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Lovely, hand-made primitive hornbook frames and thread organizers... the wooden feel of these pieces is wonderful.

Liberty and Cherry Tree from Priscilla's Pocket Liberty and Cherry Tree
Just a bitty wisp of a design, offered in a tiny kit.

Stitched on Weeks 35ct Straw hand-dyed linen with Gloriana's In the Navy silk thread, this measures only 62 x 42 in size -- just 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 in finished dimensions.

Stoneware Snowman from Priscilla's Pocket Stoneware Snowman
Priscilla's Pocket did another little blue design -- A Snowman -- for this year. The other three -- bunny, kitten and cat are just as bitty and just as cute. Little bonuses to complement her lovely stoneware patterns, this comes as a small kit of 32ct Tin Roof Weeks Linen with Gentle Art's Black Raspberry Jam hand-dyed floss and enough of Dames of the Needle's blue ball trim to edge your little cushion.

Just cute... last year, they showed the little bunny stitched in several different pastel shades of floss... pink, yellow, mint green, lavender. Just find the ball trim first, then floss to match! So cute!

Stoneware Cat & Kitten from Priscilla's Pocket Stoneware Cat & Kitten from Priscilla's Pocket Stoneware Bunny, A Pin Pillow Kit
Priscilla's Pocket has a new mini-cushion kit to accompany her cat and kitten. She has some cushion designs that are inspired by old stoneware patterns -- the dark blue on tan pottery. Cat and Kitten have been past Market exclusives that she is still making for us, and now Bunny is this years'! Stitched on Weeks Dye Works Tin Roof Linen, you get the chart, linen AND the 'Wonka's Blueberry' colored mini ball trim by Dames of the Needle for your finishing. You will need Gentle Art's Black Raspberry Jam floss to stitch this.

When we were at the show, They had this little bunny stitched in EASTER colors!!! It was darling! Just choose your trim first, as there are the fewest color choices of that, then match a pastel fabric and hand-dyed floss! Stoneware Bunny finishes less than 3 x 3... the entire collection of these stoneware cushions is SO COOL together! Let us know if you want us to choose an additional color combo for you... we can do that too!

Stoneware Pillows III from Priscilla's Pocket Stoneware Pillows III
Priscilla's Pocket continues her charming set of Salt-glazed Stoneware pin cushions... this set of 7 brings the total in the collection to 21!!!! Beautiful and tiny, each cushion is stitched on Weeks Dye Works 35ct Tin Roof Linen in ONE shade of thread -- Gentle Art's Black Raspberry Jam. Our charts all come with the matching 3 yards of mini-ball fringe trim by Dames of the Needle.

PERFECT to finish all seven cushions in the chart pack, these are so petite (2 x 2-ish!) and cute!!!! We have a small basket display that gets played with everyday in the shop!! Purchase a fat quarter 18 x 27 cut for these... if you're careful, you can get a million on there (or at least maybe 24??) Presented as the chart with 3 yards of matching trim.

Stoneware Cat & Kitten from Priscilla's Pocket Stoneware Cat & Kitten
Tiny Market Exclusives by Priscilla's Pocket -- These are a *TRY ME* thing! Bitty kitties -- with that Salt Glaze Stoneware flavor -- each comes as a small kit of chart, 35ct Week's Tin Roof Linen and just enough of that matching mini-ball fringe by Dames of the Needle to make your 2-inch-ish pin cushion!!!

So... in the middle of that glorious dish of pottery motifs, you can hide your matching mini-kitty or mini-cat cushion! 2015's Special kit was the CAT - still available to shops that purchased at the show (that would include The Silver Needle!) and 2-16's Special Kit is the KITTY! So sweet!

Handmade Miniature Wooden Thread Keeps from Priscilla's Pocket Wooden Flag Threadkeep from Priscilla's Pocket Handmade Miniature Wooden Thread Keeps
Presenting a trio of exquisite miniature thread winders -- all made from different woods. Measuring less than 1-3/4 x 1-1/2 inches in size, they are cross cut from blocks of different woods.

Stunning little pieces, don't hide them away in a sewing case! Maybe wrap with one or two winds of a coordinating silk... and frame in a needlework shadowbox??? We've always had the American Flag, but the other two patterns are new releases by 'Priscilla's wood guy!'

Stoneware Pillows II from Priscilla's Pocket Stoneware Pillows II
Gosh, this is a beautiful little collection of pin cushion designs all inspired by Salt Glazed Stoneware motifs. Offered in a chart format, they are all smaller than 64 x 51, are worked on Weeks 35ct Tin Roof with Gentle Art's Black Raspberry Jam hand-dyed floss. The finishing trim is Wonka's Blueberry hand-dyed mini-ball fringe by Dames of the Needle -- and we have included the 3-yards you will need to finish all of these! The first set is charming -- we have them all stitched and perched in a basket -- so now, we'll have 6 more to add to them!

*Here's a nice display idea: Find a TALL GLASS VASE or JAR. Toss your cushions into it -- arranging them so that your stitching shows. Let them nestle and 'overlap' each other a bit... get them mooshed in there... they look lovely from every direction and take up less display space!

Let Freedom Ring from Priscilla's Pocket Let Freedom Ring
This is a TINY design stitched over one thread on 40ct linen and mounted to one of Priscilla's Pockets mini hornbook thread pallettes. ABSOLUTELY CHARMING...

From Every Mountainside (also shown at right, and available below) was their first design... and now, here is the companion. You'll need to choose some hand-dyed cottons, and a pale blue linen color. This is offered as a chart, with that small wooden hornbook separately.

From Every Mountainside from Priscilla's Pocket - click for more From Every Mountainside
Here's another endearing Patriotic design we just had to have! By Priscilla's Pocket, stitch the little girl waving her flag over one on 40ct. (sorry about that...!) She is worked in Crescent Colour's Belle Soie Silks -- 8 different colors in this! She measures a mite 1-1/2 x 2-3/4.

Then, mount her onto this cool, handmade wooden hornbook thread palette. It measures only 4 x 4 with a two-nch handle. Really pretty... who wouldn't love to have this??? Offered as the chart, with horn book separately... in case you want to stitch it on something larger and finish it a different way.

Wooden Flag Threadkeep from Priscilla's Pocket Stoneware Pinpillows
from Priscilla's Pocket!!!
This is a set of charts to make 6 small pin cushions reminiscent of stoneware patterns! Stitched on 35ct Weeks hand-dyed Tin Roof linen with Gentle Art's Black Raspberry Jam floss, each finishes about the same size, but not quite.

We have packaged the 3 yards of Dames of the Needle MATCHING mini-pom-pom ball trim you see around all of these! All of your cushions will match and make a charming set!

Lots of Patriotic!!!
Patriot's Trio from Priscilla's Pocket Spacious Skies from Priscilla's Pocket
  • Spacious Skies -- A sophisticated, monochromatic piece, the stitch count is 85 x 84, and it is worked in only one color. Choose a pretty hand-dyed for interest -- black, dark navy, rich deep red... whatever you like. If you want to mount it on Priscilla's little hornbook... get it first to match your thread and fabric colors -- you'll just need any 36ct.
  • Patriot's Trio -- Here's another set of designs that can be framed or stitched to fit on those fun little Miniature Hornbook Paddles. Worked on 35ct Weeks Tin Roof linen with hand-dyeds of Dried Thyme, Garden Gate, Grecian Gold, Old Red Paint, Parchment, Shaker White, Uniform Blue and Lancaster Red... these are absolutely enchanting pieces! All three are offered in the same chart.

Ready-made Lucet Pocket from Priscilla's Pocket - click for more Cotton Fabric Lucet Pocket Kit from Priscilla's Pocket - click for more Cotton & Wool Lucet Pocket Kit from Priscilla's Pocket - click for more
Lucet Pockets
We have JUST A FEW Pockets for your Lucet! All made of lovely, antique-y cotton fabrics, you have three options.
  • Ready Made -- A gorgeous denim floral with burgundy lining it measures 4 x 7 when closed. $60.00
  • Cotton Fabric Kit -- Make your own - these colors are a rich brick red and soft grays with touches of antiqued gold. $44.00
  • Cotton Fabric Inside, Wool Outside Kit -- Weeks Dove Herringbone and Solids, everything is cut out for you, and stabilizer is already ironed on!!! Luscious denims and raspberry color. $42.00

Priscilla's Pocket Miniature Hornbook Paddles - click for more Priscilla's Pocket Miniature Hornbook Paddles
Well these are a really cool way to finish and display your needlework! Completely handmade, painted and finished with distressing, these measure approx 3 inches in size in the display area, and are approx 5-1/2 inches in overall height. Just petite things... you can drill holes to actually sew your needlework on by the buttons... or get bold and CAREFULLY use a bit of sneaky glue!!!!!

Very primitive, and as I said... a really nice way to highlight your tiny works of art. VERY fun sitting on a table or perched on a shelf beside a special sampler. We have several colors available -- have a preference?

Primer Hornbook from Priscilla's Pocket - click for more Primer Hornbook
This is a sweet design... stitched with your favorite color of Week's hand-dyed floss, on your favorite color and count of Week's hand-dyed linen. Next, choose the matching wool to your thread (you could use Herringbone on the front like this one and mix Houndstooth on the back for instance), and the matching #5 Perle Cotton to make your Lucet Cord.

Grab your little wooden tool, and gather some ground walnut shells for stuffing... and you'll have a charming pin cushion that features a wool band on the front to actually HOLD your needles, instead of letting them slip into oblivion inside the cushion!

Hand Made & Distressed Hornbook Frame - click for more Mini Thread Organizing Paddle Hornbooks
These are the CUTEST! Featured on Needlemade's Black Cat and Priscilla's Pocket's From Every Mountainside designs... this small paddle doubles as your frame and thread organizer. Measuring only 3 x 6 overall... it features 4 holes for threads... and a charming *chunky* design statement. Each is hand-made, and available in various woods... our selection varies in color.

LOTS of personality with these, find anything small to mount. Simply cut a board, wrap needlework around it, trim with a bit of cord if you wish, and you're finished. Just an ENDEARING little wood piece!

Black Cat Hornbook from Needlemade Designs - click to see more Black Cat Hornbook
from Needlemade Designs
Oh... these are CUTE!!!! Be Needlemade Designs, choose your favorite kitty-color and stitch him on almost any count of linen, to finish onto one of Priscilla's Pockets hand-made chunky hornbooks! Stitch a black cat or a Siamese, and trim with a border of Nun's Stitch.

Offered as a leaflet, there is history of the Nun Stitch included, as well as advice about loving your kitty. Designer, Linda, warns that these are easy enough to stitch and give away as gifts... and the easiest way of finding new homes for your cats!!!

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