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Mani Di Donna Black Fantasy - click to see more Mani Di Donna The Simple Life - click to see more Mani Di Donna Nantucket Lights - click to see more
from Mani di Donna...
  • Black Fantasy - A thread ring holder, sewing roll cushion and a little box, all is stitched on one cut of 30ct Weeks Onyx linen - or a nice dark gunmetal alternative. DMC (3832, 3782 and 932) or silks, the stitching is soft and flowing. Simona includes lots of pictures inside the chart for your finishing aides. She's provided template measurements (in INCHES - not metrics, for us Americans) They show you how to anchor the rings in there (we carry those rings by the way!), and how to make the velvet roll, and wrap the diamond panel around it! A charming little set - not too big, just the right size! We have the chart along with Simona's two tulip waxers, the completed beaded scissor fob in the pic - trimmed with the clay tulip - and the pair of tulip pins you see poking from the cushion!
  • The Simple Life - The Farmhouse, barn and sheep in the yard... finishes approx 11 x 6 on Weeks 30ct Cocoa.
  • Nantucket Lights - I've never been to Nantucket, so i don't know if these three lighthouses exist or not... but they look good 'in stitching!' Just kind of for fun.... it finishes 12 x 5-1/2!

Precious Sewing Basket from Mani di Donna - click for more
Market Finds!
Mani di Donna's Newest Came Home From Market With Us. Really cute! Precious Sewing Basket - This is actually a little paper box - open on the top, but trimmed with ball fringe to look like a basket. Worked on Weeks 30ct Tin Roof, it features a tiny pin cushion resting inside and a miniature medallion that you stitch on the fob!

Chart format, we are also getting the Precious Pins, Waxer and Scissor Fob.

Halloween in the Air from Mani di Donna - click for more Halloween in the Air & Sounds of Freedom Pin Cushion Pillows
Well, we're mixing the seasons and holidays by showing these together, but that's OK. Both charts offer designs that are long and not very high, but they are finished differently from each other.

Think outside your 'pillow' and add the trim and fabric to the Halloween ones if you want - just like shown on the Stars and Stripes designs. These are cute, simple designs that can handle lots of cool metallic, hand-dyed or furry threads - even some beads - to dress them up and make them your own.

The large *Halloween* word measures only 110 x 23 - and most of that height is the ghost, while *Boo* is 25 x 72 - so they are bitty little pin-cushion things! The three patriotics are worked with Weeks hand-dyed flosses and all measure 30-ish by 100-ish. (On 25 over one, that's about 1 x 4 each!!!)

Ventotene from Mani di Donna - click for more
I love this little European-feeling little scene! I think it's supposed to be Venice... but Venice doesn't have lighthouses! But there's a cathedral... but there are hot-air-balloons... and that big ol' crashing wave!

So YOU decide where you want this to be! I think it's just charming! 32ct Morris Blue Weeks linen, and only 9 shades of Weeks hand-dyed flosses, it measures 90 x 53 in stitch count.

Like a Butterfly Music Sewing Set from Mani di Donna - click for more
Like a Butterfly Music Sewing Set from Mani di Donna
This is a charming stitched music box BOX by Simona! Your scissor case and fob match the tiny round box - which has a music box mechanism inside! Want to see it work? Lift off the tufted (Weeks Dye Works Houndstooth Wool) top, to find a stitched inside base - about an inch down. The rest of the box is holding a hidden music box... but the little crank is poking through a hole you left on the backside of the round!

So unique! We're getting all the pieces and parts she is offering - pins, music box movement, fob beads and case handle... $60.00. 30ct Weeks Linen, flosses, wool and ball trims are all offered separately.

Kitty Doodles by Amy Lee Weeks For Mill Hill! - click for more
Kitty Doodles by Amy Lee Weeks for Mill Hill
What a delightful collection of simple black-line doodles from Amy Lee Weeks! The people at Mill Hill have converted them to Cross Stitch on 18ct white Aida, and embellished with a few glass beads here and there. Design sizes finishing approx 5 x 7, each is stitched with 99% DMC black floss and accented with simple striking colors in the design borders.

SO DARN CUTE... they are presented as complete kits of the chart, fabric, beads and flosses. Frames are offered separately. These ARE done on aida -- don't get hung up on that -- if you have a swatch of something else white in your stash, use it. The designs are darling, and will WAY overshadow the fabric you stitch them on! I LOVE the one that says *Don't stress me out!*
From Left: Choose Happiness, You Had Me at Meow, Makes Your Heart Smile, Don't Stress Meowt, Do Less Be More.

The 2021 Collector's Halloween Just Cross Stitch Issue - click to see more The 2021 Just Cross Stitch Magazine Annual Halloween Issue is Here!
  • This year's Halloween Issue is darling... full of huge as well as teeny scary projects - all with a Halloween or autumnal theme. You get a ton of designs for only $9.99. It's always a fun treat to page through - especially in the 110 degree heat!
    We do sell out each season - we'll try to keep this in stick until late October, but then it's gone!

The Fuzzy Spider from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Sparkling Blue Pin Cushion from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more
The Fuzzy Spider, Halloween Octagon and Sparkling Blue Pin Cushion
The Sweetheart Tree has a trio of new releases that we think are worth mentioning!
  • The Fuzzy Spider is a 50 x 54 stitch count design (3 x 3 on 16/32ct) stitched with DMC floss and garnished with orange crystal paillettes. The spider can be stitched with Rainbow Gallery's Wisper or Fuzzy Stuff thread - that's what makes him fuzzy. Chart comes with the crystals, you supply everything else.
  • Sparkling Blue Pin Cushion - A pretty little 'mattress' finish, this is the same size as the Kitty Halloween Octagon design, but it looks so much larger! You're stitching the top - a different design on the bottom - and then all around the sides. The chart comes with pretty crystal blue pailette embellishments - you'll add a little DMC floss and some Mill Hill beads.

Blackwork Needlebook and Fob from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Sparker in Lavender from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Sparkler in Blue from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more
New Arrivals from Sandie
  • Blackwork Needlebook and Fob - This chart continues Sandie's set of Blackwork smalls... she already has a biscornu, needle roll, sampler, and heart ornament (all which are described on our Sweetheart Tree page.) Not technically 'Blackwork' which is usually a Double Running stitch and usually worked with a black color, it is a charming set none-the-less! The front of the needlebook is 76 x 76 in stitch count, and the little fob is only 43. Chart comes with black crystal paillette embellishments!
  • Sparklers in Lavender and Blue - Sandie's crystals now come in colors, so here are her trademark square designs adorned with sparkles of color. Presented as charts with the 12 paillette embellishments, choose a linen fabric you like... you'll also need your DMCs and 3 shades of Mill Hill Magnifica Beads for each. Although you can frame these, they really look nice finished into biscornu shapes. With their simple center designs, they give you room for a really pretty tufting button in that center.

Tiny Blackwork II Alphabet Sampler from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Tiny Blackwork I Welcome Sampler from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more
Tiny Blackwork Samplers - Welcome and Alphabet
The Sweetheart Tree has a pair of black and white pieces that are almost the same - basically reversed in direction. With stitch counts of 123 x 74... they finish 7-1/2 x 4-1/2 on 32ct. Choose any single hand-dyed color to stitch these... doesn't matter... but you get about a dozen black glass paillette embellishments, so keep those in mind when choosing colors.

The Alphabet sampler features lettering in the border, the Welcome one says Welcome Friends! Presented as charts with paillette embellishments.

Blackie & Punkin' from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Blackie & Punkin'
The Sweetheart Tree has a few new designs... her little black Itty Bitty Kitty is always the favorite, so here is Miss *IBK* out in the pumpkin patch and taking a break to fish a little!

Blackie & Punkin' measures 48 x 48 in stitch count and comes as a half-sized chart, Yellow star flowers and orange glass paillette embellishments are provided. There is an alternate border chart included with this chart - a checkerboard that adds 4 stitches in each direction.
They join several other kitty designs by Sweetheart Tree.

Summer Flowers Biscornu Pin Cushion from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Summer Flowers Biscornu Pin Cushion
Another of Sandie's charming smalls set, this one is stitched on a pale yellow or cream linen and has yellow and pastel pink roses on it. Embellishments for both are tiny pearls that come with their respective charts, and the biscornu also comes with two pale blue flower beads for the cushion centers.

Stitched on both sides... if you're short on stitching time... just do one side... they are pretty either way. Cushion finishes approx 3 x 3, fobs are a petite 1-1/2 in size. We have several shop models of Sandie's smalls like these -- they are VERY pretty!

Be As Happy As A Bird With a French Fry from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Be As Happy As A Bird With a French Fry
A small design -- this measures only 29 x 50 in size. It comes with 5 crystal paillette embellishments. Truthfully, quite expensive, (I personally think).

Sandie is phasing out of kitting her designs and going more towards charts with embellishments only. Prices seem not to reflect the absence of linen and threads... hopefully you have a few bits in your stash that you won't mind using for this!

Quaker Flowers Sampler from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Quaker Flowers Sampler
This pretty monochromatic piece measures 144 x 119. Choose any fabric you like... Sandie's featured thread to match the 7 included micro-button embellishments is Weeks Dye Works #1284 -- Cadet.

Again, rather than a kit format, this is being introduced as a chart with the 7 small buttons. Honestly, price is too high for this just to add to your stash. So... STITCH IT, and it'll feel better on your stitching budget!

Sunshine Yellow Pincushion from The Bee Cottage - click to see more Sunshine Yellow Pincushion
Here's a pretty little thing... I am partial to yellow, and this is stitched in three shades with 2 more greens and white to accent it. Only 31 x 31 stitches -- this is TINY!

The chart comes with a smattering of petite seed beads and a small sterling heart charm that features a tiny yellow citrine crystal in the center. Since this finishes only about 2-inches... it'd make a pretty scissor fob, as well as the cushion as pictured. Presented as the small chart with embellishments.

Graduation Sampler from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Blackwork Sampler from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more
  • Graduation Sampler -- A re-make of the old favorite -- a reminder to the Graduate that the tassel really IS worth the hassle!!! Pretty enough to hang in a professional office, this comes as a chart with sterling charm of the year to commemorate. Sandy suggests school colors in the personalization and lines around that area.
  • Blackwork Sampler -- The companion to Sandy's new needle roll and our biscornu and fob, I see the top half of this as a square pin cushion! Stitch it entirely in solid black thread -- or choose a pretty soft hand-dyed gray-black for a little depth. The Teenie Tweenie card comes with more of those delicious new crystal black paillette embellishments.

Beach Rules from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Beach Rules
The Sweetheart Tree has seven new releases -- this one is my favorite -- so I chose it to show off on *Just Arrived!!!* Wear sunscreen, go barefoot, count the waves (instead of stitches?), Take a nap (but then you CAN'T stitch!) and make memories -- ALL WHILE you stitch at the beach!!!!!

Poor Sandie and me... she's in Arizona, and I'm in Oklahoma -- both of us are just about as far away from the beach as one can get -- so this is such a teaser!!!!!! About 3 x 5-1/2 in size... the small card chart comes with the pearl for the clam and three buttons to adorn the fob, if you finish it that way!

Quaker Alphabet Squares II from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Quaker Alphabet Squares I from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Quaker Alphabet Squares I & II
This is a pair of designs that delivers the alphabet in two parts surrounding miniature blocks of Quaker-inspired motifs. Stitched on 28ct linen (the cover models are on a light green color), they are stitched with only Weeks Cadet hand-dyed floss.

Garnished with three baby teal buttons, there are a few Mill Hill beads in a teal color in them as well. They measure only 60 x 60 stitches, and if you leave off that alphabet border the inside blocks are only 46 x 46. Presented as small cards with the buttons.

Lets Get Fancy Fob from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Pinecones in Winter Fob from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Pinecones in Winter & Lets Get Fancy
Two more fun little two-sided designs - each side is just 38 x 38 stitches each! Lots of special stitches, each side is different.

Small card charts come with the paillette or pearl embellishments - you'll need Mill Hill petite seed beads for your edgings.

Tiny Pink Carnation from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Evening Primrose from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Spring Fantasy from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more
Tiny Pink Carnation, Evening Primrose & Spring Fantasy
Sweet designs offered in small card format with the glass flower and bead embellishments included... each features a few special stitches in the 4 x 4 petite design area.
  • Tiny Pink Carnation is worked on Graziano pink and white 28ct gingham linen and features an over-one alphabet border.
  • Evening Primrose is for back-stitch lovers! Not many x's on there... so the hardest part is just keeping count properly when your needle trails all throughout the design. This one features crystal paillette embellishments.
  • Spring Fantasy is accented against a smoky blue background. The central border is stitched in Diamond Eyes... it -- by itself -- would make an awesome tiny fob!
  • Each Teenie Tweenie Card is offered separately with its necessary embellishment.

    You Hold The Key To My Heart from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more You Hold The Key To My Heart
    A sweet sentiment in a petite 3 x 3 stitched area... the key embellishment is especially fillagreed and delicate. Accented with a few crystal Paillette glass sequins, you can finish this one suing the curved finishing boards as in the pic, or make a small wedding announcement pillow -- just whatever!

    Offered as a small card with key and sequins.

    Berries & Shortcake Scissor Fob from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Berries & Shortcake Scissor Fob
    This is a sweet set of smalls... companions to lots of others Sandy has designed... a very lacy fob... each is stitched differently on both sides! The biscornu is offered in complete kit format, the fob is simply the small card with pearl embellishments.

    ALL of these designs in this series are charming. Each is stuffed full of special stitches in their tiny area, so they're really kind of fun to stitch. Lots to do in a small area that is FINISHABLE and FUNCTIONAL! Love 'em! All the rest are scattered throughout our Sweetheart Tree pages... it's fun to see them all.

    Spider Web Rose Alphabet from The Sweetheart Tree - click to see more Spider Web Rose Alphabet
    Just a small chart card, offered with the Cabochon glass heart embellishment, along with lots of little crystal sequin paillettes. It is a profusion of rose branches... all highlighting the Spider Web stitches that make up those charming roses!

    Finishes approx 3 x 4, a pretty wisp of a thing...

    Queen's Strawberry Fob by The Sweetheart Tree -- Click to see more Miniature Scissor Fobs
    The next Sweetheart Tree Scissor fob designs are here!!! This little patriotic star is my ABSOLUTE favorite so far of the entire set... the whole thing is less than two inches from tip to tip!!! Each fob is different on both it's sides, is offered in a small card format with most of the necessary embellishments... you just add some Mill Hill beads on the edging. Cute designs, a special stitch or two... Sandy was going to release two of these at a time, for a total of 8 fobs... but she's changed her mind! (Way Cool!)

    These are just the neatest things when they're done... we have several shop models in the front case... and I can tell you that one of the next ones is an octagonal seashell/nautical design!

    A SPOOKY Spot of Halloween from Midnight Stitching - click to see more A Spot of Halloween from Midnight Stitching - click to see more
    A Spot of Halloween and A SPOOKY Spot of Halloween
    This pair of charts each features words buried in the alphabet letters... it's kind of fun to find them all. Stitch counts of 97 x 97 and 102 x 102... choose the same fabric or coordinating.

    Both of these are stitched with Week's Dye Works Onyx floss -- and the little ghost in white DMC. Offered as separate charts.

    A Spot of Love from Midnight Stitching - click to see more Dragonfly Sampler from Midnight Stitching - click to see more Dragonfly Sampler & A Spot of Love
    A pair of sweet pieces with stitch counts of 100 x 100. You could do these on almost any fabric you want, and since they are worked in only one color... you can choose something really pretty to match your room.

    A Spot of Love can actually be a wedding announcement -- I think It'd make an AWESOME wedding gift. Buried in the alphabet are the words 'Cherish , Forever, Love, Romance and Together' -- and I bet you could find room to personalize on it. Both are offered as charts.

    A Spot of Christmas from Midnight Stitching - click to see more A Spot of Christmas
    Another cute 101 x 101 design... the letters of the alphabet string across the piece -- but they stop to spell a word or two. No embellishments are called for in this, but to me there are a million places to add buttons or tiny charms to those words of 'cookies, ho ho ho, jingle bells, merry Christmas and toys!

    Stitched with Oatmeal, Cranberry, Banker's Grey, Juniper and Whiskey overdyeds.

    Flosstube Friends from October House - click for more
    Flosstube Friends from October House
    Well, I want to be the young, skinny one in the green dress way down there on the end!

    Just a fun little piece... it's pretty big at 7 x 17 on 40ct!

    Tis a Melody from Lone Elm Lane - click for more    Grateful Hands from Lone Elm Lane - click for more   
    Tis a Melody and Grateful Hands
    • Tis a Melody is a set of three 50 x 60-ish designs - each finishing approx 3-1/2 x 4 on 30ct. You can see them finished into a pin cushion, scissor pouch and needle book... and then all tucked into compartments of a little wooden display drawer. (Hang that on the wall, or perch it on a shelf!) *In my heart there rings a melody... tis a melody of love.* Such a pretty set of designs... they are charming together, and the little drawer (you can find them at Hobby Lobby) is such a fun way to show them off. Stitched on 30ct Cocoa linen with hand-dyed flosses.
    • Grateful Hands - *These letters which you now behold, were stitched with grateful hands. When many years away have rolled, the love sewed in shall stand.* Stephanie stitched this on 36ct to fit the top of her 8 x 10 Crown Box. ($160 Special Order, several finishes available) There is a coordinating needlebook pattern as well... both are stitched with DMC 926, and hand-dyed flosses of Oilcloth, Dried Thyme, Cidermill Brown, Woodrose, Lambswool, Barrel Cactus and 12 Grain. The letters all look like they are Rice Stitches... but they are just regular crosses! VERY pretty!

    The Patriot from Lone Elm Lane The Patriot
    Coded for DMC and hand-dyed flosses, this finishes approx 6 x 8 on 32ct linen. It can be finished any number of ways, but is shown mounted into the top of one of Lone Elm's 8 x 10 Crown boxes. They suggest either Brick Red, Union Blue or Timber Brown. A pretty patriotic piece, I like all the elements -- the soldier, the quilt motifs and flag, eagle and house. There is a lot of charm in this!

    Fall Flowers from Lone Elm Lane - click for more
    Fall Flowers
    • Fall Flowers is the small chart of a floral urn that fits into the top of a box. There is a matching small fob pattern included as well.

    Ivy's Sampler from Lone Elm Lane - click for more
    Ivy's Sampler
    Lone Elm Lane's newest designs -- use them atop their boxes, or on your pillows and in frames! Presented as single charts, Stephanie has new charting software, and these are beautifully printed as full color charts.
    • Ivy's Sampler finishes approx 5-1/2 x 7-1/2 on 32ct linen... hand-dyed flosses... I think this is a birth sampler!

    Oh Glorious Day from Lone Elm Lane Designs -- click to see more Spring Angel from Lone Elm Lane Designs -- click to see more
    Gifts of the Spirit, Oh Glorious Day and Spring Angel
    Lone Elm has new leaflets with a bit brighter color than her first set of designs. Stitched on various counts of fabric, all four are shown mounted in the tops her 8-inch wooden Shaker boxes. Stitched on various counts of hand-dyed fabrics -- if you choose not to finish onto the box-tops -- you can choose any other counts you want!
    Because the design is circular, the verse just goes round and round the box top! All four new designs are offered in individual leaflets.

    Snow Angel from Lone Elm Lane Designs -- click to see more
    Snow Angel
    Can you see her in the clouds and on the ground? A wispy, wintery scene of a quiet house and that cool evergreen tree that looks like a coverlet! I always tried to make those snow angels and not leave behind the tracks! (never figured it out!)

    128 Stitches round, this finishes approx 7- 1/8 inches round on 36ct linen. It fits into the top of an 8-inch hand-made Shaker Box by Lone Elm. Coded for DMC or Gentle Art flosses, it's such a pretty design. The angel all around reminds me of a snow globe. Offered as a leaflet.

    Thanksgiving Sampler from Lone Elm Lane Designs -- click to see more
    Thanksgiving Sampler
    Just a pretty floral piece, personalize it with your family name on the pot near the bottom. On 32ct Copper Penny Linen, this finishes approx 10-1/2 x 12-3/8 inches. 11 Different shades of DMC and overdyeds. It is shown in Lone Elm's *Linen* cabinet -- a definite investment!

    Cabinet info: Thanksgiving Sampler is framed in the door of the wooden cabinet, using turn buckles so that it can be switched with seasonal patterns. Cabinet size is 17 inches wide x 24-1/2 inches tall x 6-1/2 inches deep. It has two drawers on the bottom and two adjustable shelves inside. Door opening is 12 x 14, and it is painted and distressed. (Cabinet price is shocking!)

    His Glory from Lone Elm Lane Designs -- click to see more
    His Glory
    *The Earth is filled with His Glory. Give thanks unto the Lord for these cats & birds & flowers & bees.* Make this a Christmas-feeling piece by following the color recommendations, or change the Cayenne thread color to Cadet in the wording.

    Stitched with an assortment of hand-dyeds and DMC, this finishes approx 14-1/2 inches square. It'll need to be worked on 32ct to fit the cabinet opening... but would be lovely framed as well. (Again, that cabinet price is shocking!)

    ABC Come Stitch With Me from Milady's Needle - click for more ABC Come Stitch With Me from Milady's Needle - click for more ABC Come Stitch With Me
    This is an entire set of matching stitching tool pieces... all stitched in Red Currant and Clay Pot Crescent Colours Cottons (you'll need 4 skeins of each color, but you can always choose another pair of colors, as well!) A ruler design, Floss Tag, a Stitching Pocket to hold some of the pieces, a Needle Book, and tiny Scissor Fob... all is stitched on both the front and back sides, using regular Cross Stitch.

    The instructions include a great 'Pattern Map' -- an overall diagram of piece placement on your 21-1/2 x 12 cut of 40ct linen. If you choose another count, you'll have to adjust your ruler and floss tag designs... they are the only things that won't fit into the Lucite finishing pieces. Lots of finishing details are included to make this pretty set of pieces. Offered as the chart.

    Needles & Pins
    Needles & Pins from Milady's Needle -- click to see more"Needles and Pins, Needles and Pins, When a Girl Marries, Her Trouble Begins!" That is the charming verse on Milady's new Pin Keep and Needle Book set. Stitched on 35ct Hand-dyed Linen in Splendor Silks, the sampler verse is on the front of the Keep, and a miniature paper version that holds precious needles is tucked away into the pocket on the back. Complete finishing instructions are included for the piece -- you'll need to supply more silk for the twisted cord and tassels, along with the white glass-headed pins.

    Pretty rose-lavenders and moss greens... this is really cute! Offered as the complete kit of charts, linen, silks and paper needle case, it finishes approx 3 x 4-1/4. Also new, released along with this piece are more Sampler Key Chains, and a pretty ruler design. Make sure you see them, too!

    My Little Strawberries Ruler Pocket
    Milady's Needle My Little Strawberries Ruler Pocket -- click to see a larger viewGet out your magnifier and get ready to stitch this elegant creation on 40ct linen! Designed as another companion to Milady's Strawberries Rule and Accoutrements Needle and Scissor case Sets, this is so nifty! You're stitching the linen case for it... that can match your other pieces.

    Worked in overdyeds, it's cross-stitched on both the front and back, as well as the flap. Complete assembly instructions are included in the pack. (Yes... I asked her... there will also be an Acorn Ruler case... but we have to be patient! There is even a stitched linen tray to hold scissors, orts, both motifs coming... but we have to be REALLY patient!) So, in the meantime, treat your stash to this, and make sure you see ML's other new releases!

    Strawberries Ruler and Accoutrements
    This is a really neat set of designs that features a cross-stitched lucite ruler, a matching scissor case, needlebook and scissor fob. Available as individual chart packs with the rulers separate, I think these are charming!!! Since every stitcher's bag and every desk in America (and overseas!) needs a ruler... choose all four projects, or just that ever-functional ruler! Offered are a strawberry set and an acorn set of designs. Stitched on 40ct linen in pretty reds, rusts, brown and green overdyeds, the acorn caps are stitched with a variation of a Rhodes stitch so they are raised and textured a bit for added interest.

    The ruler is a lucite 12-inch piece with a removable back to make it easy to insert your needlework. (We also have a beautiful brass ruler available below.) You must stitch the designs on 40ct linen to be able to fit into the rulers, and it is suggested for the rest of the pieces, just so gauge will match. (It is an option to stitch the cases and fob on something larger, if you need to!) Very nicely done! (Can you tell that I'm taken with those rulers??? What a different gift to present to someone!)

    Milady's Needle Strawberries Rule Accoutrements -- click to see a larger view
    Milady's Needle Acorns Rule Accoutrements -- click to see a larger view
    Kindly Remember Me from Olde Colonial -- click to see more
    Tiny Designs
    Pam Reed has new small projects that might make *just the perfect small gift* for just a small occasion! Kindly Remember Me -- A small floral bouquet embellished with a single brass butterfly charm, you'll need bits of floss from your stash to make this 2 x 3-ish cushion. Offered as the chart with linen cut and charm.
    If You've Got It, Haunt It! from Val's Stuff On The Haunt for Halloween from Val's Stuff
    The Spooks in Val's Pumpkin Patch! from Val's Stuff
    This is a set of 4 little 'people' that just might haunt your patch of pumpkins this coming Halloween... or maybe just your candy bowl! Each (they are limited in production, hence the LE down there in the product description!) is a celebrity that can simply stand on his/her own clothing... but are much cuter with a stick (I used an INK PEN under the witch!) tucked under that fabric, and stuck into a (fake craft or real) pumpkin! Val has ALL THE FIX'INS in her little kits - JABCO pins, felts and felt balls, gauze, hats, noses, eyes, brooms, pipe cleaners, ribbons, stuffings and sticks (for some of them) - everything but the cross stitch fabric, and the minute bits of floss. Grab your Glue Gun!
    • If You've Got It, Haunt It! - Oh my gosh, this is one of the pair of ghosts - gotta get 'em both! Choose any white fabric - these little guys are on 25ct white Lugana. Haunt It stands about 6 inches tall and comes with his polka dot ribbon, cheese cloth, star buttons, clay eyes, felt ball head... all you need is that bit of cross stitch fabric from your stash and floss.
    • On The Haunt for Halloween - The other little ghost - he's got pipe cleaner arms, the same cute head and face treatment with the floaty cheesecloth/gauze cape... aren't these the cutest!!??

    Charland Uncle Sam charm with design - click for a larger view Hip Hip Hooray! from Charland Designs

    This is a simple design presented in a small card format... it comes WITH the darling sterling silver articulated Uncle Sam charm by Charland.

    The Sam piece measures almost 2 inches tall and his little arms and legs MOVE! His artwork design was from Frank Bielec of Mosey 'n Me.

    Silk Packs for Just Nan's Out of Print Charts.... Quantities very limited.

    Cameo Angel Needle Minders from Kelmscott -- click to see more
    Cameo Angel Magnets
    Kelmscott has released an awesome set of oval cameo magnets -- needle minders that can double as regular magnets!!! Lovely letters decorated with elegant angels and cherubs, each one is different in design, but similar because they are all a soft cream color on a matte black finish.

    Measuring approx 1-1/2 inches, these tiny resin ovals feature a magnet attached to the back, along with yet another magnet. Designed to 'cling' to your fabric, and mind your needle, they'd be pretty as a regular, lowly refrigerator magnet!!! Everyone you know has a *name* that begins with a *letter!* Start with YOU and then your best friend... and go from there!!! Lovely!.


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