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Ann Emptage from Milady's Needle - click for more Jeny Brimer from Milady's Needle - click for more

Two New Designs from Milady's Needle
  • Jeny Brimer - A sweet sampler done by a young Scottish girl in the 17th or 18th century. Stitched on 40 count, the design size is 7" x 8."
    The stitch count is 140 x 154.
  • Ann Emptage 1845 - Ann Emptage, born in 1837, came from a family that had many accomplished stitchers. She may have learned stitching from her mother, or may have learned it at the National School in Birchington, Kent.
    Stitched on 40 count, the design size is 15" x 18."
    The stitch count is 299 x 354. Beautifully charted and packaged!
Mary Ann Carrington 1834 from Milady's Needle - click for more
Mary Ann Carrington 1834
At first this sampler looks very balanced, simple and organized... but upon checking the chart, you'll discover that it is not symetrical, and there are lots of tiny one-over-one stitched motifs. Not hard... just don't lose count!!! Charted for silks or DMC flosses, the entire piece measures 194 x 189, and the model finished under 10 x 10 because it was worked on 40ct.

Gloria couldn't find any specific info on Mary Ann Carrington -- so just a pretty remembrance of a stitcher from yesterday! Offered as a chart.

M Woods 1759 from Milady's Needle - click for more M Woods 1759
This is a reproduction of a charming antique sampler stitched (most likely) in Norfolk Va. (You can see the pic of the original on the back cover of the chart.) A petite 10-3/4 x 8-1/2 in size, it is so colorful and packed full of balanced motifs. Something about it just speaks to me!

Just a few Eyelets, and several inconsistencies in the charts of the motifs and borders, it's not too big and impossible to stitch. Pretty colors as well... it is charted for silks or DMCs. Offered as a chart.

Ann Blockley's Pin Cushion & Scissor Keep from Milady's Needle - click for more         Ann Blockley's Needles & Pins from Milady's Needle - click for more
Ann Blockley's Pin Keeps from Milady's Needle - click for more Ann Blockley's Set of Smalls from Milady's Needle
Milady's Needle has a set of 3 charts that together make this delightful set of 6 matching smalls. Pin cushions, keeps and a scissor case, all are garnished with pretty laces or trims and old buttons. Since all are stitched on a variety of linens... choose YOUR favorite for your set. All are coded for Belle Soie Silk or DMC floss, and all six pieces have basically the same color scheme.

At first I was afraid of the buttoned trim on one of the cushions -- but it is purchased lace -- you attach the buttons! Charming finishing on all... I don't see how you can choose a favorite pair of the six... so I showed them all together. Consider a package or two of mother-of-pearl shell buttons for finishing on these... several shapes, consistent sizing... but accent with some fancy old buttons as well!

Sampler Pendants from Milady's Needle - click for more Sampler Pendants
Milady's Needle has TWO sets of stitched pendant designs -- 8 different designs in all. Set #1 has the log cabin down in the lower right corner of the picture. Stitched with Gentle Art Sampler Threads on 36ct Pecan Butter Lakeside Linen, each design is 47 x 47 stitches, and you'll be doing them over one thread to fit into the EXQUISITE glass and silver foil pendant frame. The frames actually open and close, but Gloria suggests a dab of glue, so your needlework doesn't fall out and get lost! Set #2 has the two friends facing each other in that bottom right-hand position. THIS set is also worked on the 36ct Pecan Butter Lakeside Linen... but they are stitched with Gloriana Luminescence thread. Ultra thin, with a beautiful twist, this is STUNNING thread!

Each set of 4 designs is offered in charted form, with cut of linen and enough threads to stitch all 4 designs. There is only one pendant in each package -- so we have those available separately -- if you want more of them. These are such pretty little works of stitched art. That glass frame really sets these off nicely! Take a peek at the other two sets of these previously released... we still have those, as well.

Yuletide Hornbook from Milady's Needle - click for more Yuletide Hornbook
This is a set of ornament designs that are stitched on 40ct linen, then mounted onto a 2-5/8 x 2-5/8 wooden hornbook shape. Even though the package shows each design stitched twice, one on white and one on navy... there are only 2 pieces of fabric included -- not 4, and only 1 hornbook form.

It does include the red and white silks to get you going... and we do offer those little wood pieces... so life is good! Cute designs, very cute finishing idea!

Cottage Charm Stitcher's Pocket from Milady's Needle - click for more Cottage Charm Stitcher's Pocket from Milady's Needle - click for more Cottage Charm Stitcher's Pocket
Oh, this is a beautiful sewing case that is stored in a charming fabric pocket! Stitched on Lakeside Linens 40ct Pear Linen in Crescent's Belle Soie silk of Tortoise Shell, you stitch the tiny alphabet and flowing border on the outside of the needlebook/sewing case. Next, a bit of the antique sampler-looking fabric is made into a pocket for scissors.

Assemble the sewing case, and tuck it inside the fabric pouch you make from the remaining sampler fabric. I'm counting on my pictures, here, to help explain all of this! Anyway, lovely willow-y greens, very soft and antique in feel. Offered as the chart with linen, lining fabric, silk, and finishing patterns and instructions.

Milady's Quaker Pendants from Milady's Needle - click for more Milady's Quaker Pendants
Milady's Needle has 8 new teeny-weeny Quaker-inspired designs that are stitched over one thread on 36ct, and mounted into the *most charming* tiny glass pendant cases!!! Offered as complete kits, you get enough 36ct Luna Linen by Lakeside AND enough Vicki Clayton hand-dyed silk to stitch ALL FOUR designs in each set.

The package comes with one set of pendant hardware, but we have extras available individually. Gloria showed us how the little cases open so you can switch out the needlework... but you might want extra pendant pieces anyhow, so that the closure doesn't get loose over time, and you aren't handling your stitching too much.

Anyway, lovely, shiny, clear and clean silver... some pendants you've seen in this style are a primitive tin... these are silver. The square one measures 1-1/2 inches, while the rectangular size is 3/4 x 2. Not too large to wear as a piece of jewelry! Complete kits contain the charts, linen, one pendant, silks and assembly instructions. VERY NICE!

A Schoolroom Primer from Milady's Needle - click for more A Schoolroom Primer
This is SO CUTE! It's a 2-7/8 x 4-3/8 inch sampler stitched on 40ct vintage Buttercream Lakeside Linen, using Rainbow Gallery's Splendor Silk! Deep Navy, Burgandy, Browns and Butterscotch, the sampler is small and simple, quick to stitch. Once it's finished, simply mount to one side of the wooden hornbook paddle that is included in the complete kit.

Then, Gloria has included the lesson for the school day... the alphabet and numerals that you need to learn. She has included these on parchment paper, and printed them in four different fonts, so you can choose the one you like best. It mounts to the reverse side of the 4-3/4 x 4-3/4 hornbook. What a neat piece to have in your needlework display!!! Offered as the complete kit of chart, linen, silks, wooden hornbook, paper lesson, and finishing instructions.

ABC Come Stitch With Me from Milady's Needle - click for more ABC Come Stitch With Me from Milady's Needle - click for more ABC Come Stitch With Me
This is an entire set of matching stitching tool pieces... all stitched in Red Currant and Clay Pot Crescent Colours Cottons (you'll need 4 skeins of each color, but you can always choose another pair of colors, as well!) A ruler design, Floss Tag, a Stitching Pocket to hold some of the pieces, a Needle Book, and tiny Scissor Fob... all is stitched on both the front and back sides, using regular Cross Stitch.

The instructions include a great 'Pattern Map' -- an overall diagram of piece placement on your 21-1/2 x 12 cut of 40ct linen. If you choose another count, you'll have to adjust your ruler and floss tag designs... they are the only things that won't fit into the Lucite finishing pieces. Lots of finishing details are included to make this pretty set of pieces. Offered as the chart.

Sampler Bands Rule from Milady's Needle -- click to see more
Sampler Bands Rule
As promised... here are the 4 bands featured in Beauty From My Needle, charted to fit 12-inch Lucite rulers! Just like the rest of ML's rulers, these are just as charming. Each is stitched on 40ct linen to fit the insets. Pattern includes the assembly instructions for these awesome and practical treats!

Everyone needs a ruler, every desk needs a ruler... so if you're a stitcher, your desk needs a stitched ruler! And... you could hang the sampler on the wall beside your desk!

Bees Rule Accoutrements from Milady's Needle -- click to see more

Bees Rule Accoutrements
This is the accessory set of pieces that matches Milady's Bees Ruler pattern. A darling little scissor case with a matching scissor fob and needle case, all the pieces use the same colors and design motifs, so it's quite a cute set. Stitched in Crescent Colours overdyeds... notice those cool wooden needlework tools in her pic? We carry those!!!

Scattered throughout our Milady's Needle pages are several ruler and accoutrement sets. We have Strawberries, Acorns, Quaker and Bees sets so far.

Needles & Pins
Needles & Pins from Milady's Needle -- click to see more"Needles and Pins, Needles and Pins, When a Girl Marries, Her Trouble Begins!" That is the charming verse on Milady's new Pin Keep and Needle Book set. Stitched on 35ct Hand-dyed Linen in Splendor Silks, the sampler verse is on the front of the Keep, and a miniature paper version that holds precious needles is tucked away into the pocket on the back. Complete finishing instructions are included for the piece -- you'll need to supply more silk for the twisted cord and tassels, along with the white glass-headed pins.

Pretty rose-lavenders and moss greens... this is really cute! Offered as the complete kit of charts, linen, silks and paper needle case, it finishes approx 3 x 4-1/4. Also new, released along with this piece are more Sampler Key Chains, and a pretty ruler design. Make sure you see them, too!

My Little Strawberries Ruler Pocket
Milady's Needle My Little Strawberries Ruler Pocket -- click to see a larger viewGet out your magnifier and get ready to stitch this elegant creation on 40ct linen! Designed as another companion to Milady's Strawberries Rule and Accoutrements Needle and Scissor case Sets, this is so nifty! Included in the chartpack is a 6-inch shiny brass ruler. You're stitching the linen case for it... that can match your other pieces.

Worked in overdyeds, it's cross-stitched on both the front and back, as well as the flap. Complete assembly instructions are included in the pack. (Yes... I asked her... there will also be an Acorn Ruler case... but we have to be patient! There is even a stitched linen tray to hold scissors, orts, both motifs coming... but we have to be REALLY patient!) So, in the meantime, treat your stash to this, and make sure you see ML's other new releases!

Milady's Needle Lucite Ruler
Acorn and Strawberries Rulers and Accoutrements
This is a really neat set of designs that features a cross-stitched lucite ruler, a matching scissor case, needlebook and scissor fob. Available as individual chart packs with the rulers separate, I think these are charming!!! Since every stitcher's bag and every desk in America (and overseas!) needs a ruler... choose all four projects, or just that ever-functional ruler! Offered are a strawberry set and an acorn set of designs. Stitched on 40ct linen in pretty reds, rusts, brown and green overdyeds, the acorn caps are stitched with a variation of a Rhodes stitch so they are raised and textured a bit for added interest.

The ruler is a lucite 12-inch piece with a removable back to make it easy to insert your needlework. (We also have a beautiful brass ruler available below.) You must stitch the designs on 40ct linen to be able to fit into the rulers, and it is suggested for the rest of the pieces, just so gauge will match. (It is an option to stitch the cases and fob on something larger, if you need to!) Very nicely done! (Can you tell that I'm taken with those rulers??? What a different gift to present to someone!)

Milady's Needle Strawberries Rule Accoutrements -- click to see a larger view
Milady's Needle Acorns Rule Accoutrements -- click to see a larger view

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