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Kissing Booth from Dirty Annie's - click for more Hissing Booth from Dirty Annie's - click for more
Hissing Booth and Kissing Booth Have Arrived
from Dirty Annie's

Dirty Annie is Getting Us Ready for Valentine's Day!
Here is a pair of designs that will be darling perched on your kitchen counter!
Hissing - for the cat-lovers, and
Kissing - for the doggy lovers... they come as separate charts.

Choose any fabric you like, they measure 53 x 53 in stitch count and are worked with Weeks and Classic Hand-dyeds. Kitty is NOT accepting kisses from strangers, and Puppy is ready to lick and love on everyone!

You Are Loved from Artful Offerings - click for more
You Are Loved
from Artful Offerings
Artful Offerings has a new design - it's posies for love! Stitched with or without the 'You Are Loved' words, this is charming.

Worked with Gentle Art's Rose Garden, Rhubarb, Tea Rose, Gold Leaf, Chives and Onyx, it finishes approx 6 x 7 on 40ct. Simple and sweet, it is offered as a chart.

Happy Christmas to All by Cosford Rise Stitchery - click for more A Jolly Happy Soul by Cosford Rise Stitchery - click for more Holy Holy Holy by Cosford Rise Stitchery - click for more
New Designs from a New Designer - Cosford Rise Stitchery
We have almost 3 dozen new designs by Kelly Grundy of Cosford Rise Stitchery - coming from all the way 'Across the Pond.'
All are clearly charted and coded for DMC floss. Here we go!
  • Happy Christmas to All - LOVE this! Santa floating above the sleeping village. Weeks Tin Roof Linen (your choice of count), this measures 130 x 160 - so approx 8 x 11 on 32ct.
  • A Jolly Happy Soul - Another super-cute one... this is done on Weeks Tin Roof linen with a mixture of hand-dyeds, but DMC conversions are given. 169 x 69 -- so 9-1/2 x 4 in 36ct.
  • Holy Holy Holy - Just a classic! Worked on Weeks Twilight Linen, this one is NOT coded for DMC. Everything pops on that dark fabric, this measures 140 x 84 - so approx 9 x 5 on 32ct.

Summer Quakers from Lila's Studio The Lord's Prayer from Lila's Studio Mary Jane's Motifs from Lila's Studio
New Designs from Lila's Studio
  • Summer Quakers - Love this! A charming seaside village perched beside the busy sea! There is a ship arriving, and we are treated to all the 'busy-ness' below the water's surface! Next, all is surrounded by glorious Quaker-inspired sampler motifs - making an elegant and involved border. Notice the crabs and lobster in it? Measures 267 x 216 - so it finishes approx 15 x 12 on 36ct. Hand-dyed fabric in the picture is Fibre On A Whim's Latte - which is a gret neutral color. Coded for DMC.
  • The Lord's Prayer - The favorite prayer quietly stitched in DMC on a neutral background. This measures 238 x 296 - so about 13 x 16 on 36ct.
  • Mary Jane's Motifs - This is a set of pin cushions done from motifs taken from a larger antique sampler. Super classic urn and floral designs... you can change colors if need be - these aren't too involved, so that isn't hard. They are just classic, simple rpetty designs that caught my eye!

Peter Pumpkin Eater from Ingleside Imaginarium - click to see more Millie Melon Eater from Ingleside Imaginarium - click to see more Millie Melon Eater and Peter Pumpkin Eater
from Ingleside Imaginarium
Oh my gosh, these are the CUTEST little opossoms enjoying fruits of the season! Little baby Millie has been munching on her sweet summer melon... and I bet she's nice and cool sitting right in it! Peter looks as pleased as pie... he's so lucky that he ran into an unattended pumpkin on someone's front porch! (We had something eat all our pumpkins we left outside last Fall ... I bet we made our yard critters as happy as these!)

Anyway, presented as charts, each finishes about 4-1/2 x 5-1/2 on 32ct linen, and uses both DMC and a smattering of hand-dyed flosses. I think these are charming and so unique, just love 'em!

MHCB75 Toy Shop Kit from Mill Hill - click for more JS14-8502 Clarissa Cow Kit from Mill Hill - click for more JS14-8503 Percy Pig Kit from Mill Hill - click for more MH14-2226 Haunted Tower Kit from Mill Hill - click for more MH14-9204 Fall Leaves Kit from Mill Hill - click for more
MH14-1611 Cut Flowers B & B Kit from Mill Hill - click for more MH14-2216 Blue Morpho Butterfly from Mill Hill - click for more MH14-2211 Honey Bee B and B Kit from Mill Hill - click for more MH14-1826 Midnight Glow B and B Kit from Mill Hill - click for more MH14-1723 Spooky Scary B and B Kit from Mill Hill - click for more
MH14-1922 Midnight Owl B and B Kit from Mill Hill - click for more MH14-2235 Snow in Love B and B Kit from Mill Hill - click for more MH14-1734 Snow Globe B and B Kit from Mill Hill - click for more MH14-2233 Blue Jay B and B Kit from Mill Hill - click for more MH14-1835 Ornament Elegance B and B Kit from Mill Hill - click for more
Recent Arrivals and Re-Stock of Mill Hill's Button & Bead Kits

The latest restocks from Mill Hill this week... Just a heads up of the newest golden oldies to finally reappear! All are in stock!
  • Toy Shop is from a million years ago.
  • Clarissa Cow and Percy Pig have been on order since last April.
  • Fall Leaves and Haunted Tower have always been favorites!
Mill Hill has had two difficult years producing their button and bead kits. Out of stock everywhere for way too long... here are several that we have been out of 'forever' that are now back in stock! Don't know if you've been looking for any of them... but we have them! Each comes with its 14ct perforated paper cut, loads of Mill Hill beads, needles, and all the DMC flosses called for.
MH is in the process of switching over from their ceramic buttons to the hand-made Just Another Button Company clay buttons - some of these still have ceramics in them, some have the clay. Cute as always... just wanted to share some of the sought-after re-arrivals!
Float your mouse cursor over the individual images to see their names. Then click the ones you want, and you will be taken down the page to the place where you can buy them.

Needle Print & Play Ear-resistable Rabbit from Val's and Just Another Button Company - click to see more Needle Print & Play Hearts & Flowers from Just Another Button Company - click to see more Needle Print & Play Home of the Free from Just Another Button Company - click to see more Needle Print & Play Beachy Christmas Joy Just Another Button Company - click to see more
Needle Print & Plays from Just Another Button Company
Cecile at Just Another Button Company is a whiz with her business printer machine. She has figured out a way to run perforated paper through her printer. (This is a 'don't do this at home' kind of thing!) She has designed backgrounds, then cross stitch designs to go over the backgrounds, and then added her hand-made polymer clay buttons to embellish each. Absolutely enchanting, we loved having the models in the shop when she came for a She Shed Retreat a few weekends ago.

These are hard to explain, but I hope you can see from my pics what I am talking about. You see part of the design stitched, you see part of the exposed paper, but what she's done, is printed a back-sheet to put behind your paper to cover the unstitched holes - so you don't really SEE the paper! (You can see this in detail when you go to our JABC page and click on each individual deesign.) Look at 'Wicked' - it's a really good example - behind the paper you stitched on is another printed sheet that mimics the design so the moon is yellow and the sky is black - with no paper holes to see!
Needle Print & Play Beachy Christmas Noel from Just Another Button Company - click to see more Needle Print & Play October Moon Light from Just Another Button Company - click to see more Needle print & Play Wicked Flight from Just Another Button Company - click to see more
Really fun, clean, colorful and creative, the stitching on these is pretty minimal, so especially after button attachment - you get a lot of 'visual bang for your buck!' Each design comes with the printed paper, printed backsheet, chart, and buttons. You add bits of floss from your stash. Ready for framing when you're finished, they are all super cute, and all finish somewhere around 4 x 5 x 6.

The Omens from Cherry Hill Stitchery - click to see more
The Omens
from Cherry Hill Stitchery
Here's a crisp piece for the Fall season - looks like it's done with just 3 colors - but actually 7 good 'ol DMCs are in here!

Measuring just 7 x 5 on 14/28ct, it would be pretty stitched with hand-dyeds instead of the solids.

The chart is presented with a nice color cover pic of the finished piece, but then she's given you the chart in both black and white and a colored version, so you can stitch off of the one you like better. Just a pretty piece.

A-Round Britain #431 from JBW Designs - click to see more Bluebird of Happiness #432 from JBW Designs - click to see more Hannah's Bluebird Sampler #435 from JBW Designs - click to see more
Pretty New Offerings by JBW Designs!
Another Round, some bitty stockings and a charming Bluebird Sampler. All the stockings are presented in Judy's small booklet format.
  • A-Round Britain - Another of Judy's 4-inch circular designs, she says she has more than 19 British-themed motifs in here. Great gift for a traveling friend... and you know, you can pull out recognizeable motifs to stitch just by themselves ofr smaller cushions or ornaments.
  • Bluebird of Happiness - This is a lovely sampler presented in a full-sized leaflet format. Stitched on any creme or neutral linen, the motifs, rows and birds are so pretty... lots of options for cushions and sewing cases from this one!
  • Hannah's Bluebird Sampler - More birds to companion Judy's larger sampler, I love the signature and date area long the bottom.
A Bristol Stocking #433 from JBW Designs - click to see more A Danish Stocking #434 from JBW Designs - click to see more A Sampler Stocking #436 from JBW Designs - click to see more A Stitcher's Stocking #437 from JBW Designs - click to see more
  • A Bristol Stocking - Small Bristol-Styled sampler stitched in red.
  • A Danish Stocking - Scandinavian influences in this one... you can see the stitched color reverse in the pic - white on red fabric.
  • A Sampler Stocking - Third tiny stocking ornament this time around - house on the hill, alphabets, floral basket.. all 'samplery!'
  • A Stitcher's Stocking - Filled with scissors, bobbins, sewing birds, needles, a hoop or two... this one would make a neat stitching friend gift.

Presenting Just Nan's Owlvira's Frightful House - click to see more! Just Announced from Just Nan!
Presenting Owlvira's Frightful House

The Ghosts and Goblins at Scream House have new neighbors! Owlvira has moved in next door!

Frightful House stands deep in the gloomy shadows of Haunted Hollow. When the leaves begin to fall, the house wakes up, and all the inhabitants take their places to show us how scary they can be. Owlvira Owl is the house manager. She has a room in the attic where she plans all the entertainment for each frightful night. The Stitch Guide includes behind the scene stories for each side of the house.

Fences with garlands of purple lights surround the house, and the front door has a spider knocker. Ghosts, grimacing pumpkins, frogs, bats, spiders, skeletons, monsters and one menacing mummy appear on the 4 sides of the house, and you will find more creatures on the roof and in the creepy crawl space below. Owlvira's attic room features a spider web rug and black felt walls for needles and pins (and a little frog charm).

Using DMC (B5200, 209, 310, 581, 646, 648, 740, 741, 900, 937, 947, 972, 3032, 3787, 3837, 3819) and 4 shades of Weeks Floss ( London Fog, Bark, Autumn Leaves and Onyx), stitch the house as one piece on one large piece of linen. The 4 roof sectionsare stitched on another, and Owlvira on a third piece of fabric. Linen choices are Weeks 32 CT Tin Roof Linen. Finished size for the bungalow is approx. 51/2" X 21/4." We are offering fat quarter cuts for fabric, to ensure you have enough for proper piece placement.

Owlvira is stitched as one piece, then folded in half. Black and purple beads sparkle on her chest and her eyes are hypnotic orange sequins. A bat flies across a harvest moon on her back. Black hairpin wires are included for her "feet" and a bronze bead and purple flower sequin for her hat. Owl is not available separately. Materials included: Color cover, 12-page Stitch Guide, Linen Layout page, 24" of ribbon, black felt, 1 piece of cardboard, beads, owl eye sequins, 2 hairpin wires, spider charm, verdigris frog charm, bronze bead and purple flower. Your linen and threads are offered separately.

Presenting Just Nan's Autumn Mix - click to see more! Just the cutest EVER... you may remember our Scream House Exclusive Nan did for us years and years ago. Sold out for all this time, Owlvira's Frightful House has come to 'save the day' or 'scare away the rest of the neighborhood!' She is VERY LIMITED and will NOT last till Halloween!

Harvest Huswife from Chessie & Me Harvest Huswife open from Chessie & Me Be Scary Pyn Pillow from Chessie & Me
A Couple of New Autumn Designs from Chessie & Me
  • Harvest Huswife - This is a sewing case sampler shown as one long piece, or folded into a case. Worked with Classic and Weeks flosses, the main design measures 81 x 213 - finishing approx 4-1/2 x 12 on 36ct hand-dyed. Then, there are multiple smaller pieces to finish as pin cushions or decorative pockets, panels, and fobs for the case finishing option. Pretty Autumn colors, Linda does use specialty stitches for her pops of texture - the pumpkins, the house roof and Smyrnas in the glorious pot. She has two huge chart and direction sheets in here, as well as a photo of the inside finishing of the case.
  • Be Scary Pyn Pillow - A cute bitty seasonal house with resident cat and crow in the yard keeping the nice fat pumpkins company! (My big pumpkins like that always get eaten by 'the locals! Weeks flosses, 36ct Weeks Putty Linen, Satin Stitches on the pumpkins. Classic Chessie!

Little Robin Designs Christmas at Grandma's #3 - click for more
Christmas at Grandma's #3
from Little Robin Designs
This is the pair of Santa and his Mrs... so darling and retro in personality! They measure 55 x 68, so finish about 3-1/2 x 4 on 32ct.

Choose a pretty light blue - or solid Star Sapphire linen in another really good (easier to find!) fabric choice! Coded for a medley of hand-dyeds and DMC, both designs are in the chart pack.

Jim Shore Christmas 2023 Gnomes - click for more
Look at Mill Hill's 2023 Gnomes!
By artist Jim Shore, these companion last year's red and green gnomes. This year, we have a little more white going on... which will make them really show up well on your tree!

Full kits stitched on 14ct specially painted perforated paper, you get all the beads, flosses and needles necessary to stitch these little guys, who all finish about 3 x 5. Choose from Rabbit, Evergreen, Owl, Acorn, Pinecone or Mushroom Gnome! Or choose them all!

Rose Band Sampler from Samplers and Primitives - click for more The Autumn Quakers from Samplers and Primitives - click for more The Autumn Alphabet from Samplers and Primitives - click for more 1869 Thanksgiving Pin Cushion from Samplers and Primitives - click for more
Autumn and Thanksgiving Designs from Samplers and Primitives Are Back In!
A new company for us to carry, these 4 designs are available as charts.
  • Rose Band Sampler - Well, I lied... this one is for all year long - not necessarily Thanksgiving! LOVE the vintage-inspired rose medley medallion as well the the 4 delicate rows beside it. You could do a large 'mattress' cushion and stitch the 4 bands as the sides... or even do parts of those as smaller cushions. Lovely, and very classic.
  • The Autumn Quakers - Choose a white or creme for these, pretty acorn shadings with a hint of Quaker borders tossed in! Smaller one is close to 4 x 4, larger is closer to 6 x 6.
  • The Autumn Alphabet - Companions the cushions, right at about the same size... same motifs, colors... all three of these would be pretty together in a woven basket with acorns and dried leaves!
  • 1869 Thanksgiving Pin Cushion - Celebrating the year the US made Thanksgiving a National Holiday! Love the little shade pumpkins and vine... I might re-arrange those numerals on the date a little - but that's a personal thing. Tuck this in with the Autumn Quaker and Alphabet pillows.
Boo by Liz Mathews - click to see more Homespun Hearts by Liz Mathews - click to see more Ninth Day of Christmas Sampler and Tree by Liz Mathews - click to see more The Pumpkin House from Liz Mathews - click to see more The Sampler Tree by Liz Mathews - click to see more
New Releases from Liz Mathews
  • Boo - Cute little pin cushion to tuck among your pumpkins, stitched on 32ct with Weeks or DMC flosses.
  • Homespun Hearts - We were looking for the hearts in these! Three different colorways offered, the plaids are lovely!
  • Ninth Day of Christmas Sampler and Tree - This set is charming - smaller in finished size than you think - the stitched tree is about 8 inches tall before its wooden trunk.
  • The Pumpkin House - Darling! Choose two fabrics - have to be the same count - the house part is on a yummy dark blue and pumpkins below on something else neutral. Really a cool piece!
  • The Sampler Tree - Here's one of Liz's cute trees but a SAMPLER MOTIF design. On 36ct, it measures 99 x 126 - so really only about 5-1/2 x 7 in total size - but when you assemble it'll be smaller!
Tis Near Halloween from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Come on In! from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Haunted from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Haunted from Kathy Barrick - click to see more
Three Halloween Treats from Kathy Barrick
  • Tis Near Halloween - Who doesn't LOVE this little kitty? Kathy found the verse on an old postcard and gave it a new home on little black kitty. Cool penny rug border, that busy sky - choose a fabric medium in color so you don't lose the bats in the background, metallic for the moon would be fun, wool for the cat would be awesome! Measures 131 x 145, 'When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers tis near Halloween.'
  • Come on In! - 'Take off your skin and dance around in your bones!' Measures 129 x 178 - would be 7 x 10 on 36ct... and we have AWESOME fabric choices for this one! Lots of deep angry blues to look like night sky!
  • Haunted - You get BOTH of these design arrangements in this book! Haunted is super fun... more and more motifs keep showing up - I love all the zig zags and geometrics in here. Check out the skeleton bats. All the cute jacks underneath the house, that awesome tree... all of this! Lots of design options on this one, just have fun with all the pieces and parts!

Poltergeist Pirates from Glendon Place -- click to see lots more
Poltergeist Pirates from Glendon Place
Glendon Place's Cheryl has designed a friendly pirate ship that isn't as scary as the skulls on there would like! Stitched on Crossed Wing's hand-dyed BANG! linen... Charted for DMC floss, Cheryl has featured 6 colors of Rainbow Gallery's Silk Lame' braid in this and several Just Another Company clay button embellishments.The Lame is a silk-rayon blend with touches of opalescent metallic in it - gives a shimmer!

So, the ghosts are glow-in-the-dark, and so is the skull on the flag. The lightest blue in the waves is stitched with the Lame in frosty blue. I like the shark in the water, the dragon on the front of the ship, the ghosts clinging to the masts, but the little skeleton crow steals the show! He's got his captains hat on, and he's on guard! Offered as the chart, we have the Lame' threads, the fabric and buttons all gathered together as a set - because you really need all the right things to capture the charm of this cute piece.

The Pink Tulips Sampler from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
Presenting The Pink Tulips Sampler
from The Drawn Thread
Cynthia was here last weekend as one of the guest designers at our Grand Summer Stitch Retreat - and she brought US a treat! Exclusively available at The Silver Needle, this charming little piece was inspired by the two guys who live next door to her - they brought her Pink Tulips on Valentine's Day this year!

Stitched on 32ct, it's just 64 stitches in size - so about 4 inches in size. Coded for silks, she has conversions on her site for DMC. Then, if you want, you can Google conversions to just about anything else you want. Just a pretty piece, it pops against the darkish fabric background!

Quaint Rose Needlearts Stitch and Be Merry - click for more Quaint Rose Needlearts Peppermint Urn - click for more A Trio of Christmas Cheer
from Quaint Rose Needlearts
  • Peppermint Urn - This is a pretty design - you'll notice that it is done on two different fabrics that are joined together to make the 7 x 7 cushion. The little X's across the seam are there for decoration... and QR directs you to a YouTube video for that joining process. Coded for Gentle Art or DMC floss, it's a festive little pot of peppermints!
  • Stitch and Be Merry - Another piece that features two different fabrics joined together. QR sends you to instructions for that if you want to take a look, but you can do this on one single cut as well. What makes this one fun, though, is that the tree is a THIRD cut of fabric appliqued on there! Could be wool if you wanted, rather than linen. Coded for silks of DMC, this finishes approx 6 x 11 on 36ct.
Pere Noel Bleu from The Tralala Collection -- click to see more Pere Noel Janune from The Tralala Collection -- click to see more
Pere Noel Bleu and Janune from The Tralala Collection
Here's a pair of pudgy Santas... just kind of standing here with their forest friends! 81 x 81 In stitch count, they are coded for DMC and various hand-dyeds.

Cute and quick, they'd make cute sides on a cube, and if you did them over one on 28ct Lugana - they'll be less than 3 inches!

Let it Snow #220 from Serenita di Campagna -- click for a larger view Merry Christmas #219 from Serenita di Campagna -- click for a larger view Paesaggio d' Autummo #213 - Autumn Country from Serenita di Campagna - click for more Foglie d' Autunno #212 - Autumn Leaves from Serenita di Campagna - click for more Melodia Autunnale #214 - Autumn Melody from Serenita di Campagna - click to see more
Several pretty new designs from Serenita di Campagna - We're ready for Autumn, Halloween and Christmas!
  • Let it Snow #220 - A darling scene of snowman and forest friends... the bitty owl on the branch, the hungry rabbit, and then the snowy cardinal! This is shown as a pin cushion - they've stitched the 'Let It Snow' panel on a different fabric - and the finishing treatment really sets that off. Coded for DMC, you could take that round greenery border around the birdhouse ornament and insert the owl or bunny instead!
  • Merry Christmas #219 - Here's that same busy snowman with Santa and Rudolph... her group photo! Leave off the words if you want... it'll make it a little smaller to finish. Coded for DMC.
  • Paesaggio d' Autummo #213 - Autumn Country A classic farm scene... complete with pumpkin patch. Coded for DMC, 162 x 38 is the stitch count.
  • Foglie d' Autunno #212 - Autumn Leaves Love this one! Just a medley/spray arrangement of Fall leaves and berries. 86 x 26 for the smaller design, 169 x 42 for the larger - the charts are huge and in color - almost as pretty as the finished stitching! Coded for DMC.
  • Melodia Autunnale #214 - Autumn Melody - Gosh, what a gorgeous fox... sitting among the gourds and pumpkins - very peaceful. Measures 187 x 136 in stitch count - so finishes about 10 x 7-1/2 on 18/36ct. Coded for DMC.
PuntiniPuntini Autumn Friends with Pin set  - click to see more PuntiniPuntini Moonlight Owl - click to see more PuntiniPuntini Fall Trio - click to see more PuntiniPuntini Christmas Trio - click to see more PuntiniPuntini Sparkle and Shine - click to see more
Really Cute New Pins and Patterns from PuntiniPuntini's Paola!
All of these are charts. Paola creates matching/coordinating pins to go with all her clay buttons - everything is fine and super detailed. We are including all the pin sets with the charts this season.
  • Autumn Friends with Pin set - HOW CUTE is this? A forest scene of life around the log ... check out the little hedgehog button right in the center! The mushroom house has a chimney, and the forest friends down below include a fox and snail. Stitch count is 91 x 75 - 5-1/2 x 4-1/2 on 32ct. A pin cushion size, we are including Paola's handmade Autumn Friends Pin Set that she features on her model. The pins include a squirrel, snail and another hedgehog - all handmade polymer clay. Exquisite!
  • Moonlight Owl - This little guy measures the same 4-1.2 x 5-12 on 32ct, and features a single owl button. Paola's matching Moonlight Owl pin set has another owl, a leaf, and HOOT - which could kind of be the moon! We ae including the pin set with the chart - since they coordinate!
  • Fall Trio - Another set of charts with coordinating pins. Fall trio has all three stitched designs, and that pin set is EXQUISITE! (We do have a few extra pin sets.) You get two striped gourds, an acorn, leaf, pumpkin and mushroom pin in that set. Her details in the clay layers is lovely - so much shading.
  • Christmas Trio - Peppermints, ornaments and Santa all adorn these little cushion pillows. The matching pin set includes a striped gift, candy cane, evergreen, holly leaf, and peppermint... just a pretty frosty set. Everything about this one is cute... charts and pins.
  • Sparkle and Shine - Here's a fun old fashioned tree all decked out for the season. Very classic in personality, the coordinating pin set includes a tiny evergreen tree, star and candy cane.

The Light of Winter from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Peppermint & Pine from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Snow Magical from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Reindeer Games from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
With Thy Needle & Thread's New Winter Offerings - on their way into the shop,
Brenda loves birds and charted a few of her backyard favorites this time around.
  • The Light of Winter is a 175 x175 sampler celebrating the winter solstice. It's a little christmassy but not too much - just more of a festive winter flavor. Model is stitched on 36ct winter brew - but many of the gorgeous hand-dyed on the market will look wonderful with this - you are not limited! DMC along with weeks and a bit of gentle art hand-dyeds, Brenda tossed in a few satins and Smyrna crosses fir a little texture and design interest. Very pretty and peaceful
  • Peppermint & Pine - Love these! A trio of birds in Brenda's new backyard, she's done these with a contemporary personality and added totally awesome pine cones to the mix. Super striking and geometric you get those long tails, the fat birds and the round cones full of tiny triangles for all the little scales. DMC and a medley of hand-yed flosses, they are stitched on Country Vintage Mocha fabric - which comes in several different counts. All three designs in the chart, they are charming.
  • Snow Magical - Here's a chunky looking little guy in his wintery-aqua-blue sweater. Finished into round shape, Brenda remembers her Grandmother's Snow Globes and this frigid friend might have been inside one of them. Approx 100 x 100, 5 x 5 on 40ct, he's done with DMC and hand-dyeds.
  • Reindeer Games - A trio of ornaments featuring our favorite Jolly Old Soul and his playful reindeer. There's an ugly Christmas sweater, some light untangling going on and a pair of peppermint patrons! These all finish around 3 inches in size and are stitched on Country Vintage Mocha fabric. Brenda HAS the finishing boards included in the chart - you'll need to paint them, but they have that little topper-thingie, so they look like ornaments.

Haunted Chateau from Twin Peak Primitives - click to see more The Seafarer's Journey from Twin Peak Primitives - click to see more
The Seafarer's Journey and Haunted Chateau from Twin Peak Primitives
We're starting to get in Autumn patterns and school has started here, but this chart finally floated in via USPS today... and it's a reminder that is really still IS Summer!
  • The Seafarer's Journey by Twin Peak is just a fun piece. Coded for 14 shades of regular DMC, this measures just 111 x 108 in stitch count - so an enchanting 6 x 6 on 18/36ct! Ice blue is the suggested fabric color - it's showing through in the side and bottom panels. The flag across the top is solid stitching, as is the clipper ship in the center. Absolutely delightful, you could get 5 separate cushions out of this, finish the houses and flag bands into tiny drums, make a small stand-alone cube from the clipper ship section, even back the clipper ship block with the two side panels. Very eye catching... we like it!
  • Haunted Chateau - Quite the heavily guarded castle - it looks scary even before we bring Halloween into the mix! Knights and shields, that wrought iron fence -y border, then the wonderful haunted house, you could leave off the Halloween word and the alphabet and add a "welcome to our home' and you name! Measuring almost 275 stitches square this will finish approx 16 x 17 on 32ct - too big to miss! Coded for DMC, it's charming in a creepy way!

Pumpkin Patch from Dirty Annie's - click for more Dachshund Through the Snowl from Dirty Annie's - click for more On the Way from Dirty Annie's
  • Dachshund Through the Snow - Oh my gosh this is darling! Stitched on Mint Splash 32ct Lugana, this little guy is the happiest! What a fun wintertime decoration. He measures 143 x 138 - so finishes abut 9 x 9, and is stitched with a medley of Classic and Weeks hand-dyeds. So many of the sky blue hand-dyeds would work for this, as we LOVE LOVE Crossed Wing's Snow Squall Linen - it has white spots that actually do look like snowflakes. Gorgeous fabric choices in multiple counts.
  • Pumpkin Patch - Here's a pretty and colorful medley of medallions, pumpkins and silly cats. Love those pumpkins - you could add beads all over on those, give your kitties opalescent white eyes, or stitch them in Simply Wool. This measures 119 x 112 - so finishes approx 7-1/2 square on 32ct. This is Dirty... but there are lots of hand-dyed gingerbreads and nutmeg fabric colors that woud be stunning with this as well.

Sewing Tomato from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Fall From Grace from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Seaworthy from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Dwelling Place from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Teresa Kogut has anounced several new designs!
  • Sewing Tomato - A very prim and PA Dutch bird perched atop her very special tomato cushion. She's the second Stitchy Bird in her series... and measures just 90 x 66. Stitched with Classics and Weeks hand-dyeds. Offered as a chart.
  • Fall From Grace - for the Adam and Eve fans among us... the dark fabric against the red, green and tan colors looks kind of elegant, but certainly olde worlde too. 137 x 136 In stitch count... choose a darker fabric you can see!
  • Seaworthy - A nice fat book of gorgeous pics and colored charts for three charming designs! The main Seaworthy Sampler is done with DMC and measures 200 x 113. LOVE LOVE the colors - we received some fabric by Fibre on a Whim today - Steel - in multiple counts, I think it' be great for this. The smaller designs are also on the same fabric, same color palette - just depends on how much time you have to stitch something little or large!
  • Dwelling Place - Another nice fat book with glorious pics and huge colored charts - 4 designs included. Mostly DMC with a little Weeks tossed in... the 3 small pin cushions are take outs of motifs from the main sampler. Choose any lighter neutral fabric... it finishes approx 14 x 15 on 40ct... so it's quite impressive!

She Shed Thread and Bead Mats - click for more
I Stitched at The She Shed!
We have darling little stitching thread and bead mats that celebrate our Silver Needle She Shed Events! (We JUST missed our Cross Eyed Cricket Event... these came yesterday!) A large vinyl card, these measure 7 x 10 in size. They feature 12 thread holes, a 4 x 8 area of (attached) fleece to hold needles, loose beads and charms, and a needle minder that matches the artwork on the board.

Something to commemorate your visit... you survived a retreat weekend in the She Shed! We have these available when you come, or via the mail in case you've been and want one now!
Safe Toucht by The Purple Thread - click to see more Safe Touch by The Purple Thread - click to see more
Safe Touch from The Purple Thread
This is the coolest little 'grime-guard!' Basically, it is a magnetized cover of wool that wraps around your fabric so your hand is not touching your needlework fabric. Sharon, from The Purple Thread, dreamed up this gizmo... first the wooden 'handles' are imprinted with inch and half-inch increments.
Use those for measuring just like a corner gauge. Next, whip stitch the bars onto the edges of the included heavy cut of wool. Then, wrap your 'blanket' around your hoop or Q-Snap or whatever you hold... and you can see from the pic that your fabric is protected from the oil/lotions on your hands. Packet contains the wooden bars with magnets attached, wool, bit of floss and directions for the whip stitching.

Patriotic Matilda from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Home is Coffee from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Oscar the Cat from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Catching Flies from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more
Patriotic Matilda, Home is Coffee, Oscar the Cat and Catching Flies from Finally a Farmgirl
4 New designs by Finally a Farm girl are here... and they just make you smile! Cute for Summer.
  • Patriotic Matilda is the CUTEST tiny Betsy Ross. She's siting top her blue spool of thread - sewing the flag. Do you see her little baby hiding in the tomato greenery? This finishes approx 4 inches in size.
  • Home is Coffee... and a book! Here is Oscar the Cat at home in his study. His mouse friend is serving his cup of Java! Finishes about 7 x 7 on 32ct.
  • Oscar the Cat - Just a sweet pic of the brown kitty helping his mouse friends gather the tasty berries! Quick little 4 x 4 piece!
  • Catching Flies - Here is Jeremiah up to bat, with his friend Matilda Mouse. She is there for cheer support and snacking on popcorn. Would be cute to sub your favorite player's number on that uniform!
Forget Me Knot Cottage KNOT Pattern from Teresa Layman click to see a larger view Teresa Layman Pasture Prime KNOT Pattern -- click to see more Teresa Layman Lady Baltimore's Bloomers - Light KNOT Pattern -- click to see more Teresa Layman Lady Baltimore's Bloomers - Dark KNOT Pattern -- click to see more
Charming Miniature Knotwork by Teresa Layman
We are enchanted by these teeny-tiny French Knot pieces by Teresa Layman. One strand of DMC, making single wrap knots (filling in the design just like paint-by-number), you will be creating miniature rugs or little pieces to frame.

Patterns come printed on high quality fabric, with color quide included, as well as two small needles. You will need bits of floss from your stash, a good hoop and a sharp pair of small scissors. You are simply filling in the areas with hundreds of bitty knots!

Across The Sea Sampler from Chessie & Me Acorns and Crows Stitch House from Chessie & Me The Stitch Girl Sampler from Chessie & Me
Chessie & Me's Things!
  • Across The Sea Sampler - WOW, this is big and glorious from Linda! I see several smaller pieces in here that could be done individually, but love, love it all together! Worked on Fibre on a Whim's Wheat hand-dyed linen with Weeks flosses of Bark, Blackboard, Cappuccino, Collards, Deep Sea, Dolphin, Galvanized, Grasshopper, Havana, Linen, Mascara, Pelican Gray, Red Rocks, Rum Raisin, Sanguine, Schneckley, and White Lightening.
  • Acorns and Crows Stitch House - We think this is a needle case that might fit inside the little paper box! The box is a house shape, but you could a flat one as well... fabric shown is Seraphim's Old Stationery with Weeks flosses of Carolina Cecil, Cinnabar, Lily Pad, Onyx, Schneckely and Swamp water. Definitely Autumnal colors!
  • Flag Day Pincushon - What a cute little cushion! Classic Chessie design style... we get the charming little house, always Chessie the Cat, that billowing flag and fun trees of some sort! Stitched on any vintage-y fabric you like with Weeks flosses of Blackboard, Brick, Collards, Deep Sea, Dolphin, Linen, Oscar and Pea Coat. It'll finish a petite 3 x 3!

Beach Day Hang Ten Heifer from Petal Pusher - click to see more Beach Day Sun Loving Sheep from Petal Pusher - click to see more Beach Day Patrolling Poultry from Petal Pusher - click to see more Beach Day Sandy Swine from Petal Pusher - click to see more Beach Day Scuba Stallion from Petal Pusher - click to see more
Beach Day framed from Petal Pusher - click to see more Beach Day from The Petal Pusher
Our favorite farm animals are back again - everybody is at the beach this time around. Petal Pusher has 4 of the most delightful little 'parades' of farm animals - who have all proudly dressed up for their particular occasions. So far, we have Holiday Hoedown for Christmas, Halloween Hoedown, Spring Fling and Patriotic Parade. Each time, it's the same 5 little animals - a horse, pig, sheep, chicken and cow. You can buy the whole set of one season of charts - or collect just the animals you like. The pig is Uncle Ham in Patriotic, Heavenly Hog at Christmas, for Halloween he dressed up as Bat Pig, and here he's Sandy Swine

Beach Day brings us Hang Ten Heifer, Sun Loving Sheep, Patrolling Poultry (the lifeguards up on the tower!), Sandy Swine and Scuba Stallion. Notice that cute little crab on there if you do them invidually? Anyway, each finishes 3 x 5, and together the whole row is 5 x 15. Stitched on a pretty hand-dyed blue - any count you like - coded for DMC.

Strawberry Manor from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Nature from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Beauty Fades from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Remember Me from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Teresa Kogut's Favorite Designs!
Seven new cross stitch pieces and 2 punch needle - they are so attractive!
  • Strawberry Manor - Finishing approx 12 x 8-1/2 on 36ct, this is worked on a lovely neutral with gold undertones to highlight all the reds, gunmetals and greens in it. Coded for DMC and Weeks.
  • Nature -- I just love this one! Finishing approx 14 x 11 on 36ct, it says Folkart and Whimsical right in the design! Regular DMC floss, pretty birds and lavish flowers.
  • Beauty Fades - This one is fun! I see four separate parts on this - it measures 7-1/2 x 16-1/2 on 36ct... so the top bands might need an inch or two on the ends if you make them into squatty pin drums, or you could duplicate one of the urns and alternate a few colors.
  • Remember Me - This one as the prettiest border surrounding such a happy house and yard! Love it! Finishes approx 13 x 14-1/2 on 36ct... Regular 'ol DMC can look really nice, can't it!?
Noteworthy Needle Turn Turn - click for more Spaghetti Western Sampler by Ardith Designs - click for more
More Super-Singles by Multiple Designers!
  • Turn Turn by Noteworthy Needle - I have absolutely no way to describe to you what this piece does other than the fact that it is a bunch of tiny triangular sides all stitched and finished in such a way that you can turn them inside out and around and your stitching changes to another season. It's all one piece! In looking through the chart, I have concluded that you have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out... or really, really good with visualization and geometrics and have a little patience! Janice had her stitched model at Market and it was enchanting to play with... just the coolest thing. So get this chart, and have fun figuring it out. It's on 32ct fabric and stitched with DMC and some Gentle Art hand-dyeds. The tree in here is stitched in three different seasons, REALLY cool, and you can see that the whole thing is pretty petite - because of the hands in the photograph. Talk about a conversation piece!
  • Spaghetti Western Sampler by Ardith Designs This is simply super cute! It's got a western theme... with pasta all over in it! Inspired by her mom, who loved the old spaghetti western movies and cooking spaghetti dinners on those Sunday nights, this piece is adorned with meatballs, all sorts of different pasta shapes, (wagon wheels and bow ties!) and of course, cowboys! There is a whole little story about it on the back of the chart. Stitched on a pale red fabric with DMC and/or Gentle Art hand-dyeds, it finishes approx 6 x 9 on 32ct. A REALLY COOL kitchen conversation piece... 'Yee Haw for Good food and Social Justice!'
Hedge Hugs from The Elegant Thread - click to see more Liberty Lobstah from The Elegant Thread - click to see more
Liberty Lobstah and Hedge Hugs
from The Elegant Thread
We hit Summertime and Valentines with these two offerings by The Elegant Thread!
  • Liberty Lobstah is just a fun little creepy crustacian! Stitched on a creme background, with 5 shades of Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed flosses, it'll finish 5 x 7 - with the words, or 3 x 5 without. Just a silly and cute little thing, the chart includes three silvertoned patriotic charms. Elegant Thread's Lobstah Dinner Ornament kit is still available as well - cute just like this one!
  • Hedge Hugs - Isn't this cute? Your baby hedgehog is bringing your love! Coded for Sulky thread - just follow the color pic on the chart cover to choose DMC, this finishes just 4 x 5 on 16/32ct. I'd choose a pretty brown Simply Wool for the hedgehog fur and a little black metallic for his eyes and nose!

Mr and Mrs Sherpa Sheep Accessory Holders - click for more
Mr and Mrs Sherpa Sheep Accessory Holders
You'll remember our Mr Sherpa Sheep scissor/tool holder we have had for a couple of seasons... but here is Mrs! Of course, she is standing up on her feet, apron on, ready to work hard for you! Her apron has tiny pockets for threaders or counting pins, her crocheted basket is large enough for a thimble or tube of needles, and the strap around her apron is really 18 inches long to teather your scissors!

Those little bables are attached to HER so you can't lose them in a classroom situation of somewhere busy like a cruise ship! (Who knows all the fun places people stitch!) Anyway, a fun pin cushion, and super cool if you are a sheep lover! (Needles or scissors not included.)
Thank-You America Quilt Puzzle by Kaffe Fassett -  click for more Thimble Blossoms Puzzle by Kaffe Fassett -  click for more
A pair of 'Crafty Puzzles!'
Something fun to pass the time - in case you're finished with your projects (!)... two fun puzzles are here! Both 1000 pieces, finishishing about 20 x 30.
  • Thank-You America Quilt Puzzle is full of patriotic quilt bits and pieces. (That Thank-You America Quilt banner across the center is NOT in the puzzle - you will have an uninterrupted quilt image when finished.)
  • The Thimble Blossoms Puzzle design is full of colorful fabric bits, threads and quilting tools. Both are charming... and so fun, I just had to order them!


Yes, there's even MORE!     
Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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