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The Silver Needle's Cross Stitch Exclusives

Welcome to our Shop Exclusives Page! We have so many great things in the shop that are special only to us. I've chosen a few to highlight here. ENJOY!

Whoo-Dunnit? from Val's Stuff - click to see lots more! Whoo-Dunnit? from Val's Stuff
Val's Stuff in conjunction with Just Another Button Company has done a cute design for The Silver Needle!!! A double-duty thing... you get a bookmark design *It's a Mystery to me!* to tuck into the pages of your in-progress read, AND a super-cute book cover decoration! The JABCO girls are a whiz at printing artwork on perforated paper.
Whoo-Dunnit? from Val's Stuff - click to see lots more!
The big owl against the night sky is printed on paper. His 'arms' are more paper, and the little book is even more paper, stitched and backed with felt. Attach the green leaves to his head, add the clay buttons, stitch the 'arms' a little and attach. All of this is shown mounted on the cover of a book... to make a really cute decoration on a bookshelf.

So, a bookmark and a separate bookcase decoration! Val and JABCO did this for us as a Shop Exclusive at the recent St Charles MO Needlework Galleria consumer stitching show. Their kit includes a ton of stuff... the bookmark chart and perf paper, button, ribbon and felt, as well as the book cover printed perf paper and backing sheet, more buttons and felts... you'll just need to add your own floss. The book cover piece fits a 5 x 7 frame... in case you don't have a spare book to decorate!

A Needle of Silver from Hands On Design - click to see more
A Needle of Silver
from Hands On Design
We hosted Cathy Habermann during our annual 2018 Summer Stitching Event... and here is a tiny benefit! To honor the gals at The Silver Needle, she incorporated our shop name into her verse: A Needle of Silver & a Heart of Gold. She has designed us a pin cushion that measures 76 x 77 in stitch count.

Included with the chart is a bit of aqua felt to mark the place to poke needles and pins... and we just love it! Stitched on 32ct Antique White Belfast with DMC flosses of yellow, aqua and mossy greens. Offered as a chart with felt, or kitted chart and felt with linen and flosses. Thanks Cathy!!!

Presenting our Next 2018-2019 *A Little Help From Our Friends Stitching Circle!*
We are excited to bring you SIX designers this coming year for our Stitching Circle! Their EXCLUSIVE designs for The Silver Needle begin releasing this coming August!!! Delightful offerings every other month... till June of 2019... these ladies will do their best to design you something charming... and we'll do our best to kit it up for you and include a special, fun, bonus gift each time!
Cross stitch from Blackbird Designs Plum Street Samplers Heart In Hand designs from The Silver Needle Summer House Stitche Workes Samplers Not Forgotten logo
Reservations are open NOW for a few weeks till we are full... registering entitles you to all 6 kits. Each design will be a surprise, targeted pricing is between $38 and $50 each release. We're concentrating on pin cushion-type things... I've given the gals guidelines. Designs are not offered outside of our Circle Program. It's our 4th year to do this... we have loved every minute of it!

Past Designers (and their limited exclusives to us) Include:
Jeannette Douglas, Shepherd's Bush, La D Da, Chessie & Me, The Drawn Thread, Sam Sarah Studio, Scarlett House, Lizzie Kate, Blackbird Designs, Blackberry Lane, Heartstrings Samplery, Cross Eyed Cricket, Plum Street Samplers, Erica Michaels Designs, & Hands On Design -- a pretty good line-up I think!!!!(That's our resume!)

Stitching in the Garden from Blackberry Lane Presenting with Excitement: Stitching in the Garden!
from Blackberry Lane Designs
Blackberry Lane's Marie Driskill designed us a SURPRISE companion pattern to her Circle of Friends design 'Alphabet Stitches' she did for us this past year! Same colors, same fabric, same size... we are so excited to present our Exclusive *Stitching in the Garden* chart by Marie! We can't believe she just 'whipped it up' for us, but she did!!! (If you were part of this last Circle -- you have Alphabet Stitches.)

Stitching in the Garden is offered as a chart -- it has a lovely Country French Girl surrounded by her border of violets. On the back of the cushion, her stitching basket is there... just a bit of gorgeous color to treat the backside of your cushion! Stitched on Picture This Plus's 32ct Wren linen with lots of hand-dyed flosses and a few DMC flosses, it finishes approx 4 x 4.

Merry Fifteen... finished into cubes, a Silver Needle Exclusive from Just Nan - click to see more Recognize This?
It's our Just Nan Merry 15 Biscornu -- RE-ARRANGED!

Here's inspiration to help you think outside the *biscornu* box! Our awesome Merry 15 by Just Nan finishes into a really cute pin cushion... but if you don't want to stitch all 15 sides of it... choose just a few and make little cubes out of them! Here, we chose 9 of the 15 bitty 2 x 2 designs.

We stitched them individually... made individual little cubes... and tied them together! You could do 3 cubes, you could do 4... The pattern comes with a gorgeous set of 5 different hand-painted and beaded counting pins... and you could add those to the bow-toppings of individual cubes or little stuffed ornaments if you wanted. You could even do all 15 -- more than one time each -- and make tiny cushions that could congregate in a pretty Christmas basket! Basically... this is the neatest set of small designs that you can do a lot with!!!!

Merry Fifteen, a Silver Needle Exclusive from Just Nan - click to see more Presenting Merry Fifteen!
Nan Caldera has outdone herself, creating an enchanting 15-sided pin-cushion for The Silver Needle!!! Merry Fifteen is a delightfully intricate little piece -- it features 15 stitched panels - each measuring a mere 25 x 25 stitches. Snowflakes, angels, reindeer, candy canes, Santa, Rudolph, a snowman and holiday bird, a gingerbread couple and a tiny fir tree... all are gathered together... gracing all the different sides of the 4 x 2-1/2 stuffed pin cushion.

Frame each individual panel, make them into individual ornaments and fobs, or connect them together to make Nan's exquisite Biscornu-shaped cushion! Stitched on 28ct Natural opalescent Cashel linen... the lighter panels just glisten with the special metallic already woven throughout. The Ruby Red panels match *exactly* to Week's Dye Works Garnet thread color... so along with the DMCs you'll be using, this does include Garnet flosses and is joined together with Weeks #8 Perle of the same hand-dyed garnet color.

Merry Fifteen, a Silver Needle Exclusive from Just Nan - click to see more TONS of fun beads on here... I see antiqued reds, whites, golds and two different striped glass seed beads! One is a bold red and white stripe -- like a peppermint, and the other has the finest red and green filaments running through the glass. The center medallions are ornate antique gold pieces, one on each side. All of it is designed to showcase the special set of 5 Christmas Charmed Pins of Nan's. The ONLY set of Christmas Pins Nan will be producing... our Merry Fifteen sports the most delightful little things!
  • A Vintage Angel -- glazed with glitter -- featuring a star halo, she's perched atop frosted white beads and a red fire crystal base bead.
  • Evening Star -- Embellished with a smaller beaded star medallion, another fire crystal and opalescent pearl base.
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer -- his tiny nose REALLY IS painted red!
  • Snowflake -- Frosted white and silver, this lacy flake features a gold finding base, and a green fire crystal!
  • Bird -- My Personal Favorite -- this tiny bird features red and green painted decorations on both of his sides and tail!!!

  • Merry Fifteen, a Silver Needle Exclusive from Just Nan - click to see more The Silver Needle has commissioned Just Nan for Merry Fifteen so it is a Shop Exclusive to us! Our 2009 Just Nan Celebration!!!!! Merry Fifteen is offered as a complete kit. Except for a few DMC flosses from your stash, you'll receive charts, embellishments, pics, assembly instructions, 28ct linen cuts of Natural/Opalescent and Ruby Wine, the necessary Week's Dye Works Garnet flosses and matching perles, the Kreinik #4 Metallic Braid, needles, and of course, the set of five of those absolutely exquisite ***Hand-Made-By-Nan*** (EVERY single one!) glass pins!!!

    I just LOVE the tiny details on this... the gingerbread people are only 17 stitches high... the little Santa reminds me of our JN Silver Needle Santa ornament a few years ago. The trees are luscious -- gold metallic garland! The reindeer are precious and so is the little snowman! I know Nan has been assembling our pins for months... she was making 100 pins each night... we keep count via periodic phone conversations!!! I don't know HOW all of this comes out of her creative head... I'm not going to ask questions!!!
    My only job is to *ENJOY! * Thank-You Nan!!!

    Bunny Boards -- click here to see more! Bunny Boards!
    Does your stitching basket or sewing case need a palette to hold a current project's thread collection? This simple rabbit outline, decorated with just a few 'scribbles' of definition is immediately recognizable as a cute bunny that would look great peeking out from a sewing case pocket!

    5 Inches in height, and almost 3 inches in width, there are 10 numbered holes on her to attach working threads (or the leftovers from that special project that you store inside it's finished pocket.)

    Miniature Scissor Blocks -- click here to see more! Miniature Scissor Blocks
    OHhhh... we have the cutest miniature scissor blocks! Made from assorted woods, these little 1-1/2 x 2 x 2-3/4 chunks feature a slanted top, complete with ruler slot. Along with that slot, notice the larger hole near the top? That holds a pair of 3-1/2 to 4-inch embroidery scissors. Then, notice the two smaller holes? They store needles. Each of them as a tiny magnet in their bottom -- just enough to make your needles *cling* so if the block get knocked over, no needles errantly spill to the floor.

    Not big, not heavy, just functional and cute! The slit can hold a small pattern, or one of our rulers or paddles that double as thread organizers. If you order multiples, we'll try to mix up your woods, but try to match ruler and organizer woods to blocks. All of these are just the coolest things!

    4-Inch Wooden Ruler Thread Organizer -- click here to see more!
    4-Inch Wooden Ruler Thread Organizer
    *Needlework soothes the soul and inspires the mind* is the advice offered on one side of these 4-inch thread organizers... while *The Silver Needle* is the other advice for good living on the other side! Measuring 1-1/2 inches x 4-1/2... your calibrated ruler includes 5 holes to loop threads for works in progress.

    It slips into the slot of our miniature scissor block, so even if you have no threads looped on it, the ruler is still there... and it's stored neatly in your block. Pretty Handy!

    Wooden Snowman Mini Wooden Thread Palette -- click here to see more! Wooden Snowman Mini Wooden Thread Palette
    This little guy measures approx 2-3/4 x 1-1/4 inches in size, and has 12 holes for threads. We may not always have him in stock... but we'll try! He features our logo and website in teeny letters on his tummy.

    Wooden Time to Stitch Watch Wooden Thread Palette -- click here to see more! Wooden Time to Stitch Watch Wooden Thread Palette
    I love this antiqued pocket watch design! 2-1/4 wide by 3-inches high, it again features 12 holes tor a few of your threads. Another treasure that comes in and out of our doors -- enchanting! Our shop logo is featured on that back of this -- very small, engraved just like the design on the front.

    Webmaster's Note: We have some of these delightful wooden goodies for you on Accessories, Gifts & Gadgets, page 4 and more on our Exclusives page. Check out both pages to see them all!

    Very Berry from Erica Michaels - click for more Very Berry from Erica Michaels - click for more
    Introducing... Very Berry!
    from Erica Michaels
    Linda Stolz of Erica Michaels has designed an EXQUISITE wool strawberry... stitched on 30ct silk gauze!!! Designed to be a scissor fob or tiny pin cushion this little 2-1/2 x 1-3/4 confection is *way too pretty* to eat... and I'd never stick pins in mine!!! Here are all the details!

    Stitched in Continental Stitch (just the first half of a Cross Stitch), your berry calls for 5 different shades of Gentle Art's hand-dyed Simply Wool -- you'll be stitching with one ply of thread. The stitched berries that wrap around the piece are little checkerboards of Mulberry and Buckeye Scarlet, the blossoms have hints of golden Brandy in them, and the leaves are a deep Blue Spruce, all against a Roasted Marshmallow background! A miniature strawberry patch on your Very Berry! Next, the berry top features matching Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed wool leaves!!!

    Very Berry from Erica Michaels - click for moreVery Berry from Erica Michaels - click for more Charted for regular stitching, you could do this on linen... but our exclusive kit contains 30ct silk gauze instead! (Bigger holes than linen -- NO KIDDING!) When you are finished with the stitching, the long side is joined into a cone-shape, and the top is drawn/gathered together, with tiny wool leaves attached to the top! Just darling!!!

    Offered as the complete kit, we have included the chart, gauze, 8 complete skeins of Gentle Art's Simply Wool, Weeks Dye Works wool, and your needle. Complete assembly instructions are included, along with stitching tips for the gauze! I'm holding the precious little berry in my hands in some of our pics... you can see how petite it is, and how very special and unique! *Thank You, Linda* for designing something so awesome... just for The Silver Needle!

    Sweet Honey from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see lots more
    Announcing: The Town Square!
    from Forty Cross Stitch Designers
    A darling set of 40 tiny shops, businesses and churches that together, make up an awesome Town Square and Village!!! A collaboration between different designers and vendors at our Summer 2006 Wholesale Needlework Market... everyone got together, and designed a particular building as part of the overall village.

    I can't remember off the top of my head who did what... but I do remember that Shepherd's Bush had a Honey Shop, Mosey 'n Me did the bookstore, Crescent Colours had the saloon, Lizzie Kate did the Candy Shop, Sweetheart Tree had a Sweet-shop... there is a knitting shop, quilt shop, frame shop (East Side Moulding did that one!), a general store, haberdashery, a button shop -- done by Just Another Button Co!. The town hall, jail, fire station... Bent Creek did the fish shop... I could go on and on! Sandie's Sweet Shop

    Anyway, offered as a set of 'freebie cross stitch charts' to those shops attending the show... Silver Needle is following Elegant Stitch's idea of loading all of these charts onto one CD for you... so you can have them all in one place, and print any or all... as many times as you wish! (We weren't sure our copier was up to all those thousands of copies anyhow... and nobody jumped up to baby-sit it while they ran!)

    Because of the time and effort involved in producing the set and duplicating the CDs, we have them available for $5.00 each... with a Silver Needle purchase. No limit to the number of CDs... good inexpensive stitcher surprises here! Ready to print in .jpg format... this is such a treat!

    Cross Stitch Shop Several of the designers had special embellishments on their houses... we have most all of it, so when you get your Village, and decide which you're going to stitch... you can order any necessary fabrics, threads, buttons and charms from us!

    Sorry we don't have a composite pic of the whole Village... nobody had stitched one for the show... but enjoy several of the individual pics we do have!

    Victorian Mourning Pins - click to see more Victorian Mourning Pins
    AKA Little black stick pins! I'd never seen these before, till they appeared in Netty Nightshade's Pumpkin Furniture!!! (Any good stitcher or seamstress has pins and needles stuck in her furniture!)

    Presented in a clear dish with a screw-top lid, 150 black straight pins measuring 1 inch x .85mm are nestled inside. Perfect for Halloween pin cushions and sewing cases, or something very 'antiquy'... they have a flat, matte black finish that matches our black scissors.

    Scrub-a-Dub Ducky - Our April 2014 Secret Needle Night - click to see more Corn-On-A-Stick!-- Our September Secret Neede Night - click to see more Frigid Freida - Our December Secret Needle Night - click to see more House Hunting for Spring! - Our March 2014 Secret Needle Night - click to see more
    Secret Needle Night
    These are delightful little designs we create every month, available as complete kits. We mail them right to you for only $17.50! Each is seasonal, full of cool threads, fun fabric, and neat embellishments. Very cute, and quick to stitch... they are monthly Limited Editions, that are a trademark of our shop!
    Check out the collection and learn about our automatic monthly program!

    Ultra-Fine (Beading) Threader
    A super-duper thin wire in melted into this plastic threader, securely attached to thread teeny needles, perfectly! Used in quilting, beadwork, heirloom sewing and fine needlework, the super-fine, diamond-shaped wire is designed for threading 'Betweens #12,' 'Sharps #11 and 12,' Milliners #11, and Beading #10 & 12. Absolutely wonderful... you'll want these to keep in every needlecase you own! Ours are packaged 2 to a pack, in a clear, protective plastic case, which includes an outer sleeve. Really cool!

    Ultra-Fine Threader

    All-Purpose Threader
    A great all-around needle threader... these will thread Tapestry needles as well as many others. The durable design features a wire that is fused into the plastic housing, along with a recessed cutting blade on the opposite end! There is even a small hole provided in case you want to attach it to a favorite chatelaine or project! Ours are packaged in pairs in a protective plastic sleeve and case. Very handy!

    All-Purpose Threader

    Needlework Threader
    The heavy-duty version of our other two threaders, this one is perfect for Tapestry and Chenille needles. Used for needlepoint, cross-stitch, hardanger and embroidery, it's perfect for perle cottons, yarn, ribbons and specialty threads (like some of the heavier Rainbow Gallery ones!). The square design of the threader allows the thread to 'spread out' as it passes through the eye of the needle, so there is much less stress, (and less breakage later on!) It features a recessed cutting blade, as well as a hole for attachment to a chatelaine or sewing case. Packaged by the pair in a wonderful clear plastic protective sleeve... they slip into a clear case for extra protection.

    Needlework Threader

    The Threader Collection
    A trio of needle threaders, each with a specific use. Specially packaged for The Silver Needle in a handy, clear storage sleeve. $7.50 pkg.

    Ultra-Fine: for quilting and beading needles.

    All Purpose: a good general use threader with a built-in cutter.

    Heavy-Duty Threader: for larger threads and delicate fibers, too. Also has a built-in cutter.

    The Threader Collection

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