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Webmaster's note: These pages became so large that we have divided them up into 4 separate pages to help with load time. So be sure you hit the There's More button at the bottom of the pages to see the rest of the wonderful stuff that has come in recently.

Osnaburg Fabric with matching Twill Tape Trim from Lady Dot
Luscious Cotton Velveteens
from Lady Dot Creates
We have 12 new sets of heavy-weight hand-dyed cotton Osnaburg fabric and matching 1/4 inch cotton tape that Lois from Lady Dot has dyed. Soft, dusty colors, nothing specifically calls for these, but they were pretty, and so I bought them! (We loved the color names, too...but grape jelly reminds us that this is a soft and dusty color palette.)

3 yards of Tape along with a 22 x 18 cut of the fabric, you can make several smalls out of each packet. Most of the tapes are head-on matches to the fabrics, a few are slightly differed in shade, but all coordinate beautifully - even across the collection.

125 Seasonal Sampler Winter from Tellin Emblem - click to see more 126 Seasonal Sampler Spring from Tellin Emblem - click to see more 127 Seasonal Sampler Summer from Tellin Emblem - click to see more 128 Seasonal Sampler Autumn from Tellin Emblem - click to see more
Seasonal Samplers from Tellin Emblem
This is a set of 4 small charts - each features coordinating pots of flowers surrounded by borders and alphabets. Each measures 104 in stitch count, you can stitch them in a 4-square, or long vertical or horizontal piece... whatever.

Now, LOOK at the petty pots in the centers. You could do single pin cushions of JUST those. You could do a stand-up cube with each season on a side... and work in the borders adding the season name if you want. Pretty colors, the alphabet fonts are all different - did you notice that? There are 28 different shades of DMC across the set, along with 6 more Gentle Art Hand-dyed Sampler Threads - so quite a colorful little set of designs!

Emily's Hope from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Emily's Hope from The Drawn Thread
Drawn Thread's newest design is here... it's full of songbirds in their tiny garden. Measuring just 2 x 8 on 32ct, it's a bitty thing full of charm.

Each letter of HOPE has its own bird tucked between some blossoms (worked with special stitches); the E even has a baby bird in its nest. Something uplifting to stitch - make a long cushion just to perch on a windowsill! Coded for Gentle Art Sampler Threads or silks.

Mani Di Donna Black Fantasy - click to see more Mani Di Donna The Welcome Street - click to see more Mani Di Donna The Simple Life - click to see more Mani Di Donna Liberty Lane Pillow - click to see more Mani Di Donna Nantucket Lights - click to see more
New Arrivals from Mani Di Donna
  • Black Fantasy - A thread ring holder, sewing roll cushion and a little box, all is stitched on one cut of 30ct Weeks Onyx linen - or a nice dark gunmetal alternative. DMC (3832, 3782 and 932) or silks, the stitching is soft and flowing. Simona includes lots of pictures inside the chart for your finishing aides. She's provided template measurements (in INCHES - not metrics, for us Americans) They show you how to anchor the rings in there (we carry those rings by the way!), and how to make the velvet roll, and wrap the diamond panel around it! A charming little set - not too big, just the right size! We have the chart along with Simona's two tulip waxers, the completed beaded scissor fob in the pic - trimmed with the clay tulip - and the pair of tulip pins you see poking from the cushion!
  • The Welcome Street - Pineapples abound! This design offers lots of parts. You get the main 'street' design - the four buildings. There is a flower pin cushion pictured - blue flowers in the corners, but what you cannot see are the pineapples separating them. The chart comes with 4 golden crystal pins to embellish this little cushion - and highlight those stitched pineapples. There is a needle book, and a little bag to hold a pineapple waxer - which is included in our accessory pack. All of that, along with a beautiful beaded scissor fob trimmed with a pineapple charm! Stitched on Weeks Cocoa linen with Weeks flosses, a lot of fun things to digest in this pattern!
  • The Simple Life - The Farmhouse, barn and sheep in the yard... finishes approx 11 x 6 on Weeks 30ct Cocoa.
  • Liberty Lane Pillow - Finishing just 4 x 5 on 32ct... the words are lovely, but this will be even smaller if you leave those off - or stitch them on the backside for a little surprise to your cushion!
  • Nantucket Lights - I've never been to Nantucket, so i don't know if these three lighthouses exist or not... but they look good 'in stitching!' Just kind of for fun.... it finishes 12 x 5-1/2!

Rainbow Bridge Cat Friends from AB Designs - click for more Rainbow Bridge Dog Friends from AB Designs - click for more

The Rainbow Bridge for Cats and Dogs
from AB Designs
These are darling, colorful designs for something that I just can't even THINK about!

Amy has separate charts for cats and dogs, and gives you three different shapes and colors of animals to help you personalize yours.

Stitched in DMC or Weeks hand-dyed flosses, I love how she's kept the collars and used them on the pillows.

A New Star is Born from MTV Designs - click for more
A New Star is Born from MTV Designs
This is an elegant 'mattress' pin cushion by MTV Designs. I don't know how to describe the shape except to tell you it is curvy - kind of fluted - and it has a center 'button' that is stitched. Worked on 32ct linen with Weeks flosses of Lancaster Red, Olive, Pumpkin, Turquoise and Curry, it looks to have 6 'sides'... and it finishes approx 4 inches across and an inch high.

Our charts come with the three Murano Glass pins you see in the pic... Maria sent assorted colors of those - but all match the thread colors. Just a beautiful, unusual little thing... presented in a chart with lots of finishing photos and those lovely pins!

Sarah Macgregor's Sampler: The Lords Prayer AND Choose Your Own Adventure: Sarah's Worke from Shakespeare's Peddler
Choose Your Own Adventure: Sarah's Worke Kit Kit from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Sarah Macgregor's Sampler: The Lords Prayer from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more
  • The Lord's Prayer Sampler - Theresa Venette LOVES to find old samplers and discover their hidden charms. This particular one - a sampler stitched by a young Sarah features her age ripped out when she finished this! Delightful bands of floral pots and birds, little girls, and The Lord's Prayer; Theresa has re-charted it, and is offering the sampler two different ways.
    The Lord's Prayer Sampler is the complete chart... 241 x 335 in size. Stitched with Weeks hand-dyed flosses or DMC, it finishes approx 13 x 18 on 36ct.
  • The Choose Your Own Adventure: Sarah's Worke Kit option gives you the bottom half of the sampler (no Lord's Prayer on there) and several different ideas for stitching pieces and parts of the original. What is pictured on the chart's cover is just one project suggestion. Measuring approx 13 x 7 on 36ct... Theresa added a little more detail to that second band of birds and flowers.
    Presented in a kit, you are getting 12 skeins of Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed flosses, the chart (same as The Lord's Prayer Sampler just without the top part of the charted prayer), and a fun little wooden needle minder. Do that whole sampler or pieces and parts - all with Week's colors of Juniper, Cayenne, Havana, Sanguine, Tarragon, Dove, Pebble, Schneckley, Oak, Fawn, Teal Frost, Kohl, and Baked Apple.
    So... get the chart ($22.00) if you want the Prayer option. Get the kit ($55 which includes the $30 of threads!) if you know you're going to need the threads and don't want to wait to get started stitching!

Woodland Sampler from Marjorie Massey - click for more
Woodland Sampler
from Marjorie Massey
Here's another delightful quaker-inspired sampler by Marjorie Massey. It'd be neat hanging in a mountain cabin because it features deer, evergreens, squirrels and acorns, and it has a 'coverlet feel' to it because of the reverse alphabet at the bottom.

Stitched in only one or two colors - choose a hand-dyed that you like against a background fabric that you like - absolutely nothing is called on the chart! Put your family initial in the center circle... and you know what? You can even change the alphabet to spell anything else besides THE ALPHABET! Stitch count is approx 170 x 200, the chart is nice and big, and she does have it printed in two colors of ink.

Potions & Spells from Autumn Lane Stitchery - click to see more Wicked Witchcraft from Autumn Lane Stitchery - click to see more The Witch's Spell from Autumn Lane Stitchery - click to see more The Lunar Witch from Autumn Lane Stitchery - click to see more
Intense Color from Autumn Lane Stitchery
Wowza! New designs by Autumn Lane Stitchery - you are in for an explosion of color with these! You can just FEEL the potions flying around in the air, and you can HEAR all the swooshing and bubbling and screeching going on. Each one of these is busy and vibrant.

All four are presented as leaflets offering huge charts along with a colored master chart. They are all the same stitch count - 140 x 196. Coded for DMC - they all use fun, unusual colors of hand-dyed linens - which can lead to a witch-hunt of it's own! Designed by Aaron Houston - he used to be a comic book artist in his former life!

American Sampler House from Annie Beez Folk Art - click to see more Stars & Stripes Forever from Annie Beez Folk Art - click to see more
Stars & Stripes Forever and American Sampler House
from Annie Beez Folk Art
Here are two pieces that just might get you into the mood for the 4th Of July! By Annie Beez, they both feature cool house and neat billowing flags... I like them both!
  • Stars and Stripes Forever has a lot of quilt motifs in it, it uses gorgeous shades of Light Khaki, Cayenne, Whiskey, Roasted Figs, Dublin Bay. Deep Sea, Pine Needles, Lucky and Straw. A mixture of hand-dyeds, it has softer colors than the American Sampler House, and finishes approx 5-1/2 x 8 on 32ct Country Vintage Mocha Linen.
  • American Sampler House is full of brighter traditional colors of Ecru, Wrought Iron, Jay Bird, Blue Suede, Blue Jeans and Cayenne. It's worked on a light blue background and finishes abut 5-1/2 x 6-1/2.

Tournesol Bleu by Reflets de Soie -- click to see more! Tournesol Bleu
from Reflets de Soie
Isabelle of Reflets de Soie has yet another over-the-top elegant beaded pincushion creation. Stitched entirely in petite glass beads, you're doing only half stitches with one strand of thread over 2 on 35ct linen. (I haven't tried it, but you can probably do these on 18ct Aida - but you might need the curve of the cushion stuffing to make the fabric convex so the beads lay properly.)

Presented as the chart with beads, Isabelle has sorted and labeled all the beads, so you're ready to go. Tournesol Bleu measures just 69 x 69 stitches - so under 4 inches in size, and she's finished it into a biscornu shape.Talk about an elegant cushion! The metallic beads just glisten - like the reflecting gold leaf on the display plate!

Lost and Found from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more Lighting The Way from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more Lighting the Way and Lost and Found from Silver Creek Samplers
  • Lighting The Way - Always be a lighthouse, shine your beacon bright. Guide every soul adrift at sea throughout their darkest night.
    Stitch this on something to assure that lighthouse will show up - it isn't quite so prominent in the model pic - and it's a pretty lighthouse! Finishes approx 9 x 10 on 28/14ct... coded for DMC.
  • Lost and Found - I am a lost sheep gone astray, Shepherd find me this I pray. Oh Shepherd listen to my prayer and keep me in thy loving care.
    Coded for DMC, this one measures 147 x 131 - so on 32ct it's 8 x 9.

Cheerful Giver from October House - click for more Love and Joy from October House - click for more Flosstube Friends from October House - click for more Sew Blessed from October House - click for more
New Designs from October House
  • Cheerful Giver --This is a sweet little piece - worked on 32ct with Weeks Sage and Tarragon and Classic's Sweetest heart and Root Beer Float colors. The featured trim is Vintage Mini Poms by Lady Dot.
  • Love and Joy - Another cushion-sized piece, this is about 5 x 6-1/2 on 32ct, and is stitched with Gentle Art's hand-dyed Simply Wools of Ruby Slipper, Baby Spinach, Old Red paint, Maple Syrup, Chalk and Blue Spruce. The wools are wonderful to stitch with, and really give you a softer, deeper look than the cotton flosses - REALLY nice.
  • Flosstube Friends - Well, I want to be the young, skinny one in the green dress way down there on the end! Just a fun little piece... it's pretty big at 7 x 17 on 40ct!
  • Sew Blessed - A cute Sewing Room sign! Finishing about 5-1/2 x 6 on 36ct, right now it's worked in Classic's hand-dyed cottons of Rose Petal, Strawberry Parfait, Mauvelous, and Weeks Mocha, Louisiana Hot Sauce, Sockeye, and Peony. If you need other colors, they should be really easy to change - might be fun to dig some buttons out from you button box, too!

Spring Spring Scamper from Luminous Fiber Arts
Oh my gosh, this is the CUTEST! What a wild ride everyone is enjoying! *It's time for Spring Scamper, the annual race through the tulips to see who is the fastest! The bunny and chick are leaping into the lead, while their friends race to catch up in their carrot-mobile. A chick in a radish plane (that is the best part!) flies overhead towing the race banner while tossing carrots like confetti down on the competitors! What a charming scene!

Presented as a chart, this measures 111 x 266 - so it'll finish approx 7 x 16 on 32ct. Worked with hand-dyeds and lots of DMC, I just love it. You COULD do this on 18ct linen and use #5 Perle Cotton... like the Bent Creek globe kits or the Shepherd's Bush stockings... then finish it into a glorious big couch pillow... it'd measure 12 x 30! (take a ton of thread... but how fun anyway!)
Enjoy several other new designs when you click through!

Oology by Satsuma Street - click for more
Look What's New From Satsuma Street! Oology! from Satsuma Street
This delightful set of 4 eggs is the perfect project for the start of Spring... and better yet, they are all presented in ONE leaflet!

Each 3 x 4 egg is stitched on 28ct linen - but Satsuma loves perforated paper as well, and these would be awesome as paper eggs too!

Coded for DMC, get out some beads and metallics if you feel like it... these gorgeous pastel eggs will be so much fun to stitch!
Flowershop from Thistles Merry X-Mas Welcome from Thistles Hilltop Village in Winter from Thistles
Thistles has fun new designs!
Liezbeth is from the Netherlands...and when we took our Silver Needle/Jeannette Douglas Tulip Time River Cruise to Holland two years ago... she met our group of 90 stitchers for a day with a huge trunk show of her things. It was delightful... and a neat memory.
  • Flowershop comes straight from her imagination! Stitched with 23 different shades of Weeks hand-dyed flosses, I'm not sure how large it is... but I think about 8 x 15. I see three panels here... the little shop and all it's gardens of flowers and trees. It's so happy, I just love it!
  • Merry X-Mas Welcome - Oh, there are pigs-in-love for Valentines and a black cat on Halloween that go with this - isn't this plump gingerbread cottage the cutest? Hansel and Gretel live there! It measures about 5 x 9 in size, I think, and is stitched in Gentle Art's Simply Wools of Tea Rose, Raven, Harvest Basket, Buttercrunch, Ruby Slippers, Cidermill Brown, Chives, Morning Glory, and Chalk.
  • Hilltop Village in Winter - This finishes Liezbeth's 4-season set... she traveled in southern Italy in 2019... and loved all the old villages on the hilltops and mountains. So we get smidgens of European villages all throughout the year. Finishing about 6 x 8... all of them are delightful!
Spring is Springing from Val's Stuff Please Grow from Val's Stuff
Please Grow and Spring is Springing from Val's Stuff
Two new arrivals by Val's stuff... they hint at Spring, but after this last February weather... who knows?
  • Please Grow is a plant poke! Delightful colors, it is stitched on 14ct perforated paper with DMC flosses from your stash. Then, you decorate with felt flower pieces, and the button. Cut it out, glue it to the black felt, then glue that to the pink felt, add the wooden skewer stick and you're ready to beg that plant to grow (using your good manners!) Complete kit includes the chart, paper, embellishments, felt and stick to make the 4 x 4 poke.
  • Spring is Springing features a snowman who's going to melt soon. You don't actually stitch him - that's the background fabric... and the flower on there consists of tiny felt pieces... so actually, this goes pretty fast! Kit comes with the chart, 28ct Jobelan fabric, and pink felt pieces. You'll need bits of Week's hand-dyed floss from your stash - Chartreuse, Watermelon Punch, Envy and Pumpkin!

Jelly Bean Jubilee from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Jelly Bean Jubilee from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots moreJelly Bean Jubilee from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
Presenting Jelly Bean Jubilee from With Thy Needle & Thread
Brenda Gervais has just announced her newest leaflet release - Jelly Bean Jubilee! Seven cheerful bunny and bean designs - full of bright, happy colors!

Stitch them all on a fat-quarter cut of your favorite fabric... round up some cute ribbons and trims... and you'll be ready for Easter!

Music in America Guitar from Ronnie Rowe - click for more Music in America Piano from Ronnie Rowe - click for more Music in America Saxophone from Ronnie Rowe - click for more Music in America Trumpet from Ronnie Rowe - click for more Music in America Violin from Ronnie Rowe - click for more
Presenting the Music in America Series from Ronnie Rowe
Wow... these are definitely for the serious music lover - and a serious stitcher! Ronnie Rowe is a really fun guy. I'd heard about his stuff for years... I didn't know he was a 'real person' until he showed up at market for the first time a couple of years ago! The man is eternally cheerful and assured me he was, indeed, alive! Completely talented - he sketches out all this stuff and then stitches it and charts it! Absolutely unbelievable in detail and vision, his designs will remain classics. His covers really don't do justice to the stitched pieces.

New this year are these 5 tributes to music. Each is presented as a chart and coded for just plain 'ol DMC floss. His style is to mimic pen and ink - these are so exciting, so realistic. They'd be lovely in a music room, recording studio, office, school... anywhere someone can appreciate them. They are generous in size - all around 12 x 17 (180 x 270 or 300 in stitch count) - so visually commanding!

Honey Hill Hamlet from Artful Offerings - click for more Honey Hill Hamlet
from Artful Offerings
Here's a very organized piece... stitched on Picture This Plus's Doubloon Linen with DMC or Gentle Art's hand-dyed flosses. You'll need Baby Spinach, Ruby Slipper, Carriage Black, Chamomile, Wood Trail, Gold Leaf, Pecan Pie and Chalk.

On 40ct, it is still quite large finishing about 7-1/2 x 10-1/2. The bees in the octagonals would make nice scissor fobs. Very patterned, very neat and tidy... pretty colors!

Plant Wisdom Sampler by Brenda Keyes -- click to see a larger view! The Ultimate Sampler Motifs Source Book by Brenda Keyes -- click to see a larger view!
  • The Ultimate Sampler Motifs Source Book
    Brenda Keyes has reprinted her wonderful multi-page book that is CRAMMED FULL of alphabets and different motifs that appear in antique samplers! Out of print for several years, it is just an awesome book, and we are thrilled to be able to have it again. A MUST for your library... you can tell by the cover what treats await inside!

  • Abigail Markam Sampler - Here is a pretty sampler -- very bold and organized -- balanced and stately! Presented as a chart, this measures 205 x 155 -- so finishes just 9-1/2 x 13 on 32ct. If you choose smaller fabric, you can make your finished piece smaller as well.
    Charted for ONLY regular DMC floss of black, two shades of green, two shades of gold and a brown and red, you could easily change some of the colors to hand-dyeds if you wanted to. The border is pretty, alphabet is good, and the house is very eye-catching. It would make a wonderful *family established* piece!

Infant Book #1 from Susanamm - click for more Happy from Susanamm - click for more The Skull from Susanamm - click for more
Cute Variety by Susanamm Cross Stitch!
All of her designs are funky... and generally heavy on the stitch count. They are big, lots of solid worked areas, and they'll use tons of your DMC! Sometimes the charts are intense because they are so much solid stitching... but a lot of needleworkers really like that!
  • Infant Book #1 - This is a set of colorful motifs to arrange however you want. The animals along the top row are larger - 100 x 75-ish in stitch count - so they would make darling single pillows or bedroom door signs - something like that. The little birds and mushrooms are 40 and 60 in count... just cute and fun.
  • Happy is just that! Focus on the chickens - not the blue background - you can stitch these on any color fabric you want! They are 161 x 172.
  • The Skull - Oh my gosh, I think this is so cute! But, but, I think I would skip the pumpkin because the chart makes my head spin! (It's solid and about 80 x 80 stitches of 349, 606, 646, 720, 817 and 922 - it's a whopper!) The skeleton is so darn cute, and the whole thing uses only 9 shades of DMC... just super fun... so get out that floss!

My Early Days from Plum Street Samplers Adam Names the Animals from Plum Street Samplers Bigfoot Bunch from Plum Street Samplers Abominable Bundle from Plum Street Samplers
4 New Charts from Plum Street Samplers' Paulette Stewart
  • My Early Days - Inspired by a sampler Paulette owns, she 'perked up' the blues in her design, because she found that blue enchanting on the original piece. Finishing approx 12 x 12 - pretty generous on 36ct, it has a pretty symetry.
  • Adam Names the Animals - Paulette tells us that Eve is not present on the sampler, as God gave Adam the task of naming the animals before Eve was created. The verse on the sampler alludes to the loneliness Adam still felt after each of the animals had been considered as company. Finishes approx 11 x 8 on 40ct.
  • Bigfoot Bunch & Abominable Bundle - Oh these two are fun! In Bigfoot, can you find Mama and Baby hiding? The Abominable Snowman is from the Christmas Special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Remember him in there? Didn't Herbie fix his sore tooth? A little digression from the rest of the animal 'stacks' but that's OK... stitch him and wait for people to loooookkkk... and then timidly ask about!

Rise & Shine in cross stitch from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Whimsey Halloween in cross stitch from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Psalm 91:11 in cross stitch from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Peacemaker in cross stitch from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Come Into The Garden in cross stitch from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Lots of Lovlies from Teresa Kogut!!!
  • Rise & Shine finishes about 6 x 8 - choose a light background like the morning sunshine!
  • Whimsey Halloween - 4 x 6 on 40ct... this one is upside-down!
  • Psalm 91:11 - Measures 9-1/2 x 7 on 32ct. Choose a dark fabric you can see on... notice the monochromatic design in her dress?
  • Peacemaker - Another of Teresa's signature angels... this one is about 9 x 10 on 35ct. LOTS of color changes in these, but so worth the effort!
  • Come Into The Garden - Love all the details in this! Finishing 11 x 14-ish on 40ct... 'Come to the Garden, Thy senses shall be overjoyed.'

PuntiniPuntini Dog Lovers Chart w clay - click to see more PuntiniPuntini Cat Lovers Chart w clay - click to see more PuntiniPuntini Button Set Flowers 2021 - click to see more PuntiniPuntini Pin Set Sewing 2021 - click to see more
Dog Lovers, Cat Lovers and TONS of Buttons and Pins from PuntiniPuntini
Our Puntini Puntini Button order has finally arrived from Italy - and we are experiencing Button Bliss and Pin Pleasure! Paola does such a great job on her tiny creations - they are truly bitty works of hand-made art. Check out our interior page that lists everything we have - these two new charts are there too!

Cat and Dog Lovers - Presented as charts, each measures 70 x 90 in stitch count. Coded for DMC, change your house colors and what you have growing in the pots if you need to... but don't change the cute little clay puppy or kitty sitting on the front steps! You get that button along with the round 'paw' button above the door, and the matching (smaller version) dog or cat pin that you see up on the roof. If you stitch just the house, and not the bottom border, they'd make a 4-inch pin cushion, and then you could stick that pin in there where ever you want! Each chart comes with its necessary 3 Puntini clay pieces. And don't miss the Dog Pins and Cat Pins, if you want even more embellishment!

Project Quarantine: Stay Home & Stitch! from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Project Quarantine: Stay Home & Stitch! from With Thy Needle & thread
What a fun project to tantalize your stitching fingers and keep your heart happy... Let's Stay Home and Stitch! Stitched on anything you like, the area inside the little hoop is worked over one thread - so keep that in mind when choosing fabric, the satin stitches on the spools of thread will be ok no matter what you use. It finishes approx 3 x 7-1/2 on 36ct.

Brenda sent a really lovely letter with the shipment... she is donating $1.00 for each of these patterns sold to Center for Disaster Philanthropy Covid-19 Response Fund. The donations to this fund will support non-profit organizations working in areas identified as having high numbers of affected individuals and those working with the most vulnerable populations. Areas of emphasis include helping health-care workers with purchases of masks, gowns, gloves and other protective equipment, supporting quarantined and vulnerable individuals, and hygiene promotion campaigns to limit the spread of the virus.

A Christmas Rose from Blackbird Designs - click for more
A Christmas Rose
from Blackbird Designs
#4 In their Christmas Series of samplers, it is stitched on Picture This Plus's 36ct Wren and uses Weeks threads of Dirt Road, Havana, Oscar, Parchment, Pelican Gray, Red Rocks, Sandcastle, and Tarragon.

It finishes a petite 6 x 8-ish... perfect to perch on a table or bookshelf. (I THINK the other three in this series have been Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad and Bringing Good Cheer.)

Square Dance - complete set from Heart in Hand - click for more
Square Dance
This is a set of 4 leaflets - featuring the months, all very small (40 X 40 stitch count) and cute. The set is now complete.

Cecelia is part of The Trilogy... and WOW... now I see who designed so many of the 'Secret Gardens' they did years ago! These are real colorful and cheerful... and will make an awesome set of stitched blocks! She is also offering a freebie border chart for this (513 x 55) in case you want to do them all in one lonnnnngggg row (which could be 32 x 3!). Individuals will take 1/2 a yard to complete... long skinny row will need a long 1/4 yard cut.

Jump Into Spring from Jeannette Douglas Soar into Summer from Jeannette Douglas Fall Into Autumn from Jeannette Douglas Cozy into Winter from Jeannette Douglas
The 4 Seasons of Florals from Jeannette Douglas
  • Jump Into Spring - First in a 4-seasons series... chart format, hand-dyed cottons, pretty 5 x 5 pin cushion designs with just a few special stitches.(it just so happens that our last Circle of Friends design is the Winter edition of this... so if you are in our Circle - yours is at least a year early!). The patterns are presented as charts and they're stitched on 32ct from Picture This Plus.
  • Soar into Summer is the second seasonal basket of flowers - it companions Jump Into Spring - which has already been released. A sweet 4 x 5-ish piece, it features a perky and quirky border with a few rows of specialty stitches along the bottom of the basket. This is now a lovely 4-piece set.
  • Fall into Autumn is Jeannette's third in this seasonal set of pin cushions. We already have Jump Into Spring and Soar Into Summer, and Cozy into Winter is coming in December. (You'll remember that Cozy was our Circle of Friends Design last December... so lots of you already have that one - hopefully some have finished it!) Really a pretty little piece, it uses hand-dyed cottons and the bands all across the bottom feature special stitches.
  • Cozy into Winter is the final one in the set. If you were a member of our Little Help From Our Friends Stitching Circle this year... you should remember this as our first design last January. (So you already have it.)

Sunflowers & Crows Pin Cushion and Sunflowers & Crows Beaded Fob from Fern Ridge - click to see more Sunflowers and Crows from Fern Ridge Collections
Seems like we're just getting past the sunflower and crow season... so technically you have a year to get ready for them again with these! Fern Ridge's matching beaded scissor fob and pin cushion set is FULL of lip-puckering late fall color. The linen for the 3-1/2 x 5 cushion is 28ct Riviera Olive - a strong olive green, and the flosses are bright golden yellow, deep burgundy, along with crisp green and cinnamon. The complete kit contains that fabric and thread, along with the Chianti Lady Dot Ball edging trim, the hand-dyed silk ribbon to hold a pair of your scissors, coordinating batik backing fabric, the JABCO clay sunflower button and 4 burgundy corner buttons, and the little glass black crow pin by The Glasshopper.

The matching Peyote Stitched beaded fob is stunning! Those beads and crystals in the fringed decoration really pick up the light... I can't stop playing with all that beaded fringe! This kit comes with everything you need to make that piece - which should take you 4 to 6 hours to complete.

Cold Noses from Lizzie Kate and The Silver Needle Cold Noses from Lizzie Kate and The Silver Needle Presenting Cold Noses by Lizzie Kate!
It's time to enjoy our previously-unreleased exclusive design Cold Noses by Lizzie Kate!
Stitch a row of cute penguins with their snowman buddy. Everyone is ready for a snowstorm - complete with warm neck scarves and shovels in hand!
This is the ORIGINAL design Linda used in her final appearance at The Silver Needle's 2018 Summer Stitching Event. Our chart includes all the original button embellishments to stitch the main trio pic of penquins and snowman AS WELL AS the Casual Friday and Prom Penguins (he is the one wearing the tux!) - both bonus charts that are included in our pack!

Darling, darling... ours is presented on the featured 32ct Crystal Mint linen by Picture This Plus... we have that available separately as well. (Crystal Linen is not longer made... so the fabric will not always be available going forward... so if you think you want it... get it NOW. The cut is large enough to stitch all the designs.) Our packs include the nose and snowflake buttons to stitch each chart, as well as a smattering of glisteny seed beads for the background snow. The design is coded for Weeks hand-dyed flosses and a smattering of DMC. Just a special November treat to help you celebrate the upcoming snowy season!

4-Inch Wooden Ruler Thread Organizer -- click here to see more!
Fun Ouija Thread Organizers!
Something cute for your stitching threads... use this 3-3/4 x almost 6-inch mini 'gameboard' to hold your project threads.

The coordinating needle minder - the planchette - is what we used to move around the board to tell our future and fortune! It features two magnets so you can attach it to fabric if you need to.

Just a fun blast from the past! Want to know more about the history of Ouija Boards?

Fantasy Biscornus Koala from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Fantasy Biscornus Skunk from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Fantasy Biscornus Fox from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Fantasy Biscornus Gnome from Tiny Modernist - click to see more
Another new Animal Biscornu
from The Tiny Modernist
This darling little Koala arrived this week... he joins Tiny Modernist's set of whimsical pin cushions - most of which are unusual animals we don't get to stitch much! You can make JUST one of the small corner motifs for an ornament or a fob, or just one side of the two-sided cushons - whatever you have time for.

The whole set so far is pictured on our Tiny modernist page... cute as can be! Each is offered in a single small card chart format, so you can pick and choose favorites.

Gingham on the Go Project Bags -  click for more
Gingham on the Go Project Bags
Hey, these are kind of fun! A set if three nylon/plastic woven mesh pouches; each is gusseted and features a top zipper closure. They're even 14ct - so you can STITCH ON THEM!

The smallest one is 8 x 10 x 2-1/2, medium one is 10-1/2 x 13 x 3-1/2, and the largest is 13 x 15-1/2 x 4. They're soft and lightweight, you can see through them, and they're cute - especially if you over-achieve and add some cute personalization stitching to them.

Patchwork de la Plage from Jardin Prive - click for more Sampler aux Fleurs from Jardin Prive - click for more Sampler aux Fleurs and Patchwork de la Plage
from Jardin Prive
We have a pair of new arrivals by Jardin Prive that look like they'd be fun to stitch. Presented as charts, they are both coded for DMC floss.
  • Sampler aux Fleurs measures 254 x 190, and finishes 11 x 14 on 18/36ct fabric. You can stitch it in one color of hand-dyed (cat sampler is stitched that way on her page) if you want - or the 8 DMC's - 152, 223, 733, 931, 932, 3011, 3781 and 3790. Not all the letters are in all the alphabets on here - to save space and to mimic antique samplers! You could have fun with your family - make 'em figure out what's missing - or you could change some of the ABC letter order and stitch words or names instead.
  • Patchwork de la Plage is another patchwork design - we have cats, dogs and Halloween already on her pages - this is another cute design theme. Tiny one-inch squares, they build together to make a charming sampler. Do a bunch of individual squares and make bitty fobs or whatever, stitch 3 or 4 together to make pin cushions - you could make at least a dozen different combinations with this and make a whole bowl of cute smalls! So darn cute, it's coded for DMC's of 310, 321, 437, 597, 733, 783, 839, 922, 3809, 3810 and 3865.

Special Delivery from Les Petites Croix De Lucie - click for more

Vintage Sewing Accessories from Les Petites Croix de Lucie
This is a neat pattern. It is a medley of antique sewing accessories and tools, all stitched with 26 various shades of DMC floss. The charts in here are huge, and all in color. You can stitch each 'thing' individually or do the entire medley, which measures 117 x 141 - so only 7 x 9 on 32ct!

It looks a lot bigger than that, so the moral of this story is PIN CUSHIONS AND LITTLE SEWING CASES! That tape measure is about 15 x 60 the button card is only 34 x 34, the safety pin is only 10 x 30... these are enchanting little what-nots! Get the chart, and then figure out what you want to do with all the designs... this is a 'must have!'

Little Mean Green Fabric Clips - click for more
Little Mean Green Fabric Clips and Mini Clips by Clover
  • Little Mean Greens - Just a small package of 10 - 1-inch transparent slime-lime super-duper strong mini-clips... use these to help keep lots of fabric rolled up or multiple sheets of a chart clipped together. They are a little wider on the finger-grabbing end - so they're easier to hold onto.
  • Mini Clips - A bit smaller than the Mean Greens, teeny weeny, easy to see, and SUPER strong. These come in a package of 20 red and aqua, or a cool little plastic, divided storage box - red, purple, aqua, yellow and green - 10 of each for $30.

All The fun Of The Fair from Little Dove Designs - click to see more
All The fun Of The Fair from Little Dove Designs
Oh we might not be going to The Fair much in 2020... but we used to... and we will again! Now it means greasy food, and kind of getting sick watching the crazy rides. The 4-H exhibits are neat... the booths selling ironing board covers - not so much.

So WHY do we remember it so well from when we were little? Everything must have been colorful back then, the candy was delicious, and those rides didn't make you sick - just super scared!

This is a fun scene from your memory - measuring 123 x 176 - so 9 x 12 on 28ct. Coded for DMC, choose a fun background fabric color so the white will show up, and for heavens sake, add some metallics and beads to this! What a fun summer decoration to get out and display from June to September!

Little Berry Thief from Scattered Seed Samplers - click to see more
Little Berry Thief
from Scattered Seed Samplers
This is a sweet berry-shaped pin cushion with a little brown bird nibbling his precious and ripe strawberry. Stitched on 36ct Vintage Country Mocha linen with regular ol' DMC of B5200, 221, 869, 3011 and 3799... it finishes about 3-1/2 x 4-1/2 inches in size.

The chart includes an actual-sized template for the fabric size, and another for the green leaf top. Make that from vintage fabric or some wool. I like that Feather Stitching on the backside, too; it closes your berry!

Wicked Women Unite from AB Designs - click for more I Smell Children from AB Designs - click for more
I Smell Children and Wicked Women Unite
from AB Designs
Amy Bruecken has a couple of new designs that are full of the personality of her favorite season - Halloween! Presented as single charts, she suggests wild fabric to complement the regular, solid DMC flosses she's used on them. You can add embellishments where-ever you want, she doesn't have anything specific featured on them.
  • I Smell Children will finish approx 4-1/2 x 8 on 32ct... if you don't want to offend your grand children - you CAN leave off the words... but this might really be cute propped in the candy bowl just for fun!
  • Wicked Women Unite is kind of a return of Amy's Fridge Art from a few years ago - little 3 x 3 squares that finished into refrigerator magnets. Five little squares you can arrange however you like... again, just regular DMC floss!

Spooktacular by Hinzeit -- click to see more new designs Spooktacular
from Hinzeit
We haven't had anything new from Hinzeit for quite some time... but I saw this one and liked it! Kind of a hint of a Jack-O-Lantern, it's pretty bold and cute. Measures 49 x 191 - you can stitch it on anything you want - 32ct makes it 3 x 12.

Coded for regular DMC floss, the chart comes with a spider charm. I would categorize the spider as icky! He's over 1/2 an inch in size, the kind that 'hops' when you try to get it, and I would definitely NOT step on one of these with bare feet! (charm or real!!!) So there you have it - charming with a terrifying embellishment!


Yes, there's even MORE!     
Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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