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Webmaster's note: These pages became so large that we have divided them up into 4 separate pages to help with load time. So be sure you hit the There's More button at the bottom of the pages to see the rest of the wonderful stuff that has come in recently.
Happy Halloween 3-D Box Kit from Val's Stuff Halloween Favorites Book II Limited from Val's Stuff Val's Favorite Snowmen from Val's Stuff
Happy Halloween 3-D Box, Limited Editon Halloween and Snowman Favorites from Val's Stuff
Val's Stuff has been busy designing Halloween and Wintery things... giving us plenty of stitching time before we're ready for scares and snow again! And don't miss the newest Plant Poke!
  • Happy Halloween 3-D Box Kit - Get out some purple paint for this fun little 5 x 5 x 1 wooden tray design! Presented in a complete kit - A Market Limited Edition thing - you get the wooden tray, all the perf paper needed, all the felts, buttons, a bit of pipe cleaner, and a little spool to use as a spacer. You're stitching the greeting, bat and pumpkin, adding a few pairs of button eyes, and cutting out the cat, moons and leaves. Then, grab your glue gun and fire away... this is the cutest! The little tray will stand up like a shadow box and it looks really cool because the pumpkin 'sticks out' a little from the background decor.
  • Halloween Favorites Book II Limited - A set of 6 paper ornaments - all worked on 14ct perf paper. You'll need bits of floss from your stash, but all the stitching papers, the orange, purple, green and black backing felts, eye buttons, bead teeth, and little ghost and star buttons are included. Val's individual ornament kits usually run about $14 or $16 each... but this special collection has SIX for $50!
  • Val's Favorite Snowmen - Bright red, yellow, green, blue, black and white... these are all different but they go together! The limited edition kit contains the 14ct perf paper, the black backing felt and a small smattering of buttons. Lots you could add to these - a little opalescent in the snowmen and flakes in the sky. Cute for January decorations - because 4 of these at NOT Christmas at all!

Gardenside Sampler & Tree by Liz Matthews - click to see more Wildflowers from Liz Matthews - click to see more Sunshine by Liz Matthews - click to see more
Liz Matthews has been busy with quite a few new releases...
  • Gardenside Sampler & Tree is a pretty summer-y sampler with a border of thread spools and scissors. The pattern features her tree-finishing of part of the sampler... just like her series of The 12 Days of Christmas. We saw the stitched models all lined up on a table at Market - smaller than we thought they really were, these stitched trees are CHARMING! (On 18/36ct, the trees are only 6 x 8 - and that's at their largest points.)
  • Wildflowers is shown stitched on both a dark and light background fabric... and Liz has changed the colors in each! Midnight and Morning... there are only three shades that are different. These finish about 6 inches in size on 32ct.
  • Sunshine - *You are my sunshine, my only sunshine!* These are stitched off-center on your fabric, in one shade of a golden hand-dyed floss. The models on the front cover are mounted in 8 x 10 frames - so that gives you a size idea... These are the same 'flavor' design as Old Friends and Gather Here. Super plain... your frame choices can really dress them up if you want!

Serenita di Campagna Gita in Barca - click to see more Serenita di Campagna Gita in Barca Cusinetti - click to see more Serenita di Campagna I Love the Sea - click to see more Serenita di Campagna The Beach is my Happy Place - click to see more
4 Lovely Designs from Serenita di Campagna
So beautiful, these 4 charts feature soft colors and delightful designs - I just wish the cover pics were about 5 times the size they are!
  • #138 Gita in Barca - Translates to Boat Trip - There are RABBITS on this ship, being tossed by the waves - coral ahead, lighthouse behind. The second pattern included is the Summer word with beach cabanas. Charted for DMC, that little rolling ship is exciting!
  • #139 Gita in Barca Cusinetti - Another that translates of Boat Trip - this one has 4 pin-cushion designs with a backstitched border design. Use that border as the sides to a mattress-shaped cushion - you can see one in the cover pic! Summer, Beach and the light house - coded for DMC - I just want to be there - whatever beach it is!
  • #171 I Love the Sea - Two small designs, one is a light house, the other is a back view of a girl standing on the beach holding her sand pail. Both measure a mere 30 or 40 stitches without the wording... coded for DMC. Just charming!
  • #170 The Beach is my Happy Place - It really is... only I am in Oklahoma! I can only imagine the peace and relaxation of a gorgeous place like this. If you have one... stitch this! DMC, 225 x 131... something fun for your beach house!

Siren's Tart from Plum Street Samplers Live on Little from Plum Street Samplers New Arrivals from Plum Street Samplers
  • Live on Little - *How great the blessing and vast the art, to live on little with a thankful heart.* Just a gorgeous New England house by the sea... I could live there, and my heart would be thankful - I promise! Paulette's daughter did comment that 'whoever is living in that house is most certainly not 'living on little!' Measuring 307 x 207, it's stitched on 36ct Hogbristle Linen by Fox & Rabbit using Weeks hand-dyed flosses and lots of DMC. It finishes approx17 x 11-1/2 - huge! An alphabet is included to personalize the flags on the sailboat - I love the border, the sea, the house, and the whole whale and lobster thing at the bottom!
  • Siren's Tart - A little 3 x 4 piece - 36ct Weeks Dove Linen, with Weeks flosses, our mermaid is stitching a letter S - for Siren. Her sewing box happens to be a treasure chest... which Paulette suspects we all have and LOVE!

Beach from Madame Chantilly Summer from Madame Chantilly Summer and Beach
from Madame Chantilly
These two just go together, don't they? A pair of 'signs' with coordinating mini-cushions, I think you need to buy a beach house to display these in after they're stitched!

Soft lettering, both feature a smiling little crab. Mermaid on one, a lighthouse on the other, they care coded for DMC and will look good on a natural or oatmeal-ly colored background fabric. The larger designs will finish approx 11 x 6, while the little cushion designs are just 2-1/2 inches!
Roman Stairs from Artmishka Cross Stitch - click to see more Roman Cafe from Artmishka Cross Stitch - click to see more Roman Door from Artmishka Cross Stitch - click to see more Vespa from Artmishka Cross Stitch - click to see more
A trip to Italy via your Needle!
from Artmishka Cross Stitch
Isn't this a charming set of 4 small designs? By Artmishka Cross Stitch... directly from Italy... I just love them!

Presented as 4 individual charts - each measures 68 to 71 stitches - so just about 4 inches in size on 18/36ct. Coded for DMC, she has provided you with two charts in each - one without the backstitches, so you can SEE the regular crosses on the charts, and then the second chart with backstitch placement. Just makes me want to go to Italy!

All the Things Cross Stitch from Anabella's - click to see more All the Things Cross Stitch from Anabella's
This is a single leaflet that features a larger stitching-themed piece and then 4 smaller cushion-sized designs to coordinate! At first you think the 4 singles are just copies of the larger, but they have re-arranged the motifs to make them all a little different.

Coded for DMC floss; all designs are worked on white. They would be cute mounted onto the front of a stitching pouch - you could even stitch parts of this on the plastic plaid pouches that Shepherd's Bush uses. Just colorful, organized and cute.

Life is Better with Sprinkles Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more
Life is Better with Sprinkles Hand-Embroidered Dish Towel from Bareroots
Our collection of hand-embroidered kitchen towels by Barri Sue Gaudet has grown by this darling new towel offering! Joining our monthly designs this one needs to come out on festive occasions all year long! The towels are 100% cotton with a woven edge treatment. Barri has the full-sized embroidery design pictured in color, then provided the actual sized pattern to transfer to your provided towel.

If you aren't a fan of tracing... we have this cool stuff called Stick 'n Stitch... which lets you copy the pattern onto this film, stick it on the towel,stitch over it, then wash it away. Each towel comes with the DMC flosses called for and matching Rik Rak trim to dress your towel ends. Cute as can be... this is the 18th design in the set! There's one for every kitchen!
Hive Rules from Primrose Cottage Stitches - click for more A Bee C from Primrose Cottage Stitches - click for more Bee Nice from Primrose Cottage Stitches - click for more Bee Happy from Primrose Cottage Stitches - click for more Kind Words from Primrose Cottage Stitches - click for more Bumblebee Kisses from Primrose Cottage Stitches - click for more
Hive Rules, A Bee C, Bee Nice, Bee Happy, Kind Words and Bumblebee Kisses
from Primrose Cottage Stitches
Several cute new designs... I'm going to group them by season, so make sure to click through to see the rest!
  • Hive Rules - Lindsey is the designer-sister. *Bee Sweet -- like honey, Mind your own beeswax!, Love and Be Loved...* Hive Rules Aalong with these 5 other designs - all follow the same buttery/teal color scheme, and feature a bee theme. Beautifully published in leaflet format, the charts are colored and huge, with actual pics of the stitching right on the page. Worked on any white of your liking, everything is done with DMC. Cute as can BEE! Hive Rules measures 70 x 274, so finishes approx 5 x 20 on 14/28 or 4 x 15 on 36ct.
  • A Bee C is the alphabet of bees and hives. Measures 118 x 54, same color scheme, it'll finish 3 x 6 on 36ct. Full-sized leaflet format, with a huge, colorful graphic chart.
  • Bee Nice - Or Buzz Off! I love that! Half-sized chart, this finishes 2-1/2 x 4-1/2 on 18/36... again choose a white of your liking.
  • Bee Happy - This one measures 45 x 112. Even though it looks big in the pic, it really measures just 2-1/2 x 6 on 18/36ct - another bitty cushion-sized bowl filler!
  • Kind Words - Kind words are like honey sweet to the soul. Measures 71 x 55 - so finishes 3 x 4 on 18/36ct.
  • Bumblebee Kisses - The smallest BEE design, this one comes in at 40 x 72 - just 2 x 4! What a cute set of designs - all different, but they go together - like the 4 sisters!

#210 Prairie Fairies from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more #210 Prairie Fairies from  Prairie Schooler -- click to see more
Remember the Prairie Fairies?
from The Prairie Schooler!

We finally stitched these little guys over one on 28ct and they are CHARMING!
Forest Friends Pincushion from Under the Garden Moon - click to see more
Forest Friends Pincushion from Under the Garden Moon
Forest Friends Pincushion from Under the Garden Moon - click to see more This designer is good friends with the Thread Milk people, so we are storing this design on that page for now.
This is enchanting. It's a 6 x 6 x 2 hand-appliqued felt pin cushion decorated with charming animals, vines, and little spotted mushrooms! NOT cross stitch at all... this is for all of you that love cutting bitty pieces of wools and felts, and then adding bits of Crewel embroidery to embellish.

The pattern has actual sized templates for cutting and arranging. We bought her little material packet, so EVERYTHING is included in here. So yours WILL look like this - same colors and fabrics, etc. You can't see the edging or back in the pic, but that features red baby rik rak, and a darling red/white and aqua floral backing fabric. I'm a sucker for this kind of thing... I think it's Over the Moon - even though it's by Under the Garden Moon!

Half the Fun from Ink Circles - click to see more New Doors from Ink Circles - click to see more New Doors and Half the Fun... A couple of new designs from Ink Circles
  • Old Keys Won't Open New Doors - Ok, personally, I think old keys are charming - especially the ones Tracy has charted here, but I get the message behind this anyway! It's 'Get with the program - embrace and discover opportunity!' Actually kind of a fun piece, choose just about any fabric you want... add some gunmetally grey, bronze, gold or silver metallics (kind of in the vain of those new doors you should be opening), and get this stitched! Good loving advice from Mom. Measures 181 x 149 - so 11-1/2 x 9-1/2 on 32ct, this is coded for DMC or Classic Colorworks hand-dyed floss.
  • Half the Fun - Is getting there! This is cool. It's a medley of all the different modes you can use to travel! Most recognizable are the hot air balloons in the center - but look closer! You'll find airplanes, cars, rockets, a cable car, helicopter, donkey rickshaw, skateboard, uni-cycle, a fernacular, (I can't spell that, but it's a cable car that runs on a track up and down steep hills - we've been on the one in Budapest!), trains, ships, buses, sailboats, bicycles and a motorcycle. Wow, so much fun to remember your travels! I've been on a donkey in Santorini, in a rickshaw in Bejing... if you love to travel or know someone who does... this makes a perfect memory! Choose any fabric you like, this is done with one color of hand-dyed thread. Tracy says there are only 6173 stitches in here!

Foldi-Go Light from Daylight - click to see more Foldi-Go Light from Daylight - click to see more Foldi-Go Light from Daylight - click to see more
The Foldi-Go Light from Daylight Company
Wow, this is the coolest little light! It weighs less than 2 pounds - including its little hard-sided carrying case! Rechargeable, it has 8 hours of battery time - with a battery level indicator. It extends, bends, rotates, has 4 levels of LED 6000K brightness, and will work for a million different tasks!

A perfect little light to travel with, every time we unwrap one to display in the shop - we sell it in a jiff! SO compact and lightweight!
We had been waiting since November for a re-supply, and now they're here!
Baby Boy Binky from Just Another Button Company - click to see more Baby Girl Binky from Just Another Button Company - click to see more Ear-Resistilble Rabbit from Val's and Just Another Button Company - click to see more
  • Baby Boy or Girl WITH BINKY! from Just Another Button Company
    Just Another Button Company designed this darling chart which comes with either a blue binky button and BOY letters, or a pink binky button and GIRL letters. Cecile does remind you that she used her grandchildren's coloring for these, but if you search 'DMC floss skin tones' online, they give you lots of options for diversity with skin and hair colors! So.. your little person can look just right! Use flosses from your stash, but buttons are included with the chart. The designs finish about 4 inches in size, unless you personalize with a name too. Cute as can be... I have a two-year-old binky-lover... and that thing comes out for peanut butter and other equally special things!
  • Ear-Resistible Rabbit from JABCO and Val's - This is a fun little piece... but you don't stitch the whole thing! Little Rabbit is printed on 18ct perforated paper... you stitch the black and white border and the green leafy vine. Thats it. The rest are Just Another Company buttons and Val's pre-cut felt flower that you tack on! Zip-Zap - it's done! The packet includes the rabbit printed on the new Mill Hill 18ct perforated paper, chart, buttons and pre-cut felt pieces. A Needleprint & Play design - a collaboration between Val's Stuff and JABCO, super colorful, cute and quick!

Two By Julia from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Cathcart Colquhoun 1785 from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Jane Summer's Work 1831 from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Throw Wide the Windows from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Antique Cats & Crowns from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more
New Samplers from Shakespeare's Peddler
Shakespeare's Peddler has new Samplers! I do love her new covers she's done!
  • Two By Julia - A pair of samplers by two sisters... Theresa talks about how she found them and all the little quirky things in them that she loves! The one with the big house had the yard stitched entirely in Chain Stitch! (But you don't have to do that - thanks to Ms Theresa!) Anyway, two charming little samplers in here abut 9 x 9 each on 32ct. Teresa has new software and she's been busy taking glorious pictures, so these new books of hers are just lovely to page through! Presented in a leaflet format with fun musings by Theresa.
  • Cathcart Colquhoun 1785 - Theresa can't resist Eyelet alphabets - and just found this little sampler in December of 2021! She bought it, recharted it, and here it is - 3 months later! She loves the chunky people, and the fact that that little girl who stitched it - Cathcart - misspelled her name in it! 237 Years old, the original was done in wool thread. Re-charted for DMC, you can look at the Gentle Art Simply Wools for that wool alternative! Cathcart's sampler finishes 13 x 15 on 36ct. There is a bit of history in here, and after you read all of it, you're just in love with this fun little sampler! Again, a beautiful publication to page through and dream of projects still to be!
  • Jane Summer's Work 1831 This is a neat one. Theresa talks about all the favorite classic motifs in samplers - this one ticks all the boxes for her! Gorgeous pots and flowers, neat borders... this one is generous at 14 x 16 on 32ct. Which - - she says - - is a 'good size' for a girl her age when she did it 200 years ago! Huge chart, fun info inside about the piece!
  • Throw Wide the Windows is simply the small take-out of the house from the larger Jane Summer piece. If you like just that and don't want the stress of the whole larger chart staring at you - get the little version! I like the dark band above the house, and I think it'd be pretty repeated below too. Charted for hand-dyeds or DMC, this finishes just 6 x 11 on 18/36ct.
  • Antique Cats & Crowns - This is the 6th in Theresa's set of little 'Antique Things' collection! We have keys, teacups, rabbits and baskets, scissors and birds - and they are a lovely set of cushioned designs. Grab any fabric in your stash you like - find a color of thread that goes with it... each of these is adorned with a bit of antique lace - which is always fun to find at a flea market! Presented in a small chart format. There is a pic on the back cover of the rest of companion designs - as a treat!

Ornament Fraises from The Tralala Collection -- click to see more Souris Bobines from The Tralala Collection -- click to see more Fraises de Noel from The Tralala Collection -- click to see more ABC Fraises from The Tralala Collection -- click to see more
We have added new designs to our The TraLaLa Collection page.
All are presented in chart format, most are coded for European hand-dyed flosses and/or Gentle Art Sampler Threads, and DMC. You can always Google conversions, but from the chart cover pics you'll get a pretty good idea of what you like and can use. Click through to see the rest.
    NEW! Ornament Fraises - A sweet strawberry pincushion perched among birds, berries and spools of threads, the main design finishes about 6 inches square on 36ct. Don't miss the two small fobs in the cover pic! Take-outs from the main design, more spools and berries.. very cute and quick. This is the newest design.
  • Souris Bobines features six tiny stitching mice - all tucked between spools of sewing thread. There is a real cute spool pin cushion in here, and scissors poking out of a spool as well, stitch this all together or take out some of the motifs. Measuring 205 x 58, it'll finish 3-1/2 x 13 on 32ct... so actually pretty generous in size!
  • Fraises de Noel - Measuring 95 x 151 in stitch count, each of these berry-shaped cushions will finish approx about 3 x 5, I THINK! Math is kind of hard to figure out on a CONE shape! Santa and his reindeer, and a little snowman amidst flakes and winter flowers... these are coded for DMC or Gentle Art hand-dyeds - just really cute! Both designs in the chart.
  • ABC Fraises - A sweet 5-inch pin cushion design, it measures 85 in stitch count. If you do it over one on 28 Lugana, it'll be only 3 x 3!
Vintage Acorns from Jeannette Douglas Acorn Tray Set from Jeannette Douglas Matter in Hand from Jeannette Douglas Quaker Star Delight from Jeannette Douglas
New Arrivals from Jeannette Douglas
Jeannette has 6 new releases that came home with us from Market. All available as leaflets this time around... most are coded for DMC's and hand-dyeds... here we go!
  • Vintage Acorns - This is the 5th in the Vintage Series, roughly the same size as the rest (Flowers, Birds, Stars and Animals). It is a lovely medley of all things ACORN! Finishing only 7 x 8 on 40ct... you can choose just about any neutral fabric for this and enjoy stitching with the hand-dyeds from Weeks, Gentle Art and Classic.
  • Acorn Tray Set - What a fun combo of designs matching the Stitch Tray, and Flower Tray. The plump drum-shaped pin cushion features a large acorn with specialty stitches to accent the tiny band sampler inside the tray. Then, add the teeny scissor fob, and you have a three-piece set of smalls. All feature trim by Lady Dot, and since Jeannette has chosen lots of luscious hand-dyed silks for this - there is a thread pack available as well.
  • Matter in Hand - This charming sampler (139 X 164) says CROSS STITCH in 8 languages! Jeannette knows we love to hold 'matter in hand' - our needle in one hand and linen in the other. Just like her Christmas and Halloween samplers, she has Cross Stitch spelled in French, Spanish, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Chinese and Russian... because she knows that needlework crosses all language barriers for sure! Stitched with hand-dyed cottons, or her DMC conversion.
  • Quaker Star Delight - A charming splash of little Quaker Stars cover both the mattress and drum cushions in this set of smalls. Stitched with Weeks and Classic hand-dyed flosses, they feature Lady Dot velveteen and chenille, and Jeannette does include those micro-buttons featured on the mattress with her leaflet.

Lady Katherine Kitty and Sir Perceval Puppy - Hello and Goodbye from Summer House Stitch Workes - click for more
Lady Katherine Kitty and Sir Perceval Puppy - Hello and Goodbye!
from Summer House Stitche Workes
This is a pair of stitched needle cases that features the front of the cat or dog on the front, and their backside on its backside. Then, open your stitched case to find little mice stitched on the inside 'endpapers' of Katherine's, and little dog bones inside of Perceval's.

Too darn cute! Worked on 32ct Flax linen with good old DMC floss, they measure 6 x 4 when open - so a mere 3 x 4 when closed. What a fun place to use a cute animal charm or button if you have one.
Little Sherpa Scissor and Accessory Holder - click for more
Little Sherpa Scissor and Accessory Holder
On my GOSH, this is the CUTEST little scissor holder! I have put our 4-inch Margaret DOVO scissors in here along with a package of needles so you can gauge overall size. Slightly weighted and stuffed, it features a fabric-lined slip-pocket that will hold scissors, knitting needles, a stiletto, thread rippers and catchers, a pen or pencil - just whatever tools you need safely stowed beside you.

When you aren't stitching, your things will look happy and organized poking out from him - especially tucked up on a shelf away from curious fingers. His total length is about 6 inches, he stands 3 inches high and about 3-1/2 inches wide and weighs about 4 ounces! SO so so cute!
Delighful by Mary Englebreit - Charted by Imaginating - click for more

Delighful by Mary Englebreit
Charted by Imaginating
Well, this says it all!

Measuring only 66 x 92, it will finish approx 4 x 5 on 18/36ct, and is worked with a whopping 7 shades of DMC floss! I think we all need this!

GH 1857 Sampler main piece - click for more GH 1857 Sampler - A Treasure of Inspiration - click for more
GH 1857 Sampler - A Treasure of Inspiration
This is a lovely sampler presented in a 30-page full color booklet. Along with the heavy cardboard thread card included inside, and the chart of the entire sampler, the designer, Simone de Jong-van Wissen has included 5 smaller take-out designs. She's finished them in all different ways... needle books, drums, a mattress pin poke and a drum.

Gorgeous pictures and lots of instruction, printed in both Dutch and English, it's a lovely publication and a really pretty sampler to boot! Coded for one silk, and Week's Dye Works hand-dyed flosses or DMC, the main piece measures 301 x 294.
To My Friend Pinkeep Stack from Stacy Nash -- click to see more Strawberry Pinkeep and Scissor Fob from Stacy Nash -- click to see more Jane Lefurgy Thread Keep & Hoop Sewing Bag from Stacy Nash -- click to see more Merry Merry Pinkeep from Stacy Nash -- click to see more
Stacy Nash has several New Releases!
  • To My Friend Pinkeep Stack - Dedicated to Barb Adams - A set of 4 small pin cushion designs all in a neat stack. Worked on 36ct hand-dyed with weeks flosses, Stacy added a spool of thread and scissors on one and blackbirds and strawberries on another. I believe the scissor charm is included with the chart.
  • Strawberry Pinkeep and Scissor Fob - Another berry basket design, this one has a matching smaller fob - 40ct Havana Linen, more Weeks flosses. One of Stacy's strawberry waxers is featured in the photo - and is available separately. Again, the tiny scissor charm is included with the chart.
  • Jane Lefurgy Thread Keep & Hoop Sewing Bag - A little larger of a sewing case, it is a sampler reproduction Stacy has done, and rather than frame it, she's made it into a larger envelope to store something larger - like your hoops! On 40ct, the case finishes 7 x 9... can't wait to see this one stitched and finished.
  • Merry Merry Pinkeep - Oh a charming larger cushion - it measures almost 8 inches square! Decorated with a festive greenery border along the top, the grand house, prancing deer and finally the peaceful snowy evergreen scene along the bottom, it's stitched with regular DMC floss! 36 Patriot's Brew - Natural or some of the 'sampler colors' of hand-dyed linens will all work for this.

TONS of NEW from Teresa Kogut - I can't believe all that she came out with (I counted at least 30!) - and I have no idea how you can get it all stitched in a lifetime! However, I am here to remind you that Cross Stitchers don't have to stitch EVERYTHING in their stash... half the fun is appreciation of all the cool stuff out there!
Introduce me to a fix-it guy who has used all his screws or a golfer who has hit all his golf balls... or a photographer who has taken all the pictures he ever will... and we'll be even! Meanwhile ENJOY Teresa's talents! She has several books with multiple designs in each!

Love Lives Here from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Love Lives Here from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Love Lives Here from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Love Lives Here from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Love Lives Here from Teresa Kogut!
Nine designs in here - All use DMC, all on different counts and fabrics! This book includes the charts and finished stitched pics for all of these!
This Small Sampler, Basket of Joy, Love Lives Here, Our Whimsey Housse, Home, My Big Bird, Tweet House, Quilter's Home and Saltbox!

Flurry from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Flurry from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Flurry from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Flurry from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Flurry from Teresa Kogut!
This book includes 9 designs as well! Stitched models all shown inside by the charts, all are stitched on various fabrics and counts - all using DMC!
Flurry includes Snow Family, Welcome, World Go Round, Snow Clown, Pray for Peace, Winter Bouquet, Merry Birthday Jesus, Bearing Gifts and Be Merry.

Let Love Reign from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Let Love Reign from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Let Love Reign from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Let Love Reign from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Let Love Reign from Teresa Kogut!
Three designs in this book as well.
The main sampler, Let Love Reign, has two smaller designs to compliment it - Love Your Family and How Much I Love You.

Gather from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Thoughts & Dreams from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Thoughts & Dreams from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Newcastle Bouquet Biscornu from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Madonna & Child - A Work of Heart from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
  • Gather from Teresa Kogut
    Three designs in this book... love, love them... all coded for DMC. YOU choose color and count you like best to stitch them!
    Book includes ABC123, Gather, and Sally Emerson.
  • Thoughts & Dreams from Teresa Kogut
    Three designs in this book too!
    Daydream Believer, My Darling and Flowers or Weeds.
  • Newcastle Bouquet Biscornu from Teresa Kogut
    I am a little confused by this one... cover shows one-two-sided design, but then 3 more below... with no other information.
    Jury is still out on this one... but i think you get all 4 designs in the book!
  • Madonna & Child - A Work of Heart from Teresa Kogut
    This gorgeous design belongs with Teresa's Angels! SUPER DETAILED stitching in these... they are not easy to follow, but so worth the effort if you can do them! Solid stitching, color changes everywhere - choose any fabric you like!
    Madonna and Child measures 126 x 135 so finishes approx 8 x 10 on 32ct.

Floral Fantasy Designs by Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill! - click for more
Floral Fantasy Designs by Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill
Mill Hill is releasing 4 new lavish floral designs by Debbie Mumm - adapted to Cross Stitch. Available as Mill Hill kits, each is stitched on either the very pastel Touch of Yellow or Touch of Blue 14ct Aida fabrics using DMC flosses, and then garnished with Mill Hill glass beads.
Very 'Spring-y and Happy,' they are large, and finish almost 8 inches square! The frames in the pictures are available by special order.

Spring Forest Scrapbook from The Blue Flower and Lindy Stitches -  click for more Spring Forest Scrapbook from The Blue Flower and Lindy Stitches -  click for more Spring Forest Scrapbook combination from The Blue Flower and Lindy Stitches -  click for more
Spring Forest Scrapbook from Lindy Stitches and The Blue Flower
This is a collaboration design between Blue Flower Designs and Lindy Stitches. You might remember their Saltwater Scrapbook piece last year... this year's is bursting with the new spring animals in the forest. Presented in two charts (each is available separately, so you will need to order both to get all 9 panels) - Jeannine from Blue Flower has contributed the snail delivering spring blooms, racoons under their umbrellas, a lazy bear, and pair of sleeping foxes. Stephanie from LS did the deer, that awesome grasshopper tipping his hat to the ladybug, the birds, bees and butterflies, and finally those darling hedgehogs.

You can stitch each of these 3 x 3 (61 x 61) pieces individually, or join them together... depends on your finishing talents! Choose a pretty light blue fabric, a fat quarter will do all either framed or singly. All are stitched with various hand-dyeds and coded for DMC as well. I just love the different animals, and all the pretty colors - such a refreshing collection of charm!

Mill Hill Presents Autumn and Halloween 2022!
The New Button & Bead and smaller Autumn Harvest Collections are on the way!
Autumn 2022 Button and Bead Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
The Autumn Button & Bead Kits are the 5 x 5 inch designs. Worked on 14ct perforated paper, you can easily convert to fabric stitching if you want a different finish. Sunflower Garden features sunny yellow and lavender colors. Potions & Spells should creep you out for Halloween! Autumn Bench is the next installment in the Country Lane collection - we have 6 or 7 other designs to coordinate with this peaceful autumn scene, including a covered bridge and water mill. Broom Parking is a whimsical Halloween scene. Fall Beach is for all you lucky Near-The-Water-People who get to enjoy the beach year round, and Haunted Tower features a wonderful shaded sky with circling bat silouettes! Kits include the chart, flosses, beads, paper, needles and hand-painted Mill Hill ceramic button embellishment.
The Autumn Harvest Collection 2022 Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
The Autumn Harvest Collection includes the 3 x 3-ish designs. Batty is a up-side-down bat taking a snooze! Give Thanks makes a great fridge magnet - good seasonal advice! The Eyeball Martini looks interesting... mailbox and apple tree are cute, and that spooky cage looks very dramatic!

The New Spring 2022 Mill Hill Bead Kits are here!
  • Spring 2022 Garden Gnomes Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
    Garden Gnomes is a darling new set of the small ornament-sized designs - these would be perfect stuck on a wooden skewer and used as plant pokes! Presented as full kits of the perf paper, all the beads and flosses, there is a brass charm in each as well. Three gnomes and three little cottage houses to match them!
  • The 2022 Spring Bouquet Series Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
    The 2022 Spring Bouquet Series is cute!
    Presented as full kits of the chart, needle, threads, beads and Mill Hill glass Treasure charm, they all measure about 3 x 3. More fun plant pokes or magnets for your fridge or file cabinet... or Christmas Tree next year! We laughed, WHY one need a stitched TACO? Why to go with the pizza slice and hamburger and all the other cute food ornaments they've done in the past! Might be a fun vacation momento too!
Lucite Dome Magnifiers - click for more Lucite Dome Magnifiers - click for more
Lucite Dome Magnifiers
There are very handy little domes to place onto your paper or fabric to immediately magnify whatever it is you need to see better. Coming in 2 sizes - I hope you can see that difference in my picture, and then see the magnification degree. The smaller one is a little less powerful than the larger, but both are SUPER HANDY to store in your kitchen utility drawer or your stitching bag. They come with a velveteen draw-string storage pouch to protect them from scratches as well.

The larger one measures 2-1/2 inches in diameter and about 1-1/2 inches high.
The smaller one is 2 inches in diameter, and about an inch high.
Both magnify ALL THE WAY TO THE EDGE of the dome viewing area, so are very, very helpful!

Spring Fling Galloping Gardener from Petal Pusher - click to see more Spring Fling Wooly Wellies from Petal Pusher - click to see more Spring Fling Chickens from Petal Pusher - click to see more Spring Fling Pigmallion from Petal Pusher - click to see more Spring Fling Buzzy Bovine from Petal Pusher - click to see more
Spring Fling framed from Petal Pusher - click to see more Spring Fling from Petal Pusher
Here is another fun parade of Petal Pusher's set of 5 favorite farm animals all decked out for their season! So far we have these same 5 animals featured in Halloween Hoedown, Christmas Hoedown and Patriotic Parade. MAKE SURE to visit Barbie's page... as we have them all pictured there. The horse is now the Galloping Gardener, the sheep is Wooly Wellies.

Next, we have Spring Chickens - can you see them all hiding in the flowers of the trellis? The 4th Is my favorite - that little pig. (He was Uncle Ham in the patriotic one, Heavenly Hog in the Christmas one, and Bat Pig at Halloween - now he's Pigmallion!) And finally, Buzzy Bovine - a cow wearing a bee costume, of course! 5 Small charted desgisn available separately, or in their set!

2022 Collector's Heart from Heart in Hand - click for more
Presenting the 2022 Collector's Heart from Heart in Hand
Cecilia is shaking up her annual heart collection a little this year with this charming 'scene' of hearts and love! For 24 years she has done annual hearts - over half have been retired - but we have every annual heart edition still available, so not to panic!

This year's tells us to 'Make life beautiful for others.' The kit includes the chart and 32ct Picture This Plus's Heartland hand-dyed linen, along with embellishments she's used. You'll need to add the few flosses from your stash to make this cute cushion!

Little Sheep Tape Measures - click for more
Little Sheep and Monkey Tape Measures
We used to carry these, then the company went away... and like Little Bo Beep, we lost our sheep! But here they are again... even cuter than before! 60-inch/150cm vinyl tape measures are coiled up inside these furry guys, press the tummy and the tape retracts

Perfect for your stitching tote... you might have a hard time keeping some in the family away from yours. And, somehow nobody steals them out of the kitchen tool drawer either! Each tape measure is about 2-1/2 to 3 inches in size.

Nevermore from Lila's Studio Spring Quaker from Lila's Studio
Spring Quaker and Nevermore from Lila's Studio
Lila's Studio has two new designs... both are full, full, full of busy-ness and are tremendously eyecatching!
  • Spring Quaker reminds that 'No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.' Pretty Quaker motifs all around, that commanding alphabet, the sweet rabbits down at the bottom, and the pretty village scene in the center, the whole thing is very colorful, happy and pretty. Charted for DMC and Classic Colorworks hand-dyeds, on 36ct, this will finish a generous 12 x 15! This will NOT get lost on the wall!
  • Nevermore is inspired by the narrative poem 'The Raven' by Edgar Allan Poe. Coded for hand-dyeds, the dark colors against the slightly mangy light background with touches of the golden moon colors, make it so striking. Finishing approx 8 x 12 on 40ct... I just love those intricate zig-zag borders!

Love You, Warts 'n All! from Val's Stuff
Love You, Warts 'n All! from Val's Stuff
Look what has arrived from Val's Stuff... a darling limited edition just in time for Valentine's Day! This darling green frog is sending her love out to her other 'bumpy' friends - her hearts made of felt are big, bold and bright. Presented in a kit format, she's stitched on perforated paper... like a card... and comes with an envelope so you can even mail this to your favorite 'warted-love' if you want!

Finishing 5 x 7, the kit comes with the chart, black sparkle felt background, the pretty printed cotton fabric background, 3 colors of pink felt, the perf paper for the stitching, Wonder Under and freezer paper for construction and finishing, 5 buttons and that mailing envelope. You will need to supply DMC flosses from your stash. Cute and colorful, Val has made these one-time only... just for Valentine's Day 2022!

Fabulous Florals-Diamond Quilt POUCH Set of 2 by Kaffe Fassett -  click for more Fabulous Floral Puzzle by Kaffe Fassett -  click for more Diamond Quilt Puzzle by Kaffe Fassett -  click for more
Pretty Plastic-Papery Pouches from Kaffe Fassett
Help stay organized with this pair of recycled-materials zipper topped pouches! They are made from recycled water bottles! Decorated with the artwork of Kaffe Fassett, the smaller pouch measures 5 x 8 and features his 'Fabulous Florals' Quilt. The larger zip pouch measures 6 x 9 and is covered with Kaffe's 'Diamond Quilt' pattern.

Then, just for fun, I ordered a few matching PUZZLES! I know - nothing to do with cross stitch. But the Holidays and family visits always mean puzzles, and I couldn't pass these by! A quilter you love would LOVE one of these! The Puzzles are 1000 pieces, and finish about 20 x 29-1/2.

Santa Baby by Sew Emma - click to see more Santa Baby by Sew Emma - click to see more Santa Baby
from Sew Emma
Isn't he the jolliest guy? Stitch this retro Santa on anything darker than white material - so his beard shows up - OR do him ON white and don't STITCH any of the white!

The subtle gray curves gives his whole face and beard its shape... such a fun design. Measuring 91 x 91 in stitch count - he finishes approx 6 inches square on 14ct. The chart includes information about the frame and fabrics used in the finishing.

Miniature Sampler Pin Drums from Olde Colonial -- click to see more Waiting for Santa Sampler Pin Drum Kit from Olde Colonial -- click to see more
Miniature Sampler Pin Drums from Olde Colonial Designs
Oh my gosh, these are the CUTEST little cushions! Designed by Olde Colonial's Kelly, each is stitched on one-inch wide 26ct German linen banding. The cut of band in the kit in only 6 inches long... so when rolled, your tiny drum is only that 1-inch high by approx 1-1/2 inches wide. You are stitching with one thread of floss over one thread on the band... so each design is full of tiny details. We have three different designs so far... more are in the works... but get these stitched first!

Smelling the Daisies has bunnies in their flower garden.
Waiting for Santa has tiny evergreens and reindeer on it.
Grazing in the Grass has sheep and a little cow amidst the summer flags.
Presented as kits of the chart, banding, Skirtex and interfacings, topper and bottom wool felts and boards, and warm and natural for puffy... Pam has great photos in here of her finishing process. All you need to add are the bits (and I mean BITS) of floss. Just the sweetest little things... you can see my hand in the pic to gauge their charming size!
Harry Potter Scissors - click to see more Star Wars & Frozen II Scissors - click to see more
Harry Potter, Star Wars & Frozen II Scissors!
Wow... something fun through our doors this week! Licensed by all the right people... (Disney, WBEI and LFL) we are excited to offer these fun 6-inch scissors in protective 'pleather' decorated sheaths! Each pair measures 6 inches in overall length, and their companion (plasticy-leathery) sheaths measure 5 inches. Tips are not super pointy, and I wouldn't use these to cut fabrics... but the blades are sharp and they work great on paper and threads.

We think Santa needs to bring these for ANYBODY who loves Star Wars, Harry Potter or Frozen. (They'd make great stocking stuffers). Each style's decorations are enameled on the handles, and they look really nice. We think because of the 6-inch size they'd be good for anyone in 5th or 6th grade and older - definitely not for little-little kids. I tried to shoot pics of them with both front and back sheath decorations showing... we just think they're pretty cool around here!

New Samplers by Brenda Keyes of The Sampler Company are on the way to us!

Tall Ships by Brenda Keyes -- click to see a larger view! Dwelling Place Sampler by Brenda Keyes -- click to see a larger view!
  • Dwelling Place measures 204 x 205 in stitch count. It features a relaxed and winding floral border that surrounds the grandest of houses! Can you see 2021 stitched in Roman Numerals up on the roof? Kind of looks like a widow's walk!
  • Tall Ships measures 287 x 287. It's full of tiny motifs, a little village, a church, cool ships and even a mermaid. The verse reads: I must go down to the sea again. To the lovely sea and sky, and all I ask if a tall ship and a star to steer her by.
Both are presented as charts. They look good on just about anything you choose... we have some of hers stitched on 28ct Lugana over one - with a half cross - and they are stunning. Buttttt... you choose what you like best to work with - they are coded for DMC floss.

I'll Keep You Warm from Val's Stuff
I'll Keep You Warm from Val's Stuff
Val has two new wintery designs, bright in color and quick to stitch. Each is stitched on 14ct perforated paper with DMC from your stash. The kits come with the chart, paper, back mounting felt pieces. The featured buttons and the poke includes a painted wooden skewer as well.

I'll keep You Warm is just a cute sunny thing to perch on your windowsill, or attach to a wooden block. It finishes about 3 x 5. Get creative with your finishing... these are too cute!

Do it Yourself Stitch People 2nd Edition from Stitch People - click to see more
Stitch People Books
Wow, this is a really neat set of 7 books that, between them all, offer you literally thousands of different motifs to customize your own stitching project. We're showing you one of them here... click through to see the rest... it's definitely worth it!

The idea is to choose specific motifs from the entries to make your own family, vacation, or event pieces. You can use your own vacation pics or special event pics as the guide and stitch a memory that REALLY LOOKS LIKE YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR PIC!

Each book is spiral bound and printed in full color on heavy pages. The charts are huge, and as I mentioned, each book includes hundreds of individual options.

Halloween Alphabet A-B from Romy's Creations - click for more Halloween Alphabet C-D from Romy's Creations - click for more Halloween Alphabet E-F from Romy's Creations - click for more Halloween Alphabet G-H from Romy's Creations - click for more Halloween Alphabet I-J from Romy's Creations - click for more Halloween Alphabet K-L from Romy's Creations - click for more Halloween Alphabet M-N from Romy's Creations - click for more
Halloween Alphabet threads for the whole set from Romy's Creations - click for more The Halloween Alphabet
from Romy's Creations - All the way from Italy!
Look what just arrived! A & B through M & N are here now... and more are coming later this Fall. This is a DARLING set of small cushion-sized letters... each measures 60 x 60 in stitch count. Presented as charts AB, CD, EF, GH...etc... we will be up to MN, with the rest due to release this Fall.

Romy is using her own hand-dyed flosses, and *We have the entire set of 21 skeins of her threads to do all of them!* Can't wait to get a big bowl and fill it with candy and alphabet cushions! (We're doing an auto-ship for the rest of this set as well.)

Ghoul's Crossing from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more
Ghoul's Crossing from Praiseworthy Stitches
Pam and Susan have a new Haunted Halloween Party House for 2021. *Come Ghoulies, Shriek, Growl and Dance!* Joining their collection of other busy houses... this one is just as colorful as the others, but a little different in finished size. It's a whopping 28 x 14 on 32ct Picture This Plus 'Haunted' linen, and it's garnished with a collection of JABCO clay spiders, bats, pumpkins and a little caldron button.

We have several of their models in the shop, and it's fun to find smaller take-out design areas to stitch smaller versions. The dramatic fabric highlights all the cute little ghosts and kids, the trees are all scraggly, the spider webs are thin metallic... a lot of fun things happening on ALL of their Halloween and Christmas Scenes! Presented as a chart... fabrics, buttons and extensive thread list (of 49 hand-dyed skeins or 34 Skeins of DMC and the metallic) are all offered separately. (Fabric and button info TBA)

Sea Box by Rovaris of Italy! - click to see more Sea Box from Rovaris
*Sea* is stitched in the middle of this charming 5 x 7-ish stitched medley of underwater critters and foliage. Seahorses, a crab, and a big octopus... it's a busy little underwater scene.

Along with the chart, you get this cool 7 x 7 x 2-ish inch wooden tray. It features that display area for your stitched cushion, and three holes to hold your needlework implements.

Livia is including the striped finishing fabric you see, and a bunch of cute seaside charms that are dangling there off the cushion. The two included wood tools supplied are one seam ripper and one frogger.
Antrim's Folly from Hearts Ease Examplar Workes - click to see more

Antrim's Folly
by Heart's Ease Examplar Workes
This has been one of Theresa Baird's exclusive class pieces that is now available in chart format. Just a gorgeous piece, Theresa's inspiration came from a Betty Ring sampler that sold at a Sotheby's auction for over a million dollars in 2012.

She was enchanted by the mansion with the cedar trees, the barnyard with the animals, the young lady sitting straight and proud atop a horse, the farmhouse on the hill, and the flanking baskets of fruits and flowers.

It measures 257 x 355, and is worked in silks. The chart is 38 pages... it is full of stitch diagram detail, and actual close-up pics of some areas. Not for the faint of stitcher - not the quickest stitch either! Just an EXQUISITE needlework design to tantalize the brave!

Des Couleurs dans mon Jardin from Jardin Prive - click for more Des Couleurs dans mon Jardin
from Jardin Prive
I think that says 'The Colors of the Garden' doesn't it? I don't need words to convey how pretty this little piece is! Stitched on Waterlily or Star Sapphire Linen, choose your count, it'll finish approx 6 x 6.

Coded for 11 shades of DMC, I love everything about those 20 x 20 stitched squares. Make them individually into cushions... add clay bee buttons instead of stitching the bees, use #8 Pearl Cotton for the white lacy borders to give it texture, make the sheep wooley - this is just the sweetest piece with pretty soft coloring. It's very small, delightfully so, and offered as a chart.
Jeweled Needle Minder Magnets by Accoutrement Designs - click for more
Jeweled Needle Minders from Accoutrements
Wow... I need these Ruby slippers to transport me to the seashore so I can enjoy the palm trees and flamingos! Jeweled need minders with super-duper strong magnets attached... you can always find a place for another one of these! The flamingo is 3 inches tall, but the rest are smaller - an inch or two at best. Just love 'em all!
Lobstah Dinnah Ornament from The Elegant Thread - click to see more
Lobstah Dinnah Ornament
from The Elegant Thread
This is the CUTEST thing! By The Elegant Thread, stitch this cute little red lobster - he's 2 x 3 - and put him inside his mesh cage - he's ready to bring home for dinner! (Or you can hang him on your Christmas Tree, or perch him somewhere in your kitchen!)

Presented as a complete kit, you are stitching him over one thread on 22ct hand-dyed aqua blue linen. It's a pretty coarse weave, so it's not hard to see. Next, sew him together into a little pillow - the red and cream checkered backing fabric and interfacing are included. Then, roll the plastic mesh - included - into his trap, tie him inside there with the bit of included twine... and you're finished! This is SO creative and cute... I'm in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma... I've never set lobster traps in my life, but even I know this is *a winnah!*

Craft Room My Love from Cuore e Batticuore - click for more Craft Room My Love
from Cuore e Batticuore
This is such a cute little piece.... it needs to hang in your *Crafting Place of Honor!* There is a tiny hoop, cute pin cushions, a bitty sewing machine, scissors and skeins of yarn... If you're not into doing the whole piece, just pick out motifs and make little pin cushions out of them.

The entire stitch count is pretty big - 287 x 182 (18 x 11!) - so those smaller projects sound kind of good! Presented in a chart by Cuore e Batticuore, it calls for DMC flosses.

Woodland Sampler from Marjorie Massey - click for more
Woodland Sampler
from Marjorie Massey
Here's another delightful quaker-inspired sampler by Marjorie Massey. It'd be neat hanging in a mountain cabin because it features deer, evergreens, squirrels and acorns, and it has a 'coverlet feel' to it because of the reverse alphabet at the bottom.

Stitched in only one or two colors - choose a hand-dyed that you like against a background fabric that you like - absolutely nothing is called on the chart! Put your family initial in the center circle... and you know what? You can even change the alphabet to spell anything else besides THE ALPHABET! Stitch count is approx 170 x 200, the chart is nice and big, and she does have it printed in two colors of ink.

Little Mean Green Fabric Clips - click for more
Little Mean Green Fabric Clips and Mini Clips by Clover
  • Little Mean Greens - Just a small package of 10 - 1-inch transparent slime-lime super-duper strong mini-clips... use these to help keep lots of fabric rolled up or multiple sheets of a chart clipped together. They are a little wider on the finger-grabbing end - so they're easier to hold onto.
  • Mini Clips - A bit smaller than the Mean Greens, teeny weeny, easy to see, and SUPER strong. These come in a package of 20 red and aqua, or a cool little plastic, divided storage box - red, purple, aqua, yellow and green - 10 of each for $30.

Little Berry Thief from Scattered Seed Samplers - click to see more
Little Berry Thief
from Scattered Seed Samplers
This is a sweet berry-shaped pin cushion with a little brown bird nibbling his precious and ripe strawberry. Stitched on 36ct Vintage Country Mocha linen with regular ol' DMC of B5200, 221, 869, 3011 and 3799... it finishes about 3-1/2 x 4-1/2 inches in size.

The chart includes an actual-sized template for the fabric size, and another for the green leaf top. Make that from vintage fabric or some wool. I like that Feather Stitching on the backside, too; it closes your berry!


Yes, there's even MORE!     
Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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