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Mill Hill Kits, page 2

The Autumn Mini-Kits for 2106 from Mill Hill - click for more
The Autumn Mini-Kits for 2016
Joining the other million of these little kits produced by Mill Hill... we have this year's collection of Fall. Always fun to stitch, these little kits contain the pattern, 14ct perforated paper, all the necessary floss and Mill glass beads and Treasures. They are one of the best stitching bargains around because of all the stuff you get in them, and the fact that they are CUTE when they're finished! They even have a little magnet in there... so you can cling them to your fridge or filing cabinet.

Pumpkin Jack is TWO SIDED! -- Very Retro or very geometric. And, the elephant and donkey are very timely this year!!! We'll assume that if you order the 'wrong party,' it's really not for you, and rather a gift for a 'friend at work!' Isn't that little American Pie CUTE?

Mini Spring Bouquet Mill Hill Bead Kits - click for more
Mini Spring Bouquet Mill Hill Bead Kits from Mill Hill
Here are the little guys that make such cute plant pokes and ornaments. Complete smaller kits full of everything you need the finished pieces measure approx 2 x 3. The dragonfly and ladybug eggs companion the 4 like them already published -- rabbit, chick, lamb and sheep.

Always cute and colorful, they make pretty magnets and gosh if you stitch them on soft linen you can stuff them for pin cushions as well.

Winter Holiday Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
Winter Holiday Kits
Here are the mini-ornament kits for this season! Always offered as small kits of the 14ct paper, all the flosses and beads, each has a tiny bit of magnet material inside the kit -- so if you don't want more ornaments -- they'll look cute on your filing cabinet or fridge!

As Christmas Tree ornaments, these do look GREAT on your tree because the lights glisten off the beads, and since they weigh next to nothing, you can hang them on outside branches and they SHOW UP! The Pinecone is really cool -- lots of texture on this one, and the Gingerbread Cottage is SO CUTE!!! We have a larger version of it from a few years ago -- but this one is 3-inches in size!!!

Mill Hill Autumn Harvest Kits - click for more
Mill Hill Autumn Harvest Kits
Here are the miniature bead kits for the Fall Season of 2015. Always fun to work up -- the complete little kits contain all the necessary beads, flosses, everything.

These are perfect on a small ornament tree, as small magnets, in the olden-days when they first came out... they used to include a pin backing so you could wear them as a pin. (They go through the laundry beautifully -- I have accidentally washed several!!) Always fun!!!

Mill Hill Owlets - click for more
Mill Hill Owlets!
Mill Hill has some new mini-kits -- presenting six of the cutest owls!!! I think they're in Easter Eggs... but they don't look Easter-y... so we think they'll be fun and colorful to decorate all year long. Offered in the small bead kit format of 14ct perforated paper, flosses and bright glass beads, each finishes approx 2-1/2 x 3.

These would be REAL CUTE stitched on some of the bright Tropical colors of 14ct Aida -- and constructed into pillows with wild trims and fabrics. Might be kind of fun to add some eyelashes too -- wake a couple of them up to match their colorful countenance!

Mill Hill Spring Bouquet 2015 - click for more
Mill Hill Spring Bouquet 2015
The newest selection of Springtime-themed mini bead kits by Mill Hill for 2015 is here. A new pair of eggs to go with the other 4 from previous years, a new butterfly (there is a gorgeous monarch from a few seasons ago -- make the pair! and ladybug -- these all look cute as plant pokes.

Each design is presented in small bead kit format -- the 14ct perforated paper, Mill Hill glass beads and DMC floss. These come with a magnet for their backings, so find something metal in your laundry room, sunroom, pantry, office, kitchen... that needs a bit of brightening up! Each finishes approx 2-3/4 inches in size... really fun to do.

Mill Hill Winter Holiday for 2014 - click for more
Winter Holiday for 2014
Here are the small ornament kits for this year! Usually, they kind of pattern their larger counterparts... but this year, we have all new small designs. Every one of them is cute and colorful -- and they'll look great on your Christmas Tree. Along with the bead embellishments, each contains a small glass Treasure or brass charm of some sort.

Offered as small kits with the 14ct perf paper, these are always a really good value because of the number and variety of the beads and theads included in the small kits.

Mill Hill Christmas Jewels for 2014 - click for more
Christmas Jewels for 2014
The 2014 set of the these paper 'baubles', they are bright and festive. Offered as complete kits to make the 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inch ornaments, each contains the chart, needles, threads, beads, and a charm embellishment of some sort.

Reminiscent of hand-blown glass ornaments from the past, these join our first set of Jewels, and will be favorites for your tree!

Mill Hill Autumn Harvest - Mini Kits for 2014 - click for more
Autumn Harvest - Mini Kits for 2014
Our new set of six small 2-1/2 x 2-3/4 bead kits for this season... cute as always. People seem to think they are only for the Fall... for decoration or frig magnets. These all make great Christmas ornaments!

Joining the collection of literally hundreds of these smaller paper and beaded pieces... the tractor is perfect for someone who 'grows'... the Smores design needs to go to campers! Mr Monster Mash might need to go to your little Frankenstein from last Halloween! We have soccer and footballs... and a million other small designs... all offered in kit format. A bit of 14ct Perf paper, all the flosses and beads you need, these are a great value, and fun to work up!

Mill Hill Spring Bouquet 2014 Mini-Bead Kits - click for more
Spring Bouquet 2014 Mini-Bead Kits
Mill Hill is always the first to send out Spring things right after Christmas... so here we are with this year's fun assortment of designs. Offered as complete kits, they are meant to be finished as magnets or small ornaments. Stitched with DMC floss and Mill Hill glass beads on 14ct perforated paper... they have been perennial favorites for 25 years now!

We have an antique suitcase -- celebrates your summer travels. A Bumble Bee -- with a big red flower in his chest... A butterfly and chick Easter Egg pair -- these match the bunny and sheep from last year. Next, a colorful little caterpillar and finally a darling Rabbit riding in a carrot! (I could swear this one might have been one of the original bead kit designs from 25-ish years ago -- Carrot Cart Bunny -- just updated a bit!) Perfect small projects... everything you need is included in the kits for only $7 each!

Mill Hill's Winter Holiday Mini Ornament-Magnet Kits for 2013 - click for more
Winter Holiday Mini Ornament-Magnet Kits for 2013
A whole new set of small ornaments for your Christmas Tree... these are always fun to stitch. Offered as little kits for only $7 each... you get the chart, 14ct perforated paper, proper sized needles, all the flosses and beads, and even a magnet for the back. Darling as tree ornaments, they look good on the frig, or dressing the file cabinet at work too!
  • Crystal Wreath looks like hard candies of fuscia, blue and white.
  • For Santa is a yummy plate of decorated cookies and hot cocoa.
  • Winter Bunnies is cool... the little bunny in the front is actually cut out and placed on the front of the larger rabbit -- for a little perspective.
  • Rocking Horse is already a favorite! He just could NOT BE CUTER!!!!! (What about a Baby's first Christmas???)
  • Christmas Lights is that quintessential tangle of twinkle lights!!!
  • Finally, Red Wagon is so retro -- it goes with the Family Tree and Holiday Memories kits above.
  • Cute, Cute... get one or the whole set!

    Autumn Harvest 2013 from Mill Hill - click for more
    Autumn Harvest 2013
    Mill Hill has sent this year's set of small ornaments -- 3 x 3-ish stitched and beaded delights -- all worked on 14ct perforated paper. This year we get a soccer ball -- wow, that's going to popular! A Jeweled apple, and sparkly acorn, cute little hen, but best of all -- that darling Dracula and his favorite gravesite!!!!!

    Always fun to do... these come as small complete kits of all the beads, threads, paper... everything! Make them into little magnets or hang them from a Fall or Halloween Tree as decoration.

    I Love... Charmed Ornament Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
    I Love... Charmed Ornaments
    What a cute set of little hearts!!! Mill Hill has designed six 2 x 3 hearts -- each stitched on 14ct perforated paper -- celebrating the things we love!!! Music features a tiny brass note charm dangling from it's point. Coffee has a tiny morning shun. Gardening has a dragonfly... I Love Stitching has a tiny pair of scissors! Halloween sports a Jack-o-lantern charm, and Love has a tiny key.

    Offered as small kits of everything you need, either string together the hanger loop, or make them into frig magnets (add your own magnet). Real cute!

    Mill Hill Spring Bouquet Kits for 2013 - click for more
    Spring Bouquet Kits for 2013
    A summer-y set this year... the eggs are obviously a cute pair... the strawberry and little cow would be cute hanging over a kitchen cabinet pull, and the Patriotic Star is a great year-round decoration.

    Offered as the small kits of paper, beads and flosses, chart and needles -- each includes a small magnet to help it cling to a file cabinet, frig... anywhere magnets like to stick!

    Snow Crystals Mini-Ornament Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
    Snow Crystals
    OHHH... pretty lacy snowflakes featuring only bits of Cross Stitch but lots of Mill Hill Bugle Bead design detail. This is a new set of six ornament designs worked on 14ct perforated paper, just like the rest of Mill Hill's ornaments. What will make these glisten on your tree is the shape of the bugle beads. They are long 'tubes' of glass -- so they really draw, catch and reflect the lights from your tree. These will SPARKLE like crazy.

    Super quick to stitch (those beads do all the work), please cut these out with a sharp utility scissor -- NOT your good embroidery scissors. The paper is very dulling on a delicate blade. After ours are cut out, we back them with a bit of glued-on fabric to cover the stitching threads and make the backs look nice. Each is offered in an individual kit of chart, paper, flosses,little charm decorating the bottoms, needles and beads.

    2012 Winter Holiday Mini-Ornament Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
    Presenting Mill Hill's 2012 Winter Holiday Mini-Ornament Kits
    TOO CUTE this year... this year's set of six designs will look great gracing your Christmas Tree! They make good magnets, too... in case you want to perch them some place else. 'I Love Christmas' and 'Paisley Tree' seem to go together, and companion the larger Tapestry Noel design of the Button and Bead kits. 'Oli Elf', Joy Tree and Santa and Rudolph all look whimsical and full of Chrismtassy detail. I LOVE those skinny legs on Oli! Last, the Partridge with the pear tree in his tummy is plump, yet subdued! I think he companions World Peace in the larger set.

    Always a super-good-value, Mill Hill kits are complete with charts, clear instructions and model pics, all the threads and beads you need, needle, and even backing magnet if you want your ornament to be able to do something else other than just 'hang around' on a tree!

    Autumn Harvest 2012 from Mill Hill - click for more
    Autumn Harvest 2012
    Mill Hill's latest smaller ornament/pin kits... each is offered as a complete kit of flosses, glass Treasure, chart, beads -- and they finish approx 3 x 3 each.

    Mill Hill has been creating these little guys for over 20 years now... so you might have quite a collection. But they're always cute, and a REALLY good value! I like the trio of jams and preserves... but LOVE that little squirrel!

    Spring Bouquet 2012 from Mill Hill - click for more
    Spring Bouquet 2012
    Mill Hill's 3 x 3 ornament-sized kits, these work well for fridge magnets, little pins to wear, and of course, ornaments! Lion Heart should appeal to all the International Lions Club members world wide! Rubber Ducky would make a darling bathroom decoration or cute package tie for a baby gift. Baseball Mitt matches that cool Home Run larger kit. Tomato Pincushion is my favorite -- again -- tie it around the strap of your stitching tote!!! Monarch Butterfly is just plain gorgeous -- put a suction cup on the back and stick it to your kitchen window. Firecracker is a cute summer decoration -- might be fun as a plant poke!

    All are offered as complete kits of 14ct paper, flosses, beads, chart and needles. A GREAT BARGAIN because there is a lot of thread and bead product in them... we've been carrying these for over 15 years... just love 'em!

    Christmas Jewels from Mill Hill - click for more
    Christmas Jewels
    Mill Hill has released a set of 6 small ornaments -- that *are* ornaments!!! Offered as the small kits of 14ct perforated paper loaded with flosses, beads and embellishment, these all finish approx 2 x 3.

    Pretty little things, 3 rounds, 3 teardrops, what fun decorations for your Christmas Tree! Present them as package ties on your extra-special gifts to those who will appreciate your loving stitches!

    2011 Winter Holiday Collection from Mill Hill - click for more
    The 2011 Winter Holiday Collection
    Into smaller ornament designs? This year's 2011 selection is awesome!!!! Again, some of the best Mill Hill has ever delivered, I love them all! The Star Santa is classic, crossed Candy Canes are the same way. The Merry Moose could pass for a Reindeer! The Holly Sprig is pretty, the Holiday Stamp is so Retro! I Love that one! And of course, check out little Kris Mouse! I think he's sleeping in his Christmas PJ's... waiting for Christmas morning!

    All of these smaller ornament-sized designs finish approx 2 x 3, are stitched in DMC flosses on 14ct perforated paper, and include Mill Hill glass Treasure embellishments. They are a great value, because everything is inside the little bag -- for only $9.00! We have a lovely wreath in the shop, garnished with about 4 dozen of these small designs. Our local EGA chapter stitched it for us... they put in lights, red bulbs and jam-packed it with these ornament pieces. It is charming... and quite eye-catching in the shop! Just another way to enjoy the stitching... and then an end-use for these!

    2011 Autumn Harvest Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
    2011 Autumn Harvest Kits
    Here's the set of 6 smaller designs that coordinate with this year's larger Button & Bead Kits. The little football is great -- use it for a Christmas ornament for anyone who loves football! The Music piece is the same way -- both could be teacher gifts, something tucked on the front of a photo album... anything. The other 4 designs are all cute Halloween and Fall.

    Make them into magnets, ornaments, pins to wear, pin 'em to a bulletin board for decoration... be creative! All are offered as complete kits with chart, perforated paper, flosses and beads and glass Treasure embellishments! Each finishes approx 2-1/2.

    Festive Trees Ornament Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
    Festive Trees Ornaments
    This is a new collection of designs... a set of 6 different Christmas Trees... that are shown as ornaments. Approx 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 in size, each tree is stitched on 14ct perforated paper in DMC flosses, and garnished with a small brass charm. We think they'd be AWESOME on fabrics, and finished with a bit of stuffing, a pretty bow, and a bit of cording on the edges. Six trees, each one is as pretty as the last! Three indoor and three outdoor... I'm not sure which is my favorite!

    Offered as small ornament kits, such a pretty set, each kit includes the paper, chart, flosses, beads, embellishment and necessary needles... they'll also arrived at the end of this week.

    2009 Winter Greetings Kits  from Mill Hill - click to see more
    Winter Greetings
    The 2009 set of *word* ornaments... we had 6 last year that were top sellers... this year's set is even better!!! Words of the Christmas Season... these are all small ornament-sized designs that finish approx 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 on 14ct perforated paper. Each is stitched in DMC flosses and embellished with lots of glass seed beads.

    Naughty and Nice are darling! Hope and Star are elegant... just beautiful! Holly and Jolly are a cute, traditional pair. Cut them out when you're finished... that gives them the slightly curved shapes you see. Real cute!

    2009 Winter Holiday Kits from Mill Hill - click to see more
    Winter Holiday Kits
    Oh my gosh... this year's set of small tree ornaments is outstandingly cute! Check out the little Reindog, Downy Dove and the little penguin! The skates and sled are something new we've never had before in these small ornaments... and the Nativity is just ON!

    A very nice set of designs... quite a departure from designs of previous years! All are offered in tiny complete kit format... for $9.00 you get tons of colors of flosses and beads... and a Mill Hill glass Treasure embellishment!

    Small Autumn Harvest Magnets from Mill Hill - click to see more
    Small Autumn Harvest Magnets
    Mill Hill's newest set of small 2 x 2 designs, these are all cross-stitched with DMC floss and Mill Hill beads and Treasures on 14ct perforated paper. Just stitch, and cut out -- around the perf paper edge... stick on the magnet, and you're finished! Absolutely the cutest designs this year... I THINK my favorite is the little spider, but I like Mr and Mrs Bones, too!

    Always a really good deal for your money... each comes as a complete kit of chart, paper, flosses, beads, Treasure, needle, and magnet! Packaged in a 4 x 4 zip-lock bag... they are *perfect* as a Grab 'n Go in your tote!

    2009 Spring Mini-Kits from Mill Hill - click to see more
    2009 Spring Mini-Kits
    This year... we have a set of 6 new magnet designs... most of them aimed at tempting you to break your diet!!! Stitch a miniature root beer float, a bucket of popcorn, a tall and frosty glass of lemonade... or go right for the banana split!!! There is a darling little flip-flop design... but we know the run-away best seller will be the festive Happy Birthday greeting!!!

    Always offered in complete kits, these are such a good value. You get the chart, beads, flosses and any other called-for embellishments, along with a magnetic backing for the frig! Finishing approx 2-1/2 inches in size... I'm in love with that little banana creation!!! (Scrap book with these -- embellish your pages! The flip-flops need to grace the cover of the vacation picture album -- they'd be kind of fun stuck (forget the magnet!) onto the front of a digital picture frame! And, of course, the Happy Birthday needs to be a package tie! Always cute and quick!

    Nutcracker Ballet from Mill Hill - click to see more

    Presenting the Nutcracker Ballet!
    Mill Hill has released a wonderful set of 6 small ornament-sized beaded and stitched decorations for Christmas! Celebrating the Nutcracker Ballet... each 3 x 4-1/2 ornament is stitched on 14ct perforated paper with DMC flosses and Mill Hill beads. Offered as individual kits, we have Uncle Drosselmayer, Clara, The Mouse King, The Nutcracker, Sugar Plum Fairy and The Prince.

    Stitch just one or two, or all six for your tree.. they'd be kind of fun hanging in the same general area. They don't use any metallic threads, and I personally think there are lots of places that you could add some -- just for fun. See what threads you have in your stash, and get to work! Think about stitching a whole army of Nutcrackers -- you could change uniform colors. Think about stitching the Sugar Plum Fairy for all the little girls in a dance class! This is a timeless set of great little ornaments! Offered as complete kits of chart, perforated paper, flosses, beads and glass Treasure embellishment!

    Winter Greetings Kits from Mill Hill - click to see more
    Winter Greetings Kits
    The third new set of 2008 winter designs to join the Mill Hill line, these tiny words of wisdom will look great on your tree... or pinned to a bulletin board at work... or hanging over a cabinet knob... or as gift tags... greeting cards...or scrapbook decor! Each 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 piece is full of glisteny glass beads, and brilliant color.

    Offered as complete kits of chart, 14ct perforated paper, all the necessary beads and flosses... there are bells and whatnots embellishing them, too! Very different from Mill Hill's previous Holiday offerings... these are a pleasant addition to our collection!

    Holiday Harmony Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
    Holiday Harmony Kits
    Mill Hill has just released an AWESOME set of small bead kits -- all musical instruments -- perfect for your tree or small gifts! Each instrument measures approx 2-1/2 x 3, is stitched in floss and beads on perforated paper, and is trimmed with a brass embellishment. Choose between a Violin, French Horn, Mandolin, Harp, Drum and Trumpet. Stunning for tree ornaments, these would be perfect to give to so many people as small Christmas gifts, too! (Think of the choir director, and everyone else in your group!...and the music teacher... or the musician!)

    Very traditional and elegant in feel, the colors feature rich browns, deep reds and greens, along with lots of glistening gold beads and metallics! Offered as complete kits of chart, needle, paper, flosses and metallics, beads and charms, these are really a bargain because of all the colors of threads and beads included! Lovely!

    Spring 2007 Spring and Summer What-Nots Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
    2007 Spring and Summer What-Nots
    Here is the 2007 set of small ornament/pin kits by Mill Hill. Really, really nice, generic designs, they go with the larger Button & Bead kits, also freshly released! The tiny Tuscan cottage is pretty, the wine glass would make a DARLING wine bottle decoration for a special gift. Kitty and Dog are always popular. The sailboat is awesomely contemporary, and the western boot is SO Oklahoma... those Mill Hill gals in Wisconsin have no idea how much these Oklahomans love their boots! (However, I too, am from WI... and don't own any cowboy boots!!!... even though I've lived in Oklahoma for 25 years!)

    Anyway, these 2 x 3-ish inch kits come complete with the pattern, paper, beads and necessary flosses. Quite a good value, they are really fun to stitch, and require only scissors to cut them out for finishing! Think about these for neat scrapbook ideas, or something fun to attach to a favorite picture frame as an added embellishment!

    2007 Winter Holiday Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
    2007 Winter Holiday Kits
    For the 'gazillionth' year in a row... we have a new set of tiny beaded Christmas Tree ornaments! Always cute, always 2 x 3-ish in size, always complete little kits loaded with floss, beads and sometimes a Treasure embellishment to two, they take an evening or two or three to complete. Stitched on 14ct perforated paper, the holes are easy to see, they're so colorful, and the beads just glisten reflecting the lights from your tree. Just look at that Christmas Cardinal... it's FUZZY! (How cute is that? We have a tiny springtime bluebird just like it, too.) The white angel will be stunning against the greenery of your tree, too!

    Our local embroider's guild chapter always stitches a few dozen of these to decorate a huge wreath that they donate to our local Philbrook Museum of Art's Holiday fundraiser. (each member does one kit) You may not be able to stitch a 'few dozen' ornaments... but choose 5 or 6 from all the years and years of kits we have still available on our MH pages, and make yourself a tiny wreath! What a cool gift, too! Anyway, don't miss all the previous designs on our MH pages... some are TOO CUTE! Always a great value, too, because everything is included in these - tons of different flosses and bead colors.

    Mill Hill Winter Holiday Ornament Kit MH18-6301 Teddy's Tree Mill Hill Winter Holiday Ornament Kit MH18-6302 Carolers -- click for more Mill Hill Winter Holiday Ornament Kit MH18-6303 Holly Wreath -- click for more Mill Hill Winter Holiday Ornament Kit MH18-6304 Holiday Express -- click for more Mill Hill Winter Holiday Ornament Kit MH18-6305 Kitty's Gift -- click for more Mill Hill Winter Holiday Ornament Kit MH18-6306 Gingerbread Boy
    Winter Holiday Ornament Kits... Holiday Carolers

    Just one of Mill Hill's newest 2006 Christmas mini-ornament bead kits... these are darling! Fresh designs this year... we've never had little singers before! Complete kits, these are always a really good deal, because they include the chart, 14ct perforated paper (some greeen, some brown) all the flosses, beads, a pin backing and nice, clear instructions. (Do the carolers for friends in your choir group!)

    Finishing approx 2 or 3 inches each, they're perfect as small tree ornaments! Joining the Carolers, we get a darling teddy bear, a holly wreath, locomotive, gray kitty with a wrapped package, and a delicious looking gingerbread man!

    Mill Hill Charmed Mitten MHCM49 Patchwork Holiday Mill Hill Charmed Mitten MHCM50 Angel Heart Mill Hill Charmed Mitten MHCM51 Santas Night Mill Hill Charmed Mitten MHCM52 Star Topped Tree Mill Hill Charmed Mitten MHCM53 Snowman's Garden Mill Hill Charmed Mitten MHCM54 Noel Heart
    Charmed Mittens
    The 2005 set of miniature mitten ornaments has arrived! This year's set is stitched on red, green and brown perforated paper for a splash of new color! (Look closely at the very edge of each design... you can tell which color of paper each uses.) Cute, cute...lots of teeny beads and a gold charm or white snowflake embellishment, these look really nice on the Christmas tree... because they're a nice size. Finishing approx 2 x 3... check out some of the previous sets from years past, too!

    Mill Hill Charmed Stocking Kit MHCS43 St Nick Stocking Kit Mill Hill Charmed Stocking Kit MHCS44 Joyful Stocking Kit Mill Hill Charmed Stocking Kit MHCS45 Mr Snowflake Stocking Kit Mill Hill Charmed Stocking Kit MHCS46 Angelic Stocking Kit Mill Hill Charmed Stocking Kit MHCS47 Holly Days Stocking Kit Mill Hill Charmed Stocking Kit MHCS48 Evergreen Stocking Kit
    Charmed Stocking Kits
    Oh Gosh, what a CUTE batch of bead kit designs these are!!! Six in the set... these are all stitched on green (#'s 47 and 48) or brown perforated paper... and loaded with reds, creme, green, blue and gold Holiday color. Finishing approx 2-1/2 x 4-1/2, you stitch the stocking part, and then stitch the little stuffings, cut them out, and stuff the stocking! Notice the cute things popping out of each stocking? Even the cuffs are individually stitched! Each kit features a gold charm or Treasure of some sort, and most include bugle beads as well. Very, very cute, these make WONDERFUL tree ornaments!

    Teddy Snow Charmer Kit Gift Snow Charmer Kit Folk Heart Snow Charmer Holiday Tree Snow Charmer Mitten Snow Charmer Gingerman Snow Charmer
    Snow Charmer Kits, Series II
    Joining the first collection of the cute beaded snowmen, are six new designs. Each one has a differently textured body, a cute hat, and either a brass charm or white metal snowflake charm. Stitched on 14ct perforated paper, they are complete kits, finish approx 2 x 3 and make great tree ornaments. The first assortment of these has been a customer favorite of ours for quite some time, so we're happy to see more! Follow our link to see the previous set!

    MHCSF31 Father Frost -- click for a larger view MHCSF32 Santa Jingles -- click for a larger view MHCSF33 Joyful Santa -- click for a larger view MHCSF34 Santa Noel -- click for a larger view MHCSF35 Twinkle Claus -- click for a larger view MHCSF36 Charming Santa -- click for a larger view
    Charmed Santa Faces, Series II
    I absolutely LOVE this set of small bead kits! Six Santa faces, stitched on perforated paper, each has a wonderful, billowy beaded beard! Finishing approx 2 1/2" each, the colors are brilliant reds, green, white and golds... and each features a metal snowflake or shiny brass charm at the tip of his hat! Complete kits, these make great tree ornaments!

    Birdhouse Snow Charmer SC25 -- click for a larger view Wreath Snow Charmer SC26 -- click for a larger view Stocking Snow Charmer SC27 -- click for a larger view Pine Tree Snow Charmer SC28 -- click for a larger view Star Snow Charmer SC29 -- click for a larger view Poinsettia Snow Charmer SC30 -- click for a larger view
    Snow Charmers
    Here is a set of darling snowmen beaded kits! Each is stitched on 14 ct perforated paper, with loads of deep, rich navy, creme and burgundy flosses, and lots of glistening glass beads. Finishing approx 3" high each, they'll make additions wherever you tuck them! Click the image at right to see the rest of the set.

    Click here to see a larger view.
    Check out the Charmed Santa Faces Series! New this past fall... these have been shop favorites! Each is a Santa face, cool beards, neat colors... just the right size and shape for tree ornaments. Everyone collects the entire set... and I imagine, the angels will be the same way! Each kit includes wonderful, clear instructions, and all the materials needed for its design.

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