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WE have a nice collection of wonderful designs by Kathy Barrick of Carriage House and by Hello from Liz Mathews.(Those are grouped together at the bottom of this page. Clicking the link will take you right to them.)
Everything is full of deep browns, cinnamons, rusts, pretty amber-golds, dusty moss and bold forest greens.

Of special note, however are the Hawk Hollow Run pieces. A Village and Town of houses and businesses... these can be broken down into each of their individual squares, or stitched as the entire piece. Stunning!

Cookie Cutters 3 from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Cookie Cutters 4 from Kathy Barrick - click to see more
More Cookie Cutters
She's into something with these cute little filled-in shapes! Collections #3 and 4, She has the same shapes in both of these - reversed them - and filled them in with pretty florals.

Finished as little pin cushions... these are garnished with old buttons. The designs across all 4 charts are charming... and making spectacular filled bowls of little stitched curiosities!

Cookie Cutters One from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Cookie Cutters One from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Cookie Cutters One from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Cookie Cutters Two from Kathy Barrick - click to see more
Some of Kathy Barrick's New Offerings!
  • Cookie Cutters One & Two - Personally, I think these are some of the cutest little cushions we saw at Market this year! Presented in two different chart sets of 6 each, they are just precious! Kathy stitched them on neutral 40ct, backed them with the same neutral linen, stuffed them with walnut shells, and trimmed with chenille trim. She didn't interface the fronts or back, so they feel VERY soft and 'old' and pliable in your hands. She says her inspiration for these came from her love of huge solid spaces of stitching in her older pieces. She decided to cut out 'cookie shapes' from the solid stitching... and voila... we have tiny cushions!
  • Animal Pincushions from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Peace and Plenty Farm from Kathy Barrick - click to see more
  • Animal Pincushions - This is a delightful set of small cushions - all measure the same size - 74 x 52. Kathy used a medley of different 40ct fabrics and colors, and found various trims to match them all. Coded for DMC or silks... you can do each animal on any color fabric with any color combination - she has all her examples listed inside the chart. What a perfect way to use up scraps of all your fabrics! Do them over one or two... what ever you want. The finished collection was just awesome in person!
  • Peace and Plenty Farm - This looks happy! Charted for silk or DMC, this measures 197 x 165 in stitch count, so it'll finish a bitty 8 x 10 on 40ct! Lots of horses and pigs, some cows and a little dog, it has a pleasing color palette!
Animals from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Strawberry Dream from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Caught in the Swirl from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Vibrant Flowers from Kathy Barrick - click to see more
Animals, Strawberry Dream, Caught in the Swirl, and Vibrant Flowers
  • Animals... At home, On the Farm, and In the Wild. This is pretty cute! Top area is the 'at home' set - the cats, dogs and squirrels in the yard. The middle section is the 'On the Farm' section - I love the barn! Then, 'In the Wild' is along the bottom. I think that's a snake above the giraffe! Measures 112 x 143 - so finishes a petite 5-1/2 x 7 on 40! Coded for DMC or silks.
  • Strawberry Dream - This is in honor of Kathy's mom - Trudy Barrick - who apparently was a whiz at making 'all things strawberry!' Trudy turns 100 this year... and shares her hand-written Strawberry Shortcake recipe on the back of the chart! Measuring just 81 x 96, your strawberry dream piece will finish a teeny 4 x 5 on 40ct.
  • Caught in the Swirl - This is so pretty! All the repeating green leaves... each piece uses only 6 colors. Notice that the pin cushion uses slightly different colors - use which ever combo you like best - she has this coded to silks or DMC. The big piece measures 157 x 172 - so it finishes about 8 x 8-1/2 on 40ct, the bitty cushion isn't really that much smaller... it's 87 x 90!
  • Vibrant Flowers - What a wild flourish of flowers! A sampler and coordinating pin cushion... you need to display them side-by-side! 'Lush and lovely my garden does grow - vibrant flowers make a magical show.' The little kitty on here is cute too! The sampler finishes bout 5 x 8 on 40ct, while the cushion is about 4 inches.

Sampler of the Sea from Carriage House Samplings - click to see more Skating Santa Stocking from Carriage House Samplings - click to see more Twisted Pumpkin from Carriage House Samplings - click to see more
A few Fun Charts from Carriage House Samplings
  • Sampler of the Sea - I like this one! Finishing about 6-1/2 x 5 on 36ct - choose a 'seashore color' of fabric for this - and stitch with DMC or silks. The alphabet is bold and simple - but Marty has tucked cute seaside motifs all over in here - the S is a seahorse! Love the crab and coral, the lighthouse, octopus and whale. Now I just need a beach house to go with it!
  • Skating Santa Stocking - Another of the charming super-duper-long-and-skinny (like 24 inches!) stockings by the Barrick girls. Kind of a challenge for Santa to actually fill! This one is delightful - and in my mind companions those three sledding scenes - Christmas Time, Bringing Christmas and Christmas Joy Ride. Same colors, same personality for this cute set of designs. Santa is skating, kids are playing, rabbits and deer are jumping, there's even a train going by! Finishes to an endearing size and shape - definitely a decorative stocking rather than a functional one - a darling Christmas decoration!
  • Twisted Pumpkin - Oh... you need that fun orange fabric for this to highlight all that striking black stitching. What a fun knarley tree, and that fat pumpkin, just kind of an intense looking little piece!

Tis Near Halloween from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Come on In! from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Haunted from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Haunted from Kathy Barrick - click to see more
Three New Halloween Treats from Kathy Barrick
  • Tis Near Halloween - Who doesn't LOVE this little kitty? Kathy found the verse on an old postcard and gave it a new home on little black kitty. Cool penny rug border, that busy sky - choose a fabric medium in color so you don't lose the bats in the background, metallic for the moon would be fun, wool for the cat would be awesome! Measures 131 x 145, 'When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers tis near Halloween.'
  • Come on In! - 'Take off your skin and dance around in your bones!' Measures 129 x 178 - would be 7 x 10 on 36ct... and we have AWESOME fabric choices for this one! Lots of deep angry blues to look like night sky!
  • Haunted - You get BOTH of these design arrangements in this book! Haunted is super fun... more and more motifs keep showing up - I love all the zig zags and geometrics in here. Check out the skeleton bats. All the cute jacks underneath the house, that awesome tree... all of this! Lots of design options on this one, just have fun with all the pieces and parts!

Stars in My Garden from Kathy Barrick - click to see more

Stars in My Garden
A colorful design from Kathy Barrick is here.

Stars in My Garden is the same way - only smaller at 6 x 7. Both bold and simple designs with tons of fantastic visual impact!

Frankie from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Francie from Kathy Barrick - click to see more I Give You My Hand from Kathy Barrick - click to see more A Good & Proper Home from Kathy Barrick - click to see more
Frankie, Francie, I Give you My hand and Good and Proper from Kathy Barrick
Kathy Barrick has some fun new things... and I threw in an old surprise, as well.
  • Frankie and Francie are her two newest rabbits - ultra-big on charm and personality. Stitch these on any neutral background... they are coded for DMC or needlepoint silks. Frankie measures 179 x 152, while Francie is a little smaller at 110 x 104. They'd be stunning done in Simply Wools... and I think they'd make darling bed pillows finished with lots of lush trims.
  • I Give You My Hand - I love this classic design! Stitched with a slight colorway difference on either light or dark linen, this is coded for DMC or silk. Measuring a mere 4 x 6 on 36ct, watch the swirls in the ruffle down at the bottom - they are not all the same!
  • A Good & Proper Home - This is not new... but we managed to get a shop model stitched and matted TWICE! It came back from the finisher... and I held it up to see where we wanted to display it... and lo and behold... we've already had it done for several years! Perfect to hang on the small wall above a doorway... Silver Needle is now *A Good and Proper Shoppe!* twice-over!

Christmas Time from Carriage House Samplings - click to see more Bringing Christmas from Carriage House Samplings - click to see more Christmas Joy Ride from Carriage House Samplings - click to see more
Christmas Time, Bringing Christmas and Christmas Joy Ride
Carriage House has a third design in her deligtfully retro Christmas set. Joining Christmas Joy Ride and Bringing Christmas, this year Santa is skating with his bag full of toys. I know if that bag were to rip, all the toys in the background would be the first things to fly out.

Measuring 8 x 7-1/2 on 32ct, this is coded for DMC or silks. A charming set of designs, it'll look good on most any wintery-white or hand-dyed sky blue background.

The Mill House from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Witch Training Academy from Kathy Barrick - click to see more
A Couple of New Offerings from Kathy Barrick for your Fall Stitching!
  • Witch Training Academy - This is cool and eyecatching! That glorious sliver of the moon is watching over everyone in the nighttime sky! The bats and stars (could use metallic accents!) are stationery, but all the young witches are faithfully following their teacher - clad in that old-fashioned and out of style purple plaid skirt! (Check out her tail-light - the candle on her broom!) The pumpkins predict upcoming disaster and the cat just isn't sure about anything! But I LOVE LOVE that curve of the moon... it brings your eye all the way around the piece so you notice everything! Finishes about 8 inches square on 18/36ct - choose a darker mangy fabric to give it that eerie nighttime sky flavor. Coded for DMC or silks.
  • The Mill House - Well, definitely quieter than the Witch Training Academy! Larger-than-life butterflies and that owl in the sky... you know, I kind of like this without all that above and just the mill, alphabet, fence and that cool stream with all the fish and the snake! (Just make the grass come down below the pickets, and you can even leave off the words!) The butterflies are pretty just by themselves and they'd make a gorgeous double-sided pin cushion - one on the top side, one on the bottom side.

The Moons of 2022 from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Spring Pin Drum from Kathy Barrick - click to see more A Parliament of Owls from Kathy Barrick - click to see more
A Few New Offerings from Kathy Barrick
  • The Moons of 2022 - This is a NEAT design! Ms. Kathy has listed the names for each month's moon in her verse, and surrounded them by a glorious border of night sky and early morning woods! Because we are already into 2022, and have already seen some of these moons, she has listed the 2023 moons inside the pattern (so you have no excuse not to stitch this) and then PROMISES that she'll do monthly moon names for 'as long as anyone needs them!'
    The moon names are selected by the Olde Farmer's Almanac, and Kathy has included a chart of a more condensed version of this - omitting those moon names - giving you just the sky and hills. Worked on 40ct linen, this finishes about 10 x 16... love the stylized trees and the rolling hills and that dramatic sky.
  • Spring Pin Drum - Isn't this little guy cute? A Bunny, butterfly, willow tree and the urn - which is half-stitched on each end! There is a picture on the cover showing that complete urn when you finally finish your drum! Stitched on 36ct, this finishes about 4-1/2 inches tall. Along with the chart, Kathy has finishing instructions included for that cool velvet strawberry garnishing the top!
  • A Parliament of Owls - None of them look scary - they're all pretty cute! Part of The Collective Noun Set of charts by Liz Mathews and Kathy - just for fun - because they can!

Horse Feed Sack from Carriage House Samplings - click for more Hungry Hare Feed Sack from Carriage House Samplings - click for more Reindeer Feed Sack from Carriage House Samplings - click for more
Sheep Feed Sack from Carriage House Samplings - click for more Chicken Feed Sack from Carriage House Samplings - click for more House Pig Feed Sack from Carriage House Samplings - click for more
More Feed Sacks
Here come more fun designs that are meant to finish into little 'sacks' to display or use! Joining the Reindeer, Sheep, Chicken and Halloween Feed sacks we already have, these are offered as separate charts. Stitched on Picture This Plus' 32ct Faun hand-dyed linen, with regular DMC floss, they finish approx 8 x 9. They would be SUPER CUTE finished as directed (even the finisher's contact info is on here for you!) and filled with sand or something and used as a door stop.

What a fun and unexpected way to display your needlework! You could also make them into a little pillowcase to go over a microwaveable sack of rice or corn (or whatever you like inside yours) to use as a warming sack for cold hands and feet! A fun collection of designs so far.

Amelia Prescott and How Her Parents Did Educate Her by Kathy Barrick - click to see more
Amelia Prescott
Amelia Prescott and How Her Parents Did Educate Her - This is a Kathy Barrick original design, inspired by all the charming antique multiplication table samplers. She's done Algerian Eyes and Rhodes in the alphabets, and included that verse about Amelia's Parents!

Stitch count is a mystery until I can read the chart... but it will probably be generous in size... and gosh, the math actually STILL works - not like that 'new math stuff!'

Jack's Urn by Kathy Barrick - click to see more
Jack's UrnBy Kathy Barrick
This one is fun because of the cool background, that bold urn and then that whole house scene inside the pumpkin!

Lots of neat design elements in this one, it is stitched on 36ct Legacy Linen by Picture This Plus, and finishes about 8 x 8.

The Ocean Blue Stocking from Kathy Barrick - click to see more The Embroideress Stocking from Kathy Barrick - click to see more
Kathy Barrick's New Stockings!
DO NOT use these for Christmas decorations... rather... make them and hang them on doors or on skinny little strange walls or tuck them into narrow nook areas. Pick an cool area that is as quirky as these are! They are neat pieces of artwork... don't hide them away till Christmas!
  • The Embroideress Stocking measures 172 x 447 -- so 9-1/2 x almost 25 on 18/36ct! *All of my scattering moments are taken up with needle and thread.* Put your name on there instead of Sarah Hanson, and add family lace and buttons to the top! Charted for silks or DMC.
  • The Ocean Blue Stocking measures the same 9-1/2 x 25. Done on a grey-blue, when you study it a little, you see all the fish and the mermaid... the huge whale, the repeating sails of the ship... and those clouds and gulls! Totally fun! Actually, because these are so skinny... even though they have a ton of stitching to them, they go kind of fast because they keep growing!

Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Halloween At Hawk Run Hollow
The 10th design in this fun series celebrating Hawk Run Hollow... Halloween is full of creepy charm! As with most of the others, it is broken down into smaller blocks of individual designs... skeletons and ghosts... lots of morbid stuff, there is even one square that is just a cute scarecrow in a pumpkin patch -- he just looks mad, but he's still cute!

Coded for 42 different shades of DMC, this is stitched on Picture This Plus's 40ct Legacy Linen and the whole thing will finish approx 18-1/2 x 14. Just in case you're collecting: Houses, Village, Shores, Christmas, Autumn, Farms, Spring, Map, Year and now Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow!

A Year at Hawk Run Hollow from Carriage House Samplings - click to see more A Year at Hawk Run Hollow
Carriage House's ninth in the Hawk Run Hollow Series -- this joins Houses, Village, Shores, Christmas, Autumn, Farms, Spring and Map of HRH! This design is made up of 12 -- 92 x 92 stitch count blocks -- each a tribute to it's month of the year.

Charted for DMC or silks, you CAN split all of these up and make them into individual pillows to fill that big bowl of yours. We see this one as perkier -- like Spring at HRH... a little more colorful than some of the order offerings. Presented as a chart -- it's a gotta-have -- the blocks are charming!

Map of Hawk Run Hollow from Carriage House Map of Hawk Run Hollow
Wow... What a show-stopper! Everyone is in love this with new piece by Marty Barrick. 260 x 247 Stitches in size, choose floss or silks to stitch this charming map of the imaginary Hawk Run Hollow Settlement.

The river, bridges, the town square, cemetary... the fields and even the compass star, the design is bold and the elements are charming! It's a 'gotta have' and would even make a really neat couch pillow!!! Offered as the chart.

Spring at Hawk Run Hollow from Carriage House Samplings - click to see more

Spring at Hawk Run Hollow
A new piece to join the other 6 in the Hawk Run Hollow series by Carriage House, this one is full of color and Springtime 'busy-ness' ... and doesn't feature as many houses and buildings as some of the other designs have had. *Behold the winter is past... the fig tree puts forth its figs... Arise my love, my fair one, and come away!* A condensed version of the verse, this is a playful rendition of Springtime and all the neat things that happen when the weather turns warmer and everything wakes up after winter.

A massive stitch count of 185 x 614 delivers a finished size of 10 x 34 on 36ct!!! Each of the 12 individual blocks are presented on an individual page for ease in stitching. Coded for DMC floss or Needlepoint Inc silks, each block measures 95 x 95 stitches and CAN stand alone if you wish! I love the clipper ship and the girls who have lost their Sunday hats!

Very pretty, the chart includes a master layout chart as well, so counting that border and spacing your blocks is an accurate breeze! Model is stitched on 40ct Weeks Dye Works Straw Linen. We carry 40, 35 and 30ct in Straw... so you have OPTIONS!!!!!

The Farms of Hawk Run Hollow from Carriage House Samplings - click to see more The Farms of Hawk Run Hollow
We have another in the Hawk Run Hollow series! Carriage House's Kathy retired, but was dragged back into business by sister, Marty! Ms Marty designed most of this piece -- but tied Kathy to a chair till she finished her squares! The result is equally as charming as the rest of our Hawk Run Hollow pieces!

Notice the days of the week squares... something for everyday... Barn Raising on Monday, Livestock Auction on Tues, Double Yolk Wed, Sheep Shearing on Thurs, Friday Fishing, and Saturday's Dance! Finishing approx 9 x 28 on 40ct, this is coded for silks or DMC floss. Stitch the entire thing, or pick your favorite days... Marty made Kathy finish her task... you can too!

Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow from Carriage House Samplings - click to see more

Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow
Carriage House's 5th set of scenes all around the village of Hawk Run Hollow is here! Celebrating Autumn, it covers the harvest season, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Joining Houses, Village, Shores and Christmas... Kathy says this is her last HRH set. We stood together in her booth at Market... all 5 of them were there on display, just stunning!

Just like all the rest, this piece features 12 squares of designs, that can be stitched individually or together. Every single panel is neat... it's kind of fun to look at the set of patterns and TRY top choose your favorites! Autumn is stitched in a different configuration than the rest, so linen has been ordered.

Charted for silks or DMC floss... 40ct Sand Dune Linen cut is also available. Offered as the chart, all other HRH charts are still available!

Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow from Carriage House Samplings - click to see more Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow
Carriage House has released her next Hawk Run Hollow piece, joining Village, Houses and Shores of HRH! A stunning 12-part piece... just like the other three... each section can stand alone and is a lovely piece all by itself! EVERY square in this design is neat... lots of bold color and subject... the houses, trees, carolers, skating pond, singing cardinals and church scene are all endearing! LOTS of stitching in this, it finishes approx 17 x 23 on 32ct!

Charted for DMC flosses or Needlepoint Silks, the piece uses 119 colors!!! (So to save yourself approx $360... choose the floss!) I'm trying to choose my favorite section, and i *think* it's the skating pond... but I like those singing birds... ! Offered as a chart... linen and threads separately.

The Shores of Hawk Run Hollow from Carriage House Samplings - click to see more The Shores of Hawk Run Hollow
A third companion to the Village and Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, this is another exquisite piece by Kathy Barrick. 12 Blocks of nautical flavor... you can stitch them all together, or choose a block or two that is a favorite. Every block is a little work of art by itself! Mermaids, fish, anchors, tall ships, and that awesome seaside house, there is always something new to discover when you look at this piece!

Breathtaking stitched on any fabric you choose, this finishes approx 15 x 20-1/2 on 40ct or 14 x 18-1/2 on 36ct Vintage Autumn Gold by Lakeside Linens. Stitched in either DMC floss or Needlepoint Inc silks, it uses 32 colors - so many lovely shades of blues and teals, crisp whites, weathered reds and grays... I absolutely LOVE it! Offered as a chart, we have two different Lakeside linen counts available... and many other fabric options, as well, along with the silks or flosses!

The Village of Hawk Run Hollow from Carriage House Samplings -- click to see more The Village of Hawk Run Hollow
The sequel to Carriage House's Houses of Hawk Run Hollow... this is a MUST HAVE! "Over the river on a hill lieth a village sweet and still. All around it the forest and the trees shiver and whisper in the breeze. Over it sailing shadows go of soaring hawk and screaming crow. And mountain grasses low and sweet grow in the middle of every street." A set of 8 houses, there is a school, church, town hall, blacksmith, gristmill, the inn, parks, and even the graveyard!!! Such a neat, colonial/antique flavor, this is just stunning. Stitch count for this incredible piece is a whopping 278 x 371, which means that on 32ct, this will finish approx 17 x 23!

You can stitch the entire village, or just choose a few of your favorites and arrange them however you want... lots of neat choices here. The chart includes one huge master sheet of all for placement, with each individual block on a single, separate sheet of paper, so you can carry just the chart you're working on, and leave the rest safely tucked away till you need them.

Containing 56 luscious colors of Needlepoint Silks, this is converted to DMC floss as well, and will require a total of 62 skeins of thread. Bricks and bronzes, greens of every shade, golden mustards and cinnamon browns, weathered blues, the list just goes on and on! So... check into your DMC stash, or treat yourself to the silks!!! (We have them all ready for you!) Note: The 40ct linen specified in this piece will most likely be unavailable for several months. Study the chart a bit to decide if there is another you'd like to use.

The Houses of Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings The Houses of Hawk Run Hollow
This is a commanding design that features 12 smaller design panels that can be worked individually or together, in any number of shapes and formats. Each block measures approx 5 inches square on 36ct linen, making this entire piece a whopping 20-1/2 x 15- 1/2 on 36ct linen, that is almost all solid stitching. Luscious colors of russets, greens, buttermilks, teals, bricks, and cinnamons, this is charted for DMC or Silk. (Silk set contains 59 skeins!)

I love houses... so think this is charming. However, in reading the very traditional sampler-themed words... I find that I personally would change them to read something much more lighthearted, like 'the road to a friend's house is never long!!!' The piece deals with 'Remembering Me' but then mentions rotting bones, etc, etc....! Anyway, it is truly a lovely piece... full of cool houses and other sampler motifs, even though it is on the high end price-wise!

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