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Below you'll find some of the most creative designs on the market! The Drawn Thread specializes in charming samplers with gardening, floral and restful themes. We have so many favorites, we're showing you some of them! Most have a fun stitch or two incorporated into the design. All call for linen... and frequently give you at least two appropriate choices. Some include a bundle of the silk threads needed to stitch the design, and all include any necessary charms. I just love all her tiny details... everytime I look at these, I see something new I missed the last time! Enjoy!

The Pink Tulips Sampler from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Presenting The Pink Tulips Sampler
Cynthia was here last weekend as one of the guest designers at our Grand Summer Stitch Retreat - and she brought US a treat! Exclusively available at The Silver Needle, this charming little piece was inspired by the two guys who live next door to her - they brought her Pink Tulips on Valentine's Day this year! Read more info on this directly underneath Sunnyside Sampler.

Stitched on 32ct, it's just 64 stitches in size - so about 4 inches in size. Coded for silks, she has conversions on her site for DMC. Then, if you want, you can Google conversions to just about anything else you want. Just a pretty piece, it pops against the darkish fabric background!

Sunnyside Sampler from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Sunnyside Sampler
Always looking on the Sunny Side of the Street... this is a CHARMING neighborhood of houses, flats, apartments, condos, duplexes, hotels, bed and breakfasts, cottages and townhouses! I just love them all!!!

Presented as a chart, this is stitched on 32ct natural linen and finishes 4 x 20! Charted for Silks... we have those available with the charts for a limited time. Lots of conversion charts out there on the internet, you'll be able to convert to cottons if you need to. You know this is stuffed full of Cynthia's cool and unique specialty stitches... just makes it more fun to stitch!

Did you know... (a little story that Cynthia told us while she was here at our Summer Event) that the little tan bungalow is Cynthia's house, and the two guys that live next door in the light blue house are the ones who bring her pink tulips on Valentine's Day? Cynthia is a HUGE gardener... those massive sunflowers and that blossoming tree are all in her backyard. And... that tall light blue house next door is new construction - 3 stories with a rooftop deck that looks into her backyard - drives her nuts! This is the Sunnyside Neighborhood.

This is Halloween from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more This is Halloween
Cynthia Zittel has a fun new Halloween design... a haunted house with its graveyard and resident spiders and ghosts - all underneath the most glorious gnarly tree! She's put a lot in here - skeletons, ghosts, bats and pumpkins - all of it measures 183 x 74. Notice that huge eerie yellow moon behind the tree - soft and golden, spooky and seemingly quiet - for now!

It'll finish approx 11 x 4-1/2 on 32ct... and it would make a stunning drum-shaped stand-up, if you're 'framed out, or an awfully cute flat stand-up to perch on a sill or someplace!

Emily's Hope from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Emily's Hope
Drawn Thread's newest design is here... it's full of songbirds in their tiny garden. Measuring just 2 x 8 on 32ct, it's a bitty thing full of charm.

Each letter of HOPE has its own bird tucked between some blossoms (worked with special stitches); the E even has a baby bird in its nest. Something uplifting to stitch - make a long cushion just to perch on a windowsill! Coded for Gentle Art Sampler Threads or silks.

Those Who Sing from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Botanical Stitches - Daffodils from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Botanical Stitches - Crocus from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
New Springtime Arrivals
Cynthia sends her love via new cross stitch charts! She says everyone needs a little Spring in their stitching right now. Each is presented as a chart, and for a limited time, we have silk packs available for them - as an option.
  • Those Who Sing - *Even in the darkest days, if we search hard enough, we can sometimes still find a song in our heart. I hope you find one!*
    Stitched on 32ct Summer Khaki Linen with Needlepoint and Dinky Dyes hand-dyed silks, she has tucked her favorite specialty stitches into this - to make it textured and full of interest. Finishing 6 x 12 - those leaves are all satiny!
  • Botanical Stitches - Daffodils & Crocus - The next two botanicals in her set... these measure 54 x 54 in stitch count, and like the larger designs - they do include some pretty specialty stitches - just for a little fun!

Little Bits of Halloween from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Little bits of Christmas from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Botanical Stitches - Chrysanthemum from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
New Arrivals for Halloween and Christmas
Cynthia has been busy with a trio of new things... two larger designs that are motif medleys, and another smaller botanical.
  • Little Bits of Halloween - This is super cute! Tiny 26 x 26 designs - nine of them, plus nine little borders to surround them, and a Halloween alphabet tossed in, Cynthia wants you to arrange all these little pieces anyway you want! Do a big square of all of them, make something vertical or horizontal - loooonnnng and skinnnny! She has lots of suggestions inside the chart. Charted for Dinky dyes and Needlepoint Inc Silks - we have those kitted and available for a limited time. Cynthia also provides the links for color conversions to DMC and Gentle Art Sampler Threads. The motifs in here are really fun, great color and charm!
  • Little bits of Christmas - Same cuteness and design ideal just like Bits of Halloween. Stitch any of the 26 x 26 little squares, add a border or two... rearrange, do whatever makes you happy! For a limited time, we have the silk packets available for this. The design is charted for those silks, but again, there is a link to conversions in the instructions.
  • Botanical Stitches - Chrysanthemum - The next 4 x 4 design celebrating flora. Classy designs, any neutral fabric works for any of these in the small series!
Little Bits of Halloween chart w threads $32.00
Little Bits of Christmas Chart $12.00
Chrysanthemum Chart $6.50
Chrysanthemum Silk Pack $12.00
The Kitchen Garden from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Botanical Stitches - Lupinis texensis - Texas Bluebonnet from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Botanical Stitches - Aquilegia coerulea - Colorado Columbine from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
3 New Designs from The Drawn Thread!
  • The Kitchen Garden 249 Stitches Wide X 65 Stitches Tall. For those who love "homegrown," a kitchen garden is a labor of love in the Spring and a source of pride and joy in midsummer. Cynthia has reproduced her own Kitchen garden in silk on linen so we can enjoy it long after the fruits of our labors have disappeared from our gathering baskets. Stitched on 32 count "Summer Khaki" Belfast linen using Needlepoint, Inc. and Dinky Dyes silks.
  • Botanical Stitches - Lupinis texensis - Texas Bluebonnet 54 Stitches Wide X 84 Stitches Tall. The favorite flower of all Texans, the Bluebonnet is the floral trademark for Texas. They bloom for just a few short weeks during April and May. She's preserved their beauty to enjoy all year on 30 count "Antique Lambswool" linen using Needlepoint, Inc. and Dinky Dyes silks. When stitched on 30 count linen, this design will fit neatly into any standard 5" x 7" frame.
  • Botanical Stitches - Aquilegia coerulea - Colorado Columbine 54 Stitches Wide X 84 Stitches Tall. As emblematic as the Bluebonnet is to Texas, the Columbine is to Colorado. If ever you get a chance to visit that mountain paradise, look for this special flower to brighten your day. Stitched on 30 count "Natural Undyed" linen using Needlepoint, Inc. and Dinky Dyes silks. When stitched on 30 count linen, this design will also fit neatly into any standard 5" x 7" frame.

Small Things from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Small Things
*Do small things with great LOVE* is the verse on this piece. Stitched on 30ct natural linen with Dinky Dyes hand-dyed silks, it finishes a mere 3 x 6.

Just a bitty thing... it features special stitches and a tiny gold heart charm. It'd be very pretty finished into a round drum shape! Little bit of velveteen for the top... Presented as the chart, we have the silks available for this for a limited time.

From My Heart from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
From My Heart
By My Hand from My Heart. 42 x 42 stitches.

Click to see the framed version.

Botanical Stitches Pumpkin from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Botanical Stitches Christmas Rose from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Christmas Cards from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
Pumpkins and Fall, Cardinals and Christmas from The Drawn Thread
Cynthia has sent 4 new designs -- all offered in chart format. For a limited time, we have the Dinky Dyes/Needlepoint Inc Silk Packs available for each... with the chart purchase. The silk packets are not offered separately from the charts. (There are numerous color chart comparisons available online for DMC and Gentle Art; Cynthia warns that she likes her silk choices the best! :) Bats in the Belfry from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
  • Pumpkin - Another of DT's Botanical Stitches, this is 'Cucurbita pepo.' A perky blackbird atop and nice, perfectly shaped pumpkin, this measures only 54 x 54 in stitch count. Perfect as a small pin cushion, just yummy greens, golds and those pumpkin rusts.
  • Christmas Rose - The next Botanical Stitches, this is 'Helleborus niger.' I'm not a botanist, so these remind me of Dogwoods and a little Cardinal... this measures 54 x 54, just like its companion Pumpkin chart. Silks are a dark forest green, brick red, creme and butterscotch in color.
  • Christmas Cards - This is a set of 4 designs -- all offered together in one chart! *Good Tidings We Bring, To you and Your Kin, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.* Each 'Christmas Card' design measures 60 x 90 stitches -- approx 4 x 6 on 32ct. Coded for the silks (conversion site noted on chart for other threads) our charts come with a smattering of Mill Hill glass beads and a little burgundy button embellishment. Lots of thread in this silk packet... deep denim blues, hunter greens, rich deep red, and the crisp creamy off-white.
  • Bats in the Belfry - Tall and skinny, this measures 43 wide by 152 long... so approx 3 x 10! Just a bitty thing, it features the same delicious silk colors as the 'Pumpkin" chart, and this design also includes a bonus chart that IS that little Jack-o-Lantern down at the bottom of the piece. Love that big moon behind the tree!

Apple Blossoms Sampler from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Sweet Violet from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Common Lilac from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
April Showers Bring New May Flowers
Cynthia Zittel has three new designs all presented in chart format with or without the necessary silk threads!
  • Apple Blossoms Sampler is gorgeous! Worked on 32ct Tumbleweed (a dusty green linen) it measures JUST 2-1/2 x 12 inches in size. It's NOT large!!! The bird in the tree branches, what makes this dramatic are the apple blossoms and light colored alphabet letters. As always, Cynthia tosses a lot of special stitches into her designs -- for lots of texture and interest -- makes them more fun to stitch!
  • Sweet Violet & Common Lilac -- Well one of these got left behind in the 'cute name department!!!' A new set of small botanicals, these each finish only 54 stitches square -- 3-1/2 inches square on 30ct Antique Lambswool Linen. Hand-dyed silks... special stitches... these would make gorgeous pin cushions all nestled together in a neat old basket. Presented as charts with or without the silks.

Deck The Halls from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
Deck The Halls
The Drawn Thread's 2017 Christmas designs have arrived! Deck the Halls is just 68 x 68 stitches in size - so it finishes about 4 x 4 on 32ct. Just a quiet little piece, it uses only 5 colors of thread (our charts will come with Cynthia's Dinky Dyes silks for a limited time.)

Charted for the 5 shades of silk, it'll be easy to convert to hand-dyed cottons - her pictures are really nice on the chart. There is also a small 'take-out' from this - a small bird - that would make a cute ornament or scissor fob! Very Nice!

Welcome Halloween from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Welcome Christmas from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
Welcome Halloween and Welcome Christmas
Two more designs in this cute series of greetings... these join Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter... they are all really fun! Stitch JUST the motifs -- some of them can stand alone -- or add the word, each finishes approx 2 x 14 on 30ct Antique Lambswool Linen. As with the others in this series, all are coded for Dinky Dyes and Needlepoint Inc Silks and feature a few small button or bead embellishments.

For a limited time, our charts will include Cynthia's silk packs. After those sell out, hand-dyed flosses will be the way to go. They are really cute stitched up - lots to look at and catch your eye. Cynthia likes special stitches - so there are a few of those scattered all over in these! If you don't have a horizontal space, think about positioning these vertically!

Welcome Summer from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Be Here Now from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
  • Welcome Summer -- The final design in Cynthia's 4-Seasons Welcome series, this one features summer birds, a big bee hive and billowing flag. Same size and format as the companions, it is stitched on 32ct Antique Lambswool with pretty Dinky Dyes, Thread Gatherer and Needlepoint Inc Silks. For a limited time... we have those silks and embellishments kitted for you. DMC equivalents are always listed on the charts.
  • Be Here Now -- A little reminder to stop and smell the roses!!! Stitched with silks on 32ct, it finishes approx 3 x 9. Lots of pretty specialty stitches in all those leaves!

The Garden Gate from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Welcome Spring from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
The Garden Gate & Welcome Spring
Cynthia Zittel has a pair of lovely spring designs on the way to us -- they are full of her stitching personality -- and are just delightful! Presented as the charts WITH her exclusive silk packets.
  • The Garden Gate 'Those who enter through this gate come never too early no stay too late.' Stitched on 32ct Beachwalk Linen in silks, this finishes approx 12 x 3-1/2 inches in size. It is PACKED with all sorts of fun specialty stitch bits -- TEXTURE EVERYWHERE -- and just about as many little garden critters!!! Birds, bees, squirrels and a kitty, the fence is pretty, the bird bath looks pretty popular, and the flowers are bursting with all those fun stitch details. Clear, large stitch diagrams -- nothing is too hard to execute. Every single motif is a bitty work of art just by itself... and you won't get bored stitching any of them!
  • Welcome Spring -- We have a few of these now...Winter and Autumn... so this is the third in the set. You can barely see the letters that spell WELCOME in here.. what you see are the charming motifs for the season -- all done with more of Cynthia's fun stitches. (she must lay awake at night making them all up... 'cause they are always different!) Several different silk companies featured for the threads, the stitch count on this is 216 x 30 -- so it finishes approx 14-1/2 x 2 on 30ct Antique Lambswool Linen.
(Just a funny tidbit here... our Stitching Circle kit we JUST mailed out to you guys was Cynthia's design... it called for that 30ct Antique Lambswool... and we bought it all for your Circle Kits. The supplier ran out... so we're going to have to improvise for a few months!!!)

Welcome Winter from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Snow Day from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Stars from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
New Drawn Thread is Here!
Cynthia has released fun, wintery designs!!! All are presented as charts WITH embellishments for now. When our first shipment of charts WITH silks sells out, our remaining will be charts with embellishments.
  • Welcome Winter -- Companions autumn, stitch this on anything neutral for that little snowman to POP! Finishing approx 13-1/2 x 2 on 32ct, it uses Needlepoint Inc and Dinky Dyes silk, is embellished with 4mm black buttons and has a few specialty stitches. Think about stitching some of the motifs without the letters if you want! Chart, silks and embellishments.
  • Snow Day -- A soft and dusty Stoney Point Blue linen is the background for all these snowmen playing in the falling snow. One of them is skiing... and there are birds skating inside the letter W! finishing aprox 9 x 4, it's the same size as Cynthia's seasonal ABC samplers, and it would make a cute standing brick-shaped block! chart, silks, embellishments.
  • Stars -- On a dark 32ct, this uses Dinky Dyes, Needlepoint Inc and Thread Gatherer silks and is embellished with small tan buttons amidst all the special stitches. The verse is from a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and the pattern inlcudes charts for stitching either as a sampler (with the last part of the verse at the bottom) or the entire verse. Pretty denims, brick reds, butter and cream colors... part of the design charm are all the tiny stars and then leaves evenly -- but randomly -- scattered everywhere! Chart, silks and embellishments.

Christmas Baskets from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Good Tidings from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
New Arrivals
Cynthia has sent a couple of Christmas patterns that look like they'll be fairly quick to work up. Presented in chart format, she uses Needlepoint Inc and Dinky Dyes Silks. Our first order always comes with the silk packs... when those run out, then we can offer the charts by themselves, but you are on your own for the threads.
  • Christmas Baskets -- Here are 4 small 30 x 30 stitch count designs -- choose just about any fabric you like to work on for them -- they are all stitched with the same palette of red, green golden browns and cream. Cynthia has loaded them with special stitches -- even the chart GRAPHIC ARTWORK looks fun!!!! She's done all kinds of fun stitches on these, so each will look lovely by themselves, or stitched into the 4-patch. Presented as the chart with silks.
  • Good Tidings -- This is delicious! It is worked on 32ct linen -- choose something dark so the snowflakes show up. Stitching is done with Dinky Dyes hand-dyed silks -- you can see the color variation on the letters -- that is all one shade of thread. The birds and lettering are all crosses but al the greenery is done as Ray Stitches -- lots of long stitches. Lots of drama! I think the stocking caps on the birds are kind of cute, too! Finishes approx 6 x 11. Presented as the chart with embellishments that are mother-of-pearl stars and bitty black glass seed beads.
Welcome Autumn from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Trick or Treat from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Simply Scary from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
Autumn and Halloween *The Drawn Thread Way* are Here!
  • Welcome Autumn -- Cynthia Zittel of The Drawn Thread is beginning a new set of Seasonal Welcome Designs -- This is the first! 30 x 216 Stitch count (2 x 13-1/2!), it is worked on 32ct Antique Lambswool linen and is coded for Dinky Dyes hand-dyed silk. FOR A LIMITED TIME, our charts are coming WITH that silk packet of threads. Very pretty with all it's textured specialty stitches, the colors are gorgeous! Make the individual letters into cushions and dump them all into a basket together, see how long it takes someone to figure out they spell WELCOME!
  • Trick or Treat -- Skeletons, ghosts, crows and spiders... what could be better? Everything ELSE you want to see when you're out Trick or Treating!!! Drawn Thread's Halloween look is all over this charming row of pumpkins and birds. Special stitches everywhere, this stitch count is 50 x 210 and it is worked with Dinky dyes silks on 32ct. Presented as a chart, there are three black button embellishments in it, and for a limited time, our charts will come with the packet of Dinky Dyes hand-dyed silks. So many cute motifs in here, another one to split up and make into a set of small cushions!
  • Simply Scary -- Another in Cynthia's Simple Sampler series... this is only 53 x 95 in stitch count, so quite petite! It is coded for either Dinky Dyes silks or Gentle Art Sampler Threads, and the chart includes a pair of bitty black buttons to make those little spiders! Very cute... I imagine this will be a 4-part piece -- just like her Simple Samplers for the 4 Seasons -- which have just finished!

Simply Autumn from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Simply Winter from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Simply Spring from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Simply Summer from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
The Simply Seasons Samplers
Spring, Autumn and Winter are being celebrated with these fun samplers by Drawn Thread. (No word about Summer yet...but I imagine it's coming in the next batch of releases later this Spring.) Petite things, each measures just 95 x 53 in stitch count -- 5 x 6 on 32ct Linen. All of them feature a neat house, the season spelled out in the side yard, and the alphabet in the other side yard. Cynthia shows all of these attached together as one digital image on the chart backs... along with SINGLES of JUST THE HOUSE and the season.

If you're so inclined, dump all the alphabets!!!! Who needs all the extra stitching??? She has added a few special stitches to each one -- for texture. Autumn has lovely Satin stitched leaves, Winter has Smyrna Crossed snowflakes and Spring has both stitches in it's leaves and flowers. All of them are charted for Gentle Art Sampler Threads as well -- only 6 or 7 colors in each -- so threads are EASY to get and super pretty! Offered as charts.

The final installment in this 4-Seasons Set -- Simply Summer -- mimics the rest in its series. 32ct Dirty Belfast, Gentle Art Sampler Threads, the hive and the teeny bees are all Stain Stitches!

Let It Bee from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Let It Bee
This is a fun little piece -- it finishes about 5 x 7 when stitched as charted -- but there are lots of elements you could stitch alone and make a coordinating set of cushions out of them! Charted for Dinky Dyes hand-dyed silks or Gentle Art Sampler Threads, we have the silks packaged for you NOW -- for ONLY a limited time.

The honeycomb border is simple X's over 4... but the bees are Satin Stitches with Upright Crossed wings, and the flowers are Leviathans. You could stitch a little cushion of ONLY the honeycomb, then another of just the big bee, and more of the flowers and the baby bees! They would be charming nestled together in a small bowl. Pretty golds and greens with a tiny touch of dusty raspberry, silks are available only till our first shipment runs out.

The Annual Border from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more The Annual Border
One is nearer God's heart in a garden than anywhere else on Earth. Another of Cynthia's signature lines of glorious blossoms... this luscious garden has everything growing in it!!!! All those pretty flowers are pictured in color right beside their stitch guides -- each of them is loaded with specialty stitches!

The overall stitch count of this is 172 x 172 -- finishing approx 11-1/2 inches square on a 30ct. Each flower is labeled, then that honeycomb inner border, then that wonderful verse. The chart is coded for silks ONLY -- and for a limited time, we have them! The chart also calls for a couple of Mill Hill beads -- not included in the silks.

Sampler Sack from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Sampler Sack
Here's a fun design -- a petite 52 x 90 stitch count spot motif sampler that is shown on the front of a 6 x 9-ish little linen sack! Cynthia has very detailed placement charts and finishing instructions in here... along with stitch diagrams of at least 19 different stitches. (I just love looking at all those -- they feel like puzzles when you follow all the numbers and your stitch actually turns out!) Tons of detail in here, you personalize the back of your linen bag, and then make the matching scissor tag. Coded for Dinky Dyes silks or Gentle Art Sampler Threads -- we have the silks available for a limited time -- NOW.

Up On The Rooftop from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Up On The Rooftop
Cynthia has a new Simple Sampler -- just a bitty thing -- to stitch in a jiff for Christmas. Santa is standing there on the rooftop, he's got the Christmas tree -- but instead of reindeer, we have lovely white Satin-Stitched doves!

Worked on 32ct Dirty with Sampler Threads and DMC floss... it finishes approx 3 x 6.. Skip all the lettering and the roof, and Santa and his tree are not even 2 x 4!!!! They'd make a cute ornament or a fob (and 1 x 2 over one!!!!!!!) Presented as a chart with a single bitty black button embellishment.

The Haunting from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more   Tangled Up in Boo from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
The Drawn Thread's 2015 Fall Releases are Here!
Cynthia has been busy, and has sent REAL CUTE new things for Autumn and Halloween. Everything is offered in chart format and for a short while, we have silk thread packs for most of it! Special stitches here and there -- nothing is too involved so you'll have fun stitching all of them. Do you remember seeing her working on these models while she was here for our Event this past summer??????
  • The Haunting -- This is really cool! There is so much going on in here... it is worked on 32ct Cobblestone linen and measures about 9 x 18. Coded for Dinky Dyes Silks (this is what is featured in our thread packs) or Gentle Art Sampler Threads, this is full of color and really charming. Nestled among the alphabet are motifs of everything Halloween -- and a lot of them are worked in Satin Stitches or Eyelets. She's got a *Bat Stitch* in here, which is a series of 9 straight stitches stacked so they look like bitty bats! The hand-dyed threads are gorgeous rusts, mossy greens, cream, a touch of antiqued honey and black. Offered as the chart, our silk pack is offered separately if you'd rather use silk than cotton.
  • Tangled Up in Boo -- A skinny skeleton (I guess there isn't any other kind!) perched on a pumpkin, you have several different design options with this chart. Work it on 32ct Dirty Belfast linen -- that's the long sampler. 18ct Brown Mono Canvas delivers the framed piece, and there is a tiny black box (Amazon ordering info inside the chart) option worked on 28ct Touchstone linen. The silks we offer are Dinky Dyes for the long sampler - the other pieces call for Gentle Art cottons.

Ricardo's Roses from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Ricardo's Roses
Wow, Cynthia presents the Rose Garden of Ricardo -- her neighbor across the street!!!!! A incredible rose garden full of special stitches, Cynthia's garden doesn't need as much daily care to look lovely year after year! Worked on 32ct Natural Linen with Dinky Dyes hand-dyed silks and Needlepoint Inc solid silks, the colors are mossy greens, dusty roses and some tarnished golds. The charming cottage is surrounded with roses and climbing vines all STUFFED with glorious, intricate special stitches that are just fascinating to pour over in the instructions. She doesn't even have names on the roses -- each vine has a different 'variety!' and each has their own leaf-stitch!

Ricardo's Roses has a stitch count of 111 x 44, so it will finish a petite 2-3/4 x 7 inches!!! Just a beautiful little piece! Offered as the chart, we have the silks (just enough to stitch this) bundled together -- FOR A LIMITED time.

Free & Brave from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Free & Brave
Oh, this is a pretty piece -- only 76 x 76 stitches in size! Stitched on 32ct Summer Khaki Belfast Linen, it'll finish a petite 5 x 5 in size.

Coded for Gentle Art Sampler Threads of Old Red Paint, Freedom, Wood Trail and Endive, with a bit of white DMC tossed in, everything in the house, flag and verse is a Cross Stitch. Everything else -- the flowers, leaves and vine are special stitches. The largest flower goes over 11 stitches -- 22 threads!!!!!! So very pretty, this is offered as the chart.

The Pastoral from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more The Pastoral
It depends on your mood -- sampler or sewing pocket!! There are fob charts in here... and several different charted options for all the design possibilities... along with LOTS of finishing and assembly instructions. (18 printed sides of paper!!!) And then... we get to the charming design itself! The summer house nestled beside all the fruit trees, then you begin to notice all the bees and ladybugs, dragonflies and blossoms. THEN some all the special stitches that make them all *pop!* I think Cynthia makes up all these stitch names, because they are so lovely and dramatic. We go from single Cross Stitches to her largest sampler flower which involves 23 threads!!!

Stitched on 32ct Amber Linen, the Pocket finishes approx 6 x 17 -- so folded it'll be 6 x 5-ish. The fob is a bit under 2 x 3. The larger sampler finishes about 6 x 12-1/2. Worked with Dinky dyes hand-dyed silk and a little Gentle Art Simply Wool for the little sheep, the colors are rich berry-brick, denim blue, olive greens a bit of butterscotch and icy creams.
FOR A LIMITED time we have the silks packaged (just enough for the sampler OR pocket/fob) together.
The Pastoral is coded for either the silks or Gentle Art Sampler Threads, and is offered as the chart. No extra silk packs... so if you do the sampler in silks, choose the flosses for the pocket -- or the other way around!

Love Letters from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
Love Letters

This is a charming alphabet stitched on 32ct Antique Ivory Linen using 1 ply of hand-dyed silks -- all pretty roses, raisins and greens. Finishing approx 3 x 10 -- it's just a petite thing that is FULL of fun, special stitches for texture and intrigue! This may be the alphabet -- but it is NOT boring!!!

Beautiful charts and diagrams... I think these patterns are as much fun to page through as they are to finally stitch! Offered as the chart with silk and button embellishments separately. (Silks and buttons are limited in availability.)

Love Letters from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Love Birds

A wisp of a thing -- this finishes approx 1 x 6 on 32ct! ONLY ONE by SIX! A sweet little piece full of birds and a message of love... this is worked with silks or cottons. Colors are soft roses, fabric could be anything you like. There are five special stitches in here -- but very basic in nature -- so they won't slow you down.

Offered as a chart with a shiny gold heart charm.

Shining Star from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
Shining Star
Cynthia Zittel has a pretty new Christmas Tree design -- the lacy green boughs are loaded with red berries and birds, along with glistening petite gold seed beads and lots of gold metallic threads. The stitch count is 43 x 148 -- it finishes approx 3 x 10 on 32ct Natural Belfast -- and specializes in a light, lacy Christmassy personality.

Our first offering of charts includes the silks, metallics and beads. After our initial shipment sells out... no more accessory/thread packs will be available.

A very pretty little piece, as always, you are treated to TONS of pretty specialty stitches in here. Cynthia's charts are *Stitcher's Candy!!!!*

Haunting Halloween from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Haunting Halloween
A framed sampler OR smaller pin cushion and fob set, Cynthia has worked this on 32ct Chestnut Linen... and again on 18ct Brown Mono Canvas or 18ct Natural Linen. Charted for Silks (which we have as an optional thread pack) or DMC and hand-dyed flosses, the cushion/sampler pattern measures 49 x 105 in stitch count, with the matching tag at 66 x 57. (the pair is in the upper right-hand pic.)

The Scissor Tag pics are confusing. One side is next to that cushion -- attached to the black 4-inch scissors in that same photo. The other side of the *same fob* is pictured in the lower right-hand picture. (it looks the same size as the cushion -- but it is much smaller in real life.) So... in trying to UNCONFUSE myself... you get three charts in here. The framed sampler (which can be worked into a cushion) along with a two-sided fob! Finished size depends on your fabric choice... our silk pack will work on the 28ct.

Chillin from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Chillin'
Another multi-piece project... this one offers a 91 x 35 stitch count framed piece (18ct fabric suggested) that can be finished into a 91 x 35 stitch count sewing pocket (32ct fabric suggested), with a smaller 25 x 63 stitch count fob design.(same fabric as sewing pocket uses).

Pretty silks and Valdani flosses are included in this optional thread pack, and there are lots of finishing instructions in here for that case. I love how that skeleton is holding his candy corn in one hand and a spider in the other!!! Fabric options galore with this one! Offered as the chart with silks separately.

Full Moon from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Full Moon
The Autumn Sky's full moon is the backdrop for all this tomfoolery! Ravens and bats against that moon, that super-creepy FAT little spider dangling there - his body is a small black button, that in real life makes a HUGE spider!!! The pumpkin vines are everywhere, and that untrustworthy crow is just waiting for a meal!!!
Stitched on 32ct Dirty Belfast Linen in Dinky Dyes and Needlepoint silks (in the optional thread packet) or Gentle Arts and DMCs... this fits onto a Sudberry House Shaker Pin Cushion Base or one of the round resin boxes that Shepherd's Bush uses so much.

The matching smaller design is a mere 34 x 34 stitches in size... it teases your eye.. because it matches the bigger piece so well! Both charts are offered in this packet... Buttons and silks offered separately.

Summer Garden from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Summer Garden
Cynthia's 6th Garden Scene Sampler -- we now have all four seasons as well has the Herb and Butterfly Gardens. Always the charming house in the center... she surrounds it with a LAVISH blooming garden of all the things quintessential to its season! With a stitch count of 289 x 63, this finishes (like the rest) at approx 4 x 18, and is worked on 32ct Summer Khaki Linen.

It is coded for Needlepoint Inc and Dinky Dyes silks... and **for a limited time**, we have the thread packs available as well! (sorry, no open-stock thread packs) We LOVE, LOVE these gardens, because Cynthia loads them full of special stitches that look neat even on the CHART, not to mention stitched in person!

The Little Birds Sampler from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more

The Little Birds Sampler
Oh my gosh, this is a charming piece! A long, skinny alphabet -- that is stuffed full of garden treasures and a ton of birds. Cats, squirrels, mice, birds, birdhouses and birdbaths, and LOTS of silks and special stitches... this measures 54 x 336 stitches in size.

Worked on 32ct Summer Khaki Belfast Linen -- it'll turn out approx 3 x 21. Of special note to the industry -- Cynthia has special watermarked paper in this pattern. If it is copied illegally... the chart has eyes in the back of its head and will tattle!!!!!

Summer Jumble from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Summer Jumble
Another one of these cute miniature block designs that spells out the season or holiday... Cynthia has finished ALL FOUR SEASONS and shown the medley design on the back cover of this chart. These are great 15 x 15 stitch count squares full of seasonal motifs and cool letters -- and special stitches to boot! Make them into fobs or ornaments, OR make loonnnnng and skiinnnny samplers out of them!

This is now a huge series of designs from Drawn Thread -- so you could even make a basket of like 200 BITTY TRINKETS!!! Offered as a chart, with our limited offering of silk packets. (sorry, no silks open stock.)

The Winter Garden from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more The Winter Garden
The Drawn Thread has sent three new designs this week... Winter Garden is just one. It is her 5th in a garden set -- joining Spring, Autumn, Butterfly and Herb Gardens. Same size and general flavor as the others, this 289 x 63 stitch count design features the Grand Manor along with it's lavish garden of Wintertime Growth! Pines, holly, dogwoods, juniper, ivy... everything is growing so beautifully in the Winter Garden!

Cynthia loads these with special stitches so everything takes on a bit of texture and interest... and this piece is coded for 9 Needlepoint and 5 Dinky Dyes hand-dyed silks. Wintery reds and greens, and of course the white snow all pop against the 32ct Smokey Pearl Linen background. Offered as a chart.

Winter Jumble from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Winter Jumble
Oh, another of these fun mini-motif designs that spells out a word. Cynthia has quite a few of these for the different seasons and holidays -- all of them are farther down this page. We LIKE these because you can do a lot of different things with them. Stitch the pic as shown... make individual fobs or ornaments... finish them into little building blocks. By now, you have a million different assorted letters and designs -- do something fun with them! I see this one stitched as one long tube -- finished into a hot-dog shape to grace a breezy windowsill!

Lots of fun stitches, each tiny square is only 15 x 15 stitches -- NOTHING AT ALL to do! Coded for 6 Needlepoint and 3 Dinky Dyes hand-dyed silks, once again, we have a LIMITED number of silk and small embellishments packets available for this. Offered as the chart, a gray color fabtric is suggested so that the snowflakes pop!

The Autumn Garden from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more The Autumn Garden - A companion to Herb, Butterfly and Spring
The Autumn Garden - A companion to Herb, Butterfly and Spring Gardens, this time we have the autumnal garden and all it's specific plantings . Chrysanthemums, sedum, pumpkins and squash... sunflowers, and lots of crows, this garden is full of all the things that blossom in the fall. Stitched on 32ct Linen, the silk colors are STUNNING! 10 different Needlepoint Inc Silks, and 6 different Silk 'n Colors, Waterlilies and Dinky Dyes, the finished size is close to the others -- approx 4 x 18. I just love all the special stitches Cynthia puts into these... all hidden in the flower detail, you never get tired of these! Offered as the chart with optional silk pack.

Autumn Jumble from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Autumn Jumble
Another of these fun sets of mini-blocks!! Joining several of DT's other seasonal mini-blocks (Halloween, Valentine and Easter all come to mind right away) AUTUMN is spelled out in one-inch squares -- surrounded by other 1-inch blocks of tiny motifs. Again -- loaded with fun specialty stitches -- these are SO COOL stitched individually and made into miniature fabric blocks!

They make stunning mini-ornaments and are perfect for nametags and scissor fobs. And... of course... lovely stitched just as Cynthia presents it! (I like these long and skinny too -- they look neat hanging above a door, and very unexpected trailing down a very skinny wall.) Stitched on any creamy linen the silks called for are rich taupes, olives, rusts and marigold. Only 49 x 83 stitches -- this is actually approx 3 x 5 -- just a bitty thing! Offered as the chart with optional silk pack!

When Skeletons Dance from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more When Skeletons Dance
When skeletons dance and ghosts make merry. When pumpkins are carved and black cats are scary. When witches to riding, when goblins are seen. The moon laughs and wispers 'tis near Halloween! (Punctuation in verses always stumps me!) This is a neat piece! That busy haunted house on the left -- it's a picture all on its own. Then, that funky font for the verse -- all tucked underneath that craggy tree -- that side of the design can stand alone as well!

It has the moon and dancing skeleton in the background stitched in a pale hand-dyed white-ish color -- so make sure your fabric is dark enough to show it off. (even choose some mangy hand-dyed from your stash?) Put the two halves together to make the whole piece -- it finishes approx 10-1/2 x 13 on 32ct Dirty Belfast Linen. Calling for Threadworx hand-dyeds... raid your stash for fun colors you might already have in the other brands! Offered as the chart.

Halloween Screen from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Halloween Screen
Here's a fun design that is shown in one of Sudberry House's small candle screens! A bitty 49 x 72 stitches on 32ct Summer Khaki Belfast Linen, 'Halloween' is worked with 5 shades of hand-dyed Dinky Dyes silk. It's small enough that you probably could come up with great colors on your own from what you already have on hand.

It lifts your needlework off the table... and no walls required!!! We LOVE those little 3 x 5 frames-on-a-stick!

The Spring Garden from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more The Spring Garden
OH... Drawn Thread has another long, skinny garden scene -- this one is LUSCIOUS! I have 4 dogs at my house right now... so my Spring Garden doesn't look like this! Following the same idea as her Herb and Butterfly Garden pieces... this is a row of pretty flowers -- all stitched with scattered specialty stitches everywhere!

The chart is just one of those that your fingers itch to stitch!!! Finishing approx 4 x 18 on 32ct, this time around WE HAVE ALL THE HAND-DYED SILKS RIGHT IN THE PACKAGE! Yeah!!! Yummy Dinky Dyes, Needlepoint Inc and Silk 'n Colors, so many pretty colors to make all the lacy, delicate flowers.

Spring Jumble from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Spring Jumble
15 Small squares of Crosses and specialty stitches, spell the word SPRING... or just do all the other little boxes! I love the 15 x 15-stitch designs, they are stunning stitched as individual pieces and all finished into bitty cushions to gather in a basket. Worked in Dinky Dyes, Needlepoint Inc and Silk 'n Colors Silks, this is a very quick stitch!

The entire piece measures only 49 x 83, so even if you work over two on 32ct, each block is only an inch is size! Offered as the chart with the silks... (and at $23, it a steal!)

Give Thanks from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Give Thanks
Drawn Thread's Cynthia has sent us 6 new designs this week -- along with all her stitched models! So... we are hosting a lovely Drawn Thread Trunk Show for a few weeks -- a last minute surprise!!! Give Thanks is an elegant tribute to your abundant Thanksgiving Dinner Table... only instead of turkey and dressing... you have urns, vases, and baskets of luscious berries and vines.

Stitched on 32ct Vintage Country Mocha Belfast linen in soft taupes, cranberry reds, golden browns and mossy greens, (coded for Needlepoint Inc silks) Cynthia uses tons of specialty stitches in the chairs, vases and flowers... some neat ones like Lazy Daisy Crosses, Triple Rices over 6, Horizontal Smyrnas, Boucle Flowers, Double Broad Diagonal, Double Crossed Cushion... they all look like fun to execute. Finishing approx 4 x 18, this is offered as a chart.

Little Noel from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
Little Noel A petite piece with a stitch count of only 28 x 124... this'll measure 2 x 9 on 28ct. Four letters with three motifs between them, this features Diagonal Cross (between the N and O), star and berry buttons, and a few tiny seed beads. Nothing hard, but charmingly detailed!

Offered as the chart with embellishments, there is an entire page devoted to finishing instructions to make this into a fabric hanging banner.

Halloween Jumble from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more Halloween Jumble
Drawn Thread has a new piece -- a companion design to Be My Valentine -- it's a series of MINIATURE blocks that include bitty Halloween motifs and letters to spell out 'Trick or Treat.' Really a very tiny thing -- 2-1/2 x 6-1/2 -- Cynthia has used a few Satin Stitches and a smattering of glass beads to embellish her squares a bit -- but each square measures ONLY AN INCH on 28/14 count and even smaller on the recommended 32ct Dirty Belfast.

So cute, you can make some initial scissor fobs if your name has the right letters... you can stitch a set of small ornaments for a little tree branch... you could stitch these all in one horizontal row (1 x 21!) and hang it above a doorway... or you could stitch them all vertically (again 1 x 21!) and hang it on a skinny wall somewhere. You could even finish them into individual cubes to make a set of alphabet blocks! Offered as a chart. As you can tell from the pic -- rich rusty oranges, fun greens and purples and lots of black!

The Herb Garden from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more
The Herb Garden
A sequel to her Butterfly Garden, which is enchanting.

This one is just as full of tiny specialty stitches in all the flowers as the first, and will measure the same 3 x 19-ish size.
Chart format... and promises to make your stitching stash SO HAPPY!

B My Valentine from The Drawn Thread -- click to see moreB My Valentine
A fun sampling of 30 -- 13 x 13 mini-blocks of stitching. While the message hidden in here says 'B My Valentine,' each of the little 1-inch squares is full of specialty stitches all in a small selection of olive and mauve threads. Just a tiny thing... this finishes approx 2-3/4 x 9 on 32ct!!! It looks so much bigger than that to me... but the squares really ARE miniatures!

Wouldn't this be fun stitched and finished into teeny individual fobs or flat ornaments and either stashed into a pretty basket all mixed up, or hung on a white Valentine Tree Branch??? It'd make a really cool seasonal decoration, that someone would have to play with and study a bit to read! Offered as a chart, coded for silks -- there are few enough colors that you could convert to flosses from your stash, too.

A Year of Flowers from The Drawn Thread -- click to see more A Year of Flowers from The Drawn Thread -- click to see moreA Year of Flowers
This is a neat collection of smalls -- all stitched together to finish on the front of a planner or something like a pillow. The featured linen is 32ct Beach Walk -- a really pretty green-ish color -- that adds a lot of life to this piece. Flowers special to each month, each block finishes approx 3 x 3, and as you can see from the two pics, you can arrange them together any way you want! (Changes the cut size of linen you need)

Sometimes, something like this is eye-catching stitched all in one long row -- you could hang it over a doorway horizontally, or on one of your skinny walls vertically! Offered as a chart and coded for either DMC or silk... this is full of Drawn Thread Personality!

The Butterfly Garden from The Drawn Thread -- click to see moreThe Butterfly Garden
Oh gosh... this is just stunning! I can't wait for our shop model to be stitched of this one! An incredibly busy medley of wildflowers all growing happily in the garden... everyone has his own butterfly fluttering about... and I can even see tiny bees dotting the skies. With a stitch count of 355 x 59, this finishes approx 3-1/2 x 22 on 32ct... choose a light pastel color of green, yellow or blue... so many pretty fabrics would work for this one.

As you can imagine, there are tons of special stitches in here, so this one will be totally fun to stitch. Offered as the chart, it is coded for silks or DMC... there are a few hand-dyed in here... so it's another one that delight in that stash of your colors!!!

Bouquet of Stitches Sewing Box and Scissor Fob from The Drawn Thread - click to see more Bouquet of Stitches Sewing Box and Scissor Fob
Oh my Gosh... there are 43 DIFFERENT stitches in this! That's probably why its named ***Bouquet of Stitches***! Stitched on 36ct Cream Edinburgh Linen, each flower is it's own unique little stitch! Mount it into the top of Olde Colonial's Embossed (or Plain) Pencil Box... and you have a floral masterpiece that was so much fun to stitch.

Design in chart format is approx 2-1/2 x 8... the pencil box is offered separately. Directions to make the silk 'mattress' lining the interior are included, as well as the chart for the matching little fob. VERY pretty!

The Holly and the Ivy from The Drawn Thread - click to see more The Holly and the Ivy
Drawn Thread has 5 new releases... this skinny skeleton and the lavish Christmas wreath are the two *quick stitches.* October, November and December's Calendar designs are shown below.

This scant skeleton is worked in plain white, but features metallic green and orange highlights. Finish him any number of ways, on just about any fabric you want, he's just cute and simple.

The wreath piece is actually quite large -- finishing approx 13 x 13 on 32ct... it has a verse surrounding a lovely flowing vine wreath of holly leaves and little birds hidden everywhere inside the vines! There is a smaller bonus ornament design included as well -- equally as charming with the hidden birds. Both are offered as charts.

Alphabets from The Drawn Thread - click to see more Alphabets
Wow, this is a study of alphabets -- but even more so -- a study of NEAT specialty stitches!!! With a stitch count of 110 x 344, this piece finishes approx 8 x 24-1/2 on 28ct Lambswool Linen. The chart calls for silks -- and there are a few Mill Hill bead and your own button embellishments called for. Basically, the sampler is divided into 12 different stitch motifs with alphabets all over the place! Jessica, Leviathan, a whole slew of 'regular special stitches', Crossed Cushion, Overlapping Waves, Boucle Flower, Ringed Eyelets and Festoon Filling, Pulled Crosses, (that stitch takes 3 pages to diagram, and

Cynthia has it counted all the way to stitch # 144!), Ringed Backs, Diagonal Fillings... I love all the diagrams! Then, the entire piece is framed with a Drawn Thread Four-Sided Stitch Border -- and you get great instructions for that technique as well! Offered as the chart, a yummy confection to devour with your needle!!

Almost Halloween from The Drawn Thread - click to see more Almost Halloween
The Drawn Thread has three new releases... and since Halloween will soon be upon us... I chose this one to highlight! Spell out Halloween with a flourish of cute motifs and fun colors... this finishes ONLY 11 x 1-1/2 inches on 32ct! The bats are stitched in Satin Stitches, and the spiders are actually two tiny black buttons with legs.

Cute, and quick, this would be cute as a long cube to sit on a windowsill or shelf! Offered as a chart, stitched in DMC and overdyed flosses.

Toccata #5 from The Drawn Thread - click to see more Toccata #5
This is an AMAZING study of 44 different Pattern Darning Designs!!! EVERY SINGLE stitch in this is either horizontal or vertical... each lays above, below or intertwines with it's companions to create woven design. Darning was used to repair fabric when there were holes or weak areas... and this showcases 44 different patterns one would have used!!!

Offered as the chart, this is stitched on 32ct Antique Ivory Belfast Linen and measures 11 x 11. It calls for only 5 colors of DMC or Silks... 520, 522, 612, 902 and 3726... check out your hand-dyed silk stash for an accent color!!! Perfect for a teaching/learning/practice piece!

Toccata #4... ALL 3 Parts! from The Drawn Thread -- click to see a larger viewToccata #4... In 3 Parts!
Cynthia Zittel has, once again, delivered us an exquisite needlework design... a 'Toccata'... a trophy... a showcase piece for your stitching talents!!! Just like the three before it, Toccata #4 is full of small areas of specialty stitches. You sample one, then go on to another.

This piece is presented in 3 different parts... three vertical band samplers that can be stitched side-by-side, or lengthwise. The chart for Part One is the left-hand band. Part Two is the center band, and Part Three is the right-hand band. Each part is jammed FULL of cool row motifs, pretty patterns, lots of textured stitches, personality and life! Each miniature band isn't just a specialty stitch... it is a medley of stitches presented in multiple colors to create it's own little masterpiece! (Couldn't you just see miniature Christmas ornaments or scissor fobs... choose a band, and stitch it till it's a tiny square!)

The possibilities with something like this are ENDLESS! Offered as charts, the entire piece finishes approx 13 x 18 on 32ct Vintage Country Mocha Belfast Linen -- each section just 4-ish x 18! We are offering a 'fat third of a yard' Cut for this... it gives you 4-1/2 inches of linen around each side, and is actually a more economical cut than the specified 20 x 24 cut... and it allows you lots of extra linen to make those ornaments and fobs!!!

Souvenir Sampler
Souvenir Sampler by The Drawn Thread -- click to see more!This is so, so, so cool... it is a spot motif sampler -- full of special stitches -- that has almost 40 different areas for you to CHOOSE AND PERSONALIZE the Souvenirs of your life!!! Available as a 14-page booklet with pull-out charts, stitched on 32xt Flax Belfast Linen, and measuring approx 8 x 12 when completed... this is just amazing!!! Silk or DMC floss colors of greens, blues, mauve, white, gold and dark brown, the possibilities are endless with this pattern! The main chart features the alphabet and selected sampler motifs.

Then, there are over 40 boxes spaced in the chart that list 'optional areas.' Upon reading the directions... each optional area represents special things, times, people, and places and suggests charms and button embellishments as well as TONS of charted motif options!!!. (No specific embellishments are called for... just suggestions to use special buttons, a fabric swatch from a baby outfit, a special charm, etc.) Lots of color and composition notes and advice are tossed in here and there, and suggestions for placement and content are great. (Example, optional area 15 features a chart for 10 different trees. Optional area 16 -- which are houses -- offers 12 different building charts -- including the Eiffel Tower and a windmill!!!)

If you are a stitcher that has trouble making decisions... really, really, DO NOT purchase this design, it'll drive you NUTS!!! This is a work of family-heirloom art... it is such a neat idea! So much thought has gone into the design... and you'll spend hours personalizing it to your family and personal 'souvenirs!' (It made my 'personal cut' and came home with me to join my 'personal stash!!!)

Toccata #2
Toccata #2 by The Drawn Thread -- click to see moreA spectacular piece designed to be a 'touch piece' -- a smattering of 39 specialty stitches -- Toccata will showcase your needlework talents beautifully!!! Cynthia describes it as 'intricate and challenging! Stitched in luscious shades of teal and dusty green, the mauve color family is the DMC set of 3041 and 3042. Touches of taupe, lots of gold metallic and overdyed gold floss, along with ecru Pearl Cottons this is simply too exquisite for words!!!

Finishing approx 10 x 10 on 36ct Edinborough Linen, you'll be working with silks and Japan metallics executing so many cool stitches... while creating this spot motif sampler. The pattern is offered in a full-style book format, with the master chart being a 17 x 22 sized single sheet of paper... tucked into the 18 pages of stitch diagrams! Guilloche, Rounded Sheaf, Florentine, Tied Trellis and Herringbones, Interlaced Diagonal Cross, Pekinese, Laced Diamonds, Threaded Algerian Eyes, Ringed Backstitching, Lots of different couching techniques, and of course, a few cross stitches... this is just a treat to page through... and dream of starting!!!

Offered as the pattern, we have linen and threads available as well. Your choice of linen count, the threads offered include Needlepoint Inc Silks, Kreinik Japan Golds, Weeks overdyed floss, and Pearl Cottons. Gold beads and heart charm are included with the pattern.

Toccata #1
Toccata #1 -- click to see all of the new ones! This will be a challenge to describe with just a few words! To quote the designer, Toccata has been designed to show off an individual stitcher's skills, and for learning, practicing and improving needlework skills.
Available in a 22-page booklet, this piece features 18 different border designs, and 35 different blocks of specialty stitches in all sorts of different stitching techniques! Elegant colors of olive, light and dark bricks, blue-greens, and ecru... it features flosses, silks, Pearl Cotton, and some Caron Collection Wildflowers.

Finishing approx 7 x 9 on 32ct Antique Ivory Linen, the model is stitched using the floss colorway, which includes DMC's Sampler Threads, Weeks Dye Works floss, #8 Pearl Cotton, and touches of Wildflowers.

This tiny creation is absolutely breathtaking... and the book is a stitcher's dream just to look through! Page after page of diagrams, each border is presented individually, followed by each of the 35 different blocks. I love all the stitches, all the textures, all the tiny details tucked everywhere! Each tiny block is only 1/2 an inch in size... and surrounding all of your talents is the beautiful hem-stitched border that is also diagrammed. Choose between flosses, silks, or a mixture of both threads! Absolutely awesome!!!

The Marriage of Minds
Simply stunning, this sampler will quickly become a family heirloom to be treasured! Based on a Shakespeare Sonnet, the verse speaks of love and the commitments of marriage over time. Perfect for a wedding or anniversary sampler, and finishing approx 8 x 26 on 32ct Natural Linen, the design is stuffed full of special stitches, and is worked in lots of green, raspberry, cranberry and burgundy, warm browns, soft golds and creme. Choose between flosses, silks, or a mixture of both threads!

Along with all the beautifully presented stitch diagrams comes the entire chart... on one continues piece of paper that measures 11 x 34 inches! (No guessing where the pattern repeats from one page to the next! It's all here in one chart for you!) Beautifully presented, full of details and wonderful sentiment!

The Marriage of Minds -- click to see a larger view

An Open Heart
This is a breathtakingly beautiful design, absolutely stuffed FULL of special stitches (I lost count at 36!) and wonderful design elements! Stitched on 34ct Linen, in creme, mauve, green, rose and aqua silk threads, the embellishments included are tiny pearls, and glass seed beads. In opening the pattern, you'll discover the chart, which is printed on an 11 x 34" sheet of paper, along with a 12-page booklet diagramming all the fun stitches. The design finishes approx 6 x 22."

Just beautiful, this is one of those patterns that you can just look and look through, dreaming of the lucky day you'll start it! The chart and diagrams are really well done... I just might have to do this one!!! Included is the chart, pearls and beads.

An Open Heart -- click to see a larger view

Random Thoughts
This is the newest from Cynthia. It arrived a few weeks ago, and is such a neat design, we decided to feature it for you! Stitched on 32ct Summer Khaki linen, in beautiful deep shades of green, teal, rose and taupe silks, the entire design finishes approx 7 x 13". It's full of neat little motifs and borders, and TONS of fun stitches! Every time I look at it, I see something I missed before -- it's really neat!

Linen is available separately, if you need it.

Random Thoughts from The Drawn Thread -- click here to see larger view

The Birth Band
An elegant birth sampler, this is stitched with one ply of Needlepoint Inc. brand silk, on either 35 or 40ct linen! (Because the fabric is not included in the pack... you really can use whichever is your personal favorite!) Worked almost entirely in creme, there are touches of the softest shades of lavender and moss green silks that set off the special stitches used.

Just a really sweet birth sampler, there is plenty of room for birth information, and several small motifs to use to fill in any empty spaces you need to fill! Beautiful!

The Birth Band from The Drawn Thread -- click to see a larger view!
The Sanctuary
This is an absolutely breathtaking herb garden design! Available as a chart, it finishes approx 11 x 14" on 32ct linen. It has a beautiful assortment of colors: Needlepoint Silk, or DMC floss, your choice. I lost count after 25 specialty stitch diagrams... and noticed the entire page of instructions devoted to the hemstitched sides, and mitered corners she's done as the finishing.

The design is full of charming herb garden foliage and creatures... there is so much detail, even the chart (a whopping 17 x 22" sheet of paper!) is a treat to look at! You can't pass by this one!!!

Sanctuary from Drawn Thread -- click here to see a larger view

Sampler Game Board
This is a charming checkerboard design, that when stitched on a 25ct, finishes 16 x 16." Each square alternates a sampler motif with a little house, and all of it is surrounded by an alphabet.

Pretty, colonial colors of Blue-greens, taupe, forest greens, old roses and golds, and gray-browns, it'll be a lot of fun to stitch, because each square is a teeny finished project of its own!

Sampler Game Board from Drawn Thread -- click here to see a larger view

Ohhh, you NEED these!
To add to her garden series:
Alpine Garden is stitched in yummy shades of creme, slate, moss, and rose silks. The motifs include all sorts of pine trees and 'mountain-y' wildflowers. Companion to Wildflower Garden and Cloister Garden... this one is so serene... it makes me want to take a trip to the mountains!

Alpine Garden from The Drawn Thread -- click here to see a larger view 

Wildflower Garden
This one is the companion to "The Cloister Garden." It has beautiful deep green shades of thread, and lots of pretty detailed flowers in its bands.

Finished size approximately 4" x 15". It's awesome!

Wildflower Garden from The Drawn Thread. Click this image to see a larger view

The Cloister Garden
Part of Drawn Thread's Garden Series of band samplers... this one is a charming herb garden. Full of delicate herbs you'd grow in your garden, this one is stitched on Lavender Mist linen, so it has a pale lavender feel to it. Just touches of all sorts of pretty little flowers, you never get tired of stitching them... because you're off to the next one so quickly!

cloister Garden from The Drawn Thread Click this image to see a larger view

The Perennial Border
This is soooo pretty! A wonderful white-worked garden in the center, this is surrounded by teeny perennials all around! There is no top or bottom to the design, so you can hang it any which way you like! It's beautiful finished as a pillow, too, because it'll never be upside down on your couch!!! Finishes approx 7 x 7" on Putty or Platinum 28ct linen, this one calls for some overdyed flosses to really give it a natural look!

The Perennial Border from The Drawn Thread -- Click this image to see a larger view

Lily Of The Valley
Stitched on antique green cashel linen, this sampler is just beautiful! Predominately greens, yellow and white, it has touches of lavender overdyed silk included for the teeny flower details. Its been a shop favorite since it was released a few years ago!

Lily of the Valley from The Drawn Thread -- Click this image to see a larger view

Pretty, restful shades of creme, taupe and greens! Finishing approx 3 x 10 on 32ct... This design is so special, because all the proceeds from its sale are donated to "The Seton House" in Denver, CO. Founded by Mother Teresa, this hospice provides shelter for the sick and needy. The little design is thanking sheep everywhere for their generosity! The verse reads: "Little lamb, My gentle friend, gives up his coat, as snows begin, to make my mittens, scarf and hat, and I stay warm, because of that."

Generosity from The Drawn Thread -- Click this image to see a larger view

Woodland Walk
Finishing approx 3 x 8 on 32ct putty linen. Soft, restful pines and all the wonderful flowers and what-nots you'll find while on your woodland walk. Stitched in "woodsy" browns, cremes, and greens... so pretty!

Woodland Walk from The Drawn Thread -- Click this image to see a larger view

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