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Kissing Booth from Dirty Annie's - click for more Hissing Booth from Dirty Annie's - click for more
Hissing Booth and Kissing Booth
Dirty Annie is Getting Us Ready for Valentine's Day!
Here is a pair of designs that will be darling perched on your kitchen counter!
Hissing - for the cat-lovers, and
Kissing - for the doggy lovers... they come as separate charts.

Choose any fabric you like, they measure 53 x 53 in stitch count and are worked with Weeks and Classic Hand-dyeds. Kitty is NOT accepting kisses from strangers, and Puppy is ready to lick and love on everyone!

Lache Pas La Patate from Dirty Annie's - click for more Extra Fries from Dirty Annie's - click for more
Extra Fries and Lache Pas La Patate
  • EXERCISE! I thought you said *Extra Fries.* Something to stitch for your personal trainer! Measures 52 x 58 - choose any fabric you like, this is coded for DMC or hand-dyeds.
  • Lache Pas La Patate - 'Don't drop the Potato!'... Which really means -- don't give up! Annie is from Louisana, and this is an old French Canadian and Cajun saying... even a song about it... which is a family favorite. Features a maiden carrying a basket of potatoes, mamma and baby goats and a cotton field in the pic... it measures 146 x 113, it's worked on Confederate Gray linen.

Gulf Coast Treasures Crawfish from Dirty Annie's - click for more Gulf Coast Treasures Southern Magnolia from Dirty Annie's - click for more
Gulf Coast Treasures
Gulf Coast Treasures from Dirty Annie's - click for moreThis is a nine-panel set of small designs - each measuring just 50 x 50 - so 3 x 3 on 32ct. Celebrating the Gulf Coast... Annie grew up in the Bayou Country of Louisana and these remind her of home. Not sure of the release dates of all of the parts, but the border and Brown Pelican you see are freebies. Stitched with a medley of Classic, Weeks and Gentle Arts, she has tossed in some Rainbow Gallery Wisper for the moss on the Oak tree!

Ready now are: Crawfish and Southern Magnolia. (Those two will come with the first auto-ship. Info for border and pelican inside charts.)
Still to come are: Mossy Oak, Shrimp Boat, Gator, Oysters, Fleur de Lis, and Cotton Blossom. What a fun coastal piece! Stitch these all together, or make bowl-fillers and put them inside a huge shell or on a piece of driftwood.

Santa Claws from Dirty Annie's - click for more Santa Paws from Dirty Annie's - click for more Country Christmas from Dirty Annie's - click for more
Santa Claws, Santa Paws and Country Christmas
A trio of fun little Christmas ornaments by Dirty Annie's will help you decorate for the holidays in style! Goodness knows those little furry creatures we love need recognition on the tree! Each Paws and Claws measure about 4 x 4 when finished... coded for DMC. Each of the single charts comes with a charm (Paws has a bone, and Claws has a fish skeleton and mouse.)

Country Christmas is just cute for anyone who wears/loves boots! Tone down the stripes if need be... or stitch 'em to match that favorite pair of boots. Each comes as its own single chart.

Pumpkin Patch from Dirty Annie's - click for more Dachshund Through the Snowl from Dirty Annie's - click for more On the Way from Dirty Annie's
  • Dachshund Through the Snow - Oh my gosh this is darling! Stitched on Mint Splash 32ct Lugana, this little guy is the happiest! What a fun wintertime decoration. He measures 143 x 138 - so finishes abut 9 x 9, and is stitched with a medley of Classic and Weeks hand-dyeds. So many of the sky blue hand-dyeds would work for this, as we LOVE LOVE Crossed Wing's Snow Squall Linen - it has white spots that actually do look like snowflakes. Gorgeous fabric choices in multiple counts.
  • Pumpkin Patch - Here's a pretty and colorful medley of medallions, pumpkins and silly cats. Love those pumpkins - you could add beads all over on those, give your kitties opalescent white eyes, or stitch them in Simply Wool. This measures 119 x 112 - so finishes approx 7-1/2 square on 32ct. This is Dirty... but there are lots of hand-dyed gingerbreads and nutmeg fabric colors that woud be stunning with this as well.

Deja Poo from Dirty Annie's - click for more Arrive Late from Dirty Annie's - click for more Package Deal from Dirty Annie's - click for more
Quite a mixture of looks to Dirty Annie's new releases! Got to keep that open mind!
  • Deja Poo - Something silly for help in dealing with less-than-accurate informational circumstances.70 x 70 - about 4 inches on 32. Deja Poo is presented as a small chart... and they even supply the source for that darling dictionary fabric they've used in the finishing!
  • Arrive Late - I think a teenage girl needs this for her closet! 120 x 85 - finishes 8-1/2 x 6 on 14ct. "Better to arrive late than to arrive ugly!"
  • Package Deal - This is just super-fun for the Oklahoma/Texas crowd! 137 x 76, This finishes about 8-1/2 x 5 on 32ct. This is presented as a small chart - and again - the fabric source is provided for that FUN Rodeo-Time finishing fabric they've used to make this look like it's matted.

Morticia's Second Line from Dirty Annie's - click for more Catcus from Dirty Annie's - click for more Ya'll Ain't Right from Dirty Annie's - click for more
  • Morticia's Second Line - Funeral processions are famous celebrations of past and future life in New Orleans... this one finishes a whopping 12-1/2 x almost 11 on 32ct! We lots of hand-dyed fabrics in this shade - all counts! There is a lot going on in here... you either like it or you don't... no judgements!
  • Catcus - Oh this is for you cat-people! That little guy in the middle is so cute... is he trying to hide by faking spikes? Catcus is a small chart, and it finishes about 5 x 7. It's actually done on Weeks Morris Blue, but looks greener in the pics. I think you can use most any fabric you like for this one!
  • Ya'll Ain't Right - They say that around here... it's the funniest saying... because they're usually laughing hard when you hear it! 80 x 80... Measures inches n 32ct.
OMG Tree from Dirty Annie's - click for more Peppermint Bark from Dirty Annie's - click for more
Peppermint Bark and OMG Tree
Here are two smaller designs by Dirty Annie's that will make fun ornaments for your Christmas tree!
  • Peppermint Bark uses just 3 colors - choose the hand-dyeds called for or red, white and green from your stash... it measures 84 stitches square. On 40 over one - 2 inches, 36 over two - 4-1/2, 14ct - it'll be 6 x 6... so choose a fabric you like and can see! Wouldn't it be fun to finish this with a pocket on the back to hold a candy cane or two? You could even make a box - with an open top - to offer canes!
  • OMG Tree - Aren't you the most thoughtful cat-owner? This little thing measures 65 stitches square on 36 - over two, 3-1/2 inches, on 14ct - 4-1/2. The chart comes with those 5 little red wooden cut-out ornament embellishment for the tree... (something for kitty to try to chew off!) Coded for hand-dyed, but easy to convert to DMC, you could even use Simply Wool for that cat - and choose a color to match him!
Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition from Dirty Annie's - click for more Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition Shop Model from Dirty Annie's - click for more So Many Cowboys from Dirty Annie's - click for more So Many Cowboys Shop Model from Dirty Annie's - click for more Not My Pasture from Dirty Annie's - click for more
Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition, So Many Cowboys, Not My Pasture
By Dirty Annie's - a new designer at Market this Spring - I love these! Make sure to see her other charts we brought home.
  • Praise the Lord measures just 60 x 60 stitches in size. Stitched with just Rose Petal and Straw Hat overdyeds by Classic Colorworks, the chart comes with a tiny pistol charm!
  • So Many Cowboys, So Little Rope companions Praise the Lord... same two colors, same design size, only this one comes with a horseshoe charm.
  • Not My Pasture - One of my very favorites from the show... just sweetly says it like it is! Choose any fabric, it calls for 7 colors of hand-dyeds, which you probably already have in your stash. It's finished size is 57 x 57 - just 3-inches or so!

Canning Season from Dirty Annie's - click for more
Canning Season
'Grab your Balls, it's canning season!' Celebrate the Summer Dirty Annie's style! Just a fun little piece to decorate the kitchen and shock the family at the same time... choose some dark-ish fabric and your DMC's this finishes about 4 x 6.

(We added some new pics of a couple of Annie's ornament designs - originally charted in pink, we changed colors to red to really make them POP. See what you think!)

It's All About the Journey from Dirty Annie's - click for more My Camper or Yours from Dirty Annie's - click for more Happy Camper from Dirty Annie's - click for more Not All Who Wander from Dirty Annie's - click for more Farm Girl from Dirty Annie's - click for more
Dirty Annies Camper Charts & Farm Girl
Here is a set of 4 cute little 'canned ham' campers done in happy pastel colors. You don't have to stitch them for a 'camper-lover'... just choose the verse that fits your situation the best! All are presented on 5 x 7 cards and coded for hand-dyed flosses. Super easy to just look at and choose DMCs from your stash if you'd rather, these all measure 55 stitches square - so just bitty little things!

And that cute little pink tractor! You might have someone special to stitch that for... and you might have to change the tractor paint color! Farm Girl is charted for DMC, is presented on a single card, and measures just 45 x 73.

Seashells and Seahorses Chart w board from Dirty Annie's - click for more Claws Chart w board from Dirty Annie's - click for more
Seashells and Seahorses & Claws
Crabs, Lobsters and Shells... these two charts offer simple monochromatic designs - each stitched with a single color of hand-dyed floss.
The Claws chart comes with a wooden lobster-colored 3 x 4-inch lobster thread board or frame embellishments.
The Seashells and Seahorses chart has a 2 x 4-inch seahorse cutout. Final design size depends on your fabric count... and even though thread colors are given, there are lots of gorgeous colors in the sea to use!

Dance Like a Mermaid from Dirty Annie's - click for more Merry Christmas Y'all from Dirty Annie's - click for more Purrr-fect from Dirty Annie's - click for more
Merry Christmas Y'all, Dance Like a Mermaid, Purrrr-fect!
  • Dance Like a Mermaid - Drink like a pirate, dance like a mermaid... This design measures 110 x 150 - so finishes about 7 x 9 on 32ct. Stitched with hand-dyeds, the coral color is Weeks Sockeye, and the teal is Gentle Art's Peacock. Super cute, it comes with an enameled starfish charm!
  • Merry Christmas Y'all - A fun tree ornament finishing about 3-1/2 inches square. They've featured two different Lady Dot trims in the edge finishing treatment - chenille, then stacking the mini-poms on top of that! Add a little sparkle to those flakes or boots if you feel like it!
  • Purrr-fect - Just a sweet little black kitty! The model is actually done on Seafoam hand-dyed linen - I don't think you can tell that from the cover pic - and this finishes about 4-1/2 x 5. The flowers and grass re kind of low in color impact... you could always grab some pink and greens from your stash to brighten them up a little... but isn't that cat the cutest?

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