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Just Arrived at The Silver Needle
 Part 2...

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Peppermint & Holly from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more Merry Wishes from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more
Peppermint & Holly, and Merry Wishes from With Thy Needle's Brenda Gervais!
  • Peppermint & Holly is a sweet Christmas Angel gathering her holiday holly. Worked on Weeks Dye Works 35ct Twilight Linen, choose something dark. Lots of the various dark grays or chalkboard-colors in both linen and aida will work beautifully. Stitched with a smattering of Weeks flosses... that striped cording (not included but readily available online) adds the perfect finishing touch! Love the red/mossy/gunmetal color scheme!!! This finishes approx 5 x 7.
  • Merry Wishes - This is a little sheep decked out for Christmas! His festive little holly bow and that pretty basket on his back... this is presented as a small chart, with the design finishing ornament-sized at less than 3 x 3. Fabric shown is Picture This Plus's 36ct legacy, trim is Lady Dot's Lush Lawn Chenille that has been coffee-stained and baked!

Richard's Stocking from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view

Presenting Richard - Shepherd's Bush's 2017 Annual Stocking
He's a Hiker this year... companioned by his deer, sheep and bird friends.

The optional charm packet this year has a nutcracker charm in it -- you can see that hanging on Santa's sack.. and we love that little spotted reindeer!

Stitched on 18ct Natural linen like all the rest of Tina and Teri's stockings, Richard is #27, I think! DMC and Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed featured.

Flora McSample's 2017 Treats from Lizzie Kate Do The Right Thing from Lizzie Kate The Spirit of Christmas -- Part 3 from Lizzie Kate - click to see more
Lizzie Kate's 'November Newbies!' Are Here!
Here are the Sneak Peeks!

  • Flora McSample's 2017 Treats -- Every year Linda's imaginary sampler girl -- Flora -- designs sampler-inspired holiday goodies. This year, Flora has another mini-stocking to coordinate with nine of her other ones (they have come in a trio of annual chartpacks), and 2 other small projects to finish as you please. The chart includes 2 gold heart charms, a few gold glass beads, and a bitty olive green hand-dyed button!
  • Do The Right Thing -- *The time is always right to do the right thing.* A timeless saying by Martin Luther King, Jr, it's been on Linda's 'to do list' for quite a while... so she thought this was a good time to share it! Boxer format, this includes the chart, small hand-dyed flower button embellishment and cut of 30ct linen... along with a cute BONUS chart to make a pin cushion or ornament.
  • Lizzie Kate's Spirit of Christmas Mystery Sampler is Finished! - *Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and good will, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.* Finishing approx 6 x 12 on Picture This Plus' hand-dyed linen, this is worked with Weeks flosses. Presented in three charts with embellishments for the main sampler and three bonus designs... we've been collecting this for months, and now it is all here!!!!!

Merry Making Mini Bear from Heart in Hand - click for more Merry Making Mini Peace from Heart in Hand - click for more Merry Making Mini Tree from Heart in Hand - click for more

Merry Making Mini Ornaments
from Heart in Hand
Heart in Hand has sent three small card charts to make a trio of 2 x 3 inch Christmas ornaments. Simple stitching and finishing, sometimes these easy things are some of the cutest quick gifts you can make! Each design is stitched with hand-dyed or DMC floss (not much of any of them!) and dotted with a few glass seed beads, which are included with the chart.

Choose a schnibble of Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed linen called for or use the cover pic to help you find something you already have in your stash. These three are all backed using only one cut of our Weeks wool (that schnigglet cut will finish a total of 4 ornaments.).

Bird in Hand Christmas from Heart in Hand - click for more
Birds in the Hand Christmas
from Heart in Hand
A little companion to Cecelia's Thanksgiving and Halloween small designs, this finishes approx 4 x 4 when stitched on 28ct. A medley of alphabet letters and a couple of bitty motifs, you could stitch parts of these and finish them just like the Making Minis if you want, they'd make cute little square block stand-ups too.

Charted for DMC or hand-dyeds, a few glass seed beads are included.

Peppermint Polar Bear from Artful Offerings - click for more Peppermint Polar Bear
from Artful Offerings
Oh gosh, isn't this little guy cute??? He's peeking out of the greenery just to make sure you are there!!!

Choose a wintry blue/gray fabric (Smokey Pearl, Star Sapphire, Misty Blue) he finishes approx 5 x 6 on 28ct. Coded for DMC floss, HE does feature Gentle Art Simply Wool if you want to make him look fuzzy and warm. Presented as a chart.

Sunshine on a Stem from Hands On Design - click to see more Stitching is My Heart's Desire from Hands On Design - click to see more Home for the Holidays from Hands On Design - click to see more
Hands On's Newest Releases
Cathy Haberman has three new designs; all have arrived in chart format.
  • Sunshine on a Stem -- Super-simple stitching for this glass jar of Black-Eyed Susans... what adds the charm are the felt leaves. Included with the chart for the 3 x 6 design is a strip of felt, so you can trim out little leaves to add to the stems. You will need Gentle Art Sampler Threads of Baby Spinach, Dungarees, Heirloom Gold, Wheat Fields, and Wood Trail. Easy Breezy!
  • Stitching is My Heart's Desire -- This is a cute little scissor storage case -- Cathy calls it a 'pillow keep.' Finishing only 4 x 4 and 2 x 2 on 28ct, the chart is coded for 4 colors of DMC floss. You can choose your finishing fabric FIRST and then change your floss shades to match -- easy stitching, the chart comes with a few finishing pictures as well.
  • Home for the Holidays -- This chart contains all three house designs, as well as the wording band across the bottom. It was originally presented as JUST the Wreath House with the wording band. The Garland and Snowflake Houses were published in the 2014 Just Cross Stitch Magazine's Ornament and Ornament Preview Issues that year... so they have not been available again till just now. The entire set is here. Stitched on 32ct Beachwalk linen with Sampler Threads or DMC, the little standing tri-fold is a neat way to finish them -- cute presentation and easy to store away till next year!

Keep Calm and Merry On from AB Designs - click for more Merry Kiss Moose from AB Designs - click for more Merry Kiss Moose & Keep Calm and Merry On
from AB Designs
AB Designs has sent two small Christmas designs that will just make you smile. Presented in chart format - there are no special buttons or anything - they just feature that fun polka-dot Belfast linen, and Amy's charm! Make the larger pieces (3 x 6) or the ornaments/pin cushions 3 x 3... there are several options open.

Little penguin is wearing the Royal Crown... and actually, I think the little moose needs a bit of mistletoe hanging from his antler! I like the JABCO peppermint buttons... we can send green or red peppermints, presents, stars, snowflakes, trees; I think little cushions and ornaments would be stunning trimmed with Lady Dot's Sizzle Mini Balls or Chenille trim (a bright Christmas Red!)

Jolly Santa from The Trilogy - click to see more All is Calm, All is Bright from The Trilogy - click to see more
Holiday Reminders from The Trilogy
Small cards with big reminders!
  • All is Calm, All is Bright - 2 x 3-1/2 over two, or less than 1 x 2 over one... DMC or hand-dyeds.
  • Jolly Santa - I'd be that jolly too if I let my stomach be that wide! (and get to cover it up with a banner!)

Sadie Woods Sampler from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more Sadie Woods Sampler
from Barbara Ana
Here is a VERY primitive piece by Barbara Ana that is full of charming details. The cover model is stitched on UNEVEN weave Osnaburg Cotton -- it is has 40 threads per inch one way, and 32 the other. (We do not sell this.) What results from a regular chart is a piece that is distorted in shape.

You CAN do this on any count you want... you'll still get the cute houses and the little girls that say *Lizzie & Me* and that cute little doll on there! Charted for only 6 shades of DMC floss, the overall chart count is 380 x 118 in stitch count.

2005 Annual Santa Reprint from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more 2006 Annual Santa Reprint from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more 2007 Annual Santa Reprint from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more 2008 Annual Santa Reprint from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more 2009 Annual Santa Reprint from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more 2010 Annual Santa Reprint from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more 2011 Annual Santa Reprint from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more
Presenting 7 Retired Annual Santas from The Prairie Schooler
Reprinted for a while are these 7 coverlet-inspired Santas.
Originally offered as charts with Classic Colorworks flosses, they are now presented in charts only with an included DMC conversion. Now $6 each.

Count Your Blessings from Annie Beez Folk Art - click to see more Thankful Pumpkins from Annie Beez Folk Art - click to see more Pins & Needles from Annie Beez Folk Art - click to see more
Three New Designs from Annie Beez Folk Art
  • Count Your Blessings
    This is a sweet design by Annie Beez Folk Art... it looks like a normal sampler, till you look it over... it's full of rabbits! I'm counting 12 on here! It would be cute as a nursery or young child's piece -- you could do a 'family tree' of everyone's birthdays on here... it'd be fun finished as a pillow. It's kind of big (165 x 116)... but it'd be a fun thing for a young stitcher to do, as well -- maybe with a little help from you! Cute colors, whimsical design, an easy chart... DMC or hand-dyeds are featured.
  • Thankful Pumpkins Give Thanks -- Stitch this 73 x 63 design, it'll finish just 3-1/2 x 4-1/2, and maybe finish it as a block stand-up instead of the fussy framing shown on the cover. It's a cute design, just needs to be toned down a little! A pin cushion pillow tucked among a few faux pumpkins would be nice, as well. Charted, it uses 7 different hand-dyeds and is actually worked on Antique white linen which you get to tea-stain per the chart instructions!
  • Pins & Needles Just a cute, organized house, alphabet and border, this finishes approx 6 x 7 on 32ct. Stitched with assorted hand-dyed flosses, something nice to stuff and nestle in your basket full of all the rest of your pin cushions! Chart format.

Harvest Hill from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more Harvest Blessings  from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more
A Pair of Harvest-Colored Pin Cushions from Abby Rose Designs
Here are two new charts that make into small 4 x 6 and 5 x 7 designs. Stitched with a mixture of brands of hand-dyed flosses, the houses will take a little longer to work up than the Blessings Penny rug piece.

Actually, the houses -- which are all about 30 x 40 each -- would make awesome individual cushions! Toss them in a basket with the sunflowers and trees constructed into their OWN set of cushions -- you could make 6 smalls out of this! Just fun, simple charts!

Tulip Heart Vase from Dames of the Needle - click for more Witchy Moon from Dames of the Needle - click for more To The Moon from Dames of the Needle - click for more To The Moon, Witchy Moon & Tulip Heart Vase
from Dames of the Needle
Dames of the Needle has a trio of new charts...
  • To the Moon and Witchy Moon -- this duo companions some of her other designs. Super striking, they are worked on Weeks Dye Works Carrot Linen (yes, both are... photographs on the chart covers don't show that too well!) with only Week's Onyx hand-dyed cotton floss. Finishing 5 x 7 and 7 x 7, choose ANY fabric you want -- the wilder the better -- and definitely a hand-dyed black thread of some sort, to get an eerie finish. You could even accent these with black beads for those individual stitches, or toss in some black metallics here and there! Or... stitch the moon in something gold!
  • Tulip Heart Vase -- Lots of bold, deep color in this one, it finishes 5-1/2 x 7 on Weeks 35ct Parchment linen. The fabric is actually fairly light, and I think we're used to seeing softer colors in a vase of flowers, so this looks intense. I think finish it with black edging -- pillow or framing -- I think it's super eye-catching!

The Victoria Sampler has sent two more pieces to their Stitched Gingerbread Village!
Pieces Nine and Ten: A Stitching Retreat Cottage -- ONLY 3 x 4 in size -- and The Village Tree -- just 4-inches high!
  • Gingerbread Retreat Cottage --Gingerbread Retreat Cottage from The Victoria Sampler - click for more Another of Thea's charming gingerbread houses stitched in multiple pieces on Picture This Plus's 28ct Gingerbread Linen, and then assembled. (Use your Magic By Mona talents you have learned in all our finishing classes, or follow the excellent steps and massive amounts of real pics Thea provides in the book -- WAY intimidating, but NOT hard in the end!)

    Joining the Needlework Shop, Bakery, Candy Cane Cottage, Tree Etui, Church, Stitching House, Quilt Shop and Haunted House, this charming 3 x 4-ish house is trimmed with tons of buttons, some beads, and lots of your pretty stitching. The Hardanger roof is the dressing on the cake! Leaflet has pattern layout of fabric, nice clear charts, the accessory pack contains all the silks, beads and buttons. All you need is the linen and #8 and #12 Pearl for the Hardanger on the roof.
  • Village Christmas Tree from The Victoria Sampler - click for more
  • Village Christmas Tree -- What a cute accessory for your growing village of miniature stitched houses! White and green scallops of stitches make your greenery! Your tiny tree finishes approx 4 inches tall on 28ct -- it's about 3 inches wide at the bottom. Presented in leaflet format with great charts and clear finishing instructions, the accessory pack as enough 'stuff' in it to stitch all three sides of one tree.

    The stitching is a simple Satin -- Bargello-type -- you are seeing all the buttons and beads on there as the ornaments! Thea tells you that you CAN choose some different colors of green linens, to make a little forest of these!!! Just the cutest thing, your trees could be ornaments, they could even be a cover for a bit of candy! Presented as a leaflet with accessory pack.

Boo Sewing Basket and Seek Goodness Pinkeep Drum from Stacy Nash Primitives
Boo Sewing Basket -- click to see more Stacy Nash has two new offerings...
  • Boo Sewing Basket is a super-simple and cute! You are stitching each of the 5 pieces individually -- they are only about 3 inches in size -- the bottom square is only 2 inches! After the cute pumpkin vine with kitty stitching is finished (Sampler Threads on 36ct), you use your Magic By Mona Finishing expertise to cover the side boards with your fabrics, and then whip stitch them together into the charming little bowl! (Bowl finishes less than 6 x 6 x 3, and Stacy gives you the actual-sized templates to cut them out of something stiff!)Seek Goodness Pinkeep Drum & Strawberry Emery -- click to see more

    If the bowl thing scares you... just make 4 little pin cushions and don't stress about it! Cute chart anyway! The finishing idea was first presented in Stacy's Limited Edition Kit from last Spring's Market... THAT design is still available
    (her Rose Garden Sewing Basket) -- but it's $54! This is $12!

  • Seek Goodness Pinkeep Drum & Strawberry Emery -- Just drab green stitching on natural linen... dress this up with a pretty antique cotton fabric top on your drum, maybe some wool on the bottom, and a coordinating mangy little berry on top that nobody would DARE eat -- except your dog! The little drum measures about 3-1/2 x 4-1/2, and the berry is just 2-inches long -- a perfect snack size! Again, actual-sized templates are included with the chart to make the drum and berry!

2018 Needlework Enthusiast's Book of Days from Needlework Press - click for more 2018 Needlework Enthusiast's Book of Days from Needlework Press
Here is our annual Needlework Journal book by Needlework Press! It is an 8-1/2 x 11 softcover book that features pretty needlework on the cover, a few vintage quips on the inside, and all 12 months of the year 2018 beautifully spread out over two pages. Use this as your Needlework Scheduler!!!!!!! You can use it to log stitching hours, record your stitching wish lists, make notes about upcoming meetings, retreats, stitching trips - shows you are going to - ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING related to your stitching!

Make notes about upcoming sales, when the next installment in one of your continuing subscriptions is due... birthdays of stitching friends... your shopping list of fabrics and threads needed... you get the idea! We get a new Book of Days each year.. and they are available now till December-ish... then they sell out till next year! An awesome stitcher gift!!!!!

Halloween Quaker from Lila's Studio - click to see more Halloween Quaker from Lila's Studio
WOW, is this a cool piece!!!!! By Lila's Studio, this is stitched on Picture This Plus's Murky Linen -- it's a dark, drab but dramatic muddy grey-brown fabric! (Simply delicious, as it's name does not suggest!) Halloween Quaker measures a generous 261 x 180, so it finishes approx 16 x 11 on 32ct. Stitched with Classic Colorworks hand-dyed flosses, this has several cool elements to it.

The Quaker-inspired motifs are fun, especially the unusual spiders in one, and the black cats in another. That little village at the bottom is cool, the witch legs and boots are colorful, but your eye really goes to that silouette right in the center! Beautiful colors of thread against that fabric, chart calls for 40ct... we can order that for you... 32 is a little less scary to see!

Olivia Ochreleiph from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more Olivia Ochreleiph
from Silver Creek Samplers
(O Ker Leaf!) We figured that out today while we were ooogling over this new arrival in the shop! Silver Creek Samplers has delivered a lovely Fall piece! *She wears a dress of scarlet red and orange leaves from over head that sparkle with a frosty glow soon buried in a winter snow.*

Measuring approx 8 x 8-1/2 on 32ct... a whopping 17 shades of Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed cottons are called for in this! What a beautiful pillow this would make -- I like the fact that you see falling leaves before you see the verse or a dress!!!!!
My Christmas List from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more

My Christmas List
from Silver Creek Samplers
This is a charming design that speaks of lots of things -- All About Christmas. Lots and lots of words, thoughts, memories... everything trails down this 101 x 287 piece which finishes approx 6 x 18 on 32ct.

Pictures follow the sentiments... it's very nice and festive!!!! Charted for 21 shades of regular 'ol DMC floss!!!!!

Wee Santa 2017 from Heart in Hand - click for more
Wee Santa 2017
from Heart in Hand
Heart in Hand is into red and white this season!  Her small card annual Santa is here... and although it looks like he is stitched with only white and gold, the pattern actually calls for 14 different colors!!!!  (hand-dyeds or DMC.) 

Stitched on Weeks Dye Works 30ct Aztec Red, this finishes approx 4 x 5.  The red comes in several counts, and we have that awesome Aztec Red Gingham Linen that Hands On used for their 12 Days series -- that might add a little splash to this!  Presented as a Wee One Card with a few glass bead embellishments included.

Count Your Blessings and Give Thanks from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more American Eagle from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more I'd Rather Bee Stitching Biscornu from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more
The Sweetheart Tree has several new releases...
I'm featuring three pin cushions here, because I like them all! Sandie used to offer most of her things in kit format... she is now steering more towards charts with embellishments only -- figuring most of us have lots of wonderful materials and threads already in our stash just waiting to be used!
  • Count Your Blessings and Give Thanks is the newest small card offering. It's the same pumpkin design reversed with two options for wording. Finishing a very petite 2-1/2 inches square, Sandie added a little Lady Dot Ball trim and some coordinating fabric to them to make the cushions a little larger. The card comes with a smattering of her frosted yellow flower beads for the pumpkin vine blossoms, you add the rest.
  • American Eagle is another cushion design measuring only 48 stitches square -- so 3 x 3 on 32ct. Stitched with regular DMC floss she's included the star button, you'll need to add the few beads, whatever fabric you want and those DMC's from your stash. Card chart includes the button.
  • I'd Rather Bee Stitching Biscornu -- So cute, this is another of Sandie's biscornu designs -- a double-sided 3-inch cushion. Algerian Eyelets in the center area, Satin stitches on the spools, one of her yellow flower beads anchors the center. Stitch on 32ct Cream with DMC flosses, you'll need a few beads. This design matches Sweetheart Tree's Needle Case, so now you can start to collect a whole set of matching smalls! Presented as the chart with embellishments.

Halloween Sampler from Jeannette Douglas Fall Shaker Box by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more Wool Pin Cushion and Fob by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more
Jeannette Douglas's new things released at Market:
  • Halloween Sampler -- Finishes approx 8 x 9-1/2 on Weeks 35ct Confederate Gray -- has lots of specialty stitches and threads are all specialty hand-dyed silks and cottons. 4 Rows of cute seasonal motifs, you can do some of these individually, or make the charming 9 x 10-ish inch sampler -- complete with hand-dyed silks and cottons, metallics and a special witch hat button! Jeannette has featured gorgeous Autumnal colors in this, and of course some fun specialty stitches. The haunted house and tombstone have Satins, the bubbling cauldron down at the bottom is Bargello. Happy Halloween!
  • Fall Shaker Box -- Small chart format, again, coded for Gentle Art's Simply Wool, this fits a 6-inch chocolate Lone Elm Lane box... but it could be stitched smaller for a cushion finishing as well. Since the wools and cottons are the 'same colors' you could go with cottons if you wanted. Fits Lone Elm Lane 6-inch Chocolate box on 32ct -- anything neutral.
  • Wool Pin Cushion and Fob -- This is a small chart coded for Gentle Art's Simply Wool thread -- Gorgeous! Finish into a pin cushion and fob set or... it fits Lone Elm Lane's 4-inch pin cushion base on 32ct, and can be stitched on anything neutral. That wool is awesome to work with -- the chart calls for only 6 shades, so maybe this is a nice time to try stitching with something new to you! Chart for matching fob is included.

MINI Needle Nanny Acorn - click to see more Puffin & Co Halloween House Needle Nanny - click to see more Star Needle Threader from Puffin & Co Puffin & Co Micro Threader Pumpkin - click to see more
Puffin & Co has delightful Copper/Brass/Nickel metal pieces made into needlework tools. Here are several new additions to their line!
  • Needle Nannies -- Super Strong Earth magnets on these -- they'll hold your needles and scissors on your fabric or frame... but even double as good ol' refrigerator magnets!
  • Magnetic Mini Minders -- Just baby Nannies!  Nannies run over an inch, these are definitely under an inch in size -- same strong magnets.
  • Threaders -- Available in Micro for beading needles and Regular for regular needles... the brass artwork is easy to hold onto for threading and the hook is very substantial -- won't pullout when you pass it through the needle eye.
Count Your Blessings from Blackberry Lane
Count Your Blessings
from Blackberry Lane
Blackberry Lane has a new design -- this one is NOT all stitched one over one -- just the verse and the goodies in the sewing box! Finishing about 3-3/8 on 36ct it is shown mounted in the top of Lone Elm Lane's Clamping box... but it'd make a darling stuffed pin cushion as well.

Coded for DMC and Turkish Red, Oatmeal and Sugarplum hand-dyeds -- we laughed -- that's one serious needle she has there!!!!!

Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Halloween At Hawk Run Hollow
from Kathy Barrick
The 10th design in this fun series celebrating Hawk Run Hollow... Halloween is full of creepy charm! As with most of the others, it is broken down into smaller blocks of individual designs... skeletons and ghosts... lots of morbid stuff, there is even one square that is just a cute scarecrow in a pumpkin patch -- he just looks mad, but he's still cute!

Coded for 42 different shades of DMC, this is stitched on Picture This Plus's 40ct Legacy Linen and the whole thing will finish approx 18-1/2 x 14. Just in case you're collecting: Houses, Village, Shores, Christmas, Autumn, Farms, Spring, Map, Year and now Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow!

Halloween Greetings from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Crowned Owls from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Autumn Harvest Sampler from Kathy Barrick - click to see more
New Designs
from Kathy Barrick
  • Halloween Greetings -- What a fun design... full of scary motifs!
  • Crowned Owls -- I really like the Bargello border on this, warm greens and browns.
  • Autumn Harvest Sampler -- Quilts and cats, a log cabin, very primitive in personality!
More Bats! from Val's Stuff
More Bats!
from Val's Stuff
Val's Stuff has three more little paper bats with felt ball bodies! These are approx 2 x 6, stitched on brown perforated paper with DMC. What makes them cute are the felt ball eyes, body and tiny felt ears! Offered in kits of the chart, paper, balls, clay fang teeth, and backing felt, they are super quick to stitch, and will make fun dangling Halloween decorations!
  • Black Body says: Going Batty!
  • Yellow Body says: Bite Me
  • Seafoam body says: Just Batty

Lizzie Kate's *Spirit of Christmas* Mystery Sampler Presenting Lizzie Kate's *Spirit of Christmas* Mystery Sampler!
  • Designs with embellishments will release.... $26.00 for Part one (it ships with the embellishments) and $9.00 each for parts two and three -- those are charts only.
  • LK's special embellishment pack contains all the buttons and charms for the main sampler and bonus patterns.
  • Spirit of Christmas is stitched on Picture This Plus's 28 or 32ct Heartland Linen ($13.60/cut for the whole thing) OR 16 or 18ct Heartland Aida ($10.00/cut for the whole thing), total area is 95 x 191.
  • Lizzie Kate's *Spirit of Christmas* Mystery Sampler
  • Each part will contain a coordinating BONUS project. Three extra treats, projects are a 2-sided Holiday Home Scissor Fob -- 34 x 33, A Christmas Love Pin Pillow -- 73 x 27, and Christmas Is -- a mini sampler that is a whopping 93 x 48! (included with the main chart)
  • Weeks Dye Works 11-Skein Floss Set includes a new 'mystery color.' Linda has made these colors compatible with those of her Holly & Hearts Mystery from a few years ago. $27.50
  • There will be a matching Special/Exclusive Stitch Dot too!!!!! $12.00

Christmas for the Patriot from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Christmas for The Stitcher from Sue Hillis -- click to see more New Mini-Sled Patterns for Christmas Ornaments
from Sue Hillis Designs
Sue Hillis has 2 new leaflets that feature small ornament-sized designs that you can finish ANY WAY you like. She's shown these on those darling little wooden sleds we have!

By Foxwood Crossings, the bitty 1-1/2 x 3 inch sleds come in natural brown wood with metal blades and handles. You can paint them any color you like -- Sue's are all white. Sleds are available separately -- $4.50 each, but we have a Baker's Dozen offering that helps when you are making a lot of these.
Patriots and Stitcher join Sweets, Ride, Friends, and Red Sleds... so Sue's collection of designs is up to 38!

Christmas for the Patriot -- 5 Tiny soldiers and the Liberty Bell, all are coded for DMC floss and finish DINKY! Toy Soldier, Drummer, Flag Soldier and Bugler Soldier.
Christmas for The Stitcher -- A Sewing Bird, spools of thread, stork scissors and a tomato pin cushion... the are cute for us 'seamstresses.'
Presented in leaflet format, you get the actual sized template for sled finishing as well as really nice finishing process photos.

Thread Keeps from Black Branch Needlework Sewing Ad Scissor Keeps from Black Branch Needlework Needle Keeps from Black Branch Needlework
Needlework Accessories by Black Branch Needlework
These are a new line of cute miniature images pressed under clear resin -- made into thread, scissor and needle keeps!
  • Sampler Flower Thread Keeps -- 1-inch Squares with rings to hold your floss cards or baggies, these feature 8 different florals and houses from antique samplers -- all just gorgeous!
  • Sewing Ad Scissor Keeps -- 1 x 2 Pieces featuring a clam-shell clip to attach to scissors, these feature 2 different images of antique sewing ads!
  • Needle Keeps -- More 1-inch Squares, these have a loop at the top to attach to a ribbon so you can't lose them, and feature a super-duper earth magnet for needles (and threaders and small scissors!)

AB Designs has a ton of cute new things!
Black Cat from AB Designs - click for more Boo Kitty from AB Designs - click for more Kitty Witch from AB Designs - click for more
Halloween Scaredy Cats -- This is a trio of individual charts that are stitched over two on Picture this Plus's 28ct Kermit linen. It is just the brightest, yummy color of fabric -- we have the same color with opalescent in it as well -- Crystal Kermit it is called. Cats are stitched with good 'ol DMC and there are no embellishments featured (so you can add anything you want!)

Witch The Early Bird from AB Designs - click for more Adultish from AB Designs - click for more
  • Witch Hat Wine Cover -- YOU NEED THIS for Stitch Group! Stitch either 'Boo' or 'Forget candy, bring wine!' on Weeks 30ct Chartreuse with DMC. Then whip stitch together two pieces of black felt (templates and instructions included with chart) to make a bottle cover witch hat. my has included brightly colored buttons for embellishment -- we do have bright Weeks hand-dyed wools in case you want your buttons spots of be extra-festive. Just let us know, and we can add them. Chart with buttons.
  • The Early Bird -- *The early bird can have the worm because worms are gross, and mornings are stupid!* Choose a pretty yellow shade of fabric... Amy has a few buttons on here.
  • Adultish -- *kinda care... kinda don't*... *Just another day of not being rich and famous*... each design (all three are in the leaflet) is stitched on 30ct Beige -- just choose a neutral, and dig through your floss for some cute colors! No embellishments for these... just do WHATEVER you want!

Heritage Sampler from Plum Street Samplers - click for more Blackbird Fraktur from Plum Street Samplers - click for more Hello Fall from Plum Street Samplers - click for more
Six New Designs Have Arrived from Plum Street Samplers
  • Heritage Sampler -- Honoring the American flag and it's history from the colonies to today, it features a stanza from America The Beautiful as the sampler verse. There are a lot of charming design elements in here... Pilgrims, Soldiers, mountains, waves and prairie corn... and a pristine White House. Pretty border, pretty colors! Measuring approx 9 x 10 on 36ct, choose the hand-dyeds or DMC it's charted for.
  • Blackbird Fraktur -- Something for Autumn -- that big harvest moon, the sunflowers and that green pumpkin... and all the acorns scattered everywhere, the gorgeous blackbirds are striking against all the colorful background. Measuring a generous 13 x 6-ish in size on 36ct, the moon and birds will really highlight the color variations of your hand-dyed flosses. I love that little wrought iron fence down at the bottom!
  • Hello Fall -- The third of Paulette's 4-season set, this if a generous vine of pumpkins and leaves, with a plain blackbird (as compared to those Fraktur birds!) and a quilt-motif moon! Pretty colors, this finishes rather large -- like the Spring and Summer already released -- at 8-1/2 x 4-1/2.
Merry Two from Plum Street Samplers - click for more Merry Three from Plum Street Samplers - click for more Friends of the Hart from Plum Street Samplers - click for more
  • Merry Two and Merry Three -- Two Serial Bowl Offerings... these are both in chart format -- Serials will no longer come as kits. Merry Two -- a busy scene of snowman, reindeer, Santa and lots of holly -- HAS ALREADY BEEN RELEASED months ago (in kit format) -- so watch your stash and don't duplicate. Merry Three features Santa on a rooftop waving a wreath to a COW below! (He's a Christmas Cow -- he's wearing a wreath!) Finishes approx 5 x 4... you probably cannot see the polka dot snowflakes stitched in the background, they're kid of cute!
  • Friends of the Hart -- This is gorgeous! It features a Hart (a

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