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Welcome to our Sale Page!

Just a few things that have been past favorites... or little things that have been forgotten over time. Maybe the last one of something? Possibly something we can no longer order from Designers?

Our Sale Page is full of fun, LAST-CHANCE Treats! You can see the original price in the dropdown, as well as the Sale Price.
All Sales are Final. Enjoy the Browse... we hope you find something that needs a new home in your stitching stash!
Note from Mary: We are adding to this page literally every day right now. Check back often!

Cats & Stockings SNOWFLAKE from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats & Stockings POINSETTIA from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats & Stockings EVERGREEN from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more
Cats & Stockings
More delightful cats and quilts... only this time we're working on stocking shapes.

Individual leaflets, stitch counts are all 114 x 157.

Cats and Quilts June from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Quilts November from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Quilts December from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more
More Cats & Quilts
Here is the year in 12 separate leaflets (so you can pick and choose your favorites)... all darling little black kitty silouettes against pretty stitched quilt blocks. Each month (doesn't REALLY need to be a 'month' - just one you like!) comes as a separate leaflet, each measures 70 to 90 stitches in size... and all are shown against a white fabric.

Coded for DMC floss... it might be kind of fun to stitch the cat in Wisper thread from Rainbow Galley - a furry thread. Fun to think about Satin Stitches or beads or buttons, as well!

Cats and Hearts July from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Hearts August from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Hearts September from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Hearts October from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Hearts November from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Hearts December from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more
Cats & Hearts - July through December
Here are the final 6 designs in this fun set of 12... each is a chunky heart filled with cool graphics and geometric borders. BUTTT if you are a cat lover - that little black kitty steals the show for you! By Kitty & Me Designs, choose just one or two of your favorites, or do them all and make a quilt... each is presented separately in a leaflet format.

Stitched on any white fabric you like, they are all coded for DMC floss and measure 101 x 77 (approx 5-1/2 x 7 on 14/28ct.) The little black cats are CHARMING! (If you like one silouette more than another, switch them out on your hearts!) The background designs for all 12 are different, their colors remind you of that season, and wow... what an opportunity to add some hand-dyeds, beads or metallics! You could even stitch your kitty in Black Simply Wool to make him furry! All 12 designs in the set are here.

Cats and Hearts January from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Hearts February from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Hearts March from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Hearts April from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Hearts May from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more Cats and Hearts June from Kitty & Me Designs - click for more
Cats and Hearts - January through June
Oh, this is a cool set of 6 designs (so far) that feature black cat silhouettes against colorful floral graphics. Each *month* is presented in its own full-color leaflet - coded for DMC floss, each heart finishes approx 7 x 5-1/2 on 14/28ct. Just beautiful, if you are really good, you can switch around the cats on the various hearts!

January features icy blue 'flakes.' February has rose hearts. March sports green shamrocks with pops of purple. April has tulips of course, May has the violets, and June is full of strawberries. (I know the rest of the year is coming... I just don't have the details.) Besides switching those cats around... you COULD toss special stitches into these... these beg for that! A fun little set so far... ENJOY!

Flora McSample's 2017 Treats from Lizzie Kate
Flora McSample's
2017 Treats

179 If You Live to be 100 Chart from Lizzie Kate
If You Live to be 100

Lizzie Kate's Reindeer Stocking #169 - click for more
Reindeer Stocking

#146 Spring Alphabet from Lizzie*Kate - click for more
Spring Alphabet

Summer Alphabet from Lizzie*Kate - click for more
Summer Alphabet

S80 USA Squared Snippet from LizzieKate - click to see more

S76 Noel Squared Snippet -- click for a larger view

S75 Ask Me About My Grandkids Snippet -- click for a larger view

S78 Hop Squared Snippet from LizzieKate - click to see more
S73 Boo Squared Snippet -- click for a larger view

Spring ABCs -- click for a larger view

#1 Dad

#1 Mom

Lizzie Kate Charity #49 Flip-it 2006 Christmas Club Flip-Its

2006 Christmas Club Flip-Its

This is a delightfully charming set of 12 small ornaments... all offered in individual charts... all finishing the same size... and all reminding us of the many Blessings of Christmas! Each design finishes a petite 2 x 2, and is shown 'framed' in a 'mat' of Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed wool.

F92 Plant a Tree Flip-it from Lizzie Kate - click to see more F95 Keep Our Air Clean Green Flip from Lizzie*Kate - click for more F97 Save Water Green Flip from Lizzie*Kate - click for more
Green Flip-its!
F94 Be Kind to Animals Flip-it from Lizzie Kate - click to see moreAll 6 small Flip-It designs are now here, in Lizzie Kate's set that reminds us to GO GREEN! Be Kind to animals, Ride a bike, and Plant a tree... all fun things to do... each small part can be stitched individually, or set into the FREEBIE border design (available on Lizzie Kate's website to print for free), that says, 'Be well, Live Peaceably with the Earth.'

Each individual card is embellished with a cute soft yellow miniature flower button... and the border features 4 more matching buttons. So... we have the Flip-It cards, along with the border embellishments, and even extra little flower buttons, if you need them!

Lizzie Kate's S122 Celebrate Santa 2015 Snippet
Celebrate Santa 2015 Snippet
Lizzie Kate's annual Santa Snippet, he has a packet of embellishments, and looks like a little kid opening packages on Christmas morning!

Lizzie Kate's Be Silly - click for more
Be Silly
Lizzie Kate's newest things have arrived!!! Flora McSample has created a tiny sampler of advice... stitched on 32ct, it finishes just 4-1/2. Be Silly * Be Honest * Be Kind!

Offered as a small Snippet card with bitty heart charm, this is only one of Lizzie Kate's charming new releases!

Lizzie Kate's S115 Jolly Round & Kind Santa Snippet - click for more
Jolly Round and Kind Santa
The annual Santa Snippet -- he companions a Snowman Snippet from a few years back. There is a new JABCO gingerbread man button featured this year as well.

Tall and thin -- but he's round and jolly all the same!

Merry Little Stockings -- A Quick-It Design from Lizzie Kate - click for a larger view
Merry Little Stockings -- A Quick-It Design
Lizzie Kate has a small design that you can use to stitch small stockings or ornaments. Merry & Bright can be switched out with a name... or the other way around on these Quick-It designs.

The fabric stockings on the models (available below) are pre-made by Adam Originals, and feature a 30ct white linen stitching panel in them. Cute, cute, the stockings measure approx 4 x 6 overall.

Daylight U33050 Compact Lamp The Compact Lamp, Model #U33050,
Here are past favorites from Daylight Company - a discontinued model that we always sold tons of! Natural Daylight, the top flips up to direct the light right down onto your working area.

Great for travel... they used to be $60... Now the few we have left are on sale for $45.

Silk Packs for Just Nan's Out of Print Charts.... Quantities very limited.

A Gift From Heaven from With My Needle - click to see more
A Gift From Heaven
With My Needle's Ellen Chester has new twin grand-daughters -- Norah and Kathryn -- so of course here is matching pair of birth samplers!!!!! A central panel of grazing sheep surrounded by the pretty borders of urns and vines... the samplers look the same, but in studying them, you'll find they go together, but are different - just like the girls!

You don't need a twin to enjoy these, however! Both samplers are in the same chart pack --- they finish approx 5 x 8 on 36ct and they are charted for Needlepoint Inc Silk or DMC floss.

Sentiments 1 and 2 from With My Needle - click to see more
Sentiments 1 and 2
This set of designs is rumored to be the first in a series of small sentiment designs. Measuring just 73 x 73 in size, if you choose 36ct, they will be 4 x 4. Smaller fabric -- smaller pics - and they would be STUNNING pin cushions then!

Simple designs and thoughts, each is coded for silk or DMC. A basket of these little guys all stitchee into little cushons seems promising!!!

Blue House Primer w paddle from With My Needle -- click to see more With My Needle's Newest Releases!
Wow... a trio of fun stuff!!! Mrs Waddelow's Needlework Basket is a companion piece to her Huswife piece... pretty Brick Week's Dye Works color on Amber Linen... you'll notice a button bag in there and a scissor case, along with a ruler and thread winders! Offered as the chart.

Next, is Blue House Primer -- the little wooden hornbook paddle. Stitched on both sides, one holds needles. Cute, the chart comes with the wooden paddle piece

Faby Reilly Designs Sonny The Snowman Pendant - click to see more Sonny The Snowman Pendant
Isn't his little guy CUTE????? He is a THREE-SIDED pendant stitched on 32ct Antique White Belfast Linen with regular DMC flosses. Each of the three sides is an individual design -- Sonny, his mittens, and that charming top hat and bird perched atop. Each side measures approx 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. So if you construct this into the pendant, it'll make a generously sized tree ornament.

So cute and different, you can trim up the edges a little and make a neat beaded hanger if you like. Offered as a chart.

Island Cottage Telling The Bees - click for more
Telling The Bees
Another cute Penny Rug design... but this one features a pretty scary looking bee! Maybe you could leave him off and stitch some smaller ones there???
Offered as a chart.

Island Cottage All Hearts Come Home Hanging Heart - click for more Hanging Hearts
This is a darling set of hanging heart-shapes... all are offered as charts, all measure 61 x 69 stitches, all stitched on Weeks 35ct hand-dyed linen to finish into 4 x 5 hanging hearts. Lovely linens and threads, the designs are simple and really charming! Where My Heart Is features a house and gigantic flower vines in the garden. Spring Heart Hop has a leaping hare amidst more gigantic blooms. Both of these designs are embellished with some of Kelmscott's small mother-of-pearl shell buttons (but could be something pretty and antique-y from your stash, as well.)

716 Peace and Joy Angel by Heart to Hand -- click to see a larger view!
716 Peace and Joy Angel

I just love this series of designs! Punched area is approx 4-1/2 x 5-1/2, and includes lines to transfer onto the finished piece to embroider the words, add the penny rug flaps of wool, and the stars! Coded for DMC, Anchor, Weeks or Gentle Art... threads aren't a problem, and this would make an awesome pillow!

714 Pumpkin Harvest by Heart to Hand -- click to see a larger view!
714 Pumpkin Harvest
Finishes approx 4 x 4

Wise from Sampler Cove -- click to see more
107 x 210 -- Approx 7 x 13 on 32ct, this is worked in two shades of 4 different colors... so again... pick some pretty hand-dyed that accent each other and fit the color of your room.

Little bits of Rhodes and Queen stitches, lots of Double Running... the model is personally too bright for my taste, but the actual design and flow of the stitches is lovely!

Moonlight Midnight from Blue Ribbon Designs - click for more
Moonlight Midnight
Blue Ribbon Designs offers a busy Halloween Medley piece -- full of fun things for the season. You can always do any of these individually, but together they have lots of impact. I like those ghosts on the broom sticks! Entire piece finishes approx 9 x 13 on 28ct.

The smalls feature the metal finishing forms that we sell -- perfect disks of metal to keep a perfect shape. I think that house would make a really cute candy bucket, too! Lots of possibilities with this one!

Proud and True from Blue Ribbon Designs -- click to see more Proud and True
Blue Ribbon introduces a neat Americana-flavored piece... a traditional alphabet, luscious shades of Crescent's Belle Soie Silks, stitched on 40ct, this finishes a mere 7 x 8! I like the lacy trees, and the waving flags! 'With my needle and threads of red white and blue, I stitched this sampler so proud and true.'

Just fun, and actually quite a 'quick stitch' because all the letters go so fast, and the Collard Green leaves are all one color of silk!

Six Bats and a Witches Hat from Blue Ribbon Designs -- click to see lots more Six Bats and a Witches Hat
Here's another of blue Ribbon's charming checkerboard designs... only this time it has a Halloween theme!!! SO CUTE... you'll keep looking at this and you'll find something different each time! It took me forever to find all 6 bats... and there are 2 witches hats!! Stitched on 32ct, this finishes approx 9 x 9 and is stitched in Weeks overdyeds of Carrot, Curry, Havana, Hazelnut, Lilac, Mascara, Pelican Gray, Scuppernong, Snowflake and Sweet Potato.

Containing TONS of delightful teeny motifs, it features some Leviathan stitches, and would LOVE you if you added more special stitches and a few clay embellishments. We haven't come close to doing it justice with our images. The design is strong enough for lots of creativity... if you're so inclined! You could do miniature ornaments... teeny individual blocks as scissor fobs... and since each one is only 16 stitches... they'd be 1/2 AN INCH! Make sure to see Belinda's Patriotic and Valentine's Checkerboards... They are awesome, and you can have lots of fun with them!

Spread Your Wings from Blue Ribbon Designs -- click for a larger view
Spread Your Wings
finishes 4-1/2 x 23 on 28ct

Great & Powerful Oz Chart from Brooke's Books -- click to see more Glinda The Good Chart from Brooke's Books -- click to see more Flying Monkey Chart from Brooke's Books -- click to see more

The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz!
from Brooke's Books
Brooke Nolan has released a set of 8 characters from The Wizard of Oz. Offered in chart format, each is coded for DMC floss and some feature metallics for an extra punch of color. Stitch counts for all are 52 wide... and heights range from 58 stitches (the Flying Monkey) to 104 (The Wicked Witch of the West.)

Cute as can be... even though you are seeing digital images and not the actual stitched pieces... they'll finish approx 4 x 4 to 4 x 7 in size -- on the large side for ornaments, but if you do them on paper, they'd be awfully neat. Anyway... colorful, familiar, and fun!

Autumn Sunshine Line GIRL from Brooke's Books -- click to see more Autumn Sunshine Lines
One of Brooke's Books newest baby announcement designs, these are always unique, and because of all the individual stitched pieces that are involved... you can stitch some or all, depending on your time! Offered as charts, the packages include 14ct brown perforated paper, charts for each piece, along with the alphabet for personalization, glass seed beads, DARLING miniature wooden clothes pins that are only an inch in size and Velcro dots to help attach your pieces to any background fabric you choose.

Using DMC flosses from your stash, each tiny piece is stitched on the paper, cut out, hung on your floss-line -- with the tiny clothespins, and then attached to the background. Your overall finished size can vary a bit, depending on how you arrange your clothesline -- especially if you have a specific frame you already have, and want to use.

So cute, these have an Autumn flavor to them... which is good... because this year's Autumn Babies won't be here for 5 or 6 months... and you'll have time to stitch! (Winter Sunshine Lines Babies will be here sometime in June, with Spring and Summer following this Fall.) Check out the tiny squirrel and the puppy in the boot for the boy... and the paper doll on the girl's... it features detached legs that swing!

Simple Egg
The companion to "Three Pale Eggs", this is supposedly a simpler egg... only it doesn't look like any 'plain-jane' egg to me! Stitched on 32ct creme belfast linen... in "Easter-y" shades of silk... you're going to have to have it!!!

A Simple Egg from Shepherd's Bush -- click here to see a larger view!

Glad Heart from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see a larger view Glad Heart
Shepherd's Bush's newest heart design has arrived! (Actually, we have 3 new designs in ,so make sure you scroll down to see them!) Glad Heart is a 4 x 5 floral ring of posies that surround the trademark SB sheep, along with his field of flowers. Be of Glad Heart is the featured verse.

Offered as a complete kit, Glad Heart is stitched on 32ct hand-dyed House Blend Linen, and features Au Ver a Soie silks, and Gloriana and Thread Gatherer handyeds silks of plums, sandstones, roses and tarnished gold! Embellishments include a tiny brass bee, a key, and mother-of-pearl sequin button. Very 'antique-y' in feel to me!

Quaker Heart from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see a larger view Quaker Heart
A new kit from Shepherd's Bush arrived TODAY! 'My heart runneth over' is tucked between delicate Quaker motifs, a bird and elegant urn of flowers. Offered as a complete kit, the included 32ct Irish Cream hand-dyed linen is a soft color, and the 5 x 5-ish heart is stitched in rich and vibrant raspberries, mosses, and ivory silks. Belle Soie, Silk 'n Colors, Gloriana and Au Ver a Soie... they are just lovely!

The heart features a few special stitches -- some Satins, Rice, and Scotch variations -- so the motifs have quite a bit of texture. Just charming, the mats are on their way!

She Tends -- click to see more She Tends
Shepherd's Bush has released a charming pastoral quartet of shepherdess designs... all presented together in one leaflet. 'She Tends, Garden Fair, His Flock, Tender Care.' Each tiny 2-3/4 inch block features part of the verse... each is stitched in overdyeds and includes all the same pretty flowers, tiny sheep and graceful hills.

Such pretty pinks, lavenders, moss greens and sunny buttermilks, you're treated to a lovely scene of the shepherd and shepherdess tending their flocks! Each block also features one of Tina and Terry's sterling charms -- a standing lamb, a leaping lamb, and the shepherd and garden girl. Stitch them individually, and then tuck each into the Jill Rensel hand cut and painted mat... it doesn't get any better than this! Offered as the leaflet, fabric (30ct hand-dyed) is offered separately, as well as the charms and overdyeds.

Jill Rensel Mats for Shepherd's bush designs - click for a larger view
Jill Rensel Mats
As you'll notice on so many of Shepherd's Bush's kit and leaflet covers... they love to frame their pieces with lovely, delicate hand painted and sometimes hand-carved mats. Over the years, SB has developed a great relationship with their favorite Utah framer and friend, Jill Rensel. Such a talented lady, Jill creates mats for just about everything SB designs. We carry every one we can! We don't always stock them all, all the time... but chances are... we have what you see on the leaflet or kit front.

All on special acid-free papers, Jill usually has 3 or 4 mats on each confection, hand-painting, or carving, and lots of pretty curves and angles on specific pieces. Always colored to complement SB's pieces... these are a really nice convenience to offer you, so that YOUR piece looks as charming as Tina and Terry's original stitched pieces!

There might not be a drop-down underneath a particular SB pattern... but it doesn't mean we don't have the mat! Just ask if one is available for the piece you're interested in. When your stitching is finished, you can either frame it yourself, or take your mat to your favorite framer for them to stretch and frame for you. For some of the smaller seasonal designs... you may want to skip the wood moulding all together for economy sake... these mats are gorgeous with or without the wood frames around them!
Here is a list of half-price mats. Call for specific availibility.
  • Bee Blessings $69.00 - $34.50
  • Deck the Halls $43.00 - $21.50
  • Tending the Blooms $29.00 - $14.50

Walk Away Wise from The Sunflower Seed -- click to see more Walk Away Wise
Well, I can just hear John Wayne -- complete with cowboy garb and gun holster, the mature, mentoring voice, horses grazing for a moment, mountains in the background -- giving the young whipper-snapper life's advice... Shake the dust off your shoes, and walk away wise.

This exquisite 6-1/2 x 10 piece is stitched in DMC linen threads!

The Witching Hour from Cherished Stitches - click to see more The Witching Hour
This is a cute little piece! Pick a mangy, icky fabric -- or distress some you already have with coffee -- or something really scary that's living in your refrigerator! Grab your Molasses, bark, Pea Coat, Terra Cotta and Mustard Seed hand-dyed flosses and stitch this fun little 3-1/2 x 5-1/2 thing.

A funky little pumpkin and some bats, it's just an odd thing, and would be pretty finished into a squishy pin cushion for that ever-growing basket of your cushion-smalls. I think I especially like the black filigree corners -- they remind me of spider webs. Offered as a chart.

On Duty from Country Threads -- click to se lots more On Duty
He's watching the pumpkins... crows circling overhead... the early Autumn sky promising a star-filled evening sky... all is well in the field! This piece is really an eye-catcher! Offered as one of Country Threads newest Punch Needle Patterns, it finishes approx 5 x 6, and is punched with a 3-strand needle.
Done in DMC flosses, this is one that our Antiquing Finish Spray would be good with -- to add just a subtle undertone of 'dirt' and 'age!' Such great colors, that Harvest Moon behind him is just the best!
Offered as the design stamped onto weavers cloth, with at least 4 extra inches all around for your frame, if you use one, ... you add those flosses.

Yankee Pride from Country Threads -- click for more New Punchneedle Designs from Country Threads
A crisp, fresh, exciting set of Punch Needle designs... I love these because they look primitive, but contemporary at the same time! Great angles, great design prospectives... Vertical design but you're teased into wanting to turn them the 'right direction!' Offered with the design stamped onto the weaver's cloth... take a peek at these!

Stitching By The Sea from Blackberry Lane - click to see more
Stitching By The Sea
Oh, this is charming! It's Blackberry Lane... but it won't kill you to stitch this set... like some of her other designs... it's finishable!!!!! The sand castle piece measures 53 x 54 stitches, the Clownfish is 41 x 46 and the lighthouse measures 41 x 46. Choose any fabric you like to get the finished size you want.

Charted for Week's overdyed flosses (18 of them) there are just a few (6) DMC colors in here. Still lots of design detail in here... VERY pretty! Offered as the set of three charts.

Sir Scissors Hollow from Blackberry Lane Sir Scissors Hollow from Blackberry Lane Designs
(I am at the Houston show this week, and have not SEEN our new charts!!! Here is what Marie told me about them before I left and she had them in the mail. I promise to do more descriptions when I get back!)

Sir Scissors Hollow -- He's an addition to Marie's Fright Night series which includes Baron Von Bat and Rest Ye Pins. So darn cute, it is pictured with a 4-inch sized embroidery scissor.

Whoooo's There? from Blackberry Lane - click to see more Whoooo's There?
from Blackberry Lane Designs
Here is a cute hoot-owl scissor fob design that is worked on Onyx and Pumpkin Weeks Linen with Chestnut, Sally Sunshine, Marigold, Pumpkin and Mascara Weeks hand-dyed flosses. Finishing only 2-1/2 inches square, the designs themselves are fairly easy to stitch... it's that dark linen that is the challenge. (Maybe change the black to a color, and stitch the black background??)

Anyway, Marie has chosen Weeks wools to finish these into her small cushions -- they are charming! Linen and wools are offered separately.

He He He My Pretty from Blackberry Lane - click to see more
He He He My Pretty
from Blackberry Lane Designs
This is the coolest little scissor fob! Two sides of needlework, you can see the witch flying against the moonlit sky on one side, and a simpler witch hat on the other side. The model is stitched over any 32ct linen you have in your stash -- color doesn't matter, as the whole thing is covered on the front. Marie gives instructions for the beaded scallops she has sewn all around as edging -- that really adds some sparkle.

Just a *piece with attitude!* , you'll need 18 colors of DMC floss from your stash, as well, to make this darling 2 x 2-ish piece! Offered as a chart, with brass pumpkin and ghost charms included.

Samplers Remembered Pin Cushion - click for more Samplers Remembered Pin Cushion
What an awesome finishing treatment for some simple stitching! By Samplers Remembered, stitch the simple PINS design in any colors you want, on any little bit of linen you have. After assembling the cushion (walnut shell filling, even a Crazy Quilt backing treatment) you get the instructions for adding, via crochet, 125 of Kelmscott's Mini Rounds buttons to purchased cotton trim.

I need a lesson in the crochet area, but the chart does include written info, and advises that the internet has lots of crochet demos available. Either way, I love that edge treatment... we have to get some shop models done like this!

Fall, in Pieces from Funk & Weber -- click to see more Fall, in Pieces
This is a really cool design... a medley of leaves, stitched within a leaf shape... stitched to look like a puzzle... or NOT! This stunning piece is stitched in 33 different overdyed shades of Sampler Threads, along with DMC's 996 Electric Blue for that crisp blue sky background. 51 skeins of thread needed, your Fall Leaf Puzzle finishes approx 12 x 13 on 28ct.

The pattern can be stitched like the cover shows -- a puzzle, with the scattered pieces, just BEGGING to be put into place -- OR you can FIND the missing pieces and stitch them in! Keep the black backstitched puzzle piece lines on there, or leave them off! What a fun piece bursting with Fall color, what a cool presentation! Offered as a chart, F & W has a few other intriguing designs, too!

Puzzle Pisces from Funk & Weber -- click to see more Puzzle Pisces
Here's another really interesting piece to stitch... a super-colorful medley of tropical fish... all swimming this way and that! Stitched on an antique white, in your choice of count, 28 will finish approx 12 x 16. 32 solid shades of DMC flosses, the background is stitched, so this piece is SOLID!

You can leave out the puzzle pieces like the pic on the cover, or like the Fall in Pieces, you can find the pieces, place them in the stitching. Then, either stitch the black lines to make the little pieces, or leave them out! Offered as a chart, very unique!

Garden House from Chessie & Me - click for more Garden House from Chessie & Me
This companions Linda's Garden House Stitch Book - same pretty colors, motifs, etc. This time, you can make a fob and a cushion, but she shows it wrapped around a scissor block! (blocks are all different sizes, you might lose a tree or two on the sides! The one pictures has 9 holes.) Stitched with Weeks flosses on 32ct Weeks Beige Linen the wool featured in the finishing is Week's Cinnabar Houndstooth pattern.

Any of the 4 wool finishes - herringbone, houndstooth, glen plaid or solid will look good on the finished pieces - you don't see enough of the pattern to matter... and if you aren't a pink gal... go green! (we can help choose wools for you.) Anyway, main sampler finishes approx 2-1/2 x 7 (a long skinny cushion size), the initial square measures 2 x 2-1/2 and the fib is under 2 inches in size! A charming set, with a neat finishing idea!

Strawberry Alphabet Sampler from Chessie & Me - click for more
Strawberry Alphabet Sampler from Chessie & Me
Three different alphabet fonts and those darling Chessie Cats over one, this fits in the same tray as Linda's previous designs Floral Sampler and Friendship Garden. Choose Weeks 32ct Confederate Gray linen, this is worked with Weeks and Gentle Art hand-dyed flosses. Four-sided stitches, Smyrnas and Eyelets, Linda has some of those over 4 threads rather than two.

The little wiener fob needs a Schnigglet cut of Wool -- Mountain Mist is featured on the model, but you can choose any wool color that matches some of the flosses used. Chart is separate from the tray.

After the Rain from Filigram - click to see more After the Rain
... The Sun shine! By Filigram, this is a light-hearted piece that is worked in regular Cross Stitch with Gentle Art Sampler Threads. Choose any fabric you want... the sample was worked on Natural linen. Stitch count is 261 x 44, so it'll be approx 3 x 18-1/2 on 14/28ct.

The alphabet starts out at the left with the cloudy sky and the little wet snail... passes through the rainbow... and at the other end... sunshine and a buzzzzzy bee! Pretty colors, a fresh, cheerful design style, offered as a chart.

Seaside Roundabout from Erica Michaels -- click for more Seaside Roundabout from Erica Michaels
Wow... this imaginative piece is a show-stopper!!! Offered as a punch needle project, this charming piece could be a tiny rug that's framed for your lake house, a sun porch, or any place you want a reminder of the sea! Offered as the pattern presented as a re-useable iron-on transfer, Seaside is punched in a variety of DMC flosses, an overdyed and metallics, features a few clay button embellishments, and finishes a robust 7 inches in diameter. Like looking through a ship's portal window, the colors in this are just wonderful, the design is so unique, the shapes to flowing... can you tell that I just love it??

As a BONUS... EM has included a smaller transfer and complete instructions to stitch this in tiny French and Colonial knots! You'll remember the Teresa Layman miniatures??? This is a seaside version that is knotted on a piece of cotton fabric -- which has a slight mottling to the pattern. A summer companion to EM's Autumn Roundabout and Spring Roundabout... this is a definite!!!

Stitch-N-Tack Fob and Bead Bug from Fern Ridge - click to see more Stitch-N-Tack Fob and Bead Bug from Fern Ridge
Here's a cute set that has a western/horse flavor! All browns and blacks with bronze Cowboy Boot and Feather charm embellishments, you can see all the fun things hanging from the fob fringe.

The matching humbug is just like the ghost one above and Bee Skeptical... described farther down this page. The bead colors in these kits are lovely -- metallic bronze in color -- with lots of black accent. Complete kits contain the thread, beads, findings and cute charms!

Adam and Eve Etui from Giulia Punti Antichi - click to see more Adam and Eve Etui
This is cool! It is a stitched tri-fold etui case featuring 3 design panels on the outside, and 5 more on the inside! A space for scissors, needles and threads, it finishes about 4 x 4 when closed.

The COOLEST little accessories from In the Company of Friends come with it! You get a paper thread board, pin keep, some book plate stickers... all with the printed artwork from an antique Adam & Eve sampler on them. Presented as Guilia's chart with assembly instructions and all the little paper accessories!

Deruta Scissor Pouch - click for more Deruta Scissor Pouch
The designs offered in this pack match biscornu charts farther along on our Giulia pages. Very traditional Deruta majolica patterns featured on Italian pottery, you are offered both colorways (click the image to see them both) in the charts... and one bead set to finish your case.

Finishing approx 3 x 6, each case has three solid beads, and the decorated one to decorate your scissors. Simple cross stitches and finishing... the charm of these pieces is not lost on Deruta pottery lovers!

The Four Seasons Accessories by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more The Four Seasons Accessories
A Pin Wheel Needlebook, Home Scissor Fob and Spring Basket Pincushion, this is a trio of smalls to match your main seasonal sampler. A smaller selection of the same threads is used to make coordinating pieces - using some of the favorite stitches.

The threads used include the Merlot, Eggplant and Cinnamon Week's hand-dyed wools that line the needlebook, the Gloriana chenille thread that trims the fob, more beads and charms to embellish, along with all the stitching silks. Pretty pieces even without the main sampler!

Isle of Hope Sampler -- Ellis Island by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more Isle of Hope Sampler - Ellis Island
Steamship tickets in 1892 leading to a new life in the Land of Liberty! This is a 2-3/8 x 19-5/8 piece (on 35ct) that is loaded with design elements that celebrate so many of our ancestors' entry into the US via Ellis Island. Once again, Jeannette has stuffed it full of fun specialty stitches that give her motifs so much extra charm. The quilt is worked in Bargello -- for lots of 'movement', the rug below the seamstress's tape measure is worked with pattern darning -- the same way they repaired socks and stockings back then. (That diagram takes up an entire page of the leaflet!!!)

Anyway, a bit of Ellis Island History included... you may want to include some immigration dates on here... and if you have any original paperwork, it always a cool thing to tuck it into an envelope and mount that to the back of your framed piece!

Apple Stitches by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more Apple Stitches
Ohhh... same awesome format as Pumpkin Stitches... this brings Jeannette's offerings in this series to 14!!! (If you check out the back cover of the leaflet, you can see all the rest in the set -- Silver Needle Stitches is the piece she taught for our shop a few years ago!) Anyway, Apple Stitches finishes 6 x 8 on 32ct, Lambswool and is stitched with glorious colors of browns, greens, and rich apple red hand-dyed silks. I'd call these late summer-early fall apple colors -- not the brights of early summer.

Again, just a few Cross Stitches, but lots of Satin, Scotch, Oblong, Italian Cross, and Holbein (Blackwork, or Double Running). I don't think you can see them in the pic, but there are tiny white apple blossoms in this that are garnished with a gold bead center. Pretty borders, pretty leaves, even that center apple -- just as it is -- would be neat on its own.

Halloween Quaker Pin Cushions by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more Halloween Quaker Pin Cushions by Jeannette Douglas
This is a charming piece -- no matter which fabric and thread combination you choose! A 9 x 10 medley of small Christmas motifs -- each one is stuffed FULL of special stitches and measures a mere 1 to 2 inches in overall size. Jeannette shares that 4 of the motifs in here were originally presented in various past issues of the Just Cross Stitch Annual Ornament Issues -- but she doesn't tell us which ones, so you'll have to go on a hunt to figure that out!!! She has chosen 32ct Antique White Belfast for one -- along with traditional reds, greens, white and corresponding metallics and beads.

For the other option, she has stitched it on 32ct Natural Linen with a DIFFERENT selection of (also!) traditional deeper reds, greens, golds and browns -- no metallics or glitzy beads. thread pack containS hand-dyed flosses, Gloriana's Lorikeet Wool, and other necessaries. Both samplers get to use all the fun Leaf, Leviathan, Sprat's Head, Mosaic, Smyrna, and a bit of Cross Stitch.

Gorgeous little motifs, you can use these for so many individual fobs or ornaments... stitch just a row of 3 or 5 of them... stitch four of the trees, or the four snowflakes together in a piece. LOTS of design options with this, lots of ways to use up scraps of misc fabrics in your stash. We have both models in the shop -- and both appeal to everyone. Your choice is going to be hard, so get one leaflet and both thread packs!

Friendship Sweet Bag by Jeannette Douglas -- click to see more Friendship Sweet Bag
What a fun set of smalls... Jeannette has designed a Sweet Bag of sorts -- much less stitching than the Elizabethan ones of old! A 'Gift Bag' for stitchers, this holds an emery needle cushion (1-3/8 x 2-7/8), bottle cap pin cushion (only 7/8 an inch in size!), and coin scissor fob (only 12 x 12 stitches!!!.) Offered as the leaflet with thread and embellishment packet, Jeannette has included a Canadian quarter in there... it's the stuffer inside the fob!

Sweet Bags used to be given as gifts... and usually there were gold coins inside! So... you're supposed to add your own country's currency to the fob, as well. The design uses #12 Perle Cottons, Rainbow Gallery and Needlepoint Inc silks of dusty blues, mauves, and mossy greens, organza ribbon to tie your bag, felt for the bottle cap cushion, a sterling acorn charm. You'll need to scrounge your kitchen for a plastic bottle cap... and we DO sell white emery to fill the Needle Cushion. In reading, I believe the entire little bag is approx 4 x 6 inches in size!

MOP Raven Thread Winder Trio from Kelmscott - click for more More Thread Winders
How cute are these? A pair of mini-sheep made from Mother of Pearl. Each Ewe is a mere 1-1/2 high and 2-1/4 inches long... and features a hold in its nose, in case you want to tether him to something else!

Dress them up with bits of pretty thread! Offered as a set of two.

Magnetic Needle Minders
A very classy way to keep track of stray needles, these elegant, Victorian Cameos feature a pair of magnets on their back, to cling to fabrics, or rest on the table... just wherever you'd like. The magnets will attract your needles, so you won't lose them.

Each Cameo is made from a resin material, but they look just like porcelain! 1-1/8 x 1-1/2 inch ovals, we have 7 designs available, and each is just as lovely as the other. Soft colors, beautiful relief, these are very well done, and what a great price, too!

3 Legged Chair Needle Needle Minder from Kelmscott Designs - click to see more Uncle Sam Needle Needle Minder from Kelmscott Designs - click to see more Spirit Of Hope Minder from Kelmscott Designs - click to see more

Cameo Angel Needle Minders from Kelmscott -- click to see more
Cameo Angel Magnets
Kelmscott has released an awesome set of oval cameo magnets -- needle minders that can double as regular magnets!!! Lovely letters decorated with elegant angels and cherubs, each one is different in design, but similar because they are all a soft cream color on a matte black finish.

Measuring approx 1-1/2 inches, these tiny resin ovals feature a magnet attached to the back, along with yet another magnet. Designed to 'cling' to your fabric, and mind your needle, they'd be pretty as a regular, lowly refrigerator magnet!!! Everyone you know has a *name* that begins with a *letter!* Start with YOU and then your best friend... and go from there!!! Lovely!.

Christmas Threads from Primitive Jewel - click to see more Christmas Threads
from The Primitive Jewel
By Primitive Jewel, here is a stitched thread palette just like her Halloween Threads piece! A cute idea, this is a board, covered on both sides with your stitching, and trimmed with a set of mother of pearl thread rings.

This would be REALLY FUN as a tree ornament! Hang your scissors near-by trimmed with a pretty stitched fob! Who says ornaments have to be glass baubles? Offered as a chart, rings offered separately.

Counting Stitches from Primitive Jewel - click to see more Counting Stitches
from The Primitive Jewel

Hey, this is a cool design!!! It is for stitched *rulers* if you will -- gauges to determine the count of your linens! (Yeah, yeah, you can just count with a needle, and we have plastic stitch gauges that we sell a ton of, but these are delightful little what-nots.) Each is stitched on its appropriate count of linen, so when you hold up a mystery scrap from your stash, you have a gauge to determine stitch count.

Just charming, these are finished with just fusible interfacing and backing fabric. (You don't want fancy edging on there -- because you need that graduated edge to line up smoothly with your mystery fabric.) Something fun for a needlework display, and another cool thing to add inside a special stitched needlework case! Even... fun gifts for your stitching friends! Offered as the chart of three measures.

Flutter By from Meme's Cottage Collection -- click for a larger view
Flutter By
from Meme's Cottage Collection
finishes approx 3 x 3-3/4
Jolly Roger from Meme's Cottage Collection -- click for a larger view
Jolly Roger
from Meme's Cottage Collection
finishes approx 4-1/4 x 4-3/4


Old Hobson Meadow by The Purple Thread - click to see more Old Hobson Meadow by The Purple Thread
This is a drum-shaped pin cushion -- we don't see too many of these. Stitched on 36ct hand-dyed linen with gorgeous shades of Brandy, Mulberry, Pumpkin Pie, and Walnut Sampler Threads and Best Olives Needlepoint silk, this little thing finishes into a 2-ish x 4-1/2-ish cylinder. It has three panels of design -- kind of a Pennsylvania Dutch and quilt flavor. The very bottom has a golden wool star on it, too.

Pretty colors, just a charming addition to all your small cushions! Offered as a kit of linen, felts, threads, ribbon, Skirtex stiffy and beads.

Samplers Remembered Pin Cushion - click for more Samplers Remembered Pin Cushion from Samplers Remembered
What an awesome finishing treatment for some simple stitching! By Samplers Remembered, stitch the simple PINS design in any colors you want, on any little bit of linen you have. After assembling the cushion (walnut shell filling, even a Crazy Quilt backing treatment) you get the instructions for adding, via crochet, 125 of Kelmscott's Mini Rounds buttons to purchased cotton trim.

I need a lesson in the crochet area, but the chart does include written info, and advises that the internet has lots of crochet demos available. Either way, I love that edge treatment... we have to get some shop models done like this!

A Beeh C by Sara Guermani - click for more A Beeh C by Sara Guermani
This is a charming chalet scene teaming with cute little sheep. They're hopping everywhere, having the best time!

Measuring 207 x 176 -- they are stitched on a medium pink-red linen -- we suggest Weeks Dye Works Red Pear (30 or 32ct) hand-dyed. It's a perfect choice for this! 22 DMC's called for, even just the chalet with a few sheep would be darling!

TAG by Sara Guermani - click for more
TAG by Sara Guermani
Not a very exciting name for this set of designs -- BUT they ARE cool! This is a set of charts that says 'I love Stitching, Crocheting, Quilting, and/or Knitting. One chart for each thing. Measuring approx 70 x 140 in size -- 4 x 9-ish on 32ct... they are coded for DMC floss. Each has the wording, a lady doing her craft, and then a window scene.

I am not sure what the window scene has to do with what you are doing (other than the fact that you are taking a break and looking out the window!) but those scenes are charming... and you can interchange them, leave them totally off, or stitch THOSE and forget the other half! Kind of odd... and a bit on the pricey side...but hey, you'll figure out something!

Christmas Avenue's Toy Shop by Sara Guermani - click for more
Christmas Avenue's Toy Shop by Sara Guermani
Quite a festive toy shop awaits Christmas Shoppers, only they better shovel so you can reach the front door!!! Designed by Sara Guermani, this is stitched on 32ct Natural Belfast linen that has white polka dots printed on it. (looks like the falling snow.) The building is festive and the gigantic tree is even better!

Finishing approx 11 inches square, the chart is coded for 22 colors of DMC floss, and includes a pair of wooden buttons -- 5/8 inch candy cane and gingerbread man, who are featured up in the second story windows. Try adding some opalescent filament to the white snow, or maybe some red in the tree ornaments??

Christmas Windows 4 by Sara Guermani - click for more Christmas Windows by Sara Guermani
A pair of similar designs, these are stitched on 32ct Natural Polka Dot Linen with DMC flosses. Each measures 8 x 10, and features a wooden 2-1/2 inch cut-out angel button in the design.

The trees in these are the focal point, to me... the wooden angels are darling... but you could use those on something else, and these pictures wouldn't miss them. So DOUBLE USE out of these charts!

Preparativi by Sara Guermani - click for more
Preparativi by Sara Guermani
Another fun Christmas design stitched on the polka dot Belfast 32ct linen, This one features a neat Christmas tree during it's decorating process. Coded for DMC floss, this finishes approx 10 x 12 -- quite large. You can see stars in the background and small motifs along the bottom in the pic.

Those are buttons that are NOT included in the chart. I don't know anything about them... except to say that you could use that as design inspiration to add some of your own. I don't think you'd miss them if they weren't there. I don't know why this chart is so expensive either... probably was supposed to come with those darn buttons... so I'm cutting the price from $34 to $18!

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