavy side just to have on your fabric to hold needles... it'd be awesome by your stitching lamp.

    Glitzy Needle Buddie Needle Minders - click to see more
    Glitzy Needle Buddie Needle Minders
    Wow... check out these beautiful magnets to hold needles, notes and patterns in place! Beautifully made, and surprisingly lightweight for their size, this is a delightful collection of 'needle curiosities!'

    Each features two rare-earth magnets on their backs to cling to anything magnetic and help hold lots of your treasures. Most measure close to two inches in size - one direction or another, yet not too big, heavy or clunky! Some are enameled, most feature lots of colored crystals as well.
    Dr Slick SN60 3-1/2 Inch Arrow Dr Slick SN61 3-1/2 Inch Micro Tip Arrow Dr Slick SN62 3-1/2 Inch Micro Tip All Purpose Dr Slick SN63 3-1/2 Inch Tungsten Carbide Arrow Dr Slick SN64 3-1/2 Inch Iris Dr Slick SN65 5-inch Synthetics
    Presenting Dr Slick Razor-Sharp Scissors
    Coming to us from the Fly-Fishing Industry are these incredible 3-1/2 and 4-inch scissors with huge "Gold Loop" finger holes, that can handle some pretty serious cutting needs! Wonderfully rounded handles with a nice weight to them, these feature larger finger holes and wonderfully fine and sharp precision cutting blades.Dr Slick SN60 3-1/2 Inch Arrow The blades feature a very fine micro-serration to them which keeps your threads where you want them when you cut them, and yet they feel as smooth as butter.

    As far as the finger holes go, we have a comparison picture showing the difference between our DOVO embroidery scissors and the handles of these scissors on our scissor page... along with lots of other specific scissor details. Dr Slick uses words like 'hypodermic sharp' to describe their tips, and Tungsten Carbide vs Stainless Steel to describe some of the metals. All I know is that they have a really nice balance and weight to them, they cut like a dream, and the blades and tips are SHARP. Actually almost too big for my hands... I know lots of you will LOVE these!

    Amazonia by Laurel Burch for Mill Hill! - click for more
    Presenting Amazonia from Laurel Burch for Mill Hill
    The Mill Hill People have adapted 4 new designs by Laurel Burch in to Cross Stitch. Animals from the Rainforests of the Amazon... aren't they awesome? Worked on 14ct Olive Green perforated paper, the colors in these are stunning - the animals are bold and stylized - and they are just dynamite!

    Complete kits include the chart, paper, flosses, beads and needles. They are not solid beading - just enough glitz to highlight textures and give these animals personality. We have Giraffes, Leopards, a Mom Monkey with her baby, and Zebras - with wild eyes! Mill Hill makes frames for these... available separately.

    Hoot in a Boot from The Needles Notion - click for more Elf Land from The Needles Notion - click for more Elf Land and Hoot in a Boot from The Needle's Notion
    Lettie Eckberg has two new designs that are over-the-top cute! She has really outdone herself. Presented in leaflet format, she has great instructions in these... pages and pages of them... (which should NOT scare you away!)
    • Elf Land includes the chart for the Mushroom Cottage scene as well as the 3-dimensional standing elf. The Cottage scene - 8 x 9-1/2 - is on 28ct natural coded for DMC, all the snow is stitched in opalescent metallic. The elf stands 7-1/2 inches tall. Also on 28ct Natural, he has dimensional arms, a removable hat, and a mini heart-shaped pouch. She has all his pieces and parts laid out in chart format, and actual-sized templates for assembling.
    • Hoot in a Boot is super-cute too! Stitched on darker linen, the finished boot measures 10-1/2 x 13 inches. The little owl on top adds another 3-1/2 x 5! Lettie has actual-sized cutting templates in here for these little guys, and mentions that her edges are button-hole stitched no NO SEWING MACHINE IS REQUIRED for finishing! This makes a very festive stuffed holiday door hanging! Coded for DMC and some hand-dyed flosses... again great and very comprehensive assembly instructions included!

    Polka Dot Scissor Sheaths! - click to see more Polka Dot Scissor Sheaths! - click to see more
    Polka Dot Scissor Sheaths!
    Aren't these fun? These are pretty 'pleather' polka dot covers for your scissors. (Pleather is a kind way to say 'fake leather' or 'soft plastic!') Offered in 6 colors and 2 different sizes, the smaller 2-1/2 inch one fits a standard 3-1/2 inch embroidery scissor. The larger 3-1/4 inch sheath will work for 4 to 5-inch scissors. But... actually each will do the job for either size - some just like more shank coverage, and some scissors fit in one size better than the other.

    In the pic, I have our 4-inch Antonia by DOVO pictured with the larger sheath, and our 3-1/2 Buckingham by WASA pictured by the smaller ones. (If you have to have a specific color, not a problem, just let us know in the comments box during your check-out process - we'll do our best!)

    Strawberry Pie from Fern Ridge - click to see more Strawberry Pie Beaded Fob from Fern Ridge - click to see more Simply Stitches from Fern Ridge - click to see more Simply Stitches Beaded Fob from Fern Ridge - click to see more A Black Cat from Fern Ridge - click to see more A Black Cat Beaded Fob from Fern Ridge - click to see more
    The Fern Ridge Collections Ladies have 6 new MINI Needle Case and Scissor Fob Sets and one new Sewing Wallet creation!
    We're picturing just three of the sets here... everything is described and pictured on our Fern Ridge page.

    Fully kitted, the 2 x 2 needle cases are done on various linens, and usually with hand-dyed flosses and silks. Pat and Peggy decorate the edges and always add lots of tiny pockets and flaps inside their tiny 2 x 2 cases to make them fussy and fun. Since they are the Queens of Beads, and they love embellishments of every kind... you'll get charms or buttons or ribbons or beads on these cases as well. The 3-inch beaded Scissor Fobs are always OVER THE TOP! HERE is where P & P go crazy with all their cool beads. The basic flat beaded part - the picture part - of the fob is about 1-1/2 inches long and worked in Peyote Stitch, which is a beading technique done in-hand, rather than a loom. Instructions can be daunting in the beginning, but these are totally fun to do! Each fob will take approx 3 to 4 hours start to fringed finish. Work the flat beaded area, add that glorious fringe - about 1-1/2 inches of it - and adorn your favorite scissors or a tote zipper pull! Because of the nylon thread you have used, they are stronger than they look!
    Display your finished sets in the Fern Ridge Scissor Box too! Everything comes fully kitted.
    • Strawberry Pie - Bitty berries - some ripe and some - not so much! A pretty set full of pinks and greens, the fob features white blossom beads and red glass berries in the fringe.
    • Simply Stitches - Classy black and white... the case features lots of stitch doodles (haven't seen the inside yet!) but that darling fob steals the show again! They found a tiny dice bead, and a fun silver X - a cross stitch! I like all the little cube beads down in the fringed area.
    • A Black Cat - Striking lime green and black... this set is not too involved and would be great for a beginner. The fringe on the fob isn't too frizzy so it's easy to deal with, and the case is just plain cute! Complete kits contain all the thread, fabric and beading 'ingredients' and there is even a wooden cat face thread board included in the case kit.

    Sweet Wing Studio Measure Twice - click for more Bless and Keept from Sweet Wing Studio - click to see more Forever in Peace from Sweet Wing Studio - click to see more Forever in Peace and Bless and Keep
    from Sweet Wing Studio
  • Measure Twice Cut Once This needs to be mounted onto the front of a fabric stitching tote...but it'd make a cute pin cushion as well. Finishing only 3 x 5 on32ct... coded for DMC or Weeks hand-dyed flosses - every artist - of every kind appreciates these words of wisdom!
    • Forever in Peace - This is a really cool new design by Sweet Wing Studio... it LOOKS like it's full of specialty stitches, but it is simply stitched patterns of color! Our Flag.... stitch it with or without the words... it's pretty either way! Coded for DMC or various hand-dyed flosses, the flag part measures 60 x 90, so you could get that part 3 x 4-1/2 on 20... or even 2 x 3-1/2 over one on 28ct Lugana! And, since the chart is solid symbols... it's probably easier to stitch this off the chartpack cover - the picture is clear and big enough! This just really caught our eye... and shop model is already off to the stitcher!
    • Bless and Keep - 'The Lord bless you and keep you...' I can hear the church hymn in my head! Measuring 62 x 94, this is coded for DMC and/or hand-dyeds and finishes a mere 4 x 6 on 32ct. Choose a darker fabric so the white lettering shows up - as it does in the pic.
     New Daylight Magnificent PRO from Daylight - click to see more New Daylight Magnificent PRO from Daylight - click to see more
    Our New Daylight Magnificent PRO 3-in-1 Magnifying Lamps are here!
    Oh... this is a lovely floor or table lamp! Completely new and updated by Daylight Co this little baby boasts true Daylight-balanced LED lighting that never burns out. Awesome features include an adjustable stick height, a removable magnetic lens cover to protect against sunlight burns, an ergonomic switch and handle area to adjust your 5-nch lens, and 3 brightness levels.

    I took it out of the box, and set it up in less than 3 minutes... and that was even looking at the little book instructions and everything! Smooth lines, the whole thing weighs 9 pounds including the box! A really nice streamlined and contemporary light... every stitcher needs one!

    FYI: Look at our little Daylight Foldi-Go rechargeable travel Lights - 2 Pounds, little 6 x 6 x 3 folding thing that comes in a zippered hard-sided travel case - Fantastic! OR... Our Halo-Go Lamps - same idea as the Foldi-Go - just a little larger with a magnifier. It, too, folds up SMALL and FLAT for travel.Also 2 pounds and rechargeable!

    Shore of Freedom from Twin Peak Primitives - click to see more Independence Bell from Twin Peak Primitives - click to see more Lady Liberty from Twin Peak Primitives - click to see more
    The American Trilogy from Twin Peak Primitives - click to see more The American Trilogy from Twin Peak Primitives
    This is a really neat 'retro-inspired' designs to celebrate America! The Twin Peak girls are from The Netherlands... and I usually think the designers from other countries don't always 'get' our 'Americana Flavor'... but these are pretty good! Charts are large, and in addition to the black and white version, you get a complete color version as well. Available separately or all three together in one leaflet... choose just your favorite one or two... or do all three for a really nice trio presentation!
    • Shore of Freedom is fun. We're arriving to Ellis Island via that glorious hot air balloon and the sailing ship. Did you see the mermaids on here? 12 Colors of DMC, it finishes approx 10 x 10 on 32ct.
    • Independence Bell - This has the flavor of a European church! But we like it anyway! 16 Colors of DMC, this finishes about 7 inches square on the 32ct.
    • Lady Liberty - This is my favorite... love those ships sailing into the New York Harbor! This one finishes about 10 x 10 on 32ct.

    Foldi-Go Light from Daylight - click to see more Foldi-Go Light from Daylight - click to see more Foldi-Go Light from Daylight - click to see more
    The Foldi-Go Light from Daylight Company
    Wow, this is the coolest little light! It weighs less than 2 pounds - including its little hard-sided carrying case! Rechargeable, it has 8 hours of battery time - with a battery level indicator. It extends, bends, rotates, has 4 levels of LED 6000K brightness, and will work for a million different tasks!

    A perfect little light to travel with, every time we unwrap one to display in the shop - we sell it in a jiff! SO compact and lightweight!
    We had been waiting since November for a re-supply, and now they're here!

    Ornament Fraises from The Tralala Collection -- click to see more Souris Bobines from The Tralala Collection -- click to see more Fraises de Noel from The Tralala Collection -- click to see more ABC Fraises from The Tralala Collection -- click to see more
    We have added new designs to our The TraLaLa Collection page.
    All are presented in chart format, most are coded for European hand-dyed flosses and/or Gentle Art Sampler Threads, and DMC. You can always Google conversions, but from the chart cover pics you'll get a pretty good idea of what you like and can use. Click through to see the rest.
      NEW! Ornament Fraises - A sweet strawberry pincushion perched among birds, berries and spools of threads, the main design finishes about 6 inches square on 36ct. Don't miss the two small fobs in the cover pic! Take-outs from the main design, more spools and berries.. very cute and quick. This is the newest design.
    • Souris Bobines features six tiny stitching mice - all tucked between spools of sewing thread. There is a real cute spool pin cushion in here, and scissors poking out of a spool as well, stitch this all together or take out some of the motifs. Measuring 205 x 58, it'll finish 3-1/2 x 13 on 32ct... so actually pretty generous in size!
    • Fraises de Noel - Measuring 95 x 151 in stitch count, each of these berry-shaped cushions will finish approx about 3 x 5, I THINK! Math is kind of hard to figure out on a CONE shape! Santa and his reindeer, and a little snowman amidst flakes and winter flowers... these are coded for DMC or Gentle Art hand-dyeds - just really cute! Both designs in the chart.
    • ABC Fraises - A sweet 5-inch pin cushion design, it measures 85 in stitch count. If you do it over one on 28 Lugana, it'll be only 3 x 3!


    Yes, there's even MORE!     
    Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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