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This is a collection of witty and whimsical designs that will bring a smile to your face! Full of fun, original sayings, Waxing Moon does smaller designs that are easily finishable and fun to display with the seasons. They feature lots of familiar motifs with fun and different twists! Usually available in chart packs or leaflets... enjoy looking!

Spring Littles from Waxing Moon - click to see more Summer Littles from Waxing Moon - click to see more Autumn Littles from Waxing Moon - click to see more Winter Littles from Waxing Moon - click to see more
Halloween Littles from Waxing Moon - click to see more Christmas Littles from Waxing Moon - click to see more Valentine Littles from Waxing Moon - click to see more Christmas Gnome Littles from Waxing Moon - click to see more
The Littles for Every Season... and Now Holidays!
Coded for Weeks hand-dyed flosses or DMC, each measures only 46 x 46. On 14ct that's 3 x 3... on 40 over one - they're an inch! Choose a fabric you like, or coordinating shades for the seasons. The animals are all different, and several together would make a colorful bowl of personality. I think the sawtooth borders add a lot to the designs, too.
AND NOW! The latest of this series, Christmas Littles and Valentine Littles have arrived!
Float your mouse over each image to see its name... then click them to see larger views.

Summer Barn Trio from Waxing Moon Autumn Barn Trio by Waxing Moon - click to see more Patriotic Barn Trio from Waxing Moon
Patriotic, Autumn Barn Trio and Summer Barn Trio
  • Waxing Moon has added another trio of seasonal barns to their design offerings, Summer Barn Trio. Charming little buildings... I think they'd look cute as cube stand-ups on a windowsill, or cushions nestled in a basket with a bunch of other Autumnal designs.
    People can't resist digging through a bowl filled with small cushions - especially when they're all different, but they all go together! Happens all the time with the shop models! Each seasonal barn trio is offered in its own chart pack
  • .
  • Patriotic Barn Trio - Waxing Moon has another trio collection of smaller designs - this time we have barns for the summer. Finishing about 4 x 5 on 30ct... they're pretty cute when you stitch them all and finish into a 3 or 4 sided triangle or cube stand-up. Takes less display space, and you still get to enjoy all of them at the same time.
    Because of the saw tooth edging, they look like postage stamps... and would be perfect to work up on 14ct perforated paper... but even better - the NEW 18ct Paper!
    Scroll down to see more trios.
  • Autumn Barn Trio - This companions several of her other Trio designs... all the same size, all with the saw tooth border, they make nice brick stand-ups and plant pokes - if you do them on perf paper.

PIN MINI 446 Dog Pin Set from JABCO PIN MINI 447 Cat Pin Set from JABCO Cat Owner's Welcome from Waxing Moon Dog Owner's Welcome from Waxing Moon
Dog-Cat Owner's Welcome
These tell you who the Boss-of-the-Household is! Cute finished as flat hangings so they can be displayed right inside the door somewhere, each finishes approx 6 x 6 on 14/28ct.
All Guests Must Be Approved by the Cats or Dogs... singular or plural... all families are covered! Cats are one chart, dogs the other.

Coded for Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed flosses or regular DMCs, you have some pin options for these. The dog chart shows JABCO brand dog bone buttons and Cats has two red hearts for the kitty collars - they are available separately. ADDITIONALLY, Just Another Button Company has two new sets of pins for cats and dogs. Look to those as well.

Monthly Trios J-F-M from Waxing Moon Monthly Trios A-M-J from Waxing Moon Monthly Trios July, August & September from Waxing Moon
Christmas Tree Trio from Waxing Moon Halloween House Trio from Waxing Moon Snowman Trio from Waxing Moon Bittersweet Trio from Waxing Moon
Cute Trios of Designs
Little 60-ish x 80-ish pieces... each set comes as it's own chart... coded for Weeks hand-dyed or DMC solid floss. The zig-zag borders look like Sawtooth edging - you could stitch those in Satin Stitch.

Finish them into 3 or 4-sided stand-ups, or a small three-fold standing thing. The set keeps growing... rest of the months to come!

Christmas Pounds from Waxing Moon
Christmas Pounds
*When what to my wondering eyes did appear, but 10 extra pounds on my thighs and my rear.*(Ho Ho Ho... Merry Christmas!!!)

Waxing Moon has sent this fun design... it finishes about 7 x 10 on 14/28ct, and is stitched with DMC floss or Gentle Art Sampler Threads. Stitch it for your work-out club or the lunch room at work!

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