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Mill Hill Charmed Mitten MHCM49 Patchwork Holiday Mill Hill Charmed Mitten MHCM50 Angel Heart Mill Hill Charmed Mitten MHCM51 Santas Night Mill Hill Charmed Mitten MHCM52 Star Topped Tree Mill Hill Charmed Mitten MHCM53 Snowman's Garden Mill Hill Charmed Mitten MHCM54 Noel Heart
Charmed Mittens
The 2005 set of miniature mitten ornaments has arrived! This year's set is stitched on red, green and brown perforated paper for a splash of new color! (Look closely at the very edge of each design... you can tell which color of paper each uses.) Cute, cute...lots of teeny beads and a gold charm or white snowflake embellishment, these look really nice on the Christmas tree... because they're a nice size. Finishing approx 2 x 3... check out some of the previous sets from years past, too!

Mill Hill Charmed Stocking Kit MHCS43 St Nick Stocking Kit Mill Hill Charmed Stocking Kit MHCS44 Joyful Stocking Kit Mill Hill Charmed Stocking Kit MHCS45 Mr Snowflake Stocking Kit Mill Hill Charmed Stocking Kit MHCS46 Angelic Stocking Kit Mill Hill Charmed Stocking Kit MHCS47 Holly Days Stocking Kit Mill Hill Charmed Stocking Kit MHCS48 Evergreen Stocking Kit
Charmed Stocking Kits
Oh Gosh, what a CUTE batch of bead kit designs these are!!! Six in the set... these are all stitched on green (#'s 47 and 48) or brown perforated paper... and loaded with reds, creme, green, blue and gold Holiday color. Finishing approx 2-1/2 x 4-1/2, you stitch the stocking part, and then stitch the little stuffings, cut them out, and stuff the stocking! Notice the cute things popping out of each stocking? Even the cuffs are individually stitched! Each kit features a gold charm or Treasure of some sort, and most include bugle beads as well. Very, very cute, these make WONDERFUL tree ornaments!

Mill Hill H115 Curly Ho Ho Kit Mill Hill H116 Mistletoe Kitty Kit Mill Hill H117 Christmas Angel Kit Mill Hill H118 Frosty Presents Kit Mill Hill H119 Ginger Cookie Kit Mill Hill H120 Holly Stocking Kit
2004 Holiday Pin Kits
Six colorful, and detailed -- yet fun-to-stitch designs, these are miniature versions of the larger Button & Bead kits. Full of bright colored beads, stitched on the 14ct paper with some neat texturing stitches, they finish in about 3 to 6 hours each. Complete kits contain the chart, paper, beads, flosses and a Mill Hill Treasure of some sort, along with a jewelry pin back...if you want to wear your stitching as a little pin. Perfect for a tree ornament... though, most use these as the package tie, and then an ornament for the tree!

H109 Mistletoe Santa Kit H110 Christmas Nest Kit H111 Snowflake Buddies Kit H112 Wintertime Snowlady Kit H113 Hearts & Star Stocking Kit H114 Santa's Sack Kit
Holiday Pin Series 13
Santa is one of the six new ornament/pin-sized Mill Hill Holiday kits. A really nice assortment this year, each is available as a complete kit of the chart, flosses, beads and Treasure embellishments. Cute on the Christmas Tree, too, they finish approx 2 x 3.

Teddy Snow Charmer Kit Gift Snow Charmer Kit Folk Heart Snow Charmer Holiday Tree Snow Charmer Mitten Snow Charmer Gingerman Snow Charmer
Snow Charmer Kits, Series II
Joining the first collection of the cute beaded snowmen, are six new designs. Each one has a differently textured body, a cute hat, and either a brass charm or white metal snowflake charm. Stitched on 14ct perforated paper, they are complete kits, finish approx 2 x 3 and make great tree ornaments. The first assortment of these has been a customer favorite of ours for quite some time, so we're happy to see more! Follow our link to see the previous set!

H103 Jingle Bell Santa -- click for a larger view H104 Snowflake Frosty -- click for a 
larger view H105 Snowcapped Red Bird -- click for a larger view H106 Winter Forest -- click for a larger view H107 Starlight Angel -- click for a larger view H108 Pine Tree HoHo -- click for a larger view
Christmas Pin Kits
The 12th set... these are always cute! This year's 2 x 2-ish set of six designs, stitched on perforated paper, features snowmen, Santa, and a pretty angel, which is pictured. Darling, quick to stitch, they come with the pin back... they're really pretty on a Christmas tree, too! Complete kits: $6.50 each. Click the image at right to choose yours.

MHCSF31 Father Frost -- click for a larger view MHCSF32 Santa Jingles -- click for a larger view MHCSF33 Joyful Santa -- click for a larger view MHCSF34 Santa Noel -- click for a larger view MHCSF35 Twinkle Claus -- click for a larger view MHCSF36 Charming Santa -- click for a larger view
Charmed Santa Faces, Series II
I absolutely LOVE this set of small bead kits! Six Santa faces, stitched on perforated paper, each has a wonderful, billowy beaded beard! Finishing approx 2 1/2" each, the colors are brilliant reds, green, white and golds... and each features a metal snowflake or shiny brass charm at the tip of his hat! Complete kits, these make great tree ornaments! $6.50 each.

Birdhouse Snow Charmer SC25 -- click for a larger view Wreath Snow Charmer SC26 -- click for a larger view Stocking Snow Charmer SC27 -- click for a larger view Pine Tree Snow Charmer SC28 -- click for a larger view Star Snow Charmer SC29 -- click for a larger view Poinsettia Snow Charmer SC30 -- click for a larger view
Snow Charmers
Here is a set of darling snowmen beaded kits! Each is stitched on 14 ct perforated paper, with loads of deep, rich navy, creme and burgundy flosses, and lots of glistening glass beads. Finishing approx 3" high each, they'll make additions wherever you tuck them! Click the image at right to see the rest of the set.

Click the images above to see larger views of these kits.

Kris Kringle H97 -- click for a larger view Jolly Snowman H98 -- click for a larger view Mr Claus H99 -- click for a larger view Woodland Tree H100 -- click for a larger view Patchwork Stocking H101 -- click for a larger view Joyful Angel H102 -- click for a larger view
Holiday Pins XI
A great set of small ornaments or pins, these look great on a sweater or your Christmas tree! Each measures approx 2 x 2" when finished... and join the other collections Mill Hill releases each year! Always fun to do, each kit comes complete with the perforated paper, floss, beads, and an embellishment of some sort.

Click the images above to see larger views of these kits.

Click here to see a larger view
New from Mill Hill
New, these 6 Angel kits are darling! Each is stitched on 14ct perforated paper (but look great on 28ct linen, too!), and finish into a perfect 1 1/2 x 3" ornament shape! There are yummy colors of beads, a few special stitches to attach them, and each includes a metal or glass Mill Hill charm or Treasure. They're perfect for your tree!

Check out the Charmed Santa Faces Series! New this past fall... these have been shop favorites! Each is a Santa face, cool beards, neat colors... just the right size and shape for tree ornaments. Everyone collects the entire set... and I imagine, the angels will be the same way! Each kit includes wonderful, clear instructions, and all the materials needed for its design.

Click here to see a larger view.

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