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What a wonderful collection of cross stitch designs over the years!!! Cross-Eyed Cricket's first needlework wholesale trade show to sell their first four designs was also my first trade show (market) to attend as a new shop owner! We both began in 1983, and love to reminisce about how far we've come! Vicki and Nikki's leaflet collection tops over 200 titles so far... covering all the seasons, occasions and special things life has to offer. Bears, bunnies, babies and sheep; Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and sheep; Mittens, Stockings, Bell Pulls and always more sheep... their designs have stood the test of time, to remain consistent favorites!
All of Cross-Eyed Cricket's offerings are available as leaflets, some of the older favorites have been re-printed into chart pack format... so that we can still enjoy them! Shown here are but a few of the ones we keep in stock.

354 The Guardian from The Cricket Collection - click to see more 353 Welcome Home from The Cricket Collection - click to see more
  • Welcome Home - Cross Eyed Cricket has a new design - meant to greet all who live at home! Vicki has made this super-personable... she has pieces and parts of a home throughout her greeting, but then added an alphabet and design ideas for you.
    It's too light to see in the pic, but the address is right below the word home. You could add a surname, maybe date established if it's a new house or home... you have choices! Worked with DMC flosses, it finishes 5 x 11 on 32ct, and is begging to hang in a foyer, hallway or family room!
  • The Guardian - another new design featuring a guardian angel, and a lovely carrot.

351  A Sweet Friendship - Refreshes the Soul from The Cricket Collection - click to see more 352 Forever from The Cricket Collection - click to see more
  • Forever - Vicki continues her 'words' with a wedding or a birth sampler for a little girl! She's done all the months, all the seasons, lots of Christmas words (like Cookies and Jingle) and Beach themes... now a wedding/birth! (I think there's too much frill and fluff in there for a groom - so I see 'little girl instead!' The secondary design in the booklet is actually really neat too - it's that floral heart stitched up there in the teaser-window of the leaflet! Take a look at that!
  • A Sweet Friendship - Refreshes the Soul - A trio of elegant ladies... lace petticoats and angel wings... and even halos! Up there in the little window is the MOST CHARMING little Provencal Carrot! You almost miss it - it's the back cover design! It's 2-1/2 inches wide by 8 inches tall. Clouds for the greens... a tiny villa on the hilltop... and then the most delightful floral carrot below! Quite the surprise bonus design in this!
349 Addie's Angel By Cross Eyed Cricket -- click to see more 350 Wickety By Cross Eyed Cricket -- click to see more
  • Wickety - Something new by Cross Eyed Cricket! Ms Wickety wears wings, but Vicki promises she is no angel Stitched on 28ct Lambswool Linen with regular DMC, Wickety has bits of purple and vintage gold metallic in her dress. She measures over 6 x 11... so you won't miss her in the room!

    The bonus pattern in the leaflet is another of Cross Eyed Cricket's famous mittens... this time it's a MUMMY! We have no idea how many mittens there are - at least 100 I bet - so something else darling to add to your collection!
  • Addie's Angel - Addie's Angel finishes 6 x 10 on 28ct... loads of DMC... Autumn angel is the smaller companion design.

348 Sophia's Scotties By Cross Eyed Cricket - click to see more 347 Over the River By Cross Eyed Cricket - click to see more Christmas the Cross Eyed Cricket Way with Sophia's Scotties and Over The River!
Vicki Hastings continues to deliver us the most charming designs... her first needlework market (to be a designer) was in September of 1983, and it was MY first market as a new cross stitch shop - I was checking out the industry to open the Silver Needle! Up to books #347 and 348... she draws ALL of her designs, colors them, and THEN charts them to dazzle!
  • Over the River features all sorts of 'alternative travel options' for getting to Grandma's House! Each finishes ornament-sized at 3 x 3 on 14/28ct, and is coded for DMC floss. Worked on Star Sapphire color, there are lots of other fabric possibilities for these as well.
  • Sophia's Scotties features a grand snowglobe that measures about 8 x 9 on 14/28ct. I love those little Scotties on there... I love everything about this! BUTTTTT... check out the bonus mitten design on here... always hidden away on the back cover, but highlighted in that little top window-box teaser pic, is ANOTHER of Vicki's mittens. Over the course of her career, I bet she's done at least 50 different mittens! You can find them scattered throughout all her 36 years of leaflets! This one is precious... and measures 48 x 44... just like all his companions.

344 Farmer's Market By Cross Eyed Cricket - click to see more 345 One If By Sea By Cross Eyed Cricket - click to see more 346 A Wicked Patch By Cross Eyed Cricket - click to see more
New Arrivals from Cross Eyed Cricket
  • Farmer's Market is another Vicki's charming 'word' designs... it's full of all the things you might see at the market. Eggs, flowers, honey, fruits and veges, a few deserts and lots of pretty cloths on the tables. This is coded for 42 different shades of DMC floss, and finishes about 4-1/2 x 18 on 32ct French Lace or Star Sapphire Linen which has a slightly bluer hue.
  • One If By Sea has two designs - the main lighthouse, Liberty Light, and Rainbow Cats. I'm looking all over for a CAT alphabet... till I realized she meant Catamarans! You can stitch your own regatta and personalize each little boat!
  • A Wicked Patch - Quite the little grouping here... this was our Summer Event Project when Vicki came to The Silver Needle in 2013! She has fun stitches in here... a little green metallic, some Silk 'n Colors and she uses 22 shades of DMC as well. (She always re-names those DMC standard colors in her keys - this time 928 is named Ectoplasm!) This finishes approx 6 x 7-1/2 on 32ct linen, and Vicki suggests several really nice fabric options.

341 Barn Quilts from The Cricket Collection - click to see more 340 Tapestry Blooms from The Cricket Collection - click to see more
  • Tapestry Blooms - Cross Eyed Cricket's Vicki Hastings has re-worked her design from our Circle of Friends Series and published it in this pretty autumnal picture! *All Things Bright and Beautiful.* I love the checkerboard, and the olive green of the leafy band, and of course the vase of flowers is luscious!

    Stitched on 28ct Summer Khaki Linen with 20 regular shades of DMC floss... what a cheerful burst of color! Companion mitten design is also included in the leaflet, along with the alphabet to personalize your flower vase.
  • Barn Quilts - Inspired by the painted quilt squares on the exteriors of barns and out-buildings... Vicki loves seeing them when she travels. She tells us there are actually groupings that have been mapped out across the United States... bring your camera, she says!

    Here are cross stitch charts to celebrate them... Cats, Quilts and an Angel... all coded for DMC.

338 Down East from The Cricket Collection - click to see more 339 Going Coastal from The Cricket Collection - click to see more New Summer and Beach-y Ideas
Vicki Hastings has sent her new leaflets!
  • "Summer by the Sea' is from Down East's leaflet - it's a charming summer beach house complete with whale weather vane, rolling waves and the bike in the yard. The little row of crabs on there would make cute pin cushions! Can you see the row beneath the house... it's the latitude and longitude of the property! How COOL to stitch that for yours!
  • Going Coastal has a cute pair of flip flops in it... they would be cute finished as a block stand-up to use as a closet door stop! Cute little mermaid cushion featured as well... she's only 36 x 27 in stitch count!

337 Free Range from The Cricket Collection - click to see more 336 Vintage Eggs from The Cricket Collection - click to see more Free Range & Vintage Eggs
Cross Eyed Cricket is in a Spring Mood... her two newest leaflets are full of carrots, eggs and chickens!
  • Vintage Eggs features five different decorated eggs that finish approx 2-1/4 x 3 when stitched on 14/28ct. A bunny, houses, flowers and a penny rug design... these need to be stitched to fill an Easter Basket. THEN, find foil chocolate decorations to match them... and add to that basket!!!
  • Free Range has two designs -- a decorated carrot that is about 3 x 9 (bee, hive and a tree for the greens!), and Fresh EGGS... decorated with 4 delightful chickens! Oh my gosh, I think you could even stitch these 4 chickens by themselves, make them into cushions and put them (WITH the Vintage Eggs? or not!) in a tin or wire basket! The main design finishes approx 4 x 10.. but if you do individual chickens.. they could be 1 x 1 over one on 28 or 32!!!

334 335 February from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more 322 March from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more 323 April from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more 324 May by Cross Eyed Cricket -- click to see more 325 June by Cross Eyed Cricket -- click to see more
Cross Eyed Cricket's Months
Vicki has begun the 12 months of the year with March and April -- because January and February simply weren't long enough this year for her to finish them!!!!! Offered in single leaflet format for each month. these are worked on 28ct linens.

There are R & R hand-dyed equivalents suggested... but fabric availability CAN be an issue... so we've gone to the solids.

Coded for DMC flosses and embellished with simple sets of Just Another Button Company buttons, these designs companion Vicki's seasons and holidays.

326 July by Cross Eyed Cricket -- click to see more 327 August by Cross Eyed Cricket -- click to see more 330 September from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more 331 October from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more 332 November from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more 333 December from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more

328 Playing with Jax from The Cricket Collection - click to see more Playing with Jax
Cross Eyed Cricket's Vicki Hastings has a new Halloween design -- a nifty arrangement of delightfully different pumpkins and ghourds! All five in the group are really cool... and I think my favorite is that black and charcoal one on the right. Stitched on 28 Sandstone or a yummy golden hand-dyed fabric, this finishes approx 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 and is worked in 29 DMC floss shades.

DO NOT MISS the little bonus Halloween owl -- Little Boo -- up there in the mitten design in the upper right corner! Vicki has a million different mitten designs for you collectors -- they have been topping TONS of her leaflets for years!

329 Jingle from The Cricket Collection - click to see more Jingle
What a pretty font for this! JINGLE is stitched on 28ct Star Sapphire linen in 18 different DMC colors along with 3 shades of gold metallic thread. The lettering is 501 green, bells are the metallic... and all the rest is just charming!

She's little in the pic... but there is a TINY stitched angel riding on the front of the sleigh! She's only 10 x 10 stitches, and thankfully Vicki has an enlarged chart of her in the leaflet for easier stitching!!! Offered as a leaflet, the design finishes approx 8 x 12-1/2 on the 28ct.

#318 Letters Part 1 Leaflet from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more #319 Letters Part 2 from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more #320 Letters Part 3 from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more
#321 Letters Part 4 from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more By Cross Eyed Cricket's Vicki Hastings... here is a 4-leaflet set of the letters of the alphabet! (Remember her old pattern #32 -- the old alphabet?) Time for a new set of letters to say what you need to say!!! Each letter is roughly the same size, charted for DMC floss, and can be used to spell out words and names, or used as the 'capital letter'... or just by itself. You can see which leaflets have which letters in them... and she has named them all... which I think is terribly fun and worth listing here! Makes them all the more fun to look at!

A is for Autumn Acorn. Busy Bees & Beehive. Crows Eating Cherries. Dressy Doll. Ewe in the Eyelet. Feather & Flag. Grandma's Garden. Heart of the Home. Ivy Invasion. A Jack and 3 Johnnys. Keys for the Keyhole. Linen Letters. Mouse Spying Mittens. Numbers in the Night. Oak Leaf Clock. Patterned Pumpkin. Quiet Quilt. Ribbany Rabbit. Sampler Scissors. Tea for Elevenses. Uncle's Unicycle. Very Valentine. Wreath of Wildflowers. Hugs & Kisses. Yakish Yarn. and...Zephyr. Aren't they neat?!

#314 Summers at the Lake from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more #315 Cottage Welcome from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more #316 Sit for a Spell from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more #317 Witching Time from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more
Summertime and Halloween: Cross Eyed Cricket's four newest designs arrived today!!!!
  • #314: Summers at the Lake features vintage bathing suits ready to personalize or not! Fun to hang in your lake cottage... each suit measures approx 40 x 60 stitches.
  • #315: Cottage Welcome features white picket fencing letters accented with chickens, quilts and flowers. Vicki describes this design as 'celebrating the enthusiastically hospitable spirit that germinates in bright sunshine and summer abandon. The garden gate is there... and I think there is a picnic basket tucked in the E.
  • #316: Summer is finished -- it's time to *Sit for a Spell!* Oh my gosh, test tubes and vials full of horrible, bubbly concoctions, 'Eye of Newt, Toe of Frog, Wool of Bat and Hair of Dog' -- it sounds positively delicious!
  • #317: Witching Time features the hall grandfather clock decked out for the big night. Check out the spindly spider, the skeleton key and that ghost!
  • As always, everything is full of Vicki's artistic creativity. LOTS of color and design detail, her things are always classics! All four are offered as leaflets.

    311 Easter Leaflet from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more 312 Love & Carrots Leaflet from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more 313 Beach-y Mood Leaflet from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more
    Easter, Love & Carrots, and Beach-y Mood
    Vicki and spring and Summer on her mind... and has sent these three leaflets this past week. A trio of 'words' that are covered with cute motifs, they are charming!!! Stitched mostly in DMC threads -- choose pretty pastel colors of fabrics -- aida or linen -- and get busy.

    Easter and Beachy have button embellishment sets that are optional, and Love has an alternate letter placement... in case that backwards L bothers you and you don't LOVE it! Cute and colorful!

    309 Christmas from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more

    Christmas & Sugar Cookies!
    Cross Eyed Cricket has two new designs that 'speak' of The Season! Just like her 4-seasons designs... these are alphabet letters spelling out their word with quite a bit of charm and design content.

    310 Sugar Cookies from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for moreOffered as leafets, each design is coded for DMC floss, and can be worked on just about ANY fabric you want! Regular Cross Stitch... think about adding some metallics or fun button embellishments. COOKIES finishes approx 4 x 21 on 28ct. CHRISTMAS is a bit larger at 5 x 26. Fun, fresh new decorations... in case you're due for an update!!!

    308 La Mer from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more 307 Spring from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more Spring and La Mer
    Cross Eyed Cricket has released her 4th season -- Spring! Long awaited, it spells the season in a flurry of letters disguised with all the charms of Spring! Companion to 302 Summer, 304 Autumn and 305 Winter, this has been a fun set of designs.
    La Mer features a mermaid carrot! Not sure what one has to do with the other, guess that's the 'artistic license' at work! Salty Neighbors is the title for the little row of beach houses. You can stitch as many or as few of those cabanas as you want, the design does feature a small set of JABCO buttons -- a few clay shells and a gull -- very cute.

    303 The Master and the Macabre from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more 304 Autumn from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more 305 Winter from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more 306 Fresh from the Oven from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more
    303 The Master and the Macabre from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more Fall 2010 Releases!

    A tribute to Edgar Allen Poe... Seasons in Letters... and Cookies from the Oven... Vicki is delivering us quite a medley of cute designs! The Master and the Macabre brings us the decaying House of Usher, and all sorts of other *EAP* really scary stuff! (I saw that movie at a drive-in on Thanksgiving Night, when I was something like 8 years old. 4 films... I begged and begged to go along with my older brothers... scared me FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!!)

    Autumn and Winter spell the seasons with panache -- sometimes you can figure out how to replace the motifs onto different letters, if you want to stitch only an initial. Fresh from the Oven is cute and kitchen-y! All are offered as leaflets.

    299 Picture Perfect from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more 300 Peas & Qs from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more 301 Celebrate America from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more 302 Summer from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more
    Summer 2010 Releases

    Stitch a frame for a favorite summer photograph, or get into *The Spirit of Color* with one of Vicki's newest pieces!!! Her 4 latest leaflets have floated through our doors, and we just love the cheerfulness of them all! Picture Perfect has two 'template' designs for picture frames. There are great tips and instructions included for mounting the photo to the stretched needlework -- great information in here! Peas & Qs is a colorful summer garden medley -- stitched in DMC flosses!

    Celebrate America features two designs -- Liberty Circle is the larger, and would make an awesome pillow designs, because it has lots of 'top' edges!!! The smaller design is a floral star! You'll notice it tucked up in the corner motif of the front cover. Finally, spell SUMMER in the most charming fashion! The beach chair and the garden, this measures approx 4 x 17, and features 47 different shades of DMC!

    Berry Nice, Indeed! from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more All Through The House from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more All Through The House & Berry Nice, Indeed!

    The latest of Cross Eyed Cricket's releases, All Through The House is a cut-away doll-house piece that features a parlor and bedroom scene, as well as words from The Night Before Christmas. Hand-dyed fabrics, DMC flosses and JABCO clay buttons... you can stitch some of the panels, or all... finishing instructions are included in the leaflet.

    Berry Nice features little stitched strawberries... winter, acorns and a pretty Granny Square quilt! Everything is totally colorful and creative... just more fun things from Cross Eyed Cricket!!!

    Open House from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more Open House from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more Open House

    Cross Eyed Cricket has 4 new releases... Open House is just one... and is the mate -- in 'size, color and spirit' to CEC # 187 -- Three Gables!

    Quite the festive Haunted House... there is so much detail and color going on in there -- it IS scary! The witch is downstairs cooking something HOT! The haunted master bedroom is upstairs, I think the footboard has eyes...!

    And, check out that ghost chandelier -- talk about effective lighting! There's a body buried in the basement... and a skeleton in the closet -- or is that the garage? I don't wanna know!!! Offered as a leaflet, this measures approx 8 x 9 on 32ct. Three Gables is still available... so stitch the whole neighborhood... if you dare! Offered as a leaflet.

    The Great Pumpkin Conspiracy from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more The Great Pumpkin Conspiracy

    A ravenous, noisy and generally mis-behaved gathering of ravens decend upon the ripening pumpkin patch for an evening of mischief and mayhem! Vicki has re-named their nefarious intent -- The Great Pumpkin Conspiracy! The glorious and perfectly plump pumpkin patch... is prey!

    What a fun design, full of lots of smaller design elements. Choose a single pumpkin and it' bird and vine, or the squirrel in the tree... this is a very classy piece! Finishing approx 9 x 15 on 32ct -- be creative!

    Star Acorn from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more Star Acorn

    Very stylized, this finishes approx 4 x 4-1/2 on 32ct linen. It lends itself to lots of different fabric counts with endless thread possibilities.

    The patterns and colors are simple inside the shapes, your job is to 'embellish' with your color flourishes and fun threads! Offered as a single card chart.

    Autumn Aprons from Cross Eyed Cricket - click for more Autumn Aprons

    'Dearie, Take a Sip!' is the invitation offered in this design! That super-colorful apron takes second place to the over-the-top SCARY skull tea-cup offering a bit of refreshment!

    Check out the little green checkerboard bat up there, and the newt (?) ... much less the snake handle!

    289 Wilde Rabbits from The Cricket Collection - click to see more 291 Apron Strings from The Cricket Collection - click to see more
    290 Carrot Cake from The Cricket Collection - click to see more Apron Strings

    Spring 2009 New Releases from Cross Eyed Cricket are here, and Apron Strings is just one of the four! Cheerful and bright colors, they all center around carrots, bunnies and these homemade aprons. French Pantry features two repetitive floral designs; Wilde Rabbits are stylized -- just precious! 'Be yourself, everyone else is already taken!'

    Truffles is a chocolate bunny, with cookie feet! Carrot Cake is so whimsical... I don't think you can see to easily by the picture, but there is a white cake stand below the row of carrots, and a pair of bunnies trimming the top of that awesome 'carrot cake.' Really fun new additions, all are offered in 4 individual leaflets.

    Rest & Be Thankful from Cross Eyed Cricket - click to see more Rest & Be Thankful

    Cross Eyed Cricket has released 4 new leaflets -- this one is my favorite!!! Two designs -- both are really good -- the main piece, the house scene, is sooo quiet and peaceful. There's a dusting of snow -- that makes everything outside silent.

    The pumpkins are still outside... I think like the balding corn... they're freezing!! Come inside for the warm fireplace and a little of their comforting pumpkin pie!!! Classic Cross Eyed Cricket!! Offered as the leaflet.

    286 Dickens Mittens One from Cross Eyed Cricket - click to see more 287 Dickens Mittens Two from Cross Eyed Cricket - click to see more
    288 Dickens Mittens Last Word from Cross Eyed Cricket - click to see more Dickens Mittens

    Vicki has a set of three leaflets that contain a total of 11 mitten ornament designs and one main house piece.

    All depict different characters from the original 1843 poem. See if you can guess which mitten belongs to which character!!!

    Bone Appetit from The Cricket Collection - click to see more Bone Appetit

    Well... *never* trust a skinny cook! Chefs 'Click' and 'Clack' are stirring up a big pot of haunting stew... that YOU are welcome to try! (I'm on a diet!) What a fun kitchen decoration to offer a lighthearted warning that this IS the haunting time of year... 'and one must beware of that which is simmering in the soup pot!' Stitched on 30ct hand-dyed, it uses regular DMC flosses, finishes approx 9 x 9, and has a couple of little blackbird embellishments.

    Offered as a chart, Vicki has also included a really cool strawberry pin cushion design in here... that is only pictured in the top little preview area of the pattern cover! It finishes approx 2-1/2-ish inches around, and is stitched in a medley of awesome fall colors. Full of little maple leaf motifs, she includes the finishing templates and instructions for the emery-filled berry and wool topping.

    Both designs in this pack are dynamite... you'll want to stitch them ASAP! For Bone Appetit, Weeks hand-dyeds Straw, Kudzu, Scuppernong or Guacamole would be great color choices of fabric, for the berry... you might want a darker -- Onyx, Gunmetal, Aztec Red, Chestnut or Havana, as the topper is Chestnut Herringbone (but I like Houndstooth better!)

    Witch's Moon from The Cricket Collection - click to see more Witch's Moon

    'Jack is Back!' in this duo of Halloween designs! Vicki has designed a photo-framing piece, something to show-off a favorite holiday pic, and offers an alternative stitch option, too! Lots of read and absorb in this pattern, the big piece is stitched on a buttercrunch yellow hand-dyed.

    The smaller pumpkin pillow is stitched on a 10 ct Tula, but she even suggests that you applique the left and right pumpkins on there in wool, and only stitch the center one! The pillow piece uses a smattering of small confetti buttons from Just Another Button Company... so get those and the book, and THEN decide 'what and how' you're going to 'stitch which!' Remember, if you have a specific photo in mind... fabric count may need to be adjusted! Lots of options and choices with this one!

    Rich Praise from The Cricket Collection - click to see more Rich Praise

    Another of Cricket Collection's Photo Finish pieces, this one has a romantic, antiqued feel to it. The verse is from Shakespeare, but there is an alternative design provided for that area, in case your picture doesn't feature people. The capital letter below the bouquet might stand for the family surname... that complete alphabet is also included for you.

    An elegant presentation for a special family photo, this finishes approx 12 inches square on 30ct linen. Lovely!

    278 Give Us a Kiss from Cross-Eyed Cricket -- click to see more 280 Neat as a Pin from Cross-Eyed Cricket -- click to see more 281 Hankie Corners from Cross-Eyed Cricket -- click to see more
    Give Us a Kiss
    Oh my gosh... this is a collection of little 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inch KISSES!!! Each is approx 35 x 40 stitches -- depending on it's tiny label sticking out of the top -- fabric choice determines finished size -- so YOU be creative with these!!! Offered in chart format with finishing instructions, this set is enchanting! Vicki's poem on the front cover ends with A Kiss is NOT just a kiss, It can take many forms. Each with a time and place, Each with its own special grace.

    Inside, you are treated to *darling little dressed-up kisses* of a Mistletoe Kiss, Sweetheart Kiss, Mother's, Butterfly, Red Hot (!), Sweet, Kissed by the Sun, Luck, Birthday, Goodnight, and Bunny. 10 Different kisses in all, each is stitched in flosses, and features silver or gold metallic -- to simulate that famous foil wrapper!!! Absolutely precious, 'Grammy' could do the Kiss Goodnight on 10ct -- it'd be almost 4 x 5 -- made into a little pillow, for someone's little bed! A Birthday Kiss would be spectacular, too...!

    Anyhow, Cross Eyed Cricket has released 4 new publications, and as you can probably tell, this was my favorite! The others are charming, too, so take a peek on our inside pages!

    Sleepy Hollow from Cross-Eyed Cricket -- click to see more Ghosties & Ghoulies from Cross-Eyed Cricket -- click to see more Things That Go Bump in the Night from Cross-Eyed Cricket -- click to see more The Eyes Have It from Cross-Eyed Cricket -- click to see more
    Four New Halloween Designs
    Well, it isn't very often I get a call from the shop saying basically "oooh, lookee here!" But I did yesterday when these came in! So, here are the four new designs from Cross-Eyed Cricket. You will have to put up with my descriptions until Lindy is back, but I think you'll have more than enough to decide that this is a very cool set of Halloween designs that you *must* have for your stash.

    Based on the legendary poem, Sleepy Hollow is shown stitched on 3 panels; the side panels are approx 8 x 8-1/2, middle panel is approx 14 x 8-1/2... so the total thing is approx 30 x 8-1/2 inches. Fabric is available - either in a whole piece or in individual cuts. (Remember, if you buy them individually, you will need 2 side pieces.)
    If ornaments are your thing, Ghosties & Ghoulies and Things That Go Bump in the Night will fill the bill.
    Ghosties & Ghoulies even comes with basic finishing instructions.
    The Eyes Have It gives you three separate designs, including one for a matching jar label and lid.

    How about using some of the DMC Effects threads for some of these -- one even glows in the dark!

    Spring Fleece from Cross Eyed Cricket -- click to see a larger view Spring Fleece

    One of Cross Eyed Cricket's 4 new releases, this is a darling circle of personality-plus sheep, decked out in Springtime Splendor!!! Reminiscent of their older snowmen and rabbit circles, the main pattern is shown stitched on two different colors of linen, in two different thread options!

    White or Pastel sheep... they finish approx 12 x 12 on 10ct, or 7-1/2 on 32ct. Offered as the leaflet... make sure to see the rest of the new offerings!

    Little Cup from Cross Eyed Cricket -- click to see a larger view Little Cup

    'Now I've learned my ABC's... next time won't you sing with me?' Charming little baby cup birth announcements... this is so unique and absolutely endearing! Offered as the chartpack of both baby cup designs and the ABC's pillow, notice that the cups are stitched on different fabric than the baby's name?

    Kind of a cool application! Lots of finishing ideas are presented inside the package!

    Soft Boiled from Cross Eyed Cricket -- click to see a larger view Soft Boiled

    Here's a delightful collection of Egg-Shaped designs!!! The bee, chick, butterfly, bunny and sheep... all of them begin as eggs! Complimented with that big 'ole carrot chart, choose some fun colors of fabrics, and make some fun ornaments for your Spring Tree!!!

    Offered as the chart-pack, lots of finishing instructions, each egg measures approx 2 x 3 on 10ct. Get the leaflet first, then decide on fabrics... WAY TOO MANY options, here!

    The Princess and the Pea from Cross Eyed Cricket -- click to see lots more! The Princess and the Pea   *Seek The Genuine*
    I have always loved this story... and this design honors my feelings so beautifully!!! Exquisite, darling, feminine and creative... you have two ways to execute this piece.

    Stitched on 20ct Lime Green Lugana (which I GUARANTEE you do not have in your fabric stash!) notice that the mattresses are either stitched or appliqued with actual fabric pieces!!! (No the fabrics are not available... you'll have to find your own favorites in a trip to the quilting shop you like best... but check out the charts... they match the featured fabrics!) There is even an embellishment pack of clay peas for this!!!

    Ms Princess and her famous mattresses finish approx 9-1/2 x 20... Your charming stitched piece will be filled with your genuine stitching love, time, and talents... and the little pea! Offered as the leaflet with peas offered separately!

    Ladies' Night from Cross Eyed Cricket -- click to see lots more! Ladies' Night
    Oh my gosh... this leaflet is full of green-faced witches 'flying and spelling!' Several design options in this leaflet, all are worked on 30ct Midsummer's Night Hand-dyed linen by R & R.

    A rich purple hand dyed linen ... our shipment isn't here yet, but well worth the wait to get these stitched! (I haven't quoted linen sizes here... because there are so many options. After you study the patterns a bit, you'll be able to decide which you'll need fabric for.) Enjoy the leaflet... and say a prayer of thanks that you don't look like these ladies!!!

    Cricket Tickets from Cross Eyed Cricket -- click to see lots more! Cricket Tickets
    *You don't have to have tickets to listen to Crickets.* What a neat verse... stitch it with the teacup and thistles... or without... you can still hear the crickets!

    Two Familiars from Cross Eyed Cricket -- click to see lots more! Two Familiars
    The Halloween Kitty, and Spooky Raven... striking in color!

    Haunting Favors from Cross Eyed Cricket -- click to see lots more! Haunting Favors
    Darling jar lid designs... easily finishable into round ornaments using our 3 or 3-1/2 inch finishing forms... these are easy and fun to stitch and turn into 'little special somethings!' Concentrate on that spider. Little stitching... FANTASTIC AND CHILLING IMPACT... he isn't really real... because he has only 7 legs! (I stepped on one...) So stitch him, and fill his little jar with something *interesting...* and you'll make Halloween History!

    Cross Eyed Cricket 261 Always Summer 1 -- Click for more! Cross Eyed Cricket 261 Always Summer 2 -- Click for more! Cross Eyed Cricket 261 Always Summer 3 -- Click for more!

    Always Summer 1, 2, and 3

    A trio of darling flip-flops... Cross Eyed Cricket is making sure we're in a summer mood early this year! Offered as a set of 12 little flip-flops, separated into three leaflets, each flop finishes approx 2-1/2 x 4-1/2 on a 28ct linen. Each is shown stitched on a different color... and since we have dozens and dozens of colors of linens in 28, 30, and 32ct on our shelves... you can choose whatever colors you want (or let us pick something pretty for you!)

    Stitched with DMC flosses, each flip-flop is decorated with a clay button on the toe strip. Very complete finishing instructions are included on the back cover, as well. Just Darling... it's always Summer somewhere!!!Fabric options are in the hundreds. Tell us count preferred, which flops you are stitching, and color preferences if you have any. Hand-dyeds run $5.04 per cut; regular linens run approx $3.65 percut. Use the comments box on the order form to add to the shopping cart!

    A Summer Place from Cross Eyed Cricket -- click to see lots more!
    A Summer Place

    What a charming seaside cottage... I can feel the wind, hear the seagulls, and taste my ice cream!!! Wouldn't this be cute finished as a big puffy pillow perched on a white wicker chair out on your porch or in the sunroom?

    Stitched on any shade of light blue that you like, this is worked in good 'ole DMC floss, and features good 'ole cross stitches! No specific button assortment... I bet you could find something if buttons are a must for you! Offered as a leaflet, A Summer Place finishes approx 9 x 13-1/2 on 28ct.

    In a Nutshell, Book I -- click for a larger view    In a Nutshell, Book II -- click for a larger view
    In a Nutshell, Book III -- click for a larger view In a Nutshell,
    Books I, II, and III

    This is a set of three leaflets that feature a set of stitched acorns, all celebrating the benefits of a good life! Family, Industry, Learning, Freedom, Nature, Health, Provision, Shelter, Community, Friends, Rest and Love. Each is stitched on hand-dyed or solid colored linens of you choice, and use regular DMC flosses. They finish approx 3 x 5 each... the template for finishing is included in each leaflet.

    The acorns are constructed of Week's Dye Works Wools of Merlot, Whiskey, Juniper and Sweet Potato. Remember that there are solid, herringbone and houndstooth patterns available in the wools... so you have at LEAST 12 different finishing color options available in wools, plus whatever looks really good with your chosen fabrics! Different wools on the backs and fronts? Way too many choices for these cool little nuts! Get the leaflets, and then choose wools and fabrics in your next order!

    Skeleton Crew
    Skeleton Crew -- click to see a larger viewOh my gosh, is this CUTE!!! The ghostly pirate ship, bound for mischief... everything about this design is fun, creative and charming! Offered as the leaflet, stitched on 28ct, it'll finish a whopping 16 x 19!

    No special stitches, no special embellishments... the design speaks for itself! After it arrived, we all stood around in the shop repeating Pirates of the Caribbean lines, and old poems trying to place the song and verse this is from. While we were brainstorming... somebody took a swig of ale, and somebody else shoved someone off the gang-plank! The shop parrot kept squawking -- because there was a sword fight breaking out on the deck... (I guess there's just a lot happening in the shop this time of year!) This is so different, so much fun... stitch it!

    Works of the Heart I -- Click to see more Works of the Heart II -- Click to see more Works of the Heart I & II

    Two more colorful offerings by Cross Eyed Cricket... these two leaflets, together, bring you a medley of 4 cross-stitched hearts and a main piece to match. Pretty colors and finishing ideas, each heart measures 4 x 5-1/2 on 28ct linen. The leaflets show teals and lavenders... but dig through your overdyed stash, and see what else you have for these!!!

    Candied Confections by The Cross Eyed Cricket -- Click to see moreSweet Sentiments by The Cross Eyed Cricket -- Click to see more Sweet Sentiments & Candied Confections

    Two leaflets offering six different Valentine hearts... this is a colorful collection that treats the eye! Each of the six hearts is stitched on a different color of hand-dyed linen... so the impact of seeing them all together is dazzling!
    Each heart finishes approx 4 x 4, depending on the linen you choose. Lots of possibilities of cool threads from your stash... at least get the linen... so yours will look as good as these! SS, #254 uses 30ct R & R Monster Green, Twisted Peppermint, and Lullaby Pink Hand-dyeds. Candied Confections features Beach Plum and Over The Hill Purple.

    Broad Stripes and Bright Stars 246 Haunted Treehouse 247 More Scary-corns   248 Love is the Reason
    Broad Stripes and Bright Stars!
    Stitched on any deep blue linen (FYI, the 28ct Blue Silk recommended in the leaflet has been discontinued by the manufacturer!!!) in lots of DMC flosses, each of these little stars is cuter than the last! There is a button embellishment available for these that will enable you to stitch each of the stars, which finish approx 4 x 4-1/2 on 28ct. Just darling... stitch just one, or the whole set!
    The hand-dyed 30ct Friendship Blue this calls for is dreamy!!! A wonderful, rich denim blue... it has lots of hand-dyed color variences in each piece. We are offering 1/4 yard pieces, which measure approx 17 x 25 (the fabric shrinks in the dye process a bit), and each 1/4 will give you enough space to stitch 6 to 10 stars... depending on how frugal you are with space between your stitches!!!
    Haunted Treehouse
    A whimsical haunted house trimmed with all sorts of Halloween-y clay buttons... this pattern includes both the front and back of the house. Extensive finishing instructions to create both pieces are included, (we now carry the Weeks Hand-dyed wool that's used on the backs), and the little house is shown as the topper to a Fall tree (rumored to be available in a few months) of stylized acorns! Available as a leaflet.
    More Scary-corns
    Six miniature acorns that have been 'morphed' into all sorts of seasonal and Holiday things!!! Who could believe that we could have a Frankenstein in an acorn? How about an owl, scarecrow and spider... and the ever-popular Indian-corn??? These precious little things are companions to CEC's book Summer Acorns #231, #233 Acorns Fall and #234 Scary-corns. Hang them on your fall tree, and top it with that cute Haunted Treehouse Topper!
    Love is the Reason
    A simple wedding, 25 or 50th anniversary design, there are three sets of alphabets included with this, to personalize everything you want to highlight of importance. Finishing approx 6 x 9 or 7 x 10, depending on what you include, silver or gold metallics are used to help commemorate the occasion!

    CEC241 Rabbit's Big Day CEC242 Rabbit's Garden CEC243 Rabbit's Delight
    Easter 2004

    Four new releases by Cross Eyed Cricket make up the cutest Springtime/Easter carrot tree ensemble!!! 10 Little stitched carrots hang from your Easter Tree, and feature a delightful, festive bunny 'guarding over them!!!' So classy, such wonderful colors of linens and flosses... each carrot is stitched on 30ct R & R hand-dyed linens that aren't available any more. You're on your own on that! They are dressed with clay button embellishments, and finished into carrot shapes using the template included on the back cover. Each carrot measures approx 2-1/4 x 5. Mr and Ms Rabbit (Rabbit's Big Day) are two-sided... all the rest have stitching on one side.
    The Leaping Rabbit leaflet introduces the Tree-Topper Rabbit, and another coordinating framed piece.
    If you are careful, you can fit Mr and Ms's (Rabbit's Big Day) front and backs on the same 9 x 9-ish linen cut -- it shrinks in the dying process -- so a piece for each side is really safer. (Be careful to count fabric pieces as you are ordering... dye lots on future shipments will NOT match... so get what you need all at one time!) CEC244 Leaping Rabbit -- click to see the other model, too.This is truly a cool set of designs... you have to get all four leafets!!!

    Acorns Fall   Summer Acorns  

    Three leaflets that feature an enchanting set of miniature seasonal acorns! Looking closely, you'll notice a little sailboat, a spooky cat, and a ghost for the fall. Summer brings a strawberry, watermelon, and Easter Egg acorn! For Halloween, we get a 'Mummy-corn', Bones -- a skeleton acorn, and even 'Dr-acorn-ula!!!' Just captivating... each acorn finishes approx 2 x 2, and uses lots of pretty linen and thread colors! Also new is a summer-time medley leaflet... make sure you see it, too!

    Sams in Stripes

    From The Cross Eyed Cricket... this design was published in 1997! Available as a leaflet, the four Uncle Sams are each cute by themselves... but stunning in the grouping! Stitched over two on 18ct Natural linen, it measures 13 x 14, making it a generous size for a furniture cushion. Great color and design elements -- all those verticals -- a really neat piece, year after year!

    Sams in Stripes -- click to see a larger view

    It's In The Basket & Infant Oaks
    face="Arial" size="2">This is a pair of leaflets for a rich, classy needlework sewing set of tiny acorns! Stitch the top for an 8" round sewing basket, a matching fob/ornament, a scissor case, and matching pin cushion. There are comprehensive finishing instructions for everything included with the charts. The baskets featured are miniature Nantucket-style baskets from Olde Colonial Designs, and Sudberry House.
    The threads you'll use for your little acorns include beautiful overdyed shades of deep teal, mauve, chestnut, autumn grape and olives... they sound delicious!!! Each piece is stitched on 28ct linen, and since there are so many piece, floss, and basket decisions to make... you may want to order the leaflets first, and then decide which 'ingredients' you'll need!
    It's In The Basket -- click to see a larger view

    Infant Oaks -- click to see a larger view

    Red, White & Blue
    This is neat leaflet, featuring two patriotic projects. The flag / heart design on the front cover is meaningful remembrance of those who have made such sacrifices for others, but we were taken by the 4th of July acorn firecracker on the back of the leaflet and chose to show it! It's charming! Stitched on a deep blue linen, it features a sparkler top, and is full of brilliant color!

    Red, White & Blue -- Click here to seea larger view!

    Stars & Stripes Mitten
    This is the small design out of the leaflet #207, "The Voyage Home." It's another of their cute mittens, this time stitched in yummy overdyeds. Just a fun little patriotic design, we did wonder what the hot 4th Of July has to do with mittens you'd wear in the winter. The answer... it's one of the two dozen or so mittens they've designed over the years... for every season under the sun!

    Stars & Stripes Mitten -- Click here to seea larger view!

    Before & After
    This is a darling picture of two fairies building a snowman... and another pic of the finished product! Full of neat details, fun embellishments, and great threads, either project is cute by itself... but I like them together, as well. On 10ct, the 'Before' finishes approx 8 x 14," the 'After' finishes approx 8 x 9."

    Before and After from Cross Eyed Cricket -- click to see a larger view.
    And So 4th...
    Oh, this one is SO COOL! The patriotic argyle design is neat, the jester is creative... but the "Flock United" is the best!!! It's their trademark sheep, all decked out for America! You could stitch only a few of them, or the whole thing... I just love it! Stitched on 10 ct they finish almost 7 x 9, and would be FANTASTIC in specialty threads!

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