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A whimsical selection of assorted designs... Patti looks at life with a positive attitude, and wants you to, too!!! Many, many designs in her portfolio... I have a few of my favorites pictured here!

Over the Hill COW from SamSarah Design Studio
Over The Hills from SamSarah Design Studio
I couldn't pass these up in Patti's suite at the recent Needlework Galleria show we attended in St Charles MO. They were released as part of her Over The Hill series (see the little checkerboarded hills on them?) All presented as small charts with button embellishments, each is stitched on Weeks Dye Works 20ct Blue Jeans hand-dyed linen, and finish about 8 x 8. They call for Watercolors thread - which is a heavier pearl-cotton thread suitable for that 20ct.

If you want to make these smaller on 30 or 35ct linen, you can match the called-for DMC threads to weeks hand-dyed flosses easily. On 36ct, these will all finish about 4 x 4! (Get the patterns and then decide which way to stitch them.) Cute and cheerful, they make you smile!

Heard it Through The Grapevine, part 1 from SamSarah Design Studio
Heard it Through The Grapevine
This is a cheerful hearts and dots thing all swirled together -- stitched on 32ct Charlotte's Pink Linen by Weeks. (don't get hung up on pink... you can change that if you need to!)

Presented in only 3 parts with no embellishments, you can always add as you want to, but this is fine just the way it is. Stitch the alphabet letters or make up a message of your own to spell in here! The entire design finishes approx 18 x 7.

Heard it Through The Grapevine from SamSarah Design Studio Be aware that each portion CAN stand alone if you aren't doing the whole alphabet... so don't feel like you have to buy all three of these to get the full charm and impact of the design! We're doing an auto-ship for charts two and three -- in case you want them all.

Halloween Party from SamSarah Design Studio Halloween Party
Sam Sarah has a couple of colorful new designs that are small enough for pretty pin cushions!!!!! Offered as charts with a few button embellishments, what I love best are the colors in both! Patti shows these finished with large frames and a huge quilted finish... but really, they are small designs, and they would be CHARMING finished just as little cushion pillows with some bumpy ball fringe trim or tassels, or something like that. You can get by with 9 x 9 cuts of the Peoria Purple in either 30 or 32ct for either, and there is virtually no difference in seeing the 30 vs 32ct.

Halloween Happy is stitched on Week's (30 or 32ct) Peoria Purple Linen with 5 shades of DMC or hand-dyeds. It finishes just under 5 inches square. Can you see the buttons? Stars in the background, the bat on the ghost arm and heart on the cat.

Vote from SamSarah Design Studio Indivisible from SamSarah Design Studio I Pledge Allegiance from SamSarah Design Studio
Vote * Indivisible * I Pledge Allegiance
Sam Sarah has three designs that are very timely and I thought these would present well together! All offered as charts, each comes with a small button or two. How about a bowl of Political Pin Cushions??? Choose some Lady Dot Creates Union, Sizzle, Vintage, Snow or Vanilla Ball Fringe or chenille to trim these -- get the trim and then match your hand-dyed threads for the set!
  • VOTE -- 30Ct Havana Weeks Linen, this fits into a 4-inch tart tin you can find in a kitchen store -- and will make a cute round cushion as well. Can you see from the pic how Patti stitched the hand-dyeds in the squares in a square rotation -- so that she didn't have horizontal shaded lines in this? She wanted the shading to follow the square shape. Chart comes with a small red heart button.
  • Indivisible -- Weeks 30ct Light Khaki Linen, this one finishes approx 3 x 7. The chart includes three bitty buttons.
  • I Pledge Allegiance -- Stitched on Week's Dye Works 30ct Periwinkle Linen with over-dyed flosses, there are 5 star buttons included with the chart. Finishes approx 6 x 3-1/2.

Steam Punk Bumble Bee from SamSarah Design Studio Steam Punk Dragonfly from SamSarah Design Studio
Steam Punk Dragonfly & Bumble Bee
Two of SamSarah's animal designs that seem to be made of scrap metals, these are colorful and funky!

Offered as charts with a tiny smattering of bitty buttons, each is stitched on hand-dyed Weeks 32ct linen and finish about 6 x 6. Coded for Weeks flosses or regular DMC, I think these would make cute bedroom door signs!!!

Steam Punk Sparrow from SamSarah Design Studio
Steam Punk Sparrow
A companion to the Steam Punk Sea Serpent, this little guy is supposed to remind you that he is welded together from metal junk-yard parts. Finishing about 7 x 6 on Weeks 30ct Scuppermong Linen, he is so full of color and personality!

He'd make a fun pillow all decked out with wacky trims, but he's cute hanging from his junkyard hardware as well. Chart comes with 6 tiny buttons -- 5 for his tail and his heart!

Over the Hill Birds & Bees from SamSarah Design Studio Over the Hill Patriot from SamSarah Design Studio Over the Hill - Patriot and Birds & Bees
Sam Sarah Studio is beginning a new set of designs that she is presenting in chart format with a small packet of button embellishments. Named 'Over the Hill' because each as a 'hill' shape near the bottom of the design, she is presenting them on Weeks 20ct Blue Jeans Linen and stitching them with hand-dyed Caron Collection Watercolors thread. They finish approx 8 x 8 if you choose the large count fabric.

NOW... you CAN stitch these with regular DMC floss, or find some pretty hand-dyed flosses already in your stash... and choose Week's 30ct linen of the same colors to make them smaller (5 x 5-ish.)

The larger version uses the same scroll hanging hardware that her Something Wicked Mystery Sampler used -- so if you have that already, take if off your Halloween piece and use it for these. If you opt for the smaller linen, maybe a stand-up cube for finishing???

Anyway, Watercolors, Linen and Charts are all offered separately, so you can choose options.

Snow Magical from SamSarah Design Studio Snow Magical
Patti from SamSarah has a fun new design that is worked on the new Polka Dot Belfast Linen. Mr Snow Magical is stitched with Weeks Dye Works or DMC flosses... the white dots are already on that 32ct dusty blue linen... just ignore them!! (Their job is to look cute at the end!) He has a few Rhodes stitches in his belly - I think they kind of accent those polka dots!

After he is finished, garnish with the 4 stars, hem him, and hang him on the 6-inch metal hanger that is INCLUDED in the chart! Snow Magical finishes 6-inches square, very, very cute!

Home for Christmas from SamSarah Design Studio Home for Christmas
Here's a delighfully cheerful banner that should welcome everyone home for Christmas!! Stitched on Weeks Dye Works 30ct Red Pear Linen in only 8 shades of Weeks (Aztec Red, Goldenrod, Grits, Havana, Island Breeze, Meadow, Morris Blue and Periwinkle) or DMC flosses, there are a few button garnishes on here, but you could always come up with more!

I love the curvy house and the tree, everything looks so happy and whimsical... it just makes you smile. Stitched size is approx 7 x 9, the snowflake hanger-topper is available separately if you choose that finishing option. Offered as a leaflet.
Don't miss Patti's other new things... including two new Christmas stockings.

Steampunk Sea Serpent from SamSarah Design Studio Steampunk Sea Serpent
Gosh, this is really different, really creative, and maybe perfect for someone a little creative in your life! Stitched on 32ct Parchment Weeks linen -- you could even get bold and choose a COLOR here -- this little nuts and bolts guy finishes approx 6 inches in size and is shown hanging from his very own metal gears hanger.

He would be really cool if you added some metallics or beads to him as well... check-out his light bulb/headlight and the little propeller off his tail! There is a small button packet that offers the bubbles coming from his mouth and the heart on the weathervane. Great colors, cute subject, offered in leaflet format with hanger separate.

Whooo Owl Stockings from SamSarah Design Studio Not Even a Mouse from SamSarah Design Studio Not Even a Mouse and Whooo Owl Stockings
Sam Sarah has two new stockings to add to her set of 8 others! These are all stitched on Weeks 20ct Hand-dyed linen -- all in different colors. Patti uses Watercolors hand-dyed Perle Cotton for these... that it what makes all the colors *move* in these. Quite on the contemporary side of stocking designs... these are a fun option, and there are enough for an entire family!

Mouse and Owl join, Kitty, Puppy, Nick, Cocoa, Snowkids, Ornaments, Sugarplums and Reindeer. The names are spelled out in alphabet buttons... these are wood with paper letters, but Just Another Button Company has letter 'tiles' almost like Scrabble letters. They look great on these stockings, 4 different colors... we special order your name's letters. Pattern suggests 2 inches of fabric around design -- a little easier on Santa's budget! Whooo has 4 tiny black buttons in those eyes... big beads will work as well.

Nick & Chip Stocking from SamSarah Design Studio - click for more
Nick & Chip Stocking
Sam Sarah's 5th Christmas Stocking, this one is for the 'Cool Dude' of the House! So many times, stockings really don't offer your boys a dignified option!!! This one is perfect! The Dude and The Man... this is stitched on Week's Dye Works 20ct Mocha Linen with one strand of Caron Collection's Hand-dyed Watercolors thread. Watercolors is similar to size 5 Perle Cotton, and is hand-dyed, giving you all those subtle color variations.

As with all the other stockings... stitch and garnish with clay alphabet letters spelling the special name. This one features a few package buttons, too! Sam Sarah has a really nice collection of non-gender and age-specific designs for stockings... check 'em out on our stockings page!

When Pigs Fly! from SamSarah Design Studio When Pigs Fly! from SamSarah Design Studio
Well here is the perfect thing for the pessimist in your life! Sam Sarah has taken her metal Stix... last time we had flying fish stuck on them... and now she'd added Pigs! Stitched on Weeks 30ct Confederate Grey hand-dyed linen in just 5 shades of floss (Grits, King Mackerel, Peach Fuzz, Hibiscus and Whiskey) you could frame them... but they really DO fly perched atop their Sam Sarah Stix!

Offered as a leaflet, there is a bitty bag of blue button embellishments for their tummies. VERY unique and cute... if you know someone who's doing a nursery in pigs (people do the strangest things!)... you could even stitch a birth announcement on the back of one of these! Or... of course... commemorate any occasion that is marked with the promise of 'When Pigs Fly!' Baby Spiral Pig is approx 3-1/2 x 4-1/2. Middle Heart Pig is about 4-1/2 x 5, and the Big Polka Dot Pig is 5 x 6. Three 10 x 10-inch fabric cuts will do nicely... so order fabric cuts -- one to a pig!

Happy Dance from SamSarah Design Studio Happy Dance
from SamSarah Design Studio
Sam Sarah is doing the Happy Dance!!! To celebrate her 15 years in business, she has designed us the most cheerful piece -- it's stitched on the brand new Zweigart Petit Point White/Natural 30ct Belfast Linen using Weeks flosses!!!

Offered as the chart, with the new linen and a fun little 7-inch metal and wooden hanger piece, there is also a trio of heart button embellishments. You'll need the 10 overdyed or DMC flosses from your stash for the stitching. The whole thing is super-cute and finishes approx 7 x 8-ish. Just brings a smile to your face!

Ten X the Fun - 1 of 10 from SamSarah Design Studio Ten X the Fun - Easter Bunny's Carrot Farm 7 of 10 from SamSarah Design Studio
Ten X the Fun!
Oh.... more fun panels for your Sam Sarah Perpetual Calendar... or use these just by themselves for the fun of it! You'll recognize the stand and backing cards that Patti used in her calendar series... (You could even use the backsides of the 50 cards you already have!) This is series of 10 leaflets is now complete. The first to release was a set of 5 Halloween Hats. Stuff 'em, make ornaments, stitch them on one piece of fabric -- anything you want! Worked in Weeks Dye Works flosses, each measures only about 2-1/2 x 3 or 4 inches in size.

Happy Celebration!
Here's a cute set of cupcakes to celebrate whatever you need them to! The final installment in Sam Sarah's 10 X The Fun Series... these have all featured the perpetual calendar frame and finishing cards that Patti used this earlier this past year. We can send more cards if you like, and since these are shown on 14ct brown Perforated Paper, we can send more of that, too, if you need it (two 9 x 12 sheets per package). You decide!

Grow Up! from SamSarah Design Studio - click for more

Grow Up!
COLOR, and more color, this is stitched on 30ct linen in Crescent and Week's flosses.

Finishing approx 6 x 11, it's cute with or without the pink and white button garnishes.

Happy Easter Bunny from SamSarah Design Studio - click for more

Happy Easter (Or Birthday) Bunny
This little guy is busy gathering festive eggs for his basket and ignoring his carrot garden! Stitched on Week's 30ct Grasshopper Linen with Week's overdyed flosses, he finishes a whopping 6 x 11.

The button embellishments trim the flower centers and those bitty carrots.

Hare Line from SamSarah Design Studio - click for more Hare Line
A darling row of chubby bunnies and equally as chubby carrots... this is stitched on 28ct Woodlawn hand-dyed linen... but if that is not available to you, 30ct Guacamole would be great, as well!

Published in 2005, this is still cute for the Season! Button available separately.

The Witch's Hat from SamSarah Design Studio - click for more The Witch's Hat
One of Sam Sarah's newest releases, this is SO CUTE! Stitched on 30ct Weeks Guacamole using Weeks hand-dyed cottons (DMC conversions included), the colors in this are rich and dusty at the same time. Bright Leaf, Deep Sea, Kohl, Peoria Purple, Seaweed and Scuppernong to name a few, there are also some special stitches scattered about for extra interest.

Swirled Stem Stitches on the ghost, Satins and Smrynas in the hat, one of the stars has French Knots... but you could always do some matte finished beads instead. Real cute, offered as the leaflet with clay and linen separately.

The Witch's Broom from SamSarah Design Studio - click for more
The Witch's Broom from SamSarah Design Studio - click for more The Witch's Broom
This is OVER-THE-TOP *cute and unique!* New from Sam Sarah, it is a witch's broom stick stitched over 2 threads on 18 or 20ct linen, and embellished with miniature stitched ornaments. The model measures an incredible 4 inches wide by 48 inches tall!!! (Ours is shown here horizontally... because it'd stretch halfway down your page if we didn't!)

It's perfect for any one of those skinny walls you have in your house between doorways or someplace like that. Basically, the broom is stitched in overdyeds, and then you stitch as many of the 13 -- 2 x 2-ish motifs, to embellish where ever you want to! The little ornaments are worked on various colors of Weeks linen -- Peoria Purple, Pumpkin and Guacamole -- and you can tell from the pic that they have done some of the same motifs on different colors of fabric.

This is SO neat and different... it is charming, imaginative, and enchanting! Offered as the leaflet, fabrics and clay embellishments are offered separately. (Check your thread and fabric stash for anything fun for the little ornaments! Our model will be on 18ct Natural Linen, and the 30ct for ornaments. ) Get busy, so you're ready for Halloween!

Three Carrots from SamSarah Design Studio - click to see more Three Carrots
Here's a trio of plump carrots dressed up for the Spring! Fun geometric patterns inside the carrots, the button garnishes add quite the festive touch. What is interesting, however, is the finishing. NOTHING fancy, but how eye catching! Each linen piece is simply turned under, than tacked onto a piece of Weeks Dye Works wool -- and crooked at that!

What a fun way to address these! You can make funky little doorknob hangers all over the place! Each carrot measures approx 40 x 69 stitches -- so fabric choice determines final size! Get creative and make 24... Karots!

Treasure Me! from Sam Sarah -- click to see lots more Treasure Me!
Oh my gosh... is this the cutest birth announcement??? Something so 'little boy' that can hang in his room for years and years!!! Your little pirate is stitched in overdyeds on 28ct linen, and finishes approx 6 x 6.

There are alphabet letters and numbers included for your personalization... and we have the darling set of button embellishments as well. You get a sailboat, dragonfly, buzzard, and some gold coins -- the pirates bounty! Offered as a leaflet with claypack.

Sweet, Sweet Babe from Sam Sarah -- click to see lots more Sweet, Sweet Babe
I LOVE this soft, cheerful, colorful, delicate little piece!!! Stitched on 28ct in soft pastel shades of lavender, moss, buttermilk and rose overdyeds, it welcomes the newest lady to your family! Finishing approx 6-1/2 x 6-1/2, it features a set of clay buttons... a bumble bee, lavender rose, and three tiny posy flowers. Very sweet and fresh!

Here I Am! from Sam Sarah -- click to see lots moreHere I Am! Here I Am!
Simple and sweet... the verse says it all! Offered as a leaflet with all the necessary buttons -- in both color options, -- this is stitched in your choice of boy or girl colors, and finishes approx 5 x 5.

Cute and contemporary, this is quite finishable, so will present nicely as a special baby gift. We have extra clay packs available for this leaflet, in case you are experiencing a 'baby boom!'

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