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Stitching With The Housewives Rudolph & Mr Claus - click to see more Stitching With The Housewives A Merry Little Christmas - click to see more Stitching With The Housewives Presents Gingham Greetings 1 & 2 - click to see more
New November Arrivals from
  • Rudolph & Mr Claus - The next *Sip of the Season.* This features the cutest Rudolph is his Christmas flannel jammies with his hot chocolate... his *cup 'o joe!* (only it's hot in that mug, so hope Santa isn't cooking!) Cute mini-gingerbread border, notice the antlers on the snowmen? He finishes about 6 x 8 on 28ct... remember there are gunmetal colored fabric options, in case black isn't your favorite to work on.
  • A Merry Little Christmas - This one is stitched on regular 28ct fabric that Priscilla has dyed with RIT Dye color Evening Blue before she did her stitching. Finishing 7 x 7 it's worked with classic Colorworks hand-dyed flosses.
  • Gingham Greetings 1 & 2 - Finishing about 3 x 4 each, 'Priscilla-fied' cute little ornaments!

Stitching With The Housewives Up on the Housetop - click to see more Stitching With The Housewives Candy Cane Coop - click to see more Stitching With The Housewives Presents Jolly Claus and Merry Mrs Claus - click to see more
Christmas is Coming - Brought to us by Stitching With The Housewives
Well, if cooler weather is coming... maybe snow won't be too far off either... and snow means SANTA! Priscilla and Chelsea have three new designs!
  • Up on the Housetop features Santa in his sleigh. Only his reindeer are CHICKENS, and the farm truck is bringing the sleigh-overloads! Finishing about 9 inches square, choose any dark chalkboard-colored fabric you can see on to stitch this charming scene.
  • Candy Cane Coop is possibly where those 'reindeer-chickens' roost! Peppermint trees and shrubery, gingerbready colors, the featured brown color is Classic Colorworks' Brown Sugar thread. Finishing 5 x 5.
  • December's Truckin' Along has gingham Christmas trees, and finally some of the cutest little actual reindeer in there! Bright, fun Christmas colors... even a tiny scissor fob or ornament with just a light bulb or little deer would be cute! (See this one right below!)
  • Jolly Claus and Merry Mrs Claus - Each of these two measure 3 x 4 stitched on a 14/28ct. You could stitch everyone's name on them instead of Merry and Jolly... or stitch a little holiday greeting of your choice!

Stitching With The Housewives Presents Truckin' Along June - click to see more Stitching With The Housewives Presents Truckin' Along July - click to see more Stitching With The Housewives Presents Truckin' Along August - click to see more Stitching With The Housewives Presents Truckin' Along September - click to see more
Stitching With The Housewives Presents Truckin' Along October - click to see more Stitching With The Housewives Presents Truckin Along - November - click to see more Stitching With The Housewives December's Truckin' Along - click to see more Stitching With The Housewives January's Truckin' Along - click to see more
Stitching With The Housewives Presents: Truckin' Along
This cheerful little white farm truck hauling the summer strawberries is the first of 12 designs coming from Priscilla Blain of Stitching with The Housewives! The new series begins with this design - shipping to us the first week of April.

Stitch it on any black or dark gunmetal fabric you like - using Classic Colorworks hand-dyed flosses (or DMC) of Bamboo, Caramel, Queen Bee, Ribbon Red, River Rocks, Steamed Broccoli and Tea & Biscuits. Finishing approx 5 x 7 on a 14/28ct size, you'll recognize Priscilla's artwork from her collaborations with Hands On Design's Cathy Haberman!

The little strawberries scattered everywhere will make darling pincushions - especially those two at the top that have little chickens on them!

Stitching With The Housewives Santa Claus is Coming to Town - click to see more Stitching With The Housewives Boo To You - click to see more
September Releases
from Stitching With The Housewives
  • Truckin Along - November - This month's little farm truck is golden yellow - to match all the harvesting corn. The chickens are bringing their turkey friends along for the ride... corn and pumpkins everywhere! 5 x 7 on 14ct. Scroll down to see the rest of this set.
  • Boo To You - So darn cute... this one is full of single motifs that would make cute pin-cushions all gathered together in a bowl! It'll also be darling as a warning sign to early trespassers in the candy bowl before Trick or Treat! Measuring about 6 x 7, finish it flat and make sure it has a chance to do its job! Coded for Classic Colorworks and DMC flosses.
  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Finishing approx 5 x 7, this is another delightful piece of Priscilla's chart-art. The Santa holding up the tree is only about 2 x 3... he'd be a cute ornament just by himself!

Stitching With The Housewives Calvin and Trixie - click to see more Stitching With The Housewives Trick or Treat - click to see more
New Releases
Stitching With the Housewives newest three releases are darling! All are presented as charts.
  • Truckin Along - October - That perky little truck is always full of something, and covered with chickens! This month the kitty on the truck roof is so cute! A year of Vintage Trucks... we do have an auto-ship for these if you want to collect all 12 charts.
  • Trick or Treat - Tons of fun Halloween color! Between the stripes on the witch's hat, the checks on her skirt and the curly-q's holding the candy corn garland together, you almost miss the little kitty perched atop the pumpkins!
  • Calvin and Trixie - Here is the next 'Sip of the Seasons' design - that delightful black cat is holding his 'Cup-o-Joe' - only it has a little purple witch tucked inside (hopefully not swimming in hot coffee!) Stitch just the cat... or surround him with his jack-o-lantern border!

Stitching With The Housewives Clovis and Stanley - click to see more Stitching With The Housewives Calvin and Clyde - click to see more
Calvin and Clyde & Clovis and Stanley
  • Calvin and Clyde - This is super cute! Grab a blue, green or gold fabric in your stash and stitch the little scarecrow with all his garden-y pumpkins, the sunflower, kitty, another very social chicken, and that fun leafy vine. The white outline-stitching gives you the illusion of chalk-art - without stitching on the very dark gray to black fabrics. The colors all just POP because of that dividing white detail! Finishing approx 7 x 7... Hobby Lobby has that blue metal truck frame in stock NOW in the Fall aisle!
  • Clovis and Stanley - Oh gosh, this is cute - a big 'ol blackbird in the middle of the sunflowers and cornfield... he's holding a mug, and this time it has an itty bitty scarecrow in it! Too darn cute, I love the repeating squares of the corn kernels next to the bright yellow and black sunflower rounds. Lots of pretty blue fabrics on the market - we have several different count options for you!

Stitching With The Housewives Buzz of the Bees - click to see more Stitching With The Housewives Ronnie & The Bees - click to see more Stitching With The Housewives Jolly St Nick & Rudolph - click to see more
Three New Designs Arriving from Stitching With The Housewives!
  • Buzz of the Bees - Stitched on 28ct, the buzz of the bees and chirps of the chicks sound like summer! 6 x 8 In finished size, it uses Classic Colorworks hand-dyed cottons of 12 Grain, Cherry Cobbler, Ladybug, Onion Skin, Queen Bee, Rain Shower, Steamed Broccoli, Wagon Wheel and Ye Old Gold. This would be cute finished as a little block stand-up.
  • Ronnie & The Bees - A Sip of the Seasons - I think we're getting a new set of designs - Seasonal... and 'whomever' is holding a cute mug 'full of something charming!' Ronnie is a cow, she's surrounded by Summer flowers, and her mug has a bee hive in it, so her drink must be flavored with honey! She's stitched on a medium blue background and finishes about 6 x 8.
  • Jolly St Nick & Rudolph - Black is a little more challenging to stitch on, but this little guy really shows up amidst his glorious greenery and lights border. Again, finishing about 6 x 8 - check out the tiny reindeer poking out of Santa's mug! He is the cutest ever!

Stitching With The Housewives Long May She Wave - click to see more Stitching With The Housewives Sam and Liberty - click to see more
  • Sam and Liberty - Stitched on 28ct - Priscilla offers coffee-dying instructions to color and distress your fabric - this measures abut 9 x 13 and is stitched with Classic Colorworks hand-dyeds. Uncle Sam is holding a mug - with a baby eagle poking out. There are tiny quilt motifs and little flags in the background but the bitty chickens in here are the BEST - Sam has one perched on his hat.
  • Long May She Wave - A cute little blue farm truck all loaded down with summer splendor, this is stitched on any chalkboard-y/gunmetal colored fabric you can see to work on! Finishing approx 9 x 11 on 14/28ct, you are using either DMC or Classic Colorworks flosses. I love the billowy flag.

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