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Paris Rive Gauche from Perrette Samouiloff - click for more
Paris Rive Gauche
from Perrette Samouiloff
Oh, what a charming scene of a girl in Paris for the day!!! By Perrette Samouiloff, this 90 x 215 stitch count design finishes approx 6-1/2 x 15-1/2 on 28ct linen. You can split apart the elements to make some smaller pieces if you like -- just get that Eiffel Tower in them!!!

Coded for DMC floss, this is just a simple thing that caught my eye! Do something fun with it! Offered as a chart.

14 Days a Week Mr & Mrs Elf & The Santa Claus People - click for more 14 Days a Week Pastry Cool Elf & Snow Mice - click for more 14 Days a Week Mr & Mrs Claus, Tobby & Co Pattern - click for more 14 Days a Week Albert, Elsa and the Christmas Hens - click for more
Tiny Felt People by 14 Days a Week
Oh my gosh, we have no business carrying these charming little patterns -- but I couldn't resist them! They are full-sized patterns to make *Tiny Felt People* that measure between 3 and 6 inches each. Santa and Mrs, lots of little elves, Little Red Riding Hood, (Grandma-the-wolf is knitting!), bitty animals and decorated mushrooms... 14 Days a Week is actually 2 sisters from France. They have written their instructions in English, and presented the piece templates actual cutting size.

I think the figures are so cute and creative... and if you're half-way crafty... you'll LOVE doing these! I see bits of rik-rak, some jingle bells, beads and sequins... some of my most treasured Christmas Ornaments are the felt ones my Mom made when we were little. (I am the lucky *keeper of the felt and sequin family tree skirt and our childhood stockings!)

14 Days a Week Gaston, his Sheep, Red Riding Hood & Wolf - click for more 14 Days a Week Pretty Mushrooms, Mr & Mrs Owl - click for more 14 Days a Week Alice & The White Rabbit, Among the Stars - click for more 14 Days a Week Hansel, Gretel & St Nicholas - click for more

Summer's Last Fling from Lindsay Lane Designs - click to see more Summer's Last Fling from Lindsay Lane Designs
Lindsay Lane has a pretty floral basket to celebrate the last fleeting days of Summer. Just a simple thing, it needs to be stitched on a soft, neutral shade of whatever fabric you like best. It uses Week's Tarragon, Brick, Whiskey, Red Pear, Cognac, Cadet, Grapevine, Juniper and Parchment.

I love pulling the colors together to get a feel for the finished piece. Offered as a chart, it finishes a little under 4 x 6 on 32ct, so it'll make a fairly large pin cushion

. We have several other things by Lindsay Lane -- including Halloween and Autumn... but I couldn't resist this boquet!

Scary Things October Brings from Silver Creek Samplers - click to see more Happy Halloween from Silver Creek Samplers - click to see more Happy Halloween and Scary Things October Brings from Silver Creek Samplers
Silver Creek Samplers has a pair of cute designs that you can add to your stitching stash for next Fall!
  • Happy Halloween -- Weeks and Gentle Art over-dyeds in this, it finishes approx 5 x 6 on 32ct. It'd be fun to add buttons and bead embellishments to, metallic in the eyes, opalescent in the ghosts, Wisper thread for the kitty... you get the idea.
  • Scary Things October Brings -- This one finishes approx 6 x 6-1/2 on 32ct, and would look good with lots of thread and embellishment creations. A neat rhyme, something like this makes a cute decoration finished into a fabric 'mat.' Just add some fabric strips and make a mini quilt hanging, only don't hang it -- just lay it on the coffee table. (Of course you have to be one of 'those people' who have empty spots in your house for that. Maybe the wall is a better idea!?)
Both are offered as charts, and will go great on so many different fabric color and count choices.

Lucy Dunning Sampler from Threads of Gold -- click to see a larger view! Lucy Dunning Sampler from Threads of Gold
I have always liked this sampler... the chart by Threads of Gold has been around forever... there are no dates on our packages... but the design remains lovely as it did in 1811 when it was originally stitched by 13yr old Lucy Dunning. The border is gorgeous, and the octagonal cartouches in the center band really draw your eye. They are worked over one in half (tent) stitches.

Although the green grasses as the bottom are all Cross Stitched... you could add Satins to that if you wanted. Throw in some Sawtooth Satins around the verse, a few Algerian Eyes up in the alphabet... this is just so pretty! Stitch count is approx 290 square, so it'll be a commanding 18 x 18 on 32ct, and a delightful 14-1/2 inches on 40ct. Offered as a chart, it is coded for DMC or silks.

A House for Wax - click for more A House for Wax
Noteworthy Needle has cool little beeswax waxers for your threads. Pure beeswax, use them to strengthen and smooth threads and reduce tangles. I remember my mom waxing her sewing thread when she was mending jeans and doing buttons. I wanted Janis to make something to store your waxers in... and she came up with this cute *House for Wax* Pocket! Since her waxers are various sizes... the chart can be worked on different count fabrics to accomedate the specific waxer sizes. Stitch the house and tree, or just the house, make it into a pouch and bead the edges if you feel adventuresome.

I think Janis's future plans are to design specific pockets for specific waxer shapes...but for now, we have this cute house to store our assortment of her waxers. Chart includes a waxer.

Wayne's Book Stand - click for more
Wayne's Book Stand
Our Wood-Guy, Wayne, just lives to invent stuff!!! Here's his latest creation -- a little stand for your pattern, scissors, needles and threads! Made of oak, he's got the whole thing smooth and well balanced, I'd say it weighs about 12 ounces... maybe a pound. Measuring 8 inches long, 4 inches deep and 7 inches high... it has that back bar to hold up your pattern, and an angled slit in the base in which you can perch it.

If you have a small Snippet by Lizzie Kate or similar pattern, that slit will hold it open for you. The pegs are there for you to lasso your scissors over and loop threads. See the little micro-super-magnet embedded in base? That's for needles! Only thing it's missing is a recessed area for those M&Ms!!! (I bet we can get him to add that later on!!!) VERY handy little caddy!!!!!!!!

Wooden Snowman Mini Wooden Thread Palette -- click here to see more! Wooden Snowman Mini Wooden Thread Palette
This little guy measures approx 2-3/4 x 1-1/4 inches in size, and has 12 holes for threads. We may not always have him in stock... but we'll try! He features our logo and website in teeny letters on his tummy.

Wooden Time to Stitch Watch Wooden Thread Palette -- click here to see more! Wooden Time to Stitch Watch Wooden Thread Palette
I love this antiqued pocket watch design! 2-1/4 wide by 3-inches high, it again features 12 holes tor a few of your threads. Another treasure that comes in and out of our doors -- enchanting! Our shop logo is featured on that back of this -- very small, engraved just like the design on the front.

Webmaster's Note: We have some of these delightful wooden goodies for you on Accessories, Gifts & Gadgets, page 4 and more on our Exclusives page. Check out both pages to see them all!

Growing Love from Threadwork Primitives - click to see more Growing Love from Threadwork Primitives
This definitely offers a different finishing treatment to spice up life a little! Growing Love is a generous 6 x 8 half-circle wallet that folds to 6 x 4, your stitching is done on a 32ct, and lined with calico of your choice.

The charming part is the blanket stitching all along the curve, and the hand-tacked felt pocket inside. Nothing too fancy, but pretty colors of Schneckley, Gunmetal, Pea Pod and Calico Kitty.

Where Liberty Dwells from Threadwork Primitives - click to see more My Treasures from Threadwork Primitives - click to see more
Where Liberty Dwells & My Treasures from Threadwork Primitives
A pair of endearing designs by Threadwork Primitives, each is offered in chart format. Where LIberty Dwells is worked on 32ct with Gentle Art and DMC flosses and finishes a petite 7 x 8. It might be kind of fun to stitch the house with some Satin Stitches, and you could sub in some special stitches for the dividing bands between the letters...

My Treasures is a sweet tribute to friendship. Finishing a mere 4 x 7 on 32ct, the verse reads *My treasures were. I had such friends.* There are spaces for initials and dates... you could even add an entire row to this with nothing but initials in it. Stitched with DMC or hand-dyeds, just a small and quiet tribute.

Patriotic Hearts from AuryTM - click to see more Patriotic Hearts from AuryTM
Wow, this is a neat collection of Quaker-inspired motifs all organized into heart shapes! They are all stitched with ONLY DMC of 815 red, 311 blue and white, and are meant to resemble the US flag -- the blue in the upper left corner and then all the red and white stripes. That extra design elements really adds charm!!! You could choose virtually any fabric you like, and actually find some neat hand-dyeds in reds, whites and blues that you have waiting in your stash, and go to town with these. Stitch counts on them all run about 50 x 60 in size. What a unique set of coordinating pieces!!! All are offered in the chart pack.

Violet Scissor Case and Needlebook from Faby Reilly Designs - click to see more Violet Scissor Case and Needlebook
from Faby Reilly Designs
Faby Reilly has more 'pieces and parts' to her gorgeous Violet design set. This gal has the most beautiful florals -- all presented in Biscornu cushions, scissor and sewing cases. Wild Roses, Apple Blossoms, Iris, Peony, Poinsettias and Poppies, she has multiple charts for each flower, and each one is prettier than the last! Here are two new Violet offerings that are worked on 32ct Antique White Belfast linen.

Charted for DMC, the charts are published by Creative Poppy, and are some of the most beautifully presented charts in the industry. (Pascale's company, Creative Poppy is in Paris, France, but she is living in Japan right now... we just sent some of her charts to The Netherlands last week... and we're in Oklahoma! We're all just everywhere in the world!!!) As with most of Faby Reilly's other designs, the scissor case and Needlebook are offered in separate charts.

Soap 'n Water from Acorn House - click to see more Soap 'n Water
from Acorn House
This is a cute design that has been in our children's and baby selection of patterns for quite some time. I think it's a classic! *I love soap 'n water... makes me smell just like I ought'r!*
There's a little cowboy underneath the bubbles in a metal washtub... at least he remembered to take off his precious boots! The stitch count is 100 x 96, and the chart is coded for Sampler Threads of Barn Gray, Buckeye Scarlet, Black Crow, Cameo Pink, Sarsaparilla and white, along with a bit of opalescent to highlight the bubbles.

The suggested background fabric color is a light blue, so choose whatever count you like. I think this is perfect to hang in a little boy's bathroom!!!

Fanny Covell 1790 Sampler from Queenstown Samplers - click to see more Fanny Covell 1790 Sampler from Queenstown Samplers
Queenstown Samplers has released several stunning samplers this Spring... Barbara writes about this one... "Fanny Covell worked her exquisite sampler in her 8th year. Everything about it is appealing. It has gorgeous colors (charted for 24 DMC or Needlepoint Inc Silks) dazzling gardens, birds and butterflies. It in enclosed by a strawberry vine border with scooped corners that have nestling potted flowers and fruit baskets. In the 18th century a definition for 'mean' was humble. Fanny's little misspellings simple endear her further to me. In the center cartouche Fanny wrought All you my friends who now expect to see a piece of work thus performed by me, Cast but a smile on this my mean indeavour ill strive to mend and Bee obedient ever."

With a stitch count of 267 x 318, it finishes approx 13 x 16 on 40ct. I love the colors, the delicate, lacy look of this - those flower urns are stunning, and I especially am drawn to the stripes! Offered as a chart.

Life is a Beach from Queenstown Samplers - click to see more Life is a Beach from Queenstown Samplers
Watch out for the Crabs! This is an oldie-but-goodie design that we used to carry, and then it kind of faded away. Re-discovered, I think it's great!

Offered as a chart, I am sure some of you have the perfect spot to hang it... it just makes me smile!!! Charted for silk or DMC, on 36ct it finishes approx 6 x 8. Choose any fabric you like, and think about some black beads for the eyes!

CW Designs Antique Toys Set One CW Designs Antique Toys Set Two CW Designs Antique Toys Set Three - click for more
Antique Toys from CW Designs
Oh my gosh... these are LOVELY designs full of nostalgia and charm... and LOTS of different DMC colors (like 50 to 60 each!!!!!) I don't know how to choose a favorite! Offered in chart format...
  • Set #1 has 'Anna's New Dress' -- approx 11 x 13 on 28ct and 'Jerry's Friends' -- 13-1/2 x 10 on 28.
  • Set #2 has 'Going for a Ride' -- 11 x 12, and 'Drawing Lessons' -- 14 x 10.
  • Set #3 features 'Story Time' -- 11 x 12, and 'The Train Ride' -- 8-1/2 x 15.
Very detailed and beautifully shaded, their antique flavor is just stunning! Pretty for a nursery or as pillows on an old chair or shelf!

Pere Noel Unjour from Tournicoton - click to see more Pere Noel Unjour from Tournicoton
Oh My Gosh, this is the CUTEST little guy! He measures 58 x 158 stitches and is worked in Sampler Threads or DMC flosses. On 28ct, he measures 4 x 11... wide because of those words... otherwise, Santa himself averages 15 stitches wide! I absolutely LOVE him... I have several long and skinny ornaments on my Christmas Tree -- one is a Santa painted on a cinnamon stick, another is Santa on a clothes pin. This little guy -- just himself -- needs to join my ornaments!!! (The chart did not go back to the shop after I wrote my words at my desk tonight!!)

Offered as a chart -- direct from France, I think there are special stitches in here, but since I can't read French... I'll have to figure that out from the chart!

Just Cross Stitch Annual Ornament Issues on DVD! - click to see more
Just Cross Stitch Annual Ornament Issues on DVD!
Here are the past 17 YEARS of the Just Cross Stitch Magazine Christmas ornament issues -- all on one searchable, printable DVD! I think it's like 1275 ornament designs in pdf format(!) Every page of the issues, it's actually pretty overwhelming!

You probably have some of the paper copies, but here is everything together, so beautifully presented. What a fun thing to take along on a stitching trip!

Three Owls from The Stitching Shed -- click to see a larger view Lift Off from The Stitching Shed -- click to see a larger view
More cute editions from The Stitching Shed!
Absolutely the happiest palette of thread colors in these designs -- we just LOVE them all! They are Happy, Cheerful, Smiley, Bright and truly unique. Some are fun for a sunny kitchen window, but most need to find a home in the bedroom of some special little person of yours. Personalize them for bedroom signs or make bed pillows out of them... they are just the freshest, sweetest designs!

All are coded for Anchor Floss -- if you don't have it, go on-line and look for a conversion to DMC. The cover pictures are clear enough that you could even just match up DMCs and hand-dyeds from those!

Le Linge de Blanche from Zaza Picque - click to see more
Le Linge de Blanche from Zaza Picque
Oh my gosh... I think this is laundry day!!! By Za Za Picque,(these come from France) this measures 110 x 79 stitches, is worked on an antique white linen, and coded for DMC or Gentle Arts Sampler Threads.

I just love this piece! Wouldn't it be pretty in a laundry room... or even better... sewn onto the front of a lingerie traveler bag? If you are an *organic gal* -- stitch it for the front of your wooden clothespin basket! Offered as a chart.

Faby Reilly Designs Sonny The Snowman Pendant - click to see more Sonny The Snowman Pendant
from Faby Reilly
Isn't his little guy CUTE????? He is a THREE-SIDED pendant stitched on 32ct Antique White Belfast Linen with regular DMC flosses. Each of the three sides is an individual design -- Sonny, his mittens, and that charming top hat and bird perched atop. Each side measures approx 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. So if you construct this into the pendant, it'll make a generously sized tree ornament.

So cute and different, you can trim up the edges a little and make a neat beaded hanger if you like. Offered as a chart.

Mes Travaux d'Aiguilles from Cmon Monde -- click to see more
Mes Travaux d'Aiguilles from Cmon Monde
A cute needlework sampler... I love the pic! What a charming seamstress complete with straight pins in her hair!!! Stitched on a natural linen, the tiny quilt is on a separate piece of white and attached after it is stitched. (I think the mini-hoop in her hand is as well... but I don't know where to find that little bitty hoop!) The spools are Satin stitched, and the panel of lace at the bottom needs to be something special off an old handkerchief or something special to you.

Just a cute piece to hang in your stitching room. Maybe a fun padded hanging to drape over the back of rocking chair?? Stitched with Gentle Art's Barn Grey, Heirloom Gold, Summer Shower along with DMC in black and flesh colors. Offered as a chart.

Mercy Goodehart's Sampler from Shakespeare's Peddler and Little House Needleworks - click to see more Mercy Goodehart's Sampler from Shakespeare's Peddler
Shakespeare's Peddler has a new ORIGINAL sampler design -- and it is so very pretty!!! Theresa has outdone herself with this gorgeous piece... "All of you be subject to one another, and be clothed with humility. For God resisteth the proud and giveth grace to the humble."

The stitch count is 315 x 273, so it finishes approx 17 x 20 on 32ct. Charted for Needlepoint Silk or DMC floss, her color selection is dusty, but pretty -- not too dark or drab. The border is different on all 4 sides, there are little mistakes here and there -- just because old samplers have those -- and the verse is over one thread. I don't know why, but the buildings on the left remind me of the Grand Canal in Venice... but then, there comes the tree, and that blows Venice! A very pretty sampler, with a neat verse -- offered as a chart.

Acid Free Tissue Paper - click to see more Acid Free Tissue Paper
Ask any historian, librarian or preservationist... sun, air, chemicals and all the elements in our air are the worst enemies for keeping our needlework looking young, fresh, clean and not discolored. Kreinik has packaged 12- 20 x 30 sheets of acid-free tissue paper and recommend that we use it to store and preserve our needlework.

Unbuffered, museum quality, it prevents tarnishing and oxidation (changing colors), and will not scratch or mar your projects. Works to tuck between your fabrics, wrap silver charms and scissors... and preserve the original colors in samplers and finished pieces that you have (sinfully!) hidden away in your drawers!!!!!

A Schoolroom Alphabet-the sampler- click for more A Schoolroom Alphabet - click for more
A Schoolroom Alphabet
from Needlework Press
Needlework Press has used an antique handkerchief to inspire an entire book full of Cross Stitch projects! Printed only in blue ink on white, the original image is that of an old schoolroom full of children with their teacher.

Pages and pages of history about the original blue and white kerchief, and then more history surrounding the chosen projects... each design is inspired by something depicted in the original picture. Lessons are in progress, with the letters of the alphabet all surround the scene, making it extra charming!

There are history bits about backpacks, hornbooks and supplies, keeping time, alphabet and school books, composition and autograph books, dolls and playtime.

A large alphabet sampler is accompanied by projects that decorate tote bags and backpacks, cover your e-reader and more. Charts, lots of history and LOVELY pictures throughout... all because of the image on an old handkerchief! The softcover book is 96 pages, and very pretty!

Crazy Stitches Templates - click to see more Crazy Stitches Templates - click to see more Crazy Stitches Templates from Sew Cherished
This is quite an unusual product for us to be carrying... they are Crazy Quilt embroidery stitches rather than Cross Stitches. (But we can think outside the box!) VERY neat, this is a package of 35 different stitch diagrams that are actually stick-on templates that WASH off!

Your package includes 4 -- 11 x 17 sheets with 35 different 'borders' of cute stitches. Cut off what you need, stick it over the seams of whatever wool, velvet, cotton or silk you are wanting to embellish. Stitch over the lines, and then soak the fabric for an hour... and transfer sheets are GONE! You are left with perfect, balanced, straight, organized looking stitches. (NOT sloppy and crooked!)
Crazy Stitches Templates - click to see more
***Remember beginning to stitch on pillow cases? My mom ironed on the templates... use these for your new little stitcher!*** (Lines they can follow... use floss or Perle Cotton... maybe Talk to Santa about leaving some plain pillow cases in those stockings!...)

In the booth at Market, Sew Cherished showed these stitches joining and embellishing stuffed pumpkins, bears, crazy quits -- just everything. I thought these were very cool, very 'open' to the creative mind, and I had to have them!!

Floral Needlecases - click to see more Floral Needlecases
We've carried these charming glass needle vials over the years, and have a fresh new shipment to enchant you! Glass bottles -- 1/2 x 2 inches in size, each is covered with a wrap of exquisite handmade clay -- all in different colorful floral designs. Exquisitely done, each case is unique and full of brilliant color. The black caps twist off. The details on the flowers covering the case are minute... the color vibrant and puckering... there are even tiny lady-bugs scattered throughout the florals.

We've chosen a few to highlight in the pic -- as you can see, they are all different... and not 'red' or 'blue'.. but citrus, melon, violet, aquamarine... all the exotic colors of the rainbow. So... asst colors... we'll choose a pretty one for you, and if you want more than one... we'll make sure they are all different!

Needle ID Cards - click for more Favorite Needle Threaders
Back in stock after many years... this threader has been the favorite for 'just-forever!' Formerly known as a *Muriel*... (named after the lady that designed then, I believe) you just found a new best friend! Muriel passed away several years ago, I remember something about the family not continuing with her product... we 'lost track' of them for several years... and found them again!

Just a flat, thin, lightweight metal needle threader, perfect for thick and thin threads, the hole in the center allows you to teather your *Muriel* to anything else to keep track of her! Measuring just 3/4 x 1-3/4 of an inch... paper thin... this little baby fits anywhere and is a great help. Don't know if it is because it is solid and the holes to thread your thread through are so much easier to see than wire threaders, or the fact that there is NOTHING to break on these that make them so good, they have just always been the *Go To* Threader!

A Quaker Floral from Midnight Stitching - click to see more
A Quaker Floral
from Midnight Stitching
One of 3 more designs we have added to the Midnight Stitching page... it's a garden of motifs surround the nosegay and alphabet center.

The stitch count for this is 123 x 128. Again -- choose a fabric you like, and ONE pretty hand-dyed color of thread, and this'll turn into a beautiful finished piece! Offered as the chart.

Betsy from Sheepish Designs - click for more Betsy from Sheepish Designs
Oh wow... we have had a retired model of this in the back room of the shop for years and years! I had thought we couldn't get the pattern anymore, but I loved the stitched model so much, I couldn't part with it. Then... MAGIC! By Sheepish Designs, this is Betsy Ross stitching the first American flag. She's in her garden of sheep, a peacock, birds, flowers and even a squirrel up there in the tree.

Coded for silks or DMC, it uses only Cross stitch and finishes approx 4-1/4 x 12-1/2 on 35ct. I'm not sure what part of it has the overwhelming appeal that it does... but over the years several gals have tried to buy the model, and were always disappointed that we had no chart! So, we present Betsy, in chart format, probably till we run out again!!

Coffee Compendium from Tempting Tangles - click to see more Coffee Compendium from Tempting Tangles
Here is a neat design by Tempting Tangles -- tribute to coffees. Each measures approx 260 x 300 stitches -- generous enough to be able to read all the neat names of all the different varieties of teas and coffees. Coded for Crescent Colours hand-dyed flosses or DMC... these are full of personality!

Pretty colors, charming coffee pots scattered everywhere. Beautiful fonts, soothing colors, VERY classy additions to a kitchen wall! Offered as charts, these are nice!


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