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We have designs by Madame Chantilly - directly from France!!!
The cutest things... quite a variety of subjects... everything is offered in chart format, written in French (so I can't read a word!) but coded for DMC floss!!! (Don't get angry when you see the prices of these... buying them IS less expensive than a trip to France, after all! Each chart has a red logo mark on it, so you'll know they are directly from MC. We did double check our invoiced charges!!)

A Little Sunshine from Madame Chantilly A Little Sunshine
Crabs dressed in their summer stripes enjoying lemonade! What a cute summer scene! By Madame Chantilly, these little guys look crisp and clean - contemporary yet a little retro.

Stitched on a light blue background with regular DMC... I see 4 bands in the design - stitch just one of them, or do the whole design. Measures 195 x 151, so finishes a generous 11 x 8 on 18/36 ct!

Celebrate Cross Stitch from Madame Chantilly

Celebrate Cross Stitch
Madame Chantilly has a whimsical cake plate design full of all things cross-stitchers like. The bobbins and scissors, the floss skeins and the busy cats, it's stitched with DMC floss.

I'm a big fan of breaking up these kind of patterns into smaller cushions and little cases and fobs. I love the little hoop and stork scissor motif and that spool of thread with the tomato on top.

Christmas Postcards from Madame Chantilly Santa on a Vespa from Madame Chantilly Santa on a Vespa & Christmas Postcards
You now have a year to work on these two designs to get them ready for next Christmas!
  • Santa on a Vespa is charming! He's really clipping along with that bag full of presents! Coded for DMC, stitch him on something that lets the snowflakes show in the background. He finishes approx 6 x 7 on 36ct. Wouldn't he be cute as a little front seat pillow in your car?
  • Christmas Postcards features 4 darling little forest animals all wishing for full stockings! There is a fox, hedgehog, a cat and something else we can't identify! (We think it's a Husky dog.) They're all cute though... and coded for DMC, measuring 75 x 92 in stitch count. The little animals by themselves are about 35 x 35 in size. Super Cute!

Sweet Christmas from Madame Chantilly Sweet Christmas
This chart is companion to her Halloween Pops and Christmas Stamps pieces - it features another holiday sucker. We get more little stamps too! These little stamps are smaller than the Artmishka's... these are 23 x 23 in size.

Again, you can also pull these out of the design, do them on paper and make darling little gift tags or stamps for your tree! The entire design measures 131 x 122, and is coded for 11 shades of DMC.

Mice and Hot Cocoa from Madame Chantilly Winter Garland from Madame Chantilly Christmas Stamps from Madame Chantilly
Mice and Hot Cocoa, Halloween Cake Pops, Winter Garland and Christmas Stamps
    New charted designs from Italy's Madame Chantilly!
  • Mice and Hot Cocoa - How much fun would it be to find a reindeer floating in your hot chocolate? He's in a little sauna! Another cute Christmas design by Madame Chantilly, this one has mice bringing snacks to go with the steamy cup! Measures 150 x 107 - coded for DMC, just something else cute for the season.
  • Winter Garland - This is a restfull, elegant piece for the entire Wintertime. The smaller version is just a take-out of the larger, but both are pretty. Coded for DMC, the main one finishes approx 10 x 9 on 14/28ct.
  • Christmas Stamps - This is a super-cute Advent Calendar or Christmas Count-down piece. 24 Fun little squares - tiny 'stamps' they've made gift tags out of some of the individuals. Stitch them with or without the numbers... make individual little blocks to arrange... they'd even be cute all stitched in a long snake to be a draft stopper at the bottom of a door (except that I wouldn't want my stitching that close to the floor)! Anyway, coded for DMC, it'd be easy to adapt to hand-dyeds, and fun to add beads, buttons or metallics here and there!

Summer from Madame Chantilly Beach from Madame Chantilly
Summer and Beach
These two just go together, don't they? A pair of 'signs' with coordinating mini-cushions, I think you need to buy a beach house to display these in after they're stitched!

Soft lettering, both feature a smiling little crab. Mermaid on one, a lighthouse on the other, they care coded for DMC and will look good on a natural or oatmeal-ly colored background fabric. The larger designs will finish approx 11 x 6, while the little cushion designs are just 2-1/2 inches!

Halloween from Madame Chantilly
This is a fun design - organized to spell the holiday. WHAT ABOUT stitching the stack of books and jack by themselves - even stitching all the letters by themselves, making individual cushions and stuffing a basket?

Super cute, every letter is decorated with pumpkins or ghosts, and the little kitty is just the cutest! Measuring 180 x 138, the chart is coded for DMC flosses. No fabric is suggested - which means the sky is your limit!

Carrots for Sale from Madame Chantilly
Carrots for Sale
Here's a sweet piece from Madame Chantilly - a bunny family selling their crop of carrots. Each of the components are cute, just the carrot cart by itself, but especially that little sitting rabbit... they'd make a cute pair of cushions nestled in next year's Easter Egg Basket!

Regular DMC, stitched on any white fabric, it's a generous 167 x 91 in stitch count.

Fa La La from Madame Chantilly Fa La La
What a fun little group of carolers! Looks like a mom, dad, grandpa and a couple of kids all happily singing (while not social distancing or wearing masks!) And it's CHARMING! Toss in the lamp post and tree if you want!

Stitched with just 10 shades of DMC floss, it measures 200 x 113 so finishes approx 6 x 11 on 36ct linen or 18ct Aida. The little mouse is shown stitched as an individual ornament - he or she measures a petite 30 x 40 stitches - you could stitch a bunch of these for your choir friends! Very cute, presented as a chart.

Celebrate 4th of July from Madame Chantilly
Celebrate 4th of July
Here's a cute design by Madame Chantilly - who is from Italy - where they HAVE a 4th of July, but it's just a normal day! For us, the decorations are all about the fun little things perched on her holiday tree. Betsy, the flag, stars and stripes, and the bitty eagle at the top!

Very pale colors of DMC 645, 646, 676, 815, 926, 930, 3011, 3012, 3371, 3790, 3856 and white... it measures a whopping 10 x 17 on 14/28... so maybe pick 18/36 to make it 8 x 13! Actually, I even like just the top half from Betsy on up! Fun options!

Freedom from Madame Chantilly
This is the CUTEST little patriotic mouse - bringing stars and a smile to your face! You can stitch him on top of the watering can or off... and choose the red, white and blue star twigs or the bigger stars that spell 'freedom.'

Since Rossana is from Italy, she's included the Italian and French flags in here as well! Coded for DMC, the larger version is 114 x 122, the smaller one is 57 x 87. Absolutely the cutest!

Berries Halloween Tea from Madame Chantilly Pumpkins Collection from Madame Chantilly
Madame Chantilly for Halloween and Christmas!
Gosh, these designs are cute! We struggle with great pictures of the stitching though, because the covers are lovely, but pale in color. You'll be able to see them a lot better if you click through, and then click on the individual images to see the larger versions.
  • Berries & Robins is contemporary, bright, clear and fresh looking. Do the birds horizontally on a branch, vertically with HOME (or another word) spelled beside them... or do the single little guy on the back cover that is simply holding a letter sealed with a heart! Only 7 shades of regular DMC called for!
  • Halloween Tea - The little witchie is serving tea out of her Pumpkin Teapot to her scary bat and cat friends! Main design measures 139 x 102.
  • Pumpkins Collection - I LOVE THIS! Check it out! There are like 20 different pumpkins in here... all sorts of shapes and sizes, colors and patterns... some have funny smiles, other have strange eyes... everybody is different, and together they make a family! You could choose your favorites out of all of these - stitch a grouping and NAME them all after family members! Think of the possibilities with this one!

Tea Aprile Dolce Dormire from Madame Chantilly Cats in the Rain from Madame Chantilly
Four New Arrivals
  • Tea Time - What a cute piece! Four little mice are preparing a treat of bisquits and tea with lemon. The colors are pale, so kind of hard to see, but the teapot is polka dot and flowers, there are lumps of sugar waiting, another little mouse is balancing between the pot's spout and the spoon resting in the matching polka dot tea cup. She's brewing the tea. Then, someone else is rolling in the lemon slice, and finally comes that big, heavy muffin! Two designs in here, the larger finishes approx 12 x 4 on 18/36ct. Coded for DMC, darling!
  • Aprile Dolce Dormire - I don't know what that title means, but it doesn't matter - I can tell this is a charming design! The mom and dad rabbits are working in the garden, but the little helper is fast asleep on the huge carrot they've gathered already! Mom has on a striped apron, Dad is wearing black garden boots, and baby has polka dot shorts on! That smaller design is about 4 x 6, the larger one is about 6 x 11. Coded for DMC.
  • Cats in the Rain - 10 to be exact! A cute springtime piece to stitch for a kitty-loving-lady you know. Coded for DMC, it might be fun to stitch the cats in Rainbow Gallery's Wisper thread or Gentle Art's hand-dyed Simply Wools - to get a furry look. The Simply Wool will add color depth as well. Beads for the raindrops, maybe some opalescent in the raincoat, this measures about 5 x 6 on 18/36ct.

il Sarto di Glouchester from Madame Chantilly
il Sarto di Glouchester
I think this must be a little seamstress from Glouchester!!! That cute little mousie in the teacup is ready for business! Surrounded by spools, buttons and a threaded needle, the colors are pastel, but easily changed if you want them a little bolder.

89 x 67 Stitch count, it'd make a 4 x 5 pin cushion on 18/36ct. How cute is that... then, leave off the stitched buttons and use real ones instead!

Christmas Mouses from Madame Chantilly Christmas Mouses
Here's a whole little group of mice friends decorating for Christmas! Pull out some of the design elements and stitch alone (like the tiny red truck or the little guy and his polka dot stocking, this finishes a generous 14 x 7 on 32ct natural linen.

Charted for 9 shades of DMC floss, this might be kind of cute with metallic added in the lights, a little Wisper thread on the mice, some pom-poms on the polka dot stocking, maybe some beads on the tree? Very traditional European Christmas colors of red, white green and gray! Offered as a chart.

Pumpkins Thieves from Madame Chantilly Pumpkins Thieves
Halloween patterns are flying into the shop - just like they're on witches brooms!!!!! Pumpkin Thieves is darling! The little witch is borrowing a harvest, complete with watch-cats! The main design measures a whopping 267 x 132 in stitch count. The back cover of the chart shows just the witch and pumpkins without the dirigible (the little blimp up there!)

Charted for just 6 shades if DMC floss... this gal has Santa in airplanes and hot air balloons - she excels in alternative transportation designs!

Fast Food By Madame Chantilly from Madame Chantilly Fast Food
This is the cutest thing! Those Spring Sheep are in a hurry to deliver the freshest carrots and herbs! Designed by Madame Chantilly, this measures 72 x 302 in stitch count -- so a whopping 19 x 4-1/2 on 32ct.

I think it needs to be in a nice, new, white kitchen... but it could be finished in a barn board frame and perched on a wooden shelf too... I love everything about it. Stitch just one or two sheep if you need your food faster, coded for 9 shades of DMC floss. Offered as a chart.

Dance Forever from Madame Chantilly Dance Forever
This is a charming design for a special little dancer in your life! By Madame Chantilly, this chart offers several different little mice all dressed up in their pink ballet finery!

Cute vines on the swing, a pretty set of shoes, there are several ways you can stitch this... and the cover pic previews several clever finishing options. The entire picture measures 209 x 102, but the individual mice are just 52 x 61! Just precious, it is coded for DMC.

Dance Forever from Madame Chantilly
Mrs S Bianca and Mr Alfred
This is a sweet pair of rabbit faces... each is surrounded by a colorful circle of bugs, flowers and vegetables from the garden they love so much!

Coded for DMC, they finish approx 6 x 7 each. The rabbits are pretty much the same, but the vegetable garlands are really very different, and I like how delicate they are.

Halloween Mouses
Halloween Mouses from Madame Chantilly
Halloween Mouses -- This is CUTE!!!! LOOK at those mice! I believe we have a rat coming from the scary shoe, and another at the very far right... but CHECK OUT the little skeleton and bat mice in the center! I think they're dressed for Trick or Treat! So cute, choose a mangy fabric... this finishes 173 x 70... 9-1/2 x 4 on 36/18ct. Again, just regular DMC... so see what you have in your stash!

Bergere Bricoleuse By Madame Chantilly from Madame Chantilly Paris mon Amour By Madame Chantilly from Madame Chantilly
Paris mon Amour & Bergere Bricoleuse
Madame Chantilly has a pair of new designs that are light-hearted and fun.
The Paris street scene - the shopping district around the Eiffel Tower - doesn't *really* look like this... but it's fun to imagine a little! Finishes approx 17 x 6-1/2 on 32ct, the chart is coded for DMC.

Bergere Bricoleuse features a small set of designs to make a needle case and trio of pic cushions. A small farm scene, the shepherdess appears to be a mender as well... so she's out there with her sewing basket of threads, scissors and knitting!!! The whole design measures 168 x 115 in stitch count... you can see that in the picture, as well as the smaller motifs pulled out and stitched individually. Also coded for DMC.

A Walk to the Sea By Madame Chantilly from Madame Chantilly A Walk in the Garden By Madame Chantilly from Madame Chantilly Presenting Little Miss Strawberry and Watermelon Butts
Oh my gosh, these are DARLING! Madame Chantilly has two new designs -- A Walk in the Garden, and A Walk to the Sea. Just simple, seasonal pieces, each measures about 7 x 8 on 32ct... so if you want them smaller, leave off the border.

We think they are charming, and have re-named them BECAUSE of their little rumps! 'Garden' is a spring strawberry, and 'Sea' is a summer watermelon! Presented as charts.

Tous a la Mer By Madame Chantilly from Madame Chantilly Tous a la Mer By Madame Chantilly
Just a sweet old fashioned beach scene, this 206 x 83 stitch count design is worked on natural linen, and will finish approx 13 x 5 on a 32ct. There are no special stitches or embellishments, and it's coded for just seven regular DMC flosses!

Kind of hard not to change to hand-dyeds and add some buttons or something!!! But it's simple and cute. Presented as the chart.

Halloween Driving Lesson from Madame Chantilly Halloween Owls from Madame Chantilly Le Village de Pere Noel from Madame Chantilly
Three New Charts from Madame Chantilly
  • Halloween Driving Lesson -- The girls are getting a driving lesson under the watchful eye of the Witchy-Marn and her little owls. CHECK OUT the little guy on the broom -- He's directing the traffic with his little wing stretched out! The rooftops of the city, midnight on the clock... notice the pumpkin patch below is CALICO FABRIC! Those are not stitched... you Blanket-Stitch the whole vine and add those cool leaves and pumpkins out of any wools or scraps you have in your stash! Distress any fabric you want to stitch this on... it's super-cute, 234 x 97 stitches!
  • Halloween Owls -- Another cute one... this time, the owls are dressed up like ghosts and witches!!! They are just hanging there looking at us! I like the finishing treatment for this. It is framed, but LOOK at the strings that are stitched. They look buttoned onto that fabric panel.. I think that's a really cool way to add fabric and extra color and interest to something... mixing the media a little. Stitch count on this is 108 x 148.
  • Le Village de Pere Noel -- Santa's Village -- this is a cute little street scene. It needs some beads or metallics or buttons, I think... lots of places to add embellishments. You can't see the snowflakes in the sky -- they are white wisps. They would be pretty with some opalescent threads in them. This one measures 216 x 85 in stitch count.

Halloween Royal Family from Madame Chantilly Halloween Royal Family
Isn't this a ridiculous little piece of Halloween charm??? By Madame Chantilly, this should bring a smile to your face, it does to ours.

Measuring 161 x 123, it is coded for DMC floss but you know, metallics and bead embellishments would be great on this! See what your stash holds in store for you!!! Just think this is darling! Offered as a chart.

On The Beach from Madame Chantilly On The Beach
This is a sweet summer scene that I couldn't resist, brought to us by Madame Chantilly. A generous 236 x 102 stitches, it'll finish approx 17 x 7 on 14/28 fabric... the picture was stitched on Natural... but a light blue or yellow would be pretty as well. All the beach cabanas are lined up, the seagulls are swirling, the crabs are waiting in the water, and the tiny airplane in the sky is advertising that it's the HOLIDAY!

Something about it makes me think of summer vacations of years ago. Add some gull buttons, a tiny shell or two, maybe a bit of metallic on the plane, hand-dyeds for the rocks, Simply Wool for the gulls, even some bitty black beads for the crab eyes! Offered as a chart.

Printemps from Madame Chantilly Ete from Madame Chantilly
Printemps and Ete
We have two more seasons of snowglobes to join our others!!! Companioning Winter, Autumn and Christmas, each 50 x 60-ish globe is full of something for its season.
Coded for DMC, they would all be cute stitched individually, but I like the idea of the trio. Stitch them on something teeny for a neat set of ornaments. Offered in chart format.

Santa's Cat & Dog from Madame Chantilly Santa's Reindeer & Bunnie
Santa's Cat & Dog and Reindeer & Bunnie

Each of these 4 measure approx 60 x 70 stitches -- choose a neutral fabric color, add some hand-dyeds if you want!

Tre Civette Sul Como from Madame Chantilly
Tre Civette Sul Como
These are stitching owls perched atop a white stitching cabinet.

46 x 157 Stitches, scissors, and thread spools are everywhere -- don't think these little guys are the tidiest of stitchers!

Spring Makeover from Madame Chantilly Spring Makeover
Oh, look at this -- the lambs start out with a bath and a shearing... the wool hangs on the line to bleach and dry out... but they aren't so happy there... but then, in the Spring... a NEW DOO! Blue and Pink Spots! The whole thing is fun, and a great conversation piece.

Stitch count of 209 x 272, choose a fabric color that your whites will show up on.

Success Assure from Madame Chantilly
Success Assure
*I wish you good luck.*
Well... this skinny bunny is covering all his bases with the shamrocks, horse shoe AND ladybug!!!

153 x 81 stitches, it'd make a cute pillow to tuck where-ever you want your lucky ones to see it!

Volevo un Gatto Nero from Madame Chantilly Volevo un Gatto Nero
I have no idea what that title says... but I think that little owl is reading directions to his witch friend from a spells book. They may be trying to paint the white cat BLACK! Definitely a disaster, the cauldron is tipped on its side, and the kitty looks a little stunned!

159 x 98 stitches, add some metallics in those spiders and some beads to her petticoat -- how cute!

Halloween Town from Madame Chantilly Halloween Town
Doesn't this remind you of the Christmas scene En Retard? Those rolling hills, pumpkins in the patches, skinny houses... and those witches on their brooms! Check out the little kitty at the end!!!!!!!!!!

236 x 102 stitches, this would be neat with gold metallic in the house windows and black Wisper or Simply Wool in the cat!

Hiver from Madame Chantilly Automne from Madame Chantilly Noel from Madame Chantilly
Hiver, Automne, and Noel
There are trios of snowglobes -- each for its season. The charts are $26 each -- but really, you're getting 3 different 50 x 50-ish stitch count designs in each -- so they aren't too bad in price. I love each and every one of these -- each globe by itself is good -- I think the hedgehog in Autumne is my favorite, though.

Stitch them in the trio, or individually -- beads and metallics are always good for the glass globes and the little floaties inside!

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