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Keepsakes ONE from Sue Hillis - click to see more Keepsakes TWO from Sue Hillis - click to see more Keepsakes THREE from Sue Hillis - click to see more Keepsakes stitched altogether on one piece of fabric from Sue Hillis - click to see more
Keepsakes One, Two and Three
Sue Hillis has a 12-piece set of cute stitcher-related ornament and pin cushion designs. Presented in three separate leaflets, you would never guess that EVERY ONE of these is the same stitch count - 50 x 50... she's just shown you 12 different finishing options!

All DMC, no special embellishments... you can check your stash for old buttons and cute embellishments... she shows some Puntini Puntini pins on the beehive model - (now, there's a collection of CUTE pins and buttons to choose from!) Sue has also shown a layout on her back covers to join all 12 designs together in one framed piece. LOTS of possibilities with this set!!

A Study in Blue from Sue Hillis - click to see more A Study in Blue
This little pattern set is quite the favorite everywhere it seems! Sue Hillis has covered a 7-inch paper mache box (she has source/ordering info in here) with cross stitch on the outside and lined it with coordinating fabric on the inside. There's even a pin cushion to store inside your box! Complete instructions are provided in here (with lots of actual photos of her finishing processes) to line the box and cover the top and sides.

You stitch everything on a 1/4yd cut of 32ct Country Vintage Mocha Belfast Linen with only Gentle Art's Sampler Thread of Dungarees - we are guessing 3 skeins. (if you find another lining fabric you like better, change your stitching thread color to compliment that! Nothing says this has to be blue, you make it your color!) Everything is adorned with vintage pearl buttons - way more fun to sew on a button HERE than on one of your clothes!!!

Christmas for the Patriot from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Christmas for The Stitcher from Sue Hillis -- click to see more New Mini-Sled Patterns for Christmas Ornaments
Sue Hillis has 2 new leaflets that feature small ornament-sized designs that you can finish ANY WAY you like. She's shown these on those darling little wooden sleds we have!

By Foxwood Crossings, the bitty 1-1/2 x 3 inch sleds come in natural brown wood with metal blades and handles. You can paint them any color you like -- Sue's are all white. Sleds are available separately -- $4.50 each, but we have a Baker's Dozen offering that helps when you are making a lot of these.
Patriots and Stitcher join Sweets, Ride, Friends, and Red Sleds... so Sue's collection of designs is up to 38!

Christmas for the Patriot -- 5 Tiny soldiers and the Liberty Bell, all are coded for DMC floss and finish DINKY! Toy Soldier, Drummer, Flag Soldier and Bugler Soldier.
Christmas for The Stitcher -- A Sewing Bird, spools of thread, stork scissors and a tomato pin cushion... the are cute for us 'seamstresses.'
Presented in leaflet format, you get the actual sized template for sled finishing as well as really nice finishing process photos.

Christmas Friends from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Christmas in Red from Sue Hillis -- click to see more
Sue Hillis has lots of cute new arrivals -- Halloween, Christmas, Sports and even a fun leaflet for Dad's Father's Day gift!

Christmas in Red & Christmas Friends
A pair of new sled leaflets by Sue Hillis. NO... the sleds don't come in white -- if you want them white, you have to paint them! These are, however, two fun collections of more designs to dress those cute little wooden ornaments.

Sue shows lots of rik rak and trims around her designs... you can do that, but keep in mind that perforated paper is good too, and you just cut that out and glue it on! These samples are a bit more involved on the finishing end... and they'll be just as cute if you don't fuss as much. Sleds are offered separately.

145 Why Work Pirate from Sue Hillis -- click to see more 157 Burnt to Perfection Pirate  from Sue Hillis -- click to see more 159 Life, Liberty Pirate from Sue Hillis -- click to see more
Graduation is Approaching!
Pirates!  For the *Aventuresome One* in your life! Sue Hillis has been doing these fun Pirate designs for years and years... they come as small charts with a charm included and finish approx 5 x 7 when stitched on a 14/28ct.  Choose any  fabric you like... depends on your Pirate's favorites!
  • Why work when you can pillage and plunder?  A treasure chest charm in here.
  • Burnt to Perfection -- a little grill charm inside.
  • Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Booty -- no charm included with this one.

Post Stitches Small Congratulations from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Post Stitches Piracy Graduation from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Pirates Creed from Sue Hillis Designs -- click to see more
  • Stitch Sue Hillis' Congratulations... depending on the graduate... and your time frame!!! Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. (No... not breadcrumbs from being lost in the woods!) Finishing approx 9-1/2 x 11 on 14/28ct, this uses regular floss, and includes alphabets and numerals for personalization. Congratulations is a bit smaller -- on 14/28ct, it'll fit in a standard 5 x 7 frame. Customize the tassel colors to the school colors if you know them.
  • Of course, Sue also has another great graduation piece -- a personal favorite of mine -- *Piracy, A Viable Career Option!* Just depends on your graduate!!!!!
  • Pirates Creed... Well, this pattern came to my attention, because 'The Thursday Girls' were checking it in, and one of them announced that 'HERE was something to stitch and post for 'The Tuesday Girls!' At which point, all work stopped, and we laughed and laughed! Ok... probably not something you want to stitch and hang at HOME... sends a 'Poor Parental Message'... but at work??? Could this be useful in any way???

It's All About Dad from Sue Hillis -- click to see more

It's All About Dad
Kind of cute things to stitch for someone special... definitely of a *retro* feel to these... I would have stitched these for my Dad 40 years ago, and he'd have loved them!

All three designs in one leaflet, choose any fabric, coded for DMC or Sullivans floss.

Baseball from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Basketball from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Football from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Soccer from Sue Hillis -- click to see more
Baseball, Basketball, Football & Soccer
Here are 4 sentiments to stitch for the specific enthusiast. Change DMC colors to match favorite team colors... frame them with a special photo...make a bedroom door sign... so many possibilities!

Each finishes approx 5 x 5 on 14/28ct, and coded for DMC floss.

Broderie a Paris from Sue Hillis -- click to see more

Broderie a Paris
Such a cute medley to remind you of Paris, Sue has made a scissor Eiffel Tower! Several motifs in here could be pulled out to make small ornaments and fobs, maybe a sewing case front?

Stitched with Cranberry Gentle Art Sampler Thread, this finishes approx 7 x 10 on anything 14/28ct. Charming!

Dark Shadows from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Creature Feature from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Creature Feature and Dark Shadows
Here are two fun leaflets by Sue Hillis -- each features a set of six coordinating designs that finish approx 3 x 4-ish... depending on your fabric choices. You can see that Dark Shadows is just waiting for some exotic color choice by YOU... and Creature Feature needs Weeks Chartreuse, Pumpkin, Peoria Purple and Carrot linens!

Make ornaments, stand-up blocks, little doorknob decorations, whatever! Presented as two separate leaflets.

Christmas Ride from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Christmas Sweets from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Christmas Sweets and Christmas Ride
A pair of leaflets by Sue Hillis has arrived in the shop -- a total of 11 different designs for the bitty Foxwood Crossings wooden mini-sleds.

So darn cute, each leaflet has nice finishing instructions for adding trims and such, along with the charts to stitch these 1 x 2-ish ornaments! Christmas Sweets features candies and cookies, while Christmas Ride has holly and skates. The small wooden sleds by Foxwood are available separately... we even offer a Baker's Dozen special on them!

Hippity Hop from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Easter Parade from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Easter Parade and Hippity Hop
Sue Hillis has two fun stitched Easter Egg collections -- if you're really good, you might be able to finish some in time for THIS Easter! Actually, stitch just one or two and tuck them into your bowl or basket of dyed eggs... or Easter Grass.
  • Easter Parade features such cute bunnies -- it uses 26 different shades of DMC - so lots of shading there!!!
  • Hippity Hop's eggs have a different flavor -- that book uses 33 different colors!
  • All are stitched on either Aida or linen... you decide! Actual-sized templates for egg finishing are included along with egg-assembly instructions. VERY cute! Offered as leaflets.

    Snowman Wisdom from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Snowman Wisdom
    Ok... since half the country is TRYING in vain to chase away Winter in this month of February 2014... I hid this darling design on Sue's inside page! It is good advice from the snowman in your yard! Offered as a leaflet, it finishes approx 8-1/2 x 23 on 14/28ct! Choose a pretty blue color so the whites will show up -- 29 DMC colors in all -- the wording is real cute on this. *It's OK to be a little bit bottom heavy... and white is always appropriate!* Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize! Offered as a leaflet, the chart for this is packaged inside ALL TOGETHER on one huge sheet of paper for ease of placement!!!!!!

    Reindeer Games from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Reindeer Games
    Well, obviously, we can't finish these little guys for this Christmas... but aren't they cute? Sue Hillis has released a leaflet featuring 9 reindeer that all measure approx 70 x 55 in size. Everyone is a little different -- sweaters, scarfs, hats and even skates. Flying here and there, you can finish them off indivdually or into that long hanging shown on the cover insert.

    Coded for Sullivans or DMC floss, you could always add some snowflake buttons or a little metallic sparkle, some wool for the deer bodies, or black metallic for those noses. Lots of possibilities with this one. Offered as the leaflet, there are ornament finishing instructions along with an actual-sized cutting template inside.

    Under the Deep Blue Sea from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Under the Deep Blue Sea from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Under the Deep Blue Sea
    If you were lucky enough to be able to attend Sue Hillis' 2012 Caribbean Cruise... you were treated to this charming design... as her cruise exclusive project!!! (and it was *kind-of FREE!* right???) Well... all of us who stayed home are thrilled that Sue has now published one of your projects in this 28-page booklet. We don't get the cruise... but we get a tiny bit of the fun!

    Under The Deep Blue Sea is a stunning basket set featuring a Sudberry House Nantucket Letter Box. Your stitching covers the basket top, the bottom lining, a darling thread paddle, and the cutest matching 10-panel star-shaped pin cushion!!! Charted for a ton of DMC colors, there are stitch diagrams and finishing instructions galore in here. Real-life photos -- like 24 of them of all the stitched pieces and the finishing processes, the book is just lovely to keep paging through!

    A super-creative project... the colors are stunning... and if you don't do the whole set -- at least start with that awesome star-shaped biscornu! I've never seen anything like it -- it is precious!!! Please call the shop for fabric and basket availability.

    Piracy from Sue Hillis -- click to see more Piracy
    *A viable career option!* Looking for 'just the perfect' graduation gift? This might be it! Something for the rebel graduate, this is offered as a small chart, coded for DMC floss.

    It finishes approx 4 x 6, and will fit in a 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 frame beautifully. Make them smile, and glad they're out of school!!!

    Autumn Stitches
    Autumn Stitches from Sue Hillis Designs -- click to see more Autumn Stitches from Sue Hillis Designs -- click to see moreThis is an awesome collection of a Shaker Sewing Basket, with matching pin cushions, needle cases, fobs, and little stand-ups! Stitched in Autumn colors of DMC flosses on 28ct Lugana, the box top fits the Sudberry House Large Shaker basket. The book contains all the charts for the smalls... as well as 12 MORE charming little ornaments that deal with stitching, autumn and nautical themes!

    So many charming things in this 37-page book -- you can follow any of the 8 different ways offered to finish things, and create like a mad woman!!! The charts are large and clear, and the pictures in here are stunning. I lost count at 75 different pics of the projects and finishing steps! Anyway, I love the leafy acorn border on the basket top, and some of the 3 x 3 square designs will make the cutest little stand-up cubes and such! Sue has done a lovely job presenting this delightfully charming set! You'll love it!

    First Steps from Sue Hillis - click for more First Steps
    Aren't these the cutest little shoes??? Can't you picture the little people who wear them??? One of Sue Hillis's newest releases, this leaflet features three different shoe designs stitched 5 different ways. Included is a full alphabet and number set, so you can personalize the shoes of your choice.

    Each finishes approx 3 x 4 or 5-ish on 28ct, and is stitched with DMC flosses. Change shoe colors if need be... what a darling baby announcement?! You could even get the original shoes bronzed, frame them in a shadow box, and feature this stitching in the box! Moms and Grandmas... get busy!

    America the Beautiful
    We've seen an increased demand for this old-favorite design recently! Originally published in 1985, it's a map of the United states, complete with little pictures that depict each state's famous crops or industry. It measures a whopping 17 x 29" on 14/28 ct.. quite a statement for a wall! It was designed before the days of beads, buttons and charm embellishments... but there are lots of places that sort of thing would be fun on this. Enjoy!

    America the Beautiful from Sue Hillis -- click to see a larger view

    Uncle Sam's Parade
    Oh, I just love this old-fashioned parade of little kids following Uncle Sam! Tricycles, a Radio Flyer, a red wagon and lots of flags and balloons -- everything a good parade always has! Stitched on 28ct linen, it finishes a whopping 10 x 21-1/2 inches...and is stitched with lots and lots of regular DMC floss colors. Just charming... I'll let the picture speak for itself! Available as a single leaflet.

    Uncle Sam's Parade by Sue Hillis Designs -- click to see a larger view

    An American's Pledge
    I can't really add anything else to this sentiment... it's already perfect! Stitched on anything you like, The Pledge Of Allegiance finishes approx 13 x 16 on a 14/28ct fabric. Regular DMC flosses... it has wonderful shading in the flag ribbons... and will be an asset to any room it graces! Available as a single leaflet design.

    An American's Pledge by Sue Hillis Designs -- click to see a larger view

    The Graduate
    Full of rich navy, cinnamon, and golds, this is a stunning graduation remembrance -- very classy! Stitched on 28ct, it finishes approx 7 x 8," with an alphabet, with spaces provided for personalization. Included are two antiqued brass charms: a key that sits on top of the books, and a lamp-of-learning to place beside the graduate's name. Available as a leaflet with the charms.

    The Graduate from Sue Hillis -- click to see a larger view

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