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Webmaster's note: These pages became so large that we have divided them up into 4 separate pages to help with load time. So be sure you hit the There's More button at the bottom of the pages to see the rest of the wonderful stuff that has come in recently.

Haunted Chateau from Twin Peak Primitives - click to see more The Seafarer's Journey from Twin Peak Primitives - click to see more
The Seafarer's Journey and Haunted Chateau from Twin Peak Primitives
We're starting to get in Autumn patterns and school has started here, but this chart finally floated in via USPS today... and it's a reminder that is really still IS Summer!
  • The Seafarer's Journey by Twin Peak is just a fun piece. Coded for 14 shades of regular DMC, this measures just 111 x 108 in stitch count - so an enchanting 6 x 6 on 18/36ct! Ice blue is the suggested fabric color - it's showing through in the side and bottom panels. The flag across the top is solid stitching, as is the clipper ship in the center. Absolutely delightful, you could get 5 separate cushions out of this, finish the houses and flag bands into tiny drums, make a small stand-alone cube from the clipper ship section, even back the clipper ship block with the two side panels. Very eye catching... we like it!
  • Haunted Chateau - Quite the heavily guarded castle - it looks scary even before we bring Halloween into the mix! Knights and shields, that wrought iron fence -y border, then the wonderful haunted house, you could leave off the Halloween word and the alphabet and add a "welcome to our home' and you name! Measuring almost 275 stitches square this will finish approx 16 x 17 on 32ct - too big to miss! Coded for DMC, it's charming in a creepy way!

Three New Designs from Plum Street Samplers
Jack's Candle Pocket from Plum Street Samplers Grim's Haunt from Plum Street Samplers Bony Bunch from Plum Street Samplers
  • Bony Bunch - If this isn't the cutest thing... it joins Paulette's stacks of animals... only they 'were' people! Grab any chalkboard colored fabric you like and stitch away - it calls for some DMC as well as Weeks Mascara, Grits and Classic's Cayenne and Just Rust. Stitch count is 54 x 90... it's a 'gotta have!'
  • Grim's Haunt - Quite the festive Halloween barn! The colors in this are yummy... the barn pattern and roof shingles are repeating, geometric and cool, the Jacks on their vines meander everywhere, but the little kitty is just the best! Paulette says grimalkin is another name for a cat - who is definitely the star of this show! Charted for a combination of Weeks, Classic and DMC floss this is done on 36ct Patriot's Brew - a great neutral. It measures 101 x 92 - so about 5-1/2 inches in size.
  • Jack's Candle Pocket - A fun finish for a primitive Jack-o-lantern design... the year 1867 is on there as the possible first year pumpkins were carved for Halloween! Finishing instructions are in the chart so you can make a cute candy sack, or something to hold dried flowers and twigs for the season - that would make a cute door hanger.

If Witches Came True from Val's Stuff Bite Me from Val's Stuff Halloween Pumpkin Poke from Val's Stuff
If Witches Came True, Bite Me and Halloween Pumpkin Poke from Val's Stuff
Three more cute things by Val...
  • If Witches Came True is a small chart stitched with hand-dyed flosses on any darker blue or mangy color! (White or cream are simply too perky!) Finishes just 5 x 7-ish on 14ct...
  • Bite Me is one of Val's small perforated paper kits. You get the chart, paper, purple and black backing felts, and the googly eyes and star buttons.All you need are the bits of DMC from your stash - this finishes about 1-1/2 x 3 inches and is just the cutest thing!
  • Halloween Pumpkin Poke - This is a small 3 x 3 sign - just like Val's other new Pokes. Kit includes the chart, the 18ct perforated paper, felts and buttons, along with the painted stick (a wooden skewer.) Simply stitch, poke the stick between the stitching and backing felt, and find a cute 'empty' pumpkin that needs a poke, and you're all set! These make nice magnets too - if you don't want to poke a pumpkin.

The Marvelous Mr Meow Kit by Satsuma Street - click for more Specs Kit by Satsuma Street - click for more Benny Bones Kit by Satsuma Street - click for more The Big Wahoo Kit by Satsuma Street - click for more
The Spooksters are Here from Satsuma Street
Satsuma Street's 2023 Halloween ornaments have arrived - super-cute as usual! All are presented as complete kits of 14ct perforated paper with all their necessary sequins or tiny smattering of beads.

Too hard to choose just one, get 'em all... once the stitching is done, back them with sticky felt or pretty scrapbook paper, and then cut them out. They make cute magnets, pumpkin pokes or hanging ornaments!

Big Chicken Little Chicken Pinkeep from Stacy Nash -- click to see more Chicken Thread Board from Stacy Nash -- click to see more Velvet Carrot Needle Book from Stacy Nash -- click to see more
Stacy Nash has a few new releases that we really like!
  • Big Chicken Little Chicken Pinkeep - What a cool two-sided pin mattress! (well actually 6-sided!) Stitching with Weeks hand-dyed flosses on 40ct Old Stationery Linen by Seraphim (or your choice of something perfect from your stash) this cushion features the mama hen in her basket on the front and sampler motifs on the reverse side. A wandering floral vine travels around the 4-edges, and really adds charm! This cushion measures only 4-1/2 x 4-1/2 x 1-3/4 inches high... cute as can be.
  • Chicken Thread Board - Stacy has been cutting down trees on her farm! A beautiful chicken has been etched into a 3-1/2 x 6-ish inch thread board. Five holes in there and a strong magnet on the back of the handle to help this cling somewhere, it just a fun thing to have and use. The wood has indeed come from Stacy's farm!
  • Velvet Carrot Needle Book - Love this design! A charming bunny is stitched on 40ct inside, and finished into a carrot! Stitched with Weeks hand-dyed flosses, we HAVE that Velvet - it's the Tangerine color you see on Stacy's pages and on the Supplies page. Choose a coordinating calico finishing fabric after you have your velvet and stitching fabric - this is so simple but super cute!

Witch Hazel from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view
Witch Hazel - Just a single cutie from La-D-Da
Isn't she a busybody looking bird? Hazel is dressed in her Witchery Finery, complete with wild and decorated hat and mystic wand. Stitch her on something dark and mangy - she's coded for silks or DMC, and calls for a little antique gold metallic for her decor accents.

Measuring 75 x 93, she'll finish about 4-1/2 x 5-1/2. She needs to be a cushion tucked between your pumpkins or perched atop your candy bowl! (Kind of like a guardian of the candy!)

Pumpkin Patch from Dirty Annie's - click for more Dachshund Through the Snowl from Dirty Annie's - click for more On the Way from Dirty Annie's
  • Dachshund Through the Snow - Oh my gosh this is darling! Stitched on Mint Splash 32ct Lugana, this little guy is the happiest! What a fun wintertime decoration. He measures 143 x 138 - so finishes abut 9 x 9, and is stitched with a medley of Classic and Weeks hand-dyeds. So many of the sky blue hand-dyeds would work for this, as we LOVE LOVE Crossed Wing's Snow Squall Linen - it has white spots that actually do look like snowflakes. Gorgeous fabric choices in multiple counts.
  • Pumpkin Patch - Here's a pretty and colorful medley of medallions, pumpkins and silly cats. Love those pumpkins - you could add beads all over on those, give your kitties opalescent white eyes, or stitch them in Simply Wool. This measures 119 x 112 - so finishes approx 7-1/2 square on 32ct. This is Dirty... but there are lots of hand-dyed gingerbreads and nutmeg fabric colors that woud be stunning with this as well.

Come Back at Midnight from Erica Michaels - click for more Hark! The Bells from Erica Michaels - click for more Letting Go from Erica Michaels - click for more Quiting A-Bee-Cs part 4 from Erica Michaels - click for more
New Arrivals from Erica Michaels - Due into the shop September 22nd!
Linda has some cute seasonal things...
  • Come Back at Midnight - This is a fun play on the alphabet with lots of spooky bits appearing in that little graveyard. She's finished the piece into a little pinch-corner tray - so I guess it really COULD BE your needle, threader, and scissor graveyard! The companion pin cushion strawberry spells Halloween to coordinate. Mostly black DMC, dress it up with some colorful buttons from your stash if you want!
  • Hark! The Bells - This features a classic holiday color palette with a verse from a vintage Christmas card. Berry sports border bands that run vertically on the finished piece. Chart comes with some hand-dyed button embellishments.
  • Letting Go - Another smaller 4 x 5 design with coordinating berry - sporting those vertical bands, this chart includes a few hand-dyed buttons and a small charm (which I cannot find in the pic, but I'm sure its there!)
  • Quilting A Bee Cs Part 4 - This is a very striking project! Part 4 of 5, you can see the first 4 rows of the 5 in the pic. Linda has paired a quilt block with inspiring and encouraging words, mixed up the orientation in each square, but joined all of it into a patchwork-inspired piece. Each part's chart so far has had numerous different ways to take-out the smaller blocks and make them into individual projects - you don't HAVE to do this as one big piece! I personally like individual cushions or little stand-up stacking blocks, but she has lots of other cute ideas for these. So, Part 4 is here - you can buy any of the other parts as you like - part 5 (still to come - you can still join the auto-ship) will finish the set.

Leaves of Autumn from Primrose Cottage Stitches - click for more Autumn on the Farm from Primrose Cottage Stitches - click for more Autumn Quaker from Primrose Cottage Stitches - click for more Honeybee Quaker from Primrose Cottage Stitches - click for more Autumn Alphabet from Primrose Cottage Stitches - click for more
Primrose Cottage Stitches is in a Fall Mood! Several new Arrivals:
  • Leaves of Autumn - A full-sized leaflet, this finishes approx 10-1/2 x 7 on 32ct. It is coded for Color & Cotton hand-dyed floss, but if you have others in your stash, Google Color & Cotton conversions to DMC. (gives you a color benchmark.) Then, Google DMC to the other thread companies you want to use. It's quite an eye opening experience because across all the conversions, you really do see lots of color differences. Getting that DMC # makes all the difference in choosing alternative colors.
  • Autumn on the Farm - Another full-sized leaflet, this design measures a whopping 11 x 6 on 32ct Country Vintage Mocha linen. Very colorful, you'll need 4 skeins of Cherry Cobbler hand-dyed floss for this (There is a lot of solid stitching in this.)
  • Autumn Quaker - A pretty little pin cushion, it measures 81 x 79 - so finishes about 6 x 6 on 28ct Lugana. Choose an Autumnal hand-dyed floss color you like... even two or three might be cool.
  • Honeybee Quaker - Same idea as the Autumn Quaker - finishes 6 x 6 on 32ct, this one uses 8 different DMC shades as opposed to the Autumn's one. It coordinates with PC's whole Honeybee series of designs.
  • Autumn Alphabet - Smaller than the Quaker cushions, this finishes approx 4 x 4-1/2... coded for Classic Colorworks hand-dyeds, cute alphabet font.

Fall is Best of All POKE Kit from Val's Stuff Fraidy Cat from Val's Stuff Turkey Time from Val's Stuff Fall is Best of All from Val's Stuff I Just Can't Wait for Halloween Night from Val's Stuff
New for Fall from Val's Stuff
Here are a few fun things to bring us out of the heat and into the cool pumpkin season!
  • Fall is Best, Fraidy Cat and Turkey Time
    These are mini pumpkin poke kits! Small 3 x 3 designs stitched on the newer 18ct perforated paper with DMC, stitch them in jiff. Back them with the felt cuts, adding the black poke stick, and you're finished. No sewing - just stitching!
    Val's little kits contain the design, paper, felts and stick. You supply the bits of DMC from your stash. Poke these into plants, craft pumpkins, real pumpkins, a bowl of candy, a cake, even your pencil cup at work! Nice bright colors to add a splash of FALL.
  • Fall is Best of All and I Just Can't Wait for Halloween Night!
    Two new charts to stitch on some wild Halloween-y colored fabric you might have in your stash. Cute verses, fun colors, Val doesn't call for any specific Just Another Button Company Buttons, but there are a million pumpkins, leaves, spiders, birds, and bats that would look really good on these.
    Presented as leaflets, coded for Weeks and DMC, these linens are by Weeks, but there are so many fun colors out there now, you have lots of options! Both finish approx 5 x 7 on 28ct... or smaller on smaller counts.

Sewing Tomato from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Fall From Grace from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Seaworthy from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Dwelling Place from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Teresa Kogut has anounced several new designs!
  • Sewing Tomato - A very prim and PA Dutch bird perched atop her very special tomato cushion. She's the second Stitchy Bird in her series... and measures just 90 x 66. Stitched with Classics and Weeks hand-dyeds. Offered as a chart.
  • Fall From Grace - for the Adam and Eve fans among us... the dark fabric against the red, green and tan colors looks kind of elegant, but certainly olde worlde too. 137 x 136 In stitch count... choose a darker fabric you can see!
  • Seaworthy - A nice fat book of gorgeous pics and colored charts for three charming designs! The main Seaworthy Sampler is done with DMC and measures 200 x 113. LOVE LOVE the colors - we received some fabric by Fibre on a Whim today - Steel - in multiple counts, I think it' be great for this. The smaller designs are also on the same fabric, same color palette - just depends on how much time you have to stitch something little or large!
  • Dwelling Place - Another nice fat book with glorious pics and huge colored charts - 4 designs included. Mostly DMC with a little Weeks tossed in... the 3 small pin cushions are take outs of motifs from the main sampler. Choose any lighter neutral fabric... it finishes approx 14 x 15 on 40ct... so it's quite impressive!

Posh Strawberry Picnic from Artful Offerings - click for more Posh Strawberry Picnic
from Artful Offerings
Artful Offerings has a fun new design - 'It is the simple things in life like picking strawberries with you, that are the most extraordinary.' An elegant border - 1/2 and 1/2... and the birds dressed just as special... this measures 118 x 105 - so about 6 x 6.

Karina writes: In a glorious garden on a splendid summer day, a pair of brown birds happen upon an ornate urn containing a large juicy strawberry! Dressed in his finest top-hat and her strawberry fascinator, they survey the flowering beauty around them before settling down to enjoy a posh picnic.

She Shed Thread and Bead Mats - click for more
I Stitched at The She Shed!
We have darling little stitching thread and bead mats that celebrate our Silver Needle She Shed Events! (We JUST missed our Cross Eyed Cricket Event... these came yesterday!) A large vinyl card, these measure 7 x 10 in size. They feature 12 thread holes, a 4 x 8 area of (attached) fleece to hold needles, loose beads and charms, and a needle minder that matches the artwork on the board.

Something to commemorate your visit... you survived a retreat weekend in the She Shed! We have these available when you come, or via the mail in case you've been and want one now!
Safe Toucht by The Purple Thread - click to see more Safe Touch by The Purple Thread - click to see more
Safe Touch from The Purple Thread
This is the coolest little 'grime-guard!' Basically, it is a magnetized cover of wool that wraps around your fabric so your hand is not touching your needlework fabric. Sharon, from The Purple Thread, dreamed up this gizmo... first the wooden 'handles' are imprinted with inch and half-inch increments.
Use those for measuring just like a corner gauge. Next, whip stitch the bars onto the edges of the included heavy cut of wool. Then, wrap your 'blanket' around your hoop or Q-Snap or whatever you hold... and you can see from the pic that your fabric is protected from the oil/lotions on your hands. Packet contains the wooden bars with magnets attached, wool, bit of floss and directions for the whip stitching.
Summer Sweets Pinkeep from Scattered Seed Samplers - click to see more
Summer Sweets Pinkeep
from Scattered Seed Samplers
Isn't this a pretty thing? Stitched on your choice of count of Country Vintage Mocha linen or aida, this hungry parent is bringing home quite the festive meal for baby!

Coded for DMC, it'll stitch in a jiff and be a charming addition to your filled bowl of bowl fillers!

Patriotic Matilda from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Home is Coffee from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Oscar the Cat from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Catching Flies from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more
Patriotic Matilda, Home is Coffee, Oscar the Cat and Catching Flies from Finally a Farmgirl
4 New designs by Finally a Farm girl are here... and they just make you smile! Cute for Summer.
  • Patriotic Matilda is the CUTEST tiny Betsy Ross. She's siting top her blue spool of thread - sewing the flag. Do you see her little baby hiding in the tomato greenery? This finishes approx 4 inches in size.
  • Home is Coffee... and a book! Here is Oscar the Cat at home in his study. His mouse friend is serving his cup of Java! Finishes about 7 x 7 on 32ct.
  • Oscar the Cat - Just a sweet pic of the brown kitty helping his mouse friends gather the tasty berries! Quick little 4 x 4 piece!
  • Catching Flies - Here is Jeremiah up to bat, with his friend Matilda Mouse. She is there for cheer support and snacking on popcorn. Would be cute to sub your favorite player's number on that uniform!

Celebrate Cross Stitch from Madame Chantilly Sampler Fleurs from The Tralala Collection -- click to see more Bee-autiful Queen from MTV - click for more
Celebrate Cross Stitch from Madame Chantilly
Madame Chantilly has a whimsical cake plate design full of all things cross-stitchers like. The bobbins and scissors, the floss skeins and the busy cats, it's stitched with DMC floss.
I'm a big fan of breaking up these kind of patterns into smaller cushions and little cases and fobs. I love the little hoop and stork scissor motif and that spool of thread with the tomato on top.
Sampler Fleurs from The Tralala Collection
Here's a cute 5 x 7-ish sampler piece by Tra La La - stitched with varied hand-dyed flosses. This might be fun if you made it into a pic cushion - stitching the top alphabet on one side and the flower urn and birds on the other!
This designer has a lot of cute things.. check out everything else on her inside pages!
Bee-autiful Queen from MTV
MTV has a very elegant and regal bee design that she has done on 40ct Light Mocha linen using Weeks Dye Works hand-dyeds or DMC flosses. Just about 4-1/2 x 5-1/2, I like the pop of black trim along the cushion edges.
Forget Me Knot Cottage KNOT Pattern from Teresa Layman click to see a larger view Teresa Layman Pasture Prime KNOT Pattern -- click to see more Teresa Layman Lady Baltimore's Bloomers - Light KNOT Pattern -- click to see more Teresa Layman Lady Baltimore's Bloomers - Dark KNOT Pattern -- click to see more
New Miniature Knotwork by Teresa Layman
We are enchanted by these teeny-tiny French Knot pieces by Teresa Layman. One strand of DMC, making single wrap knots (filling in the design just like paint-by-number), you will be creating miniature rugs or little pieces to frame.

Patterns come printed on high quality fabric, with color quide included, as well as two small needles. You will need bits of floss from your stash, a good hoop and a sharp pair of small scissors. You are simply filling in the areas with hundreds of bitty knots!
Glorious New Birds Flying In by Laurel Burch for Mill Hill! - click for more
Glorious New Birds Flew In from Laurel Burch for Mill Hill
New cross stitched adaptations of Laurel Burch artwork - done by Mill Hill - we have 4 new kits this Spring. All are worked on 28ct linen - looks like it's Light Blue or Star Sapphire in color. Each bird measures approx 5 x 5, and is worked in DMC with a smattering of Mill Hill glass beads for glitz and garnish. Bright colors, sophisticated and cheerful, they'll brighten any space you choose for them! The frames they are pictured in are available separately.

Across The Sea Sampler from Chessie & Me Acorns and Crows Stitch House from Chessie & Me The Stitch Girl Sampler from Chessie & Me
Chessie & Me's Newest Things!
  • Across The Sea Sampler - WOW, this is big and glorious from Linda! I see several smaller pieces in here that could be done individually, but love, love it all together! Worked on Fibre on a Whim's Wheat hand-dyed linen with Weeks flosses of Bark, Blackboard, Cappuccino, Collards, Deep Sea, Dolphin, Galvanized, Grasshopper, Havana, Linen, Mascara, Pelican Gray, Red Rocks, Rum Raisin, Sanguine, Schneckley, and White Lightening.
  • Acorns and Crows Stitch House - We think this is a needle case that might fit inside the little paper box! The box is a house shape, but you could a flat one as well... fabric shown is Seraphim's Old Stationery with Weeks flosses of Carolina Cecil, Cinnabar, Lily Pad, Onyx, Schneckely and Swamp water. Definitely Autumnal colors!
  • Flag Day Pincushon - What a cute little cushion! Classic Chessie design style... we get the charming little house, always Chessie the Cat, that billowing flag and fun trees of some sort! Stitched on any vintage-y fabric you like with Weeks flosses of Blackboard, Brick, Collards, Deep Sea, Dolphin, Linen, Oscar and Pea Coat. It'll finish a petite 3 x 3!

Beach Day Hang Ten Heifer from Petal Pusher - click to see more Beach Day Sun Loving Sheep from Petal Pusher - click to see more Beach Day Patrolling Poultry from Petal Pusher - click to see more Beach Day Sandy Swine from Petal Pusher - click to see more Beach Day Scuba Stallion from Petal Pusher - click to see more
Beach Day framed from Petal Pusher - click to see more Beach Day from The Petal Pusher
Our favorite farm animals are back again - everybody is at the beach this time around. Petal Pusher has 4 of the most delightful little 'parades' of farm animals - who have all proudly dressed up for their particular occasions. So far, we have Holiday Hoedown for Christmas, Halloween Hoedown, Spring Fling and Patriotic Parade. Each time, it's the same 5 little animals - a horse, pig, sheep, chicken and cow. You can buy the whole set of one season of charts - or collect just the animals you like. The pig is Uncle Ham in Patriotic, Heavenly Hog at Christmas, for Halloween he dressed up as Bat Pig, and here he's Sandy Swine

Beach Day brings us Hang Ten Heifer, Sun Loving Sheep, Patrolling Poultry (the lifeguards up on the tower!), Sandy Swine and Scuba Stallion. Notice that cute little crab on there if you do them invidually? Anyway, each finishes 3 x 5, and together the whole row is 5 x 15. Stitched on a pretty hand-dyed blue - any count you like - coded for DMC.

Key to My Heart Kit from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more Posey Basket from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more Regal Bird Cushion from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more
Gorgeous New Designs from Samplers Not Forgotten's Kimberly Nugent
Kimberly has a soft, floral style.. she's done 3 new pin cushion kits as well as some bigger samplers - in leaflet format.
  • Key to My Heart Kit - A hint of a plaid to the background, this sweet little heart pin cushion is done on 36ct Beige hand-dyed linen with the softest colors of Weeks hand-dyed flosses. Your complete kit will contain the linen, threads, dusty light blue backing fabric, Lady Dot ecru baby rik rak trim and hand-dyed sage rayon ribbon, and a small key (to my heart!) charm - along with the chart and needles. Finishes approx 4 inches in size. Just beautiful!
  • Posey Basket - Another 36ct linen cushion kit - approx 4-1/2 x 6. The linen is Week's Cornsilk, the cottons are dusty medium pastels. Hand-dyed blue ribbon, a medium blue backing fabric and butterfly charm are included along with threads and fabrics... very 'dusty and vintage.'
  • Regal Bird Cushion - Brighter colors on this - yet an aged look too. Complete kit of all deeper, yet dusty Weeks flosses, there is a deep berry-colored ribbon to rouche the edges, and a matching bit of finishing fabric for the back. There is also a heart charm included that you might not see in the picture. Finishes approx 4 x 5.

The Beach is Calling from Erica Michaels - click for more The Embroidress from Erica Michaels - click for more Heirloom Tomato from Erica Michaels - click for more Quaker Wisdom Berries from Erica Michaels - click for more Special Notice from Erica Michaels - click for more
Several charming designs from Erica Michaels
We're getting more berries, another crossword puzzle and FUN alphabet/quilt sampler series!
  • The Beach is Calling - This is just like Reindeer Games and Liberty Games - a really fun crossword-styled piece - along with a cute drum cushion! I love reading the words in this - Trolley, taffy, crabshack and boardwalk... I just want to be THERE! Cute motifs of that boardwalk, those crabs and lobsters, the lighthoue and trolley... straight out of a summer vacation... it's more about the little seaside community than the scratchy sand! Stitched with hand-dyeds, the main piece finishes 10 x 8 on 32ct.
  • The Embroidress - A darling pin cushion all of us need! What a fun thing to stitch as a group and finish together... everyone in your group would have to have a different color so you don't mix up needles and pins!
  • Heirloom Tomato - Prosperity and good fortune... do tomatoes bring you that? Regardless, I love this one! Pretty colors, you even have a tomato-berry-cushion out of it! The chartpack includes some buttons and a brass charm - which we cannot see in the pic. Lady Dot trims and Weeks wools are used in the finishing.
  • Quaker Wisdom Berries - A set of three cushions, each features a bit of wisdom spelled among the Quaker-inspired motifs. Stitched with Weeks flosses, Weeks wools featured on their tops.
  • Special Notice - Linda has lots of antique needlework and sewing goods. She read off the back of something while she was here last summer - I think it was the backside of the sales slip from the original purchase. THIS was the advice 100 years ago!
    Special Notice: The attention of clerks is directed to the importance of suggesting to customers that before beginning a piece of work, a fully sufficient amount of silk be procured, as afterwards difficulty may be experienced in obtaining exactly the same shade. She read it in class... and didn't we all smile! Anyway, Stitch this for a sewing case, bag, frame it for your stitching area... we might stitch it as a shop model to hang behind our counter! Monochromatic - so pick any color you like! This pattern is a fundraiser for Linda's local animal shelter in TN!

Tapestry of Stitches from Jeannette Douglas My Stitching Box from Jeannette Douglas Vintage Grapes from Jeannette Douglas Chubby Bunny from Jeannette Douglas
New Releases from Jeannette Douglas
Lots of lovely things... She is getting away from producing as many specialty thread packs for her designs - and providing DMC conversions for all. So, options abound!
  • Tapestry of Stitches - Presented in leaflet format with numerous pages of stitch diagrams and charts! Jeannette has loaded this with gorgeous stitches and worked it in silks. She DOES have DMC conversions provided, as an alternative. There IS a specialty thread pack available for this sampler - it is STUNNING. Finishing about 8-1/2 x 11 on 36ct, this really isn't a super-beginner piece to work - LOTS of stitch diagrams and details in here.
  • My Stitching Box - A set of smalls including 2 scissor fobs, a scissor pocket, needlebook, pin cushion, cube and main sampler. All the finishing instructions are included, the box is offered separately. 8 Pieces to this set! There is a silk/specialty thread pack for all of this... denim, mossy greens, dark gold and cinnamon... yum! Just tell them the box is available by special order - not a lot of details at this time.
  • Vintage Grapes - Another joins Jeannette's Vintage series of designs - all in leaflet format. Grapes, in lovely colors. (she was working on this when we were in Portugal - cruising down the Duoro River in Port Wine Country!) Two different design options in the center section - alphabet or specialty stitches. Worked in silks, but DMC conversions provided.
  • Chubby Bunny - Just a sweet little bunny enjoying his spring outing! Finishing 3 x 3 - a cute cushion or hoop finishing - he's a small chart and is done with hand-dyed flosses or DMC.

Stitchy Bird from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Rapid Growth from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Sweet Land from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Teresa Kogut's Newest Arrivals!
As always, cute designs and beautifully printed charts to dream about getting stitched!
  • Stitchy Bird - 84 x 59 - Could be 4-1/2 x 3 on 40ct, or 5 x 3-1/2 on 32ct. Stitched with hand-dyed flosses, coded also to DMC, it'd make a cushion for your next event exchange! Presented as a single chart, Teresa says this is the first in a new series of designs.
  • Rapid Growth - 107 x 109 - Liberty - When it begins to take root is a plant of rapid growth. This would be 7 inches square on 32ct... but if you did 28 Lugana over one... you'd be at under 4 inches! Beautiful colors, there is a lot of shading in that background, so perfect for a piece of hand-dyed that has a light area in it! Presented as a single chart.
  • Sweet Land - LOVE this one! 165 x 159 - this finishes about 9 x 9 on 36ct. A lot in here, coded for DMC and hand-dyeds, you could break up the design areas and do pin cushions, one long band... even mattress pillows stitching the festoons all along the edge band of the pillow! Very festive and eyecatching! Presented as a single chart.
Wisdom from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more With Thy Hands from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Rabbits from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
  • Wisdom - 181 x 159, this measures around the 9 x 9 size on 36ct. Words of wisdom form the surrounding border - stitched in a very light color to reward the reader! The inside urn of flowers is gorgeous, alphabet scattered throughout. Another box with a verse warns that it is not fruitful to lift one up by belittling another. Pretty colors, this uses only DMC and Kudzu handdyed by Weeks, presented as a single chart.
  • With Thy Hands - This is a larger book containing three companion designs. Stitching is the theme... the main sampler reads: With thy hands I thee wrought. Measuring 10 x 12 on 36ct, I see lots of individual bands in here that could stand alone as long frame weights or pin cushions. And what a great use for a dustpan (instead of actually cleaning with one!) to finish that Hands to Work, hearts to Love piece! DMC and hand-dyeds.
  • Rabbits - A new Punch Needle Design, 5 x 6 - very folk-arty! The model is punched using Valdani threads, but pattern is coded to DMC, so you can then make yours more solid looking, or go to your stash and find more pretty hand-dyes you already have to match! Line drawing ready for you to trace and transfer onto your punching material.

Presenting Just Nan's Lady in Red Mouse on a Tin - click to see more! Presenting Just Nan's Newest Little Mouse-on-a-Tin - Lady in Red
She is the 4th in this series and ready for Spring in a beautiful costume of bitty ladybugs, greenery and pretty red and pink flowers. Garnished with red and gold beads, her flower hat is pinned in place with pearls, and even her tail is red! Perched atop her decorated 2-inch round tin, she is magnetized for stability.Presenting Just Nan's Lady in Red Mouse on a Tin - click to see more!

Inside the tin, you'll stitch the 1-1/4 needle mat decorated with more ladybugs and flowers. Mouse and needlebook are stitched on Weeks' hand-dyed Linen... and just as cute as can be! Nan's kit includes all the instructions for stitching and finishing plus the decorated tin, red tail, beads, burgundy pearl, flower bead, gold pearl, glass ladybug bead, read felt and the magnetized mouse button base. Kits are limited.
Presenting Just Nan's Pansy Petals Petite Flower Cushion - click to see more!
Pansy Petals Petite Flower Cushion
Nan's latest petite flower cushion features the sweetest pansy with gorgeous petals surrounded by dainty pink beaded flowers and a lacy border. A yellow sequin bead forms the pansy center, and pansy bud beads decorate the corners. Stitched on lavender linen, it finishes a mere 2-1/4 inches in size... just charming! Offered as a chart with bead embellishments.

Every Opening Flower from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more PA Dutch Tomato Pinkeep from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more The Robins are Here from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
New Designs Have Arrived from With Thy Needle's Brenda Gervais
  • Every Opening Flower is an original sampler inspired by a very damaged and well-loved piece of needlework in Brenda's collection. Gorgeous soft colors of aqua-denim, cranberry and roses, gold and mossy greens, it finishes approx 11 x 12 on 36ct hand-dyed linen. Grits, Cornsilk, Oscar, Olive, Bee's Knees, Oilcloth, Mulberry, Mountain Mist, Brethern Blue, Woodrose, Hickory Sticks, Used Brick and Ye Old Gold round out the hand-dyed floss colors - crossing all three companies! One of Brenda's visions is for you to take the smaller motifs out of this for pin keeps and needle cases. Very soft and pretty.
  • PA Dutch Tomato Pinkeep - A fun little design measuring just 9-1/2 x 3 on 36ct... you can finish it into the round drum shape - or just flat. It uses DMC floss #22 - one of the newest colors, which looks like a burnt-strawberry color. (#21 is the lighter companion color - might be fun to mix them in this!) Inspired by antique German show towels, it's a study in simplicity. Brenda includes instructions for the cute pedestal drum finishing.
  • The Robins are Here - Brenda is bringing you her 'First Messengers of Spring!' Plump little things! Stitched on 40ct Country Vintage Mocha - they are only 2 x 4! You'll need DMC of 22, 502, 3771, 3826, 3828, and hand-dyeds of Grits, Dove, Palomino, Flatfish, Oscar. Olive and Hickory Sticks. (But remember, not much because these are so little and cute!)
Spring Awakens from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more My Home Sweet Home from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Mary Ann Copp 1839 from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
  • Spring Awakens - Little Violets dancing around the border, our two dapper bunnies are enjoying their Springtime stroll. Finishing a mere 3 x 4-5/8 on 40ct Vintage Country Mocha, grab those DMCs along with more hand-dyeds including Caper, Pumpkin Patch and Highland Heather.
  • My Home Sweet Home - This is the third seasonal design companioning Be Ye Thankful and Joy & Good Cheer. It's summery and colorful - but we think you should leave it out all year long! Finishing about 5 x 3-5/8, on 36ct hand-dyed linen, it uses a mixture of DMC and hand-dyeds again - just like all of the other new releases this time around.
  • Mary Ann Copp 1839 - Oh this is so pretty - a reproduction by Brenda. She writes: 'A beautiful sampler with a stately brick house complete with brick/iron fence upon a brick wall. The basket above the house is simply gorgeous.' The history about the sampler tells that Mary is described as living in a brickyard in Jersey Channel Islands. The Copp family was a well known name in the brick business - so she's included a history write-up in the leaflet! I like that big floral border on this... just gentle and meandering! Measures 252 x 288 - so 14 x 16 on 36ct. Yummy colors in this - you'll need 3 skeins of Oscar hand-dyed floss!

Happy Camper  from The Blue Flower - click for more Stitching Squirrels from The Blue Flower - click for more
New Designs from The Blue Flower
  • Happy Camper - The Blue Flower is celebrating summer-time camping with this charming piece! Whether you prefer tents or campers, a lodge or sleeping bag under the stars, there is something for you stitched into this piece! Coded for DMC and hand-dyeds, it measures 226 x 191 - so will finish approx 12-1/2 x 10-1/2 on 36ct. A beaver and porcuppine are toasting marshmallows, there are dogs out there canoeing, a bear emerging from your tent, and even squirrels enjoying their meal at the picnic table! Fun stylized trees, the starry sky, welcoming lodge and cute campers on here, it is enchanting! Presented as a chart.
  • Stitching Squirrels - You'll recognize this medley of designs from our Summer Event with Jeannine a few years ago! A pair of squirrels are stitching together, there are more perched atop their mountain of gathered acorns, and the third design in the chart is an acorn border surrounding a verse about friends gathering. Pretty Autumnal colors, our ladies loved all the projects from that retreat. Now, these three are together in one chart. (Note: there was a 4th design included in this's still a Silver Needle Exclusive. It is Silver Needle Squirrels, and is still available through our shop!)

Vintage Trees from October House - click for more Snip Snip from October House - click for more
Itch to Stitch from October House - click for more Americana Red from October House - click for more Honey Faire from October House - click for more
October House Releases! Several fun things... all fresh and pretty!
  • Vintage Trees - Just a small thing at 105 x 87 - about 5 x 6 on 36ct - she's chosen faded hand-dyed colors to make this look vintage.
  • Snip Snip - How fun is this? A fun 2 x 7 design stitched with Sandcastle, Flatfish, Bright Leaf, Whiskey and Dirt Road... it needs to be on one side of a cushion and Itch to Stitch on the other!
  • Itch to Stitch - Coud be the other side! Spools and a little yarn, add a tiny skein of floss on here, if you're good at tying a little one. This uses 5 different shades of peach, rose and berry - so easy to change those to another colorway if you want.
  • Americana Red - A monochromatic piece full of sewing and quilting motifs, the whole thing finishes approx 12 x 14-3/8 on 36ct - quite good sized. You can pull out that top area of stitchery stuff and make a drum shape out of just that, there are a lot of nice motifs on here along with the borders. And, as always, if you don't like the one color used - just choose another!
  • Honey Faire - A companion to Strawberry Faire, this features another pretty patterned motif - this time the beeskep. Measuring just 92 x 68 - 5 x 4 on 36ct - it uses a medley of yummy honey-colored hand-dyeds: Lemon Grass, Snowball, Old Marigold, Caramel Corn, Broom Tree, Squash, Chickpea, Goldenrod, Molasses, Bees Knees and Curry.

Frankie from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Francie from Kathy Barrick - click to see more I Give You My Hand from Kathy Barrick - click to see more A Good & Proper Home from Kathy Barrick - click to see more
Frankie, Francie, I Give you My hand and Good and Proper from Kathy Barrick
Kathy Barrick has some fun new things... and I threw in an old surprise, as well.
  • Frankie and Francie are her two newest rabbits - ultra-big on charm and personality. Stitch these on any neutral background... they are coded for DMC or needlepoint silks. Frankie measures 179 x 152, while Francie is a little smaller at 110 x 104. They'd be stunning done in Simply Wools... and I think they'd make darling bed pillows finished with lots of lush trims.
  • I Give You My Hand - I love this classic design! Stitched with a slight colorway difference on either light or dark linen, this is coded for DMC or silk. Measuring a mere 4 x 6 on 36ct, watch the swirls in the ruffle down at the bottom - they are not all the same!
  • A Good & Proper Home - This is not new... but we managed to get a shop model stitched and matted TWICE! It came back from the finisher... and I held it up to see where we wanted to display it... and lo and behold... we've already had it done for several years! Perfect to hang on the small wall above a doorway... Silver Needle is now *A Good and Proper Shoppe!* twice-over!
Welcome to the Farm #207 from Serenita di Campagna -- click for a larger view Fresh Flowers Market 2 #169 from Serenita di Campagna - click for more #208 Farm Fresh from Serenita di Campagna - click for more Fresh Eggs from Serenita di Campagna - click to see more
Fresh Flowers and Animals all from the Farm from Serenita di Campagna
I love these designs... all so classic and soft in color and composition.
  • #207 Welcome to the Farm Features a glorious chicken atop his favorite wash bucket. The tin is DMC #415... so finding a matching gray fabric for the verse side of the pillow is do-able.
  • #169 Fresh Flowers Market 2 Mama and her babies - who I believe are stepping on all the new flowers!
  • #208 Farm Fresh Has the cutest bunny checking out the snails on his lettuce! Here's another where she's chosen a different color of fabric for the portion of the design with the wording on it, it makes a neat finish.
  • Fresh Eggs features more charming chickens - not doing much - as most chickens do! Each of the pillow designs measures approx 3 x 7 while the side panel with the extra verse is smaller at 3-ish inches. Notice how she's kind of repeated the ribbon pattern on the dividing ribbon up there above the words?

My Sunshine from Shannon Christine Designs - click to see more Kiss Me from Shannon Christine Designs - click to see more Fruit Salad from Erin Elizabeth Designs - click to see more Farmhouse Sampler from Erin Elizabeth Designs - click to see more
Several New Designs from Shannon Christine and Erin Elizabeth Designs
  • My Sunshine - A cheerful little design - this measures only 56 x 57 - so only 4 inches on 14ct. If you do a 28ct Lugana over one, you're looking at 2 x 2! Coded for DMC. Just Happy!
  • Kiss Me - This little guy came out too late to get finished for St Pat's Day this year... but there's always NEXT year! Only 39 x 46 - about 3 x 3 on 14ct - there are several good fabric options for this. Cute and bright!
  • Fruit Salad - Gosh, I just LOVE these colors, especially stitched against that deep black background! Fruit Salad lets you use all the bright colors in your 'refrigerator box' of threads... it measures 90 x 90... so will finish about 6-1/2 inches square on 14. It'd make into a bright and festive little cube to perch on your kitchen counter... and none of the fruit will ever spoil like the bowl of fresh!
  • Farmhouse Sampler - This one is by SC's daughter, Erin. Cute, ranch-y looking farmhouse complete with barnyard on the side... you could easily break out that barnyard, and do it individually. Very organized and balanced piece... it's coded for DMC... and finishes 12-1/2 by almost 7.

Summer Garden at Cranberry Manor from Pansy Patch Quilts and Stitchery - click to see more Betsy's Spring Basket  from Pansy Patch Quilts and Stitchery - click to see more Tea Garden Pillow from Pansy Patch Quilts and Stitchery - click to see more Stitcher's Retreat House from Pansy Patch Quilts and Stitchery - click to see more
New Designs Coming from Pansy Patch Quilts and Stitchery
  • Summer Garden at Cranberry Manor - This is PP's show exclusive with limited availability before April, but we have plenty, and we brought home the stitched model with us! Pretty pinks, golds and soft greens, this finishes approx 6-1/2 inches square on 36ct. Stitched with varied hand-dyeds, it is coded for DMC as well. The house is little and surrounded by such a flourish of quilt motifs - it's extra charming!
  • Betsy's Spring Basket is the 4th of this over-the-top-charming seasonal basket series. All of these have been stunning; each has finished a bit under 6 x 6. We have all 4 pictured together - offered separately. Each basket is filled with flowers of it's season, very gently colored as well, so just beautiful.
  • Tea Garden Pillow - A tiny little pin cushion pattern, this measures just 60 x 60, and is done with DMCs of 25, 3727, 522 and 815.
  • Stitcher's Retreat House - Here's a fun piece... Two friends meeting at a stitch retreat! (Only, we're never wearing dresses, we don't have those big hips, and somehow the venue never looks like that charming house with all the thread spools and quilt motifs swirling around in the sky above!) Finishing about 7 x 7, pull out those spools for some cute pin cushions, and you're all set!

Strawberry Manor from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Nature from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Beauty Fades from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Remember Me from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Teresa Kogut's Spring '23 Arrivals!
Seven new cross stitch pieces and 2 punch needle - they are so attractive!
  • Strawberry Manor - Finishing approx 12 x 8-1/2 on 36ct, this is worked on a lovely neutral with gold undertones to highlight all the reds, gunmetals and greens in it. Coded for DMC and Weeks.
  • Nature -- I just love this one! Finishing approx 14 x 11 on 36ct, it says Folkart and Whimsical right in the design! Regular DMC floss, pretty birds and lavish flowers.
  • Beauty Fades - This one is fun! I see four separate parts on this - it measures 7-1/2 x 16-1/2 on 36ct... so the top bands might need an inch or two on the ends if you make them into squatty pin drums, or you could duplicate one of the urns and alternate a few colors.
  • Remember Me - This one as the prettiest border surrounding such a happy house and yard! Love it! Finishes approx 13 x 14-1/2 on 36ct... Regular 'ol DMC can look really nice, can't it!?
Strawberry Fields Forever from Blackbird Designs - click for more Feast of Friendship from Blackbird Designs - click for more

Blackbird's Strawberry Fields and Feast of Friendship are being reprinted!
Finally... two past Blackbird favorites will be available again later this week!
  • Strawberry Fields is part of the Beatles series of Barb and Alma's designs.
  • Feast of Friendship was quite the Autumnal favorite.
Leaflet format - the heavy card stock - everything just like before!

2023 Patriotic Smalls from Twin Peak Primitives - click to see more Primitive Stockings With Mice from Twin Peak Primitives - click to see more
2023 Patriotic Smalls and Primitive Stockings with Mice from Twin Peak Primitives
The girls at Twin Peak Primitives have lots of different design looks... here are three!
  • 2023 Patriotic Smalls - 9 Different designs in this book, the cushions are charming! All coded for DMC floss, the motifs are cute - the lighthouse covered in stars and stripes, that tiny sailing ship scene, the eagle is cool, and the farmhouse barn with the quilt and sunflowers is pretty too. Everything is shown against a sky blue fabric background. The book itself is beautifully published. Heavy paper pages, each design is featured on it's own 2-page open spread. You get the clear chart over one page, and then a smaller colored chart, as well as the photograph of the finished cushion right there - while you're looking at the chart. It's very nicely presented and a nice value for what you are getting!
  • Primitive Stockings With Mice - These are darling! The stockings themselves are finished into kind of an angular shape, but I think you could fix that and make these into a more traditional stocking shape if you choose. Each little stocking is actually not so little - they measure 4 x 9 on 14ct. Coded for DMC, they each feature little mice residents that are the cutest! Real different, I think they'd be fun with real bells at the bottom, furry or wool thread for the mice, maybe metallics for the candy canes, and you COULD do some special stitches for texture on the striped and checkerboarded ones. These are worth the look - you get all 4 stockings in the single leaflet.

Sweet Wing Studio Measure Twice - click for more Bless this House from Artful Offerings - click for more Luhu Stitches New Every Morning - click for more Gathering Together Pinkeep from Scattered Seed Samplers - click for more
Several Super-Singles by Multiple Designers!
  • Measure Twice Cut Once from Sweet Wing Studio
    This needs to be mounted onto the front of a fabric stitching tote...but it'd make a cute pin cushion as well. Finishing only 3 x 5 on32ct... coded for DMC or Weeks hand-dyed flosses - every artist - of every kind appreciates these words of wisdom!
  • Bless this House from Artful Offerings
    The newest design from Artful offerings, this is inspired by Pennsylvania Dutch Barn-Sign art. Our proud little bird sports his precious crown while perched atop his favorite cherry tree branches. He's presenting and then guarding his house! He's only 6 x 7... stitched with Weeks flosses... very geometric and balanced!
  • New Every Morning from Luhu Stitches
    Isn't this glorious? This can be done on anything, but the model at Market was presented on 20ct linen - stitched with 3 strands of floss. It finishes a whopping 11 x 11! (HINT: Use 1 single strand of #5 Pearl cotton instead of messing with three strands of floss - you'll LOVE how fast this stitches up!) Bright and cheerful... it's just awesome!
  • Gathering Together Pinkeep from Scattered Seed Samplers
    Brown and blues... this is stitched with just 5 shades of DMC - 413, 611, 844, 3011 and 3032. It's so bold, yet simple, and finishes 4-1/2 x 8 on 36ct. I think all the curves and the flowing angles of the flowers make this delightful to look at... it's a pretty composition.
Noteworthy Needle Turn Turn - click for more Spaghetti Western Sampler by Ardith Designs - click for more Little Robin Designs High Flying Bunny - click for more
More Super-Singles by Multiple Designers!
  • Turn Turn by Noteworthy Needle - I have absolutely no way to describe to you what this piece does other than the fact that it is a bunch of tiny triangular sides all stitched and finished in such a way that you can turn them inside out and around and your stitching changes to another season. It's all one piece! In looking through the chart, I have concluded that you have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out... or really, really good with visualization and geometrics and have a little patience! Janice had her stitched model at Market and it was enchanting to play with... just the coolest thing. So get this chart, and have fun figuring it out. It's on 32ct fabric and stitched with DMC and some Gentle Art hand-dyeds. The tree in here is stitched in three different seasons, REALLY cool, and you can see that the whole thing is pretty petite - because of the hands in the photograph. Talk about a conversation piece!
  • Spaghetti Western Sampler by Ardith Designs This is simply super cute! It's got a western theme... with pasta all over in it! Inspired by her mom, who loved the old spaghetti western movies and cooking spaghetti dinners on those Sunday nights, this piece is adorned with meatballs, all sorts of different pasta shapes, (wagon wheels and bow ties!) and of course, cowboys! There is a whole little story about it on the back of the chart. Stitched on a pale red fabric with DMC and/or Gentle Art hand-dyeds, it finishes approx 6 x 9 on 32ct. A REALLY COOL kitchen conversation piece... 'Yee Haw for Good food and Social Justice!'
  • High Flying Bunny from Little Robin Designs Isn't this vintage and charming? That gorgeous carriage. (Is this a high-boy or something? I know it has historical value.. but I don't know about it.) I think it's a good follow up to the Spaghetti Western Sampler! It's the rabbit rushing to church on Sunday morning to pray after the gun-shoot last night! Or... maybe he's rushing to the Easter Egg Hunt! I don't know, I just like the whole look of this! It measures a huge 10 x 15 on 32ct... and is stitched with DMC or both Gentle Art and Weeks.

Meowmas from Stitchy Prose - click to see more Meowster Mash from Stitchy Prose - click to see more
Meowster Mash and Merry Meowmas! For you Cat Lovers!
from Stitchy Prose
A Pair of Cute Biscornu Designs by Stitchy Prose... Work these on any fabric you like - they measure 60 x 60 in stitch count - so will finish about 4 inches on 14ct. Coded for DMC, they feature little kitties all dressed up for the seasons, and they are CUTE!
  • Meowster Mash has a Ghost cat, a Frankenstein cat, and one wearing a cape.
  • Meowmas is even cuter... it has a snowman cat, a reindeer cat, and even a Santa Cat! Real different, each is presented in chart format.

Crowns and Shields from Blackbird Designs - click for more
Crowns & Shields, a Collection of Cartouches
from Blackbird Designs
From Alma: "All of these projects were influenced by one of my favorite antique samplers. I purchased it about 8 years ago. It is 43" by 9 1/2," and quite the drama queen! These patterns are an adaptation of the antique piece.

"The drum pincushion, Kindred Spirits, pictured on the top left was a class piece from 2017. The bottom pillowcase and the top right sampler are made from the same design. The use of color makes them both look so different!" 8 projects in total.
Running Rabbits from Bohin - click to see more
Running Rabbits from Bohin
Here's a classic scissor style available in 3 different finishes by Bohin of France.

4-Inch scssors, they are sturdy, cut well, and will look right at home in any of your Spring-y or garden-y needle cases, or on cute fobs.

Quite a novelty shape... and what a fun surprise in an Easter Basket!
Needle Grabbers - click for more
Needle Grabbers
Totally handy little silicone disks... these are just like miniature jar openers... for your fingers and a stubborn needle. Nothing fancy - just functional!

Package of three, disks are shown in the pic next to a quarter so you can gauge their size - 1-1/2 inches in diameter.
PuntiniPuntini 2023 Squirrel Pin Trio - click to see more
2023 Squirrel Pin Trio
PuntiniPuntini 2023 Ladybug Pin Trio - click to see more
2023 Ladybug Pin Trio
PuntiniPuntini 2023 Spring Pin Trio - click to see more
2023 Spring Pin Trio
PuntiniPuntini 2023 Seashore Pin Trio - click to see more
2023 Seashore Pin Trio
4 Tiny Pin Sets from PuntiniPuntini
Paola hand-makes all her own clay buttons and pins. Such pretty shading is created by layers and layers of slightly different colored polymer clay that she stacks together and shapes to create her clay 'canes.' Each little 'thing' is a cross-slice of that cane... delightful to watch the process.

Anyway, her things are charming, and while they do not have specific designs to go with them, they are delightful and can poke into anything just on their own! Sets of 3 pins, we have baby squirrels, ladybugs, a spring medley and seashells with a sailboat. I bet you can think of numerous different cushion designs for these.
Prairie Necessaire Sewing Case from Fern Ridge - click to see more Prairie Necessaire Sewing Case from Fern Ridge - click to see more Prairie Necessaire Beaded Fob from Fern Ridge - click to see more
Prairie Necessaire Sewing Case and Scissor Fob from Fern Ridge Collections
This is a cute Little-House-on-the-Prairie inspired set of smalls... the case is lace trimmed and features buttons, old fashioned safety pins, a spinning wheel chart and a tiny wooden covered wagon button. The complete kit contains all the linens, fabrics, threads embellishments - everything to make this 4 x 6 case.

The Beaded fob is totally fun by itself - in case you want no case! Blue sky and the wheat growing in the Plains. you can see the wheat charm tucked in between the fronds of the grassy green fringe. Soft bead colors - everything matches between the case and fob. Case will take about 12 hours to complete - the fob - about 3-1/2!

Feeling Crabby? from Meridian Designs - click to see more Peaceful Pondering from Meridian Designs - click to see more American Pie from Meridian Designs - click to see more
American Pie, Peaceful Pondering and Feeling Crabby?
from Meridian Designs
Meridian Designs has three cute new things...
  • American Pie is a cheerful 3 x 5 pin cushion design stitched on really any 14-16 or 28-32 fabric background you like. Along with the chart, she has included BOTH cuts of the red and blue finishing fabric you see in the pic as well as the white baby balls and blue rik rak trim! Really a cute finish, the pillow back is the red fabric - so your will look just like the cover pic. Coded for DMC - choose from your stash on that.
  • Peaceful Pondering and Feeling Crabby? I guess two very different moods! Serene dragonflies, or edgy, prickly crabs! These are each offered in their separate charts and I liked them both. Coded for DMC, they are stitched on fun colors of fabrics and garnished with a few Mill Hill beads. (Some opalescent Treasure Braid would be awesome in those dragonflies!) Just 60 x 60 each, colorful and happy.
Hedge Hugs from The Elegant Thread - click to see more Liberty Lobstah from The Elegant Thread - click to see more
Liberty Lobstah and Hedge Hugs
from The Elegant Thread
We hit Summertime and Valentines with these two offerings by The Elegant Thread!
  • Liberty Lobstah is just a fun little creepy crustacian! Stitched on a creme background, with 5 shades of Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed flosses, it'll finish 5 x 7 - with the words, or 3 x 5 without. Just a silly and cute little thing, the chart includes three silvertoned patriotic charms. Elegant Thread's Lobstah Dinner Ornament kit is still available as well - cute just like this one!
  • Hedge Hugs - Isn't this cute? Your baby hedgehog is bringing your love! Coded for Sulky thread - just follow the color pic on the chart cover to choose DMC, this finishes just 4 x 5 on 16/32ct. I'd choose a pretty brown Simply Wool for the hedgehog fur and a little black metallic for his eyes and nose!

Halloween Milk Cap Set of 10 from Thread Milk  - click to see more Thread Logo Milk Cap Set of 10 from Thread Milk  - click to see more Thread Logo Milk Caps and Halloween Caps from Thread Milk
We have two new sets of Thread Milk's vintage milk cap thread cards. Just something fun to put with your stitching, you are supposed to tie your current prject's threads to these little guys to keep yourself organized. Inspired by the cardboard caps on the milk bottles when we were little... the Thread Logo set of 10 has artwork that appeared on wooden thread spools.

The Halloween set features logos of four dairies and 6 caps with vintage Halloween artwork on them. Actually kind of an 'extra fussy' thing... these ARE cute, and really fun to have!

Make a Wish by The Purple Thread - click to see more Mend and Make Do by The Purple Thread - click to see more Heart to Heart by The Purple Thread - click to see more Willow's Bag by The Purple Thread - click to see more
Four Fun Smalls from The Purple Thread
Ms Sharon was busy this season creating 4 darling new small projects... she always presents them in kit format with the coolest little embellishments and materials!
  • Make a Wish - This is a tiny Birthday Cake scissor fob! Stitched on 32ct white with DMC, it's garnished with a tiny silver flower charm. Sharon says she stitches these for all her Stitching Friends on their birthdays. Her complete kit contains the chart, needle, charm threads, pink mini-rik-rak and the most delicious fray striped raw silk backing fabric. All you add is stuffing and love! Little Fob finishes 2 x 2.
  • Mend and Make Do - Stitched with only 2 colors, you embellish with cut bits of included wool, pins, a snap, and a couple of buttons. Super cute as a pin cushion, this finishes approx 3 x 4. The complete kit includes the chart, 28 creme Cashel Linen, threads, needle, buttons, hook and eye, snap, beads, the wool... even darling button fabric for the backing and tea-dyed vintage baby rik rak for the edge.
  • Heart to Heart - This one is a ready-made 4-1/2 x 5 zipper pouch that you are embellishing with your needlework. Sharon planned the color of the linen to match the color of the pouch - your threads are butterscotch, teal and fuscia... and the bit of stitching is trimmed and attached to the outside of the pouch with the included lace and shell buttons.
  • Willow's Bag - Another handy little fabric zipper pouch, this one measures 5 x 9, and is garnished with your stitching. Rose and mossy green, this border design will feature your name in the center (don't stitch Willow's in there!) and then trimmed with green cording and vintage rik rak. This would make a really really nice gift for a stitcher, because you can make it, and it's FINISHED for both you and your receiver! Complete contains all you need - chart, linen, nedle, threads, embellishments - everything!

Medium-Sized Dowry Box for Jeannette Douglas's Stitches Sampler Series by Olde Colonial - click to see more
LIMITED AVAILABILITY! Olde Colonial's Medium Dowry Boxes for Jeannette Douglas's Stitches Series
Once again, we were able to bring home a very limited number of Bob's Boxes - from Olde Colonial. You will rcognize these as the boxes used on Jeannette Douglas's Quaker, Acorn, Seaside, Pineapple, Pumpkin. vintage, Silver Needle, Pomegranate and Pears, Strawberry and Bee Stitches designs!

Top opening for the needle work is 6 x 8, total box is 9 x 11 x 2-3/4. $140. Call for availability. We can take orders for the My Stitching Treasures larger box - $200. Again, call for Availability.

Mr and Mrs Sherpa Sheep Accessory Holders - click for more
Mr and Mrs Sherpa Sheep Accessory Holders
You'll remember our Mr Sherpa Sheep scissor/tool holder we have had for a couple of seasons... but here is Mrs! Of course, she is standing up on her feet, apron on, ready to work hard for you! Her apron has tiny pockets for threaders or counting pins, her crocheted basket is large enough for a thimble or tube of needles, and the strap around her apron is really 18 inches long to teather your scissors!

Those little bables are attached to HER so you can't lose them in a classroom situation of somewhere busy like a cruise ship! (Who knows all the fun places people stitch!) Anyway, a fun pin cushion, and super cool if you are a sheep lover! (Needles or scissors not included.)
Tulips in Bloom Kit from Olde Colonial -- click to see more Tulips in Bloom
from Olde Colonial Designs
This is a sweet scissor fob and thread board set by Olde Colonial. It is presented as a complete kit of fabric, threads, finishing board, cording and that darling 3 x 3 wooden bunny board - featuring 8 holes for threads.

Measuring just 2 x 2, stitched on 32ct Country Vintage Mocha linen with bits of DMC and Weeks hand-dyed flosses, you wrap your work around the octagonal board, back it with the included felt, attaching the cord, and you're finished! It is really cute, and everything is in this little 3 x 3 - window box that you need! Something cute, small and fast - with lots of impact when it's done!
What's Cracking from Shannon Christine Designs - click to see more Easter Bunny from Shannon Christine Designs - click to see more Egg Hunt from Erin Elizabeth Designs - click to see more
What's Cracking, Easter Bunny and Egg Hunt from Shannon Christine and Erin Elizabeth Designs
Shannon Christine and Erin Elizabeth Designs have three colorful new designs to celebrate Spring and Easter! Presented in three separate charts... each is coded for good 'ol regular DMC - and don't they look great?

Choose some pretty pastel fabrics to work these on. (I'm always a fan of adding a little metallic sparkle or beads to patterns like these - Rainbow Gallery has Petite Treasure Braid - metallic - thin as floss, it comes in 90+ colors. RG's Wisper is another furry option - very thin, perfect for 14 aida or 32ct linen stitching.)
What's Cracking measures 75 x 87 - so a mere 4-1/2 x 5-1/2 on 32ct.
Easter Bunny measures 126 x 91 - so 8 x 5-1/2-ish on 32ct.
Egg Hunt measures 63 x 63 - just 4 x 4 on 32ct.
Thank-You America Quilt Puzzle by Kaffe Fassett -  click for more Thimble Blossoms Puzzle by Kaffe Fassett -  click for more
A pair of 'Crafty Puzzles!'
Something fun to pass the time - in case you're finished with your projects (!)... two fun puzzles are here! Both 1000 pieces, finishishing about 20 x 30.
  • Thank-You America Quilt Puzzle is full of patriotic quilt bits and pieces. (That Thank-You America Quilt banner across the center is NOT in the puzzle - you will have an uninterrupted quilt image when finished.)
  • The Thimble Blossoms Puzzle design is full of colorful fabric bits, threads and quilting tools. Both are charming... and so fun, I just had to order them!
Counting on the Farm from Thistles Make it Bloom from Thistles Autumn Pumpkins from Thistles Halloween Pumpkins from Thistles Christmas Friends from Thistles - click for a larger view
Some Cute Designs by Thistles
All are offered as charts and travel here from The Netherlands!
  • Counting on the Farm - is darling! One farmhouse, 2 horses, 3 tractors, 4 pigs... cows, sheep, goats and chickens round out the yard... all surrounded by a border of drying corn cobs! Can't tell the finished size yet, but Lizbeth does use hand-dyed flosses, so i imagine this is full of great colors. Simply Wools by The Gentle Art would be fun to add to some of the animals!
  • Make it Bloom - A cheerful little log cabin with a blooming yard of colorful flowers! Love it all - charted for DMC.
  • Autumn and Halloween Pumpkins - A unique-ly shaped pin cushion finishing treatment...might be fun to tuck these into a bowl of traditionally-shaped cushions and see if they are discovered! Worked with gentle Art Sampler Threads.
  • Christmas Friends - A row of holiday personality... can't tell much about size on this one, but it is worked with Sampler Threads.
  • My Stitching Project Bag from Thistles My Stitching Project Bag - This is a fun design - a nine-patch of sewing and stitching motifs. Each area is only 3 x 3 - so each would make a cute pin cushion to nestle together in a basket or box. They are stitched with DMC or Gentle Art Sampler Threads.
    Lizbeth finished this with a backside of clear vinyl to make a stitching pouch (shown as the right-hand model). She has finishing instructions in here, but maybe my pictures of the model will help you with visuals. Pretty cute!

Let's Go Sledding from Annie Beez Folk Art - click to see more Bloomin' Bunnies Trio from Annie Beez Folk Art - click to see more Channing Street Sampler from Annie Beez Folk Art - click to see more
Let's Go Sledding, Bloomin' Bunnies Trio and Channing Street Sampler
from Annie Beez Folk Art
  • Let's Go Sledding - Isn't this a cute set of ornaments? All red, white, and black, they are stitched on 14ct brown perforated paper and attached to the tiny wooden sleds we sell so many of! Stitch count for each is a mere 17 x 31 - so you know they work up in a jiff. We have a baker's Dozen on those sleds, and all 12 designs are included in this pack.
  • Bloomin' Bunnies Trio - All three charts are included in this pack.. and actually I think that BLOOM would be cute stitched and mounted to the backs of lots of pin cushions! Bunny is cute, she'd look good stitched with a little Gentle Art Simply Wool!
  • Channing Street Sampler - An original piece, this is dedicated to Annie's late husband who she lost in 2021. The story inside the chart makes you cry... they lived on Channing Street for 30 years, raised their family there - complete with all those dogs, cats and chickens running around in the yard. Coded for DMC it finishes approx 9 x 11 on 36ct. It's a lovely piece.
Day of the Dead from Glendon Place -- click to see lots more Hungarian Folk Art #4 from Glendon Place -- click to see lots more Phantom Plantation from Glendon Place -- click to see lots more
Day of the Dead & Hungarian Folk Art #4 from Glendon Place
Cheryl Granda has some fun new designs that are bright and colorful...
  • Dia De Los Muertos celebrates the Mexican holiday which is a celebration of life and respect for deceased family members. (I didn't really get it till I saw Coco - the Disney movie!) Something fun, if it's special to you, this measures a whopping 12 x 18, so get a fat quarter of the chalkboard gray color it is worked on. Coded for silks or DMC, there are lots of Mill Hill beads on here as well.
  • Hungarian Folk Art #4 - a lovely basket of colorful eggs amidst such a flurry of greenery and the wavy basket. Just pretty, festive and very eye-catching! Coded for DMC, Cheryl has chosen an opalescent white background, and has embellished the stitching with Mill Hill beads. This measures approx 12 x 12 on 14/28ct.
  • Phantom Plantation - Glendon Place has a spooky Halloween piece of a place I never want to visit! Phantom Plantation measures about 12 x 19 on 28ct... would be a little smaller on smaller count fabric. Worked with 63 different shades of DMC floss, there is actually no metallic in here - but I bet you could find fun places to add it! Everything is creepy in here... the moss on the trees, the monsters crawling out of the pond, the horse, the snake in the tree, and the eyes hidden inside the hollow tree... it's really kind of a fun piece! I don't think this is new - copyright date says 2019 - but she had it on display at Market, and we had to have some copies! So... if you're in an 'edgy mood', get this - it'll make you HAPPY!

Where We Dwell from Shepherd's Bush -  click for more Sweet Land Sampler from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see lots more Spring Bag from Shepherd's Bush -  click for more Liberty Bag from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see lots more Red White and Blue from Shepherd's Bush -  click for more Flowers for Ewe from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see lots more
Shepherd's Bush has announced their newest offerings for Spring 2023!
  • Where We Dwell - Presented as a kit, this 4-inch cushion is stitched on 32ct Patriot's Gray hand-dyed linen with Weeks flosses of deep cranberry and denim. The kit comes with Navy Lady Dot chenille trim and totally luscious red and denim finishing fabric for your cushion back. There are tiny buttons in here as well... isn't that little striped sheep cute? So, kit includes the chart, linen, trim, backing fabric, flosses, needle and buttons.
  • Sweet Land Sampler - All stitched in cranberry, denims and white-grays of Weeks hand-dyed flosses. his finishes approx 6 x 8 on 32ct French Mocha linen... includes special stitches and a trio of tiny button embellishments. Kit contains the chart, linen, threads, buttons and needle.
  • Spring Bag - Another fun mesh bag pattern. Your stitching showcased on the front - this one says 'Spring' and obviously companions 'Winter!' Sheep and flowers - I see a stitcher nestled in the letter G! Mesh pouches available separately, in at least 6 different colors, and buttons available separately as well. These are all super cute - the pouches are really nice sized, and it makes your container fun! Presented as the chart.
  • Liberty Bag - Another fun little 5 x 7 zippered fabric pouch that can store your stitching tools, this one is decorated with Land of Liberty and a little village scene. Kit includes the pre-sewn bag, buttons, bits of threads and the chart.
  • Red White and Blue - This season's 10ct design - presented in a little kit - it finishes about 4 x 5 on the 10ct Sand Tula. The kit includes the fabric, threads and button. These make great beginning kits for new stitchers - cute, easy to see and fast.
  • Flowers for Ewe - This year's annual Ewe - we have him for Christmas, Halloween and Patriotic - here he's in a garden of flowers. The handmade button included in the kit is a clay coneflower. Stitched on 20ct linen with hand-dyed flosses and perle cottons, it finishes about 3 x 4. The complete kit also contains the hand-dyed green chenille trim - which is almost impossible to see in the pic - but it's there!
  • Kind Heart - A tiny 2 x 2-ish design, this is stitched on 32ct Mountain Heater hand-dyed linen, with Weeks hand-dyed flosses. The stitch count is only 34 x 35... so small and quick to stitch, this would make a nice scissor fob! Complete kit - fabric, threads, buttons chart and needle!

Deputy Doxie's Posse from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more Jurassic Perk from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more Tea-Rex from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more Migh-TEA Fobulous from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more
Silver Creek Samplers
Diane hasn't sent design sizes, fabric availability is hit and miss, but you can get a good idea from the pics which will be your favorites!
  • Deputy Doxie's Posse - Gentle Art Sampler Threads and DMC. Finishes approx 6 x 5 on 32ct... Diane is hooked on dog rescue - so this little guy reminds her of THREE of hers!
  • Jurassic Perk - Silly for a coffee-lover. This would be fun wrapped around a coffee container... or hanging above the coffee maker at work! Finishes about 4-1/2 x 6 on 30ct, stitched with DMC.
  • Tea-Rex - Tea Rex is a 'tea-lightful' desgin steeped in humor!" But... Diane stitched it on Cappuccino hand-dyed linen! DMC, finishes approx 3-1/2 x 11 on 32ct.
  • Migh-TEA Fobulous - Several fun puns for tea lovers! All finish as smalls, less than 2 x 2 scissor fobs!

Float from Plum Street Samplers Sting from Heartstring Samplery Float and Sting models from Plum Street Samplers and Heartstring Samplery Penny Spring from Plum Street Samplers
Paulette has sent her Plum Street Samplers Release Previews!
Coming home from the show will be:
  • Float - Happy, colorful, light and charming! This year's collaboration with Heartstring Samplery - 'Float' goes with 'Sting'. Float is done with DMC and is shown on Country Vintage Mocha linen. Paulette calls this a Pin Keep or a Pin Give! This finishes approx 3 x 5.
  • Penny Spring - A companion to Penny Autumn, a little spring fox is up there in the trees - (do foxes climb trees?) Penny Autumn has the rust border, this one the pretty pinks. Coded for DMC and hand-dyeds.

Springamajigs by Satsuma Street - click for more
Springamajigs from Satsuma Street
Aren't these Springy and cute? By Satsuma Street, these are 4 new kits that make 8 little ornaments.
14ct Perforated paper, all the necessary flosses and a few sequins tossed on for glamour... these are fun to tuck into Easter Baskets or bowls of eggs and cushions, or hang in your windows! Each finishes approx 2 x 3.
Needle Book Needle Book from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Sweet Scissor Mat from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view And They Were Not Ashamed from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view
A Few La-D-Da Treats
  • Needle Book, Needle Book - Lori has re-printed her Summer Stitcher design and added a companion - Autumn Rose to the leaflet. (You might remember we had a few very limited edition kits of that Summer Stitcher inside a little brown wooden box - Gone! But that box is an unfinished wooden card box from Hobby Lobby - so there's your second chance.) Anyway, both of these designs have a stitching 'flavor' in them... Lori has made them into 3 x 4 needlebooks. Darling on the outside, you can line these with pretty hand-dyed wools and antique buttons and trims - the sky's the limit! Finishing instructions are included for the cases.
  • Sweet Scissor Mat - Love this! It's a stitched linen piece with beautiful cut and drawn thread hemstitching around the edges... you use it as your stitching placemat! You could always frame the whole thing under glass if you want... or go for it... and actually USE 'the good guest towels!' The stitching measures only about 6 x 8... but then add the borders and hemstitched area - so this might be 11 x 14. Worked on 36ct... some hand-dyeds and DMC, hemstitching and finishing instructions included. Presented as a leaflet.
  • And They Were Not Ashamed - A classic Adam and Eve Sampler for you collectors... pretty colors... you could be a sinner like A & E and skip the whole alphabet thing! Presented as a leaflet.

Gathering Stitches from Luminous Fiber Arts -- click to see more Hop Peep Leap from Luminous Fiber Arts -- click to see more Cottontail Farms from Luminous Fiber Arts -- click to see more Enchanted Quaker from Luminous Fiber Arts -- click to see more
New Additions from Luminous Fiber Arts
Misty has a few new leaflets that willl add nicely to your stash... and join the *To Do* List! Gathering Stitches Combo from Luminous Fiber Arts -- click to see more
  • Gathering Stitches - This is the 6th is a set of mono-chromatic pin cushions - all measuring 76 stitches square. Each is stitched with only ONE color of hand-dyed thread, and each is offered in it's own separate leaflet. Gathering Stitches is the rose version, the bees are the gold, snowman is the blue... I think we have a pic of all of them together!
  • Hop Peep Leap coordinates with Jingle Jolly Joy and Sneaky Spooky Spells. Measuring 160 x 60 - so 10 x 3-1/3 on 32ct. Cute with a retro-personality, you could make these into small cushions as well.
  • Cottontail Farms - This would make a cute Springtime decoration - it reminds me of a flour sack or dish towel. It measures 159 x 94 - so 10 high by 6 wide - soft colors with another antique retro feel.
  • Enchanted Quaker - This would be fun stitched all in black hand-dyed - but with added metallcs or beads for a little glisten. Measuring 124 x 254 - 7 x 14 on 18/36 ct... it's actually pretty cute as far as halloween Quaker Samplers go - more going on than just roundels. (In reading this description, this will take EIGHT skeins of Black Coffee Classic hand-dyed floss to complete on 32ct! That is a lot of thread!!) Would be fun all divided up into cushions too!

Double Crown from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more Garden of Stitches from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more One Nation from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more
From Samplers Not Forgotten:
  • Double Crown - An adaptation from an antique sampler... Kimberly has initials stitched in a different color on here - she's suggesting it as a birth or wedding memory. Stitched size is 10 x 5 on 36ct, everything is worked with Gentle Art Sampler Threads.
  • Garden of Stitches - WOW... this one is an original design, and Kimberly has packed it full of special stitches. Resembling her English and French Garden Samplers - This has 'sections' that you can pull out and stitch individually if you aren't up to the whole thing. The two band samplers and that lush pot of roses... everything is worked with Weeks hand-dyed flosses and measures a petite 9 x 10! It just looks larger than that to me, it was exquisite in person at the Needlework Market! It looks advanced to stitch, but probably isn't too bad, because the rows are close together and short! Shop model coming of this one!
  • One Nation - What a delightful little set of needlebook, cushion and fob smalls. Grab some pretty wool for lining and finishing, everything is done with Weeks hand-dyed flosses on 36ct. Needlebook finishes about 6 x 7 when closed. it is exquisite on the back. I have pictures -- but it's even more charming in person. Lots of detail on here!

An Irish Blessing from Tiny Modernist - click to see more A Stitcher's Garden from Tiny Modernist - click to see more The Cat Tapestry from Tiny Modernist - click to see more The Garden Hare from Tiny Modernist - click to see more
Bright and colorful Treats Coming from The Tiny Modernist
  • An Irish Blessing - A pretty border of greenery surrounding the classic blessing... choose a crisp white background ... everything is worked with DMC, and finishes 6-1/2 x 8-1/2 on 28.
  • A Stitcher's Garden - So happy and cute! This has everything fun for a stitcher on it... the hoops, floss bobbins... the florals around the house are fun, and the tomatoes are the best! Finishes about 5 x 7 on 32ct, and I think there are several cute little motifs that would make cool pin cushions. Fabric is Water Lily linen - a soft light green.
  • The Cat Tapestry - A wild garden of curious cats... they all look like we've discovered them doing sometihng... and they've stopped in their tracks to glare at us! 11 x 14 On 14ct... it's worked with DMC on Water Lily linen.
  • The Garden Hare - Another cute garden-y scene, this is stitched with DMC and looks good on a light blue hand-dyed fabric. Finishes 6 x 7 on 14ct.
Black Crow from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Crab Dance from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Karma Cameleon from Tiny Modernist - click to see more
Tiny Modernists' Black Crow, Crab Dance and Karma Cameleon are a trio of cheerful animal panels.

Each measures 66 stitches square, features that same checkerboard edge, and bright DMC color. (I think you could add beads to these!) Presented as small individual charts.

Each Day Row by Bent Creek -- click here to see more Pop of Winter by Bent Creek -- click here to see more
Lots of Fun Has Arrived from Bent Creek
Bent Creek sent new Market Releases our way... they are mentioning 5. One of them is our previously limited A Little Help From Our Friends Stitching Circle design! Click through to see the rest of them.
  • Each Day Row! Each Day provides it's own gifts. It's a very cheerful and colorful little landscape scene - four tiny houses, a few hills and trees, even the sea with a sailboat! Presented as a chart... you are seeing our model pics - we finished this into a round drum shape.
  • Pop of Winter - This plump tree rounds out it's 4-season set of POPS. (I think the trees look like lollipops!) Presented as a kit of the 20ct linen and #5 pearl cottons, you can really see the hand-dyed variation on those snowflakes. Finishes approx 4 x 7.
Tulip Cottage from Luhu Stitches - click to see more Flora's Posies from Luhu Stitches - click to see more Flora's Basket from Luhu Stitches - click to see more Mousy Sweetheart from Luhu Stitches - click to see more
Presenting Tulip Cottage Collection and Mousy Sweetheart from Luhu Stitches
Aren't these designs charming?
The Tulip Cottage set of charts features three designs - the Cottage (big at 8 x 11!) , the spray of flowers - Flora's Posies - (medium at 6-1/2 x 4-3/4) , and the darling little bunny - Flora's Basket - sniffing in her garden. Choose any white or pale pink fabric for these, they are shown finished with Lady Dot trims and velveteen of Berry Crush.
Mousy Sweetheart is precious too! He's on any light pink and he's holding a cheese Valentine for you! Finishes bitty - and so cute!

The Seasons in Snowballs from Romy's Creations - click for more   Christmas and Halloween Trains from Romy's Creations - click for more
New from Romy's Creations
  • The Seasons in Snowballs: Four little pics all nestled in snowglobe shapes... we think summer is really in a a seashell! Each of the 4 of these is stitched on any hand-dyed light blue fabric you like best... they measure 98 x 77, so will be 5-1/2 x 7 on 14/28ct. I didn't opt for the Romy hand-dyed thread packs... but I think some of the colors might be easy to match to your stash colors. Delightful scenes, each is offered in a separate chart. Please note: the 4 snowglobes really ARE the same dimensions; the pics we have are a bit distorted.
  • Christmas and Halloween Trains - A pair of fun little train cars... each chart has it's three train cars in the pack. Basically finished like pincushions, you could make these into solid little blocks as well - joining them with thread and adding the button wheels. Christmas features Santa as the engineer with Frosty in the caboose... their little train is full of presents. Wouldn't it be cute to make these boxes - with open tops? You could add a 'gift-car' for everyone in the family - stitch their names on each of the cars. Then attach the train, stick it on the kitchen table, and fill each persons little car with something special? Could even do it everyday in December! Halloween could be the same way - The Trick or Treat Train! Make eveybody in the family a car... I love that ghost driving it... and the silly skeleton too!

Rabbit Parade from The Blue Flower - click for more Spring Quail from The Blue Flower - click for more Tudor Goat from The Blue Flower - click for more The Glad Sun from The Blue Flower - click for more
New Spring Arrivals from The Blue Flower
  • Rabbit Parade - Jeannine loves little animals, and she has a profusing of unusual ones in this pic! If you've done her 'Animal Alphabet' you know she uses all kinds of animals that you never knew EXISTED! She'll tell you their contry of origin in her chart... so unfortunately I cannot tell you who everyone is on this one either! But, can you see that they are all wearing bunny ears? She uses smoky blue linens a lot... a soft color which lets her whites show up. Rabbit Parade measures 173 x 80 - so 9-ish x 4 on 36ct.
  • Spring Quail - Three designs in this chart pack... our Spring bird is surrounded by Dogwood blossoms, and coordinates with Winter Quail. Again, the smokey blue fabric and gently flowing vines and stems.
  • Tudor Goat - Jeannine says this is the latest in her 'Tudor Menagerie Series.' Her goat is earing a crown and surrounded by lavish flowers - her signature flowing leaves against that smokey blue background.
  • The Glad Sun - Celebrating the return of the Spring Sun, the splash fo flowers has a Art Nouveau feel to me! Stitched on a soft gray, coded for DMC and hand-dyeds.

Samplings of Lace SPRING from Jan Hicks Creates - click for more Samplings of Lace SUMMER from Jan Hicks Creates - click for more Samplings of Lace AUTUMN from Jan Hicks Creates - click for more Samplings of Lace WINTER from Jan Hicks Creates - click for more
Samplings of Lace Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter from Jan Hicks Creates
Oh my gosh, this is a lovely set of 'seasonally colored' lace motif pin cushions. Lovely, gentle flowing designs... each 'season' isn't really 'seasonal' - the colors you work them in simply suggest. You CAN work the Winter set in the pinks of Spring... nobody will be the wiser... so this means that you can choose whichever one of these 4 charts you like best and stitch them in any colors you want!

Each of the three pieces in each season is the same size across the collection, so they will all mix and match. The smallest square is about 3 inches on 36, the larger square is about 4 inches, and the strawberries are about 2 x 4. Just a really, really pretty offering of coordinating designs - ready for your favoite colors!

A Honey of a Tiny Town from Heart in Hand - click for more Floral Etchings from Heart in Hand - click for more Every Day Things from Heart in Hand - click for more
New Releases from Heart in Hand
Cecilia has 5 new designs... all leaflets or small charts - each is part of a series, but are cute just the way they are! Click through to see the other 2 newbies!
  • A Honey of a Tiny Town - 'A-buzz are the bees where sunflowers blow in the breeze. Triple Decker hives are able to thrive in this Honey of a Tiny Town!' Cecilia's springtime edition of this charming series... finish yours long and flat - like in the photo - or make a round drum-shape cushion. A Honey of a Frill companions this... same size to add to your town scene! Both are stitched on 32ct, and TT is stitched count is 176 x 30, and stitched in a medley of hand-dyeds. This is a half-sized chart, just like the rest in this series.
  • Floral Etchings - LOVE this one! So fresh, contemporary and colorful, a trio of fresh flowers that you can stitch as is, or make into individual block stand-ups. This is a full -sized leaflet and proving to be VERY popular!
  • Every Day Things - 'The Simple Truth: The every day sweet little things are the most beautiful. This small piece contemplates the simple joys: friends, family, home, nature and of course, stitching!' Finishes about 4 x 6 - just a happy little piece! You might recognize this as one of our past Little Help From Our Friends Circle Pieces! Presented as a half-sized chart.

Matilda Mouse from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Scarecrow Matilda from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Matilda Sews from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Miss Jenny from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Jeremiah from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more
Matilda Mouse, Scarecrow Matilda, Matilda Sews, Miss Jenny and Jeremiah from Finally a Farmgirl
Here are 5 cute little personalities all by new designer - Finally a Farmgirl. Presented as charts, they are all small, and stitched with a combo of DMC along with Weeks and Classic Colorworks hand-dyeds. The charts are in color... but a bit hard to see, so maybe blow them up a little.
  • Matilda Mouse is the teeniest at 3-1/2 inches on 32ct Summer Khaki. Love that tape measure twill tape on the finishing (we have it - by lady Dot Creates - black, yellow or creme.)
  • Scarecrow Matilda is 4 x 5... cute for Fall.
  • Matilda Sews companions the first one... look at her baby peeking from behind the tomato cushion!
  • Miss Jenny is a toad - she's kind of hard to see in the pic because of the curve of the cushion. We think she is holding a sampler in one hand, and books in the other... Matilda is there on a neighboring mushroom!
  • Jeremiah is smitten with Jenny - his chart is the one that is hard to read... but he's cute, and worth the effort! Jeremiah finishes about 6 x 5.

Eliza Rossiter 1853 from Scarlett House - click for more Emma Peterson 1894 from Scarlett House - click for more Jane Charlotte Wynn 1835 from Scarlett House - click for more Try to Mark Well from Scarlett House - click for more
New from The Scarlett House Tanya isn't big on descriptons and words... but she did send big pics of her four new things! She is not attending market, so will be shipping these right away.
  • Eliza Rossiter 1853 - 169 x 247 - So 8-1/2 x 12 on 40ct... Weeks flosses of Williamsburg Blue, Terra Cotta, Lily Pad, Juniper (2), Dirt Road, Sand, Blue Heron, Red Rocks, Chestnut, Bees Knees and Whitewash. Little Eliza was a very organized stitcher.
  • Emma Peterson 1894 - This is a tribute to Tanya's grandmother - I imagine she was born in 1894. She remembers her Grandma carrying around a pretty hanky in her apron pocket.. an inspiration for this piece! Finishes approx 8 x 8 on 36ct.I remember ironing all those pretty hankies when I was little!
  • Jane Charlotte Wynn 1835 - Tanya's adaptation of a sampler she owns - very 'Scarlett House-y' trees in here! 250 x 230 - This measures approx 13 x 15 on 36ct and uses Weeks hand-dyed flosses - all deep colors of Terra Cotta, Graphite, Pamlico, Light Khaki, Molasses, Havana, Juniper, Garrison Green and Flatfish.
  • Try to Mark Well - I love this charming little thing! Stitched with just 2 shades of red, green and black... can't wait to hear the story behind the tomato on there!
Stitchy Bluebird from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Rhombus Lace from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Teresa Kogut's Stitchy Bluebird & Rhombus Lace
Two new punch needle designs - each finishes 5 x 7 and is punched using DMC floss.

She has them shown as box toppings on painter paper mache boxes... they also look good mounted like that to the front of an old book - not to stuff on a shelf, but to perch the same way you do a box!

The designs are hand-drawn patterns for tracing onto your weaver's cloth.
Needle & Flax from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Egg Collector from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Kindred Spirits from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
  • Needle & Flax - This one measures 119 x 83 - so 6-1/2 x 4-1/2 on 18/36. Full of red, gold and gunmetal gray and cute 'creative' motifs, it's a darling pin cushion finish as well.
  • Egg Collector - Something colorful for Spring, it's pretty big - 10 x 10 on 18/36ct. Regular DMC against a mangy hand-dyed background helps with the primitive look.
  • Kindred Spirits - Finishing 10 x 11-ish on 32... love the patterns and colors in the dresses - aren't you glad we don't have to look like antique artwork? Makes me smile!

Simple Gifts Snow from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more Chilly Willy Stacker with Spool from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more Haunted Hillside Farm from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more Busy Bee Pinball Kit from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more
New Arrivals from Praiseworthy Stitches
  • Simple Gifts - Snow - Well, some don't think snow is a special gift... but I love it! Choose a wintery blue background fabric, and grab your opalescents, whites and more blues for this frosty piece of Quaker-inspired motifs.Finishes about 10 x 10.
  • Chilly Willy Stacker - Here's a standing stitched snowman just like the Holly Jolly Tree and Creepy Pumpkin Stackers! Choose some fabrics (all the same color or not - but keep the count the same), stitch and scrunch the layers together to make this 10-inch high little man! There is an antique wooden spool included with the chart - it is the mounting stick for your three layers, and the top of it is hidden under Willy's wool hat.
  • Haunted Hillside Farm - This year's Scary Halloween Scene, everyone is at the pumpkin farm choosing their Jacks. Finishing approx 9 x 11, it's on a lovely deep blue linen - Dawn by Picture This Plus. We have TONS of great fabric options for this now - in several counts too. Coded for hand-dyeds there is a smattering of buttons and a little metallic in here - super cute!
  • Busy Bee Pin Ball Kit - A quickie little thing, a round ornament piece, all the materials, trims, fabrics, everything are included in this kit.

Market Fresh Fruits by Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill! - click for more
Market Fresh Fruits from Debbie Mumm
Mill Hill has released a bright, cheerful collection of 4 different fruits. Kind of a retro-flavor to the designs - like a label on the end of the wooden crates - these are worked on 16ct White Chocolate Aida (just a hint of brown color to make them look like those old labels) with DMC flosses and smattered with Mill Hill beads.

Finishing 5 x 5 each, the complete kits contain the chart, fabric, beads, flosses, and needles while the frames are available separately. Reminding me of all the yummy things you can juice or add to smoothies, they are full of bright color and will make clean and crisp kitchen decorations!

Winter Blues by Just Nan -- click to see more! Frosty Gnomes Cottage by Just Nan -- click to see more! Winter Rose Petite Flower Cushion by Just Nan -- click to see more!
New for Winter from Just Nan - due in the shop February 8th!
  • Winter Blues - Nan is giving new life to one of her samplers originally published in 2001 - but long since retired. Winter Blues is worked with DMC (or silks) on white. In the olden days, we used a lot of 28ct - now you might choose to stitch this on a 36 or 40ct. Nan is including her handpainted bluebird Charmbead embellishment which is tucked into the sampler about half-way down the piece. The bird and included beads will be lovely on whatever count fabric you choose. Frosty and pretty, lots of gorgeous border-bands in this one! Leaflet with bird and beads included.
  • Frosty Gnomes - Well aren't these little guys charming? Four tiny gnomes - all sporting spike-y Satin Stitch beards, warm little tweed hats, and glass bead noses... they are surrounded by sparkly snowflakes. Best of all they finish ONLY 2-1/2 inches square on 32ct natural linen! Get out bits of DMC from your stash, and a little metallic - they don't take much to pack their punch of cuteness! Presented as a small chart with special bead pack.
  • Winter Rose Petite Flower Cushion - A tiny wisp of a thing, this is worked on 32ct Morris Blue hand-dyed linen by Weeks. (Lots of gorgeous light blues will work for this.) DMC, with beaded flakes in the corners, there is a snowflake sequin in the center of the petite 2-1/4 ornament or cushion. Definitely a quick stitch! Presented as the small chart with embellishments.
Stand Firm from Sweet Wing Studio - click to see more
Stand Firm
from Sweet Wing Studio
*Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.*

This is a fun tribute to Abraham Lincoln by Sweet Wing Studio.

Stitched on 32ct Flax Linen with a medley of hand-dyed or DMC floss, it finishes just 5-1/2 x 6-1/2. Presented as a small chart.

1 Cat and a Moon from Aury TM - click to see more
1 Cat and a Moon
from Aury TM
This little design caught my eye! Super simple, it measures just 51 x 57 stitches and uses just black, white and gray DMC. BUTTTTT, it is worked on a striking shade of hand-dyed fabric - to simulate a bright night sky.

See if you can find a cut of fabric... 8 or 9 inches square will do.... that you'd like for that background. You could stitch the 'flakes' in the moon with metallic, or the kitty in Gentle Art's Simply Wool, but doesn't this just set off that pretty cut of hand-dyed fabric beautifully? Presented as a single chart.

Bareroots  display at the shop Cheers  Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more
Cheers! Hand-Embroidered Dish Towel
from Bareroots
Something cute to stitch for a New Year, or a Birthday.. or an Anniversary... or a Party ANYTIME of the year! Bareroots is adding to her monthly collection of embroidered dish towels with this quick and fun towel. Floss and golden yellow rik rak is included with the towel... design in ready for transfer. (We have Stick 'n Stitch to make that easier!)

I believe we've putting this up on Just Arrived with several of Barri's other cute designs... we have Valentines, Easter, Spring... all sorts of these!
Needle Travel Mania Shop Guide for 2023 - click to see more
The 2023 Needle Travel Mania Guide
This is an awesome little 540 page book (5-1/2 x 8 x 1, it weighs a pound!) that is an incredible directory of needlework, quilting, weaving, knitting and needlepoint shops all around the country! If you ever go anywhere in a car, YOU NEED THIS BOOK! Organized by state, each state is mapped with interstate and state highways.

The shops are all numbered on the maps... then the directory offers varied information about each. Addresses, hours, kind of product mix, phone numbers, websites... just great info to help you plan the stops on your next road trip adventure!

They even have software that will plan your route for you and include the types of shops you 'need' to visit! Really a fun book to have -- and a super-fun stocking stuffer or neat stitch group gift!

The full Statehood Splendor Set from Thread Milk Design Company
Thread Milk's Statehood Splendor Series is FINISHED!
Thread Milk has finished her set of 50 state pin cushion/ornament designs with her final 10 charts. You'll notice in the pic that they are all different, but coordinate. The state abbreviation is on there... something about the state, and that number is the order in which it joined the Union.

A fun set... now everybody can get THEIR state! The entire set is now pictured on the Thread Milk Page.
This is Halloween from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
This is Halloween from The Drawn Thread
Cynthia Zittel has a fun new Halloween design... a haunted house with its graveyard and resident spiders and ghosts - all underneath the most glorious gnarly tree! She's put a lot in here - skeletons, ghosts, bats and pumpkins - all of it measures 183 x 74. Notice that huge eerie yellow moon behind the tree - soft and golden, spooky and seemingly quiet - for now!

It'll finish approx 11 x 4-1/2 on 32ct... and it would make a stunning drum-shaped stand-up, if you're 'framed out, or an awfully cute flat stand-up to perch on a sill or someplace!

Colorful Soft-Handled Small Scissors - click to see more
Back in Stock! Colorful Soft-Handled Small Scissors
These are fun and sturdy little 4-inch scissors - really good for cutting metallics because they are serrated. Pretty colors, they're handy to stuff in the kitchen drawer.

Stash a pair in your closet to cut off tags from new clothes, stick a pair in the laundry room to trim threads. They are strong enough to let 'medium-ones' cut paper and 'craft-stuff.' The handles are soft and feel nice! Choose from Pink, Lime or Purple.


Yes, there's even MORE!     
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