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This is a sampling of the Chessie & Me collection! Delightfully small, detailed samplers, each is stitched over two linen threads, but always features areas stitched over one thread as well. There are always special stitches in them... the little flag design is full of them! Pretty colors, nice verses... enjoy these we've stitched in the shop!

Return of the Whales from Chessie & Me Where We Love from Chessie & Me Quaker Star Needfuls from Chessie & Me
A Few New Chessie Releases
  • Return of the Whales - Oh we love this... it had been one of our Circle of Friends designs... and now Linda has released it in chart format! Measuring 55 x 125, it uses Weeks flosses of Deep Sea, Dolphin, Grasshoper, Juniper, Kohl, Pelican Gray, Red Rocks, Schneckley and White Lightening. We've gotten calls for this design for YEARS, and here it is!
  • Where We Love - A pretty sampler stitched in Silks on 32ct. Stitch count is 139 x 216... so it'll finish approx 8-1/2 x 13-1/2. A few of Linda's fun specialty stitches scattered throughout this... and the traditional verse. Where we love is home - Home that our feet may leave but not our hearts. I like the plain repeating border all around too. Would make an AWESOME new home gift, or wedding gift!
  • Quaker Star Needfuls - This is a fun little sewing case and matching fobs design that Linda has put into one of Jeannette Douglas's little wooden trays! You have to do this on 36ct (whatever color you like - but 36) to fit all the little compartments - it's coded for Classic Colorworks hand-dyed flosses! Presented as a chart, tray is optional and separate.

Harvest Huswife from Chessie & Me Harvest Huswife open from Chessie & Me Be Scary Pyn Pillow from Chessie & Me
A Couple of New Autumn Designs
  • Harvest Huswife - This is a sewing case sampler shown as one long piece, or folded into a case. Worked with Classic and Weeks flosses, the main design measures 81 x 213 - finishing approx 4-1/2 x 12 on 36ct hand-dyed. Then, there are multiple smaller pieces to finish as pin cushions or decorative pockets, panels, and fobs for the case finishing option. Pretty Autumn colors, Linda does use specialty stitches for her pops of texture - the pumpkins, the house roof and Smyrnas in the glorious pot. She has two huge chart and direction sheets in here, as well as a photo of the inside finishing of the case.
  • Be Scary Pyn Pillow - A cute bitty seasonal house with resident cat and crow in the yard keeping the nice fat pumpkins company! (My big pumpkins like that always get eaten by 'the locals! Weeks flosses, 36ct Weeks Putty Linen, Satin Stitches on the pumpkins. Classic Chessie!

Chessie & Me Winter Wonder and Harvest Time -- click to see more Winter Wonder and Harvest Time
The next two in the 'Seasons of Chessie' Series... these join 'Days of Liberty'... so we still have a few seasons to go! Approx 80 x 80 in stitch count, each is worked with overdyed flosses on 32ct linen, and accented with a piece of Week's wool behind it for an extra punch of color! Chessie's special stitches in these - I LOVE the kitty on the barn roof!!! Winter is worked on 32ct Linen -- a medium steely blue/gray with a Louisiana Hot Sauce wool accent, while Harvest is worked on a creamier linen with a Terra Cotta Wool backing. Offered as charts and so DARN cute... wood pieces come from Hobby Lobby!

Chessie & Me 1776 Harbor -- click to see more Days of Liberty
Here is a new Chessie & Me design that is very much *Chessie* in personality! Worked on 32ct linen with Weeks overdyed flosses, it'll finish approx 5 x 5. You can get blank wooden shapes at Hobby Lobby like the one shown on the cover -- a little bit of paint -- and presto -- a cute finishing option. Choose a bit of Weeks hand-dyed wool to back the stitching before you mount it, and you get an extra punch of color.

Days of Liberty features a Nun Stitch border, Smyrnas as the flag stars, Satins in the door and on the roof, and of course the kitty -- little Chessie -- is there over one thread! We can send you a Schnigglet cut of Weeks wool to finish this -- flosses featured are Deep Sea, Grasshopper, Grits, Havana, Pea Coat, Red Rocks and Sea Gull -- so any wools in any of the gettysburg4 patterns will work on this. (And you have choices of red, blue, cream green or brown wools!!!)

Chessie & Me Garden Blooms -- click to see more Garden Blooms
Another seasonal hornbook design, this goes with Winter Wonder, Harvest House, Days of Liberty and Scarlet's Summer Sampler. Finishing approx 5 x 5 on 32ct, you can see a bit of Week's Red Pear wool peeking out from behind to add that soft wool mat of color. Threads are all Weeks and Gentle Art hand-dyed flosses... you have the kitty over one, a Nun's Stitch border, Satin stitched roof, French Knot flower buds and Smrynas all over the place!

Such a pretty piece, a schnigglet cut of the Red Pear (hand-dyed by Weeks, it comes in a 'solid', herringbone, houndstooth and glen plaid pattern... we'll send one of those options) is all you need for that backing. Wooden and paper boxes for finishing abound at Hobby Lobby! Offered as a chart.

Across The Sea Sampler from Chessie & Me Acorns and Crows Stitch House from Chessie & Me Flag Day Pincushon from Chessie & Me
Chessie & Me's Newest Things She has sent virtually no design information on any of these... but enjoy the Sneak Peek Pics anyway... till we have more info! All are presented as charts.
  • Across The Sea Sampler - WOW, this is big and glorious from Linda! I see several smaller pieces in here that could be done individually, but love, love it all together! Worked on Fibre on a Whim's Wheat hand-dyed linen with Weeks flosses of Bark, Blackboard, Cappuccino, Collards, Deep Sea, Dolphin, Galvanized, Grasshopper, Havana, Linen, Mascara, Pelican Gray, Red Rocks, Rum Raisin, Sanguine, Schneckley, and White Lightening.
  • Acorns and Crows Stitch House - We think this is a needle case that might fit inside the little paper box! The box is a house shape, but you could a flat one as well... fabric shown is Seraphim's Old Stationery with Weeks flosses of Carolina Cecil, Cinnabar, Lily Pad, Onyx, Schneckely and Swamp water. Definitely Autumnal colors!
  • Flag Day Pincushon - What a cute little cushion! Classic Chessie design style... we get the charming little house, always Chessie the Cat, that billowing flag and fun trees of some sort! Stitched on any vintage-y fabric you like with Weeks flosses of Blackboard, Brick, Collards, Deep Sea, Dolphin, Linen, Oscar and Pea Coat. It'll finish a petite 3 x 3!

American Stitch House from Chessie & Me Martha's Pillow from Chessie & Me

Chessie & Me's Newest Designs are ready to add to your stitching stash.. and get onto your To-Stitch-Next list!
    Strawberry Liberty Kit from Chessie & Me
  • American Stitch House - A stitched flag decorates the roof of a paper mache house-shaped box, and then the 3 x 10 needle roll and tiny fob fit inside. If you can't find house boxes, take your finished flag with you and browse - even an oval would be nice for this. Linda gives box info in the chart... and don't forget to pick up the paint!
  • Strawberry Liberty Kit - This is Linda's annual linen and silk cushion kit! Stitched on Fiber On a Whim's Cyprus hand-dyed linen with Glorianna hand-dyed silks, the stars in the flag are Smyrna Crosses and the little crow is over one!

Long May She Wave Kit from Chessie & Me
Long May She Wave Kit
Linda Lautenschlager's new Annual Summer 2021 Patriotic kit is here! Always a favorite, this year's is worked on 35ct Weeks Dye works Tin Roof linen with 5 luscious shades of Gloriana hand-dyed silk.

Just a petite thing, the finished cushion measures 2-1/2 x 3-/12. The flag's stars are Smryna Crosses, and the crows are over one thread... this little thing will stitch in a jiff!

Sheepish Manor from Chessie & Me Quaker Huswife from Chessie & Me The Stitch Girl Sampler from Chessie & Me
Chessie & Me's Newest Things are Here!
  • Sheepish Manor - This is Linda's annual kit for Spring 2020, just a sweet little sheep out in his front yard, he's stitched on 36ct Legacy Linen by Picture This Plus with Gloriana hand-dyed silk thread. Finishing just 3-1/2 x 4, the tree leaves are all Lazy Daisy stitches, and the sheep legs, head and tail are all Smryna Crosses. If you have a little Wisper or Simply Wool thread laying around - that might make that little sheep fuzzy! Presented as the complete kit of silks and linen.
  • Quaker Huswife - This is a fun little case, it measures 4-1/2 x 11, and is done in shades of grays and red. Stitched with Barn Door, Black Coffee, Eggshell, Blackboard, Graphite and Pelican Gray, it is lined with Weeks hand-dyed Gunmetal Houndstooth wool.
  • The Stitch Girl Sampler - This measures 6-1/2 x 9 and is coded for silks or flosses. 'Adorn thyself with grace and truth. To no peculiar lot of life is happiness confined, but in the self approving heart and firm contented mind.' Linda has dedicated this sampler to her grandmother, mom and sister!

Christmas Blessings from Chessie & Me Be Merry Pyn Pillow from Chessie & Me
New Designs by Chessie & Me's Linda Lautenschlager - Small Christmassy & Wintery Primitives!
  • Christmas Blessings - This is fun little cushion - it's the same size as Linda's annual pin cushion kits, only this one is just a chart. Worked on 32ct Tin Roof, Eyelets over 6, Nun's Stitch and Smyrnas... it finishes about 3 x 5. If you want, leave off the Christmas greeting on the end... or switch it with your last name, and year your house was established!
  • Be Merry Pyn Pillow - Just a little 4 x 4 thing, stitched with Classic Colorworks flosses of Cherry Cobbler, English Ivy, Onion Skin, Pine Needle and Wavy Navy - that's it!

Whale Watch from Chessie & Me Whale Watch
Chessie & Me's newest semi-annual kit is here. We brought it home from market last month, but needed to wait till a thread shortage was corrected to share it! Linda's charming flag waving from the skinny white house on the edge of the shore... gotta love that little whale out there!

Her complete kit comes with Silk Weaver's 36ct Cider Linen and luscious hand-dyed silks by Gloriana. Denim and Navy blues, an olive green, cream and a gorgeous, brilliant, true red, this finishes approx 3-1/2 x 4 inches in size. This joins Linda's serious set of small cushion kits... I think we have 15 so far!

Friends of the Mill from Chessie & Me
Friends of the Mill
Good Friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget. Designed as a retirement piece for one of Linda's friends... what a special piece this would be to stitch for a friend moving away.

Weeks and Sampler Threads used, this finishes approx 5 x 9 on 32ct, four sided, eyelets over 6, and always Rice and Smyrna Crosses featured!

Quaker House Token from Chessie & Me - click for more Home Safe to Me from Chessie & Me - click for more
Chessie & Me! has several new things. Here are pics of a few, the rest are shown below.
  • Quaker House Token -- This is Linda's small kit for this season, stitched on Zweigart's 36ct Cedar Linen. She has motifs stitched over one and two worked with Gloriana hand-dyed silks of Antique Black, Chocolate, Mocha and Old Gold. A charming little cushion, it finishes just 3 x 4-1/2 inches in size. Presented as the complete kit of chart, linen and silks.
  • Home Safe to Me -- A bitty seaside-inspired needlebook and fob set, you are making a Pyn Keep to match as well. Everything is stitched on 36ct (you can choose anything you want), and each piece is stitched on both sides. The Needlebook finishes about 4-1/2 x 9, -- wool pages inside -- it features Linda's trademark design of Satin Stitches mixed in everywhere, Smyrnas as well, and some motifs over one. Her things always have lots of pretty texture because of the stitches mixed in. So... if you don't want the set of smalls, this could simply be a 4-1/2 inch square cushion. The matching scissor fob is under 2 inches -- whale on one side, tall ship on the other. The Pyn Keep measures just 2 x 2 -- mermaid on one side, anchors on the other. Stitched with a combo of Weeks and Gentle Art flosses -- gorgeous colors!

Summer Liberty from Chessie & Me - click for more
Summer Liberty
Chessie & Me's Linda Lautenschlager has several new designs -- Summer Liberty is her new annual *house* kit! Absolutely charming this year, the denim blue house is stitched on Weeks Dye Works 36ct Confederate Gray Linen with Gloriana hand-dyed silks. Fabric AND silks are included in the kit.

Finishing approx 3-1/2 x 4-1/2... you get the waving flag, the charming house, the little Chessie Kitty over one thread, and that GLORIOUS green yard. Just alternating blocks of Satins between crossed lines, it really has a lot of texture and just plays with whatever light it has! This year's edition one of my favorite kits of hers!

Winter Woods Kit from Chessie & Me Winter Woods
Chessie's Semi-Annual Little Kit, this one is quiet, simple and respectful of the Season! Stitched on a mangy green-grayed 32ct hand-dyed linen by Lakeside -- Vintage Wood Smoke -- it is stitched with Gentle Art Sampler Threads of Mustard Seed, Piney Woods, Raven, Shaker White and Tin Bucket.

A few Smyrnas and Satins, it's just a bitty thing finishing at 3 x 4. Offered as a complete kit, it contains the chart, linen and threads.

Christmas Cabin from Chessie & Me - click for more Halloween Mini from Chessie & Me - click for more New Bitty Kits... Halloween and Christmas
Linda Lautenschlager has a new pin cushions for her favorite seasons. Always luscious hand-dyed linens, always even more delicious hand-dyed silk threads in them... these little designs are always stunning and fun to stitch. These join her collection of semi-annual Halloween and Christmas kits. One of her 'signature' personalities is to incorporate specialty stitches into each of her designs. These kits are a fun way to stitch and enjoy her techniques without investing too much time in a larger project. THESE are darling pin cushions all nestled in a bowl... they all look so different and always seem to be 'little scenes.'
  • Halloween Mini measures only 35 x 55! Stitched on Weeks Dye Works 32ct Confederate Gray linen with 6 shades of hand-dyed Gloriana Silk, you have Satins, Smyrnas and Eyelets over 6 in your pumpkins and that darling Chessie-The-Kitty over one. This is only 2-1/2 x 3-1/2! Super, super cute, the kit contains the chart, linen and silks!
  • Christmas Cabin - This is pretty! Worked on 36ct Lakeside Linen Pear, you have 8 shades of hand-dyed Gloriana Silk in here. Always the Satins and Eyelets over 6, this one finishes 2-1/2 x 4-1/2 inches. Rich deep colors of cherry red, mossy green, frosty gray and woody browns, that tiny cabin looks so inviting!

American Stag Kit from Chessie & Me American Stag Kit
Linda's semi-annual mini-kit is here... a peaceful cabin with a patriotic summer sky. Just a 3 x 4-ish thing, this is offered as a complete kit of 36ct Vintage Woodsmoke hand-dyed linen by Lakeside, with lengths of Weeks and Gentle Art hand-dyed flosses. Linda always incorporates special stitches into her designs -- this one features 4-Sided and Long Arm Crosses all along the border, a cabin roof entirely of Smyrna Crosses, Satin Stitches as the cabin logs, and the Stag, which is worked in tent -- one thread over one thread.

Great flag across the top -- I don't see the little Chessie Kitty! (You might have to dig into your Chessie stash to find that little guy on another chart, in case you want him in here!) Pretty shades of deep greens, brick red, and charcoal grays.

Pear Tree Sampler from Chessie & Me - click for more Pear Tree Sampler
Finishing 5 x 9 on 32ct linen, this is stitched with Classic Colorworks hand-dyed floss.

There are Eyelets over six in the grass; Satins in the beehive, and the pears on the tree are over one!

Autumn Blessings from Chessie & Me Keep Home in Your Heart from Chessie & Me Floral Basket Tray with Fob from Chessie & Me
Chessie & Me has sent AWESOME new designs!
Four new charts, along with her annual *house kit*... everything is here, and we love it all! Linda always adds specialty stitches in her designs -- Rhodes, Eyelets, Satins, Smyrnas, Rice... always lots of cute details to make her designs POP! All of these feature those extra design and stitch detail.
  • Autumn Blessings -- Look -- this is finished on a half-sized clip board!!! Stitched on Weeks Dye Works 32ct Confederate Gray Linen with Weeks and Gentle Art hand-dyed cottons, it finishes approx 4-1/2 x 6-3/4. Eight little squares -- they'd make cute scissor fobs and name tags if you did them separately -- do whatever you want! You'll need one Schnigglet cut of Weeks Wool for your backing -- you can see Chestnut in the model pic, but we have pumpkins, grays, golds and charcoal blacks as other color options -- and you can use any of the 4 finishes -- herringbone, houndstooth, solid or glen plaid! If you decide to make a set of pin cushions... get a couple of different wool cuts so your backs coordinate!
  • Keep Home in Your Heart -- Oh this is so sweet!!! Worked on 32ct, it finishes approx 4 x 6, and is stitched with Weeks of Aztec Red, Baked Apple, Bullfrog, Flatfish, Grasshopper, Onyx, Pink Sand, and Schneckley. HUGE on Chessie charm!!!
  • Floral Basket Tray with Fob -- Rich colors of Weeks hand-dyed cottons are set against 32ct Weeks Dolphin hand-dyed linen to give you this subtle basket of flowers. Nestled in a sewing tray add a pair of special scissors -- because you can stitch a matching fob for them! Eyelets and Smyrnas in the flowers, the basket features short Satin stitches. The tray is the same one Linda featured in her Friendship Garden pattern from this past Spring. Not a tray-person? That little basket will finish a mere 4-1/2 x 7-1/2 and it would be lovely as a cushion of measurable size!!!!

Pumpkin House from Chessie & Me Pumpkin House
Chessie's annual house kit... this is charming!!! Stitched on 36ct Vintage Pear Linen by Lakeside, you are working with Gloriana silks of black, rust, mosses and golds, with touch of olive and champagne! (it might be closer to cream, but champagne could work as a description!!!)

Chessie is always over one thread, the whole thing finishes just under 3 x 4... Linda has about a dozen of these small kits, and we have, and love them ALL!

A Gathering of Sheep from Chessie & Me Friendship Garden from Chessie & Me Flag of Glory from Chessie & Me
New Chessie is Here Now!
  • A Gathering of Sheep -- Chart. 32ct Weeks Tin Roof. Weeks flosses of Bullfrog, Grasshopper, Havana, Kohl, Putty, and White Lightening, it is presented in a wooden Tool Caddy. The main design features Linda's fun Satin Stitched grassy hills and you COULD stitch those sheep with Gentle Arts Simply Wool and some French Knots if you want to be a show-off! The pattern includes the needlebook, fob and caddy designs. This calls for three small pieces of linen, sizes vary, approx cost for all is $17. You'll need some Kohl Houndstooth Wool to back everything -- a fat quarter should be enough for you and a friend to share.
  • Friendship Garden -- This is lovely! Retromantics mini-tray of brown, Weeks 32ct Parchment Linen... 'Friends are the gardeners who make our souls blossom.' LOVE the colors and the balance in this... and your friend (the one you stitch it for!) will love it too!!!!! Worked in Sampler Threads and Weeks flosses, this finishes approx 5 x 8.
  • Flag of Glory -- chart... 32ct Tin Roof by Weeks, Freedom, Mulberry, Mustard Seed, Shaker White and Tin Bucket Threads... the flag stripes feature different specialty stitches in each one for a little of extra texture, and check out that matching miniature wiener roll in there! What a fun design to stitch and a neat set to have and use! ***Watch the mail order catalogs for shadow boxes and coffee tables that have display areas under glass. GUESS WHERE YOU CAN DISPLAY all these beautiful little sewing sets and pin cushions you love to stitch and collect??? You'll need 4 cuts of linen -- along with a quarter yard cut of Weeks Deep Sea wool -- Solid, Herringbone, Glen Plaid or Houndstooth will all work beautifully, or if you'd rather, we could choose an awesome red that matches the threads. Just let us know!

Over The River from Chessie & Me Over The River
*Over the river and through the woods, we gather our loved ones together.* (it's Ok if you need to skip Grandma's house this year!!!) A fun North-woods inspired scene, Linda has chosen two different colors of 32ct linen and joined them together on the left-side of this design. (Do the stitching first, then join the pieces.)

Her stitch details are in here everywhere -- Satins in the border, evergreens, roof and grassy areas, and the stones in the river.

Colorful and really unique with that two-color fabric thing going on, this finishes approx 5 x 9 and is coded for Gloriana silk or DMC floss. You could always convert those solids to cotton hand-dyeds too. Offered as a chart.

Chessie & Me Wave Forever Stitch Book -- click to see more Chessie & Me Lady Liberty Needlebook and Fob -- click to see more
Wave Forever Stitch Book and Lady Liberty Needlebook & Fob
Chessie & Me has released one of her cute *Book Box* designs this week, with a matching sewing case and fobs that could store inside the little box! We love these small paper mache book boxes Linda uses -- she paints and waxes them, and stitches for the top, sometimes the inside of the lid, and sometimes the box bottom. Always bits of Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed wools to line or compliment the needlework, Wave Forever is stitched on 36ct Lakeside Vintage Cedar Plank Linen with one strand of hand-dyed floss. All of Linda's Rice and Smyrna Stitches, the billowing flag appears on the 2-1/2 x 4-inch box top and on the inside.

The Lady Liberty set is worked on Weeks 32 Beige Linen, so it technically doesn't MATCH the other... but we do like them together. The needlebook finishes approx 3 x 6, the fob is just 2 x 2, and Weeks Deep Sea wool lines the little case. TOO CUTE! Each is offered as a chart, wools and linens separately.

Chessie & Me American Coast -- click to see more American Coast
Chessie & Me's annual mini-kit, this year we have another cool seacoast theme... I love that little tall hill with the house perched on top! Offered as the complete kit, this is stitched on Lakeside Linens 36ct Vintage Meadow Rue Linen with Gloriana silks of deep red, denim blue, gold, mossy green and a touch of golden brown.

The sailing ship schooner is done over one; the border, cherries and stars in the flag are Smyrna Crosses; roof and front door are Satin stitches. The green in the grass is just gorgeous when you cross your stitches one by one. It finishes approx 2-1/2 x 4-1.2. This joins Linda's other small kits -- all of them are still available farther down the pages! (Ghost Inn, 1776 Harbor, Noel House, Liberty Inn, Hallowee House & Glory House.)

Chessie & Me Tallman House 1864 Sampler -- click to see more Tallman House 1864 Sampler
Linda writes about this piece,"In designing this Civil War era piece I wanted to give it a Wisconsin flavor, and discovered the home of William Tallman in Janesville, WI. Part of the underground railroad, it became a stop for slaves traveling to freedom in the North. ...discovering that the Tallmans were friends of Abraham Lincoln, the president stayed here on several occasions."

So she felt it appropriate to include this lovely old house in her sampler! Verse is taken from Lincoln's second inaugural speech, and the eagle was the mascot of the Eighth WI Volunteer Infantry Regiment! Worked in Sampler Threads on Week's 32ct Tin Roof Linen, again, this is stuffed full of Linda's favorite stitches of Eyelets, Smyrnas and Satins! Finishes approx 5 x 9 and is offered as a chart.

Chessie & Me Ghost Inn -- click to see more Ghost Inn
Linda's annual small kit, this year's is a haunted hotel with a graveyard on the property instead of a swimming pool! The Boo sign outside welcomes the preferred guests... I guess it means 'vacancy??' Offered as a complete kit, Linda has 36ct linen in here along with 7 lengths of hand-dyed Gloriana silks!

Luscious mossy greens, a hint of gold, some brilliant orange and of course, a kohl black, there is a bit of one-over-one and some Smyrna Crosses tossed in. Finishes approx 3 x 4 -- we still have all of Chessie's other small kits available -- cute seasonal houses, a ship scene, and some primitive pumpkins and birds from years past.

Chessie & Me Patriotic Stitch Book -- click to see more Patriotic Stitch Book
This 3 x 4 miniature sampler is worked on a 36ct linen and mounted to the top of a paper mache box that is shaped like a small book -- that actually opens! Worked with all three brands of hand-dyed flosses, Eyelets and Smyrnas are here and there, as well as one-over-one detail. Box lining is simply paper, but you can choose lots of varied Week's wool colors (2 -- one for the outside and another for the inside.) to back your topper piece and the inside box top area.

Offered as the chart, you get both the top sampler (which companions her Berry House and Autumn Sewing Boxes) and the inside top design, along with the matching little fob chart! These charming boxes are such a fun and different way to finish and display your stitching... they are super easy to paint and wax as well! Inexpensive and really cool finishing!

Chessie & Me Berry House Stitch Book -- click to see more Berry House Stitch Book
This is a three-part set of designs that fits on the top and inside lid of a 3-1/2 x 5 x 1-1/2 paper mache box that looks like a book! A companion to Chessie's Autumn Sewing Book, this is a summer scene of a little house surrounded by a lavish berry vine. There is a small fob to fit inside, and an initial panel to decorate the inside lid.

Charted for Weeks overdyed floss, this needs to be worked on 36ct linen to fit the box -- simple brown paper mache, shaped like a book, that features a tilting lid. You'll need to paint it to get it to look like the pic, but the effort is worth it! Berry House is offered as a chart; box is separate.

Chessie & Me Queen Bee Stitch Book -- click to see more Queen Bee Stitch Book
Another Companion Book Box to Berry House and Autumn, this is the CUTEST! Offered as a chart, this includes a design to line the interior lid of a box, it includes a two-sided fob, and a band to wrap around a miniature hot-dog-shaped needle cushion! You'll need to paint your 3-1/2 x 5 x 1-1/2 paper mache box first -- Linda added her initials on the top. Inside, you'll see the *It's good to Bee Queen* stitched on the lid.

Next, the scissor fob has a skep on one side and bee on the other -- more room to add initals and dates, too. Then, that mini-needleroll made of Weeks Whiskey Houndstooth wool steals the show! See the stitched band wrapped around it? Just a really neat finishing idea for a cool finished project. Offered as a chart with box separate.

Chessie & Me Hope of Spring -- click to see more Hope of Spring
Classic Chessie & Me! *Spring is the rekindling of hope in the heart.* Measuring approx 6 x 7-1/2 on 32ct linen, this piece is full of smaller sections -- each with motifs that feature lots of Satins and Eyelets in their stitch details.

Linda chose silks or DMCs of soft denim blue, antique golds, taupe (for the bunnies) and dirty white (for the sheep and house), and lots of pretty greens to create her Springtime scene. I think I like the play of the yellow and blue colors the best! Offered as a chart.

Chessie & Me 1776 Harbor -- click to see more 1776 Harbor
Linda's 2014 kit, this is a departure from her seasonal houses. This year we get a patriotic row house surrounded by Chessie's classic *lawn.* She always does rows of Satins for grasses and they just glisten! Then on the other side, we get a sailing ship over one thread, a fish and anchor in the sea, and that billowing flag in the sky above! So absolutely chaming!!

This is offered as a small kit of chart, 36ct Vintage Pear linen by Lakeside, and hand-dyed silk by Gloriana. It finishes a petite 2-3/4 x 4... our model is mounted onto a bit of Weeks red houndstooth wool, and made into a little pin pillow.

Chessie & Me Shepherd's Christmas -- click to see more Shepherd's Christmas
Shepherd's Christmas is a sweet pastoral scene finishing approx 5 x 9 on a dusty blue linen -- we have tons of great choices on that. Satin Stitches on the evergreens give the illusion of layers of fronds. More Satins on the grasses, the tree inside the barn is over one... Hay is made with long stitches, and Smrynas dot everywhere for little bits of texture.

The scene is peaceful and the verse, although it doesn't rhyme, does have a message!
Over us will shine a star... sending its gleam of hope to the world. Offered as a chart, coded for hand-dyed silks or DMC.

Chessie & Me Noel House -- click to see more Noel House
Another of Chessie's darling little house pieces, this companions her Liberty Inn, Hallow Wee House and Glory House. Offered as a small kit, 36ct Vintage Examplar Lakeside Linen and lengths of Gloriana's silk in Antique Black, Antique Dark Gold, Black Cherry, Granny Smith Green, Old gold, Thistle Green and Winter White... the colors against the linen are just the richest. I like the fact that the basket at the top could stand alone as a small project, and of course all of Linda's stitch details.

The roof is Satin, the berries, leaves and letters are Smrynas, and the little deer is over one. Finishing approx 2-1/2 x 4, this is a sweet piece suitable for an ornament, pin cushion or small framed piece (pretty on a small easel!)

Chessie & Me Grand Old Flag Sampler -- click to see more
Grand Old Flag Sampler
*During the time allotted me, grant my health and my liberty.* Finishing 5 x 7-ish on 32ct, stitch this in silks or flosses. The border is Nun's Stitch, the verse, birds and flower basket are all over one, the yard features Satins, and the door is constructed of 6 Eyelet stitches over 6 threads. Lots of small detail... so pretty!

You'll notice that it is cut out just beyond the Nun Stitch border, shown mounted on a piece of Week's hand-dyed wool -- several of the thread colors match that wool, so you have lots of color options there -- and then glued to a Priscilla's Pocket Hornbook.
I especially like that bit of wool behind the pieces -- really makes the thread colors pop, so it'd be a neat treatment to use even if you are framing this. Grand Old Flag Sampler is offered as a chart.

Chessie & Me Cheerful Spring -- click to see more
Cheerful Spring
This is a lovely piece -- it finishes approx 4-1/2 x 9 on 32ct linen, and is worked in silks or DMC flosses. The rolling hills in this are STUNNING. Stitched with 4 different shades of threads, they really draw your eye. Flowers are over one, as well as the verse and alphabet.

Linda accidentally left out the *L* (which is funny, because that is her initial!)... so there is a bitty chart addition to get that back in there!!! Over-six Eyelets in the roof and a tiny Satin Stitch beeskep, the pic might look pale... but the colors in this are rich and bold! Offered as the chart.

Chessie & Me Liberty Inn -- click to see more
Liberty Inn
Chessie's third annual house kit... all of these have been cute, this is no exception! Stitched on 36ct Vintage Examplar Linen by Lakeside with Gloriana Silks... you get the 4-thread Eyelets, over-one birds and baskets, all in a really cute 3 x 4 design. Check out the jazzy roof... and the rich colors...!

Offered as a complete kit, this'll stitch in a jiff.

Chessie & Me Hand of Friendship Sampler -- click to see more
Hand of Friendship Sampler
*A friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart.* This piece could almost be broken down into 2 smaller pieces. Stitch just the top half -- the urn, verse and alphabet -- or just the bottom -- a pretty house amidst the rolling grasses. OR... just the urn and make it into a pin cushion!!

The main piece measures approx 5-1/2 x 7-1/2, stitched on 32ct in silks or DMC flosses. All the specialty stitch charm of Chessie, and again a pretty color of hand-dyed wool behind the piece for a punch of color. Offered as a chart... the hornbook featured in the pic is available separately.

Chessie & Me Autumn Sewing Book -- click to see more Autumn Sewing Book
Chessie & Me has a new set of designs that can be mounted to the top and inside of a paper mache box, or framed, or maybe just a soft sewing case. The main 2-1/2 x 4 design -- house beneath the tree with squirrel perched atop pumpkins is worked on 35/36ct linen with Crescent and Week's flosses. In the pic you can see that there is Week's Whiskey Houndstooth wool behind the stitching for a bit of extra color, and this is mounted on the top of a painted box.

The two smaller companion designs 2-1/2 x 3 and 1-1/2 inches square, feature that little squirrel again, and more acorns. Make those into a scissor fob, the box lid lining... or possibly inner pages of a soft sewing case. Pretty Autumn colors... the wool against the black painted box is pretty... and we have SEVERAL great color options for that extra touch. All three designs are included in the chart, and only Smyrna and regular crosses are featured. Since every piece is so small, this is a WONDERFUL way to use up misc unmatched bits of linens you have -- like a 3 x 3 for the fob!!! Check your stash... or we can send something pretty for all three pieces!

Chessie & Me Hallow Wee House -- click to see more
Hallow Wee House Chessie's second seasonal house (last year's was patriotic), this is worked on 36ct Vintage Pear Lakeside Linen with 6 different shades of Belle Soie and Gloriana Silk. It features the same stack of pumpkins as the Autumn Sewing Book, but a stone house, pumpkin patch and early evening sky.

Finishing a mere 2-1/2 x 5, these finish into great little block stand-ups. Offered as a complete kit of the linen and silks, just a fun smaller project.

Chessie & Me All Hallows Eve -- click to see more All Hallows Eve
A long and skinny piece -- just a dark farmhouse with crows in the yard -- and a graveyard in the front!!! The headstones don't hint initials of anyone special... if they did, that *would* be scary! Belle Soie hand-dyed silks on hand-dyed linen, this finishes a mere 3 x 7.

The fronds on the willow tree are long stitches over 8 threads -- alphabet is over one, we have Smyrna and Satin pumpkins -- great hand-dyed color in this small piece! Offered as the chart.

Chessie & Me Lulu's Flock -- click to see more Lulu's Flock
Chessie & Me has several new releases -- Lulu's flock is one of my favorites. 'Pursue the Pleasures of a Peaceful Life' is the offered advice... in this charming pastoral scene. Stitched on 32ct linen in Crescent Colours hand-dyed cottons, there are Eyelets, Smyrnas, Long Armed Crosses and Satin stitches scattered everywhere in this. You don't notice them at first, but when you finally do, you fall in love with the textures they add. Everyone is used to seeing specialty stitches in a band sampler -- but not so much disguised in a picture or scene.

The colors are pretty -- pinks, greens and creams of Avocado, Clay Pot, English Ivy, Pea Pod, Rosy Glow, Weeping Willow -- there are 13 in all -- to stitch this 5 x 12 piece. I like the hills, all the sheep, the willow fronds and that zig-zag border that is uneven! Offered as a chart.

Chessie & Me Glory House -- click to see more Glory House
Ooohhh, this is a pretty little thing! Stitched on 36ct Vintage Pearled Barley Linen by Lakeside with seven different colors of Belle Soie Silk, this finishes a mere 2-1/4 x 4! The colored picture that comes in the kit is basically actual size. Touches of one-over-one, and some Rice and Smryna Stitches, the silks are Attic Tea, Chocolat, Icing, Mer Bleu, Puritan Blue, Red Fox and Weathered Vine.

Just a fun Americana-flavored project, it's kind of a steal because the linen and 18-inch lengths of silk are all included. (silks run $7.50 per skein otherwise!) Full of Chessie Charm!

Chessie & Me Birds of a Feather -- click to see more Birds of a Feather
This year's Chessie Scissor Fob kit, Birds of a Feather is darling! Offered as a complete kit, it includes a cut of 36ct Vintage Luna Lakeside Linen, 5 lengths of Belle Soie and Gloriana Silk, and the small chart.

Just a small thing, pretty colors, I love the POP the aqua-blue gives against the dark, bitter apple green! We have the little fob kits from the last several years father down the page.

Chessie & Me Mighty Oak Sampler -- click to see more Mighty Oak Sampler
'The strength of a mighty oak begins with a single acorn.' Chessie & Me has several new releases... I liked this one to feature on Just Arrived... it has so much detail and charm! A mighty oak tree offers protection to the log cabin, and home to lots of little forest and garden creatures -- check out the birds, squirrel, and even little Chessie the cat sitting in the grass -- they're all stitched over one!

Lots of specialty stitches scattered all over in here -- the grass is solid Satin Stitch -- it just shimmers! There are Rhodes, Eyelets and queens scattered everywhere for bits of texture, and the colors are just wonderful. Finishing approx 7 x 8 on 32ct Linen, this is stitched with 11 different shades of Belle Soie silk by Crescent Colours.

Chessie & Me Joy to Ewe -- click to see more Joy to Ewe
Chessie's 2010 Limited Edition Scissor Fob/Ornament is darling! Stitched on 32ct Vintage Meadow Rue Linen from Lakeside, the colors of Belle Soie Silk included are gorgeous. Creme de Menthe, Herb Garden, Old Crow, Red Fox, Teddy Bear and Vanilla Pudding... the little sheep body is cross stitched and then scattered here and there with French Knots on top of the crosses.

Charming, this finishes approx 2 x 3-3/4 in size -- a perfect ornament size! Offered as the complete kit of chart, linen and silks.

Chessie & Me Scarlet's Summer Sampler -- click to see more Scarlet's Summer Sampler
Super pretty edge treatments on this 5-1/4 inch square design -- notice the 4-Sided Stitch all around, and then the extra border on the right edge. I like the un-balance of that! Just like the rest of Linda's designs, this is loaded with Satin Stitches, some one-over-one, and lots of design detail. Fun finishing for this as well.

After your stitching is finished, hit the big-box craft store for a hunk of wood, paint it with acrylic paint, sand it a little, BriWax it next... and you have that awesome paddle! Then, choose a small piece of wool felt -- pink the edges -- tack your stitching onto the wool and glue IT to the paddle. A neat way to finish something -- other than a super-expensive custom frame job. Scarlet's Summer is offered as a chart, and calls for Belle Soie and Glorianna hand-dyed silks or DMC flosses.

Chessie & Me Chessie's Fern Pin Cushion and Fob -- click to see more Chessie's Fern Pin Cushion and Fob
Well... this is the sweetest little kitty... sitting innocently underneath the fern... it must be a different kitty that would catch the bird and bring it in the house!!! Chessie & Me has several new designs, this cushion and fob are just one. Stitched on the softest and most yummy 32ct Vintage Maple Sugar Lakeside Linen hand-dyed in Belle Soie silks of Old Crow blacks, greys, and Kiwi and Beanstalk greens, the fern is Straight-Stitched (Lazy Daisy would be fun, too), Chessie's rug features Satin Stitched edges.

Cushion finishes approx 3 x 3, fob just 1-1/2 x 2. Chessie's fob is two-sided... you see both her front and back! Kit includes the chart, Lakeside Linen, Belle Soie Silk and finishing instructions.

Chessie & Me Strawberry Banke -- click to see more Strawberry Banke
'Strive to excel in every useful skill' (Talk about setting the bar kind of high!) Just focus on your stitching talents for this charming 5 x 5 piece... and you'll be fine! Lots of one-over-one detail in the windows, little Chessie the cat, and that urn in the garden.

Tree is Lazy Daisy, the 4-Sided can be pulled a little -- it's the darker frame around the house panel of the piece -- kind of cool -- it 'divides' to accent the strawberry vine! Offered as the chart, this is stitched in DMCs, Crescent Colours and Week's hand-dyed cottons.

Chessie & Me Hearth and Home Hearth and Home
Linda's classic stone and mortar house with a log cabin upper story... I think I could live here!!! Lovely as a piece to hang in your guest room or foyer, this is stitched on Weeks 30ct Confederate Gray in Weeks, GAST and Crescent overdyed flosses. Lots of Satin Stitches and a few Smryna Crosses, the verse is over one on this piece.
Finishing approx 5 x 7-1/2, I love the colors and that lush pumpkin vine overtaking the landscape!!! Offered as the chart.

Three Sheep Sampler from Chessie & Me - click for more Three Sheep Sampler
Chessie & Me has several new releases... and I think this one is my favorite! I just love how she takes a normal picture and adds little specialty stitches all over in it... so that as you keep looking at it... you keep finding them! Stitched on Weeks 30ct Straw Linen in overdyed flosses... those rolling hills are stitched in Satin Stitches with a row of cross stitches between the color changes. The color changes in the floss add SO MUCH activity to those hills -- definitely the focal point of the piece.

Next, the cottage roof is stitched over 6 threads, using Old Purple Paint Sampler Thread, and is entirely made of buttonhole stitches. It looks just like a thatched roof!!! The little sheepies have Eyelets scattered all over them -- makes their wool coat bumpy! The cottage walls are cross stitched, but irregular satin stitch 'stones' interrupt them! And then, there is that irregular Long Arm Cross and Saw Tooth border going on... this is *charming!!!* Offered as the chart, it finishes approx 5 x 10-1/2 on the overdyed.

We Give Thee Thanks... For Nature's Bounty from Chessie & Me - click to see more We Give Thee Thanks... For Nature's Bounty.
Chessie & Me's newest sampler has the flavor of autumn bursting everywhere! The gnarly oak tree is home to acorns and a haven to a trio of mischievous squirrels all balancing on that branch over the house. Pumpkins in the yard, and of course, Chessie-the-kitty laying in waiting for those squirrels, this whole thing stitches into a 5 x 7-1/2 inch sampler.

Weeks 30ct Confederate Gray linen is used with the chart... you add the flosses. As always, lots of Satins, Scotch, Smyrnas, and Eyelets in here... it's really fun to see special stitches *worked into* the design rather than simply be border or row stitches. They define the shutters, pumpkins and acorns!

The Journey from Chessie & Me - click for more The Journey
'The Journey begins with a single stitch.' I believe this piece commemorates an Embroider's Guild event... so you'll need to celebrate your own event... but what a neat thing to stitch for a best friend in your stitch group?

I absolutely LOVE the design composition of this piece. Colors, balance, houses, path, and trees... all of it!

Butternut House Sampler
Another of Chessie neat house designs that looks so traditionally American in flavor. Black Crow, Black Raspberry Jam, Gold Leaf, Grape Leaf, Maple Syrup and Mulberry... I just love the colors in this! I especially like that patriotic pot of flowers with the flag... pull that out and stitch it individually! Lots of fun stitches, lots of texture and interest, this measures approx 6 x 7 on 32ct. Offered as the chart.

Butternut House Sampler by Chessie & Me -- click to see a the rest

Garden Gathering
A delightful little garden scene, it's full of Chessie's traditional bumblebees, always a flag somewhere, and teeny specialty stitches to add lots of texture and points of interest! This design uses lots of golds, browns, grays and luscious plum colors... we just love our stitched model! Available as a chart.

Garden Gathering -- click to see a larger view!

Preserve Liberty
A wonderful set of spindly trees, primitive star borders, and a clapboard house, the basic design of this sampler is really very simple. Upon studying the chart... that little house is full of different special stitches that make up each of the ten clapboards!!!

Really cool! It uses overdyeds in Schneckely, Cherry Bark, and lots of regular mosses and taupes, and finishes approx 18 x 7" on any 26ct linen. Available as a chart.

Preserve Liberty -- click to see a larger view!

Liberty For All
Stitched over one thread on 32ct natural linen, in rich overdyed reds, burgundy, deep blues, creme and golds... this is a tiny flag worked in special stitches! Finishing a mere 2-1/4 x 3", our little brick is finished into a bitty 2 x 3 x 4"!

The stripes on the flag alternate between satin, scotch, smyrna crosses, eyelets and algerian eyes, rice, cross, and straight stitches! It's just exquisite, and available as a chart!

Liberty For All -- click to see a larger view

Blessings Of The Bee
This is a delightful scene of a beekeeper's cottage, and hives! Parts of the design are stitched over one thread of linen, for extra detail, and most of it is stitched in lavender, gold, sage, and creme overdyed flosses. It's a charming design, talking about the bees yielding natures treasure -- their honey! Very pretty for a kitchen, or garden room, it finishes 3-1/2 x 9" on 32ct... and is available as a chart.

Blessings of the Bee -- click to see a larger view

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