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A great collection of soft and hard-cover titles... our book selections cover Sampler History, Stitch Diagram and Instructionals, wonderful needlepoint and cross-stitch projects, Finishing techniques... just so many things! Enjoy some of the titles we carry in the shop!

The 2022 Just Cross Stitch Magazine Annual Halloween Issue - click to see more
The 2022 Just Cross Stitch Magazine Annual Halloween Issue is Coming!
But we have a scary-long wait! Due in the shop this coming July 19th!

Promising at least 55 different Halloween projects, all we have is a cover teaser picture so far!
We're taking RESERVATIONS for July delivery.

Stitching Love and Kindness from Ardyth Designs - click to see more A Rainbow of Threads & Garden Beds from Ardyth Designs - click to see more A Rainbow of Threads & Garden Beds and Stitching Love and Kindness from Ardyth Designs
There are two gorgeous new multi-page books by Ardyth Designs artist Amanda Mae Mac Naughton. Definitely multi-media - both books feature several different projects and different techniques!
  • A Rainbow of Threads & Garden Beds is 73 pages. In it are charming projects for Cross Stitch, Punch Needle and Wool Applique. The Table of Contents page has 15 lovely teaser pics of what follows in the book... including skydiving chicks, and a pretty antique sampler - full of garden-y motifs - all beautifully re-charted. There is a Needle and Thread Garden Bed sewing case project in here - every project has its own page of finishing steps and pics. Pages and pages of color and pretty pics.. it's a lovely book.
  • Stitching Love and Kindness has 14 projects in Cross Stitch, Punch needle and Sewing... all it its 45 pages. There's a cross stitch Love Pug, and two adaptations from an antique sampler... along with cute valentin-y designs. Amanda mentions kids helping with one of the projects in here - resulting in 'wonky stitches.' To her, it's a special memory to treasure. Great pics and huge charts.

Blackbird design from the 2022 Nashville Market Cookbook - click for more Our 2022 Nashville Market Cookbook - Happiness is Homemade - click to see more
Our 2022 Nashville Market Cookbook - Happiness is Homemade
This is a fun little 6 x 9 softcover cookbook stuffed with 100-ish recipes from our industry designers, suppliers and shops, along with 30-ish small charts from the participating designers.

The Market people have compiled these for three years of shows now (but we didn't get one last year because we didn't have an in-person show). If you're a recipe collector (or actual user!) it's cool because recipes in here come from some of the European gals as well as all different areas of the US. (So, like the recipes from the Italy girls are really authentic Italian recipes!)

It's only $8 and a fun gift for your stitch group stitchers! We bring them home from the Show - so March delivery is normal. this year they have sold so well, they have had to go back to the printer for more! So hang in... more are coming!

Pictured at right is the design that Blackbird contributed.

Last Call!
We have several limited-in-print magazines that will not last much longer!

All of these will sell out and not be reprinted so last call!

Look these over, along with lots of others, below on this page!

Needle Travel Mania Shop Guide for 2022 - click to see more Needle Travel Mania Shop Guide for 2022
Ohhhh... This annual shop directory across the US has arrived! Not published since 2020 because of the Big C, we now have an updated book featuring listings for almost 5,000 quilting, spinning, knitting, needlepoint, crocheting, weaving, embroidery and best-of-all Cross Stitch Shops! A wonderful little book, it weighs over a pound, and has 530 pages of listings for shops.

Each state is listed with a map of the interstate and state highways, and then each shop is listed with address, phone, some give web address, hours... and all are referenced with what type of shop they are. If you ever go anywhere in a car, YOU NEED THIS BOOK! You can see what is there, where ever you go, you can call ahead, make some planned (or unplanned!) stops - just enjoy needlework of every kind, no matter where you go!

Do it Yourself Stitch People 2nd Edition from Stitch People - click to see more
Stitch People Books
Wow, this is a really neat set of 7 books that between them all, offer you literally thousands of different motifs to customize your own stitching project. We're showing you one of them here... click through to see the rest... it's definitely worth it!

The idea is to choose specific motifs from the entries to make your own family, vacation, or event pieces. You can use your own vacation pics or special event pics as the guide and stitch a memory that REALLY LOOKS LIKE YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR PIC!

Each book is spiral bound and printed in full color on heavy pages. The charts are huge, and as I mentioned, each book includes hundreds of individual options.

Hand Stitched House by Theresa Lawson - click to see more
Hand Stitched House by Theresa Lawson
Wow... this is a cool book that contains 200-plus pages on EVERY SINGLE detail and bit of information you will need to transform your house into a piece of needlework! Every single bit of architectural detail, every kind of landscaping, masonry, everything is addressed in here.

Because you are surface embroidering - it is loaded with stitch techniques and advice about which threads are best for what. The pictures are wonderful in here... stitching anything is optional! Definitely a treat for anyone who loves houses or Embroidery!

The Spring 2022 Issue of Punch Needle and Primitive Stitcher Magazine - click to see more The Spring 2022 Issue of Punch Needle and Primitive Stitcher Magazine - click to see more Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine - Christmas-Winter 2021 Issue Front and Back Covers - click to see more
Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine
This magazine is just NEAT! Just like its name implies, it is full of Punch Needle Embroidery and Primitive Cross Stitch. 64 Pages of gorgeous photographs, full-sized templates and patterns, in-depth instructions, and fun articles about stitching groups and designers, you will enjoy every single page!!!

Printed on heavy paper, each project has its own 2 pages of space... there are no 'noisy' ads interrupting your browsing... and the pictures are just dreamy!!! You can peruse the subscription info inside -- I think it's something that needs to be in your mailbox 5 times a year -- each quarter and Christmas time!!!

Webmaster's Note: Put your mouse over each image to see its season and year. It will help you pick the ones you want. And don't miss our Russian Punch Needle page.

Punch Needle & Prim Stitcher Summer 2022 $9.99
Punch Needle & Prim Stitcher Spring 2022 $9.99
Punch Needle & Prim Stitcher Christmas-Winter 2021 Issue $16.99
Punch Needle & Prim Stitcher Fall 2021 Issue $9.99

Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine - The Fall 2021 Issue COVER - click to see more Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine - The Fall 2021 Issue BACK COVER - click to see more
Be Creative Cookbook from Rosewood Manor - click for more

Karen's Be Creative Cookbook
from Rosewood Manor

This is her 20th year... so she's compiled a cookbook of her past freebie charts... a bunch of border charts, and the best part... 75 of her favorite recipes! (Recipes are really only 'suggestions' for what else you could be doing instead of stitching... but why take that time?!)

She's laminated her spiral-bound book... added pages of specialty stitches, all kinds of stuff.

Pen To Thread - click to see more Pen To Thread - click to see more
Pen To Thread
WOW... this is an AWESOME 158-page book with over 750 hand-drawn motifs to embroider on anything! It INCLUDES a CD of every image in the book that you can RE-SIZE and PRINT for any project!!!

Darling stuff in here... it's divided up into subjects, and each 'chapter' has a colored pic of some of the motifs stitched... great inspiration here.

Subjects cover: Made in the USA, Food, The Craft Room, Tools, School Days, In the Kitchen, In the Garden, Around the House, The Great Outdoors, By the Sea, Animals, Plants, Frames and Borders and Alphabets. There are instructions for stitches in here, as well as using the CD. Beautifully presented! A definite YES to your stash!

200+ Fun & Funky Embroidery Transfers - click to see more
200+ Fun & Funky Embroidery Transfers
This is a publication by Leisure Arts that contains over 200 Iron-On-Transfers for regular embroidery -- the kind you do on pillow cases and dish towels.

Birds, butterflies, the Zodiak signs, some cute floral and animal borders... there are motifs in here that remind me of South America, Mexico, our Southwest, a couple of small seasonal things... and then 8 different alphabets.

Mix and match them all to decorate denim, T-shirts, bags... just anything!

Modern Folk Embroidery - click to see more   Modern Folk Embroidery - click to see more
Modern Folk Embroidery
I stumbled across this book that features 30 contemporary projects for Folk Art inspired designs -- all done in traditional embroidery stitches! It is fresh, colorful, young and just fun! It's crewel embroidery -- stitched with embroidery floss on just about any fabric you want.

The book has 125 pages of stitch diagrams, patterns and pictures of 30 different projects that are so NOW and CUTE! Bags, dolls, pillows, ornaments... you can finish everything in here any way you want! Browse through it, choose a project, the instructions are very good. Bright colors, very *Retro* on personality!

Christkindl from Rico Designs - click for more Christkindl from Rico Designs
64 pages of a full tiered tiny tree, rocking horses and gingerbread cookies, The Three Wisemen, CHARMING angels, , NUTCRACKERS (very hard to find!) and even a Merry-Go-Round!

I have a set of tiny wooden angel ornaments that are all playing musical instruments -- I've had them for almost 40 years... and I'm sure these charts are of THOSE angels -- because they are wooden ornaments from Germany -- where these books are published! Just lovely!!!!!!

Christmassy Messengers from Rico Designs - click for more Christmassy Messengers from Rico Designs
40 Pages. Darling little folk art angel people, snowmen, a trio of really pretty stylized evergreen topiary trees, monochromatic reindeer and checks -- inspired by coverlet designs -- and little Santa-people, as well.

So much red, taupe and cream color -- wait till you see the finishing ideas and the photos on the pages!

Wintermarchen from Rico Designs - click for more Wintermarchen from Rico Designs
A darling skinny Santa in here... lots of taupe reindeer, some little chicks with striped stocking caps, and more taupe-colored skaters... there is a tree pattern in here that is stunning! It is simply small circles and snowflakes all tucked into a curvy tree shape -- very contemporary and sleek -- stunning! 40 Pages.

Frohe Weihnachten from Rico Designs - click for more Frohe Weihnachten from Rico Designs
44 pages of cute stuff!!! This one has tiny ball ornaments and wrapped gifts, pine greenery, a row of solid pines, super-stylized reindeer, gorgeous flowing holly with partridges, even a silhouette of Santa and the reindeer in the sky.

All smalls in this book... you can put together everything in a million different ways.

Making Christmas Stocking Selections? Don't miss seeing the entire collections of several different designer's talents! Christmas Stockings are an individual thing! Some want all in the family to match... some want different designs to 'match the person'... Check out our Stocking Page for lots of options!!!

Knots, Fur and Turkey Work
A brand new book by Meredith Bamhill Willett and Beth Robertson, this is a beautiful publication printed on super-glossy paper and stuffed full of awesome, clear, pretty and current pics! The book delves into textured stitches that are used on canvas and linen. 28 Pages of fabulous, creative applications for both threads and stitches... I'd never heard of Faux and Cork-Screw Bullions, Sorbello Stitches, and Detached Woven Picots -- and when you see the up-close pics of what the different threads do for the stitches -- you'll be amazed!

The color pictures of thread and stitch applications are all fresh, 2005-ish projects -- I hate to open stitch books that show projects that look like they're 25 years old. These are fresh, current applications, with current threads. For instance, I know that Flair by Rainbow Gallery ravels like the dickens. This book shows an application for hair that features that raveled fiber!!! You can even shade it! (Who knew!?) Very, very nicely done!

Knots, Fur and Turkey Work -- click for more

Basics & Beyond
By Janice Love
Simply the best hardanger embroidery instruction book on the market, this has continued to sell year after year for us. Janice has written this book starting with the most basic of hardanger information, added great diagrams and photos, given you "Points for Perfection," left-handed instructions as well as right-handed, and an entire section of photos and instructions entitled: "Oh My Gosh... What did I do wrong, now!?"

Simply the best instruction book around, it'll walk you through the entire process, beautifully! 52 Pages.

Click this image to see a larger view

Fundamentals Made Fancy
By Janice Love
The sequel to Basics & Beyond, this book goes deeper into the specialty hardanger stitches. It includes lacy edge instructions as well as 22 other hardanger embellishment treatments. The diagrams and photos are very clearly explained, and there is even clip art included, so you can cut and paste your own hardanger designs together to create a masterpiece! An 'absolute to have' if you're a hardanger fan! 60 Pages.

Click this image to see a larger view

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