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Ghoulies & Ghosties from Just Nan - click to see a larger view Ghoulies & Ghosties
Shipping to us the 4th week of August, we expect a great new release of Nan's Halloween and Christmas designs! Ghoulies and Ghosties is a colorful piece... kind of a spindly 'tree' of Halloween silliness... it's full of bright oranges, yellows, slime green, black, white and purple. All of Nan's favorite creatures are in this one, the little swirly ghosts, the HUGE spider, the funky witch, it's just darling.

We're planning on finishing our shop model into a Tall Triangle Stand-up, with a big, lavish topper. Ghoulies and Ghosties looks to finish approx 5 x 9, and is stitched on 28ct Country French Cappuccino Linen in DMC's or an awesome selection of silks!

Christmas Ribbons from Just Nan - click to see a larger view Christmas Ribbons
Nan's 2007 Christmas Band Sampler, is stitched in Weeks overdyed flosses, bits of #4 metallic Braid, and #8 Perle Cottons. The satin-y flowers, the lacy trees, all is garnished with lots of tiny gold beads. I don't know the design size yet, or any stitch details... so all we have at the moment is this tiny teaser pic!

Very Classic Nan... something elegant to dress your home for the Holidays! Offered as the leaflet with embellishments, this is stitched on 28ct Light Mocha Cashel Linen.

Bellemeade from Just Nan -- click to see a larger view Bellemeade
Just Nan's third breathtaking seasonal manor house sampler has also arrived. I would be thrilled to live at Bellemeade, Winterhaven or Silkwood Manor... but I'm not so sure I could afford the mortgage!!! Straight from Nan's creative imagination comes this exquisite study in brilliant, rich summer color, gardens full of ripe strawberries and graceful wildflowers, morning glories and ladybugs, running rabbits and a swan swimming in the pond, and stitch after special stitch!!!

A commanding piece, Bellemeade finishes approx 9-1/2 x 13. Stitched in an incredible assortment of silks and some pretty wools, the thread assortment includes enough to stitch the tiny 3 x 3 matching needle case piece, as well. (It features that pretty swan in the pond!)

Lovely borders and motifs, the verse reads While summer days are long and sweet, with blossoms ever new, I'll show to others of my time, what clever hands can do. Offered as the chart with overdyed silk, beads and gold butterfly charm; silks and linen offered separately. I just love this!!!

Making Friends by Just Nan -- click to see more Making Friends
Just like Frightful... this is a tiny collection of tiny pieces... they go together... but individually... they fit perfectly into their own little Just Nan Whimzi Frames!!! Are you watching that little snowman making another??? Each square of the main design tells a part of the Making Friends story! Garnished with a central snowflake embellishment, it's a challenge to see where the stitches stop and the embellishment begins!

Ariel from Just Nan -- click to see lots more Ariel
Just Nan has released her 15th angel... and this time... we have a border that surrounds Ariel, and all of her predecessors! Offered as a leaflet, Ariel is the same petite and delicate angel Nan has always designed for us.

Her border is universal to the rest of the angels, and the leaflet supplies color conversions for highlights in that border, so it will compliment the angel of your choice!!! Ariel is also another angel option for the center of Nan's Angel Stocking design!

M.O.E. aka: Merry Old Elf from Just Nan -- click to see lots more
M.O.E. aka: Merry Old Elf
Our Merry companion to J.O.E... this year's little Santa is framed in a Whimzi Frame that is garnished with a cute Ginger Boy handmade clay cookie!

MOE is offered as a small chart, just like JOE... and will be perfect on your tree!

CrowJackers from Just Nan -- click to see lots more CrowJackers
Just Nan's 2006 set of little, scary Halloween characters... we get a witch, ghost and tiny Trick-or-Treater all perched on black crows. Check out that little clinging ghost!!!

Darling 2-inch designs, each is shown in Just Nan's Whimzi Frames.

Offered as the chart, the Crowjackers are stitched in either silk or DMC... and we have the silk set available if you like!

Snowfaces -- click for moreSnowfaces
Oh my gosh... this is a DARLING 4-way snowman scene... I love the colors, I love the design, and I love the Whimzi frame they're in! Nan has such a fun way with this kind of thing! Snowfaces is offered as a small pattern pack.

Flying Colors -- click for moreFlying Colors
Nan's newest Lessons on Linen pattern... these are designed to be taught as shop classes, if desired. Nan has designed the butterfly that is full of special stitches for interest and texture. However, in a class format, you never have enough time to complete the main project, sometimes mis-count... and sometimes ruin the main piece.

The Lessons on Linen designs offer step-by step stitching guides, and a smaller companion design to the main one that offers all the same techniques and stitches the larger, main design does... but it's delivered in a more class-room-friendly manner. So... you get two for one!!!

Top of Form 4 Flying Colors is stitched in a pretty palette of soft greens, lavenders and blues... and clear pinks! I think my pic looks a bit on the peachy-side... but wanted you to know that this is definitely roses and pinks! The silk package contains whole skeins of 17 different colors -- perhaps you have a stitching friend to split the pack with?

Frightful from Just Nan -- click to see more new designs Frightful
A four-patch of Halloween delight... this is a charming design that is full of bright greens, oranges and purples. One of Nan's 5 new patterns that have just arrived, your stash is definitely falling behind... as you need all of these! (The thread pack of silks you'll need is also the same one that Nan's Moonriders pattern uses -- double use out of the same threads!!)

Offered as a leaflet, the little ghost is stitched into every scene, and the featured charm in the main design. Finishing approx 5 x 5 on 28ct, each smaller ornament measures approx 2 x 2. So cute... Nan has a way with Halloween stuff... great color and really cute little witch, ghost and pumpkin faces!!! Check out Moonriders, too!

Moon Riders Moon Riders Moon Riders
Moon Riders
Gosh... a trio of Halloween ornaments that are full of color and charm! A matching look to our Exclusive TreatORTreat Box that's coming in late August, these three designs are featured in Just Nan's WhimZi Frames!

Offered as the chart of all three, these are stitched on 32ct Natural Linen in the MOST DELICIOUS shades of Au Ver A Soie Silk threads, or DMC flosses, if you'd rather. Hot pinks, oranges, limes, bits of yellow, purple and black, the silk set has enough to stitch the main companion piece to Moon Riders -- which is entitled Frightful! (Frightful is being released in August... so if you get these threads now, you'll be ready when that comes out!) Moon Riders each finish 2 x 2, and are shown in some of Nan's new frames, in case you still have one in your stash.

Moon Riders-Frightful Silk Set -- click for more

Jolly Old Elf
Affectionately called JOE! Nan's little Santa face is offered as a chart, stitched on your choice of 28 or 32ct linen in bits of DMC floss and metallics, and is tucked into the gold embossed WhimZi Frame, new this year!

Really cute, small, quick, and classy... your tree needs this guy! The model also features a tiny painted holly charm that is optional on the frame! (JOE looks great in the silver frame with the silver charm as well!)

Jolly Old Elf -- click for more

Cherish from Just Nan - click to see more Ariel from Just Nan -- click to see lots more Hope -- click to see a larger view    Flora -- click to see a larger view    Serafina Angel from Just Nan -- click for a larger view   Liberty Homeland Angel from Just Nan -- click for a larger view   Grace from Just Nan -- click for a larger view   Angel Celeste from Just Nan Felicity, Just Nan's new angel -- click here to see a larger view. Angel Gloriana from Just Nan Angel Joy from Just Nan Angel Angelique from Just Nan Angel Serena from Just Nan Angel Gabriella from Just Nan Angel Evangeline from Just Nan

Baby Garden
Nan and John became grandparents on August 6th of last year, and this darling sampler commemorates little Victor! Oh gosh, his baby garden features his cradle, room for his name, a clock for his time of birth, and tons of little critters! Stitched on 28ct Natural linen, using 8 different stitches, you'll find all sorts of treasures tucked into this!
Victor has a fish pond, lots of flowers and trees, bunnies (the featured embellishment is a hand-painted bunny Charmbead), assorted bugs, frogs, birds and a nest, squirrels, kitties (Grandma's favorite animals), a turtle, spider and even a little lizard!!! What a lucky kid!!! Baby Garden finishes approx 10 x 5, and is full of Just Nan detail and elegance! Offered as a leaflet with coordinating embellishment pack, it's stitched with your stash of DMC flosses!

Baby Garden by Just Nan -- Click to see a larger view

Nan's second limited edition mansion sampler is here!!! After months of waiting, this is just such a treat to hold! A beautiful lacy, beaded border surrounds bands of special stitches and tiny animal details. Stitched on 28ct Flax Cashel Linen in scrumptious colors of mauve, blue, taupe, greens... the silk package offered is too pretty to open and use! Finishing approx 13 x 9, there are several different types of silks, Accentuate brand metallics and a bit of Londonderry linen thread used, but there are options for DMC floss as well, if you prefer. Embellishments include seed beads and a 1-inch square lacy metal frame charm that is featured above the mansion.

Check out the pic of the coordinating scissor slide! The reindeer charmbead is offered separately. (The little reindeers will arrive sometime next week... so will ship separately.) You'll need extra linen and a bit of green floss.

Just Nan Winterhaven -- click to see more

Ghastly, Ghostly Ghouls!

I'm thinking this is a delightful seasonal companion piece to Nan's High Hopes design! GGG is a delightful design that finishes approx 4-1/2 x 4-1/2 on 28ct Cobblestone Cashel Linen, and features the one-inch miniature pewter coffin charm which actually opens to reveal the dead skeleton inside!!! (Dead skeleton, I guess, is redundant, isn't it?)

Absolutely over-the-top with rich reds, oranges, rusts, chartreuse, and purples, the spooky Halloween garden is filled with spiders, ghosts, cats and toads... quite different than the spring garden of High Hopes!!! Available as the leaflet with the coffin charm, this is absolutely charming... and you need it! Silks or DMCs are called for... whichever you wish!

Just Nan Ghastly, Ghostly Ghouls! -- click to see more

Witch Way
Nan's Halloween piece for 2003 is here, along with several other new designs! Darling, darling, Witch Way is full of bright oranges, copper, yellows, golds, slime-lime greens, purple, deep blue and of course, black! Stitched in either silk or DMC flosses, and finishing approx 6 x 6 on 28ct, there are a few special stitches included in the witch's broom and hair for added texture and interest -- although there is plenty going on to delight the eye!

Witch Way by Just Nan -- click to see the silk pack, too
The little witch is casting a spell into her cauldron, the ghosts are holding Jack 'O Lanterns, and check out the teeny toads in there! The center embellishment is a 1/2-inch pewter witch charm that has been painted with a lime green face, purple cape, black dress and orange broom... and no, it doesn't look at all like Nan!!! Definitely a 'happening little piece', a purple mat or pillow would be stunning, too! We have the special 15-reel silk-pack available for Witch Way... everything needed to stitch the piece... Access Commodities packaged it so beautifully, you'll hate to open it to stitch! Click the image at right to see it all.

Silk Threads for Just Nan's Ice Garden and Common Ground -- click to see a larger view Ice Blossom by Just Nan -- Click to see a larger view Ice Blossom
Such a delicate and lacy snowflake... this glistens with silver crystal beads, white pearls, and some fire-polished Swarovski crystal beads! Stitched on 28ct Smokey Pearl Cashel Linen -- a dusky denim blue -- this is a study in monochromatic elegance! Finishing approx 7 x 7, it's stitched in luscious silks for an elegant presentation, and features Frosty Lavender Waterlilies and opalescent metallic filament.

Seven different stitches, along with the beads and crystals, there is lots of texture and interest here! Hang it where a light will catch it! Offered as a leaflet with embellishment pack, the silk set and linen are available separately.

High Hopes
High Hopes grow here! I don't know if that's what the kitty at the garden gate is thinking about those birds he's watching... but I certainly have high hopes when I plant things in my garden! A beautiful garden scene, complete with the fence, birdhouse, beehive, and even a painted birdbath charm embellishment, this is stuffed with teeny floral details! Finishing approx 6 x 6 on 28ct Natural Linen, I think this is a delightfully cheerful little garden! Available as a leaflet, one of two new designs to be released April 29th.

High Hopes -- click to see this and the other new design


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