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Buttons, Beads & Treasures

A few pictures here to tempt you! Mill Hill has a wonderful selection of buttons, beads, and glass Treasures, and we carry everything they make!
Buttons are sold indiviually:
Mill Hill brand: $2.75 each,
Debbie Mumm line: $3.00 each.
Crystal and Glass Treasures: assorted

Unsure of what you need? Call us on the toll free line: 888-543-7004, or let us know right here from the site, and we'll take care of you right away! There's a big write-in box below you can use to tell us exactly what you need.

Mill Hill Colored Bead Flier -- click to see part of one Mill Hill Colored Bead Flier
from Mill Hill
This is a fantastic color 4 page 'card' of the entire line of Mill Hill Beads! Three pages of beads -- which someone has sewn onto fabric! -- all in full color and grouped into color family order, and labeled as to color number. All the different sizes and shapes are pictured, as well as a table that tells you package size availability, and bead count!!! (We've always wanted to know how many beads are really in those little packs, but never had the patience to count them all!) Also included is a Personal Bead Inventory Sheet, so you can check off what you own, and what you need next! Best of all... this whole thing is only .50! (So pick up a bunch: one to save, one to carry around in your stitching bag, a few for friends... just don't order only one and nothing else, because the shipping will be more than the sheets!) You'll really enjoy these!

Magnifica beads from Mill Hill -- Click this image to see a larger view. Mill Hill Magnifica Beads
We have the newest line of Mill Hill beads called Magnifica Glass Beads. They are BEAUTIFUL!!! Seventy-one colors, you're going to have to have them all! They are tiny, tubular shaped glass beads that catch the light and just glisten! Larger holes make them easy to use. There will be 3 new Spring leaflets coming in a couple of weeks that are using the new beads... in the meantime, they are used in the Mill Hill needle case kits we've just gotten in. Really neat, and being received well by everyone so far!

Attention Bead-a-Holics! Mill Hill has released 33 new colors of beads! We haven't been treated to new colors of beads for at least 10 years... so this is quite the treat!!!!!I think all are $1.60 a pack... 7 new colors of the regular seed beads. 13 New colors of Antique Seed beads -- these are AWESOME, as they are matte metallic in finish. Just lovely, they all have 'Satin' in their name!!! Next, we have 5 new colors of the Petite beads, 8 new Pebble Bead colors, and one lonely size 8 color -- just a little larger than the regular size. We can't do drop downs for all 33... just thought you needed to know of their new release on the market!!! Very fun, I'd get all the Satins if I were you... as they are exquisite. Your stash can wait on the rest...!

Use the box below to tell us just which ones you'd like!

Perforated Paper... New Colors
A line of stitching paper by Mill Hill, available in 17 different colors. Perforated paper is evenly pierced with holes.. . making it 14ct, and perfect for stitching!

Years ago, Perforated Paper was used for samplers, and lots of Home Sweet Home designs... you may have seen them in antique shops. Now, Mill Hill uses Perf Paper for cross stitch and bead work! Most of their small kit lines are designed on this paper, and although you'd think paper would be flimsy, it's actually very thick and strong!

Some colors (8-17) are hand-painted; all are available in packages of two 9 x 12 sheets.

Perforated Paper by Mill Hill -- click to see the rest!

Jim Shore Flourishes Perforated Paper - click for more
Jim Shore Flourishes Perforated Paper
A lovely collection of 6 new pastel colors of 14ct perforated paper has arrived! Very soft colors, each has the faintest swirly/floral designs printed all over them... in an ever-so-slightly darker shade. I don't think our pics can show the pretty detail very well... one can only hope! Offered in 9 x 12 sheets -- two to a package.

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