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Under the Mistletoe  - click to see more Main Street from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Witch's Parking from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more
Under The Mistletoe, Main Street, and Witch's Parking
Finally A Farmgirl has some pretty cute releases for all year long!
  • Under the Mistletoe - Oh, here's Mr and Mrs Claus celebrating another successful Christmas under the Mistletoe! Measuring only 48 x 70, and stitched with DMC on 32 Nocturne (or any lovely evening-dark color), they finish 3 x 4. What I think is awesome about this design is that it could be a WEDDING OR ANNIVERSARY momento! You could stitch it for Mom and Dad as a Christmas gift and personalize it on the backside. Rainbow Gallery's White Wisper would be awesome in the fur or even the little mouse in Santa's hat! Just love the possibilities with this design!
  • Main Street - Lots of little town and village street scenes these days... and here's another really good one! Stitch count of 306 x 106 - it'll finish a whopping 19 x 7 on 32ct. Long enough to make a drum shape finish. A summer/patriotic theme, it's crisp, colorful, and every shop looks welcoming!
  • Witch's Parking - How about displaying this on your kitchen eating island at Halloween time - and listen to the comments! This little toad is enforcing the parking situation. Measuring 103 x 109, it'll finish about 7 inches on 32ct, and is done with a medley of DMC and varied hand-dyeds. Just for fun!

Witch's Brew from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Santa Claws from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more
Witch's Brew and Santa Claws
  • Witch's Brew - Another cute 'kitchen sign,' put this by your coffee pot or in your coffee area at the office! Stitched on anything that lets the white cup show up, it uses regular DMC, and measures 100 x 57. Not too big, so fun to stitch up in a hurry!
  • Santa Claws - Here's Matilda the Mouse and Oscar the Cat getting ready for the Big Day. So darn cute, it's hard to see, but there are tiny animals hiding in the gifts, the tree top, and Santa's arms. Finishes about 5 x 7 on 32ct... so smallish.

S is for... from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more
S is for...
This is a cute little design reminiscent of postage stamps I think! Measuring only 132 x 57, this finishes approx 8 x 3-1/2 on 16/32ct fabric. Coded for DMC.

It'd make a charming 4-sided cube - stitch Santa and Snowman on opposite sides and flakes on the opposing sides! It is presented as a small chart.

Patriotic Matilda from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Home is Coffee from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Oscar the Cat from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Catching Flies from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more
Patriotic Matilda, Home is Coffee, Oscar the Cat and Catching Flies
4 New designs by Finally a Farm girl are here... and they just make you smile! Cute for Summer.
  • Patriotic Matilda is the CUTEST tiny Betsy Ross. She's siting top her blue spool of thread - sewing the flag. Do you see her little baby hiding in the tomato greenery? This finishes approx 4 inches in size.
  • Home is Coffee... and a book! Here is Oscar the Cat at home in his study. His mouse friend is serving his cup of Java! Finishes about 7 x 7 on 32ct.
  • Oscar the Cat - Just a sweet pic of the brown kitty helping his mouse friends gather the tasty berries! Quick little 4 x 4 piece!
  • Catching Flies - Here is Jeremiah up to bat, with his friend Matilda Mouse. She is there for cheer support and snacking on popcorn. Would be cute to sub your favorite player's number on that uniform!

Matilda Mouse from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Scarecrow Matilda from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Matilda Sews from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Miss Jenny from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Jeremiah from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more
Matilda Mouse, Scarecrow Matilda, Matilda Sews, Miss Jenny and Jeremiah from Finally a Farmgirl
Here are 5 cute little personalities all by new designer - Finally a Farmgirl. Presented as charts, they are all small, and stitched with a combo of DMC along with Weeks and Classic Colorworks hand-dyeds. The charts are in color... but a bit hard to see, so maybe blow them up a little.
  • Matilda Mouse is the teeniest at 3-1/2 inches on 32ct Summer Khaki. Love that tape measure twill tape on the finishing (we have it - by lady Dot Creates - black, yellow or creme.)
  • Scarecrow Matilda is 4 x 5... cute for Fall.
  • Matilda Sews companions the first one... look at her baby peeking from behind the tomato cushion!
  • Miss Jenny is a toad - she's kind of hard to see in the pic because of the curve of the cushion. We think she is holding a sampler in one hand, and books in the other... Matilda is there on a neighboring mushroom!
  • Jeremiah is smitten with Jenny - his chart is the one that is hard to read... but he's cute, and worth the effort! Jeremiah finishes about 6 x 5.

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