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Webmaster's note: These pages became so large that we have divided them up into 4 separate pages to help with load time. So be sure you hit the There's More button at the bottom of the pages to see the rest of the wonderful stuff that has come in recently.

Summer Saltboxes from Plum Street Samplers Summer Delivery from Plum Street Samplers Peace, Love & Purpose from Plum Street Samplers
New Things Coming from Plum Street Samplers
Shipping sometime the end of May... Paulette said she is pretty proud of herself for getting her patriotic designs out before the 4th of July!
  • Summer Saltboxes - This continues her set of Saltbox houses... we have Summer and Autumn already. This time, she made the flag continue from one pic to the other. 63 x 81, they finish a little under 4 x 5 each and use Classic Colorworks flosses of Black Coffee, Used Brick, Tennessee Red Clay, Shabby Sheep, Muddy Puddle, Sticks and Twigs, Dublin Bay, Pine Needles, Eggshell and Snowball.
  • Summer Delivery - Just like her other 'Deliveries' this one has that cute horse... and a profusion of quilt motifs on the sky. The little sheep has a basket on his back, and all those blocks are the flowers coming from the basket. Finishes approx 6 x 10-ish, this one calls for Weeks Dye Works flosses of Mascara, Teal Frost, Flatfish, Confederate Gray, Grits, Swamp Water, Terrapin, Crimson and Baked Apple.
  • Peace, Love & Purpose - This one features a colonial couple standing by their humble, quilt-bedecked home. 113 x 100, it finishes approx 5 x 6 and uses Taupe, Whitewash, Garrison Green, Grapevine, Dolphin, Tin Roof, Sanguine, Terrapin, Cocoa and Used Brick. Some good 'sections' in here... you can separate out that gorgeous tulip border along the bottom, or stitch just the house with the billowing flag... very cute!

Learning Stitches Sampler from Jeannette Douglas Designs Learning Stitches book from Jeannette Douglas Learning Stitches from Jeannette Douglas
Oh wow... this is gorgeous! The whole thing measures about 11 x 14 on 32ct linen. It features a lavish alphabet across the top section, then it showcases 15 tiny blocks below of your stitching lessons! Worked with a yummy array of hand-dyed silks and garnished with some darling stitch-related charms, each of those 15 blocks features a really cool different stitch that just LOVES to tease the hand-dyed threads you are using for it.

Jeannette has designed this to kind-of-be a class! Each section offers you stitching tips and hints, she's talking to you all the way through her book! Beautiful colored close-up pics of the actual stitches... just the pattern book is a treat by itself... but get the threads too. (Otherwise, it's like having a new kit to stitch with NO NEEDLE!)
We have lots more new designs from Jeannette... don't miss them!
Tea Aprile Dolce Dormire from Madame Chantilly Spring Garland from Madame Chantilly Cats in the Rain from Madame Chantilly
Four New Arrivals from Madame Chantilly
  • Tea Time - What a cute piece! Four little mice are preparing a treat of bisquits and tea with lemon. The colors are pale, so kind of hard to see, but the teapot is polka dot and flowers, there are lumps of sugar waiting, another little mouse is balancing between the pot's spout and the spoon resting in the matching polka dot tea cup. She's brewing the tea. Then, someone else is rolling in the lemon slice, and finally comes that big, heavy muffin! Two designs in here, the larger finishes approx 12 x 4 on 18/36ct. Coded for DMC, darling!
  • Aprile Dolce Dormire - I don't know what that title means, but it doesn't matter - I can tell this is a charming design! The mom and dad rabbits are working in the garden, but the little helper is fast asleep on the huge carrot they've gathered already! Mom has on a striped apron, Dad is wearing black garden boots, and baby has polka dot shorts on! That smaller design is about 4 x 6, the larger one is about 6 x 11. Coded for DMC.
  • Spring Garland - Wow... just a gorgeous, light and soft bird in his lavish nest. Stitch the nest by itself or add to the beautiful springtime stick wreath. Very soft colors, it is stitched on natural... just beautiful! Pansies and wildflowers on the wreath, there are tiny blue eggs in the nest, very timeless and casually elegant. Main piece finishes approx 7 x 8 on 16/32ct.
  • Cats in the Rain - 10 to be exact! A cute springtime piece to stitch for a kitty-loving-lady you know. Coded for DMC, it might be fun to stitch the cats in Rainbow Gallery's Wisper thread or Gentle Art's hand-dyed Simply Wools - to get a furry look. The Simply Wool will add color depth as well. Beads for the raindrops, maybe some opalescent in the raincoat, this measures about 5 x 6 on 18/36ct.
The Cross Stitch Journal - click to see more

The Cross Stitch Journal
This is a 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 inch spiral-bound notebook that has 50 pages to list and log 50 of your stitching projects! For those record-keepers of you... keep track of pattern name, designer, starting and ending stitching dates and times, fabric, threads used, and whatever else you want to record.

Some people like to log everything they stitch... but maybe you know somebody who is so scatterbrained, she has no idea what's in the bottom of her bag... and she might really need this book! Could be a gem of a gift... could just record projects done one summer... lots of possibilities!
Berry Bird from Scarlett House - click for more The Berry Beginning from Scarlett House - click for more In The Berry Beginning from Scarlett House - click for more
Berry Bird and In The Berry Beginning from The Scarlett House
Large and Small, The Scarlett House has two new designs - one a pin cushion size, and the other a sampler that rolls into a cute sewing case, complete with a pin cushion closure treatment!
  • Berry Bird finishes just under 4 inches in size and is shown as a padded topper for a ready-made candle holder (from the big box store). Using Weeks Whitewash, Havana, Oscar, Baked Apple and Mascara hand-dyed flosses, he's a simple little bird in his pot of strawberries
  • .
  • In the Berry Beginning features an Adam & Eve sampler that is approx 10 x 11 in size. Tanya has really done a neat job of finishing this in a different way. She's turned under the fabric edges, then mounted it to the inside of a fabric 'mat.' She's added the scissor pocket out of the lining fabric... and you can see the bonus pin cushion pattern up there on the right. She's put a loop on the back of that, so you can string your ribbon through the loop, and make the cushion a closure garnish for your roll! The fabric roll is pretty just by itself, with your initialed cushion keeping it closed, but then when you OPEN it... wow! Chart... hand-dyed flosses, 36ct linen.

Hannah Gaskell 1823 from Hands Across The Sea - click for more Lucy Navier 1818 - Hands Across The Sea's 2019 Queen of the May Sampler - click for more
Lucy Navier 1818 - Hands Across The Sea's 2019 Queen of the May Sampler
A very special and limited edition release from Hands Across the Sea, Nicola has done an amazing job on this - as always! 35 heavy and glossy pages of history, beautiful charts and diagrams, there are nine pages of huge pictures of the actual stitch detail in the sampler. Truly a treasure to just even own the chart!!!!!

If you aren't planning on adding this to this year's stitching schedule... how about enjoying Lucy's sampler on some stationery cards? Nicola has produced lovely 6" x 8 1/2" heavy-card-stock cards with Lucy's sampler on the front and the chart of the right-hand floral urn on the back. So, not only can you write a stitching friend a note... you can share the chart as well! Sampler cards come in packs of 10 for 24.00... or individual cards are $3 each.

Peace on Earth from Cottage Garden Samplings - click to see more Peace on Earth
from Cottage Garden Samplings
Another Songbird design by Cottage Garden Samplings! We actually thought it was #9 of her Garden Songbird Series... and even sent it to our Auto-Stitchers by accident! (#9 is still on the way!) However, the other birds in this series of designs are really very classic, and they are a little larger.

Peace on Earth is stitched on Weeks Dye Works Dove hand-dyed linen and measures only 125 in stitch count. We love it, and know you have time to finish it before next Christmas!

Bee Busy from Nikyscreations - click to see more Red Ornaments from Nikyscreations - click to see more Spring Scissor Sampler from Nikyscreations - click to see more
Three recent releases by Nikyscreations... all finished into pin cushions
  • Bee Busy measures a generous 6 inches x 1 on 32ct. The chart includes beautiful pictures of the assembly process for this miniature mattress... there is stitching around all 4 sides. It's a really cute finish. Charted for DMCs of 310, 420, 840, 370, 822, 522, 3033, 3859 and 3864.
  • Red Ornaments can be worked in any color you want - not only red. Niky's 32ct baby-sized gingham linen (checkered color every 8 threads) in featured! Cushions measure 39 x 39.
  • Spring Scissor Sampler is just a whimsical piece - those ever-important scissors - for a stitcher AND a gardener. Finishes 5 x 7 on Niky's baby gingham linen... DMC flosses.

Christian Geissinger 1839 from Victorian Rose Needlearts - click for more
Christian Geissinger 1839
from Victorian Rose Needleart
This is an interesting sampler by Victorian Rose Needlearts. Christian was a male stitcher. They don't know much about him, but he did a beautiful job on this 180 years ago! It is charted for and stitched with Gentle Art's Simply Wool thread - which makes your piece look AWESOME! I don't remember the actual colors being this red and pink... so after pulling them, you might be able to choose something to tone down the red or pink if they bother you, but those are the colors on the original piece. The lavish floral border is lovely, and that central urn is stunning... there's an opportunity for a 90 x 90-ish piece by itself.

Coded for the Gentle Art Wools, which follow the same color names as their cottons... this is stitched on Picture This Plus's 32ct Earthen linen. Colors used are: Schoolhouse Red (3), Faded Rose (3), Avocado (4), Cinnamon (3), Walnut, Piney Woods, Oatmeal, Old Red paint, Forest Glade, Summer Shower, Soot and Barn Grey. There are always debates about whether or not you are *supposed to* or *allowed to* change colors on an old sampler... I guess it all depends on how often The Cross Stitch Police visit your house!

The Chicken Coop from Thistles - click for a larger view
New from Market: The Chicken Coop
Liezbeth's Market exclusive... *What happens in the chicken coop stays in the chicken coop.*

A fun little barn full of noisy chickens, we'll never know what's really going on here!!! Coded for DMC, this finishes approx 11 x 12 on 32ct... might be kind of fun to fit that verse on the back of a pin cushion and stitch a chicken or two on the front side!

NOTE: This is a one-day Pop-Up Special! Your cart will not reflect the 20% discount... and it applies only to the Thistles charts we have in stock!
Carrot Market from Jardin Prive - click for more Carrot Market from Jardin Prive
Well, there's the whole Hare Family on the way to Market on Saturday Morning! OK... stitch the left-hand side of the design - just the littlest bunny with the wagon and bee... or add the sign and daffodils to it. OR... stitch the bunny in overalls with the bigger cart... they'd both be cute block stand-ups. OR... do the whole line and wrap it around a bucket, planter or basket. (In that vein, you could make a stuffed drum shape with a topping tuft of Week's hand-dyed wool!(and JABCO has CARROT pins... so many choices for this!)

Presented as a chart, this is coded for DMC - cute, bright, happy colors. It measures 178 x 46... so 3 x 12 on 16/32ct. You have some length there to do a nice wrap... and you could always add a kid or two... or make the little back wagon a double-trailer!!! So cute!

Walkin' On Sunshine from Luhu Stitches - click to see more
Walkin' On Sunshine
from Luhu Stitches
Isn't this a fun design? It breezed through our doors this week, and just makes me smile! By Cyndy Young of Luhu Stitches, it is worked on a light blue (any pretty blue or yellow would be good...) and finishes just 4 x 6 on 14/28ct. Finish it as a flat hanging or a fun block-shape stand-up.

I am dating myself, but when I was in something like 3rd grade, I had a *Thing Maker*... it was a little cooker thing, and you poured the 'Plasti-Goop' into little metal trays and cooked *Fun Flowers.* That sun reminds me SO MUCH of the flowers that I made in my Thing Maker! (I was so cool when I was 10!) Anyway, cute design, coded for Weeks and DMC... enjoy!

Birds Sampler by Brenda Keyes -- click to see a larger view!
Birds Sampler from Brenda Keyes of The Sampler Company
*The Bird which soars on highest wing builds on the ground her lowly nest, and she that doth most sweetly sing, sings in the shade when all things rest.*
mmm... I'm writing my words for this, but I'm really not sure what that verse is supposed to be telling me! I just like the shapes, the border, and the colors in this!

Measuring 159 x 209, this is charted for DMC floss. That verse is over one... so if by chance you want to change it and write something else in that place... make it go over two if it fits! Colors are 310, 738, 951, 356, 730, 3041, 3371, 680, 924, 3042, 355, 733 and 502. Pretty colors.

Le Cose Che Amo from Lilli Violette - click to see more Da Teresa from Lilli Violette - click to see more The Kitchen and The Florist from Lilli Violette
I think these two scenes are enchanting!
  • Da Teresa (From Teresa) is a Christmas Flower Shop. The blue kind of throws you off a little, until you find the snowman, the wreath in the window, the tree, and nutcracker. No special stitches or anything... and just regular DMC... you could garnish here and there with a few beads! Finished size is 172 x 152 in stitch count.
  • Le Cose Che Amo (The Things I Love) looks like the washroom off the kitchen! Lots of pretty linen towels drying on the rack beside the baskets of flowers, and I guess the two girls are washing those gorgeous dishes? I'm not real sure, but I think it's charming anyway! Colors are DMC of 817, 815, 963, 435, 433, 938, 3347, 3325, 3716, 334 (lots of that), 3345 and white. The finished size could be a whipping 10 x 13 on 14/28ct, and they've stitched it on natural so the white would show up.

Friends of the Mill from Chessie & Me Let My Examples Shine from Chessie & Me Sarah's Basket from Chessie & Me
New Arrivals from Chessie & Me
Linda has 5 new charts... I think we have three of them across the page here...
  • Friends of the Mill - Good Friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget. Designed as a retirement piece for one of Linda's friends... what a special piece this would be to stitch for a friend moving away. Weeks and Sampler Threads used, this finishes approx 5 x 9 on 32ct, four sided, eyelets over 6, and always Rice and Smyrna Crosses featured!
  • Let My Examples Shine - This is a neat 3 x 7 needle roll case stitched on Weeks 36ct Confederate Gray linen. You'll need one of our 'Schnigglet-sized' 8 x 8 cuts of Week's Whiskey Houndstooth Wool for the lining, and Classic Colorworks and Weeks flosses for the stitching. There is a good photograph inside the chart of the case inside, and complete finishing instructions as well.
  • Sarah's Basket - This is a take-out design from Linda's new sampler - one that Sarah stitched in 1848. Worked on 36ct, the pin pillow finishes a generous 7 x 14! Weeks and Classic Colorworks hand-dyed cottons on here... it's basically the top 1/3 of the sampler, but Linda has changed some of the flower baskets.

Happy Alphabet on one piece of fabric from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Happy Alphabet A from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Happy Alphabet B from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Happy Alphabet C from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Happy Alphabet D from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Happy Alphabet E from Tiny Modernist - click to see more
Happy Alphabet...
A Collaboration of Tiny Modernist & Stitchy Box
This is the beginning of the 26 letters of the alphabet ... each letter is presented in its own chart. Each is shown finished as a three to four-inch 'mattress-shaped' pin cushion - there are two sides to them - so different stitching on both sides. You'll also notice a 'small' in there... each chart has one or two small 'take-outs' from the larger design as well. You have another option of stitching this entire set in one piece, too!

Anyway, we've seen all the way through *R,* and it's real cute. (Not allowed to share the pic yet... I'll sneak that J is for Juggler, K is for Knight and L is for Llama.)

Jack Frost's Tree Farm part 3 Family Fun from Little House Needleworks -- click to see lots more
Family Fun - Part Three of Jack Frost's Tree Farm
from Little House Needleworks
Our third installment of this fun series has arrived. Stitched by itself, it measures a little under 4 inches square.

Orrrrrr... do the entire set together - we think it's darling! Rest of the charts are following, so join our auto-ship to help collect them as they are released.

Sister Suffragette from Summer House Stitch Workes - click for more Liberty & Justice For All from Summer House Stitch Workes - click for more Liberty & Justice For All and Sister Suffragette from Summer House Stitche Workes
Summer House Stitche Workes has a pair of fun patriotic charts celebrating our Women's right to vote! The 19th Amendment was ratified on August 26th, 1920... and here we are 100 years later!
  • Sister Suffragette features the Votes for Women banner, and 6 vintage 'vote' button charts! USA in 1920, UK in 1918, Canada in 1917, Netherlands in 1919, France in 1944 and Australia in 1911. Banner measures 12 x 3 on 32ct and the buttons measure 3 inches in diameter. Beth Ann provides REALLY NICE photos of the finishing process on the leaflet's back - the beautiful ribbons around the edge are pretty easy when you see how she has done them!
  • Liberty & Justice is a trio of 3 x 3 designs - all stitched with Gentle Art's Grecian Gold, Uniform Blue and Ruby Slipper. All are backed with Weeks Lancaster Red hand-dyed wool... what a pretty little set of cushions!

Serrated Utility Scissors - click for more Serrated Utility Scissors
These are pretty nice 4-1/4-inch all-purpose scissors. They feel a little 'heavy' in my hand - very sturdy. The blades feature tiny serrations - like the little ripples on a steak, grapefruit or tomato knife. Those are there to help keep your threads from slipping along the blades when you are cutting... so a smoother, cleaner cut results. You can feel them when you flex the blades! Nice large finger holes, too!

Released at our recent trade show, they named these *Classic Nashville* scissors, for lack of a better name, I guess! So... they have nothing do DO with Nashville, and everything to do with some nice cutting!
Tis a Melody from Lone Elm Lane - click for more    Grateful Hands from Lone Elm Lane - click for more    Little Brown Sparrows from Lone Elm Lane - click for more
Tis a Melody, Grateful Hands and Little Brown Sparrows from Lone Elm Lane
  • Tis a Melody is a set of three 50 x 60-ish designs - each finishing approx 3-1/2 x 4 on 30ct. You can see them finished into a pin cushion, scissor pouch and needle book... and then all tucked into compartments of a little wooden display drawer. (Hang that on the wall, or perch it on a shelf!) *In my heart there rings a melody... tis a melody of love.* Such a pretty set of designs... they are charming together, and the little drawer (you can find them at Hobby Lobby) is such a fun way to show them off. Stitched on 30ct Cocoa linen with hand-dyed flosses.
  • Grateful Hands - *These letters which you now behold, were stitched with grateful hands. When many years away have rolled, the love sewed in shall stand.* Stephanie stitched this on 36ct to fit the top of her 8 x 10 Crown Box. ($160 Special Order, several finishes available) There is a coordinating needlebook pattern as well... both are stitched with DMC 926, and hand-dyed flosses of Oilcloth, Dried Thyme, Cidermill Brown, Woodrose, Lambswool, Barrel Cactus and 12 Grain. The letters all look like they are Rice Stitches... but they are just regular crosses! VERY pretty!
  • Little Brown Sparrows - A sweet little basket of flowers ... that bird found a prettier place than his little wooden house! Stitched on 36ct, it finishes 5 x 7... Stephanie has it framed in the top of one of her boxes. A nice mixture of blues and brown, you'll use Blue Jay, Oatmeal, Raven, Dungarees, Maple Syrup, Freedom, Picnic Basket, Lemongrass and Blue Beadboard.

Besties from AB Designs - click for more
Join the AB Designs Lucky 13 Club!
Amy Breucken is doing a cute set of 13 charts - everybody is pictured here, so you know what scary things are coming your way! Beginning in June of 2019, you'll get two charts every other month (so I guess this will finish sometime in Spring of 2020.)

Stitched on Weeks Pumpkin or Carrot Linen, in all the bright colors Amy loves, that first shipment will have the words with design placement and the witch cauldron chart. Each of the little people can be stitched alone... and I believe they WILL BE individual charts... so maybe you'll want only 3 or 4 of them? Individual charts will be $10 each and include the buttons.

Defining Spring from Erica Michaels - click for more Defining Spring from Erica Michaels - click for more My Refuge from Erica Michaels - click for more All Through The Night from Erica Michaels - click for more
Erica Michaels has three new Petites designs... all are offered in chart format, and include a bitty cut of silk gauze - for super-gorgeous, petite results! Of course, Aida and linen work well too... so you decide what works best for you.
  • Defining Spring - This is the 2nd in a 4-seasons set. You can stitch the alphabet blocks with Springtime words on the gauze... but on the back cover, there is a colorful pin cushion that can be done on any number of pastel fabrics. All Through The Night from Erica Michaels - click for moreIt's a long, skinny thing, and Linda has featured some Just Another Button Company decorated pins on the model. Chart includes both designs, pins are available separately.
  • My Refuge - From Psalm 91, *He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you shall take refuge.* Finishing only 2 x 3-1/2 on the silk, this turns out 10-1/2 x 6 on 14/28ct! Coded for Belle Soie Silks of Beach Grass, Enchanted Forest, Oatmeal Scone and Vanilla Pudding - Linda has DMC conversions as well.
  • All Through The Night - This one has the neatest background! Can you see the moon-face and swirls in there? Super subtle, the smaller version is the silk gauze piece - it finishes only 2-1/2 x 4. The larger piece - the complete poem is worked on 36ct over two and it finishes approx 9-1/2 x almost 14 on 32ct! Pretty blues and cremes of silk or cotton - everything is listed inside the chart.

Good Night, Sleep Tight from Fairy Wool in the Wood - click to see more Good Night, Sleep Tight
from Fairy Wool in the Wood
Isn't this the cutest design? Stitch this on whatever you want... it's coded for 9 colors of DMC floss. Finishing approx 4 x 5 on 14/28ct... I think that is a little moose on the right. Check out the wise little owl on the left... just checking him out with his eyes wide open!

I remember that last part of this verse - *don't let the bed bugs bite!* If I had known at age 6 that bed bugs were REAL, I'd have never slept again! So, forget that part, and just enjoy the pair of forest friends having a sleep-over! Chart.

The Summer Night, Part 1 of the House on a Hill Series from Hands On Design - click to see more
The Summer Night, Part 1 of the House on a Hill Series
from Hands On Design
Cathy is beginning another small series of seasonal *mattresses!* The Summer Night is the first, and is here now. It comes as a chart of the small (2 x 2-ish) fob that matches the DARLING little 4 x 1 inch squared pin cushion! *The Summer Night has a smile of light and she sits on the sapphire throne* is the stitched verse that goes around the square.

Stitched on 28ct linen with Weeks hand-dyed flosses, the patch of Weeks hand-dyed green Houndstooth wool for the little Cape Cod cottage's lawn is included in the chart.

There is a JABCO pin set featured as well... a little whale, heart and flower... we've included those in our auto-ships, but you can get them separately. Super-cute finishing on this!

My Needle Berry LINEN from Erica Michaels - click for more My Needle Berry SILK from Erica Michaels - click for more Sunshine Berry LINEN from Erica Michaels - click for more Sunshine Berry SILK from Erica Michaels - click for more
Erica Michaels is Adding Berries to her Stitched Collection
Linda has 4 new pin cushion designs - the cutest little berry shapes - stitch them teeny-weeny small on 40ct or larger on larger counts... you have choices! All are worked with hand-dyed flosses... the LINEN berries are featured on linen fabric, the SILK berries are featured on 40ct silk gauze... but you can do them on whatever you like better. This entire collection is just enchanting, and all are presented in chart format.
  • The Needle Berry features a cute little sewing bird, a tape measure and tomato pin cushion motifs. The silk gauze version is actually larger in stitch count than the linen version, so the finished sizes can get confusing on these!
  • Sunshine Berry's Linen version has just the big flower, while the gauze version - because it has a higher stitch count (because you are on smaller fabric) has room for the *You Are My Sunshine* verse.

Cute, Novelty Scissors - click for more
Cute, Novelty Scissors!
We have 10 new patterns of 3-1/2 inch embroidery scissors that are cute and colorful - fun for little cases and fobs. Not real *high* on the cutting quality end of things, (meaning they are not DOVO quality) they are, however, cute and colorful, and perfect for lots of things! Designs are enameled on the handles so they will not rub off or fade, and will maintain their charm! I had actually never seen pineapple and cactus scissors before... feels like we need a stitched flamingo or something for them!

Pictured from left to right are: Owls, Stars, Lady Bugs, Pumpkins (closer to 4"), Yellow Heart, Anchor, Tiny Green (these are 3" rather than 3-1/2), Pineapple, Cactus, and Holly.

Stitch Box by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more Stitch Box from Jeannette Douglas Designs
This is another set of Jeannette's Smalls - She shows them all displayed in a little 6 x 6 wooden divided tray, but you don't have to do that if you'd rather just have them perched on a shelf or tucked into a bowl. The main 4 x 4 sampler - Love To Stitch - is finished as a flat... but you could add a pocket to the backside to store something. The upper right-hand piece has Bargello stitching on the front, and is a thread bobbin case - or a needle threader pocket - about 1-1/2 inches square. Next, below is a needle case - can you make out the Satin Stitched acorns on that? It is adorned with a pretty double acorn charm. All across the bottom is a 1 x 5 pin cushion - more Bargello to match the other pieces.

This is her 5th or 6th Tray design... they aren't inexpensive to make, but WOW... really enchanting when finished! Charming, full of hand-dyed silks and specialty stitches, the leaflet has great instructions and Jeannette's huge stitch diagrams. Offered as the chart with the silks and embellishments separately, as well as that little tray.
(NOTE: The Trays have come down in price! They are now only $38 each!
And... we have Tray Towers IN STOCK... a spinning tray-tower - so you can display your finished tray projects like a little open dresser! One Tray is displayed on the top... then all the rest pull out to enchant! (Just like the drawers of stitched antique samplers in the Victoria and Albert Museum... WHY DO we stitchers like to store our finished stuff in dresser drawers?) Leaflet, thread pack, felt/wool finishing pack.
Christmas Eve Nutcracker from Blackberry Lane
Christmas Eve Nutcracker
from Blackberry Lane
This chart has two different designs - one a 2 x 3 ornament, the other a 5 x 5 stand-up. Marie has done the larger on 36ct Picture This Plus's Gingerbread linen - going over two threads, but the ornament is on 28ct over one!

Each Nutcracker has different details... everything is outlined there for you in her instructions. 33 Shades of DMC are called for along with a little gold metallic. BOTH of these are stunning, as Marie's designs usually are!

Laurel Burch's Flying Colors in Cross Stitch for Mill Hill! - click for more
Laurel Burch's Flying Colors in Cross Stitch from Mill Hill
Wow... don't you love these bright colored fluttery butter and dragon flies? By Artist Laurel Burch - Mill Hill has charted her designs, given us white perforated paper, along with DMC floss and a smattering of Mill Hill glass seed beads to stitch these glorious studies in color!

Finishing approx 6 x 6, each is presented in full kit format. Frames shown are available separately. If fabric is your preference, choose a white in 14 or 28ct - so the beads will fit into the design.

Spring Mrs Bunn E. Tail from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Where Liberty Dwells from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more To Quote Shakespeare from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
  • Spring Fling - Pink hand-dyed linen -- approx 10 x 6 on 32ct... we love the colors!
  • Mrs Bunn E. Tail - What a darling bunny! 71 x 106 in stitch count, she is worked on 36ct or your favorite fabric! Hand-dyed flosses.
  • Where Liberty Dwells - Two cushions - small is 95 x 72, larger is 111 square. Pretty hand-dyeds, both charts are in this same pack.
  • To Quote Shakespeare - *And in a tedious sampler sewed her mind* Just goes to show that Shakespeare knew NOTHING... if he thought samplers were tedious! Another paper mache' box finishing treatment like Brenda's Seasons in Baltimore, stitch the outside band and mount the fun quote inside a 3-inch hoop - or make it into a cushion! Both designs are in this chart.

#96 Woodland Santas Reprint from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more #152 April Reprint from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more
New Reprints
from The Prairie Schooler
  • #96 - Woodland Santas - Originally published in 2000, shows Santa in his Winter Forest.
  • #152 - April is part of PS's series of the 12 months... all 12 leaflets feature the same design format... the larger sampler with small insert at the top corner. You can switch out the motif in that with one of the others... or you can take any of the 60 SAME SIZED motifs from the rest of the months in the set and manipulate them into all sorts of cute assortments!

Grown With Love from Hands On Design - click to see more Grown With Love from Hands On Design
Here is the 6th and finishing installment in Hand On Design's series of Flap Jack and Short Stack Pin Cushions! A real cute set of round drum-shaped cushions with matching rectangles... we've followed 6 seasons, without them screaming they belong to a particular holiday.

Very pretty Lady Dot Creates hand-dyed velveteen and chenille trims have been featured along with special hand-made clay pins by Just Another Button Company. Clear and crisp designs with great colors... all six are available as charts with the velvet, chenille and favored pins!

Penelope's Posies from Lindy Stitches - click for more Penelope's Posies
from Lindy Stitches
This is a cute little pin cushion kit - A Market Exclusive - (meaning that it can only come home with shops that attended the trade show and bought these kits.) by Lindy Stitches. I LOVE the company name - I have to meet this woman - we share a common bond! A new designer, she's being mentored by several in the industry... I think this is darling!

Her Penelope's Posies kit features her chart, Lugana fabric, hand-dyed silk ribbon trim by Lady Dot Creates, a crown charm, cotton backing fabric and those 5 colorful little flower pins you see poking from the top! Super cute... the little kits are limited.

Just Saying from Abby Rose Designs - click to see more Just Saying from Abby Rose Designs
*Just Saying - This is a trio of great little designs - *enjoy the little things, today is a Gift & life is beautiful* are the first three - there are 4 charts of 3 patterns each planned so far.

Stitched on Picture This Plus's 32ct Wren linen, they are coded for Gentle Art and Weeks flosses and feature Lady Dot trims. Each measures 67 x 67 in size... what a pretty set it's going to become! We're going to begin an auto-ship to collect the other three charts coming in the next three months!

Home of a Needleworker, Squared from Little House Needleworks -- click to see lots more

Home of a Needleworker, Squared -- Featuring CC's 3 NEW FLOSS Colors
from Little House Needleworks
Diane's small 'Market Release' kit, this measures 93 x 93 in size... stitch it on anything you want... you get complete skeins of her flosses in with the chart, so you have plenty of thread.

Eggshell, CAMPFIRE, Pine Needles, TRAIL DUST and STICKS AND TWIGS... (new are capitalized) are used. Chart comes with the 5 threads... we also have just the three flosses available 'open stock' as well. (a little easier on the stitching stash budget!)

West South East North by Rovaris of Italy! - click to see more 5 design models by Rovaris of Italy! - click to see more
Charming Seaside-Themed Designs from Rovaris of Italy - I love them all!
Direct from the Italian Coastline, these are all presented in chart format and are coded for DMC floss. Each one comes with a special embellishment, and most have a cut of lace or ribbon as well. We have a few other charts we picked up... click through to their page to see the rest! Livia and Paola Rovaris are the designers behind all these. They look ALIKE, and it took me 2 years at the show to discover there were TWO of them! One spoke better English than the other for a couple of years... so I remember going into their room and ordering, but then 'she never seemed to remember' when I came back. (Everything becomes clearer when you're all waiting in the breakfast omlet line at the show!)
  • North, South, East & West - All 4 designs are in this chart pack, along with a ship's wheel charm and the lace you see in the finishing treatment. You'll need to find some cute striped fabrics, which should be pretty easy. Each design measures 53 x 53 in stitch count, so on 32ct, they are about 3-1/2 inches in size.
  • Whale - Measures 147 x 46, you get the sailboat and whale tail charms!
  • Anchor Beach - Measures 96 x 61, you get the anchor charm and white lace to trim both end of the design.
  • Beach (The Word) - Measures 170 x 51, This one comes with a mermaid charm that is over an inch in size, and that dividing lace.
  • Sea - Measures 123 x 37, you get the crab chart as well. The crab charm is super-cute, comes with the crab-orange ribbon shown in the pic.
  • Mermaid - Measures 165 x 57 (about 10 x 3 on 32ct). A different mermaid charm in this one - her very curly tail is hard to see in the pic, but it's super-cute! Lace too.
Now Here from Plum Street... all offered in chart format.

Spring Saltboxes from Plum Street Samplers The Wool & Flax Co from Plum Street Samplers Yellow Polka Dot Bikweenie from Plum Street Samplers
  • Spring Saltboxes - Companion to Autumn Saltboxes 63 x 81 in stitch count, pretty houses against glorious skies!
  • The Wool & Flax Co - A companion to Milk and Cream Co, this is charming! There is a little border collie up there herding his sheep for his mistress, this is about 8 inches square on 32ct.
  • Yellow Polka Dot Bikweenie - The next *weenie-dog* pattern, this one is for summer... and one is wearing swim trunks, while the other is sporting that yellow polka dot bikini. This answers the age-old question... it is a YELLOW bikini with other-colored polka dots... or is it an any-color-bikini with YELLOW polka dots? It doesn't look to be a yellow bikini with yellow polka dots, though. 239 x 62 in stitch count
Fraktur Friends from Plum Street Samplers A Gentleman's Daughter from Plum Street Samplers Fox Few from Plum Street Samplers
  • Fraktur Friends - If you've been a member of our *A Little Help From Our Friends* Stitching Circle... you might recognize this design... it was one of ours a couple of years ago!
  • A Gentleman's Daughter - A companion to Miss Bingley's library, this features a fun quote from Pride and Prejudice... lots of organization in this... pretty lines.
  • Fox Few - The latest *STACK* of animals... just a few little foxes make up this pile of pleasure!

Stitch An Inch Garden Ruby 'N Rose from By the Bay Needleart - click to see more Stitch An Inch Garden Pink 'n Plum from By the Bay Needleart - click to see more
Stitch An Inch Garden Orange 'n Apricot from By the Bay Needleart - click to see more Stitch An Inch Garden Lemon 'n Lime from By the Bay Needleart - click to see more Stitch An Inch Garden Blue Bells in Sky from By the Bay Needleart - click to see more
Stitch An Inch Garden from By the Bay Needleart
This is a fun collection of 24 different flowers that are all 28 x 28 stitches each. Donna is presenting them in 6 color families - 1 color set of 4 flowers each month. So far we have Ruby 'n Rose, Pink 'n Plum and Orange 'n Apricot, with the yellows, blues and lavender all following these next few months. She has all sorts of borders in the charts, so you can stitch flowers individually or grouped just about anyway you want!

That big box of the 24 shows everything in the set, but you can arrange THAT piece anyway you wish as well! Donna has spent lots of time figuring out how you can combine these, how you can manipulate the designs... just to give you ideas. Your design possibilities are seemingly endless... and all from a tiny 1-inch flower motif! This series began in January of 2019 and will finish in June of 2019.

A Tisket A Tasket - A Small Scissor Basket from JBW Designs
A Tisket A Tasket - A Small Scissor Basket
from JBW Designs
JBW's Spring 2019 Market kit is here... it's a small scissor 'basket'... an envelope!

Presented as a kit of chart, 32ct antique white linen, floss for the cording and green backing/lining fabric (you can see it in the pic), and pink flower buttons, you add bits of floss from your stash. Finishing instructions are included to make the 3-1/2 inch scissor pocket and tiny matching fob.

Sarah Stewart Hardman Samplers from Needlework Press - click for more The Deventer Duo from Needlework Press - click for more The Deventer Duo and Sarah Stewart Hardman Samplers
from Needlework Press
Needlework Press has three samplers recharted and printed into 2 new leaflets. Each piece is full of history and Vicki gives you lots of that enchanting information in the charts. The pieces are so beautiful and there is so much detail and information here about each... I can't begin to describe them as well as they deserve!
  • Deventer Duo is a pair of very historically accurate Danish samplers from 1806 and 1811. She provides museum links in the book, so you can spend HOURS researching the artwork, and then more hours stitching the samplers!
  • Sarah Stewart Hardman is charming! *Time how swift it flies!* Sarah was 7... there were other samplers stitched in later years with her same motifs on them... she was a counting MESS, and crossed her X's both ways... all sorts of fun stuff in here! Vicki is full of fun history and info about this - it's all in the leaflet for you to enjoy!

Three New Animal Crackers from Stacy Nash -- click to see more Three New Animal Crackers from Stacy Nash Primitives
Stacy Nash has this fun series of stand-up animals - called 'Animal Crackers' - and then some little smaller heads of more animals called 'Cracker Crumbs.' These three are all new 'Crackers'... and we think it's fun to have them all organized on our inside page... so you can SEE her entire collection of them. They all come as individual charts... all stitched on various hand-dyed linens with hand-dyed threads... they look even better if you spray them with a little distressing spray or coffee!
  • Jenny is a bluebird - 7 Inches tall on 36ct, her needlebook measures 1-1/2 x 2. Really nice pic on the back shows the finishing of a wool heart scissor pocket.
  • Primrose is a bunny. She's tall at 8-1/2 inches! Worked on Weeks Havana linen... lots of stitching in this one... but with the rest - SO CUTE!
  • Percy is a SLUG! Stacy's daughter has insisted for years that this collection have a slug, so to pacify, mom did a SLUG! Not 'my personal favorite,' it would certainly give your Cracker and Crumb basket a conversation piece!!! Percy finishes about 6 x 6, and he has a wool scissor pocket on his backside as well. Something for everyone!!!!

Out There from Ink Circles - click to see more Squirrels of Sumatra from Ink Circles - click to see more
Squirrels of Sumatra (Big) and Out There (Little!) from Ink Circles
  • Squirrels of Sumatra is a companion to Dragons and Forests of Sumatra this is an original sampler out of Tracy's head! She's found lots of inspiration in antique Indonesian textiles... and had a little fun with them. With a stitch count of 303 x 216, choose any fabric you like - and then a luscious hand-dyed thread to go with it. The bonus, smaller chart in the lower left corner shows you color options.
  • Out There is the same, fun kind of piece - only less than a quarter of the size of Squirrels! Coded for Classic Colorworks flosses of Deep Fennel, Rod & Reel, Amber Waves, Brown Sugar, Avocado, Polliwog and Sugar Plum... can you see all the animals in here??? Giraffes, snakes, lizards, and of course, those darling little monkeys! Only 107 x 80.

Cross Stitch Party from AB Designs - click for more I Like to Party from AB Designs - click for more Besties from AB Designs - click for more
Partying with Amy Bruecken and her Besties!
Amy has several new designs... all of them are cute, colorful and fun to stitch. Her 'Liking to Party' set offers two different party options... Stitching or Napping! Those 4 sheep are super-cute - look at the swirls and dots in their wool! Pick a fun fabric, she's coded these for DMC, and tells you to add buttons or whatever else floats your party-barge!

Besties is a cute set of three 40 x 40 designs - frame 'em, cushion 'em, make block stand-ups. If you don't stitch the square outline around them, they'd fit on the Heart in Hand Heartware pieces... and you might need to add some JABCO or Puntini Pins to them!

Keepsakes ONE from Sue Hillis - click to see more Keepsakes TWO from Sue Hillis - click to see more Keepsakes THREE from Sue Hillis - click to see more Keepsakes stitched altogether on one piece of fabric from Sue Hillis - click to see more
Keepsakes One, Two and Three from Sue Hillis Designs
Sue Hillis has a 12-piece set of cute stitcher-related ornament and pin cushion designs. Presented in three separate leaflets, you would never guess that EVERY ONE of these is the same stitch count - 50 x 50... she's just shown you 12 different finishing options!

All DMC, no special embellishments... you can check your stash for old buttons and cute embellishments... she shows some Puntini Puntini pins on the beehive model - (now, there's a collection of CUTE pins and buttons to choose from!) Sue has also shown a layout on her back covers to join all 12 designs together in one framed piece. LOTS of possibilities with this set!!
Spring Mouse Scissor Roll with Dilly Mouse from Just Nan - click for more
It's All Here!
Presenting Spring Mouse Scissor Roll -- Featuring Dilly Mouse... from Just Nan
Nan's next miniature stitched scissor roll will be here the second week of March. Designed to hold a 3-1/2 or 4 inch pair of embroidery scissors, your 10 x 2 stitched piece features 4 tiny garden scenes that roll to the outside, and a charming verse with tiny mice scurrying towards the trellis pocket that will hold your scissors. Nan talks about a fence with flowers under the wisteria, daffodils under a splashing wall fountain, towering jonquils reaching for the sun, and a large basket of flowers on a garden table - ALL OF THAT is featured in those 4 tiny panels!

Stitched on 32ct Weeks hand-dyed Morris Blue Linen, the case is lined with more Weeks hand-dyed wool... and Ms Dilly Mouse perches on top of the whole thing. Dilly is stitched on Honeysuckle linen - her dress is decorated with daffodils. She has an amber glass daffodil hat, and she is holding a tiny pair of stork scissors. Included with the chart is an 8-page stitch guide, hand-dyed Iris wool, wired string mouse tail, signature button base for mouse, glass flower hat, beads, snap closure for case, and mini stork scissor charm. You'll need the fabric cuts and DMC flosses from your stash.

New Mini Needle Nannies, Micro-Beading Threaders, and Regular Mini-Threaders from Puffin & Company - click to see more
New Mini Needle Nannies, Micro-Beading Threaders, and Regular Mini-Threaders
from Puffin & Company
OK... Keep THAT straight! We have hens and bee hives! Each is only 1/2 an inch in size... can you see the differences in them? The Nanny (minder) has no hook hanging down from it. Just a magnet. The MICRO-Threader has the teeniest hook at the end - it fits a tiny beading needle eye. The REGULAR Mini-Threaders has the larger hook for regular needles.

Puffin & Co Needle Nanny Sunflower - click to see more Needle Nanny Thimble - click to see more
New Regular-Sized Needle Nannies
from Puffin & Company
Joining our set of magnetic needle minders we now have a thimble and sunflower. The Thimble measures 1-inch tall, while the Sunflower measures in at 1-1/2 inches. Made of recycled copper, brass and nickel metals, we have dozens of little pieces in minders and matching threaders... check out the rest!

EA01-XS Bunny Basket from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more EA02-XS Bunny Chick from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more EA03-XS Bonnet Chick from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more EA04-XS Egg Wagon from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more EA05-XS Bunny Butt from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more
The Easter Lollipop Collection from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more
Pepperberry Bunnies & Chicks for Springtime!
The Easter Lollipop Collection!

This is a delightful set of cross-stitched rabbits, bunnies and a sheep, all finished *on-a-stick* to poke into your Easter Basket, but could hang as ornaments as well. By Pepperberry Designs, they started out as painted needlepoint canvases, but they are stitched on all the bright Tropical Linens or Aida from Wichelt Imports - and they use regular, ordinary DMC floss!

Super cute, each finishes approx 4-1/2 x 5... they are all slightly different. I see metallics on these, some furry threads from Rainbow Gallery, some buttons and beads... lots of potential for cute embellishing. Choose between Tropical Blue, Green or Pink... we have 14 Aida or 28ct Linen... and the colors are CHEERFUL! Each of these is presented as it's own chart.

EA06-XS Chick in Egg from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more EA07-XS Lamb With Basket from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more EA08-XS Bow Tie Bunny from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more EA09-XS Hatching Chick from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more EA10-XS Peeking Bunny from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more EA11-XS Bunny Lamb from Pepperberry Designs - click to see more

The Ocean Blue Stocking from Kathy Barrick - click to see more The Embroideress Stocking from Kathy Barrick - click to see more
Kathy Barrick's New Stockings!
DO NOT use these for Christmas decorations... rather... make them and hang them on doors or on skinny little strange walls or tuck them into narrow nook areas. Pick an cool area that is as quirky as these are! They are neat pieces of artwork... don't hide them away till Christmas!
  • The Embroideress Stocking measures 172 x 447 -- so 9-1/2 x almost 25 on 18/36ct! *All of my scattering moments are taken up with needle and thread.* Put your name on there instead of Sarah Hanson, and add family lace and buttons to the top! Charted for silks or DMC.
  • The Ocean Blue Stocking measures the same 9-1/2 x 25. Done on a grey-blue, when you study it a little, you see all the fish and the mermaid... the huge whale, the repeating sails of the ship... and those clouds and gulls! Totally fun! Actually, because these are so skinny... even though they have a ton of stitching to them, they go kind of fast because they keep growing!
Pumpkinheads from Val's Stuff
Pumpkinheads - Boris and Natasha! from Val's Stuff
A pair of Pumpkin Pincushions! Boris stands 5-inches tall with his leaves and stem, and Natasha stands almost 6 inches because of her spool. A fun way to use all sorts of Halloween-colored fabrics - make a stitched pumpkin patch! Val's Stuff has a kit to make these little guys. You do MINIMAL stitching with black and white floss on 30ct Weeks dye Works Pumpkin Linen (or something cute you like and have!)

She provides the finishing instructions to gather your fabric at the top and bottom... roll the felt for stems, cut out felt leaves, glue or stitch on the eyes, stuff, and perch Natasha on the black painted spool stand! You can add plastic pellets inside these if you want a little weight to them. The kit comes with charts, painted spool, clay and button eyes, sunflower pin, pipe cleaner, twine, and felts for the stems and leaves. You'll need a little wad of polyfil, maybe the plastic pellets for weight, and some glue. TOO CUTE!

Stitch Always from Lucy Beam - click for more Big Chicken from Lucy Beam - click for more
Stitch Always and Big Chicken from Lucy Beam
Here are a pair of charts we picked up at Market a couple of weeks ago that caught our eye!
  • Stitch Always - I love that hair-do! That little stitcher and her Stitch Always verse finishes 8 x 6 on 32ct... but she's smaller without her words. I just love that giant tomato pinned to her hair!
  • Big Chicken - Another fun design to bring a smile to your face. It does have a big chicken... we don't really know why. It could be titled Big Barn... but that wouldn't be as cute! Lots of hand-dyed flosses, it finishes a whopping 12 x 6, because, remember it's BIG chicken!

Barnyard Festive Fob Chart from Heartstring Samplery - click for more Teatime Festive Fob Chart from Heartstring Samplery - click for more The Cat Sampler Chart from Heartstring Samplery - click for more
Heartstring Samplery has 6 new charted designs -- and some super-cute miniatures of her things in stickers!
  • Festive Little Fobs - Barnyard & Teatime Editions Beth reports that she is kind of *Fobbed-Out* these days, but did have two more subjects to add to her set of 12 OTHER Festive Little Fob charts. The tea cups are cute, but the Barnyard collection steals the show because of the goat on top of the barn and the tiny animal stack! 9 bitty designs in each chart, if you are an over-achiever, and you actually stitch all of these... they will bring your Festive Little Fob collection to 126 pieces! (If you were on our FF Auto-Ship, we did NOT continue it with these two, as they were not part of the promised original set.)
  • The Cat Sampler - *A house isn't a home without the ineffable contentment of a cat with it's tail folded about it's feet.* So there you have THAT! Measures 173 x 134 - approx 8 x 11 on 32ct. Coded for hand-dyed flosses, it's very cute and eyecatching!
Happiness is Homemade - click to see more

Happiness is Homemade
This is the little cookbook the Market Organizers compiled for us this year. A 6 x 9 softcover with 63 pages of recipes, cross-stitch charts, a few stories, some pics of the food, original recipes or finishing steps, 86 shops and designers contributed FAVORITE recipes to this book. (The rules said it HAD to be a *Tried and True* favorite recipes -- and we came through!)

Totally yummy sounding things - some of the Italian designers have metric measurements - you can Google the equivalents! Doug Kreinik put in a recipe that he used to win a Chili Cook-off... but it makes almost THREE gallons! (Ok, who has a pot that big!) Glendon Place has a huge bean recipe that took the entire page. There are so many neat recipes in here, and you'll probably recognize most of the contributors! From super-easy things to super-old family favorites... just fun!

Like a Butterfly Music Sewing Set from Mani di Donna - click for more Like a Butterfly Music Sewing Set
from Mani Di Donna
This is a charming stitched music box BOX by Simona! Your scissor case and fob match the tiny round box - which has a music box mechanism inside! Want to see it work? Lift off the tufted (Weeks Dye Works Houndstooth Wool) top, to find a stitched inside base - about an inch down. The rest of the box is holding a hidden music box... but the little crank is poking through a hole you left on the backside of the round!

So unique! We're getting all the pieces and parts she is offering - pins, music box movement, fob beads and case handle... $60.00. 30ct Weeks Linen, flosses, wool and ball trims are all offered separately.

Bee Our Guest from Noteworthy Needle - click for more
Bee Our Guest from Noteworthy Needle
Oh My Gosh, this is the ULTIMATE in being welcomed into a *HOME OF A STITCHER!* Noteworthy Needle has a cute little room sign - an information token - to let your guests know your Wi-fi password!

I love her network name in her promo pic - HIVE. The, the password - 14ct Aida! Only Janice could imagine this... and it's pretty cute! This is a must!

Flowers of the Seasons from Rosewood Manor - click for more By The Numbers from Rosewood Manor - click for more Grayfriar's Sampler from Rosewood Manor - click for more Churchfield Manor Sampler from Rosewood Manor - click for more
Four New Samplers from Rosewood Manor
Karen never does anything little! Here are 4 other new samplers available in 10 and 20-page booklets.

You can't see enough detail on these bitty pics... they are just teasers, aren't they? By The Numbers is NOT alphabets - it's NUMBERS! Float your mouse over each image so you know its name and then click them to see larger pics.

LW Motif Sampler 1821 from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more English Garden from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more Bouquet 1813 Kit from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more Pensee Savauge Kit from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more Floral Cup Pin Cushion Kit from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more
New Designs from Samplers Not Forgotten
  • LW Motif Sampler 1821 - This is a pretty pink and green floral sampler with a SUPER-antiquey flavor to it. 16 Different hand-dyed flosses in here, it is petite, but VERY pretty on color! Not too big, it finishes about 5-1/2 x 10 on 36ct... it is just charming!!!!
  • English Garden - This finishes approx 10-1/2 x 18 on 40ct. It is INTENSE! Stitched with Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed cotton flosses, you'll need multiple skeins of several of the colors, so buy your floss all at one time. Parchment (2), Confederate Gray (1), Sage (1), Garrison Green (3), Grape Vine (1), Red Pear (1), Pea Coat (2), Oscar (3), Whiskey (1), Gold (2), Sanguine (1), and Cinnabar (2). There are only Cross Stitches in this, but the borders and patterns are rich and full - the stitched piece in person was absolutely enchanting. Remember, you CAN break this up and make pin cushions out of some of the solid areas... and the 1813 floral basket on the right hand side is available separately as a cushion kit! This is lovely... buy it for your stash... it's worth it!
  • Bouquet 1813 Kit - That sweet little floral take-out from the English Garden Sampler... Kit of linen, finishing fabric, threads... so pretty!
  • Pensee Savauge Kit - Another delicate floral cushion kit... you get the finishing fabric, button and silk ribbon in here along with chart, linen and floss.
  • Floral Cup Pin Cushion Kit - Oh this is delightful! It is a soft spray of flowers stitched on Weeks Dye Works 36ct Tin Roof hand-dyed linen with Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed flosses. The complete kit includes the darling little 2-1/2 inch white enameled cup with the green ribbon for the rouching trim, along with linen and flosses. The heart-shaped waxer in the pic is included... and so are the 3 crystal pins! Really a fun way to finish a *small*... something to perch on a shelf, windowsill, or just another unique and interesting finishing treatment for a small design!
Spangled from Long Dog Samplers - click for more
from Long Dog Samplers
By Long Dog Samplers, the shop girls found this in our book racks and we realized that it missed the Long Dog web page! *Home is where your story begins.*

This little baby measures 205 x 277 - so approx 13 x 17 on 32ct. Coded for DMC or Gentle Art Sampler Threads, it has quite a prominent border of stars and angles. Colors featured are Raven, Moonlight Path, Wood Rose, Sable, Pink Azalea, Cherry Bark, Barn Grey, Sugar Plum, Cidermill Brown, Antique Rose, Cornhusk, Tropical Ocean and Buttermilk.

Miss Lucy Calcutt 1826 from Just Stitching Along - click to see more

Miss Lucy Calcutt 1826
from Just Stitching Along
By Just Stitching Along, Lucy did a sampler in 1825 at age 8 (shown on our Samplers page) and this one the next year at age 9!

12-Page full color chart format, coded for silks or DMC cotton, it has 28 colors and measures 281 x 380 in stitch count.

Penelope's Posies from Lindy Stitches - click for more
Bunny Lace Trio
from Lindy Stitches
A chart of these three designs that feature a way to highlight all your crazy overdyed threads.

Vintage County Mocha linen... get some trim and them dig through all your beloved random threads!

This design highlights three of Classic Colorworks flosses that have multiple color variations in them -- so no DMC conversions. Cobbled Peach, Goldfish and Meadow Green are featured. Three sweet cushions for the season!

Cats and Hearts July from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Hearts August from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Hearts September from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Hearts October from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Hearts November from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Hearts December from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more
Cats & Hearts - July Through December from Kitty & Me Designs
Here are the final 6 designs in this fun set of 12... each is a chunky heart filled with cool graphics and geometric borders. BUTTT if you are a cat lover - that little black kitty steals the show for you! By Kitty & Me Designs, choose just one or two of your favorites, or do them all and make a quilt... each is presented separately in a leaflet format.

Stitched on any white fabric you like, they are all coded for DMC floss and measure 101 x 77 (approx 5-1/2 x 7 on 14/28ct.) The little black cats are CHARMING! (If you like one silouette more than another, switch them out on your hearts!) The background designs for all 12 are different, their colors remind you of that season, and wow... what an opportunity to add some hand-dyeds, beads or metallics! You could even stitch your kitty in Black Simply Wool to make him furry! All 12 designs in the set are here.

A Study in Blue from Sue Hillis - click to see more A Study in Blue from Sue Hillis Designs
This little pattern set is quite the favorite everywhere it seems! Sue Hillis has covered a 7-inch paper mache box (she has source/ordering info in here) with cross stitch on the outside and lined it with coordinating fabric on the inside. There's even a pin cushion to store inside your box! Complete instructions are provided in here (with lots of actual photos of her finishing processes) to line the box and cover the top and sides.

You stitch everything on a 1/4yd cut of 32ct Country Vintage Mocha Belfast Linen with only Gentle Art's Sampler Thread of Dungarees - we are guessing 3 skeins. (if you find another lining fabric you like better, change your stitching thread color to compliment that! Nothing says this has to be blue, you make it your color!) Everything is adorned with vintage pearl buttons - way more fun to sew on a button HERE than on one of your clothes!!!

Santas Revisited VII - Reprint of book #209
from The Prairie Schooler
Here are Santas from 1985, 2002 and 2014!

We're slowly getting all of the annual Santas back in print... check your stash to see if you've been wanting any of these!

Dog's Declaration from Ink Circles - click to see more
Dog's Declaration
from Ink Circles
By Ink Circles... at first, this looks like a nice reverent piece about Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness... but WAIT... it's the pursuit of SQUIRRELS! Every dog's goal in life is to get those little monsters that taunt! They chirp and twitch their tails while that eye is looking right at you... they do it on purpose!
Valdani Thread set for Dog's Declaration from Ink Circles - click to see more
So here is a lovely piece that measures 243 x 315 - finishing approx 13-1/2 x 17-1/2 on 36ct! (Pretty big, but you'll have time to stitch it, because your dog will be outside chasing squirrels the whole time!)

Tracy has coded this for Valdani hand-dyed floss or DMC, and it is presented as a chart.

Shabby Winter Calendar from Cuore e Batticuore - click for more    Vive le Printemps from The Tralala Collection -- click to see more    Be You Just You from Jardin Prive - click for more
Three Cute Patterns from our Italian and French Designers!
  • Cuore e Batticuore - Shabby Winter Calendar
    14 x 22 on 32ct! A delightful winter-y collection of 3 x 3-ish inch motifs, everything is stitched on frosty blues and soft browns. Think about adding some opalescent thread... and make small pin cushions for a basket instead of the whole sampler. Coded for DMC, presented as a chart.
  • Tra-La-La - Vive le Printemps Bits of Spring? Lots of rabbits and sheep in this one, there are 9 'sections' to this that would all make cute little cushions - another option instead of stitching the entire 9-1/2 x 12 inch piece. Pull out your stash of hand-dyed floss and choose your colors as this is charted for hand-dyeds sold in Italy.
  • Jardin Prive - Be You Just You
    This is a 6 x 6 piece stitched with regular shades of DMC floss. I think it'd be cute in a little girl's bedroom... change the hair and house colors... and stitch her name so it meanders through the flowers. This is presented as a chart.

Mill Hill 2019 Spring Button & Bead Kits - click for more
Presenting the The 2019 Spring Button & Bead Kits from Mill Hill
It's after January 1st... Spring is on the way!!!!!! (At least that's the Mill Hill business plan!) Our annual set of 5 x 5 beaded scenes are here! Complete kits, we always stitch them on fabric instead and make little hanging pillows, but they are also very nice on the provided perf paper.. Drive In is part of the Main Street Everyday Village series of businesses... I think there are about 15 in this collection so far.

Valentine Heart is something new for February! Hibiscus goes with the Hydrangea and Geranium we already have, and Flamingos goes with the 6 seashells and crab we already have. Complete kits offer chart, perf paper, needles, floss, beads and button embellishments. Frames are offered separately, as well as our 9 x 9 28ct fabric cuts.

The 2019 Spring Bouquet Collection from Mill Hill - click for more
The 2019 Spring Bouquet Collection from Mill Hill
Here are the annual bitty ornament designs... always 3 x 3-ish in size, always on 14ct perforated paper, always fun and different little designs... I think the little hedgehog is just the BEST! Not far behind would be that darling crab on the beach ball!!!

You can stitch these to be Christmas ornaments if you want, but most either attach a magnet to the back of them and display on the fridge or file cabinet or where-ever, OR hang them from some wooded branches... like a little tree. They can make a stunning presentation on a grapevine wreath too! Complete kits contain the charts, paper, flosses, beads, tiny glass Mill Hill Treasure embellishment, stick-on magnet and needle.

Stitch Dots - patterns from With Thy Needle & Thread - click to see more
A Fresh Shipment of Stitch Dots!
We chose some of our favorite Stitch Dots featuring the artwork of With thy Needle's Brenda Gervais for our most recent shipment. Cute little super-duper-strong rare earth magnets make these dots very functional.

Strong enough to hold a pair of scissors nearby or keep track of multiple needles, they work as good old-fashioned refrigerator magnets as well as needlework aids. We carry lots of varied Dot designs... we usually just 'assort' them if you order the '3-For $30 Special.

Sew Happy from All Through the Night - click for more Sew Happy
from All Through the Night
All Through the Night has several new things... I chose 10 of them... simple and cute... all are offered as charts. Sew Happy finishes 8 x 10 on 30ct Weeks Putty linen... he is worked in Gentle Art Sampler Threads.

I think he'd make a cute doorknob hanging for your stitching room! If you aren't lucky enough to have a *Stitching Suite*... maybe you have a thread box that needs a stitched top?
The Double Zippy Pouch -  click for more
The Double Zippy Pouch
We are in love with this new size of plastic zipper pouch. It measures 9 x 13-1/2 and features two zippered compartments.

The main side fits a standard Cross Stitch leaflet, while the smaller compartment that measures 5 inches high fits the smaller card designs.

Separate spaces for patterns, fabrics, threads or scissors... we think it's a great development!!!!

Soul Food for the Needlesmith from By the Bay Needleart - click to see more
Harbor Haven - The Complete Village from By the Bay Needleart
Harbor Haven from By the Bay Needleart - click to see more Donna Bayliss' 12-part Harbor Haven is FINISHED - and we have all the parts! Stitch just one or two sections - joined or singly for a bitty village - or do the whole thing, it's charming! Finishing 5 x 42 on 32ct, changing fabric size will really give you finished size options. The single scenes are only 3-1/2 x 5. Charted for DMC floss, there are no special stitches in here... but she says you can add anything you want... and sub hand-dyeds if you have something you want to use.

Our *complete sets* also contain Donna's BONUS design Soul Food for the Needlesmith - as a FREEBIE for getting the entire set of charts. It finishes approx 7 x 7 on 32ct, and can be purchased separately from the Harbor Haven Set of charts.

Spooky Boo from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more Dove Song from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more Star of Bethlehem from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more
Spooky Boo, Dove Song & Star of Bethlehem from Silver Creek Samplers
Silver Creek Samplers has sent us her trunk show, and in it were three designs we have never featured before! WOW... we love new stuff - especially when it appears ALREADY STITCHED in the UPS boxes! All three were published in 2011 and 2012, and gosh they are cute!!!
  • Spooky Boo - Finishes 4 x 7 on a mangy hand-dyed linen... lots of neat ones are available now. At first cock crow the spirits go back to their resting place below. The gravestone reads "I ben beter!" Pretty fall colors, it kind of companions Halloween Bright!
  • Dove Song - I cood Him to sleep so he would not cry. What a wonderful Christmas memory! Stitched on something dark to remind you of the midnight sky, this finishes 4 x 5 on 32ct. Kind of generous for an ornament, you could finish this flat on a bit of wool and use it as a small hanging... coded for Gentle Art Sampler Threads.
  • Star of Bethlehem - If you hitch your wagon to a star, be sure it's the Star of Bethlehem. Stitched on Weeks Dye Works Dolphin linen, this features a charming verse. It even has Baby Jesus in the little red wagon! (And we think it'd make an awesome birth announcement for a Christmastime baby!!!)

Merry Mugs from Rachels of Greenfield - click to see more Merry Mugs from Rachel's of Greenfield
Rachels of Greenfield - (our little felt ornament kit lady) has a new set of 6 ornaments ready! Presented in complete kit format, each opens at the top for candy-cane or gift-card storage! A mug of steaming coffee, creamy hot chocolate or spicy tea... those treats warm your soul like these little guys can!

Kit includes the wool felt, floss, gold hanging strings, patterns and instructions to make the darling little blue, red, green, gold and white mugs! Easy stitching - no sequins!

2019 Collector's Heart from Heart in Hand - click for more Bird In Hand - Valentine's Day from Heart in Hand - click for more Merry Making Mini: Love Blooms from Heart in Hand - click for more
New *I Love You* Designs from Heart in Hand
A trio of small designs arrived today... just in time for a Valentine Surprise to someone special!
  • 2019 Collector's Heart - With my whole heart for my whole life is the verse on this 3 x 4-ish bitty declaration of love! Stitched on Picture This Plus's 32ct Wren hand-dyed linen, the chart comes with that fabric cut along with a piece of Lady Dot's hand-dyed 'Barn Door' baby rik-rak trim and a bitty wooden heart button that comes from Italy. You'll need to supply the bits of DMC or hand-dyed flosses from your stash.
  • Bird In Hand - Valentine's Day is another in the cute series of holiday birds and alphabets. (The 6th or 7th I think.) Presented as a small card chart with bitty brass heart embellishment, the two lovebirds are cute, but there is even a little Cupid with a bow and arrow on there - it's only 8 stitches high!!! The whole thing finishes approx 4 x 4, Cecelia has it assembled into a pillow with a pocket for a Valentine note!
  • Merry Making Mini: Love Blooms - Too bitty and Cute! Just 2 x 2, choose a soft pink colored fabric for this. Presented as a small card chart with the three pink micro-buttons that make up the flowers, this is worked with your bits of hand-dyed or DMC floss, and trimmed with Lady Dot's Snow Chenille. Nothing too involved... just *THE MESSAGE!* :)

#9 - Last Ripe Berries from Blackbird - click for more
The Last Ripe Berries
from Blackbird Designs
Blackbird has finished their Loose Feathers Series *For The Birds.* Started 2 years ago, this is pattern #9 in the small-leaflet collection that featured birds in the colors of taupe, denim, dusty golds and soft greens.

Right now, all the charts are available... so make sure you have the ones you need... before they fly away!

Game of Swannes from Long Dog Samplers - click for more

Game of Swannes
from Long Dog Samplers
Long Dog Samplers has a new design, this one measures 187 x 251 - so approx 10 x 14 on 18/36ct. Stitched with Gentle Art Sampler Threads or DMC, the colors are really pretty - Antique Rose, Caramel Corn, Endive, Briar Rose, Nutmeg, Gold Leaf... there are 12 in all. Jools has some bits of *Swan History and Trivia* on the chart... I didn't know that swans are the property of the Monarch and can not be privately owned without permission.

There are annual 'swan-uppings'... and the collective name for a gathering of swans is a 'game.' (Like a flock of birds, gaggle of geese, pack of wolves... (Who knew!) Anyway, busy and full of charm like some of her other design we carry... can you see that the rabbits are wearing crowns in here?

Lois' Stocking from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
Presenting Lois' Stocking - Shepherd's Bush's 26th Annual Stocking

The 26th annual Shepherd's Bush stocking will be here this week!

Lois is the same size as the rest... pretty hand-dyed Pearl Cottons... official charm packet... the whole bit!

Be sure to visit our Christmas Stockings page to see a great variety of other stockings... from Shepherd's Bush as well as other designers. It's holiday creativity at its best!

Frosty Chillingsworth Mouse from Just Nan - click for more Presenting Frosty Chillingsworth Mouse... and his little Frosty Snow Cube from Just Nan
Nan's newest Winter Mouse is due in the shop January 24th!
Frosty Chillingsworth Mouse -- the dapper fellow he is -- will lift your spirits this winter! Stitched on 32ct White Belfast linen with DMC flosses and a hint of opalescent metallic, he has a half-carrot nose and wears a black top hat and sporty red and black plaid scarf. His winter sweater features beaded snowflakes and a fir tree with tiny cardinals stitched over one on the back. (We're talking a very teeny-weeny sweater here, so don't stress about those over-one stitches -- there aren't many of them!) White tipped pins serve as his stick arms with mittens, and his hat has caught a snowflake. Included are 2 colors of beads, silver tail, Nan's signature mouse-button-base, snowflake sequin and pin arms. (Nan says you can change the color of those mittens with a marker!) Cute as can be... he finishes a mere 1-1/2-ish of an inch! Presented as a chart with embellishments.

Frosty Snow Cube from Just Nan - click for more Frosty Snow Cube -- The perch for Mr Chillingsworth Mouse! Each side of this 2-inch stitched cube features a large beaded snowflake surrounded by tiny fir trees topped with red birds. More fir trees and flakes cover the top, too. The cube is wrapped with a cozy red and black scarf -- to match Mr Frosty C, and snowflake sequins garnish the corners. The third Winter cube -- this joins Pink Ice and Pansy Ice Cubes. Stitched on 32ct Raw Belfast, and the same metallic as Frosty C (you used it in Juliet the Bride Mouse as well), the chart comes with silver crystal beads, flake sequins and lots of Nan's great instructions. Perch a mouse on top of your cube, or find a little brush tree at a craft shop -- (Nan doesn't own a tree lot, so could not include a tree with your chart!)

Frosty Chillingsworth Chart and Fabric is included in our Just Nan Ornament Auto-Ship if you are on that program. (The auto-ship comes with the linen cut.) The Frosty Snow Cube is not included on the auto-ship -- so please let us know if you want that added to your shipment.

Presenting Just Nan's Gingerbread Elf Mouse and His Little Stocking!!!
Due in the Shop November 5th!
Gingerbread Elf Mouse from Just Nan Just Nan is releasing her annual tiny Gingerbread Mouse... and for the first time, there is an additional chart available to stitch him a cozy little stocking!!!

Gingerbread Elf Mouse has been hard at work helping Santa get ready for the big season ahead. Dressed in candy cane stripes with green holly trim and a red elf collar, he has peppermint cheeks, pointed elf ears, and wears a green glass elf hat. He holds a shiny gold star for the tree.

Chart includes 2 colors of beads, the gold tail, Nan's signature mouse button base, green elf hat and gold star charm. The little guy is stitched on 32ct Picture This Plus hand-dyed linen - just like all of his mouse cousins!
Gingerbread Elf Mouse is on our Just Nan Ornament Auto-Ship. His little Stocking is NOT, so read on... you'll want it, too!

Gingerbread Mouse Elf Stocking from Just Nan Gingerbread Mouse Elf Stocking
Well, if this isn't the cutest thing... I don't know what is! All the Gingerbread Mice asked for a stocking to snuggle inside while hanging on your tree. Here's the first stocking design!!! Measuring just 2-1/2 inches tall, this features peppermint candy, snowflakes, a decorated tree and a little gingerbread elf posing with a candy cane and holding his tiny elf mouse!!! (The little mouse is even wearing a teenier hat!)

Nan says the stocking is quick to stitch and easy to finish. Backed with red felt and trimmed with a snippet of red silk ribbon, both are included with the chart along with a gold jingle bell, 3 colors of beads, and tiny gold flower bead to crown the tree. Stuff the mini-stocking up to the cuff line, then sit your mouse inside. Add a few pins to secure and Stocking-with-Mouse are ready to hang on the tree (by his little mouse tail!) Stitched on 32ct hand-dyed Picture This Plus linen, the design area is 2-1/2 x 2-1/2.

Merrily, Merrily We Welcome Spring from Blackbird - click for more Merrily, Merrily We Welcome Spring
from Blackbird Designs
(Well... lets work on winter first...!) Blackbird's Barb and Alma have a pretty new sampler that Alma adapted from an antique stitched piece. Worked on Picture This Plus's 36ct (we also have 32ct) Oaken hand-dyed linen, this finishes approx 15 x 15. Lots of pretty hand-dyeds - 16 shades - you'll need 2 skeins of Baked Apple, Palomino and Putty so that'll give you an idea of the predominant colors in this.

Lots of florals and urns, Alma added the border along the bottom as it appears to be cut off of the original. Lots of room to add family initials all over in this... it's actually fairly symmetric - look at the pots and vases, they're the same on each side, just different colors. (and the flowers in the right pot aren't there!) Presented as a leaflet.

Winter Wonderland Farm from Hands On Design - click to see more
Winter Wonderland Farm
from Hands On Design
The final Chalk-on-the-Farm season by Hands On design has arrived! The truck, the barn and the trees... each season has been colorful and fun.

Finishing approx 8 x 10 on anything gunmetal colored, the cross stitch has been adapted from artwork of Priscilla Blain by Cathy Habermann.

A Year of Celebrations from Hands On Design - click to see more
A Year of Celebrations
from Hands On Design
This is the ENTIRE set of 12 monthly (50 x 50 in stitch count) small designs that were originally published in 2014's Cross Stitch & Needlework Magazine.

Cathy has compiled the collection - updated some color selections - and added two more monthly designs for stitchers in Canada!

Stitch them into individual block stand-ups, or join them... or pin cushion 'em... whatever you want. All are the same size, all are full of cute and colorful motifs... charming! (And the whole set is here NOW... vs shipping on auto every month!)

Sampler d' Olga from Reflets de Soie - click for more
Sampler d' Olga from Reflets de Soie
Another of Isabelle's gorgeous reproduction samplers... this charted medley of involved floral borders, blocks and motifs measures a total of 402 x 309 in stitch count.

Calling for only 223, 221 and 3721 in DMC... choose silks or a hand-dyed cotton as alternatives... in whatever color you want!

Lovely bits and designs in here, just a bitty pin cushion of a tiny part of that border on the right would be awesome!!! (as in... you don't really have to stitch this ENTIRE thing to enjoy it!!!)

Two Merry Moos from Val's Stuff - click to see lots more! Two Merry Moos
from Val's Stuff
Merry Christmoos And a Happy Moo Year! Another darling set of ornaments by Val's Stuff... she's dedicated these to an old friend and mentor who loved cows!!!

Bright, fun colors of red, green, yellow, black and white, each finishes about 3-1/2 inches square. The kit contains the chart for both designs, 2 cuts of 14ct perforated paper, red backing felt (with a little sparkle on it!) You'll need the DMC flosses from your stash for the stitching.

Fraktur Scissor Block from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view
A Happy Life Sampler from La-D-Da
Lori Markovic has a new design... colorful and very geometric in feel to me. She's incorporated Eyelet and Smryna Crosses into it, and used only 2 hand-dyed flosses and 9 regular DMC colors!

This measures 140 x 164 in stitch count... there are lots of pretty golden or brown fabrics would be pretty for this. It is shown on Vintage Meadow Rue by Lakeside.

Christmas Wishes from Little Dove Designs - click to see more Adjust Your Sails from Little Dove Designs - click to see more
Adjust Your Sails
from Little Dove Designs
Life isn't about waiting for the winds to change... it's about learning to adjust your sails. Measuring 117 x 177 - so it finishes approx 7 x 11 on 32ct - this is stitched with 9 regular solid colors of DMC floss, and one hand-dyed for all the water and waves.

The motifs in here are cute - all the little whales and the perky sailboats - it is stitched on any gray fabric so the whites of the sails will show up. (Not enough stitching time to do the whole thing? I see three different sections in here... maybe adjust your sails and choose just one or two? But how can you decide because they're all neat!)

Christmas Wishes
from Little Dove Designs
This is a fun design that measures 53 x 253 in stitch count. (about 3 x 16 on 32ct.) Worked with 16 regular shades of DMC floss, you can split up the different areas of this and do them individually or join the whole piece as shown.

Lots of opportunity to add hand-dyed flosses if you want or some cute clay buttons and what-nots... the chart is super-huge, colored and very easy to read.

Black Cat Hollow from Barbara-Ana Designs - click to see more
Black Cat Hollow - All Three Parts! from Barbara Ana
This is a whole village scene complete with pumpkin vine border, little haunted houses, black cats, and witches with big behinds!!!! (better them, than me!) Cute as can be, it is full of stars and moons, lots of Autumn vegetation and witches and bats everywhere. Originally released in three separate charts, we have all of them together, so you can have the set at one time rather than chasing down all the parts.

*Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble.* Measuring 151 in stitch count, this will finish approx 11 x 11 on 28ct, and is charted for just 9 shades of regular DMC floss! Go for it, and add hand-dyeds, metallics for the house windows and bats... wool thread for the cats??

 Friends Are Flowers Button Kit from Rosewood Manor - click for more Friends are LIKE Flowers Thread Kit from Rosewood Manor - click for more Thank-You Friend Button and Thread Kit from Rosewood Manor - click for more Amazing Friend Button Kit from Rosewood Manor - click for more
New and SMALL-ISH designs from Rosewood Manor
We're always after Karen of Rosewood Manor to design us some smaller designs to complement her many large ones. We have 11 of the results!!!!! 1/2 Sized charts - clear and pretty color pics on the covers, nice and large charts on the inside.
Each of these comes with its hand-dyed floss from South Africa (!) or bunches of little hand-dyed buttons from Just Another Button Company (from IL!). Most are done on Antique White fabric... lots of fabric options with that! Make sure to click the pic to go to the inside Rosewood Manor page to see the other 7 designs!
  • Friends are Flowers *In the garden of life.* The included buttons make up the line of blooms... the measures 95 x 68 and is coded for DMC.
  • Friends are Like Flowers - *You can never have too many.* Measuring 95 x 119 (fits and 8 x 10 frame on 28ct), this one features hand-dyed flosses from House of Embroidery in south Africa! Soft honey, denim, light grass green, a raspberry and hand-dyed browny-greeny... kind of a Dutch feel to this one!
  • Thank-You Friend - This one is a pretty floral basket that features about 40 micro-sized blue flower buttons that make up some of the tiny buds on this. It ALSO features the south African hand-dyed floss. Finishes to fit into a 6 x 8 frame *Thank You for all you do.*
  • Amazing Friend - *You are ridiculously amazing, my Friend!* Another smattering of cute buttons to make up the pattern, this one measures only 51 x 77, so it'll fit a 5 x 7 frame.

Songbird's Garden #4 Promise of Spring from Cottage Garden Samplings - click to see more Songbird's Garden #5 Bluebird of Happiness from Cottage Garden Samplings - click to see more
The Songbird's Garden from Cottage Garden Samplings
Oh gosh, this is lovely set of 12 designs that are being released monthly right now.We have the first 5... you can see that this entire set; it's going to be lovely! Above are the 2 newest ones.

Presented as charts... we have the first 5 so far, and are starting an auto-ship for the other 7 charts as they are released. Each measures 159 x 159 and are worked on various colors of 36ct Weeks Dye Works linens. Very elegant!

355 Sledding Santa from JBW Designs 356 Sledding Snowman from JBW Designs 351 Merry from JBW Designs
New Christmas Releases from JBW Designs
Small card format for each of these, they finish into mini-stockings or the little wooden sled ornaments.
Sledding Santa & Sledding Snowman -- Ready to deliver their packages, stitched areas are only approx 25 x 50 stitches, charted for hand-dyeds or DMC. 16 or 32ct for the sleds.
Merry - Stitched only in white... choose a pretty red or green fabric -- your choice for this! 198 x 70 in stitch count. Finish into a pillow or block stand-up.

Whoo-Dunnit? from Val's Stuff - click to see lots more! Whoo-Dunnit? from Val's Stuff
Val's Stuff in conjunction with Just Another Button Company has done a cute design for The Silver Needle!!! A double-duty thing... you get a bookmark design *It's a Mystery to me!* to tuck into the pages of your in-progress read, AND a super-cute book cover decoration! The JABCO girls are a whiz at printing artwork on perforated paper.
Whoo-Dunnit? from Val's Stuff - click to see lots more!
The big owl against the night sky is printed on paper. His 'arms' are more paper, and the little book is even more paper, stitched and backed with felt. Attach the green leaves to his head, add the clay buttons, stitch the 'arms' a little and attach. All of this is shown mounted on the cover of a book... to make a really cute decoration on a bookshelf.

So, a bookmark and a separate bookcase decoration! Val and JABCO did this for us as a Shop Exclusive at the recent St Charles MO Needlework Galleria consumer stitching show. Their kit includes a ton of stuff... the bookmark chart and perf paper, button, ribbon and felt, as well as the book cover printed perf paper and backing sheet, more buttons and felts... you'll just need to add your own floss. The book cover piece fits a 5 x 7 frame... in case you don't have a spare book to decorate!

Botanical Stitches Pumpkin from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Botanical Stitches Christmas Rose from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Christmas Cards from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
Pumpkins and Fall, Cardinals and Christmas from The Drawn Thread from The Drawn Thread!
Cynthia has sent 4 new designs -- all offered in chart format. For a limited time, we have the Dinky Dyes/Needlepoint Inc Silk Packs available for each... with the chart purchase. The silk packets are not offered separately from the charts. (There are numerous color chart comparisons available online for DMC and Gentle Art; Cynthia warns that she likes her silk choices the best! :) Bats in the Belfry from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
  • Pumpkin - Another of DT's Botanical Stitches, this is 'Cucurbita pepo.' A perky blackbird atop and nice, perfectly shaped pumpkin, this measures only 54 x 54 in stitch count. Perfect as a small pin cushion, just yummy greens, golds and those pumpkin rusts.
  • Christmas Rose - The next Botanical Stitches, this is 'Helleborus niger.' I'm not a botanist, so these remind me of Dogwoods and a little Cardinal... this measures 54 x 54, just like its companion Pumpkin chart. Silks are a dark forest green, brick red, creme and butterscotch in color.
  • Christmas Cards - This is a set of 4 designs -- all offered together in one chart! *Good Tidings We Bring, To you and Your Kin, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.* Each 'Christmas Card' design measures 60 x 90 stitches -- approx 4 x 6 on 32ct. Coded for the silks (conversion site noted on chart for other threads) our charts come with a smattering of Mill Hill glass beads and a little burgundy button embellishment. Lots of thread in this silk packet... deep denim blues, hunter greens, rich deep red, and the crisp creamy off-white.
  • Bats in the Belfry - Tall and skinny, this measures 43 wide by 152 long... so approx 3 x 10! Just a bitty thing, it features the same delicious silk colors as the 'Pumpkin" chart, and this design also includes a bonus chart that IS that little Jack-o-Lantern down at the bottom of the piece. Love that big moon behind the tree!

Pumpkin Spice Everything from Scarlett House - click for more Pumpkin Spice Everything
from The Scarlett House
Tanya Brockmeyer has a new pin cushion design... this sends us right into Fall and Thanksgiving Season!!!

Finishing just 3 x 5-1/2 on 36ct Dirty Edinburgh Linen, and stitched with Gentle Art Sampler Threads, it is trimmed with Lady Dot's Jack-colored hand-dyed chenille trim. Makes me want to go downstairs and bake something that smells good!!!!

Push Light Magnifier - click for more Push Light Magnifier - click for more
Push Light Magnifier
Oh this is cool and very handy little thing! This is a LED-lighted personal magnifier. Simply press down on the metal rim, and inside... it lights up... to magnify your viewing field 5 times the size! PERFECT to see needlework stitches, fabric threads, needlepoint stitch details, a stubborn knot... your instructions, a needle's eye, a sliver... ANYTHING you can't see right now! It is designed to sit on top of your project or paper, but you can hold it in your hand as well.

REALLY REALLY NICE! It comes with a very stiff microfibre zip-closure protective carrying case, and a microfibre lens cleaning cloth (because my hubby turned mine off by pressing on the lens instead of the ring and leaving a nice big fingerprint!). It automatically turns off after 10 minutes in case you forgot about it... it's just the most wonderful thing for seeing stitch detail! Weighing less than 8 ounces, it measures 3-1/2 inches in diameter and stands1-3/4 inches tall.
PN180 Santa Knows from Teresa Kogut -- click to see a larger view
Santa Knows
from Teresa Kogut
Teresa Kogut has a delightful new Punch Needle design that is aimed straight at all of us WOOL LOVERS! *Santa knows your heart that's true... so he's bringing wool for you!*

What a fun decoration for a wool applique nut, or a knitter or a spinner. Presented as a line drawing to be transferred onto the provided weaver's cloth, this is punched with a #3 needle using Weeks and DMC flosses. It finishes approx 6-1/4 x 8-1/2 inches. 4 New Cross Stitch charts as well... more fun things to add to your stash! (Remember, please, that the Punch Needle designs are grouped together on the bottom half of her page.)

Santa Claus Lane from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more Santa Claus Lane from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more
Santa Claus Lane from Praiseworthy Stitches
Praiseworthy Stitches has done a half-sized Christmas Scene, and finished it into a drum-shape just for fun! Measuring less than half the size of their huge Christmas Scenes, this finishes 14-1/2 x 4-1/2 on 32ct. You can frame it, or roll it into the round shape and make a 4 x 6 giant pin cushion! Stitched with hand-dyed or DMC flosses, it is super-cute! Santa is flying through they sky behind his team of reindeer... so those little ones down below better get home to bed soon!!!! He's on his way!

Presented as the chart, the JABCO button embellishments are offered separately -- HOWEVER -- it is confusing. The button pack contains the snowmen, moon and star for the framed piece as well as the Santa face button you see on top of the drum. THEN, when they sent us the model, they had a set of JABCO Pin Mini's stuck in the top of the drum -- and they are a miniature matching Santa face, peppermint and holly leaf. You'll need the *pins* only if you finish this into the drum shape. For a limited time, we have a few finishing kits that contain their red finishing fabric, cord, finishing buttons and stiffener.

Needle Beetles - click for more Needle Beetles
Well, these are the COOLEST little lighted needle threaders! A little 1-3/4 x 1/2 inch Needle Beetle fits right into your hand... it features a retractable wire needle threader that lights up!

See the colored dot? Push it forward... out comes the wire, on comes the light for easy threading. There is even a tiny slit on the right side with
a recessed blade to cut thread!Needle Beetles - click for more There is a lanyard hole to attach your beetle to something.

Because the threader retracts, it is protected from damage. There are finger grips on that little button and the bottom of the beetle... and the battery lasts for up to 3000 threadings!!!!! Absolutely the cutest things... and super-functional!!! Available in yellow, green or red... because beetles come in all those colors!
NOTE: These little guys are 1/2 an inch thick so have to be postmarked at 'package rate.' We're happy to send you just one Beetle, but suggest you piggy back her with something else to save on shipping costs.

JCS 2018 Annual Just Cross Stitch Magazine Ornament Issue - click to see more
The Annual Just Cross Stitch Magazine Ornament Issue
For the zillionth year in a row, here is the annual Just Cross Stitch Magazine's Christmas Ornament Issue. Shipping to us August 31st, we're taking reservations now. 65 Charts of ornaments from varied designers, some are exceptional, some are collectable, and some are truthfully not as great as the rest. (But you know, when they're on your tree at Christmas -- they all shine like a bride!)

JCS has a DVD of previous year's magazine editions -- all PDF's -- all searchable -- a totally great deal! Check that out as well.

Stage Fright from Threads That Bind -- click to see lots more Joyous Offering from Threads That Bind -- click to see lots more Bee Grateful from Threads That Bind -- click to see lots more
Three New Punch Needle Designs from Threads That Bind
Punch Needle is totally different than Cross Stitch... it produces pieces that look like miniature hooked rugs. We have an in-shop demo gal, but U-Tube can also offer good instruction for this. Designs are printed as line drawing on Weaver's cloth -- a muslin that has synthetic in it for strength. You need a super-tight-holding hoop (which we have) and the special needles (which we also have), and all you do is poke the needle up and down into your fabric to make the bitty loops of thread.

Threads That Bind has tons of charming designs... these are three of her newest! Stage Fright finishes approx 5-1/2 x 5-1/2, Joyous Offering is 5-1/4 x 5-3/4, and Bee Grateful is 6 x 9.

A Visit From St Nick Kits MH171831 thru MH171834 from Mill Hill - click for more
A Visit From St Nick Kits from Mill Hill
Mill Hill is debuting a quartet of designs all stitched on 16ct Aida and garnished with their beads!
Describing each design --
  • The Stockings Were Hung on the chimney with care...
  • as The Children Were Nestled in their beds.
  • A Jolly Old Elf appeared and left gifts for all the good girls and boys.
  • Then as quick as St Nick appeared, he could be seen flying away saying To All a Good Night!
You can follow the favorite poem with each of these! Offered as complete kits of the 16ct Aida and Mill Hill beads, each finishes approx 5-1/2 inches square -- the same size as the regular Mill Hill Button & Bead Kits.
Bohin SN29 Gold Preemie
2-5/8 Preemie Scissors by Bohin
Directly from France, we have these delightful little shiny gold scissors that are a teeny 2-5/8 inch in size. A petite size, these have a fairly sharp point, and I think a very slightly serrated blade. Serration -- that is the texturing on the blades -- like a ripply tomato or steak knife. It holds your thread in place better so when you cut; it's clean. (Your thread hasn't slid on the scissor blade and given you a frayed cut.)

The gold on these looks elegant... they are NOT a 'cheapie looking' pair of scissors!!! Very Nice!
14th Edition of the Quilter's Travel Companion and Crafter's Guide - click to see more
Presenting the Quilter's Travel Companion & Crafters Guide, 15th Edition
The newest Mega-Directory has arrived -- it centers around Quilt shops, but actually encompasses TONS of related shops -- like The Silver Needle! Glossy, colorful pages -- 432 of them -- jammed with 1000's of ads for shops all across the US and Canada, there is also a very comprehensive section on Retreat Facilities!

Everything mapped out for each state, besides the yummy ads, there are listings of every single shop they could find in each state -- whether or not that shop purchased an ad in here -- so it is FULL of glorious information!!!! It is 8-1/2 x 11, and weighs 2-1/2 pounds!!!! It's a Road Trip Bible!

Spirale from Jardin Prive - click for more Carre from Jardin Prive - click for more Something Fun to Color With Floss
from Jardin Prive'
Jardin Prive has a pair of new designs that I fell in love with! They are delightful! Only black lines.. you can stitch them just as they are, color the lines, or COLOR between the lines!

Offered as charts, they measure approx 100 stitches each. What do you think? Wouldn't just a PORTION of one be pretty as a pin cushion??? Stitch to your edges... how beautiful can yours be... and different from your friends?!

We Wish You A Merry Christmas by Sara Guermani - click for more
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
from Sara Guermani
By Sara Guermani... we have two new Christmas designs -- this is just one of them. An endearing Christmas Village -- Downtown -- Christmas Eve ceremony... everything is layered out for the arriving 3 Kings.

Overall stitch count is 354 x 140 - so a whopping 19 x 9 on 32ct. Charming landscape, cute figures coming for the festivities... presented as a chart.

Search the Sky from Waxing Moon Search the Sky
from Waxing Moon Designs
*May you never be too grown up to search the sky on Christmas Eve* is the verse on this holiday design! Stitched on 28ct Blue Spruce Linen in shades of DMC or Gentle Art hand-dyed flosses, this finishes approx 10-1/2 x 7-1/2.

Since it is on darker fabric, it might be fun to add metallic to the moon, opalescent to the snowflakes or even beads for the reindeer eyes and a little Wisper thread to Santa and his hat pom. I'm picturing this finished as a small pillow just perched somewhere as 'quiet advice!'

New Curly Girl Kits for Mill Hill! - click for more
New Curly Girl Kits from Mill Hill
We think these *girly* motivational designs are just the best! You see the artwork on napkins, banners, mugs, greeting cards... all kinds of fun places. The folks at Mill Hill have the design rights to bring them to us in Cross Stitch! And because Mill Hill is 'Bead Central'... they are slightly adorned with a few Mill Hill glass seed beads. Each is offered as a complete kit of chart, 28ct linen, DMC flosses and a nice smattering of beads. They finish about 7 x 7... and fit into Mill Hill 8-inch wooden frames (which we can order for you.) NEW HOME, FRIENDSHIPS, LOVING LIFE & WEDDINGS are the themes with this newest set of designs.
  • Home is where the heart is, even if you can't remember which box you packed it in.
  • Packed full, well traveled, and well worn, in our dearest friendships we are born.
  • Life is far too short not to have a little umbrella in your drink!
  • May your story together have more heroes than villains, more adventure than drama and may love always win.

Halloween Sampler from Cottage Garden Samplings - click to see more Halloween Sampler
from Cottage Garden Samplings
What a cute medley of Halloween-themed words all bunched together into this alphabet piece! Stitched mostly in hand-dyed blacks (There are three different shades in here... Blackboard, Raven and Soot!), you get just a hint of bright coppers and oranges here and there!

Finishing approx 10 x 10 on 32ct, they suggest Weeks Dye Works Havana Linen, which comes in several counts. Maybe add a little black Petite Treasure Metallic Braid to the capital letters???? Offered as a chart.

XS174 Two Lamb's Tails from Teresa Kogut -- click to see a larger view XS341 American Primitives from Teresa Kogut -- click to see a larger view XS116 Harvest at the Mill from Teresa Kogut -- click to see a larger view XS 190 Season's Greetings from Teresa Kogut -- click to see a larger view
Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter -- 4 New Charts from Teresa Kogut
  • Two Lamb's Tails -- This is stitched on Week's Dye Works Tin Roof Linen. It is completely covered, so you can probably get away with changing fabrics if you desire -- as none of it will show anyway! With a solid stitch count of 200 x 104, this will finish a generous 12-1/2 x 6-1/2 on 32ct. The background is all Swamp Water... the sheep are Oak, and the flowers are Red Rocls. Gorgeous colors... just lots of stitches!!!
  • American Primitives -- This is a fun design to celebrate Summertime... Uncle Sam in his finery, another piece that is entirely covered in stitching... another chance to change your fabric 'safely' if you want! Finishing approx 5 x 7 on 35ct, beautiful colors of DMC and Weeks.
  • Harvest at the Mill -- Coming into Fall and the sunflowers, this is stitched on Weeks Parchment linen with Weeks and DMC floss. Finishing approx 5-1/2 x 8 on 35ct. the fabric comes in many sizes, so you have options. I love the flowers -- they'd make pretty pin cushions!
  • Season's Greetings -- A warming Winter Greeting... only there's no snow yet!!!! I think you need to 'frost' the trees and grass with a little white stitching... otherwise this snowman greeter won't stay happy for very long! Finishes approx 11-1/2 x 4-1/2 on 35ct... Teresa chose Cornsilk-colored Weeks linen which has a yellow-green cast to it. It all has a retro-vintage feel to it... so I am not sure you'd want to change that part to a winter gray... the colors are pretty the way they are!


Yes, there's even MORE!     
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