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Enjoy some of the newest Shepherd's Bush Designs!
Tina and Terri have such a flair, and their color palette is yummy! Samplers on Belfast Linen stitched with silks, to primitive quick designs on Klostern in Perle cottons ... always lots of Mill Hill Beads and Buttons, and plenty of clay and brass charms and doo-dads. We love all of these!
Don't miss the collection of Shepherd's Bush annual stockings on our Christmas Stocking page!

My Home Sweet Home from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Let Freedom Bloom from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Bee Trifles from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
Celebrate Summer the Shepherd's Bush Way
Tina and Teri have sent three new things!
  • My Home Sweet Home is a little 6 x 8-ish design complete with patriotic sheep guarding the homesteads. All the busy-ness in the sky looks like fireworks! Presented as a kit, it is stitched on 32ct Country French Cafe Mocha Linen with Weeks hand-dyed flosses, and includes a few bitty button embellishments as well.
  • Let Freedom Bloom is this season's 3-inch pin cushion design. Joining the million others from Tina and Teri - they all look charming nestled together in a basket. You'll need to add this one to your collection! Presented in kit format, it is worked on 32ct Natural Linen with Weeks overdyed flosses. The kit includes the linen, flosses, button embellishments and the specially-for-this hand-dyed chenille trim by Lady Dot Creates.
  • Bee Trifles - Three bee-themed cushions, each is worked on different colors of linen. Cute and summery... there are buttons scattered here and there, that come separately from the pattern.

Happy Life Pin Cushion from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Snow Queen from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Stitching Notes from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
New Designs... we had room for only three of there here to show you... so scroll down to see all the rest of them and read all their details!
  • Happy Life Pin Cushion - A sweet heart-shaped 3 x 4-ish cushion, this is stitched on 32ct Country French Linen with Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed flosses. Trimmed with Lady Dot hand-dyed chenille - you get that in the kit along with the celery-green polka dot backing fabric they featured. The clay pin set if offered separately, but the button embellishments are included with the kit. Very pretty!
  • Snow Queen - This is another annual Snowman - only she is a SHE! Worked on Week's hand-dyed linen (I think it's Kudzu) this finishes approx 5 x 6, and features quite a different color palette for Tina and Teri. This is gorgeous combination of olive greens, taupe, cream, gold metallic and gold seed beads. VERY STRIKING! Complete kit contains the chart, fabric, threads and embellishments.
  • Stitching Notes - A single chart design, this is enchanting to us stitchers! It's just a wisp of a design... full of our 'vocabulary' of needle, backstitch, sampler, wool... in between itty bitty motifs. Worked on 32ct, it finishes ONLY 3 x 4-1/2... so it'd make a darling pin cushion, or a small needle case... there are three tiny take-outs in the picture too... more cute ideas for this.
Tis A Gift from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view

Tis A Gift
A charming brick house perched on a grassy hill... there are 4 sheep there in the yard... a little softer brown to blend with the gentle, quiet colors in this. Finishing approx 5 x 8 on 32ct, this complete kit comes with hand-dyed silks and asst Weeks Dye Works and even 2 DMC flosses, along with a trio of tiny button embellishments. Tina threw in a couple of specialty stitches -- you can see them in the bottom bands.

We like all the *parts* to this! Divide it up in your head... just the top part as a cushion... just the house and trees, just the sheep on the hill, just that little pot and bee down at the bottom... there are lots of charming parts to this! Complete kit of chart, linen, threads and embellishments.

La Vita e Bella from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view

La Vita e Bella
A sweet little design presented in single chart format, this finishes approx 3 x 5, stitched with asst hand-dyeds on 32ct.

A few Satin and Rice stitches... here is another of Tina and Teri's designs that my eye can divide into little pin cushions for a really cool big bowl! I see that cute little hill picture all by itself!

Spring Peeps Box Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Lucky Treasure Box Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
Lucky Treasure Box & Spring Peeps Box Kits
Little Bitty designs, these each measure only 26 x 39 stitches... so in doing the math you'll get less than 2 x 3. But if you go over one on something easy to see - like 28ct Jobelan, you're going to get a teeny 1 x 1-1/2 piece!!!!!!

Complete kit of chart, hand-dyed flosses and a needle... these are really great for a new stitcher to begin with. Cute and finish-able for them. Resin boxes are separate.

Ewe Are Forever In My Heart from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view

Ewe Are Forever In My Heart
The Spring 2019 pin cushion kit that features a pretty hand-made clay embellishment is here. Worked on 18ct white linen with floss, the complete kit contains the chart, linen, flosses, beads and silk ribbon for the edge trimming treatment, that charming clay heart and the backing fabric.

The mat shown in the pic is an alternative finishing treatment to the 3 x 4 pin cushion.

Rejoice, Rejoice from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Merry Notes from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Have Ewe Any Wool? from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
6 New Designs for Christmas from Shepherd's Bush
Tina and Teri are sending packages our way... full of Christmas Presents!!!
  • Rejoice, Rejoice - A sweet pin cushion design full of sugarplum lavenders and pretty pinks, and shepherdess angel tends her flock of tiny sheep... all nestled on a hill overlooking the tiny village of Bethlehem. Very pretty, it matches so many of their annual stocking motifs! Finishes approx 4 x 4, complete kit contains 32ct linen, hand-dyed flosses and a teeny star button; Just Another Button Company has a special Pin set to garnish this - a candle, star and roundel, all in coordinating colors - available separately.
  • Merry Notes - This 5 x 6 series continues with Santa in his sleigh flying over a tiny sleeping village... only the little snowman below knows he's there! Look at it... you might even split the design, and make two smaller ornaments out of it... the village as one, and the Santa, holly and words as another! Presented as a chart with 12+ buttons in the official button packet. (We are offering the chart with buttons, to make your life easier!)
  • Have Ewe Any Wool? Another darling pin cushion-sized design, this one comes as a kit of 18ct natural linen, hand-dyed threads and a precious matching-and-very-hand-made clay stocking cap button. All restful grays, white and cranberry reds, this finishes approx 3 x 4. Teri's hand-dyed silk ribbon for the edge treatment is featured in the kit.
Oh Tannenbaum from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Jolly Santa Gift Tag Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Joy To You Gift Tag Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
  • Oh Tannenbaum - Tina and Teri's annual ornament is here. Finishing 3 x 3 on 32ct Mocha linen, with a smattering of hand-dyed flosses from your stash, there are some buttons that come with this - featured in the holly border - and I speculate that the chenille outside trim (available separately) is Lady Dot's Mossy color. Small Leaflet with buttons.
  • Jolly Santa Tag & Joy To You Tag - OR SLEDS! More small kits that feature a 1 x 1-1/2 inch design that makes a perfect gift tag size piece... or perfect Foxwood Crossing wooden sled ornament! JOLLY looks like a Santa face... he's stitched on a bit of red 14ct perforated paper, and mounted on a bit of striped paper - both of which come in the package. If you like, you can glue the little guy to the top of a bitty sled instead. JOY is the same way... more cute paper and something cute and colorful to stitch. All of Shepherd's Bush's Gift Tags (we have several others for Christmas, Valentines and Halloween farther down the page) come with the chart, both papers, a button, and hanging ribbons or string.
    Sleds are offered separately, and remember we offer a Bakers Dozen special on those - buy 12 and get the 13th sled FREE!

Lois' Stocking from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
Presenting Lois' Stocking - Shepherd's Bush's 26th Annual Stocking

The 26th annual Shepherd's Bush stocking will be here this week!

Lois is the same size as the rest... pretty hand-dyed Pearl Cottons... official charm packet... the whole bit!

Be sure to visit our Christmas Stockings page to see a great variety of other stockings... from Shepherd's Bush as well as many other designers. It's holiday creativity at its best!

Autumn Notes from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Stitching Trifles from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Stitching Trifles and Autumn Notes
Shepherd's Bush has two new charts of small designs that will make charming pin cushions. Both are single sheet charts that call for DMC or hand-dyed flosses, and each has a special button packet of embellishments by Just Another Button Company.

Both the NOTES and TRIFLES continue their series' of designs. You can be an over-achiever and stitch all the Trifles cushions for a pretty bowl display... Teri pulled apart motifs from the NOTES to make more cushions, so toss those in there too!

Boo Hollow from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Happy Halloween from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
Halloween Offerings - Fun Little Things...
  • Boo Hollow - This is a 3 x 4-inch ish design that is shown in the top of a little box. Make an ornament, or a pin cushion... it's just a bitty thing. Complete kit includes the chart, linen, and threads.
  • Happy Halloween - This is one of Tina and Teri's 10ct Tula designs. PERFECT for a beginning stitcher, it is packaged with the same charm as the rest of their things... so it *looks* enticing for someone young to tackle. Cotton floss and buttons for the eyes are included... it'd be cute simply mounted on a bit of felt, and hung from a bedroom doorknob!

From Sea to Shining Sea Pincushion from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Flag Tag from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Home of the Brave Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more
New Summer Offerings from Shepherd's Bush...
Tina and Teri are excited to release three designs that embrace flags and fireworks, (and bare feet, popsicles and sunshine!)
  • From Sea to Shining Sea Pincushion -- This is one of their 4 x 4 cushion designs offered in a kit format. A Zig-Zag flag and that sunshine... the sheep do not have on bare feet, and nobody is eating a popsicle... but it has flowers and green grass! 32ct Linen, silks and hand-dyed cottons, red polka dot backing fabric, buttons and hand-dyed chenille trim by Lady Dot.
  • Flag Tag -- A fun little flower basket waving a bitty flag, your kit comes with the chart, flosses, the perforated paper for stitching, and the striped backing paper... use this for a cute little plant poke!
  • Home of the Brave Kit -- Finishes into a 3 x 4 pin-cushion-sized piece... it'd be cute without the flag or the words too! Small kit comes with 32ct linen, chart, needle and flosses. A really GOOD beginner-level stitching project!

Chocolate Snowman Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Embrace The Journey Bag Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Spring Notes from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Travel Trifles from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more
New Designs have Arrived!
Pictures, pouches or cushions... you could decorate the inside of a sewing case with some of this, stitch the travel pieces to scrapbook along with trip pics... or just THINK about stitching them someday!
  • Chocolate Snowman -- This year's annual snowman worked on hand-dyed fabric, this one has a blue sweater and little reindeer/dog friend. It comes with hand-dyed threads along with a smattering of tiny button embellishments. Joins the other 12-ish! Kit.
  • Embrace The Journey Bag -- Another 4 x 6 presewn, zippered pouch garnished with your stitching, use this to hold travel treasures. Green striped ticking pouch, soft and muted flosses and a trio of small button garnishes. Fits scissors and threads too. Kit.
  • Spring Notes -- The next charted design - a seasonal sampler measuring approx 4 x 7. Chart with small button set.
  • Travel Trifles -- We think this is one of our favorites this time around! Each cushion is small, and they celebrate Paris, London and Tuscany. The JABCO button pack includes a tiny British flag and of course there is a little sheep button to graze the lavender fields! (might be Provence!) THIS ONE IS A MUST!

Magpie Pincushion Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Road to Paris Sampler Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Happy Ewe Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Explore Your World Fob Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more
  • Magpie Pincushion -- A kit, they say this companions the larger Road to Paris Sampler...
  • Road To Paris Sampler -- Complete kit contains 32ct hand-dyed fabric, overdyed threads and a few buttons. Kind of looks like you could split this into two pieces!
  • Happy Ewe Kit -- The one always offered in kit with button, or loose chart with that special button... this one is trimmed in blue, which Tina and Teri don't do often!!! It's VERY pretty!  Featured silk ribbon for the trim is a dusty powder blue of Teri's.
  • Explore Your World Fob Kit -- The little sheep on this is standing on top of the world! More gorgeous dusty blue hand-dyed Lady Dot chenille trim -- this is a two-sided design.

Be Mine Tag Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Love Ewe Tag Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
Happy February!
Tina and Teri have sent a couple of small treats for quick stitching.
Love Ewe & Be Mine Gift Tags... OR... Tiny Sled Beds!

Just like their small Christmas designs, these measure just 1 x 2-ish, and are stitched on 14ct perforated paper. You can simply cut out the design and mount it onto the piece of decorated paper in the kit -- making a little hang-tag OR... you can cut out the design and glue it onto the bed of a miniature Foxwood Crossing's sled ornament! Whatever you want!

BUTTTTT... if these are sleds, change that green grass underneath the little sheep to SNOW! Small kits contain the chart, decorative paper, perforated paper and the flosses. Sleds are available separately.

Filled With Love Box from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
Filled With Love Box
Stitched on a bit of 32ct linen... this features a tiny home filled with love! Stitch the top in a jiff, and fill that little 3 x 4 antiqued white resin box with something small and special!

Kit contains the chart, linen, flosses... the flip-top box is offered separately, in case you want to finish this differently.

Merry Wishes Box from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Making Spirits Bright from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Little Red House Tin from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more 2017 Ornament I'm Dreaming from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Snowman Tag Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more
New Arrivals from Tina and Teri
Everything is due in the shop about December 15th... Just in time for something to tuck in a stocking!!!!

  • Merry Wishes Box - A small kit with hand-dyed flosses and a couple of bitty buttons, this finishes approx 2-1/2 x 3-1/3. Make a stuffed cushion or mount it in the resin rectangular box... it featured an antiqued white finish - available separately.
  • Making Spirits Bright - This is a kit -- hand-dyed linen and threads, it's full of T & T's personality! They've finished it with a chenille edge trim - stitching over it with red floss so it kind of looks like a candy cane! JABCO has a special Pin Set to garnish this... holly, sheep, snowflake, flower and heart - everything found in the stitching! Finishes approx 3-1/2 inches square.
  • Little Red House Tin - Joins their other little round tart tins... this time around the shepherd has tiny reindeer instead of sheep! Small complete kit contains the tin, and they are super cute hanging on your Christmas Tree.
  • 2017 Ornament: I'm Dreaming - This could be a pin cushion as well, but is presented in a leaflet format to finish into an ornament. The leaflet comes with a smattering of buttons for the flakes and berries.
  • Snowman Tag Kit - We love these! Tina and Teri have several other mini-sled designs, this one features a little snowman with a big candy cane longer than he is tall! You get the chart, flosses, a teeny cut of 14ct perforated paper, and that red and white polka dot paper. You can opt to make him a flat paper tag ornament, or get a little wooden Foxwood Crossings wooden sled (paint it if you feel like it), cut around the stitching and simply glue him to the sled! Zip Zap! Sleds are addictive, and offered separately!

Scissor Fobs Fall 2017 from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Gather Joy Pin Cushion from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Thankful Be from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Little Black House Tin Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Boo to Ewe from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Halloween Tags from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Spooky Notes from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Teri's Hand-dyed Silk Ribbon Fall 2017 from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more

Tina and Teri have a LOT OF NEW THINGS!
  • Scissor Fobs - They make these - they shrink down their design images and mount them in resin, add a clam-shell to attach to scissors and a few beads - super cute! This batch features some art work from the new designs!
  • Gather Joy Pin Cushion Kit -- Darling design is a companion to Thankful Be -- the new biggie sampler. Kit.
  • Thankful Be -- The biggie sampler, 32 Teri-hand-dyed linen, cute buttons, silks and cottons; it'll be cute!
  • Little Black House Tin Kit -- Companions the other two they have... 3-inch cushion design... you get the tin in the kit.
  • Boo to Ewe -- Is a BLACK SHEEP! New concept for these gals! The pumpkin button is cool. Chart w/button or limited ed complete kit.
  • Halloween Tags -- DARLING, these actually fit on those Foxwood Crossing mini-sleds, but you can make anything out of them 2 Different tags... they come with perf paper.
  • Spooky Notes -- The new mini-sampler of backstitch words -- leaflet format.
  • Teri's Hand-dyed Silk Ribbon Fall 2017 -- We can't get enough of this... GORGEOUS one-of-a-kind 4-yard lengths of Teri's ribbon... use it to trim something special!

Little Blue House from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more There Dwells My Heart from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Land of Liberty from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Liberty Notes from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more
New Summer Arrivals
Tina and Terri have sent 4 new designs to celebrate Summer! Kits and leaflets... see what you think!
  • Little Blue House -- Another cute Tin design, here's a Summer Sheep -- can you see that his little body has red and white stripes on it... and he has a little blue butt? He has te weight of the world on his back -- a skinny blue house, and the American Flag... but he's in his garden, so he's GOOD! Complete kit comes with the linen, flosses and the 3-inch tart tin for finishing.
  • There Dwells My Heart -- This is charming! Measuring 6 x 9 on 32ct natural linen, this scene is stitched with hand-dyed silks and cottons -- all the traditional Shepherd's Bushy colors! *Where my home is, there dwells my heart.* Pretty flowers in the border, the cool zig-zaggy flag and that neat zaggy hill on the right... they've stitched the green on the central sheep hill vertically, so you can see how it looks striped! Very cute! Complete kit of linen, threads, chart and mini button embellishments.
  • Land of Liberty -- A 10ct Tula kit... this finishes approx 4 x 3. A super-quick thing to work up... if you have a beginning stitcher -- GET THIS FOR THEM! Small enough for them to finish, cute, neat threads along with an organizer board, cool material, pretty colors... this has a great presentation as a 'real-live' kit... not a dorky-experiment! They will love it and YOU! Complete kit of chart, fabric, flosses, needles and embellishment!
  • Liberty Notes -- The 4th leaflet design in this series of designs -- finishes approx 3 x 4 on 32ct. Coded for hand-dyed flosses, there is a button pack available for embellishment!

Sage Snowman from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more
Sage Snowman
We love these... Sage is the 11th in this annual set... he's a soft, faded, earthy green but he's striped and looks awesome in the middle of his landscape. Complete kit of hand-dyed linen, silk threads and a smattering of small buttons, he finishes approx 5 x 6. (Jill Rensel mats will be here when they are ready.)

Every year, we ask the gals for a Yellow Snowman! Every year Teri says she lays out linen colors for Tina to choose from, and she NEVER chooses that yellow. This year at Market, Tina just smiled at us, started laughing, put her head back down to her work, and waved us to go AWAY! We think he would be cute -- he could be named the Sunshine Snowman... and his little sheep could be dressed up with doggy ears on! Oh well... maybe next year! You can visit all 11 other colors farther down this page!

Little Pink House Tin from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more
Little Pink House Tin
Well, this is cute! Just one of those little metal tart tins, but it's stuffed with a 2-inch bit of Shepherd's Bush charm! A snap to stitch, it's only 33 stitches in size!

Complete kit offers the 32ct Flax linen, hand-dyed Weeks flosses, button, needle, little finishing board and the tin. Gotta have it!

Heart of My Heart from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more
Heart of My Heart
Well... if you are in our A Little Help From Our Friends Stitching Circle, you'll recognize this one! It was Tina and Teri's contribution to our club! It finishes into a framed piece or a pin cushion -- I have that very cushion on my bedroom dresser... it's about 3 x 6 in size.

Pretty mauves, greens, and more little buttons, of course we think this is dynamite! Complete kit of chart, linen, flosses and buttons.

Ewe Are My Sunshine from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more
Ewe Are My Sunshine
The annual seasonal small design to make into a pin cushion... We always get these for Spring, Patriotic for Summer, something for Fall of Halloween and something for Winter or Christmas every year... so your basket of stitched cushions is growing all the time! (We have a million of these farther down on the pages... see how many you can spot!)

18ct White linen, hand-dyed flosses and grass green rik-rak trim, this kit's special button is a handmade clay sun -- about an inch in size -- with a swirly on it. Offered as the complete kit of linen, threads, button and trim.

Bloom Where You Are from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more
Bloom Where You Are
The latest little 10ct Kit... forget getting PLANTED somewhere... just bloom NOW! Lovely beginner kits, easy on the eyes, but fun as a small thing to work up in between your huge projects as well.

Complete kit of 10ct tula, flosses, chart, needle and a clay doodlebug!

Easter Trifles from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more
Easter Trifles
Oh, a darling trio of small cushions for Spring, bunnies, baskets and eggs... stitch these and tuck them next to foil chocolate eggs in an Easter Basket!

Choose pastel lines form your stash, and get some of Teri's hand-dyed ribbons to trim them... HEAVEN!

Lucky Notes from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more
Lucky Notes
A companion design to Love Notes -- just a little 4 x 6 medley of lucky motifs! Pretty green colors, little green buttons to garnish... make a largish cushion or maybe a easel-stand-up thing to decorate for the season. (Although LUCKY is always in season!!!)

Presented as the chart, buttons separate.

Scissor Fobs from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Hand-dyed Silk Ribbon from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more
OH... A Fresh shipment of Ribbons and Fobs!
Always one-of-a-kind... fobs have miniature pics of SB stitching in them. Ribbons are all different, and I have no idea how you choose what to get... so we just grab pretty selection based on how many packs you want. YUM!!!!

Heart Play from Shepherd's Bush Love Notes from Shepherd's Bush New Treats from Tina and Teri
  • Love Notes -- This year's leaflet series -- small samplers -- Love Notes is a tiny medley of hearts, keys, arrows, just everything petite for Valentine's and Love! Chart format, this is stitched on 32ct with hand-dyed flosses, and features a JABCO clay button embellishment pack. Finishing about 4 x 7, you could actually stitch this whole thing and literally CUT IT through your stitches and make it into 4 pin cushions that could nestle together in bowl -- then let someone arrange them back together like a puzzle!
  • Heart Play is this Spring's annual pin cushion design. Presented in T & T's cute packaged kits, you get the chart, linen, hand-dyed threads a button or two or three, and Teri's hand-dyed silk ribbon for the edge treatment in finishing. Some don't like the tall, skinny red building... maybe change the wording and use your initials instead... change those parts if you want... but definitely make this into a little cushion. I think there are enough tiny buttons in here to add them to that pretty ribbon edging treatment! We have like 2 dozen of these tiny cushions all stitched in the shop. Individually they are cute, but nestled together they are stunning!!!!!

All is Calm  Kit from Shepherd's Bush Santa Sled Kit from Shepherd's Bush
Newest Releases from Shepherd's Bush!
Coming later this week, Tina and Teri have a few little Christmas Treats for us! Our 'info flier' didn't have ANY 'info' on it... but we can guess about some of this!
  • All is Calm -- A Kit, finishes aprox 5 x 5 on 32ct.
  • Santa Sled Kit -- Darling, this companions Noel Sheep Sled. A small kit to make a gift tag, or a topper for one of the Foxwood Crossings mini-sleds, this comes with the chart, cut of 14ct perforated paper, the cute printed holly paper (in case you are making the tag), floss, and hanging ribbon. If you want to make the sled -- those are offered separately.

Be Frightful from Shepherd's Bush October Pincushion from Shepherd's Bush
New Treats!
Coming any day... You know Tina and Teri's charm... you know how cute these will be!
  • Be Frightful -- A *quirky sweet * sampler stitched on Teri's 32ct hand-dyed linen with a combo of hand-dyed silks and cottons, tiny specialty buttons included in the KIT.
  • October Pincushion -- A companion to Frightful Be -- You'll get the cottons, buttons and rik-rack trim with beads for finishing. A small KIT.

Frightful Halloween Roll from Shepherd's Bush Thanksgiving Trifles from Shepherd's Bush
  • Frightful Halloween Roll -- Actually a little 3 x 4 band sampler -- frame this, square-it, or roll it into the needleroll shape shown, this is a small kit of 32ct linen, beads, buttons, floss and more or Teri's luscious ribbon!
  • Thanksgiving Trifles -- Another pin cushion trio presented in a leaflet format -- JABCO has a button pack to embellish -- always fun fabric choices in these small designs.

This Land from Shepherd's Bush True Heart from Shepherd's Bush
New Things
Tina and Teri have three new designs to add to your stitching stash!!!
  • This Land -- Teri's hand-dyed 32ct Belfast linen in featured in this kit -- *This Land is our Land.* Finishing approx 6 x 8, the kit includes a combination of hand-dyed silks and cotton flosses... and tiny hand-dyed buttons to match the threads. Jill Rensel's mat will be coming... but that'll be a few weeks still.
  • True Heart -- Another charming pin cushion design -- this is presented in a kit. You get 32ct Belfast linen, hand-dyed flosses, yummy deep blue silk ribbon and creamy beads to do that fun rouched ribbon edging treatment, and some special bitty hand-dyed buttons for your flower centers as well. (and the star on the flag, too!)

Slate Snowman from Shepherd's Bush Alphabet Basket from Shepherd's Bush
So Much New From Tina and Teri!
Everything is here waiting for you -- we brought it all home from Market!
  • Slate Snowman -- We think this is the 8th little guy in this charming set of annual snowmen -- He is presented as a full kit of gorgeous 30ct Weeks Dye Works Dolphin Linen, and includes 2 hand-dyed silks along with 7 colors of Weeks's hand-dyed cottons. Little buttons garnish, and even though the verse says In the bleak mid winter... there is nothing bleak about this!!! It's very cheerful!
  • Alphabet Basket -- A pretty floral basket with lush blossoms, you can stitch just that part, or the alphabet... it's on 32ct Country French Linen and is worked in Weeks flosses and a bit of hand-dyed silk. Finishing approx 5 x 7, yummy greens and lavenders, a couple of easy specialty stitches and two bitty buttons are all included in the kit.

All is Well from Shepherd's Bush Long May Ewe Wave from Shepherd's Bush Spring Sheep from Shepherd's Bush
  • All is Well -- This one is presented in a leaflet. Bees in the garden, sheep in the dell, flowers in the meadow, all is well. It finishes approx 7 x 8 on Weeks 30ct Parchment and is stitched with a variety of hand-dyed flosses. The wooden sheep buttons and little fence piece are separate -- but you'll definitely want those!
  • Long May Ewe Wave -- This season's limited edition kit, you get a cute little sheep tending his flag and busy garden of bees. The kit offers the 18ct Natural Light linen, Weeks hand-dyed flosses, some ecru Simply Wool, beads, the teal-blue silk ribbon to rouch around the pin cushion edges along with the backing cushion fabric, and the beautifully hand-made 3-dimensional beehive button.
  • Spring Sheep -- This little gal is standing in her garden of wildly blooming gigantic flowers. Her basket is nearby, and I think I see a decorated egg in the grass! Finishing approx 3 x 3 -- this pin cushion comes as a small complete kit of chart, linen, buttons and threads.

St Patrick's Day Trifles from Shepherd's Bush Something New from Shepherd's Bush
St Patrick's Day Trifles -- The newest Trifles leaflet -- here are three festive pin cushions to celebrate *the luckiest day of the year!* Joining all the other Trifles cushion collections -- these are perfect for using up all your assorted fabric cuts. Just Another Button Company buttons are featured as the garnishment!

Christmas Sheep Kit from Shepherd's Bush Santa Box Kit from Shepherd's Bush Merry Little Christmas Kit from Shepherd's Bush Noel Sheep Tag/Sled Kit from Shepherd's Bush
Four New Kits...
Tina and Terri have been busy, and are sending us 4 new kits just in time for last minute Christmas stitching!
  • Christmas Sheep Kit This little sheep is the 3rd in a series of seasonal sheep and is perfect for the upcoming Advent season. It is stitched on 32 count linen with overdyed silk & cotton threads.
  • Santa Box Kit This little santa is very sweet and will work up very quickly. Easy to get done before the big day. Choose the new red box by Retromantic, or make yourself a neat ornament!
  • Merry Little Christmas Kit This little piece is stitched on 32 count country mocha with overdyed cotton floss. They have finished theirs on a Retromantic Fripperies red holly tray. But if you don't want to do that, use your imagination for a cute finish.
  • Noel Sheep Tag/Sled Kit The kit comes complete with the perforated paper and threads as well as a cute paper tag on which to mount it. It is also designed to fit on the little wooden sled ornaments by Foxwood Crossings. Sleds are sold separately.

Winter Trifles from Shepherd's Bush
Winter Trifles
Well... this little guy is the 4th in Shepherd's Bush's seasonal set of Trifles... and we have had it for some time... but it missed the website somehow! So... it's actually perfect timing to put up now! Tina and Teri have another trio of small pin cushions worked on an assortment of fabrics, just as cute as can be, each is garnished with a few Just Another Button Company clay buttons.

VERY quick to stitch... if you've done the other three seasons of cushions -- NONE will match -- but all of them would make such a fun set smooshed together into their very own Pin Cushion Basket. Just plop the current seasons on top... if you feel like it! Offered as a single chart, buttons and fabrics are separate.

O Little Town Ornament from Shepherd's Bush Presenting This Year's Ornament! O Little Town
Ohhhh... all the rest of its companions have been in the Just Cross Stitch Annual Ornament Issue... but this little guy went ROGUE this year!

*A Little Town*... it finishes the same size as all the rest of Tina and Teri's ornaments.

Offered as a chart/card... you can get the moon separately.

Over The River Kit from Shepherd's Bush Harvest Home Fob Kit from Shepherd's Bush Joy to Ewe LIMITED KIT from Shepherd's Bush Grateful Heart Bag Kit from Shepherd's Bush
Lots of Fun New Things for Fall
  • Over The River -- A pretty Autumn vine of leaves surrounds the tiny cabin in the woods - complete with evergreen trees (and of course) -- a few grazing Shepherd's Bush sheep!!! 'Over the River and through the woods' is the verse -- but this time, we're not talking Christmas -- it's AUTUMN! Gorgeous 30ct hand-dyed Harvest of Plenty linen and Weeks hand-dyed flosses in 12 awesome autumnal colors, there is a packet of bitty button embellishments as well. Finishes approx 5 x 7, offered as the complete kit.
  • Harvest Home Fob -- Bright sunflowers and pumpkins surrounding the brick red house, this small kit comes with the overdyed threads, bit of 32ct linen, bead and button embellishments and super-cool apple green hand-dyed rik-rak trim that you can see in the pic. Finishes about 3 x 3, offered as a complete kit.
  • Joy to Ewe -- Darling little polka dot clay hat for the sheep, elegant burgundy silk ribbon for finishing, this little kit comes with both, as well as hand-dyed floss and the pretty backing fabric! Finish your little Joy Ewe as a 3 x 4 pin cushion (you have the ribbon for the edging) or get the Jill Rensel mat for a framed presentation. Kits are LIMITED.
  • Grateful Heart Stitching Bag -- Another Ticking-Stripe zippered 4 x 6 fabric pouch, your bit of stitching fits on the linen insert on the pre-finished bag. Just the yummiest cinnamons, ambers and mossy greens, there are also a few tiny button embellishments in here. Something like the 4th or 5th in this set of designs -- they are real cute tucked in your stitching bag to hold small things. The complete kit includes the pre-sewn bag, threads, embellishments and the chart.

  • Halloween Pumpkin Box Kit from Shepherd's Bush Midnight Garden Tray Kit from Shepherd's Bush Autumn Trifles from Shepherd's Bush
  • Pumpkin Box -- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!!! A teeny bit of 32ct Purple Passion Linen, you get 5 shades of DMC -- 301, 310, 729, 898 and 3011 -- to make this striped pumpkin. Decorated with Boo, Spooky and Eek... they've even tucked spiders and bats on it as well. Only 25 x 25 stitches in size, it's just the cutest little thing! Complete kit of fabric, threads, and button embellishments.
  • Midnight Garden Stitching Tray -- Sheep in the cemetary/pumpkin patch... this is a busy little Witch's Garden scene complete with dangling spider, and buried bones!!! Worked on 32ct Country French Cafe Mocha linen in beautiful floss shades, it finishes approx 3 x 5 and is shown inside a Retromantics miniature black wooden tray -- about 4 x 6 in size. Too cute, tray if offered separately.
  • Autumn Trifles -- A trio of pin cushions offered in leaflet format, choose just about any small scraps of fabric from your stash, or get what the patterns cal for -- each is garnished with a few clay buttons by Just Another Button Company. Stitched with a mixture of 10 hand-dyed flosses by Weeks, Classic and Gentle Art, the clay embellishments are offered separately.

Gathered Moments Stitching Tray from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Gathered Moments Stitching Tray
Here's a fun design that matches some of Tina and Terri's Fold designs -- I recognize that skinny red house!!! Stitched on 32ct natural linen with hand-dyed and solid raspberry and mossy colors of silks, as well as DMC and Week's flosses (you get the whole gamut of thread in this one!!), there are little button embellishments as well.

Finishing approx 3 x 5, it is tucked into the bottom of a wooden tray by Retromantics. Offered as a complete kit -- the little tray is separate. We're expecting trays around the middle of September, so please let us know if you'd like us to hold your pattern and ship them together.

Hope For Peace Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Crown Thy Good Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Flag Box Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Summer Trifles from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
Summer is here!
Tina and Teri have released info about designs that have arrived this week...
  • Hope For Peace -- 'Stitch this on those long summer evenings'... 5 x 5-ish with a billowy and super skinny flag, this is a complete kit of overdyed silks and cottons stitched on 32ct Belfast linen.
  • Crown Thy Good -- More 32ct linen in this kit, you get overdyed flosses, some cute buttons, and the rik-rack trim in this kit. I like that big blue flower that climbs around the entrie cushion!
  • Flag Box -- A bitty 2-inch design, this is a little zig-zaggy flag -- a few special stitches and of course, a star button! Offered as a small kit, these make cute scissor fobs.
  • Summer Trifles -- Another seasonal collection of pin cushions, this is a single chart that includes a trio of small designs. As with all the companioning leaflets in this series -- everything calls for bits of different fabrics so you're sure to have something on hand. Our JABCO button pack for this arrives this week as well... you'll want that.

2014 Shepherd's Fold from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view The 2014 Shepherd's Fold Series
Shepherds Bush has sent the first design in their new 6-part Fold Series!!! A Full Heart is a charming pastoral scene complete with the sunny sky, brick red farmhouse, a blooming garden, busy beehives, and a flock of fluffy sheep grazing on the hillsides. Finishing a circular 7 x 7 on lovely new 32ct hand-dyed Stone Steps Linen, the fabric is very nice -- sturdy, tightly woven and soft -- but not limp!

You'll be stitching with solid and hand-dyed silks from Au Ver a Soie, Thread Gatherer and Gloriana in luscious greens mauves and creams. Tina has added several smatterings of specialty stitches here and there -- all just to add bits of texture and interest. You can see some in the sheep and the grassy areas. There are precious bitty buttons in here as well... and everything can grace the top of a Lone Elm Lane Shepherd's Plum Sewing Box... or it can be framed.
A Full Heart, part 1 of2014 Shepherd's Fold from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger viewA Full Heart, part 1 of2014 Shepherd's Fold from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view *The Fold's* first design... if you choose to 'box-top' this... you will create a storage place for the other 5 pieces that promise to be needlework smalls of cushions, cases and fobs!

A Full Heart is offered as a kit of chart, linen, silks and embellishments. Box or Mat for finishing is available separately. We have an auto-ship for the remaining kits in this series... and can send the box or mat anytime you wish!

My Home Fob -- Part Two of The Fold
2014 Shepherd's Fold from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Tina and Teri have sent Part Two in their 6-piece Sewing Box Set! My Home Fob features a fat little blackbird in his backyard garden of violets -- which you can see on the reverse. Raspberry, violet and olive greens, the kit includes a length of hand-dyed silk ribbon for the edge finishing treatment. It matches all the pretty hand-dyed silk flosses.

Offered as a small kit -- each of the six pieces in this set can be purchased and stitched individually of the others -- so if you are not 'into' collecting the entire series, you don't have to! If you are on our Auto-Ship -- your kit is already in the mail to you! If you want to join... we can begin with Kit #1... and even that gorgeous lavender box!

Goodness and Grace Pin Cushion -- The Fold, Part 3 from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
Goodness and Grace Pin Cushion -- The Fold, Part 3!
Tina and Teri have sent their third piece in the six-part FOLD series of a sewing box and coordinating smalls. Goodness and Grace is a 3-inch pin cushion that features Teri's very own hand-dyed silk ribbon as the edge trim! A lovely grape silk checkered basket offers a lavish bouquet of flowers and a pretty flower-shell button as trim. The 'Goodness and Grace' of the backyard garden... a tiny house is there, as well as the sheep grazing in the yard!

Offered as a complete kit,
the 32ct hand-dyed linen was worth waiting for -- and lovely! Threads include hand-dyed silks and cottons, of course there is Teri's ribbon, and lots of beads and buttons to garnish both the cushion and the edge trim. Also included is a cut of deep green flannel fabric to back the cushion! Aged Plums, Dried Pink Roses, Olive Branch and Whiskey greens and golds... the colors are gorgeous, and the few special stitches tossed in here are an added treat. A sweet cushion, luscious kit ingredients... and something charming to add to your Shepherd's Plum Sewing Box!
JABC pins for Goodness and Grace Pin Cushion -- The Fold, Part 3 from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
Notice the JABCO Just Pins poking from the pillow? A set of 5 pins -- they include a white sheep, black sheep, heart, purple flower and little black bird -- all clay-topped pins. They are an optional set that is available separately!

Cherish Life - The Fold, Part 4 from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view

Cherish Life -- The Fold, Part 4!
Tina and Teri continue to Cherish Life by bringing us part four of their charming sewing box series -- The Fold. Those girls are constantly happy and we love them to pieces!

Cherish Life is a needle case design that companions the main box top, fob and pin cushion. Each part is presented in kit format... and Cherish Life is no different. It does contain hand-dyed linen (by Teri!), yummy hand-dyed silk threads, a smattering of tiny button embellishments, purple polka dot finishing fabric and the thickest, dense-est cut of wool felt to make an interior needle page. JABC pins for Goodness and Grace Pin Cushion -- The Fold, Part 3 from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view

The little sheep grazing on the hill amidst berries, bees and flowers, it'll make you smile.

We have a coordinating JABCO Needle Threader this time around!!! See it in the pic? That is available separately -- it is a GREAT threader -- it even fits beading needles!

Fear Not Needle Roll -- Part 5 of The Fold from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Fear Not Needle Roll -- Part 5 of The Fold
Tina and Teri's 5th addition to their sewing box set has arrived... it's a little needleroll pin cushion to tuck inside your lavender shaker sewing box. Presented as a kit, you get Teri's hand-dyed linen -- which they've named 32ct Shepherd's Fold Linen -- and her beautiful hand-dyed silk ribbon for edging.

The design is stitched with Week's Dye Works hand-dyed cottons and a trio of silks, it features a bit of mossy green baby rik-rak trim for one of the sampler rows, and a pair of tiny buttons for garnish. Same gorgeous colors as the rest of the pieces in this set... this'll finish in a jiff!

Reach - #6 Of The Fold from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
Reach - #6 Of The Fold
Shepherd's Bush has finished their set of 6 kits for their Fold Series. A sewing box to store smalls was the first kit... and we finish with the 5th design of the smalls to tuck inside. *Reach* is a cute wooden 6-inch ruler case -- and you even get the decorated ruler!

Stitched on Teri's hand-dyed 32ct linen they've included DMC, Weeks hand-dyed flosses, Thread Gatherer's Silk 'n Colors, a bit of solid silk and 8 yards of DMC Cordonnet #80 thin thread (used in the Nun Stitch border treatment.) The same pretty plums, berries and creamy colors as the rest in the set, how fun to have a stitched case to store a ruler in your sewing box!

Stone Snowman from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Stone Snowman
Shepherd's Bush has released their annual Snowman design! Joining Pink, Red, Black, Purple, Blue, Green and Wisteria, I keep asking Teri for Yellow, but she says Tina is in charge of these... and *might not have motivation* to do one!!! So... I guess Stone will do for now!

Presented as a complete kit of Week's Dye Works 30ct Stone Linen, it uses it uses silks, Weeks hand-dyed flosses AND DMC flosses! Finishes approx 5 x 6... our Jill Rensel Mats will we arriving shortly! Kits contains the chart, linen, threads and bitty button embellishments.

Abundance Sampler from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Abundance Sampler
A lovely sampler that is NOT part of *The Fold* but that certainly compliments it... Shepherd's Bush presents this 6-1/2 x 11-1/2 inch sampler worked on 32ct Sheep Track hand-dyed linen (By Teri!) You'll be working with Au Ver a Soie Silks and hand-dyeds of Gloriana and Thread Gatherer in luscious shades of olive and moss greens, raspberries, buttermilks and caramels, and a touch of dusty lavender.

The sampler features an area of small bands of special stitches -- the kit includes a photograph of that stitch detail, along with a smattering of cute colorful button embellishments. Special stitches scattered... very *Shepherd's Bushy!!!*

Be Still from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Be Still
Oh this is fun! Stitch your scene on the provided 32ct Sandstone linen with the provided Olive Branch, Desert Rose and Nightshade hand-dyed silks along with some Weeks hand-dyed flosses. Next, add the button embellishments and finish into the little pincushion. Then, garnish the back with a rose felt heart provided... (a little sweet surprise hiding on the back) and trim the edges with the hand-dyed green rick rak and black beads! Then, poke in the cutest JABCO flower and sheep pins, and you will be delighted with your little creation!

Offered as the complete kit of chart, silks and flosses, felt heart, beads, buttons and rick rak trim... this finishes approx 5 x 5. Pin set is offered separately.

Busy Bee Bag from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
Busy Bee Bag
Another fun little ditty bag that comes ready-made... stitch the beehives and sheep on the linen banding sewn into the pre-sewn bag.

5 x 8-ish, the kit includes the bag, chart, flosses and embellishments. Third in this series.

Bee Joyful Fob from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Bee Joyful Fob
Bee -- it's little beehive on one side... Joyful... and it's little sheep on the other. This small kit contains a cut of 32ct linen, pinks and green flosses by DMC and Weeks, lots of teeny-weeny glass petite seed beads in pearl and pink, a pair of small flower button embellishments and the MOST GORGEOUS pinky-orange silk ribbon to dress your edges. (They tell us the ribbon will vary -- because it is hand-dyed.) Part of a series -- this goes with Busy Bee Bag and Bless Ewe! It finishes approx 2 x 2.

Bless Ewe from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Bless Ewe from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Bless Ewe
Tina and Teri's latest freebie chart... you can get this just as the chart with button,
or for a short time --
the little limited edition kit of chart, linen, flosses and Simply Wool for the sheep, pink, butter and chocolate plaid backing fabric, soft pink silk ribbon for the edging, pearls to stitch on that ribbon, and the button.

Worked on 18ct Cream linen, this finishes approx 3 x 4.

Good Luck from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view

Good Luck
A teeny kit that finishes into a small fob, the stitch count of this is only 25 x 25!

Stitched on 32ct soft green linen with DMC and Week's flosses, there are three micro buttons to use as the gold nuggets!

Spring Trifles from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view

Spring Trifles
Another trio of seasonal pin cushions, this chart compliments the Christmas, Halloween and Valentine Trifles. Three charts, light blue, lime green and light pink fabrics, these all call for DMC and overdyed flosses.

There is a separate button pack available that you'll need -- you can see the flowers on the pink cushion and the purple center on the green one... real cute! Each cushion finishes approx 1-1/2 x 5, 2 x 2, and 2-1/2 x 2-1/2.

Christmas Trifles from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see lots more Christmas Trifles
Teri Richards has another *Trifles* leaflet -- Christmas -- to go along with Halloween and Valentines -- a single card chart with a trio of small designs worked on a variety of unique fabrics.

A darling swirly bulb on 30ct Aztec Red, a little house-on-a-hill on the new natural/polka dot linen, and Happy Christmas on 32 Olive, this is a nice set of smaller designs that you can do a lot with. Just for fun, there are JABCO buttons to garnish, and you can even work in bits of metallic.

Harvest of Plenty from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Harvest of Plenty
Tina Richard's newest releases include this 5 x 8 sampler dedicated to the cool and sweet feel of Autumn! Stitched on 32ct hand-dyed Bee's Wax linen with gorgeous shades of Gloriana and Thread Gatherer silks, there are always a few buttons scattered here and there, some Rices and Satins.

Lovely shades of butterscotch and lavender, olives and creamy whites. It companions her 4 smaller pieces! Offered as the complete kit of chart, linen, silks and buttons.

Autumn Sheep from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Safely Gathered from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Autumn Box from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
Fall Ewe All, Autumn Sheep, Safely Gathered and Autumn Box
Four small kits by Shepherd's Bush... kind of hard to choose one favorite!!! All of them include pretty linens and hand-dyed threads, along with Tina and Teri's charm!!!
  • Fall Ewe AllA 4 x 5 design worked on 18ct Natural Linen with Week's Dye Works flosses, the chart INCLUDES the hand-made polka-dot pumpkin button!
  • Autumn Sheep -- A tiny kit of 32ct Antique Ivory linen, Weeks and DMC flosses and a button -- *Here is the sheep who watches for Fall and rests in the dusk as the first crickets call.* Pretty colors, we love making tiny cushions out of these -- fill them with crushed walnut shells to feel just the best!
  • Safely Gathered Pin Cushion -- We think this is an Autumn version of the current FOLD series! It has the same round stylized flowers and charm! 32Ct linen Sandstone linen and Week's flosses stitch the cushion. The prettiest miniature rick-rak trim along with big lavender beads are provided for the edge finishing treatment.
  • Autumn Box -- the 4th seasonal bitty kit, this finishes a mere 2-inches square! An Autumn garden full of pumpkins and birds that are all just ablut 4 x 5 stitches each, this is PETITE!!!

Back in Stock -- Fobs and Silk Ribbons! from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Back in Stock -- Fobs and Silk Ribbons!
Shepherd's Fobs --The gals have taken paper prints of their stitched designs, cut them up, and mounted them into small silver-tone pendants. Next, they are strung together with a few beads and a clamshell clasp, so they are ready to attach to your scissors or threader or an empty zipper pull! Assorted shapes and sizes... each is a one-of-a-kind!

Teri's Hand-dyed Silk Ribbon -- Another fleeting surprise... Teri hand-dyes silk ribbon into the most beautiful shades! Packaged into 4-yard lengths, we have lots of different colors this time. This is the same ribbon they sometimes use around the edges of small pin cushions -- you might have some tucked into some of your unfinished SB kits!! So pretty, we'll choose a pretty assortment for you -- greens rusts or pinks and lavenders!

Halloween Trifles from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Halloween Trifles
A trio of pin cushions -- the long one, Halloween, is worked on Fabric Flair's Spider Web 28ct Linen! Lightly printed with spider web lines, they aren't real bold on there... but you DO get a little extra personality in your background!!!

EEk is done on Zweigart's new Natural with cream spots linen, as well! Just another fun treatment, I hope you can see the dots in the picture! Embellish all three with your Just Another Button Company clay buttons!!! Offered as the single chart with fabric and buttons separately.

Pumpkin Harvest from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Pumpkin Harvest
Here's a perky pumpkin stitched on either 20 or 30ct Straw Linen using Classic Colorwork's hand-dyed flosses. I absolutely love all the 'stuff' climbing all over the place on here!

It looks like your buttons can go in several different places as well... BUT NOTICE that there are PINS in the cushion.. and buttons on the framed piece! So... buttons with the 20ct, pins with the 30ct! Offered as a single chart.

Americana Trifles from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see lots more Shepherd's Bush Americana Trifles
Here's a cute trio of small pin cushions by Teri Richards. Calling for only 7 different overdyeds, each is stitched on a 32ct fabric -- but you are welcome to choose any colors or counts you like. Since they are so small, just a scrap will do.

Garnished with a few clay star buttons, they finish only 2 x 2-ish to 2 x 6 for that darling floral 'flag.' Very cute and quick, clay embellishments are offered separately from the chart.

Spring Box from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Winter Box from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Summer Box from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
Spring, Winter and Summer Boxes
A pair of TINY designs that can fit into a small box top, the stitch count on these is ONLY 24 x 25 stitches! Worked with flosses and embellished with small buttons, they finish about an inch and a half on the 32ct linen -- DINKY!!!!!

Winter is a bitty snowman on blue, Spring is a little lamb with a heart on his backside! He's out in the sunny garden.

Offered as complete kits of chart, linen, threads and embellishments.
Now joining the collection... Summer Box...

Wisteria Snowman from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Wisteria Snowman
Shepherd's Bush has released their 7th annual snowman on hand-dyed linen. Joining Purple, Blue, Pink, Green, Black, and Red... Little Ms Wisteria is worked on a dusty light lavender linen, and definitely has a colorful attitude! In the Meadow... the sky is gray... forbidding sun and hiding the sky... will Spring ever arrive?

Offered as a complete kit of linen and hand-dyed silks, there are three tiny buttons included. Cute, as always, I ask Teri every year if they are going to do a yellow snowman!

A Tisket * A Tasket from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view A Tisket * A Tasket
Such a snappy, stylized Spring basket of flowers, Tina and Terri share childhood memories of making paper baskets and filling them with flowers -- a gift to their mother. This 5 x 6 confection features a lavish array of florals in the oversized basket, with a tiny village beneath.

The basket itself looks like it's full of textured stitches, but it is the play of the threads. Offered as a complete kit of chart, 32ct hand-dyed linen, silks and cottons and button embellishments.

Home Sweet Home from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
Home Sweet Home
Here's another 3 x 3 design that is worked on Newport Linen -- which has a taupe line woven throughout the fabric at one-inch intervals. You can use regular fabric if you like -- adding those stripes if you want -- or not!

Anyway, stitched with overdyed flosses it is garnished with a special button. Offered as a single sheet chart, with button separate.

Valentine Trifles from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Valentine Trifles
Shepherd's Bush's Teri brings us a trio of smalls for Valentine's Day! Just three easy, sweet designs... finish them into pin cushions or ornaments or even fobs.

There are a few clay heart buttons on each -- definitely see what you already have on hand -- these will handle lots of other cute charms just as easily as hearts. Offered as a single sheet chart, buttons separate.

Tis The Season from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Three Ships from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Naughty or Nice from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
Christmas 2013
We have a few new Christmas Treats coming this next week from Tina and Teri, always such a nice surprise because it's fun to get cute Christmas stuff AT Christmastime!!!
  • Tis The Season: A new pincushion, this companions all the rest of their 4 x 4-ish cushions -- we have them all stitched and filled with Lizard Litter, and nobody can keep their hands off of them! Lovely little kits of 32ct lambswool linen with overdyed flosses, Teri ('cause she loves to putz andfuss and make a mess) hand-dyes ALL the silk ribbons they include as the edge garnish. Very sweet!
  • Three Ships: This year's larger sampler, we have 32ct hand-dyed linen, yummy hand-dyed silks (their colors are always dreamy!), Shepherd's Bush-y people in there, a sheep and grassy hill or two... and that twiggy, wandering border, the verse is from the Saw Three Ships A'Sailing Carol. Offered as a complete kit.
  • Naughty or Nice: A smaller kit -- 32ct hand-dyed, regular cottons and a smattering of dyed buttons, this is something fast to whip up for a small pillow or cute door hanger. Finishes approx 3 x 5 -- just a quickie!

  • Garden Spells from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Garden Spells
    Tina and Teri came to market this past weekend with loads of cute new things... And we brought home tons of everything!!! Garden spells is this years Halloween Sampler - full of little individual pictures that make up the overall scene. On left is a skinny band sampler only 21 stitches wide. Next is a graveyard scene complete with buried bones peeking thru the grass. Next are two little pumpkin and squash gardens -- little veggies too cute to eat! Finally, there is a spooky witch dressed in the most charming Halloween frock decorated with a lace bottom.

    Special stitches are hidden everywhere. She has her trademark SB sheep, matching hat... And check out that delightful checker boarded pumpkin patch below! Offered as a complete kit of 32ct Deadly Nightshade ha dyed linen, the gals have chosen stunning deep colors of hand-dyed silks. Au ver a soie, Gloriana, and silk 'n colors... The palette is olive green, deep caramel, dusty brick red and the softest hint at dusky lavender, along with an aged limestone cream. real cute, the finished size is approx 8 x 12. Our Jill Rensel mats are on order!

    Jolly & Wish Stockings from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Jolly & Wish Stockings
    Little 8-inch PRE-MADE striped stocking ornaments are the perfect backdrop to your stitching! WISH (green stocking) or JOY (red stocking) is stitched on the 30ct linen panel in yummy overdyed flosses -- and garnished with either a holly berry or star button.

    Put that stocking on your tree, and fill it with floss -- for a Good Little Stitcher!!!!!!! Complete kits include the fabric stocking, chart, flosses and button!

    Shepherd's Bush All My Love Kit -- click for more
  • All My Love -- is a cute 10ct Tula kit. Just a really simple, easy-to-see thing... *All My Love* is surrounded with a little rose vine, garnished with a button. Finishing a mere 3 x 4-ish, this is a great beginner piece, and something quick and easy to stitch -- especially if you feel like life is out of control and you have no time to stitch at all!!!

  • October Comes from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view October Comes
    Here's a delightful trio of 40 x40 stitch pieces that finish approx 3 Inches square -- each. The same size as all the Christmas ornaments and other sets of designs the girls have framed in their long Jill Rensel mats... October Comes features a pumpkin patch scene, a creepy haunted house and a graveyard scene complete with alive ghost!

    If you stitch these on 10ct there is a JABCO button embellishment pack available. If you stitch them on the smaller fabric... They fit the mat. Offered as a leaflet -- raid your ha d-dyed floss stash!!!

    Autumn Fright Pin Cushion from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Autumn Fright Pin Cushion
    A cute little wisp of a thing, this has kind of a cheerful moon and a perky flower, cute little pumpkins and the bitty sheep all hanging out in a little graveyard on a hill!

    32 ct linen, and halloween-y colors of DMC, Teri's hand dyed silk ribbon is included for the edging trim work. Can you see the orange and green beads on the edging? Just a cute finishing treatment. Offered as a small complete kit.

    Fright Night -- A Mini Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Fright Night -- A Mini Kit
    32 Slime Lime linen sets the color tone for this darling bitty haunted house in a pumpkin patch. With a stitch count of 25 x 25, it uses bits of 9 different colors of Weeks flosses and has a pair of tiny button embellishments.

    Just a wisp of a thing... it's offered as a complete kit of the chart, linen, flosses, buttons and needle. SUPER quick and easy!!! It'd make a cute scissor fob!

    Earth's Delight from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Earth's Delight
    A pincushion design, this one is stitched on 32ct Summer Sun Belfast Linen in 6 shades of Weeks overdyed and 5 shades of DMC floss. Once your 2 x 5 piece is stitched -- check out the button-bees and hte Herringbone Hill!

    Dressed with hand-dyed silk ribbon edging, and accented with black beads, Teri is into dying silk ribbons these days, so that's why you have that luscious silk trim!! Offered as a small complete kit, Earth's Delight includes the chart, linen, flosses, silk ribbon, beads, buttons and needle. Darling!

    Hive and Home from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Hive and Home
    The leaflet in this set, you have two different fabric options -- 10ct Tula to make your designs 4 x 4 each, or 2-1/2-ish on 32ct Cream Belfast. Each is stitched with Weeks, Gentle Art and Crescent overdyed flosses, and the larger pieces (not the small!) have a few small button embellishments featured.

    Make individual pin cushions, those larger pillows, or frame the entire trio! Cute little bees buzzing around their gardens.

    (Note: when you order a reservation, it will show up on your order form as a "zero-cost" or $.01 item, as we won't charge your credit card until we ship the kit.)

    Sweet Liberty from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Busy World from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Busy World & Sweet Liberty
    Two small kits that each follow the same design theme... the busy beehive and garden flowers... all stitched into a 3 x 3 or 2 x 2 little creations! Overdyed silks and flosses, Liberty -- the smaller one -- includes a trio of flower buttons.

    VERY quick, Busy World is finished into one of the round boxes that several other SB designs are shown in. Offered as small, complete kits.

    Gratitude Sampler from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Gratitude Sampler
    *Joys and Blessings, Faith and Friendship, Love and Gratitude*
    Shepherd's Bush has a new sampler that is really more like a trio of small pastoral scenes than rows and rows of stitches and alphabets. Finishing approx 8 x 15 on 32ct hand-dyed Sea Salt linen, this is stitched in 20 different shades of hand-dyed silks -- and is mainly worked in Cross Stitch. There are small areas of Tall Cross Stripe, Satins, Darning and Herringbone... but mostly regular crosses. The silk colors are luscious -- you can see all the pretty greens in the rolling hills, and the lavenders in the Darning sections between the scenes.

    A very quaint and classic Shepherd's Bush feel to this piece, stitch it as one, or break it up into sections. Offered as the complete kit, there is so much silk in here... I bet it actually weighs something on our shipping scale! Lovely! Tina and Teri present Peace and Plenty and their Harmony Fob as companions to this sampler.

    Peace & Plenty Pin Cushion from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Peace & Plenty Pin Cushion
    Another of Tina and Terri's small pin cushion designs, this one features a rose-tendril border surrounding the skinny house and floral basket. Stitched on 32ct hand-dyed Sea Salt linen (matches the Gratitude Sampler), this one is stitched on cotton hand-dyed flosses rather than silks. The threads are yummy roses and greens... embellishments include a smattering of tiny flower buttons and a multitude of matte black glass beads to work the soft, antiqued rose rouched ribbon edge treatment.

    These always finish approx 3 x 3... and are wonderful when filled with crushed walnut shells or plastic pellets. Use something with a bit of weight... it makes the soft linen even more soft and old feeling. Complete kit of chart, linen, ribbon, beads, and flosses. Cute!

    All Chicks Welcome from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view All Chicks Welcome
    Just a cutey-quicky chart... finishes approx 3 x 6 on 30-ish count linen... choose a light blue like the model, or a light yellow, pink, lavender, green... (get the idea?) A row of decorated eggs and a few chick tossed in, there is a separate button pack by JABCO available for embellishment.

    Stitched in a variety of hand-dyed cottons... this is coded for DMC as well. Very quick and cute!

    Get Eggs from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view
    Get Eggs
    Such a bitty thing... this complete kit brings you a dinky 6 x 6 cut of 32ct Baby Lotion linen... a few lengths of DMC and Weeks flosses...and a trio of buttons... all to stitch the tiny 25 x 27 stitch count piece!!

    Make it into a fob... tuck it into a box top... iron it onto some felt and make a flat ornament... or go super-duper and make it a cube stand-up! Cute and Quick and LITTLE!

    Grey Snowman from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Grey Snowman
    The seventh (pink, green, purple, red, blue and black already exist) colored snowman in the SB collection is coming!
    (I don't know WHY they won't consider a yellow snowman... they are so special to some!)

    Cute snowmen stitched on hand-dyed linen... this year's is worked on a very winter-y grey color... and he's actually a SNOW GLOBE! His little tummy is full of a village!!! Willow arms, the ever-present sheep... same Shepherd's Bush charm... our Jill Rensel mat will be here shortly, as well! So darn cute... all the rest of the colors are still available in kit format -- and so are the mats!

    Snowflakes Pin Cushion from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Snowflakes Pin Cushion
    A tiny companion to Mr Grey Snowman, this little guy isn't so little after all in his yard!

    Stitched on 32ct Country Mocha linen in a variety of hand-dyed silks and cottons, he comes as a complete kit of chart, linen, threads and Teri's hand-dyed silk ribbon for the edging treatment! Finishes approx 3 x 3.

    Grateful Heart from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Grateful Heart
    A Thanksgiving pin-cushion kit worked on hand-dyed linen in a scrumptious palette of autumnal colors of cinnamons, mosses and butterscotch! There is a hand-dyed heart button embellishment included as well... and the lavish deep golden gingerbread color silk ribbon around the edge is in your little kit, as well.

    Companions (similiar in size) to Eve's Lament, Good Cheer, Creepy, Sophie's and Little Eggs. We make them all into little squishy cushions filled with walnut shells.

    Say Thanks Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Say Thanks Kit
    Saying Thanks is the true message of our Harvest Season -- so the girls designed a cute box-top design that you COULD take to the dinner hostess on Thanksgiving!

    No box handy? Make another squishy pin cushion!!! (A dozen or so look stunning in an old basket with a doily!) Anyway, complete kit, 32ct line, pretty threads and cute design!

    Home for The Holidays from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Home for The Holidays
    This one is offered in a leaflet format -- just the chart. The model is worked on Week's 20ct Putty linen... 18ct Natural would be a great alternative -- and it would match all your SB stockings.

    There's a little set of JABCO buttons you'll need as embellishment... those should be here by the end of the week, as well! Just a cute, smaller Holiday design.

    Merry Christmas Kit from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Merry Christmas Kit
    Remember *Family* and *Remember*? Here is another pretty design that features just one word, surrounded by a pretty vine border. Merry Christmas (I KNOW that is two words... but work with me here... it's one sentiment!) is stitched on 32ct linen with cotton overdyed flosses. The colors are deep raspberry and cranberry, juniper and deep butterscotch... and the fabric is 32ct Summer Khaki, which makes it finish approx 3 x 5.

    SB includes three charms to be integrated into the border... and obviously, if you have special buttons or what-nots that make the sentiment more special to you -- you're supposed to add them to YOUR border. Very pretty... we'll be getting those mats from Jill Rensel, as well.

    Shepherd's Bush Birdsong -- A Summer Sampler -- click for more Shepherd's Bush Taste of Summer -- click for more Shepherd's Bush Flock of Pins -- click for more
    Mid-July Releases are here!
    Terri have sent pics and bits of info... we expect it all the 2nd week of July!

  • Birdsong -- A Summer Sampler -- this features SB's signature rolling hills dotted with tiny sheep and that chubby shepherd, a waving flag, lots of flowers, and a spindly border of wildflowers. Soft pastel and summer shades of silks... cute buttons... 32ct Vintage Belfast Linen... complete and very yummy kit!
  • Taste of Summer -- Another small design that looks great finished as a pin cushion or as a top inside one of our round antiqued white resin boxes. Same basket as other seasons... different flowers billowing... these are ALL cute! Complete small kit... box comes in cream or black.
  • Flock of Pins -- The companion design to Birdsong... instead of the featured flock of stitched sheep -- this boasts your stash of pins! 32Ct Linen.. lots of pretty threads and that gorgeous silk ribbon included for the festive trim -- it's a 'gotta-have!'

  • Shepherd's Bush Black Snowman Kit -- click for more New Shepherd's Bush is here!!!
    Oh yay!!!! ... Something new and fun for the snowy months (even though it was 68 degrees in Tulsa this week!). Tina and Teri have three new pieces that have been shipped to us... we're just waiting for the UPS Man to deliver! All three offerings are complete kits of fabric, chart, silks and flosses, needle and necessary embellishments!

  • Black Snowman -- He's the 6th in this set of charming snowmen all stitched on hand-dyed linen, and coordinated to go together! Companioning Red, Pink, Purple, Green and Blue... you get a funky snowman surrounded by cute motifs, a striped tummy sometimes, and cute button embellishments. This one is worked on Week's 30ct Gunmetal linen with silk, and garnished with a set of clay buttons.

  • Shepherd's Bush Poor Robin's Pincushion Kit -- click for more
  • Poor Robin's Pincushion -- Another small 3 x 3 pincushion kit... this one is stitched on 32ct in silks and flosses, she features a clay carrot nose button AND the lavender cotton chenille trim for your edge finishing! A darling snowlady face, and a garland of greens surrounding the cushion... we can't read the verse, and I forgot to ask them what it said today!!!

  • Shepherd's Bush All My Love Kit -- click for more
  • All My Love -- is a cute 10ct Tula kit. Just a really simple, easy-to-see thing... *All My Love* is surrounded with a little rose vine, garnished with a button. Finishing a mere 3 x 4-ish, this is a great beginner piece, and something quick and easy to stitch -- especially if you feel like life is out of control and you have no time to stitch at all!!!

  • Shepherd's Bush Eve's Garden -- click for more Shepherd's Bush Eden's Lament Pin Cushion Kit -- click for more Shepherd's Bush All Seasons Scissor Fob Kit -- click for more Shepherd's Bush Friends Bloom Kit -- click for more
    Spring 2012 Shepherd's Bush Releases are HERE!
    Just back from Market, we've brought lots of fun things home, including Tina and Teri's newest designs!

    * Eve's Garden Kit is an Adam and Eve Sampler stitched on 32ct hand-dyed Old Earth Belfast Linen, stitched in Gloriana and Thread Gatherer hand-dyed silks. Super-easy specialty stitches, this is full of raspberry pinks and olive greens, and finishes approx 8 x 11-1/2. Offered as a complete kit., the border is lovely and flowing, the colors are bold.

    * Eden's Lament Pin Cushion Kit is the matching pin cushion. It speaks of a love of a girl and a boy... and is full of delicious avocado, cranberry and lavender silks. Really a pretty, garden-y little cushion full of Shepherd's Bush charm... offered as the complete kit if hand-dyed linen , cottons and silks, silk ribbon for the edging treatment (instructions included) , this finishes approx 4 x 4.

    * All Seasons Scissor Fob Kit Seasons change and begin anew, Treasured Friends stay dear and true. This tiny 2-1/2 inch square pillow features four sheep in the center perched on their hills -- but each is in a different season! So DARN CUTE, you'll be doing an edge treatment of beads along with baby hand-dyed rik-rak trim. Offered as a complete kit of everything except the stuffing... this runs only $16.00!

    Shepherd's Bush Sheep in a Garden -- click for more * Friends Bloom Kit -- A smaller kit, you'll be working on 28ct hand-dyed Garden Blend Jobelan, with DMC flosses, adding a row of Crescent Colours' hand-dyed baby rik-rak trim right into the piece. Just a mere 2-1/4 x 3-1/2, this is a real cute friendship piece full of berry and avocado color!

    * Sheep in a Garden -- The latest 9-patch mini-design on 28ct Newport Linen... this little thing joins 12-ish other seasonal companion designs -- all 3 x 3 when finished. Easy stitching on the organized fabric with taupe lines woven in dividing each inch square, you always get a very cool hand-made button garnish for these. Simple and quick to stitch, very cute for the seasons! Offered as the chart with buttons separate.

    Shepherd's Bush Behold Sheep -- click for more Behold Sheep
    This sweet sheep awaits the birth of Baby Jesus. Offered as a kit of 32ct linen, with silk threads, and a handmade halo button embellishment, this little 4 x 4-ish guy companions all of SB's other charming little sheep. (Lucky, Thankful, Wishing, Hunt... there are several.)

    Shepherd's Bush Hear Bells -- click for more Hear Bells
    A small pastoral scene of cottage, sheep and snowmen in the holly and ivy yard, and Santa and his reindeer flying through the sky!

    Offered as a small kit of 32c medium blue linen with pretty hand-dyed threads, this can fit into the top of T & T's favorite little round resin boxes.

    Shepherd's Bush Good Cheer Pin Cushion -- click for more Good Cheer Pin Cushion
    A pretty companion to Merry Be, this is a vintage-flavored piece worked on 32ct with hand-dyeds. The gorgeous silk ribbon decorating the edge is included in the kit, so yours will turn out this neat!

    Mossy greens and cranberry reds, the linen is nice and distressed to look old, and the silk ribbon is just the dreamiest!

    Shepherd's Bush Christmas Joys -- click for more Christmas Joys
    Another windowpane 9-patch design that is stitched on 28ct Newport Linen, these are super easy to stitch because the fabric features light khaki-colored threads woven in one-inch blocks. Makes your counting a breeze. This design features a tiny fireplace scene, complete with chenille trim tacked on for the garland.

    The entire design measures a mere 3 x 3, and is offered as a chart. Fabric, button and chenille (We have schnibble-cuts of Crescent's ready to go!) available separately.

    Shepherd's Bush Christmas Wishes - Fa La La -- click for more Christmas Wishes - Fa La La
    For the first few weeks that Shepherd's Bush is offering this kit, it will be packaged in a tiny fabric stocking! After the stockings are sold out, a plastic bag will simply have to do! Fa La La is spelled out with tiny motifs between the letters.

    Stitched on 28ct Desert Sand linen with yummy hand-dyed threads, there is a trio of hollyberry buttons included to embellish. I don't know the dimensions of this yet, but can guess that it's probably about 2 x 7.

    Shepherd's Bush Santas Flight -- click for more Santa's Flight
    Oh, THIS IS CHARMING!!!! *Starry Night, Santa's Flight, Earth's Delight!* That is the verse shared between this trio of 3 x 3 ornaments... the same size and flavor as 2000 Years Ago and In a Stable! Each tiny scene is stitched on Weeks 30ct linen -- Dolphin, Tin Roof and Kudzu -- and we have them all! Use your overdyeds and add Shepherd's Bush's sterling charms to embellish.

    Frame in the hand-done Jill Rensel Mat shown in our pic, or make individual fabric ornaments. Snowy hills, busy snowmen scenes... I can see Santa flying through the sky in the center design -- just TOO DARN CUTE! Offered as the leaflet, fabric, charms, mat and threads are all offered separately.

    Shepherd's Bush Creepy Pincushion Kit -- click for more Creepy Pin Cushion
    Well, this isn't really creepy at all... it's really cute! A tall, skinny witch in a striped cape is visiting a tiny graveyard -- two gravestones, three pumpkins and a sheep! A fun medley of bitty things, the complete kit includes 32ct Willow Linen, and quite a bit of yummy hand-dyed silk threads all in oranges, moss greens, browns, a bit of gold... along with a luscious length of hand-dyed silk ribbon -- it shades from deep burgandy to a brilliant rust -- to make the edge treatment.

    Your cushion finishes approx 3 x 3, and features that gorgeous ribbon rouched around the edge, complete with black beads (which are almost impossible to see in the pic.) Just a fun, bitty thing, oooozing with Shepherd's Bush's personality!

    Shepherd's Bush Get Scared Kit -- click for more Get Scared
    Here is a companion sheep to the little guy in SB's new Creepy Pin cushion. This little sheepie is dressed up for Halloween, and visiting quite a cheerful graveyard -- complete with rotting bones in the ground! Pumpkins, a crow and a couple of bats flying around, it is just as full of tiny motifs as the Creepy Cushion.

    Finish any number of ways... but you might recognize the black resin box that is in the pic... it's the same boxes Tina and Teri have used in several of their other small designs recently! Darn Cute, the complete kit comes with chart, linen, needle, flosses and a bit of hand-dyed silk. Black box is available separately.

    Shepherd's Bush Her Blessings -- click for more Her Blessings
    A lovely piece that is a sampler within a sampler! Charming motifs and quirkly little stitches scattered everywhere... (do just the left-hand side, or just the right if you want) this is full of Shepherd's Bush charm! Little sheep and flowers, the verse reads; *She gathers her blessings from the earth, Joys offered simply to mark a life's worth.* LOVELY rich silks of raspberry, moss, grapes and buttermilks. The kit includes 2 nice, large photos of the actual stitching -- we laughed that you could just frame the band sampler one and be done with it!!!

    Offered as a complete kit of 32ct hand-dyed linen, awesome hand-painted silks, and a smattering of tiny trinkets!

    Shepherd's Bush Bee Extraordinary -- click for more Bee Extraordinary
    One of Tina and Teri's 10ct kits... this one features White Opalescent Tula! Perfect for a beginner kit -- they are even fun to do if you've been stitching for years, but just want something larger for a change! Flosses are bright colors of bubble gum pinks, oranges, bright purples and soft greens.

    Complete kit comes with flosses and the fabric, and a tiny bee button!

    Shepherd's Bush Sophie's Pincushion Kit -- click for more Sophie's Pincushion
    A sweet little design, Sophie is tending to her garden blossoms, little sheep in tow! Stitched on 32ct hand-dyed Sandcastle Jobelan, the silks and flosses included in the kit are lovely. You'll be using plums, raspberry, olive greens, taupes and white... garnishing your cushion with tiny lavender and buttermilk buttons.

    The cushion is finished with a silk ribbon rouche edge treatment. The ribbon, beads and instructions are all included, so yours will look just like the pic! The kit is offered complete, and companions Tina and Teri's other small cushion kits!

    Shepherds Bush Come Home Kit -- click for more Come Home
    A small design that is perfect for a pincushion or box-top -- Come Home is stitched on 32ct Lambswool Linen in soft green and berry shades of silk and floss.

    It finishes a mere 3 x 3, and will take you 2 hours TOPS! to stitch! It depicts your home, the animals in the garden, and even the 'ship' returning from the sea! Cute!

    Shepherd's Bush Family Kit -- click for more Family
    A sweet design, this is stitched on 28ct hand-dyed Old Letters Linen in awesome shades of raspberry, plum and green silks. You have a tiny alphabet included so that you can add family initials all over in the vine border, and a few tiny trinket charms to embellish, as well.

    Just a small piece, it finishes approx 3 x 5, and would be so pretty on the front of a photo album, or in a separate mat window below a favorite family photograph!

    Love is -- click for more Love is
    Love is Where you Plant it! Teri's newest design this is a spring garden full of happy, cheerful wildflowers. Stitched on 28ct Antique White linen, (28ct Lugana or 14ct Aida would be great with this, too) it is coded for overdyed flosses or DMC's -- your choice. Finishing approx 8 x 12, it features a smattering of Just Another Button Company buttons, little bees, bugs and flowers.

    You'll notice that this companions with her newest Tiny Garden Scissor Fob and her little Free-Bee bumble bee charm along with it's freebie pin cushion design! A super-colorful, *quick stitch!*

    Little Eggs Pincushion from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Little Eggs Pincushion
    What a fun little pointy Easter Basket design! *5 Little Eggs in a Basket Snug* is the verse... this design is stitched on a 32ct hand-dyed in dusty shades of roses, denims, lavenders and greens. It is embellished with a trio of small buttons, and finished with a flair -- Rouched Silk Ribbon edging, garnished with big, chunky glass beads!

    The complete kit contains the chart, fabric, silks, buttons and beads and 4mm silk ribbon for the edge finishing treatment. VERY pretty, this finishes approx 4 x 4.

    Tiny Garden Fob from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Tiny Garden Fob
    Tiny purple beads, a bitty little yellow bee button (an exclusive bee design to this kit!) and the most luscious variegated, hand-dyed silk ribbon are all tucked into the petite package for this BE HAPPY little fob! 2 Seconds of stitching, the bit of finishing can be done by hand... this is one of those fun things you can grab and go with, and finish the whole thing in an afternoon!

    Tiny Garden Fob measures a mere 2 x 3 on 32ct when finished. Offered as a complete kit of chart, linen, flosses, ribbon, beads and bee button... I love it!

    Hold Hope from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Hold Hope
    Shepherd's Bush has 2 new tiny kits that we are showing mounted in the coolest round boxes... one box is antiqued cream, the other a distressed black finish. Each of these designs are stitched on linen with a combination of silks and flosses.

    Hold Hope finishes 3 x 3 on 32ct Creme linen. Very cute, kits come complete with chart, fabric and threads, and are NOT budget busters! Finish them into small pincushions or get those awesome boxes... whatever you want!

    Pink Snowman from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more
    Pink Snowman
    Joining the set of *mature snowmen* -- Red, Blue, Purple and Green... Little Pink is NEW! *Snow Love*, she says. Stitched on Weeks 30ct Red Pear hand-dyed linen, in a smattering of hand-dyed silks, she finishes approx 5 x 7.

    The rest in this snowman set are just as charming... and when we line up the stitched and matted models in the shop, they are like a summer rainbow in the winter!!

    Irish Heart from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more
    Irish Heart
    Another 9-patch charted design, this one celebrates St Patrick's Day. Stitched on the antique white/khaki Newport Linen, this finishes just 3 x 3 -- just like it's dozen or so companion designs.

    Offered as the chart.

    Warm Heart from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Warm Heart
    Shepherd's Bush has been outside shoveling all the snow the entire US is getting... and has built us a charming little snowflake snowgirl! Stitched on Weeks Dye Works 30ct hand-dyed Dove linen in a combination of Crescent Colours hand-dyed flosses, a bit of Old Lace silk, and a few perle cottons, she is offered as a small, complete kit. The grayed-green linen color mimics the cold, stormy winter sky but the wildflowers for her hair, warm scarf, and cute snowflakes in her little hill... make her quite the happy snowgirl!

    She is shown mounted into the top of a new antiqued cream box we carry... you might recognize the same box in a black finish for Tina and Teri's other new kit -- Take Joy. Cute as can be, Warm Heart finishes approx 3 x 3. Complete kit contains the chart, linen, needle and threads. Box is offered separately.

    Merry Be Pin Cushion from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Take Joy from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Every Heart from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more
    New Sneak Peeks from Shepherd's Bush!They're Here!!! 4 New treats from Tina and Terri... Here's a quickie description of each.
    *** Merry Be Pin Cushion -- A 4 x 4-ish design stitched in yummy silks of cranberry, juniper, buttermilks and creams, Merry Merry Be is the verse on this tiny thing! A trio of small buttons garnish, and the kit comes with the silk ribbon and beads used to trim the finished edges. (Fill with Lizard Litter if you want a pin cushion, poly-fill if you want an ornament!) Kit includes the chart, 30ct hand-dyed linen, silk threads and ribbon, beads, and buttons!

    *** Take Joy -- A festive little urn is filled with Christmas Holly Greenery, stars, candy canes, glass ornament balls, and even a teeny-weeny sheep! Approx 3-1/2 inches round... this is stitched on 30ct hand-dyed linen in more of Tina and Terri's favorite color palette of silks -- berry and juniper. It is shown finished into a sleek little round black box, with a decorative beaded edge rim. Just a simple thing, hide something precious inside??? Offered as the kit of chart, linen, silks, the box is available separately.

    *** Every Heart -- First in a new annual series of Christmas Hearts... *Let every heart prepare Him room* is the featured verse in this little piece. Approx 3 x 4, offered as a kit of chart, 30ct Weeks hand-dyed linen in Putty, and a matching hand-dyed button embellishment... the silks included are lovely cranberries, olive green and a rich dark gray. Mats by jill Rensel will follow in a few weeks!

    Friends from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Friends
    This is a sweet piece, dedicated to any special friend you have! Stitched on 28ct hand dyed linen in 6 shades of silks -- two hand dyeds -- it features just Smyrna and Cross Stitches in it's petite 3 x 5 finished size. There are three tiny charm embellishments included, along with a charted alphabet for personalization.

    Wouldn't it be fun to add initials of some special people along that vine? You could change the word 'Friend' to a name... you could add heirloom buttons here and there... just anything. VERY quick to stitch, it is offered as a complete kit, so it's even faster to grab and take along when you're in a rush! Real cute.

    Safe Keeping Scissor Fob from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Our Hearts Pin Cushion from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Our Hearts Pin Cushion & Safe Keeping Scissor Fob
    I'm sure these two aren't a matching pair, but they just seem to go together anyway!!! Same designers, same linen, same silk, bead and beautiful hand dyed silk ribbon edging treatments... I don't know how you can choose one without the other! My Friends Hearts Cushion features Shepherd's Bush's flower basket on one side, and little scattered hearts on the other. (There is room for some initials on there!) Stitching measures approx 2-1/2 inches square.

    Safe Keeping features a winding vine of those round roses on one side, and room for the verse or names on the other side. Both kits include the 32ct hand dyed linen, all the raspberry and olive silks, beads, charms, needles, and the elegant hand dyed silk ribbons for the edge treatments. You'll LOVE that little fob if you fill it with plastic pellet filling... it adds weight, and makes it 'softer and lazier' in your hand!

    Blue Snowman from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Blue Snowman
    Here's another colorful-linen snowman piece! Companioned with Red, Green and Purple Snowmen... this little guy promises that the cold winter winds full of snow DO blow! Stitched on the new Weeks Dye Works 30ct Blue Jeans hand-dyed linen... the silks included in the complete kit are yummy winter whites, cranberries, avocado and denims, and embellishments include some matte-finish mini-buttons.

    Now, actually, this is probably a GIRL snowman... because of the wreath of ivy and berries crowning her head! Finishes approx 5 x 6.

    My Land from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more My Land
    Presenting Tina's new patriotic sampler for the 2010 season, My Land features a shepherd couple tending the sheep and American flag. The border is a lovely, free-flowing floral vine that hides the verse of the piece -- the words to the song My Country 'tis of Thee! You have to look very closely to see those phrases... and it makes all of this so charming!

    Offered as a complete kit, this is stitched on Weeks 30ct Parchment Linen in several shades of solid and hand-dyed silks -- lots of green, along with roses, dusky, and navy blues.

    Finished size is approx 6 x 13-1/2. In looking at this... I like the bottom half without the top... and the top without the bottom... which, I guess, means that I like the whole thing, too!

    Lucky Sheep from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Lucky Sheep
    Ohhh... another of Tina and Terri's tiny sheep... all dressed up... and waiting to go somewhere special! Lucky Sheep is adorned with your personal luck in mind. (we have casinos in Oklahoma... wonder if I should take the model along with me to one of them!?)

    Just a small 4 x 4 thing... always cute, he is a companion to something like 12 other little sheep who are busy wishing you Happy Birthday and things like that! Lucky's other companions are all on our SB pages! All are complete kits of linen, flosses and really cute hand-made clay embellishments... made for each one of them!

    Winter Snows and Spring Blooms from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Winter Snows and Spring Blooms
    Two more 3 x 3 window-pane designs that are stitched on 28ct Newport Linen in shades of Crescent, Weeks, and Gentle Art overdyed flosses. Both are the same size as quite a few of SB's windowpane designs... and these two have new hand-made button embellishments as well.

    Always a face... did you notice that? We have a Santa, Snowman, Frankenstein... and now a Snowgirl (but a sheep -- and he's not a face!!! -- my observation is wrong -- so just ignore me!) Get the charts... and stitch away! Spring is on Antique White with soft blue stripes, and Winter is on Antique Tan with cream stripes. Both are offered as single charts with buttons available separately.

    Santa's Coming! from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Santa's Coming!
    from Shepherd's BushHere's a quick ornament design by Shepherd's Bush that matches quite a few of their other designs these past few months. Stitched on 28ct Newport Linen (it already has those white background stripes woven right into the fabric)... this little thing finishes only 3 x 3.

    You can tell that the stitching is fast, and if you don't have the required overdyed Crescent Colours already in your stash, something else close in color might do nicely. It's embellished with a special clay Santa face button, made only for this design. Finish into a 8 x 8-ish pillow, like the pic, or smaller, into an ornament! Offered as the single chart with button separately.

    Here We Go A Haunting BOX and Kit! from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Here We Go A Haunting Kit!
    Here We Go A Haunting is a bustling graveyard scene, complete with costumed shepherd and his adorned sheep! Bones everywhere, a few perky pumpkins and Jacks, the kitty on the fence, caretakers house (wish I was that skinny!) and a crooked tombstone clay button (included), the whole thing stitches a petite 5 x 6-ish on the included 32ct Country Mocha Belfast Linen. Shades of DMC and Weeks overdyeds -- also included -- are mosses, oranges, purples -- all the fun Halloween colors!

    Our Market order has run out... all future kits will still be the same price -- and come in the regular plastic bag!
    PS... the little Scaredy Sheep Scissor Fob is a tiny companion piece to this sampler!

    Holly and Ivy from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Holly and Ivy from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Holly and Ivy
    The classic English Carol of the Holly and the Ivy... this piece features a tiny lamb tucked under a sky of lovely Quaker and floral motifs, and perched above his poem. Offered as a complete kit, this is stitched on 30ct hand-dyed Parchment linen, in shades of moss green, raspberry and butterscotch hand-dyed silks.

    Embellishments include two vintage charms and three dyed buttons, all tucked into a petite 5 x 7-1/2 inch design! Just lovely, it is so subtly elegant!

    Hey Everyone... Time to get busy on a new set of Christmas Stockings for the family!
    Remember, so moved the purchasing options over to our Christmas Stocking page.

    Roma's Stocking from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see lots more Lula's Stocking 2014 from Shepherd's Bush -- click to see lots more Slater's Stocking from Shepherd's Bush Oliver! from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Brett's Stocking from Shepherd's Bush - click for more Anna's Stocking from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Jillian's Stocking by Shepherd's Bush -- click to see more! Shepherd's Bush Thomas Stocking -- click for more Sadie's Stocking from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Jeffrey's Stocking from Shepherd's Bush - click to see more Brett's Stocking - click for a larger view Charland's Stocking from Shepherd's Bush - click for a larger view Reed's Stocking by Shepherd's Bush -- click to see more! Elizabeth's Stocking -- click for more Charles: The Stocking by Shepherd's Bush Robert's Stocking Christian's stocking Tina's stocking Bertie's stocking Sophie's stocking Peter's stocking Teri's stocking Mary's Stocking from Shepherd's Bush -- click here to see a larger view. Sheree's Stocking -- click to see a larger view Harry's Stocking from Shepherd's Bush -- click for a larger view

    some of the shepherd's bush stocking charmsHere are the available from Shepherd's Bush, so far!

    They're definitely shop favorites, quick to stitch, and good looking. Each finishes a nice 12 x18-ish inches -- big enough for a good haul from Santa! Stitched on 18ct Natural linen with size 5 Perle Cotton, each has a neat embellishment package available that adds such a special touch -- we have all the leaflets, fabric, threads and those charms available for all of these -- just choose your favorites, and let us know!

    Just put your cursor over the images to confirm their names.

    Leaflets run $8 to $10 each; charms approximately $20/pkg; and the threads vary with each: $20-$30; 1/4 Yard cut of 18ct Natural Linen runs $21.50.

    NOTE: We have moved the purchasing options for all of the Shepherd's Bush stockings over to our Christmas Stockings page. Click over to that page to choose yours!

    Making Christmas Stocking Selections? Don't miss seeing the entire collections of several different designer's talents! Christmas Stockings are an individual thing! Some want all in the family to match... some want different designs to 'match the person'... Check out our Stocking Page for lots of options!!!

    Yes, there's even more from Shepherd's Bush!     
    Click here for more from Shepherd's Bush!

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