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Heart In Hand designs from The Silver Needle

We carry a wonderful selection of Heart in Hand Designs. Some of our favorites are Cecilia's "Wee Ones," because they're quick to stitch... and have so many thread and finishing options!

Click here to see a page containing the collection of Wee Ones! These are so much fun... hope you enjoy them as much as we do!!!

Bird in Hand: Autumn from Heart in Hand - click for more Hocus Pocus Halloween from Heart in Hand - click for more
New Fall Arrivals
Cecilia continues her collections of seasonal designs with these individual small charts!
  • Bird in Hand: Autumn -- You can see this set of designs in the picture at the top of our Heart in Hand page. It is one of 7, actually, that all celebrate the seasons and holidays. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter are together in a pillow or framed version. The fat little bird in here is decorated with a teeny white ghost, but Halloween is not the focus of this -- you see the squirrel, pumpkin, owl and leaves first. Finishing approx 4-1/4 on 28ct -- DMC and hand-dyeds, this is a nice set of designs. Chart comes with brass leaf charm.
  • Hocus Pocus Halloween -- What a cute Heartware Bowl Topper! Cecilia's hand-turned pottery bowl -- her Heartware (which is gorgeous by the way) -- is featured in the finishing treatment for this 2-3/4 inch round design. Stitched on 32ct Vintage Country Mocha Belfast Linen, this calls for lots of DMC or hand-dyed threads. Finish it as a round ornament or pin cushion, or make it into the flat cover for that re-useable little Ort Bowl. The blocky pumpkin and the little ghost all nestled between blowing leaves... it's full of Autumn-y color!

Wee Santa 2018 from Heart in Hand - click for more
Wee Santa 2018
Every year we are treated to a new Santa design... this year, he has mixed his stripes and polka dots! Measuring 4 x 4 on 32ct Country Vintage Mocha Belfast Linen, he is colorful and rotund, and features a few short and thin winter friends.

Stitched with DMC or hand-dyeds, the Wee Santa Collection has been around for years and years... always the small cards of super cute Santas! Chart comes with two snowflake button embellishments.

Hocus Pocus Halloween from Heart in Hand - click for more Harvest on Dahlia Ridge
This 4 x 4 design is super-rich with Autumn color. Stitched on 28ct Ale by Picture This Plus -- Weeks Cocoa Linen would be another stunning color of fabric for this, too. Both really highlight the bold hand-dyed flosses, and those big flowers just add to the dramatics!

Cecilia has included two small wooden pumpkin buttons, you see them in the grass. Shown in a frame, you could make this into a pin cushion pillow and embellish the edges with some dark-colored (we have several options that match the threads) mini-ball fringe trim -- that would be a bold finish for this cute design. Presented as a small chart with the buttons.

Today Forever from Heart in Hand - click for more Ye Old Crow from Heart in Hand - click for more Ye Old Crow & Today Forever
Heart in Hand has two new small designs... they presented as single charts with a few button or bead embellishments.
  • Ye Old Crow is worked with just Weeks Onyx hand-dyed floss -- or black DMC. Change it if you have a dark color you like instead. Next is the fabric... Cecelia offers three other options, but this is the perfect thing to stitch on some really cool fabric you have in your stash, that you just LOVE, but have no idea what to put on it! Bright oranges, dull golds, mangy greens, obnoxious purples -- all those cool fabric colors work well for Fall, and a design like this! Love that little black ball fringe trim!!!
  • Today Forever can be a ring bearer cushion... could go in a round frame... could go on the top of Heart in Hand's new Stoneware Bowl... stitched on 32ct it finishes approx 3-1/2 inches round.

Bird in the Hand - Summer from Heart in Hand - click for more Merry Making Mini 4th Of July from Heart in Hand - click for more Merry Making Mini Free from Heart in Hand - click for more
New Summer Designs
Cecelia Turner has sent three new small designs that will finish in a jiff!
Bird in the Hand - Summer is one of 4... Summer and Winter are already here. You can stitch it individually as a cushion... or join all the seasons together. At the top of our Heart in hand page, you can see a pic that I took in her room at Market -- they are all there both ways! Small card format, finishes approx 4 x 4 on 28ct.

Merry Making Mini: 4th Of July and Free -- 2 x 2-inch designs, make them into fobs, bitty ornaments, or baby pin cushions. Charms or beads included, these are super-simple to stitch and finish. Scroll down to see lots more Merry Making Minis.

Heartware Bowl from Heart in Hand - click for more First 2 Heartware Designs from Heart in Hand - click for more
Cecelia Turner has a LOVELY new hand-made stoneware pottery bowl that is a charming little ORT Bowl! Made by artist Christie Goodfellow, the bowls are just dreamy feeling. A soft creme matte glazed finish, each measures approx 3-1/2 inches across at the top and 2 inches high. It's a perfect size in your hand.

Next, Cecelia is designing interchangeable toppers for the little bowls. *Land I Love* & *Bluebird's Nest* are the first two rounds. Presented as charts in her small card format, each design measures 45 x 45 in stitch count -- so on 32ct, they finish less than 3 x 3. (Remember that you probably have a MILLION smaller designs that size... so this beautiful little bowl will work for those as well!)

Heart in Hand has finishing instructions on her website to make the disc lids for Heartware -- they don't wiggle around -- so you'll want to take a look at that. Anyway, CHARMING CHARMING little bowl, with the possibility of a million cute designs for the top!!!

How Wonderful Life is... from Heart in Hand - click for more
How Wonderful Life is...
*Now that you are in the world!* What a CUTE birth announcement... or maybe just something fun for a daycare or classroom? ...or a bedroom... you get the idea!

One of Heart in Hand's newest designs, this measures a nifty 27 x 3 inches on 28ct! (or 14.) Stitched with DMCs or various hand-dyed flosses, cute little flora and fauna are scattered along the verse. Cecelia has included the set of tiny wooden buttons -- 6 of them -- they are laser-cut flowers, a bird and a heart -- you can see them in the pic. Such a happy sentiment, it makes you smile!

Cecelia has several other new things... I have them tucked just below, and on her Wee Ones page - click through to see them all!

Black & White Summer Sampler from Heart in Hand - click for more
Black & White Summer Sampler
That's just what this is! Oatmeal and Mascara hand-dyed flosses stitched and garnished with a pair of black glass flower beads.

Complete with Mill Hill Treasures, this kit provides you the 28ct Dirty Cashel Linen cut, the two skeins of hand-dyed floss, black flower Treasures, the accenting aqua rik rak trim and the bold and cute black and white floral print fabric for finishing. Your stitching measures about 3-1/2 x 4, so the total pillow will be about 4 x 8.

Bird in Hand: Winter from Heart in Hand - click for more Bird in Hand: Spring from Heart in Hand - click for more Bird in the Hand: Spring & Winter
You can see the companions in this set so far -- farther down this page. Halloween, Christmas, and Thanksgiving, now we'll be getting the 4 seasons. Same design format, each is offered in a small card format with a brass charm decoration. They finish approx 4 x 4 on 28ct -- but you can choose any count and color of fabric you want!

The chubby little bird is always there decked out for the season -- so cute! So... Spring and Winter are here now... Summer and Autumn will follow later in the year. At Market, Cecelia had all 4 seasons stitched together in one long piece -- VERY cute!

Bird in Hand Christmas from Heart in Hand - click for more
Bird in the Hand Christmas
A little companion to Cecelia's Thanksgiving and Halloween small designs, this finishes approx 4 x 4 when stitched on 28ct. A medley of alphabet letters and a couple of bitty motifs, you could stitch parts of these and finish them just like the Making Minis if you want, they'd make cute little square block stand-ups too.

Charted for DMC or hand-dyeds, a few glass seed beads are included.

Birds in the Hand Thanksgiving from Heart in Hand - click for more Birds in the Hand Halloween from Heart in Hand - click for more Birds in the Hand
Cecelia Turner has sent a couple of designs that are the beginnings of a new collection of small seasonals. *Birds in Hand*... we begin with Halloween and Thanksgiving. Each is presented in her small card format with simple embellishments - both are 60 x 60 in stitch count - and finish approx 4 x 4 on 32ct.

You get the alphabet, a few appropriate motifs and a little chubby bird 'dressed' for the season. Picture This Plus's Legacy color, or Zweigart's Counry Vintage Mocha are the specified colors, but I think you have lots of fabric options for these... you choose! Coded for DMC or hand-dyed cottons, VERY CUTE!

Redbird Sampler from Heart in Hand - click for more
Redbird Sampler
Want a blue or black bird? Change the color! Presented as a small chart, this finishes about 8 x 3 on 26ct -- if you did it over one on 25 Mushroom Lugana -- it'd be only 1-1/2 x 4! (which would make a neat little scissor fob!)

Chart calls for ONE hand-dyed floss color and includes a red heart button embellishment.

2018 Collector's Heart Kit from Heart in Hand - click for more 2018 Collector's Heart Kit
Well... this is the 20th annual heart design by Cecilia Turner. Such a cute collection of fresh and contemporary LOVE designs... we suggest these as small wedding samplers these days. (Nobody young wants the heavy hardanger band samplers... they want clean and fresh! Heart in Hand has some of the very best wedding designs available!)

Anyway, this kit comes with charts for both designs, two cuts of linen, a clay button and a few beads. You add bits of floss from your stash. We don't have ALL the past 20 years of Collector's Hearts in stock, but do have an impressive collection.

Merry Making Mini Yay for Love from Heart in Hand - click for more Merry Making Mini Floral Heart from Heart in Hand - click for more
Merry Making Minis: Yay for Love & Floral Heart
Here's a pair of small designs that finish LESS THAN 2 x 2 inches in size. Presented as small card charts, they come with bead or button embellishment.

Choose your fabric of choice, grab some flosses from your stash (these don't take much) super cute and quick! Mona backed them with Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed wool... our 8 x 8 Schnigglet will do 4 pieces!

Merry Making Mini Bear from Heart in Hand - click for more Merry Making Mini Peace from Heart in Hand - click for more Merry Making Mini Tree from Heart in Hand - click for more

Merry Making Mini Ornaments
Heart in Hand has sent three small card charts to make a trio of 2 x 3 inch Christmas ornaments. Simple stitching and finishing, sometimes these easy things are some of the cutest quick gifts you can make! Each design is stitched with hand-dyed or DMC floss (not much of any of them!) and dotted with a few glass seed beads, which are included with the chart.

Choose a schnibble of Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed linen called for or use the cover pic to help you find something you already have in your stash. These three are all backed using only one cut of our Weeks wool (that schnigglet cut will finish a total of 4 ornaments.).

All is Calm from Heart in Hand - click for more All is Calm
This IS a calm little design! Actually not Christmassy at all... it is offered as a complete kit of 30ct hand-dyed Weeks Linen, Gentle Art and Weeks threads, and a trio of small green and white buttons.

It finishes just 3 x 3, and features a small row of Rhodes Stitches below the buttons, and a row of Herringbone stitches below the trees.  Super simple, cute for a fob or small ornament.

Halloween Night from Heart in Hand - click for more
Halloween Night
Another small card design by Heart in Hand... this finishes approx 5 x 5 on 28ct. (Go over one on 28 and it'd be 3 x 3)

Cute motifs and a little verse, make it into a bitty pillow to hand from a doorknob for a few weeks during the month of October. A small smattering of beads embellishing the background are included with the chart.

Glad & Sincere Hearts Pt 1 from Heart in Hand - click for more Glad & Sincere Hearts Pt 2 from Heart in Hand - click for more Glad & Sincere Hearts Pt 3 from Heart in Hand - click for more
Glad & Sincere Hearts
Glad & Sincere Hearts from Heart in Hand - click for more This is a 3-leaflet set of designs that makes a central piece, as well as offering a trio of smaller pin cushion designs. *They broke bread in their homes and ate together with Glad & Sincere Heart.*

Finishing approx 3-1/2 x 13 on 28ct Lambswool,, everything is stitched with 20 different shades of Weeks, Gentle Art and Classic hand-dyed flosses, and each part features a small button embellishment or two. The bonus pin cushion designs say *blessed beyond measure* and *thankful everyday.*

Strawberry Suite from Heart in Hand - click for more
Strawberry Suite
A trio of Summertime smalls, finish any of these into bitty fobs or ornaments -- even that larger piece is only 1-1/2 x 5-1/2 on 32ct!!! Grab some pretty colors of fabric from your stash, the leaflet comes with a tiny glass flower bead embellishment... but you might have a couple of other small trinkets that would be cute on these, too.

Charted for Anchor or DMC... you might have schnibbles of hand-dyeds you want to add as well.

Moon and Back from Heart in Hand - click for more
Heart in Hand has several new releases... here is just one. The rest are tucked into this page and the HIH Wee Ones page... take a peek!

Moon and Back
*I Love You to the moon and back and more than all the stars in the sky.* This delightful verse is stitched into a very long and thin design that finishes approx 2 x 24 inches on 32ct!

It is worked with hand-dyed threads and features a set of 4 wooden button embellishments -- two flowers, a fish and a heart -- which are included with the leaflet. Super simple on the stitching, but super huge on personality, it would make a darling nursery or child's bedroom decoration.

Gratitude from Heart in Hand - click for more
A limited edition kit, this includes the peachy/coral and green floral fabric you see, matching glass seed beads, black and white finishing ribbons and the cut of Weeks 30ct Linen.

All you add are bits of floss from your stash. The entire pillow finishes approx 6 x 9.

Try a Little Kindness from Heart in Hand - click for more
Try a Little Kindness
Kind a smaller companion to Gratitude, this comes as the small chart with heart button and cut of 32ct Cream Belfast linen.

A small 3 x 3 design, you can finish it larger like shown in the pic, but it would make a lovely and petite 3-inch cushion as well.

Birds and Bees from Heart in Hand - click for more
Birds and Bees
*Bless the flowers and the weeds, all the birds and buzzing bees.* (except those buzzing bees in my house!)

Presented as a chart with a few glass seed bead embellishments, this finishes approx 3-1/3 x 6-1/2 on 32ct -- not very big at all. You could make this into a pin cushion, too -- it's not too large for that.

2017 Collector's Heart from Heart in Hand - click for more
2017 Collector's Heart
Heart in Hand's Cecelia Turner has another darling heart and love design to add to her annual collection. (We have quite a few of the previous) *Grow old along with me* is a classic!

Presented as the small chart with 32ct Country Vintage Mocha Linen cut, a few glass beads and wooden heart button embellishment, it calls for only 5 flosses that you can gather from your stash. Finishing just about 3 x 3, you can add a bit of personalization if you want (the linen cut in here is 9 x 9, so there is plenty of room). Makes a REALLY NICE, not-fussy remembrance gift. Something small for an anniversary or Valentine's Day... just a smidge of your stitching love!

2016 Collector's Heart from Heart in Hand - click for more 2016 Collector's Heart
Don't just 'collect' these... stitch them for someone you love! Heart in Hand's annual LOVE Heart design is here... we have them on her page going back to 2008 -- so there are lots more to see. Always young, contemporary and fresh, they make REALLY GOOD wedding gifts -- because they aren't out-dated. They all have the look of NOW, and match today's decor. You could stitch more than one, frame them all the same, and hang them together up a stairway... you could add personalization... just whatever.

Offered as the chart with linen and button embellishment, this year's finishes approx 2-1/2 x 4 inches. Use flosses from your stash. Note: Heart in Hand has a lot of small designs that are really nice for wedding, shower and anniversary gifts. You don't always have to do the biggest, most involved sampler to show someone you care...especially if they thank you for your *needlepoint!* I especially like the Mr & Mrs piece!

Happily Ever After from Heart in Hand - click for more Mr & Mrs from Heart in Hand - click for more Mr & Mrs and Happily Ever After
Heart in Hand has released two wedding momento designs that are very simple, clean and contemporary feeling. Not too fussy, just very 'stitchable' for a nice wedding gift. My favorite is the little Mr & Mrs, which finishes a mere 4 x 4 on 30ct. Cute to include in a picture frame beside a special photograph or the invitation. Happily is a little larger -- 2-1/2 x 12. It'd make a cute pillow, or be neat sewn into a fabric wall hanging.

They both call for overdyeds, and although you'd want a pretty red or pink for the hearts and flowers -- you could use almost any other colors from your stash for the rest! Mr & Mrs comes with a few glass bead embellishments, Happily includes a few beads as well, and a tiny brass heart charm.

Snowscapes from Heart in Hand - click for more Snowscapes & Snow Squalls

This is a pic of a three-part set of designs coming this Jan, Feb and March. Heart in Hand begins with the January chart (the little VILLAGE row.) The Feb chart is the row of words, the march chart finishes with the row of snowmen.... to make this 169 x 42 stitch count piece.
Snow Squalls from Chartpack 1 from Heart in Hand - click for more
Each month's chartpack contains a smattering of buttons and charms for its row... as well as a 'Snow Squall'... a little bonus design! Choose a pretty light blue, or mottled blue hand-dyed fabric... the model is worked on 28ct. We'll ship January's Snowscape Village chart as soon as it arrives, and ship the other two chartpacks as they are released.

Snowscapes and Snowsqualls Bonus Design from Heart in Hand - click for more
Snowscapes and Snowsqualls Bonus Design
Here is the bonus design that comes with Heart in Hand's 3-part Snowscape design! THIS little sampler is tucked into this part two chart! It measures under 3 x 3 in size, so will make a cute pin cushion or mini-pillow as in the pic.

To make the entire picture that is featured in the chart, you will need parts one and three as well. Part two offers you the verse, and this cute little cushion pattern.

Love is the Greatest Adventure from Heart in Hand - click for more
Love is the Greatest Adventure
A new small card design by Heart in Hand, this is perfect for a shower gift... or just something to remind you of life's little perks! Stitched on white, it calls for 6 different DMC or hand-dyed flosses, and comes with a small brass heart charm embellishment.

Finishing only 3-1/2 x 4, check out the finishing on the cover pic! Cecelia has made this into a bit of a larger pillow. Choose 7ct and you could make this into a 12 x 12 confection! Choose 36 over one, and you could have a Christmas Tree ornament (for a first Christmas?) that is less than 2 x 2!

Christmas Cheer 2 Leaflet from Heart in Hand - click for more New Designs from Heart in Hand
  • Peace and Joy Kit Just a small thing, this finishes approx 4 x 4 on 32ct Sand Belfast linen. Offered as a kit, you get the linen, threads and star button and a few beads to adorn the tree.
  • Christmas Cheer 2 Leaflet Five bitty designs in here... make ornaments, fobs, pin cushions... whatever! Very simple designs, you can probably even choose colors of threads from your stash based on the cover pic of the leaflet. Check out the finishing ideas for the pillows... all five charts are clearly presented ... see how you can dress them up for the season!

What Do You Fancy?  Trick or Treat! from Heart in Hand - click for more What Do You Fancy? Trick or Treat!
Choose any count fabric for this that you want... the stitch count is 60 x 60... so it's not very big. Good colors, cute sentiment... it'd be darling on the front of the Trick or Treat Candy Container -- or the front of the all-important gathering bag!!!!!

Coded for hand-dyeds and DMC's, add a few buttons of you have something in your stash. Presented as a full-sized leaflet... the cover is bright orange and so cute!

Free from Heart in Hand - click for more Free
Another of Heart in Hand's cute Double Up Designs... this joins Nativity, Halloween and Thanksgiving. The design is presented in small card format. You get two blocks of the design... and that darling bitty border along the top -- that little dog is only 6 x 9 stitches!!!!!!!!!

This one has a clay button that is the striped flag... very fun. Coded for DMC, Anchor or hand-dyeds --this is good. You can use solids you have for the bitty areas and save the hand-dyeds for the main areas like the eagle and words.

Hooray Blackout from Heart in Hand - click for more Blackout from Heart in Hand - click for more
Blackout from Heart in Hand - click for more
  • Blackouts
    This is a set of 4 small 2 x 2-ish designs and their embellishments and border chart that we have ALL TOGETHER for you. (no chasing down the pieces and parts -- we have them all NOW!) Stitch the whole thing on one piece of linen (30ct Scuppernong) following the border chart for placement, OR stitch each on it's color of 30ct linen. Spring is on Week's Gold, Summer is on Red Pear, Autumn is on Guacamole and Winter is on Blue Jeans. Everything is stitched in black DMC or Week's Mascara floss and garnished with a smattering of 9 colorful little buttons.

  • Black & White - Spring Sampler from Heart in Hand - click for more
  • Black & White - Spring Sampler
    Who Knew that Spring could be cute in just black and white????? Heart in Hand has a new kit that finishes into a 5-ish inch mini pillow or pin cushion. The alphabet with small motifs along the top half measures approx 3 x 5. The kit contains the 28ct Dirty Cashel you need for that, as well as the cute black and whote running bunny fabric, the cut of apple green rik-rak dividing the two halves, the Mascara and Oatmeal hand-dyed flosses and that pretty flower-shaped shell button you see on there! What a pretty little thing!

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