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Olivia Ochreleiph from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more Olivia Ochreleiph
(O Ker Leaf!) We figured that out today while we were ooogling over this new arrival in the shop! Silver Creek Samplers has delivered a lovely Fall piece! *She wears a dress of scarlet red and orange leaves from over head that sparkle with a frosty glow soon buried in a winter snow.*

Measuring approx 8 x 8-1/2 on 32ct... a whopping 17 shades of Weeks Dye Works hand-dyed cottons are called for in this! What a beautiful pillow this would make -- I like the fact that you see falling leaves before you see the verse or a dress!!!!!

My Christmas List from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more

My Christmas List
This is a charming design that speaks of lots of things -- All About Christmas. Lots and lots of words, thoughts, memories... everything trails down this 101 x 287 piece which finishes approx 6 x 18 on 32ct.

Pictures follow the sentiments... it's very nice and festive!!!! Charted for 21 shades of regular 'ol DMC floss!!!!!

Taking it E-Sea from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more Through The Storms from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more
Through The Storms and Taking it E-Sea
Silver Creek Samplers has exhibited at Market and now we have 6 new designs!!! All presented as charts, we've had Eye on the Sparrow for years and years, and are now thrilled to offer more of Diane's designs!
  • Through The Storms -- Finishing approx 7 x 7 on any 32ct you choose... Diane says this might make a really nice wedding or shower gift -- along with an umbrella!! Charted for DMC or hand-dyed flosses.
  • Taking it E-Sea -- *At the beach is where I find a place to let my soul unwind.* Finishes approx 5 x 5 on a 32ct antique ivory color ... hand-dyeds or DMC!

Mychal's Prayer from Silver Creek Samplers - click to see more Mychal's Prayer
This piece was inspired by the prayer of a Catholic Priest, Mychal Judge, who served as chaplain to the NYC Fire Dept. He was the first certified fatality of the Sept 11, 2001 attacks. *Lord send me where you want me to be... let me meet folks you want me to know... tell me the words you want me to say, and tenderly keep me out of your way.*

Finishes approx 7 x 9 on 30ct. Coded for hand-dyeds or DMC.

Liberty Hill Farm from Silver Creek Samplers - click to see more Liberty Hill Farm
Just a POP of patriotic! If you're good, you can figure out your family name in kind of the same font, and put that in here instead of Liberty Hill Farm. Then, put YOUR *family established* date there instead of 1776!

I love the cheerful border on this... finishes approx 4 x 9 on 30ct -- coded for hand-dyeds or DMC.

And The Earth Sang from Silver Creek Samplers - click to see more And The Earth Sang
Easter Morning! *An angel rolled the stone away from the tomb where Jesus lay. He is Risen was the cry as joyful praises filled the sky.*

I picture this in a Sunday School room... it finishes approx 7 x 7-1/2 on 30ct, coded for DMC or hand-dyeds.

Freedom Reigns from Silver Creek Samplers - click to see more Freedom Reigns
A country barn, the waving flag... *The bell proclaims on Liberty Hill Freedom reigns and always will.*

Finishes approx 4-1/2 x 9 on 30ct, coded for either DMC or hand-dyeds That little barn is so cute, you could live in there!! (It's just like all the gorgeous barns-turned-into-houses you see on TV!)

Garden Bliss from Silver Creek Samplers - click to see more Garden Bliss
This is a neat piece for someone who likes to Garden. The kiss of the sun for pardon, The song of the birds for mirth, One is nearer to God's Heart in a garden, than anywhere else on Earth.

Stitched on basically any fabric you like best, the stitch count on this is 109 x 108. It is coded for Weeks and Gentle Art hand-dyeds -- but you can easily sub DMCs from the cover pic if you need to. Just a cute little piece. it is offered as a chart.

Scary Things October Brings from Silver Creek Samplers - click to see more Happy Halloween from Silver Creek Samplers - click to see more Happy Halloween and Scary Things October Brings
Silver Creek Samplers has a pair of cute designs that you can add to your stitching stash for next Fall!
  • Happy Halloween -- Weeks and Gentle Art over-dyeds in this, it finishes approx 5 x 6 on 32ct. It'd be fun to add buttons and bead embellishments to, metallic in the eyes, opalescent in the ghosts, Wisper thread for the kitty... you get the idea.
  • Scary Things October Brings -- This one finishes approx 6 x 6-1/2 on 32ct, and would look good with lots of thread and embellishment creations. A neat rhyme, something like this makes a cute decoration finished into a fabric 'mat.' Just add some fabric strips and make a mini quilt hanging, only don't hang it -- just lay it on the coffee table. (Of course you have to be one of 'those people' who have empty spots in your house for that. Maybe the wall is a better idea!?)
Both are offered as charts, and will go great on so many different fabric color and count choices.

Eye on the Sparrow  from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more Eye on the Sparrow
Oh this little piece has captured my heart! A small chart offered by Silver Creek Samplers, this has been available for a while, but we finally received our finished shop model back... and I don't want to take it back to the shop! 'DO NOT WORRY' it warns... 'birds do not sow or reap, yet the Lord God feeds them.

Lets not go political here... just take comfort in *the faith part!* Its a lovely little design, and our 3 x 4-1/2 stitched piece is on 28ct Lugana over one, stuffed with lizard litter and trimmed with Crescent Colour's new cotton chenille trim! A trifle of stitched comfort!

Sweet Liber-Tea from Silver Creek Samplers - click for more
Sweet Liber-Tea
Six shades of Gentle Art Sampler Threads bring this cute design to life. *Forever we'll be strong and free, Sweet cup of Liber-Tea.*

Just something fun by Silver Creek Samplers, this measures 66 x 114 stitches. Cute finished as a sandwich-sign stand-up or a little fabric wallhanging quilt!

Dare to Fly from Silver Creek Samplers - click to see more Dare to Fly
*Life is quickly racing by... Adventures fill the open sky... Do not wait to take a try... Just be a bird and Dare to Fly* By Silver Creek Samplers, Diane based her verse on a A. A. Milne poem about 'opportunities that born and die... because you still wait and will not try...'

A small piece, it is suitable for framing, but it'd make a neat little pillow as well. Think about graduations, new jobs and moves... and even weddings. Wouldn't this be pretty personalized with the new couple's names? Instead of an outdated band sampler... with the rings stuck on there, stitch them something ALIVE and motivating! Offered as a chart, this has a stitch count of 144 x 71 and is coded for Weeks and Gentle Art hand-dyeds.

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