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The White House from Ronnie Rowe - click for more Mount Rushmore from Ronnie Rowe - click for more Lady Liberty from Ronnie Rowe - click for more
Ronnie Rowe's Pen & Ink Cross Stitch Collection
Stunning and sophisticated, Ronnie Rowe's artwork is 'single pixels' - placed just so - to create these awesome designs! (Actually ALL cross stitches are single pixels, but since we don't usually see them arranged this way in one color, our eye doesn't see that so much.) Stitched on any white fabric you wish, he uses only DMC #844 gunmetal gray to stitch his designs. (You can use any color you want, as well.) So appropriate in an office, library or family room setting, they are lovely, and presented as charts.

The White House measures 300 x 400 in stitch count - it is am impressive 25 x 17 on 18/36ct... or 32 x 22 on 14ct.
Mount Rushmore measures 300 x 220 - finishing 17-ish x 12 on 18/36ct.
Lady Liberty measures 200 x 300 - again about 12 x 18.

Native Americans from Ronnie Rowe - click for more

Native Americans
This piece speaks volumes! Stitched with Ronnie Rowe's favorite gunmetal DMC color of 844... you'll get to add 3072 to that image on the right to make it appear farther away, and then add a teeny bit of 3758 baby blue for that awesome sky!

Measuring 320 x 480 in stitch count, your fabric choice will dictate the finished size. Such a great piece, it'll finish approx 23-ish x 34 on 14ct... but could be only 8 x 12 over one on 40!

We have a fresh shipment of Ronnie's Cat's Eyes and Dog Portraits... they have been favorites for years!

Cats #1 Ms Anastasia from Ronnie Rowe - click for more Cats #2 Mr Belvedere from Ronnie Rowe - click for more Cats #3 Ms Natasha from Ronnie Rowe - click for more Cats #4 Ms Zachary from Ronnie Rowe - click for more Cats #5 Mr Maxwell from Ronnie Rowe - click for more
It's All in the Eyes
Each of these is stitched on any white fabric you want, using DMC 310 black. The eyes are the only color on each, so it really draws YOUR eye! They all measure around 160 x 180 - so 9 x 10-ish on 18ct. These can be quite challenging to stitch because the chart counting can really confuse you. MAKE SURE to use a highlighter to color the chart parts you've already stitched... it really helps.

Another good tip is basting the heavy chart lines - some like to do that. Don't baste every thread - just make long stitches 10 threads apart to follow the grid lines of the chart, and don't pierce that thread when you are stitching - that way it pulls right out! Does anyone look like your kitty?

Dogs Mr Cooper from Ronnie Rowe - click for more Dogs Mr Truman from Ronnie Rowe - click for more Dogs Mr Hunter from Ronnie Rowe - click for more
And the Cute Doggies!
Again... any white fabric, only DMC #844 required!

Each measures 200 x 200 in stitch count... do the basting or chart highlighting trick mentioned above with the Cats - it'll save your sanity!

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