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Robin Pickens

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Robin Pickens Seasonal Courier Blue Jay's Summer - click for more Robin Pickens Seasonal Courier Blackbird's Autumn - click for more Robin Pickens Seasonal Courier Cardinal's Winter - click for more Robin Pickens Seasonal Courier Robin's Spring - click for more
Bright and Snappy Seasonals
A new designer for us... we have found 14 fun, bright, contemporary and very colorful designs! Presented in half-size charts and full size leaflets, Robin comes from the quilt industry and you can see that influence in her things. She's published on heavy card stock, her charts are large, clear and colored. Everything is coded to DMC and most of these 14 pieces you are going to see are done on Lugana or Aida. You can stitch them on anything you want... they look super-enticing to stitch!
  • Seasonal Courier Blue Jay's Summer - Measures 66 x 85 - a little smaller than 5 x 7 on 28ct.
  • Seasonal Courier Blackbird's Autumn - Same 66 x 95 stitch count - love the brilliant orange colors.
  • Seasonal Courier Cardinal's Winter - Same 66 x 95 - I love the repeating texture of the pine cones and the matching Flying Geese quilt motifs! Don't know about Spring's Bird... will do some research.
  • Seasonal Courier Robin's Spring

Robin Pickens Sweater Weather Winter Pinecone - click for more Robin Pickens Pine Crossing - click for more Robin Pickens Winterly Sampler - click for more Robin Pickens Winterly Twosome Triangle Ornaments - click for more
  • Sweater Weather Winter Pinecone - Here's that same pinecone (a little fatter!) we saw in Cardinal's Winter, surrounded by quilt motifs and a greenery border. Measuring 106 square, it finishes only 6-1/2 inches on 32ct! I like how she's lightened the motifs around the edge to make it feel cold and wintery, while drawing your eye right to that pine cone in the center.
  • Pine Crossing - This might be my total favorite. Look at all those glorious different lines in all the different trees! Varied greens fade into the background, so those trees look farther away... she's used 11 different shades of pine in here, and then the two cardinals! Measures 129 x 94, so it finishes a petite 9 x 7 even on 28!
  • Winterly Sampler - This one has everything - the cones, the trees and the cardinals. Pulling out the motifs to make those little cushions is a nice touch. This measures 112 x 139, so it's 8 x 10 on 14/18. All those individual motifs would be stunning on 40.
  • Winterly Twosome Triangle Ornaments - Oh get creative with these! If you put them on paper, you can sew three together for a pyramid. Arrange them in a long zig-zag finish for a windowsill... geometrically there are tons of finishing options available. Each triangle is only 35 stitches wide - so depending on your count, they'll be 2 or 3 inches. Super cute and fun colors in all this.

Robin Pickens Striped Sweet Petite - click for more Robin Pickens Fall Frolic Sampler - click for more Robin Pickens Loving Wishes - click for more
  • Striped Sweet Petite - This is a NEAT pattern. You get all the alphabet letters and 7 extra 'dots' of stuff like smiley faces, heart, ampersand, and exclaimation point. Then, they give you 6 different color combinations of DMC to use together for each colorway. The little letter dots are only 15 x 17 in size! You can do anything with this!
  • Fall Frolic Sampler - This companions the Acorn Trio farther down the page, and is the same layout as Winterly Sampler. Stunning, cheerful colors, very stylized and rounded - it just doesn't need words! Measuring 112 x 139, it finishes 8 x 10.
  • Loving Wishes - A set of 4 small cushion designs - each is only 53 x 53, so 3 x 3 on 18ct. Grab your favorite 3 pinks and 2 greens - or choose some hand-dyeds - super quick to stitch.

Robin Pickens Acorn Trio - click for more Robin Pickens Mod Bloom Box - click for more Robin Pickens Garden Friends - click for more
Three smaller designs - these come as 6 x 9 charts.
  • Acorn Trio - Measures 80 x 84 - so 6 x 6 on 14/28. If you did over-one on 28 Lugana - it'd be 3 x 3! This companions the larger Fall Frolic Sampler.
  • Mod Bloom Box - Measures 71 x 71. Just angles and circles... colorblocks of fun!
  • Garden Friends - This one is 91 x 91... cute and super simple!

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