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Webmaster's note: These pages became so large that we have divided them up into 4 separate pages to help with load time. So be sure you hit the There's More button at the bottom of the pages to see the rest of the wonderful stuff that has come in recently.

The Kitchen Garden from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Botanical Stitches - Lupinis texensis - Texas Bluebonnet from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Botanical Stitches - Aquilegia coerulea - Colorado Columbine from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
3 New Designs from The Drawn Thread!
  • The Kitchen Garden 249 Stitches Wide X 65 Stitches Tall. For those who love "homegrown," a kitchen garden is a labor of love in the Spring and a source of pride and joy in midsummer. Cynthia has reproduced her own Kitchen garden in silk on linen so we can enjoy it long after the fruits of our labors have disappeared from our gathering baskets. Stitched on 32 count "Summer Khaki" Belfast linen using Needlepoint, Inc. and Dinky Dyes silks.
  • Botanical Stitches - Lupinis texensis - Texas Bluebonnet 54 Stitches Wide X 84 Stitches Tall. The favorite flower of all Texans, the Bluebonnet is the floral trademark for Texas. They bloom for just a few short weeks during April and May. She's preserved their beauty to enjoy all year on 30 count "Antique Lambswool" linen using Needlepoint, Inc. and Dinky Dyes silks. When stitched on 30 count linen, this design will fit neatly into any standard 5" x 7" frame.
  • Botanical Stitches - Aquilegia coerulea - Colorado Columbine 54 Stitches Wide X 84 Stitches Tall. As emblematic as the Bluebonnet is to Texas, the Columbine is to Colorado. If ever you get a chance to visit that mountain paradise, look for this special flower to brighten your day. Stitched on 30 count "Natural Undyed" linen using Needlepoint, Inc. and Dinky Dyes silks. When stitched on 30 count linen, this design will also fit neatly into any standard 5" x 7" frame.

New SUNSHINE 2019 Flax is in! - click for more New SUMMER URBAN 2019 Flax is in! - click for more
A Sneak Peek at our New FLAX Arrivals!
We are EXPLODING with our FLAX Linen Clothes right now! April, May and June are linen-wearing season - although I wear it all year long. We have 5 new collections of things in the shop - and although you're really here to enjoy the Cross Stitch - you have to be wearing *something!* and FLAX is just the BESTEST!!!!

Our sizes range from Small to Extra-large - everything I order comes in all the sizes. I would say 90% of this is linen fiber content - the Urban Collections feature some cotton knit accents and panels - really comfy and fun. We love our FLAX because it is lightweight, soft and cool. It doesn't bind, cling, stick, creep, or twist! It lays well, it covers the parts you want covered, and it's just plain fun and classy to wear!

We have a huge FLAX page that shows line drawings of each piece and color swatches, and I have some comments about each of the pieces on there. We love it, we wear it, and we can help you over the phone with any of it you want!
We have an Every-Day Flax Special - buy any 3 (or more) pieces at one time, and get 20% off all of it!

Square Dance July-Aug-Sept from Heart in Hand - click for more Farmhouse Bird from Heart in Hand - click for more Needle & Thread from Heart in Hand - click for more Patchwork Sheep from Heart in Hand - click for more Autumn Whirligig from Heart in Hand - click for more
New Arrivals from Heart in Hand
Cecelia was just HERE for our Summer Event... along with her models of all these cute new arrivals!
  • Square Dance is darling as always... July, Aug, Sept this time.
  • Farmhouse Bird is another in this vintage series of Cecelia's.
  • Needle & Thread is the latest design that fits Heart in Hands Heartware bowls and tarts! The perfect pin cushion size!
  • Patchwork Sheep is cute... everyone loves that little baby sheep in there!
  • Autumn Whirligig - A checkered squirrel celebrates autumn's bounty. It also fits the top of Cecelia's Heartware Bowls and Tarts.

Elizabeth Walsh's Work from Scarlett House - click for more Elizabeth Walsh's Work from The Scarlett House
The Scarlett House has a pretty sampler mat, scissor fob and pin keep design set - all featuring charming floral urns, coverlet motifs and a little seamstress girl. The main sampler finishes approx 7 x 9 on 36ct Doubloon Linen by Picture This Plus. Everything is stitched with hand-dyed flosses or DMC.

A super-cute set, she has presented in a cool little metal tray! No tray? Tanya offers assembly instructions to make the main piece into a sewing mat.

Still Queen of the Needle from Just Nan - click for more New Just Nan designs
Presenting Still Queen of the Needle Special Edition 2019
In my little kingdom/ of stitches that cross/ I am queen of the needle/ still boss of the floss!
The Queen returns in a new format, and she is still in charge of all the stitches and all of the floss. This time the verse (stitched in royal purple, of course) wraps around the panels of a cube.

Each panel is a scene in the Queen's garden of beautiful flowers where bluebirds, bunnies, butterflies, ladybugs, bees and tiny mice come to play. There are roses, crowns and pink pearls on the top and a turtle giving a mouse a ride on the bottom.

Stitched on 32 CT Weeks Charlotte's Pink Linen with DMC, Kreinik 3202 #4 Braid and Gentle Art 7035 Tea Rose. Cut size, which includes 2" margins, is 13 3/4"H X 11 1/4" W or 35cm H X 29cm W. Included are white pearl and lavender hex beads, pink pearls, a gold crown charm for the top, 4 pink and white striped beads for "feet," cardboard for the base and complete finishing instructions.

You will need to supply heavyweight fusible interfacing, stuffing and optional pearl pins for the top corners.
Each side of the cube measures 3" X 3".
Queen of the Needle Mouse from Just Nan - click for more Queen of the Needle Mouse
Of course, one of the mice pleaded to play the Queen! She is wearing a dress with flowers and butterflies from her garden, dotted with white pearl beads. Her crown is gold and so is her needle. She thinks she looks very regal, especially when sitting on top of her lovely pink garden throne. The octagonal cube is available above

Included are white pearl beads, gold tail, our signature button for the base, crown bead, gold needle and 1 pink pearl to add to the crown.
Stitcher will need to provide stuffing and a straight pin for the crown. Complete finishing instructions for the mouse are included.
Queen of the Needle Mouse is stitched on 32 CT Weeks Charlotte's Pink Linen with DMC.
Design area is 2" X 3 1/2".
Note: This mouse is included in our Tiny Ornaments Auto-Ship.

Ventotene from Mani di Donna - click for more
from Mani Di Donna
I love this little European-feeling little scene! I think it's supposed to be Venice... but Venice doesn't have lighthouses! But there's a cathedral... but there are hot-air-balloons... and that big ol' crashing wave!

So YOU decide where you want this to be! I think it's just charming! 32ct Morris Blue Weeks linen, and only 9 shades of Weeks hand-dyed flosses, it measures 90 x 53 in stitch count.

Nothing to Fear from My Big Toe - click to see more Nothing to Fear
from My Big Toe
*There is nothing to fear but fear itself and spiders.* Good advice for life!

This is just a silly, simple chart from My Big Toe that is probably perfect for someone you know! Stitch count of 68 x 68 - that's 4 inches on 32ct - it uses 7 shades of Week's hand-dyed flosses. There is a clay flower button featured, but you could always add a black bead or two for those spider bodies!

The Farmer's Wife #2 from Carolyn Manning - click for more Rose of Sharon from Carolyn Manning - click for more Rose of Sharon and The Farmer's Wife #2
from Carolyn Manning
By Carolyn Manning, we have two new quilt-y charts to cross stitch. Both large pieces (all of hers are) Rose of Sharon measures 164 stitches square, while Farmer's Wife is 205. Both use DMC floss, and because these are digital charts, the software program tells us how many stitches of each color you are going to do, and extimates floss usage. (I love reading that info -- it's CRAZY!)

I don't really want to know that I'm going to be doing 42,025 stitches one way, then have to CROSS them again! But the pictures ARE pretty! So... I am back to reminding you that you can have a stunning, gorgeous, eye-catching big piece...or you can break out your favorite parts and make some smaller cushions or something! Don't get stuck on those 84,050 stitches (that I KNOW you CAN do...!)
Adventure Awaits from Tiny Modernist - click to see more
Adventure Awaits
from Tiny Modernist
What a fun piece to stitch for your RV? Even though it shows a tent? Who knows?

Tiny Modernist's 7 x 8 design could be perfect for a cabin too... and you can always change the wording in the center to NAME your campsite or cabin or RV! A fun subject, it just makes you smile! Presented as a small chart, coded for 15 shades of DMC floss.

Gingerbread Cottage from Little Dove Designs - click to see more Holly Jolly Christmas from Little Dove Designs - click to see more Holly Jolly Christmas and Gingerbread Cottage from Little Dove Designs
Holly Jolly Christmas and Gingerbread Cottage are two new charts that I think have a lot of promise! The chart covers show only a computerized image of the colored chart, so you need to train your eye to imagine hand-dyed threads in them, beads, buttons, metallics, maybe even some specialty stitches for texture.
  • Holly Jolly Christmas measures 145 x 148 - so about 10 x 10 on 14/28. You can split apart the sections and make single ornaments or pin cushions. EVERYWHERE I see opportunities for seed beads in eyes, berries, and snowflakes. Metallics would be fun in eyes, flags, the ornaments and Santa's sleigh. Little clay carrot buttons on the snowmen and the peppermints in the nine-patch, and the roof, tree and grass below Santa would be stunning with rows of Satin Stitches... and Rudolph needs a red bead nose!
  • Gingerbread Cottage is fun too. More stitches, beads and buttons... Might be fun to add the family name to the cottage! This measures 79 x 119, so it'll finish about 5 x 8 on 16/32.

Liberty Lane from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more Just Saying #2 from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more
Just Saying #2 and Liberty Lane from Abby Rose Designs
A pair of new charts by Abby Rose; both come as chart.
  • Liberty Lane finishes approx 7 x 10-ish on 32ct Parchment linen with 19 different hand-dyed flosses called for. It's a pretty little piece... I like; the organized border, the houses, and all the little flower and trees all lined up 'in the garden!' To give you a sense of color, the trim is Lady Dot's Vintage colored chenille.
  • Just Saying #2 is the second of her 4-part series of pin cushions with familiar sayings on them. Each of those finishes about 4 x 4, and use hand-dyeds as well. We have a little auto-ship for this set of 4 charts, so you can collect all 12 that will be in the set.

Sew She Did! from It's Sew Emma Stitching - click to see more Sew She Did!
from It's Sew Emma Stitching
*She believed she could... SEW she did!* What a fun design that NEEDS to be stitched and hung by the sewing machine. Choose any white fabric you like... this is coded for DMCs of 817, 335, 776, 743, 703, 702, 964, 958 and 169 - all very happy colors!

Next, find some cute buttons for garnish. This finishes approx 7 x 10 on 14/28ct. Presented as a leaflet with a huge, colored chart.

The Choose Your Own Motto Sampler from Heartstring Samplery - click for more
The Choose Your Own Motto Sampler
from Heartstring Samplery
What a cool idea Beth had with this design... she's done a pretty floral border, and given YOU the option of filling in ANYTHING you want to say... instead of one of her verses. Of course, we can all do this with ANY pattern we have... but you never think of that. You're going to need some graph paper, and charted alphabets to use, but think of something fun and see what you can create! Stitch count of overall border is 205 x 171.

*On a side note... Rosewood Manor has a book of 101 charted SMALL alphabet fonts... which is just incredible. A wonderful reference book - regardless of whether or not you stitch her main sampler - it's the kind of thing that comes in really handy with a project like designing your own motto!

Sleepy Hollow from Tiny Modernist - click to see more
Sleepy Hollow by Tiny Modernist
Tiny Modernist will be beginning a new Halloween Stitch-Along this coming July 1st. I have pics of the first two 4 x 16 bands and they are SUPER CUTE... but Cheryl doesn't want the pics 'shared' early. :( I'm putting this up now though, because they are truly darling... and you probably will want to watch for updates on this. Sleepy Hollow will be worked on a mangy hand-dyed linen (count is your choice), and focuses on 4 bands of skeletons, ghosts, vampires, witches, bats and cats.

Each band has a Halloween rhyme as its verse... and you actually have the option of stitching them all together into a picture, or stitching them individually and making all 4 into matching drum-shaped pin cushions! (She's even done 4 bonus designs to use at stitched toppers for those little drums!) Part one releases July 1st, #2 - August. #3 - Sept and #4 October of 2019. Each chart runs $8.00. So, we'll begin shipping this in July... you are welcome to wait till then to start collecting, or reserve early for the auto-ship!

Summer Time from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more
Summer Time from Abby Rose Designs
What a pretty pin cushion design stitched on Picture This Plus's hand-dyed Wren linen. Wren comes in several different counts - Aida as well - so on 16/32ct, this finishes about 5-1/2 x 7-1/2.

A cute house and super-billowy and pretty flowers, the design has nice balance, and will look great tucked into that big bowl of your various stitched pin cushions! Get out your Toasted Barley, Rose Garden, Pecan Pie, Shaker White, Dried Thyme, Oscar, Olive, Raspberry Frost, Garden Gate, Straw Bonnet, and Old Covered Bridge!

Happy Horse Hauler from Open Road Abode Needleworks - click to see more To and Fro from Open Road Abode Needleworks - click to see more New *Road Trips* from Open Road Abode Needleworks
Melody Gilmore has a delightful collection of retro-flavored designs that feature Campers, RV's, the State Parks, all the things that just make you want to pack your bags and gas up the car! Summertime, here we come! Cute for the camper... or fun to remind you of all your favorite summer, fall and weekend adventures, make sure to see all her cute, super-simple fun designs on her page. Here are a couple of new ones we've added...
  • To and Fro - Stitched in a single color and garnished with buttons... this finishes 8-1/2 inches on 14/28ct. Might make a cute pillow for the camper especially if you have someone in the group that just HAS to stop at everything halfway cool... ALL the time!!!
  • Happy Horse Hauler - Now that's just cute... but I think the horse is happier OUT of the hauler! Just 4 x 7 on 14ct.

Betises de Chats from Madame la Fee - click to see more La Plage a 200m from Madame la Fee - click to see more Tresor's d'Automme from Madame la Fee - click to see more Grimoire from Madame la Fee - click to see more
Four New Charts from Madame La Fee
Always 180-ish square in stitch count - that makes them turn out 10 x 10 on 18/36ct fabric. Classy and colorful, these are always cute! Coded for regular DMC floss, each is kind of segmented off, and features beautiful individual design elements. You don't HAVE to stitch them in their entirety, spend a minute and really study them to find your favorite parts!

Coming from France, there are some English instructions inside and lovely, clear, colored charts. Each does include a charm embellishment of some sort, but I don't want to open packages; I can feel that they are in there!

PuntiniPuntini Sweet Spring Pins - click to see more
PuntiniPuntini Sweet Spring Buttons - click to see more
PuntiniPuntini Wool Pins - click to see more
PuntiniPuntini Wool Buttons - click to see more
PuntiniPuntini Bees and Flowers Pins - click to see more
PuntiniPuntini Bees and Flowers Buttons - click to see more
Hand Made Pins and Buttons from PuntiniPuntini
Oh my gosh, we LOVE Paola's darling bitty hand-made polymer clay pins and buttons! We carry her entire line - every one of the sets is cuter than the last. Beautiful shading and design details... The Wool, Sweet Spring and Bees & flowers are all new design sets this Spring.
Remember these for special pin cushions or sewing cases and smalls. They make fun Stitcher Gifts for your friends, too! Trust me!

Cats and Quilts January from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Quilts February from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Quilts April from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Quilts July from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Quilts October from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Quilts December from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more
More Cats & Quilts from Kitty & Me Designs
Here is the year in 12 separate leaflets (so you can pick and choose your favorites)... all darling little black kitty silouettes against pretty stitched quilt blocks. Each month (doesn't REALLY need to be a 'month' - just one you like!) comes as a separate leaflet, each measures 70 to 90 stitches in size... and all are shown against a white fabric.

Coded for DMC floss... it might be kind of fun to stitch the cat in Wisper thread from Rainbow Galley - a furry thread. Fun to think about Satin Stitches or beads or buttons, as well!

Garden Party Cool by Satsuma Street - click for more Garden Party Warm by Satsuma Street - click for more
Garden Party Warm & Garden Party Cool
from Satsuma Street
By Satsuma Street... these are the same design... but stitched in different colors! How on earth can you choose a favorite??? Such a fun, fresh design, it measures 109 x 127 in stitch count - finishing about 8 x 9 on 28ct Flax Cashel Linen.

Coded for regular 'ol DMC floss... I just love, love, love the happy colors in both of them!!! Maybe stitch them both and finish back to back so you can flip it around when ever you want a change? Presented as a full color leaflet, nice heavy cardboard and a huge, colored chart.

The Duo Lights from Daylight - click to see more The Duo Lights from Daylight Company
Oh wow... this is a neat little light! It is LED and dims for 4 different light levels. It is SUPER lightweight, and comes as a table clamp, or stable standing light. (The floor version is due in at the end of May.) It has a cord... so not battery chargeable.

What makes it really neat is the light design itself... it is two little 10-inch long 1-inch round sticks that spread apart in the middle, so you can direct your light where-ever you want! (My first thought is having it on your table at a class - and both you and your friend get a light!) The design is such that the light is directed down... not right in your face. The on/off switches are just touch buttons at the ends of the light sticks.

The table version weighs just 1-3/4 lbs... (28 ounces) while the clamping one LESS THAN A POUND! The goose neck is covered in soft white plastic sheath, it looks so nice and smooth and clean. The clamp for that model is a SCREW clamp. It is not a pinch-grip thing... you don't have to squeeze it to death to get it to work. Right above the clamp base, you see a cylinder that is about 2 inches high... that is a 'screw'... so simply turn it to release the clamp, which can open as much as 2 inches!
I really like this light... no magnifier, though. Lightweight, VERY packable, clean, white, daylight balanced light... really, really nice!

Dog Owner's Welcome from Waxing Moon - click for a larger view Cat Owner's Welcome from Waxing Moon - click for a larger view 4538 Dog Bone Buttons from JABCO Pair of 3449 Heart Buttons from JABCO
Dog/Cat Owner's Welcome
from Waxing Moon Designs
By Waxing Moon... These tell you who the Boss-of-the-Household is!!! Cute finished as flat hangings so they can be displayed right inside the door somewhere, each finishes approx 6 x 6 on 14/28ct. *All Guests Must Be Approved by the Cats or Dogs... singular or plural... all families are covered! Cats are one chart, dogs the other.

Coded for Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed flosses or regular DMCs, you have some button and pin options for these. The dog chart shows JABCO brand dog bone buttons and Cats has two red hearts for the kitty collars - they are available separately. ADDITIONALLY, Just Another Button Company has two new sets of pins for cats and dogs. Look to those as well.

Cat Owner's Welcome from Waxing Moon - click for a larger view Dog Owner's Welcome from Waxing Moon - click for a larger view New Cat and Dog Pins
from Just Another Button Company
Waxing Moon, Hands On Design and Scarlett House are three companies that come to mind right now that have just introduced new cat and dog lover designs. None of them specifically call for these pins... but we think they deserve a look and consideration anyway!
The Dog set has a little brown dog with a bone as big as he is (which is the secret wish of every dog!), and a little checkerboard heart.
The kitty set has a gray cat, red heart and a little red bird on the third pin.
Big, long, sturdy pins... all decorated on top with a cute piece of handmade clay.. by the talented gals of JABCO.

Little Dove's Year from Little Dove Designs - click to see more

Little Dove's Year from Little Dove Designs
Here is a full set of small monthly designs by Little Dove... all presented in one chart... so, it easy on the stitching stash budget! Each month measures 65 x 60 stitches - so about 4 x 4. Stitch them individually and cushion them, or join them together in a vertical or horizontal shape. Each one has the name of the month in it, but not so integral to the design, so leave them out if you want.

Lots of places to add beads and small embellishing buttons and charms. Metallics in October, opalescent in January, furry threads in March... coded for DMC, it calls for 31 different colors. I love the little ducks in May... swimming in all the water that fell in April!

Blackwork Needlebook and Fob from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Bees in a Box from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Sparker in Lavender from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Sparkler in Blue from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more
New Arrivals from Sandie at The Sweetheart Tree
  • Blackwork Needlebook and Fob - This chart continues Sandie's set of Blackwork smalls... she already has a biscornu, needle roll, sampler, and heart ornament (all which are described on our Sweetheart Tree page.) Not technically 'Blackwork' which is usually a Double Running stitch and usually worked with a black color, it is a charming set none-the-less! The front of the needlebook is 76 x 76 in stitch count, and the little fob is only 43. Chart comes with black crystal paillette embellishments!
  • Bees in a Box - This is a fun new shape - a box with a flat bottom and a curved, stuffed top. The alphabet and cute little bees wrap around the sides, but the top part is stitched homeycomb. You get gold metallic paillettes with this chart... to garnish the delightful little 2-inch 'cube!' You'll need a few DMCs and beads from your stash - choose any creme, neutral or light yellow fabric you like!
  • Sparklers in Lavender and Blue - Sandie's crystals now come in colors, so here are her trademark square designs adorned with sparkles of color. Presented as charts with the 12 paillette embellishments, choose a linen fabric you like... you'll also need your DMCs and 3 shades of Mill Hill Magnifica Beads for each. Although you can frame these, they really look nice finished into biscornu shapes. With their simple center designs, they give you room for a really pretty tufting button in that center.
Balsam Fir from Little House Needleworks -- click to see lots more
Balsam Fir from Little House Needleworks
Part 4 of 7 is here for Little House Needlework's Jack Frost's Tree Farm Series. A super-cute set of charts... stitch each part individually, or join them together to make the whole scene. Each square panel measures about 4 inches in size, to together the entire scene is about 12 x 12.

All sorts of different types of trees and greenery are growing at the Farm... this is a charming series. You can see from the composite pic which designs are still to come - all three along the bottom row. (Our Auto-ship can take care of catching you up and collecting the final three releases, as well.)

Farm Life from Little House Needleworks -- click to see lots more
Farm Life
from Little House Needleworks
New from Little House Needleworks, Diane's verse is from one of the Psalms that deals with plants and growing life. Her farm scene to go with it is charming... full of rows of growing vegetables, farm animals scattered everywhere, even one little black sheep!

Measuring 190 x 129, it finishes approx 12 x 8 on 32ct and uses DMC and Classic Colorworks hand-dyed flosses. It's quite a bustling scene, presented in chart format.

Jolies Fleurs from The Tralala Collection -- click to see more
Jolies Fleurs from The Tralala Collection
I love this billowing bouquet of flowers! It has such attitude... so pretty and flowing... and that bitty pot is charming! By Tra La La, this measures 181 x 101 - so it finishes approx 10 x 6 on 18/36ct natural linen.

It's coded for Gentle Art Sampler Threads of Garden Gate, Dried Thyme, Cameo Pink, Pomegranate, Deep Forest. Raspberry, Dungarees, Freedom Cottage Blue and Harvest. Just a lovely piece!

Winter at Sugar Hill from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more Winter at Sugar Hill
from Praiseworthy Stitches
Praiseworthy Stitches is releasing their annual Christmas or Winter City Scene - this year, it is a Winter Wonderland of snow, maple trees, and bubbling pots of maple syrup! Pam and Susan love doing these scenes... they are enchanting!

Winter at Sugar Hill finishes approx 19 x 12 on 32ct Picture This Plus Mirage hand-dyed linen. Stitched with hand-dyed flosses and garnished with bits of metallic, glass beads and some clay buttons... like all of its companions, this is full of 'busy-ness and winter fun!' Striking colors, cute design details, this joins quite a set of charming Christmas scenes! All the rest are on our Praiseworthy Stitches page... see which ones are your favorites!

Saviour's Praise from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more
Saviour's Praise
from Shakespeare's Peddler
This sampler came totally out of Theresa's head... how that can happen, I just don't know! Measuring approx 19 x 23 on 32ct, you get lots of biblical verses, a GORGEOUS border on three sides that repeats NOWHERE!

All the evergreens are different, there is one little dog facing the wrong way, tiny birds and critters everywhere, the whole thing is enchanting! Coded for Anchor or DMC floss, add some hand-dyeds if you want. I love every bit if this!!!!

Our Lasting Friendship from Blackbird - click for more The Bells on Christmas Day from Blackbird - click for more Ooh La La from Blackbird - click for more
Our Lasting Friendship, The Bells on Christmas Day & Ooh La La
from Blackbird Designs
Barb and Alma have been busy with three new books FULL of gorgeous projects and ideas along with all of Alma's exquisite pictures!
  • Our Lasting Friendship 3 Stitched designs celebrating friendship. Our Lasting Friendship is the large sampler - 11 x 12 on 36ct PTP Legacy Linen - make the center box larger if you have more friends you want to celebrate. Coded for Classic Colorworks hand-dyed flosses. Just Gorgeous! My Heart to Hold is a take-out of the larger design, shown on a box top to hold photos or special trinkets. Shepherd's Bush Pincushion is a small token design to special friends!!!
  • The Bells on Christmas Day Five designs in here, 20 pages... that gorgeous main sampler measures a petite 7 x 10 on 36ct Oaken hand-dyed by Picture This Plus. Adapted from an antique sampler, Barb and Alma made 4 other projects to coordinate! The Thimble Bag, glass box liner, pin cushion and little needle book are all included, beautifully photographed, and of course charted clearly. Finishing materials sources are included as well. Such a pretty book to page through!
  • Ooh La La Wow, this book (48 pages!) features 15 projects! It begins with lots of classic French designs that are all stitched in red. Then, we move on to a Sewing Box cover with birds and a basket, a bitty Pin Roll - it was stuffed with emery so it felt super heavy and it just fit in my hand! Rose Bouquet box top and a Spring Green Pin Cushion... we went from all reds to all of Barb and Alma's palette of soft roses and pretty greens!

#6 Polish Pottery - A Garden Mug from Olde Colonial -- click to see more #6 Polish Pottery - A Garden Mug from Olde Colonial -- click to see more #6 Polish Pottery - A Garden Mug
from Olde Colonial Designs
Oh wow... Pam's pottery lady went all out for us! This awesome 'pudgy mug' measures almost 6 inches wide - with the handle, the cup itself is 4-inches 'fat' and a little over 4-inches high, and is very heavy. It is a piece of hand-painted Polish Pottery. Pam has designed some cross stitch for the cup lid... and added a little wooden handle!

Tiny blue flowers to match the pottery artwork, these VERY LIMITED kits include the chart, 32ct linen, hand-dyed Classic Colorworks flosses, backing fabric and round finishing boards for the lid and the little finished wood knob handle. Best part is that you get to enjoy the mug before your stitching is finished... and since the lid lifts off... you can actually use this for soup or coffee, wash it, and trim it with your needlework in between using it!

Spring Acorns from The Blue Flower -  click for more Autumn Squirrel from The Blue Flower -  click for more Quilting Bee from The Blue Flower -  click for more
The Blue Flower, her Acorns and Squirrels, and a Bee!
We have lots of gorgeous new designs by a new designer - Jeannine McGowan - these are absolutely stunning, and I do not know how you are going to choose just one or two as favorites. Her Acorn cushions all measure between 80 and 90 stitches square - so not too big.

Hand-dyed silks are featured in Autumn Acorns with DMC conversions, and hand-dyed Gentle Art and Classic C flosses along with DMC conversions are used in the rest. (Some of the silks are not here yet for the Autumn piece... taking reservations for those, price TBA but approx $80. You use the SAME colors in the Autumn Squirrel - we think one set of silks will do both projects.)

Stitch Frame Wraps from Stitchy Shelly - click to see more Stitch Frame Wraps (They're Here!) from Stitchy Shelly
These are new! One of our friends, Shelly from TX is sewing pretty quilted covers for your WIPs (works-in-progress) that are already mounted on your scroll frame! You pull your needlework in and out of your stitching bag all the time... but it's never really protected from damage. Ms Shelly has the answer! Pretty wraps... each is hand-sewn with quilted fabrics... assorted batiks and cute prints... they feature ties and are large enough to wrap around the bars of your scroll frame to COVER and PROTECT your stitching!

Two sizes available - the small one is 13 inches wide, the large is 20. If your frame is smaller than 13 inches - fold over the edges, if you are working on something larger than 20 inches - at least this will cover most of your stitching area. Shelly is showing at the upcoming Market for the first time. We're so excited for her, and wanted to share her awesome products with you. So... Presenting Shelly and her awesome Wraps! Feb 21 Note: these have arrived!

Blooms and Blossoms by Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill! - click for more
Blooms and Blossoms by Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill
Oh... these are bright and pretty!!! Mill Hill has commissioned 4 new designs by Debbie Mumm that have been converted to Cross Stitch with a smattering of seed beads.

Presented in their kit formats, each is stitched on 28ct linen, and finish approx 7 inches square. Bright, fresh colors... each kit comes with that fun fabric, all the threads and beads and needles. I like them all...not sure which is my favorite... frame them as shown on the kit covers, or maybe make block stand-ups???

MAGnificent Floor and Table LED Magnifying Lamp from Daylight - click to see more
MAGnificent Floor and Table LED Magnifying Lamp
from Daylight Company
This is a pretty nice lamp! It is designed to work as either a floor lamp (with two different height options), or a table style. It can go from 20 inches high to 50. The daylight-balanced LED lights provide accurate color matching - a must for needlework.

The semi-rimless magnifier lens measures almost 6-inches in diameter! Flexible gooseneck arm can reach out to 23 inches. The only cord plugs into the base. There is no cord reaching through the stick of this! Weighs about 6 pounds, white. Very Nice!

Needle travel Guide to Shops - 2019 Edition - click to see more
Needle travel Guide to Shops - 2019 Edition
The newest travel Guide for shops across the country is here. It is a 6 x 9 format, 596 pages full of maps, shop listings, hours, product selection summaries, phone numbers and website info.

Perfect for a road trip because over 5000 shops are listed and referenced by highways and cities.

An awesome little directory -- you'll love it! (This weighs over a pound, so will definitely ship via Priority Mail.)
You Crafty Bitch Pouch and Crazy Socks - click for more You Crafty Bitch Pouch and Crazy Socks!
OK... this might upset of few of you (we don't mean to do that at all!), but the rest of you might LOVE these and actually have a friend or two that 'fits the bill!' By Blue-Q, 1% of the sales of these items supports the humanitarian work of Doctors Without Borders, and environmental initiatives around the globe.
  • 14 x 10 Top-zippered pouch - This is made of that super-sturdy recycled material that never wears out! It features this totally delightful design on both sides. Fits a cross stitch leaflet, fabric and project threads beautifully!
  • Women's Crew Socks - Fitting sizes 5 to 10 shoes, these little guys will bring a smile to any crafty lady's face! (and feet!) Nylon, cotton, spandex they feature the same cute artwork as on our Crafty Bitch pouches!!!

Learning Stitches Sampler from Jeannette Douglas Designs Learning Stitches book from Jeannette Douglas Learning Stitches from Jeannette Douglas
Oh wow... this is gorgeous! The whole thing measures about 11 x 14 on 32ct linen. It features a lavish alphabet across the top section, then it showcases 15 tiny blocks below of your stitching lessons! Worked with a yummy array of hand-dyed silks and garnished with some darling stitch-related charms, each of those 15 blocks features a really cool different stitch that just LOVES to tease the hand-dyed threads you are using for it.

Jeannette has designed this to kind-of-be a class! Each section offers you stitching tips and hints, she's talking to you all the way through her book! Beautiful colored close-up pics of the actual stitches... just the pattern book is a treat by itself... but get the threads too. (Otherwise, it's like having a new kit to stitch with NO NEEDLE!)
We have lots more new designs from Jeannette... don't miss them!

Hannah Gaskell 1823 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more Lucy Navier 1818 - Hands Across The Sea's 2019 Queen of the May Sampler - click for more
Lucy Navier 1818 - Hands Across The Sea's 2019 Queen of the May Sampler
A very special and limited edition release from Hands Across the Sea, Nicola has done an amazing job on this - as always! 35 heavy and glossy pages of history, beautiful charts and diagrams, there are nine pages of huge pictures of the actual stitch detail in the sampler. Truly a treasure to just even own the chart!!!!!

If you aren't planning on adding this to this year's stitching schedule... how about enjoying Lucy's sampler on some stationery cards? Nicola has produced lovely 6" x 8 1/2" heavy-card-stock cards with Lucy's sampler on the front and the chart of the right-hand floral urn on the back. So, not only can you write a stitching friend a note... you can share the chart as well! Sampler cards come in packs of 10 for 24.00... or individual cards are $3 each.

Peace on Earth from Cottage Garden Samplings - click to see more Peace on Earth
from Cottage Garden Samplings
Another Songbird design by Cottage Garden Samplings! We actually thought it was #9 of her Garden Songbird Series... and even sent it to our Auto-Stitchers by accident! (#9 is still on the way!) However, the other birds in this series of designs are really very classic, and they are a little larger.

Peace on Earth is stitched on Weeks Dye Works Dove hand-dyed linen and measures only 125 in stitch count. We love it, and know you have time to finish it before next Christmas!

Sampler d' Olga from Reflets de Soie - click for more
Sampler d' Olga from Reflets de Soie
Another of Isabelle's gorgeous reproduction samplers... this charted medley of involved floral borders, blocks and motifs measures a total of 402 x 309 in stitch count.

Calling for only 223, 221 and 3721 in DMC... choose silks or a hand-dyed cotton as alternatives... in whatever color you want!

Lovely bits and designs in here, just a bitty pin cushion of a tiny part of that border on the right would be awesome!!! (as in... you don't really have to stitch this ENTIRE thing to enjoy it!!!)

Pumpkin Spice Everything from Scarlett House - click for more Pumpkin Spice Everything
from The Scarlett House
Tanya Brockmeyer has a new pin cushion design... this sends us right into Fall and Thanksgiving Season!!!

Finishing just 3 x 5-1/2 on 36ct Dirty Edinburgh Linen, and stitched with Gentle Art Sampler Threads, it is trimmed with Lady Dot's Jack-colored hand-dyed chenille trim. Makes me want to go downstairs and bake something that smells good!!!!


Yes, there's even MORE!     
Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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