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Sunshine by Jim Shore - click to see more Sunshine by Jim Shore
The artwork of Jim Shore is adapted into Cross Stitch with this bright and commanding piece. Get you your stash of DMC floss - you'll need 34 of your colors. Check for 8 more colors of Mill Hill beads... and you're ready to tackle this chart! 11 x 9 is the approximate size for this on 28ct... and it's solid stitching!!!

Color changes everywhere... not for the weak-of-stitcher.. I just LOVE it! I love the colors, the sun shape, the paisley background, and the organized border. Even the THREE buttons on the corners -- not four -- kind of off-kilter on the centering. Lots more interest that way! Offered as the leaflet, it's kind of pricey... I guess that the licensing...

Monograms by Jim Shore - click to see more Monograms by Jim Shore
Stitch a festive letter full of shading, swirls, and flourishes. Offered in a 40-page book of all 26 letters, you are also offered border options and motifs to decorate tops and bottoms of letters, so that all can be joined and arranged into a million different design possibilities. (Hope that doesn't sound too confusing!)

Elegant velvety-red letters surrounded by green and blues... even though they all *look* the same... they are all actually different. Glass seed beads garnish here and there, as well. Stitch a word, birth announcement, pillows, so many different options. Each main letter block has a design size if 87 x 87 stitches. Add multiple borders or not, all is just lovely any way you stitch it!

Dream from Wichelt Imports -- click to see more! Spooky Town from Wichelt Imports -- click to see more! Spooky Town and Dream!
OK... WAY OUT OF SEASON with these two... Mill Hill has released two leaflet designs that are actually very cute... but they just *seem* so out of time right now! Dream, by Sticks, is a very frosty and wintery scene -- 5-1/2 x 9 -- the huge moon, snow topped pines, and enticing Christmas gifts -- the dark night sky -- all is stitched with DMC flosses on 14 or 28ct deep Nordic Blue fabric.

Spooky Town offers the main haunted house scene, plus take-outs of 6 different 'scary' creatures! There is a little wizard owl and a frog prince... it's a cute Halloween design, stitched in DMC and garnished with lots of glass beads. Both designs are offered in leaflet format.

In Celebration of 40 Years...  from Wichelt Imports -- click to see more! In Celebration of 40 Years...  from Wichelt Imports -- click to see more! In Celebration of 40 Years...
Wichelt Imports is a major distributor to the retailers in the needlearts industry. They began business 40 years ago, and have chosen to publish a fun book of cross-stitch designs to celebrate their 40th Birthday! Over the years, they've licensed/purchased/ marketed several exclusive lines to Cross Stitch -- and this book offers 12 different, exclusive designs by their supporting designers!!!

Permin of Copenhagen has florals, Debbie Mumm and Jim Shore have contributed, the original Mill Hill 6 Button & Bead Christmas Village is presented -- all in one piece!!! Sandy Cozzolino offers a Midnight Santa, Sticks has a charming snowman/Merry Christmas scene, Nora Corbett and Thea Gouverneur are featured as well.

40 Pages presented in lovely, glossy, full color pics and charts, this is a really nice collection of special designs that will not be offered individually!

Jim Shore's Three Kings by way of Mill Hill - click for more
Jim Shore's Three Kings
Bold, brilliant DMC and glass bead colors just make this POP! Stitched on 28ct Nordic Blue Linen, this piece is full of the quilt-motif-charm of Jim Shore's artwork. Pretty colors, lots of details, and garnished with Mill Hill glass Treasures and ceramic buttons, the chart is huge, just beautifully presented.

The entire back cover is a large pic of the finished project -- and except for the UPC code interrupting the border -- you could almost frame IT! Offered as the leaflet, we have the fabrics, beads and buttons all available separately.

Debbie Mumm's Peace Dove by way of Mill Hill - click for more
Debbie Mumm's Peace Dove
28ct Lambswool Linen is the backdrop for this elegant Christmas design.

Lots of pretty shading in rich reds and greens, there are bead embellishments on the flower centers and their berries. Finishes approx 10-1/2 inches square on 28ct, offered as the leaflet.

Jim Shore's 12 Days of Christmas by way of Mill Hill - click for more
Jim Shore's 12 Days of Christmas
Well... you have a little time to get these done in time for next Christmas!!! Mill Hill brings us a beautiful leaflet presenting 12 of artist Jim Shore's designs for those 12 days of Christmas. Finishing approx 6 to 7 inches square each, the fabric you choose determines the final size of each block.

Lots of bright floss colors and elegant Mill Hill beads -- they show the French Hen by itself... she's stunning! Offered as the leaflet, beads, fabrics, buttons, etc offered separately. Seems pricey... but actually, each design costs less that $2!

Harvest Trio - click for more Awaken the Day - click for more
Harvest Trio and Awaken the Day
Mill Hill has licensed the artwork of Jim Shore and charted his designs into cross stitch! The first publications are here, and they are stunning! Offered in leaflet form, each is stitched with DMC flosses and embellished with Mill Hill beads and MH's Jim Shore buttons.

Harvest Trio finishes approx 5 x 12, and Awaken finishes approx 8 x 10. So colorful and pretty, we've packaged the beads and buttons together if you need them!

Santa Noel from Mill Hill Santa Noel
The Holiday 2004 Edition of Mill Hill designs has arrived! Tucked into 32 pages, you'll find 23 different projects stitched in luscious beads, on all sorts of fabrics! One of the cutest is Goodnight St Nick. He's a standing Santa dressed in his nightshirt, holding his Noel quilt -- his 'blankie!' It's a seperate piece of stitching you tack onto him! Lots of other cool things in here... the Happy Holidays Runner is so colorful... just lots to choose from! Santa Noel happens to be Mill Hill's 100th Publication!!!

Pumpkin Flight
Mill Hill MHP99 Pumpkin Flight -- click for morePumpkin Flight -- click here to see a larger viewThis season's Mill Hill patterns -- in all their glass bead and Treasure glory -- are presented in new leaflet Pumpkin Flight. Ghostly Harvest Moon, pictured, is a busy farm scene packed full of olive, purple, gold and rust colors of beads, pumpkin and bat Treasures, and a few frosted ghosts! My personal favorite design in the book is Flying Fiona -- it reads, "Beware, Witchy Woman flying off the handle!" (It's a darling patchwork witch flying on her broom, and it's full of wild color!) Fewer designs in this year's book, it's a wonderful value at $8.50... and offers both Fall and Halloween designs!

Glory and Honor -- click here to see a larger view Glory and Honor
In the pursuit of Cross stitch happiness, Mill Hill has presented an AWESOME patriotic stars and stripes heart design that is jam packed with textures, bead and Treasure accents and bold color! Offered by itself in a leaflet form, this finishes approx 9 x 10-1/2 on 28ct Country Mocha Vintage Cashel Linen, is worked with a bit of DMC, some creme-colored Colorwash Silk for the 'white' stripes, and a smattering of beads and Treasures for a commanding piece! Brilliant reds, navys, and opalescent whites and gold metallic, this is so alive... so artsy... just stunning! I think, from the pic, you can see the textures in the red stripes... they're cross stitches and beaded checkerboards .. and I think the shadows of the metallic gold beaded swirls.

This was one of the best designs I saw at Market this summer!!! The design is available as an individual leaflet, and we carry all the necessary fabric, threads and embellishments! (I'm at home tonight and can't quote specific prices, but figure approx $40 for the silk, beads, flosses and Treasures.) Very striking, this is one of Mill Mill's two new leaflet releases.

Mill Hill MHP95 Frosty Friends Book

Frosty Friends
Stay Warm, Snuggle Up! This is just the most charming collection of snowmen and wintry designs! Rich, bright reds, greens, royal blues, shimmery whites and silver... the stitched pieces in this set really 'pop!' Check out the little stuffed mantle snowman...prop him on a shelf, or use larger fabric... elongate his arms... and use him as a draft-blocker at the bottom of a door! All the swirly snowflakes on the snowmen... I can't wait till our shop models all come back -- stitched!!! Pages and pages of wonderful, clear charts, and lots of ideas for finishing! Lots of 'bang for your buck!' with a Mill Hill Book (and this is a good one!)

Folk Art America -- click here to see a larger view
Folk Art America
This pattern book is packed full of patriotic and springtime designs, both large and small. There is an alphabet sampler that has a small country motif on each letter... it's loaded with neat buttons and Treasures. Enjoy The Journey is the title of a graduation bell pull design included, as well! A great book, lots of ideas and good projects!

Snow Days -- click here to see a larger view

Snow Days
A chilly assortment of frosted friends... you'll find lots in this book to stitch! The Fir Tree Snowman is my personal favorite... but the skiing snowmen were a close second! Lots of cool colors, great project and finishing ideas, glisteny beads and Treasures, not to mention the cute designs, make this a publication to have! Mill Hill always packs lots of wonderful projects into each of their books... things that will catch your eye for years to come. Snow Days is no exception! Watch for that fir Tree Snowman model pic to come... we're stitching it as a shop model right now!!!
Bittersweet Moon by Mill Hill -- click to see a larger view

Bittersweet Moon
The 2003 fall book release, this year's is once again, stuffed full of project ideas and cute finishing techniques! Halloween is shown on the front cover, Fall featured on the back... everything is full of beads, buttons, Treasures and specialty threads... and uses lots of fun bandings and unusual colors of linens! The book features a few pre-made pillows this time... as well as a darling sitting doll -- a long-legged little witch, full of Autumn color! Lots of ideas, lots of potential in these 30 pages of cool stuff!
Mill Hill Folk Art Favorites -- click here to see both covers!

Folk Art Favorites
Oh, this is such a COOL book! It has two front covers! Half of the designs are Patriotic, the other half -- chickens! On the Patriotic side, the pillows and little hangings are full of flags, buzzing bees, birdhouses, and stars. The colors are so bright and summery! On the other front cover, the chicken side... there are wonderful roosters and hens on towel borders, and hangings. Stitch everything for a really cool kitchen... or just for fun!

Click the image above to see bothcovers.
Harvest Festival from Mill Hill -- click here to see a larger view

Harvest Festival
This is the newest book from Mill Hill, and it's packed FULL of cool stuff! The Harvest side has lots of apples, trees leaves and pumpkins. There is a large scarecrow, who'd be cute as a stand-up -- even though he has floppy legs! The Halloween side has such cute ideas. There are ghosts, witches and a street of little spooky houses... except... none of it really is scary. This leaflet is full of lots of design elements you can use on other projects and samplers... so all around, it's a great book!

Click the image above to see both covers.
All About Santa from Mill Hill

All About Santa
Featuring Mr Jolly, himself there are samplers, ornaments, pillows, and a stand-up. We like the pillows the best, because they're not too involved, and have a lot of impact! You could pull them out year after year, and never tire of them! The "Twas the Night" pillow is awesome! Lots of metallics, frizzy "Estaz" thread makes up his beard, and quite an assortment of beads and embellishments finish him off!
Frosty Nights II -- click here to see both covers!

Frosty Nights II
This is the cutest book! It's full of wintery stuff... a little village... some bell pulls of pine trees... a whole family of spiffy snowmen -- all dressed for the season, and two pillows of snowman faces that are just charming! Packed full of fun bead stitches, cool banding, all the neat Treasures and Mill Hill buttons... you'll just love all of it! And, gosh... we just happen to have any of the things it calls for in the projects... so you really can't resist it!
Noah and Friends from Mill Hill

Noah & Friends
A great book from Mill Hill full of wonderful, detailed animals. Great buttons, beads and lots of good project ideas! Click the image to see a bigger image of the whole book cover.
Woodland Holiday from Mill Hill

Woodland Holiday
Remember all those old "Astor Place" Santa ornament kits from years ago??? The gal who designed them is now a part of the Mill Hill design team!!! Woodland Holiday includes a wonderful woodsy-Santa, as well as the alphabet -- stitched entirely in beads! You can stitch the big sampler, or cheat... and do a narrower version on banding. We have lots of different choices in the bandings, because they work so well for ornaments, too!

Never A Pair from Mill Hill

Never A Pair
A fun book full of winter ideas! The snowman pillow is darling... full of rayon floss and metallics. The mittens are a really creative way to finish off a simple project! We have tons of the banding available that is shown on the basket, and across the pillow. It's a quick way to make something simple look so good!
Haunted Halloween from Mill Hill align="center">

Haunted Halloween
A book filled with small and large projects there is a pillow that spells "BOO" the letters are filled with pumpkins, candy corn, stars all sorts of things.
Heirloom Harvest from Mill Hill

Heirloom Harvest
This leaflet is full of beautiful autumn colors of beads and Treasures -- just breath-taking! The back cover shows smaller ideas for these designs, pillows, box tops, that sort of thing. Just so pretty!

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