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Just Arrived at The Silver Needle
 Part 2...

Webmaster's note: These pages became so large that we have divided them up into 4 separate pages to help with load time. So be sure you hit the There's More button at the bottom of the pages to see the rest of the wonderful stuff that has come in recently.

Autumn Acres Farm from Hands On Design - click to see more
Autumn Acres Farm
from Hands On Design
The 3rd design in Cathy and Priscilla's seasonal FARM Chalk-Art-Inspired series... doesn't this look like the busiest morning at the Farmer's Market??? The scarecrow is all smiles as he guards the pumpkins, roosters are hanging pumpkin garland and there's Calvin the Cat hitching a ride in the truck!

Presented as a chart, the main piece measures 165 x 127 in stitch count, the matching sign is just 140 x 53.

Annual Santa for 2018 from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more Presenting the 34th Annual Santa for 2018! from The Prairie Schooler
Just releasing... this happy trio is due in the shop any day! Same format as the other Santas dating back to 1984... same colors... same Prairie Schooler charm!

FYI: Several of the PS annual Santas are out of print as SINGLE card charts.
If you do NOT see the year you want in a reprinted leaflet, listed right below, we 'should' be able to still get it singly.
Here is the breakdown of what is available in the reprinted format -- leaflets of 3 Santas each.
Santas Revisited I -- Book #195 -- Contains 1990, 1994 and 2005.
Santas Revisited II -- Book #203 -- Contains 1984, 1989, and 1991. (1984 was the first year for the Annual Santas.)
Santas Revisited III -- Book #204 -- Contains 1987, 1993 and 1996.
Santas Revisited IV -- Book #205 -- Contains 1986, 1988 and 1992.
Santas Revisited V -- Book #206 -- Contains 1999, 2000 and 2015.
Santas Revisited VI -- Book #207 -- Contains 1995, 2003 and 2004.

#76 Farmers Alphabet reprint from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more #63 Christmas Samplers reprint from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more
Newest Reprints from The Prairie Schooler
  • #63 - Christmas Samplers - Originally published in 1997, all three of these pieces are the same size and feature very familiar verses! I love Mom and Pop all snug in their beds!
  • #76 - Farmers Alphabet - Originally published in 1999 this companions #61 -- Garden, #65 Christmas and #68 Animal Alphabets!

Black Cat from Madame Chantilly Pumpkins Thieves from Madame Chantilly Pumpkins Thieves and Black Cat
New from Madame Chantilly
Halloween patterns are flying into the shop - just like they're on witches brooms!!!!!
  • Pumpkin Thieves is darling! The little witch is borrowing a harvest, complete with watch-cats! The main design measures a whopping 267 x 132 in stitch count. The back cover of the chart shows just the witch and pumpkins without the dirigible (the little blimp up there!) Charted for just 6 shades if DMC floss... this gal has Santa in airplanes and hot air balloons - she excels in alternative transportation designs!
  • Black Cat - See? Another means of transportation! A spooky village, that larger-than-life cat... again, this uses only 6 colors of DMC and measures a generous 172 x 140 in stitch count.

PuntiniPuntini BOO Pins - click to see more
PuntiniPuntini BOO Buttons - click to see more
PuntiniPuntini WOOF Pins - click to see more
PuntiniPuntini WOOF Buttons - click to see more

More Pins and Matching Buttons from PuntiniPuntini
More charming clay-topped pins and matching buttons to garnish your cushions and cases! These are hand-made by Paola Rizzi and come to us all the way from Italy!

Beautifully done, she has several other matching sets to choose from... these are the new arrivals this week. No specific designs call for them... you're going to have to use your imagination. They are very well done -- the letters on the pins appear on both sides. Get them now while you see them... your stash will be so happy!

Jane's Joy - Holiday Joy from Carolyn Manning - click for more The Spooktacular Halloween Garden Labyrinth
from Carolyn Manning
Here is another big geometrically organized garden of little stitched bits and borders by Carolyn Manning. We have quite a few other designs by her that look summery, or quilt-y... this one definitely speaks Halloween! Measuring 207 x 207 in stitch count, it will finish approx 11-1/2 inches square on either 18 Aida or 36ct Linen, and is charted for 23 different shades of regular DMC floss.

Carolyn's designs are super fun to add beads and metallic threads to... especially THIS one! Look at all the fun stuff in here! The black cats (Wisper or Simply Wool?) are cute, the ghosts could be opalescent, moon -- gold metallic, beads everywhere in those geometric borders. All the cute tiny motifs arranged and bundled together really tease your eye and create a big and bold medley. It's just fun to stop and notice the small details in here! Offered as a leaflet.

Heart's Content Armchair Pinpoke from Scattered Seed Samplers - click to see more Heart's Content Armchair Pinpoke from Scattered Seed Samplers
Scattered Seed Samplers has a new design that offers a neat finishing idea for some of the other charts-in-waiting in your stash! Designed to be a pin cushion to hang over the arm of your stitching chair, *Busy hands, happy heart* decorates one side, and *Hand and heart will never part* decorates the other.

Charted for only 4 colors of DMC -- 221, 3011, 3790 and 3799, you'll need to choose cushion finishing fabric (and maybe change floss colors) to match your furniture. Simple finishing instructions are included with the chart for the 4-1/2 x 12 overall project. It would make a really nice gift for a stitching friend, and maybe a super-cool finishing idea for a smaller pin cushion exchange thing! (Wouldn't some small Lizzie Kate or Just Nan designs be cute on this??? If you are super-gifted you could even make a pocket on one side of this for scissors!)

Halloween March from Teresa Kogut -- click to see a larger view Halloween March from Teresa Kogut
This is the cutest!!!!! Teresa Kogut has a new chart that is so colorful and charming with an old-fashioned personality. Solid stitching on 35ct linen (18 Aida would work too especially since you are covering all your fabric with stitching) this finishes about 8-1/2 x 7-1/4 inches.

The background calls for Weeks Dye Works Onyx hand-dyed floss -- 2 skeins, but the rest takes a whopping 31 shades of regular DMC floss! The chart is a little involved because all that color shading is CHARTED -- there are no other hand-dyeds in there to do the work for you! Anyway, I love it!!!

Louise Lallier 1901 by Reflets de Soie -- click to see more! Louise Lallier 1901 from Reflets de Soie
This sampler reproduction by Reflets de Soie is breathtaking! Presented as a chart... or chart with silks... it measures 312 x 412 in stitch count and is coded for DMC floss as well as the silk. I love the ornate floral border, the alphabet (letters are about 25 x 25) is 'pretty nice' too! Then there is all that lovely country scenery -- it is spectacular! Can you see the church, the country houses, the chickens... the donkey in the center talking to the little dog is so neat! He even has a basket of baguettes on his back!

I'd never in a million years get this whole thing stitched... but you could make those cottages (40 x 60-ish) into pin cushions, or the flower urns or even the chickens (60 x 70). The colors (we have the silks available) are bold and just dreamy... I just cannot tell you how lovely this piece is!!!!!

In All Things Be Exceedingly Diligent from Needlework Press - click for more In All Things Be Exceedingly Diligent
from Needlework Press
Here is a charming sampler by Needlework Press. It's long and thin, blocky and bold, and looks to be super easy to stitch. Stitched on 32ct Natural linen, it'll finish approx 25-1/2 x 6, and it'd make a really cool pillow on your couch!

Coded for DMC floss, just don't let any one SIT on this!!! The smaller take-out part of the design -- minus the alphabets finishes a mere 3 x 10! Presented as a leaflet.

Bow Before Me... It's My Birthday! from Peacock and Fig - click to see more Joust Another Anniversary: Game On! from Peacock and Fig - click to see more Joust Another Anniversary: Game On! from Peacock and Fig
Peacock & Fig has an awesome collection of crowns and this jousting scenarios to celebrate family occasions!!! Joust Another Anniversary might be perfect for a couple you know! Presented as a chart, coded for DMC floss, it finishes approx 8 x 8 on 14ct.

Bow Before Me... It's My Birthday!
Well, that speaks volumes! Personalize it for *that special someone* or just make it as the Family Birthday Sign to display every day someone in the family has a birthday. 7 x 8-1/2 on 14/28ct... DMC, 4 different bead colors and gold metallic.

We also have a wedding piece (At least you're not forming a dynasty by marrying your cousin!) and a couple of Birth Announcements. Then we have the births of the Royal Highnesses, and The King and Queen. Really a delightful set of pattens, all are clear charts, and they'll make you smile!

Melody's Song from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more
Melody's Song
from Silver Creek Samplers
Silver Creek Samplers has a new design... *On rocks beyond the sandy dune, a mermaid sings a winsome tune that drifts along the ocean breeze & puts my restless soul at ease.*

Quite the run-on-sentence... but that's OK! Finishes approx 8 x 8 on 32ct... coded for DMC or hand-dyeds... I need a beach house!!!!!
QUILTZ from Long Dog Samplers - click for more

from Long Dog Samplers
This is a super-fun sampler by Long Dog that features multiple village scenes, quilt motifs, and cute repeating motif borders. It measures 130 x 298 -- 9 x 21 on 28ct -- and is coded for DMC or Gentle Art Sampler Thread hand-dyed floss.

You can do a lot with this. Break it all apart, make small cushions, whatever! Quiltz was designed 'with a gentle nod of recognition and admiration for Pennsylvania Dutch Samplers.' A cute note inside the chart from the designer, she says you might be really sick of this by the time you put in the last stitch... but that might be better than sitting with the whole family in the 'stove room' every evening in the olden days! Presented as a chart.

Jane Vaughan 1724 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more Eliza Skelton 1820 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more Hannah Gaskell 1823 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more
Reproduction Samplers from Hands Across The Sea Samplers
Here are antique samplers -- all beautifully re-charted -- so we can enjoy them again, for years to come! Presented in full color leaflet format, these publications are ABSOLUTELY LOVELY! The paper is glossed and heavy, the charts are printed in full color, and there is a bit of history included in each about its particular sampler. After you read the descriptions, you gain a new appreciation for the content of each piece and it's historic significance.

If you can get one finished -- what a gorgeous heirloom you will have! Choose any fabrics you want -- they'll be YOUR samplers! Even if you don't stitch a single one of these -- these are so beautifully done!

Chipping Sparrow Biscornest from Crossed Wing Collection - click for more Chipping Sparrow Biscornest
from Crossed Wing Collection
A cute play on words here, Crossed Wing has designed a birds nest pattern, and then added the eggs over one thread! To make it even more realistic, she then finished it into a biscornu-shaped pin cushion -- so it actually resembles a nest!

Alongside that cushion, you'll see the bird stitched over one and finished into a scissor fob. For color and size reference, you'll recognize the little 3-1/2 inch blue Cotton Candy Scissors we have! Beautiful blues and browns of DMC in this, presented as a chart.

Happy Easter from Fairy Wool in the Wood - click to see more
A Pair of Designs by Fairy Wool in the Wood!
This are some fun little designs we picked up at Market a couple of weeks ago. All three are charts. None of them go together or anything... they're just cute!
  • Happy Easter is worked on the 32ct natural/white polka dot linen. The dots are already on the fabric. There are some oval egg buttons on here -- they are not in the chart, and we don't have any. (Just ignore those and do not fall in love with them, because you can't have them!) The rest of this is darling, and little rabbit might be fun stitched with Rainbow Gallery's Wisper!

Deer Snow Globe for Christmas from Shannon Christine Designs - click to see more Truck Snow Globe for Christmas from Shannon Christine Designs - click to see more Sleigh Snow Globe for Christmas from Shannon Christine Designs - click to see more
Unique New Things from Shannon Christine Designs
Snow Globes for Christmas
Here's a fun trio of charts with a Farmhouse feel for Christmas. Little snowglobes inside of mason canning jars! By Shannon Christine, each is charted for DMC floss and uses a bit of metallic for accents. Choose a light gray or natural color of fabric (your choice) so that the white snow shows up. Truck measures 70 x 68 (5 x 5 on 14/28ct.), Deer is 70 x 88, and sleigh is the largest at 94 x 56. These would make cute stand-up cubes.

Midnight Sail
This is an interesting design... is it worked on a white background, you filling in all that gray and black? The cover picture looks like it, but the inside chart shows a gray background with white filled in. I think YOU can choose! The rolling waves are the color in here... a super-fun paisley/flowery look to them. Finishes 93 x 93 in stitch count -- so about 6 x 6 on 14/28ct.

Foxwood Crossings Rudolph Flight School - click to see more Foxwood Crossings Backyard Visitors - click to see more Rudolph Flight School and Backyard Visitors
from Foxwood Crossings
Some cute new mini-sled and sleigh designs by Foxwood Crossings... we may be entering Spring... but if you get these now, you MIGHT have them stitched by next Winter!!!
SUPER-CUTE and really popular, this is a line of miniature 3, 4 and 7-inch wooden sled ornaments. These are new charts to decorate them! All the wooden pieces are available separately, and we do offer a Baker's Dozen Special on them!!!
  • Backyard Visitors features three birds -- stitched on 14/28ct or 14ct perforated paper, they are only 17 x 31 in stitch count -- 1 x 2. Painting your little sleds is an option -- think about red for these!
  • Rudolph Flight School's chart features designs for ALL THREE different sizes of the sleds and sleighs. You can really see the size difference on the pic -- the mini (the most popular) is the bitty one at the bottom in the center. 4-Inch version on the right, 7-inch on the left. The framed piece is basically the same design featured on the largest sleigh. Charted for DMC floss with options for a little hand-dyed and metallics, they are all festive for your Christmas Tree, wreaths and decorations.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Xmas! from Thistles - click for a larger view
It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Xmas!
from Thistles
Well... thank goodness it's really NOT right now... but some places ARE still getting snow! Thistles has a super-cool new design that stitches up into a triangle shape that she has finished into a stuffed Christmas tree! Stitched on Dames of the Needle's Lush Meadow Dark Green hand-dyed linen... right now, we have 13 x 18 inch cuts of 35ct INCLUDED with our charts.

That dark green fabric just makes this darling design present so well. Worked with Gentle Art Sampler threads, this is over-the-top-charming!!!!! It'll finish an impressive 13 inches or so, and will make a delightful decoration!

Wee Santa 2018 from Heart in Hand - click for more Bird in Hand: Autumn from Heart in Hand - click for more Hocus Pocus Halloween from Heart in Hand - click for more
New Arrivals from Heart in Hand
Cecilia continues three of her collections of seasonal designs with these three individual small charts!
  • Wee Santa 2018 -- Every year we are treated to a new Santa design... this year, he has mixed his stripes and polka dots! Measuring 4 x 4 on 32ct Country Vintage Mocha Belfast Linen, he is colorful and rotund, and features a few short and thin winter friends. Stitched with DMC or hand-dyeds, the Wee Santa Collection has been around for years and years... always the small cards of super cute Santas! Chart comes with two snowflake button embellishments.
    (Note... this one is shown on our Wee Ones section.)
  • Bird in Hand: Autumn -- You can see this set of designs in the picture at the top of our Heart in Hand page. It is one of 7, actually, that all celebrate the seasons and holidays. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter are together in a pillow or framed version. The fat little bird in here is decorated with a teeny white ghost, but Halloween is not the focus of this -- you see the squirrel, pumpkin, owl and leaves first. Finishing approx 4-1/4 on 28ct -- DMC and hand-dyeds, this is a nice set of designs. Chart comes with brass leaf charm.
  • Hocus Pocus Halloween -- What a cute Heartware Bowl Topper! Cecilia's hand-turned pottery bowl -- her Heartware (which is gorgeous by the way) -- is featured in the finishing treatment for this 2-3/4 inch round design. Stitched on 32ct Vintage Country Mocha Belfast Linen, this calls for lots of DMC or hand-dyed threads. Finish it as a round ornament or pin cushion, or make it into the flat cover for that re-useable little Ort Bowl. The blocky pumpkin and the little ghost all nestled between blowing leaves... it's full of Autumn-y color!

Hocus Pocus Halloween from Heart in Hand - click for more Harvest on Dahlia Ridge
from Heart in Hand
This 4 x 4 design is super-rich with Autumn color. Stitched on 28ct Ale by Picture This Plus -- Weeks Cocoa Linen would be another stunning color of fabric for this, too. Both really highlight the bold hand-dyed flosses, and those big flowers just add to the dramatics!

Cecilia has included two small wooden pumpkin buttons, you see them in the grass. Shown in a frame, you could make this into a pin cushion pillow and embellish the edges with some dark-colored (we have several options that match the threads) mini-ball fringe trim -- that would be a bold finish for this cute design. Presented as a small chart with the buttons.

The Animal Cracker - Humphrey from Stacy Nash -- click to see more The Animal Cracker - Henrietta from Stacy Nash -- click to see more The Animal Cracker - Harrison from Stacy Nash -- click to see more The Animal Cracker - Theodore from Stacy Nash -- click to see more The Animal Cracker Crumbs - Oliver from Stacy Nash -- click to see more The Animal Cracker Crumbs - Quincy from Stacy Nash -- click to see more
Animal Crackers and Crumbs from Stacy Nash Primitives
This is an ever-growing set of charming stitched stand-up animals and smaller animal face fobs -- all presented as separate charts. Each is stitched on hand-dyed linen -- various colors -- choose any count you want. On 32 the CRACKER stand-ups finish approx 3 x 7-ish... Harrison is 10-1/2 inches though because of his ears.

Cute and very vintage, decorate each with old ribbons and buttons... The smaller ANIMAL CRACKER CRUMBS are the little faces and they're all around 3 inches in size.
How fun to tuck a couple of them into your ever-growing basket of stitched pin cushions???? Then add a couple of the standing ones in there too! Stacy has plain fabrics on the backs with a pouch to hold scissors, and you can see that Theodore is wearing a little thimble pouch as well! Such a neat set we have now!!!!

Here Lies My Needle from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Here Lies My Needle from Shakespeare's Peddler
Remember that flier we send you every year around the end of January about the Japanese holiday that celebrates the hard work of NEEDLES? Teresa did this sampler to kind of commemorate that holiday! The Festival of Broken Needles!

Theresa's sampler is charming! Stitched on hand-dyed linen, it provides a place for you to park broken, rusted or old needles... you can even leave threads in them from special projects. (What about finding Mom's needles still threaded... you could preserve some of them here.) *Here lies my needles, some bent, some broken some rusty.* Finishing approx 11 x 8, stitched with hand-dyed flosses, garnish this with antique buttons. The bottom area is a cut of Weeks Dye Works Red Pear Houndstooth wool.. isn't it pretty on there? Really a special piece for a stitcher. Presented as a chart.

346 Christmas in Williamsburg from JBW Designs 347 Christmas Tree Collection IX from JBW Designs 348 French Country Ducklings from JBW Designs 349 Le Jardin Needlework Accessories from JBW Designs 350 Sweet Land of Liberty from JBW Designs
Summer 2018 Releases from JBW Designs
Judy Whitman has 5 new small designs -- Christmas, Americana and just plain 'ole everyday! Presented in her small card formats, everything is coded for DMC floss, some use hand-dyeds as an option.
  • 346 Christmas in Williamsburg -- Super traditional berry basket motif... it's only 30 x 30 without all the border treatments.
  • 347 Christmas Tree Collection IX -- Stitched on red 32ct... these really look nice over one thread, and really show up against the branches of a green tree.
  • 348 French Country Ducklings -- Stitch these in just about any color you want...
  • 349 Le Jardin Needlework Accessories -- A charming trio of small designs all stitched on black linen. All the pink accents really look great with this, very basic finishing instructions.
  • 350 Sweet Land of Liberty -- A miniature home, school and farmyard scene, this measures only 2 x 6. Cute block on your window sill, or a little wedge stand-up as well.

Peace from Erica Michaels - click for more Victory & Peace from Erica Michaels - click for more
Peace and Victory & Peace from Erica Michaels
Erica Michaels has two new designs shown here on 40ct. If that's too small -- choose anything YOU like to work on! Presented in her 'Petites Collection,' each chart comes with a cut of 40ct silk gauze for over-one stitching.

Coded for DMC or hand-dyeds, PEACE finishes approx 3-1/2 x 1-1/2.
VICTORY & PEACE finishes about 3 x 3.
If you work on something larger, like 14/28 or 32, they'll finish about 10 x 4, and 9 x 9. Lovely designs... the sentiments need no more words!

#13 A Prairie Year Reprint from Prairie Schooler -- click to see more #149 November Reprint from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more #207 Santas Revisited VI Reprint from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more
The Latest New Second Chances from The Prairie Schooler
A trio of re-printed designs!
  • #13 A Prairie Year -- This is from 1986! We had shop models of all of these at one time... what a blast from the past! Each design measures approx 50 stitches square -- so 3 inches square on 32ct. Classics!
  • #149 November -- Part of the 12 months series of leaflets... this was originally published in 2008. If you will notice, all the leaflets in this 'months' series all follow the same design format, so they are fun to display together. (It's a constant battle to keep all these in print. Right now, Daffodils which was the March issue is out of print. I imagine it will come around again. Just a reminder to collect these designs AS YOU CAN! Availability seems to be very fleeting!
  • #207 Santas Revisited VI -- This one contains 1995, 2003 and 2004 Santas. As the small individual cards sell out, these are being re-printed in trio-collections. We have 6 leaflets so far -- covering 18 Santas. There are 35 in total, so this is quite the challenge to keep up with!

Apple Blossoms Sampler from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Sweet Violet from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Common Lilac from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
April Showers Bring New May Flowers
from The Drawn Thread!
Cynthia Zittel has three new designs all presented in chart format with or without the necessary silk threads!
  • Apple Blossoms Sampler is gorgeous! Worked on 32ct Tumbleweed (a dusty green linen) it measures JUST 2-1/2 x 12 inches in size. It's NOT large!!! The bird in the tree branches, what makes this dramatic are the apple blossoms and light colored alphabet letters. As always, Cynthia tosses a lot of special stitches into her designs -- for lots of texture and interest -- makes them more fun to stitch!
  • Sweet Violet & Common Lilac -- Well one of these got left behind in the 'cute name department!!!' A new set of small botanicals, these each finish only 54 stitches square -- 3-1/2 inches square on 30ct Antique Lambswool Linen. Hand-dyed silks... special stitches... these would make gorgeous pin cushions all nestled together in a neat old basket. Presented as charts with or without the silks.

Le Marquoir de Marie by Reflets de Soie -- click to see more! Le Marquoir de Marie from Reflets de Soie
This is a gorgeous Country French inspired sampler that is full of unusual motifs, lots of color and pretty alphabets. Offered as the chart or chart with a lavish spread of 46 shades of silk thread... it measures 326 x 274. It'll be an impressive 18 x 15 on 35ct!!!

The borders are pretty. The chalet in the middle is charming... the train is so unusual! The flower vase and baskets on the sides measure about 40 x 60 stitches each -- make individual pin cushions out of those! And of course, who doesn't love the chickens, cat and dog down along the bottom? The colors are clear and bright... you could distress this when you are finished... or just break apart all the design elements and do a whole set of cushions for a spectacular basket display!

Heartware Bowl from Heart in Hand - click for more First 2 Heartware Designs from Heart in Hand - click for more
from Heart in Hand
Cecelia Turner has a LOVELY new hand-made stoneware pottery bowl that is a charming little ORT Bowl! Made by artist Christie Goodfellow, the bowls are just dreamy feeling. A soft creme matte glazed finish, each measures approx 3-1/2 inches across at the top and 2 inches high. It's a perfect size in your hand.

Next, Cecelia is designing interchangeable toppers for the little bowls. *Land I Love* & *Bluebird's Nest* are the first two rounds. Presented as charts in her small card format, each design measures 45 x 45 in stitch count -- so on 32ct, they finish less than 3 x 3. (Remember that you probably have a MILLION smaller designs that size... so this beautiful little bowl will work for those as well!)

Heart in Hand has finishing instructions on her website to make the disc lids for Heartware -- they don't wiggle around -- so you'll want to take a look at that. Anyway, CHARMING CHARMING little bowl, with the possibility of a million cute designs for the top!!!

Stitcher Sewing Sampler from Nikyscreations
Stitcher Sewing Sampler
from Niky'sCreations
Nikyscreations has several new charts... I thought this one was pretty darn cute, and the picture is good! Charted for regular DMC floss, it measures 100 stitches square.

If you do this over one on 28ct Mushroom Lugana (like the With Thy Needle Abcedarian Schoolhouse Series), it'll finish LESS THAN 4 inches in size and make a darling pin cushion!!!!! Niky has a lot of cute things... take a look on the interior pages and see what you like!

1726 Garden Pinkeep Kit from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more 1726 Garden Pinkeep Kit & Ann Wright's 1726 Pinkeep Drum Kit -- Two Nashville Market Exclusives
from Samplers Not Forgotten
I guess 1726 was a busy year for pretty pin keeps! Kimberly Nugent has a pair of kits that include lovely linens and really pretty printed finishing fabrics!
  • 1726 Garden Pinkeep is a limited release kit from the recent Nashville trade show. It includes and features Lakeside Linens 36ct hand-dyed fabric and Gentle Art Sampler Threads.
    Ann Wright's 1726 Pinkeep Drum Kit from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see moreThe finished design measures approx 4 x 6-1/2. The kit includes the hand-dyed wool and ribbon to make the backside 'flower' treatment, as well as that antique-y black and taupe finishing fabric. The left edge also features some tone-on-tone Eyelets and Satins!
  • Ann Wright's 1726 Pinkeep Drum Kit is finished into a charming little cylinder -- a drum shape. It is another Nashville Market Exclusive kit as well! This kit comes with the 36ct Weeks Beige hand-dyed linen, a cut of gorgeous hand-dyed velveteen for the strawberry, along with green hand-dyed wool for it's topper. Flosses are Weeks -- gorgeous rich shades of denim, burgundy and greens. You get the trimming buttons shown on the model and the denim and tan finishing fabric. Its design is a small take-out from Ann Wright's large sampler -- which we have on SNF's interior pages!!! CHARMING!

Garden Vegetables from Kathy Barrick - click to see more
Garden Vegetables
from Kathy Barrick
What a fun piece to stitch for a farmhouse kitchen! Measuring 300 x 251, this will finish approx 19 x 16 on 32ct.

Coded for silk or DMC, it has so many fun design elements. The two side panels, all the repetitive charting in the center, not to mention the useful gardening information! (I just don't know what growing zone it references... so if you care... check into that!) Presented as a chart, this is charming!

Fresh From The Garden from Little House Needleworks -- click to see more Fresh From The Garden from Little House Needleworks -- click to see more Fresh From The Garden
from Little House Needleworks
Here's a 'blast-from-the-past!' One of Little House's Limited Edition kits from 2011 has re-surfaced for a short while! (I think the distributor did some cleaning somewhere and came up with this little treasure. We've had a shop model for years that I couldn't part with, because I thought it was so cute!)

Fresh From The Garden is the sampler chart, but ALONG WITH IT COMES THE PRESEWN SEWING CASE AND TOMATO CUSHION! Stitch the framed piece on 32ct Weeks Straw Linen, it finishes approx 4 x 9-1/2. OR... stitch the cute needlebook pocket design, that stitching finishes approx 5-1/2 inches square. Then, simply turn under the edges and attach it to the sewing case (THAT IS ALREADY MADE!), and you're finished! The open case in our pic measures 6 x 12, the tomato is about 4 x 1. TOO DARN CUTE!

Anyway, the chart comes with the set of Classic Colorworks flosses called for, AND that fabric case sewn by Impie Hattie & Bea. Don't wait too long on grabbing one of these... I have no idea how many they found... but probably not too many!

Red's Tree House from Ink Circles - click to see more Three Little Kittens from Ink Circles - click to see more Three Little Kittens and Red's Tree House
from Ink Circles
A pair of smaller designs -- new by Ink Circles -- I think they'd both be neat in a cabin retreat somewhere! Each is offered in chart format.
  • Three Little Kittens who lost their mittens get the pie after all, because what was once lost is found again! Actually kind of sizeable -- 8 x 10 on 28ct -- this is coded for Classic Colorworks or DMC. It'd make a cute hanging above the peg rack that holds the mittens and coats in the mudroom.
  • Red's Tree House is just a cute little tree house made of ACORN shingles! Can you see them in the design? It's tucked in an oak tree, the light fixture outside the door is an acorn. The window in the front door is an acorn... then LOOK at the shape of the shake shingles! Finishes just 3-1/2 x 5 on 32ct... Gentle Art Sampler Threads or DMC.

Colorful Novelty Scissors by Dinky Dyes - click for more
Colorful Novelty Scissors
by Dinky Dyes

Dinky Dyes has a trio of new decorated 3-1/2 to 4 inch embroidery scissors. Perfect for a stitched fob or to dress up the inside of a sewing case, they cut OK... but are NOT meant to be excellent heirloom quality.

Their addition to the world of scissors counts as *cute and colorful!* The color coating on the handles is a baked-in finish and will not fade or discolor. Choose from Pumpkins and Acorns, Ladybugs or super-delicate Christmas Holly!

Santa Wine Cover from AB Designs - click for more Santa Wine Cover
from AB Designs
Hey, this little guy companions Amy's Witch Wine Bottle Cover that came out last Fall! New -- you'll be ready for Christmas in plenty of time this year -- or maybe even Christmas in July! *Dear Santa... Please bring wine!* Stitch the little panel, then use Amy's felt packet to construct the darling bottle cover!

Two other stitched patterns are included in the chart. Chart comes with set of buttons and pattern for bottle cover. The felt packet contains JUST the felt needed for the cover construction. These really are cute!

Doodler from Doodlin' Around Stitching Frames! - click for more LITTLE Doodler from Doodlin' Around - click for more The Lap Stitch Doodler Frames
These are the same idea as Doodlin' Around's other Lap Frames... but see how the side bars curve opposite those on the other frames? Some people like them one way, some like them the other!!!
  • The Lap Stitch LITTLE Doodler stands about 7 inches high and comes with 9 and 12 inch dowels, one set of knobs and one set of oak sidebars.
  • The Lap Stitch Doodler Frame is about 9 or 10 inches high and comes with 12, 15, and 18-inch dowels, along with the one set of knobs and one set of sidebars.

Holiday Quaker from Lila's Studio - click to see more Holiday Quaker
from Lila's Studio
Well, just like her companioning Halloween Quakers chart... we aren't even sure The Quakers CELEBRATED Christmas... but we think they should have! Lila's studio has another awesome sampler full of fun motifs.

There are snowmen inside one motif, mittens in another. Santa's boots are down there too. Stitched on a mangy Dapple Gray PTP fabric (or anything you want!), this is coded for Gentle Art Sampler threads or DMC, and it finishes approx 13 x 9.

Stoneware Snowman from Priscilla's Pocket Stoneware Snowman
from Priscilla's Pocket
Priscilla's Pocket did another little blue design -- A Snowman -- for this year. The other three -- bunny, kitten and cat are just as bitty and just as cute. Little bonuses to complement her lovely stoneware patterns, this comes as a small kit of 32ct Tin Roof Weeks Linen with Gentle Art's Black Raspberry Jam hand-dyed floss and enough of Dames of the Needle's blue ball trim to edge your little cushion.

Just cute... last year, they showed the little bunny stitched in several different pastel shades of floss... pink, yellow, mint green, lavender. Just find the ball trim first, then floss to match! So cute!

Lady Dot Finishing Packs
Limited Edition Finishing Packs! from Lady Dot Creates
Lois has compiled limited edition packets of her glorious finishing velvet and trims -- coordinating the colors so you can finish multiple cushions or small pillow and have them go together!!! Her assortments include 3 different cuts (approx 12 x 12 each) of her hand-dyed velvet, along with lengths (about 24 to 36" each) of FIVE various coordinating trims. Her chenilles, rik raks, balls and ribbons are all in these... she made these special color packets just for our recent market. (SO... we will not have them for very long, as they are limited!)
  • Chick Parade -- Pastel pink, green and lavender -- baby or Spring.
  • Summertime -- Bright aqua and violet with yellow and orange chenille -- looks like happy birthday to me!

Lady Dot Hand-dyed Cotton and Wool Flannel for Needle Pages and Finishing Hand-dyed Cotton and Wool Flannel for Needle Pages and Finishing
from Lady Dot Creates
Lady Dot is now offering cuts of hand-dyed 56ct cotton that is wonderful to use for needle pages inside your needle and sewing cases! The pieces measure about 17-1/2 x 18 and come in a vanilla (cream) color or snow (white.) You want these because the material is heavy and substantial -- not see-through and sheer -- and your needles will be very happy and safe poked into it. Not to mention how perfectly straight it is, and how nice it will look inside your things!

Doctor's Flannel is also new. It is 100% wool, a yellower *natural* color. These cuts are 9 x 15... something else dreamy to line your stitched pieces!!!!!

Lady Dot Pin Pulley and Scissor Hive The Pin Pulley and Scissor Hive
from Lady Dot Creates
Here is a pair of what-nots just for fun by Lady Dot. The Pulley features a felted wool pin cushion ball (assorted colors) decorated with old fashioned safety pins and a couple of old buttons. It has hand-dyed tape measure twill tape wrapped around its squatty wooden base. Overall, it measures about 2 x 2. It does nothing except look cute and hold a few more pins and needles! No assembly necessary.

The Scissor Hive is a little wooden piece 2-3/4 inches in height. It is holding a small 2-3/4 inch pair of black scissors, and Lois has it trimmed with a bit of black checkered ribbon.

Funny Bunnies from Val's Stuff Tuxedo Cat from Val's Stuff ButterFly from Val's Stuff
Springtime from Val's Stuff
Val has new Springtime designs and seven more for Halloween and Winter. The kits come with the charts, embellishments, paper and felt backing. You supply the flosses from your stash.

Funny Bunnies They are super-cute perched into the Easter Grass in your baskets. *Nobody fools the Bunny* and *Was the bunny that done it* are the facts here. Stitched on 14ct perforated paper, each finished approx 3 x 4 and features either clay eyes or felt cheeks.
Tuxedo Cat and ButterFly both finish a smaller 3 x 3, she has included pin backs in these in case you want to wear them as pins or garnish a tote bag. They'd do nicely as magnets too.

Hope Blooms from SamSarah Design Studio Hope Blooms - USING ALL YOUR NEW 35 DMCs!
from SamSarah Design Studio
From SamSarah Studio this inspirational quote from Lady Bird Johnson has been transformed into a cute piece of cross stitch. Patti used the entire set of DMC's 35 new colors, and put every one of them into this design!

It is shown on Stormy Night Belfast Linen... but we think any creme, white, yellow... (lots of colors, really) would look good with this because of the color variety throughout. Finishes approx 6 x 8 on the 32ct... GET OUT THAT NEW TIN OF FLOSS and start using it!!! Hope Blooms is presented as a leaflet.

Beach Dreams from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more Beach Dreams from Praiseworthy Stitches
This is a fun loooooonnnnggg design that can be stitched and framed as a flat picture or finished into a round drum pin cushion! Another pattern with lots of design choices, this is worked on Weeks Dye Works Confederate Gray linen which comes in several different counts. It finishes approx 4-1/2 x 13-1/2 on 32ct. Stitched with hand-dyed Sampler Threads or DMC, there is a JABCO handmade clay button pack available that includes sand dollars, a star fish and lighthouse.

FOR A LIMITED TIME we have a set of conch shell (real shells) topped counting pins for the cushion top, and a finishing kit of twine, Skirtex, puffy lining... all the stuff (except stuffing) you need to construct the drum. (So quoting pricing options here is a nighmare!) It's a real cute design, the colors and subject are just delighful!

Fraktur Scissor Block from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Lori's Fraktur Scissor Block and Fob Kit
This is REALLY a charming little scissor holder... it begins very humbly as a plain 2 x 2 x 2 wooden cube with the scissor hole already drilled in it. You paint it with acrylic paint and might want to sand and distress it alittle. NEXT, you select 5 gorgeous antique print pics from those Lori has included in the kit -- there are 20 in here to choose from. Cut e'm out, glue 'em on. Seal with Modge Podge and your finished!

THEN... find 3 more little blocks ... cause you have enough images left to make THREE MORE cubes! Kit includes the wood, images, felt and ribbon for fob and instructions. Scissors not included.

Love Abide from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Awake My Soul from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view B is for Bunny from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Sweet Pea from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view
New Designs from La D Da!
Lori Markovic has some unique designs releasing this next week at Market! (We'll have them Tuesday, March 6th.) Can't wait to see the real things stitched - in person -- at the show!
  • Love Abide -- Pretty Welcoming Sampler -- maybe for your front hall? Chart. 254 x 243 on 36ct (14 inches square), looks like you have good fabric options with this one!
  • Awake My Soul -- 'and sing'. Chart... more pretty hand-dyed colors, this one would make a pretty pillow without the wording...
  • B is for Bunny -- Chart, this one looks cheerful and bold! 171 x 115 -- so 9-1/2 x 6-ish on 18/36ct... I'm sure she's not going to do the whole alphabet... so just enjoy B!
  • Sweet Pea -- This is a FAVORITE so far! Companion Lori's little standing bunny from last spring, Sweet Pea will stand about 6 inches high stitched on 32ct.
  • The Fetishes -- This is a set of 4 small designs, 100 x 100 stitches. Patterned after different types of samplers, Lori thinks she'll do a set of 12 of these!
  • Fraktur Scissor Block and Fob Kit -- This is a limited edition wooden block -- you paint and paper it (with Lori's pretty paper) -- with a storage hole for a pretty pair of scissors. Approx 2 inches in size. The unpainted wooden block comes with a set of 28 different sampler image prints. You choose any 5 or 6 to glue to your painted block, do the Mod-Podge in a matte finish... and you're finished! Literally, no two blocks will be alike! Really a charming little block!

Microfiber Glasses Cleaning Cloths - click for more
Microfiber Glasses Cleaning Cloths
We LOVE these! Every needlework tote bag needs one, and so does your purse. 5-1/2 x 6 Microfiber cleans magnifying and eyeglass lenses beautifully -- even your phone and e-screens!

They come in a 2-1/2 x 4 clear plastic storage envelope -- perfect to keep it protected. Images of old needlework... the scissor and pin cushion design is a stitched image in deep red shades. The sampler ones features images of antiques stitched in 1824 and 1827. These are fun and functional -- keep them around to clean the lens of your magnifier.

Keeper of the Pins from Little House Needleworks -- click to see more Keeper of the Pins
from Little House Needleworks
Little House Needleworks has a new pin cushion design that was 'done' for our recent wholesale trade show. Presented as a chart with 6 complete skeins of Classic Colorworks hand-dyed floss and a trio of Just Another Button Company hand-made strawberry pins, you'll need just a bit of your favorite fabric for the stitching.

Leave off the girl, and make this square -- poking your pins into the space she occupied... or choose a pretty Weeks Dye Works wool for that cushion finish... we have at least a dozen different colors that go with the CC threads provided.

Prarie Life Sampler from Heartstring Samplery - click for more Queen Bee Cushion from Heartstring Samplery - click for more Coffee Bean Sampler from Heartstring Samplery - click for more
New Designs from Heartstring Samplery
  • Prairie Life Sampler This is Beth's special sampler available first to the shops that attend market this next weekend... so it's coming home with us! It features a family, their horses, wagon, homestead and a lavish garden of floral urn sampler motifs. The verse reads; *The real things haven't changed. It is still best to be honest and truthful, to be happy with simple pleasures and have courage when things go wrong.*12-1/2 inches on 32ct, hand-dyed flosses throughout.
  • Coffee Bean Sampler *My birthstone is a coffee bean!* Just a fun piece -- her 4th in her (*Magic Elixir Series*) -- do just the center section with the verse and your name... or add the other parts... it depends on how much coffee you've had to drink before you started stitching! Whole sampler finishes approx 6-1/2 x 10 on 18/36ct, and features all good coffee-colored hand-dyed threads.

Royal Games II from Mirabilia -- click to see a more Royal Games I from Mirabilia -- click to see a more The Royal Games
from Mirabilia
The Girls have shown up for a evening of elegance and cards! Mirabilia has two new charts -- Royal Games I and II. Just lovely... choose your ladies in their spectacular dress.

Presented as charts, each pair finishes approx 8 x 12 on 32ct white, is stitched with DMC floss, and garnished with bits of #4 metallic braid and some glass seed beads.*Off with their heads!... Let them eat cake... Bow Down!... Kiss the Ring!*

Presenting 35 new Colors of DMC Floss! Click through so you can see the larger version of this chart
35 NEW DMC Flosses... They're Here!!!.
Presenting 35 new Colors of DMC Floss!The 35 new colors are being released in a metal tin. Once you take your threads out of it, it'll make a neat little traveling tin for scissors, threaders and needles!

Inspired by contemporary color trends, supposedly these are going to match lots of our available linens... not much info on that as of now.

These WILL be available OPEN STOCK... this means you can purchase any of these singly if need be.
Presenting 35 new Colors of DMC Floss!(We will add them to the clicky boxes on the DMC page as soon as they have arrived.) The last batch of 'new flosses' came a few years ago in a boxed set and those are STILL not available singly. So... this is a lovely surprise!

Color numbers will begin at 001 and go through 035. We have them all, and are starting to ship!

Paisley Owl from Peacock and Fig - click to see more
Paisley Owl
from Shannon Christine Designs
Paisley Owl I fell in love with this little guy the minute I saw him! Presented in chart format, this finishes approx 7 x 8 on 32ct. It is coded for 16 shades of DMC floss with a bit of black, red and opalescent metallic #4 braid, and some coordinating seed bead accents.

Beautifully charted -- a lot of the backstitching is charted in different colors. Fun, lively colors, pretty motifs... I think it's just charming!!!
Out on a Limb by Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill! - click for more
Out on a Limb by Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill
We have a new set of 4 spring-y birds by Artist -- Debbie Mumm. Charted by Mill Hill and garnished with just a few glass beads, these are presented as complete kits. Finishing approx 5 x 5, they are worked on 16ct chocolate brown Aida with DMC floss and those glistening bead accents. Gorgeous, fresh, young and current colors, they are very different from anything else we have... and totally different from any of the other Mill Hill beaded things.

Don't know which one will be your favorite... might want a pair! Kits include the chart, paper, flosses, beads an needle. The brown frames are available separately.

Learn Little Maid by Brenda Keyes -- click to see a larger view! I Went to Church Sampler by Brenda Keyes -- click to see a larger view! Two New Samplers
from Brenda Keyes of The Sampler Company
A pair of samplers has arrived and each is charming. Stitched over one or two threads, they are coded for regular DMC floss. Each suggests just a basic cream fabric, you can always distress after stitching, or choose something hand-dyed.
  • I Went to Church Sampler - This is so fun! It is the ultimate test as to whether or not people actually READ the verses on your stitched pieces! This one reads:
    I went to church on Sunday. My love, she passed me by. I knew her mind was changing by the roving of her eye.
    Now, THAT'S a different verse for a sampler!!!! Stitch count is 235 x 203 - so over one on 28ct, it would be 8-1/2 inches in size... over two it's 17. A balanced border and pretty church scene... it 'looks' just nice and serene!
  • Learn Little Maid - 'Learn little maid each useful art that may adorn thy youth, Learn to improve thy tender heart in virtue, grace and truth.'
    THIS is a more traditional verse than that poor guy's story - the one who got dumped at church!!!!! This one measures 303 stitches square - or a whopping 19 inches square on 32ct. Stitched with DMC, the border is simple, and the alphabet is blocky... but the dividing bands are very pretty, and the house is gorgeous! (I like the inside border around that little mansion... it matches the florals down at the bottom corners.) Really striking!

Chocolate Snowman Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Embrace The Journey Bag Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Spring Notes from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Travel Trifles from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more
New Arrivals from Shepherd's Bush...
Pictures, pouches or cushions... you could decorate the inside of a sewing case with some of this, stitch the travel pieces to scrapbook along with trip pics... or just THINK about stitching them someday!
  • Chocolate Snowman -- This year's annual snowman worked on hand-dyed fabric, this one has a blue sweater and little reindeer/dog friend. It comes with hand-dyed threads along with a smattering of tiny button embellishments. Joins the other 12-ish! Kit.
  • Embrace The Journey Bag -- Another 4 x 6 presewn, zippered pouch garnished with your stitching, use this to hold travel treasures. Green striped ticking pouch, soft and muted flosses and a trio of small button garnishes. Fits scissors and threads too. Kit.
  • Spring Notes -- The next charted design - a seasonal sampler measuring approx 4 x 7. Chart with small button set.
  • Travel Trifles -- We think this is one of our favorites this time around! Each cushion is small, and they celebrate Paris, London and Tuscany. The JABCO button pack includes a tiny British flag and of course there is a little sheep button to graze the lavender fields! (might be Provence!) THIS ONE IS A MUST!
Magpie Pincushion Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Road to Paris Sampler Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Happy Ewe Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Explore Your World Fob Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more
  • Magpie Pincushion -- A kit, they say this companions the larger Road to Paris Sampler...
  • Road To Paris Sampler -- Complete kit contains 32ct hand-dyed fabric, overdyed threads and a few buttons. Kind of looks like you could split this into two pieces!
  • Happy Ewe Kit -- The one always offered in kit with button, or loose chart with that special button... this one is trimmed in blue, which Tina and Teri don't do often!!!
  • Explore Your World Fob Kit -- The little sheep on this is standing on top of the world! More gorgeous dusty blue hand-dyed Lady Dot chenille trim -- this is a two-sided design.

Cloverly's Bunny Bungalow from Just Nan Little Cloverly Bunny has Arrived!!!
Just in time for Spring, Just Nan's newest Mouse in a House is here. (She is NOT included in any of our Just Nan Auto-ships) Presented as a chart with fun embellishments, Cloverly Bunny fits inside her stitched bungalow -- only a petite 2-1/2 x 2-1/2 x 5! We have all the details on our Just Nan pages... pics, fabrics, (there are three different ones called for) and Cloverly's story!!! She is ready to ship!

Little Cloverly Bunny is stitched on Country Vintage Mocha Belfast. Finishing just like our Charming House of Lindy Mouse exclusive, this will measure approx 3 inches square and stand almost 5 inches high. It will come as the chart with extensive stitch and assembly guide, and Nan's special embellishments of beads, trinkets, ribbons -- everything special you will need. Fabric is available separately. Let us know if you want to be on the List for Cloverly!!!

More info from Nan:
Cloverly Bunny lives in a quaint little bungalow visited by lots of brothers, sisters and cousins. (It is a very busy abode!) Bunnies hide behind large flower pots, jump in watering cans, chase each other through the garden (sounds like out-of-control company to me!) and peek out the windows. When it gets too much, Cloverly hops up to her quiet attic retreat where she sits on her pretty flower rug to watch the sunlight dance through the stained glass windows! You'll find those 9 mischieveious bunnies on all sides of the bungalow, as well as flower garlands, bees, carrot pots (what else would Cloverly be growing?), and interested butterflies.

Pretty wrought iron fencing around the garden... even the door handle is a little CARROT! Cloverly's dress has a clover border and long-stemmed rose in the back. She has a fluffy tail and holds a pink rosebud from her garden. Along with the charts and stitch guide, the embellishments include ribbon, pink felt. carboard house pieces, beads, pompom tail, Nan's signature mouse button base, and rosebud. Coded for DMC. Cloverly is not available without her darling bungalow.

Paulette Stewart of Plum Street Samplers has 7 new designs!
See if there are any that charm their way into your stitching stash!

Plum Street Samplers Bovinia - click for more Plum Street Samplers Woolemina - click for more Plum Street Samplers The Milk & Cream Co - click for more
We think she's into COWS these days!
  • Bovinia -- She is grazing in her glorious field! Only 86 x 61 in stitch count... put her on 25ct Lugana over one and she'd make a 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 pin cushion! Pretty pinks and greens of classic Colorworks hand-dyed flosses.
  • Woolemina -- A framed tart design from Paulette's Sweet Shoppe Series, it measures just 70 x 74 stitches. Not a cow like the other two, we love her colors of DMC and classic Colorworks in here!!! This would make a charming round cushion too.
  • The Milk & Cream Co -- Back to cows! These are festive -- each has his own Quaker motif coat. Then trees are fun -- each has swirls for the greenery. Even the scalloped hills are charming, and super-high in pattern repeat like the flowers. 123 x 127 -- about 7 x 7 on 18/36ct. Eye-catching!

Plum Street Samplers Noah's Christmas Ark 2-- Doves and Honeybees - click for more Noah's Christmas Ark II from Plum Street Samplers
The second chart in Paulette's 6-chart set of animal ornaments -- these measure just 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 on 18/36ct -- so actually small enough to BE ornaments! Get a fat quarter of linen to do your whole set, or use different shades for each -- it doesn't matter.

Just something sweet and simple, they might be really fun made into little blocks instead, to make a few little stacks! We have an auto-ship for this small set that releases every other month... in case you want them all.

Plum Street Samplers Babushka's Bees - click for more Plum Street Samplers Pennsylvania Fraktur - click for more Pennsylvania Fraktur & Babushka's Bees from Plum Street Samplers
  • Pennsylvania Fraktur reminds me of Paulette's set of 4 seasons that we already have. Same flowing vine style, same shape... this one uses Bullfrog, Old Red Paint, Charcoal, Sanguine, Maple Syrup. Hazelnut and Mulberry hand-dyeds -- pretty cinnamon reds and that warm olive green. Finishes 7 x 3-1/2 on 18or 36ct.
  • Babushka's Bees -- Here she is in the Spring and Summer, instead of in her pumpkin patch in the Fall. Lots of bee hives all over that feature patterned stitching on them, all the little flying bees are so cute! I know you can't really see them from the picture, but they all have little feet, wings and stingers! All the dangling vines add pink and green details... this finishes approx 8 x 4-1/2 and is stitched using Classic and Weeks hand-dyed flosses.
Plum Street Samplers Soul Sisters - click for more Plum Street Samplers A Hundred Ways - click for more

A Hundred Ways and Soul Sisters
from Plum Street Samplers
Friendship and Love... A matching set of designs with a neat shape and simple, bold font.

A Hundred Ways could be a wedding announcement.
Soul Sisters could be a really neat gift for a friend.

I think you could make that one into a two-sided pin cushion -- each half is 60 x 70 -- so it could be a 3 x 4 cushion... or you could even stitch the floral band 4 times and make a little mattress out of it!

Lucky Berry from Erica Michaels - click for more Peacock Party Berry from Erica Michaels - click for more Sweet Freedom Berry from Erica Michaels - click for more
More Gorgeous Berries from Erica Michaels
Linda Stolz has a stunning collection of stitched strawberry-shaped pin cushions you could actually poke pins into (Yikes!) or maybe hang on your Christmas tree! Berries for all the seasons, some samplers, some bees, some sea-shory with mermaids... she has a two different berries for each theme. Multiple stitch options for them... choose 40ct silk gauze or linen, or larger 28 or 32 linens. (Just because one is CALLED the *Silk* option -- it doesn't mean you HAVE to stitch that one on silk! And vise/versa.. the *Linen* charts CAN be done on 40ct linen or gauze!)

The smaller versions (approx 1 x 2) in the pics are the silk (40ct) options, the larger (approx 3 x 4) are the linen pieces. Designs for each ARE DIFFERENT... study the pics a little, you can see that. *Silk* berry charts come with cut of 40ct silk gauze; *Linen* berries do not include linen.
Hold on for SIX MORE yummy berries... all are here... ENJOY these low-calorie options!
  • Lucky Berry -- Cute little green shamrocks decorate these... the larger linen option is worked on Summer Khaki 32ct. Both feature Weeks Collards wool toppers.
  • Peacock Party Berry -- LOVE those colors... Turquoise and Whiskey, these feature Weeks Blue Topaz topping treatment.
  • Sweet Freedom Berry -- A cute set, choose a taupe hand-dyed for the linen one, silk one has a stitched background of Weeks Cornsilk color.

Sisters Together from Erica Michaels - click for more
Sisters Together from Erica Michaels
*They laughed a little louder, they cried a little softer, they loved a little stronger, because they stood together.*

Sisters/Friends. This is a lovely mono-chromatic piece that can be worked on silk gauze (not included in the chart) or linen of your choice. There is room on here to add sisters initials. Finishes approx 10 x 6 on 32ct linen over two... so pretty!

PuntiniPuntini Seaside Pins - click to see more
PuntiniPuntini Seaside Buttons - click to see more
PuntiniPuntini Fresh Fruit Pins - click to see more
PuntiniPuntini Fresh Fruit Buttons - click to see more
PuntiniPuntini Halloween Pins - click to see more
PuntiniPuntini Halloween Buttons - click to see more

VERY detailed... PuntiniPuntini offers matching sets of pins and buttons. Directly from Italy, these super-intricate polymer clay buttons and pins are incredible! Actual piece counts vary on each set, but ALL ARE SPECTACULAR. Pin tops average 1/4 to less than 1/2 an inch in size, buttons are slightly larger --- but not much, most are about 1/2 an inch.

We have Christmas, Vegetables, Sewing, Deserts, Farm Animals -- 17 different sets in all so far! I don't know how you can choose a favorite... I couldn't... so I bought them ALL! I've chosen three sets to highlight here; MAKE SURE to see the rest! (We can't believe the prices in these either... even if I COULD make these... mine would be twice the price!)

CS224 Basketful of Summer Time from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more CS229 Spring in Baltimore from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more CS227 Brick House Sampler from With Thy Needle & Thread - click for more
Eleven New Designs from With Thy Needle & Thread
Brenda Gervais is introducing 11 new designs at Market next week! There are two new series of Seasonal charts, and some new 'people' Brenda will start to feature in some upcoming designs. All of these are presented as charts.
    • The Basketfuls -- 4 Seasons of basket designs in chart format. Spring and Summer arrive next week... Autumn and Winter come later. Finishing approx 4-1/2 x 4 on 40ct. Note! There is ALSO another title, CS106, Basketful of Spring, by almost same name... just so you're aware!
    • Seasons of Baltimore -- Another 4- Seasons set, Spring finishes approx 4 x 6. Summer wraps around a paper box... all are inspired by Baltimore Quilts
    • Hen & Chicks -- Cute little 3-1/2 x 5-1/2 pincushion.
    • Blessed Bee -- Lots of bees in the garden! Finished size is approx 5 x 5.
    • Brick House Sampler -- Same colors as the Summer Schoolhouse ABC series, Brenda stitched this on the same 28ct Lugana, so it is a COMPANION to that series!
    • Indigo Lane -- Oh all blues and taupes, chart includes patterns for both designs -- picture and trinket box.
    • Have Ye Any Wool? -- Pin cushion 4-1/2 x 3-1/2, it features soft denim colors and Ole and Ora Woolson!
    • Welcome Spring -- Fun smaller pillow, this finishes approx 7 x 3-1/2... aren't the little blue spotted eggs in the wagon cute?
    • Here a Peep, There a Peep! -- The 3rd seasonal in this set -- remember the Halloween and Christmas ovals?

Practically Perfect in Every Way from Lilli Violette - click to see more
Practically Perfect in Every Way
from Lilli Violette
Here's a darling pic of Ms Mary Poppins against her London sky!!!

Just a darling picture -- stitch count is 214 x 122, so approx 15 x 9 on 14/28ct. Using nine shades of DMC, this is presented as a chart.

More Snow... Oh No! from Artful Offerings - click for more More Snow... Oh No!
from Artful Offerings
Well that about sums it up for some of you out there! We don't get much of it in OK... could you send some our way? Artful Offerings's new design is worked on Smokey Pearl linen with Weeks hand-dyed flosses. It finishes approx 6 x 9 on 28ct.

The chart includes DMC conversions and pillow finishing instructions. It is only January... so there is time to finish this THIS snowy season!

Mill Hill Spring 2018 Button & Bead Kits - click for more
The Button & Beads from Mill Hill
These are the 5 x 5 designs that come fully kitted with perforated paper, DMC floss and tons of glass beads and a ceramic button garnish. We always do ours of Aida or Linen instead so we can make small hanging pillows out of them, but they look pretty good on that paper and framed. The beads catch the light - just makes them glisten!
  • Crab & Seahorse companion the 4 seashells we have already: Conch, Starfish, Nautilus and Sand Dollar. GORGEOUS bead colors.
  • Sweet Shoppe is the latest Main Street design - we have about a dozen Spring/Summer businesses (like the Christmas Village) - pet shop, needlework shop, tea room, bridal shoppe.
  • That's Amore is FULL of cheerful color. It's all relaxed and funky - I love it!
  • Cabana Beach is kind of where I want to live! Might be cute hanging with your seashore designs... same blues
  • Geranium is companion to last year's hydrangeas and the pretty wren and coneflower we already have. Gorgeous colors... consider custom framing these with expensive matting... we've seen that and these are KILLER!

The Spring Bouquet Collection from Mill Hill - click for more
The Smaller Ornament-Sized Bead Kits - The Spring Bouquet Collection from Mill Hill
Same fun things to stitch as the larger designs... you get all the threads, beads and Treasure embellishments in these. They all finish approx 3 x 3. The hamburger is easy -- stitch it for a magnet on your refrigerator! The Medallion and Mosaic Egg companion the Easter Eggs we have every year... only instead of ladybugs and flowers... these are all beaded with geometric designs. The bathtub might need a little imagination as to display -- but it's cute!

They're all fun. We have a Christmas wreath in the shop that is decorated with loads of Christmas kits. Get a fake greenery wreath, pretty Spring-colored ribbon, dig out some pastel Christmas glass bulbs, get a string of twinkle lights, plug in the hot glue gun and make a Spring and Summer Wreath!!

Mini Sticks Stockings for Christmas! from Mill Hill - click for more
Something different - Zodiac Charmed Ornaments! from Mill Hill
Each of these finishes approx 2-1/2 x 3 inches in size.
The kits come with the paper, chart, flosses, beads and the round medallion charm. Find your sign!

Needle Threader with Clasp from My Big Toe - click for more Needle Minders Antiqued Brass and Brightly Colored from My Big Toe - click for more
Pretty Fillagree Needle Minders and Beaded Threaders by My Big Toe Designs
This is a nice collection of small implements to help make your stitching more fun! Small and hand-made, they'd make nice stitcher gifts this season.
  • Needle Threader with Clasp -- This entire thing measures approx 2 inches on overall length. It features a very small wire loop to use as a needle threader, pretty bead decoration through the middle, and a sturdy clasp at the other end to attach to a ribbon, scissors, loop inside of a stitching case... where-ever you need it to stay! Perfect for #28s and larger... the clasp is definitely a popular feature around here!
  • Needle Minders -- Antiqued Brass with antique floral prints inside the dot... just like the brightly colored ones... these measure approx an inch in size, and feature that loop to attach them to something else. More strong rare-earth magnets on the back as well.
  • Needle Minders -- Brightly Colored -- These are in the silver-toned oval-shaped fillagree findings. The color area is a 'dot' that is 1/2 and inch in size. Each minder features a loop a tone end to attach to ribbons, or to sew onto something else, along with rare-earth magnets on the back. Hold needles to fabric, charts to your magnet board, or even notes to your refrigerator!

Lady Dot Finishing Packs
Lady Dot Finishing Packs Finishing Packs! from Lady Dot Creates
Lois at Lady Dot has made us some special assortment packets of her trims and velveteen finishing fabric... 3 velvets and 4 different trims in each pack... for ONLY $13 EACH! They are color coordinated -- and the idea here is to provide you with several options for finishing pin cushions, ornaments and sewing cases! Instead of trying to choose ONE color option... these packs give you coordinating trims and backing fabrics... so you can actually finish matching sets of things if you want!

Each pack contains 3 velveteens approx 9 x 10 in size, as well as 4 matching trims -- a mixture of ric-rak, chenille, baby balls, velvet ribbon, eye lash chenille -- all the beautiful trims Lady Dot makes! Some trim lengths are a yard long, others are less... but you have enough to do several pieces out of each packet. The velvets will always be the same in each pack -- Lois tells me the trims will vary, for a little extra fun! We have started with five color options: Autumn, Spooky, Primitive, Ho Ho Ho and Icy!

The Black House from Long Dog Samplers - click for more The Black House
from Long Dog Samplers
This is a fun piece by Long Dog Samplers -- it is worked on white, but you could do the reverse and stitch it on black -- if you have really good vision!

Measuring 111 x 145, this will finish a petite 7 x 9 on 32ct... and is coded for Sampler Threads of Raven, Gingersnap, Tea Rose, Apricot Blush, Tropical Ocean, Lexington Green, Harvest Basket, Banker's Gray, Holly Berry, Cornhusk, Briar Rose and Uniform Blue, or regular DMC floss.

I love the colors in this against that black... even the digital pic on the chart front is pretty!

2018 Collector's Heart Kit from Heart in Hand - click for more 2018 Collector's Heart Kit
from Heart in Hand
Well... this is the 20th annual heart design by Cecilia Turner. Such a cute collection of fresh and contemporary LOVE designs... we suggest these as small wedding samplers these days. (Nobody young wants the heavy hardanger band samplers... they want clean and fresh! Heart in Hand has some of the very best wedding designs available!)

Anyway, this kit comes with charts for both designs, two cuts of linen, a clay button and a few beads. You add bits of floss from your stash. We don't have ALL the past 20 years of Collector's Hearts in stock, but do have an impressive collection.

Merry Making Mini Yay for Love from Heart in Hand - click for more Merry Making Mini Floral Heart from Heart in Hand - click for more
Merry Making Minis: Yay for Love & Floral Heart
from Heart in Hand
Here's a pair of small designs that finish LESS THAN 2 x 2 inches in size. Presented as small card charts, they come with bead or button embellishment.

Choose your fabric of choice, grab some flosses from your stash (these don't take much) super cute and quick! Mona backed them with Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed wool... our 8 x 8 Schnigglet will do 4 pieces!

Richard's Stocking from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view

Presenting Richard - Shepherd's Bush's 2017 Annual Stocking
He's a Hiker this year... companioned by his deer, sheep and bird friends.

The optional charm packet this year has a nutcracker charm in it -- you can see that hanging on Santa's sack.. and we love that little spotted reindeer!

Stitched on 18ct Natural linen like all the rest of Tina and Teri's stockings, Richard is #27, I think! DMC and Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed featured.

Flora McSample's 2017 Treats from Lizzie Kate Do The Right Thing from Lizzie Kate The Spirit of Christmas -- Part 3 from Lizzie Kate - click to see more
Lizzie Kate's 'November Newbies!' Are Here!
Here are the Sneak Peeks!

  • Flora McSample's 2017 Treats -- Every year Linda's imaginary sampler girl -- Flora -- designs sampler-inspired holiday goodies. This year, Flora has another mini-stocking to coordinate with nine of her other ones (they have come in a trio of annual chartpacks), and 2 other small projects to finish as you please. The chart includes 2 gold heart charms, a few gold glass beads, and a bitty olive green hand-dyed button!
  • Do The Right Thing -- *The time is always right to do the right thing.* A timeless saying by Martin Luther King, Jr, it's been on Linda's 'to do list' for quite a while... so she thought this was a good time to share it! Boxer format, this includes the chart, small hand-dyed flower button embellishment and cut of 30ct linen... along with a cute BONUS chart to make a pin cushion or ornament.
  • Lizzie Kate's Spirit of Christmas Mystery Sampler is Finished! - *Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and good will, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.* Finishing approx 6 x 12 on Picture This Plus' hand-dyed linen, this is worked with Weeks flosses. Presented in three charts with embellishments for the main sampler and three bonus designs... we've been collecting this for months, and now it is all here!!!!!

Merry Making Mini Bear from Heart in Hand - click for more Merry Making Mini Peace from Heart in Hand - click for more Merry Making Mini Tree from Heart in Hand - click for more

Merry Making Mini Ornaments
from Heart in Hand
Heart in Hand has sent three small card charts to make a trio of 2 x 3 inch Christmas ornaments. Simple stitching and finishing, sometimes these easy things are some of the cutest quick gifts you can make! Each design is stitched with hand-dyed or DMC floss (not much of any of them!) and dotted with a few glass seed beads, which are included with the chart.

Choose a schnibble of Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed linen called for or use the cover pic to help you find something you already have in your stash. These three are all backed using only one cut of our Weeks wool (that schnigglet cut will finish a total of 4 ornaments.).

Peppermint Polar Bear from Artful Offerings - click for more Peppermint Polar Bear
from Artful Offerings
Oh gosh, isn't this little guy cute??? He's peeking out of the greenery just to make sure you are there!!!

Choose a wintry blue/gray fabric (Smokey Pearl, Star Sapphire, Misty Blue) he finishes approx 5 x 6 on 28ct. Coded for DMC floss, HE does feature Gentle Art Simply Wool if you want to make him look fuzzy and warm. Presented as a chart.

Sunshine on a Stem from Hands On Design - click to see more Stitching is My Heart's Desire from Hands On Design - click to see more Home for the Holidays from Hands On Design - click to see more
Hands On's Newest Releases
Cathy Haberman has three new designs; all have arrived in chart format.
  • Sunshine on a Stem -- Super-simple stitching for this glass jar of Black-Eyed Susans... what adds the charm are the felt leaves. Included with the chart for the 3 x 6 design is a strip of felt, so you can trim out little leaves to add to the stems. You will need Gentle Art Sampler Threads of Baby Spinach, Dungarees, Heirloom Gold, Wheat Fields, and Wood Trail. Easy Breezy!
  • Stitching is My Heart's Desire -- This is a cute little scissor storage case -- Cathy calls it a 'pillow keep.' Finishing only 4 x 4 and 2 x 2 on 28ct, the chart is coded for 4 colors of DMC floss. You can choose your finishing fabric FIRST and then change your floss shades to match -- easy stitching, the chart comes with a few finishing pictures as well.
  • Home for the Holidays -- This chart contains all three house designs, as well as the wording band across the bottom. It was originally presented as JUST the Wreath House with the wording band. The Garland and Snowflake Houses were published in the 2014 Just Cross Stitch Magazine's Ornament and Ornament Preview Issues that year... so they have not been available again till just now. The entire set is here. Stitched on 32ct Beachwalk linen with Sampler Threads or DMC, the little standing tri-fold is a neat way to finish them -- cute presentation and easy to store away till next year!

Jolly Santa from The Trilogy - click to see more All is Calm, All is Bright from The Trilogy - click to see more
Holiday Reminders from The Trilogy
Small cards with big reminders!
  • All is Calm, All is Bright - 2 x 3-1/2 over two, or less than 1 x 2 over one... DMC or hand-dyeds.
  • Jolly Santa - I'd be that jolly too if I let my stomach be that wide! (and get to cover it up with a banner!)

2005 Annual Santa Reprint from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more 2006 Annual Santa Reprint from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more 2007 Annual Santa Reprint from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more 2008 Annual Santa Reprint from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more 2009 Annual Santa Reprint from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more 2010 Annual Santa Reprint from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more 2011 Annual Santa Reprint from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more
Presenting 7 Retired Annual Santas from The Prairie Schooler
Reprinted for a while are these 7 coverlet-inspired Santas.
Originally offered as charts with Classic Colorworks flosses, they are now presented in charts only with an included DMC conversion. Now $6 each.

Count Your Blessings from Annie Beez Folk Art - click to see more Thankful Pumpkins from Annie Beez Folk Art - click to see more Pins & Needles from Annie Beez Folk Art - click to see more
Three New Designs from Annie Beez Folk Art
  • Count Your Blessings
    This is a sweet design by Annie Beez Folk Art... it looks like a normal sampler, till you look it over... it's full of rabbits! I'm counting 12 on here! It would be cute as a nursery or young child's piece -- you could do a 'family tree' of everyone's birthdays on here... it'd be fun finished as a pillow. It's kind of big (165 x 116)... but it'd be a fun thing for a young stitcher to do, as well -- maybe with a little help from you! Cute colors, whimsical design, an easy chart... DMC or hand-dyeds are featured.
  • Thankful Pumpkins Give Thanks -- Stitch this 73 x 63 design, it'll finish just 3-1/2 x 4-1/2, and maybe finish it as a block stand-up instead of the fussy framing shown on the cover. It's a cute design, just needs to be toned down a little! A pin cushion pillow tucked among a few faux pumpkins would be nice, as well. Charted, it uses 7 different hand-dyeds and is actually worked on Antique white linen which you get to tea-stain per the chart instructions!
  • Pins & Needles Just a cute, organized house, alphabet and border, this finishes approx 6 x 7 on 32ct. Stitched with assorted hand-dyed flosses, something nice to stuff and nestle in your basket full of all the rest of your pin cushions! Chart format.

Harvest Hill from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more Harvest Blessings  from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more
A Pair of Harvest-Colored Pin Cushions from Abby Rose Designs
Here are two new charts that make into small 4 x 6 and 5 x 7 designs. Stitched with a mixture of brands of hand-dyed flosses, the houses will take a little longer to work up than the Blessings Penny rug piece.

Actually, the houses -- which are all about 30 x 40 each -- would make awesome individual cushions! Toss them in a basket with the sunflowers and trees constructed into their OWN set of cushions -- you could make 6 smalls out of this! Just fun, simple charts!

Halloween Quaker from Lila's Studio - click to see more Halloween Quaker from Lila's Studio
WOW, is this a cool piece!!!!! By Lila's Studio, this is stitched on Picture This Plus's Murky Linen -- it's a dark, drab but dramatic muddy grey-brown fabric! (Simply delicious, as it's name does not suggest!) Halloween Quaker measures a generous 261 x 180, so it finishes approx 16 x 11 on 32ct. Stitched with Classic Colorworks hand-dyed flosses, this has several cool elements to it.

The Quaker-inspired motifs are fun, especially the unusual spiders in one, and the black cats in another. That little village at the bottom is cool, the witch legs and boots are colorful, but your eye really goes to that silouette right in the center! Beautiful colors of thread against that fabric, chart calls for 40ct... we can order that for you... 32 is a little less scary to see!

Wee Santa 2017 from Heart in Hand - click for more
Wee Santa 2017
from Heart in Hand
Heart in Hand is into red and white this season!  Her small card annual Santa is here... and although it looks like he is stitched with only white and gold, the pattern actually calls for 14 different colors!!!!  (hand-dyeds or DMC.) 

Stitched on Weeks Dye Works 30ct Aztec Red, this finishes approx 4 x 5.  The red comes in several counts, and we have that awesome Aztec Red Gingham Linen that Hands On used for their 12 Days series -- that might add a little splash to this!  Presented as a Wee One Card with a few glass bead embellishments included.

Christmas for the Patriot from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Christmas for The Stitcher from Sue Hillis -- click to see more New Mini-Sled Patterns for Christmas Ornaments
from Sue Hillis Designs
Sue Hillis has 2 new leaflets that feature small ornament-sized designs that you can finish ANY WAY you like. She's shown these on those darling little wooden sleds we have!

By Foxwood Crossings, the bitty 1-1/2 x 3 inch sleds come in natural brown wood with metal blades and handles. You can paint them any color you like -- Sue's are all white. Sleds are available separately -- $4.50 each, but we have a Baker's Dozen offering that helps when you are making a lot of these.
Patriots and Stitcher join Sweets, Ride, Friends, and Red Sleds... so Sue's collection of designs is up to 38!

Christmas for the Patriot -- 5 Tiny soldiers and the Liberty Bell, all are coded for DMC floss and finish DINKY! Toy Soldier, Drummer, Flag Soldier and Bugler Soldier.
Christmas for The Stitcher -- A Sewing Bird, spools of thread, stork scissors and a tomato pin cushion... the are cute for us 'seamstresses.'
Presented in leaflet format, you get the actual sized template for sled finishing as well as really nice finishing process photos.

AB Designs has a ton of cute new things!
Black Cat from AB Designs - click for more Boo Kitty from AB Designs - click for more Kitty Witch from AB Designs - click for more
Halloween Scaredy Cats -- This is a trio of individual charts that are stitched over two on Picture this Plus's 28ct Kermit linen. It is just the brightest, yummy color of fabric -- we have the same color with opalescent in it as well -- Crystal Kermit it is called. Cats are stitched with good 'ol DMC and there are no embellishments featured (so you can add anything you want!)

Witch The Early Bird from AB Designs - click for more Adultish from AB Designs - click for more
  • Witch Hat Wine Cover -- YOU NEED THIS for Stitch Group! Stitch either 'Boo' or 'Forget candy, bring wine!' on Weeks 30ct Chartreuse with DMC. Then whip stitch together two pieces of black felt (templates and instructions included with chart) to make a bottle cover witch hat. my has included brightly colored buttons for embellishment -- we do have bright Weeks hand-dyed wools in case you want your buttons spots of be extra-festive. Just let us know, and we can add them. Chart with buttons.
  • The Early Bird -- *The early bird can have the worm because worms are gross, and mornings are stupid!* Choose a pretty yellow shade of fabric... Amy has a few buttons on here.
  • Adultish -- *kinda care... kinda don't*... *Just another day of not being rich and famous*... each design (all three are in the leaflet) is stitched on 30ct Beige -- just choose a neutral, and dig through your floss for some cute colors! No embellishments for these... just do WHATEVER you want!


Yes, there's even MORE!     
Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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