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Here are some of the special activities we enjoy along with our customers, many of whom long ago became friends.

These are listed in chronological order.
Please scroll clear to the end to see them all... and be aware of years!


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Presenting Sue Hillis of Sue Hillis Designs!
April 16, 17, and 18th, 2020 - Registration is open NOW!

Join us in our pretty, bright and comfy stitch space to host Sue Hillis. She has designed us a shadow box made from vintage yard sticks... and designed stitching panels to line each section of the box. You can use it as a stitching tray, a trinket holder, or hang it on the wall as a fun stitched piece. Lots of options! Sue has never come to The Silver Needle before - we've known her for 35 years - and thought it was time to host her. Her classes at all the consumer stitching shows sell out quickly, and her class-only-projects are some of her best, we think. She's found antique buttons to adorn our boxes... incorporated a little hand-dyed wool into them, we'll be stitching on 32ct with hand-dyed threads. (Our preview pics look really good!) Anyway, you get everything needed for the project... and finishing assistance all the way through.

Sue Hillis class project Our Classroom/Stitch Lounge opens Thursday morning, April 15th - in case you are an early bird arrival. The official class begins Friday at 1:00pm - to allow for that extra morning travel time if you need it. We'll continue stitching Friday Evening until we want to stop, and re-convene Saturday for another day of stitching. Your mini-weekend includes the project, fun event goodies, lots of snacks and drinks (to keep up your stitching stamina!), and lots of chatter and good friends. Hotel is on your own (Tulsa is a big city and we have all the good hotel chains very near-by), and meals are as well. (Our shopping center corner hosts 12 different restaurants - something for EVERYONE!) Your weekend is all about YOU, and you can make all sorts of fun choices with lodging and meals! If you are coming alone... don't worry... stitchers are never strangers!

Sue's Class runs $150. $50 Due at registration - which is now open. Call 888-543-7004. Balance is due March 16th. Cancellations before March 16 receive funds paid less $50. No refunds after March 16, 2020.

Erica Michaels Heartstring Samplery Next on the Agenda is our Big Annual Summer Stitching Event July 15, 16, 17 and 18th, 2020.
We welcome Erica Michaels Designs and Heartstrings Samplery!

This is our big, luscious affair we hold every year! 2-1/2 days of classes by our guest designers, two half-day finishing classes by Magic by Mona, all in 4 days of STITCHING! Lots of different scheduling options to fit your time frame. Each Designer will present her project(s) - you'll get full days with both of them, and all of their projects.

Our Event begins Thursday Evening with a Happy Hour and Dinner, followed by an easy/light project from both Linda and Beth. Friday and Saturday are the class days lunches included. Right now, projects are a secret and surprise. But I know we are getting a sampler, and a little silk gauze work if you're up to it!

Our Event seems to start earlier and earlier every year! We now have our Stitching Room so if you arrive super early (before the event space is even set up) you'll be in our She Shed! Magic By Mona's finishing classes kick off the event early on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Optional and additional to you, there IS stitching homework beforehand.

Wednesday's Class (1 to 4 pm in our She Shed) is Shape-Up Basics. You'll be learning box make-overs - like how to create a little house box! Wood: Learn the basics of adding *Priscilla's-Pizazz* and layers to a wood shape finish. (Mona and Priscilla spent a few days together this last Fall - a mingling of The Creative Minds!!!) Shaped Ornaments round out Wednesday's class - 'Shake Up Your Shape' a little! (all that for $55... but you'll save $5 if you take tomorrow's class too!)

Thursday's Class (1 to 4 pm in our She Shed) features a darling sewing set. Keep all your necessary tools and toys contained in a tray complete with crystal knobs! Set will include a needleroll, fob and pin cushion.

Mona's classes are designed so you can use materials already in your stash. If that stresses you out (to like actually DIG in your stash and try to find stuff!), go the alternate route and reserve a Magic By Mona Materials kit - which the miracle-workers at The Silver Needle will somehow put together in just days for you! (Probably $15.)

Registration is open now. Call 888-543-7004. $175 Due at Registration, balance due by May 11th, 2020. Cancellations made after May 11th receive funds paid less $175.
Cancellations made after June 15th receive no refunds. Mona's optional classes run $55 each or both for $100. Magic By Mona Materials Kit price TBA. But order ASAP!

Needlework Galleria Show
2020 Needlework Galleria Shows:
September 16, 17, 18 and 19th 2020!

This is a lovely consumer stitching show that takes place every year at the Embassy Suites in St Charles, MO. An entire hotel floor of hotel suites all decked out for needlework shopping, two almost-all-night stitching lounges and a couple days of classes... it's a really fun get-away with stitching friends!

The Silver Needle is a vendor in the 'Merchandise Mall' (aka the festive hotel suites) ... and we'd love to see you there!

The Scarlett House Presenting Tanya Brockmeyer of Scarlett House

September 24?, 25 & 26th, 2020 - A Mini-Weekend
in Silver Needle's *She Shed Stitching Room!!!*

We are welcoming Tanya for a couple of days of stitching. She'll have an exclusive sampler project for us... we'll have freebies and favors for you... and you'll be able to spend a few relaxing days shopping and stitching with your friends!

Thursday evening has no organized plan yet... and I THINK Friday will be trunk show, meet and greet, and general stitching time with Tanya. Saturday is the project.

We love our She Shed Stitching Space that adjoins the Silver Needle - it'll hold up to 40 stitchers. It's clean, bright, private, has great chairs and lots of outlets, and just plain charming! You'll be able to set up your stuff and leave it securely there all weekend.

We're estimating approx $225. SAVE THE DATE... Registration is open NOW. Deposit of $50 at registration, $100 due July 24th, 2020. Balance due August 24th 2020. Cancellations before 8/24/20 receive funds paid less $50, no refunds after 08/24/20.

Cathy and Lindy at Market Presenting Cathy Haberman of Hands On Design

November 12, 13, and 14th, 2020 - Another Mini-Weekend
in Silver Needle's *She Shed Stitching Room!*
Another reason to Save-The-Date... another fun presentation by Cathy!

No details to share at this point... we anticipate approx $225... but we just don't know yet. If you are wanting to reserve your space now... we can do that!

SAVE THE DATE... $50 Deposit at registration, $100 due 60 days out, balance due October 12th, 2020. Cancellations before 10/12 receive funds paid less $50, no refunds after 10/12/20.

For those of you who travel far enough to stay in Tulsa overnight, here is a pdf listing nearby hotels for you.

Silver Needle now has a Corporate Rate Number at our local Hyatt Place Hotel.
It will guarantee you a $99 room rate. You can choose to stay anywhere you like during our classes... you might have your own hotel points you want to redeem. A Hyatt Place stay is not required... you choose whatever is best for you! We have that code - just in case! Hyatt is 2 miles from the shop and does have a hotel shuttle.

Our shopping center has 12 restaurants in and right across the street on our corner... you will NOT go hungry while you're here! Questions?? Just CALL US! Toll Free 888-543-7004. We're here to answer questions ... and would rather do that in person on the phone rather than endless e-mailing!

Announcing our NEXT Ama Waterways Christmas Markets River Cruise
Down the Danube December of 2020!

Announcing our NEXT Ama Waterways Christmas Markets River Cruise down the Danube December of 2020

Silver Needle is hosting another stitching cruise with Jeannette Douglas to visit all the charming cities and villages along the Danube River - and delight in all the famous European Christmas Markets! Our last Market cruise was 5 years ago... so long over-due for a repeat performance. Silver Needle/Jeannette Douglas charter the whole boat. We get our favorite Cruise Director - Dejan. We get everything special we want! Special day-trips, special menus, it's all about US!
Want more juicy details? We have loads of details here in a nice pdf for you to download and read!

There will be approx 150 of us (spouses and family members come - and really have a nice time too!). We stitch a little, and tour a lot! Judy Bradford of Expedia Cruiseship Centers is our Go-To-Lady who organizes everything for you and makes it your trip of a lifetime. As of this week... we have 17 cabins left on our ship. Judy is the one to answer money and logistics questions... or toll free to Canada 1-866-559-4449. There are no words to describe how wonderful these trips are... truly! Call her... (never say never!)

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