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St Nikolas by Jennie Lane - click to see more Autumn Harvest by Jennie Lane - click to see more New Designs By Jennie Lane
*Hand made stitch works by Jennie Lane* is the colorful designer name logo on these two new designs... and they are delightful!
  • Autumn Harvest is a stack of pumpkins that finishes approx 4 x 4 on 40ct Weeks Parchment hand-dyed linen. Stitched with Gentle Art and Weeks hand-dyed flosses, they feature some specialty stitches - Smyrna Crosses and Satins - for a lot of extra texture and fun. Just a little unexpected and a nice touch. Presented in a full color 6 x 9 chart.
  • St Nikolas is darling! He's stitched on 36ct Summer Khaki linen with an assortment of hand-dyed threads. Smyrna Crosses and Satin stitches all over in here, that glorious beard is all French Knots! BUTTTTTTT.... she tells you that you CAN do crosses if you want. (or Colonial Knots, or Rice, or whatever... this is a fun place to add something fun.) Beautifully presented in a nice large full color chart, even the regular-sized leaflet itself is a treat to hold! St Nikolas finishes 5 x 8... a must have!

No Ordinary Cats from Mojo Stitches - click to see more Manon's Garden from Mojo Stitches - click to see more ABC Blocks from Mojo Stitches - click to see more
No Ordinary Cats, Mary Barton, Manon's Garden and ABC Blocks from Mojo Stitches
Presenting Mojo Stitches - We have quite an assortment of different design subjects and they are fun!
  • No Ordinary Cats - If you are a cat-lover, you'll completely agree with this statement! Fun little cushion design - stitch like this, or make it a two-sided smaller cushion!
  • Manon's Garden - A reproduction of a small French sampler. I love all the bits of floral borders all neatly organized here, measuring 144 x 155. Coded for DMC or hand-dyeds, it finishes just 8 x 8 on 36ct! It'd be pretty framed and perched on a small easel.
  • A is for Aardvark Blocks - This is the start to a set of stitched blocks. Use them as pin cushions or to spell out a name or word to perch on a bookshelf. Each block has an upper and lower case letter as well as a range of appropriate motifs: ants, aardvarks, agapanthus, atlas moth, anchors and apples. B is for balloons, blue-bells, carpenter bees, butterflies, buttons, bobbins and bows. Each block's count is 105 x 140 - but each 'side' is really only 30 stitches in size. Bottoms are not stitched, and you can use whatever colors you want for your set - each block uses just two.
12 Weeks to X-mas from Thistles 12 Weeks to X-Mas
from Thistles
Liezbeth has new designs that caught my eye... 12 Weeks to X-mas features 12 large-ish designs that are finished like little mittens. Each measures 50 or 60 x 80 or 90... too big for tree ornaments... so mittens it is! She has included the full-sized mitten shape template in here - it measures almost 5" across the thumb to a little over 6 inches in length.

Super-cute, the pics are a challenge to see, but you get a snowman shepherd tending his sheep, a tree snowglobe, a fireplace scene, and a whole little wintery village fast asleep - waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve. Charted for Gentle Art Sampler Threads or DMC, it's a cute set of designs.

Keys to Happiness from Monticello Stitches - click to see more Make Me A Blessing from Monticello Stitches - click to see more Make Me A Blessing and Keys to Happiness from Monticello Stitches
These two pieces caught our attention!
  • Make Me a Blessing to Someone Today - Does that mean I need a lot of work to BE a blessing to someone? Kind of makes you think a little, huh? Stitched on 36ct this finishes a huge 15 x 16... so definitely a bold prayer for that self help! Charted for DMC, it uses 24 different shades - multiple skeins of 6 of the colors.
  • Keys to Happiness Never put the keys to your happiness in someone else's pocket. Wow, there's another powerful life lesson! (Follow this advice especially if you want to be a blessing to someone else today!) We like this one a lot. You could always hang it right above the family house and car key rack (if you still use keys!). Coded for DMC, on 32ct it finishes about 9 x 11. Doesn't need to say much more, does it?
Fright Night from Val's Stuff
Fright Night from Val's Stuff
Val's Stuff has a new ornament/magnet design... a scary little purple bat flying through the night sky RIGHT TO YOU!

Like the rest of her cute designs, this is done of 14ct perforated paper with bits of floss from your stash. She's provided the stitching paper and the backing felts, along with the two bitty green eye buttons. Cute and Quick!

A Sweet Friendship - Refreshes the Soul from The Cricket Collection - click to see more Forever from The Cricket Collection - click to see more New Releases from The Cricket Collection
  • Forever - Vicki continues her 'words' with a wedding or a birth sampler for a little girl! She's done all the months, all the seasons, lots of Christmas words (like Cookies and Jingle) and Beach themes... now a wedding/birth! (I think there's too much frill and fluff in there for a groom - so I see 'little girl instead!' The secondary design in the booklet is actually really neat too - it's that floral heart stitched up there in the teaser-window of the leaflet! Take a look at that!

  • A Sweet Friendship - Refreshes the Soul - A trio of elegant ladies... lace petticoats and angel wings... and even halos! Up there in the little window is the MOST CHARMING little Provencal Carrot! You almost miss it - it's the back cover design! It's 2-1/2 inches wide by 8 inches tall. Clouds for the greens... a tiny villa on the hilltop... and then the most delightful floral carrot below! Quite the surprise bonus design in this!

PuntiniPuntini When I Think of September - click to see more
When I Think of September from PuntiniPuntini
Paola continues her cute set of months dressed with one of her cute hand-made clay buttons. September has arrived... and as my employees will tell you. Back to School was never a favorite time of mine, so gosh drinking the wine there in the pic looks pretty good to me!

The designs have been fun so far, all are pictured on our Puntini page so you can check them out. Paola is a one-woman-show for her darling clay buttons and pins. A trip down her page of embellishments is AS GOOD as the wine, and in my opinion, BETTER than going back to school!

Ann Emptage from Milady's Needle - click for more Jeny Brimer from Milady's Needle - click for more

Two New Designs from Milady's Needle
  • Jeny Brimer - A sweet sampler done by a young Scottish girl in the 17th or 18th century. Stitched on 40 count, the design size is 7" x 8."
    The stitch count is 140 x 154.
  • Ann Emptage 1845 - Ann Emptage, born in 1837, came from a family that had many accomplished stitchers. She may have learned stitching from her mother, or may have learned it at the National School in Birchington, Kent.
    Stitched on 40 count, the design size is 15" x 18."
    The stitch count is 299 x 354. Beautifully charted and packaged!

Hedge Row from Plum Street Samplers Flirting from Plum Street Samplers The Equality Sampler from Plum Street Samplers Flag Flock & Sheep Keep from Plum Street Samplers Flag Flock & Sheep Keep from Plum Street Samplers
New Arrivals from Plum Street Samplers.
Paulette has been busy creating... so here are her latest new treats!
  • Hedge Row - Another fun stack of cute little animals, these darling hedgehogs companion all 12 of Paulette's other 'stacks.' (racoons, kangaroos, deer, sloths, fox, llama, turkeys, cows, hens, hogs, goats and sheep.) Big Foot and The Abominable Snowman technically don't count... but they coordinate too! Just as cute as can be, they are all nestled on daisy stems sniffing the pretty flowers! They measure 60 x 90 in stitch count.
  • Flirting - Paulette says this is a follow-up to 'Falling' - the same Pilgrim couple - still ooshing and gooshing at each other, but on deer this time instead of sensible horses! I love the trees on there... you could leave the love birds at home, and just do the trees!
  • The Equality Sampler - This is lovely! So many pretty design elements in this one, *We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men and women are created equal...* The year 2020 marked the 100th anniversary of women's right to vote. Dedicated to the suffrage movement, Paulette added the names of the three women who were the original champions - who ignited the cause. 180 x 185, Stitched with hand-dyeds, the borders are flowing and pretty, the houses are neat, the flag is big and bold, it'll make a nice statement on your wall!
  • Always Remember - This design is dedicated to those who've lost their lives in service to our great country. All the pretty poppies, can you see the quilt block detail as the 'bricks' on the house? Measures 139 x 114.
  • Flag Flock & Sheep Keep - Paulette says these three are looking mighty proud in their own private patriots parade. On their backs are symbols of prosperity and happiness, an olive branch for peace and a hospitality pineapple. To keep them in their ranks, you can opt to stitch the little 'Sheep Keep' with its Border collie and her keeper-in-training! Lots of pretty color, too!

125 Seasonal Sampler Winter from Tellin Emblem - click to see more 126 Seasonal Sampler Spring from Tellin Emblem - click to see more 127 Seasonal Sampler Summer from Tellin Emblem - click to see more 128 Seasonal Sampler Autumn from Tellin Emblem - click to see more
Seasonal Samplers from Tellin Emblem
This is a set of 4 small charts - each features coordinating pots of flowers surrounded by borders and alphabets. Each measures 104 in stitch count, you can stitch them in a 4-square, or long vertical or horizontal piece... whatever.

Now, LOOK at the petty pots in the centers. You could do single pin cushions of JUST those. You could do a stand-up cube with each season on a side... and work in the borders adding the season name if you want. Pretty colors, the alphabet fonts are all different - did you notice that? There are 28 different shades of DMC across the set, along with 6 more Gentle Art Hand-dyed Sampler Threads - so quite a colorful little set of designs!

Spring Scamper from Luminous Fiber Arts -- click to see more Spring Scamper from Luminous Fiber Arts
Oh my gosh, this is the CUTEST! What a wild ride everyone is enjoying! *It's time for Spring Scamper, the annual race through the tulips to see who is the fastest! The bunny and chick are leaping into the lead, while their friends race to catch up in their carrot-mobile. A chick in a radish plane (that is the best part!) flies overhead towing the race banner while tossing carrots like confetti down on the competitors! What a charming scene!

Presented as a chart, this measures 111 x 266 - so it'll finish approx 7 x 16 on 32ct. Worked with hand-dyeds and lots of DMC, I just love it. You COULD do this on 18ct linen and use #5 Perle Cotton... like the Bent Creek globe kits or the Shepherd's Bush stockings... then finish it into a glorious big couch pillow... it'd measure 12 x 30! (take a ton of thread... but how fun anyway!)
Enjoy several other new designs when you click through!

Oology by Satsuma Street - click for more
Look What's New From Satsuma Street! Oology! from Satsuma Street
This delightful set of 4 eggs is the perfect project for the start of Spring... and better yet, they are all presented in ONE leaflet!

Each 3 x 4 egg is stitched on 28ct linen - but Satsuma loves perforated paper as well, and these would be awesome as paper eggs too!

Coded for DMC, get out some beads and metallics if you feel like it... these gorgeous pastel eggs will be so much fun to stitch!

Music in America Guitar from Ronnie Rowe - click for more Music in America Piano from Ronnie Rowe - click for more Music in America Saxophone from Ronnie Rowe - click for more Music in America Trumpet from Ronnie Rowe - click for more Music in America Violin from Ronnie Rowe - click for more
Presenting the Music in America Series from Ronnie Rowe
Wow... these are definitely for the serious music lover - and a serious stitcher! Ronnie Rowe is a really fun guy. I'd heard about his stuff for years... I didn't know he was a 'real person' until he showed up at market for the first time a couple of years ago! The man is eternally cheerful and assured me he was, indeed, alive! Completely talented - he sketches out all this stuff and then stitches it and charts it! Absolutely unbelievable in detail and vision, his designs will remain classics. His covers really don't do justice to the stitched pieces.

New this year are these 5 tributes to music. Each is presented as a chart and coded for just plain 'ol DMC floss. His style is to mimic pen and ink - these are so exciting, so realistic. They'd be lovely in a music room, recording studio, office, school... anywhere someone can appreciate them. They are generous in size - all around 12 x 17 (180 x 270 or 300 in stitch count) - so visually commanding!

Sunflowers & Crows Pin Cushion and Sunflowers & Crows Beaded Fob from Fern Ridge - click to see more Sunflowers and Crows from Fern Ridge Collections
Seems like we're just getting past the sunflower and crow season... so technically you have a year to get ready for them again with these! Fern Ridge's matching beaded scissor fob and pin cushion set is FULL of lip-puckering late fall color. The linen for the 3-1/2 x 5 cushion is 28ct Riviera Olive - a strong olive green, and the flosses are bright golden yellow, deep burgundy, along with crisp green and cinnamon. The complete kit contains that fabric and thread, along with the Chianti Lady Dot Ball edging trim, the hand-dyed silk ribbon to hold a pair of your scissors, coordinating batik backing fabric, the JABCO clay sunflower button and 4 burgundy corner buttons, and the little glass black crow pin by The Glasshopper.

The matching Peyote Stitched beaded fob is stunning! Those beads and crystals in the fringed decoration really pick up the light... I can't stop playing with all that beaded fringe! This kit comes with everything you need to make that piece - which should take you 4 to 6 hours to complete.
Milk Jam from Lilipoints - click to see more
Milk Jam
from Lilipoints
I had never heard of Milk Jam, but this is the recipe! It turns out that milk jam is the name for a boiled-down carmelized milk-sugar mixture that is used as a food and ingredient. Milk jam is used as a spread and as an ingredient for making desserts such as pudding, flan or ice cream. It is also often used as a filling for cakes.

191 stitches x 180 stitches, 13 x 13 on 28 count.
Sea Time from Fairy Wool in the Wood - click to see more
Sea Time
from Fairy Wool in the Wood
Here is a fun design that is made up of 8 smaller insets. Stitched on 36ct Country Vintage Mocha Linen (any count will do) it finishes 8 x 12.

Coded for DMC, this is a perfect design to break up and finish into individual pin cushions for a fun basket or tray display. Super charming that way... you get glimpses of a seafaring family and life at the beach!

Stitching Summer from Twin Peak Primitives - click to see more
Stitching Summer
from Twin Peak Primitives
Smell the Sea and feel the Sky - just don't get sand in your stitching bag! This is kind of a fun piece by Twin Peak Primitives... I see three bands of design in here... so lots of possibilities. The top row features spools of thread with those shorebirds, bitty cabanas and the fishermen on them. Notice the clothesline there with the scissors and needles on it? (and the bitty swimsuit!) The crabs are super cute, and the row of whales down below just makes it a busy sea-scene.

Presented as a leaflet, the stitch count is 170 x 119 - so 10-1/2 x 7-/12 on 16/32ct, and it calls for regular DMC floss. Easy to add some hand-dyeds , you could do the crabs in metallic, or the tiny swimming fish... or add buttons here and there if your stash 'overfloweth!'

Happy When Stitching from Needle Bling - click to see more Stitching is My Happy Hour from Needle Bling - click to see more Stitching is My Happy Hour and Happy When Stitching
from Needle Bling
Choose one or both of these... they both get the message across!

Choose any fabric from your stash, grab either DMC's or handdyeds... each finishes about 3 x 7. Just for fun!
Acts of Kindness Pinkeep from Scattered Seed Samplers - click to see more

Acts of Kindness Pinkeep
from Scattered Seed Samplers
Isn't this a sweet thing? A small 3-1/2 x 5 cushion, it is stitched with either DMC or hand-dyeds.

Gentle Art Simply Wools would be awesome on this as well - make those bunnies a little furry. Can you see that tiny bunny on there bringing the big rabbit the tulip? Offered as a chart.

Beggar's Luck from Threadwork Primitives - click to see more
Beggar's Luck
from Threadwork Primitives
That same blackbird checking his plentiful horn-of-clovers.

Finishes 5 x 7 on 32ct Picture This Plus' Legacy - Onyx, Garrison green, Pecan, Moss and Olive.

Sow Kindness from Hands to Work - click for more
Sow Kindness
from Hands to Work
'They that sow kindness gather love.' This is a charming row of houses featuring that great verse - finish it flat in a frame, or roll it like this charming drum!

Worked on Picture This Plus Ale linen, it uses Classic and Gentle Art hand-dyed flosses. The chart is beautifully printed inside. (One of the shop gals, who had a self-imposed-buying-restriction this week, caved, and opened this one up before she bought it. The chart is HUGE, and the center lines are printed in red. A quick and easy stitch!

Bayliwick from Rosewood Manor - click for more Bayliwick from Rosewood Manor
Rosewood Manor has a charming new sampler that feels like two different pieces! The left-hand side is full of (technically) Blackwork - but it's stitched in colors! 90 x 150 - it measures about 6 x 9 on 32ct, and is full of specialty stitches of Eyelets, Algerians, Smyrnas and Satins. Little bands that would be stunning around the edges of some 'mattress pin cushions!'

The other side - 140 x 150 will finish about 9 x 9 - what a perfect size for all this glorious stitching! Karen has loaded this full of charming motifs, and then given you tons of suggestions inside the leaflet for things to do with them singly. The entire thing is coded for 21 shades of DMC, but then she opens a totally fun can of worms by suggesting you change those to hand-dyeds! Really just very pretty however you choose to stitch it!

Mushroom House from Shannon Christine Designs - click to see more Tea Pot House from Shannon Christine Designs - click to see more Fairy Castle from Shannon Christine Designs - click to see more Fairy House from Shannon Christine Designs - click to see more White Pumpkin House from Shannon Christine Designs - click to see more Shoe House from Shannon Christine Designs - click to see more Watering Can House from Shannon Christine Designs - click to see more Flower Pot House from Shannon Christine Designs - click to see more
The Fairy Garden Houses from Shannon Christine Designs - click to see more
The Fairy Garden Houses from Shannon Christine
This is an enchanting set of 8 different miniature fairy houses - I don't know which one is the cutest! Stitched on any aqua colored fabric, they are coded for DMC floss and measure about 55 stitches in size - so about 3-1/2 inches on 32ct. Can't you just imagine WHO lives in each one of them?

Presented in 8 individual charts; we DO have some sets bundled together WITH the border chart and center panel included in that packet. (Border charts are not offered with the individual charts.) The center reads 'Fairies Welcome.' Just the sweetest pic... they would all be cute as individual pillows on a fairy-lovers bed... or stitched together on her bedroom wall!

Float your mouse over the individual images above to see their names.

Christmas Eve Couriers Dasher from Mirabilia -- click to see more Princess Elliana from Mirabilia
Something fun has arrived from Mirabilia - Princess Elliana - a most colorful creature! One of Elliana's claims-to-fame is that she uses all the 35 newest colors of DMC floss that were released a few years ago in the gold collector's tin. Colors 1 through 35... do you have them? (She actually calls for a total of 63 DMC colors.) Well, this delightful creature is stitched on the prettiest shade of Peaceful Purple - either 32ct linen, or 16ct aida.

The patterns in her dress are inspired by the delicate floral patterns on the china tea sets at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in New York City! She measures 20 x 11, and is garnished with 10 different shades of Mill Hill glass beads along with pink and peach crystal Treasures. All that classic Mirabilia coloring and shading... I look at the chart and my eyes glaze over... then there are some of you that can stitch these in the car! We have the charts available, both fabric options and the embellishment packet at well.

Roam America Postcard from Open Road Abode Needleworks - click to see more Cape Hatteras Postcard from Open Road Abode Needleworks - click to see more Great Smokey Mountains Postcard from Open Road Abode Needleworks - click to see more
Cute 'Postcards' from your Travels! from Open Road Abode Needleworks
Open Road Abode's cute little campers go all over the USA! What a fun reminder of the travels that lay ahead of us! This is a fun little collection of campers - all of them finish about 4 x 6 in size. Stitch them in one color - or go through your stash and find some colors you like. They are meant to be cute and quick. Fun to frame with trip pictures, or hang 'em in your camper!

Open Road has a whole collection of National Parks and cute RV designs... you'll see 16 more like these on her page, along with a few larger cabin designs as well. There are 7 offerings that are actually 'postcards' - small charts on postcard sized cardstock. Pictured above are 3 of them... click through to see the rest. Summer IS coming!

Anna Ohman 1873 from Lila's Studio

Anna Ohman 1873
from Lila's Studio
By Lila's Studio, this is an adaptation of an antique sampler found at an estate sale in Illinois... probably stitched in Sweden.

Lila had to fix the top band, and chose Classic Colorworks Used Brick (3 skeins) for her piece which features an eagle adorned with maple leaves and surrounded with an oak leaf border. Just beautiful, it measures 158 x 156 in stitch count. Presented as a chart.

PuntiniPuntini When I Think of Spring - click to see more PuntiniPuntini When I Think of Summer - click to see more PuntiniPuntini When I Think of Autumn - click to see more PuntiniPuntini When I Think of Winter - click to see more
Charts with Pins from PuntiniPuntini
When I think of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter... I think of carrots and clovers, picnics at the beach, leaves and acorns, and snowmen! Paola from Puntini Puntini has 4 cute little pillow designs coded for DMC floss that finish only 3 x 7 each on 32ct. She has included two of her hand-made clay buttons in each season's chart, and offers an awesome collection of CHARMING hand-made pins and buttons to garnish them even more - if you want! Even if you pass on these charts, her pins and buttons are Over-The-Top-Cute and very detailed. Enjoy!!!

Good Night, Sleep Tight from Fairy Wool in the Wood - click to see more Good Night, Sleep Tight
from Fairy Wool in the Wood
Isn't this the cutest design? Stitch this on whatever you want... it's coded for 9 colors of DMC floss. Finishing approx 4 x 5 on 14/28ct... I think that is a little moose on the right. Check out the wise little owl on the left... just checking him out with his eyes wide open!

I remember that last part of this verse - *don't let the bed bugs bite!* If I had known at age 6 that bed bugs were REAL, I'd have never slept again! So, forget that part, and just enjoy the pair of forest friends having a sleep-over! Chart.

Sew Happy from All Through the Night - click for more Sew Happy
from All Through the Night
All Through the Night has several new things... I chose 10 of them... simple and cute... all are offered as charts. Sew Happy finishes 8 x 10 on 30ct Weeks Putty linen... he is worked in Gentle Art Sampler Threads.

I think he'd make a cute doorknob hanging for your stitching room! If you aren't lucky enough to have a *Stitching Suite*... maybe you have a thread box that needs a stitched top?
The Double Zippy Pouch -  click for more
The Double Zippy Pouch
We are in love with this new size of plastic zipper pouch. It measures 9 x 13-1/2 and features two zippered compartments.

The main side fits a standard Cross Stitch leaflet, while the smaller compartment that measures 5 inches high fits the smaller card designs.

Separate spaces for patterns, fabrics, threads or scissors... we think it's a great development!!!!
Native Americans from Ronnie Rowe - click for more

Native Americans from Ronnie Rowe
This piece speaks volumes! Stitched with Ronnie Rowe's favorite gunmetal DMC color of 844... you'll get to add 3072 to that image on the right to make it appear farther away, and then add a teeny bit of 3758 baby blue for that awesome sky!

Measuring 320 x 480 in stitch count, your fabric choice will dictate the finished size. Such a great piece, it'll finish approx 23-ish x 34 on 14ct... but could be only 8 x 12 over one on 40!

We have a fresh shipment of Ronnie's Cat's Eyes and Dog Portraits... they have been favorites for years! Click through to the inside page to see them all.
Wear Wool from October House - click for more The Knitters Alphabet from October House - click for more A Knitter's Sampler from October House - click for more A Spinner's Sampler from October House - click for more
Samplers you can stitch for Knitters, Spinners and Wool-Lovers! from October House
October House is a new designer for Silver Needle. She has lots of cute designs - lots feature a knitting theme, so we Cross Stitchers can finally STITCH something for our favorite knitter! Everything comes in a chart pack... coded for DMCs or hand-dyed flosses and wools. Exceptionally cute stuff... here we go! Four Are pictured here - there are 5 more on her new page, so make sure to click through to see those as well!
  • Wear Wool - Coded for Gentle Arts Hand-dyed Simply Wool - which is a dream to stitch with! - or DMC floss, this finishes approx 9 x 6 on 32ct. Cute little 'penny rug' border, that wool thread makes the sheep 'wooly!' It'd be fun to add some special stitches to the zig zags and the diamonds on the sheep!
  • The Knitters Alphabet - SO fresh with great 'lines' and beautiful contemporary colors, this measures about 9-1/2 x 7 on 32ct. Coded for hand-dyed flosses or DMCs, the colors are Tin Roof, Summer Shower, Lambswool, Wood Trail, Shaker White, Toasted Barley and Slate. Stuffed full of all kinds of 'stuff knitters like'... it's darling!
  • A Knitter's Sampler - Finishes approx 7 x 7 on 32ct Flax Linen, coded for hand-dyeds of Baby's Breath, Pink Azelea, Old Red Paint and Raspberry Frost, or regular DMC... more cute knitting motifs!
  • A Spinner's Sampler - Finishes approx 6 x 7 on 32ct, I'm not a spinner, so I don't know what all the motifs are in this... but the colors are yummy! Aged Pewter, Dark Chocolate, Pecan Pie, Caramel and Cinnamon... gotta keep those spinners HAPPY!

Liberty Hill Farm from Summer House Stitch Workes - click for more Liberty Hill Farm from Summer House Stitch Workes - click for more Liberty Hill Farm
from Summer House Stitche Workes
Summer House Stitche Workes has a CHARMING pair of patriotic designs that she has finished into little round stand-up cushions - Pin Drums. Worked on 32ct Weeks Dye Works Tin Roof Linen, these are stitched with a special pack of Sulky Threads. When you have stitched these two pieces... you'll STILL have enough thread left to stitch Hand's On's Memorial Day piece!! The girls planned their designs this way - and best of all the thread set is only $16.00!

The larger drum is 159 x 64 - and the smaller is 159 x 51. Super-duper-darn-cute... we even ordered the limited edition flower-pin packs to make those three pins poking from the tops! (I think those are little flower-shaped bits of wool that Cathy Habermann has done!) Love those bright colors... go check out Memorial Day, as well!

Yellow Warbler Biscornest from Crossed Wing Collection - click for more
Yellow Warbler Biscornest
from Crossed Wing Collection
Paula from Crossed Wing Collection has designed her 4th stitched bird nest with coordinating scissor fob! The biscornu-shaped cushions are replicas of each birds nest - complete with their eggs stitched over one thread... AND they are stitched on both sides, so the bottom of the cushion looks like the bottom of the nest.

You are stitching 4 x 4 pieces and joining them together to make that unique shape that really DOES resemble a bird nest! The matching fob features the little bird - this one is a Yellow Warbler. Absolutely exquisite, all 4 of the different birds are presented in leaflet format... Chipping Sparrow, Ruby-Throated Hummingbird and Cardinal. We've seen these nests stitched - they are enchanting!


Yes, there's even MORE!     
Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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