Flamingo's Folly Beaded Fob from Fern Ridge - click to see more Fun Feature!

Flamingo's Folly Beaded Fob

from Fern Ridge

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Just Arrived at The Silver Needle
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Whatever... A Collection of Grumpy and Happy Patterns from AB Designs - click for more When the Leaves Fall from Blackbird Designs - click for more Trick or Treat from Susanamm - click for more Charcoal Mittens from Rachels of Greenfield - click to see more Chessie & Me Autumn Sewing Book -- click to see more

Spring Flowers - Our March 2024 Secret Needle Night Kit - click to see more

Spring Flowers - Our March 2024 Secret Needle Night Kit
We're a few weeks slow with this Secret Needle Night March release... but the flowers are beginning to pop out everywhere else, so here we are! Stitched on 20ct white linen with just #5 Pearl Cotton and Rainbow Gallery's Very Velvet thread... it really didn't take too long to stitch (it took me longer to design it!). We are still waiting on that Velvet for our kits... turns out Rainbow Gallery (thread company) has acquired Kreinik (another thread company) and I think our supply shipments are happening in the midst of a LOT of busy-ness! Our kits will go out as soon as threads arrive - not to worry!

Spring Flowers finishes about 5 inches in diameter. Mona painted you that darling little purple paddle... so her finishing kit (offered separately) includes it, the mounting boards, fluff, chenille trim and ribbon Mona-tied bow!

MH14-4204 Ravens Kit from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Canoe Ride, Nutty Squirrels, Book Learnin, Haunted Graveyard, Autumn Moose and Halloween
Presenting the 2024 Autumn Mill Hill Bead Kit Collections! The Button & Beads Collection - Always anticipated and really fun to work up... these finish about 5 x 5, worked on 14ct perforated paper. Complete kits include the Mill Hill beads, the button and glass beads, flosses and needles. We have a neat outdoor-zey canoe, a hungry squirrel couple, the old schoolhouse, and moving moose! The scary graveyard and wild Halloween medley scenes feature the newer glass Glow-In-The-Dark beads!!!

Mini Sticks Stockings for Christmas! from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Apple Trio, Splat Witch, To Go, Lizzy, Witch's Cauldron, Honey
Autumn Harvest Collection from Mill Hill
The little guys, these finish about 3 x 3 each. Fun as magnets, in the olden days we wore them as pins! Mostly though, they make cute ornaments for Halloween trees and especially Christmas trees. Even though the coffee cup isn't Christmassy - it's a perfect ornament for a coffee-a-holic! Even though the skeleton isn't Christmassy - I bet you know of a little dinosaur-lover who'd love that as an ornament this year! This season we have colorful apples, a witch who must have flown into a wall!, the ever-present daily coffee cup, and a glorious honey bee. Both the scary skeleton and bubbling cauldron feature glow-in-the-dark beads! Always cute, the complete kits include the 14ct perf paper, magnet for the back, beads, needles, chart, and some sort of Mill Hill glass or crystal Treasure as well!

Always Be an Artist by Boulder Valley Stitching - click for more Stitch Every Day by Boulder Valley Stitching - click for more
New Designs from Boulder Valley Stitching
  • Stitch Every Day - Here are rules for Needleworkers... spools of thread on here, this would be better if you wound tiny skeins of floss and tacked them on here! Still adds the color, but gives us floss - instead of sewing thread. The idea is cute though and will make a fun sign for your stitching/sewing room! We'll put a big enough image in the click-thru so you can read the verse.
  • Always Be an Artist - 'Learn the rules like a Pro, so you can break them like an Artist.' A quote from Picasso! Stitched with DMC, choose any background fabric you like, this measures 210 x 84 - so it'll be nice 13 x 5 on 32ct! Offered as a chart.

American Flag from Erin Elizabeth Designs - click to see more Spring Blooms from Erin Elizabeth Designs - click to see more Pumpkin Lane Sampler from Erin Elizabeth Designs - click to see more
Three Seasons from Erin Eiizabeth Designs
An arrival of new designs... all of them are trimmed with Rik-Rak!
  • American Flag - Kind of a coverlet-inspired piece, the stars and stripes are stitched with only 2 colors (a red and a blue) of hand-dyed thread! Meauring 101 x 71, this finishes a petite 4 x 5-1/2 on 18/36ct. I think it'd make a really cute block stand-up or mattress-style pin cushion.
  • Spring Blooms - Sweet little houses... I see this one finished into a three-sided triangle block or a 4-sided one, with decorated fabric on the 4th (back) side, or maybe your family name on that side? Might be cute with the top open and a little glass vase in there holding a few flowers. Each pic is 70 x 70, so finishes about 4 inches square.
  • Pumpkin Lane Sampler - I like the colors in this one. The soft oranges and golds mixed with the dirty whites and faded denim blues... they're all pumpkin colors! You could take out the alphabet and stitch something like 'Welcome to our Patch' and make a door sign out of this. The bottom row of pumpkins might make a really cute pin cushion, and you could do this whole thing in a long row to sit on a windowsill. Stitched on Dark Cobblestone Lugana.

Elephants & Bees Kit from Olde Colonial -- click to see more
Elephants & Bees Kit from Olde Colonial Designs
Olde Colonial designed this cute little bolster case, complete with little wooden elephant thread board. Originally released in 2010, it has been out of print and production since then. Butttt, now we have a few kits - Pam revised it all in 2023. Instructions are included to finish the 61 x 93 sampler - it features mama and baby elephants in one area, bees and a skep in another area, and your initials and alphabet in the third area.

Finish it as a flat folding case or the fun little round. The kit contains the chart, finishing instructions, interfacing, finishing fabric, 32ct Country Vintage Mocha Belfast linen, DMC floss, the elephant board, a tiny bee charm and some snaps.

Everything Boards from Chantelle's 141 Design Company - click to see more Bender Boards from Chantelle's 141 Design Company - click to see more Perpetual Paddles from Chantelle's 141 Design Company - click to see more Folk Paddle from Chantelle's 141 Design Company - click to see more
Sturdy and Pretty Finishing Display Boards by Chantelle's 141 Design Company
These are the wonderful boards that Hands On Design uses in a lot of her finishing treatments. (Go to her page, you'll see tons of examples of boards in use.) Made from MDF, medium density fiber board, which is a composite wood product. These feature a thin veneer layer on each side. They are 3/8 of an inch thick, and love no extra finish or paint - just not a stain treatment.

Varied sized and styles... everyone is using those super-strong magnets to attach finished needlework - one magnet on the back of your work, the other on the back of the board. That way, you can switch designs in a jiff, and re-use your boards across the seasons!

Pauline Revisited and Antonia Revisited Scissors by DOVO - click for more
Announcing NEW DOVO Embroidery Scissors!
DOVO Solingen - click for more Two past favorite scissor styles are being manufactured again (for a limited time?) and will be available to us in early June! We used to have both these styles in multiple finishes... so think of this windfall as a TOTAL SCISSOR BONUS! Quite a lovely surprise... Definitely another chance to get some very special and wonderful scissors!
  • The Pauline - Revisited! This is a lovely 3-1/2 inch embroidery scissor - 'practically perfect in every way!' Our Silver Needle 35th Anniversary Pauline style (sold out) featured a brushed gold finish with DOVO's tapered extra-thin cutting tip for Handanger Embroidery. These NEW Pauline Revisited feature a Brushed Stainless finish (looks like Pewter) and features DOVO's classic, thin blades all the way to the tip. (No extra tapering... just sleek, beautiful, smooth blades.) You'll love them!
  • The Antoinia - Revisited! This is a wonderful 4-inch scissor. A little longer than the Pauline, finger holes a tiny bit larger, cutting blades a teeny bit longer, they just feel great in your hand. Very sleek and efficient. Our SN 35th Anniversary Antonia style (sold out) featured a brushed gold finish. These NEW Antonia Revisited feature that brushed stainless finish - looking like Pewter.
Our favorite scissor manufacturer - DOVO - from Solingen, Germany had massively re-organized 4 years ago, and dissolved their scissor division. The tiny bit left of the company has been manufacturing shaving implements all this time. Someone smart, somewhere (!) decided they really still needed to do embroidery scissors - and here we are! I don't know how long we'll be treated to our scissors, but we are thrilled for whatever we can have! We're taking reservations now for early June 2024 delivery! We will charge your credit card at time of shipping in June.

MH14-7102 Vino Rosso Kit from Mill Hill - click for more MH14-1816 Geranium Kit from Mill Hill - click for more MH14-8205 Latte Kit from Mill Hill - click for more MH14-2223 Autumn Bench Kit from Mill Hill - click for more
From Left: Vino Rosso, Geranium, Latte, Autumn Bench
This Week's Mill Hill Button & Bead Arrivals...
Every week, we get a few backordered kits back into stock. PAINFULLY slow, we've been waiting for Geraniums and the Autumn Bench the longest - since last summer! Anyway, just my semi-weekly update as to the latest arrivals. The bench kit still comes with the ceramic dog button; the rest include the new Just Another Button Company pieces... all include the perf paper, chart, needles, flosses and Mill Hill beads!
Click each image and it will take you right to the correct place for it on our Mill Hiss B & B pages.
M Satterwaite 1807 Quaker Mousepad from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more M Satterwaite 1807 Quaker Mousepad from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more

M Satterwaite 1807 Quaker Sampler and Mousepad
from Shakespeare's Peddler's Theresa Venette!
This is a stunning Quaker sampler originally stitched in 1807. Done entirely in black, it's really very striking and elegant. It measures 268 x 283, so finishes a huge 13 x 14 on 40ct! Theresa says her model stitcher stitched it in 13 days!

Well, we have the old and the new - Theresa took the sampler artwork and put it on a mousepad! A standard 7-1/2 x 9, it's the good micro-fiber surface with black padded non-scoot backing. I'm pretty sure M Satterwaite had a different idea in mind when she thought of mice!

The Anita Floor Lamp from Daylight - click to see more The Anita Table Lamp from Daylight - click to see more The Anita Table and Floor Lamps from Daylight
The Anita Table Lamp and Floor Lamp are the nicest and most substantial lamps we have seen in a long time. Powered by advanced LED technology, each bathes your workspace in 2,600 LUX of natural daylight illumination, bringing your projects to life with vibrant, true-to-life colors, and enabling unparalleled precision.

Adjustable brightness combined with a premium quality magnifying lens, convenient smartphone holder and practical storage tray elevate your crafting experience to new heights. Craft seamlessly throughout the day and night, free from the discomfort of eye strain.
Click through to our Daylight page for 2 page pdf fact sheets on each lamp.
  • Daylight 6,000K LEDs with 95+ CRI to see colours accurately at any time of day or night
  • Exceptional brightness (2,600 Lux) easily adjustable using the continuous dimmer switch
  • Illuminated shade for soft ambient light
  • 3 colour changing with long press switch: daylight, cool light and warm light
  • Extendable arm for longer reach
  • 2-way rotating shade for perfect light positioning
  • Included: 3 unique accessories including clip-on tray, flex arm magnifying lens and phone clamp
  • Braided anti-tangle cable

Violetta Heart from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more Bee's Delight from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more Blue Bird from Samplers Not Forgotten - click to see more
Violetta Heart, Bee's Delight & Blue Bird Pin Cushions from Samplers Not Forgotten's Kimberly Nugent
Kimberly Nugent has three new Market releases - here are her three new pin cushion designs - offered in full kit format of hand-dyed linen, hand-dyed threads, backing finishing fabrics, trims and charms. Kimberly always uses soft hand-dyed colors of fabrics and threads, and luscious trims and finishing fabrics. These three have it all! Scroll down to see more of her new designs.
  • Violetta Heart - Companions her Key to My Heart, Floral Heart and Patriotic Heart... I love these soft violet colors! Violetta includes luscious deep purple silk ribbon, strong greens and purples of Week's hand-dyed flosses, a length of lace trim to go all the way around your heart, backing fabric, and that little heart charm!
  • Bee's Delight - Companions Kimberly's Dutch Rose, Peony Bouquet and other little florals. Bee's Delight contains a soft grey and taupe check finishing fabric, pink silk ribbon, Week's hand-dyeds of pinks and dusty greens, the lace for the edging, and a little bee charm. The cover pic is kind of too big... the stitches are kind of tight on the model, so you can't see the colors very well. They are, indeed, gorgeous - trust me!
  • Blue Bird - Well, we were looking for the bird on this - and found that it's the little charm on the antique pin. Blue Bird is stitched with Week's Shepherd's Blue floss. The kit includes the hand-dyed line, silk ribbon old button and bitty bird charm.
New Gentle Art flosses -- click to see more

The New Gentle Art Sampler Threads for 2024
A few lively colors this season... we have them bundled together for a month or two - so you can collect them now, and individually in the clicky boxes on the GAST page.

Our GAST rack is basically full these days! They had been plagued with dye and thread issues the past couple of years, but now our orders are coming in full and strong... so we can't see through an empty rack anymore! GREAT NEWS! New are Goldenrod, Dragon Fruit and Wisteria.
New Weeks Flosses
New Spring 2024 Flosses from Weeks Dye Works
Fantastic colors to really help round out color families and design shading, Miranda has 5 new 6-strand floss colors!

We have them all bundled together for a month or two, to help you collect them now, and they are individually in our clicky boxes on the Weeks Floss Page for easy ordering later on.
New Flosses - Winter Wheat, Cardinal, River Otter, Queen Ann's Lace and Grassland.
New Weeks Spring 2024 Pearl 5 Flosses
New Spring 2024 Pearl 5 Flosses from Weeks Dye Works
We have them all bundled together in sets for you... or you can purchase via their little clicky boxes on the Weeks Pearl 5 Floss Page. Getting them NOW while they are together and new is really the best though.

Grassland is one of the new colors; Havana and Grape Vine are both are in the regular floss line, but now in this weight too!

Americana Blue from October House - click for more The Queen Bee from October House - click for more Pollinator's Garden from October House - click for more
March Releases from October House
  • Americana Blue - This is a pretty seamstress/stitcher/quilter sampler! It resembles Americana Red, but seems to have lots more 'crafty' motifs in it. Measuring 247 square, it's worked on any neutral with one shade of hand-dyed thread - this time it features Weeks Dye Works Blue Jeans - 5 skeins worth!
  • The Queen Bee - Another of Robin's little 1 x 8-ish 'Skinny Mini' designs. They are all little skinny rows of somethings (pumpkins, tomatoes, scissors) that all finish into little sausag-y pin cushions! The Queen Bee might say it all for a Stitcher you know! Coded for just a few hand-dyeds.
  • Pollinator's Garden - Here's another long and skinny cushion design... a lovely row of softly colored wild flowers. Stitch count is 33 x 261 - it'll be less than 2 x 14-1/2 on 36ct! You could finish this and use it as a draft blocker on a windowsill! You can see another picture - a pillow - on the inside page. Robin has split this row up into two rows, and inserted her Queen Bee design I just talked about above, and made a bigger pillow. I like both options!

Lady Liberty Scissors by The Scissorist - click for more
Lady Liberty Scissors by The Scissorist
These little charmers are made in the USA! Measuring 4-1/4 inches, they feel on the heavier side - because of the stainless decoration of the Statue of Liberty on their handles. Regular sized finger holes, the blade tips are very sharp.

They come in a leather case that is made in Texas! (Stamped on there and everything!) So scissors and the leather case BOTH from the USA! There's been a big buzz about these on social media - I believe they are a limited edition.

Lady Liberty Scissors by The Scissorist - click for more
Stainless Scissors by Sajou
A trio of really nice, smooth, sharp little embroidery scissors... they are presented by Sajou, feature a cool ribbon 'label' (can be removed by cutting), and come packaged in a pretty cardboard scissor sleeve (asst prints.) The scissors themselves are very nice - they feel really good, have nice sharp tips, and are well balanced. We have three styles - *A* is classic 4-inch size. *B* is the same style as A but only 3-1/2 inches long. *C* is another 3-1/2 inch style with a different curve on the handles.

All three will make great every day scissors. (NOT for cutting yarns or heavy cords or thick threads... these are meant for sewing thread and 6-strand floss. If you cut something too heavy for any of your scissors, you wear the screw that holds the blades together - you 'strip it' - and it causes the scissors to permanently loosen!)
Note! We also have several new enameled novelty scissors on our #2 Scissor page.

Fabulous Houses #5 Hobbit House from Cottage Garden Samplings - click to see more

New Release from Cottage Garden Samplings

House #5 is coming... The Hobbit House!

It's a tiny house hidden under the moss the grows on the tops of the tree roots! Due in the shop the first week in April.

Stitched Twill Tape Trim on a spool - click to see more Stitched Twill Tape Trim - click to see more
'Stitched' Twill Tape Trim and 'Antique Spools'
We found some distressed and vintage-looking twill tape trim that looks like it's 'decorated' with stitches. Everyone is using such cute trims on sewing bags and pouches, pin cushions, and always quilts... this just looks like it belongs with Cross Stitch! A coffee-beige background, the twill color is either black, navy blue or burgundy. Our hanks are 5-yards long.

We've heard a cute idea: just take some of this and wind it around an antique spool - and you have in instant cool decoration for a basket of pin cushions or a shelf beside a sampler!

So.... viola... Antique-Inspired Spools! Supposed to be the real thing, they have a good look, after you remove the sticker on the bottom that says 'made in china!' They do come with thread on them... but I'm not inclined to believe it's 150 years old! So... for $6, use these as a fun needlework-y decoration!

Stitched Twill Tape Trim - click to see more
Don't Touch Scissor Spool by The Nebby Needle
Here's a stitched decoration for one of these spools! We love the rules... TOUCH, MOVE or BORROW... can't you just hear the excuses when your scissors are gone? 'I just borrowed them... or oh, I only moved them'... just makes you want to tear your hair out!

Just do the quick stitching, fold under your top and bottom, wrap around the spool, and pin or tack the seam closed! You can even wrap some of that twill tape trim along the top and bottom in place of the stitched border! The picture on the chart cover is not the best... you'll just have to use your imagination a little!
Camper Sampler from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more IndependANTS Day from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more Wings of Change from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more
Silver Creek's Camper Sampler, Independants Day and Wings of Change
Silver Creek Samplers has new releases. I do not have design sizes, but know that all are coded for DMC floss and sometimes other threads as well. Everything is presented in chart format.
  • Camper Sampler - Something fun to hang at your cabin, choose a deep hand-dyed fabric color to simulate the night sky and highlight the bonfire. Might be fun to add a 'Welcome to our Cabin' greeting on here too!
  • IndependANTS Day - Well July certaintly is ant-season! Cute little fun 4th of July decoration for your picnic table or deck outside!
  • Wings of Change - Uplifting, this delivers good advice for life.

And God Saw from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Hello Spring from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Serenity from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more Strawberry Sheep from Teresa Kogut -- click to see more
Teresa Kogut New Releases
  • And God Saw - This is presented in a full color multi-page leaflet. 'And God saw everything he made and it was good.' DMCs and/or hand-dyeds, this is a stunning piece. Pretty borders, soft colors, it measures 13-1/2 x 15 on 36ct. Lots of stitches in here!
  • Hello Spring - This is a full book containing 8 designs. All 8 are pictured if you click the image above... gorgeous pictures, you'll have excellent guides for choosing any fabrics you want. The charts are huge, everything about Teresa's books is lovely - graphics, her special artwork, fabric and floss colors, even the luscious paper!
  • Serenity - Another full color multi-page leaflet, there is a lot to like in this one! Thin, old-fashioned border, the corner fillagrees make this look old and aged. DMCs and hand-dyeds, this finishes a generous 19 x 19 on 36ct.
  • Strawberry Sheep - Finishes approx 3 x 4-1/2 on 18/36, she has this coded for DMC and Flower Thread - but Gentle Art's Simply Wool would be stunning on that sheep! Chart format. Taylor Nash's Strawberry Waxers are featured in the finishing... we have those waxer fobs and tie-ons in cream, red and black wax - raspberries too - and they are gorgeous!

Rose Heart Bunny - Eve by Just Nan - click to see more! Presenting Jeannette's Jingle Ball Spools - click to see more
Just Nan has announced her Rose Heart Bunny - Eve
Little Rose Heart Bunny will be on her way to us an a few weeks.... she is Nan's final little 1 x 1-1/2 inch mouse design. She has soft pink felt ears and a furry pom-pom tail... and she'll be precious as an ornament, pin keep, spool topper, ornament - anything you want! Stitched on 32ct white linen with shades of pink and green DMC, she is embellished with rose beads, along with her ears and tail. She is also wearing a tiny Rose Quartz heart HAT that is held in place with a tiny pearl pin. All of Nan's previous little bunnies are now retired, and Rose Heart is the last in the series. Her chart includes the pic, graph, instructions for stitching and assembly, overdyed wool for the ears, pom-pom tail, beads and pin. You'll need a tiny bit of batting to line/stuff her.

Jeannette Douglas has some wooden spool scissor holders and spool ornament pieces. Rose Heart will fit atop the scissor holder - tuck the scissors into the topper hole behind her. Or get one of the ornaments - she can still perch atop that, and you can wind a pretty stitched floral border of stitching or bits of fabric around the spool.

Garden Box from Jeannette Douglas Shepherd's Box from Jeannette Douglas Chubby Bee from Jeannette Douglas
All the Lovely New Things that came our way from Jeannette Douglas Click through to see the rest.
  • Garden Box - Garden Time is fast approaching, so Jeannette has another set of boxed pieces that fit into her little shadow boxes (like Christmas and Stitch Box.) No specialty stitches on this, the main design is only 3-1/2 x 4 on 32ct, while the two smalls on the side are less than 2 inches in size, and the long cushion along the bottom holds a ruler on its backside. Stitched with hand-dyed cottons, there is no thread pack for this - only the wool packet that has the small pieces of wool for backing, the ruler, pins from Puntini Puntini, and buttons for the biscornu - a little finishing materials packet. (We call this box our 1-1-2 configuration... one hole, then another different sized hole, then 2 holes of the same size. Do not confuse it with the 1 - 3 configuration box! And... I see that we use the words 'tray' and 'box' to describe the same little type of wooden piece.) Presented as the leaflet with Wool Packet.
  • Shepherd's Box - Sheep and Stitching seem to go together... a fun theme Jeannette loves to work with. Main design is 3-1/2 x 4, and again those smalls along the side, and across the bottom. This design is coded for DMC but model is done with silks - so there is a thread pack as well as a wool finishing pack. Wool packet contains backing wools, templates to make holders and decorations on the backs, Puntini Puntini pins, and a sheep waxer from Noteworthy Needle. So that you have everything you need, we are offering the leaflet, and both thread and wool packets all together. So leaflet with no packs, or leaflet with both packs.
  • Chubby Bee - This plump little bee hardly looks like she can fly! (Jeannette promises a squirrel coming later this year to join Chubby Fox, Bunny and Bird.) Same size as its three companions - about 60 x 60 - it's done with hand-dyed flosses, and available as a small chart.

Cookie Cutters One from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Cookie Cutters One from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Cookie Cutters One from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Cookie Cutters Two from Kathy Barrick - click to see more
Some of Kathy Barrick's New Offerings! Click through to see more!
  • Cookie Cutters One & Two - Personally, I think these are some of the cutest little cushions we saw at Market this year! Presented in two different chart sets of 6 each, they are just precious! Kathy stitched them on neutral 40ct, backed them with the same neutral linen, stuffed them with walnut shells, and trimmed with chenille trim. She didn't interface the fronts or back, so they feel VERY soft and 'old' and pliable in your hands. She says her inspiration for these came from her love of huge solid spaces of stitching in her older pieces. She decided to cut out 'cookie shapes' from the solid stitching... and voila... we have tiny cushions!
  • Animal Pincushions from Kathy Barrick - click to see more Peace and Plenty Farm from Kathy Barrick - click to see more
  • Animal Pincushions - This is a delightful set of small cushions - all measure the same size - 74 x 52. Kathy used a medley of different 40ct fabrics and colors, and found various trims to match them all. Coded for DMC or silks... you can do each animal on any color fabric with any color combination - she has all her examples listed inside the chart. What a perfect way to use up scraps of all your fabrics! Do them over one or two... what ever you want. The finished collection was just awesome in person!
  • Peace and Plenty Farm - This looks happy! Charted for silk or DMC, this measures 197 x 165 in stitch count, so it'll finish a bitty 8 x 10 on 40ct! Lots of horses and pigs, some cows and a little dog, it has a pleasing color palette!

Troublemakers from Petal Pusher - click to see more Rascals from Petal Pusher - click to see more Rascals and Troublemakers
from Petal Pusher
Sounds like fun pair! By Petal Pusher, we have two new 4 x 4 designs that are full of repeating motifs that make neat patterns. Rascals features little rabbits eating the carrots growing in the garden. All the carrots are the repeating design, that together with their tops, form the design. Troublemakers are the black crows beginning to eat the pumpkins in the patch

Great colors in each - just DMC - they measure 61 in stitch count. Offered in separate chart packs, Barbie gives you her source for the wooden boards shown in her finishing - but we brought a few of each home from market with us - so we HAVE them for a short while! They come in unfinished wood - you get to paint and distress to your liking.

Works by ABC Heirloom - click for more Works by ABC Majestic Lace - click for more Works by ABC Exquisite Lace - click for more Works by ABC Elegant Lace - click for more Works by ABC 324 - click for more
Heirloom, Majestic, Exquisite and Elegant Lace... and 324 from Works by ABC
This is a gorgeous set of designs - all stitched with white or creme floss on any dark fabric - Aida or linen. My mom had a lace table cloth on the dining room table that looked like these, so I couldn't resist these charts! Worked in whole crosses, you get that lighter look by doing just one leg of the cross, or one less strand of thread.

The charts tell you how many thousands of stitches are in these to help with thread figuring, but then reminds you that you CAN take out a small motif from inside the lace somewhere and stitch just a small pin cushion! Truly exquisite, elegant and majestic like their name implies... choose any fabric you like as your background color. They are quite large, so kind of a 'stitching investment', but if you like them, TOTALLY worth it! Heirloom finishes 14 x 16 on 18/36. Majestic is 19 x 19 on 36! Elegant is 7 x 7 over one on 25ct but 9-1/2 on 36ct. Exquisite is 11-1/2 x 18-1/2 on 36.

324 - This is cool... it uses 324 different shades of DMC floss! Absolutely every single motif and square on here is stitched with a different color of floss. BUTTTT if you aren't a 324-color-stitcher - it HAS been re-charted for just 36 colors as well. Easy to work from, the entire chart is one symbol, but there is a diagram of which colors go where. Inspired by an old piece of lace that featured thousands of tiny stitches and motifs, this finishes only about 11 x 11 on 36ct - so it is a delightful burst of busy color. Although the colors are intoxicating to me... you could split this all up and make a whole set of smaller square cushions following the color combinations you like best. Really a neat design idea.

Sterling Needle Minders, Ort Jars and Needle Jars from Michelle Ink - click for more
Sterling Needle Minders, Ort Jars and Needle Jars
Michelle Ink has made us more of our exclusive sterling needle minders that our A Little Help From Our Friends Stitching Circle Stitchers received a few years ago. She designed this gorgeous threaded needle nestled among swirly stitches just for The Silver Needle. Her silver comes from recycled electronic discards! Referred to as precious metals clay... they reclaim the sterling in old computer parts, and somehow get it into a clay medium. Michelle, then molds it, fires it (the clay burns off and we are left with the beautiful silver that was being thrown away!), tumbles it, antiques it, and then makes her pieces into our needle minders, and medallions on tiny jars.

You can see the quarter I put in the pic - for size reference - and I can guarantee you there is more silver in Michelle's pieces than that quarter! Gorgeous hand-made minders and elegant jars to love, USE and enjoy!

Michelle is coming to The Silver Needle April 26th and 27th - she is teaching in our She Shed with the Fern Ridge Girls! We have 3 Spaces left in class... you'll be making beaded needlecases and fobs, and molding your Michelle Ink Sterling Silver medallion for the top of your needlecase box!

Little Robin Designs Straighten Your Crown - click for more Little Robin Designs Charlotte McGillis & Posey - click for more Little Robin Designs Literary Love Notes - click for more Little Robin Designs Pumpkins Alight - click for more
Fun New Designsfrom Little Robin Designs - Definitely Worth Your Time!
  • Straighten Your Crown is advice for life - packed into a pin cushion finish. Choose any fabric you like and any color, this measures 144 x 65 so will finish about 3-1/2 x 8 on 36ct. Offered as a single chart.
  • Charlotte McGillis & Posey - A very simple alphabet sampler, what caught my eye is that gorgeous floral posey cushion in the lower corner. Measuring only 66 x 68, it'll finish about 3-1/2 inches in size on 36ct, and is worked with varied hand-dyeds. Chamomile, Chopped Chives, Hibiscus, Lagoon, Licorice Red, Mustard Seed, Old Money, Red Pear and Sand... just choose a light neutral fabric to showcase the pretty colors. Offered as a leaflet with both designs.
  • Literary Love Notes - Featuring romantic quotes from Austen, Fitzgerald and Bronte, stitch something historic and classy for your filled bowl of bowl-fillers! Little Robin chose 40ct - a neutral - and Classic Colorworks hand-dyed Cupid floss for hers. All three designs are included in this chart.
  • Pumpkins Alight - 'Moon shining bright, pumpkins alight, no shadows to fear on All Hallow's Night.' A retro-inspired scene full of soft, dusty blacks, grays, light oranges and yellow. This measures 219 x 155 - so finishes a generous 13-1/2 x 9-1/2 on 16/32ct. It is coded for a surprising 19 shades of Weeks, Gentle Art and Classic threads. Just old and charming! Presented as a chart.
Funky Chickens by Satsuma Street - click for more Merrily They Ring by Satsuma Street - click for more Winter Woods by Satsuma Street - click for more The Four Elements by Satsuma Street - click for more
Spring 2024 Releases from Satsuma Street - With Early Christmas Tossed In!
  • Funky Chickens - These chickens are stitched flat on your fabric, folded and then tacked together on two sides - they are the classic 'Humbug' shape. Stitched on any white you like with the brightest and happiest DMC colors they finish about 3-1/2 and 4 inches each. All three are presented in the chart and Jodi has included templates for the felt accents on them as well. Be thinking some fun button embellishments on these... or some frizzy trims as an extra garnish.
  • Merrily They Ring - This is presented as a complete kit with 18ct perforated paper - rather than 14ct, the floss, jingle bells chart and needle. Measuring approx 2 x 7 when finished, this would be cute hanging on one of those skinny walls you have between 2 doors or windows... somewhere nothing else fits!
  • Winter Woods - Take a walk through the snowy woods in this serene medley of evening scenes. Against that deep blue, everything looks cold, sleepy and quiet. Presented in leaflet format and coded to DMC, it measures 142 stitches square - so 9 x 9 on 32... which means the inner four designs are 4-1/2 inches each!
  • The Four Elements - This design is brilliant in color and wild personality! Jodi Rice of Satsuma Street loves color... and all of them POP on this black background. Earth, wind, water and fire, this measures 174 x 177 in stitch count - so an impressive 11 x 11 on 32ct. Truthfully, the colored chart is huge - across 4 fold-out pages - but it is intense, and not for a beginning stitcher. It uses 29 shades of Cosmo or DMC floss, and there is quite a bit of shading in here. I love it, but wow, an investment in good lighting and daytime stitching is a must!
Believe It or Not Pincushion by The Purple Thread - click to see more Treasured Memories by The Purple Thread - click to see more
New Pin Cushion Kits from The Purple Thread
  • Believe It or Not Pincushion - Sharon has made a drum-shaped cushion, and inserted a retractable tape measure inside of it. Stored at the bottom, it gives this 2-inch in diameter x 4-inch high drum some standing stability. She's decorated the Weeks Dye Works 32ct hand-dyed Tin Roof Gingham Linen with a tiny band sampler. You'll get the chart, fabric, threads, ribbon and felt for finishing and of course the little tape measure that hides inside.
    • Treasured Memories - This is another drum-shaped cushion. But this time, she's cut up an old quilt and you get lovely cut of an old quilt, the linen, flosses and finishing felt. Your stitching decorates the top... it is just charming! Complete kit contains everything you need - except the stuffing!
    My Heart is True by Samperbird Stitchery - click for more Shamrock Reel by Samperbird Stitchery - click for more Merry Stitches by Samperbird Stitchery - click for more
    Pin Cushions and Ornaments by Samperbird Stitchery
  • My Heart is True - For the Red, White & Blue. - This is a sweet pin cushion design that has a matching tiny (31 x 31) fob companion chart in its chart pack. Just cute, it measures 57 stitches square and is worked with DMC floss.
  • Shamrock Reel - Here's a sweet little piece - stitched on white with DMC floss and a bit of gold metallic - it's mounted onto a green painted paper mache box from Hobby Lobby. Lady Dot's Motherlode chenille trim rounds the edges... and the tiny 25 x 25 matching fob design is included and has designs for both sides!
  • Merry Stitches - This is CUTE! Measuring just 45 in stitch count, it is done on Country Vintage Mocha colored fabric - which we carry in several different counts. For some reason that little stitched hoop and the scissors and tomato cushion on there make it so charming... it's a perfect ornament for a stitcher's ornament exchange! Presented as a chart.

  • Holiday Banner Halloween from Little Stitch Girl - click for more Nightmare on Plaid Street from Little Stitch Girl - click for more Haunted Hill Road from Little Stitch Girl - click for more Probably Haunted from Little Stitch Girl - click for more
    Halloween in March? Not a scary thought, though, because we have MONTHS to go before Halloween!
    Little Stitch Girl sent us home her trunk show from Market this Spring... so we have all of these on display in the shop! We brought home her 13-part Spooky Hollow Village set, too, click through to see them all!
    • Holiday Banner Halloween - Just a cute little house with a graveyard in the front yard, and it's 'inhabitant' flying overhead. The Happy Halloween words are stitched on perforated paper, cut out, and strung together across the piece - over the needlework. Charted for DMC, finishes 8 x 10 on 32ct.
    • Nightmare on Plaid Street - A trio of colorful little houses, they are Halloween without being scary. The spiders from the trees are ok... the Jacks are smiling, and the ghosts don't look too mean. The finishing treatment on these is cute... she's made them into flat boards and glued sticks into the candle sticks, then poked the sticks up into the insides of the flats. It's a good finish because you can perch these in between pumpkins and things and they'll be tall enough to be seen.
    • Haunted Hill Road - Trick or Treat, smell My feet! Another cute and happy halloween-y design, really simple, but really cute! Charted for DMC or hand-dyeds it finishes just 6 x 11 on 32ct. Fun the kitchen countertop, you could finish it around a paper mache round box, and make it into a candy bucket! (Any good grandma needs to have Halloween candy on her counter!)
    • Probably Haunted - 'If one door closes and another door opens, your house is probably haunted.' Well there you go! Choose a fun fabric color, and stitch this for your favorite Realtor!

    Odds & Ends Basket from Thistles
    Odds & Ends Basket by Thistles
    This is a really cool open-topped box, that sports needlework all around the edges and lining the inside bottom. Super cute, it's simply one of those brown paper mache boxes from Hobby Lobby, covered with all sorts of cute needlework and sewing motifs. The design that wraps all around measures 68 x 389 in stitch count... so it's 4 x 22 on 36ct! It would be cute finished flat if the box thing scares you. The inside bottom liner is about 95 stitches in diameter.

    Liezbeth has this charted for Gentle Art Sampler Threads or DMC, it's just the most charming project! I took several pictures all around the box to show you all the cuteness on it.
    Thistles has several other new designs this season... click through the pics to see them all.

    Redbird Christmas Tree from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more Little Bird's Christmas Kit from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more
    More New Kits from Praiseworthy Stitches
    • Redbird Christmas Tree - this is a sweet free-standing tree, but could be an ornament as well. The tree is stitched on 32ct linen, and scattered with a few red seed bead 'berries.' After your quick finish of wrapping around cardboards, there is a stick and little wooden spool to construct the stand. Susan gives you everything you need in here... you get the chart, linen, threads, beads, backing boards and green fabric, stick, spool, and fabric to wrap the spool. I think she just used a magic-marker to color the stick!
    • Little Bird's Christmas Kit - This kit is packaged in a 4-1/2 x 2-3/4 x 1/2 inch Holiday tin. It becomes the sewing case, and you're making the Joy & Noel pin cushion to tuck inside. You get the tin, chart, linen and flosses, backing fabrics, some plastic snowflake thread winders, and the beads you see to make the scissor fob. All very cute and compact!

    Sleigh Ride from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more Sunflower Farm Stacker with Spool from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more Lighted Haunted Caskets from Praiseworthy Stitches - click for more
    Several Fun Things from Praiseworthy Stitches
    • Sleigh Ride - This is 2024's Annual Christmas scene... this joins PS's other 10 charming Christmassy Village pieces - full of busy-ness and 'Everything Winter.' Sleigh Bells Ring is the verse along the bottom - goes with Jingle All the Way, Joy to the World - you can peruse her page and see them all. Finishes approx 15-1/2 x 14 on 32ct - again, that rich Nocturne hand-dyed linen color (we have several different brands with great colors in different counts, you'll need a fat quarter if you choose 32.) It calls for 28 different hand-dyeds (you'll need 9 skeins of Weeks Snowflake!) and a smattering of beads and thin metallics. Always fun, we have several of Praiseworthy's companion villages stitched in the shop and everyone loves them!
    • Sunflower Farm Stacker - This is a scarecrow version that matches Mr Snowman and Creepy Pumpkin! Chart calls for three different colors of fabric, (everybody has different ideas about what they want to use), hand-dyed Weeks flosses, and bits of Weeks Wool used in the assembly. The Stacker is built around an antique wooden thread spool (this is what gives it stability to stand) that is included with the chart. A little more challenging on the finishing end than a pin cushion or something, but do-able. SUPER cute... all three are actually smaller than they look in the pic - they are about 7 inches tall!
    • Lighted Haunted Caskets - We had these last year... and LOVED them! Little wooden caskets (2 x 1 x 5-ish - already assembled and everything) with a carved design on the top (there were 9 assorted designs last year - so random) they had little lights inside that you could turn on and off. Your bits of stitching are inside (a beaded scissor fob and pin cushion this year), and you see that and the light through the cut-out design in the top. ABSOLUTELY THE CUTEST THINGS! Anyway, you get the casket, and all materials to make the insides. Painting your casket is optional - they come as raw unfinished wood. Order these early - they WILL sell out!

    New Vintaged Metallic Baby Tinsel Trim from Lady Dot Cherry Tomato and Garden Fresh Spool Pincushions from Lady Dot
    Lady Dot's New Vintaged Metallic Baby Tinsel Trim and Charming Tomato Pincushions
    This is the COOLEST stuff! It is a metallic and cotton mix, but basically miniature, soft, sparkly tinsel! Use it on miniature trees, or to trim ornaments. The red doesn't 'look' overdyed in any way, but it is a gorgeous deep, true, perfect red for anything 4th of July or Christmas - its package contains a 3-yard length.
    The silver, however has been 'slightly altered' here and there in its lengths, so my package has some areas that are 'tarnished' to look like it came from your Grandma's ornament stash. Parts are clear, shiny, festive silver, and then there is a bit here and there with 'patina.' Just gorgeous, and such a fun way to add personality to your finished pieces! The Silver has two 3-yard lengths in its package.

    Lois made the cutest little spool tomatoes! Two different options on these, what a pretty gift to present to a stitcher... something colorful and fun to perch on a shelf of stitchery, or just something cute to set on your desk at work to remind you of what stitching bliss awaits you at home after work! The smaller spool - Cherry Tomato, on the left, measures 2-1/2 inches high. A little fabric wound around the spool with that tiny 1-1/2 inch tomato perched on top! A green flower pin and a few more white headed pins finish the look.
    The larger spool - Garden Fresh - stands 4 inches high, and features that larger spool covered in fabric again. A felt ball is ready for your pins, but it already has a pretty trio of frosted flower pins! Just a touch of color for anywhere you want it!

    Robin Pickens Seasonal Courier Blue Jay's Summer - click for more Robin Pickens Seasonal Courier Blackbird's Autumn - click for more Robin Pickens Seasonal Courier Cardinal's Winter - click for more Robin Pickens Seasonal Courier Robin's Spring - click for more
    Bright and Snappy Seasonals by Robin Pickens
    A new designer for us... we have found 14 fun, bright, contemporary and very colorful designs! Presented in half-size charts and full size leaflets, Robin comes from the quilt industry and you can see that influence in her things. She's published on heavy card stock, her charts are large, clear and colored. Everything is coded to DMC and most of these 14 pieces you are going to see are done on Lugana or Aida. You can stitch them on anything you want... they look super-enticing to stitch! Click to see the rest!
    • Seasonal Courier Blue Jay's Summer - Measures 66 x 85 - a little smaller than 5 x 7 on 28ct.
    • Seasonal Courier Blackbird's Autumn - Same 66 x 95 stitch count - love the brilliant orange colors.
    • Seasonal Courier Cardinal's Winter - Same 66 x 95 - I love the repeating texture of the pine cones and the matching Flying Geese quilt motifs! Don't know about Spring's Bird... will do some research.
    • Seasonal Courier Robin's Spring
    Willoughby Ann Round Bee Thread Keep - click for more Willoughby Ann Round Lucky Dog Thread Keep - click for more Willoughby Ann Round Miss Kitty Thread Keep - click for more Willoughby Ann Round Bouquet Thread Keep - click for more
    Look at these fun little wooden thread keeps!
    Look at these! Just 4 inches in size, and about 1/8 an in thick, each of these has 12 holes for your project threads. No rough or jagged edges to catch anything, and that pretty lasered wood treatment in the centers, we are really impressed with them.

    They are large enough so you can find them in your bag, and actually the cat and dog designs offer that extra area to tie larger bundles of thread if you need it. The bee came first, but now we have the Lucky Dog, Miss Kitty and Bouquet!

    Quaint Rose Needlearts Patriotic Spools - click for more Quaint Rose Needlearts Quaint Quakers #2 Summer - click for more Quaint Rose Needlearts Spring Chicks - click for more Quaint Rose Needlearts Carrot Patch Rabbits - click for more
    Some Pretty Spring and Summer Designs
    from Quaint Rose Needlearts
    • Patriotic Spools - Wow, this is a neat collection of spool wraps. Quaint N gives directions for MAKING your own spools from hobby Lobby wood, or suggests an antique store. Look at the tall spool... you can turn your needlework if it fits on the spool in a different direction better. (who knew!) Then... she shows you a pic of her attachment on the backside - fold under the edges, old fashioned safety pins and antique buttons - NO FANCY FINISHING involved! Three designs in this chart pack, all are coded for DMC, but super easy to change to hand-dyeds. Find a spool first, determine circumfrance, then choose fabrics!
    • Quaint Quakers #2 Summer - Sail the Seas! This is so cheerful! A Quaker sailing ship, the glorious roses, simply-too-cute-crabs, and the pretty row of anchors, this measures 188 x 168, so finishes a generous 13 x 11-3/4 on 40ct!
    • Spring Chicks - Very hard to see in the picture, but chicks have just hatched from their speckled eggs, already with needle-in-beak! Three different designs in here, there is an egg-shaped needle keep, a cushion that reads 'cheep cheep', and a round pic that would be pretty as a box top.
    • Carrot Patch Rabbits - Another very-hard-to-see cover pic, this is a charming chubby bunny perched atop his equally fat and stubby carrot! Even the flowers on the companion pin cushion design are plump! Very whimsical and really charming, we KNOW this'll be cuter in-person than it is on the cover. All three designs included in the pack - coded for DMC and hand-dyeds.
    A la Ferme from Jardin Prive - click for more Les Olympiades des Gnomes from Jardin Prive - click for more
    Spring Designs
    from Jardin Prive
    Here are two whimsical designs - one for 'Gnome Nuts' and the other just plain cute!
    • Les Olympiades des Gnomes - It's Summer Games time. We have someone with a punching bag while his 'spotter' is sleeping, tennis, someone lifting weights - those baskets of flowers, the guy on the bike holding the torch, a runner, and finally the little swimmer down there ready to jump! Actually pretty silly, you could stitch just one or two of these and make pin cushions to use while you're watching this summer's Olympics!
    • A la Ferme - Super cute! Stitched in DMC, choose your favorite three animals or do all five! The colors are fun, the animals are cute, just simple and sweet!

    Bee Your Best Self from Lila's Studio Happy B-Day from Lila's Studio
    Happy B-Day and Bee Your Best Self
    from Lila's Studio
    A pair of pin cushion designs by Lila's Studio - each chart contains two designs. Stitched on any neutral fabric (even a little more golden like Bees Knees by Seraphim), these are worked in regular DMC floss.

    They all measure between 50, 60 and 70 stitches, so if you choose 40ct - about 3 inches in size. Lots of opportunity to use some of your pretty trims from the stash, they'll make any bee-lover happy!

    Antique-Inspired Wooden Spools from Needlework Press - click for more Paper Heart Basket from Needlework Press - click for more Lone Eagle Sampler from Needlework Press - click for more Be True from Needlework Press - click for more
    SPOOLS, Lone Eagle Sampler and Paper Heart Basket from Needlework Press
    Three fun things are coming home from Market with us from Needlework Press!
    • Antique-Inspired Wooden Spools - They still have thread on them! $6 each, use them for scissor rests, or something to cover with a small band of your stitching. They measure about 3 inches tall, with that neck being 2-inches in size.
    • Paper Heart Basket - Remember these from last year? We have a few more! A charming reproduction of an antique... Vickie has everything needed in her little paper kits for these - except your thread, I believe.
    • Lone Eagle Sampler - Love this! It's a medley of motifs found in common 'Modelbooks' - little pattern books of the mid-19th century. Red is a traditional color... but you can do whatever YOU want... as the Cross Stitch Police will not come to your house! Presented in a booklet.
    • Be True - This is a fun little perforated paper piece that wraps around a wooden spool. After you stitch, cut the paper to fit your spool, wrap, and whip stitch the seam together - zip-zap! Your chart comes with a 3-inch spool that is 'antique-inspired' - we can tell that because they all have a 'made in china' sticker on them! But, they LOOK old, so it's kind of OK. Just a small, quick thing! Chart includes the perf paper and spool.

    Oh Deer by Ardith Designs - click for more Olde Town Winter Wonders by Ardith Designs - click for more Setting Sail by Ardith Designs - click for more Spaghetti Western Sampler by Ardith Designs - click for more
    Summer and Winter Designs by Ardth Designs
    I picked up 4 cute designs by Ardith Designs at the recent Market, lots of variety in them!
    • Oh Deer - This is a big stitched gingerbread cookie ornament. Choose your favorite gingerbread-colored fabric - aida or linen - our little deer measures 57 x 67, and finishes 3-1/2 x 4 on 32ct. Stitched with brown and creme DMC floss, you garnish with cream glass beads and a little metallic green for his wreath/scarf. Once he's stitched, you can applique him onto a piece of felt... so now he looks like a frosted cookie. We offer our Weeks Dye Works felted wool in little 8 x 8 'Schnigglet Cuts' that are perfect for this. You'll want to choose your fabric and wool together, so they coordinate. Cute finishing idea for a really sweet design. Presented as a chart.
    • Olde Town Winter Wonders - This is a miniature tree - it stands only 4-1/2 inches high! The colors in this are really fun - it is worked on 32ct Riviera Olive Green Linen (we have it in 28 and 32) and is garnished with Mill Hill's larger size 8 glass beads. Makes a fun teeny stand-up decoration with a burst of bright green.
    • Setting Sail - A fun sea-sampler, this is charted to finish into a triangular shape. The piece is made into a little sail, and apparently you can buy a small wooden sailboat kit to make the boat in the pic for your sail! Details for this are in with the chart. It isn't coded for DMC either... but the pictures are really good and it's all blue... so I think you could figure something out. Full of little fish, and sea creatures, it's just an endearing design with a fun finishing treatment that caught our eye. Presented as a chart.
    • Maryland Blue Crab - A super-easy crab that measures just 56 x 60, stitch him-her(?) on a sandy colored fabric so it will look good as a cushion nestled in your bowl of sea glass or shells. Choose one color of hand-dyed, and you're done!

    Liberty Parade from Madame Chantilly Blue Flowers from Madame Chantilly Kisses 5 Cents from Madame Chantilly
    A trio of new Madame Chantilly Offerings!
    • Liberty Parade - Oh isn't this a fun little scene? Little White Doggie is decked out in his patriotic scarf, bringing all the party stuff for the day's party! If you aren't a dog-lover, you COULD leave that little guy out, and just make a smaller block stand-up of this... but think hard about that! He's doing such a nice job! Measures 193 x 86, finishing 5 x 12 on 32ct, he's coded for DMC.
    • Blue Flowers - Well, this is fun too! Another 'moving vehicle', you could leave off that glorious duck... shorten the ribbon with the bow... and this would be just a cute little egg-mobile! That bit of flowers behind the mobile would make a pretty pin cushion ... I just love all the colors in this. Measures 152 x 104 - so finishes about 9-1/2 x 6-1/2, it's coded for DMC.
    • Kisses 5 Cents - I LOVE this! Who can resist these fur-babies offering kisses for only a nickel? Measuring just 99 x 64... they will finish into 5-1/2 x 3-1/2 stand-ups or cushions on 18/36ct. Coded for DMC, think about adding Gentle Art's Simply Wool or Rainbow Gallery's Wisper for the coats to make them fuzzy! Offered as the chart with both cat and dog included.

    Cardinals's Promise from Stitchy Prose - click to see more Stitchy Witchy Bell Pull from Stitchy Prose - click to see more
    Something fun to stitch
    from Stitchy Prose
    • Stitchy Witchy Bell Pull - 'After Twilight's embrace witches weave spells with needles and lace.' This was done on an acid-yellow/green fabric to really accent the two thread colors of Blackbird and Rainy Day. (Dmc 310 and 550.) Something cute for stitchers... wouldn't this be fun split up into 5 individual pin cushions and nestled in a bowl? The Stitch count is 73 x 291 - so you'd have 4-inch wide cushions... and 16 inches of length between them - I think it'd make a fun display! Add a little furry thread to the cat, some button embellishments, metallics to the moons, spider web and needles...and back them with deep dark wools to make them more spooky!
    • Cardinals's Promise - I had never heard this verse before, but several designers did things with this sentiment this season. This one is one of the prettiest, measuring a generous 160 x 160 and finishing 10 x 10 on 32ct. Coded for DMC, it's worked on a winter-y gray background, so the snowflakes can show up. Very organized, easy to read, pleasing to the eye, it's presented as a full-sized chart.

    Seeds of Kindness from Scattered Seed Samplers - click for more
    Seeds of Kindness
    from Scattered Seed Samplers
    'Scattered seeds I cast for thee, oh little wrens sing for me.' Stitched on 36ct Country Vintage Mocha linen with regular DMC colors, this is charming.

    Love those huge sunflowers going wild everywhere. Finishes just 7 x 7, it'd be a cute windowsill decoration!

    Nautical Mittens from Frony Ritter - click for more Special Delivery from Frony Ritter - click for more Special Delivery & Nautical Mittens from Frony Ritter
    • Special Delivery - Here is Rudolph driving Santa's delivery truck, helicopter, taxi cab and train! I think Santa is inside each organizing his next stop. Sleighs can't reach everywhere you know, and these are all acceptable forms of transportation... so Rudolph is taking on responsibility to get The Guy where he needs to be! Cute as can be, each is stitched on black (or charcoal or navy blue - whatever you can see!) with floss. Ornament-sized, they finish between 2 and 3 inches - just perfect. All 4 designs are included in the full sized, beautifully printed and photographed chart... I bet you have someone special who loves helicopters and trains!
    • Nautical Mittens - Frony Ritter has 7 different tiny-card collections of mitten ornaments. The nautical set is featured first, but there are 6 other small cards that offer 24 tiny Christmassy mittens. Christmas happens at the beach you know, but the rest of the mittens are all reds and green for a traditional decor. Every one of the 29 mini-mittens measures the same - 22 x 26 in stitch count - so that's LESS THAN 2 inches in size. Frony originally stitched all hers on 14ct perforated paper - but any fabric will do. Just enjoy their teeny-ness!

    Coffee Mug Ornaments Kit Contents from Rachels of Greenfield - click to see more Coffee Mug Ornaments from Rachels of Greenfield - click to see more
    Coffee Mug Ornaments
    from Rachel's of Greenfield
    Rachaels of Greenfield - our little felt ornament people - have a new kit out that makes 4 coffee mug pieces for your tree! They market these as gift card holders as well, so really, if you wanted, you could tuck a Starbucks card inside! Presented as complete kits of the templates, all the felt pieces, flosses and metallic cord for hangers, you're cutting the shapes and putting them together with Applique and Blanket stitches along with a little backstitching.

    The first set that is not 'Christmas' in theme... the rest of their offerings are little Gnomes, forest animals, mittens, cocoa mugs, and stockings. All make 3 to 4-inch felt ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree.

    Take-Along Stitcher's Mat from Under the Garden Moon - click to see more
    Make this pretty Stitcher's Mat
    from Under the Garden Moon
    We have a model of this fun little mat in the shop - and you will fall in love with it when you see it! The cross stitch is on 10ct Tula or 20ct linen - over two. You can change the colors in the cross stitch to coordinate with your chosen fabrics and wools. They have a pic in here of 4 other colorways to give you a really good idea of what you can do. Finishes about 12 x 18 - what a fun thing to take to a retreat to spread out on your stitching area.

    Needle pages, a scissor pocket, a place for a pad of paper and pencil... all kinds of stuff. I am a non-sewer - and my brain freezes over when I read finishing instructions. I think the more pages, the harder it is... there are three full pages of that in here - so I am thinking that's a good thing! Offered in chart format with those instructions! You sew-ers will take one look at this and go, 'Oh Ok, I got it! What did they do with this pocket here? (you peek in there) Oh yeah, I got it!'
    Anjou Pears from Annie Beez Folk Art - click to see more Redwork Pears from Annie Beez Folk Art - click to see more Bluework Pears from Annie Beez Folk Art - click to see more Spring Green Pears from Annie Beez Folk Art - click to see more
    The Pear Collection
    from Annie Beez Folk Art
    Anjou, Redwork, Bluework and Spring Green Pears
    We're up to 4 sets of little stitched pears now by Annie Beez. These are delightful! All the same size - within 10 stitches of each other - one side of three is stitched on each, and your charming fabric choices decorate the 'other sides.'

    Rimmed with a little stick stem and tiny wool leaves, each is constructed and then the seams are decorated with herringbone stitches done with pearl cotton. Choose your fabrics, change you colors if need be... whatever you want. The Jury is out on which one of these is the favorite combination - but the new green Springtime set is just gorgeous!

    Les Secrets de Marie Card #1 Patriotic Stars - click for more
    Card #1 Patriotic Stars
    Les Secrets de Marie Card #12 Sewing Tools - click for more
    Card #12 Sewing Tools
    Les Secrets de Marie Card #6 Sheep - click for more
    Card #6 Sheep
    Les Secrets de Marie Card #11 School-Saltbox Houses - click for more
    Card #11 School-Saltbox Houses
    Charming Buttons
    from Les Secrets de Marie
    Delightful tiny buttons lazer cut from wood, these come in Holidays, Seasons, hearts, stars and pumpkins. Everything cute under the sun! There are 22 sets - some natural wood in finish, others that appear to me to be covered in fabric, and then cut out.

    Everything is teeny... each of these packages measures only 3 x 4 - so that should give you an idea of how petite each piece is. Surprisingly sturdy... enjoy them all!

    Flower Burst Flings and Fobs from Luhu Stitches - click to see more   Mousy's Strawberry Basket from Luhu Stitches - click to see more
    Presenting Flower Burst Flings and Fobs and Mousy's Strawberry Basket from Luhu Stitches
    • Flower Burst Flings and Fobs Cyndy describes these as a little garden bursting with color Her newest leaflet features all 4 pin cushion designs plus the 2 tiny companion fobs. Stitched on white opalescent fabric, the larger cushion designs are 40 x 40, while the fobs are just 20 x 20. She has bundled her finishing fabrics (1-13 x 18 cut of each fabric print) together for these as well - and we are getting that too! 'Bloom Where You are Planted, Keep Growing, You're Blossoming, and Sunny Days Ahead' are the featured verses. Love the colors, we are bundling the finishing fabrics together with the leaflet.
    • Mousy's Strawberry Basket - Isn't this sweet? Just a mere 50 x 70 in stitch count, little Mousy is hoarding his berry - all in a 'greenery garden basket. Offered as a chart.

    Cats and Dogs by Laurel Burch - click for more
    It's Raining Cats and Dogs - Laurel Burch Style!
    Mill Hill has sent 4 new smallish perf paper kits (they're only $10 each!) featuring the artwork of Laurel Burch. Finishing only 3 x 5, they are FINISHABLE and not too big!

    Complete kits of the chart, Flosses, needles and a few Mill Hill glass seed beads, these are colorful, cheerful, and just plain fun to stitch and have! Laurel Burch's iconic personality oozes from each of them!

    Mad for Plaid Project Bag with a MINI BAG by Sew Emma -  click for more

    Look!  MINI Mad For Plaid Mesh Pouches by Sew Emma!
    A new smaller size - 9 x 6 1/2 inches is coming our way the end of March! These are the pouches Shepherd's Bush stitches on... and these smaller ones are the PERFECT smaller pouch companions!

    Work up the tiny fob design on your charts - and you'll have matching sets! Taking reservations now for end-of-March delivery!
    One Stitch at a Time from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Mary Collier 1814 from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view Anna Marie's Pocket from La-D-Da -- click to see a larger view
    Three New Spring 2024 Releases from La D Da's Lori Markovic
    • One Stitch at a Time - Stitched on Wheat by Fibre on a Whim. This uses Weeks Teal Frost, Gunmetal, Williamsburg, Cinnamon Toast, Graphite, Olive, Caper, Cinnabar, Pamlico and DMC floss #5. Stitch count is 191 x 119 so it'll finish about 10-1/2 x 7-1/2 on 36ct. Beautiful things come together one stitch at a time. Just charming! Presented as a chart.
    • Mary Collier 1814 - Work this on Weeks Mocha or any honey-ish colored hand-dyed you like! Lori used Weeks Seagull, Terrapin, Dirt Road and Baked Apple, along with Gentle Art's Parchment, and Classic's Zach Black and Black Coffee... then tossed in 9 shades of DMC too! 222 x 268. It will finish 12 x 15 on 36ct.
    • Anna Marie's Pocket - This is a charming sewing pocket. We know this because it was her class project here in our She Shed a couple of years ago. Pretty soft gunmetals and soft denims, the model is worked on Fox and Rabbit's Hog Bristle linen. Measuring 108 x 225... Lori has assembly instructions inside the chart.

    Spring Quaker from Primrose Cottage Stitches - click for more 4th of July Rules from Primrose Cottage Stitches - click for more Patriotic Quaker from Primrose Cottage Stitches - click for more Red, White and Blue Quilt from Primrose Cottage Stitches - click for more 12 Monthly Minis from Primrose Cottage Stitches - click for more Snowman 2024 from Primrose Cottage Stitches - click for more
    New Primrose Cottage March 2024 Releases
    • Spring Quaker - The newest little Quaker-inspired pin cushion by Primrose... this one is stitched with Classic's Blooming Crocus hand-dyed floss. Great debates out there... the chart calls for three skeins but everyone uses less than one for these... anyway, lovely like the rest! If we don't have Blooming Crocus, can we sub another pretty purple, or maybe you can find one in your stash?
    • 4th of July Rules - Like their other seasonal 'rule' designs, this one tells you all the things you have to do on the 4th of July! Fly Old Glory... Remember the Fallen... Go to the Parade... Watch the Fireworks and Celebrate Freedom! 64 x 290 In stitch count, it finishes 4 x 18 on 32ct. Stitched with regular DMC, it's just a fun piece!
    • Patriotic Quaker - The next little seasonal pincushion, stitch this with DMC or hand-dyeds... it finishes about 5 x 5 on 32ct. Coordinates with the little Seasonal Quakers.
    • Red, White and Blue Quilt - Same colors as the Patriotic Quaker - Cherry Cobbler, Old Lace and Stargazing - or DMCs - this one is smaller at 65 stitches square. Just fun to stitch!
    • 12 Monthly Minis - You get all 12 seasonal cushion designs in this leaflet! Each one is a delightful 39 x 39 in size - so teeny 2 x 2's on 32ct! Using a slew (35 colors) of DMC - get out all your fun trims for finishing! I think the January snowmen are darling. So... $2/design!
    • Snowman 2024 - He's charming! A small card design, he's perched in a pomegranate pot, and happy it's snowing out there! 77 x 68 Is his stitch count. Hand-dyeds or DMC.

    Return of the Whales from Chessie & Me Where We Love from Chessie & Me Quaker Star Needfuls from Chessie & Me
    A Few New Chessie Releases
    • Return of the Whales - Oh we love this... it had been one of our Circle of Friends designs... and now Linda has released it in chart format! Measuring 55 x 125, it uses Weeks flosses of Deep Sea, Dolphin, Grasshoper, Juniper, Kohl, Pelican Gray, Red Rocks, Schneckley and White Lightening. We've gotten calls for this design for YEARS, and here it is!
    • Where We Love - A pretty sampler stitched in Silks on 32ct. Stitch count is 139 x 216... so it'll finish approx 8-1/2 x 13-1/2. A few of Linda's fun specialty stitches scattered throughout this... and the traditional verse. Where we love is home - Home that our feet may leave but not our hearts. I like the plain repeating border all around too. Would make an AWESOME new home gift, or wedding gift!
    • Quaker Star Needfuls - This is a fun little sewing case and matching fobs design that Linda has put into one of Jeannette Douglas's little wooden trays! You have to do this on 36ct (whatever color you like - but 36) to fit all the little compartments - it's coded for Classic Colorworks hand-dyed flosses! Presented as a chart, tray is optional and separate.
    The Spring 2024 Issue of Punch Needle and Primitive Stitcher Magazine - click to see more
    The Spring 2024 Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine has arrived!
    The Spring 2024 Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine has arrived. Just a gorgeous issue this time, 10 Punch Needle and 12 Cross Stitch projects, plus the finishing spread, it's full of flowers and rabbits! The publishing is lovely, the charts, pics and templates are clear, even if you never do a thing in here... paging through it is happiness alone!

    Always over-the-top gorgeous pictures, full sized pattern templates, and a great spread about a specific finishing technique, it's wonderful to page through. Just dream to making everything in it!
    Snowy Owl by Bent Creek -- click to see more The 2024 Annual Snowglobe Zipper Kit - Snowy Owl
    from Bent Creek
    Here's a little guy with a feathery coat that looks warrrrrmmmmm. Just taking a rest between the falling snowflakes, he's joining his 30+ OTHER annual snowglobes!

    Complete kit contains the 20ct linen, chart, needles, snowbeads and #5 Pearl Cottons. As with the rest, he finishes about 5 x 5 and will stitch up in a jiff - like 5 hours. Best made into little block stand-ups so they can be set just about anywhere!
    Needleworker's Spot Motif Sampler from By the Bay Needleart - click to see more
    Needleworker's Spot Motif Sampler
    from By the Bay Needleart
    New from By the Bay, this is a fun little piece for your stitching/sewing room. You get both the sewing machine cushion pattern and the main motif sampler which has a tiny dress form in it, pin cushions, scissors, buttons and needles... all in a colorful medley.

    Coded for DMC it finishes just 4 x 6 on 28ct Star Sapphire Linen. The machine cushion is only 2 x 3! I know you cannot tell from the cover pic, but Star Sapphire is a gorgeous minty/aqua pastel color. Donna has some corner meadallion stitching on here that is done with white - I think to remind you of lace - but you cannot tell that from the cover pic.

    Love Bird from Jan Hicks Creates - click for more Tranquility from Jan Hicks Creates - click for more Birds of Color from Jan Hicks Creates
    This is a pair of lovely bird designs that focus on colors and their meanings. Both are presented as charts with a gorgeous picture on the cover!
    • Tranquility celebrates aqua and turquoise. Their spiritual meaning is wisdom, tranquility, protection, good fortune and loyalty. A person who loves turquoise is a person that is calm, creative, emotionally balanced and spiritually grounded. Stitch this on any light blue or green or yellow... whatever you like best. The design is coded for DMC or a medley of hand-dyeds and finishes about 5 x 6 on 32ct.
    • Love Bird celebrates red with, of course, a cardinal! As with other colors, red represents several different meanings including anger, danger, passion, power and love. Jan has chosen to focus on Love for her design with her paired couple and his coat of hearts. She likes a dark neutral background - like Natural - so the 'snow flakes' will show - as well as the female bird. Finishes about 5 x 5 on 32ct, coded for DMC and/or various hand-dyeds.

    Forget-Me-Not Pinkeep from Scattered Seed Samplers - click for more Forget-Me-Not Pinkeep
    from Scattered Seed Samplers
    A sweet new arrival from Scattered Seed Samplers this is done on 36ct Country Vintage Mocha linen in regular DMC!

    Measuring just 4-1/2 x 6, you could easily adorn it with some Lady Dot chenille trim - something matching just about any of the colors in here would work great! It uses 611, 930, 3012, 3046, 3782, and 3866. That's it... and how pretty!
    Love Penguin from Les Petites Croix De Lucie - click for moreBe Mine? from Les Petites Croix De Lucie - click for more Happy Valentine's Day from Les Petites Croix De Lucie - click for more Christmas Father Arrives from Les Petites Croix De Lucie - click for more
    Fun Winter and Valentine's Designs from Les Petites Croix de Lucie
    Gosh, we love, love how cute these designs are... but get totally overwhelmed when we look at the charts! Gorgeous to look at, there is a ton of shading on these, and even though the charts are huge and beautifully colored, they are intense. We tease in the shop about cutting out the cover images on these leaflets and framing them! If you can do these - GO FOR IT! And love every stitch! Each is presented in full color huge chart format!
    • Love Penguin - He measures just 80 x 67 - so only 5-3/4 x 5 on 14/28ct... and he's coded for only 28 shades of DMC.. but there are 6 blended needle combinations too!
    • Be Mine? - This charming couple measures 100 x 100 - so 6-1/2 inches square on 28ct. It calls for 30 shades of DMC, and you'll have 15 blended needles!
    • Happy Valentine's Day - Isn't this the sweetest? He's just 80 x 80 and he calls for 30 DMCs and sports just 7 blended needle colors!
    • Christmas Father Arrives - What a classic and gorgeous Christmas decoration to stitch! So cheerful, so warm-and-fuzzy feeling... Santa is just 90 x 100. He calls for 28 DMC, and he has 7 blended needle colors.

    Frieda the Fox from Anabella's - click to see more Maggie the Mouse from Anabella's - click to see more Ollie the Owl from Anabella's - click to see moreRoscoe the Raccoon from Anabella's - click to see more Skylar the Squirrel from Anabella's - click to see more
    Pillow Pals Valentines from Anabella's Needleart are Here!
    This is a set of 5 designs that are just small and sweet. Presented in single charts, they all measure just 64 x 64 in stitch count and are all done on a white background with DMC. Pretty basic, but sometimes that's great!

    Think about doing them over one on 28 Lugana - little 2-inch fobs? What about a four-sided Valentine Cube for next year? Remember to stick your favorite on the TOP of the cube! What about using Gentle Art's Simply Wool for the animals or their clothes?

    Moments of Glad Grace from Blackbird... No photo yet! - click for more The Love More Strong from Blackbird... No photo yet! - click for more
    Blackbird Designs' Two Newest Books are here!
    • Moments of Grace is 24 pages. It is a gorgeous reproduction (cover pic) of an antique sampler (pictured inside the book) but so much prettier than the original. Along with perking up the colors, three of the motifs along the bottom have been re-done into smaller button boxes and pin cushions. Alma has a story about purchasing the sampler, a little history about it, and then her design choices. She's added pages and pages of lovely photos - I think you could frame some of THOSE!
    • Thy Love More Strong - A very aged-looking motif sampler, Barb has included 2 smaller projects from this sampler - a button box and a flat little stuffed drum. A medley of hand-dyeds with softly faded coloring, this measures almost 8 x 10 on 36ct Veldt linen. Just full of Blackbird style and personality, this leaflet is 16 pages and as always is stuffed with Alma's gorgeous photography!

    Prairie Schooler 2024 Santa - click for more
    Prairie Schooler's Santa 2024 is Here Already!
    Our annual Prairie Schooler Santa debuted this past weekend (early March) at our Spring Wholesale Trade Market. He is here NOW... so that he has time to get back to the North Pole to manage his elves before The Big Day.

    As always, he is the same size as his 39 or 40 other annual companions... same color scheme... same charm. He's Swedish or Norwiegen (right?) - I recognize the little horse and heart. Presented as an individual card - until he sells out, and possibly reprinted like his buddies.

    Log Cabin Christmas #1 Log Cabin Squirrel from Little House Needleworks - click to see more Log Cabin Christmas #2 Log Cabin Bunnies from Little House Needleworks - click to see more
    Log Cabin Christmas from Little House Needleworks - click to see more
    Presenting A Log Cabin Christmas by Little House Needleworks
    Diane welcomes us to the forest with this neat wintery/Christmassy medley of cabins, pine trees, bears, birds, snowmen and quilts! It just LOOKS warm and fuzzy! Log Cabin Squirrel is the first design to release - March of 2024.

    The next 8 designs release one a month, to finish in November of 2024. Stitch them on 32ct Natural - each block measures 63 x 63, the entire piece measures approx 200 x 200. (Fat quarter is the most economical way to purchase this - you'll have enough fabric left for several smaller ornaments you can make from the various charts!)

    Stitched with Classic Colorworks hand-dyeds, you will need 19 skeins (for 32ct), and 2 DMC flosses (648, 3828.... minimal stitches used, so Diane recommends to raid your stash for these) Charts coming in order are: Log Cabin Bunnies, Fox, In The Woods Bear, Log Cabin Quilt, In the Woods Deer, Mrs Snow, Log Cabin Christmas and Mr Snow. We are auto-shipping the charts now, fabric and threads are optional!

    New 2024 flosses from Classic Colorworks
    2024 New Classic Colorworks Floss Colors!
    Welcome: Weathervane, Misty Mauve and London Fog to the Classic line of hand-dyed flosses. We have them offered individually through our little clicky boxes in the Classic Colorworks Thread listing. However, Diane has bundled all three together skeins together with a freebie chart - as a promotion for the new set. You see 4 baskets in the pic.. one is stitched with all three new colors, the other three are stitched with just one of the new shades.

    Under the Mistletoe  - click to see more Main Street from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more Witch's Parking from Finally a Farmgirl  - click to see more
    Under The Mistletoe, Main Street, and Witch's Parking from Finally a Farmgirl
    Finally A Farmgirl has some pretty cute releases for all year long!
    • Under the Mistletoe - Oh, here's Mr and Mrs Claus celebrating another successful Christmas under the Mistletoe! Measuring only 48 x 70, and stitched with DMC on 32 Nocturne (or any lovely evening-dark color), they finish 3 x 4. What I think is awesome about this design is that it could be a WEDDING OR ANNIVERSARY momento! You could stitch it for Mom and Dad as a Christmas gift and personalize it on the backside. Rainbow Gallery's White Wisper would be awesome in the fur or even the little mouse in Santa's hat! Just love the possibilities with this design!
    • Main Street - Lots of little town and village street scenes these days... and here's another really good one! Stitch count of 306 x 106 - it'll finish a whopping 19 x 7 on 32ct. Long enough to make a drum shape finish. A summer/patriotic theme, it's crisp, colorful, and every shop looks welcoming!
    • Witch's Parking - How about displaying this on your kitchen eating island at Halloween time - and listen to the comments! This little toad is enforcing the parking situation. Measuring 103 x 109, it'll finish about 7 inches on 32ct, and is done with a medley of DMC and varied hand-dyeds. Just for fun!

    Home Needle Case from Shepherd's Bush -  click for more All Manner of Thing from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see lots more Stitching Calms the Soul Bag from Shepherd's Bush -  click for more
    Shepherd's Bush's Market Releases!
    Tina and Teri have been designing and kitting away - here are the Spring 2024 Designs...
    • Home Needle Case - Something to celebrate Home and Happiness. Just like T & T's patriotic and Halloween cases this size, your stitching covers the front and back while the inside sports glorious lining fabric and a flannel area for needles. Closed, this measures about 4 x 4. The complete kit provides the linen, flosses, trims, luscious lining fabric and needle felts, an all of Shepherd's Bush's personal love and charm!
    • All Manner of Thing - A larger design - presented in full kit format - 'All manner of thing shall be well.' I don't have much information at this point, but probably finishes about 8 x 10... I bet there's silk in here... I bet there are a few precious small buttons and trinkets on here... the sheep are really cute, and the whole scene just LOOKS like all Manner of Things IS good! There are a lot of repeating lines and textures in here... sheep are all 'patterned', the houses feature multiple windows - all perfectly lined up, and they've hidden all sorts of small treasures in the border - a tiny shepherd, sheep, a house, a bird... really fun to discover all of that.
    • Stitching Calms the Soul Bag - This is another small 5 x 7 fabric zipper pouch made of ticking fabric with a linen panel for your stitching. The girls have added that cute decoration - not too much to work up - so that this can be finished and USED or given as a quick gift to a stitcher friend. The complete kit contains the ready-made zip pouch, the chart, needle and threads.

    • Heart and Home Fob from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see lots more The Sampler Bag from Shepherd's Bush -  click for more Patriotic Parade from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see lots more
    • Heart and Home Fob - Just a tiny little 2-inch thing... this is a new color palette for the girls! One deep red hand-dyed for all of this, they've included hand-dyed baby rik rak, and matching glass beads for the border... and of course a few hand-dyed buttons to match and embellish the stitching. Dust off your Double Running Stitch skills to stitch this tiny two-sided piece. Complete kit of chart, linen, thread, beads, trim and buttons.
    • The Sampler Bag - Oh everyone loves these plastic mesh pouches - especially after they're decorated with a little stitching! #5 Weeks hand-dyed pearl cottons (new color used in this!) this leaflet delivers the main house sampler design that you can finish into the small cushion in the pic, or grab a plaid pouch and stitch away. The bag shown in the cover pic is the Burlap color... but there are nine OTHER colors I believe to choose from! As with most of the rest of them, there is a button packet available separately that we will have.
    • Patriotic Parade - This season's newest Sheep pin cushion Kit, Parade's little sheep companions all the other Christmas, Halloween, Autumn, Spring... little Ewe's all celebrating their holiday or season. We have a million of them all pictured on our SB pages - really a charming collection over the years! Generally, these are done on 20ct linen with flosses, usually trim is included in the kit, but always a special hand-made clay button. This year's is a fancy star.
    Songbird Serenade from Counting Puddles - click to see more
    Songbird Serenade
    from Counting Puddles

    What a pretty pair of songbirds - especially with their songs floating across the piece. Stitched on Touch of Yellow fabric with regular DMC they finish only 6-1.2 inches on 28ct! So... a very petite 5 x 5 on 36ct. Both designs are included in the leaflet.

    I wonder if touches of Rainbow Gallery's Petite Treasure Braid metallic would be good on these... I can't tell from the pics but there might be bead embellishments on the flower centers... and I'm thinking BITS of metallic in the musical notes would be pretty!

    A Stitcher's Alphabet from Scarlett House - click for more Elizabeth's Four Dogs from Scarlett House - click for more Freedom for Me and Thee from Scarlett House - click for more Tending The Flock from Scarlett House - click for more
    New from The Scarlett House. All are presented as charts.
    • A Stitcher's Alphabet - This is fun... a simple bold alphabet with of few of our favorite things scattered about it. Tanya stitched this with Weeks and Classic hand-dyed threads on 40ct. She gives the source for the finishing board inside the chart, this cute little thing finishes just 6-1/4 x 2-1/2! Lily Pad, Gold, Mascara, Wagon Wheel, and Campfire.
    • Elizabeth's Four Dogs - Put your name on here if you have dogs! Stitched on 40ct with Classic and Weeks flosses, it measures just 79 x 77 - so 4 x 4-ish. Hazelnut, Blackbird, Toasted Marshmallow, Wagon Wheel, Dublin Bay, English Ivy, Mossy and Used Brick.
    • Freedom - 'for Me and Thee' Another cushion - this one measures 60 x 71 and is trimmed with Lady Dot Snow chenille. Blackbird, Tennessee Red Clay, Cocoa Bean, Mossy, Pine Needles, London Fog, Hazelnut, Sweetest Heart, Snowball and Licorice Red. The smallest of the new designs - but with the most thread colors!
    • Tending The Flock - A cute little piece - complete with sheep and dogs... and the Mr and Mrs sheep herders... equal work for equal pay, I hope! This measures 191 x 109 - so 9 x 5-1/2 on 40ct. Tanya used Mascara, Graphite, Bright Leaf, Guacamole, Peach, Lily Pad, Sun Dried, Caroline Cecil, Whitewash, Chestnut and Juniper. Might be fun to do the Sawtooth border in Satin Stitches.

    Fragments in Time for 2024 number 1 from Summer House Stitche Workes - click for more Fragments in Time for 2024 number 2 from Summer House Stitche Workes - click for more
    Spring 2024 Releases from Summer House Stitche Workes
    Summer House Stitche Workes has a few new arrivals for us...
    • Fragments in Time 2024 - This year's set of 8 small cushion designs features a house theme... Beth says it's a series of her own family's ancestral homes. Of Note: A special family story shared by Beth... House #1 was her multiple (too many to count) great-grandmother's house... from the 1700's. Suzanne was mother of 21 children. It's engraved on her stone and everything. Her husband was found shot dead in bed... no charges were ever filed!

      The first design is a log cabin - which is still standing in central Pennsylvania. The second is a stone house that used to be a general store, post office and tavern (probably all at the same time!) as with previous sets, there is a freebie border chart available on the SHSW website... and charts are coded for hand-dyeds or DMC. (no skein count yet... but at least 2 skeins of all called for) Our Auto-ship for these begins with #1 and 2. The rest follow - probably every other month - 2 charts at a time.

    • Lucky Charm from Summer House Stitche Workes - click for more Grandma's Flower Garden from Summer House Stitche Workes - click for more Faith from Summer House Stitche Workes - click for more
    • Lucky Charm - What a pretty little cushion design! Measuring 89 stitches square, it'll finish a generous 5 x 5 on 36ct. Weeks flosses of Cinnabar, Grasshopper and Dried Sage, with DMC 937 tossed in.
    • Grandma's Flower Garden - Another smaller cushion design, this one measures 75 stitches square - so finishes about 4 x 4 on 36ct. DMC flosses.
    • Faith - The first of Faith, Hope and Love charts with a coverlet-inspired color palette, all the colors are the same in each - DMC 823, 831 and 926. The second releases in may, third in July.

    One Nickel Needles from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Pretty in Pink from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more
    Two New Last Minute Treats from Shakespeare's Peddler's Theresa Venette!
    • Pretty in Pink - Measures 50 x 216 - on 40ct it finishes about 2-1/2 x 11! Tall and skinny! Coded for Classic Colorworks flosses of Gingersnap, Nature Trail, Pine Needles, Roasted Chestnut, Tennessee Red Clay and a few DMCs.
    • One Nickel Needles - Not sure what the house has to do with needles... except that any stitcher's house can never have too many! Love that fun flower on the roof! Coded for Classics of Blacksmith Blue, Jakey Brown, Milady's Teal, Pea Pod, Pine Needles, St Bernard, Sun Kissed, Used Brick and Sampler Threads of Shaker White and Barn Gray... just a fun piece straight from Theresa's imagination!

    A Natural Beauty Hannel 1840 from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Home Sweet Home from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Merry Little Christmas from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Pennsylvania Christmas Two from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more Glory Glory from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more
    Lovely Offerings from Shakespeare's Peddler
    • A Natural Beauty Hannel 1840 - Theresa bought this antique sampler and reproduced it on 40ct Latte by Fiber on a Whim. Using hand-dyeds or DMC, it measures 274 x 308 It's all 'leafy' rather than 'house-y!' Theresa includes a page inside her charts that talks about things she's noticed in the piece, and elements that are particularly interesting - super fun to read.
    • Home Sweet Home - Isn't this a fun way to stitch this sentiment! Measuring 120 x 120 - it'll be less than 7 x 7 on 36ct, and is worked with Gentle Art Sampler Threads. You can see little wooden buttons on there...check out our whole page of Les Secrets de Marie wooden buttons -- so many cute ones to choose for this! Presented as a chart.
    • Merry Little Christmas - This appeared in the recent Christmas/Winter edition of Punch Needle and Primitive Stitcher Magazine - which has already sold out and been retired. Theresa gained permission to re-print this on her own... so your second chance! Finishing just 6 x 6 on 40ct, it's simple but festive! Offered as a chart.
    • Pennsylvania Christmas Two - This companions Theresa's PA Christmas Deer chart released last fall. Coming from the same original sampler... they are stitched on Weeks Aztec Red linen.
    • Glory Glory - Just a sweet little pillow with a fun sentiment! It just seems to go with the rest of Theresa's new things! Chart.

    Stars from Plum Street Samplers AND Stripes from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more   Pennsylvania Christmas Trio from Shakespeare's Peddler - click to see more
    Stars & Stripes a collaboration between Shakespeare's Peddler and Plum Street Samplers
    • Stars - What a festive barn! You'll need some multiple skeins of thread for this! Quilt motif stars are everywhere, but notice the two baby eagles on there too! Festoons, that fun blue border on the left, just a very pretty piece. Companions Shakespeare's Peddler's '& Stripes' designs!
    • & Stripes - This is part 2 of a collaboration piece between Shakespeare's and Plum Street Samplers. Paulette did the #1 STARS chart... both she and Theresa worked on the the ampersand in the #2 design, Theresa did STRIPES! What a dynamite set of designs! You don't have to, but will probably want the same fabrics (a fat quarter will do) for all three pillows. The ampersand measures 65 x 103, and STRIPES measures 110 square. LOVE 'EM!

    American Welcome from Plum Street Samplers American Mermaid Pinkeep from Plum Street Samplers Spring Beginnings from Plum Street Samplers
    Plum Street Samplers' Luscious Spring Arrivals!
    • American Welcome - Wow... We LOVE this! What a fun and lavish topper border... the row of seaside 'cottages' is stunning, and the water scene is charming. The verse, though, is the most important: 'This land we love so vast and free. We honor those who cared for thee.' Finishes approx 9-1/2 x 8 on 36 ct... so full of pretty summer color!
    • American Mermaid Pinkeep - Paulette's companion to American Welcome... she says when she was little, she dreamed about being a mermaid, but she always had her top on in the dreams! Finishes approx 3 x 4 on 36ct.
    • Spring Beginnings - The companion to Autumn Joy and Winter Blessings, Paulette's dear lady is feeding her deer friend. Spring colors... this finishes about 3 x 3 on 36ct.
    Summer Glory from Plum Street Samplers Nelson from Plum Street Samplers Flag Thief from Plum Street Samplers Proverbs 31 Sampler from Plum Street Samplers
    Plum Street Samplers' More Luscious Spring Arrivals!
    • Summer Glory - Final design in this set, it finishes 3 x 3 on 36ct, and is coded for Weeks, Classic and DMC.
    • Nelson - Paulette loves George Washington! This is his beloved war horse, Nelson. He is placed amidst magnolias and lilacs - both of which were grown by GW on his Mt Vernon plantation. The reference of 1783 is the end of the Revolutionary War, and Nelson's retirement back to his cozy paddock at Mt V! Finishes approx 7 x 7 on 36ct.
    • Flag Thief - LOVE all the bold colors in this one! More multiple skeins of threads needed... but that's kind of fun. The glorious house is done in deep reds, the roof shingles in a medley of blue hand-dyeds... two little eagles are hiding in all the busy-ness, and the fox is busy chasing that fast little bunny Flag Thief! Measures about 7 x 7 on 36ct Fibre on a Whim Affogado hand-dyed (which is a fantastic color that we carry in several different counts including Aida!)
    • Proverbs 31 Sampler - Written from a wise mother to her son, teaching him what to look for in a spouse, this is one of Paulette's favorite verses. She chose a feminine color palette, and finished this into a box - maybe a sewing box? Measures about 7 x 7 on 36ct, coded for classic, Weeks and DMC flosses. This is piece dear to any stitcher's heart!

    PuntiniPuntini When I Think of Flowers - click to see more PuntiniPuntini Strawberry Lemonade - click to see more PuntiniPuntini Summer Trio - click to see more PuntiniPuntini Buttons and Pins - click to see more
    When I think of Flowers, Strawberry Lemonade, Summer Trio, Buttons & Pins from PuntiniPuntini
    Paola has some cute new designs...
    • When I Think of Flowers - Measuring 101 x 62 - A petite 5-1/2 x 3-1/2 on 18/36ct... this would be pretty finished into a tiny block to perch on a windowsill - near your plants! Simple and very pretty.
    • Strawberry Lemonade - Measuring 67 x 53 - This one finishes about 3-1/2 inches square on 18/36 - and would be fun as another little cube tucked somewhere fun in your kitchen.
    • Summer Trio - Companions Paola's other seasonal trio designs, make small stand-ups to perch around and change with the months.
    • Buttons & Pins - This needs to be finished atop a little box, or lining a lid of a button box. Make a boring storage container into something pretty and fun to use! Chart comes with 5 tiny buttn embellishments.
    PuntiniPuntini Autumn 2024 Button Set - click to see more PuntiniPuntini Birds & Roses 2024 Pin Set - click to see more PuntiniPuntini Bee & Hive 2024 Pin Set - click to see more
    A few sets of hand-made clay buttons and pins by Puntini... I just can't resist these!
    Nothing specific calls for them, but there are so many cute cushion designs out there that would love to have these poking or adorning them! (They're just made of fabric and they can't talk to tell you that!)

    Tonight We Ride from Autumn Lane Stitchery - click to see more Ghost Towne from Autumn Lane Stitchery - click to see more A Spooky Stroll from Autumn Lane Stitchery - click to see more
    Get Ready for Next Halloween - The Autumn Lane Stitchery Way!
    • Tonight We Ride - Oh... look at that glorious fabric background! Grab lots of black thread... and a little gold... this is intense and striking! This measures 196 x 137, so wil finish about 14 x 10 on 14/28ct. Presented as a full color leaflet.
    • Ghost Towne - Another more whimsical halloween piece, you could do this on a gunmetal background... I think those little ghost trick-or-treaters are the CUTEST! Leaflet. This measures 100 x 134, so it will finish a little lover 6 x 8 on 32ct.
    • A Spooky Stroll - What a fun little floating witch... I love everything about it! It'd be fun to add metallics to the ghost and pumpkin eyes. Presented as a small chart, it measure just 61 x 70, and is stitched in regular DMC.
    Home of The Brave Needle Case - click to see more Home of The Brave Beaded Fob from Fern Ridge - click to see more Bohemian Paisley Sewing Case from Fern Ridge - click to see more Bohemian Paisley Beaded Fob from Fern Ridge - click to see more
    The Fern Ridge Collections has new needle cases and matching scissor fobs... always fun to work up!
    • Home of The Brave Needle Case and Beaded Scissor Fob - Always presented as full and complete kits, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave decorate both outsides of this fun folded case. Inside you'll find places for needles, a threader, and pocket to store some small scissors. All very festive, you get all the linens, threads, buttons, ribbons, linings, charms, buttons... everything you need for the fabric sewing case.
      Next is the Peyote Stitched scissor fob. Bright red, whites and blue, the charm is the Statue of Liberty. Small enough to do the beading part in about an hour - even the fringe doesn't look to intense to string. You need this one!
    • Bohemian Paisley Sewing Case and Beaded Scissor Fob - All black and white... with pretty mother-of-pearl accent buttons, this set will work up in a jiff. The case is TINY and the kit contains all fabrics, buttons, threads, and ribbons. The beaded fob is just the perfect size to work up, and would look stunning attached to a black pair of scissors!
    Elegant Flowers Sewing Box from Mani di Donna - click for more The Barn in the Sun Sewing Set from Mani di Donna - click for more Live Simple Sewing Box from Mani di Donna - click for more Memories From Nantucket from Mani di Donna - click for more
    Just a few unusual treats from Mani di Donna - Coming from Italy - to Market - to Tulsa!
    • Elegant Flowers Sewing Box - This is a fabric-covered cardboard round box - with a little pull-out drawer. Since we've never seen a box like this, we are taking her class in constructing this 'little curiosity' at Market. Simona is offering this in chart format, and we can't wait to get our hands on it. We've seen those decorative handle rings at Hobby Lobby, so this promises to be very do-able! We have learned this box is constructed out of Skirtex -- which is a stiff drapery-lining material, widely available.  Strong like cardboard -- but a textile rather than paper mache. The top stitching measures about 4 inches in diameter - to give you a size idea for the entire box. Worked on 32ct, coded for DMC. We are including the waxer with the chart.
    • The Barn in the Sun Sewing Set - A cute little quilt-inspired sewing set of thread and pin case, pin mattress, and scissor bag. Stitched on Weeks 32ct Cocoa Linen with DMC, along with the chart, we are including the 2 specialty pins, the beaded scissor fob, the hand-dyed pom-pom trim. Promises to be petite and colorful!
    • Live Simple Sewing Box - Worked on 32ct linen with Weeks hand-dyed flosses, this is trimmed with lining fabric of your choice (from your stash) and Weeks Merlot hand-dyed wool. The accessories included with the chart are the black mourning pins, the tag board behind the stitched sheep, the sheep waxer, and the beaded decorative pin shown in the pic. If you 'patchwork' the wool on the topper inside, you can probably get by with three coordinating schnigglet cuts of our wool... I don't know that yet, because I don't have this in my hands. Just thought it was a cute project!
    • Memories From Nantucket - This charming cushion caught my eye because of the verse. Basically she says that when her sailor-boy takes off for another sea voyage, she's blowing him off and leaving town! It says, I have made up my mind now to be a sailors wife, to have a purse full of money and a very easy life. But when he says goodbye my love, I'm off across the sea! Stitched on 32ct with Weeks flosses, it's trimmed with Lady Dot Chenille. I think it's so much fun when you have something like this that looks normal, but then you read the verse and just laugh!

    Miss Hazel from Stacy Nash -- click to see more Bobbin from Stacy Nash -- click to see more Maggie Mae from Stacy Nash -- click to see more Le Poulet Pinkeep from Stacy Nash -- click to see more
    All the New from Stacy Nash Designs!
    • Miss Hazel - One of Stacy's newest Animal Cracker designs... Miss Hazel stands 6 inches tall and is 4 inches wide. She's done on 36ct linen in shades of Weeks hand-dyed flosses, and presented as a chart.
    • Bobbin - Well this is the absolute CUTEST THING releasing at the show this year! Little Bobbin is more like Stacy's Cracker Crumbs - the smaller animal designs - but she includes her sweet berry basket cushion, and as a good little mouse, her food supply is never far away! Bobbin sits atop any fun antique spool you can find... that bit of loose thread is coming from the needle in her hands! She stands only 3-1/4 inches tall, and her berry pin keep is just 2-1/2 inches in size!
    • Maggie Mae is the third Animal Cracker to be released. (Stacy has an exhisting collection of 11 Crackers, and 4 Crumbs... all pictured on our Nash Page.) She is delightful in her white chenille-looking dress and honey yellow cardigan sweater. She features a tiny radish pin keep too! She stands 7 high by 3-1/4 inches wide on 36ct.
    • Le Poulet Pinkeep - Here now! Oh, we lost track of this pattern at Market and it never made our previews or Market haul! We remember being in Stacy's room, right after someone she helped had complained about the chicken's party hat - we love that! We had a whole funny conversation about, and I guess, forgot to get our charts! Le Poulet measures 121 x 104, so on 36ct, it finishes about 6 x 7. It's coded for Weeks hand-dyed flosses of Grits, Beige, Schneckley, Havana, Dolphin, Charcoal, Lancaster Red, Lily Pad and Cinnabar. Just the cutest little cushion! Presented as a chart.
    Calling of the Sea Pinkeeps & Pin Disk from Stacy Nash -- click to see more Caroline's Sampler Sewing Bag from Stacy Nash -- click to see more Mary Robards Sampler Pocket from Stacy Nash -- click to see more
    • Calling of the Sea Pinkeeps & Pin Disk - This one is fun too! The chart contains all three designs - the round compass case, and both the whale and ship cushions. THINK you'll need multiple skeins of floss for that humongous whale! What a fun and festive set of designs!
    • Caroline's Sampler Sewing Bag - Measuring a generous 10-1/2 x 7 when it's closed... this is a charming pocket to hold threads, a hoop, maybe some scissors. It's worked on Weeks Dye Works Beige linen.
    • Mary Robards Sampler Pocket - Another pouch/pocket piece... this one is just 8 x 5-1/2 on 36ct Seraphim Tobias linen. I think you should put your name on it instead Mary's and PICK AND AGE YOU WANT TO BE in whatever year! Then, take it to every event you go to! THAT makes it your own, fun, and special!
    The Federal Sewing Bag from Stacy Nash -- click to see more Trumpet of Swans Biscornu from Stacy Nash -- click to see more Tulip Fields Pinkeep from Stacy Nash -- click to see more
    • The Federal Sewing Bag - What a pretty blue house and surrounding gardens. This pocket/pouch measures 9 x 6 when closed... worked on 36ct linen with Weeks hand-dyeds.
    • Trumpet of Swans Biscornu - A 6 x 6 pin cushion... usually these are stitched on both sides, but this one isn't. It'll take 1/2 the stitching time! 36Ct, using Weeks hand-dyeds.
    • Tulip Fields Pinkeep - What a sweet little mattress cushion! Finishing 4-1/2 inches square by 2 inches high... on Weeks 36 Beige... it features a bird nest full of eggs, with a curious bunny nearby!

    Always and Always from The Proper Stitcher - click for more The Dance from The Proper Stitcher - click for more Lucky Ewe from The Proper Stitcher - click for more
    Always and Always, The Dance, Lucky Ewe from The Proper Stitcher
    • Always and Always - I must have flowers Always and Always. Stitched with Weeks hand-dyed flosses this finishes approx 6 x 6 on 32ct. Just simple and very classy!
    • The Dance - Neat verse, gorgeous tree, this is done on 36ct finishing 8 x 9 using Weeks hand-dyed flosses. Love love that tree and the grass... and the house!
    • Lucky Ewe - Something small and quick to work up for St Patrick's Day... choose a background fabric a little darker than this is shown on - we are totally losing the sheep on here! Weeks hand-dyed flosses.. I just now see the tiny floral hat the sheep is wearing! Finishes about 4 x 4 on 32ct.
    Hello Spring, Bloom and Lets Do Lunch from Val's Stuff - click to see more April Showers from Val's Stuff - click to see more
    New Spring Arrivals by Val's Stuff! So cute and Colorful, They make you happy!
    • Hello Spring - This is the Freebie chart presented in this year's Nashville Market cookbook. You'll get dozens of good recipes and charts in that little book - an annual Must-Have!
    • Bloom & Lets Do Lunch - These two companion designs come together in one chart entitled 'Bloom.' Stitched on any white (or pastel color you like) with regular DMC, they are small enough to finish for this season. If you do just these two - make them into a folding stand-up. If you get the cookbook with 'Hello Spring' inside - stitch it too, and make a trip-tych - a tri-fold finish... or even make a four-sided standing cube, with pretty fabric on the empty 4th-side (which probably could face the back.)
    • April Showers - Stitched on Weeks Banana Popsicle linen... or another bright and pretty color from your stash, it measures 53 x 84 on 32ct. Presented as a small chart.
    Gathering Violets from Luminous Fiber Arts -- click to see more Liberty Glory Unity from Luminous Fiber Arts -- click to see more Autumn's Acorns from Luminous Fiber Arts -- click to see more Wintergreen Christmas from Luminous Fiber Arts -- click to see more
    Gathering Violets, Liberty Glory Unity, Autumn's Acorns and Wintergreen Christmas from Luminous Fiber Arts
    Luminous Fiber Arts has new releases for all year long!
    • Gathering Violets - The 7th coordinating design in this series, each is presented in a single leafet, they finish about 4 x 4, all are garnished with old buttons from your stash, and each is stitched in one different hand-dyed color of floss. Joins Berries, Clover, Honey, Acorns, Snowflakes and Stitches, these would finish well into stand-up blocks or a long zig-zag!
    • Liberty Glory Unity - Another charming retro-flavored seasonal trio... stitch these arranged like this, or make cushions or more little stand-up blocks. Coded for a medley of hand-dyeds, it's presented in leaflet format. Coordinates with Jingle Jolly Joy, Hop Peep Leap, and Sneaky Spooky Spells - quite a mouthful of names!
    • Autumn's Acorns - This is done with just one solid color of DMC... choose a rust, black, anything. In looking at the 'Gathering' series above, you can get an idea of what hand-dyed threads can do for a simple design like this... so get creative if the mood strikes! This is presented in a leaflet format.
    • Wintergreen Christmas - Love that brilliant aqua blue background for these... give them that retro-antique flavor. Choose your favorite count of fabric - Misty has includes the wool leaf and oval finishing templates for 14/28, 32, 36 and 40ct fabrics - so no guessing on making those cute little leaves! We have white Wisper thread from Rainbow Gallery - makes a nice furry Santa beard, and we have opalescent Petite Treasure Braid that would look stunning in the background snowflakes... beads for the pine tree fronds, red metallic for the Ho Ho Ho... lots of fun options.

    Work of Our Hands from Rosewood Manor - click for more Some of My Favorite Things from Rosewood Manor - click for more Flowers of Quaker from Rosewood Manor - click for more
    Luscious New Florals from Rosewood Manor
    • Work of Our Hands - Lots of different 'areas' in this... everything is set off against a soft green background. Coded for DMC, you'll need multiple skeins of most of them, as this measures an impressvie 327 x 188 in size. The little square sampler is pretty in there, so is the basket - and nothing says you can't stitch just one of those!
    • Some of My Favorite Things - I just love this one! I see eight different but coordinating pin cushions in here... little bits of color surrounded mostly by white lace stitches. Regular DMC, I think some sort of green background is perfect for this because of the blooming flowers. Stitched entirely with DMC - you'll need 6 skeins of B5200!
    • Flowers of Quaker - A huge, busy medley of small stylized flowers tucked everywhere! This is done with Valdani hand-dyed floss - kind of hard to convert to other hand-dyeds, as each color is really a mixture of several others in it. (So probably worth the $ investment if you want yours to look like this.) The large initial box in the corner is kind of fun - a real place to sign you name!

    Spring Folk  from Hands On Design - click to see more Gather Wildflowers from Hands On Design - click to see more Gather Blessings from Hands On Design - click to see more Blackberry Berry Basket from Hands On Design - click to see more
    Numerous Pretty Spring Treats from Hands On Design
    • Spring Folk - A Celebration of the Seasons - This is the first of 4. Yummy colors, rich details and textures - Cathy is using some #12 Pearl Cotton on these to give that added texture punch. Measures 53 x 190 - all the rest will be the same size... coded and stitched in DMC. Featured trim is Lady Dot Grace Green, and the wooden finishing board should come home from the show with us! The board has an etched design in the wood, we believe, and totally re-useable because we think you are using magnets to attach and change your needlework out!
    • Gather Wildflowers - Very Spring-Green-y! Little 3-inch rounds - all in the same chart - mounted on the CUTEST miniature paddles by Chantelle's 141 Design Company. You can see Lady Dot's Rik Rak trim poking out from the fabric edges - just for a little touch of color. I believe this will also be another 4-part seasons set of charts.
    • Gather Blessings - Another small 4-part chart set for the seasons, stitched in DMC on 32ct Platimun linen, it measures 2-1/2 x 4 - just a BITTY thing!
    • Blackberry - The third Berry Basket Design. Isn't this pretty and super colorful? 32ct Natural linen and DMC, it'll make a charming addition to your berry bowl OR basket! Chart.
    Liberty Pennies from Hands On Design - click to see more Botanical Bee from Hands On Design - click to see more Gather at the Table from Hands On Design - click to see more
    • Liberty Pennies - Love these colors! Choose a black, gunmetal or slate background... this is worked with Weeks hand-dyed flosses. Measures 72 x 67 - so a little under 4 x 4. Flag SOLO pin is featured in the finish. Pin is offered separately.
    • Botanical Bee - The botanical bee buzzes in the blooms! Worked on 32ct - a little under 4 x 4, worked with Weeks flosses, it features a Bee SOLO pin in it's finishing. Chart.
    • Gather at the Table - But move the pumpkin first! Stitched on 32ct with DMC, again a small 4 x 4-ish size, this one is trimmed with SOLO acorn pin!

    Moms from Erica Michaels - click for more The Berry Patch from Erica Michaels - click for more A Cheerful Heart from Erica Michaels - click for more
    New March Arrivals from Erica Michaels Designs
    Linda has 7 new designs.... here are three, make sure to click through the pics to see the rest!
    • Moms - They make all the difference! A set of three smalls, you get the primary sampler (71 x 93), a berry and whimsical small (69 x 41) cushion. Stitched in three shades of red - you can choose any other scheme you want... or just one shade of any hand-dyed. Linda promises the DAD is coming soon.
    • The Berry Patch - Raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, three sweet berries with a French twist. Stitched on 36ct linen with Weeks hand-dyed flosses and trimmed with Weeks wools and Lady Dot trims. Charming little pin cushions as always! All three are in this chart.
    • A Cheerful Heart - Inspired by an entry in Linda's Great Grandmother's autograph book, and motifs from an antique pattern booklet, this mono chromatic set includes three pieces - a mini sampler, berry and needlebook. Set the pieces in a pretty wooden bowl - that dark background really sets off the pretty stitching. Presented as a chart.

    Spring Rabbit Pillows from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Alice in Wonderland Tree from Tiny Modernist - click to see more Spring Chicken from Tiny Modernist - click to see more
    Tiny Modernist has some fun releases for this Spring!
    • Spring Rabbit Pillows - Aren't these the cutest little things? Choose any white you like to work on (or pale gray or pink?) these use BITS of DMC 963, 3733, 353, 352, 772, 989 and 3799. Measuring approx 3 x 5 on 14ct, perch them in a basket with Easter Eggs, or in a candy bowl... or next to plant pots! They'd even be cute hopping around in your bowl of other stitched cushions! The stitching is easy enough so you could do both sides.
    • Alice in Wonderland Tree - This is like her Wizard of Oz Tree... straight out of the Fairy Tale books! Finishing a generous 10 s 13 on 14/28ct, and done in DMC, the background is a pewter color. All the fun little people in here, a fun way to remember the story.
    • Spring Chicken - Wow, this is eyecatching and cute! Measuring just 66 x 66 - it finishes under 4 inches on 36ct. It's shown in a flat finish, but I think a free-standing cube would be cool - because you could set it between plants, or on a sill. Coded for DMC, choose a garden-y green fabric background for this.

    Scenic Sampler from Heartstring Samplery - click for more Honeybee and Wooly Bobbins from Heartstring Samplery - click for more My Scissors My Rules from Heartstring Samplery My Rules Scissor Fob Kit from Heartstring Samplery Home Thread Board from Heartstring Samplery
    Lots of Fun New Things by Heartstring Samplery AND Her Wood Guy!
    Beth has cute new designs, and she's put her husband to work cutting down trees on their property in Oregon, and making them all into fun wooden things for stitchers! He calls his workshop 'The Board Room!' Lots more on her inner page!
    • Scenic Sampler - Remember Beth's Scary Sampler? It referenced all sorts of Pop Culture Scary things? Here's the opposite piece - happy and bright - with tons of references to her favorite sweet and happy remembrances from books, TV and movies. I loved reading all about it in the Scary chart! Measures 247 x 215, and is coded for hand-dyeds and DMCs.
    • Honeybee and Wooly Bobbins - Meant to compliment the Scenic Sampler - Beth's hubby made these in 'The board Room.' Beth says they are 'From forest to finish.' Something fun to hold your threads... each is sold separately.
    • My Scissors My Rules - Meant to be hung in a prominent place in your house so that there are no more excuses by family members for improper use of special snips! Beth says you can do this in any color scheme you want, and she's just attached cup hooks to her frame as little scissor hooks! Presented as a chart.
    • My Rules Scissor Fob Kit - Another Board Room creation by college-freshman-son Jack, he's busy, so you get to assemble this yourself! He's supplied the QR code for your assembly needs! Pretty darn cute... you supply the scissors, Jack made the cool etchings and probably cut down the tree too!
    • Home Thread Board - More fun stuff from 'The Board Room!' Designed to match one of Beth's new charts... this is cute just by itself! Measures about 3 x 4, and useful for ANY small projects!

    Frosty Tiny Town from Heart in Hand - click for more Any Town Tiny Town from Heart in Hand - click for more More Any Town Tiny Town from Heart in Hand - click for more
    Floral Etchings 2 from Heart in Hand - click for more Frosty Frill from Heart in Hand - click for more Mementos of the Heart from Heart in Hand - click for more
    Heart in Hand has lots of fun new Releases!
    Frosty Tiny Town, Any Town Tiny Town and More Any Town Tiny Town
    Wow... say all three of these names together FAST! Cecilia has three more charming little city scenes to stitch...
    Frosty Tiny Town features warm and cozy houses on a silvery-snowy winter afternoon.
    Any Tiny Town features a book store, cafe, barber shop, and stitching shop.
    MORE Any Tiny Town has a pizza parlour, the cinema, a church and food market.
    Each comes as a half-sized leaflet, they include embellishments, and they are worked on various hand-dyeds and all are coded for Weeks AND Classic hand-dyeds or DMC.

    Floral Etchings 2, Frosty Frill and Mementos of the Heart
    Floral Etchings 2 - This is Cecilia's next seasonal floral trio - very stylized and beautifully balanced - these are fun when they're stitched! Presented in leaflet format, it uses 36ct and hand-dyeds.
    Frosty Frill - This is a small card chart that companions Frosty Tiny Town. The idea is that you can insert this small design into or onto the middle or ends of the main town. Makes a cute individual stand-up to perch beside as well.
    Mementos of the Heart - Cecilia has compiled a 16-page book which contains 6 previously released (but long ago retired) Collector's Heart designs, and a new Kindness Drum piece. She's updated the threads a little, and refreshed the finishing treatments... so it's a nice treat for us. Old Hearts included came from 2002, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2013. We can see the Kindness Drum model in the book cover pic... it's that round that is FULL of tiny hearts and what-nots!
    Abuzz at Midnight by Liz Mathews - click to see more Cottontail by Liz Mathews - click to see more Remember Me Sampler Tree by Liz Mathews - click to see more
    Spring House by Liz Mathews - click to see more Tenth Day of Christmas Sampler and Tree from Liz Mathews - click to see more You've Got the Love by Liz Mathews - click to see more
    Spring 2024 Releases from Liz Mathews
    • Abuzz at Midnight - Oh such pretty colors popping against that brilliant blue background!Measures 7 x 7 on 36ct.
    • Cottontail - Here's a quiet bunny hiding amidst the flowers in the garden. Liz presents two different colorways for this - kind of a 'push' to you that you CAN change fabrics and colors sometimes.
    • Remember Me Sampler Tree - I love this one! Finish it by framing... or make one of Liz's cute little cone shapes and make a tree out of this. The charts for each are slightly different to accomodate that finishing, but you get the same personality of the design. Doesn't look like it in the pic, but the framed piece is stitched on Country Vintage Mocha linen - a great 'faux hand-dyed.'
    • Spring House - This piece sports two different pieces of fabric joined together and then framed. Liz describes her dream garden house in the middle of an April rain shower... overflowing pots of flowers from the roof, the charming greenhouse, the European lace curtains and all charming bunnies and blooms in the yard. The whole thing is charming! Just be careful to choose two coordinating fabrics for this - same count, same texture.
    • Tenth Day of Christmas Sampler and Tree - Instead of 10 Lords a Leaping... we get ONE Santa! Way better! Liz suggests a darker fabric so the metallic 'magic' threads can be seen that are tumbling out of his sack. Same size as the other 9 so far in the set... just two more to go!
    • You've Got the Love - LOVE this one - of course! Another really good design to play with fabric and color options! Liz presents LOVE in a curved script, and the heart-shaped design as well. The bigger heart measures 104 x 91, while the smaller word is just 107 x 52.

    The Quaker Bee II from Samplers and Primitives - click for more Home from Samplers and Primitives - click for more A Collaboration of Spring from Samplers and Primitives - click for more
    Quaker Bee II, Home and A Celebration of Spring from Samplers and Primitives
    Three new releases by Samplers and Primitives - we love her gentle color shadings. We have gorgeous acorn designs from last Fall, and here are a few Spring pieces.
    • The Quaker Bee II - Pretty golds and greens... pretty touch of Quaker on the edge, everything about it is pleasing to the eye, and it measures 95 - so could finish 4 x 4 if you did it over one on 25 Lugana!
    • Home - Peaceful house, spring-green lawn, I like that huge floral urn peeking behind the house! Measures 136 x 145 - stitched with a medley of hand-dyeds.
    • A Collaboration of Spring - Looks like the same little house - but different landscape! The topper border is really cool because it's different from the other three sides... it's just a little bigger than the HOME piece at 208 x 120.

    Hester's Easter Jumper from Pansy Patch Quilts and Stitchery - click to see more Betsy's Easter Basket from Pansy Patch Quilts and Stitchery - click to see more HOME from Pansy Patch Quilts and Stitchery - click to see more
    Pink and Pretty Spring Releases from Pansy Patch Quilts and Stitchery
    • Hester's Easter Jumper - This needs to be stitched for a cute little pink and purple bedroom... imagine it finished into a big puffy, ruffled pillow with luscious silk fabric and lots of fun trim! Finishing about 7 to 9 inches square - depending on your fabric, it is coded for DMCs or hand-dyeds. Just sweet! Presented as a chart.
    • Betsy's Easter Basket - This is the next seasonal basket - we have Halloween and Christmas so far, it's such a cute series. This one has a little bunny, and more bright, happy colors. Chart format.
    • HOME - This is another cute design - the model isn't finished yet! I picture this hanging in a back hall by the family key rack, or the big family events calendar. Coded for DMC or hand-dyeds, it measures a petite 5 x 7, so it'll fit in lots of small places.

    All Hallows Eve from Blueberry Ridge - click to see more Sampler Seasons - Spring from Blueberry Ridge - click to see more Pinetree Chalet from Blueberry Ridge - click to see more Bramble Cottage from Blueberry Ridge - click to see more
    New Releases from Blueberry Ridge
    • All Hallows Eve - A colorful Autumnal scene... plenty of time between March and September to get this stitched! Coded for DMC or hand-dyeds, it's a generously sized 12-1/2 x 9 on 36ct. Might be fun to do Satin Stitches in your sawtooth border. Presented as a chart.
    • Sampler Seasons - Spring - The third installment of this set... you'll need three skeins of whatever hand-dyed color you want to use - the one featured is Weeks Madison Rose. Autumn and Winter are here, Summer still to follow later this spring.
    • Pinetree Chalet - This is a stylized Snowglobe design with a quaint wooden A-Frame chalet tucked inside. Stitched on 36ct Sanguine Weeks hand-dyed linen, using Weeks flosses, I love that bold bottom border. Finishes approx 7 x 7, and presented in a chart.
    • Bramble Cottage - Emily says this is the first of 6 new houses... she'll be arranging hers on a single piece... so maybe collect the charts first before you decide on stitch placement? Bramble measures 120 x 120 and uses a medley of hand-dyeds.

    Our 2024 Nashville Market Cookbook Val's Stuff's FREEBIE DESIGN - Happiness is Homemade - click to see more Our 2024 Nashville Market Cookbook - Happiness is Homemade - click to see more
    It's Market Cookbook Season! 2024 Happiness is Homemade
    Every year, (This is the 5th annual) industry designers, distributors, and shops who attend Market all contribute favorite recipes for our annual Market Cookbook. Along with food, comes stitching - so several designers contribute free charts as well.

    Lots of fun things every year... the charts are always good, and I think it's fun to have actual Italian recipes right from the Italian designers! 75 to 100 recipes and pages... taking reservations now for shipment when we get home from the show the first week in March.

    Here is Val's Stuff's FREEBIE DESIGN included in this year's cookbook. What a fun Sneak Peek! (Val will be coming out with a companion design to this one at Market - watch for those details on the Market Page!)

    Michelle Ink Designs
    Presenting Fern Ridge and Michelle Ink's Beading and Silver Retreat
    Peyote Beading and Silver Casting
    April 26th-27th, 2024
    Spooky Needle Case and fob
    Wow, this is going to be a really fun and busy retreat! Pat and Peggy of Fern Ridge have dreamed up Peyote Beaded needle cases - you will be getting 4 of them - to nestle in a specially-made box by Joseph's Workshop. Michelle is bringing her precious metals silver clay and molds... and you will be making the topping medallion for that box, and a few other tiny trinkets.

    Choose from a Halloween theme or floral - you'll get one set with class, and can purchase the other set if you want. Both design sets include one of Fern Ridge's signature beaded scissor fobs to match!

    Date of class, and both Artist's names are engraved on the bottom, and identified needle sizes for your vials inside the box... Michelle has tons of molds for her clay - so if you want a different topping treatment - you can do that too!
    Floral Needle Case and fob
    Your Friday/Saturday class in our She Shed is limited to 40 people. The event fee of $275 includes all the projects, yummy snacks and a few door prizes and favors... along with a lot of beading and casting fun. Meals are on your own; our 13 restaurants within walking distance will not disappoint!

    $50 Due at registration. Balance is due February 26th, 2024. Cancellations before Feb 26 receive funds paid less $50. Cancellations after Feb 26 may receive kits with no refunds... or partial (TBA) refund if we can fill your space.

    In Praise of Pollinators from The Blue Flower - click for more Bees in the Greenhouse from The Blue Flower - click for more Tudor Hound from The Blue Flower - click for more Tudor Hare from The Blue Flower - click for more Hedgehog and Hyacinth from The Blue Flower - click for more Seasons of the Heart - Hearts for Pam from The Blue Flower - click for more
    March 2024 Releases from The Blue Flower
    • In Praise of Pollinators - Jeannine is a whiz at gardens and animals. Her things are always full of strange flora and fauna, and I love reading what everything is inside her charts! This piece celebrates the many pollination heroes in the world. There are native bees, birds, insects and mammals who are doing the essential work of pollinating the natural world. Her pretty sampler is done with mostly DMC and measures 165 x 195 in size. Tiny details and surprises everywhere in this!
    • Bees in the Greenhouse - We love this little shaped cushion! It's like a miniature greenhouse! It's inspiration comes from peering through the windows of an elaborate white-framed greenhouse... finishing details for this are presented on Blue Flower's website. Stitch count is 300 x 102 - done on 40ct - threads are all DMC.
    • Tudor Hound and Tudor Hare - A pair of complimenting designs, the hound is racing around the the elaborate spring floral gardens, while the Hare is sitting quietly, enjoying the beautiful blooms and the soft seasonal colors. Both feature DMC and trimmed with Lady Dot chenille trims. Stitch counts are 59 x 107 for each.
    • Hedgehog and Hyacinth - These cute little hedgehogs are ready for wet spring weather in their green boots. Stitch count is just 55 x 59 - so a bitty little 3-inch cushion on 40ct.
    • Seasons of the Heart - Hearts for Pam - So charming! This celebrates the flora and fauna of Australia! Jeannine wants you to bring a little Aussie flavor into your home! 101 x 80 - This is companion to all her other Seasons of Heart designs.

    Jingle All The Way! from AB Designs - click for more
    Jingle All The Way!
    from AB Designs
    Amy's delightfully cute Christmas Stitch Along from 2023 is now finished... and we have all 10 parts bundled together and ready to go! They were previously unavailable unless you had joined the stitch-along, but now we're good.

    The whole piece measures 134 x 164 - choose your favorite fabric for it... she's coded the entire piece for DMC.

    We had her model in the shop for a few months... and just loved the bold colors and the whimsey of the designs!

    Threads of Time Sewing Bird from Stitches by Ethel - click for more
    Threads of Time Sewing Bird
    from Stitches by Ethel
    Here's a cute little sewing bird perched atop his pin-pillows! Pretty teal, reds and a little green and brown, this measures 60 x 90 in stitch count and is worked with solid DMCs I believe.

    Presented as a chart, choose any light neutral to make the rich colors pop!
    Spring Is On Its Way from Val's Stuff
    Spring Is On Its Way! from Val's Stuff
    A melty snowman is making way for pretty flowers...
    Val has a cute little cushion-sized piece that she's worked on 25c Mushroom Lugana over one thread. (Actually over one on Lugana isn't too hard to do. Fabric is easy to see, so you get a lot of 'bang for your buck!')

    On the 25ct, this measures a charming 2-1/4 x 3-1/2... I think it'd be cute trimmed in some green chenille. Worked with 15 shades of regular DMC, this is presented as a small chart.

    For the Love of Stitching from Heartstring Samplery Lady Columbia from Heartstring Samplery A Ship for Mary from Heartstring Samplery
    For the Love of Stitching, Lady Columbia and A Ship for Mary by Heartstring Samplery
    Beth Twist has three new designs that have just arrived!
    • For The Love of Stitching - Here's a fun set of 'organizing' signs. 'Always losing my needles' is the verse on the pin cushion. 'Buy all the Thimbles' is the verse on the band that wraps around a glass thimble jar. The scissor box topper reads, 'No such thing as too many scissors.' Finally, the thread box reads 'Need more threads.' Stitched on PTP's 32ct hand-dyed Oaken, Beth has used Classic's Muddy Puddle, Tennessee Red clay, and Weeping Willow, and Gentle Art's Raven and Ruby Slipper. She's provided sizes of the boxes and jar on the chart, and featured Lady Dot's Barn Door chenille trim.
    • American Mama I - Lady Columbia - This chart has designs for two cushions - or just one, if you finish them back to back. Paying tribute to a female symbol of America, this is chart one of three - the others will release later this year in May and August. Stitched with hand-dyeds, DMC conversions provided.
    • A Ship for Mary - Beth writes, "This antique reproduction sampler's original stitcher did not leave any clues to her identity, but she cared enough for a woman named Mary Simm to give her creation away as a gift. In addition to the large central bouquet, there are some birds, small baskets of fruit, and a rather charming ship.

    Artful Owls by Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill! - click for more
    New Artful Owls by Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill
    A charming collection of colorful owls has arrived! Designed by Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill, we have 4 new kits worked on 16ct Aida. Each kit includes a cut of brightly colored 16ct Aida, Mill Hill glass beads, floss, needles and the chart.

    Cute as can be, they finish about 5 inches in size. Spring is done on a bright apple green, Summer is a bright aqua-blue, Autumn features a deeper mossy green, and a wintery-beige is perfect for the little wintery owls!

    Hoppy Easter from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Grandma's Candy Dish from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Tis Spring from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
    New Spring and Easter Arrivals from With Thy Needle & Thread's Brenda Gervais
    Three super cute small designs - all offered in separate charts are fresh and new for Spring of 2024.
    • Hoppy Easter - This little bunny-basket is ready for eggs and chocolate. Look carefully, the handle is pencil thin, but the basket is a plump bunny face. Small yellow peeps, a few blossoms and carrots, all is stitched with DMC floss and bits of Grits, Dirt Road and Hickory Sticks hand-dyed floss. Brenda has stitched this on Country Vintage Mocha linen - but she's used the SOLID side - not the mottled. Finishes just about 4 x 4 on 36ct.
    • Grandma's Candy Dish - Remember those antique milkglass candy dishes your Grandma had? This one is from Brenda's childhood memories... along with the little stick tree of wooden eggs. Stitched on 36ct with DMC and hand-dyeds, the bunny tail features a little white Wisper furry thread on his tail, and the entire cushion finishes about 5 x 3-1/2.
    • 'Tis Spring - This companions Be Ye Thankful, Joy & Good Cheer, and My Home Sweet Home - and is the 4th season in the design set. Favorite Springtime motifs - we get a pretty house, hyacinths in bloom, butterflies and bees fluttering about and a tiny bird's wreath in a garden basket. Stitched on 40ct Vintage Country Mocha with DMCs and hand-dyeds, it measures about 5-1/4 x 3-3/4.

    Cupid's Sampler from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more Key To My Heart from With Thy Needle -- click to see lots more
    With Thy Needle & Thread's Brenda Gervais has new releases!
    • Cupid's Sampler - A sweet little piece, this measures about 5 x 7 on 40ct, and is worked with just one color - DMC #347! Brenda designed this to resemble an antique red marking sampler featuring an old-style oversized cherub motif. Her little cupid came from a late 18th Century woodblock engraving she found. Simple hemstitch finishes the edges so you can display this on a side table... maybe be next to some charming pin cushions?
    • Key To My Heart - Something for Valentines, Brenda loves her Eastern Bluebirds that visit her gardens. Her two lovebirds flock together to form the O in LOVE, and she's added pink and green posies surrounding the padlock - all to remind you of vintage Valentine's Day cards and their colors. Finishing approx 7-1/2 x 3 on 40ct... just a pretty thing!

    The 2024 Annual Collector's Heart from Heart in Hand - click for more
    The 2024 Annual Collector's Heart
    from Heart in Hand
    Cecilia has released this year's Valentine. It is worked on 32ct Platinum Linen with shades of Classic and Weeks hand-dyeds. Lancaster Red, Cherry Tomato, Licorice Red, Rosy Glow and Sea Shelley... it's a medley of reds!

    A cute itty-bitty wooden butterfly is tucked in this 77 x 80 design as well. (Kit includes the fabric and button.) Something quick and 'loving' to stitch for your Valentine!

    The Spring 2024 Button & Bead Kits from Mill Hill - click for more
    From Left: Daffodil, Bicycle Emporium, Summer Fruit, Blue Bicycle, Icelandic Horses and Spring Cleaning
    The Mill Hill Spring 2024 Button & Bead Kits
    These are the 5 x 5 kits done with DMC floss and Mill Hill beads on 14ct perforated paper. Just Another Button Company clay buttons are featured on all of them as well. We have a Daffodil - it joins the glorious set of spring flowers already in the collection - geraniums, orchids, hibiscus and dahlias come to my mind. The next 'Village' piece is the Bicycle Emporium - and it has a bike design to go with it. 'Summer Fruit' is new and goes with 'Citrus' which we've had for a few seasons. 'Icelandic Horses' are majestic, and the cute little 'Spring Cleaning' companions 'Hello Autumn.'

    Mill Hill continues to have paper and bead issues.... so these new designs are quite welcome... get 'em while you can! Frames shown are available separately - let us know if we need to order them for you.

    The Mini Ornament/Magnet Spring Bouquet Kits for 2024 from Mill Hill - click for more
    From Left: Mama Hen, Vintage Camera, Papa Rooster, Ice Cream Sundae, Painter's Palette, Floral Birdcage.
    The Mill Hill Mini Ornament/Magnet Spring Bouquet Kits for 2024
    Oh the little ones.... we have a million of these... but that's no reason to not have more! A great value, you get the darling charted design, the 14ct perf paper, DMC floss, needles, and the featured Mill Hill glass or crystal Treasure embellishment. All finish about 3 x 3 and can be finished as tree ornaments or frig magnets.

    Mama Hen and Papa Rooster make a colorful set of chickens... and the Vintage Camera goes with last seasons larger travel bead kit. The ice cream sundae DOES look good enough to devour, and the little painter's palette is really charming. Last is the floral birdcage... I can't find the bird in there though! All very fun and easy to do, very small and compact, and great on your stitching budget!

    Pony Needles - Hypoallergenic White-Eye Black Needles - click for more
    Presenting Pony Black Needles! *Hypoallergenic Blacks* and *Colored Eye Tapestry*
    You Need these Needles! A new line for us in the shop - we're excited for the selection and the features they offer. Each package contains 6 needles.
    Hypoallergenic White Eye - This is a collection of BLACK STEEL needles. They do not have nickel plating on them. (Shiny needles have a nickel plating that can be an allergen - that is one reason shiny needles tarnish.) These are awesome because they feature a narrow shaft with that high contrast white eye - against the black - for easy threading. The black needle gives you a tip that is easier to see when you're aiming for your stitching hole, too! We have several sizes and types:
    Tapestry - Regular Cross Stitch Needles in #24, 26 and 28 and an assorted package of 2-18, 2-20, 1-22 and 1-26. Check out those gorgeous-easy-to-see-eyes!
    Ball Point - This is an assorted-sized package - smaller white eye, sharp tip - but with that micro-ball tip.
    Chenille - An assorted-sized package of sharp needles with large eyes, these are used for wool applique embroidery -- we also use them for our embroidered tea towels. These follow the same size that tapestry needles do... they are simply sharp rather than dull like a Tapestry.
    Pony Colored Eye Tapestry Needles - click for more    Compare Red Eye 28 needle with John James 28 gold tapestry needle - click for more
    Pony Colored Eye Tapestry Needles - Love these too! These are nickel-plated steel needles - with colored eyes! You can tell by looking at them what size your needle is! The #24's have a black eye - which is actually very easy to see. The #26 has a teal eye, and the teeny-weeny #28's have a red eye! We have these in an assortment pack of 2 each #24, 26 and 28, and single-size packs of 6 needles each as well. (#28's have 5 in the pack vs 6.)
    Look at the size difference of the Red Eye #28 needle! It is next to a John James #28 gold tapestry needle! It is definitely smaller!

    Bareroots  display at the shop Better Together Towel Kit from Bareroots - click to see more
    Better Together Tea Towels from Bareroots
    Barri has a new pair of kitchen dish towels to embroider - perfect to hang in a happy home! These cotton towels come with a traceable line pattern to transfer to the ready-made towels.

    Use the included floss... making little short straight stitches... then tack on the included bottom rik rak trim... and you've made darling kitchen towels! You don't have to be newlyweds to appreciate this... but it does make a great shower gift.

    We have 18 other Tea Towel kits here in the shop. All are available individually, but this pair comes together as a set, at a little lower price point as a bonus. So darn cute! Our new shipment is on the way - we expect these right before Christmas.

    Pony Needles - Hypo-allergenic Black Eye #28 Tapestry Needles! - click for more Pony Hypo-allergenic Black Eye #28 Tapestry Needle with no nickel plating - click for more
    A Late Pony Needle Arrival - Hypo-allergenic Black Eye #28 Tapestry Needles!
    This little package of needles belongs in our collection of hypo-allergenic stainless needles by Pony. We're 'storing them' on our Needles page, in the same description line as our other black needles - with white eyes - but these are all black!

    These are really fun... and because they are black you can see where your needle point is! We like the white-eye versions because they are easy to thread, but honestly, these aren't hard either - because you can see the light through the eye!

    Something new and unique - just don't confuse yours with black kitty hair on the couch! A lovely petite size too!
    Scroll down just a bit, or click through to our Needles page, to see lots of other new Pony Needles.

    Pony All Black Beading Needles Size 10 BLACK EYE - click for more Pony All Black Beading Needles Size 10 BLACK EYE with no nickel plating - click for more

    New Pony BEADING Needles
    Another new black hypo-allergenic Pony Needle, these are size 10 (only much longer than the normal ones) for beads. Super thin, they are all black, and actually, I can SEE their eye to thread!

    I can't see the eye on regular steel needles because they reflect the light. So, another fun new needle to try... 5 in the package. See what you think! They are pretty easy to hold as they are a complete 2 inches long.
    Needle Travel Mania Shop Guide for 2024 - click to see more
    The 2024 Needle Travel Mania Guide
    This is an awesome little 540 page book (5-1/2 x 8 x 1, it weighs a pound!) that is an incredible directory of needlework, quilting, weaving, knitting and needlepoint shops all around the country! If you ever go anywhere in a car, YOU NEED THIS BOOK! Organized by state, each state is mapped with interstate and state highways.

    The shops are all numbered on the maps... then the directory offers varied information about each. Addresses, hours, kind of product mix, phone numbers, websites... just great info to help you plan the stops on your next road trip adventure!

    They even have software that will plan your route for you and include the types of shops you 'need' to visit! Really a fun book to have -- and a super-fun stocking stuffer or neat stitch group gift!
    Pastel Ornaments #1 Christmas House from Country Cottage Needleworks -- click to see more Pastel Ornaments # 2 Nutcracker Trio from Country Cottage Needleworks -- click to see more Pastel Ornaments #3 Christmas Church from Country Cottage Needleworks -- click to see more Pastel Ornaments #4 Snow Globe from Country Cottage Needleworks -- click to see more
    Pastel Ornaments from Country Cottage Needleworks
    Nikki is beginning a new 12-part set of ornaments - first one shipped December of 2023. They will be all different sizes, and we know they are on 32ct Beautiful Beige Linen but beyond that, we don't have many details! She'll be featuring her Mom's floss - Classic Colorworks - for the entire series.

    One chart each month till next Dec... these first two look darling! #1 is called Christmas House, measures 55w x 52h, and uses mostly Classic Colorworks with a bit of DMC thrown in. We'll begin an auto-ship... you are welcome to choose any fabric you like... and we'll be gathering thread sets as well.

    Sweet Petites from Little House Needleworks - click to see more
    Sweet Petites
    from Little House Needleworks
    Little House Needleworks has released her 10th 'Petites' design - this one celebrates Sweets of the Christmas season.

    Same 39 x 39 size... this joins a really cute collection of seasonal smalls. Presented as the chart of 4 designs.

    White Pine Felt Ornaments Kit Contents from Rachels of Greenfield - click to see more White Pine Felt Ornaments from Rachels of Greenfield - click to see more White Pine Felt Ornaments
    from Rachel's of Greenfield
    Rachels of Greenfield has a new set of charming retro-flavored felt applique ornaments. We have several other fun sets, Gnomes and Forest Critters pictured here... and this set of birds and a deer join them. Offered as complete kits, you get the wool pieces and actual sized cutting templates for them to cut your individual pieces, and necessary flosses.

    Follow the colored diagrams inside the kit for placement... each mitten or stocking ornament can be finished leaving the 'top' open to hold money or gift cards from Santa! Straight or Blanket Stitches - you decide - either way these are fun to make and make you feel good!

    Presenting the 2022 Set of Curly Girls... click for more
    From Left: Just Be, Be Inspired, Be a Friend, Be Amazing.
    New Sticks Designs Have Arrived from Mill Hill!
    Four cute, colorful 'Be Uplifting' cross-stitch designs bring a smile to your face and happy thoughts to your head. Mill Hill has a great collection of kits by artist 'Sticks' that they have adapted to cross stitch, and embellished with just a few glass beads. Stitched on 14ct perforated paper with DMC floss and garnished with Mill Hill's beads, these finish approx 7 inches square.

    Always super colorful, always inspirational in subject, we have several of these stitched in the shop - and they are always noticed. Lots of stitching, the paper makes an easy background to work on...complete kits contain the chart, paper, threads, beads and needle. Make sure you look at the others released over the years - really nice offerings.

    The Good Shepherd by Brenda Keyes -- click to see a larger view! Plenty & Gracet by Brenda Keyes -- click to see a larger view! Plenty & Grace Sampler and The Good Shepherd Sampler from Brenda Keyes of The Sampler Company
    Brenda Keyes has two new samplers... both offered in chart format; we like to stitch ours over one thread on 28 Lugana or with half stitches over two. Charming motifs and houses, the border on the Shepherd reminds me of the marks on a ruler! Always coded for DMC, her pieces are simple and pretty - but we notice that she is using some hand-dyed threads now. Due in the shop anyday, we can't wait to get the models stitched.

    Plenty & Grace measures 12-1/2 x 9-3/4 on 14/28 - but if you do the over one, you can get it down to 6 x 5!
    The Good Shepherd measures 175 x 177 - so 12-1/2 on that 28, but again - it could be 6 x 6-ish too! Brenda suggests these are easy to stitch and rates them as great projects for beginning stitchers. (But I'm an old stitcher, and I like them too!)
    Smart Punch Needles - click to see more Smart Punch Needles - click to see more
    Smart Punch Needles
    We have a new Punch Needle option! They describe their little gems with lots of important details:
    Smart punch is ergonomically designed with a larger handle to reduce the risk of tendonitis, pain of arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Designed for comfortable punching, you will also enjoy the thumb indentation on the front of the punch needle that lines up perfectly with the front, beveled edge, of your needle, always keeping it in the proper punching position. With five different loop heights that can be easily adjusted you will find yourself creating beautiful punch needle projects in no time at all.

    Smart Punch comes with the most commonly used medium size needle, needle threader and even an extra needle. You will be able to put 2 strands of 8 or 12 wt perle cotton through this needle or 4-6 strands of floss. The needle comes with a punch needle lesson and great tips and hints along with some Do's and Don'ts!

    New 2023 Curly Girls... click for more
    New Curly Girls from Mill Hill
    Curly Girls excels at motivational and cheerful messaging! Charming new designs put into Cross Stitch by the Mill Hill people are now available. Joining our 12 collections of 48 kits so far... here are the next 4. Presented as complete kits of chart, flosses, a few beads and 28ct linen (the correct size for the beads) each will finish about 5 x 5. We special order the frames for these as well... just an FYI. Shown from left to right above:
    • Four Legs - Some friends have to walk on four legs just so they can carry around such big hearts. Just makes you love your kitty and doggie all the more!
    • Look Within - Just like garden seeds - Turn your face toward the sun and remember you have it all inside of you!
    • Make Lemonade - Preheat the oven! Kind of a get ready to life's successes... you can do it!
    • Absolutely - We must absolutely do what we love, or we run the risk of doing nothing at all. Which means that Cross Stitch is your lifesaver! Check out that busy tool box full of life's adventures and loves!

    Perfect Match from Artmishka Cross Stitch - click to see more Cats and a Sea from Artmishka Cross Stitch - click to see more Everyone Needs an Owl from Artmishka Cross Stitch - click to see more 10 Rainbow Bookmarks from Artmishka Cross Stitch - click to see more
    Perfect match, Everyone Needs an Owl, Cats and the Sea, 10 Rainbow Bookmarks from Artmishka Cross Stitch
    We have 18 new Charts in the Shop by Artmishka Designs of Italy! I couldn't put them all here... so how about 4 as a preview? Visit our interior Artmiska Page for the rest! All are presented as charts with a big, clear colorful pic on the chart front, and very clear multiple pages of the charts inside. All coded for DMC.
    • Perfect Match - Isn't this little guy the cutest? He knows he fits right in! Approx 11 x 7 on 14/28, coded for DMC. You could even leave off the words and you'd know what it 'says!'
    • Cats and a Sea - Love that water of hearts! A pair of kitties reflecting on life and love... this measures approx 8-1/2 inches square (round!) on 16/32 ct. DMC.
    • Everyone Needs an Owl - What a darling collection of little birds! Someone for everyone! Each owl measures about 40 x 50 in stitch count - so only about 2-1/2 x 3 on 16/32ct. Perfect for individual stand-up blocks or little individual cushions... you can even arrange these into a long row or tall skinny piece! DMC, choose your favorites or stitch them all!
    • 10 Rainbow Bookmarks - Don't stitch these to hide in a book... forget the bookmark idea and make these into larger pieces - make pillows, or basket bandings, or little cushions... anything! Do 20ct over 2 with metallics... do 28ct over one. What I like about it is the fact that you get 10 super-colorful repeating patterns to stitch over and over again to make anything! DMC.

    UB Design So Oder So Book - click for a larger view UB Design Hallo Fruhling Book - click for a larger view> UB Design Wintersterne Book - click for a larger view
    Six New Books by UB Design
    Oh, we love Ulrika's design style, and her publications! We have quite a page full of them, but here are 6 new ones! She publishes groupings of designs in 30 to 70 page books, thick glossy pages, gorgeous photographs and beautiful, huge colorful charts in each. She's pretty good at taking smaller elements out of her main designs and showing you different ways to finish and present them.

    She has a lovely contemporary style, but some of them are old fashioned and charming too. In the Hallo Fruhling book, there is a lovely wild flower bouquet, along with polka dot and floral bunnies! Enjoy your browse!

    Chala Handbags - click for more Chala Handbags - click for more Chala Handbags - click for more
    We now carry Chala Handbags!
    'Vegan' Leather... part of the company's profits are donated to animal rescue facilities across the nation. Their leathers are 'vegan' (a fancy way to describe 'faux leather') because their whole philosophy is to be kind to and appreciate animals!

    Anyway... we have quite a fun selection of their totes, cross body cell phone cases and mini-purses, darling key fobs and coin purses. You can see a little of the variety from my pics... if you're near the shop, drop in. If you aren't but are familiar with this charming line, give us a call - we can choose something for the perfect gift!
    Yes, there's even MORE!     
    Click here for more newly arrived stuff!

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