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Webmaster's note: These pages became so large that we have divided them up into 4 separate pages to help with load time. So be sure you hit the There's More button at the bottom of the pages to see the rest of the wonderful stuff that has come in recently.

I'll Keep You Warm from Val's Stuff Snowtime from Val's Stuff
Snowtime & I'll Keep You Warm from Val's Stuff
Val has two new wintery designs, bright in color and quick to stitch. Each is stitched on 14ct perforated paper with DMC from your stash. The kits come with the chart, paper, back mounting felt pieces. The featured buttons and the poke includes a painted wooden skewer as well.
  • Snowtime is her winter segment of the 4-seasons Plant Poke set - mount this little guy on the provided stick and poke him into 'your bloomin' plant!' He finishes about 4 x 4, the red poinsettia is made of felt!
  • I'll keep You Warm is just a cute sunny thing to perch on your windowsill, or attach to a wooden block. It finishes about 3 x 5. Get creative with your finishing... these are too cute!

Do it Yourself Stitch People 2nd Edition from Stitch People - click to see more
Stitch People Books
Wow, this is a really neat set of 7 books that, between them all, offer you literally thousands of different motifs to customize your own stitching project. We're showing you one of them here... click through to see the rest... it's definitely worth it!

The idea is to choose specific motifs from the entries to make your own family, vacation, or event pieces. You can use your own vacation pics or special event pics as the guide and stitch a memory that REALLY LOOKS LIKE YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR PIC!

Each book is spiral bound and printed in full color on heavy pages. The charts are huge, and as I mentioned, each book includes hundreds of individual options.

Halloween Alphabet A-B from Romy's Creations - click for more Halloween Alphabet C-D from Romy's Creations - click for more Halloween Alphabet E-F from Romy's Creations - click for more Halloween Alphabet G-H from Romy's Creations - click for more Halloween Alphabet I-J from Romy's Creations - click for more Halloween Alphabet K-L from Romy's Creations - click for more Halloween Alphabet M-N from Romy's Creations - click for more
Halloween Alphabet threads for the whole set from Romy's Creations - click for more The Halloween Alphabet
from Romy's Creations - All the way from Italy!
Look what just arrived! A & B through M & N are here now... and more are coming later this Fall. This is a DARLING set of small cushion-sized letters... each measures 60 x 60 in stitch count. Presented as charts AB, CD, EF, GH...etc... we will be up to MN, with the rest due to release this Fall.

Romy is using her own hand-dyed flosses, and *We have the entire set of 21 skeins of her threads to do all of them!* Can't wait to get a big bowl and fill it with candy and alphabet cushions! (We're doing an auto-ship for the rest of this set as well.)

PuntiniPuntini When I Think of... Set - click to see more PuntiniPuntini When I Think of October - click to see more PuntiniPuntini When I Think of November - click to see more PuntiniPuntini When I Think of December - click to see more
When I Think of... from PuntiniPuntini
Paola has released her final three months of the year - all stitched with DMC, all featuring little motifs for that month and each with a tiny hand-made clay button embellishment. The individual cushions finish 3 x 6-1/2. Her Year of Pins are featured on all of them!

PuntiniPuntini January February March Pins PuntiniPuntini April May June - click to see more PuntiniPuntini July August September Pin Set - click to see more PuntiniPuntini October November December Pin Set - click to see more
Presenting her Year of Pins Sets - now finished too from PuntiniPuntini
LOOK at all these glorious pins! Each set of 6 covers 3 months... and Paola has featured them in her darling monthly cushions.
  • January/February/March is the set on the left - evergreen and flake. Feb has the chocolate bar and heart, and March has the shamrock.
  • The April/May/June set has the spring carrot and summer's corn and ice cream cone.
  • July/August/September has the flamingo - bees and cute little pencil for back-to-school.
  • Finally the October, November/December set has the squash, turkey and gingerbread cookie and candy cane you see poking from the October, November and December pillows above!
Individually and beautifully hand-made, these little treasures will not be around for forever - so even if you don't stitch THIS set of months... get these for your other seasonal things!

Alphabet in the Round #406 from JBW Designs - click to see more Be Merry #407 from JBW Designs - click to see more Christmas Smalls #408 from JBW Designs - click to see more Dashing Through The Snow #409 from JBW Designs - click to see more French Christmas Tags II #410 from JBW Designs - click to see more
Judy Whitman has 5 new releases that are here.
Each chart has multiple pics inside of various other fabrics or colorways.
  • Alphabet in the Round #406 features a font from an antique French sampler that Judy has manipulated into small rounds, initials and monograms. She's played with color combinations as well.
  • Be Merry #407 is simply a statement for the season... the finishing can be a no-sew... just grab a bottle of your favorite glue!
  • Christmas Smalls #408 includes 5 pretty florals - I think the best one is the little strawberry - but it's the hardest to see in the pics! The tree piece has a pocket on the backside for scissors, and while it looks Christmassy - the other designs are simply small colorful florals that work for any season.
  • Dashing Through The Snow #409 is charming! The same tiny sampler is stitched on three different fabrics in three different colorways - how different they look from each other! We love that red one - it companions Joyeux Noel, O Christmas Tree and Tidings of Joy - all little one-over-one samplers stitched in white on red! (We have that red fabric in three different counts too!)
  • French Christmas Tags II #410 Small single birds meant to be ornaments, finished onto wooden boards, but you could use pretty papers as well.

Chronicles of Oline Marie II from Summer House Stitch Workes - click for more Winter Whites from Summer House Stitch Workes - click for more Winter Whites and Chronicles of Oline Marie II
from Summer House Stitche Workes
I love these two new designs by Beth Ann...
  • Winter Whites is a soft piece stitched on natural linen in just Whitewash, Sandcastle and Flatfish Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed flosses. It's not very big - just 109 x 45, so it finishes just under 3 x 7, and if you make that baby drum - it's about 2 x 3! What I am so excited about as well, is that we are including the Lady Dot Creates finishing set with the pattern! You get the round matboard mounting piece, the Lady Dot Snow Chenille, the Weeks Houndstooth Wool cut in here, interfacing, the snowflake charm and the old fashioned safety pin the flake hangs from. NO chasing around to gather all the pretty and matching ingredients! Presented as the chart with finishing packet, linen and threads are available separately.
  • Chronicals of Oline Marie II - These are take-outs from a Norwegian sampler stitched by 14 yr old Oline Marie in 1844. The bird is shown on a needlebook, and the larger 91 x 91 stitch floral piece is mounted diagonally on a little velvet pillow made from Lady Dot's String Bean hand-dyed velveteen. Coded for either silks or DMC, colors featured are 520. 841, 733, 640, 833, 676 and 543 - so soft and pretty!
Home Sweet Home - A New Stitch-Along from By the Bay Needleart - click to see more
Presenting Home Sweet Home - A New Stitch-Along beginning November of 2021
from By the Bay Needleart
Donna Bayliss is beginning a new mega-piece - this one features 12 different *home scenes,* one chart releasing each month till next November. The small parts measure only 42 x 70 each, but together, the entire piece will measure 168 x 336. You can choose whatever fabric you wish... on 32ct, it'll all finish 10 x 21 - so not really so overpowering and 'mega' at all! Donna always has neat trees. Look at this... every month's house has different landscaping...but they all go together with her willowy-billowy trees!

Coded for DMC, the entire 'threads needed' and layout info is included in the first chart... and all charts (during the stitch-along-year) will run $7.00 each. (Next year, when they are all released and the Stitch Along is finished, they'll all go up to $9 individually.) Charts are not sold 'single-y' this first year, which means if you want to pick and choose your favorite houses... either register to get the whole set and skip some, or wait till next year to get single charts (at the higher price.) Just so pretty... we're taking Sign-Ups now to begin shipping the day ours arrive to us! Maybe wait until your first chart comes to decide fabric color and count?

Back to the Grind from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more Follow Your Heart from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more Built on Love from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more
Back to the Grind, Follow Your Heart and Built on Love from Silver Creek Samplers
Silver Creek Samplers has some new releases, one for your kitchen, one for your stitching nest, and one to stitch for a special wedding this year or next!
  • Back to the Grind - just a simple thing, about 9-1/2 x 4 on 18 Aida or 6ct linen - it uses just regular 'ol awesome DMC floss! (You know it would be cool to stitch the grinder top in a vintage black metallic, and add some antiqued gold metallic to the big letters.)
  • Follow Your Heart needs to be a little pin cushion to keep by the side of your chair! If you stitch it over one on 28ct Mushroom Lugana (which is actually pretty easy to do), it'd be LESS than 3 x 3!
  • Built on Love - What a cool wedding sampler - not out of date, not fussy like the stuff we used to do in the 80's - just something that a '30-something' would actually LIKE to hang in their house! *And so... together they built a life they loved...* (There's room for tiny initials and important date) Change the brown word to gray, if that's the better color/decor option, this is simple and really nice. Measuring 163 x 71... it'll finish 10 x 4-1/2 on 32ct.

Ghoul's Crossing from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more
Ghoul's Crossing from Praiseworthy Stitches
Pam and Susan have a new Haunted Halloween Party House for 2021. *Come Ghoulies, Shriek, Growl and Dance!* Joining their collection of other busy houses... this one is just as colorful as the others, but a little different in finished size. It's a whopping 28 x 14 on 32ct Picture This Plus 'Haunted' linen, and it's garnished with a collection of JABCO clay spiders, bats, pumpkins and a little caldron button.

We have several of their models in the shop, and it's fun to find smaller take-out design areas to stitch smaller versions. The dramatic fabric highlights all the cute little ghosts and kids, the trees are all scraggly, the spider webs are thin metallic... a lot of fun things happening on ALL of their Halloween and Christmas Scenes! Presented as a chart... fabrics, buttons and extensive thread list (of 49 hand-dyed skeins or 34 Skeins of DMC and the metallic) are all offered separately. (Fabric and button info TBA)

Home Together #5 East or West Home is Best from Jeannette Douglas Home Together #6 There's No Place from Jeannette Douglas Joy Be Thine Sampler from Jeannette Douglas Chubby Bird from Jeannette Douglas
New Treats On the Way from Jeannette Douglas... Due in the shop early September
  • Home Together #5 and #6 finish out this charming set of 6 small designs that could be made into pin cushions... or the DARLING little stitched linen cube! I'm not sure you'd want to poke pins into this though!) There's no place like home, and East or West, home is best are the two that round out the set of 6 sides. Each comes as it's own individual chart, so you can pick and choose which ever you like. We have all of them, so take a look. It's been a really nice set of designs, inspired - of course - by our year of 2020!
  • Joy Be Thine Sampler - This looks very involved and scary to stitch, but Jeannette has used only Straight Stitches and Cross in this! Not too many design details yet, but it's done in brick reds, teals, creams, butterscotch golds and browns and a little mossy green. Presented in leaflet format with the wonderfully tempting thread and embellishment pack - she honestly is calling this a 'next step piece' to try a little specialty stitching!
  • Chubby Bird - Well, isn't he cute? This is offered in small chart format... I don't know what kind of thread he uses... but he does finish about 3 inches in diameter.

Hands On Design Lick The Bowl Hands On Design Kitchen Counter It Came With the House Hands On Design Kitchen Counter Take Whisks Hands On Design Measure Up
The Kitchen Counter - The Complete Set of 4 Designs - Presented in 3 Charts from Hands On Designs
This has been a really cute set of designs - fun for any kitchen. Choose YOUR kitchen colors if the red and aqua don't match... they'll be just as cute.

Lick the Bowl, It Came With The House and Take Whisks are the three main designs with the 4th, Measure Up, being the bonus design that comes in parts from the other three charts. Each measures about 4 x 6, they'd all make cute housewarming gifts or kitchen renovation treats!
Long May She Wave Kit from Chessie & Me Stitching Sisters from Chessie & Me Hannah Comperf 1818 from Chessie & Me
Two New Charts and a Kit from Chessie & Me
  • Long May She Wave Kit - Linda Lautenschlager's new Annual Summer 2021 Patriotic kit is here! Always a favorite, this year's is worked on 35ct Weeks Dye works Tin Roof linen with 5 luscious shades of Gloriana hand-dyed silk. Just a petite thing, the finished cushion measures 2-1/2 x 3-/12. The flag's stars are Smyrna Crosses, and the crows are over one thread... this little thing will stitch in a jiff!
  • Stitching Sisters is worked on 36ct linen with Weeks hand-dyed flosses. It finishes a petite 5 x 7. From My Humble Hand to Yours... More Than Friends, We're Stitching Sisters
  • Hannah Comperf 1818 finishes approx 10 x 11 on 36ct. Coded for Classic Colorworks hand-dyed flosses, the large central alphabet is done in Algerian Eyes. This one is fun... see how it kind of divided in the middle? You could stitch only half... or make it super long and skinny!

Winter Blooms from The Blue Flower and Lindy Stitches -  click for more Tudor Ermine from The Blue Flower and Lindy Stitches -  click for more Cozy Christmas Cat from The Blue Flower - click for more Holiday Card 2021 from The Blue Flower - click for more
Winter Blooms, Tudor Ermine, Cozy Christmas Cat, Holiday Card 2021 - New Designs from The Blue Flower
  • Winter Blooms - They 'bloom amidst the Winter's snow.' Stitched on a wintery-gray background, this is a plump pot bursting with glorious flowers and leaves. Finishes about 5 x 7 on 36ct, Jeannine chose a mixture of DMC and some hand-dyeds.
  • Tudor Ermine - What a gorgeous border surrounding this delightful little Ermine! The entire design measures 97 stitches square - so a little over 5 inches in size on 36ct. I love the wintery evergreens, the pine cones and red berries with the snowflake touches. Just 9 shades of DMC floss, the trim is Lady Dot's Sizzle Chenille - that bright, rich red!
  • Cozy Christmas Cat - He has a tiny snowman decorating his shawl! Just 3 x 3, only 6 shades of floss... this would be pretty with that Red Sizzle trim as well.
  • Holiday Card 2021 - This little llama is all decked out for the Holiday! He's wearing his hand-knitted sweater, with coordinating scarf and socks (complete with tassels!) One version has his Christmas Tree, but both have the fun string of Christmas lights. Stitched on Lambswool linen - there are several counts to choose from, so you can make him any size you want!
Saltwater Scrapbook parts 1 and 2 from The Blue Flower and Lindy Stitches -  click for more Saltwater Scrapbook combination from The Blue Flower and Lindy Stitches -  click for more
Saltwater Scrapbook part 2 from Lindy Stitches and The Blue Flower
This part 2 of a collaboration with The Blue Flower. Five little pin cushions 3" square on 40 count fabric. Stitch count is 61 x 61 each.

This is a delightful set of small designs - all with a seaside/saltwater theme. Jeannine's favorite squirrels are building sandcastles... and that octopus really loves his beach house! The back cover of this chart shows all 9 smalls stitched together. Coded for DMC.

Baked With Love from New York Dreamer - click to see more Bakers Gonna Bake... from New York Dreamer - click to see more
Cookies for Santa from New York Dreamer - click to see more Freshly Baked Pumpkin Pie... from New York Dreamer - click to see more
  • Cookies for Santa
    from New York Dreamer
    New York Dreamer has several rolling pin cover designs at the moment - we have a summer/beach one, pumpkins, one for Valentine's Day, and now one for Santa! A cute decoration for your kitchen, get your rolling pin first, then fit your fabric to it... she's used Velcro to attach her band around the pin, but fabric ties would work too.

    Something fun and different, it'd make a fun gift for Grandma, as Mom probably doesn't have time to roll out cookie dough!

  • Sea Box by Rovaris of Italy! - click to see more Sea Box from Rovaris
    Oh Look - Livia's Limited Edition Sea Tray!
    New supply has arrived!
    *Sea* is stitched in the middle of this charming 5 x 7-ish stitched medley of underwater critters and foliage. Seahorses, a crab, and a big octopus... it's a busy little underwater scene.

    Along with the chart, you get this cool 7 x 7 x 2-ish inch wooden tray. It features that display area for your stitched cushion, and three holes to hold your needlework implements.

    Livia is including the striped finishing fabric you see, and a bunch of cute seaside charms that are dangling there off the cushion. The two included wood tools supplied are one seam ripper and one frogger.
    Antrim's Folly from Hearts Ease Examplar Workes - click to see more

    Antrim's Folly
    by Heart's Ease Examplar Workes
    This has been one of Theresa Baird's exclusive class pieces that is now available in chart format. Just a gorgeous piece, Theresa's inspiration came from a Betty Ring sampler that sold at a Sotheby's auction for over a million dollars in 2012.

    She was enchanted by the mansion with the cedar trees, the barnyard with the animals, the young lady sitting straight and proud atop a horse, the farmhouse on the hill, and the flanking baskets of fruits and flowers.

    It measures 257 x 355, and is worked in silks. The chart is 38 pages... it is full of stitch diagram detail, and actual close-up pics of some areas. Not for the faint of stitcher - not the quickest stitch either! Just an EXQUISITE needlework design to tantalize the brave!

    Autumn Berries from Erica Michaels - click for more The Moon is Full from Erica Michaels - click for more Leafy Sidewalks from Erica Michaels - click for more Life is Better Meow from Erica Michaels - click for more
    Autumn Berries, The Moon is Full, Leafy Sidewalks and Life is Better Meow from Erica Michaels
    Erica Michaels' Linda Stolz has 7 new designs - here are 4, with pics and info about the others when you click through!
    • Autumn Berries - A trio of pin cushions, I like that little scarecrow, all three designs are in this chart.
    • The Moon is Full - Beware, Halloween is in the air! Choose a dusty, stormy color fabric - you get the berry and square cushion designs in here as well.
    • Leafy Sidewalks - Five different thoughts, 3 different borders, stitch them in any combo you wish. They can be as large as 5 x 8 or smaller finishes to perch on a windowsill.
    • Life is Better Meow - Well, you certainly 'get this' if you have a kitty! Do NOT however, stitch this as a new toy for that little cat!
    Linda is COMING to the Silver Needle in May of 2022! A small weekend class in our She Shed classroom space adjoining the shop, one of the projects will be a linen berry. AS A BONUS TREAT, we are also welcoming Michele Arsenault of Michele Ink, who is a silver artist. You will be molding a sterling silver topper piece using precious metals clay for your berry! The silver is re-claimed from old electronics... your berry is freshly stitched! Details about Linda and Michele's visit are on our Events page!

    How The Finch Stole Christmas from Artful Offerings - click for more

    How The Finch Stole Christmas
    from Artful Offerings
    By Artful Offerings, isn't this a festive-looking guy? All dressed in his Santa Suit, he's holding a bright green package... lets hope he is DELIVERING rather than swiping!

    Stitched on 18/36 he measures about 3 x 5. Coded for DMC and Gentle Art Sampler Threads, Karina has called for Simply Wool for his hat, trousers and collar trim.

    Silver Needle Squirrels from The Blue Flower and Lindy Stitches -  click for more Acorn Basket from The Blue Flower and Lindy Stitches -  click for more Stitching Squirrel from The Blue Flower - click for more Gather and Stitch from The Blue Flower - click for more
    Presenting Autumn - Blue Flower Style!
    Jeannine McGowan designed these 4 pieces for our summer event this past July. We are thrilled to be able to offer them now as shop exclusive charts... and it's just the right time of year for all the little acorns! Everything is stitched on a very light green hand-dyed 36ct linen. Waterlily is good, Country Vintage Mocha would be good... even something with a golden tint would be great with all these Autumnal colors. There are lots of possibilities across the different fabric options. A Fat Quarter 'of whatever' will do all the designs, and if you want us to choose some velveteens and trims to coordinate for your set - we can, because we have our shop models! I'd do 2 velvets and 2 trims.
    • Silver Needle Squirrels features 4 stitching squirrels each perched atop their own acorn tuffett. Everyone is a different color... but their little hats match. Finished into a rather large octagon shaped cushion - about 6 inches in size, the center is anchored with a clay spool-of-thread button. Charted for hand-dyeds and DMC, Jeannine chose a very light hand-dyed green background linen. We have fun acorn buttons and leaves - so you might want a different button on the underside, and Lady dot's hand-dyed velveteen would be wonderful as your backing material, and the chenille or baby balls would be fun as edging trim.
    • Acorn Basket - This one would also be a cute pin cushion - just about 4 x 4 on 36ct - but in the pic it is finished as a needle book. The same color scheme of honey golds, avocado, cornsilk, cappucino, chocolate, rusts and grays, you could add some matching buttons to the front. We have luscious Dr's Flannel by Lady Dot to make needle pages, or back it with coordinating velveteen to go with the Squirrel cushion.
    • Stitching Squirrel - Oh these two are charming! More ladies in their fine hats stitching away... these two are perched on acorn pumpkins. Their border is even a hoop! Jeannine finished this one into a linen pinched-corner tray - backing it with pretty fabric. Measuring 83 x 90 on that same light green 36ct background, the little tray is about 6 x 6... and the Stitching Squirrels fit right inside - only then you cover up THIS design (so don't do that!) So... if you don't 'tray' this one - it'd be a companion cushion to the others.
    • Gather and Stitch - A pretty band design, this would be pretty across a basket, stitching pouch or stitching mat - or finished into this drum-shaped cushion. The stitched design is 191 x 41, and your drum will vary in size depending on how much fabric you allow at the top and bottom. Just Simple and pretty... add some fun pins to the top - choose a pretty Lady Dot velveteen for the topping and I personally love Chenille or the mini balls as trim!

    #211 Santa Revisited VIII from Prairie Schooler -- click to see more
    A New Santas Revisited Edition - the 8th!
    from Prairie Schooler
    Here come MORE Genuine Prairie Schooler Annual Santas that have been out of print! We finally now have 1997, 1998 and 2013 again.

    This should make all you collectors out there very happy, as we are really close now to being able to get ALL 38! Keep stitching!

    Santa's Flight by Satsuma Street - click for more Sky-High Santa by Satsuma Street - click for more Sky-High Santa and Santa's Flight by Satsuma Street
    Satsuma Street's Jodi Rice has sent two new Santa patterns both featuring hot air balloons - which is one of Santa's Sleigh alternatives!
    • Sky High Santa is glorious in his delightful balloon! Worked on a deep blue fabric - choose your count - it is coded for regular DMC floss, and will finish approx 11 x 17 on 14/28ct. Gorgeous, bright colors.... throw on some beads or add some metallics if you feel like it! (Our Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braids come in about 100 colors so there are lots of possibilities!) The chart is huge, and printed in color, the leaflet includes complete stocking finishing instructions as well.
    • Santa's Flight features Santa in a pastel-colored balloon high over the sleeping village. He finishes about 6 x 11 on 14/28 - a little smaller than the Sky High Santa - but he'd make a nice stocking companion anyway. This pattern has a few silver glass seed beads called for, and some silver and gold metallic... just absolutely charming! Use the finishing instructions supplied in Sky High, use the beaded idea from this one for that one, and you can have a matching pair of hot-air balloon stockings!

    Midsummer Song from Luminous Fiber Arts -- click to see more Counting is Hard! from Luminous Fiber Arts -- click to see more Counting is Hard and Midsummer Song, Two new designs by Misty Pursel of Luminous Fiber Arts
    • Counting is Hard! Counting should NOT be hard, but honestly, have you ever mis-counted and ripped something out MORE than once? It IS hard! Measuring 68 x 124, Misty has also shown this finished as a drum pin cushion, topped with a velveteen strawberry on the leaflet's back cover. Cute design, coded for DMC... something fun to make for a stitcher friend!
    • Midsummer Song - The cuckoo comes in April and stays the month of May... he's singing a delightful song in the pretty garden! The strawberry vine is cool, the trees are neat, this is just a very cheerful and colorful design! Measures 168 x 236, coded for DMC; Vintage Country Mocha is one of the fabric suggestions.

    Des Couleurs dans mon Jardin from Jardin Prive - click for more Des Couleurs dans mon Jardin
    from Jardin Prive
    I think that says 'The Colors of the Garden' doesn't it? I don't need words to convey how pretty this little piece is! Stitched on Waterlily or Star Sapphire Linen, choose your count, it'll finish approx 6 x 6.

    Coded for 11 shades of DMC, I love everything about those 20 x 20 stitched squares. Make them individually into cushions... add clay bee buttons instead of stitching the bees, use #8 Pearl Cotton for the white lacy borders to give it texture, make the sheep wooley - this is just the sweetest piece with pretty soft coloring. It's very small, delightfully so, and offered as a chart.
    Brightly Colored Needle Tins! - click for more

    Brightly Colored Needle Tins!
    Don't you just want to soak up all these colors? Magnetic Needle Tins complete with matching Stitch Dots... each measures 1 x 3 x less than 1/2 an inch.

    Lids slide off... just a great way to store needles.
    Chase Your Dreams Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more Rise & Shine Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more Farm Girl Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more Giddy Up Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more
    Fun New Hand-Embroidered Dish Towels from Bareroots
    Oh gosh these are so much fun to stitch... you transfer on the design, and then just regular straight stitching with a few Lazy Daisies... and PRESTO... a pretty towel nobody wants to use!

    But DO use them, they are nice towels, and they'll make you feel good! Towels come with the pattern to transfer on (use our Sulky Stick 'n Stitch transfer film), the flosses and rik-rak for the edge trims.

    CS299 Caroline Amelia Trowell from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
    Presenting Caroline Amelia Trowell
    from With Thy Needle & thread
    Brenda Gervais his released a new sampler reproduction! Originally stitched by 10-yr old Caroline - a shepherd's daughter. Brenda tells us about Caroline, her family, where she lived and the significance of some of the motifs she chose for her sampler. The are photos of the original antique sampler in the leaflet as well.

    Packed with sweet motifs, there are 3 'sections' to this... lots of opportunity for small cushion take-outs... and a pretty sawtooth border.

    Stitched on 40ct hand-dyed linen by Seraphim, we have SEVERAL color options by Seraphim in various counts... so I am sure we can find you something lovely. Brenda uses a medley of DMC solids and Weeks hand-dyed flosses.
    Jeweled Needle Minder Magnets by Accoutrement Designs - click for more
    New Arrivals from Accoutrements
    Wow... I need these Ruby slippers to transport me to the seashore so I can enjoy the palm trees and flamingos! Jeweled need minders with super-duper strong magnets attached... you can always find a place for another one of these! The flamingo is 3 inches tall, but the rest are smaller - an inch or two at best. Just love 'em all!
    Lobstah Dinnah Ornament from The Elegant Thread - click to see more
    Lobstah Dinnah Ornament
    from The Elegant Thread
    This is the CUTEST thing! By The Elegant Thread, stitch this cute little red lobster - he's 2 x 3 - and put him inside his mesh cage - he's ready to bring home for dinner! (Or you can hang him on your Christmas Tree, or perch him somewhere in your kitchen!)

    Presented as a complete kit, you are stitching him over one thread on 22ct hand-dyed aqua blue linen. It's a pretty coarse weave, so it's not hard to see. Next, sew him together into a little pillow - the red and cream checkered backing fabric and interfacing are included. Then, roll the plastic mesh - included - into his trap, tie him inside there with the bit of included twine... and you're finished! This is SO creative and cute... I'm in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma... I've never set lobster traps in my life, but even I know this is *a winnah!*

    Floral Heart from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more Floral Heart
    from Samplers Not Forgotten
    Samplers Not Forgotten has released a new pin cushion design - a pretty heart-shaped floral - stitched in pale rose and moss hand-dyed cottons.

    Fully kitted, it is stitched on 36ct Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed linen with Weeks flosses. The featured lace trim and ribbon for the finishing is by Lady Dot. The kit includes the chart, linen, threads, trims, the charm and the backing fabric - which you can get a glimpse of in the background of our pic. What a pretty piece!

    Stitch Tray Set from Jeannette Douglas Stitch Spool from Jeannette Douglas Home Together #3  With You I'm Home from Jeannette Douglas Home Together #4  Bless Our Home from Jeannette Douglas
    New Designs Have Arrived from Jeannette Douglas
    4 Small stitching projects, and we love them all!
    • Stitch Tray Set - What a fun 6 x 6-ish inch fabric tray - you stitch this flat and then pinch the corners together to raise the sides and create a tiny tool tray. Jeannette's pretty stitches cover the inside - all sorts of fancy things in there - it's charming! There is a matching scissor fob and can you see the drum-shaped cushion above the tray in the pic? That is a wrap-around design. Everything is trimmed with Lady Dot trims and velvets... which we will have at some point after the patterns arrive. Chart is offered separately from the silk thread pack, and the trims. There is also a neat pin set for this from Puntini.
    • Stitch Spool - This is a charming piece that can be finished as a little sewing case, stuffed pin cushion, or even wrapped around a wooden spool as shown in the leaflet's cover photo. It coordinates with the tray set, but is stitched with hand cottons floss rather than the silks. Threads, the gorgeous buttons and the red ribbon is included with the chart. (TBR) We have some spools - don't know for how long - those are offered separately.
    • Home Together #3 and #4 - This is a fun set of 3 x 3 designs that Jeannette suggests can be finished in many different ways. Pin cushion them - all individually, or finish them into a cube - or make them in a long row... a tall and skinny banner? Each part is offered by itself in a small chart format... quick and cute!

    Flower Power from Carolyn Manning - click for more All the Smalls from Carolyn Manning - click for more
    Two New Designs
    from Carolyn Manning
    Both of these designs are delightfully full of fun little florals. You could make a MILLION tiny cushions to nestle in a bowl, or make individual blocks from All the Smalls... use the DMCs called for or grab some varied hand-dyeds from your stash just for fun - beads too!
    • All the Smalls - Each little square is approximately 20 x 20 stitches for an overall design size of 91 x 137 stitches. Only 6.5" x 10" stitched on 28 count fabric.
    • Flower Power - Does this make you think of the '60s? Lots of pretty little flowers stitched on purple fabric. The stitch count is 179 x 179, only 13" x 13" stitched on 28 count fabric.

    And Be Kind to One Another from Needlework Press - click for more

    And Be Kind to One Another
    from Needlework Press
    This is a companion sampler to the Quaker-inspired horizontal sampler "In All Things Be Exceedingly Diligent." It uses the same color palette, so you can display them together. The model is stitched with Classic Colorworks overdyes, and DMC numbers are also provided.

    Stitch count is 95 x 380. Design size is 5.5" x 21" stitched on 36ct.

    Uncle Ham from Petal Pusher - click to see more Moo-other of Freedom from Petal Pusher - click to see more Ewe Lil' Firecracker from Petal Pusher - click to see more Patriot Reins from Petal Pusher - click to see more Chicks on Parade from Petal Pusher - click to see more
    The Patriotic Parade from Petal Pusher - click to see more Patriotic Parade from Petal Pusher
    Here's the next season of the same darling farm animals all decked out for their annual parade! They are the same pig, cow, horse, sheep and chickens. Just like Halloween Hoedown and Holiday Hoedown... these little guys all come in individual charts, but can be stitched together.

    Just the cutest, you'll love the names too: Uncle Ham, Moo-other of Freedom, Ewe Lil' Firecracker, Patriot Reins and Chicks on Parade! Stitched on 32ct Sand and coded for DMC, lots of places you could add metallics and beads if you want! This is one busy farmyard of animals!

    Patriotic Barn Trio from Waxing Moon
    Patriotic Barn Trio
    from Waxing Moon Designs
    Waxing Moon has another trio collection of smaller designs - this time we have barns for the summer. Finishing about 4 x 5 on 30ct... they're pretty cute when you stitch them all and finish into a 3 or 4 sided triangle or cube stand-up. Takes less display space, and you still get to enjoy all of them at the same time.

    Because of the saw tooth edging, they look like postage stamps... and would be perfect to work up on 14ct perforated paper... but even better - the NEW 18ct Paper!
    Elizabeth Charnelay W from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Little Virginie 1837 from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Kindred Spirits of the Thread from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Sophia Church from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Francis 1863 from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view
    New Lovelies From La D Da!
    • Elizabeth Charnelay W - Stitched on 36ct, this measures a generous 12-ish inches square. Worked with Weeks flosses of Havana, Dolphin, Terrapin and Red Rocks, there are 8 DMCs tossed in as well.
    • Little Virginie 1837 - Stitched on 36ct, this one finishes approx 10 x 10. There's a windmill in here... a peacock and that cool sailing ship... kind of a 'family established' thing!
    • Kindred Spirits of the Thread - This is a pin cushion for a stitcher! Stitched on 36ct Confederate Gray is calls for Weeks blackboard, Lichen, Caper, Cinnabar and Arrowhead. Easy to change colors though... any stitcher will love to have and use it!
    • Sophia Church - What a pretty piece! On 36ct, it finishes approx 17 x 7, and is stitched with Weeks Dirt Road, Adobe, Terrapin, Sanguine, Oil Cloth, Flat Fish, Bees Knees and a few other DMC flosses. Blackbird Designs has a sampler like this pictured on the back of their Sewing Club book... different pots of flowers, but the same layout. The two would be pretty hung together!
    • Francis 1863 - Well, isn't this the cutest little sampler bunny? Lori has a couple of other stitched and stuffed alphabet rabbits - they are ALL charming! Francis measures 80 x 80 - so on 32ct he's only 5 inches tall. He needs to sit on your shelf in a place of honor! Stitched with Weeks Cranberry Ice, Classic's Calico Kitty, and Gentle Art's Wood Trail and Cast Iron Skillet.

    Craft Room My Love from Cuore e Batticuore - click for more Craft Room My Love
    from Cuore e Batticuore
    This is such a cute little piece.... it needs to hang in your *Crafting Place of Honor!* There is a tiny hoop, cute pin cushions, a bitty sewing machine, scissors and skeins of yarn... If you're not into doing the whole piece, just pick out motifs and make little pin cushions out of them.

    The entire stitch count is pretty big - 287 x 182 (18 x 11!) - so those smaller projects sound kind of good! Presented in a chart by Cuore e Batticuore, it calls for DMC flosses.

    Woodland Sampler from Marjorie Massey - click for more
    Woodland Sampler
    from Marjorie Massey
    Here's another delightful quaker-inspired sampler by Marjorie Massey. It'd be neat hanging in a mountain cabin because it features deer, evergreens, squirrels and acorns, and it has a 'coverlet feel' to it because of the reverse alphabet at the bottom.

    Stitched in only one or two colors - choose a hand-dyed that you like against a background fabric that you like - absolutely nothing is called on the chart! Put your family initial in the center circle... and you know what? You can even change the alphabet to spell anything else besides THE ALPHABET! Stitch count is approx 170 x 200, the chart is nice and big, and she does have it printed in two colors of ink.
    Flowershop from Thistles Merry X-Mas Welcome from Thistles Hilltop Village in Winter from Thistles
    Thistles has fun new designs!
    Liezbeth is from the Netherlands...and when we took our Silver Needle/Jeannette Douglas Tulip Time River Cruise to Holland two years ago... she met our group of 90 stitchers for a day with a huge trunk show of her things. It was delightful... and a neat memory.
    • Flowershop comes straight from her imagination! Stitched with 23 different shades of Weeks hand-dyed flosses, I'm not sure how large it is... but I think about 8 x 15. I see three panels here... the little shop and all it's gardens of flowers and trees. It's so happy, I just love it!
    • Merry X-Mas Welcome - Oh, there are pigs-in-love for Valentines and a black cat on Halloween that go with this - isn't this plump gingerbread cottage the cutest? Hansel and Gretel live there! It measures about 5 x 9 in size, I think, and is stitched in Gentle Art's Simply Wools of Tea Rose, Raven, Harvest Basket, Buttercrunch, Ruby Slippers, Cidermill Brown, Chives, Morning Glory, and Chalk.
    • Hilltop Village in Winter - This finishes Liezbeth's 4-season set... she traveled in southern Italy in 2019... and loved all the old villages on the hilltops and mountains. So we get smidgens of European villages all throughout the year. Finishing about 6 x 8... all of them are delightful!

    Square Dance - complete set from Heart in Hand - click for more
    Square Dance
    This is a set of 4 leaflets - featuring the months, all very small (40 X 40 stitch count) and cute. The set is now complete.

    Cecelia is part of The Trilogy... and WOW... now I see who designed so many of the 'Secret Gardens' they did years ago! These are real colorful and cheerful... and will make an awesome set of stitched blocks! She is also offering a freebie border chart for this (513 x 55) in case you want to do them all in one lonnnnngggg row (which could be 32 x 3!). Individuals will take 1/2 a yard to complete... long skinny row will need a long 1/4 yard cut.

    Little Mean Green Fabric Clips - click for more
    Little Mean Green Fabric Clips and Mini Clips by Clover
    • Little Mean Greens - Just a small package of 10 - 1-inch transparent slime-lime super-duper strong mini-clips... use these to help keep lots of fabric rolled up or multiple sheets of a chart clipped together. They are a little wider on the finger-grabbing end - so they're easier to hold onto.
    • Mini Clips - A bit smaller than the Mean Greens, teeny weeny, easy to see, and SUPER strong. These come in a package of 20 red and aqua, or a cool little plastic, divided storage box - red, purple, aqua, yellow and green - 10 of each for $30.

    Little Berry Thief from Scattered Seed Samplers - click to see more
    Little Berry Thief
    from Scattered Seed Samplers
    This is a sweet berry-shaped pin cushion with a little brown bird nibbling his precious and ripe strawberry. Stitched on 36ct Vintage Country Mocha linen with regular ol' DMC of B5200, 221, 869, 3011 and 3799... it finishes about 3-1/2 x 4-1/2 inches in size.

    The chart includes an actual-sized template for the fabric size, and another for the green leaf top. Make that from vintage fabric or some wool. I like that Feather Stitching on the backside, too; it closes your berry!


    Yes, there's even MORE!     
    Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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