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Mill Hill Kits

Mill Hill kits are really a good value, because of the variety of things they contain. Each kit uses lots of different colors of glass beads (which run about $1.30 per color), numerous floss colors and ceramic or glass Treasure embellishments (these run between $2.50 and $6.05 each!!!).

By the time you purchase everything 'open stock' you would have invested a small fortune. But these little kits are all ready to go... and save the trouble of digging into and pulling from your stash! Whether you choose the Button & Bead, small ornament kits or mini-banded bell pulls... you're assured of accurate instructions, and enough materials to finish your project -- GUARANTEED!

The Winter Holiday Ornament Collection for 2022 from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Marshmallow Snowman, The Garland, Winter Barn, Cheers, The Cuckoo Clock, Ceramic Tree.

The Winter Holiday Ornament Collection for 2022
Another cute set of 2 x 3 or 3 x 3 ornament and magnet-sized designs. Each is presented with the chart, 14ct perforated paper, all the necessary DMC flosses and Mill Hill beads and a glass or crystal Mill Hill Treasure embellishment. Simply cut the paper off right outside the design - and you're finished! (Don't use your delicate embroidery scissors to cut. Choose something a little more heavy duty - like our Dr Slick SN65 synthetic scissors - larger handles, they are super-duper and will even cut leather!)

Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa with a Marshmallow Snowman!
The Garland has tiny danglers - so will look good on the very tip of a branch.
Winter Barn comes right out of a Hallmark movie and
Cheers celebrates New Year's.
The Cuckoo Clock has Santa filling stockings on Christmas Eve - all in that bitty design area - and
the Ceramic Tree is meant to offer a nostalgic look into the decorations of Christmas Past.

MH18-2231 Marshmallow Snowman Kit $9.00
MH18-2232 Garland Kit $9.00
MH18-2233 Winter Barn Kit $9.00
MH18-2234 Cheers Kit $9.00
MH18-2235 Cuckoo Clock Kit $9.00
MH18-2236 Ceramic Tree Kit $9.00
Set of 6 2022 Winter Holiday 2231-2236 Kits $54.00

SN Ultra Fine Beading Threader $4.75
#10 Beading Needles pack of 6 $4.95

The Autumn Harvest Collection 2022 Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Batty, Give Thanks, Eyeball Martini, Fall Mailbox, Spooky Cage, Apple Harvest.

The Autumn Harvest Collection includes the 3 x 3-ish designs. Batty is a up-side-down bat taking a snooze! Give Thanks makes a great fridge magnet - good seasonal advice! The Eyeball Martini looks interesting... mailbox and apple tree are cute, and that spooky cage looks very dramatic!

MH18-2221 Batty Kit $9.00
MH18-2222 Give Thanks Kit $9.00
MH18-2223 Eyeball Martini Kit $9.00
MH18-2224 Fall Mailbox Kit $9.00
MH18-2225 Spooky Cage Kit $9.00
MH18-2226 Apple Harvest Kit $9.00
Set of 6 MH18-2221 thru MH18-2226 $54.00

SN Ultra Fine Beading Threader $4.75
#10 Beading Needles pack of 6 $4.95

Spring 2022 Garden Gnomes Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Bee Gnome, Wheelbarrow Gnome, Garden Girl Gnome, Beehive House, Mushroom House, Straw House.

Garden Gnomes is a darling new set of the small ornament-sized designs - these would be perfect stuck on a wooden skewer and used as plant pokes! Presented as full kits of the perf paper, all the beads and flosses, there is a brass charm in each as well. Three gnomes and three little cottage houses to match them!

MH16-2211 Bee Gnome Kit $9.00
MH16-2212 Wheelbarrow Gnome Kit $9.00
MH16-2213 Garden Girl Gnome Kit $9.00
MH16-2214 Beehive House Kit $9.00
MH16-2215 Mushroom House Kit $9.00
MH16-2216 Straw House Kit $9.00
Set of 6 Mini Gnome Kits MH16-2211 to 2216 $54.00

SN Ultra Fine Beading Threader $4.75
#10 Beading Needles pack of 6 $4.95

The 2022 Spring Bouquet Series Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Pig in a Blanket, Succulents, Octy, Taco, Bear Canoe, Milk Can.

The 2022 Spring Bouquet Series is cute!
Presented as full kits of the chart, needle, threads, beads and Mill Hill glass Treasure charm, they all measure about 3 x 3. More fun plant pokes or magnets for your fridge or file cabinet... or Christmas Tree next year! We laughed, WHY one need a stitched TACO? Why to go with the pizza slice and hamburger and all the other cute food ornaments they've done in the past! Might be a fun vacation momento too!

MH18-2211 Pig in a Blanket Kit $9.00
MH18-2212 Succulents Kit $9.00
MH18-2213 Octy Kit $9.00
MH18-2214 Taco Kit $9.00
MH18-2215 Bear Canoe Kit $9.00
MH18-2216 Milk Can Kit $9.00
Set of 6 Spring Kits Mh18-2211 to 2216 $54.00

SN Ultra Fine Beading Threader $4.75
#10 Beading Needles pack of 6 $4.95

Mill Hill's Beaded Holiday 2021 Gingerbread Kits - click for more
From Left: Gingerbread Lad, Gingerbread Stocking, Gingerbread Lass, Gingerbread Cabin, Gingerbread Tree, Gingerbread Chalet.

Beaded Holiday 2021 Gingerbread Kits!
Ohhh... a new set of small ornament-sized designs is on the way to us... due in the shop any minute! A set of 6 gingerbread people and cottages along with a stocking and tree pair, these are worked on 14ct brown perforated paper with DMC floss and Mill Hill Beads.

You probably know the drill for these - cute, small, complete little kits - they look awesome on your Christmas Tree and are really fun to stitch!

Beaded Holiday MH21-2111 Gingerbread Lad Kit $9.00
Beaded Holiday MH21-2112 Gingerbread Stocking Kit $9.00
Beaded Holiday MH21-2113 Gingerbread Lass Kit $9.00
Beaded Holiday MH21-2114 Gingerbread Cabin Kit $9.00
Beaded Holiday MH21-2115 Gingerbread Tree Kit $9.00
Beaded Holiday MH21-2116 Gingerbread Chalet Kit $9.00
All 6 Gingerbread Beaded Holiday Kits MH21-2111thru2116 $54.00

SN Ultra Fine Beading Threader $4.75
#10 Beading Needles pack of 6 $4.95

The Antique Keys Trilogy Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Spring Key, Autumn Key, Winter Key.

New from Mill Hill!
Pretty Mandala Quartet and the new Antique Keys Trilogy Designs will be ready to ship right after July 4th! The frames shown on the packages are available by special order from us.
The Antique Keys Trilogy also celebrates the seasons - but since it's a TRILOGY, they did ONLY THREE of the seasons (not summer! I assume there will never be a summer design for this series.) Gorgeous, elaborate keys dressed with florals... they might be pretty in your entry way! Each finishes approx 3-1/2 x 5 inches on 14ct perforated paper.

Antique Keys Trilogy MH19-2111 Spring Key Kit $9.00
Antique Keys Trilogy MH19-2112 Autumn Key Kit $9.00
Antique Keys Trilogy MH19-2113 Winter Key Kit $9.00
Set of 3 MH19-2111-13 Antique Key Trilogy Kits $27.00
SN Ultra Fine Beading Threader $4.75
#10 Beading Needles pack of 6 $4.95

The 2021 Charmed Ornaments from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Wishing Snowman, Trimming Snowman, Skating Snowman, Tumbling Snowman, Cooking Snowman, Giving Snowman.

Mill Hill's 2021 Charmed Ornaments
More fun beaded and stitched ornaments for your tree this year... we've noticed that Mill Hill isn't using a lot of beads this year... we think COVID and supply are the issue! So... GET OUT your stash of old finished kits - seems nobody can toss those little leftover bags of extra beads - and rescue these with more beads!

This year's set of 6 snowmen are Wishing, Trimming, Skating, Tumbling, Cooking and Giving... all stitched in floss and beads on 14ct perforated paper. Each is garnished with a Mill Hill charm or treasure... and would probably welcome a few more beads from that old stash of yours! They finish about 3 inches in size, just cute and fun!

2021 Snow Fun MH16-2131 Wishing Snowman Kit $9.00
2021 Snow Fun MH16-2132 Trimming Snowman Kit $9.00
2021 Snow Fun MH16-2133 Skating Snowman Kit $9.00
2021 Snow Fun MH16-2134 Tumbling Snowman Kit $9.00
2021 Snow Fun MH16-2135 Cooking Snowman Kit $9.00
2021 Snow Fun MH16-2136 Giving Snowman Kit $9.00
All 6 2021 Snow Fun MH16-2131 thru MH16-2136 $54.00

SN Ultra Fine Beading Threader $4.75
#10 Beading Needles pack of 6 $4.95

The 2021 Winter Holiday Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Rocking Reindeer, Holiday Wishes, Joy Hope Love, Letters to Santa, Santa Paws, Foxy.

Christmas is Coming - According to Mill Hill! Our 2021 Annual Christmas Kits are here!
The Smaller Winter Holiday Collection continues Mill Hill's hundreds and hundreds of 3 x 3 ornament designs. The kits come with a magnet backing so you can stick them on a filing cabinet or the fridge... but most cut these out around the edges and use them as Christmas tree Ornaments. Cute as can be, this year we have a rocking reindeer, a pretty snail-mail Christmas Card, a swirly tree, a puppy mailing his letter to Santa, a puppy paw - you might want to attach your doggie's pic to the back of this one... make it a momento, and a perky little fox. Each of these comes with the chart, paper, beads, a glass Treasure embellishment, the magnet backer, and DMC floss. Lots of fun to keep you stitching!

2021 Winter Holiday MH18-2131 Rocking Reindeer Kit $9.00
2021 Winter Holiday MH18-2132 Holiday Wishes Kit $9.00
2021 Winter Holiday MH18-2133 Joy Hope Love Kit $9.00
2021 Winter Holiday MH18-2134 Letters to Santa Kit $9.00
2021 Winter Holiday MH18-2135 Santa Paws Kit $9.00
2021 Winter Holiday MH18-2136 Foxy Kit $9.00
2021 Winter Holiday MH18-2131 thru MH18-2136 Set of 6 Kits $54.00

SN Ultra Fine Beading Threader $4.75
#10 Beading Needles pack of 6 $4.95

The 2021 Mill Hill Autumn Harvest Collection - click for more
From Left: Enchanted Moon, Rosie Racoon, Fall Flamingo, Pumpkin Delivery, Fall Fun, Halloween Owl.

2021 Autumn Harvest Series
These are the little 3 x 3 ornament-sized designs that are fun on your Christmas tree - or finished as magnets to cling to your fridge or file cabinet. Complete kits of 14ct perforated paper, you get the paper, chart, beads and threads, along with the needles.

The little moon is cute - it matches the bigger pumpkin from last year. Rosie Racoon is darling! Fall Flamingo goes with the summer one we already have! Pumpkin Delivery is ready for the Guiness Book of World Records - that pumpkin must weigh a ton! Fall Fun has a sign to the corn maze, and Halloween Owl has that spindly little spider friend!

MH18-2121 Enchanted Moon Kit $9.00
MH18-2122 Rosie Racoon Kit $9.00
MH18-2123 Fall Flamingo Kit $9.00
MH18-2124 Pumpkin Delivery Kit $9.00
MH18-2125 Fall Fun Kit $9.00
MH18-2126 Halloween Owl Kit $9.00
Set of 6 MH18-2121thru2126 Autumn Harvest Kits $54.00

SN Ultra Fine Beading Threader $4.75
#10 Beading Needles pack of 6 $4.95

The 2021 Spring Bouquet Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Frosted Cake, Puzzled, Ella Phant, My Sunshine, French Fries, Namaste.

Spring Bouquet 2021 Bead Kits!
OK... no time for Winter-Blues... Mill Hill always releases before the seasons so we have time to get all this finished to display! All are presented as complete kits - 14ct perforated paper - they use lots of different colors of that, DMC flosses, Mill Hill Beads and the necessary needles. These are the ornament size - 3 x 3-ish.

Can't wait to get them stitched. We just love that little pink elephant! All are ready to ship and really fun to stitch. We even have small beading needle threaders that fit those tiny beading needles in the kits.

Spring Bouquet MH18-2111 Frosted Cake Kit $9.00
Spring Bouquet MH18-2112 Puzzled Kit $9.00
Spring Bouquet MH18-2113 Ella Phant Kit $9.00
Spring Bouquet MH18-2114 My Sunshine Kit $9.00
Spring Bouquet MH18-2115 French Fries Kit $9.00
Spring Bouquet MH18-2116 Namaste Kit $9.00
Spring Bouquet MH18-2111-2116 Set of Kits $54.00

SN Ultra Fine Beading Threader $4.75
#10 Beading Needles pack of 6 $4.95

The 2020 Mill Hill Beaded Holiday Snowflakes - click for more
From Left: Crystal Snowflake, Golden Snowflake, Opal Ice Snowflake, Victorian Snowflake, Aqua Mist Snowflake, Pearl Snowflake.

The 2020 Holiday Snowflakes
Here are 6 new small snowflakes to stitch for your Christmas Tree! Worked on silver and gold perforated paper, the colors this year are all that silver, gold, and opalescent with touches of icy aqua tossed in.

They're using bugle, seed and petite beads in these for a little variety in the design. Complete kits contain the chart, paper, threads and beads.

Beaded Holiday MH21-2011 Crystal Snowflake Kit $9.00
Beaded Holiday MH21-2012 Golden Snowflake Kit $9.00
Beaded Holiday MH21-2013 Opal Ice Snowflake Kit $9.00
Beaded Holiday MH21-2014 Victorian Snowflake Kit $9.00
Beaded Holiday MH21-2015 Aqua Mist Snowflake Kit $9.00
Beaded Holiday MH21-2016 Pearl Snowflake Kit $9.00
Beaded Holiday Mh21-2011-2016 Snowflake Set of 6 Kits $54.00

SN Ultra Fine Beading Threader $4.75
#10 Beading Needles pack of 6 $4.95

The Gnome Quartet Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Skiing Gnome, Sledding Gnome, Fishing Gnome, Hiking Gnome.

New Christmas Kits
The Gnome Quartet
Oh my gosh... these are SO CUTE! Just in time for '100-degree-outsides-so-stay-inside-stitching' weather, come these 4 little gnome designs! Presented as complete kits of 28ct linen with floss, needles, chart and a few Mill Hill glass beads, these little guys finish approx 6 x 6 each. We have a skiing, sledding, fishing and hiking gnome - my favorite though is that little bunny riding in the sled!

(As a added feature you COULD use Rainbow Gallery's Wisper thread for the beards. It is a very thin and very furry thread, 70% kid mohair and 30% nylon.... it is NOT included in the kits. Totally just a suggestion of mine - it comes on 20 yd cards, white, cream and grays... check you stash to see if you have any!) Anyway, super cute designs, since they are on linen you have the option of framing them or making pillows!

MH17-2011 Skiing Gnome Kit $19.00
MH17-2012 Sledding Gnome Kit $19.00
MH17-2013 Fishing Gnome Kit $19.00
MH17-2014 Hiking Gnome Kit $19.00
Gnome Quartet Kit Set MH17-2011-2014 $76.00

SN Ultra Fine Beading Threader $4.75
#10 Beading Needles pack of 6 $4.95

The Mouse Trilogy Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Patsy Pine, Mac Cheese, Cindy Cane.
The Mouse Trilogy
Aren't these little things darling? Three new stitched and beaded designs by Mill HIll, each finishes about 5 x 5. They are stitched on 14ct perforated paper with DMC floss and garnished with Mill Hill glass beads. Super-cute for tree ornaments, they are a bit on the larger side, but because they are worked on the paper, they are flat and lightweight - so PERFECT for tree ornaments! Patsy Pine's feet are poking out from the wreath, and how can you not love that Mac Cheese guy? Complete kits of paper, beads, floss, chart and needles.

Mouse Trilogy MH19-2011 Patsy Pine Kit $9.00
Mouse Trilogy MH19-2012 Mac Cheese Kit $9.00
Mouse Trilogy MH19-2013 Cindy Cane Kit $9.00
Mouse Trilogy Kit Set Mh19-2011-2013 $27.00
SN Ultra Fine Beading Threader $4.75
#10 Beading Needles pack of 6 $4.95

The 2020 Winter Holiday Ornament Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Christmas Eve, Winter Feast, Holly Cupcake, Santa Cruise, Evergreen Topiary, Teddy's Tale.

The 2020 Winter Holiday Ornament Kits
Winter Holiday - These are the 3-inch ornament-size, perfect for a Christmas Tree! Each complete kit comes with 14ct perforated paper, all the necessary flosses and beads, and a small glass Treasure or charm embellishment of some sort, and a small magnet for finishing - in case you don't want to make an ornament. SUPER cute this year, we love that cupcake, and of course the tropical Santa is the CUTEST! The Teddy's Tale is cute too... something to stitch for your grandbaby you read to.

Winter Holiday MH18-2031 Christmas Eve Kit $9.00
Winter Holiday MH18-2032 Winter Feast Kit $9.00
Winter Holiday MH18-2033 Holly Cupcake Kit $9.00
Winter Holiday MH18-2034 Santa Cruise Kit $9.00
Winter Holiday MH18-2035 Evergreen Topiary Kit $9.00
Winter Holiday MH18-2036 Teddy's Tale Kit $9.00
2020 Winter Holiday Ornament SET MH18-2031-2036 $54.00

SN Ultra Fine Beading Threader $4.75
#10 Beading Needles pack of 6 $4.95

The 2020 Autumn Harvest Series Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Webster, Gobble Gobble, Moonlit Owl, Red Cap Mushrooms, Come Stitch, Pumpkin Trio.

The 2020 Autumn Harvest Series Kits
This year's 3 x 3-ish ornament-sized designs... they are DARLING this time around! Mill Hill describes them: At the pumpkin patch people pick their 'Pumpkin Trio' and hear the 'Gobble Gobble' of the Thanksgiving turkey. To find the 'Red Cap Mushrooms' they will have to take a hike in the forest, the 'Webster' tries to scare you away knowing the danger of the red mushrooms and above in the tree, the 'Moonlit Owl' also hoots out a warning about the poison in the mushrooms! After all the fun, you are invited to 'Come Stitch For a Spell!
Each kit contains it's 14ct perforated paper, and DMC flosses, along with all the glistening beads!

MH18-2021 Webster Kit $9.00
MH18-2022 Gobble Gobble Kit $9.00
MH18-2023 Moonlit Owl Kit $9.00
MH18-2024 Red Cap Mushrooms Kit $9.00
MH18-2025 Come Stitch Kit $9.00
MH18-2026 Pumpkin Trio Kit $9.00
All 6 MH18-2021 thru 2026 Kits $54.00

SN Ultra Fine Beading Threader $4.75
#10 Beading Needles pack of 6 $4.95

The 2020 Autumn Charmed Ornaments - Little Painted Pumpkins Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Autumn Pumpkin, Sunflower Pumpkin, Glowing Pumpkin, Bewitching Pumpkin, Hippie Pumpkin, Persian Pumpkin.

The 2020 Autumn Charmed Ornaments - Little Painted Pumpkins
This is a delightful set of stitched miniature pumpkins! Just the cutest little things - hang them on a straggly tree branch and stand that up in your basket of pin cushions!
Each pumpkin comes a a complete kit of 14ct perforated paper, DMC flosses, Mill Hill glass beads and a little brass charm embellishment. They all finish about 3 inches in size.

MH16-2021 Autumn Pumpkin Kit $9.00
MH16-2022 Sunflower Pumpkin Kit $9.00
MH16-2023 Glowing Pumpkin Kit $9.00
MH16-2024 Bewitching Pumpkin Kit $9.00
MH16-2025 Hippie Pumpkin Kit $9.00
MH16-2026 Persian Pumpkin Kit $9.00
All 6 Painted Pumpkin MH16-2021 thru 2026 Kits $54.00

SN Ultra Fine Beading Threader $4.75
#10 Beading Needles pack of 6 $4.95

The Little Spring Bouquet 2020 Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Vintage Bicycle, Egg, Spring Ahead, Gumball Machine, My Pad, Roller Skates.

The Little Spring Bouquet 2020 Kits
Here are the smaller ornament-sized designs by Mill Hill for Spring 2020. Finishing only 3 x 3 - just as detailed as the larger designs - you get the same 14ct perforated paper, all the flosses and beads, and usually a tiny brass charm or Mill Hill Treasure to embellish. Literally hundreds of these still in production; you can see most of them cascading down our Mill Hill pages.

Complete kits, they continue - year after year - to be great values and really fun to stitch. We do ours on the supplied perforated paper, then back them with sticky felt. Cut them out - around the stitching - with cheap, crummy scissors. (The paper dulls them and the felt gunks them up - so don't use any scissors you care about!) Then, use them as magnets or ornaments. We used to get pin backs in the older kits - those babies would go through the laundry with that sticky felt on the back - and come out totally undamaged! Always cute... I love that little gumball machine!

Spring Bouquet MH182011 Vintage Bicycle Kit $9.00
Spring Bouquet MH182012 Egg Kit $9.00
Spring Bouquet MH182013 Spring Ahead Kit $9.00
Spring Bouquet MH182014 Gumball Machine Kit $9.00
Spring Bouquet MH182015 My Pad Kit $9.00
Spring Bouquet MH182016 Roller Skates Kit $9.00
All 6 Spring Bouquet Kits MH182011 thru MH182016 $54.00

SN Ultra Fine Beading Threader $4.75
#10 Beading Needles pack of 6 $4.95

Beaded Holiday Ornaments 2019 Collection from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Emerald Flourish, Azure Medallion, Ruby Diamond, Amethyst Pearl, Sapphire Opal, Crimson Cloisonne.

2019 Beaded Holiday Ornaments
Mill Hill's new bauble ornaments for 2019 are here! Stitched on 14ct perforated paper, each of this year's designs is a slightly different shape, but all finish the same charming 2 x 3 inches. Completely filled with glistening Mill Hill glass seed beads, they are really fun to stitch and look great on your tree.

I especially like the fact that they weigh basically nothing, so if you are a 'real tree person' you can hang these on the tippy-tips of your branches, and they won't weight down your tree! Presented in complete kits of 14ct paper, DMC floss, needles and Mill Hill glass beads.

B Holiday MH21-1911 Emerald Flourish Kit $9.00
B Holiday MH21-1912 Azure Medallion Kit $9.00
B Holiday MH21-1913 Ruby Diamond Kit $9.00
B Holiday MH21-1914 Amethyst Pearl Kit $9.00
B Holiday MH21-1915 Sapphire Opal Kit $9.00
B Holiday MH21-1916 Crimson Cloisonne Kit $9.00
B Holiday Set of MH21-1911 thru 1916 Kits $54.00

SN Ultra Fine Beading Threader $4.75
#10 Beading Needles pack of 6 $4.95

The Snow Globes 2019 Collection from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Santa Globe, Gingerbread House Globe, Snowman Globe, Toy Shop Globe, Angel Globe, Angel Globe, Christmas Tree Globe.

2019 Snow Globes
These are the small 3 x 3-ish inch kits that make perfect tree ornaments. This season we're getting a set of mini snow-globes! I'm not sure which one is the cutest!
Presented as the complete kits of 14ct perforated paper, chart, needles, floss, Mill Hill beads and a little charm. They will be awesome on your tree!!!

Presenting this Year's Set of Advent Trilogy Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Advent Trilogy Set One, Advent Trilogy Set Two, Advent Trilogy Set Three.

Presenting 2019 Advent Trilogy Kits
For 2019 we have a set of 26 mini-ornaments that are perfect to make into an Advent Calendar or use to decorate a wreath. Finishing only 1-1/2 inches square... each of the three kits contains either 8 or 9 mini designs. Based on the size of the designs, we think these would be PERFECT for young or beginning stitchers. Lots of design options in each kit... lots of individual projects... lots of bang for your buck!

Smaller Winter Holiday 2019 Collection from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Tree Shopping, Filigree Star, Jingle Bell Trio, Christmas Lantern, Holiday Flamingo, Celestial Angel.

The Smaller Winter Holiday 2019 Series
The smaller kits... these all finish  about 3 x 3. These make great ornaments. Small and lightweight, they really glisten on your tree if they are near a twinkle light. Magnets are included with the complete kits... in case your refrigerator door is too empty!

The Autumn Harvest 2019 Collection from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Taboo Kitty, Fall Back, Moonstruck Manor, Harvest Wagon, Rainy Weather, Pretzel.

The Smaller Autumn Harvest 2019 Series
These are the smaller 3-inch ornament-sized designs - same 14ct perforated paper, glass seed beads, DMC floss - these all come with a small Hill Hill glass Treasure embellishment.

They make cute magnets, and you can always stitch these on fabric as well, and make pin cushions out of them! Complete kits contain the chart, paper, beads, needles, flosses and Treasure.

The 2019 Spring Bouquet Collection from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Tricolor Pansy, Swim Trunks, Hedgehog, Watermelon, Swimsuit, Beach Ball.

The 2019 Spring Bouquet Collection
Here are the annual bitty ornament designs... always 3 x 3-ish in size, always on 14ct perforated paper, always fun and different little designs... I think the little hedgehog is just the BEST! Not far behind would be that darling crab on the beach ball!!!

You can stitch these to be Christmas ornaments if you want, but most either attach a magnet to the back of them and display on the fridge or file cabinet or where-ever, OR hang them from some wooded branches... like a little tree. They can make a stunning presentation on a grapevine wreath too! Complete kits contain the charts, paper, flosses, beads, tiny glass Mill Hill Treasure embellishment, stick-on magnet and needle.

MH21-1811 Snowman Greetings, MH21-1812 Royal Snowflake, MH21-1813 Icy Evergreen, MH21-1814 Christmas Poinsettia, MH21-1815 Midnight Snowfall, MH21-1816 Crimson Cardinal from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Snowman Greetings, Royal Snowflake, Icy Evergreen, Christmas Poinsettia, Midnight Snowfall, Crimson Cardinal.

Little Beaded Holiday Ornaments
Mill Hill has a new set of six 2 x 3 ornament designs that can be stitched individually or mounted together -- back to back! The cute snowman could pair with the cardinal... the poinsettia and tree together and then the two flakes!

Bright, pretty colors, these are offered as complete kits of 14ct perforated paper, chart and needles, and all the necessary glass beads and DMC flosses. Always sparkly and colorful on your Christmas Tree!

Winter Holiday - The Mini-Kits 2018 from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Little Chickadee, Holli Elf, Menorah, Sunday Night, Christmas Bells, Dreidels.

Winter Holiday - The Mini-Kits
Here is the annual set of ornament designs -- these all finish approx 2 x 3 each.

Presented as small kits of 14ct perforated paper with beads and floss, they are a perfect tree ornament size, and since they are so lightweight, they hang perfectly where you put them on your branches.

The Autumn Harvest 2018 from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Harvest Barn, Moonlit Night, Pizza Slice, Fall Tree, Mummy, Hot Cider.

The Smaller Autumn Harvest 2018 Set
This season's newest ornament-sized designs are here! Complete kits of paper, chart, needles, beads and floss, all of these finish approx 3 inches each.

Year after Year we always love these! This time we have a little slice of pepperoni pizza! We don't know WHY you'd stitch a slice of pizza, but I bet this'll be one of the favorites!!!

The Spring Bouquet Collection from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Hamburger, Medallion Egg, Beach Bucket, Classic Bathtub, Mosaic Egg, Pineapple.

The Smaller Ornament-Sized Bead Kits - The Spring Bouquet Collection
Same fun things to stitch as the larger designs... you get all the threads, beads and Treasure embellishments in these. They all finish approx 3 x 3. The hamburger is easy -- stitch it for a magnet on your refrigerator! The Medallion and Mosaic Egg companion the Easter Eggs we have every year... only instead of ladybugs and flowers... these are all beaded with geometric designs. The bathtub might need a little imagination as to display -- but it's cute!

They're all fun. We have a Christmas wreath in the shop that is decorated with loads of Christmas kits. Get a fake greenery wreath, pretty Spring-colored ribbon, dig out some pastel Christmas glass bulbs, get a string of twinkle lights, plug in the hot glue gun and make a Spring and Summer Wreath!!

Mini Sticks Stockings for Christmas! from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

Something different - Zodiac Charmed Ornaments!
Each of these finishes approx 2-1/2 x 3 inches in size.
The kits come with the paper, chart, flosses, beads and the round medallion charm. Find your sign!

Mill Hill 2017 Sleigh Ride Kits - click for more
From Left: Celestial Sleigh, Vintage Sleigh, Toyland Sleigh, Evergreen Sleigh, Woodland Sleigh, Traditional Sleigh.

Sleigh Ride... Miniatures of Santas Sleighs
Mill hills newest collection of small kits has come-- they are all 3-inch sleighs! Complete kits on 14ct perforated paper these are so festive on your tree because the lights make the beads glisten. I just love that the little Westie in the Evergreen one!!!
  • Fly through the sky in Celestial Sleigh.
  • Go back in time in Vintage Sleigh.
  • Fulfill your inner child wishes in Toyland Sleigh.
  • Travel with Buddy the West Highland White Terrier in Evergreen Sleigh.
  • Bunnies and birds will keep you company in Woodland Sleigh.
  • Enjoy all the presents in Traditional Sleigh.

Mill Hill Autumn 2017 Small Ornament Kits - click for more
From Left: Down The Chimney, Peppermint Candy, Christmas Palm, Christmas Pickle, Gift Tag, Holiday Boot.

Winter Holiday Mini-Bead-Kits
Here is the collection of this year's small magnet/ornament designs! Presented as complete kits -- chart, 14ct perforated paper, loads of DMC floss and glass Mill Hill beads... they are ALWAYS super fun to stitch.

Really cute -- those beads catch the lights on your Christmas tree and just glisten! Each finishes in the neighborhood of 3 inches in size.

Mill Hill Autumn 2017 Small Ornament Kits - click for more
From Left: Happy Camper, Boo, Sally Scarecrow, Let Go, Be Scary, Be Scary, Autumn Gold.

Autumn 2017 Small Ornament Kits
This year's 3 x3 ornament-sized designs are here too! Sometimes, they companion the larger kits, sometimes not. All are presented with their bit of 14ct perforated paper, all the necessary DMC flosses and beads and usually a Mill Hill Treasure as a garnishment. They work well for magnets, and small ornaments... in the olden days, the kits came with pin backs, so you could wear them. They do make stunning pins, and I am here to tell you that they launder well! (Over the years I have accidentally washed dozens of them! You'd think that paper would disintegrate, but with all your stitching on there, they hold up like iron!)

Happy Camper is just plain DARLING!!! Boo reminds me of the early designs -- very cute. Sally Scarecrow is fun and colorful -- not scary fall. Let Go refers to trees letting go of their leaves... but it might be good advice for someone you know! Be Scary IS a scary Halloween design... and we think that Autumn Gold is KILLER! It is stunning!

Mill Hill Spring Bouquet Bead Kits for 2017 - click for more
From Left: Blue Pansy, Lotus Egg, Lizard, Snail, Trellis, Seagull.

Spring Bouquet Bead Kits for 2017
The small magnet/ornament-sized bead kits have arrived! Cute and colorful, this is something like our 25th year for these little guys -- just like their larger kits. Six springtime designs... they companion the larger Button & Bead kits newly released. Offered as complete small kits -- a GREAT value -- you get the chart, all the flosses and beads, the 14ct perforated paper and sometimes a glass Treasure embellishment.

Blue Pansy Butterfly companions the miniature monarch we already have, Lotus and Trellis Eggs go with the bunny, sheep, daffodil and ladybug eggs we already have, the snail and lizard are really fun - they match last seasons funky fish and sea turtle... and the little seagull is just very traditional and really beach-y!

Small Winter Holiday Collection from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Reindeer Games, Jingle Bell Wreath, Snowy Owlet, Chalkboard Christmas, Invisible Snowman, Ye Old Santa.

Small Winter Holiday Collection
The Six little-er kits... These are the ornament sizes... complete kits of all the paper, beads and flosses... these look really good on your tree because they are 2 x 3-ish and perch perfectly on the end of the branches.
Lightweight, they don't drag down the branches and the lights catch them so well.

Calavera Sugar Skulls from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Morodo, Verde, Naranja, Amarillo, Azul, Rosa.

Calavera Sugar Skulls
This is a set of small bead kits -- just like all of Mill Hill's other smaller kits -- a set of 6 Sugar Skulls! Super bright in color, each finishes approx 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inch in size... complete kits, you get the 14ct perforated paper, all the flosses and beads, and a tiny charm embellishment.

Add a magnet to the back if you want and they can stick to our file cabinet or fridge! Note: these are shown in the dropdowns in the same order they are shown in the pic -- left to right.

Trilogy Kits

Mittens Trilogy from Mill Hill - click for more Mittens Trilogy

From Left: Snowman Mittens, Snowflake Mittens, Star Mittens.

This is a set of three mittens stitched on 11ct Aida! Stitched with DMC floss and a few Mill Hill beads, these finish approx 4 x 5.

MH tells us that they are PERFECTLY sized to hold a gift card. Stitch a mitten for everyone in your family -- personalize it -- then each year, you can tuck a gift card in there... and they have to find their mitten on the tree! Complete kits of 11ct Aida, flosses, beads and chart.

Mill Hill EERIE, ELLIS & ESSENCE - click for more EERIE, ELLIS & ESSENCE


This year's trio of Halloween designs that finish approx 4 inches in size, we have trio of happy ghosts! What makes them kind of fun are the 'textures' on their 'gowns.' (I don't know that ghosts actually 'wear anything at all!')

Anyway, stitched on 14ct perforated paper with DMC and garnished with Mill Hill seed beads, they've simply added some long stitches in here instead of all X's. Very fun! Complete kits of paper, floss, beads, needle... time to get busy!

Little Monsters from Mill Hill - click for more Little Monsters Trilogy!

From Left: Roly Poly, Freckles, Spot.

Oh my gosh, these are the CUTEST!!!!! The next set of paper kits in the Mill Hill Trilogy series, these are complete kits to make these cuties! Finishing approx 3 x 4 inches each, they're worked on 14ct perforated paper and adorned with glass beads here and there.

So darn cute -- you need to stitch them for the colorful little monsters in your life! Even though the kits come with the paper, consider switching that out for fabric -- you'll have room to add something like *Lindy's Scary Room!* -- which would make a darling bedroom door sign!

The Hocus Pocus Trilogy of Witches from Mill Hill - click for more The Hocus Pocus Trilogy of Witches

From Left: Miranda, Mimi, Muriel.

Mill Hill's next installment in this series of three-sies... we get cute witches for Halloween this year! Offered as complete kits of the 14ct paper, flosses, chart, needles, flosses and a few beads, each finishes approx 4 inches tall -- just like all the paper Santas we have.

These might be fun personalized as well! They are actually pretty cute to perch on a windowsill, and make fun plant pokes and decorations among your pumpkins.

Mill Hill 2014 Angel Trilogy - click for more
Angel Trilogy

From Left: Angelina, Gabriella, Seraphina.

This set of 4 x 5 angels is worked on 14ct perforated paper with bits of bead and metallic detail. They join the other angel and shepherds, the Holy Family, and the Three Kings... so your tree now has a really nice stitched nativity set of ornaments.

Each is offered as a complete kit of paper, chart, needles, threads and beads.

Mill Hill's Nativity Trilogy Kits for 2013 - click for more Nativity Trilogy Set 3 Kits

From Left: Gloria, Benjamin, Luke.

Shepherds and The Angel... our Nativity Set continues with these three paper ornaments. Joining the Magi, and Holy Family... these are very pretty! Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Shepherds and the animals are rather plain -- as they would be -- but the Three Kings and the Angel are trimmed in lots of color and gold beads.

Offered as individual kits, these finish approx 4 x 5 on the 14ct perforated paper, and include all the flosses and beads. We talked about stitching these and attaching small easel stand to the backs of them to make a stand-alone nativity scene.

Christmas 2012 Nativity Trilogy Mini-Ornament Kits from Mill Hill - click for more Nativity Trilogy Set 2, the Holy Family

From Left: Baby Jesus, Mary Nativity, Joseph Nativity.

Mill Hill is obviously developing an entire Nativity set of stitched ornaments. What a TREAT! This is the second edition in this new series of designs -- last year we had the Magi Trilogy, and didn't know it was going to be the beginning of a much larger set of designs. So... here we go! Presenting Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.

Same format as other MH kits -- perforated paper, necessary flosses and beads... you might look at these and say that they are much plainer than last year's Magi. BUT... that is point! Joseph was a carpenter... they weren't the upper class of the Three Kings! I hope we get angels, shepherds,and animals in the next few years... but these 6 designs are a wonderful start to the new set. Each finishes approx 3-1/2 x 5.

Magi Trilogy from Mill Hill - click for more
Magi Trilogy

From Left: Balthasar, Gaspar, Melchior.

Wow... Here are the Three Wise Men... delivered in the same size format as Mill Hill's annual Paper Santas! We're speculating that they'll now have to do an entire nativity in years to come... this is just the first installment!

Beautiful ornaments for your tree to help tell The Christmas Story. Each finishes approx 4 x 4-1/2 inches and includes the chart, flosses, beads and glass or crystal Mill Hill Treasures! Classy!

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