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Leave a Kiss from Long Dog Samplers - click for more The Lady Garden from Long Dog Samplers - click for more The Lady Garden and Leave a Kiss
Two more involved monochromatic pieces by Long Dog! If you like these... add two more to your stitching schedule!
  • The Lady Garden measures 205 x 242 - it's full of flowers and a few tiny garden creatures like rabbits, squirrels, and birds. Change the blue color if yu want - any single varigated hand-dyed color - or a pair of two close shades - would be fun on this.
  • Leave a Kiss measures 227 x 190. The verse on this became a popular song in ale houses and bawdy taverns throughout Merri England - particularly around closing time when beer and ale had been flowing freely since lunchtime! That center area is about 130 x 40 - plenty of room in there to change out and personalize with anything else your heart desires! Most of the Long Dogs are worked on a white-ish background, with colors of thread. This one is reversed - darker fabric, with white or creamy thread. Makes it look more like lace. Check your stash for possibilities, or we can send you something fun!

Variant of Interest from Long Dog Samplers - click for more The Queen of Hearts from Long Dog Samplers - click for more Fish 'n Ships from Long Dog Samplers - click for more
New Arrivals from Long Dog Samplers
Here are three more intricate designs by Long Dog - just for stitching FUN!
Always done with one color of thread... always these intricate patterns with hidden motifs.
Never fast to do, but that's not the point!
  • Variant of Interest measures 194 x 424 - so 11 x 24 on 18/36ct.
  • The Queen of Hearts is smaller at 157 x 197 - so about 9 x 11.
  • Fish 'n Ships is 187 x 212 - 10 x 12.
Grab your favorite thread colors and get busy!

Gone to Pieces from Long Dog Samplers - click for more Tap Dancers from Long Dog Samplers - click for more Before I Sleep from Long Dog Samplers - click for more
Just a Few New Intense-stitches
Actually kind of fun to work on - because you're usually using just one color of solid or hand-dyed, the trick to these is not losing your place on the chart OR your fabric! Easy Breezy, right?
  • Gone to Pieces is 170 x 256 and does use color - it's coded for Gentle Art hand-dyeds or DMC. It's full of tiny animals everywhere!
  • Tap Dancers - Measures 211 x 265 - more animals tucked everywhere - this one has dancers everywhere too! She gives you thread usage charts to help you purchase enough of a dye-lot of thread for a project - this one would use 18 skeins of DMC if you stitched it on 14ct!
  • Before I Sleep - Measures 251 x 327 - I think I would probably HAVE trouble sleeping if this were my current project! It's beautiful, full of birds and dogs and trees... and the software tells us that there are 30, 630 stitches in this - and you would need only 21 skeins of the same color to do it!

You Belong To Me from Long Dog Samplers - click for more Lo & Behold from Long Dog Samplers - click for more The Pointed Fifth from Long Dog Samplers - click for more When The Stars Reply from Long Dog Samplers - click for more
You Belong To Me, Lo & Behold, The Pointed Fifth and When The Stars Reply
Ok, all you stitchers that LOVE these intricate monochromatic pieces with a MILLION stitches in them! Presenting 4 new designs by Long Dog Samplers to ENSURE you will never catch up on doing everything you want to stitch! Each of these is presented in chart format, and coded for just one color. Choose you favorite fabric and thread and see what you can do! The charts do tell you estimated thread usage based on fabric counts... just make sure to get all your threads at the same time so your dye lots match. To see better detail, click through and look at the larger images.
  • You Belong to Me measures 253 x 313. It's fun finding all the animals in here.
  • Lo & Behold measures 312 x 370. A huge story behind this piece is featured on the back cover of the chart... about two brothers who live in the house, and turn their estate into a safari park!
  • Quinto Acuto - The Pointed Fifth is 353 x 352. Referring to a specificly-measured Gothic-style arch, there are over a hundred little 'varmints of all shapes and sizes' crammed within these pointed archways.
  • When The Stars Reply measures 204 x 229. It features a style of decorative needlework panels stitched a lot in Dutch Samplers.
Pandemic! from Long Dog Samplers - click for more

Well, I'd say so! Long Dog has a new piece entitled Pandemic! Something to 'calm your stitching nerves' during the pandemic? Whip up this intricate beauty while you're staying home to stitch! Stitch count is 365 x 429 - so it'll finish approx 20 x 24 on 36ct.

Jools talks about the nature and symptoms of a Cross Stitch Pandemic - the pathways to transmission and symptoms to watch out for. She gives the stitcher instruction on how to deal with the Stitching Disease - the entire back page of the chart is just a delight to read! Meanwhile, grab your favorite fabric and choose some threads... and try to ride it out working on this design! Presented as a chart.

Pavae for These Times from Long Dog Samplers - click for more ANZAK from Long Dog Samplers - click for more ANZAK and Pavae for These Times
We have received two new single-color chart designs by Long Dog Samplers this week! Stitch them on whatever you like, and use the color YOU want... or a bunch of different ones!
  • ANZAK stands for Australians and New Zealanders Adore Krosstitch! So... if you study this a little, you'll find all sorts of charming animals and motifs - all of them make up this cool design! Measuring 233 x 243, it'll finish 13 inches on 18/36ct.
  • Pavane for These Times *A Dance for These Times* offers advice in its verse: Turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you. Measures 199 x 235.
Spangled from Long Dog Samplers - click for more

By Long Dog Samplers, the shop girls found this in our book racks and we realized that it missed the Long Dog web page! *Home is where your story begins.*

This little baby measures 205 x 277 - so approx 13 x 17 on 32ct. Coded for DMC or Gentle Art Sampler Threads, it has quite a prominent border of stars and angles. Colors featured are Raven, Moonlight Path, Wood Rose, Sable, Pink Azalea, Cherry Bark, Barn Grey, Sugar Plum, Cidermill Brown, Antique Rose, Cornhusk, Tropical Ocean and Buttermilk.

The Pilgrim from Long Dog Samplers - click for more

The Pilgrim
*Dare to dream, the completion of my labors leaves me with a joyful heart.* Measuring 305 x 367 - 19 x 23 on 32ct - this is coded for only one color of thread.

It is FULL of animals. Lots of positive and negative with the two colors, lots of detail... I'm not sure what it all means, but it LOOKS neat! The border of acorns running through this - in several directions - looks like little hanging bugs - can you see them?!

Game of Swannes from Long Dog Samplers - click for more

Game of Swannes
Long Dog Samplers has a new design, this one measures 187 x 251 - so approx 10 x 14 on 18/36ct. Stitched with Gentle Art Sampler Threads or DMC, the colors are really pretty - Antique Rose, Caramel Corn, Endive, Briar Rose, Nutmeg, Gold Leaf... there are 12 in all. Jools has some bits of *Swan History and Trivia* on the chart... I didn't know that swans are the property of the Monarch and can not be privately owned without permission.

There are annual 'swan-uppings'... and the collective name for a gathering of swans is a 'game.' (Like a flock of birds, gaggle of geese, pack of wolves... (Who knew!) Anyway, busy and full of charm like some of her other design we carry... can you see that the rabbits are wearing crowns in here?

QUILTZ from Long Dog Samplers - click for more

This is a super-fun sampler by Long Dog that features multiple village scenes, quilt motifs, and cute repeating motif borders. It measures 130 x 298 -- 9 x 21 on 28ct -- and is coded for DMC or Gentle Art Sampler Thread hand-dyed floss.

You can do a lot with this. Break it all apart, make small cushions, whatever! Quiltz was designed 'with a gentle nod of recognition and admiration for Pennsylvania Dutch Samplers.'

A cute note inside the chart from the designer, she says you might be really sick of this by the time you put in the last stitch... but that might be better than sitting with the whole family in the 'stove room' every evening in the olden days! Presented as a chart.

Hoity Toity from Long Dog Samplers - click for more
Hoity Toity
This is another of Long Dog's involved tapestry-like samplers! Stitched on anything light colored -- you can stitch all the black. (Or be NUTS and stitch the whole thing on black and fill in the white!)

Full of gorgeous motifs, the entire stitch count is 197 x 282 -- so it finishes approx 11 x 15-1/2 on 36ct. It's charted for DMC or Gentle Art Sampler Threads. The cover image is digital, so you do not see the hand-dyed effects on here... but I imagine they would be stunning!

Castles in the Air from Long Dog Samplers - click for more
Castles in the Air
*Dream a little dream with me* is the verse on this. 209 x 285 In stitch count... this is charted in one color. Choose something you like and go to town!

Filled with castles all over in here, there are dragons, foxes, owls, rabbits, squirrels, and birds in here. So much to see, it's really quite a piece!!!

The Black House from Long Dog Samplers - click for more The Black House
This is a fun piece by Long Dog Samplers -- it is worked on white, but you could do the reverse and stitch it on black -- if you have really good vision!

Measuring 111 x 145, this will finish a petite 7 x 9 on 32ct... and is coded for Sampler Threads of Raven, Gingersnap, Tea Rose, Apricot Blush, Tropical Ocean, Lexington Green, Harvest Basket, Banker's Gray, Holly Berry, Cornhusk, Briar Rose and Uniform Blue, or regular DMC floss.

I love the colors in this against that black... even the digital pic on the chart front is pretty!

Life After Death from Long Dog Samplers - click for more Death By Cross Stitch from Long Dog Samplers - click for more
Death By Cross Stitch and Life After Death
Here's a pair of pieces by Long Dog Samplers... we've had the 'Death By' one for a while... but 'Life After' is the new companion. Choose a single color you like -- solid or hand-dyed, cotton or silk -- the patterns give you yardage requirements to help you get enough matching thread.

Actually, the charts are quite clear and easy to read, and if you choose an over-dyed thread with a little color variation in it, these will be stunning!

Also choose any fabric YOU want to use... that will determine the finished sizes of these. Lovely motifs all over the place in these, you can go crazy just studying them!!! Huge in finished size, Life After has a stitch count of 372 x 325 -- so 21 x 18 on 36. Death By measures 363 x 447.

Cardinal Points by Long Dog Samplers for The Gentle Art -- click to see more
Cardinal Points by Long Dog Samplers for The Gentle Art
Long Dog Samplers created this piece using Gentle Art Sampler Threads -- kind of as a promo piece for Nancy at The Gentle Art. The verse reads: The Gentle Art of a Needlewoman lies embodied in her work.

Super colorful and very pretty, I like all the small repeating motifs everywhere -- and all the balance in the border. Coded for 24 different colors of Sampler Threads over-dyed floss, this finishes approx 12-1/2 inches square and the pic on the front of the chart was worked on good old 18ct AIDA! So choose any fabric you like and stitch away!!!

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