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There are so many wonderful designs available that celebrate every season and occasion under the sun... so we thought it'd be fun to collect a few of them, and organize them for you on a set of Holiday/Seasonal Pages. I'm a "seasons" nut... so we'll be adding to these all the time! We have so many other projects and ideas in the shop, and elsewhere on the site, but this is a fun way to show you just a few ..... ENJOY!

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Teresa Layman My Cottage by the Sea -- click to see a larger view!

My Cottage by the Sea
from Teresa Layman
Another one of my favorites -- can you tell! Nautical blues, charming seaside colors... I want to live here!!! Finishes approx 3-1/8 x 2-1/4.

Teresa Layman Fish Tale -- click to see a larger view!

A Fish Tale
Aqua blue and charming... Cottage, this one, and Wild Salmon would make a neat grouping -- especially if you live near the water! Fish Tale finishes approx 3-1/8 x 2-1/4.

Teresa Layman Wild Salmon -- click to see a larger view!
Wild Salmon
Here's a wild and crazy thing!!! Bright, happy colors, cheerful, funky fish.. very 'artzy-fartzy', contemporary, and fun!!! Finishes approx 2-7/8 x 3-3/4.

Wishing Thee Freedom from Homespun Elegance -- click to see more Wishing Thee Freedom
from Homespun EleganceThe patriotic companion to Wishing Thee Warmth -- Snowmen, Plenty -- Pumpkins, and Merriness -- Santa, this is another darling pillow design that features a border on only three sides of the design. Offered as a chart, your stitching finishes approx 5 x 9 on 28ct, and is full of rich overdyed color, with bits of regular DMC tossed in.

All four of the designs in this particular set are very popular in the shop... I think it's the three-sided border thing... actually taken from antique samplers, it's not something you see too often on pieces. Your Freedom piece is embellished with two of Olde Brass Flag buttons, and the little sheepies are stitched with Rainbow Gallery's Wisper thread, to make them wooly!

Oh Say!
from Shepherd's Bush
This is a miniature Shepherd's Bush design with a fat little sheep basking in the glow of his flag! Stitched on 32ct Antique Ivory Belfast Linen in overdyed Thread Gatherer and Glorianna silks, the featured button is a tiny handmade rosebud. Soft roses and dusty greens and blues, this finishes a mere 1-1/2 x 2-1/2, and features three special stitches! Complete kit contains the chart, linen, needle, silks and rosebud button.

Oh Say, one of the new Shepherd's Bush Mini-Kits -- click to see a larger view

Peace for All
from Shepherd's Bush
A softly-shaded design of the trademark Shepherd's Bush 'little fat person' perched on a striped, handmade clay heart button, and holding a stars & stripes heart!!! Just pastel and cute, this finishes 2 x 3 on 32ct Antique Ivory Belfast Linen, and is stitched with overdyed Silk 'n Colors and Glorianna silk threads. Very sweet, the complete kit contains the chart, linen, needle, silks and blue and cream striped heart button.

Peace for All, one of the new Shepherd's Bush Mini-Kits -- click to see a larger view

Uncle Sam's Parade
from Sue Hillis Designs
Oh, I just love this old-fashioned parade of little kids following Uncle Sam! Tricycles, a Radio Flyer, a red wagon and lots of flags and balloons -- everything a good parade always has! Stitched on 28ct linen, it finishes a whopping 10 x 21-1/2 inches...and is stitched with lots and lots of regular DMC floss colors. Just charming... I'll let the picture speak for itself! Available as a single leaflet.

Uncle Sam's Parade by Sue Hillis Designs -- click to see a larger view
An American's Pledge
from Sue Hillis Designs
I can't really add anything else to this sentiment... it's already perfect! Stitched on anything you like, The Pledge Of Allegiance finishes approx 13 x 16 on a 14/28ct fabric. Regular DMC flosses... it has wonderful shading in the flag ribbons... and will be an asset to any room it graces! Available as a single leaflet design.

An American's Pledge by Sue Hillis Designs -- click to see a larger view

Red, White & Blue
From Cross-Eyed Cricket
This is neat leaflet, featuring two patriotic projects. The flag / heart design on the front cover is meaningful remembrance of those who have made such sacrifices for others, but we were taken by the 4th of July acorn firecracker on the back of the leaflet and chose to show it! It's charming! Stitched on a deep blue linen, it features a sparkler top, and is full of brilliant color!

Red, White & Blue -- Click here to seea larger view!

E-Pluribus Unum By Cross Eyed Cricket -- click to see the leaflet with the other designs E-Pluribus Unum
By Cross Eyed Cricket Stitch a flock of very classy American sheep! These little guys are decked out in overdyed flosses, stitched on a khaki 32ct linen. Such a cute pillow, it'll look good anywhere you tuck it! The Leaflet contains 3 other patriotic designs as well, so it's a great deal!
  Mill Hill Folk Art Favorites -- click here to see both covers! Folk Art Favorites from Mill Hill
Oh, this is such a COOL book! It has two front covers! Half of the designs are Patriotic, the other half -- chickens! On the Patriotic side, the pillows and little hangings are full of flags, buzzing bees, bird houses, and stars. The colors are so bright and summery! On the >other front cover, the chicken side... there are wonderful roosters and hens on towel borders, and hangings. Stitch everything for a really cool kitchen... or just for fun!

Click to go to the Mill Hill Leaflets page. You can not only see larger views of these leaflets, but also see many more that we keep at the shop.

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