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Bunny Tails from Val's Stuff Just a Few Flakes from Val's Stuff
Bunny Tails, Just a Few Flakes and Bat Moon Rising
It depends where in the world you are right now - you might be getting a little warm spring weather - or a couple of inches of snow! So... something for everyone by Val's Stuff! We also have 2 more Halloween designs that are new - so click the pic to visit them al on our inside pages! Val's kits all come with 14ct perforated paper, the backing felt and necessary embellishments shown on her designs. You supply regular DMC floss from your stash - nothing earth shattering color-wise, just basics... but she does have conversions to hand-dyeds if you'd rather use those.
  • Bunny Tails - So cute! Both designs are included. You're on brown paper - so the black background is stitched. The bunny tails are half-balls of felt - included - as well as the whisker thread. Each finishes about 3 x 3.
  • Just a Few Flakes - All three included in here, Brown paper, black backing felt, snowflake embellishments are included. 2 x 3 x 4-ish inches in size, kind of cute to perch on a windowsill!
Kitten in my Mitten from Val's Stuff Abra CAT Dabra from Val's Stuff
  • Abra CAT Dabra - Just a cute little kitty face, he finishes a little over 3 x 3. Package contains the 14ct paper, backing felt, clay button eyes, and the little star.
  • Kitten in my Mitten - Not really Halloween at all, the kitty head is actually a separate piece of the paper - all glued together when you are finished. About 4 x 6-ish.

It's Snowtime! from Val's Stuff
It's Snowtime!
Val's Stuff has a pair of snowmen ornaments worked on 14ct perforated paper that can hang around after Christmas and stick around till your snow melts! Presented together in one pack... you get both charts, both pieces of perf paper and black felt backing.

You'll need some DMC from your stash. Both finish approx 4 x 4, and look great just perched on your kitchen windowsill - they have such bright colors in them!

U Don't Scare Me from Val's Stuff Couldn't Scare a Crow from Val's Stuff Couldn't Scare a Crow and U Don't Scare Me
Two new seasonal designs by Val's Stuff... these are just the cutest!
  • Couldn't Scare a Crow is another miniature pumpkin-poke-person. (We have 4 companioning witches and what-nots to this little guy!) He's stitched on 14ct perforated paper, and his little kit comes with that paper, a little raffia for his hands, the darling mini straw hat, wool ball for his head, the clay blackbird buttons, his little nose, plaid scarf fabric and even his pokey stick! Finishing about 4 x 4, you'll need a few flosses from your stash. Get out your glue gun to assemble him, and poke that stick into a pumpkin and you're good to go!
  • U Don't Scare Me - Isn't he cute? He's about 4 inches tall - stitched on 14ct perforated paper. He's 'dressed' in a cloud of cheesecloth! The kit contains the chart, paper for stitching, black sparkle felt for finishing, clay eyes and the cheesecloth for his 'drapery.' Stick a magnet on his back and set him on the fridge? Make him a pumpkin poke like the scarecrow? You'll need some black and white floss from your stash for the stitching.

Tis H'owl'oween from Val's Stuff Tis H'owl'oween
A fun chart that comes with clay button eyes, green leaf buttons, and felt pieces to make those leaves. I'm thinking though... if you have some rust or orange felt... you may want to toss some of that Fall color into your leaves!

You'll need flosses from your stash for this, can it can be stitched on just about any fabric you like.

Witching You a Happy Halloween from Val's Stuff Witching You a Happy Halloween
One of Val's cute paper ornament designs, our little witch features a slime-green wool ball (actually half a ball!) face, with a black felt hat and sticky-outey green toothpick nose! She finishes approx 3 x 4, is stitched on 14ct brown perforated paper with DMC or hand-dyed floss.

The little kit comes with the chart, paper, black glitter-felt backing, the hat wool, ball face, painted toothpick (if you mess up the first nose, you still have the other end of the toothpick as a backup!) as well as star buttons and a handmade frog button by Just Another Button Company. Get out your Purple Majesty, Chartreuse, Dahlia and Pumpkin Week flosses or DMC of 552, 907, 3607 and 721. Too Cute! Thanks Val, for our Exclusive Kit that celebrated our Needlework Galleria Show in September of 2019!

Cool Dude from Val's Stuff Just 4 Ewe for Halloween from Val's Stuff
Cool Dude & The Just 4 Ewe Set
Val's stuff has 5 new ornament designs for all year long. Hers are colorful, bold little 3 x 3 or 4 x 4-ish square designs that she has worked on 14ct perforated paper. SUPER easy on your eyes, and actually very nice and quick to stitch on... the paper is easy to hold, holes are majorly easy to see, and virtually NO fussy finishing needed!
  • Cool Dude comes by himself - he's about 3-1/2 x 5, and is stitched with DMC floss from your stash. Pattern comes with the paper, burgundy backing felt, the holly button, and a bit of black cording for a hanger string.
  • Just 4 Ewe includes the other 4 designs pictured here. *Hop to It!*, *Just 4 Ewe*, *Jack's Back* and Jump for Joy* - you get all four of these 50 x 50-ish designs. All finish approx 4 inches on the 14ct perforated paper included in the package. Along with the black sparkly backing felt for finishing, you get the 16 buttons shown in each of the corners as well!! Super colorful and bright, these are coded for DMC and Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed flosses.
Halloween Hooters, But I Don't Want, Ghoul Friends from Val's Stuff
Halloween Hooters, But I Don't Want, Ghoul Friends
Val's Stuff has three new Halloween 'ornament' pieces - all stitched on 14ct perforated paper, they are easy to stitch and even easier to glue to the provided black sparkly backing felt when you are finished.

Cute for little stand-ups, fridge signs, magnets - anywhere you want a tiny but of Halloween humor, each finishes about 3 or 4 inches in size. Chart comes with the paper and felt, and usually buttons for the eyes, you'll need DMC from your stash.

In My Pumpkin Patch from Val's Stuff Come Fly With Me from Val's Stuff If You've Got It, Haunt It! from Val's Stuff On The Haunt for Halloween from Val's Stuff
The Spooks in Val's Pumpkin Patch!
This is a set of 4 little 'people' that just might haunt your patch of pumpkins this coming Halloween... or maybe just your candy bowl! Each (they are limited in production, hence the LE down there in the product description!) is a celebrity that can simply stand on his/her own clothing... but are much cuter with a stick (I used an INK PEN under the witch!) tucked under that fabric, and stuck into a (fake craft or real) pumpkin! Val has ALL THE FIX'INS in her little kits - JABCO pins, felts and felt balls, gauze, hats, noses, eyes, brooms, pipe cleaners, ribbons, stuffings and sticks (for some of them) - everything but the cross stitch fabric, and the minute bits of floss. Grab your Glue Gun!
  • In My Pumpkin Patch - The CUTEST little scarecrow to stand guard over those pumpkins and all that fabulous candy. You'll need only a 7 x 8 piece of 30ct Weeks Scuppernong Linen, and a few hand-dyed flosses... he's about 5 inches tall without his stick. Check out the little pumpkin pin poking out from his little straw hat! He has a wooden spool for his body under that green shirt.
  • Come Fly With Me - This miniature green and purple witch stands a whopping 6-inches tall! You get her green ball head and green toothpick nose, the bat pin and felt hat, you make her broom, but her hair is already done. You'll need a about a 7-inch square of Peoria Purple linen and a few flosses - isn't the little owl on her dress cute?
  • If You've Got It, Haunt It! - Oh my gosh, this is one of the pair of ghosts - gotta get 'em both! Choose any white fabric - these little guys are on 25ct white Lugana. Haunt It stands about 6 inches tall and comes with his polka dot ribbon, cheese cloth, star buttons, clay eyes, felt ball head... all you need is that bit of cross stitch fabric from your stash and floss.
  • On The Haunt for Halloween - The other little ghost - he's got pipe cleaner arms, the same cute head and face treatment with the floaty cheesecloth/gauze cape... aren't these the cutest!!??
Pumpkinheads from Val's Stuff
Pumpkinheads - Boris and Natasha!
A pair of Pumpkin Pincushions! Boris stands 5-inches tall with his leaves and stem, and Natasha stands almost 6 inches because of her spool. A fun way to use all sorts of Halloween-colored fabrics - make a stitched pumpkin patch! Val's Stuff has a kit to make these little guys. You do MINIMAL stitching with black and white floss on 30ct Weeks dye Works Pumpkin Linen (or something cute you like and have!)

She provides the finishing instructions to gather your fabric at the top and bottom... roll the felt for stems, cut out felt leaves, glue or stitch on the eyes, stuff, and perch Natasha on the black painted spool stand! You can add plastic pellets inside these if you want a little weight to them. The kit comes with charts, painted spool, clay and button eyes, sunflower pin, pipe cleaner, twine, and felts for the stems and leaves. You'll need a little wad of polyfil, maybe the plastic pellets for weight, and some glue. TOO CUTE!

Just Can't Hold My Licker from Val's Stuff

Just Can't Hold My Licker
Isn't this the cutest?

Comes as a chart with clay bone button - finishes about 3 x 4 on 14/28ct... use any fabric you like!

Fill 'er Up! from Val's Stuff - click to see lots more!
Fill 'er Up!
What a cute ornament with the BEST advice for Santa on it! Val's Stuff has sent a mini-kit for this 2 x 4 piece that is stitched on perforated paper - so tedious finishing is NOT involved.

Stitch with bits of your DMC, then cut around the edge of your stitching, glue to black felt, garnish with the provided greenery, candy cane pipe cleaner chenille, jingle bell and striped ribbon. All that's left needed is Santa's attention. (You can do this on fabric as an alternative and actually make a mini stocking to stuff if you want.)

Kit contains the chart, paper, felt, greenery, bell, candy canes and ribbon. (I remember when we were little, Dad would pull into the gas station, roll down the window, and announce to the attendant to 'fill 'er up!' We'd always chime in *With Ethyl!*

Two Merry Moos from Val's Stuff Two Merry Moos
Merry Christmoos And a Happy Moo Year! Another darling set of ornaments by Val's Stuff... she's dedicated these to an old friend and mentor who loved cows!!!

Bright, fun colors of red, green, yellow, black and white, each finishes about 3-1/2 inches square. The kit contains the chart for both designs, 2 cuts of 14ct perforated paper, red backing felt (with a little sparkle on it!) You'll need the DMC flosses from your stash for the stitching.

Christmas Already & Owl Be Home For Christmas from Val's Stuff Christmas Already and Owl Be Home For Christmas
More cute-ness for your tree! These two ornaments by Val's Stuff finish approx 3 x 4, and are like all the rest -- full of bright colors, and a little humor.

Kits come with the 14ct brown perforated paper cuts, button and bell embellishments, and the sparkly black finishing felt. You supply the DMC or Weeks flosses from your stash.

Not-so-Gruesome-Twosome from Val's Stuff Not-so-Gruesome-Twosome
What a cute pair of paper ornaments... these two finish approx 2 x 3 in size.

Val's kit comes with both charts, 14ct perforated paper for each, green pumpkin leaf wool, felt balls for eyes, and a length of green ribbon for the bow tie. Eyes, the candy corn nose and little star buttons are also included to make this happy-looking pair a delightful Halloween decoration.

Bat Kit Crazy from Val's Stuff - click to see lots more! I'm On Pins & Needles from Val's Stuff - click to see lots more!
Val *DUG UP (bwa-ha-ha-ha!)... as in 'un-earthed from her designer closet... a few more of these darling little Halloween designs! Supplies are limited... available now in purple and black only!
  • Bat Kit Crazy - These are the CUTEST! Make this flying bat with wings stitched on perforated paper. You add his felt ball body and ball eyes... stitch on black eyes and some little clay fangs and he's finished! Charts for Going Batty, Bite Me and Just Batty are included in the kit.
    All you'll add are bits of floss from your stash. Kit contains the charts, paper, purple felt ball, matching purple week's felt to back your bat, his white eye balls, black button eyes, and fang buttons. He finishes approx 1-1/2 x 6 inches in size!
  • I'm On Pins & Needles - is a Limited Edition Kit. Finishing only 3 x 3 on the provided 14ct brown perforated paper, you get the clay eye and heart, glow-in-the-dark thread to wrap around his tummy, the stick pins, AND the cut of mangy greyed wool to cut out your very own little doll!!! So stink'in cute!!!! You'll need a bit of black floss for the straight stitches around him.

Bats in My Belfry from Val's Stuff Bats in My Belfry
Val's Stuff has a line of whimsical Spring, Halloween and Christmas ornaments -- all stitched on perforated paper. Bright colors, most of them have little googly eyes as the embellishments. Her newest is Bats in My Belfry -- it even has a little sparkly paper bat with baby-sized googly eyes!

Finishing about 3 x 4, stitched with your DMC or hand-dyeds, the stitching in these is super easy because of that stiff paper. When finished, stick on the sparkly black sticky-felt backing that is included, and you have a cute paper decoration to hang just about anywhere! *Bats* comes with the chart, paper, felt, little bat, buttons and some black floss.

Funny Bunnies from Val's Stuff Tuxedo Cat from Val's Stuff ButterFly from Val's Stuff
Val has new Springtime designs and seven more for Halloween and Winter. These kits come with the charts, embellishments, paper and felt backing. You supply the flosses from your stash.

Funny Bunnies They are super-cute perched into the Easter Grass in your baskets. *Nobody fools the Bunny* and *Was the bunny that done it* are the facts here. Stitched on 14ct perforated paper, each finished approx 3 x 4 and features either clay eyes or felt cheeks.
Tuxedo Cat and ButterFly both finish a smaller 3 x 3, she has included pin backs in these in case you want to wear them as pins or garnish a tote bag. They'd do nicely as magnets too.

Whoo, Me? from Val's Stuff Boo to U from Val's Stuff Ghost of a Chance from Val's Stuff
Whoo, Me?  Boo to U & Ghost of a Chance
Here's a trio of smaller designs just as cute as can be! All stitched on 14ct perf paper with your DMC, they all feature those fun wool ball embellishments. Each kit includes the chart, paper, balls, eyes and embellishments.
  • Whoo Me? -- Just 3 x 3... balls, button eyes and green felt included to cut out the leaves.
  • Boo to U -- This little guy is a MINIATURE of Val's flying bats from last season! He is darling, and measures about 1-1/2 x 4.
  • Ghost of a Chance -- This one is a 3 x 4 ornament, it includes the ball, button eyes and star buttons along with paper and backing felt.

Snow Flake on WOOD from Val's Stuff Snow Flake on PAPER from Val's Stuff The Snowflakes
We have two of these... both come with the chart and embellishments -- you'll need floss from your stash.
  • Snow Flake on PAPER is a 1-1/2 x 2-1/2 bar-shaped ornament -- you decorate that little ball with a nose and a stitched smile.
  • Snow Flake on WOOD has a white wooded snowflake cut-out 4-inches in diameter. You stitch on perforated paper, mount it on the black felt, and then onto the cut-out. This might be kind of cute on white perf paper and just stuck on the wood without the felt... I don't know, but it might be! Again, you are decorating that felt ball that is included.

Ewe Are My Sunshine from Val's Stuff
Ewe Are My Sunshine
You might have to give this little Valentine NEXT year because we've almost missed Valentine's Day for this year!

Another of Val's Stuff's cute paper designs... this one finishes approx 3 x 4, is stitched with DMC from your stash, but the chart comes with hand-made clay button eyes, a heart button and polka dot ribbon for the decorative bow, the 14ct brown perforated paper and cranberry-colored backing felt. Cute and colorful!

Coming To Town from Val's Stuff
Coming To Town
It's Santa - complete with a felt mustache!

14ct Perf paper, chart, backing felt, eyes, jingle bell and mustache felt... this little guy will make a nice light-weight tree ornament, or a cute little doorknob hanger!

Triple Treat from Val's Stuff

Triple Treat!
This is a special release kit that contains clay, felt, charts, and perforated paper to make all three designs!

*Whoo's a Scaredy Cat?, A Little Spooked, and Just Hang' in Out!* are the three... all you add are the flosses.

These look cute hanging from a scraggly tree branch stuck in a bowl of candy!

Val's Book of Halloween from Val's Stuff
Val's Book of Halloween
WOW... this is a set of EIGHT Halloween ornaments -- just like the others Val has published these last couple of seasons! (Individually, these would run $14 each -- and that's $112 -- but THIS SET is all together for $45!)

Included in this awesome limited edition kit are all 8 charts, 2 sheets of brown perforated paper, sparkly black backing felt for everything, and a button packet of eyeballs, mini buttons, a few bits of felts and some spotted ribbon -- all the garnishes on all the ornaments. Coded for DMC and a few hand-dyeds, you add the floss from your stash.

Double Trouble #1 from Val's Stuff
Double Trouble #1
Here's a Christmas and Halloween pair of more cute ornaments. READ THAT SNOWMAN... he says *Just a little frosted!*

Kit includes perforated paper and felt cuts. There are no buttons featured on these -- you can always add some or little seed beads -- and you will need flosses from your stash. I think she's calling this *Double Trouble* because you are getting two designs in here rather than one. cute!

Merry Christmouse from Val's Stuff and JABCO Under the Mistletoad from Val's Stuff and JABCO Under the Mistletoad and Have a Merry Christmouse!
Val's Stuff has the cutest collection of Christmas (and Halloween) paper ornaments... here are two from her Christmas collection that came in a few weeks ago that we missed putting on the website!

Presented as the charts with cuts of perforated paper, black sparkly felt, and clay googly eyes, they finish approx 2 x 3, and are super bright and cute!

Double Whammy - A Pair of Halloween Ornaments from Val's Stuff Double Whammy - A Pair of Halloween Ornaments
Val's Stuff has quite a cute collection of Halloween ornaments all stitched on 14ct perforated paper. Small-ish, like 3 x 4, they all have great color to them and cute sayings. We have all our shop models in shadow box glass cases, but if that isn't possible in your house, make them into magnets, or put them back to back and hang them on a little tree branch for decoration.

She presents them as the chart with backing felt and a few button embellishments -- generally to the eyes. She has Christmas and Easter offerings as well... the black and white checkerboard borders seem to be a theme throughout.

Jingle My Bells Ornament from Val's Stuff Santa's Watching Ornament from Val's Stuff More Ornaments from Val's Stuff
The latest pair of paper ornaments has arrived to go with Val's other cute designs. Presented as charts with the cut of 14ct brown perforated paper, black mounting felt and one or two eyes by JABCO... Jingle My Bells includes the bell as well.

ALL of these are fun, and the paper makes them super easy to stitch. You will need to supply the flosses from your stash.

Baa Humbug! from Val's Stuff Merry Christmas to Ewe from Val's Stuff Merry Christmas to Ewe & Baa Humbug!
Let us all take a minute in our extreme record-breaking heat weather right now to acknowledge that Winter and Christmas will indeed come this year. When it does... we'll be saying that it was here before we knew it! So... HERE is your warning! Christmas ornaments in July!

Val's Stuff continues her super-cute look with more stitched sheep on perforated paper. Bright-wintery colors of garnet, olive and golds, the packages come with the paper cut, the black felt backing and those hand-made clay eyes by JABCO. Lightweight pieces to hang on your tree... get 'em NOW while you have time to stitch them!!!

Whooo Gives a Hoot? from Val's Stuff Whooo Gives a Hoot?
Val's Stuff has sent this darling design -- just a curious owl asking an age-old question! Two different versions on the theme, the one stitched on the deep purple fabric has the golden moon behind the owl, the other version is slightly smaller, worked on 14ct perforated paper and features clay button eye embellishments.

So along with both charts, you get the felt backing, perf paper and eyes for the ornament version, which matches all of Val's other Spooks of the Month and most of her other recent releases.

Spring Bunnies Jelly Bean Buzz Kit from Val's Stuff How Does Your Garden Grow Kit from Val's Stuff There's a Hare in My Candy Kit from Val's Stuff
Here's a trio of darling rabbits -- Easter and not -- they just make you smile! By Val's Stuff, they are stitched on 14ct perforated paper (you'll remember her Spooks of the month last year? same deal.) Finish them flat, with felt backing, and they look great hanging on a spray-painted white spring tree branch, standing up in an Easter basket, or attach a magnet and stick them on your file cabinet at work!

There's a Hare in My Candy needs to prop in a bowl of candy -- he finishes approx 3 x 4 and includes the felt, paper, eyes and bean buttons.
How Does finishes 3 x 4 as well, includes the wool for backing, as well as the purple flower, and the clay eye buttons. Cute as a plant poke!
Jelly Bean Buzz DEFINITELY needs to be perched in a bowl of Jelly Beans!!!!! He's 2 x 4, and includes the paper, felt, sparkly purple ribbon and green crazy eyes. You'll need bits of flosses from your stash for all of these.
***Lots of other new things by Val's Stuff as well... scroll down to see the rest!!!

Sheep Tales from Val's Stuff

Sheep Tales
A pair of small designs featuring sheep and puns...
Ram-a-lam-a-ding-dong has a bell (4638.t) embellishment,
and Just a Little Sheepish has a (2221.t) flower!

Presented as the chart, buttons are separate.

Cookies for Santa from Val's Stuff Peppermint Twist from Val's Stuff Peppermint Twist and Cookies for Santa
Peppermint Twist -- WOW, is this one cute!!! Stitched with 5 shades of pink -- hand-dyeds and DMCs -- this is presented as the chart with cut of 14ct perforated paper and this time both a red and white cut of backing felt, the peppermints, polka dot ribbon and perle cotton wiskers! Even with the peppermints, I love this for Valentine's Day too!!!!! Finished size of 3 x 3.

Cookies for Santa -- A small chart just like the Spooks and Peppermint Twist, this is a black kitty saving cookies for Santa. Presented as just the chart only, you can use perforated paper and the felt finishing treatment if you like, but fabric and a stuffed ornament would work as well. We have clay chocolate chip cookie buttons that would be super cute on there!

The Eyes Have it from Val's Stuff The "Eyes" Have It!
Val's Stuff has a new release that compliments her Monsters-of-the-Month series... cute new designs that are too much fun to pass by! Stitch them on perforated paper and hang them on a crooked tree branch for decoration. The Eyes Have It -- Read the quotes on these -- they are so cute. *I spy with my little eye!!!* * I have my eye on you!* This is another chart designed for 14ct perforated paper -- but fabric works just as well. The chart has all 4 designs in it, along with the clay eye buttons and 'U' cube.

Said the Spider to the Fly Spooks of the Month by Val's Stuff! Whoo Dat? Spooks of the Month by Val's Stuff! Boo Who? Spooks of the Month by Val's Stuff! Frankly My Dear Spooks of the Month by Val's Stuff! Charmed I'm Sure  of the Month by Val's Stuff! Kiss Me Spooks of the Month by Val's Stuff! Tricks or Treats Spooks of the Month by Val's Stuff! Scare-A-Crow Spooks of the Month by Val's Stuff! September Ding Dong Spooks of the Month by Val's Stuff! October Octopurr Scare-A-Crow Spooks of the Month by Val's Stuff! November Halloween Spooks of the Month by Val's Stuff! December Bats All Folks Spooks of the Month by Val's Stuff!
Presenting Spooks of the Month by Val's Stuff!
We have a new on-going set of fun designs by Val Danish -- they are Halloween-inspired monsters and what-nots -- one being released each month for the rest of the year! We have January, February, March and April NOW... so you have lots to work up already! Offered as sort-of-kits... you get the chart, the JABCO clay button embellishments, a cut of 14ct perforated paper, and a cut of black sparkly felt to back them.

Have you discovered yet, that each has special eyes, along with another button to dress them up? They call for either Weeks or DMC floss, and since they are done on brown 14ct perforated paper, they are super-easy and fun to do.

Cute as can be, Jan's Said the Spider to the Fly is 51 x 28 in stitch count, Feb's Whoo Dat? is 53 x 45, March's Boo Who? is 36 x 62, and April's Frankly My Dear is 64 x 35. We'll have an auto-ship for these... Val showed them all hanging from a twig tree at Market, they'd be cute mounted to the front of stand-up cubes, or even just finished as flat paper/felt magnets! You decide.

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