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Nora Corbett... of Miribilia Fame...
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Browse along through our pictures of Nora's Reindeer, Fairies and Trees... all are graceful, sparkly and festive! Offered as individual charts -- or sometimes as kits -- the designs featured on this page are much smaller in size than Nora's original Miribilia designs.

Most range in the 7 x 7 size, so for the average stitcher, they are FINISHIBLE! Lovely colors, flowing gowns and greenery, the beads, glass Treasures and metallic braids in each just add to their elegance!

Royal Games II from Mirabilia -- click to see a more Royal Games I from Mirabilia -- click to see a more The Royal Games
The Girls have shown up for a evening of elegance and cards! Miribilia has two new charts -- Royal Games I and II. Just lovely... choose your ladies in their spectacular dress.

Presented as charts, each pair finishes approx 8 x 12 on 32ct white, is stitched with DMC floss, and garnished with bits of #4 metallic braid and some glass seed beads. *Off with their heads!... Let them eat cake... Bow Down!... Kiss the Ring!*

Miss Christmas Eve by Mirabilia -- click to see a more
Miss Christmas Eve
Such a pretty piece to decorate for The Holidays, Miss Christmas Eve is stitched on 32ct Desert Sand linen in DMC cottons and Waterlilies silks. Garnished with 9 different Mill Hill beads and treasures, she finishes approx 10 x 14.

Always that flowing dress, always the elegant color shading... just a really pretty piece! Offered as the chart, we have the various glass embellishments packaged with it.

Nora Corbett Greeting Cards -- click to see a more
Nora Corbett Greeting Cards
WOW... we have two more stunning collections of blank-inside greeting cards decorated with the original artwork of Nora Corbett -- they are her handpainted studies BEFORE she charted her works into Cross Stitch!

The beginnings of what become our stitched masterpieces, each image includes the original sketchmarks, the paper folds and graph lines!!!
  • *The Holly Pixie Couture Collection of flower fairies is just gorgeous!
  • *Christmas Eve Couriers are some of the reindeer and Santa's Sleigh...

Nora Corbett Greeting Cards -- click to see a more Each set contains 12 blank-inside cards with envelopes -- 2 each of 6 different designs. Cards measure 5 x 7 in size. If you've stitched one of these designs -- it would be really cool to attach the card to the back of your framed piece! Otherwise... your friends all KNOW you stitch... dazzle them with stitchery on your cards!

Mirabilia Stationery Blue Set -- click to see a more
Mirabilia Stationery
My goodness... these are STUNNING blank-inside stationery cards featuring images *the preliminary studies* of the ORIGINAL artwork of Nora Corbett's Mirabilia designs! 12 of Nora's favorite designs are featured -- each package has 3 cards of 4 designs each. She watercolored or sketched each of her designs first -- and THESE ARE IMAGES of that work.

Simply gorgeous.. they're too pretty to use! (Except that you have to... because other stitchers LOVE getting these kinds of things!) Very heavy cardstock, plain envelopes... I love, love, love these!

Nora Cobett's Santa - click to see more Santa
Oh my gosh, you can't help but smile and get a warm, happy feeling when you see this jolly Santa! Everything about this year's Santa is elegant and festive. The holly background is perfect against the rich red and golds of Santa's brocade coat. *His Nordic mittens hold sparkling gifts wrapped in shiny bows. Gold brocade adorns his jolly coat, and his beads glitter in the winter moonlight.*

Offered as a chart, Santa is stitched on 32ct French Lace Linen in 37 regular shades of DMC flosses. He is garnished with 5 different colors of Mill Hill beads. Since he is almost all solid stitching, you DO have fabric options if you don't want the linen, or think another color will do. (The only place you see the fabric showing is between the holly leaves!) Just beautiful, he finishes approx 8 x 11. See the tag on the gift? There is no recipient listed on there... you might need to take care of that!!!

Winter White Santa from Mirabilia - click for more Winter White Santa
Mirabilia's 100th design, this is an elegant Santa with a candy-cane-red scarf and flowing robes. Always the Mirabilia Trademark 'movement' and shading, this piece features a 3/4 inch crystal embellishment for the little tree topper.

It comes with the chart... and not offered separately. (So don't lose it, and don't loan the chart!) DMC flosses, metallics and beads... on 32ct Twilight Blue it finishes approx 13 x 17. Elegant!

Nora Corbett Letter W Leaflet - click for more Nora Corbett Letter X Leaflet - click for more Letters from Nora Corbett Z -- click to see more
Letters from Nora Corbett
Oh wow... this is a new set of alphabet letters... graced by fairies! By Mirabilia's Nora Corbett, each letter is offered as an individual leaflet and is coded for Crescent Colours overdyed flosses, bits of Kreinik #4 metallic braid and Mill Hill beads. So far, we have A -- Annabelle, B -- Beatrix, and C -- Cassandra... a tiny story about each is included inside the leaflet!

All are stitched on 32ct Waterlily Belfast Linen... I don't know if that'll change, but in looking at the first three... I think lots of different colors would be pretty for these. They finish approx 5-1/2 x 7-1/2. Really pretty, I understand that each letter will look different, as these first three already do, and the set will gradually release over the next 15 to 18 months. (We're not going to begin an auto-ship on these... as 18 months is just too long to keep credit card and address information current for the next release. We'll keep you posted!)

Letters from Nora Corbett F -- click to see more Letters from Nora Corbett G -- click to see more Letters from Nora Corbett I -- click to see more Letters from Nora Corbett N -- click to see more Letters from Nora Corbett O -- click to see more Letters from Nora Corbett Q -- click to see more Letters from Nora Corbett T -- click to see more Letters from Nora Corbett U -- click to see more Nora Corbett Letter V Leaflet - click for more

Christmas Eve Couriers Rudolph from Mirabilia -- click to see more Christmas Eve Couriers Prancer from Mirabilia -- click to see more Christmas Eve Couriers Comet from Mirabilia -- click to see more Christmas Eve Couriers Donner from Mirabilia -- click to see more Christmas Eve Couriers Dancer from Mirabilia -- click to see more Christmas Eve Couriers Blitzen from Mirabilia -- click to see more Christmas Eve Couriers Vixen from Mirabilia -- click to see more Christmas Eve Couriers Cupid from Mirabilia -- click to see more Christmas Eve Couriers Dasher from Mirabilia -- click to see more Christmas Eve Couriers Santa's Sleigh from Mirabilia -- click to see more
Christmas Eve Couriers
May we present a most charming set of Santa's Reindeer??? By Mirabilia's Nora Corbett, this is an exquisite set of charts -- each of one of Santa's devoted reindeer -- dressed and ready for Christmas Eve's Special Deliveries!!! 'On Dasher, On Dancer, On Prancer and Vixen... On Comet, On Cupid, On Donner and Blitzen...' Comet, Prancer finish the set!

Nora has designed this lovely set of reindeer, that each share the same stitch count, so therefore, the same finished size of approx 5 x 6-1/4 on 32ct. Beautiful DMC colors, each features some Rainbow Gallery Wisper thread -- for deer tails, bits of metallic, and Mill Hill glass beads and treasure embellishments for some extra sparkle! Choose Twilight Blue as your fabric... we have it in several counts.

The little reindeer are colorful and charming... very festive! In my minds eye, I see Dasher and Donner as a set, Dancer and Blitzen as a pair -- because of their trees, and Vixen and Cupid together. Of course, you can choose any that you want, and certainly all 8! They are elegant... wouldn't they be pretty pillows on your chairs this year? Offered as charts with embellishments (intact packages of the beads, treasures and whole spools of the metallics) offered separately. Just put your cursor over each image to see its name.

Mirabilia Miss New Years Fairy Kit
The Limited Edition Fairy Holiday Collection
These special edition kits designed by Mirabilia's Nora Corbett, depict a delicate, feminine fairies! The Christmas Elf Fairy is the first of six limited edition designs by Nora Corbett (for Hoffman distributing -- one of our suppliers) and showcases the gorgeous hand-dyed floss by Crescent Colours."

The complete kits contain the pattern, complete packages of Mill Hill beads, Rainbow Gallery Wisper, 11 5yd skeins of Crescent Colours overdyed floss, an 11 x 14 cut of 32ct Natural Belfast linen, and a bit of Kreinik #4 Braid. All finish approx 5-1/2 x 8, and are just lovely!

Since there are going to be six in this series, and they are offered on a limited basis... we're going to begin an auto-ship on these. I have no details on the others yet... but expect they'll follow in this same format during 2006. As always, with any of our autos... you can change your mind at some point and begin to take them, or stop shipments to catch up on stitching!!!

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