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Clean Dishes from Dames of the Needle - click for more
Clean Dishes
This would make a fun Halloween decoration for the kitchen... although it really isn't technically a Halloween design. *Scary Cat, Salem Witches, need a spell to clean my dishes!*

Pick a mangy fabric, and choose any black hand-dyed thread you have... this measures 72 x 198 in size - so 4-1/7 x 7 on 32ct. It'd be a fun little stand-up cube just sitting there on the counter! Presented as a chart.

Tulip Heart Vase from Dames of the Needle - click for more Witchy Moon from Dames of the Needle - click for more To The Moon from Dames of the Needle - click for more To The Moon, Witchy Moon & Tulip Heart Vase
Dames of the Needle has a trio of new charts...
  • To the Moon and Witchy Moon -- this duo companions some of her other designs. Super striking, they are worked on Weeks Dye Works Carrot Linen (yes, both are... photographs on the chart covers don't show that too well!) with only Week's Onyx hand-dyed cotton floss. Finishing 5 x 7 and 7 x 7, choose ANY fabric you want -- the wilder the better -- and definitely a hand-dyed black thread of some sort, to get an eerie finish. You could even accent these with black beads for those individual stitches, or toss in some black metallics here and there! Or... stitch the moon in something gold!
  • Tulip Heart Vase -- Lots of bold, deep color in this one, it finishes 5-1/2 x 7 on Weeks 35ct Parchment linen. The fabric is actually fairly light, and I think we're used to seeing softer colors in a vase of flowers, so this looks intense. I think finish it with black edging -- pillow or framing -- I think it's super eye-catching!
Halloween March from Dames of the Needle - click for more

Halloween Drums
Elizabeth Ann Talledo has two new charts that feature designs finished into drum-shaped pin cushions. Stitched on 28 or 30ct, they finish approx 3 inches high and about 3-1/2 inches in diameter.

Stitched area is a long strip - 40 x 180 - so you are just rolling your needlework and making one seam. Finishing instructions are included... all you need is some pretty wool for the top and bottom pieces, and maybe some cool pins to poke into the top!

Halloween March - This takes 3 skeins of Weeks Gunmetal floss to complete, and it is worked on 30ct Guacamole by Weeks.We have LOTS of Halloween-y pins to offer you -- even little black ghosts!

Flag & Flowers Tall Drum from Dames of the Needle Flag & Flowers Tall Drum
Dames of the Needle has several cute new designs -- Flag and Flowers is just one. A funky striped urn nestled among a tattered flag, all three designs are different, but definitely coordinate. Offered as two different charts, the larger 3 x 5-inch standing stuffed drum comes in one, the hornbook and bitty fob/cushion in the other.

Worked on Week's 35ct Straw Linen with Mascara, Whiskey, Otter Creek, Deep Forest, Endive, Raspberry Frost, Sea Spray, Uniform Blue, Weathered Barn, Cidermill Brown, Parchment and Country Redwood hand-dyeds, the colors are super dusty and pretty.

Stitching on the drum is really 12 x 5... but it rolls up into about 3 x 5... while the hornbook (can be worked on 35 or 36ct Straw) finishes 3 x 4-1/2 and the little fob/cushion is just 2 x 2. More descriptions about the Hornbook are shown below.

Flag and Flowers from Dames of the Needle - click for more Flag and Flowers
Oh, this is a delightful little design by Elizabeth Talledo. You get two parts -- one fits a 3-1/4 x 4-3/4 inch hornbook, the other is a matching scissor fob or ornament. Offered as a small chart, you'll need bits (around 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 -- just bits -- we're going to find you bits in our bolt of fabric, so both will be less than $5) of Week's 35ct Straw Linen and 12 shades of Sampler Threads for these, and a package of Elizabeth's hand-dyed black mini Pom-Pom trim.

I don't know if you can see it all in the picture, but you'll Nun-stitch the edging and add those little balls around the edges. A very pretty floral urn surrounded with a lovely, dusty-shaded American Flag. Very pretty!

White Pumpkins Sampler from Dames of the Needle - click for more White Pumpkins Sampler
After all the summer fruit has ripened and fallen from the vine, the white pumpkin starts to shine. It awaits it's glory in the cool days of Fall. This a really neat piece!

Unfortunately, the picture on the cover of the small chart won't show you the potential of this design. The funky little urn with its super-bold stripes and all the pumpkin vines trailing everywhere, the verse stitched over one, it finishes a petite 6 x 7 on Weeks Dye Works 36ct Cocoa Linen! I think that is another part of its charm -- it's little! Get out your Weeks and Sampler Threads of Angel Hair, Bullfrog, Caper, Carriage Black, Grasshopper, Pebble, Schneckley, Straw, Tin Roof, Wood Smoke, and Wrought Iron.

Starry Witch from Dames of the Needle - click for more Starry Witch
Oh YUMMY! Here's a companion to Elizabeth's Moon Light Witch from last year... a 5 x 8 study of Onyx hand-dyed floss against 30ct Carrot linen. The swirly sky, the witch with neat dress, cute little owl/bat and her haunted landscape, check out the Man-in-the-Moon!

Offered as a chart, you'll need 5 skeins of Week's Onyx floss to complete this! Think about adding some black metallic to the stars and swirls and maybe some furry wool to the cat???

Bird Pin Cushion Topper and Flower Pin Cushion Topper from Dames of the Needle - click for more Cute Minis
This is a cute set of smalls that all fit on miniature Nantucket Baskets we have! First choose your basket -- tall or small. Then choose your topper! Each small chart is worked on 35ct linen -- you'll need a 6 x 6 ish cut and comes with a bit of Elizabeth's hand-dyed rik-rak trim that you can see in the pics. She has a new line of hand-dyed trims *From the Cauldron!*

Anyway, Flower Pin includes a cut of Mild Chili 1/2 inch rik rak trim. Bird Pin Topper comes with a generous cut (my package has a full yard in it!) of Italian Custard. (Isn't that a luscious name?) The ABC HB Pin Cushion Topper and Basket Band Companion set are cute by themselves... but the HB in the name refers to a HORNBOOK design they match that was published in the January/February Issue if Just Cross Stitch Magazine. They each feature Watermelon Juice Rik Rak! Pretty darn cute... easy to stitch and finish on the precious miniature baskets... I'm sure you have threads already in your stash for these, too!

Jumping Cat from Dames of the Needle - click for more Jumping Cat
Oh, I love this little guy! He's such an antique-looking kitty jumping over an equally old & odd stack of pumpkins! I love the movement... I love the sloppy backstitches on the pumpkins -- you could just use them by themselves!

Offered as a chart, this is worked in Gentle Art hand-dyeds on Week's 35ct Straw Linen. Finishing approx 7 x 7 he's just a cute chart!

Maryland Hornbook from Dames of the Needle - click for more Maryland Hornbook
This is a neat design that fits onto the front and back of a miniature walnut wooden hornbook. Used as a learning tool in Colonial America, students learned daily lessons from the notes, stories and alphabets that were written on their hornbooks. (We even have a French Battledore that tells the story of a little boy and his dog, on our Dessins page!)

A charming way to display needlework, Dames of the Needle has designed a stately manor house stitched over one thread on 32ct, amidst trees of *really neat* long-stitches. Lots of sweet details on one side, flip over your 3 x 4-3/4 wooden paddle, to find small Lil Gems scissors and a few needles stored on the back.

Pretty Sampler Threads and Weeks overdyeds and a bit of Weeks Palomino for the backside, this is simply the cutest little project! We have the wooden hornbooks in three sizes... this uses the largest. Might be fun to get some of the smaller ones for other little projects, cute, quick and classy way to finish!

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